Newspaper of Evening Star, April 8, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 8, 1861 Page 2
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???? THE EVENING STAR. j?< WASHINGTON OUT: MONDAY Ap'll *, 1M1. -1-~ ? ? Spirit ( the Morning Prfsi The ImttUtgtmeer regards much of the information spread out In the New York journal*, with respect to the policy of the Administration, as merely the manufacture of ahrewd aenaation wrlVra. and aa having very llttie reliability. The Republican argues that a resolute defense of tbe Federal property in the South will have a happy effect In that quarter, by sobering the southern community and giving the friends of t&t L nion courage. Tixa? ?Texas la doubtless the destination of the greater portion, !f not all the troop*, monitions, Ac , now being hurried to sea, from New York. The usurpers of her government In suddenly stripping her frontier (through |he treasonable act of Twiggs) of the three thousand Uuited States troops necessarily kept th?re for ten years past, have exposed the settlers In two whole tiers of frontier counties?covering a territory perhaps five hundred miles long and a hundred w'.de?to the merciless vengeance of the Comanchies. Bcedies, "Waccoes, Keechles, Towaccanles, Li pans, and half a dozen other tribes of more warlike and effective warriors than any others on this continent, with none of whom Lave the Government yet been able to establish more than nominal relations of amity. Already h.ive these merciless sivages driven In?back upon the tjwer settlements? nearly all the Inhabitants of these two tiers of counties?a population of at lea?t ten thniuaud. of whom quite three thousand are the best frontiersmen (in a military point of view) in the world. They are, to a man, anti-disunlonists; If but because "secession1' has already cost them the loss of *k.(. ti.. It - ? * 4W-I- * 11! urn uuilicn. UI lU'lUCJUl Ul ;uy VI 1UCII IdUlllin, of the; r stock, and of theironly meui of obtaining a do'.br They are the people who have up to this time received, necenarily, nearly every dollar cf the Government's annual disbursement of some three millions of dollars in Texas for military purposes?for the especial protection of this particular population. Sam Houston, who still protests and proclaims h!? rightful authority as Governor of Texas, hr.s doubtless demanded of the Government at this point the protection cf the people of those counties, from the Indians. The Government here can lawfully recognize no other Stjte authority in Texas than his; for that which sets up the pretense of having violently deposed him, Is evidently the boldest usurpation of a miserable minority of the pe*>ple of Texas, conceivable. The Convention pretending to have deposed Houston was unlawfully called Thedisunlonists elected to It were s'* elected by not a third of the vote of the State The sham of r^ferrin^ its secession rdlnance back to the r?eon!e w*? * planned to prevent fair expression of the people upon It, ttin?e of neajty half tbe counties In tbe State not having been allowed time tvrn to know that such a question had been nominally referred to them; while, wherever tbey could take the ballot-boxes In their own haads, they ' stuffed'* them, as at Franklin, ,Just opposite El Paso.) full of fraudulent vote* fur disunion. A gentleman of high character, now in tb's city, wbo vited theie againa? secession, .assures us that sixty-eight men only voted thereon th it occasion; yet the "returns" from Franklin r? present tbe disunion vote there to have been over nine butidred 1 Even with a resort to auch frauds as are explained above. the returns do not pretend that half tbe vote of the State was thrown on the occasion, nor that one uiru io? voie ci lae Mate wai c*st for tUe acceptance of the secession ordinance! Continuing tae urrclM of tbelr usurped authority, the self-constituted -'sovereign" Convention undertook to dep:se tlie State government; vhicb act Houston proclaims null and void, maintaining he continues to be its lawful Lead Twiggs' treason strippni him of the assistance of tii* Government of the United States to maintain hia authority?and he was compelled temporarily to succumb, without admitting any ^-4 ? ... |v<M> cwmniur? iui uy iur usurpers, nil momentary inab'lity to maintain his rl^htt and thoee of the people. He has doubtless represented to the authorities here tbe awful condition of the frontier counties of his State, through Twigg's treachery, and demanded of them (the Government) military protection against the savages, which It la the Government's highest duty to accord; and. our life on t, most of the current extraordinary militnry preparations In the harbor of New Vork are to the na 01 complying with bis rightful requisition W? feel sure that within a fortnight full twenty five hundred United States troops of a! 1 arms, amply equipped and supplied, will have landed In Tex?s, and be on their way to drive back the savages If the partizansof the usurping convention undertake to interfere with their march to perform this sirred and highest duty of patriotism, they will doubtless flud thems*lvt* confronted by Gov Houston, at the lieadof two or three thousand citizens of the counties?ruined already by the late expulsion of Government troops?who are at this moment more exasperated against the disunion lata, than even against the savages, to whose tender mercies they (the dlsunionlsU) gave them over a prey Pissatio.v niwi?Tfce new?paper? are just now fuller than ever of sensation dispatches from every quarter of the country, and sensallou articles pretending to explain the Government * policy, at many of the latter coming from lta enemies. as from ita friends simply aiming to prove their policy In the crisis*to be that on which the Administration Is resolved We advise the reader to take all such efforts to minister to the excitement of the hour at their true value only. We place no reliance whatever upon them Up to this moment, whether emanating from this city or coming from North or soutn, not one of them has turned out to be worth a pinch of snuff Yesterday, it was said here that Sumter had been attacked on the nl^ht before?also Pickens ; also that the Virginia Convention had passed a secession ordinance; also that the ships and troops about to be sent out from the North by the Government are destined to open war pro forma, upon the coasts of South Carolina, Florida,Georgia,Mississippi, and I*ouisiana, Ac , Ve ?of which the public may believe as much as they fancy. The publication of such stuff ministers only to 'he spirit of disunion North and South, and can hardly fail greatly to embarra'g the success of the Government's efforts to avoid a hostile collision, which are certainly slue ere. A Sxjisatiok Iikm ?The New York Herald of yesterday has the following telegraphed from this city: Major Ben McCulloch has organized a force of Ave thousand men to n-iie the bedtrtl capital the instant the first blood is spilled This intelligence Is fronr. s Virginia gentleman now in this city, who had it directly from McCulloeh's own lips. No credcoet li vtr*n to ik? . />?? ?1 -4 - ? B. - ? ? ?