Newspaper of Evening Star, 8 Nisan 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 8 Nisan 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. |^7~Ttou?E I hi Star la printed on the faste?t team pceas In use south of Baltimore, Its edition la so Itrjr* u to require It to be put to prraa at an early hour; Advertisements, therefore, should be sent la before 1*<! o'clock m.; otherwise they may act appear until the next day. None*District of Columbia Advertisements o be Inserted In the Baltinorx Sua are received at and fcr ward t il from The Star Ofice. ThsSattrd*t Rrc?i?t?o*?.?On Saturday afternoon Mrs Lincoln held another of the pleasant receptions whtrb take place now on that day each week. The President was present f"r a'short lime and seemed to enjoy the agreeable, chatty, unceremonious nature of the reception vast'.v. Aninnff (Ka wi?4 ?nr? 1 ? w.m ?*ric i n?urr nrrwn indian delation, Including "Red Featber" ?nd Laroorjoa" the aboriginal Jenny hind A deaire was manlfeaU-d to bear Larooqua sing. to wblrh the President consented, ana the Indian ongstreas Have a specimen of ber capabilities, bowing a Wee somewhat thin, but pleasant and of considerable cultivation. One of the attract'.c.n?0f the afternoon receptlora is the opportnn^.y afforded of vtaiting the flue * observatories ?,f the White House, kept In such admirable <- edition by the President^ Gardener, Mr John \Valt, wLo, aa tbe protege of the la. mented Downing, comes legitimately by his skill and f^ste in the bortieultursl wi? Th* on .*aturday noticed a new feature In this depar?pjent T<? tbe supplementary conservatory (the structure formerly at tbe east end of tbe grounds, tbe removal of wblcb was necessitated by tbe inroads of tbe Treasury extension,) has been appended a charming little "Moss Grotto" (as Mrs. I.lnroln, we believe, has lwptiied It) or Fernery, the walls of which are lined with growing mouses of tbe ricbtst green, graceful ferns and similar vegetation, while a murmuring fountain in the eei.ter spreads a delicious coolness through the apartment. Hustle seats at tbe sides are auxiliaries iu keeping; stained glass windows to tbe rouih temper the light to the eyes; whiles delicious perfuiTi^of flowers steals in f'Oin the conservatory Into which the grotto opens from tbe north Seme cheerful singing birds are to be introduced when the grotto is fully tomoleted. and then it must be the rosiest resort imaginable of a Lot *n miner's day. In the vegetable-garden green houses the prosa'c visitor had an opportunity of feasting his eyes with such practical results as ^;reen beans and cucumbers fit-for the table, ripe strawberries of enormous sire, and grapea iu abundant clusters well advanced towards maturity Most of the visitors passed Into the lawn, where haying was going cn. to " see the mower* mow." A pause was made, of course, when just opposite tii- southern stairway of the White House, to admire the fine down-river view obtained from that point When the Monument grounds shall be free from the woedsn sheds and stoue rubbish, and laid into open lawns?for strubbry of any size will Intercept the view?the prospect lookiug south from the WhiU- House M' 1 | I Ki< Ana /?' ? ?? ? >** w vuc v* ?ul il? UCflUfcJT. c' arc Mill?'? Focsdrt ?On Tuesday we paid a visit to tbe foundry of Clark Mill*. l'.sq , at which It belny cast the bronze statue of Freedom, fat tbe Dome of the Capitol. Tbe statue is rapidly ipprmcfclng completion, and will soon be readv <o be hoisted to iU lofty position Tbe figure, on account of its immense size (2U feet high), is cast a lections, all of which are read> for the pollster -.nd dresser with tbe exception of tbe two lower sections, and tbe moulds far these are nearly ready. Upon entering tbe building in which tbe statue is being polished, tbe visitor is struck wlth-tbe collection of - art specimens" strewn over tbe floors, r?-eliiilpg in corners and uuder benches, and standing upon shelves aud table* in every conceivable position In a ?ort of ante chamber are tbe iprtinf.? nf ??ni?l ? Ul * ^uu lui'ini); 11 o? i.alike a subject upon whl- u medical student* had beea trying their scalpels; and In anotherroom liea La.if of a Rosiuante, reminding the visitor of the fsmousdog that ?plit himself by running against a post,so pathetically narrated in nursery rhymes Another room Is strewn with arms, sections of drapery, wreaths, and otter belongings of the stalue; while in the circular room workmen are busilv dressing up and polishing the shield and upper sections of the figure. Among the objects of interest are a small bronze figure of a child at prayer?Mills' first production?and a collection of models by his son, now in Munich; among which are a wild burs*-, John the Baptist beheaded, a bas-rtl.ef of Caiboun; a itouian bust, a tatjette of Senator Douglas; ar>d two Indian groups, one of which represents a sivage in the act of tearing the scnlpfrom the head of a pioneer, *nd the o!li?-r a party, one of which is struggling with an American lion Besides these are three beautiful ff.i ile figures in plaster. molded from an ancient <?recian cast The base of the statue is alao to be of bronze, and is now being molded in pluter, preparatory to it* casting. Workmen are now casMnx the final! ornaments of the statue and preparing tbe mold* for the two lower sections, which will be cast ou Wednesday next. UirMAVi' Cocst ?J? Igf Purctll.?On Saturday, a question waa submitted to the Court unnn tr>e application of a miuor heir of Washburn*, relative to the investment of certain funds for tbe bent tit ' { the heirs The Court expressed a d^ire to look into this mat'er of invtstrnent. tod see th*t it was all right for the security of the ta*lfs Tli*- opposite parties not being preatnt it whs parsed over Au account against the estate of the late C. L Coltanau, amounting to over SI,I'M), was uttered for approval The account was disputed, upon the ground that the labor charged for was contracted for witti another party, with whom a set11' mvnt Lad been made, and that the contract was not with tbe applicant It was laid over for examination. ia the case of the estate of the late J. W. Smoot tbe Court positively refused to sanction the invf^lment cf funds of the eatate, or any estat?