Newspaper of Evening Star, April 9, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 9, 1861 Page 3
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I.OCAL NEWS. Though 1 he SrA* la printed on tke faateat ?u ic pcm in m* aontb of Baltimore, it? edition t? %c larrc u to require It to be put to prew at an her; Adv-rti*en?ent?,^?ere?ore, ihoald be mt la beVre ll o'clock m.; tberwlae they may "t appear antti the neit day. None*.?District of Columbia Advertlaementa o b?- lnaertrd in the Haltimosb 8ri*are received tad forwarded from Thk Stab OBce. Cut Cocsctl, April 9.?Bnmrd of AM'rmem ? A communication was received from the Mayer announcing h'? having signed the following acta: An i?ct to supply a deflrirnry In the appropriation for tbe purchase of oil for the uie of the Union ' Fire Company; an art authorising tbe Mayor to anticipate the revenue of the Corporation for cleaning and m aterlng Pennsylvania avenue; an ct for tbe protection of owner* of property told for taxes by this Corporation. Alao, a message from the same, askln? for an appropriation of H'-O to meet a small deficiency already existing, and to provide for tbe payment of tbe account* of the ward apothecaries for the quarter ending March 31, referred Tbe petition of J A. Fletcher was referred to the improvements committee. Those of Mr Br?wer. A Ursf and W . H Taylor were referred to tbe claims committee That of J. P Maxwell was referred to .the polic* committee The nomination of J 8 V\illl?ms for commis sioner of th* northern market-house was reported back from tbe police committee and confirmed Bill to supply a deficiency In tbe sppropriat on for medicine for tk?e poor or the city for the cur rent year; passed Mr. ward Introduced a resolution requesting the Mayor to inquire why the buildingserected In rear of tlie City Hall for a ball on the 4th of March last has not been retread, and authorizing him to cause It to be removed at once; passed Cornmc* Council ?The following bills and joint resolution* were parsed: Resolution instructing the coriiiiiifte* on police to examine the sanitary condition of the central guard bouse; resolution Instructing the committee on wavs and means to Inquire Into the expediency of reducing the rates for advertising for the corj>oratloii; bill for the re- , lief of tie Sssf Bsor?i bill authorizing the con struction of a drop sewer In an alley on llie north side of Pennsylvania avenue, in square No 2-25; bill for the grading and graveling of G street north, between Fourth and Fifth itreets west; bill for graveiing Seventeenth street west, between I and M north; bill to rnforce the collection of water tavs; bill authorizing a special contract for the erection of sidewalk flre-plug?; bill authori zing the erection of a fireplug on the comer of Kart Capttol street and Third street east; bill making an appropriation of J*7U for repairing the Northern Liberties market; joint resolution for the relief of Joseph L. Lowrie. The following bills, ttc , were referred : A bill for the enlargement of the sewer trap corner of G and Thirteenth its west; bill for the erection of fire plugs on H st. north; bill mak'.ug appropria tion for the expenses of the pipe yard; bill making appropriation for im-dlclne for the poor; joint resolution relative to toe removal of the inaugura turn-bill room; joint resolution for th? relief of F. J Walsh, a petition for tbe construction of a foot ing on O st s< utb, on square No. 357 r he foilowi <g bills, &c , were laid over: Joint resolution authorizing the Mayor to pay certain laborers for work done on water mains; a resolu tion for tiie reduction of the salaries > f all of tbe "orporaflon "fli.trs; a bill for the reduction of the xpense* of tbe Corporation. [Tbis bill pro vides that after tbe 30th of June next all salaries to tbe amount of $SU' shall be reduced '2<> per ceiit , and also abolishes the office* cf tbe Ci'in irisatoiter of Healtb, Wat-r Registrar, and Pur veyor, and removes from the list twenty live police officers J Rather Cool Operation?l.ast evening a Mr. Welden, a resident of this city, entered tbe h.->u?e of a Mr. Fentress, In th'! Second Ward, which be attempted to search without tbe consent of the proprietor Not fancying such an impudent operation, Mr Fentress sent for offlcers, wbo tr rtsted Welden and took him to the central guard house. Justify Clark inquired into the matter, and a statement was mvle to tbe effect th?t sev eral weeks ego Welden engaged rooms at Mr. F ' bouse f'.-r a lady, to whom he claimed that he was married. The woman also rial ins to be bis wife l.ast evening Welden called tbere to see tbe lady, t?nd w;-.s informed that she was not in, and further, that she bad left word that she aid not desire to see him. Welden Insisted on seeing her ard enteral in search, mid subsequently wis arrested, as above stated. W . claimed the right to pav the board of any woman he chose, aiid In any bouse he pleased He was told not to be quite so unceremonious In future, and on promising not to visit the house of Mr. F. a^ain without leave, was dismissed Flag Psfskstatios a*d PaSap* ?The ladies of the Fourth Ward <>f Georgetown, yesterday, presented that gallant corps, Company C, Ander son Rlfl's. with a handsome silk banner. The presentation was made on behalf of the ladies by &1ayo< Add son, who acc ompanied It bv an elo quent spetrh Oapt Rodier, of the Rifles, re sponded In fcand?otne style. The uew fl ig was duly saluted; time cheers iriven for Mayor Addi son; nine ditto for the Fourth Ward ladies; and then the company, preceded by Withers' Band, paraded to Washington, where they attracted much attention as thev marched through our principal streets A lady dsguerreotyplst in V. .. * L. A -?* ^ * " v-' im ri n-.icmpiru io pn I'jjjraph the com pany u they passed her establishment, but the dr.iz'.y weutL?-r prevented the operation frn:t? *>*:ng succesaf ;1. TH()?i Suake? ' -The Washington correspond ed t of the New York Herald a<ys : "The Head letter Deparfment of tbe General Foat Office was the ?r?