~ v ? wicicr in i this quarter. Tax PmiiiDKMT to-day made the following ap polntments Vll: Woo L. Adams, of Oregon, Collector of the port of Oregon. Harrison B Branch, of , Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Central Superintendent, (31 Loots, M j.) \N m C. Rovers. PoitmutM ? 1 n?-- ? *? Tii Dutkict or Colcxiu Arroi.iTM.iT> were not made on Saturday laat, at atated throughout this city rcaterday. We, howevrr, think It not Improbable that achangt will be main In the Dlatrict Marthalahlp In the court* of to-day. F. S ?No tuch appointment had been made up to the hour at which wa go to preaa this afternoon ?'2* P ?n Til Buiiri orthi Eight-.Millio* Loam ? go? In millions have been contracted for by tho 9?tritoy of the Treasury, wbo obtains tb? wtaUnmit on* eighth of one per cent * ?? per, on an iaaue of Treasury notes for the purpose This la doing aomo aU per centum batter Ibaa the tanas oo which tb? Goranunent obtained last week by aw led bids Not Tact ?The last rumor of wblcb Washington Is chock full aa we go to preaa, la that Sec re tary Seward has resigned There Is aotruth whit *er la it. Kaally, Washington city appears to be getting aa crwy ovar bogus reports aa the rrst J * c ?i ^ DEPARTMENT NEWS. Afpoi!it?d.?R. o. Dormer, of Ind , William Throckmorton, of Va ,andJa? Flahhack.of 111., have been appointed to temporary clerkships In the Patent OiBce Simeon Whltely. of \Yu , baa been appointed to a second clas? ($1,100 i?at annum) clerkship In the BHbalatence bureau of the War Department, rice J. A Wilcox, resigned. Milton Crane hsa been appointed keeper of the arsenal at Vergennea, Vermont. A* Army OrriCKR Rr*ir,MD?Major T. H. Holmes. 7th infantry, (of Va .) has resigned Items Telegraphed (rem Washington. Washisgtox, April 6 ?Lieut Talbot arrtved here from Fort Sumter this morning, and reported Immediately to tbe War Department, with dispatches from Major Anderson. The purport of tbeni of coarse is a profound secret with the administration. Lieut. Talbot was wltb the Cabinet for several hours, being Introduced by the Secretary of War. Immediate action was taken on the subject of M:*jor Anderson's dispatch. This afternoon the Secretary of War placed in the hands of Lieut Talbot sealed Instructions to Major Anderson, and be laft on his return trip to Lnvt ? ? L.? m v? ^**n??^s W AnHiNGTo*. April 7 ?So very cautions 1* the Administration that but few know with any rt rtainty what are its designs In the extensive military preparations now In progress. Tae belief Is that tbe larger portion of the troops are destined for Texas. Proposals for Treasury notes to the amount of nearly five millions of dollars, are to he received by tbe Secretary of the Treasury, until Thursday at ten o'clock Offers have been privately made of % per rentum premium for tbe entire sum. but it isdeemed proper to afford a f.ii r opportunity for competition. Personal. Hon. W. II. Hooper and family, Utah; and O. F. Johnston, I S. N , are at Kirkwor-ds'. Hon C. R. Train. Mass : Col. DeRussey, ? ? ?- ? v^iu v r >mnn. ana w . t?ow??n. u S. A ; K >i. 5ch?rr, Jr., L". 9. Nare at Witlarda'. f5eo. W. Speed, F.sq .for several years past commissioner of revenue at Norfolk, died at his residence iu that city on Wednesday ui^ht John Morrissey. the noted pugilist, died at his residence in New York, on Saturday morning, of putrid sore throat?so it is reported. The first part of Mr Anthony Trollope's new novel, ' Orley Farm," Las >met with an immense sale M Lamartine having disposed of his property in Macon, is about to return t<? Paris and Otter h!s work* fnr sliU *t HI* nurn Kapc. Mr? Browning has for tome limp been engaged on a new poem a* long a* "Aurora LeigL;" tbe title Is not yet fixed. It fa ronnrU'^ tH ? I'nl * ? a# la to have a new monthly periodical o/lU own?to be entitled "Old Tom " Tbe Queen of Spain la ?ald to have off-red tbe Pope her royal palace at .Madrid, but the Pope announced hi? int?.nt!nn nf ? u ? - vi i?.liiui iii ii? at n uiiir, .Mr. P^rre?, the late Rabbi of the Hebrew church !n Memphis, has recovered ?-2?),0U0 in a suit for damages against his congrejjstion. Toni Taylor's latest comedy is entitled "Tbe Duke in Difficulties." and has been suecessfully brought out at tbe llaymnrket Theater * Secretary Cameron baa accepted the invitation to take up his quarters at tbe Soldiers' Home, and no doubt President Lincoln will occupy the building heretofore occupied by his predecessor, at the same beautiful retreat. Theodores Fay, for nmny years our .Minister to Switzerland. and who has been superseded bv a recent appointment cf Mr Lincoln, was nn? of the earlv editor* of the New York Mirror in It* palmy dava. He will return to thia country and reaume his old connection with G?o. Morris and N. P. Willis Mr Fay is a graceful writer. F*om Pknsacola.?The Penaacola (iazette of the 2d says : The arrival of ao manv troops in our midst certainly look* squally, while there are a great ra iny more tn route Many of those have already arrived at Mobile?principally from Mississippi? as many at Kit) arriving on Friday and 600 on Saturday None of the Mississippi companies have yet reached Penaacola. It will h? ?e?n - ?? ~J I'tttui' proclamation that a requisition for fifteen hundred mm baa b*en made upon that gallant State We snppoae that the other State* of the Confederacy will furnish their quotas Indeed, we have heard It stated that Alabama and Louisiana would furnish 1.500 men each, Georgia 2.00<?, South Carolina , and Texas 1,000 earh, and our own little State of