Newspaper of Evening Star, 9 Nisan 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 9 Nisan 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. The htt'lhgencrr urges the c*U of a National Convention of all the Sta'es, a* the only remedy for the evil* now distracting the country. The Rtpubltca* argurs that if the Secessionists attack Fort Pic ken*, the patriotism of Virginia will be manifested with an energy which will end ail hopes of secession in that quarter. A National Cohvixtios?The Inttlligenctr, tbis morning. In an article of great power and cogency, urges the President to call Congress together without delay, with his executive recom mendation to them to submit our national difll cultles to the proper arbitrament of a National Convention constitutionally selected to the par tbe Imbroglio without a bloody war either be tween the ttaueral Government and the Oligarchy. or the latter and those whom they have already virtual y enslaved, as explained above. The Intilhgtnctr ibowi with convincing force that the course of the Administration In toe premi ses up to this time has been eminently wise and patriotic; and that It la in a position at this mo ment to shape the result happily for the country; and. further, that the action of the last Congress baa so tied 1U hands, as that it is by no Steins able, if It were willing?which we know well it Is not?to essay to a >lve the difficulty by pursuing the policy of aggressive warfare, which more or less of iU ultM partix in* urge upon It uuceasing ly. Our sincere belief 1s that the promulgation of a President! il proclamation convening Con gress to aid the Kxecntive in bringing the troubles of the times to a peaceful aud j?*l conclusion, If tbat be possible, iu concentrating the public mind upon the expedient of a National Convention, would at once drfrat tbe machinations of the par tisans of the usurping Oligarchy In every border slaveholdlng Mate, and ornanize powerful Union parlies tu each usurped State, standing forth a* Union men favoring the prompt return of their respective States back under the authority of the United States, upon such terms as tbe National Convention may agree upon. We believe further, that such a Convention will bs composed almost exclusively of men really anxio.s to settle tbe imbrogUu upon terms con servative of the rights of all sections. Oar o?rw belief is that the repeal of the personal liberty bills, and tte adoption by the Stat** of the Ccrwl* amendment of tbe Constitution, following oa the bet-la of the entire settlement of all the late territorial alavery questions which la Involved In the recent creation of the three new territorial gov ern merits which cannot fail to prove entirely aatls factory to every true friend of the I'nion at the South, when thoroughly understood there, will prove a final settlement of the troublea that will sweep the country at the ballot-box, like wildfire; even In the uanrped Statea, wherein the people, up to this time, have be~n robbed, it will be remem bered; of free apetth. the liberty of the pr- as. and the freeman's votliij? franchl?e. Tbeaeare terms which Virginia will accept by fifty thousand imjorltv, despite the noise made by her diaunion ista. and the halting, faltering, apologizing mis uca made up to this time by so many ot her Union public men who lack boldness to take by the throat the spirit of disunion now threatening W> compel the sp?edy extradition of ail the State's slaves on the one hand, and the entire deprivation of her white laboring population of all their dis tinctive American liberties on the other. We believe, further, that every non siavehoid ln^ Bute will promptly accede to those terms Thus, we believe, that tbe only difficulties In the way of ending the troubles lie in the persistant treachery of the Oli nrr hi- fnr t?.? -.v. ing tiie Government, and in the equally treacber oas conduct of such publicists as the New York Tribwu set, who would madly induce the Gov ernment to ti*iy to cram tk-ir v!ewi of the fitness of things governmental down the throats of the Sooth with fire and sword. A national conven tion would quickly render it apparent that th strength of the Oligarchy at the South Is but the temporary strength of fraud, usurpation and mob riolen<*e culminating in the momentary ascend ancy of despotism, that ha* but to be thoroughly appreciated by its abased subjects, to be speedily deposed On the other band, it would as quickly show that nine-tenths of the people of the North repu dlste utterly the mad idea* upon which the 7>? tauM's policy for the emergency is founded. When that becomes so apparent that the disunion press and leaders at the South can no longer bide It from the southern people, the country will instantly comprehend that the whole trouble amounts to nothing more than palpable delusions prevailing South and North, seized on and used In both sections by bed men for bad ends. 1 m ? IKBKIIA *-05VI.HT103'S CoMMlTTH OF Tk?zb. to inquire of the President what may be tbe meaning ot the shipment of troops from New York, will doubtless be kindly received nnd frankly answered. They will surely obtain all tbe information which the exl^encie* of tbe pub lic service will permit the President to accord The chances are ten to one that they will learn, officially, ttat many of them have gone on Got. Houston's call to rescue the lives and property of th? defei sel-M people of the Texas frontier from tbe tender mercies of tbe savages to which the machinations of disunion and the treachery of Twiggs have given thrni over. They will probibly also learn that a portion of tbem msy necessarily be u?ed to protect the pub lic Interest sga'.nst whatever srbrmes that may be Involved lu the hurr'.rd raising by the Oligarchy of some five thousand troops in ail the seceded States, In deprecation of which not a word is being uttered by so n.any who profess to be anx ious to keep tbe peace between tbe usurpers and the United states if such should be tbe replies, the people of Virginia will endorse their pro priety, at the poll*, despite the vacillation of such of her Unionist public men as are now qnailing before tbe dernigog'.sro of her Disunions:*. Aprofc*.?In view of the fact that a consider- j able portion of the public?and none more than themselves?regard the action of tbeVirglnla Con vention as being quite as Important to tbe future of the country as that of the (>overnment at this point, we take it for granted that tbe Committee of Three to arrive here this ev*nii.?F ? ?? v? --- ? ???