*ne of great consternation veaterday afternoon I pon emptying aoine l>ags jaat arrived from Florida, two cnpper-bes.d snakes suddenly emerged from their content* to the In tense fright 01 the ctliclils. The repttlea were killed after an exciting scramble. Comment on this dastardly piece of vengeance ia unnecessary " I pon inquiry we learn tbat no ?uch ' nafx" have reach -d toe Dead Letter Office: bat there is n impression afloat that on Friday laat, la open ing some bags containing dead letter matter, at the City Poat Office, a con pie of anakea were found and killed, as stated. As, however, tbe City Pest Office officials poh-p"h tbe whole atory, there la prubabiy nothing In It. Gca*chocs*? Btfort Jmtite Clnrk ? Patrick Kane, charged with driving liia borae on the pave ment, was fined SI 91 wm Dndd, accused of open profanity, wm fined Si 94 Joseph King, a v?>v?w Hmu, ?r"? vruu^ui uriorc jubijcc uiarK a day or two since charged wilb disorderly conduct. The disorder grew out of bit being pursued on tbestre?l by fc white man, In wbo?? store be bad obtained change for a *5 void pleee The white man inliaed the gold piece Immediately after giving change, and supposing King bad got it, pursued him and took back the change. Yester* day, the roan fonnd the ^old piece, and Imme diately returned King hia change. Kcil Tiiuk* ?During the paat two week* the w od pll?-a and coal heaps of various d?-a'crs have been plundered bv petty thieves, ao:ne of wlom bavf t>een arrested and are now awaiting trial In court. Bat the arrest of these has not **npped tbe operations of others, and we hear of %n .ay prlv.-te individuals who have been losing by similar depredalots TLe losers dec lare them selves willing to contribute to tbe assistance of the worthy poor, and some would hardly inquire t?to tbe standing of those who would apply for id: but they do not fancy the style in which the fuel pilferers manage the business. Arr&iRs ix CnsBLisrox. ? The Charleston Mercury of Saturdsy stiles that supplies were for warded ss usual to Major Anderson on Friday. Tbls, It Is alleged, was in consequence of certain minor details of the military arrangements which baa not txen completed on Thursday. Later in formal >u by trleyraph announce that the sup plies Were cut off on Saturday fitiruits from Balttmort ?TbestesmsbipThos. Swan, from Baltimore, brought here, on Friday, Js recruits for the arruv of the Confederate State* They were landed at Cattle Plnckney.?Court'r. Castiss Difbbbkd ?The casting of the two lower sections of tbe statue of Freedom, for tbe dome of the Capitol, which waa to hare taken place to morrow at Clark MIlia' foundry, has been deferred for aonie days In consequence of an ac cidrnt One of the four chains that auatalned the mold baa parted and let it down into tbe pit, damaging the moid and flaak somewhat, ao that a abort period of time will be required to set all right a^ain. ivr mention the fact to prevent dis appointment to imny who were intending U go c.jtte-ruorrow to witness the caaliug Tutui ?Tbe "Naiad Queen'' continues to be tue rard at the Theater. To-night Jefferson appears In two favorite characters, aa Schtiapps In the Naiad Queen, and as Golightlv in tbe amusing afterpiece "Lend Me Five Shillings " The Naiad Queen will be (resented for tbe last time to-morrow night. So that but two more opportunities remain Ior witnessing this splendid play, and all wbo have not seen It should secure mu at oner , The closing fare* of to-night mutt not be missed, by any manner of mean*. CamutAL Corn?Judge Mtrrick The Court met at the nuil hour Mr. W H Phillips, , rounvrl for bodard Bailey, charged in seversi In. dlctmeuis with larceny and coasptracy to demand toe U S Government, addressed an argument to Um Court lu demurrer to a count In tbe Indict* meat descriptive of tbe property alleged to have been stolen The question rass*d was whether the bonds In question are a description of paper which tbe statute makss It a felony to withdraw from the Government office Those wbo desire to rent a fine dwelling bouse la tbe First Ward will do w?U to consult the ad vertisement of Mr. Psnrsoa la another column , 3es also what be say* aboat su perl or G osbsa batter Tib cohtwkpl at id Raid m* Wnnm< to*? Bern McCullorh't ScKttn*?Further Partic ulars? What tt ts Proposed to Do?In the third edition of th? Kvening P<st of Saturday, *f stated that Major Ben McCullook had organized a military forr? for the purpose of Uiaklug a . descent upon Washington. ?.? * ? ? ? -? -- - r nriner parucuiars01 mis movement have com# to our knowledge A Virginia gentl^mm. now In this city, informs ua that h? bad a long fonvr nation with McCulloch a few davs since, and that the design of attacking the Federal Capital waa fr^-ly avowt d by that reckl ss filibuster McCul loch. who is well knowu as a Texan ranger of unusual bravery and skill, declared to our in formant that his sole object in visiting Maryland and Virginia waa the organization of a suitable military force to be prepared for Instant service aa soon aa war had actually commenced. There are In the ranks of tbe secessionists in *;jsU?ra Virginia and Maryland many desjierate men. who seek an opportunity to precipitate those StU?sinto revolution. The severe contest now going on in Virginia between the secessionists and the conservatives attords sufficient evtdence that the prerl pita tors area strong body, capable of ruablng to any extreme act of violence which Srntnlsea notoriety or the acquisition of power. 