\ t>eyond the District of Columbia !*;ich an Invests en* would place the matter beyond the jirlsJli.U ?t i ? * * a.- iiuu i-i let- timn, ana uiae court Is to protect fb? heirs, it could not consent to the removal of tbe funds to a i>oint where it could not he reached by s process or tbe Court. Mrs Margaret Miller was appointed administratrix upon tbe estate of her deceased husband, J. M Miller, late of Georgetown. Tbe wilisof the late Joseph Abbott and Aon D ivall were presented for approval, and laid over till Tuesday next, and the witnesses ordered to toe summoned. T? Hut- * >?? - ? - - m n?ai?t ? iuc uuif iouu oi >v asmngton are quite ready, wr are aurr, to give a vote of thanks to Mfwri Glenn, Raymond, Jefferson, and til concerned, for the enjoyable treat afforded them on Saturday bv the day-time performance of the beautiful sbow-play of the ''Naiad Queen1' There ? so usucb attractive to the eye in this piece tbat tbe most juvenile of tbe party down to the little three-year-olda were thoroughly Interested and delighted. Tbe thanks of tbe little onea ere due. alsi, to tbe courteoua doorkeepers and uahers of tbe establishment, through whose kindly offices thev were put la tbelxst possible positions for seeing and hearing The managers will inevitably bave to give another day-time performance of tbe V.iiil 11 ?... ?k. >ia? ' ? " ^?vvh, ?vi ??v ^lawM^uuu ui mfir niue To-night tbe bill i* made irresistibly attractive bv the addition of " Robert Macaire" to the Naiad Qneen," with Jefferson in h.? great P*rt of Jacqaes Strop. Coaacnoi S?*vic*?Yesterday being the first Sabbath in the mootb, the S&crantent of the U rd a Supper vras administered in all the Methodist Churches according to th? rule of that denomination of Christiana Appropriate discourses were delivered in each of the entireties by tbe officiating ministers The communion was participated in by members of other denominaUoat who wer?* present. Tbe weather being tath?( unpleasant aud threatening ru n. the cok ?regaiiuua were not u Urge as usual upon similar a coLobbd mah naroei King went Into the #Store of T McGrant. Saturday n ht, to get change ior a ?-> pMC?. somehow Le managed to carry away the cnange and the 93 besides The proprietor immediately started in pursuit, and recover^ H 75 of the change; and King showing an inclination to be pugnacious, was arrested and taken to the guardhouse, where h? was fined |i W by Justice Clark. Yestebday morning Officers Boa and Irwin arrested young man, the son of a respectable ud wealthy citizen of Baltimore, who bad run away from his father. taking with him WOO of tbe old man's money, whlcb he was squandering among the fashionable loafers about town He was taken In charge by tbe officers Mil tbe hour for tbe afternoon train North, when they left with him for Baltimore. The Rockville (Md ) s*entinel says Welearn front a reliable source that there are more than a hundred applicants front this county for ot&ce at the hand* of the Lincoln Administration Mr 1. received but fifty votes In Montgomery, we ars therefore a little carious to know, wnence this sudden acceaton of frteads. aad vrtoo are thoaa engaged In this wild hunt after t??ra ' We will soou see Mittiiws A Go as. So. 3ie Seventh atrart, -are now Um> centre of attraction, and art disposing at the richest styles at panto prices - It really docs one good to look over bit stock o( (ilka, towns, shawls, Ac., and a glance la amttcU as# to convince oae of their cheapness. The lad I? should not purchase before calling at He. m rrrmth street ^ _ PictrociiT i* ran Nautt. titaliy morn* Hi^a lady making parcbases la tbe Centre Market had a poeket book containing a small amouot of nondy retracted from her pocket. She did aet nctice the loes until it ?as too into to litif ( a , disco vary Of the operator. Tan Rnv. On Testis preached aad adarinietcred tbe mmmmmiam la the Wedsn Pradbytei,m Chuxd^ rtm Ward, ymriiy mcrnlnfc. ,*f* At i i rtN J+1 r.rg ,a*l +Z * * ^ Whui Siuil6tt-N?t many day* ago, aa one of our city jaatteaa ? quietly seated at bis upper, toe waa notified by hla landlord that a person la another room requeatcd and begged card to see the magistrate on very particular business The justice, preaumtng that perbapa a shocking murder" or "audacious theft" had just been committed, hastily left the supper table and appeared before the urgent and apparently te rifled complainant, who was a stout built fellow, about fire fret ten inches in h'gbt, of sombre comDleXlOll Jill rathiip tKaKKIIo A . - f ?- ? WMMWHJ U I V t h< saw the magistrate the complainant said (ndd ewing the juatlre with a rntful countenance.) " 1 have come, Sfquire, to aak your advice and firotection Mine, air, is a very hard caae; but as l ia a private affair, I would like to apeak with you in your office " The justice remarked that he had nothing to aay or do with the private affairs of individuals; nevertheless, he would go with complainant to the office, which was not far distant. Having entered therein, the complainant was requested to take a seat, which being" done, he preaented to the justice the following synopsis of the caae. "I have been living for two years p;.st with a tavern keeper, an Italian by birth, whose wife (If she he his wife?) 1?a terrible shrew. She gives him fits if he does not obey her in all thlnga, and be dare not refuae. This night. Squire, this verv nicrht. not in hour nan ?he quarreled with her husband, and because I did not side with her, she struck me, scratched my face, and drove me out of the house with onlv half my supper. Now. Squire, is not this a bard case ? W bat shall I do r W here shall I (joV "Well, my friend," said the Justice, " then you come to me for advice, It seems, as well as protection. 1 will answer you that, if you require it, and are not ashamed to ask the protection of the law, you may have a warrant against the woman and have her bound over to court and to keep the peace." "Oh, ye?.'' said the complainant, " but what shall 1 do? Where shall I j;o*" ?? If you are renllv afraid of this woman," . sa d the Justice, " and dare not live in the same house and town with her, travel hence to parts unknown, and do not stop until you arrive at Crivensvllle, a post village In M Isaourl, about 110 miles north of Jett'erson City, which, jnd^tn*; from its name, appears to be a tit place of resides*-* fn. ~ __ ? 