^ ?nrn ou* | tborlzed, when interrogating the President, to Mate frankly to him what those tk*y represent de sign doing in the crista, u It la not unlikely tint the policy of the Government may be net ess.irily more or leaa Influenced by their flnal action?that f the Virginia Convention. On the whole, we think the Star at liberty to aay that the Vlrglnlacommittee will be kindly re ceived, courteously treated, and frankly Informed * concerning every poi nt in the Government's policy that has really been aettled on; which cannot be many In number, insomuch aa it (the Govern ment) must neceaanrlly be governed by circum stance* In time* like the present. It has Its duty telto charge to perf>rni, and Virginia will ap plaud It for the due performance i f that, If her Convention may not Viaeiaia Affoistmists ? No Virginia Preal dentlal appointments have been made-up to 2% p. m to-day?aioce that tf a Culler tor at Rich mond, made on Saturday last So the rumor that Alexandria and other Richmond appointment* have actually been made, ! a mistake ! ! t a Couti ow Tbsas ? No officer? Jidgo, Marrhal or Clerk?of either Trim U. 9. Judicial District baa resigned, ailstlll claiming to te la tbe Uwful exercise of tb?lr functlona there DEPARTMENT HEW#. ArpoisTM A!?? Rimovic ? Mr. Lewis 8 of Pa., has been appointed a second-class clerk i SI ,400 per annum) In the ordnance bureau of the War Department, rice Mr. J B. Nourse, removed. Rksigxss ?Paymaster John W. Nixon, U. 8. N., (of La ,) has resigned The Prxstdk!it has rery recently made the fol lowing appointments. Vix; In MitSigan?John J. Thompson, Postmaster ? n mi aiwi. Ralph W. Vin Fosaen, Postmaster atYpsllantl. Jn California?Geo D. Webster, Register of the Land Office at Stockton. Henry W. Briggs, do. at Visalla. John W. Eddy, do. at Humbolt. A J Snyder, do. at Maryivllle. Antonio Mario Pico, do. at Loa Angeloa Geo. B. Tingley, do. at San Franclaco. Geo. M Gerrisb, Receiver of Public Monies at Vitalla. W m H. Pratt, do. at Humbolt. J. Compton, do. at Marysville. Lewis Sperry, do at Loa Angeloa. Royal G. Waller, do at San Franclaco. G. C. Havena, do at Stockton. Geo. M Hanson, Superintending Agent for tb? Indians of tbe Northern District of California. Minor Fink, do of tbe Southern District of California In Xeie York ?Levi Smith. Postmas'er ?t Wa'ertown, N. Y. More in California ? Conrad Maynard. A Mayer of the Branch Mint at Pan Francisco. Wm Rabe, Marshal for the Northern Dint.let of California. In Indiana?Alex. H Conner, Postmaster at Indianapolis. In Virginia?Alex. Duval was. on Saturday last, appointed Collector of the I'ort at Rich mond, Va , From our ever-prompt neighbors, Messrs. French it Rlcbsteln we have Harper's Weekly for April 13, full of interesting matter and Illus trations . We fancy, however, that Mrs Gainft will fcardly feel flattered by the likeness of herself therein. No District or Columbia. AproisTMicsTs bad been made by President Lincoln up to 2)f p. m to-day. ICr-From French & Richstein we have the truly laugh-provoking London Punch of .March 23. Personal. Hon. G. B Adrian. N. J., Is at Wlllards'. -The Prince of Wale* has been made colonel of some Cambridge military young gentlemen. F.x-President Millard Fillmore has accepted an invitation to preside at the Unitarian Festival in Boston, in May next. Th-re I* more scandal in London. The Earl of Wilton has been charged with re viewing his regiment with a prostitute on his arm. and Introducing her at m*ss and her Majes ty's balls. A court of Inquiry is ordered. Lady Back, recently deceased, has left a large fortniie to her husband. Admiral Sir George Back, the captain of Sir John Franklin in his earlv Arctic expedition* Sir fieorge has nn uciiiuv irirnus una acquaintances in this country. .Mrs Lucy Ann McMahon, who several years aeo acquired much notice in the theatrical world by her attempts to convince the public of her histrionic abilities, recovered MOO with inter est last week, from John Bates, manager of the National Theatre, Cincinnati, for breach of con tract. The N. V. Tribune says: "A Washington dispatch states that Maj. Ben McCulloch bus or ganized a force of five thousand men to *?ize the Federal Capital. The reporter states he had the intelligence 'directly from McCulloch'a own lipa'?a fact which furnishes the strongest reason for believing It false." There are but Ave Consuls-General repre senting the United States abroad. Of these, four are accredited as follows Mr Thayer, for Kgvpt, to reside at Alexandria; Mr Lnwrence, for Tus cany, to reside at Florence; .Mr. Giddings, for British North America, to reside at Montreal; Mr. Shufeldt, for Cuba, to reaide at Havana Edwin Forrest has been obliged to suspend bis engagement at Nlblo's Garden, New York, in consequence of a severe attack of rheumatic trout. I Here ere atlll lomr fifteen performance* to make up the hundred nights for which he has contract ed; and his friends say that when his obligation* In that respect ;ire discharged, it it the Intention of tbe great tragedian to retire from the itige for ever. Item* Telegraphed frsm Washington. Washington, April 8 ?Secretary Seward re plied to day to th* note of the Confederate States CommiHion>n, decliningto receive them in their official capacity, but expressed deference for them a* gentlemen The Secretary indicated a peace ful polioy on the part of the Government, declar ing it* purpose to l>e only to defend itself when assailed The reply is of such a character as to require a continuation of the correspondence It is not known when the Commissioners will leave Washington, not, however, for somedays. However much the reports of Southern designs nil th*> Csinital m?? K* A i 14 - * * . ...?j mv uiw iniuru, n is ccruiin that officers high In authority are taken precau tionary mensures for tbe safety of the Capital. oi* AxrcDU't Repoeted Movement* ?Tbe New Orlear.i Cre*:ent, referring to tbe report tbat Gen. Ampudla, at tbe bead of 3 000 Mexicans, it marching on Brownsville, Ttxas, remarks: " Tbe repoit is not an improbable one, though perhaps somewhat exaggerated Ampudla, it will be recollected, was one of tbe Mexican Generals in our late war with tbat country, and probably has not yet recovered from tbe stings of defeat it is likely tbat this enterprise Is bis own private, individual raid, got up on his own account; for he cannot be silly enough to think that he can conquer Texas and annex her to Mexico. How ever it may be, he will meet with a warm recep tion If be ventures an attack upon Brownsville, and tbe Texans will give him a wrrse defeat than even old Santa Anna encountered on tbe plains cf Buena Vista. The idea of subjugating Texas w;th 3 000 men, or even ten times that number, hardly rises to the proportions of a good joke. Tbe first hostile gun tbat echoes along tbe Kio Grande will be the signal for a rally of tbe Texans there In force sufficient to scatter Ampudla and his men like leaves before the wind " Precautions at Charleston ?It is said tbat It forius part of tbe reyul^r duty of several ?tenrn. er? to cruise through the harbor of Charleston every night, to guard against surprise. and that pilot boata are constantly sailing outside of the bar, re?dy to give timely notice of the approach of any Untied states vessel-of-war. It la >a;d that ht a? ven o'clock on the evening previoua to the attempt of the Star of tbe West to relieve the fort, her arrival was known in Charleston, through the agency of these a a aplef, and that if any ship ap proached now, on a similar errand, the alarm would speedily be give* to those who man the loug line of batteries which command the chan nel. Sic?