'he fierce debates in the Virginia i*t?te Conven tion, the traitorous proclivities of ex-Oov Wise, the cries of the sec-vslonlst press of the ?tate, all point to tbe real object of the tnltors, who are now struggling to obtain the ascendancy Thus far these schemers have failed in their aim, but the pressure is still steady, and the efforts of the rebellloiA spirits ?f the S'.ate are so persistent as to inspire the liveliest apprehensions in the minds of th- lovers of the Union. In Maryland a smaller but not less determined body of secessionists have taken open ground In fjvor of revolution. Checked In their career by tbe nstrlntir stauH of Hnw Hi?w? fuml to call a State convention has called down ii|K>n blm the extreme wrath of the rebels, they have yet found opportunity* for demonstrations of a treasonable character, and count among their numbers a large array of uneasv spirits who anti- ; clpate the approach of an hour when they can do the work of destruction Public meetings have ! been held, public men have spoken, and one or two of the Baltimore p?p?rs argued In favor of secession. A strong pressure of conservative sen- I timent and the tin mi ess of Gov. Hicks have blocked the game upto this time, but the ferment continues. McCulloch. fully aware of these factj. stated to o:ir informant, In the course of a frank conversa tion. that his object in coming from Texas was to cement and consolidate the secessionist senti ment. He saw an opportunity for exciting 'he passions of the discontented, and proceeded without delay to put his scheme in practice. He now declines, In the most positive manner, that, with the assist nice of Gov. Wise and other rank secessionists of ttie ultra Virginia school, he has succeeded In effecting a complete military or ganization, recruited both from Maryland and Virginia. The number of men already enrolled is five thousand The order is that thev shall be ready for active service at a moment's notice, and that the first step will b? to march upon \\ ashln^ton and th* s"!zure of the federal capital and the archives of the government, at the mo ment when civil war shall commence Th? active military preparations of the government h.ive inspired McCulloch and his fellow-rebels with the belief that a decisive blow is to be struck, and the opportunity that will then be i flared for a display of his force will be eagerly suzed.? A' V Post of Monday evening. Alexandria Affairs ?From the Alexandria Gaiette we gather the following : Notwithstanding a great deal of the early fruit wns killed by the late cold spell, still, as we are creditably Informed, present appearances indicate that tli? re will l?e no lack of fruit the coming seaaiv. The peach, pear, cherry and other trees are still blooming, and inspections shows that we ball have a sufficient crop of each of these deli cious fruits As Major Ben M< Cullocb's whereabouts is to same apparently a matter of doubt and solicitude, we will stat" that a box contain!! g, as was sup posed, a sample rifle, directed to him, arrived in this city yesterday morning A large number of tii* members of Washington Lodge, with a delegation from Andrew JacVsou I.odge, ol Free Masons of this city, paid a visit, on Friday night last, to Hiram Lodge of Washington city. A tine entertainment, and a whole-souled welcome greeted the guista, and all enjoyed themselves Speerhei were made by Dr. Magru der, of Hiram Lodge, aiid bv members rf VYaaL iiiL'ton and Andrew Jackson Lodges There have been, during the quarter ending with March, but two fr*e negroes registered at the Clerk's office. This is a falling off upou tLe same period of last year At the Union meeting held last evening to ap polntdelegate* to the District Convention to nomi nate a candidate for Congress, the following gentlemen were appointed : First Ward?Edgar Snowden, sr , Stephen Shinn, T S Jamieson, Thornton Triplett Second Ward?J. 8 Hallo wed, Geo T Whittington, J. I.. Smith, Sainuel Tennesson Third Ward?J. M -Stewart, H. C. Dorsey, I L Kinisr, H. Cook. Fourth Ward? W. H. Fowle. Win II McKnight, W D Mas sey, Isaac Buckingham. The I.ate Dick W Collins ?The following notice cf this young gentleman, who committed suicide, 1* taken from the Memphis (Tenn ) Ava Innche of Monday. April 1st: " Dick W Collins, of thie State, for many years acierk in the Pension office at Washington, as will be seen by our local rc|K?rt, committed suicide by shooting himself on Saturday It was our pleasure to have known hiin for many years, whilst engaged in h:s rtflclil duties at Washington He came there before he h^d attained hist in inrlti? :n.H ' ?" ? J | OKU | Vt'VI *1 W U If II |1* pointni'-nt to supply the place of hi? father, Mrh? bad but recently died. The credit is due him of having, a? a t(ood son. d schar^ed all the obli gation* to his widowed mother which the duties of UIIkI alfection imposed upon him. He b*d InnuiTicrHblo friends Indeed, all who came in contact with hint, and oitservtd his noble and generous impulses, couid not be other than h!s friend. He h*d but one eneinv, ?ni that himself "llut let us throw the curtain over his only weakness, for that was known to himself, and the contemplation of It brought hlin to the end which noble men often consummate when, overcome by the oppression of the moment, they Use sluht if the responsibilities of the dread riture. it is a Insular fact that the first notice we had that he had arrived here at all was that which informed us that be had consigned himself to eternltv. He reached the city In the l-o'clock p. m train yes terday, bavinj; resigned his office, and returned here to spend the few short davs of his life in Lis own Tennessee VVe would have been glad to have clasped his hand in the full bloom of life, and renewed onr past strong friendship Now we must content ourselves with following his remains to their untimely ^rave, and with reposing this lait tribute of regard upon tbe recollection of his memory."?Stales and Union. * [Advkktukmknt Father Bke?on asd thk Mix'* Christian Association ?Editor of Ev ning Star : l'lease do n.e and the cause for which I plead the justice to publl?b the following state ment : Several public meetings, in different balls and churches, have recently br*eu held In the cliy of Washington, at whlrh <jentiemen from Oregon, California, Arizona, and otfcer Territories, b.>ve made statements of the enormous crucltles towards tbe Indians, and of fraud* committed by officials whose position should have ensured justice. It was to ask for ro-i/peration in the expression of a moral sentiment, and to protect a defenceless people from lawless outrages, that we appeared before the Hoard. Hut it seems, from the follow ing preamble and resolutions published in tbe morning papers of Saturday, the (Kb instant, we were understood by the Young Christiana of * *T l i _ r?