Newspaper of Evening Star, April 9, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 9, 1861 Page 1
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V?-i. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. APRIL 9. 1861 THE DAILY EVENING STAR ts T JBLI8HBD B VKR T AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THK STAR BUILDINGS, ?/ * WVUVf 07UI 1114 #f.| it W, D. WALLACB. P?^i aerred in packages by oarrlera at < ? y^ar, or r oenta per rncnth. To mail aabeorlber* the pnoe is #5.?> a rnr, m ?dr<ii?e?; 92 for ux otolith*; SI ffr th^ee months; and for leaa than three montha at the rate of U oenta a week. 8imla optea. on cnr; in wrappera, two cxmts. ir^AD /aETiniMKMTgaAonid be aent to the oSoe before 12 o'oiock ra.; othermae they may not appear aatll the neat day. RICHARD HI STY SEEKS AN OFFIC E. nr the Tor?Q 'en. Mr Riohard Rusty deaired an office under av. * ? u? now aumiuisirauoD, ana be went to Wash ington to get it. At home, Rusty wag known aa plain "Dick" ?Dick Rusty?high private in the "Volunteer Almute Guard," at Squam. Dick Rusty had iled hia seven dollar coat severely, bearing a torch in the Wide Awake processions,?he had served a*? under Secre tary at the town and county conventions, he was the very yjr.t/ man, in bis neighborhood, who had tb>ottg||t 0f ?-oid Abe" for President, and he determined to be "counted in," sure, inauguration. And so, carpet-bag in ^and, one fine morning recently, he found himself jogging up Pennsylvania Avenue, in the great city of "vultures, hacks, and mag nificent distances." Washington is a very nice place ! Dick had his "papers"' with him?to wit, n few badly spelled and wor*e written vouohers for his good anJ in?*" nnlifi/?ol nrinAinL?o 0 I ......... r . ?v.fn o, *nd knowing himself (in his own esteem) sound on the goose, upon reaching Washington he railed in for the little government office he coveted in his native town. Having carefully enveloped his credentials, he started them to the Department to which they wero addressed, and triumphantly sat himself down in the garret room of his board iug-house, to await an answer from the lion. {Secretary. And thus he waited. One day?two, three, five?a week, exptred. But no reply by post, as he had expected ! Now, this was a very singular circumstance, (in Mr Rusty*s opinion) and the delay very unusual, in his experience. Indeed, after a time, it came to look very much like a slight towards him. What could it mean ? He wrote to enquire why his "little matter'' had not been attended to. lie got no reply to this, either! Again he addre&ftcd the Department upon the same sub ject. But he received no answer. This was nn outrage Whereupon, having waited an other week.he determined, valiantly, to "know the rea?on wAy." Mr. Rusty dad not omitted to stir up the IT>n. Representative from his District, (who assured him ho would "look into bis case '}, and then he waited once more, lie found the County Editor, too, who chanced to bo also an applicant for place, and he promised to attend to Sir. Rusty directly And again be waited. Still no reply. And thus f>*ur weeks run on, and Busty a money run out. A .? ? I 1 ? * * ~ .is'ODisnea una exasperates. too started at length for the Department in person. lie found at least six hundred persons there before him. ail religiously bent on an errand similar to bis own ' lie waited fix mortal hours in the great -windy passage-way, where he was fqueeted, and elbowed, and jammed, and nearly suffosa ted, Hut still he struggled for his "turn " He got tight of the inner door just in season to see the Honorable Secretary emerge and piss out to his carriage, for honu. Business was over for the day, and the mob rushed down the fitairs and retired Bat Richard Hasty, of Squam, a man of business; so he followed up hia object next day, and the next, and the next. At last he suc ceeded in getting inside, where the following colloquy ensued (Tood morning. Mr .Secretary," says Rusty, confidently; and fte grasps the Secretary 'a hand like a "Sua of Malta who has passed his twenty-third degree. 'Good morning," responds the Hon. Secre tary. blandly. " Mr. Rusty?Richard Rusty, sir," adds our friend. ' Yes; very happy, Mr. Rusty. From Iti ' queries tho Secretary, slily. 44 No, atr?no." ?4 oh?ah, no. From Illinois, then ?" " No, sir From Squam," says Hasty, mod estly ' Squam 1 Yes, yea. I remember. Squam? Stliine, I think ?" "No, sir. Connecticut." ' Ah. yes. Very happy. Yes, Connecticut; Rusty Squnm I know now " Mr. liusty fidgets. So does the Secretary Each is desirous to get out of the other's pres ence as soon as possible. And Mr. Rusty is duly referred, with his papers, to File Clerk No. 21, who (ho is informed) " takes charge" of his documents. Rusty retires in high glee. In his own judgment, he has won. He waits again. Jhree dayi?five, > week? a fortnight; but he hears nothing: and then he ventures to wait upon Mr. File Clerk No. 21, where he inquires abuut his "little affair." No. 21 has live bushels of unopened letters oh his tahia nh?n Roit? ?? ?? 