Newspaper of Evening Star, April 8, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 8, 1861 Page 4
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? I I I THE EVENING STAR. v Lins. We have frienda together. _ In utishico ami in ahade. Sine? ft rat boneath the spreading tree In itfaccy we played ; J Bat co.'dneas <wel'a within the heart, A clood is on the fcrow? ? (,?? been friends tor other, 8haii party part a? now ? j We have been friends together. We ba?elaughed at pleaaaat jests, | For the font of hope was gushing Warm and jojoua in our bi easts ; But laughter now ha* tied the lip. And KiOiim ib on the brow? We have been friend* tocether, Shall part? part us now.' We have been sad together. We nave wept with bnter tears O'er the grass crawi graves where slumbered The hop** of other years. Those voioes whteh are aiient Would bid as elear the brow? We have beed sad together. Oh, what shall part as now? A Slow Winchester, W, correspondent writes: The railroad from Harper's Ferry to W 1 nob ester Is one of safety and accommodation. It has no fixed hour for starting, nor is it due at any|partloular time, but slowly pursues the even tenor of Its way, regardless of the go-ahead improvements h!i?h rhnf?/?tar!t* tha nilpAiidt nf mnrfi raranf construction There are quite a number of anecdotes related of It. One is that the hat of a pa? -n^er wni blown off by the wind, which being perceived by the engineer, he stopped the train to allow the gentleman to regain it; and that on another occasion, a p-^ssengeron paaal ug an o chard observing some very fine apple*, jumped off, supplied hiinsetf. and a-jain overtook the cars. 1 do j.ot vonch for the truth of these. but I do know that we really were three hour* in going a little over 30 miles Population to Sqcak* Milks ?The census of 1060 shows tfae following as ttie population of the various Slates compared with the square miles of area in each: .Massachusetts, 169 9; Rhod* island. 14.*> 5; New Jersey, 96 1; Connecticut, 96 9; New York, 34 5; Maryland, 62 4; Pennsylvania. 61 8; Ohio, 58.5; Delaware, 53 0", New Hampshire, 40 6; Indiana, 39 9; Vermont,39 4; Illinois 30 8; Kentucky. 30.7; Virginia, 20 0; Tennessee. 25 2; South Carolina, !i"> 1; North Carolina, 21 8; Alabama, 19 0; Georgia. 1"'2; Missouri, 19 0; Maine IT 9; Louisiana, 17 1; Mississippi. 1?S; Wisconsin. 14 4; Mich13 3; Iowa. 13 3: Arkans>is, b 3; Florida. 2 4; California. 2d; .Minnesota, 2.0; Jexas, 19; Kanui, 1 5; Oregon, 5. ^7*We learn from a communication from Mr Richard Cock, Coroner of Knoxville, that a horrible suicide occurred at the steam siw mill of Messrs. Ellis, in or near that place, on Wednesday morning, the '/7th ult. A female whose m?ne and a*e were unknown, had been seen loitering around the premises for several da\s. apparently In search of something. Nut m'ich attention Wfi paid to her movements other thin t? csuse some remark on account of their atnzularttv While in the siw mill on the morning before alluded t<>,she siddenlv precipitated herse'fund?r t <e circular saw, which severed her hodv from oue end of the spiual column to the other In the twinkling of an eye. She wasfuund to beeneteau. The coroner's jury rendered a vi-rdict in accordaacc with the >bove facts ?Exchange. Timij of a Rkgi>ik.nt ?The Columbia Smith Cartllao iivi that Col. James H. Kion,of the fixth Rr^iinent of the South Carolina Volunteers, his tendered hi* comsswl to the Confederate states. In the contingency of a collision with the f ederal forces becoming Imminent, and provided the Governor of the .