*mos Conspiracy im Philadelphia ? The I'tilfcd'lphl* Presa of Saturday ?aya: "A painful rumor prevails liere that a secret conspi racy, headed by manyttf the friends of Breckin ridge has been discovered, rnd that It Is shielded miner rne line or the Knlgh's of the Golden Cir cle.' Wbv does not the legislature of Pennsylva nia at once pass a law defining that all such as b>n)Ma);r? are tre sonable, and authorizing the Governor to institute proceeding* for the punisb meat of all engaged in theni !" Sc?qckhaxxa h mil KB its?Almost all tLe fil lers ol tbls place have gone " below," and are busily engaged In tithing for abad and herring. We understand thnt larger quantities of stmd have been caught this spring than at any previous sea sou for a number of years On \\ ednenday aud Thursday mornings last, from 1.500 to *.>,000 shad rtme from below, for which SI4 per hundred was asked, and f 12 ottered, by the hucksters For the first that were caught they received from #!' to 20.?Harrf-dr-Uratt Timt*. ir r The F.lmira l'ress states that on Haturday last wVille ? ln?k?m?n "? -* " , -- .?< ? nixa^ni 111 coupling car*, be stooped down to pick up a bolt which tie had accidentally dropped; the motion placed bit bead between the coupling*, and before he waa aware of hi* danger, the coupling came together, crushing hn Lead In a horrible manner He inade out to crnwl frcui the tiack, when he waa noticed by one of the bauds on the train and waa removed to a bonne near by, Where be died In about ten minute* after the accident. {[J" The recent nrrest of tWe fugitive slaves at Chicago, (effected by a United States Marshal ap pointed by the present administration,) and their quiet return to Missouri, has created a great con sternation among the fugitive alaves in Illinois. Over one hundred of these fugitives left Chicago on Sunday night bound for Canada. A large number from other parts of the State were also making the!r way to Canada. At Detroit three hundred bad passed into Canada since Saturday. John Not Dsab ?It was currently reported In Nsw York oa Saturdav .rt.rr, '? ? j tUQi John Morritaey. the pugilist, waa dead, hla de er** being the result of patrid tore throat. The aanouncement was premature, aa be wu (till alive on Saturday evening, although Buffering severely from dlptherla Hla recovery la aald to be doubtful. / H7* Then are over 5,000 application* for 180 situation* la the Boston custom-house. SEQUENCES OF THE REBELLION. Dbpakt?*k or th* FmioAT* Powhatan ant atlantic?MOVSKWTI OP TBI steamship* Illinois and Baltic?Additional Militakt Pkkparations. [From N Y Com. Advertiser of Mondsyevening ] The steamship Atlantic, having on board 357 men, comprising companies G and C third In fnntrw \T *n<l A ?rti !)???' ai\/4 CO ?> ?? *? ? j % !? ? ? ? vvvu? *?? ??'vi j ) ?nw kj*. turn i rowi Governor's Island, sailed at 5 o'clock on Sunday morning. The ittam frigate Powhatan lrft the navy yard at 2 o'clock on Saturday. The Powhatan was supplied with an unustiallv h?avy armament, and large quantities of shell and other death-dealing mi?silea She also had a number of very heavy "launches" very strongly built, and capable of carrying a brats piece and forty men. OTHEH WAR VKHSFLS. No orders have been received to fit out any other vessels at the navy yard fur immediate sea service. There is, however, a general under standing now among the commandants of all naval stations, that every ship in the service worth the trouble shall be put In a '-state of for wardness"?that Is, made so as to be susceptible of being prepared for commission In about ten days. The corvette Savannah and the brig Perry will probably continue to occupy the attention of the authorities until they have reached the " ready state." The Roanoke and Wabash are beinjj prepared for sea The Potomac and Hrandywint are not to be touched for the present. The Corwln U<KH VI? ir? ? ? ? n * * Viu?, . ijicu, ? aiina, ana v,rawiora, surveying steamers and scboor.era, He In the stream, await ing Instructions from the departments to wbos< orders they are subject The force of men at tb# yard Is probably 0UJ, and the disbursements about 81U.U00 monthly There are over SO marines, under tli? control of Capt. Brevoort, at the bar racks. ANOTHER FL A3 SHIP. The steam frigate Minnesota is being rapidly fitted out at Boston to take ber place as the fl u ship of the Home squadron, with a crew of fiv< hundred men, and six months' st .res When sli? Is ready for sea. Commodore Stringham will as sume command of the naval forces of the Horn* squadron. The following officers have been ordered to th? Minnesota: Captain, G. J. Van Brunt; Comman der, Chase; Lieutenants, W'erdon, Walnright Badger, Johnson, Foster, Mitchell, Wilson; Chief Engineer, Franklin Johnson; Matter, Smith, WHKRK TH K KXPKIUT'.OS IS 00I>0. The following, relating to the possible destina tion of the troops and vessels that Lave already sailed, are given as mere speculations : First. The clearance of tbe steamers for Tnai Is bona fide. They are going there. But thev will distribute the troop* aniens; the men of war off Pensacola for reinforcing Fort Pickens, then goto Brazes and bring back wh.bver scattered troops uave accumulated on thi- coa?t, to h? tried and reorganized here, and subsequently sent to Pickens, where reverses might render reinforce ments a necessity. Second The troops are going to Fort Sumter. The !iiitt draught steamers \\ ater Witch, \V yan dotte, Mohawk and Crusader will be lined with double-banked sand b'lgs, and take in as many men as they cm hold, towing the launch's, which are also to have the sand ba^ protection, defying Morris Island and all other batteries This Is said to be the plan that Capt Ward, of the North Carolina, h^s been advocating before the Cabinet at Washington. It is certain that he tried these and ba:: experiments In this some wt-oks ince. Third. Tb? troops are br>und to Texas to 'sweep the rebels off the traik," and co-operate with Gen. Houston. Tills is altogether the niost prob able, as hc.rtts for land service have gone. THE HKAmjUAKT ERS OF Tit K A K M Y . Those who have labored under the impression that the headquarters of the 1'nibd Stat- s Ann v U'orn at W n?V?i r??? * 11 i.? * v a "Ui ! '. ti'llf w ta ?;r n^iiK. n urn pii j'i ib-.u to learn that* .ch is not thecase; New York having the credit of such a distinction And th<s>; wh.) have '-bobbedaround-' thequartermastt-r'sdepart ment In St it#* street, feeling confident tLat that was the headquarters, must confesa themselves .t fault Lieut General Scott, as the general-irT? chief of the Ualt?d states Army, has located the headquarters In West Eleventh street, and all orders are dated from that place. Colonel Scott is the executive officer of tLi* port. All day Fridav, and on Saturday, large enve lopes by ma'1, telegraphic dispatches, and other significant documents bearing the signature, *'S. Cameron, Secretary of War; on otliclal business,'' were being handed In bvpostinen and special mesf? ngers every ten or lineen minutes The &-iled <>rd?rs, In obedience to which the corn mauler of the military portion of the expedition must at t, and several communications for "Lieut. Siemmer, Fort Pickens. Fla ," were sent from Colonel Scott's office. The clerks were kept ae busy as they could write roKTi*Y!x? sew tork harbor. The board of officers which Las been convened f'?r the purpose of deciding on the b> st means al distributing the United States forces In the hart>or. have not jet adjourned sine die. It i* understood, however, that they will recommend the perma nent garrisoning of t ort Hamilton, Foit l^fayrtte and Bedloe's island, which had no troops what tier in th*m tin til !? * ??""w 14 * ' J * * * * ...... .