44 What nxine, sir ?" he asks. Hasty, sir. Richard Rusty." Our office-hunter is not a little nettled to learn, as he now does for the first time, from the file clerk, that Messrs. Busty, Custy, Dus ty, Fusty, Gusty. liusty, Justy, Kusty (lager beer manufacturer.) Lusty, Musty, Nusty, and Pusty, are all before him?on the lift of appli eants; for, unfortunately, our friend from gquarn is away down among the R's! But Mr. Tile, clerk No. 21, u a patient man, and polite. lie has been in office a dosen years, and "will do anything to oblige Mr. Rusty," (except to give him any lucid infor mfttinnl Ami m Kn <>1 ' " ---. ?. mi lomn iue appilCtllll to Mr. White, No. 44. flext room overhead.' Up got* Kuj"ty Mr White sends him to Mr Buff fourth clerk. No. 56. up two flight* fur ther. Mr. Buff knows nothing of Mr. " Rusty Squain V ew, but thinks a Mr. Drab can in form him about it. Mr. Drab can't gay, cer tain, but directs the tired but patient eDquirer to Mr. Kedd. down stairs, three flighty, end of third passage, to the iett?north. Rusty has no compass with him (and really couldn't use it, if he had !) but he finds his man. Mr. Redd it very busy, and very short, but has no doubt that Mr. Gray, (whose duty it is to attend to these things) can inform Mr. Fuuamty " what to do about it." lie finds Mr. Gray. Mr. Qray sends him to Mr. Green. Mr Green forwards him to Mr. Bloofwho speaks English try indifferently ) Mr Bloo despatches him to Mr. Brpwn, (there are thirty-seven Brotcn.% on the same floor,) and Mr. Brown hands fcim over to Mr. Black, up stairs, once more. Mr Ulack know* nothing whatever of Mr. Hasty, or his papers, and never heard of him or them ?but civilly refers him back to Mr. White, where he started from. By this time Richard Rusty is disgusted, and, thoroughly beaten out with running over the stone stairs, he concluded to go to hia lodgings. Next day he oommences onee more, and gets lost in the multifarious windings and tarns of the great Department building. Be fore he had time to get hia bearing* again, of fice hoars have expired, and he returns again to his boarding-bouse attic, to ruminate upon the mutability of human affairs generally, and of office-seeking especially, concluding with the philosophical sentiment, that ''Jordan is a hard road to travel." Desperate, next d?y, he finds '-file clerk No. 21," with whom he originally deposited his pa pert, and indignantly demands his documents. After watting several hours, and making dili gent search, with his papers in his hand he is admitted to the presence of the Secretary,with whom?ami! his despair and disappointment? Rusty has "a bone to pick." " I'm Mr Ru*ty," he Mjt, abruptly, as he aters " (Mad to see yon." responds the Secretary " Yf, I s'pose so," say* Rusty. " H'here from. Mr. Rusted?" " Where from*" exolaims the applicant, who doesn't understand why the Hon. Secretary has forgotten him ?>qu-am, sir," he adds, ve hemently Richard Rusty, of Sqnam." "Ah.yee; I remember. Massachusetts?yes" it ?j? c._< n ?? n 41U, h*9T . VVUUWVKUb. k_ " Exiclly. New England?all the Mae When d'you arrire, Mr. Ruited'" " A moath afo 'n more. Now,what I'd like to know, rir, i?, am I have my office' ' " Oflee* What offioe, m?" ' What office7" roars Busty, amazed; "what office' Why, the one I asked for, of course." " Well, really?Mr. Squarn, we are over whelmed with business, you observe" ?' Rusty is my name sir; Rusty, if you please." " Very?very, indeed, I assure you," saya the Secretary. "Sir?" exclaimed the applicant, perplexod. " Great confusion?terrible rush for every thing you see?no time to eat or sleep?but your little matter will be duly attended to. 'Can't you do it insists Rusty it T :?-1 _ 4:1 T 5 tujpusniuie, uuui x can CAainioc your ouohers." " Hero they be," says Rusty, in triumph. " Yes. Go to Mr. File Clerk No.21, and"? " No I s/iant." adds Rusty, bravely. No. sir! You can 't come that, you know, no more? on me' I've been there! He sent me to White, he to Drab, be to Brown, he to Grey, he to Green, and so on to Blue, Grizzle ami Black That's plMjed out, Mr. Secretary So, s'pose you sign, right here." " Really. Mr Musty, I should be glad"^ " KiiaIi/, sir!" " Yes, liu."ted, should be glad?but, every thing in course, you know. Must have sys temjrou seo." " Then you won't sign "Can't at present, really," says tho Secre tary. Mr Richard Rusty, in his rage, deliberated tears bis documents into shreds, and scatters them in the grate, exclaiming? 44 It's all right, Mr. Secretary. I've been fooled, / have. I come here all the way from Squam. spent nigh a hand'ed dollars, worn out two good pair o' boots a-trottin' up an' down these steps, and I gire it up?I do. I'll go home to-morrow; an' if you ever catch me a-seekin' office in this high old town again, you may just cut my throat, an' I wonlt grumble, (iood bye. Mr. Hon'able Sec'tary." 41 Good bye," responds the head of the De partment, with a smile; and Mr. Richard Rusty retires, packs his carpet-bag, and re tures to Squam. a wiser and a better man. IIow many "Richurd Rustys" have returned from Washington this season, with such a big raoro than one ?Traveller. I he Fugitive Slave Rendition in Cbirag*? t xciting thuae. [From the Chicago Times, April 4 J Tho colored element were discordant yester day. The excitement attendant upon the ex plosion of a few felino banks or the premature dischargo of an infernal machine was n zephyr in comparison with tho tempest that raged among tho wool yesterday. About ti o'clock in tho morning the denizens in and about the corner of Clark and Jackson streets were startled by a series of wild and unearthly screams, in which "kidnapper" was the only intelligible sound. An omnibus stood auietly on Clark street, drawn up in front of So. 251. In a moment a posse of men came scrambling down stairs with a stout negro and negrcss and three piccaninnies, aged respect ively four, six, and eipht years. The negro and negres# fought like tigers, and notwith standing the fact that they were heavily ironed, gave the aforesaid posse a lively time. At last they got into the omnibus, the Jehu cracked w:. -l:. ? j - uia miip, mm away went tbe captured and their capturers at a sweeping