1 - 1 ? ? * ?<m rn-urarw-ti men. D^n-ptcKPa nusoanus, and fugitives from woman's fury." The stouthearted complainant, having heard this advice, Ifft the office, muttering to himself as he wended his way along the street, "What shall 1 do? Where shall 1 go?" [COMMC5TCATKD. KntTOR Star: In suggesting to tbe learned Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution a slight chnnge in bis present admirable organization, 1 am prompted by no sellisb spirit of encroachment or Interference, but by a sincere desire to promote as well the weal of a large class of individuals ?u? uun nre ririiioca i>y reason ortbetr busine*? occupations, as to add to the good will wbicb Is o generally entertained towards the Institution by the grateful citizens of the National Metropolis 1 allude to the present inconvenient hours of the library; an arrangement by which nearly nine tenths of the whole community, and of necessity a'l who are engaged in business, are denied the advantages designed them, 1 believe, by its generous founder What savs the Secretary to the doors beinjj closed at ten instead of Bve p. ir ?? If not for six, at lei<*t fortbree nights of theseven? The strangers who visit our city are content with a glance at tbe gold and red, or perchance time-stained occupants of tbe groaning shelves, and aa tbc citizens themselves are occupied at least from nine o'clock until three, they are necessarily precluded from sharing with ike Jew the use of tbe library?a privilege of Inestimable value which t'uey could not fall to appreciate were thev once indulged. Is it not palpably unjust that so few are allowed to explore this precious mine, when by tbe employment of a !il?(ht officer or librarian at an inconsiderable salary, so many could, and no doubt would, occupy themselves in useful study. Instead of seeking the antidote of ennui in 1~m reputable placet? If Professor Henry values the name of public benefactor, if he would rescue fr?m Ignorance and probably from d.sulfation the youny men of tbe District, if he would earn the gratitude of parents, of thoee wlicin poverty or a generous 1. ? .. ...v. (-cuurit' r ur^n 10 law, 01 me many who, to mv knowledge, would gladly queff the water* ot this fountain of knowledge, let lilm speedily act upon a suggestion which, i believe, speaks the sentiments of his fellow-citizens Respectfully, *'Ut Prosisi " Washington, April 5, 1S61 Alexandria ArFAims?From the Alexandria Gazette we glean tLe following : On Friday night last, the ball of a pistol, apparently a chance shot, pissed through ? fence in the r? ar of the residence of Tan>e? J* Hallowell, on Fairfax street, and glancing, broke a window in the chamber of Mr llallowell, and lodged in the wall. !\o information could be obtained as to when and how the pistol was fired. a numoer or nejjroe* belonging to the Crawford estate in Maryland, passed through this city on Saturday, ta route for Jeffereon county, In Virginia, where they are to be settled upon a farm. A rencontre took place at the corner of Kin? and Royal streets. on Saturday afternoon laat, between Messrs Ji sbua Taylor and J no. Astiford. In wblch tbe Utter wa s severely injured. Mr. T.iylor wai exam'ncd l?eforc Justices PrW and Harjter, and held to bail in the sum of S^OO to anawer at the I..I? r* * - ~ " " j uiy vouri. a cLir^e ol assault and lottery 'I'll? arrival of shad ai>d herring have increased, and the prospect for a f?ir hsbery la improving There arrived up 011 Saturday and yesterday about 50,1(00 shad, and ltW,WlO herring. I'rices have declin ed materially, and sale* were made at *'J 50a ST per thousand for herring, and ST jUaS." 50 for stiad. Rock l'^c per hunch, and perch3a.">c. per bunch for the finest quality. Laxd Waiumi a;ip Mohkt.?There was no unusual activity in transactions under tbis head since Wednesday. Few warrants appears in tb?? market At tLe counters of dealers, ICO and 120 acre warrants were bought for 65 and sold for 75 cents per acre; bO acres, B0 ?nd 90, 40 acre*. St and *1 10. A moderate business has ??e**n doing In ejchnnges New York city, par; State, 1 per cent j Ne# Jersey. Delaware, Rhode 1*1 -.nd. I; Pennsylvania, laivj ; Maryland, l^'a'2^; Kentucky, Obio, and Indiana. 2; Louisiana, 2\; Vlrginia, Tennessee, T; North Carolina, w; llli nois, u^urgta, aud Scuth Carolina, 10; District of Columbia, Watch Hotse ?Effort Justice Clark ?Yesterdavmoralne, Pat Broden,chared withchas'lsing hi* wife; dismissed Wm Roman, (col d)drunk aud disorderly, tiuedSJJ 04 Jobr Mc.N'ally,drunk and disorderly; lined S3 17. Jos King, (col'd) disorderly; ttnrd 8U 17. Mary Kellienn. Mary Cavenor.'and Charles Langster, accusedof having no visible means of support; sent for a home to the workhouse. Dabtmg Robbkrt ?About 11 o'clock Saturday morning, an Italian woman, on her way to the market, was waylaid by a negro when coming down Capitol Hill,and robbed of her pocket book containing a small quantity of money. The robber was pursued, but made bit escape. RiTritMD Home ?This morning, one of the carpenters who left here on Friday with the U. B. troops ri-tumed in the six o'clock train, his courage not beingsu Anient *<? carry him farther from home than New York. The remainder have shipped and gone ?outh. Criminal Cocrt ?This morning, the court met at II o'clock, and there being no cases ready for trial, the pettit jurors were discharged until to-morrow morning at II o'clock. h/ v- <? ?* - miimtir, .-*o. ut rennsvivama avenue, to suit the times, Las reduced bis prices for photographs almost ttfty per cent. See his album cards and likenesses of distinguished men. 