-tale will ronsent to the transfer. This reg.ment is compos?d of eight infantry cf the line and two rllle companies, averaging eighty men each. All of the W lnsboro' companies and two of the Chester companies have been heard frona, and cononr In the tender. l?7"Miss Selbv,a Twenty-second street belle who ws* "fracduleiitly married'' by a circus r.d-r, has iu.-ceeded lu getting a divorce. The nlc# young m&a took her heart away, and succeeded, somehow or another, in misrepresenting bis profession, and gaining such favor from Mary thiit thf ? -f ur-.a ?aailu -1:-?' * * .* ? VUWItJ UI,' UiupaKll. 14 IB inid kc baa u.ade a big thing of the divorce, the .fond father of the sweet one having bled l'reely to $et rid of the equestr'in tierobat. ?7" On Monday la*t a married man in Pittabum deairlng to visit bis wife iu Philadelphia, a; d having no money, secreted himself in a freight car, of the Central Railroad, which was xuarked l>cck street, Philadelphia " The car wna in fat t destined for Baltimore and on arriving there tbree data after, the unfortunate p^saenger v u aim oat famished fur waut of food, and as far from bis wife as when be started. A Giiat Lawscit Coxim to a Close ?Last week the arguments were made in the famous nit of thf Wrmo'it and Canada agaiust tue Vermont Central Kailroad for back rents, involving boat 831* ,'<W) This esse has been on the tapis for m* years A decision will probably be given in abcu: a fortnight. C_7".More than half of the convict* in the Mas. aefcusetu ?tate Prison are under tweuty-six year* ?Id. Th* yatingeat prisoner is fifteen, and the eldest severity years old. IH^In Venice, people of the highest respectability are i r?earc-rated for a week at a time by the Austrian Foli< e fur merely walking on the klva ia promenade). ID" A live tojtolse was recently discovered six foet below th* surfase of the ground, by some workmen while digging a foundation at Pontypridd ETThe large Increase of the number of lunatics in England Jb attributed bv r>hv?i? loglataof tfca' country to the deletei ioua ?ub'?Uures mixed with food. l?^Th?- following dialogue I* very auggeative: Tom?'Bill, what ail* yer eye"' Hill?"Oh, I told a man he lied." >rr It la alleged in th? Weftrain?'er Review that Iron fettera foralave dealer* are sold by Liverpool merch-.its. |pr The London Literary Gazette aara and rroves that Owen Meredith p'agiar!z?d fait poeui ' Lucille" from George Sand's * Lavlnia." irTTto grm amount expanded by the Conrmissl oners of public works of Ciuiada during \<m, wu *1 <tte,535 19 (?T A manufacturer at H&dley.Mass , has contracted to furnish 3o,ono wooden soles for thick boots and shoes They are made of buttenwood IMrs John Drew has leased the Arch-street Theater. In Philadelphia, for one year, at ? an advance of S*2U0 over the previous lease tnr Am ng the gentlemen who con<;ratu!sted Mu Veiverton on the issue of ber trial, was Mr T elver ton, sr. There are 12 500 square miles of bo? In Ireland, or neirlv n third of the whole island, a great part of wMct ^roight be reclaimed. A .rtlVA A r THE HOTELS. WILLARDS' HOTEL.?C ll&wley, Fa; F B F^l?{?r C*:, A Cwey, M'.nCafy, Mm; G Baliefo d ai>?l UUy, Va; B Gr'.iHu, A Ore?titiow, NY; I. Carber and lidy, W bcimiaoii, A C baud*. Md; J M Poor-. I) N l.ithrop. Pa; 8 L Green, NV;W Bowfii, UaA; E II ^uiUb, E N Scherr.USN: H Hlgbfe. .NJ; H Thompson, W C Gardner, T Boyd, NY; R W N?wton,Col N A ThrmiMoii, Mum K n rt- r-?i t d ? * ' V, vui i r smilD, LPA| C?1 1)<;K fwv. F Weutter, 111, J L?