-.v it n tsia mai Ihe land slil* of Governor'* 11land will be made im pregnable Some of the trem-ndous Columbiadi which arilved from the Fort Smith foundry will be mounted. RECRC1T1SG. Since November. the Cberry-st recruiting ren dezvous hat been closed to ail applicants for ad mission to the service, except sailers and lands men to wboiii Congress hatguarantyd acceptance, vii- those hiving honorable discharges On Thursday last, however, Instructions were re ceived. ordering the shipping of all men who ap plied, until further notice is given by th?* author ities It is said (Jen Scott w ill try and stop th s, as men prefer entering the Navy as landsmen, to enlisting as s-ildiers. At all events, all Friday and Saturday the recruiting business at Cedar. Chatham ana Hudson sts, was seriously afl'ected by the Cherry-strtet establishment There is some talk about a bounty being given. Recruits arrived on Saturday from neighboring offices, and went over to the island 1 HI THOOFS FROM TMAI There Is a j;er.^r:l impression in army circles that the steamers Coa'zacoalccs, Gen Iluslt. and Champion. are ordered to come l>y way of Florid*, communicate with the authorities of the llomt Squadron, Fort Taylor, and Fort JettVrson. and 11 soldier* be r?qnire<i, to land them The landing of men in the enormous launches would net b? difficult. THE ILLINOIS AMD BALTIC. These vessels are rapidly preparing for s*a upon the same nnknown destination as the Powhatan and Atlantic. On Suuday the utmost alacrity wai exhibited on the v?<>sr-ls, provisions and firms be. Ing conveyed on board from lighters alongside. From the noeitra arrangements are^eing made for troops. It is believed th:it the veseels will cury provisions and munitions of war only. Fourteen yuwl boats, suitable for surf duty, hive been placed on board the Baltic. Kach of theie bolts is capable of carrying from fifteen to twenty men. Till P HI L ATIITT. V H1? w.vw - While all is excitement and activity at the Brooklyn and Chariestown navy yards, work at the Philadelphia station is comparatively dull. About two hundred men are employed. Theft. Lawrence is lying In ordinary; the Jamestown cauI4 he made ready fcr sea in ten days; and the. Water Witch is expected to go Into commission to-day. There arc but one hundred and seventy live marines at tbe yard. AT BOSTON. Over eight hundred persons are employed at the Chariestown Navy Yard The brig Bain bridge is ready for a. and waltini; f?r her crew The steam-frigates Minnesota, Mississippi and Colorado, are atao nearly ready. Commodore r*tri:igb:mi is expected to arrive at this station early this week. TIIK E XCITKMKXT AT THE SAVT YARD A marktd falling ott'in theexc.tement of Friday and Saturday was perceptible at tbe Navy Yard this morning. Hands were working without being apparently hurried. 011 the Roanoke and \\ aba?h, steam frigates, on the brig Perry, and active prepa rat ions to commence on the corvette S^avaiiiich. (which has replaced tli? Roanoke In clorV t i.-i- --* " ^.v. maur. v uuors.w hose very countenances looked mysterious and suspicious, thronged the precincts of the yard, in which everything, from the s>lid shot at the gate to the columblniis below the lyceuui, seeming tu possess wonderful suggtstiveness KP1R* ABOUT. Tbe f S steam frigate Merrimack at Norfolk, ha* b-en hauled out of her old berth, as if the commandant expected orders to lit her out. The marines at the (iosport yard have undergone extra drill for the last month every day. One of the officers of the Norfolk station, writing to a friend, says that numerous secessionists visit tte yard every day or two, Inquiring about the condition of the ship, tl.e time it would take to tit thein out, their probable destination, Ac The writer adds: "If they prolit by the answers they receive, tue navy department of the <" S. A. Will not be exceedingly well conducted." "* GARRISONING SAN FRANCISCO. Army advices from California, received by the list mall, say thar th? commandant of the depart ment of the Pacific hid been for some time Inves tigating what ports in the Interior could be most conveniently ieft without garrisons, as extra sol diers were needed for t-an Francisco harbor. The Prestios, (the barracks outside the towp) ha<t been receiving companies for some weeks, for the purpose stated. Two troops of infantry came down, lu pursuance of the same policy, from Portland, Oregon, tu the steamer Oregop, and had arrived on the day our advices closed. IU? men uau uiu a political discussion on board, which resulted In a ' free light," to the utter consternation of the passengers Bloody noses and black eyes were numerous at the de barkation of the soldiers It msy not be amiss to say thit, like New York harbor, that of San Francisco has hitherto had little or no military Stationed In It. The headquarters of the army up town received a larger mall from Washington this morning than for many days. Company dispatch orders for a considerable number of troops were among the let I tera Meaiengera to and from GcTernor'a la'and , were calling at and leavingtbe office of the colonel commandant during the forenoon. KIS!G*ATIO!l A5U DS*ERTTO'** Major Holmea'a resignation was read publicly at dresa parade on Goveruor'a laland on Sunday, j In presence of tbe entire garrison under arnn There h'.s been some equivocation about tbe | drae'tlona at Fort Hamilton Fullv one-third of ! the aoldiera deserted Company M, that came ! k;re seventy men strong, muttered only twenty for embarkation. There ia a rumor that one or two of tbe recruit ing officers in town mean to resign. Some of them are Southern men, but in various conversa tlnnl urltK !