'Jt* To Lady Invalid*. In suggesting to ladies of leeble habit the importation ot Hostetter's stoinncii Hitters as a means of saMr supply in* or renewing that vigor upon which health and the Juration of lile depends, we solicit their attention to a lew iinsort*nt !wm. Tb? preparation i? specially a<Upted to the cure of all derangement arising either from constitutional weakness or other canses. It is reoomrn ended liy nirdioa1 men an a enre remedy for the o tructi'Mi and irregularities from whiohfewof the sex are uniform'y exempt, ar.d married ladiea special y. Mothers who are engaged in the cares of maternity. will find the Bittars a glorious preparation for recruiting the bodily energies, and caving tone and tension to the relaxed nerves. Tliey oheer and animate the spirits with >ut creating undue excitement, promote sleep, act mildly upon the bowels, oreate an appetite, are extremely use fill iq a I l>i It iua art" ctiuns, and mi; he taken with the fulle?t contidanoe that the infinite good thry do c*i. never be followed by any unfavorable reaction. Sold by all druggiats. : ap 8 ec3t CeveHs ?The audden changes of oar olimateare ? >uroei of Pulmonary, Bnmtkial and AstKmaixc ions. Experience having proved that simple remedies often act speedily and certainly wUen taken in the early states of the disease,recourse atiitald at onoe be had to " Broxen's Bronchial T^aeius" or l.osenges, let the Cold, Coc?h. or |rritatlftu of the T aroat be erer no alight, an by this prnoaatiou a more s?rious attack may be effectually warded otf. Public Spcilers and StHKirs will find thaw etTectaal for Soaring and strengthening the voice. See advertisement. de 1-lf Raai>?. have you seen Prof. Wood's advertisement in our paper. Reat' it; A Will interest yon. aslt-eoly inn. aiauiin All of Or. Humphrey a & Co.'a apeoifio Homeopath >o Remedies put uf axpreaaly for farm I y u?et, m boxee, at 25 and an eenta eaoh. a!#o, in oaaaa, containing an viali, from 94 to AS WGl^o%*,k ^*'if<Wtfon?. ^y nue a?i^xth atrMC* k 2re&?' _ 'ta*? '"ssv3 | To m ArrtiCTBD!?? MM to read th? advar ttaariiaat of Mcl^an'a ^trenR^iPnm* Cordial and fiiood Puiiftvr. ill anothar oowron* tf 7 ~ MARE1K1I. 7 ~ Attf>a Navy Yard,oathaMioatant, br the Rav. Dr. Morsell, aaaiatad by tha Rev. Dr. Piuckoey, Mat* Corp#. ?y | * W| M I*' OKEAT CRASH IX DRY OOOPB. We have jnat rtMiMd our aeoend ?arply of NEW DRY &O0D3 from the great c.ush mthe Northern cities, the motto/ whioh Iim boco parota*ed at about half their real value. a:id will be old at the came sacrifice. READ OUR PRICES. * IYE PRACTICE NO DECEPTION.'' Figured Poplina andJJrey Good*, 6,8, JO, 12, If, 18, ?, 01. 3/, <*>, 1*C Plain B ack Silk 82,75 87,S6o? worth 91 85 li.S Ca.iooos, (warrant fact colors*. . 8o US Shirting. Purple aud Black do. 10c 3? Organdie Lawns 25c 12H very handsome (fast co or*) Lawns. Wo i2S Domestio Ginghams Mo 85 Kentucky Jean? 12Ho 18S(yard wide> Bleached Cotton 75Fano? Wool Tweed*. , . 5?o Si All Woel Fanny Ca>simers. 75a S.V) and 98 8tel;a t?hawi?,( :.n>clio border13 5n to *5 {5 Laoe t'oiot* f I 75 ?o .}3 2 and2.50 i'ar&aoia r.nd !*ilk Umbrellas, l.yito 9* 60 Irish Linen and White Cambrie-. 25o SI 12-rprinc Hoopkkirts and Lace Veil* ;na UH Linen H'dk'ts and W hite Iloee 8c 35 Gauntlets 12Ho Shakere - S5i MATTHEWS A OURE. ' 34S SBVSNTH STKKKT. ap 6 7t Remember, the eact aide, bet I and K. WNEW GOODS. E Are cow adding to our stock a targe and desirable lot of NEW GOODS, comprising everything that ii new and desirable, whmh we propose to seil at a small price. All persons in want of DRV GOODS will always find our stock oomolete in aH ita branches, and at the loweat prioea. We would impreas upon those of ouroitn?na who have recently taken up their residence with ur, that wo have but ''one price," marked in piain fin urea on each artiote, and oiler n discount of five percent, otf for all sales for caali. We ask an examination of that customers can satisfy themselves in regard to the saving by purchasing for cash. W. M. SHUSTER ft CO., No. 31?, opposite Center .Market, ap 6 lot Hetween 7th and 8ih ?ta. g k KVr fans] Japanese nimi tt \ u iii'/iiw FANS. isvoici ok JAP A NESE FANS Just received, the first ever imported, Veiling at less than cost. Also, CHINESE MAGIC FANS, SANDAL WOOD FANS. SitO.f &Qti A o The jreatest variety of Japanese Goods ev(?r offered. JAPANESE SWORDS, \r. 006 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, ap 5 6t Above Wiliard's. f I ST RKrF.IVV'.Ti. n. !nt mnr? nf tlm p*!alir>t*il J TEN l/'KNT TIES; aiao.avery iarze lot of SPRI NG CLOTH I NO, FL'RNI8H1N<; GO??i)S, TRUNKS. HATS and CAPS, at th? People's Clothing Store, No. 4<iO Seventh at..opposite Post Office. between E and F ?>s. ap 5 1m SOMETHING NEVV "ON FREE EX HIBI^ TION."?A very Urge lot of CLOI HING, F1KMSHING GOOD*. HATS and CAPS, a{ No. 4R0 Seventh at N. B ?All of ttio above gooda for afiie al very low prices. a?. SMI X H'S. N" . 4rt0 Seventh at., between E an<l F sts. np 5 lin \1 AGNOLIA HAMS ! ItI magnolia hams:: We are u?>w receiving our first supply >{ Magnolia H?m? for this season. They car,not be surpit-oed. KING A Bl RCHELL, np 4 corner 1.5th st. ami Vermont av. 1mie place for every body to buy clothing, hats and caps is at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh at. ap& lm W citizens and strangers ILL Fii.d it to tLeir int*r??t before purcha?lng t.i cail at the Fxteimiv Cabinet e?- - vmuss tvili-hinent of edwin green. nc.tjpw I*(0 Pennsy i*ania avenue, where a large stock ol fcrnitl're a id chalks=2*|p?3 art! mattresses will always be found. Mahogany of vl thicknesses for sa'e. Packing and Rfpninnc ani Varnishing promptly attended to. Furniture or other goods taken on storage. ap l-2aw2m A STARTLING DISCLOSURE! b KCL AHA TTO\ 0 F WA K ' GREAT OUTPOURING OK TH E PEOPLE! BfcOISMIXO Of T IIR f OJfTKST BY WINDSOR L 11 Kd I HKR . :<Ai? Seventh bt.. M&t 1 'el in< BOOTS. !<H(>K', HATS r-m Ik] CAPS. Ac . a' a giea' sacnhceon for W nier rates. Good Men's Working^^ * Wife >hoes at 75 cent? ; M isses' Sewed Moroo oo Boots 87H, we 1 worth $1.25: Mid a ge. erai assortment of Gents', Ladies'. Miesea\ and Children's Shaes, very cheap. We will se.l as low as any dm, and talc* oil b for o?nt. diMount for ouh in current lunds. ap3-eolm CVERY VISITOR TO WASHINGTON U Should Purchase Pnn.P'S WASHINGTON DESCRIBED This ii the only Compltt* (iwrit book totke iYVlUrmal Capital ever pHbli*k*<l. The Velume oonta im a ??omprehenbi ve H istory of the City Iroiu it* K?r iett Settlement to the Present Tune, witlf every Imp rtant Kver.t connected with it?.t> the Seat uf (>overnrnent. A>BO, Elaborate Descriptions of the Various Public iiuildings ; Reliable Information 1 a respeot to ail the Departments of the Government; Mode of Truntacting U.ieiiifgs with the Public Offices; the hti^uette of Official Intercourse ; Description of the Places of Interest in tho Vianity, Ac., Ac. Illbstkatid with a Map asd Numekous Ksoha vikgs. Elermtly Iioun>l in Crimson Cloth. PKIOKONK l-OLLAR. Fro? by mail osi reo?iot of the pubiish'd price. PHII.P An HOI.OMf INS mar i eoiin J.i'-i l'a. &v? ML 9tli ana ICUl ?'