<?Ruaaey.Va; B M BradU, NY; C P Wolcott and ton, O; K Ale Mullen, W Wllllaaoaand lady. NY; A Gardner and lady, Ma*; W Goodrich, NY; A Awtad, Oi; J J Livingston. R C Terry, Ala; Dr S L. Inp'air, V?; L D Watklna, .Mr, Watklna. Mlaa Vooag, DC; W H Clark. Fa; Mra R II I,ee, Ky; W H Artrwtron" and lady. NJ; F Shepard, NY; F Galloway. O; DStrong, NY; T Fitch. Ct; \V J Cutting. H Uaiit-r, NY; E Tabwr, H F Thoinaa, F C Hopklnaon. r* 9 Hepwortb, Hou C Train. Mas; W J >l?fd'u. Epk; A W Croaby. NY; F i*Tate, A G Ward, M:aa; R M Sherman, Maaa; J Kddv. RI. J D!?, U Falls, Kd; J \V Campbell. Va: W G Portr>r, Fla; C B Norton, E 8 Pluuib, NY; W J Foakrth London; T B Devereni, P ClagLer. JIV; G G Pope, 111; J L Hibbs, O; Mr Fox, NY. NATIONAL HOTEL.?Jaa Harlem and fam. Mac Hut Jrtt>r?on, Mait Find, J W Oatrauder, NY; M E McKu?w, .Wd; D N Ro?ora, NY; J N Welth, T Armstrong, O Moore,NY: V Allen, Va; J E Ward. M L Loomit, Barancaa Barr^cka; \% Palmer, N Y; A Burllngame, Geo P Burn ha in, Z K Pan# born, F Htttglns, E Wright, s H Stockwell, Maaa. C J Giluian. Me: R V f - ,IU Itu, W W Bryan, J Vin Lltehton, XV; W M Mitcli?li, L 1 Hutcbtn*, Md, \V B Saylra, KI; ? JoLnw., NV; tteo iiibaon, Va; P H Uiget, Mo; B P A. Vluaon. ?; J W Taylor, low* T A Miller, Md. BROWN'S HOTEL..?Ci A Fowneat, L Brlaat, |.a: J Foerlach. !* H Early, E Randolph and ly. t* R Thomaa D T WUliauu, W B Churcb, J Mr Bland*, R A C?wti?ori, W W Starr. J Batzel, j K F M<el?U. D F Petera, H *ruilti, R ? Law- i )eicr, \ a; Capt J W Stiowwrr, G Johnatua, J U Fitspark. Hh W Utte, J Beatty, Md- C Btetz, Os; I O Word. C Mead and Iy, Conn;U W Ketd.leir; "W P?, iM'i Doolittl.', Ill; R Gardner, J H Wright, Maaa; J H Heatb, DC; O R Andrew*, >1/WH ? H Wtu-on, NC; W (ja|n*?, Ark; (Tra NY. KllC^^)l> HOUSE?J W Prle? and ly, Mi, K 8- Mvvljtv. 8 J Gouldln, \V Wfne, Va; Mr and Mn W?kb, ? T Carte', Mr and Mr* P aHTf."? ?*; F Hardin* J M<*<'aUi>h. C Kr?t?p. vw.Mrail 0 Ed ward*, N Y, 0 Lhamnio., *|lnn; Hm VV a Hooper and fas. Utah: A -W ? 1 -1rH,iC,TV Dk, LAI AN, at hi* Southern Medto*l H ue*, oviim/J&Xth it and Pn. ?roi??, under the Cfcrer.,f>1i Rot?i, is th* only *n? in th? known w<jrld wUo c*a#*ri?JLn?iitU <rar? all dmum of ftpiivftl* from ?to * toy. A ptpMnont eve ot no TKAVBLKtty DIBBOTOBT. CHANGE ?P HOURS}. Od and after H UN D A V, Norerober 25th, MO, the trains will run aa follow#: LEAVE WASHSV&TOIVS First train at <U? a. m. Second Train at 7.<fl a. m. Third tram at xto p. m., Exi<(?s. Fourth train at 6 p. in. _ LEAVE BALTJSSOKf : First train at 4.15 a. m., Lx press Second train at 8.35 a. m. Third at m. Fourth at 4.3n p. m., Express. Tha first, seoond and third trains Lvm Washington oonusot throngM o Philadelphia and New York. The second and third eonneot at Washington Junotion vith trains for th? West, (&>Hth< and Northwest; also, at Aiuiapolis Jnnotion, for*.An napolis. For Norfolk take the ' 40 a. m. traiu. for the accommodation of the war travel t>etween Washington and Laurel, a passenger aar ? 11 wa ala.i 6a *u a 4am.mama > wktikk lasate will uc (kVMVuou bu nil vuuu?|u u?iu w uiuu ioavvv at 11 & m. Qr. Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train (oea to Philadelphia only. no 36-a T. H. PAR8QN8, Atent. EDUCATIONAL. T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who with their daughters to receive a thorough and systematic education, wtter* their physical training wi.i receive daily and special attention, under the tyoat approved system of Call sthAnic and Gymnastics, are respectfully invited Mo visit the Union Female Academy, corner Fouiteeath it. and New York a v. MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARDS, au ?-tf PrmoiDaiB. I? EM ALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL r ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mrm. S. J. MoCORMICK, PaiMClfAL. The thirteenth atiSnal section of tms Institution will commence ou Tuesday, yppiem 18th, m t:?e house rwc.-utly oooupied ly Sylvo&ter Soott, Eiq., No. 1*0 King street. The oonrs* of ?tady purs?M will ooroprise all the branches requisite to a thorough English Education, and Uumo, Frenok, Latin aod Drtawiag, ii desired. La addition to day scholars. Mrs. .TlsCur.