gallop towards the St. Louia, Alton, and Chicago railroad depot. By the time the screams of the pris oners had aroused the black element. Tho word "kidnapper" acted like magic unon them, and with wild, demoniacal yells, tncy ptartod in hot pursuit of the omnibus. On they swept, several hundred exasperated ne groes, hat!es3. fhoeloss, and coatiess, like a vengiful cloud of animated anthracite. Too late. The omnibus reached the depot, where a spccinl train, consisting of a locomo tive and <t single car, was in waiting- The Erisoners were put on board, and as the dar ies came upon the bridge their maddened yells were answered by a mocking shriek from the locomotive as it dashed off southward. Forty-five minut?s after it parsed Joliet. a dis tance of 4j miles?making nearly a mile a minute! Let us go back. Two weeks ago a slavo named Harris, together with his wite and three children, escaped from their master in St. Louis, aud earno by the "underground" to this city, where they have been kept in close oon oealment ever since, in the house of a colored drayman, No. 2'jI Clark street. Information having been gained of their whereabouts, U. S. Commissioner Corneau, of the Southern District of Illinois, issued a warrant for their arrest, which was served yesterday morning, as afore said, by Deputy Marshal \\ ebb and a posse of officers A special train was chartered to con vey the prisoners to Springfield, where a* ex amination would be had before Commissioner Corneau. The rage of the negroes, after the departure of the train, knew no bounds. Some malicious wag took advantage of their excita bility, and made them believe that the train would have to switch off for wood and water, and that thev could easily intercept it at Bridgeport. The hint was iuftantlv acted imnn Hacks, drays, express wagons. etc., were im mediately brought into active requisition, and away dashed the motley cavalcade tor Bridga port. About an hour after tho train had passed they arrived upon the ground armed with guna, axes, crow bars, picks, knives, clubs, and every conceivable variety of weapons. Find ing themselves completely baulked again, they got up a smart little fight ainvng themselves, "for the fun of the thing." Returning, they accused a colored man of conniving at the capture of slaves, lie denied it. A fignt ensued, in which he got terribly pounded. He managed to escape, and sought refuge in his house, whither he was pursued by an armed body of savages, who declared they would kill him. They burrounded his house, and were scaling the upper windows with a ladder, when DeDutv Kehm. with the entire police force of tLe city, suddenly ap peared apon the ground. A sharp fight en sued, in which the darkies got worsted tor their wool. The polioe took possession of the banted negro, and forming a hollow square around him, moved off towards the armory. Several ineffectual efforts were made to get him oat of their possession, which resulted only in a dozen broken scalpf and the arrest of seven of the ringleaders, each of whom has given special bail for trial. And thus ended another dark P"g? Fo*TiriCATiows at Pinsacola ?The editor of the Prnsacola Gazette visited the defences at Bar micas last Saturday; though for obvious reasons be Is silent about what he saw, be venture* the following remark: it \V? fnnk ? ? ??- -,J u . ? ? ?*? ?uc tu ^ ovci ic? ui uiu ran Carlos d? Barrancas What we uw there wp shall not fully disclose. We saw enough to con vince ua tbat wheu the game of bowling Iron balla across the channel tbat separates Barrancas from Picksns commences, tbat Slemmer will dis cover tbat be has underrated the strength aud efficiency of this fort. The weakest side of Pickens Is expused to the Barrancas, and if tbe bricks don't rty from Slemmer's powder Louse, tbeu we are miatakeu, that's all. Thi Rcmobsd Revolution in New Mkxtc-o? A Hoax ?The St. Louis Republican, In which the statement of the selxure of Fort Marcy, New Mexico, by revolutionists originally appeared, has received later advices from Santa Fe, and as Ibey make no mention of tbe reported revolution, tbe Republican takes it for granted tbat there was no foundation for the statement. Tbe Tucson correspondent of the same journal states tbat a se cession convention was In session at Mesilla, Arizona, on tbe 19th of March. JYT The Boston Commercial states that the number of business failures and suspensions daring last week amounted to forty-eight, as fol lows : Thirteen in New York, Ave in Boston, four la Philadelphia, seven In Baltimore, four in Cin cinnati, two In St. Louis, and thirteen In other nlaee*. 07 The Encyclopaedia Brlttanlca is bow com plete. CT No State f*x is to be levied la Ullaola for the naxt two yean. CLOTHING, &c. 460 SEVKNTHI8TRKET. always ahead. I have just reoeived a nice stock of SPRING CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOO US, TRUNKS, HATS and CAI'S. to whioh 1 invito the attention o| all in war, t of such artioles. My motto is "A quick sixpence 14 better than a slow shil ling." Those in want t T Clothing wo invite to oome and look at our gord? and prices ; snd if you want a nioe Shirt a^ a pretty Tie, "Mo 460 Sev enth street is thfc place to cot them. I have a very large stock of SI'K ING HATS, whioh I am sell ing at25 per oent. t>?low their actual value. For those who want to travel. 1 have iust received * large lot of TRUNKS. VALISKf^and CARPKT BAGS, varyirg in prieCR from ?1 5" to IfH. If you want & good T runk, Clothing, Fumi*hing Goods, Hats, or Caps, tliar* is no plao9 where you oau buy them aa low an at the People'* Clothing Store, No. 400 Soventh at., oppomto Voat Offico. J H. 