-?? * * * \y naaingioii k,iiv 10 nave auk?*a ttiriu for that (endorsement of character) of which we already have all we need : Whereas, Mr John Bee?on has pres^ntvd him self before this Board, and proposed tome co-op eration on tbe part of our Association with hirn in his eff.rts in behalf of tbe Indian race, and an endorsement by us of his character and enter prises; therefore Hesolred. That, after haying beard the state ments of Mr. Heeson. relative to co-operation with him In his efforts to ameliorate the condition of tbe Indian*, and being satisfied that this work is not legitimate to our purposes, we decline to tike any action on the subject. Knotted. That w?do not recommend Mr. Bee son to the confidence or assistance of tbe commu alky. It* Additional Militia Apfoimtmkxt*.?Th? fol lowing gentlemen have been appointed otflcers In the Militia of the District of Colulhbla: H. B. Sweeny, division Quartermaster, with the rank of Major; John L. Smith, Lieutenant Colonel of the 4th regiment of infantry; William Laird, jr., j first Lieutenant in the 3th regiment; Ignatius M . j Knott, first Lieutenant Metropolitan Rifles. Kradxk, have yon ?en Prof. Wood's advertiso- ' roeul iq oar paper. it; it will interest you. &u 20-eol j HoMXorATKlC Rkmxdiu All or X)t. Humphrey* A Go.'s epeaifio Ho- I meopatrno Remedies put up expressly for family i use, in bnxe*. at IB and So cents eacli. Also, in case*. 001.taming an vial*, from $4 to 91 each, with book o| fall direction*. For sale by Z. 1). (illman, 350 Pa. avenue, wholesale and i retell acent: W . A. Fitxcaram, 333 north F street; also by F. B. Winter, corner of Massachusetts ave nue and Sixth street. Also, Pond't Extract of Wittk i aattl, for ini?raal and external inflammations of I kinds. Sold as above. ma My To tux Afflicted!?lie sure to read theadver sem? Blood ttsemenl o7 McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Pun&er. in another oolrnnn. 1/ MAKY ELLEN JOHNSTON, both ofthU citj. - . BIRD, Ob theIth losMat. THEODORE H BRISCOE, Med 19 rears uid 1 raonlh. Hu funeral will Uko fl*o* to-morrow tX 10?'olk* FURNITURE! FURNT Wi desire to call the attention of all who in FURNITURE, to Inspect our larj* and w*ll select our S ock every conceivable article nece to cellar. We have? Handfome PARLOR SUITS, nphols'rred In B GILT FRAME MIRRORS. BR V KEFS and MARBLE TOP COTTAGE SETS, In Oak. lr MARBLE TOP CENTR E TABLES, K.XTE WASHSTANDS. WARDROBES. "*I !>F. BOA HAT RACKS, HALL CHAIRS, SECRETAR HAIR, HUSK and COTTON MAT TRESSES SALES at AUCTION, of Real or Persona the city. Liberal advances made on Goods consigned foi BD ;! 'iiwlw 319 IRON OKEAT CRASH is We have just reoeived our second supply ol NEW DRV GOODS from the great crash in the Northern oities, theinnstof whioh has t*en pur chased at shout half their real value, and will be sold at the same sacrifice. | READ OUR PRICES. " U'J? PRACTICE NO DECEPTION." Figured Poplins and Urfj fioods, 6, 8,10, li, 16, 18, 25, 31, 37, 50. C2o Plain B!aok Silk 62.75 H7,95o., worth $125 I2S Caliooes,( warrant fast colors) 8<s I2>? Shirting. Purple and Black do 10a %o Organdie Lawns 2r-c 12H very handsome (tnst co ors) Lawns. 10c i m.* u iliuo u i V. v* 4?I?C?IIIS 1O iS Kentucky Jeanc. 12>4o I2*? (yard wide; lileached Cotton 1"0 -.5 Fancy \Vo?l Two*d? 5oo SI All Wo?l Fsiim (!t<ura?ra. 753 t>.5Qand .ff> Stelia Snaw.s,< tiroelie border i a 5" to !?5 Lace I'onitu 11.75 to ;3 _ i and 2.50 Parasols and Silk Umbrell's, to %'2 J ri?tk L.iner> an-1 \V hite C&mbrio SI 12-fprine Huoptkirts and 1 wee Veils ?<w LH Linen H'dk'la ajid \Vlute Hose .. 8a i5 tiauntlets 12H? Shakers *3i MATTHKWS S. cork. .13** Skvbnth Strkkt. ap 6 7t Remember, tho east side, bet landK. Names and initials stamped on Paper and Envelopes free of charge at DEMPSKY & o TOOLE's, ap 8 2t 320 Pa av , between 9th and l<Uh stH. \ UfMllVtl I/R. RICH ARDJ?* Has movtl to2!Mi F, between 12th and 13th streets, north side. Office Kooins, WO, wing et ap 8 1 w | THE PRINCE OF WALES HAS GONE, but ! 1 the PRINCE ?'F WAI ES O >1,1. A US have ( arrive! at SMITH'S*, No. 160 Seventn st. apo lm i Rkmoval. ' LIFE AND FIliE INSURANCE. The Agenoy of the P*nn Mutual Lifa Insurance Company ol Philadelphia, tho Commonwealth h ire In?usance Company of t?eStataof Pennsylvania, and the North American Fire lnsurar.ce Company of Hartford, Connecticut, is removed to th9 Waih ingt"n Buildm*. corner of }*oventh utrcet and Per.n. avenue. No. .'14 fi, first floor, where ail information onl.ifeand Fire Insurar.oe ma* he received free of charge. Irsuranoeat the usualoity rate*. Losses paid p'omptly. ap 6 3.' JOHN RIGGI.KS. Agent. WNEW GOODS. E Aro cow adding to our stock a iarre and de sirable lot of NEW ItOlinM mimmUinr ?b?i?. thin* that in Dew and desirable, whwh we propose to sttil at a tmall price All persons in wa.tof L)R V (i(H)US wiH always our stock complete in &'l its branches, and at the lowe*t prices. 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Shaw!*, ('"vera, I'uitains, and Cr.rpei*. Also, <ien'le:neirs Clothi.ig oan be cle.\n?i| v? ithout !oar ii K any sul stacce by winch they will soon become ui>fit to wrar. N. H.?No?|reg? taken a^art; thereby savin* the expense ofjnaking over. (Intel.) ma 22 l;n Anotiob. IjL Persons having riwned eoods lu my pos session are hereby notified that they can lis ob tained b? calling on 111* at my resuleiic;. No. 0'J4 l-.levet tti *u, near corner of F, ! land apfl 3t? K WARD. mw thki?wok tbb?#i fll We submit to the considerations W.T * of the readers of tue Star ihs fc?l- wlW lowing; list ol priced of article* in our line of busi i,stiai i price. Ladies' Slippers .. ? 25o. fi? i > " KtiRlian Lasting Slipper* iWc. 75 ! ! " Carpet Toilet do ....Skj. 75 '* Truck sold n?wed Mor. Bo<-i? I 1 2i , ** do. Undressed d?>.... Ho l.'.'S " (Jo. CuiiK- Mor. do ... 120 175 do. Calfskin do ... 1 <* ijo ! * Light and Black Uaitera V>c. 1.25 *' Kn*. Lasting do. do 7s.o. 1?K? Women's Heeled Itcots _? 75a. 1 2"? Misses'donble-so'ed Sewed Boots..... 75c. 1 .i>o Ladies' tbk-aoled Kng. Last, heel tiait. Mm 1.25 " ? ' ".but. . 