Florida 500 men. A pretty respectable force, for any emergency. Tbe distinguished feature of the Confederate Army will be the Zouave Battalion. th? ?? ? ? ?? ? pany of wblcli, under command of Capt. A. Coppena, arrived at Barrancas on Saturday mornlotc, and more of tbem are expected Their appearance created considerable of a aentatinn among tbe troopa at tbe barracka, aa they no doubt would produce were they to make their appearance In our Btreet* The battalion la being rapidly recruited in New Orleana, and will contain many of the veritable Zouavea that figured in the Crimean campaign. Shot and abell, and large quantities of provla.ona, are being concentrated at thla point. The aand batteries are being rapidly puahed forward, and new onearanldiv thfnufn ? , available point. Nothing la being left undone by the power* that be to " conquer a peace ." The Schooser firid at, at Charleston, the Charleston Newt says, was from Uoston, bound to Savannah, loaded with ice. The ahot took f fleet on her mainsail She proceeded on her voyage. Her n*me is the R H Shannon, Captain Mentz. The Savannah Republican says: On Wednesday she was shrouded for many hours in a dense fog, during which she drifted through mis'ake over Charleston bar. Soon after the fog lifted, the captain, not knowing his whereabouts, found himself nearly abreast of the fort on Morris's Island; and while cogitating over his latitude and longitude, he was greeted with a saint* from the fort. He immediately ran up his colors ? the stars and stripes?but that demonstration seemed an unsatisfactory answer to tha summons Several shots Wf?r#? flrpH intn hU ?? ??? * ?' ' ' % ? '&**"??tine UI WI11CQ passed through his mainsalland another through hla topsail Id the niidat of hla dilemma, not knowing where he was, or the object of thia hostile demonstration, a boat from Fort Sumter came to hia relief, and being made acquai nted with th? facta, he lost no time in putting to sea Tbe vessel suffered no material damage from tbe shots, though one of tbem came most uncomfortably near the head of one of tbe crew. Capt M thinks there is no mistake about tbe Morris-laland boya being excellent marksmen. From Japan, Ac.?Extract of a letter received lu thia city from on board U. S. ship Dacotab. at Hong Kong, under date of January 20 : \V f ha Vf trt.^ -? vU ucwa nuui japan. Tbe people are In a state of rebellion against tbe (Government, and tbe authorities have informed the British Mlnia'.er that they are unable to protect tbe foreigners, and advise all such to leave. They think it doubtful whether they will be able to sustain the Government against the conspirators, who are reported to be numerous. We suppose that the Commodore will send one of the squadron to Japan, or go himself In the Hartford, to protect our own countrymen. We are about to hold a survey on our boilers. Our engineer thinks thev ?re not safe. If they are condemned, we shall probably go to San Francisco for new ones. Intelligence raox Foxt Scmtee ?We learn that the sis men who, on Thursday, brought tbe fitflcers from Fort Sumter to Adder's wharf, were j laborers They state that there are in all 30 laborera at Fort Sumter who are looking with anxious expectation for an opportunity to leave the fort. J Hicrc arc a soiaier* in Ifcerort, most of tbem Irishmen and murMed men, some of tbem Lave ttielr families in tfals city. Nearly all the garrison are extremely anxious to avoid a hostile 1 engagement Prom the best Informed quarters, we bave reason to believe that, In a few days, lraveof absence will be granted for an indefinite period to th? entire command?Charleston Courier ilk. Moke Mississippi Troop* rm P?*?acoh? \ Jbe Mobile Advertiser states that the last of the ( Mississippi quota of troops reached that cltv on i Saturday nVht last, in ail about five hundred men It ados: " There are now from fifteen to eighteen hun- I dred soldiers here, mostly Mlsslsslpplans, waiting ( uniform* and equipments A ranvaa city of tents | ocmptes theold Ann street camp ground, and drill duty la the order of the day It Is a dangerous looking army that, for though each man has not yet n rifle, nrnrljr every one has his natural I nowie-xmie or revolver?girded on his < blp. ' IET We learn from our Texas exchange* tbat lion Mr Hamilton. who was a member of tbe . l*st Congre?a froin Trim, and who opposed seces- | kion from flrat to Inst, remaining in 'be House of i KepreseuUtlvrs after the State acceded, has been . elrcted a State Senator from Austin, tbe capital of tbe State. He atll! opposes secession, and it la < said will refuse to take the oath of alleulance to 1 tbe Confederacy prearrlbed by tbe '-Sovereign Convention." This election ahowa tbat tba Union I baa still Ita staunch supporters In Texas t?7"lanopart of Virginia, perhaps, have tbe Secessionist claimed to bava more thoroughly re- , versed public sentiment since tbe Convention election, than in tbe vicialty of Norfolk, yet it will be seo* from oar despatches that at an tlec- ( tloa bald la Portsmouth on Saturday, tbe Union ' caadldate for Mayor was elected by over two bun- ' dred msjorlty j It is a noticeable Incident tbat lo tbe midst ' of tbe prevailing excitement tbe four fugitive J alsves arrested at Chicago and taken to SpringHeld, tbe capital of Illinois, have been delivered 1 totbelr owners, upon proof of tbelr rights, and wk?-a to Ml Maori. Ail this was accomplish* i without violence and wtHwH any apparent ex- , alttmant. i The Military MiTrnrati at Sfw Y#fk [From the Com. Advertiser of Saturday Evening ) The vessel* chartered by the Government as transports are the Atlantic and Baltic. Ute of the Collins, and the Illinois, of the Vanderbllt line. Tb? statement aa to tbe chartering of the Ariel appears to have been Incorrect. These veaaels will proceed to sea under sealed orders, and their destination can only be conjectured. The Atlantic cleared on Friday for Brazos Santiago. (Texas,) and the utmost dispatch having been made lu titling her out. It la understood that st.e will 'ail this evening. The fact that she baa cleared for Rrazos tnsy be taken an proof that sbe will go to that port She is coal* d and well pro visiuneu i jr a long ir: p, ana accommodations have l>een furnished for tlx hundred men and fire 1 kundr'd horses Hbe lies at the foot of Canal 1 tract, and is atill taking in freight at rapidly as possible The dock is covered with barrels, boxes, 1 bale#, sacks, and all conceivable packages, while twenty or more carts stand in line on tbe street I readv to be unloaded The main portion of the freight to be taken comprises army stores of every kind?beef, pork, flour, fltb, &c ?and there is by no means a slight sprinkling of material that will go to the feeding of howitzers and columbiads. 