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Barolay,> Uideoa, Andrew RAthwell, Thorn. Parker, ? _ _ Riehard Barry, B. B. Freaoh. No oharc* for Polieiea. JAMES ADAMS, Preeiden*. Abbl 0. Datis, Sooretary. oo K?-eoHB DENTISTRY. Dr. chas*. r. dotrler. SUKHEOX VFXTIST, Having locMrd himself permanent y in Waihins ton, otter* his protest! na si! vices to Oitl sen* and sojourners, in a!l the vanourmf*99? branches of his profession upon ihe most^*' T " r6cent j unproved system of Dentist.-jr. Dr. B., having studied with oae of tie most em inent ar.d eip- riencrd DertuU of Washington, and als > with the Uentai Col!*** of Ha tirnore, from whom he has-received his diploma. feels oon fidert that his operations will pr^ve eminently rat isho ory to those who wiil test his professional abi it jr. Office No. 330 Pa. avenue, between 3th and 10th sta., over ftevens's Laoe Store ; open from Sam. to 4 p. m ap 1 -e? 2m \Rs i iirKwniihuiiDDiM i , di' on.. _ . wvam ? tv l\ I <. < IJ A A Vj F IV Tl' 1 " pared to insert ThKTHon VULCAN ITli, BASK, a n?w and improved mode.1 Wh?n made on this plan they a?e com fortabie to wear and much olieaper than any other. Alio. T#?th inserted on Gold Plate, and all Lfentsl Operations of any kind that may lie desired Of fice Hooin No i, in the Washington Buiidm*.cor ner Pa av. and Sevonth st. ja_in_3:n* M~~ TEETH. LOO-MIS, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofUi* MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at tends personally at his office nthiscitr, Many persons can wear these teeth who' oannot wear others, and no person oan wear others who cannot wear these. Persons calling at my offioecan be accommodated with any style and price of Teeth they inay des're; hut to those who are particular and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, ai:d most perfect denture that art can produee, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 33* Pa.avenue, between 9th and lotb sts. Alio, 907 Arch street, Philadel plua. oo 15 tf 1TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take all kinds of Virginia money for my book debts and for Boots, Shoes, and Trunks. Ail persons indebted to me will please call and settle up, or [ shall be compelled to give their accounts into the hands of a oollector, rn 21 S. f. HOOVKR, Iron Hall, Ma. av..i>?t\r*??n <Wh and Iftth ?t?. Ywood and coal. OU Will surely eet your money'* worth by calling at t? PJONKKR MILLS, fovtkwfst rrrr nrr cf Serrnlk (tfiet and Oinal, (geo. l'AWK,

A?ent) They ae''I cheaper and five l?etter measure than any others in the city?cut, split, and deliv ered fiee of charge. If t'iu non't t?elievo it, give the Pioneer Mills a trial, and !*e satisfied. ja 17-lv.r W TRAVELING thinks. K Have just received the largest assortment and now offer tlie most extensive ve.rietT?rreTB o- SUI.K L K A THKB. LAIMKS' PKKS?ST< ',<* s?i packinrthunk^, hat box^s VAMSE8, CAKi'KT HA OS, SATGHELS.Ito., in this city, whioh wo ar? scil-nr at very iow price*. WALL, STEPHENS A CO , o? 2S tf 3ii?J Ma ?T?rne. IV ? TT ORTH OF boots, SHOES AND TRUNKS, Of all Styles and Qualities. AT A GREAT SACRIFIC K OS COST. Store for Kent and Fixtures for Salt. All the Stock in S. l\"lIOOVER'S STORE, flFSY^fclroti I!\ll,eii'i>ra"int ?very variety BvaaSiof l.adies'. ??cn?s', Children*! and 5^3 J *?*"*?Serv*nt8'SHOES AI?o, TRAV-fSB? ELING TRUNKS are now befu* sold,/or* 1!^ ca?i,at treat s&criiiccK'>n usual retail reIiinr|prioea, indeed much below original coet. The attention of the pablio is solicited, as treat inducement* will be made to purchasers. 'I'hu a!>ove comprises a larjre stock of the finest Iuaiity French and A iner can Gaiters,Shoes,Boots, c.. 4*o., for fadies and eentleinen Tne Store is for rent and tha Futures for sale. Apply on t' e premise*, Iron Hall. N. B.?The above stock, either in whole or in part, will be sold at private <ale. To any one de sirous of entering thr- Boot, Shoe and Trunk Busi ness tins ail orft? a bettor opportunity than may again he presented. I'>rsons indited wi!l confer a favor by promptly cal!;oz and sottlme their accounts. ja 7 tf PKF.AUER, ERl'SE Tli? fo! owirc statrment and then judge ot it* facts fur yourself ARRAM COLE. ..f Uronlclvn. V. V * w?n knuwn oiI<??b th?r?. lift m:fl'<-rrd "from Ityspcfii for ?oie? ?e.-\r?, wit: o :t periuanent relief, uiit.; ho 'riodAVKK'^ t'll I/*,which taken accord!!)-.; to the directions f>r tiu aoaf'iitt, restored him to health in & few week* After an interval of some mon'h s ho has !ia.<* no return < ( his comp a:nt. liEO. W. CKti-^S, <?f Harmony, Texas, had an cniption on hia n-uK. sliouiiers, tack ami vhieh covered about one third of his body. It kupt tiiti parts alte-ilvd covered ?it;; a aca!>, ai.d being oiteii a raw ?oro, of course vorr troablwonie and distiesMu;. It *o rr ich impaired hi* health a* to uni.t him lor buem-Hs and k -pt hi>n in uift-ring. All int-Mix V &id fr ita I huu nntil hn took AY Kit ^ CoMFOlMi KXTRAl/T >AKSA PAR1LLA, which eurod him. Hi * akin uti'l tVivi (fiiin soars f;om th<- ulc^iation, but it is otlicrwuo as c.ear as an infants JOII.N H. SHOOK, Ka<| , an eminent lawyer ol Richmond, V a, took a c Id which settled on his lungs. A severe pain set in on the left aide, with a tivi cough, whica win soon followed Uj tne uiimts takatde symptoms of consumption. W hen reduced vrrjr low he commenced taking A Y ICR'S CHKK RV PEO'l'ltRAL, whioh soon stopped the cough and oompl^toly cured him. Prepared ly 1>K. J. C. AVER A, CO., Lowell, Mass inal3eolin THE 02fLY PREPARATION WORTHY Or UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE A PATRONAGE I FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN, LADIES, and GENTLEMEN i in all parts of the world testify to the t-ffioacy of > Pttnw n i vvnnri'Q iii ri> iiPiTi.E ?Tnrt< m. - v. v n w*/ u iixlliv UliiJlVHAil % A| and rentlemen of the Pregg are unanimous in its praise. A few testimonial* only can be here riven ?ee orcuiar for more, and it will be impossible for you to doubt. 