1.26 1 JO ' la addition to the a'tovo. we have Men'*, Ho?*', I Misses' and Children's BOOTS ai>d SHOKb in every variety, aoiu n: agiomi?riinr'y low pre -8. C F. CUMMIN* A CO.. Boot and Shoe Store. 34 7 Sevantli ?t.. ap 2-eotf 2 doom below Northern Market. CHINA TEA SETS?, At ?9.50 I'x* Set. We have juat opene<l al?t of Chin% T*? sat* (32 SOMETHING NEW * ON FREE EXHIBI- , TION.' ?A very large lot of CLO? HINii, I FURNISHING GOO Dm, HATS and CAPS, at ' No. 460 Seventh at. N. B ?All of th<* a^ove Roods for nale at very low prices, at SMI 1 ll'S, N<>. 4t>0 : Seventh at., between E and F ata. ap5 lin | f Of FEE URNS, TEA URNS. CHAFING DISHES. KKTTLES, Ac We have had manufactured for our own ra'ea an excellent a*rortment of Blook Tin Cotfe* IIm? piecea,) w bioh we wi>l aell at #2.50 p?r C. W. BOTEI.ER 0 ot aet. .F.H A SON, SI**, Iron Hail ap 4 3'eo Tea Urns, Chafing Dishes, Kettles, 4to., which we will Mil at greatly red?>oe<t prices C. W. BuTELER * SON, J ap4 3teo 31S, Iron Hall, j j PLAIN FIELD ACADEMY. 1 N111 Culiili, Pa. Thi'tietn se**ion. (twenty week*.) oommenoet Ma\ 6:h. Number of lad* limited to twetty five. ( Entire expense each half payable m advance. < Circular* at this offioe. To fill a few vscincies call i at Kirk wood House April IStliud 19th, trura 2 till , 4 p.m., or address '

* . K K. BURNS, Plainfie'd, ma 36 eolm Csmberland cou:ty, Ka. < OFFICE WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. 1 U Washington. March 22,1861. ?P0?ALt will be received Bp to the 15th proxi- J tne fmnishinc and delivery at or near the , site oi the Distriot Reservoir, of 4,000 cubic yards B .nken Stone, more or leea. The stone not to exoeed id sue cubes of three inches. To he hard and dnrable. Proposals?hoald be sealed and endorsed "Pro- i posa s for Broken Stone." t ma V-tApU Kng'r of'Wasli'n Aqmeduct. i j I [TRE! FURNITURE! tin T-antof HANDSOME and WELL MADt *d Stock before purchasing, at we are convin. ?^1 wary to furnish n bouae complete, from the attic troc%tei!e. Gilk Pluib, Laitlnc and Hair Cloth, si.a Ma n tati >n Oak, Mnole and Painted, from #24 o?, VION TAHLF.S BUREAUS, r ns, etagkres, IK?. WRITING TABLES, . HOLSTERS and PILLOWS. 4r., Ac. I Property, carefully attended to In any part ol Auction. ROTELER & WILLSOIV, HALL, PENNSYLVANIA AVKWl'E, Between 9th and K'th >ta., 2d and 3d floor*. FOR SALE AND RENT l^OR KF.N'T?A comfortable two- stoi jr FRAME r HOUSE,on Nineteenth str?e\ potwesn ] ami K *tree:s north. Inquire of J. C FEARS? >N. No, 334 Nineteenth tt. ap J eo3t* ffOR HALE AT HALF PRICE?The FURNI TIKK ami a.'l Housekeeping Artio:n of a (small family. now in use. with all on the premise*, lid house for rent. Inquire at the first house from Sec nd * reet west, ou O, aflor 3 o'o ock p. in. a?8-2t? TO LET?Furnisne?l or unfurnished, a part or the whole of HOUSE No. 4VJ3 Eleventh St., * few doors l>e|ow the Lutheran Church.or the Furniture will be ?old oh?ap. Inqtiire on tne pres ses or at Room No. 1U, Urst Hour of the Treasury B uilding. apt-at* TO LET-A three stort BRICK HOUSK situ ated on FirKt ?t. west, between D and E sts. north, aontaining 7 looms; rent per month. Mso, a three utoty Brick House on H st. north, iatween2d ai.d id ?t? east. or tuning 8 iooit.s; ent #10 rer month. Also, a th-ee s:ory Buck House on 1) et. north, between 2d and 3d ?ts. we?t, ontaming 7 rooms, No. Possession of the ast an be had on the 15th in?t Inquire next floor if each, or of GEORBE FOLLaNSBEE. U*i ^enter. on Third #f. west. ap 8-ooti I^OR RENT? Aoomf. r abletwo sttiry BRICK HOI'SF, containing 6 rooms ami eas, ou the lorth side of K street, between Mth and l"th s's. ftlso.a two-Rtory FRAME, with 6 room?,on K>v irith *trortt hrttwartn ? "r ervwuni li.aoiraofC K. I'. RICHAK 1)5*- ?N, Kncon Dealer, Center ani! Northern Libjru-* Mar ket#. ap fi-erst HOUSE F(7k RENT AND FURNITURE FOR SALE.?House and Furniture nearly lew. lnqnire at No. 39-1 1 street, liotvr*??n 12th ind !3tli. after 3 o'cl?olr. up 4 tf CMiR HALKOR RKMT?A FKAMK HOUSE, I containint Beven room*, t '(tether with the fur >itnra,situated on New Joraey avenue, between M a-d N sts wnrtlj Also, a new three-story brick ti?<uge. with back huildirig, on the ?amo square, No. l.'?0 Fourth st ) Also, some valuable L9T8, ill of wh oh wi.l he cold very cheap, inquire of J. I?. RVNARD, New Jersey avenue, between M ind N ap 4-tf HOUSE TO LET,on f'&.avernn, No. J13,op posite Wiilards' Hotn'. Inquire of OH AX. \V. W aLLACH, Attorney,or at So. 310 E strec and 110 Pa. avenue ap 3-1 w* I^OR RENT?A small FARM or MARKET OAK DEN, containing 14 accs of lard, situ atrd on the I'iney Branch Road, a *ew iiundred vards north of Columbia College. The iniprove vimiri < I <1 l.?It OT10K <2 W<* 11 Rg <t''> I) [MM Il< ? r< (im? and .1 ki*ohen, and a ttaMe. Kor tctiub, fcc., apply at 'J 16 Fa. avenuo, opposite Wii arda'. ap ^-tf POK RKNT-A thre*-?tory BRICK '.KU'SK. ? on H *t., WaHhiiuton city, between 13 h ar.d 8"th, at present occupied by Assistant Attorney lieneral. Mr. McAlir.ont. Pogsecsion *iven?!hof April. Alr.o, a first class STAND for business of any kind, p->rn?>r Gav a d High struetn, opposite Forrea' Ha]i,U?<*r<**town. I>. O P'iB?<iS'On tuen immediately. Apply to BLADEN FORKKST, Georgetown. ap22w* f|M>R KENT- A BRICK HOUSE. hImmm 12rooiiic, with Potiimac water and &a*. on I su?t5t, bet-een inth ?ad 14th, opposite Krfcnk'in Square. at \V AKDEK k hTKWARf'B W ood ar.d Coal Office, comer of n and Twelfth ti. Alto, brick House comer Twelfth and 1. _m? a-tf _ FM?R RKNT?On May 1st, the large aud comnio dlOU? HljUftK Oil I .nniblAn? ftvariii* the City Hall Square, row occupied by Mr. \Ve'>b &k & dwelins: ami law office, and adjoining the bona* of Mr. Kiohard Wallach ma a-tf l-KANCK TAVI OK. HANDSOMELY FURNISHKD R??()M? Four lia dsoiuriy Kurnibli'd Kooms, supplied with sa>> ai:d water, and convenient t>j the Fat^i.t and Post Office Departments, for rent. Appyat 4f>0X Massachusetts avenue, north srfe, bet w?n 4th and 5th ?ts. m\23 STORK FOR RENT.?A laree Store-room on Pa. av??i,uo, p-itoini :(? our Ruction rooms, for rent. Appiv to WALL & IIAKNARD, 4ieti? and Comm!f>*ion Merchants, oorner Ninth street and gout'i aide Pa avenue. mar II FOR 11KNT?A throe story brick HOUSK,con taining 8 rooms, in cood order, with tax fix tures complete, on 11 stroet, ><etween 4tn and 4th. Also, a two nun-* brick <JOTTA(jK, with iar*e yar ; attached, corner of F c'roet north aii'l 14th st. ea*t. To punctual and roliat-Ie tena>,ts the term* will be n;<?dorato. App!