1 The utmost haste and energy is manlftsted In getting the ship ready for sea, and she wiil ' doubtless sail this evening. In addition to her lading of stores, she will take out seven hundred United States soldiers including two companies of flying artillery. These two companies row numoer one hundred and sixty men, but will be made up to the full complement of two hundred | by the addition of recent recruits. The addition of this army corps to the list of passengers throws uuir utrum u j'*Mi ??ir inaitnp AimnilC ' 1* bound for Sumter or Pickenu.for Jlying nrtil- ' lery xcouhl be. quite usr.lett for service at either fort It is possible that one of these forti may be reinforced nnd supplied, and then the remainder J of troops and stores be left at tome |?>int In Texas. The Kaltic. took out a coastwise clearance. She I* held in reserve, and no preparations have l>een made towards getting her ready f#r sea or freighting h?r with b rnryo The Illinois lies at plpr \o. 3 Kist River. She has taken in a full supply of coal for a long voy. 1 age, and has received on board all the freight she will probably receive, which consists of provls- 1 Ions mainly. The crew are at the dock ready to sail at a moment's notice. She will probably sail 1 this evtulng, although her departure may be de- 1 layed until to-morrow morning Her freight in quite light, and It is probable that she will carry a large force of soldiers and marines Til S STKAM-FHKIATK POWHATAN If the I'owhatan is to convoy th- transport stesmers, and we are able to divine wb!ther'*A? was bound, we might, by a simple rule of calculation. discover ?lie destination of th>- entire fleet. ' oi i- * ? - * r?ue is uie oniy wwm-irig81t In the I'nlted State* navy tint wan ever changed from the '-lying up'' to the 41 commission" stit? within three days; and uch rapidity of execution could scarcely be accomplished In any other ya d In the country. At ' four bells, two o'clock, on Fr;d iy, the ship went J Into commission. She has on board an extraordinary armament and immense quantities of sh*ll , She carries ten nine-inch and one eleven-Inch shell s; 11 us; but a large portion of her ordnance ' consists of ten inch shell; consequently, these are probably Intended for the reinforcement ol some forts, or possibly for land service. There are a number of gun-carriages on board, which are only ' applicable to land service The Powhatan bus ' about three hundred officers and men. She is in J command of Capt Sau.uel Mercer. *1 Maryland. From all appearances It is probable that the ' Powhatan, Atlantic, Baltic, or Illinois are all bound for lirazos, Texas, and are not intended Tor the reinforcement of I'ort fum'er or Pickens This impression is borne out by the fact of each of the transports being provisioned for long voyages, and also that < av:>lry are being conveyed hence. (Jen. Houston may see these troops before either Lieut Hlemmer or Major Anderson. 'I'he captain of the i'owha an had two sealed Government envelopes handed to him when leaving the Navy Yard to go on board his ship One of tliem is to be opened while the ship is under steam at the Battery, and the other when she gets thirty-live miles to sea on a course indicated in the firft dispatch. 4\ot o:ie oilicer of the yard or the friga'e know to which point of the comptss she will steer. The captain, however, nwa.ts another d:sf>atch from Washington, without which the ship s not to leave. It is expected that she will sail at Fort Hamilton for troops. TH K HARRIET LANK This "will o' the wisp" floated out of the harbor on Friday, returned In the afternoon, and now lies oft' the Battery Every movement of a vessel of war now glv?s rise to most extravagant rumors, and. although the Harriet l.ane might have sailed yesterday on service purely of a revenue character, still the fart of her leaving her mooring was sufficient to give color to the rumor that ?he had gone to sea The cause of her sudden movement on Friday it explained by Captain Faunee S*he J merely took a abort trip down the bay for the purpose of trying the engines and keeping them in proper working order The vemel has not yet ' been attached from the revenne service, and tliere 1b at present no probability of ?ucli a change in 1 her duty. THE MISISUuTA. 1 The steam frigate Minnesota was, In compliance with orders already published, hauled alongside the wharf at the Charlestown (Mass ) Navy Yard 1 on Tuesday, and put Id the bands of a large force of caulkers, ship-joiners, and laborers, who are to ' have her ready for commissioning on Wednesday, ' the 10th instant, at which time her officers are to ' report A crew for her will be taken from the ' receiving ship Ohio, lying in the stream, and if 1 ?v.. ?.w uwwvu imj niu wc icui on iroin Ltre * TEXAS TROOPS TO ARRIVE 1 The steamers Coatzacoalr os and the General ' Kusk are almost due here now, with over HW U. 1 8 troops This morning the army authorities were eiuplored counselling how thev could be < best disposed of. There are "lumbered quarters" at Fort II intilton, which, If clear* d out, could 1 a?