?. STOP ! STOP :: STOP!!! THIS WAY, IF YOU PLEASE! THOMASBEAN, Aitent for the sale of the ju^ty ce'ebrated Family. Extra. and Super FLOUR manufactured liy Bond A Jackson, at the Burnt .Mills, Montgomery county , Md., has removed to No 403 Seventh street, between H and I. where he will at all times be pleased to see his old customers. Always on hand a Rood a-xortment of Flour, ai above. Alto, Corn Meal, Slupstufl", Bran, &o. ap 2 6t* SCHEXCK'S TR K A TISR N CONSl'MP TION ?To be had free of ohar(;e at the Dru* Store of S. B. NVA1TE, corner Seventh *t. end Louisiana av. Dr. J. H. Sohenck.of Philadelphia, hat published a pampol^t rivirg a full description ol the dis>?asrd state of the Lungs* Liver and Stomach. Every invalid should call and get one. ma 28-1 m /?v The old e#tab!?hed PAWN OF- /Q\ I wicim.' r ii? ?wl a ivMiiivi.j un i cur. avciMjn. x JL V tffb?tween 3d a< d ?'t ef?.. haslateli? ? been r?n!OVfd tu 3.?1 C st? between 4H a^d 6th bla., back of the National Hotel. WOT ICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! f 10,000 tu oe loaned in small sums on Uold and rer Watohos Jewelry, aid ail other article* ol value. Business ntnctlj and confidentially done, Don't forcet to call at No. 351 C st.,b?#twoen 4>i and 6th sts. fe?-3in I. HERZBERG. jpjf BIRDS!?BIRDS FOR SALE. \jO Just reoeived a splendid assortment of**/ -*??- Bird" lrom Europetierman Canaries English Black Rin's,Thrushes, Bull Fiuoiiem, (Suid Finches, Lii.ets, Sky Larks. Yellow Manors Parroquets, Java Sparrow*, Starlens, tlm Ked Mooaw Parrot, and green and Rrar. I havo M?ckie>r Birds, Red Wine Black bi;d?, Red Birds, Doves, and Bobolinks; also. Trained Birds. 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Possession of the iaai 'an bo had on t ? 15th inst Ineu're next door of ?uh. or of KEOR6E FOLLAN9BEE. C\ penter. on Third ?t. we?t. ap 8-eotl FOR RENT?A large two story llnck HOl'^K on Maryland avenue, corner of 13:h ?t., with a brick etaMe and large yard attached. Apply to Mrs. CHESHIRE, on oorner ol D and Thirteenth ?t?.( Itland. ap 5 eo3t* HOUSE FOR RENT AND FURNITURE FOR SALE.?Home and Furniture nearly new. Inquire at No. 391 I street, between 12th and 13th. after 3o'clock. ap4-tf For *aleok rent-a frame house. containing aeven i oonis, together with the lur* itxre,Mliattd on New Jeraey avenue, between HI ftPd j* Bis. norm AIhO, ft n?W thr??-?tnrjr hriok house.with buck building, on the sann<? sqnAr?, ( No. IJVO Fourth st ) Also, soma valuab e LOTS, all of wli eh will lid soiii vei y oheap. lnquiroot J. 1). RYNARD, New Jersey avenue, between M *nd N Kts. _ ap 4 tf L^OR KENT-A handsomely furnished HOUSE " in t|i? First Will. Apply to W 1 LL1 AM D. BALDWIN, corner Seveuth and E streets. ap3C*eo* HOUSE TO LET, on Pa. ftvei ue. No. 213, opposite Willards' Hotel. Inquire of CHAS. W. W ALLACH, Attoruey .or at No. .110 E street and 41Q I'a. avenue ap 3-lw* FOR KENT?The three rtory frame DWELLING HOUSE corner <<f Tenth mid H tre?t? and hut tw-> Miuares from the Patent Office. It oon?ain?8 room*, a good oollar and kitchen, with gas throughout. Will not be rented for a hoarding house. Ir quire of A. B. MoFAKLAN, corner of Pa. avenne and 12th st. ap 2 eo2w* ITOR RENT-A ?malf~FARM or MARKKT r (jAK 1)KN. con'air lug 14 aces of lard, situ atfd on the Piney Branch Itoad, a 'ew hundred Tards north of Columbia College. Tiie iniprovemeota consist of a new brick dwelling containing 4 r< omit and a kitohen, ai:d a rtable. For terms, Ac., apply at 215 fa. avenue, opposite Wiil&rdt'. ap 2-if ? FH>H. RENT?On the Is' day of May, a von desirable three etory BRICK DWELLINGHOI'SK. With ha*MnAnt tnil H.pOO pLirv l? I uild n:, situa'od on Nineteenth street, between 1 a. d K -ts. Has al< the modern improvements, water, sas. I.ath-room, wash-room, 4c.; also, a stai?l? afl carriac?-h<?UBe. It is now occupied hv Captain G?ldsborouch, U S. N. Apply to B. H. CLEMENTS A BH ".. No. HiQ Pa. av. ap 2 ?f 170R Rl.NT-A three-?tory BRICK HOUSE r on II St., Wanhintton city, between P h and 2?'thf at present occupied by Assistant Attorney General, Mr. McAiinoi.t. Possession given nth of April. Also, a first class STAND for busmen* of any kind, corner Gay arid Huh streets, opposite Forrest H"?ll,Georgetown. I).0 Possession given immediately. Apply to BLADLN FORREST. Georgetown. OF.SIRARLE STORE ON PENN.AVBNUE FOR K ENT A.N D FIXTURES FOR SALE. Store No. 30*2 I'enu. avenua, between 9:h and loth ?t?., in offered for rent. And the Fixtures. consisting of a Jeweller's litirilar Mid Fireproof Sate, four Plate g ?sk Coanter Canes, two large French-plate Mirrors, Oilcloth, Counters, Gas Fix'urea, &a? for sale App t to JAS C. MoGUIRE ft < O , Auction and Commission Merchants. ap 2-6t (fOR RE.NT-A BRICK HOUSE. contuuin* 12 rooms, with Potomac water and gaa. on I street, between 13th and lith, opposite Frank in Square. Inquire at WARDER k. STEWART'S Wood and Coal Offioe, corner of ft and Twelfth its. Also. Brick House corner Twelftn and 1. ma28-tf I7?OR RENT?On May 1st. the large and ooir. modioli* MOUSE on Louisiana avenue, opposite A. % #1.4 - ?* _ 1? l? - * ~ ino v/iiy nan rqiiare, now occupied t>> Mr. We&i* as a dwel'ing and law office, and adjoining the honneof Mr. Richard Wallach ma aa-lf FKANCK TAYLOR. HANDSOM ELY FURNISHKD ROOMSFour iia: dsoni?iy Furnished Room*, supplied with 2a? find water, and convenient to thd Patai.t and Prut oftio* lor rent. App y at 49OH Massachusetts avenue, north sitie, between 4th and Mh fts.' in%2S ^TORE FOR RENT.? A large Store-room on Pa. avenue, adjoining our auction rooms, for rent. Apply to \\ ALL & UARN AR 0, Auction and Commission Merchants, corner Ninth btreet and tontli s.iie Pa. avenue. mar 11 FOR RENT?The north HOUSE of the row of new four story houses on Fourth st, between 1> and E ?ts., No. 38**, fronting the City Hall B?uare. PoseoeBion g;,en immediately. Apply to WILLIAM 11. PHILLIP, Attorney ?t-Law, No. in LouiMara avenue. mall eotf For rent-a t^iro-j story brick HOUSE, containing 8 roome, in good order, witii ( as fixtures ooinplote, 011 H street, between 4th and A!e<>, a tjro-fctory brick COTTAGE, with large yard attache J, corner of F etreot north ani 14th st. east. To punotual and reliable tenants the terms will bo moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between (i a.;d H. nolS-tf FOR K F. NT?The fin* BRICK 1HOUSE No. 100 W eat St., Georgetown, at preeent occu pied by the subscriber. It lias 12 rn.iins, u ith *a* &nd v&trtr throughout, A linn "Ia1 :A ? * ?l is in a?ond neighborhood. AWly'to JA8. A.'