/ at 4*t> Twelfth street, between G aad H. no 13-tf F~ 'OR RINT?The fin* OR ICR UoTTiTh No. 100 Wi'itit., <?eor^etown, at present occu pied by the nubacriber. It has li rooms, with ra? ami wl?r t; rourii'"!?. a Sue >ard, etaUe A j , and is in acot>d uei(.hlrt.;liijvd. A?p.kyto J AS. A. MA GRl'DF.R. ociVif SCHKNCK'S TRF.AT1SK ON CONSIMP TION ?T'> be had free of eharre at tho Drue St >re of S. H. WAI I K. crrir S*ev*:ith t>t n'd l?ouiaiana av Dr. J. II.fohenck.of Philadelphia, ha* puhlir.hed a pampM.t t irir-R a fnil deaonpiiou of the ?liH'a'n of t*?o l-ur^s, l.iv^r a'.'l Mom aeh. Fvrry tavaiid should call airl get oue. r:ia S3-I in '***- Hirda Ironi KuroppOrm?n ranariea,-*^ Knclish Black Dir.i*,Th:-u?h*'s, Hull Fir.ohea, <?o.d Fine lie*, Lli.etr, St* l.a ks. \ elio* hF.MTb Par roqabtz, Java t?carr<iw . StArlene, the Ko<! Mocaw Parrot, find preen and ar-.*. I have Mocking liiniR, R?d \V inn Itinck Ui d?, Red B'ria, Dove*, and Boh i V. ;a'ao.'I rMnrd Birda. Price ittoenta to fly i. Cax?? of all kn dt Iron 10 Oi<nt* to ? 10, at JOHN (I'MKARA'S Bird St. re, .No. 3t>6 Pa av K Are r ow sddir k tnuur itoek a large and ile*ira!> e !^t of NKW GOODS, conipricing every thins that in n'? and de*,ral>le, wl.ieh ?e pro?OMi to aeil at atfiuali pcce. A 1 p?r?ona in want of Dry tjnodK will aiway* uuil our kto^k complete in all na bra'ic'iea aiid at t.'ie iowtst pric-a. \\ wou'd un preea upon those of ourcitizena who hav* recently taken up their re?id-no?? w tli ut thai wo nave hut "' <10 price." marked in p am figure* ou e&"h arti cle a< d oiler a diascuu..t of five per cent, off all aa'ea for ca*n. We ask an examination of prnoa, bo that cua toniera can aatiafy t^emoelves in repaid to the ?av K!RPS!-BIR1>S FOR SAI.K enii?, at the Capitol at*, fe 9 ?in inj hjr purcha-Hinn.for c??li. \V. M. MIIUSTEK & CO.. No. 3?, opposite Center Marke*, ma28-10t Between Ttii and 8th ?:*. VKW AND SPLENDID dress goods. Now in store a!! the uewest styles and fabrics, with (i large ?<?Bor:niMiit ol haniicoiue 6rav Goods, for ladie*'suits. 3.<??u y\r i? Fanoy Dress which we are running otf a'. reduced p< ices to nlor a nut tl:!< a*oti. i?i pieces srpo ior 1'sin lliack Silk*, from ;..w prioo to superior pr"des. all very cheap, and which we ask purchasers ti> > xaimne. . J. W. COLLEY * CO., ap 4 2w 523 Seventh st.,_het. Djind Pa av. /Q\ Thooid e?tal?'ish<*il PAWN "F- zO\ X A^'CE, former.r oi Penr. aveiui* / ** 1 ^ l?t>etwe*n 31 a"d ?t?? i.a*!at? >|# U b^en removed t ? 3'?1 C st., between and 6tn eta., hack of the National Hotei. NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! f(10,00" to to loined in srr.all stuns on Gold an<l ?er Watches Jewelry, and all other articles of vnlii?. llum.fl-8 ?,trictly and confidentially don?. Don't fornot to call at No. 351 C st., bstwoeu 1,S ir..l bth els. i<> ?7 3m I. UKR'/.BKRG. L'It EN CI! LINEN CAMHRiC HANDKER r CHIEFS*. lifl doz. French Linen HankerchTs at *1 otr rfn? AO ilot, ifa, do. tin. i;> Ml do. 3" duz. <?o. do. do. 93.(ki do. (Thee? goods are extra cheat*.) French ^htrtmi Lin?n*, l'i?h Linen. Lm?n Toweling, Table l. ncn, Curtain Masting, M*'#eilleB (.Juil's Our ttook is full in all d?payments, and we in vite all in want of DRV GOODS at low prioes to give us & call. WM. F. RILEY * BRO., N'?. 3? Central Stores, Between 7tii and Rth streets, ap 4 2 -if Opposite Cent'r Market. ^iUN UMBRELLAS AND PARASOLS. Just receive! from the manufao urer? a la^ge tick of SI N UMHRELLA8 una PARA-^ SOLS, which ?*? se.l at very low prioes. mm l*? dozen JOI'VIN'S KID GLOVES, all T suirh'irt. We have a large etook of 1>RV k SOODS of ail kinds, and wiii aell them at tiie very lowest prices. WM. R. RILEY A BRO , No. 36 Central stores. Between 7th ao4 8th attests, ma 22 2w Opposite Center Market. magnolia hams: LM MACNOMV HAMS!! We are now receiving our first supply of Mag' <> la H-ms for this aea?o<>. Thej cm not be sur ged. KING A HI RCHEt.L, ap4 corner ISth st and Venn"nt * v. nVFICUES. PKTTY OFFICERS. AND Sea VJ men wftf. wer* on hourd ni m.n? 17 S iHtm * the oapture of anv slaver can Lave their olainis for Bounty ana Head Money promptly att?r.ded to by ipciyitu to or addressing C. P. WAI.LACh. Washington. P. C. ia tfi-tf SILK KOBKS. MOUiMIN ROBK8, LAWN ROBES, ilLRAOK KOBKH. Wear* Ml ling at half their original price Al 1 >tta?r gcods of averv deter puon we are still Bailing u cost Our stock la large and vail aisurtsj in v*rj department. TAYLOR k. HUTCHISON A NEGROES, (a GENTLEMAN A boat to remove to tha South rubes to uohaage valuable improved Real Es Ate in Gaorietown for aaveral Nesroes, for his sara ??-* B?* tfesr r THE LATEST NEWS. TE LEOHAf BIC. Virginia CcirrBUta. RirHMoxr. April & ? Immediately on the aa aembtln^ of th? Convention thla mornmj. a reao lutlon waa offered to a upend the execution of the order to^o into Committee of the Whole, for the oi uiingiipibe un&mahed business of Saturday Mr. Jackson moved that the resolution be tabled L'tt. Tbe resolution to tusp-.nd the order waa adopted by a tie vote. Mr Preston's reso'.-itlon was then taken op, as follow*. ir*er?d*, in tbe opinion of this Convention, the uncertainty which prevails In the public mlud aa to the policy the 'iovernment luteiida to |>ur*ue to ward* the seceded states la eatremely injurious to tbe commercial and Industrial Interests of tbe country, ter.da to keep up an excitement which la unfavorable to an adjustment of the pending dlffl rultlea, and threatens a dlaturbance of the public: Therefore. ?< it rtsolred. That a Committee of three dele gate* l?e appointed to wait on the I'resldentof the United ?>fatr*. and re?