-coiiiiiiodate a couple of hundred men. l'ort r Lafayette might be made to hold *210, and some exertion couid make room for anothtr company a or twu at Governor's Island. ' WHAT WILL BE Knows IN TE!f HAYS. Capt Meigs, accompanied by a lot of mecban- f les and carpentert, left the city tn-day. He brought on here from Washington some experienced artl- ? fleers and men accustomed to fortifications. On being asked where he was bound, hereplied, ' I it teu days you'll know all about It." AT GOVERNOR'S ISLAND. At this military station the utmost activity pre vnuea an aay on Friday. Men were engaged in ^ loading lighter* with provisions. clothing, au?l , lar^e quantities of shell. On the dock, besides a m large quantity of mortar-shells, were riles of the smaller hut more destructive halts with ! which columbiads are loaded. Two of these guns, weighing 15,000 pounds each, were on an adjarent wharf, at which lay the schooner John N (ienln, which, It is conjectured, Is to be laden 1 with munitions of war Within a month put I two other schooners have been thus laden at the J, same pier, arid have departed for parts unknown In the vicinity of the wLarveB were 37,000 shells and a large number of gun-carriag?s. each of * whi'-h are directed to ("apt Vojjdes. at Fort * Pickens, Florida Whether or not the munitions ' of war are intended for Capt. Vogdes is purely a matter for conjecture. Recruits are arriving daily at the island from ^ the recruiting olUces in New York, Boston, , Rochester, Carlisle, (Pa ,) and elsewhere. The ( commandant has orders to fill up the companies under his command to the war complement? m^n?as speedily as possible The troops at this and other forts in the harbor are being prepared for instant debarkation, and some Drobablv left l??t nluhi #.? >?in *" ' J ? < .-j .... ? - v> mu uu ou vvj-uay l or Sunday. 1 A large number of heavy transporting boats from the navv-yard are alongside the wharf at Governor's Island Troops are packing up at ^ Foru Columbus and Hamilton. ffy?THE MEMBERS OF COMPANY A. ( IJsJJ Union K eminent, are iiereby notified that V th re * i 1 l>e a dresa drill of the corps on 'l'UKSUAY EVENING. April ?tn It is expect'il that Bverv member will be punctual at 7>4 o'ciock. 1st order of the Captain: ap a-i.? W. N. WOOD. As<t.8eoV*?THK FIK6r REGULAR MONTHLY ? nieetiiiK oi the oormissioned ar.d lob commissioned ofhuers of tho Washington Luht Infs. trj Battalion will be held ou TO-MORROW Tuesday) EVENINU. th?9th instant, at 8 o'cl'k, It Infantry Hall (Cooiah's Building.) ap8-2t* C. H. UTERMEHLE, Sep. Y^?l. O. O F.-GRAND LODGE-The retujj lar quarterly coinn.tnio&tion of the M. W. brand Lodge of the Distriot of Columbia will t* f S.1,1 ? < I.I " C?ll ' - ... V'UU r nan, r?e venui at., on MOM- ] 1 DAY RVKNiSG, the Rth inttant, at 7>i o'clock. 1 ap6 2t _ J MO. T. BAN US, G. Hn. I tTW^NOTICF..?The Workmmnen of thi* oisj i J " are re^nsst-d to atterd a meetinr m front j ?f tli? City b all on TUESMA the ?th inatat t l>? o'olook. By order, B PUifp?R " ap6 2t* j'ulROH. yw?lKKK LKCTURK ?Prof. B. H. B*ktok I tf will lecture in th? Nary Yard Baptiat Chnroh on TUESDAY, April 9th. on Chemistry j Applied to Meohan o Art* aid theonmraonpuriMH t >f Life. The lecture will bo illu?trate<i f,? inter- L Mting experiment*. Lame* and *entlemen are in- J rit?<1. Lecture to oommenoe at 7)? o'clock p. in. ?>?? ; rg?MEDICAL ASSOCIATION.?An ad- ] > H jonrned in'otin* of >he Medical A?*ociaUon t 4 the District of Columbia will be neld at the j, Washington Infinuar* on TUESDAY, April >thf n it 18 o'clock m. A full att-ndanoe will be import- t "bVi.-"""'* T&k LOVEJOY, 9?o. J <S6is,yr W 1 l?S?E,a5S?2?SV.;?'"'f "ffK-^WV-Utox.Vr- * /.'* """ fcwu ua o'?S"I* ""'wrlm. I, $ Fsrt Sioi(?r_Tlif End Approaching. Wh??n it hfrume generally known yesterday morning that the oompanies new on duty at Sullivan's Island bad been ordered to fill up their ranka without delay, and that the reserves belonging to the several were to join their comrade# already on duty by the 4 o'clock boat, people begat) to speculate aa to what was going to happen neit The public curiosity grew more general upon the arrival of two of the officers of Maj Anderson's command?l.ieuls. Talbot and Snvder? with a flag of truca. They were received %y tha lioTernor and General Beauregard Lieut Taihot having h?*n appointed by the Government at Washington at Assistant Adjutant-General for the District of Oregon, with orders to repair to that station at onoe. desired permission to leive the city to report himself at Washington Uave w*5 of course readily granted to liiin, with the understanding tfcnt no officer was to be permitted to

join the garrison of Fort Sumter to supply bis place; and, acoonipsn'ed to the depot by Colonel Moses, aid to the (Governor, he 1?ft Charleston by the :i o'clock train of the N K. Kailroad. Meantime. Lieutenant Pnyder lnd mentioned ib?- fa' ts of tte tiring into the unknown schooner, (as described In our issue of vesterdav.) and in formed the fiovernor that tbeveaael 111 question was a Boston schooner, loaded with Ice. and bound for Savannah, and that she bad put into this harbor on account of stress of weather. He further said that one of the ahota bad paaaed through the schooner's sail Lieutenant Snyder then returned to the wharf in company with an iid, and went back to the fort. During bis interview with the Governor, the soldie-s who manned the boat had seized the opportunity to lay In some coveted individual supplies of whisky, tobacco, eatables. and a boat of "other provisions, making In all no less than tblrty-tlve packages. The police, however. had kept a bright aye upon the soldiers. and wbeu the provisioning was complete, they quietly seized all the packages and transferred theui to the uardhouse During the whole of yesterday afternoon all kind* of rumor* were rife on the ?treeU A v*gne lmpres*ion had somehow got abroad that the long attony of suspense and Inaction was to be speedily and abruptly ended; but how, or when, or by whose orders, nobody could tell. We have made diligent Inquiry, and (in the absence of ofllcial Information, which, In a juncture like this, is seldom made public,) we deem the following facts to be reasonably certain: First. That the supplies of provisions and the mall*, hitherto furnished regularly to the garrison of Fort Sumter, are to he cut ofl tn^ay. and that no further communiiatlon will be allowed between Major Anderson and the Government at w .isLingit>n. Second.? I'list the troops at nil the State fortification* are now finally disposed, equipped and provided for. so as to be ready for action at a moment's warning Third That no attack of any* kind will be made upon Fort Sumter until further orders, unless such i.i attack should lie provoked by Major Anderson, i>r by an attempt on the part of his Government to bring aid to the beleagued fortress. Fourth That these measures are taken at the Instance of the Government of the Confederate states, which has lost all confidence in the profeskions of the Lincoln Administration. We have satd that this Information has no r>t!icl:ii motion; but we have not given it without sifting thoroughly all tue conflicting reports prevalent last nij;Lt, and we think it can be relud #n as affording a fair outline of the new policy to be pursued henceforth with regard to the "saucy leventy."