47 Wall Streht, Nkw Yor*, Dee. 20.1858. UentUmtn: Your note of the 15th instant lias lioen received, saying that you had heard that 1 had been benefited by the ueeof Wood's Il&ir Ke stocative, an ' requesting my oertificate of Utolact if I had no objection to give it. I award it to .you ohoei fully, because I think it due. My age is about 50 years ; the color of my hair suburn, and inclined to curl. Some five or six Tear* since it began to turn gray, and the ?ca p on tneerown of my head to lose its *eneibiity ai.J Jandruff to form upon it. Kach of these dmagree abiiities increased with time, and about 4 months since a fourth was added to triein. by hair falling off the top of my head and threatening to make me bald. In this unpleasant predicament I was induced to try Wood's iiair lie.jtoral.ive, mainly to arrest the lailing off of mr hair, for I hvl really no expecta tion that tray hair could over be restored to its oriental color except Irom dres. I was. however, greatly kurprised to find, after the use of two hot ties ouly, that not ouly wan toe falling off arrested, hnt the color vas >eetored to the gra> lia.rx Mid ens.bil'ty to the soalp. anddandruff c'a?:ed tofurra on my head, very much to the gratification of my wife, at whose solicitation I was indued to try it I'or this, among the many obligation*. 1 owe to mi ift, i Eiiuu^i; rovuimiiifnu an nuirianc.i wno value the adinnatr-n of thfir wives to profit bv my example, nn 1 u?<- it if growing * ray or gettini ba d. Vo.. M.nonir..!!. I n*, A . >. r i- u To O.J. Wood Ac Co..444 liroadway, N. Y. My fami'y are af>eent from the city, and 1 am no longer at No. 11 Carrol P'ace. To Pro*. O J.Wood: Dear Sir? Your "Hair Restorative" has done m; hair mo much good emce 1 commenced the use of it, that 1 wish to make known to the publio of its elf eots onthe hair, whicn are great. A man or woman mar beneariy deprived of hair, and bj a resort to your "Hair Kestorativ?" thA hair will rfltnrn mAra tuMntifwl - ?* *A VENDER. Siamstom, Ala , Jul* 20,18W. ? itim, ?* iv?ui u m<'i v i_\ kciiiui iiinii OfOI | ftV least this is my experience. Believe it a!l: Yours tn It, Wm. H. Kknzdt. P. 8.?You oau publish the above if you like. By publishing in oar Southern papers you will get , ni'ire patronage South. I see several of your o?r- ( tificatoa in th?? Mobile Mercury, a strong Southern i paper. W. H. Kknrdy. WOOD'S HAIR P.KSTORATiYK. Prof. O J. Wood: Dear Sir: Having had the misfortune to l.-tso the best portion of my hair, from the effects of the yel ow fever, in r,?w Orleans in U-M, 1 was 1 liduood to make a trial of your prepara tion. and found it to answer as the very thing nexli-d. Mt hair is now thicfe and glossy, and no 1 words can express my obligations to you in giving | to the afBioied such a treasure Finlxt Johnson. The Restorative is put up in bottles of three sizes, viz: large, medium and small; the small hold half * pint, and retails for one dollar per bottle; the me- ( Uluin holds at least fr cent. more in proportion than the trnall, retails for twu dollars p<-r bottle; tii?? larjo holds a %uart,40 per cent, more iu propnr turn, and retail* for 83 O. J. WOOD A CO., Proprietor#, 444 Broad ay, New York, and 114 Market street, rit. Louie Mo. Sold in thi? oty by C. STOTT, 3TS Pa. avenue. an 27 woly.alw Lincoln as he is. StKKL ENOR4VBO Poet&ait. The be?t Portrait yet puutulied of HON. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. I with wkiskrs,) At FRENCH A RUBINSTEIN'S, No. S78 Pkn.n*. Av*sn, Washington, D. C. T*ad* nupplied ar low orio**. mar 7 JJOME-MADK BOOTS AND SHOES, LaDIII'. Musis' iND Child*bn'? Wxu, At Kxttedintly Low Prictt. At J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 16 Market Sfaoe, . ? 8-oo Pa. ay.. bet. 8th and 9th sta. A VERY NICE PRINCE A co. M K LODEON /a. which haa been ueed a short Ume.?g^ for tale very low at M ETZ EROTTUM Mucio Store. Also, ae^aral s?oond-h?i?d?T?TTl Piano*. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CAKRIAU:: FACTORY* M D S>r??<. ?H:w4*n 9tk aad 1 Wfc S.r?tt. W? hare in?t finished a ramlw ol tr?t<.ui CARRIAGE!*, ?uch aa Litkt Pi?cw. gmu {Tiron', fcrfc fhwitijr ('ar-MTEjP^SJ riMU* a*,-< Iiurfts, which we ?lu aell r"mf* % ren ima;l profit. Boina practical meohar.iea in different hracohee of the iiuaineea, we flatter our?t->e? tiM we k::o? the atyies and ^uaii't of work that will give aa:.a faction, containing hghtceae, comfort and diral-ni ty. Repairing promptly and carefully attended to the shortest n< t:ce and mn?t reasonable oharrra. WALTKR, KAKMANN * BOFV, Coac^makera, tcecseora to Win. T. Hook. apJT-dly TCAKKIA6ES. (IK 9-jbacnber harir.c ma^e additive* U hi faatory^makinc it new one pf*h? laftnUJMAK. in ?.T5 umirici, Where his facritie* manalaoluritif C4KKIAQK A. LI6HT*SSWt WASONSot a'.! Icndn carrot be (i'rpH'e^u>< from hi? ions exj-nmrpe iu U?? oc*'.-fe, fcs to sire c?nerai t*..?!?rs<oa. AH kiaoof Carnage* ami MjUt W*g?n? t??t mi. ?A:1 R SPA! KS Be?l'7**?t,U4 Ail ?r<#ra prewr* 17 Attac^a* l?, rw.Mu< Carrara* wlf: ic K>tv;<n i^r uv act. ihi/&fiW J. Jo OK, * li lt _r>?r ?f !4tb aa? ' ;*. Cur* ('truth. ( aid, Honrfentn, In Surma. any Irritation cr Sor* *?.