.MAttRUDER. oc23tf SI?SI?SI?81?SI ?SI?SI?SI?81?SI. SI?SI?#1?SI?SI?SI?SI?SI?SI?SI. 476 Pa. Av. EVANS. 476 Pa.Av I YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE OF JEWELRY IN OUR STORE FOR ONE DOLLAR. S?I*1j14I\ did assortment. Elegant CARBUNCLE. . Bets for 91 Elegant LAVA ...... 8?U for 41 Elegant GARNET Sets for ?1 Elegant J ET ? Sets for $ I Elegant CORAL and GOLD.? Sets for $1 Elegant MEDALLION ? ..Sets for 91 Eipg&nt RIM MOSAIC Sets for SI Elegant PLAIN GOLD Seta for SI Ladies' GUARD CHAINS for SI Liulie*' OHATELAINK CHAINS, lor ?1 Ladies' NKCK CHAINS' for J1 Gcnt'a VF.9T CHAINS,(10 different patter us ...for $1 LARGE LOT OF PLATED WARE, ooiiaittlDg of TABLE,TEA and DK8ERTSPOON8, FORK?, CREAM PITCHERS, CAKE BASKETS, CREAM LADLES, TEA SETS OF KWVKSand FORKS, BUTTER KNIVES, Cl'PS, Ao.. &o. 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Boorga. tpwM.p.c, PMkn-dfir jw ai> p >* ^*v?inliuito THE LATEST NEWS. T B LEGRAP HIP. The MbbIcIm! KI?cU?a at NrUnmh. [Special Diapstcb to IbeStar J _ Po*T?jiorTH, V* . Aprllo ?Editor of ikt Star Kltctfn >a day; whole number of rotes - i I n;on majority 206. Noik ?According ts the Norfolk and Portsmouth papers, some four hundred mechanics and laboring men failed to vote, because they con'.d not spare the money with which to make the necessary payment of their taxes due Mr Grice, the deftatrd incumbent, is the mcst popular man In the community, and was so signsllv brsten only because he had become a dlsnnionlst An effort has been made to instruct Mr Holiiday, the delegate from Portsmouth to the Virginia Convention. to go for disunion, and be haa been abused roundly for declining to recognize the instrurtions sought to be imposed on him This election shows what such ' instruction*" ns are being poured Into Richmond are really worth A despatch published yqptcrday morning from that quarter, by th* Sunday CHromcl' of this city, represented everybody thereabouts as being for the Immediate secession of Virglnia Our cotemporary's Norfolk correspondent has thus evidently deceived him.?Ed. Star. Four Days Later from Earape. Port:.asD, April 6 ?The steamship Canadian from L.verpool on the 2fctb, via Londoiidetry on the '?>th, bat arrived here. The ship Middlesex, from Liverpool, bound to New York, was abandoned at tea when the wat?r was up to her main deck. All but one of her six boa's were lost In launching The one saved ro'nf K' ? rrv rnnta!nln)r the rnptui n. 1st, .d and 3d nr.rttes, the boatswain, carpenter, five men and four passengers. They were expos?d five dnv* at snd two of the passengers died on landing, i he ship was insured in Liverpool. had adjourned nntil the Mh April The strike of the London Building Trades had ass umed serious proportions. The turnouts among the Lancashire weavers were lnor?aslng and lume rioting was feared Napoleon received tlie address from tLe Corps Legislatlf on the '-eld. In returning ttianks. he aid. that notwithstanding the warmtb of the debate, be by no means regretted to see such discussion, but hoped the Government and the Leglslxture would mutually aid each other. The American Secretary of legation. Hensken, was reported to have been murdered at Jeddo The K"glish and French Ministers had retired from Jed<ln, but the American Minister remained there The Kdhiburgh sailed on her regular day, with XlOO.tKNi in specie. COMMEBCtAL. Livk*pool, March 2b?Sales of cotton for live days (Mond-iv being a holiday) 69 IMI bales, including 12,500 to speculators r.nd 19.UU0 to e*porters. The market opened active, and the Ait?erlcati news caused an advance of but subse niicnflu thp tuarktif ~J - ? w ... > sv? Vf UiC*. auu UU UWlliUIIB were barely maintained. The estimated sale* on Friday were about fc,OCO bales, closing quiet. Block In port IW,W*i bales, including 7*7,u?i American. Breadstuff's ?Flour dull Wheat quiet and steady. Corn quiet; mixed 37s. Provisions quiet but dull. General Produce.?Sugar firm Rice firm and 3d a6d bigber Rosin firm, and common higher, closing at Is od a Is -d. Spirits turpentine dull at 3t?s.:?d a3ls. Consoi 01 *,a91 \ SaHihem Sentiment upsto the Pending >a\al and MlHtarr Demonstration. Richmond, Aprils?Outside the Convention, the news of last night and to-day produced no great sensation. The people are prepared to ex pro auyiuiug, uui WUCfC 11 a DlOW IMS SMUCK St any State or port, that thousand* of Union men will go for immediate secession. I'ETEESBfKG, April 6 ?The excitement here ia very great, and the ' war" tidings are discussed at every corner The people say. ' Let it come " The indignation at the course of the Convention is at a high pitch. All say V irginla must secede Norfolk. April ?Great interest is felt here, coupled with an unfavorable feeling towards tb? Administration, and a yreat anxiety exista to know the worst ii<)L,Dsborutgh . N . C , April 6 ?The news of outUtllng the fleet and army at the North is very excitiug. and the community with to hear of ah attack on Fort Sumter The military are ready to assist the Southern Confederacy. Wilmisgton, N. C , April ft?The news has bid but little cflect, and ouwd no excitement htre as yet. AtoFiTi. April 6 ?But little reliance is placed in the despatches received her* tmm Marfk respecting' warlike preparation*, but it la universally conceded tbat all would prefer aucb a policy to the present state of suspense. Charleston. April ??We are by no means disappointed at the sews, and are now ready to receive our enemies, come as they may Affairs, however, are culminating. All (Mints bere have been strengthened, and we are now ready for any emergency. The ball will probably soon open. If the authorities do not soon act. the people may take the matter In their own hands Mostgomkbt, April 6 ?The jieople here are pleased with the prospect of a brush but are afraid President Lincoln will evade a coufli't. The tiring Into the schooner at Charleston brightens all faces IM kw Okle a >*, April 9 ?The news from WashIngton and New^ork produced an unwonted excitement. 