?Charltston Mercury of April 5. The Virginia Convention Richmond, April r. ?In the Convention to-day resolution* were received from Charlotte and Vorfilk counties fivorng *ece*sion Thev we'e presented l>y Mr Holladay, who Mid the sttfnTB f tli?* latter constituted a s:nail minority of the people of the county. Mr. Johnson presented a petition for secession, ?!<;ned by fifteen hmtfred people of Richmond He said the signer* constituted only about one[hird of the voter* of the city, though the j?ctitlon bad be-n in < ircuiatlon for we*ks The ninth resolution of the majority report then ~j?nri?? u; T1 e amendment offered yesterday was lefeated Mr. liouldln moved to strike out the LViinlf rtriH f n?*rt * nKsllfulu ? .11 ? -. ...? '.?v? ? nuuo>i%utc rtnui'uy III^ fi uri/ia* ration that the 1 ndependenceof the Sc. Med States ought to be acknowledged without further delay, inrt such laws pasf<-d as a separation may make proper The amendments were rejected?yeas rtS, nays 71. < >ther amendments were rejected, and the resolution was adopted?W, nays 37. The Cominltt?e then referred back the ?th resolution, recognizing the right of secession for just rruses Mr.Carlile moved to strike out and Insert a substitute embodying President Madison's language justifying secession onlv in the event of the failure of every constitutional resort The Committee rejected the motion?yeas '2~2, navs 111 Other amendments were proposed and rejected The Committee then adopte.1 the eighth resolution. striking out, on motion of Mr Summers, the ivords "they concede ." The Committe then rcs?. Mr rreston (Conservative) ottered some resolutions which were modified, on ttoe suggestion of Mr Baldwin, and accep'td by Mr Preston, as follows: Whereas, in the opinion of this Convention, the uncertainty which prevails In the public mind .is the policy the Government intends to pursue .<tv*niu? -.iir- KiTqt-u wwi la exireme 1 y 1 njur 1 ous ;o the commercial and induntrisl Interest* of tbe onntry, t^mls to keep up an nrliemrat which it mfavnrabl* to a:i adjustment ofthe pending dtfll ult'.es, and threatens a disturbance of the public >eace: Therefore Be it roolrrrf, That .1 committee of three delerate# be appoint) d to wait on the President of the l*iiited Stall, and re*peotfully sik l,lm to rnmti utile;.te to this Convention what course he la. 1. <? cnuo IU |Mirsiir Mr. Carlile offered an amendment to include a leslre to know what policy the Seceded Statei ntendcd to pursue toward# the General liovernn?nt, which-was rejected; and Mr. I'res ton's esolutlon, as liiod'fled. was adopted. Mr Jackson, of Wood, moved a reconsideration, is he did not vote, and it wai agreed to take the rote again. He then made a vehement speech isfainst the proposition, declaring that his continents would never consent to join South CaroIna Mr Montague made a stmrp reply, and :ona!deraHe feeling was manifested on both sid^. lom?> Unionist* consider that th*- adoption of the (solutions will annihilate all hopes of an adjustnent. It w;ts finally agreed to adjourn, hoping he procsodlngs would be more calm on Monday. irr>u>?i>.-.> >i?? ???'? -* ?? ?* jKuvuira* t*v ?ur vuatjrsiuwil ^ ,?1 311 f i\ 1 Vy r?rd Is pretty brisk just now. There are over Suu nen on the pay roll. VAMi:S AND INITIALS STAMPED ON * Paper and Enveinp?? free of oharge at DEMPSEY A O TUOI.E'S. Hi it .t'^6 Pa av , between Hh an<1 l'Uli ats. |\ RKM??VA?7 l"R. RICHARDS llai in-'v >1 to2*?f> F, Ixstween 2th and iSth streets, uortti side. OfLcs Rooms, 130, same at ap 8 1 w ( NF.W GOSHEN ULTTEK. "USE Received and for sale at Stand No 341. ;ester Market, the first lot of NEW GOS'HEN JUTTKK, a prima artio.e. 1 am in daily reoeipt if Butter. ap 8-eo3:? P C. FK ARSON. IV FASHIONABLE PAPERS. " K Have tliis dav received the iatest ?t*leof ^ bioaable FRENCH PAPERS acd ENVEL)PES. Call acd examine. DEMPSEV ft O'TOOLE, Eurravers, 320 Pa. avenue. ap 8 2t Between Jth and lt'th sts. mJUST RECEIVEDIIH 03. Good Brown Sugar at 6'^ ct?. per lb., on Mils. Extra F'our, best brands, cheap, 51 *' Family do. do. do. reuli supp y of Green and Blaclc Toa?, *.ew Orleans and Porto Kico Molrv-ses, )ra:i|ces and Lemons constantly on hand on cominixiun. I. DEMING, ap 8 feo2w No. 5.14 Seventh street. ^ O A1 E BARGAINS. Ladies' I aoe Gaiters at SI.00, Do. But'n do. do. at SI 28, Do. Good do. Boots at #1.25, Misses' do. do. da. at 79 cents, Geuts' I.a^tinie Shoe* at 81 ?5, Do. Neat Sh* at 51.50, Do. do. Oxford Ties at 91 25. Do. Calf Gaittri. silk gore, at $2J0. _lt HENN1NG, Island. DIRECT INI'ORTATIUN or SFRUfg QOOD8. I respectfully rail the attention ol the ladies to niv full and bauds-im* assortment o{^f\ ISnf KR KNOH MILU.NF.RY (iOODP.^fi? UKSHONNF.TS, F LO WKRd, H1H 2^ I t.NS, S'i'KAW ??(><?08 of every description, 111.K and LAOF. MANTl.F3.SlhK BA^OUES. [R1MMINGS. LACKS. FMBROIDF.RlfcH.4o . e I.a?iie* will do well to examine my goods, as hey will fiad them the finest and oheapest in the aarket. M. W1LL1AN, Imposts*, No. 3'J Market Space, Washington, D. C , ap 8 jw.if and I?o. T Cite Trevise, Pans. A NOTICE. ra.LL Fersona having pawned roods tn my posestion are hereby notified that they oan be chained by ealhnc 0:1 m- at inyreaideno*, No. 644 ileverth st., near corner of F, It land _a*6.3t^ E. WAR P. \KW MILLINERY, NEW MILLINERY The undersigned recpeotfuliy informs he ladies of Washington and vioinity that er establishment has recently bean enirged and refitted, and she will epen an en-4^^^ irely new took of MI 111 eery, Fancy Goods. >ry Goods,4o , on Saturday, Monday, and Toes ay, Apnl?,?,and 9. Please give her a aali. MRB WOLF8HE1MER, tj)J 2t* Wo. 603 Gameon it, NavyYart. REMOVAL. INSURANTS. The Agenoy ?f tit* P<?nn Mutual Life loaumw* Sompany of Philadelphia.tbe Commonwealth Fir* D'uianoe Company of tue Slat* at Penneylvaaia, nd the North Amerioan Fir* lnauranoe Company f Hartford, Connecticut, ia removed to the Waabifton Baildmc. oorner of Seventh itreetand Peon, venue. No. 346, &r?t floor, where all lnformaooa ^ Life and Fire lnruraaoa mar be received free roharga. Inearaaoeat the uaual city ratea. LMm TfVir /WW INeeLKS, Agtnt. . AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON THKATK*! UtiM S W. Gl.IK!