<) of tke Throat, Relief* tut Raclctnt Couth tit Consmmp I tir.n. Ertmrkiti*, Aihma, 1 < Catarrh, Cltar and rt>? strength to the votet of PUBLIC SPEAK E R S and SINUKKS. Few are aware of the importance of checking a Couch or "Common Cold" in it* f>r?t stage, that which in the be^ininc would yield to a nu!d reme dy, if netleeted, soon attack* tho I.11n?? tfronrkial 7\otkes," ?ontnin: nc demuTeent ir rredi ents, aliaj Pulmonary ana Bionohial Irritation. CROWN'S TROCHE? jxsrer. BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S "That troupe in ray Throat, (for which the "2Vo<4*?" area spccitio) ha vine ma-le me often a m^re whia N.P. WiLLJS. " 1 recommend their use to PcaLic Sruiiii." REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Gr??at ervioein su^utnj Uoax?b REV. DANIEL WISE. Ti!nmr4 " Almost instant rehef in the tfi? : treesiu* lal??r of breathing peculiar to Astuma." KKV. A. C. EGGLESTON. " Contain no Opium or anything injurious." DR. A. A HA v KS, CHemut, Boston. "Aeimpleand p rr.sai.t oinl ir.a Uou for CoreHs, It a." DR. t?. F. BIGELOW, Boston. " Benefioial m Bronchitis." DR. J. F. W. LANE. Bottom, " I have pnved them exoellent for ' WHorn*** Con??H." REV. U. W. WARREN. Bo*i<m. " BscHMal when compelled to a>eaJt. cuilenni from C<i-i?." &EV. 13. J. P. ANDERSON, S<. Louis. Efvbctb tn wmfTitt H->arae D6ss ami Irritation of tl.o 1 hroat. so oom*non with Sr*Ai*Rs and Sin? KfcS.'' BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S 7ROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'? TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES CROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S Prut M.STACY JOHNSON. l.n Orange. On. Teacaer of Mcr.c. Southern Fema:o Collet*. "Great benefit when taken l>efor? and after preaohio*. as the? prevent Hoarsenet*. From trietr put efleot, I think they will be ul permanent ad* Tartar? to me. REV. E. ROWLEY. A. M. President of Athens College, lean. TROCHES f~ySoidhya!l Orr:c*iBt? at TWEN TY FiVE CENTS A BOX.??3l do 1-ly Dr. J. H. MiLEAN'S CTUKWGTHEKING CORDIAL AID RLOOD PIHftlPOBL THE GREATEST REMEDY i* tk$ WORLD, and the moat HKLICior* ANI) lJELItiHTFUL CORDIAL EVER TAKEN. Il i? tirtetto * aei mile tnd Vtftta V*-rv?.Ht K>* e .irtd t; tba <i.t;tlla tier. af roou, . arba, end k&rka. Yallaw Dock, Blood Roni, tUck Rox.l.-mjai nita, ^ iid Charry ?rrk, ?iiJ Dtndtlion tn'tra tula >U con Tot ar.llra a?ti*a remedial priicipit idliot 10 rtcorir.f kaalth and etrtr.flk. McLEAN'S STRF.NOTHENINQ CORDIAL Will tlaclaelly care Lteor Coirplatct, r>y?r?;?i?, J>u ilct, Curo?i:c or ?l0rT0s? UeLility, Uiiomii aflte Bidnejt, li d alt ditt-aae arn ( frcm a iiferdt rt'l Uieer or S >. D'aptpeta. Boirikmru, Inward Pilot, Aci till or B'ckneea of Ui'e B:oni*ck, Fallueee of Blood to the Keari, I??i, Pain or to Iht lioad, Pelpi;a.u*o of tho Heart, Pallnoet ir W.ijM 11 tho Btaoech, Boar Eracuuena, Chokinf or lafocaurf Petltnf *y? Utii.* down,Hryr.ooi or VoT.W. iih of the Btin oud K?ee, Nifkt Swoeta, Inward Pororo, Pom In iho Bme:l of iho tuck, l>oot, or Bide, Bad-'.en r;*?'iao of Htat,' af Bpiriu, Krift Ja! Droaraa, Lauraer, Dt.pon loaay or ai.y i.ottos* dieeeao, Coroa or lle'.ckta an tat Skin, and Par?r and A;ao (or ChtUa an J r,V4,'> OYER A MILLION BOTTLES iaea kean oold dariof :h? laat an raantha, and In na l? i tenet hni it foiled in ft'inf onurt aauafacttaaa. Who. than, a.It aofar fiom Wei?neee or Debility w^er Mckk.AH 4 I7R.XHATKKHIH8 CORDIAL will can too 1 Ha Is: |tti{t CUB t?nyy an adeqaate idaa of Uio irrmodt Ito and litre* I irirecalooa thnnfe pradactd hr tekintr ihia ^ardiai In Uia d.iaaiaO, daailiuiad, u< tkattarad oar'ata lyaiara, vkalbar krr?an m?o by neiu, waak ky ntiara, ? igapat>*d ky Hil'JH, Ik* r*ls??d and tri riLj *r|ui> latiaa U raa'.arad t* tl* rriMiu* hanlth and ?:jar MARRIED PERMITS, )r aiktra, tanac'taa af ina-Wl^T ?bst*?*r t*aa?, anil tad MchEAlil STEENCTBENIN# CORDIAL t W.a 11(1 u: af it*; and all wba may Kara in rid Oainii t : ky Inpraaar LidaifaaCfa w.ii lad f ^ riial a MrUi-i acd apaady raia*dy. TO THS LADIES. tli kl/K'S IVKIHSHKlCRu CORDIAL la a unr i'ci and apatdy ear* tar lacipitnl Ca . aarrpiiM, Wl,.i-a, .skitikcttd ar Dtficvlt HaLairaaliao.l r.cauUn*:ica of Vrlsa m 5i.?al?i.**?y Dtashtrra tharaaf, j af lha Wauk, llddir.taa, j. and all diaaaaac i-.c:u*ot to Fainalaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT (afar r.a laofar. Taka It tocardinf la diracua>ia. It will lUmalata, atraofjian, a-.d inrtfsraia yaa and ciua tka ilaam af kaallh ta maar.t^aar ctatk afaia. Er*ry katilt la van an lad ta f Wa aatiafaetiaa. FOR CHILDREN lf_ya*? eblldran ar* aiekly, panj ar aNieud, KcLEAMU < Uj it, ud ) llala^i ta uta. CORDIAL 111 tnaka tham iaalihy, fat, acd rakaai. Dalay >at a namtnt; Uj it, tad ya> will ka t*c?latad. It ta 4a CA UTION, avara af drmffUu ar daalara aba may try ta palm ifao yaa aama k.uar ar *araap*.nll* uaah, ari ick thay caa baa lhaap, by aayui f U la ;aa: a* rood. A raid aach nan. Aak (ar McLEAN%*TRKNGTHLnING CORDIAL, and uka aalbinf alaa. It ia lha aoly ramady that vill parif* tha Blaad tharaagtoly a?d at lha a*raa lima atraafiiian tka Una taaapaanfal lakan arary marutnf faaunf u a caruin praaaalira far Chalara, Cbii!a and Paaar, Yailo* Ka tar. ar any praralant diaaaaa. It it pat tp Ui larra boulaa Pn:a anfy 9I par kattla, ar (Waillaa far fS. J H McLEAN M Lumaaot. Pica *ir**t?, IC Uu, Ma. ly 91 par kattla, ar I haul a far QS. J H McLEAN. la prepriatar af thia Car did; alaa, MeLaaa'a Tolcaiuc Oil but.maul. Principal Da pat aa lb a caruaf af Third and McLean'i Yolc&nic Oil Liniment, (TBK BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD.) Tka aniy aafa aad cartain car* far Caasar*, Pi'aa, Ta ara, Bwalluif* aid Cranchila