- - ' ? .... .. ?,,u ,uvvi *avc nu cviucncn were ae tec ted of Intended resignation There are four recruiting rendezvous in the city at pretest 9AILT30 Or THI HARRIET LANK This morning ibe revenue flagon the Harriet ^ane was hauled down, ar.d the stars and (tripe* run up at her jteak. At 9 o'ckcl^ Captain John Faunce visited the eustom-honse and bade adieu to some of bis friends, to whom he stated tbat he had received sealed orders to sail Immediately. The cutter is heavily arn:ed, and the crew In creased to eighty men THK TRANSPORT KTKAMKR9 The steamer Rattle sttll lies at pier fortr-two. at the foot of Canal street, and is being loaded with freight as expeditiously as possible. Orders were issued this morning that she should be mad? ready for sea by tbreco'clock this afternoon, and every nerve of offlcert, ere * , stevedores, and all engaged in the work of shipping her cargo, has been strained to the utmo<tto accomplish the work in time. Some delay has occurred, however, in the for warding of some of the war material from Gover nor's Island, which mny delay her departure until C o'clock, and possibly until to-morrow, although the general opinion atnong the olflrers and men is that she will sail this evening. !n addition to u r stores taken lu on Saturday and Sunday. she r Las received this morning; a miscellaneous assort > nient of Hour, bacon, dried fruits, liqtior, and ? sLIp stores of a varied character. liangs of men were at work in as large numbers a* could laborto advantage.and freight wa*taken on board at the same time from the dock i?r>d from > two liifbt-rs. one forward ar.d the other aft Coal whs shipped in large quantities in gunny bags and sacks, which were af:-rward piled on deck against the guards Small bushel sacks of coal v ere placed 011 hoard alac. which our reporter learned w? re for the us? of the flying artillery, who on march always carry a portable blu'k - smith's for^e, and a supply of coal, to make any repairs thut may be necessary to their bstterv wa i gons, or to supply a lost horse shoe. There were strewed about the dock, at the same time, as a S|-e? lmen of tlie varied character of the Baltic's cargo, flour, beef, bacon, condemned milk, bran A.. U), i uui, cui>ni|>agn* .u.taeria, sherry, olive oil,

ti ,'S. soda biscuit, carts, shovels, cut mils, im riiense call* of rope and cable, scantling. split ham, hav, wheelbarrows, bedding. sp!k<-s, s-iils, and an indetinite number of trunks, boxes and hales. wticse contents were unknown. A large quantity of hay, in bales. lias been Uken on board, and now add* to the picturesque appear and of the after deck Th; following are th? rflWrs of th<* Haltlc:? Fletcher, Captain; Pendleton. First Mate; Ura ham. Chief hngineer; Forubam, Purser; Bailey, Steward The crew of the Baltic numbers about one hun dred aiid forty* men The tires under th?? boilers were started at eleven o'olock, which indicate# an early start. THE ILLINOIS. Tl'e Illinois was removed on Sunday from pier 3. and now lies at the foot of Canal street, occu pying the ?jde of pier 42. opposit:; to the Baltic. She lias been t.iklnij in fr^-1 tjnt on one side from the dock, and on the other from two lighters From some of the stevedores engaged in loading h-r. we learn that her freight will be nearly twice the quantity of ttie Atlantic. She has about two thousand barrels of assorted stores, live hundred cases of muskets, a large quantity of ammunition, and is just receiving the list of one hundred cords of oak wood, ordinary cord wood length. This wood is stored forward and is obviously not intended for the use of the vessel. Aiaong her freight ;s a park of artillery, with all its appurtenances, and another park of a similar character is yet to be placed on board Two barges laden with gnus. Run carriages and boxes of various sizes, passed down the river this morning, to Governor's Island it is supposed ttat th('8f miinHio"* -l l 1 * ...uuiiiuiiD ?cii ironi ^ rtt 1'ointand ar?* Intended for the Illinois, aft^r being Inspected at Governor'* Island. Conspicuous among the freight of the Illinois Is a lar?e Herring's safe, from the Sub-Treasury, containing, it is said, SSU,<><)t) in specie Another smaller safe is yet to be delivered, which will contain &?),0e0. It was intended that the Illinois should sill this evening, and orders were issued to that effect; but the delay in bringing up stores, and especially the batteries, will probxbly prevent the departure of the vessel until to-morrow morning. The following otflc-rs are ttken from the ship's list of the Illinois: .Mr Terry, captiln; Mr. Win p*nny, tir?? innt<-; Air Dcagnu, second mate; Mr. lliuxhurst, chief engineer; Air Cook, lirst assist, englii'-er; Mr. Smith, purser. At o'clock her Ures were not yet lighted. She is in excellent sea condition, and when the fiivil r". 'v<ii ui uer cargo nus been received, will be ready to uiove down the bay nt an Loiir's n?itU e. The crew of the Illinois nmtibers about 7S men. SCENE* ON TliK DOCK Throughout th*- morning there has fcecn a con stant rush and jam of car's, wagons. goods, sailors, < B1-ers. soldiers. and laborers The gate at the entrance of the pier was k>-pt closed; open ing only to admit cnrtnien and persons having passes .Near the dork where the chartered ves sels were lo?diti?, uearly five hundred citizeis were Inspectsng the active preparations, as they supposed, for war They eat In long black lines on the edt:?* of the adjoining piers?they blocked up the way to the dix:k entrance?they S'jue?-7?-d their curious facts through ?> ?* ? = ? ' ' Tbe keeper of that portal, aided by a policeman, found tir.H ti difficulty In convincing the more In ; qulsitl ve that no volunteer Inspectors were needed. ri'RTHKR rKKPARATIONS AT T1IK NAVY YARD The steam frigate Savannah was hauled up to 1 the dock this morning, and it l?rj;e force of men s-t to work upon her. orders i.avlng been received to fit lier out for lea tti expeditiously as possible. 1 Additional i-.n.ds have been put to work on the brig Ferry, and m^n who have been working in many of the departments In the yard on half-time 1 for tue past few months, are now all en full time, and seem likely to have work for some time to comc. Meeting or Amer cans in Halifax.?The i American residents of Ilaliftx held a meeting on the 'i5th ult. for the purpose cf consulting upon trie state of political sffil's at home, and of honor ing the Apierlcan flag.which bad not been hoisted by the American Consul on the two last national days?Washington's birthday and tbe day of the i Inauguration of the 1'resldeiit Several speeches i were made, and a series of resolutions adopted ex[ resslve of devotion to the Union, a determina tion to maintain the laws, and of approval of the past course of tbe Republican party. MKMBKKS OF COMPANY A. > ciimem, n-e nernby n>wUed tiiftt th re ? i 1 be a dress drill of the cordis on TUKS DAV EVENING. April 9tn Itis e*|>Mt?d that evert ?nomt.-er will be punctual ai7}? o'clock. By order of the Cftf'&iu : apu-2.* \r. N. WOOD. As?t. Seo. fy*?THK FIRS r REGILAR MONTHLY IJof meetin* o| the couiiuisdioned A- <1 i.on ooin iiiusioned <itu-ers of the W ashing'"!! l.icht Infa trv Ba'taiiori ?ili be held on TO-MORROW (Ttie:-d&y) EVENINti. th-?tli instant, a; 8 o'cl'k, at Infantry ii:il! (C'-on,!.'