-nick m prepared to roceivo a limited number ?f paptls na hoarders, who, constituting a part of Fr*r on a family , will be under her immediate oare amt airpervision. She will endeavor, a? lar as possible, surround tnein witii the oomforta an J kindly iua^aaoea of Home. Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. fc'liaa Harrison, Rev. D. F. Spring, William H. Foa'le. Eh., Ed<nr Snowden, Esq.. Edmund F. Wit* *r Esq., Henry Marbury, Esq., Lewis McKena e Ksa.. Robert H. Ilunton. Km VV. II. IV*|i*aS Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Entwivie. Jr., E 'a.,Col. John VV.Minor, Loudoua Messrs. Bi&cklocK & Marshall, Messra. Cor Brothera. Tuii. Board, with Tnition in a/1 the English Branches, $2un for the annual session?payable semi-annually m in advance. Music and Lannace* at Frofesaora' prices. (17" No extra charges. aa 89-tf GASTlTTING, &c. A?? ' WM. T. DOVE h CO. ... RE Now prepared to ezooute any orders wit* whioh ther :r>?\y be favored la the FLUMB1NG, GAS OK STEAM FIT! 1N? BUSINESS. lL/~ Store on 9th street, a few doors north ol P?. tver.ue, where may be found a oomslete ae^oraxwcl of CHANDELIERS and other OAS, STEAM aU* WATER FIXTURES. ]a?T-lT GAS FIXTURE 8. E Have in Htore, and aredaiy reoeirin*, OA8 PIXTl'RESuienUrelj New Patterns and Designs tnd Finish, superior in style to anything heretotoro oaered in this market. We invite citizen* general : f til AJl 1 unil ATM inina nnr <rvf ? ? J TXT-* ?- vu. oi.uvA vt una &ua n aver Fixture*, feeling confident that we have the beet e acted stock in Washington. II Work in thealiove line intrusted toour car* Will be promptly attended to. MYERS & McGHAN. raar g-tf :>TB D itreei. I SNYDER. . PL UMBER AND OAS FITTER, il&a removed to the oorner of Twaiflh and F ats. Heia prepared to introdnoe Water and Gu Eioa the mo?t favorable terma, and guarantiee entire satisfaction. Hehaa on bard a lot of COOKING and othe? oro v bs, which ha will aell leea than oo?t. aa h0 wiahea to %et rid of no 17 OFFICE OF IN8PEOTOR AND SEALEJt OF OAS METERS. \VA*HI??TOT?, Jn!T 18,1K0. NOTICE IS HEREBY UIVRy, That, atreeal>ly to the prormonn of tie ordinance of the Corporation approved Map U, lfcio, the undermined ia now preparad, "whenever required ia writ ici. and on pre payment of the feo of filty oenta, to inapeot. exair'iie, teat, prove, and ascertain the aoooraoy of regiatr&uon onany f as meter in yae ln thsa city. Every meter, if found lnoorreot, will be oonuenmed, and another, aealed and marked aa true, will be ietini'4 place, if proved to be accurate in iu n.ea*ar?.ment of gas, it will be acaled aooordicjiy, and airain jut in poaitioa Jor uae. CfRoe No. 410 Seventh street, (near Odd Fel.owa' Hall.) Open from 3 a. rn., to S p. m. CHAKL.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy 1* tf Inspector and Sealer ol 6taa Metera.;n KL.UWKR80F THE VKRY HK9T *ua.ttj, aud an cxUsnaive vnriet*. nA. At STETKiNS'B HflKf Fancy Store. Vn IlO 22 t SSfi. het-w. v?th lind lotli ?ta. r?\ " ? E?MWi L. pi H V I hive removed my 9 V I'AWN OFFICE to 331 C Btraet, between 4H "-nd 6th street*, immediately in the rear of the National Hotel, whe? ti e busireti will be continued a* heretofore at the o,H j nc 15-6m I ISAAC HKRZHKRG. THE INSURANCE COMPANY of THE STATE or VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL 1300,000. Inenrea Merchandise, Buildinfa, Household Furniture, to., againat Inaa or damar* by fire. HEATH A KNOWLE8. Ageuta, Offioe? Room 16 over of Waahincton. ja to FOR STAMPING PACKET OF PAPER > and envelopes NO to match. it (hi CHARGE! metropolitan s bookstore. phi lp k solomons. Agents for Lavrenet't esltbrattd Lvun Papers, "Metropc'iton Mills," te., te. hiil r 312 pa. ?t? bet. 9tt and 10th au. Boots and shoks to suit t*e times. We are now manufacturing all kiixla of BOOTS ana SHOES, and oorstanhy receiving tgfti appij of eastern made work of ererr d?