|i*rctfullr ask bim to com *' * - * m..?k w au tii.s i/Uiivruuun wuai course In in tends to pur*u?. A long debate ensued, during which Mewri. Potior Fauquier,and Treadw?y. Conservative*, declared that if the President's response wn un favorable they would go fjf Immediate secession. They hoped, however, that the answer of the President would be favorable to peace Other meml>eri addrraa?*d the Convention In op portion, and de< l*red that the object of the reso lution wrs immediate secession. The movements of the fleets were frequently alluded to In the progreM of the debate, and the ground assumed Wa? that Virginia having by the vote on Thursday Indicated her policy agalnit se cession, she had the right to know what these movements meant. Mr. Carlisle and all the straight-out Unionists opposed the resolution, as did some of the Cotiser VMti VM The preamble and resolution were then adopted ?yeas ,.j, nays UJ. Much to the surprise of everyone Gov. Wise voted in the negative The Convention then appointed Messrs Win. Ballard Preston, Conservative; Alexander H H. Stuart, L'nlorlst. andlieurge Randolph, Secession ists, as Commissioners to wait on the President They will leave to-morrow morning i ut- \su:iveuuon men aajourned, and it is pre will transact but little business until the Commissioners return. The (.orcrntr ( Prnmylvaiiia K'c*mmra<li au A ppr?|>rinti?n f?r Arming the Mitr. Hakriaburg, April 8.?Governor Curtln wil' send a message to the Legislature to-morrow rec ommending the appropriation of half a million doilais tn purchase munition* of war* He take* the ground tbat our people have been to long ac ustomed to pea eful pursuit* that thev have lost those military habits, and tbat it ia nc-easarv. amid the disturbed condition of the surrounding i*ta'es. to be^in to prrpare the means of aelf-pro tection Tbat it is the duty of the State to assist In the enforcement of the national laws A Ke publicaa caucus will be held on this subject to morrow The State Treasurer declares that the appropria tion must be raised by a loan. To-diyC-ps were taken ia the legislature for the postponement of the tln.e of adjournment for the consideration of this subject Special*' Ierrespondenr e (ram C harleston Philadeephia, April 9.?"Jasper," the special Charleston correspondence of the Times, under date of the ~tb. s:iys "Everything ia prepared for acttoa Veiwls hire been ordered to keep out of the range of Arc between Fort Moultrie and Fort Sumter Tiie Floating Hatt?ry is to nil this eve nine for a point near Fort Sumter A house Lias been blown up near tiie 5-gun halt, rv Business hoa been su?pended. and intense exclteineut ensu [Private advices from Charleston received here this morr<lng Indicate nothing confirmatory of the state of affairs naturally to be inferred from the foregoing ? Reporter] Great Stampede of f ugitlve Slaves far Canada Chicago. April e ?One hundred and si* fugi tive slaves, who have heretofore taken up their ahude here, left this city last night for Canada, via the Michigan Southern Railroad Over oue thousand fugitives have arrived there since last fall, most of whom have left since the recent arrest of five fugitives by the United Slates Mar shal. I?etroii, April 9.?About three hundred fugi tive slaves, principally by way of lllluois, have passed into Canada %t this point since Saturday, and large nuniWrs are reported to be on the way. Many of them are entirely destitute, and much suffering Is anticipated, no withstanding the effort* for thetr relief. The Kai>*aa Senatorial Election. Leaves worth, April G.?The following is the ote for ?? ??1 ? . ? wvuutvi ?ur J'JJ II i TB^iUll of the Kansas Legislature Jimn H Low,55; 8. C. Pomeroy, 5'J, M. J. Parrott. 50; Jared P. Stan ton, vl??; A. J luar, 11; scattering,i Some doubt is cast upon the legality of the election, owing to the exoss in the l?f of vote*, and thcliovern or wrtLhnlds tue certifloat- of election until the matter is cle*r-d The Seuate has the subject under eons'.d ration. Copious rai:.s have fallen throughout the State during the past week, and the prospect of the en suing crops are promising. Military Movements. New York, April 8 ?Large shipments of army stores are going aboard the steamer* Illinois and Baltic to-day. The steamer Illinois will probably sail hence to-morrow. The steamer lialtic silled this afternoon and pasSed the narrows at 7 o'clock. NEW YoKK. Anr'l 1??The tr:?n?nnrt Hultic and 1111 noia went to set tbl? morning. NoxrnLK, April H.?The United States steimer Pawnee s.:ii?? to-morrow morning wltij senied orders for tbe SoutU It is stated bere tint she landed two hundred and fifty troops at Fort Mon roe lact night. < hnrlestsn Rumirt. Charlesto*. April 8.? General Beauregard ha? ordered out live th'>usaud troops. Companies are (distantly Arriving and being put in position. New batteries are also bring constructed CnxRi KiToN, April 8?Evening.?Cons durable activity )? beini? manifested herein military quar ters. Indicating that matters are approaching a crisis Charlkltos. AprilS?9 |\ M ?Major Ander son's mail facilities have not been cut off. as re ported this morning, only Lis supplies have l?een stopped. The >lurder of J. Sheridan Hogan rf* ? ?? * - * ? ? i imiisro,, April a ?Tenor twelve loose character*, of both s?-*es, known as the " Brooks Hn*h (ianjf,*' have been arrested on suspicion of the murder of Mr Hogan, member of Parliament, who Lai been tiiisslnt: tift-en months. and whom h'idy was found In the marsh last week. One woman has given Information that he wm mur dered by a party of two men and women, near the river Donbridge, In December. lfco'J. H<- was murdered, then robbed, and hi* body sunk in the river with a heivy atone attached to it The four persons charged with the murder are all la custody. Wti.M!MGT<>x, April P.?There ha* been some excitement here to-day caused by the Chancellor lulling an iiijrnction (topping the drawing of Wood & Kddy's lottery, whose grant, it appeirs, has been exhausted for some time, but the provi sions of the law hare never been compiled with, and tberi fore It has been illegally drawn for some years The stopping of this lottery leave* hut one let>al lottery grant in this State. The Cabluet ( the Confederate States, ir Moxtoomkky. April 8.?The Cabinet of the Confederate States his been In suasion >11 day. Something serious Is under consideration. Im portant news is expected from Washington. A duel between Mr. Banks, editor of the "Con federation," and Mr. Moses, the correspondent of the Charleston New*, was amicably adjusted after exchanging one round. Neither was hurt. Latest from the Santhera t oniederacy. ?