1 he report that war vessels are to visit the mouth of the Mississippi an used the whole city. Important from lharle?t?n Cmiuitoi, April 5 ?a terrible moment it evidently at band. The news from Washington and New York to night corroborate the general impression that within twenty-four hours war will be upon us. Every man has been ordered on duty, and the utmost activity prevails The Slate is prepared for any emergency. The highest officials sav the present state of things cannot lsst but a short time longer The excitement throughout is intense, and everything wears a war-like aspect. Chaklkstos, April 6 ?Gov Pickens ha* just returned, in company with his principal oiS rrs, from a visit of Inspection to the dlttVrent military post around the harbor. They report all rtady. v/ha?liitu>. April /.?uen. Beauregard tbl* morning issued an order and sent It by a special messenger to Major Anderson, at Fort Sumter, giving him official notltlcation that all official lutercourae between Fort Sumter and tbe city, both at to mail facilitiea and suppllea, would be prohibited from that date All the posts in the harbor have been strengthened, and two additional regiment* from the later i or are hourly expected The soldier* of the Confederacy are much enlivened at the prospect of tome declare course of action. Military Movements. New VoHk, April 7.?Major Holmes, Commander of the l ulled Statea forces at this station has resigned [A later dispatch contradicts thl* rumor ] Major Johnson is also said to have resigned. Ca:>taln Harrv'M i? nn h<?r>t il.? >!? ? Atlantic. The stea:n frigate Powhatan was ordered to top at Fort Hamilton for troops. Captain Meigs and a company of carpenters and mechanics from Washington left yesterday for parts unknown. Large ganga of men are at work on the Wabash, Roanoke and Perry. A number of long clinker-built boats were pat on board the Atlantic. lite steamer Powhatan crossed the bar, bound out, at six o'clock laat evening. The steamer Atlantic had not aalled up to a late hour last nlsht. The steamer liliaoia bad steam on last night, and it was reported would leave witb stores during tte night The steamer Nashville, wbich was to have sailed fur Charleston yeiterday, has been detained till the '.'Oi. Iatrrntis| frsoa the South. New Orleans, April 5.?More sensatiou dlsKU bes from Washington state that Hrrsidrnt ivls bsd ordered General Hesure^*rd to atop Major Anderson's supplies and cut oil all commucftXioa with htm, ana place Fort Sumter Ui a state ?1 siege. Ifsach was the fact we would receive Immediate Intelligence from Montgomery and Charleston. It 1* quizzical for Washington quidnuncs to tell of procerdlngs at Charleston The political exciteineui In New York to-day la ... ---? - ?ii'-'? - ? * Ilfiicnu^u u lUlclw^llllIWWIlVllll Uf lt'tO to be inevitable Tbe Cabinet at Montgc i\try bellt ve no belligerent aWpa will be reaoftrd to WUIt the Coofederate State are being put on complete war footing, no alarm la entertained. Advices from Jamaica to the ?3A ult . state that Prince Alfred met a royal reception at Barbadues. Preparation* are tanking to give hlin a magnificent bell at J aroaica. .. aiuldrnl Elections. Po*T?siorTH, Vn , April 6 ?The Union eandidite, John O. iawreaoe, was elected Mayor to-day by n majority of 2W5 votes. LotJi?vu4.n, Ky.. April Ei-Mayor Onlpk, the working men s caudidnte and Unionist, was re-elected Mayor to-day by about l,*uo majority. The c*?e ef Jncknlew. TniifToR, April .?The Court in the cat* <4 J ark alow, the New York bay murderer, la ?lvlded In regard to tbe jurisdiction- The arguox nt , lor a new trial bna been eaepsnAed, end '.a*: mat Mr rtftrrad to the United States bupreeae H-urt ,ti'i ifltf 9M in M4 (.va ?e x ivt ?? Political Dra*MtntUi at It Lrafts St. Lona. Aprils.?The it??b*?m?n'i ptrtdt last night, la boaor of tb? election of Daniel G Taylor, for Maror of this city, am tbrmatt brllliant and imposing of ita character ever area In 8? Louis A bunt thirty yawls, mounted on whwls profusely decorated with banners tad tranapsrencies. together with a Urgs number of citiirua in carriages and ooaulbuscs. horseback and afoot, were la tbr proceaslon Tb? streets were densely thronged with enthusiastic speeta tor* The Republican and Herald orlntlns ollres and a BuinbM of private dwellings' were brilliantly illuminated, and there was a fine dapiay of torches. pyrotechnics and banflres In tb?- line of thf procession A salute of one hundred and fifty guns was ti ed during the evening Activity lit the < harlestewa *avy Yard Hiwtoji, April 0 ?Orrat artivltv is manifested at the Cbir!mt?WB Navy Yard Over fight ?up lired men are now empioytd there Tbe brig Ha in bridge la now ready for . and her < rew ar? waiting to yo 011 kioard Tbe frigate* Minnesota. Man ppi and Colorulo are now ready for aea Commodore String ham is expected next week The I ugiti ve Slave l aw Cuiriao, Aprils?Tbe fugitive slaves taken from this city on Wednesday morning were examined before Commissioners Corneau. at Spring field, v*sterday The proof that they were fugitives was clear and indisputable, and tbev were accordingly delivered to" tbeir owner* Tbey were taken'to St Louis In tbe evening train Tax C'allactar Abaraaded?Adjaaraed Lovivillb. April 5 ? N L McClelland, tb?tax roller tor for tbe weatern district of tbl* city, ta rrport*-d to have abaconded, being a defaulter to tbe amount of &)(i.tM>. Tbe Kentucky Legialature adjourned imt dt? reaterdav ttaltiaaata Marh>t. HaLT'Moak, April S ?Flour dull, Howard d , M ?*_ ? - * - - * * * " * " \>dio, ana unv Mill* ne'.a nt fUr> .VI Wheat flriu, rwt ?i :tiiai J*, wkiu ?t b?i ;u i'otii mixed 55a5s*c ; yellow w b! te &>a<>lc P? k steady; in#** *17. Lard quiet at V\alOc Cotfee firm at WL.