-MI or^tior, made expressly toorde', and willw ? m sold at a ir.ucu lower snce than has oecn* Nk aer-'.ofore oharied in this oity for much inferior artielea. Persons in w^nt of Hoots and Shoes of eMtorn or oity made work, will always find ajood assorUnen in store and at in* lowest pr icee. Git? as a qail. GRIFFIN k. BRO., w n M4 Pennsylvania a^enne. OLD RICH, MELLOW AND PUR IS DU RN SIDE'S MONONG AI1ELA ETB WHISKEY, VonaeieEtloualy distilled by Mr. James Uumside. I of Aliegany County, Peon*., in the old-fashioned I honest war, frona tlie choioeet and moat oarefully I selected K?e, au<l in w> oaae ever offered lor aale atii adapted to wholesome nae by a?e. It iaat : once the raoat palatable, as it ia einphatioally oae i of tne purest bover&eaa in the reaoh of the pubiio. I To the Invalid, as well aa to those In health, it aommeoda it?e;f ft.r tta unrivalled qualities aa a stimulant of the safest, aurost, and moat beneboect uiaiiy oi the most jatmjmici^ed sbyaiciaLt are uaiug it la thou praotioe .with the UspFtest re?nlts. CLKRY X STOCK DA LK. Proprietor*. W aluut street. Philadelphia. WM. C. OONOyEKi Afoot for the Proprietors, tf 25 Pa. av., I a>Mtn opposite Willsrds' Hotel, LJLRL. OLD KYK WHISK Y.-On uaad erreri IT braud* of Pare Old K?e WuUky. Copper liis- . til'M. niad.t by the most reliable distillers in Peon s?ivaaia* Maryland and Vir?im? . .. 1 W?II?U1?U PUIC| A.;?o, jnjoi wt Krat.<li??, ll*nn?s?y, Otard, Danj h Co.. jultja K.Uiii.*,Ao. Alao, P**oh and A?? ? Brandy, piira Holland Gin, old J'.maioa ano >i. ruix Kan, and Wiuh ui ?v?rj variaty, all of , Shkiaj-ii brands. a choice lot of Cicari and loooo yountt a kkphart,.Areattl ?.? 14 i? 'J**1* Pm %v.. hrtw ath ?nd Iwth wa JH~OUN P. ELLIS, SOL K AOKNT KOR THE SAITK AND kent CUICKKRINO ARSONS' PIANOS, 306 Cim-ATum, *?taxix? " 3nnn choice ruttkr. ,UUU LUS. OOWiF W BUTTER ol tharary t. n aoraa, Vaffinta*. ?S*F?fi%tht o one prick only! rTc. st even 8. 336 Pa. a*., an g rt >w*tn??w ?ih and 1<Hh ?ta. THREAT ftftMBKRS OF PIANO FuHTES f<T al" or ren? a'all puce*. Alao, tea I dron* '?? diffarant makra for r*nt or tale. N|v u.-'0 **- " ma 90 S0?Pa.?T., bat, 9th and K& eta. ' mi ( o^cure NervousHeadache ?*ss?oi Headache. By the dm of these Pllla the periodio att&okeot y*rvovs or Sick Htadack* may be prevented; and If taken at the commencement o! an attack immediate ralinf from ?un ??H w- -v* * ? wiVBuvm ?iu w uummoa* They seldom fall in removing the Xnutta and Htadatht to whioh females are so aubject. They act gently upon thebovels,?remonni Coh tivtn*st. For Literary Mm, Student t, D?!ioate Female*, and all persons of sidtntary habits, they are valuable aa a Laxativt, improving the amttit, giving tonr and vigor to the digestive organs, and re storing the natural elasticity and strength of the whole system. The CEPHALIC PILL9 are the result of long investigation and carefully conducted axMriMnt*. 1 ha?i?* been in use miny year*, durinc which time they tiave prevented and relieved a vast amount of pais and cnflerinR from He.viaohe, whether orifl natinc in the nervous system or from a deraneed tate of the stomach. They are entirely vegetable in their composition, and may be talcen at all times with perfect safety witbont making any change of diet, and tk* ab srna of any diftigretnbU tastt rondtrs it sasy to administtr tktm to children. