Newspaper of Evening Star, April 10, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 10, 1861 Page 1
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4 _ V?-*. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. APRIL 10. 1861. Ne. 2.540. THE DAILY EVENING STAR U PJBLJBHED BVBRT APTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, C?/PtnnrulirtAi* av4*u$ mJui 11(4 ?*., ?T W. D. WALL,ACQ. Papers erred ia ^Qtiiu by oarTlara at 94 ft year, or XI oeats per month. To mail aabeerlbera the priae ia #3J0 a year, m mdwut; 98 for aix months, #1 for three montha; end for laea than three montha at the rate of 12oenta a week. 8ini*e eoptea, oni cmit; in wrapper*, two caATS. 1L/" Adv saris** asrs snould be sent to the ofioe before u o'otock m ; otherwise they may not appear antil the noxt day. THE SERFS OF RUSSIA. Thii AAA nf ?rf? mi?K? Ka ? v* ?W. ?V, MJ V VV UI ? iUVU IU round numbers as follows : 20,000.000 of crown crfs, 2.000,000 ia the imperial domains, and 20,000,000 under private proprietors. Already the crown serfs and those of the imperial domains are declared free, and the emancipation of the rest is onlj retarded for the completion of the necessary arrangements. The connection between proprietor and serf has, of oourse, ver varied according to circumstances; being mild and patriarchal on some estates, slavedriving on others. By law, the labor to be imposed ou the serf, for the land he holds of bi? master, is that of three days per week; yet many proprietors force their men for six day8 during the summer, and in winter field labor i? impossible. Luch properties may bo soon recognised by the squalidness and misery of the peasantry. A certain proprietor, passing from the south to tit. Petersburg, told toe that, passing twice through such a district, ho inquired the reason of so much poverty and dirtiness among tho people; tbo answer was that the yame.schil, or landlord, took six days a week, and th:it they had no time for themndves. In a villugo about the center of the country, in the same condition. I a.-ked the mine 4'jestion, and received the same answer. My conversation was with theyar/uhii, or postillion, who was a serf of the estate, and hired out on the Obruk system; he received sixty roubles a year the whole of which he had to pay to bis proprietor. " But this will soon be over now,' said the man. Svobodnie eh ite j>i oboduie?to be free, or not to be free, that ?k. ? ?' ^ * - t- iuc ucouuii IlUW. UQ XSK1D2 lUrtDCT, 1 found he bad not the least idea or any of the blessings of freedom, but thought they conected in doing nothing, or only so much as to provide the means of getting drunk. Of this, however, there is no doubt, that since the emancipation has been mooted, many proprietors have been doubly hard in squeezing as much labor as possible out of the perl's; whilo the serfs, knowing they would soon be free, seem resolved to do as little as possible. Many proprietors, on the other hand, when Ibe sabieet tr*?lr R ^ ?1 tarily emancipated their serfs or made arrangements with them. A friend of mine, an officer in the navy, on his return from a long Aovage, when the peasants came to congratulate him according to old custom, a Idressed them seriously on the change about to take place in their condition. With one voice they cried out they were happy as they wanted to be, und did not want to be free. Indeed, under an ea?y, humane proprietor, serfs ere almost as much a burden as a profit. They have no cares but such as their labor imposes, and the proprietor is bnund by L 1 ? .1 * * manjr uuuag 10 iaem; ne mast p?y their taxes to the Government; if their isba. or hut, be burned down, he must rebuild it; if their cow, pig. or horse die, he must replace it; if sickness be in the family he must provide doctor and medicines; if in want, he must feed them; if naked, he mujt clothe them?in short, in all their want* they look up to their pames?hik auaiaton^o ??J ~ *? * * ' * w? HO.-ICIOUWO ouu auviru. XI 13 irU6 lO&l IC0 peasant should repay til this by degrees; but as he id lazy and has little money, be is always deeply in debt, as arc most of the serfs throughout Russia. All the enlightened travelled Russian proprietors with whom I ever ppoke. leaving their ideas of humanity aside, declared they thought that the emancipation would be, after a short period, more a profit than a loss to them; men of narrow ideas, or those whose estates were deeply mortgaged t? / the Government, were of course fearful that the change would injure them very materially. As most of the proprietors are absent during the greater part of the year, their estate- are managed by agents; if the estate is small by the head men of the peasantry. Every male eerf has the right to a certain portion of land, about four tcchetverta (eight acres, two roods, thirty