*kv dull at i:\al7\c !t*w T*rh Mirkaii Ntw Von, April S?Flour dull and lower Wheat dull and Ic lower. Corn firm and unchanged. Pork firiivand unchanged Lard firm and generally unchanged. Whiskr dull at 1P#C. Financial. Naw Yoke. April * ?Sterling exchange dull at7*?a-. SU* ks dull and lower. Chicago and Kn k lnl.ind .VIV Illinois Certial shares T?4%; Mich. Southern :i5 W : New York C?ntr?l 7.S ?. Reading 41; Hudson Klvrr R R. 41 V? ?%7i; Mo fl's 61),; Coupon (' of Wl !i2li. Thb WitTHii?The following report of tb? wwtbrr for the morning la made from the American Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith sonlan Institution. The time of oteerratloB It about 7 o'clock. Apbil *, 1HH. Burlington, Vt clear. wind N Nt-w \ ork. N. Y .....pleasant. Washington. D. C cloudy, wind C Petersburg, Va ralnv. cold. Wilmington, N C cloudv. damp Augusta. Ga rioudv. cooi. Macon. Ga. cloudy, cool. Montgomery, Ala. cloudy. Mobile. Ala,.... cloudy. A6* New Orleans. La clear, flb , wind N E raoM THB wift Cleveland. O clear, wind SE Barometer at the Smithsonian at 0 a m , (corrected for temperature,) 3<M54; at noon, 30.121. Thermometer at 6 a tu., at noon, Mavlcum daring t" bnura. ending a m. todav. minimum ?X*. Amount of rain from Tjj a m vesterdsv to 4 a m to-day. two hundred severity-three thousandths of an Inch. (273.) GEORGETOWN. Cortirpcndenct of The Star. Geoksitows, April 9. 1*61 In the Board of Common Council, on Frldav evening last. menaces of the Mayor, --submitting sundry proposals for the repair of the marketbouse.'' and inclosing th- account of Walter Godfy for tee." werf referred, as were also accounts of "Jos W .Marll tor repairs to tbe public pumps," * Wm H Fletcher for guttering on Hill street." and "Dr J S LitKk for vaccinating the poor " On motion of Mr Libbey. the committee on grievances was dis^har^ed from further consideration of 'the memorial of W G Dusey, on the subject of s nuisance,' and Mr Newman submitted. as a counter report from said committee, 4 a resolution to abate a nuisance.' which, on motion of Mr Te^nsy. waa laid 011 tbe table On motion of Mr Marbury, the committee on streets was discharged from further consideration of tbe memorial of Cook k O'Day. which was rec mmltt-d to tbem at the last meting with I instn: tiot.s [Tbe committed reported s state lueni iron) iLe pr?-s?-nt Tax ?"oliector or the balances of tax due for tbe repair of Hteb atreet, and tbe reasons why the collection of toe same had j been deiaved ] On motion of Mr Libbey. the jjrievante com} mittee was discharged from fiirtker consideration of the memorial of I>avld \% andltog. aaklcc In dfmnlty fur ttie Iom of a watch. The market house ordinance, aft r beinc ds c ussed and amended. waa, on motion or Mr Ban^i. recon.ruilWl to the committee on the market-bouse. TLe r? solution lu favor of P. T Berry waa rejected The resolution in relation to huckatera waa passed The reaolution providing for a flag footway near f?ak Hill Cemetery ard the resolution in favor of certain peraons therein named, passed both boards The resolution authorii'ne the repair of the canni bridge erst of tLe imrket-hotw beine under consideration, .Mr Mnrburv tifl'-red a s-.ibatltute provid nsr for a new bridge at that point, pend Ill,; cimiKirnuTO 01 wiiira.iD' ixixra aaiournm. The Young Catholic*' Friend Society,ma iri' etIng vecterday. elected Mr. \\'m Peters President, la place of Mr Samuel Kainey. deceased, and elected Mr Tolman Poe Vice President The Scott Rifles at their last business meeting elected flrat lieutenant Somerset B Burroughs as captain, In place of Capt. J. Owens Berry.rtatoned, and Mr William W. Wlnship (late a ftrivnte in the Light Infantry) as flrat ieutenant, in place of Burroughs promoted The atieutlon of commissioned officers in the Eighth Regiment of District of Columbia Militia ii directed to tbe general orders published in the Georgetown advertiaini; column. GEORGETOWN ADVEftT'MTS V^.N(lTICK-A special mwtmc cf IM itock 'J *f bol<J?rn of the '1 hird Bui.dint Association <>f t?eorgetnw . will h? held at th - Council Cham l?cr on Tl-LSDAY EVENING n?xt. the 9th inst., at 8 o o ock, to take iut" consistration the subject ot the numrrnui withdrawals. apCJ* W. KING. Bee. JJ?GENEKAL OKI)ERe~No 4. H'.adnunrter* Fifth R'timtnt D. C. M.. j GetngUi'trm, Ami btk 1S6I < The c<>ir rant officers coiniiii'stoned in the fcichtfc R?**i'oent l?. C. .Miiitta are herel.y ordered to as em hi* at Forrest Hall, Tt'KSUAl'.the Wh lost., at & o'clock p. n?. . . . As the qursti* n of re'ative rank willb? dettririned %t this iiieetm*. th-vwil! bo prepared to exhibit t:ieir piesent as well as any previous commission which they may have held in the I).C. Militia. Kt t'oitimfti d of f!nl. cox. ap 5-3t JOHN U DAVIDSON, A^jt POTATOES! POTATOES!! 6?n l>u?h<!iof prime New Jeraey White Meroera aiiJ hu?h?l? of Peach B ow* ju*t arrived per aloop l.ucy Isabel, ai.?l lor aale Irom veaael in iota to auit purohaeera. PE'i'ER BKRK\, ap 8 3t ?i Water at. JJeorjetow^. ESTRA \ I* ?Founil ( ray in* on the aub*onb*r,a premiam. near the ro??l. ai oat httii aj^SV, raileeattui the out iu l> ;d?. , a niedium'WJ^^ aixn SOW and two BOW PlbS alldLj?*MB white; ?oppi?ed t<* have been loet from a uro?? The ? can have tiiem by identilj inj hia prop ertv and payiftg th- expei.aes incurred. ?P B-3t CO.NRAU tfHfcRRV. SPRING GO IM CHKU* FOR CASH0MOOTA BUBROUGHM, No. 119 Bnd?e *L, Gwrietiiwn, D. C . have rwoeived ptrlkMarrival* from Bait* more a."0, New York a genera ae orimeotof DRY GOODS, adapted to tke early pring trade, wbioli th*j are offering at prtoae to ouit tne tiiu<*a for Cash, and eolioita call from all who are making Ueir spring purehaeee. eWWr * Bl'RROUGH8. ma&eoSw Hotel.) ti* fkrry: " * OR The aceommodaiton of Virginians aad the eitimens of Geurgetova and Washington. the anil c*r?in ned Iim re eetabliahed the old Cerry fr<>m AnsJ..*Lan (aland to Mevnold'e \\ harl. near Rar'e Mill. A ?a!e and convenient new iK?at?th? lo?> b?ric?will make tripa avary hoar at raa?*aat>la ntsi. - nt**> * * WALTER eOPKV. A. . BOOT> AND 8HOE8. LAR5E Acfl vanw aasoruoMit of BOOTS and 8HOM of excel.ant quality JiMw-aaa ooivfd at 144 Bri?*R?atroM, near tke oa Mi nitma ttand. and lor aalaSSio tt pt owl.fM "StS.ST " " ""T NEWBMtGffDaily h?~ fromtfo,u>ri. This Cwtor ia A No. L. aJ5 *" mi? IB IVU WWII rUIUMM*. ?? Vmon B<*hL*{^a?tS22m. 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