* Ifuililms.) ap8-2;* C. H. ITERMhHLE, Sec. <V^?FRKE LECTURE ?Prof. B. H. lis* * ,1 H Will Koturo in th* Navy Vard Baptist (ll.tircli on TCK9DAV, Apri:9'h. on Chemistry Ai pli-il to Mtohan o Arta d thecoinmon purposes of Life. The lecture will he i! u ft rated by inter esting ezpenmei.ts. Ladies and rentlemen ar? in vited. l.ecture to commence at?1, o'clock p. m. ap 6 St* IT'OR SA LE?A young IK >RSE, about 15 hands 1 hi<h ; warranted sound and gentle, ami ry wi'l work anywhere; ?ol?l because the owner has -o further u-e for tuin. Inquire*"^ at FLEMING * FOY'S National Livery Stabler ap!? St* 1WILL BUY AND GIVE A HIGH PRICE for Autngraph?(o!d letter* from oe;e'irated men,) H are t'amph eta. and Wirk* on American h l.tor*. Ac. Letters of Washington much wanted. Ad ders R. SPRING, 545 north Twelfth St., Phila delphia, Pa. Rp'J jy|R&, M._L. BISHOP a-d Misa E. GAIR, of _ ,Ulii Chesr.ut ?t., Philad-lphia. would retpfctfuily intorin the adiwi of Waahiurton and ft-*. r;et?wn that *hi* i their last week in_ i.i? c.ty tor this season Those wishing to secure fa?hionable ant elegant HON NETS should call at .-I'ii I'* V'Hllllfl Kt- t WOOn O**- *"** ?* " . . ? ? vmmv, ?k?w?vu avu auu turn BIS. ap'J 3t? I TO SLIT THE TIMES I AM i)i?pw>ine of my xtock <>f HOOTS, SHOES a;id (i a ITERS at priced to suit trie rune* 1 have mikmob' And <'hiidro i'a ' U?uts\ ll'Mo * i<1 Youfhe* of ail i ua!iti?.i.| Call earl) and save money. ' _ A. P. HOOVER. South aide Penn avenue, ap 9-eoU between 6lh aad 7th iti., No. 331. shoes HI HEATER?THEATER?THEATER! TUESDAY AND~W*DNE8DAY, April 9tu ajid 10th, Lasc two night^. Most Pomtivhly, Of the NAIAD QUEEN, Which must be withdrawx To Givk Placb To m OTHER NOVELTIES. Improve the Time. Look out for THE BABES IN THE WOODS. Q F F I C I A L. T**a?C*T DkPART**5T, April ?, 1161. Sealed PaorosAL* will We r*oetr?d at thia U* partin*nt nn'il 10 o'c!ock on Thnraday moraia*. th? llih inttant, for four ni.L jn nine hundred ard one thousand dollars in Treaconr cotaa, or any part t-iereof. l?SHrirr int^rA?t At ?i* ? -av rtiairn payable semiannually, redeemable in two years, reoeivab!? Jor public don. or, at the option of the bidder,convertible into six per cent bond* of the United States. Said notes to be issued under the authority of th? acts of Congress approved Febru ary 1.1861, and Maroh 2.1M1. P.oposals must state th* rate kid for eaoh one hundred do!!ara, one per contain thereof to he de posited With an Aa.?isfaat Treasurer of the United State*, and certificates thereof to aceonpany each bid, and the ?!io e amount in ooin. mu*t (>e depos ited with an Asnstant Treasurer,in fqualinstal menu, at five, t- n and fifteen daya, respectively, or the whole aincuut witlaa &>? days after the ac ceptance of bid, at the option of bidder. Mo propo sal at less than par wil! be considered. Proposals to beerdoried "Proposals for Treasu ry Note*." * p r-nsas tlcnlar end of their solution. We doubt not, the ?ord thus struck will find a response In every patriotic heart Fcr months past, public opinion h\? been everywhere settling down to the belief that the remission of the difficulties to that tribunal Is the only plan promising to enable the nation to escape actual war, either between the General Government and the parti zans of those who have usurped Its authority in the South, or between the latter and the betrayed masses whose American liberties they have taken occasion to crush out In their work of revolution. As the irominency of war has Increased in popular judgment, so, too, has naturally Increased the popular desire for a National Conventlou to avert it; until already sen sible and patriotic people everywhere regard it as being the only possible means left of settllne ap ?-2tif Secretary of the T.'fUU'j. AMUSEMENTS. * WASHINGTON THEATER! I.eaa^e 8. W. Gixys Ao'ir.j Manager J. T. Ratmord THIS E~VENING. Fourth wwk of MR. JO?. JEFFERSON Who will appear at as SCHNAPPS. In the Gtard Scenic Spectaole entitled THE NAIAD QUEEN. And a? Goliohtlv. In th? much ?dinired Comedietta <?f LEND ME FIVE SHILLINGS. Notick ?The Naiad ijufcn must f.e v lhJrawn after to-morrow bight to give plaae to other novel tie* Cur. (WW) (UW) ? HU E HOOK ?Jnforir r" "Ul I. at.ion a? to all the Offices 111 the country. and salary?25 cent*. Co mn> tne oain? nia'T?r at* the Great B i:e B<?ok onatinc $3 5o. Omrtine the n?i>iex vr.iich arc not i.eceK?ary. Oat aiorue of Cunoait:** at Patent Office l.ut ol Pat ents. Old Hook" l>oueht and *old Tata o?rue for nifiifi M.tKM) Jii \TKR. Il?i'k?el|er, f922-2m# \V:liard?' Hotel Squa'e. WANTS. WTANTKD? By a rwpef table youm worran, a ?? SITUATION ??ei?nk. <;?i.<I ref>>ene* c*n beeiven. App y at No. 2'J*? L kt , between lttii andl9.'t> *t?. It* WAN'TKO-Ht anitlint'inoiman. who iico-n rot-rt to manage a flower anrt lu?eli?n garden or Ir tbcd. a SI 1 t'ATI? ?>. Hest ief??rence g ve>. App ? t? P. WhWLR, No 'Ji J(ti'4rtuii it'p?t, lieor*?town. D. C. It* WANTKD? Bf a joint woman, of good rec orrn'erda*!on?. a HTI"ATIO.N in a ?maii privaf* family a* cook, waMier and iron?r. Ad dress 304 fourth tr^t, between U and II, wb?re advertiser may b? 'en. a?8-2t* WANTKD-lb a hifVy respectable Etu i?li v.-om*n, a tjlTL'A'l mN a* lady's rr.aia aid *frr.p>troi<H Ifu had steal fsneriohr* in dr??s mnkinir. hairdre?Mne. e o. \V?.nW nn| ?b|Nt to light cli&inlt*' work, if require 1 oraddre*s K. It , cortiT 1' a d S"1 ent?? nth >tg. *p 8 at* V|7 ANTED IMMKDlATKI.V?From SS to V? w-r'hof SKCOND-HAMl Fl RNI TURK of ail kiL is, f.?r which I will (MHb to pay tiie hiti-esi. price*, and, as n?ual. at the ahorteet no tice. R. BUCHLY. De^er in Furniture. Stove*. *c., or. 9 4 <> ? 7th at.. bet. G and H eaet aide. \V ANTED-SECOND IIANU FURNITURE. ?? i'eraona dec innig hou?en?epine, or having a surp'u* ??f Furniture on hand.can obtain t.iecaca ai.U f?iir trice by appl?mc at 3M.? Seventh *t. co!7 1JUNTZ ft GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. LOST?On Monday, the ?-'*h ir.etant. a !? '?'? eo'd WATCH CHAIN, wit'i tlree citarmn attached, namoly : a immature opera ?! <? , a email lrcket. and a roid winHtn* key The under will receive a tunable reward ty leaving it at the Siar Office, ap ?-it* ppocnv* r A. AJiiUVil fl 1 J Editor of thk star -si*: in the wa> h report of Satu'dav, Joseph King, colored was arreted for ohlitQing tl.? of five do'lam, ant cam 111: ?w?j b. th the cha-jte and the five dolar ?oid piec". In cleAninc the (tore on th? fol ine nioinin* 'lie prornetor found the gold piece on the floor. Mid immediately re'urn?d it to theowner. It* JOHN Mc'iKAX ?. BOArtHINO. BOA K 1>--P>*?ar,t It corns, with Hoard, can !? h-v4 at .No. Four &ii?i-?t^kalf it. ap (Republican.) VEW ROOKS Juit received !?? i> KKNCH A It It'II ST KIN, 27? Pa a v. Macaiuar'* Ho-to-y of Fr* atid. volume5. Hi? tory of the United Yetl:er!aiid?, by John Lotui rp M t'cy. voi? ; free (it nnil *4 Trump*, a r.o>el, h? Geo \Vm. CurM*: free by na>l AnOutcar'.or Viriuear.d Kaith, by F. Adam*. $1. Elate Venner, a R mance of" Drttaiy. f'T Oliver W !I<>in'?,2 \oir; free by mail SI "S. Our DM>a! <iu.oni,t of lOto jo per cent, on all ii 'uni! n i(B. tn 1 ru VVPU - D iniU'r*'?a? - ? I1..1VI1 a nil ll3ir.l.K.i7* I'i. ST. SOUTHERN MEDICAL HOUSE OR. SHLMIAN li\?, an il tci ear*. established the af^ove refuge lr?