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! T K m v^nnir* Km? ? ' ** -iia.uuio iimiareioi nearr U. Spalding ou each Uox. Sold by Druggista and aH other Dealers in Medicines. A Wo* will be eent by mail prepaid on reo?ipto the I'RICfi, 93 CENTS. All orderi ihould be &ddr???ed to HKNRV O. SPALDING, 4? Cedai Stssit, Niw Vo*i. | THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF spalding's fRPHAnr i>if t ? ? ?? - > I 1 i Ji V M. ILi I J> ') WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER FROM HEADACHE THAT A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE IS WITHIN THH1R REACH. As these Testimonials mere unsolicited hy Mr. Spalding, they afford unquestiontitle proof of tii? ejjicacy of this truly scientific discovery. JUabonvilli, C??nn., Feb. 5, ltd. | in*, opaldiko?Mr : I have tried your Cephatto Fills, and I like tkem ,<o refll that 1 want tub to ?end me two doi am w*>rth more. Pa?t of these aro for the n?ithl>orii, to whom I 1 cave a few out of the fi rat box I cot from you. Send the Pills by mail, and oblige Your ob't servant, JAME3 KENNEDY. HivmroES, Pa., Feb. 6,1861. M*. Bin I wish ton to send me one more box of jtio'- Cephalto Pills, I kavt r?ctiv$d tr$at deal ej tutKt from them. Yours respeotfnilr. MARY ANN STOIKHOUSE. Srawcs Crxex, hunting ton Co., Pa ,1 January 18,1861. { H. C. 8rAi.siN>? Sir: You will please send me two boxes o( your Cephalic Piiis. Send them immediately. FespeeXfu!ly yours, JNO. B. SIMONS. | P 8 ?I Kurt nut one box ofvour PHit. and. A*A i\*m txomitnt. Bzllk Vx*no?r, Ohio, Jar.. 15,1861. Hit*T O. BrAi.Dina. Htm.: Please find inclosed twenty five cents, fur wfclon send me another lx>x of ronr Ophalio Pills, They ait truly tK* but Pill/ J hare tvtr trud. Direct A. 8TOVER, P. M., Eelle Vernon. Wyandot co., 0. D*verlt, Mass., Deo. 11,138ft. H. C. Ppaldt???. Kb*.: I wish for some oircu'ars or larice *how''ills, to brine your Cephftlio Pills ' moro particularly Vfore mr ou?tomers. If yon have anything of the kiud. please s?nd to me. Oneof my customer*. who m sut jeot to severe Siofc Headache. (URnall? i&stjn* twodnvs.) uat ftr'tt of m attach in on$ hour by your Pillt, which sent her. Respectfully yours, W. B. WILKES, Rztrolcseuxo, FiiinU!! Co., Ohio,) January 9,1861. \ Hknxy C. Hpaldino, No. 48 Cedar rtreet. New York?Dear Sir: Inclosed find twenty-five cents, (25,) for which ser.d box of ' Cephalio Pills." j bend t<< Address oi K?v. Wm. C. Filler, ReynoldsI bu-f, Frank'in countr, Ohio Your Piils work lik? a charm?curt Htadark* | i w*w?yo? Truly youra, WM. C. FILLER. Ymilawti, Mich., Ju. 14,1861. Mi.. Pfai.dths?r: Not lonr ainoo I *ent to too for a box ? ? Ccptia ic Hilla for the oure of tha Nprwu? Hevlaohe and Coatimneai, and received the aamn, ar.d th>y had so good an tffttl ikal I teat imdureA to tend fm mart. Pleaae aond by return mail. Direct to A. R. WRKKLRR. Vpailanti, Mioh. From tke Emmmer, Norfolk, Va. - ? - - - , vs-fiionu i in? Muunifini inn onreoi ir?r whiph 'her were mode, viz: Cure of hetuiaohe in ail ite forms. From tkt Eznminer, Norfolk, Va. They have been tested in more than a thousand oases, witn entire suoeess. From tke Demoerat, St. Cloud, Minn. If you aie, or have l>een troubled with the headache, send for a box, (Cepha'io **illa,j ao that yon may have them in case ot an.attaok. From the Advertiser, Prnrridtne*, R. I. The Cephalio Pills are said to be a remarkably effective remedy for the Headache, and one of the { very bent fur that very frequent complaint whicn haa ever boeri discovered. From the Western R. ft. OaxetU, Chicago, M. We UearHly endorse ftlr, Spaidins, and his unrivalled Cephaiio Pills. , From the Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, To, We are iure that pernors ai,ffurinr with the bead , ache, who try them, wi>l stick to them. From the Southern Path Finder. Nero Orleans, La, Try them ! you that areafflmfd