poled circa,; but oKen less in the moat valuable district*; for this he gave his labor three days per week. Where the communal system exists, the land thus ceded is classed, measured and portioned out among tho different families comprising the commune. This mire, or commune system, is one of the most striking of Russian institutions. It has already descended from generation to generation for more than a thousand years, and is in fact a primitive emblem of what in other countries naa grown int? self-government The communes meet under the presidency of its Starsi, or elders, to deliberate on the general good. Over every district is, however, a tchinoinick. or Government Supervisor. The soil-bound peasant, the serf who labors on his own account and pays theobrok or tribute to his mister, and the dvoveriit, or personal servants, form the three clashes of Russian serfdom. Kut to the glory ot humanity and progress such an institution will, in Europe, soon belong only to the past, though the curse tn?t slavery entails can only be redeemed by rational freedom. The emancipation once accomplished, it will be curious to mark its effect on the people. Different opinions are formed by thinking Russians as to what these effects will be. irom my own observations and deductions I came to the opinion that the chance will be deeply felt bv the aonntrv. ?nd at first for the worst?for the Russian peasant bears a strong resemblance, in many respect*, to the Irish-Celne peasant. Both peoples, too, have long suffered from absentee landlords, who were only heard of when money had to be equeesed from the unfortunate tenants. The Russim peasant will work just enough to supply the bare wants of his nature. He wilTcitltivate a little buckwheat for his kash,* and a plat of cabbage for bis stchu; the sale of hi^ pig. bis fowls, or his calf, will provide him with whisky and tobacco; the sheepskins supply his clothing Unaccustomed to any charge made upon htm, except by his proprietor, he will not at first understand the payments to be mad* to Government for the land he occupies; although such payments may, after a time, prove an incenti?e to industry. If the communal system be preserved, this again may akll forth ()m Minnt'i ?? ?? '? i 1 ? _ ^,v .??uv v wuvigj | ivt mo isuu being held in a miM by the oommune, and paid fer by it, one man s industry will be a reproach nud a check on the indolence of the others. Such will probably be the state of the Russian peasantry for a long time after they are free, ana, until the whole social life of Russia can be reorganised, a*4 things find their level, the country will have to experience the after effects whish such a curse as slavery ever brings upon every grade of a population, whether noble or kind. There is, nowever, one stronr tutors in the rhirMt*r nf tk> Rn?. sian lower order*; and that is. their disposition to barter and commerce ; in this they much resemble the Chinese, whose love of trading it well known. Many serfs, therefore, on their liberation will, uo doubt, flock to the towns, and there gain a livelihood in various channels of commerce?Cornhill Magazine. i # Kaab. the grain of buckwheat, eaten r1r? ! In India, or the potato In Ireland, forms the stchu, or cabbage soup, the chief ailment of the Russian peaaint EAi Infant child, about eiicht months old, father, named John Ach. resides at Buffalo, was killed lately In a very singular manner. It was being drawn In a two-wheeled baby wagon, a the sidewalk fronting the residence < f its parents, bv on>> of its sisters?a little girl of only three or four yearsof age?when the latter thoughtlessly let go of the tongue of the wagon, ullowing It to'tip backward. Tb?* child w?* thrown out upon It# pavement. striking Its head with much violence and In such a manner aa to cause Its death almost iastautly It gave a few cries, but rbrfore some of the family who tetrd tbem r an Id rusb from tha house and take it op, life ?_s XtSliCt The Qiut F.astxrn ? rhe steunship Great' EiMern is W sail tr >ui Eagiand for New York M the 1st of next month, and, returning. Is intended to leave that pert with passengers oa or a boat the 34 th. ITT*The clipper steamship Unbans, of New Orleans, la to be purchased bjr the Confederated P tales, and used aa a war stasmer. Activity lit the Troy Arsenal. The Troy correspondent of the N. Y. Herald ? sajs: Never since the Mexican war has there been such an extraordinary activity displayed at the United States Arsenal in West Troy as ^ at the present moment. A few days ago des- f Satches were received ordering Lieut. G. T. n alch to forthwith repair to Fort Pickens and P report himself at that post for active duty. In ? accordance with orders, he immediately left his post here, and if now m route for his place ^ of destinatiun. He is an