<m quar? kflrj, be'ieti Indian or (immu droUira, aii'l p eteiiditrs "1 *ito::ora!t and impostors in ten mL This is the on'y p'aee where ft ?ure and ?p?edy euro ca>i o?>:ained ?n the world for ftli improp' r ft', i evil ? abite, ironorrhs, gleet, semtral ? eak i! >sg, syphil is. primary tseccnlary. ftnd ter'ift'j, o'tkuic wMki?fs?. p\in? in the loins, strictures, sen nal d^bl'ily. prOkt'ftti ??, n?rvno-n#??, 'ersM*?*? u>t ht>, pvpitfttio' cf the heart, rinrine in the eas, lorsol in?mor>, contusion,me ftr.oho!).ftff>ct<ons of th-* hea?, throftt, r.o?e, and akin, and all those p 'Culiftr d.f pIo b arisi* g lrr m the indirection of joutt.', renlerin: tlicm ui fit lor either business, slu y. *ocicty, or ma: riser. I?r. S. Iirvs the greatest remedies in the known world for discns<"e of the b o<>d. nononhjp. gl< et, eli ic'iires, s< piiiMl*, ? oak nets, cell abuse, fee. Time in no ca o lu w.Vch they fill to oure in from 3tn6?K?e. Viotuns of tltese horrih'e eomplaint*, who wo?!d Wish to bo valuable men and on.cments to society, sh isM Mabri o* the ear ir??t opportui-i.y for r?li?f. Dr. 3'iuman aswaoeth? most oomp etc arrange ments f ?r tiie oomfort of hts p\tients who ooine from a du?a*:o*. Tuey will te furnished with tha in>>st pleas&.'it and agreeable quartern, ueoessary diet, snl nv.d> ar. comtor.aile *? ihey would beat a first ciss? ?>ot?l at less than half the oost. l)j not lorei t tr.e nam? n.n.1 r?. au_ _ ? ? .. mm ?> ??-?? Vl< CHU i man'* office is on th* oorner of Sixth street and Pea"ay1varua venue Carecd< n H tel, opposite the National Hotsl, Washington 1) C. i'e<K'ns atadittanoe ahou d enc ose ctarrv f>r return pottage. Otfi -a hours, 9 A. M to 10 P. M. Var:ou? paitios have Iren entso-d irom my in saru'ion l>? certain i wind ?i on bsck atieeu in thia city, who wi 1 rue it ti I the day oi their deatn. A wora to ibe wis- is tut&cieot ap 9 ly Ur FASHIONABLE PAPERS. E Have this da* received the latent strleof Fashionable FRENCH PAPERS and ENVEL OPES. Call and examine. DKMPSEY A CVTOOLK, En*ravers, Pa. avenue, ap 8 St Between Jth and loth ats. m JUST RECE1VEI> I"' HI! OP. G>>od Brown Sugar at 6\ ota. per lb., inn bhla. Kxtra F our, bast brands, cheap, 50 '* Family do. do. do. h resh aupp y of Green and Blaek Tea*, New Orleans and Porto Kioo Molasaes. Orange* and Lemons constantly on hand on oom mission. I DE.MING, ap 8-eoifw No. .*>34 Seventh street. DIRECT IMPORTATION OF I respectfully call thea'tection el the ladiei to fk A full and hacdaome assortment of fRgFRFNCII MI LI IN FRY GOODS.f MBhonnets, f lowers, rib I _ B #.NS, STRAW GOOUS of evenr description, SILK and LAOF. Ma\Ti.cs ?n if n*""*""' l?i iu & - 1 wn w ri k- Vf 1/ r<C| TRIMMINGS, LACKS, I- MBKOIDKRILS. to , Ac lilies wi'l do well to examine my good*, u they will fit J thern the finest and oheapeat m tit* market. M. WILLI A.N, Imports*. No. 32 Maiket Space, Washington, D. C., ap a iw.^f and No. 7 Cite Treviee, Paris. NOTICK.?KKMVVAL.?Having re mo red to Z'iZ Seventn street, directly opposite my old store. I earnestly solicit a oontir.uanoe <>f my old patronage. M. I) RUfSKI,L, Bookseller and Stationer . .. n ?ny special ?rran(temenu I will vupply the New Vo:k Express, the greatest newspaper in th? world, uniuediat* y alter the arrival of tba6&. m. tram fr?Mn Now York, at New York prieee, whole sale and retail M. D. RU88ELL, i2i 7th at., under the Avenue Home, ap 6 St two doora above Pa. avenue. MUFF'S !s*LE.-On THURSDAY MORN l^G, April llth, at >0 o'clock, at the ator* of II C.^tcar, <n Pa. avenue, near Kxpreaa ffi *, the fa ljwii.g cooda, distrained for rent, to-w.t: lit box's fejars. varmui brands; 467 aapera Bn>okiag Tob*ooo;8 .h*. Dunkirk Smoking Touao bo; 15 >b*. Dunkirk HidiiIidi Tobacoo; 33lba Scuff, cttd; 3 Segar Mamps: 38 papers Fi'.e-out To b\aco; 3 boxea Chewing T< baeoo; **> Pipe Re*ds; < boxes 1'ipea; 1 Indian ai d Hot; 10 lba. Lynchburg T??baroo: 10 8. ufl Jara; 1 Window Sign; 1 Scaia and Weights; 1 Tobaooo Case; 1 Tobttoeo Knife; * tfpitt. ons;2 J*h >w I a?e?; 1 la'ge Lighter,3 Count ra: X empty Boxea; 1 lot Retd fains; Sfc) Pipe?;T7 en d boxea: 43 3*c?r Mriokers; S f ortemocnai**; 37 Fancy Pipe*; 4 tSegar (' ???; *40 Mpty lot .MttiPg; 1 Picture Frame; lot 8ootoh half groaa of Matohea; 3 Tin Snuff Ctu. '1 Of ma ca?h in bankable money, puVdy^ AUCTION SALES. Br GREEN * WILLIAMS. Aecn.^.wrt EMNE ROPKWOOD CAHE PUNO FORTE, r HovesaoLo *rd Kitchik Fc?? irn at Arcnos ?On i- Rl hAY. the itth ia*tant. ? ?h* ?11 at the reeideroe ol a a?nti?in%n deoin it b >ueekM>?iai. ? F >er and a ha f eiie tne rre*h)te >au Chu-ch ?t 10 o'o.nefc a.m.. dn rio? Vnt tiinrtnmt r?f Knrcitnr#. *i * Ko?ewo??d Habo Fort*, mad* h? Nut?n? ft Clark 7-*otave. and Dearly new. a fit* instrument Fine Ihmtik llroeateila-eoverrd Walnat Parlor Set. oo-?.?t.rt o( I Sofas. 2 CMtor Arm and * Pa-lor Cb*k? Mah?Kam ?nd \\ slnnt SidH.oard and Bureau*. IK) Dining, Ma:Me toy Center and other Take*. Tainted Cotta?e Chamber Set and W'aehitandt. Fibe Taper try, Pa< lor. Brussels. Stair and other Carpets. Fin* llal and other Oilflloth. Dmrcet and Mat tint, Cot'*(t" Red t Beddir.f ar.d 9bn~k and Crrtt.n M <ttres?es. Bedtiinr. Chma.Klas* &-d C'ookary Ware, Kenic r, Latrohe ar.d other Stove*, And mapy other artiel.-s we deem umeoewary u> en am crate. Term* : All umi under ca?h ; orer ?* a cre'it off and *< davs. for notes ?auajao:ortly ea dor*ed, bearinc interest. The h.??e u also for rent; inquire of the sab serihers. ap?> d GWKKN ft WILLIAM? . Aeef. Bt J. C. McOUIRE ft CO., Aaotionears. SLPKRIOK KOSK W< >< i D CHlCKF.RINO IA WO F?'IITK, HCILLIM Ft kXITt'BB A!?t< H"c*k> oi D FrrBrT* at Pibl'c accri?s.-On >r I i ? ? r\ ? a r as . . n i %i *> * i _ . .. I I r.M'fl 1 flUiipl 'O, A^'l. All, kl i'lO'MMB, att-?* rx?idrn?? 01 Cb?r,?i T. Joim, Eh.. No. 33?S H. I*--wex-n 6th aD't ?Ui atresia, we aha.i M I * III a Pn'liitura auil I- ofrpriaiiif ? Chiakenng Piano, 7 ootar**, ftoa?w(x>4 tHco! ?u<1 C??T?r, n&O't* -ms Walnut Parlor fait#, scalied in Brr - cateiia, oobfiattnc ?>f2S.'fas, 2 a:<b ii4 4 Sid? Chair*, t C>r.ter Tab ri, Whatnot, Larc? Ontl Mirror, handanmely ornament"*, (.til I'aiGttnCT. I'm of Chaira Marh tr p Table*. H'uae an'' Three p\j i'arteia, Oreluth, Oak and Wa'niit Cham er !*ete. Matioran; ?'ur"?u?. C- -Mace K?\Utrada, Hms< Mnttresva, Pratlier ri!!ov?. Toilet >et?. ? ouriR". ' lock. I kmc I* a?ae?, Pire anirobm. ticff ami (.i t J?hadea. Hat Rack. Venetian ? a-p> t. !*lair Knda, Walnut Lxtenaion limine 1 alt.e, Kiuvea and Porka, Oak Cane acat Oinmic Cnaira, StoM China ai.rt Ci a?a Wmre, Watar Cooler, Air-ticlita d Krank II I'tovti, Together with a geuerel a??vrtn.ent of Kitchen Rftiiait'ii r. mi (j ? 1 * <1 uun-r p'fn : ovur mm liim a rred t nf 3" an I tr' <1ay?, l?r aatisfacturilr eodoraed t^rinc iLto e*t ap 3-d A da J. C. MeGl'IRE ft CO.. Aaeta. C7"THK ABOVE S'LE I* POSTPONED ?mi .?