ar Caura, Para!fa.a. Naa. Waakaaaaaf a* Muaclaa, Chratitc or li.f.n,ujtory Rhatrcnuani, :iffb*ta af lha JawiU,Caniraciad Muc'ta < L:faiu*'<ia, Earaaba ar Toail acha. Braiara, Ipniha, Kraaii Cat*. Waanda. L ?rm. Fa?i laru r.k.,< a... Hipj.lo, IJama, Bca!4a, Sara Thraa;, or any loluuuuoa cr uu. na difaranca haw min er \oug J.a dwiul nay Lara aiiaa*. McLKAM* CEUEfcRATED LINIMENT la I eartain "icidr. Tbamaauda af l>uu btinfi c*t# baan a??a* t Ufa af 41* Uapltada aofl n.uary by ir.a Baa af thla invaiaabla ra:nady. McLKAtrS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will raha?a pair aimaal y, and it anil dMt, parIf and baai iba fa?la?. aaraa is aa mcradibla abort ubi. FOR HORSES AXD OTHER ANIMALS. McLKA XI CELEBRATED LINttlENT U tha anly Hit id! raUabla raioady lor Uii erra of Spavin, Hjnjtooa, Windfall*, Splint*. Viioataral Liiicpa, S>:n ar Bvailinf* It oa?ar f ilad U e*ra B g Haul, PalMTtl, Ptatmla, Cfli Eaur.iaf Boraa, cr Bvaany, if prapariy apptiad fir tpnina, Braiaaa, Icrtuan, Crack ad Haala, Cbafaa, Bad Jit at Oallar Gal la, Caia, Boraa, ar Waanda, it u an u.falltfcla rainady. Apply il u diracud ul a car* li cmuu is anrj liiima. Than trila na Iwir ?t?*i tha many warfhlaaa Linimaou finil ta yaa. Obtain a anpply ?t O* MCLKAVI CELE BAATED LUUMEST It wrfl cura ya?. J. H McLEAN, Mi Prapnatar. Canir T> ird u< Pica au, k. Laaia, Ma CILARLEB rrOTT, P4 Pa. b?? art! ajaat la WaaM?; ml.1 T niUL h tt-MVIi IMPORTANT NOTICE TO 9TRANGEK8 1: VIAITI\r. WiBHIMCTnai A 'w* to *11 ?arokM?. of THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. _ Tku umUkI Ftoi'.y N*t* Jwrnl ? *ic:ci a crt*t*r un?t| ?C itMiMii m<li| fc? ? ha Mid i* Ut tlhtr-ii mmHimtmA am Borcicx. Titvi Oui. ** i HiLI " OOfy, r*T ?nc?ra (1 M Fire eopitm . - . . , ?? 4 n Twa nap,mm 9 (V) Tweetj fere oopiee ?? *> or II lET*.n*b'y eo&tuna t*e 'Wuh:artoi Nvw" h*t hu made TU D? .? Erntnt Stmt eir??J?M ? renera.: j throat hoot the oonatry. wrappers* ou be procare* 4 the 0011 r.ter, ate ? after im laaeeof the per. I'noe?TURKfc CKNT8. MEDICINES. B uk ji?H*?r?s, ALTinOKK LOCk HOSPITAL. faj dtttovfrtd i<tt tn?ft {'fttotn Srttdm EJJettunl Kmc iy tit tk? World, FOR ALL DISK ASKS OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO t-ALSE DELICACY PRETEXT APPLY IMMKDIATKLV. I CURE WARRA\tTd. OR XOCHAROt. IK tROM U>F. TO TWO VAYS. WnlutM >f thtBvck. Sirictoraa. A(?cuwi?r iki IM' ?? (ltd Biiddrr, wvolmiirt UiKtiaipi, l?i|?inc>, tti*. ral L>?l ility. IUhmmh, ''Vl*i +J- Lai #?.or, T lilcai, I- ? >,1111. IMfiuuot J th? |{?rt. Tim4ii;, 'itaMmp, Dimiifaa o( h f .t of Uidiii I'.aaaar ol Ik* lead, Tkruat Now or Kku.. Alrruowa at the Laati Ii<mb C? of iS??? T*rnbl* P:*?f(l?r? anan-g from I041 irr Hat>ua ?i VoMk?llirat Dnad lI and IWailiKtlaa Prat era ?Kick rmdii M<nu(i mi|v?iliM, anl 4ihti) k"*'? Itidr at.i Mui. YOU SO MEN laficiak; ?k? ka?? t>*coaa>? tka riciin,a of Sanitary Tk?, 1,1 drta4ful aaid kabu Uick atn.ui lly ? mm *4 Yn?rf M*n v4 lfc?? ?? t &?lt?d ui^nu ?n?1 brilliant imciicCi, wi.u aufbt nO?* rt ftv# entranced lia:en#rt|r fiermte* m ith :b? thunder* of ?lo. uruce or waked |o tcaiacy lb? l*?iuf lyr?( ?a* Call ?i* all co?.fl ;cucc. MARRIAGE. ,M??I nil PtfttOWf.or ViTOi M?a tanl?mplaliii( Mar m r-7?- ? Wllllf ( tformr.M, Ac., ipcedili cured. He hiroeelf m.det the cart of Dr J m*v rtUfi atly confide in hie t?n, ?r at a fci.tieoMQ and Cm.idcat.f elv apow hie thill i phjrticiaii. OFFICE A? 7 SOUTH FkEDKK 1CK ST B ' and aide ? ? g fro? B* ;i inorf ttrHt, ft fe w doora fr*m I not to obeer?e naiu? atd number Leu?r? luet be paid and eontaiu a lUmf DH JfPHSSTOS, Wint er of the R *al Collrfe of Rar^ro. ?, London . eradc te from one ol the moot eminent College* in the Vneed tntee, and the riemer p?rt of abate Itft h?e t-een efent m le hoepu?la ot London, Pant, Phii.-itfvlptua and e>ee where, ?e effected acme of the tritet tetonieh nf coree that vera ter knoau; many troubled with hi f\< e in the head and ?rt when aeleep; great nervonec.eet, temr alarmed at idden l-aehfulneae with frequent *?ktt??i g. attended xnetuntt aitk derengemeut of mu.d, were cured imae lately. TAKE PARTICULAR SOT ICE Yovnf Mti >nd i^hrn in;or?d r'lio practice . do jrd in tk? tloM-? habit arueU Irooi etil uupiniM, oc at acitoel. i*? e 9 acta m arc i.ift.iy fr11 mm wlien aaiarp, and if mm cur>4. ;ii>ler? mkrn>rr tmp-ia.i t.le, and daatroy, both auul and ylr, should appir in inediairl* rfeaa arc anitie of it.f aad >n.l nwUncWf fffftu produced r carir habit, of youth. ?u : W? hiifaa o? ih# B >ek and iiuU.ruM i<ith? fl nl.lhiMirN of tfifht, L?m of Macilar ||? er, Filpitilim ol' tin Hrnrt. P.apepay. Mrr.ona lrina el i ity, Sjrn ptorna of <* cm eufumioti, 4c 1*1l n falh ?T? ? fearlul effrcte * . the miod in mIi to t ilrf ? led?Loaa of Memory, Cn?ifuMO? m lde?a. DtrnNtor Hpriti, K*-,| KoretHxImp, Avrmoa of horiftv, h?I( I)h t?t. Love of BoUtude, Tmudr.y, etc., art ?u(M of the ?nt? roduced. NKRTOt't PKPtLlTT ?'Thooeaoda con now )udf? wbat m a cause m| their declining health, loan.f t'?e ir beoir f ?e *k, p It, ufrvoua and fmacutd, fc**iitg a nnf?:?r struct ?fc>out the eye*, cou^h or aeinptoaie of co?*eump DISEASES OF IMP*UDEXCE When tt?* n.iaguided aud tsi pruder.t vot?ryof pleaeare And* ' I. in ibed f>* a*eda ol Hi paiuitil dufm, it too o*ie?? ?ppf i.a that an d lenK of tb ?me ??c dread of dieco*err tert fci?a> frr??n pp4<riigto t?>o?e oho, from a<Hjc?'?o? and pocnU! 't, c ?n .iloue befr*ei?d tuna He fella into tbo tuda of .(f'-'ruil &[)(' drug: lug prci'udere, who. inc?p*Mt curing, flch flit pecuniary ai.'.et-*nee, keep him trifling outh afier month, or long th* mallet- fee can be oh med, and in deap*tr leave bim ith mined ^e ilth w> e>r* er tn ri'liu|r dirappoint?i;ent; or by the oe* of thai d?