and we are aore that your testimony can he added to the already numerous list that has reooived benefits that so otner medicine oan produce. from the St. Louis Democrat. The immense demand for th? a?tul? /n?.k?n ? ? ivoruauo Pilla) is rapidly increasing. From the Qaxette, Davenport, toy. Mr. Spalding would not oonneot hie nam* with an artiole ho did nut km mo to poaaeaa real merit From tke Advertiser, Provident*, K. I. I The Uatimerv in their favor ie atrong, from the moat reapeotab e %uartera From tkt Daily News, Nrvport, R. /, Gephaiio Pilla are taking the p!aoe of all kinds. From tke Commercial Bulletin, Foiton, Matt. Said to be very efiicaaioua for the headache. 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" "va&xjsiMM Poblio Mtioe is hereby fiten thai botdi and oonpons annexed, of the deeorlption hereinafter Mt forth, hare lately ban fslonlossly absfraoCM from the custody of tha Interior Department, the same beiag the property of the United States and held in trust for certain Indian tribes. Nouoe aae also been (iven to the proper o fleers of the respeetire States to stop the payment thereof; and all persona are warned s^ainat ?sln^essss?fc ing any of Mid bond* ud ooupena, aa the alain of th# United Statea thereto will be prceeonted to the ntmoat extent Each bond being for the sum of one thousand dollara, vis : Six par oent. Miaaoun Coupon Bonda, uaued in , Jane and August, 1857. State of Miaaionri, St. Looia and lroa Mountain R R. State Bonda. Bond No. 2037 Bond No. 1813 1876 1827 199ft 1822 1997 1B21 1998 1820 OAnO - *vvo 151V 2007 1818 1V93 1?09 1994 1817 1??5 1814 1891 !81* 1990 1814 1892 1813 1991 18L2 2003 1810 2002 1811 1992 1808 2004 2031 2005 2033 2004 2034 2001 2036 1W9 2034 2000 20& 2000 ISM 1877 1828 1878 182? 1879 1830 1880 1831 1881 183] 1882 1868 1883 1869 1884 1870 1885 1871 1888 1871 1887 1873 1888 1874 1880 1875 1800 2030 WLIt tnoo 2048 3018 2046 2017 2047 2016 2044 2015 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 2010 2039 2011 2038 1825 99 bond! 1824 Not*.?Bond* No.tnoo, and below of this eerlec, iaaoed Junn, 1B57. and bonda No. *>01, and above that, dated Aujuet, 1W7, rajable et the Phoenix Bank. Nev V ork oity, in 1337. 9t&te of Missouri six per o?nt. oonpon boada, via: Hannibal and rt, Joaeph Railroad Stat* Bond*? Bond No. 1853 Bond No. 1620 185J 1027 1851 1628 1850 1629 1849 1859 1848 1805 1847 1863 1646 1861 1846 1860 1844 1861 183J 1866 1836 1868 1833 1866 1834 1864 1836 1813 1837 1813 1838 18M 1839 1816 1649 1816 1040 1837 1W* IS 18 1912 18? 1613 1830 1614 1831 1616 1641 1616 1642 1617 1643 1618 1844 1619 1645 1620 1646 1621 1647 1611 1648 1864 1637 1434 1638 ?mni 1031 1840 mi 1841 IMS 1843 1#M 1050 1857 1816 1838 1717 1030 1618 1639 1819 1841 1810 1013 1811 1(534 lfltt 90 bonds Not*. These bond* are dated January, laffr, parable at Bauk of Commeroe, New York, la NoTomber, 1B??Interact payable in January and July of eaoh year. State of Miseouri etx ter oent. Coupon North Mlarouri R, R. State bonde. Bond No^2952 Bond No. 1639 2940 1638 2939 1641 2941 1642 2942 1643 2946 1644 ZV43 1044 3944 1646 1943 164T 3947 1646 1948 1649 2949 1640 3950 1650 1937 3913 3938 1913 1653 3914 1654 19)6 1655 1951 1653 3953 1CI* - -- ? 1Q9V 106J ?? 1706 1468 1706 1511 170T 9619 2469 ?14 14U *61* - 1444 *! MM 10U 1456 ?1# 9467 ?U 1468 ?13 1469 9814 3460 ?16 SMI ?1S 24 f 2 MIT 1461 SOU 1464 1919 1405 220 1400 64 1407 1956 1651 80 bondJ Npt*-~Th? booda numbered tfUaad betov, is ?- -liiKrt vnansLr*CTO Bond No. 2773 Bond No. 2763 2784 2787 2786 2730 2781 2717 2782 2734 2779 2721 2783 2718 2711 2733 2712 2722 2710 wn Xts 2716 2X77 2727 1776 % ,, 1724 2766 1781 1768 1766 1761 1729 ^ 17Y6 ,v 1718.. 