<:? unt m t he ra n.! FRI Da Y MORN l.N(i, Afrii l.tb. ?aine ?< ?. ap 9 d J C. McOl lRV A CO , A goto. B? J. C. MetfUIRE A CO.. *uotionf?r? \rFRV VAf.lTABI.K BCILDING LOT NEAR thi Capitol at AictiojiOn TUESDAY AKI KKMHiN, April mil. at S o'clock, on tn? ffMil(M.v?akttl aell. witiout r??erve, tne aa?t > rn lia'f of Lot No. 3. m >^uar? HW.frontin* JR lee* on aou'.h B itreft, brtvora N?>w J#r?e? aveoa* au<1 Kirst i>tre< t rut, ar.d rur.nug bn.ek 91 feet * inchea. Thia lot i* wsthi" the proj^fvJ exter?:on of t*>e Capitol ground*. tt e ra oof which etf-rCs a fin* opp' Ttur. t? f..r peculation. T"in? at ?a e. ap 6 d J. C. McGl'IRE A CO , Ao*t* IJ-T- T H K a nnvr Kit i' i? pnutmNi n ?? , ?o<?- nrt of tie rain, uuti! FRI 1?A V &FTIV NO??\, Ij'hin t . ? ?ri'? hour (i p ?'i J. c. McGF|RE * CO.. A wet* Bt J. C. McGl'IRK ft CO AaetHixwwt. Tri8Tkf:> sa:.k of a\ fa tensive or H->i * t asrirat inz> trrtciK -?m WFDNEMMV MOKM%G ApiU lOo'e nok. at the building on Thir teenth *t? h trxn Penn tvtcur and norih E at . bv virtue of a of trust, dated December la?. lai", and recorded in 1 l> r J A ? .\o. **. folio* 1. 2 3. 4. 5,6 and 7, we ahull ?eil ah the Fur Hi to re and Effect-, coTFnuna in far' ? Uand*o-ne nit ot walnut Parlor Furniture, cor 1*: iik ?f two Sofas, Arm Chair* ard aix Par lor Cr.airt, Marble top tVr.'er and Pofa Tabic*. W'anutand Vaa*ar.<? Whatnota. hanev Table*. Mati' tatr Spring ?eatSofa", l.ou rea. Wainut Damask covered Parlor Mnt>, Face and ??id aeat Fbftira, Clock., Mahogor Mir"?r f.ont Secret*rv and Bookeaae Gilt and Mahogany framed M r v'a, Damask an?i Lace Fu'tama, Window rhadfa. Gas Chau^eJiera, Bracket* and F; stare*. Brtuae a Three p > and Ingrain Carpeth, I M olotli, Sta r Farpett. Hurt, Rod* and Fve*. Five <4 feet Fxtei.aion Dining fide fa Mea. SixtvOak Frerch Chaira, Gift Shadea. Silver-piatrd t:aatoia. Waiter*, Sail Stand* Spoon* a d t-oraa, I.area quantity of French and Stoce C'.ana Dianer Deraert an J I ?a W are. TaM* Cut erj, G;a Ware, Tab'e, Ms.h-?anr, Waliin* ard Paicted CLamber Furni tuie, t f various p.itte.n*. Feather l'.cd?, Bo *t?n ar.d Pi'low*. Hair ai d Huak ilnU-ena--* Toll*t !*e'a. Blanker , Comfort*. Spread* ar<l Sl.eota, Op?n Coal. Radiator and Airt.gut Stove. Toc?'th??r with a large aaaortinent of excellent tfouaebokl and Kiictien Furniture i oi ntcceea i> to enumerate. al*o. *t 12 O'clock. A complete aet of Dental Ina'i t inenta and OA"* I- ixturea. Term*. $25 a d under caah : over that aum a oredit of*> and <*> da**, lor taiufaotori!; enuoiacd notes, bearing interest i. < \l.i/, I r???? ap2 d J.C MrHI IHK A <> . Auc+a. !.y J. C. McUllKK A CO. Aioiiuswri. WHICKERING PIANO FORTK, KRAT Hakp ?fd (iorsKHOLB FrEMTin is tn* Wf?t Knd at Arcnos.?On T H l. R 8 ?? A \ MOK \ I N?i, Apr 1 llth. c?'int eyeing at in o'olook. wo si a I sell at N?>. 37 7 Nin*t*entii ?t-, between ?? ar.?J H eta , its winch a'e e ? } rao'd? I Mahogany Cm? 6K-octave Ckicktung Piano K'?rte, 1 Erat Action Harp. Walnut Plush covered ?>ofa, Arm and Ladiea* Chaira. Pamrrk covered Reception and Parlor Chaira, Matb'e t .p Ce-ter and Side Tab ea, I reisch Chintz cover-d Sofa, Arm aod Parlor Cb\iri, Carpet-C"v?r'd Reception ChairrfOv*; Mirror, Mahogany bookoasee and S*hei*-ea, Mahogany VVWnot, OainMk Lac* and Chin?* Wirdow <"nrtain*, 3 oomp'cte Paictodai d Oi!t Cottle Chamber Pui'a, S do Plain Paintrd do do Heak and Cotton and H jak Mattreaaea, Biaateta, Comforta. Ac. nma?rla. Throc-pl" and Incram Carpeta, Oi^iot*. Parlor and ^hanibwr ftovoa, Chmt* overed Ka*y Chaira. Wa;n?t Eateneion Dicicg Tab's, Tab e^rr at.d i,ia?-n, China, G>a*? aod Crock'rr W?r*. 011 iito:i Air ii?iit Hmtii n?-k" ? ? <>?? Kitchen re?ui?tie?. At 1 o'o'ook, in 1'ont of th* ?rrmiM? 1 Rockava* le Family Carriage and mt of Har - re?r. T?rw ca?li. np 8 4 J. c McGUIRE A CO , Aucf. h? GREKN A williamsj\acuodmra. Hol'SEH'*' D AND kitchkn FURNI tl'kk Wins amii i.iQcoa ftobb, Vijtboa* manv factory ik fixk 0j>ebati03 ritdu tub (icii-k raoc?r*. at arctios?ob tfet KSDa\. the litn ini ant we n a.l ?^!l at l?i o'clock a no . at No. 392 Seventh ?t eot, three door* north or H nwi n'?r?h, mi <*xc>ll?ut aa*ortn ?nt of liqaora, Win**. vinetar, kurmtiire. Ao., nameu? Lot of 7 st.\nd ?. punted, l.ot of whikkv lu ixitf*, !? i * i- >ur i*fv * ''^ijika ..u * nranriea in ^otti?*, Fine lot Bitters, Cordials acd IloJand Gin in do. F in* lot Percu Caps, L&mp Wiek and Fteel Pcn?, Fai ?j ?o&m. Tea CmddiM, Letter Prass and Iron s-a<e. 3 se's sca!es and Weighta, I fine s?t hrass Scales and VVeighta, h oor.rls, Measures and Scoop*, With uiauj oUer tibe ei is th?ishopke?pinc line. Also, The Furniture in the h?us?. "ompriaing i|tn?r?i a?*ortin*nt of Hou?eho!d Goods, - N. B?Art person desii inc to pureliasa the Via erar Mauufaotory at private sale can rcoeira a.I information relative thereto t>y ealiinc oath* un dersigned p ev oustoda- of sale. Terms caah ir current funda. aP5 d GREEN a WIlli AMS, Aaots. B* J. C. MoSl'IRE A CO , Auctioneers. Extensive sale by catalogue of Fi'kmitch add Efpmct* or. Cl*t> Hotil, WasHiNoroN. D. c -On MONDXY MORNING. April i5th, commencing at 10 o'o ?o?, and oontin uin<fr>mdar todayuutt' the whola la diarosed of, we will tel. a 1 the Furniture trd Kfeota "f i k.U H. .-I * ?i ?uh. ?fouiV| iiriwffn XI M<1 4K ire?t?, ci'inp i?ing at ont one bsndred parlor* im chamber*, vis: Very superior and nrarW new Rosewood Ckieker iug i?vr, octave Piano Forte.Cover and Meet* I ar(* and handeorae Frecch p ate Mantel Mirror*. Gaa Chaudelier*. Brackets and Fixtaree through - oot, Handwme Walnut and Mahogany Parior Fjrni lure, finished in B'oaatella, Piu*h and Hair el-tk. Marble-top Center,flofa and Side Tables, Wa nut Wbatnot. Farcy Chain and Table*, Walaut Writing Desk* and iiookoatee. Handsome Veivetand Brussels Carpets. Oile'oth. Regt and Ingrain Carpets. Oilt-irarae Mantel M irrors, Vaee* aad Orramerts. Bri catelle and Laoe Curtains, Cornioe and Fix tare*. Rosewood and Wairnt Bedstead* lir Ming fin renui, Wash stand a aad Ward re Nee. levttier Bedi. Bolster* and Piliove, Toilet Sets. V^unr-u n&irai.a rtO?K Mttt MIM, I-arc* quautitr of Bed and T?t> e Limb, Blanket*. Comiort* and Counterpane* la larie qu-.rt t:??. Dimuf r*t>l?*,Oak Pininf Chair*. Fret on and Stone China Dinner, Deaaert and Tea \y t Table Cutl'ry, Silver.plated Ware, Caalor*. Cfcafing lJiahea, Waltera, Coffee and Tea Urn*, Sar, CouLter aad Fixture*, i&?.V62SEioa-r???, Sudani Boiler , H< atini Ap?aretue, At. 1U|?I "Or Tiut 1%TK? *B?Ltlty of UoBMhOid Ef fcC't Dot DMMIk T to OOOB.OrMO. T<?nn? : g&< and mdor out; ortr that i eradit of to aod 90 d?j?, for iou?fa>lonly DOtM, bMrmc IDW'lt _ inaL? ?oAd J.C. McQUIKE A CO.. A w E Would amxi tfco fctwntloB of V V E Would rN^cUui i ? cummers who bar auh to oar (Nov fyeum "of firing off ft disoonnt of firo fr ocnt. for the Htuii bat "on* prio?v' eoftomom will MO it? clftnoo the (root Mvirg moor M* ifilta. Wo inTlU ft I to MM1M 1 N< '