< Aotiag Manager _ J. T. Ratmomd THIS EVENING, i Fourth week of ' MR. JO? mvFumnv Who will appear as aa SCHNAPPS, In the autiful Sprctaele entitled THE NAIAD Ql'KEN. And as Jacqce* Sxmor id the Beau'i til Drama of ROBERT MACAIRK. (Wilt (UW) -BLUE BOOK -Inform'"U. atiou as to all th? t'ftoes in the ^ unt.-jr. ami salary?25 oenta. Contain* taa same matter es th? Great Blue B>ok onatinf 93S>. Omitting the n?me* which are not i.eooe?ary. Catalogue or Cariosities at Patent O#oe Liat ot Patents. Old Bonks bought and sold Cata'ocue Tarnished ALFRED HUNTER, Bookseller, fe 22-2m* Wiilards* Hotel Square. WANTS. WANTED-A food SALESMAN. Apply to JOHNSON. FRY A CO- 499 feveuUi ?tj ? p ? 3t?o WANTED?A WOMAN, tooook. tub, and iron. Apply 250 G atreet, near Seventeenth. _ap 8 11* AN^TED^-By^ a r?*p?etable )oui wninaa.t ?? :m i i.'a i ?>.x a? oor r or cn? mt>ermaij Uan ooma well recommended. No ohieetion to cu N?rta or S<>utb. Addreiu Box 13, Star Office. It* WANTKD?By a recpeotab'e woman, a SITl'ATION to do homework in a private famiW. Apply at No. 19 K ?treet, between ?4tti and 2.Sth U. If WANTKD?By a respectable woin%n, a SITU A TION m oo<ik. wuhor Mil ironer, or to do houa?work. Apply at No. '2i3, o orner M and lMh lit reft* It* WANTKD? Kt a reipectaUe young woman, a SI I UATION as cook, waaner and ironer.or to do general housework. <ioo?l reoommei datixt ea'i be given. AppyatNo *?9 M street, between 23-1 aid 24th tta. it* WANTKD? By ayounc woman, of good reconamertlaMona. a SITUATION in a email nrittu famil- ? * "* r.. ..... <?n v>uua, w??ncr ami it. Andress .104 Fourth street, between 6 And ii, where aiivrrti>*r may b? wren. up > ?t* TO PKINTF.R3?A responsible practical printer. witi % capita! of live hundred dollar*, is v.ant?d as a in a newspaper entabhshment in one of the Border States, h ul particulars riren upon interview Address "Unioa." Star Offioe, statins where n'erview pan h< had. It* WANTKD?Ht a hishljr rrspeotabie English woman, a SITUATION a? lady's maid a-.d sempKtress Has hat great experience in dressinakinK. hairdres?ms. em. WnoiH n.-.* - ttfht chants work, "if reqiirad. Oall or add'ess E. B . cornn F a :d S?vcnt?? nth tta. a p 8 2t*J WA NTKD?I't a singlo steady ina.n, a SITUATION to work in a garden or larm. and would attend to horse and carriage if required Can com* wp!I reoummer.dod. Ailrfreaa Box 19. Star Office. ap 6 ?t* O T AA ? WANTED. this sum for f< ur ?eara, 1/1/. on auliurt-an proporty worth ?2 oco. latere*' ? **-eeil upon. AdJreas "Arundel,"Uir ucti the Post Office ap 3 tf ANTKD IM.MK1U ATEI.Y?From |5 to g10,nnr. w.rth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TURE of ail kmda, for whi<Mi I will ruaranty to pay the highest prices, and. as usual, at the shorteat dotioe. R. BUCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stove*, to., oo 9 4Q*? 7th st.. het. G e.nd H east aide. WANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Persons dec'ininr housekeeping, or havinc a snrj)'im of Furr.iture on hand, <j*n ohtaiii tlieoaao and Kir prioea by appiymc at Seventh at. Lo 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. JLiUBT AMD FOUND. UTKAVKD-On Monday, the letinatant, a b a"k am! uhito spotted buffalo COW, ^or' ^fTtk merly nwmd by J. M. Hu?her. Her Mr nur* marks are uot re*c<?:ieo?ed ; tail lore anddb^^n himliy, ami be' l>odyand hipaapotted Ilk* ft o<>a>h don'g. A libeial reward will be paid for anr information ooncfrnine her. Apply to J. M. Bl'SHhR. ap 5 y BOARDING. Rooms with board, to.,can be had at No. 403 Thirteenth it ap 8-?o3t'_ BOAR I)?Pleasant Rooms, with Hoard, oas be had at No. 28 Four and-a-hatf at. ap5-2w* (Republican.) PERMANENT BOARDING in a private family may l>? li&4 ia the West End. Addre-n "Hoard.n<, ' ttar OfLce. ap3-iteo* NOTICE.? REMOVAL.?Having removed to JSeventu street, directly oppoaite my old tore, I earnest.y aolioit a contirua^oe of my old patronage. ,\1. U. RL'J'SKi.L. Bookseller aod btatioper N. 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KRAT *j Utir afd H?r?tioiD Fr*j?iTr** is tits W*>t khd At Atcuo.i -0? t H 11 8 i> a v MORNlN??, Apr:! llth, eoiawtenaint at U?o>loek, ill NkMCoMtn ?k., b?tWN>n ti MI<I H ?t? , in which ?r? rbr(?^1 Mftbocti.y Cm* bfc-ocUr? CUiakerinc Piano Forte, 1 F.rat SidkIs Action H?r?. Walnut Pinafc oo?*r*d 9vte. Ann Md L*4i?' i/Htra, Damaafc covered RM*?tirnMd Parior Chkira. Marble U.? C?nlT ?o<l I*?de Tab ei. French Chicti corerrd 9uia, Arm and Parlor Chaire. Ca-pet oo*ered R orption Chair*. Oval Afirror, Maf"?fitrT Bookca*?a and SfcaWae, Mafcofaay Wnatoot. Dams?k. Lao#and Chintz Window <"irtama. 3 oomp rte Pairledard Out Otta?eC fcaiabertunie, 3 do Plain Painted do <W Huik ard Co:tn and Husk Mattreaaea, Blanket*. Comfort*. Ac. Hruaaeia. Three-ply and Ingrain CarpeU.Olialot*, Parior and I'hambor Phint* rtoVArMl Kaa* Pkaira Walnut Kxteiuion Dicing fable. Table OatlerT *n?l*n, China, 61mi an4 Crorker* War*. Clinton Air tight Dmiid Cocking Store, Kitchen Re?;ii<ii?f, At 1 o oionk, in I 'ont of Ik* rrfmirn 1 Rockawar ?i?le Fanii j CarriM* and ??t of Hat - mfi? 1 rrm"j ? C^McOl'l R FA CQ . Al??. B^J. C. MoGl'IBK A CO.. Auctioneer*. rpR|jSTKE'8||(t4l.E IUCKNKV_C A? On KiKBDAY MUkSi.VU. ApnT at"?hi o'o ock, ia of th* Austion koum? <>f Jw. C. MeGuire ft Co . by Tirtnre of trost, >I?UhI ?wh. irw. and du recorded m i.ib?r J. A H.. No. 196, folios 3W. et mm.. I sha sell one good Hackney Co*s!i Mid pa.r? t tirey Horse* Trrms: One 1 lurd >?ih; the residue in monthly insta'ments nf 1 I.S ?. S and 6 months, with interest, ucnietl to the oatiifartion of the Tru?ta? HIGH Ml'RDAV.TrutM. mar y ?o*ci J. C. Mffit'IR K ? CO , A nets. B* J. C. Molil.IKK v t'O, AwoU<>n*era. SUPKRIOK KOSKWOMp CHICK KRIVO Pt*!IO FoRTK, wxr*L! txr FritJUTrai a3H> Hor?KHoLi> hrrr<t? *r Pmuc a?ctio?i.-Ob TLK9DAV NUK.MXG. Afri; Wli, at Mo'clooA, at the resiueone of CharV* f., Km-* N?337% H. between 6th nn'l 7:h streets. we shall ee I a l ins Farnitnr* and fc,fleets, comprising ? Chikkermg l'i\ti?>,7 octave-, Rosewood sltool and, Har>1soni? Walnut Parlor Hn:te, finished in ttrr e%r#!le, consisting of? tVofas, 2 Arui and 4 hsde Chairs. Mart ie t?>? Certer Tab *, Whatnot, LargeO-.-al Mirror, handsomely orna-nente*. (Mi Pfciriti ii?m- Frim*? I'hMr* Mnrh? trn Tihlii. Bruce mni1 three p!? Oak ar,d WtlDut Ohtnrer ?f'?. Mahorany bureau*. Cottage Bed*tead?, Husk Mattr??se?, Keather billow*. Toilet !