> A ?I I ? " ' * vunHunoiun^ npiu a ? i ? i > iitiw IIIUW n flfrf that tbe War Department of theConfederate^tatra baa called on each of tbe Statra of the Coafed**r jcy for 3,MM) volunteers, except Florida, whose quota la fixed at 1,500. Large Tire at Fall Kiver. Fall Rive*. April 6?Tbe woolen mill and machinery of tbe Dunlap Manufacturing Compa ny were destroved by fire laat uijfht Tbe atock of dry pood* waa moatlv aaved Insurance $31,. 000, Sjt Providence and Hartford < Ulcer Sixty Tana mi Skat Seat Seat t? Wew Yark. Boston, April % ?Six car loada of twenty-four nnund cannon balls. welirhintr ?!??? t?ni l?w ?v United State* arienal at fV'atcrtown on Saturday afternoon for Sew York. Fear Mile Race at New Orleaaa. New Oklbaii*, April 6?The four mile race here to-day, between Lightning and Planet, wai won by tb?? former. Time eight minute*. l.? ter ttmm Uaraaa. Niw Oiliax*, April 9 ?An arrival from Ha vana of the 4tb reports thai three more remli have aailed for St. Domingo. I Massachaaette Loglslatare. Bo?toj?, April 7._Tba State Senate yesterday passed the bill abolishing capital pun'.stmeot by a vote of Ifi to 16. i Laur lr?m Bvtpf. Niw Von, April -Tl' ?Mirablp Pen't, from Liverpool on tta* 30th. arrived tb moralog. TUf Liverpool tuirk'iaare unchanged Warlike rumor* continoatn Italy and ben mark l.?rd Palmeraton. In tipwrb to bis ronatlta rnu. adverted to the American crlals He ? Cc**ed a ferv?nt bope of an adjaatroont. aaflng, t It be what It may, It abould be arrivad at by am1c*hl? loemis Warlike rmnora continue to circulate la Parts, oppreaalng tbe bourne The concentration of Anatrlan troopa attracted rnnaidenble attention, although It waa aaaerted that tbe movements were purely defenn ve. It wai vaeoely rumored tbat Lord CMriff bad demanded fr>m tbe Fron^h Government eiptaaa tlons respecting tbe expedition to AOvaalala, aad tbe annexation of some territory at Adoulea Tbe d:arumton of the Roman cneatlon bad cloned In tbe Italian Chamber* Count Cafwtr re'teratei the urgent neceas'tv for declaring Rom* ic capital or luir, and guarantying the aplrtual power* A reaolutlon to thia e#rct, and bnplng for Don icifrrrntlon by France, ?u adopted Latest (raai I'raaarala. Niw OsLBAKa. April V -Adrle* from Ponn roia aute tliit tb( inrcbamra at tbr Warrington Navy \ ard are mucli i>n?*d on accouat of the non-payment of their wagea RecoanoUance of the Maatfc of the *11a?U aippi N*w UtLtii". April V ?A war ateamer dta gulaed wu aeen reconnoltrrlng tbe tnoutb of tha Mlaaisalppi on Monday nigbt UalUvin 1*1 or. Ms. KiLT'Htiti, April 9. ?Flour nmi, Howard at , < >blo and City MIlia beld at ?3 SO, with no nl?a. Wli^at 5c lower; red tl 3J?I 39; wb'te 91 4.Sa *1 65 Corn a'^djr; yellow ProTlaiona qu!et end unchanged Cotter firm at ltf\al3\c. vV'hiiky llTmer at l?\al*. Now York narktu. Nnr York, April 9 ?Flour dull and lower. Wh??t quiet, drooping, and un<banged Corn duli, and at a decline of lc Prorl?ioi-a quiet aud uuctiaogrd. Wbiakv dull at 1* jjc. GEORGETOWN ADVERTOT8 y-g?THF.SUHSeRIHKR WOULD MKTLKM ) -C tiiank* to the firumen and oitit^oa of <io<?r?< - town arnl W aahiuc on fr?r their kir.d an<1 art 1 [ll * til nro*? - ? ? * ' - ? ?? '?-" ?i -1 f>vpwi%| uu nif noMiini oi th? Mh m?tant. ap? M A THOMAS. Y"Vjr"'No NOK.?A *p'>oi?I meeting of the I Sf ho'Jer* of the 'I lurd Kusidioc Aeeooiation of (t??r(Mnvi will he heM lit trie Council Clam on T<JEfl)\V KVKNINU n*it, the 9th mat., at ft ?'c nek, to take into consideration the eubjeot ol the I'utnerou* withdrava'e. _ap 6 ? _ W\ K INO. ^eo. Y?^NOTICK.-?. IC k \S K 5.?All pereone 1.5 whoee licence from the Corporal*"* af Grnr|*tuwn ?ii>ire un the S'et ir.xtant are notified promp It to take out the urn*, under the law approved Juiy 7 W; otherwise ther eahject th?m?lve* to a fine, and th" law i? oompuieof* iip^n th? P'op^r oAis^ri of the Co poratioa to en force eairf fine acainit all deinqventa. ma 28 cot A pin W M. LAIRD. Clark. POTATOES! POTATOES !! 6"w hucheleof prune New Jeree* White Mercer* and **> lutlielt of 1'each B-owe jest arrived pe loop Lucy I *!*!, aid lor sale from veeeel in lota to suit purchaser*. PETfcK BCRRY, ap 8 3t ! Water it Georgetown. E STRAYS?Found strannt on the ? beeriWi premise, neat U?~ ro*>l.a out halt a ih.Io t*A: t < f the ea<io brides, a medium siz-i SOW a>ii: two Si'W I'lbtv ? white, ti^posad to have been lost from a . ru?e The owi?r can have the* bj tdent'fyin; hie pr?r ertv and raring the expanses incurred. _ap_H-3t CONRAO SHERRY. FKRRY. r OK The accommodation of Virriniar.t and *he oitizens of Georgetown and Washington, the an d?r?ign?*d lias re established ihe out ferrj f om A Anau?an li.iLJ u> Mejnold't Mil. n?ar R*j ? Mi l. A*afoan<l convenient ?e? t>->at ? the lee twrj-will :iibU? trips every hour at reasonable ratet. in* r? :w wai ti:r wtinnv. BOOTS AND SHOES. LARGE Al4 vari??j u><''tiii?i.t of BOOTS *nd hlluK-* of rxcellrnt quality ;o?t re _?JUm ct'ivrdM 114 Uri-R? *tr??*t, u-tithr OT-Efll mliuii tland acJ lor e*le 23 to 39 for oeut.W ch?ap?r than the utital price*. mag-In A. NKWBKROKn. PJtif ARRIVED. KR Pr<>|?*ii??r 8. Mftninnr. J"'m Philadelphia. 73 barr* ? ?i.<1 J "> half tia'ro.t of . Cullioa It Co '? Philadelphia DRAFT A LB. For aale br Jo _AR A HHINN JUST KLOEIVKD t? htnl<i. pr'ine Porto Rieo SUGARS 1A> bt?ie. *??1 Rje WHISKY, 2f? bl.U II iR ft I Mi and ALE WIVES. a I bbie. Crushed aud R Mined !>ICaR?, bat* R io and Java COPFKE. 10hlid?.?l? w priced* KlOLA*^K?. For sale Ur JOHN J. BOiUE. ee K Ch. 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I ow ?*?ai? that an io? prepar?si to Ml] good* on bettor Wrm? thu mr Don t f >rget to oail aadyo^k ? Z,{vmmtm ap 4-lm Wo 46Q i*-v?" tn*>t |)INNfcK BKTS, TfclA 8KT?, AND TOILKT food* u Wlioiud. C. W. BOTE g:'b%,b* .ivaTSss "IK."