^? ?s?nn-Mercury-h .aten the coueritnaioiial ay mjHoawe mi tht'e mole diae ?ar, auch -a Affect:o?ie of ti?e Hear:. Throat. Hood, tin. 4c., pr? creating aith fri|r*tful rapidity, till de^th pota a mod to hia dreadtm aufferinfra be eendiuf him to that oa acoeered couutry from auoae bourne oo traveler rr tome >K JOHSSOX S REMEDY FOR ORGASIC \VhAK\ESS A.\l) IMPOTENCY r.T thi? fr??( and imn rt?nt r*a>?d? xtknmrf iht wnu t prrdil, cured and falJ *lfor r??iored Th<ww.>Bd* rt tk* ?t mmfui ??<l drbilitnet, who bad lo?t all i>op?.Ha<? en imircaiaieij relieved. All impedtmei^.e to Marri'fr*. Fhyaical or Mental (utiou, cf Pncrttttivf rowtr, N'erwnee lrritabiiiy, erebUuff I'd Wnkbcaa or Exhaustion of the luoat laand ud apeediij cared. e:> i>oi:semfkt of the phfss Thf Ki> % THoi *4*D? co.#-l at tt- .a i .iutuu?a e Uat en veara, aud the itBireroai ^jociac* Barri I opcrauotti periorined Ljr Di. Jotibiiwt, by tVa fH-rifa of the p*}?ere nnd m?a? mker penona, aMirta *4 tnc!i h tve appeared af *nd t?efora tht pt?M?t, 1 t fcia aui.'-inf ta a gentleman cf character aud reap-na Iitj, ia a loficiict ru *r#utee tu :na il^icied rutr 15 I? OY FOR THE HICK AND PUFFER1N0. LET all WHO AKE AFFLICTED READ! ATF4.1 THE KEMEDY EE jo ice li* HEALTH. jun ec..or: Are you Uie vietlm of My thwre Mja.crcua triccta vtuch *r.?? irom i? iritf of tfco b ?> t.' VV:*tfc:? tbev, do roi Ml f ?Uar ut, wU'. ?rp thor not t The blood ia tho uroe ot :ue luid tet U., ?l,u it u tko trit . sett our h?!nc to respond to say caaae wi.ich iflocta 8T?t<*?ii, m tho pa.*" i itflkiibir tttMti Tbeoaor arxi.r^g Ncar&cii. theirnt&t'ni Krytipe.M,u>o bile 6c o!'j.o, tile' ?tcu:t<?| A tion:nitiem< Nor ma, with ltt roor fc&d dejection, and the pumbor.eoa ilia toil ia heir to, derive Upir htdoons onric from tb? ood. Deal kJtKhr that, ilo gently w?Ui the blood. irlieTil4,nh| reaouroaa cf nature for Ita Old. id Buffer ua to commend to year confldaaao ?i<4 ?that tni'.r r&^tbio medioftaent known u INDIAN T?b E : *BL K^KOOCTJON. i i>u iu|mu w tuu a nvil n<i& .Die cirr eentin.ent i.aa epoken in deeitf id toe evidences of thia great etoM? are n? med by constant itotm of curative effect* Ml happ ?st results from it* nee are after all other mediee ard the beet medioal ak... have famed. Lr^t ne ear, m oooc.uaion, tn*t oeruftaatee roe are not sought from ttie i iterate ard sneer i&i, but they are volunteered from the moet re eotabie euitroea and juatiij tee tug best terma ia inch it le poaaibie to ooirmend eo saleable a eciho to pablic approval. We may add aieo thai e curat:re prupert.eeof the medicine aree^eal.ed ly by iu reetorative effects, the ayetem reooi i from dieeaee with reuewed oonatitatioaal vigor. For aale i>r all respectable Druggists in Ihte ty, aad by the proprietor, MRS. *. COX, N?ne genuine uuieea her name is blovn oa the ttle and her eeai on the eork inr I'rioe j|l per bottle, six hott ea for ?$. KkoUstit Af*t. R. *. T CISSfcL, Drag rial mrgetovn, D C., Wholeeaie Agent for the Die n?, and wiJ auppiy the trade at my pnoee. tm l? tr ^HE ALd< SUFFICIENT THREE. rRIE9EMAR,l.S and 3-Proteeted by Royal ?ttera i'atent of Keg land, ard aeenred by the a'a of the Kooie de Pr.arir.acie de Paris, and the Crial College of Mediame. Vienna. I ia mva.uablo for ex haaetion and natorrhea. dali phyatoal diaabilitiea. \o. 2 oomplete'y era<:.catea a'l traces of thoee leaeee tt<ai have l-eeu hitaerto treated by the Ma nila arid ua uae ?>( eopaiva and oabebs. Vo. 3 li^ * tirel* nuiii t . .nr srcury, thereby Inaurn.g to the offerer apeedy lief, diaperaing all mpuriUes, and rooting on a vfDom of disease. FRlKaiKM ?.R. >oi. l.Jand 3.are prepared in e form of a loaenge, devoid of tMte aodemel'. id can l>e carried in tt.o waistcoat pocket. N d tin omm, and divided into r operate doaes, as ad iwatered by Veipean, Lanemand. Rons, Rioord. s. Price #3 eaah. or four oaeea for #9, whioh ves (3; and in #17 oaeea, whereby tnere it a sav - i of #9. To be l?d, wholeaale and retail, of Dr. fc.RROW.of 194 Bleecker street. New York. fimeCiRte,? on reoeiving a remittance. Dr. Barrcw ill forward the lrteeenar to an; part of the wor.d, curely packed, and addraaaac aeoording tothe m roctiona of the wrilsr. The Rook, of a'l other*, that ah? a Id be read bf en with damaged aad broken down oorebtutiona "Hun ar Frailty, or Phyaiologioa. Reaearoi.ea/* ie beamifa.ij ilieatrat^d. and treats M*aat*iy of 1 Uie syntp.oma that icvariat>. develop them 'ves. sooner or later, mealting from the fVaiibe* id vitiating habits of earlr youth. ineapaeitating e viot'.in from unarm* the nt iv- ? ?? aniaJ state, aod. if cot checked uo tine, dec* in* a.l t 0 Unctions of manhood, and bnovwi ft 'b^5^ >or? Mow Mudo?m, New York. PriM ? atm. Seut free ev?ry ??,d s- c? F?rd? Jr~ I>ni? fttoro, Wuh [ton. D. C. d?: JEW MILITARY BOOKS Jurt r*o?T?d br % FKk.MCH k. RlCflSfEIN.aTS^rni*. rmtiwon th? AdaimiatmioB md Oruiuu >onfth?BnU?k fcdw% d fcUrr.njton >nt> AD(ue. 1 vol., fevo. tcgli.h ditio*, priM br lustruation for Fiald Artillery, 1 vol., l2ao ; rnoo IDAli ftiU. Somm?r? of U* A't of War, by Baroa do Jomu , ljrnl , ijrr.o ; |?rtoe h* mail ?1 SO. kTmtiMon i FottiSowioa, by D B. M? n. 1 vol., irimo.; by mail 91 an <-:iementary Trwl'M oi Adranood 6iar4, t Po?ta an<l !V*taohmer.t Horno# of T*o br Asa >rooo a?4S^j,?y/rArsfl^ * ajor Robert Anderaon, 1 to!? Itao; ?riee by ?> (IS. liar ual dtMount of II to Kr oont-naail tuud book*. FK NCH A RICH-TfclN. nag (IntARe# > ST? > ? hmi? PAYLOB A HUTCBISON. ? No. 49 Omm Maui Btacb. Wo?ld oali the attention of r?rehaeeia to oar ook of REASONABLE UEY toOofc*. eo?,ri.