accomplished and en- f, ergetio officer, and ranks as one of the first a lieutenants in the serviee. f< Maj. Mordecai, who has command of the ar- tl senil, is a Virginian, and is now absent in his ? native State. The command, therefore, de- u __1 T i n A * t m % . V uuw on ijicai oirong. wno is me oldest ^ officer now at this post. Lieut. Parter is the only other commissioned officer now here. De- el spatches havo been roceived every day. and r? are constantly being received, for the prepara- d tion and shipment of all kinds of munitions of k war. The works are kept going night and day, no intermission of any kind is permitted, and the , Sabbath day even is entirely disregarded. I succeeded in visiting the works last night, ^ about midnight, and found every department ai in full oneration T.nnto, r>f mnn it-Ir encaged, with lanterns hinging from the ceil- s ing, in filling up six, twelve and twcuty-fanr pound cartridges, which, as soon as filled, were ( transferred to other parties, where they wcro c) ?laced in boxes for shipment. In another room bi found a large number of men engaged in hi charging bombshells with powder, others en- w gaged in filling shells with outlets and running ,H them full of melted rosin; the latter was taken :8 when filled to another room, and there, with machinery, a hole about three-quarters of an ? inch in diameter was drilled into the bullets and ro?in: when they were taken to another _ room and charged with powder. A very in- 4 (var.iAiia f.u? ? ? ?1 . i aV. _ l *' J ' * 6v?*.avUo moo vuuiptoieq ino aea'D-uennng pro- " joctile; it is made of lead, of a yize just to fill the aperture in the shells, and is registered C into seconds, so that the cxact time that will T elapse before explosion, after leaving the gun, *g can be established. Taken altogether, this li shot is a most ugly-looking oustomer. I saw, also, largo quantities of canister and grape, * rifle and musket balls, and all other knuwn In impiemenrs ot war being prepared for ship- '? uicnt. I visited the grounds again this morn- jR' ing, and the energy and activity so apparent b last nigbt were more evident to-day. Tww w hundred thousand rounds of ball cartridges " were being placed on board a barge lying near; ft' numbers of teams were busy drawing to the boat cannon balls, canister and grapo shot, _J grenades, bullets and ride balls, cartridges, H guns and gun carriages, mortars ; and, in fact. every article used in war. H From .Montgomery. C The Montgomery correspondent of the fe Charleston Mercury writes, April 3d : in For a few days past we have been in a great 8? state of uncertainty in this city, on account of , the conflicting statements received by tele- -r graph from all parts of the country. The State J Department has reoeived assurance from Wash- si ingtoo that the forts will be given up; but, per ? contra, the indications in the War Department are that a fight will continence in a short time At any rate, our people will be prepared for ^ war if it come, for preparations Rre going on h with activity. I steppea into the Commissary's N Department this eveuing, and found there a jj'J large quantity of army stores and munitions of ? war. Among the stores were some 2,000 bbls. of flour, sacks of corn, barrels ?f meat, boxes of (j] bread?everything, in fact, necessary for the comfort of the soldiers who will soon be in the field. There are several army depots in the Confederacy, at cach of which large quantities J of stores are being deposited daily mere were minors in tms city yesterday, JJ0 brought by a gentleman who came a.-* bearer of or dispatches from l'eu'acola, that Lt. Slemmer *n hai become alarmed at the number of men daily pouring into Warrington, and had demanded a reinforcement from the United States ? vcesels in the harbor. He hIso reported that g when the vessels arrived at Key West with the Texas troops who were under General Twiggs, 41 thoy were immediately sent to sea with sealed orders, and it is thought highly probable these may be for Fort Piukens Lieut. Slemmer knows that if reinforcements are denied him a short time lonirer. it will h? tn iin/1 I"" 7 - ? 