*et?. i ounce, <*look. Locking G'ae?e?. Pine \V ardrob??7ButT and Gilt Hat Raok. Venetian Carpet, Stair Rods, Walnut Extension IMuin* TaMe. Knivea aa4 Forks, Oak Cane aeat Chairs, Stone China an f G a?s War?, Water Cooler, Air-tight and Franklin f*tore?. Together witn a general assortment of Kitehen Re^uisi tei Terms: #? and under cash : over that auai a oretlil of 91 an<l ? <1at?, for latisfactonlr erdoreei n tea (taring il.?e.-?st. ap3-dA.U J. C. McGLIRK k CO.. Aacts. Bt J. C. MoGI'lKK k CO.. Auctioneer! y?RY VALIABLK Bl ILDING LUTNEAfl * TII* i/trilUL A T AKTIIIS.-Ul 1UMUA V AFTERNOON, April ?ti>. at S o'clock, o? the premise, we tha i sell, without reserve, the sa?t ern half of Lot No. a, in ^uu?m,( oDbBf V tee* on south U itrf t, between New Jersc/ iimi' and Kint iitre^t fact, and rntninc b*ck VI feot A inches. 1 hi* lot ia wilhi* the proposed extension of the Cap to! grounds, tl s sale of ?fl.rds s fri,.> opp rtuu ty for specuiatiop. Terms at sa'e. sp 6 d J. C. \r?:Gt ?HK A CO , Aue's Uy i. C. MoGl'IRR A CO Auctioneers TRUSTEE'S 8ALK OP AN LXTFNSIVt ahhoitmimt of h"i>rbold friMtru 4 pc ErrKcis ? ??n WKUNLsUaV MORNIMG. April It th, at 10 o'c o?*k. at the building on Thirteenth st.. b?twern Penn aver.ue and nonh E st . hs virtur. ^?L" " * VT ? o unrvi VI VI U Pt? ??WTU l/W*HWr llT. I860, and reoorded in 1 b-*r J A. S . No. /tt,folio* I. 2 3.4. 5,6 and 7, we thali aei! all the Furniture ani Kfeots, comprising ln rart? Handsonta unit of Walnut Farior Furniture. oen sist nc "f two S< 'u Arm Chairs and six Parlor Cnairr, Marble top Center and Sofa, Walnut and Mak<>jany Whatnot*. Fancy Tafc'es. Maiiogarr Spring seat Sofa*. Lounge*. Walnut Damaak-cover'd Parlor Suits, Car.e and * ood see: Chair*. Clock*, Mahogany Mir??r front Sooretary and Bookea"*, Gilt and Mahogany fram-?d .Mir o?e, Damark and Laoe Curtains, Window shade*. Gas Chandeliers, Braokou and Fixture*. BruFae's Three p y and Ingrai" Carpet*, ilcloth, Stair Carpets, Ruse, Rods and Free, Five S? feet Extension Owing Tables, Side Table*. Sixty O'lk French Pir. nt Ch*ir*,Gi!t Shades, Silver-plat'd Castors, Waiters, Salt Stands. Spoons a>'d i-oras, Lars* ttiuiity of French and Stone China Dinner Dessert and i ?a \\ are. Tah eCu* erj,Gie-s Ware. Tab * L.?nen, Mah kauy. Waluut and Fainted Chamber Furnltaio, of various patterns, F'ather B*dt, Bo st?rs and Pi lows. Hairar.d Husk Matt esses. Toil t Set*. Blanket*. Comforts, Spread* and Sh<*et*. Open Coal. Radiator and A 1-t.cut Stove*, Toe^ther with a 'a-** asr'rtm?*nt of exoe lent Household and Krehen Furniture i ot nee*??a i? I ^an.erata. Al*o, at 12 OYlock . A complete set cf Dental Instruments and Oftce Fixtures. Terrs: ard under cash: over that anm a credit ol 60 and so days, lor tatisfaotortly enior*e<1 note*, bearing interest N. Cal.i.AV f?- ? M2d J.C McQl IH K *AscU. B*iw|Ff'8* THURSDAY MORN p h?'? pr" ,n o'olock, at tr>e tor* of " <ii Ha. avenue. r.eer Express tt?e. ^ * ?<KXU, distrained for rent. to w.t : 111 b(i*?e !*e^ar?. various I rancs; *rrj pa??rs Sir.okinc Tobacco; 8 ibe. Dunkirk "mokini I obaeo?>;35 tbs. Dunkirk Smoking T?haooo:33 lbs Snuff. awuiW; SN??r M?ispi: 3K papers Fim rut To hjoco; Stiiix?sCkewiu Tubaeoo: 3"" Pipe ft<w?d? 4 boxes Pipes: 1 InCisnand Ho?: In lbs. Lynchburg Tobacoo; In ?i uff Jars: 1 and Weight*; I Tobacco Ca?e; I Tohiaw Kuife. 2 Spitt- on?;2 Mi w ? *?? ; I large I.ifhVr ,3 Ci??n? e-?; 2 "mpt? tt-xe*; 1 lot Reed !*?em?; 2"1 ftp**, i7 SB' B tinxea: ?m?>ker?; 3 i'ort*a<>naai??, 57 Kmot Pipe#; 4 S-gar < uti, 2j0 oipty Boim. lot M^ttinr; 1 Picture Frame; lot Sootoh Snuff, half grow of Match**; 3 Tin Snt.IT Can*. Toim* < a?li in ttankaUe n?on*>. H< n?? and Store for rent: inquire of JOHN PUR DV. K. REYNOLDS, Batlifl. ap b-<iu (Intel.) Br GREEN * WILLIAM8J\nctioM*ra. HOUSEHO D AND KITCHEN FT*NI Tin \Vim am L vro? Store, Viawam .m*.stractoet is hue opee atioh rsdu the 3rire peoces*, at Atctioji.?Od THURSDAY, tne litn inatant we aha:I eell at l*o*eiocE a b .at No. 392 Seventh ?t eet. three door* north of n itrori north, an exa<-Uent aeeortaent of Liqao"< Win?a. Y'ioe?ar, Furniture, A.c., uunair? Lot of 7 SUnd Ca<ke. painted, l.ot of W hiakv in bottiM, pine lot C<)(D(o and < ther Bran?!iee in hotuea, Fine tot Ritt?ra, Cordials and Ho. and Gin in 4o. Fin* lot Percu a on Cape, Lamp Wiek aad ?te#l Pent, Fate* foapa. Tea Caddiea, Letter Prwaad Iron fca!*, laeta 5<*.a'? and We JiU, I fine s?t braae Goalee and Weight*. Foucela, Meat urea and gooopa. With man; otier artic ea in thetakopkeapiag line. Auo, rhe Furniture m the h ? ?. *ompriainc l(?Mril a**ortm'nt of Hcmehold iiooda, N. B ?Any prraon demur* to purohaae the Vin sgar Manufactory at private aa>e can rtoei** a 1 information reiauve thereto t>v ca inf oath* an lermned prev una to da> of eaie. Terira oaah in current funda. ap 5-d GRKRN Jk WILLIAMS, AaeU. dj uLtAM & bKKKN, AvebonMrt, b0% Nimtk *tr$*t. TRUSTER'S BALK OF VALUABLE IMriovuRui K?tatb.? B* Tirta* of a 4aad of treat, datad the 18th day of M*roh. 1*57, da>y rwor<l?d amui.c tha ,ud raeorda of tba sout; ail WaaHington, l?. C , I ah*!1 procaad to sell, oa tha on THURSDAY. tha Ml"f April,at I a'olock a. m.. all thoa* pitoti or ftrwU of araaiwl utuataa id tha oity or Waahtnftoa, D. C. aad known and aa Lota cum bar ad thirty r-un 34 (aod thirty-fiva, (SS.? iaS<aara aaaabaroc fcva Uandrtd and tkraa, 4MS,) logelhar wi'fc tha improvement* thareoc, oonaiaticg of a large an* sommodioua three atory brick houae. with a fiaa baann ent. aaiUbls for a atore Said property ta located ui tha aoatk aid* af N it aouth. Uwf*" and *th at a. Terana ?f aala: ?*> to ba paid in eaah: and tba balanoe la ft, U and It Baatha from tba day af aaia. Lhe deferred pajmaauio ba aaoarad by a Mad af traat on tha premiaee. ssra wars srarfaas.'is?' "???.? ?. _?>?..?. aefflTOs&SL. "IT NEVER PAILS!" .* *J5 VV ILL PAY THE PBOPLK r I tAke gra*t ^liuarc il uaoatvoiu to Ite miti ^U^frJ^fCIVTlrJlr^!fti,,"t0n thJt ' ??* J"t ,?rr, vuoa i a?ri< Don gut mostly lor ?? ?, ud > am prepared to Mil tbem of at very low yriiea N. fa?All ortfceee (ooda been iee tit ay ritkia UM> !??t Boat* : therefore. tuk ?m g?t the AtMt itylMil j. SMITH'S, No. 460 breath it.. < ypoaif Poat < Wfco* M H" Mb Pm. Amn, Negro** a' J Negro fArerji tlwlntM lBlvnoT fo*. the latter lU aoriael eoaditio^ by J. IT van pi'?wo? tetrT WW NbtUw by vkteh theTwmewKeome 'HUB?