1771 1716 1 1785 1714 1778 1754 - t 1771 1718 | 1776 2716 < 1774 1711 1 17B4 1711 17M ? 11 imri lH-tyyBaAiMi 9** Boad * IMS Boad IT*. MM MM Mil MM MM MM MM 6143 MM 6341 1366 6141 6362 6340 6363 5389 I1S1 - 6338 5160 6337 5349 5?5 5347 6334 6348 6333 bm 5333 6106 63J1 5000 *300 4999 5199 4997 5198 4890 6197 4998 6310 4880 6238 4388 5307 4878 5308 5357 !>Ml9 . 6363 61 bo?4> 5306 Hon.?T km* bond* M du*d Mink, UffTj fjih 6 M&rnk ltrr m.t Pk?..? o..k M^?aT.L r\Z. tore at p*ja6.e in Jac naT7* aofl J a ?j o?"?mV7?w" Bonds of North Carolina?Condon iu Mr oont. North CnroittA hi p?r Mala. Bond Kt. 35 Bond No. 303 S3 SOI 33 300 33 39T 9 336 T 234 349 303 348 106 347 104 348 JO 343 19 343 U 341 IT 340 16 339 13 338 8 S3T 11 338 10 lu l a* ?V4 328 Ifil 329 100 330 99 331 103 331 6 333 28 ?4 22 227 1# 326 . 21 317 98 318 97 316 96 296 95 239 94 238 62 237 60 236 303 72 boodc Noti??These bonds art dated Jaanarr, 1866, payable January, l?86, at Bank of Repab<le, Naw York. Interest parable ia J an nary and J air. North Carolina 6 per aaata. Coapon Bonds. Bond Na 833 Bond No. 736 832 736 831 768 830 760 829 7M 834 TCI 836 7?2 836 763 8JT 764 838 TM ?71 781 871 793 873 793 874 794 876 m 876 796 877 797 878 796 878 799 880 809 m an 846 803 847 80S A 4#* - - O+O 004 840 806 860 800 mi m 861 807 8M 811 8M 811 866 811 860 RU 8*7 816 8*8 818 868 817 8?1 818 883 820 884 821 < 886 822 8W 821 88T 824 888 826 ? 8M 870 827 883 828 88* 839 884 840 886 fui 844 731 g45 733 7** 104 boodl | ySr^sfiKJsgL's'u KfeTaawa i ?dic in j&oaary and Jaiy. ?- i North Carolina six par o?t Coipor boada, Bond No. 599 Bond No. 493 . JS 494 603 494 *>4 496 605 497 606 OH 607 iyg < 608 n; 010 111 I 611 481 612 483 813 483 600 484 I 614 486 623 486 823 j. 487 634 488 626 489 J* 480 627 638 828 639 I 841 640 642 KJ ! us iis : u? US I M4 SSI i US SSI 1 S4f H9 MS MS j sa ss? US SSI * us SSS | Ml 1ST Ui ?18 Ji *? 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A?-n i^VUQ 111.0 3891 21S3 2802 2581 % 3006 2605 x 1121 And tkf th? folio viae aaaib?ntM?ed Janu&ry, I**, fond No. 2149 Bond No. 4207 6464 4208 6465 4209 6466 4210 ?467 4211 Siill 4*1* uro 4214 1471 4214 #471 4431 1758 4SJ7 3894 4S2? 1941 4&60 1941 4566 3943 45M 3944 4509 ?94a 4670 3940 4571 1985 4749 4199 4761 UOO 4681 Aad of tbc foUovinc Bsmber* itaood Ju?rr,M>i Bond No. 6066 Bond No. 5419 6195 643! 5326 6436 6369 6437 6360 6430 6341 6434 6363 6436 6363 6437 6364 643K 6366 6439 6366 644# 6367 6441 6368 6441 6369 6463 6376 6444 6371 6446 6371 6462 637* 6618 U74 (Sit MT4 bS? UT* ??21 MTT MB ?IW ?TU MT? ITM KM KM M8I ?70A M8i HIT mm b:m U87 I7M 6S?8 671# **89 frTIl mm ?ni ?*1 371J 5799 MM 5839 . Mlfl &840 U1T Lfiit ?mWT M18 Omn or Sbcbvtakt or thi Inte&iob, Deoenl rr *, lWn. J. THOMPSON, [KEEMAN | SIMPSOK^ RAW!?RYM famiq0RYEJSLWOT SfOTV||k ^TTTSKTr/ Tk?p.bor?PURE WHISKY.Corrn Di.tiu-M num M ALT ID beiDC ftuperior ?b4 nr. if rtn LB *n*.it7, tsd htf.'iiy lir.provei'* M?". la orolorrod n ooanmtri to ft : other Wkuliici, and parOoa Art7 reooninMuaod by tho l*?et pkyaictMO fcn<1 latmirUMMONuiDifti: the reauimnoiiU of t IVlu Tmu 7**1* erojo* emd Rr-iid.rl A$mt. Tho SohBylk'l! WikU-r of Phi.twle jFi*. wood i? the ^iptjPe lion of thia '""hioky, i? proT^bj ftoa r Be to be UM oofteot utf f aroat w%\*t ic tho (Jilted MtM : tod to ttua m*y, ic ft frrot rt^rree. bo *tribetod the oxooi.ecoc of thia AV hioky. For aoJebj FfctKMAN 4 SIMfBON. P^uit Diitularr. Qc ti e fohnylkili riror, Pkii?d?tyU? Oftooa-?6 Wa.ll atroot, Nov York ; 1<>9 ftoctk Proot etroot. PhiiBdelfhta. wMt ^NOTH&Jl FEfc^^PPLV OF GOOD Jut roooived by fHKNCB * RICH9TFIN, 978 Put*. *mr?, W*?*!<wm?, Life in-tho Old (-roor.kB Hrtawr ; I role , 12mi-> . cloth; orwo jx so Obo of Thorn. b? 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