1 thcui, as our forces are daily growing stronger nnd will most oertainly prevent tho landing of ^ any troops from the ships. ?j It is also rumored that the Spanish fleet has ** been seen at tho Tortugas, bound westward, ^ probably for Vera Cruz. I hardly think, how- jV over, an attack will be made upon that town ? at present, owing to St. Domingo difficulties. ? but it was supposed here a short timo ago that the fleet sailed to the Gulf for the purpose of lauding men at Vera Cruz, aud taking possession of the city. Oar navy comes on slowly, but the time is not very far in the future when we shall have eomo men-of-war afloat. Officers and navy agents are now at the various seaports in this country, trying to negotiate for vessels to be _ immediately fitted up and put into service. A few officers are now recruiting for the naval service. Reuben Thorn, Esq., of this city, and late a captain in the Alabama army, has been appointed captain of marines in the Con federate sorvice. Horrible Accident.?On Thursday morning, about 9 o'clock, terrible crios were beard c proceeding from the area-way between the rears of No. 22 Beekman and No. 12 Spruce . street. A whitewasher who was at work in g the room on tho ground floor of the Spruce g street building ran to the door and saw the body of a man whirling on a steam-shaft that passed from one building to the other. He then went across the street and told tho engineer to stop the engine, which was done immediately. On going back it was found that the viotim had become so completely entangled tKftt 5 ?ta man 1 1 ?u.? ?v ?w? ?ffu uavu ov ?viai LUIIJUIC3 W CUl 4 away the olothing and disengage him from the shaft. The man was a German, named Fred- ~ erick Adolph, and apparently about thirty years of age. It appears that he was engaged in whitewashing the walls, and was prol bably I leaning against the revolving shaft, when the ^ strings ot h's overalls, which were tied behind, got wound about the shaft, and the man was caught and drawn up as stated?the whole affair occupying but a point of time?and whirled round at the rate of 110 revolutions per minute. At every revolution he struok his feet first against an iron gateway higher than in* snail, and distant tbree feet and five inches, at an angle of afeoat35 degs ; next the ground, three feet below the shaft; then a briok wall dividing the area, foar feet from the shaft. Some portions of his body was therefore hit over 300 times per minute. Quite a bole was 1 made in the ground where he had struck, and the edge of the iron gangway showed a polish made by the leather of the man s boots hitting it so many times before they came off. Both feet were nearly battered away, the bones of . the right foot being all knocked out between 1 the ankle and the toes, leaving a shapeless . clotted mass Wben found he gave his name, e, and exclaimed,''Oh, horror! horror!" He was u taken to the City Hospital by offiaer James J' McKay, but died immediately after his arrival j there. The shaft has been where it now is for veara, ? anil it li ihnnt th* lut <>n? ?a?iJ ' j ? ? f?"" www nuuiu 1VUE J i for en accident. In f*ot to get to it requires i that one jump down from the gangway con- P nec'ing the two buildings five or six feet, and * : except for some sucb purpose as that this un- & 1 fortunate man w?? ragvgrd in on the present oco""?<>n, it would never be approaches Mr ? II W Greene, from whose works on the oppo- f site side of Bpruee street the shaft proceeded, t immediately ordered oarpenters to work to box f op the shaft.?N. T. Trxbune. 1 [H7"Tbe Baequthanaa river Is again la good S rafting condition. and timber and board rafts aw foe ting down dally. y -1 Political Prkachino ix Boston.?Fast Day in toaton was marked on Friday last with the usual umber of political sermons, though the seutilents expressed were In few instances as ultra cs lose heretoforeenuncl.ited upon similar occasions it the Park Street Church the Rev A I?. ^tone, ill of the spirit of ''another gospel," recommended disunion rather tLan concession As reorted in the livening Bulletin, the reverend entleman said: ? But what would be the result if therewere no eturn or reconstruction, if the Border and the outhem States seould join, and thereshould be a r*?f? rpnnblio ?nii n ?!avf rpmihllr tiH? hu Jn ,merlca? We need not deprcrate such an issu?> ir ourselves If that is the only way to shake off le " body of death,"?the only way to avoid iving aid for the perpetuation of slavery,?give s this free territory, with all its hazardsof bolder rarfare,?let lis take it and remain true to freecm." The sentiment was received with considerable lappinjr of hand*, a demonstration which was 'proved by the preacher, who reminded the auience that they were in the house of tiod, In at ndance upon religious services. Fikk is Kent County ? Two Ptrsotis Burnt to ttaih ?The dwelling of Mr. James R. Stavely, t Still Pond Cross Roads. K?-nt county, was enrely destroyed by Are on Sunday night last. Mr. tavely's second son, a lad about six years of aye, nd a servant girl, were consumed In the buildig. Immediately on discovering the Are, Mr. . and his wife each took a child in their arms id lied from the house, and at the same time irected the servant girl to save the remaining illd. 41 Is thought that she bad secured the aild ana wn* m ?Ir 1 n rr hi-r \R'nxr Anwn K.if came bewildered and lost fier way near the rad of the steps. as after the Are the bone? of both ere found in clo*e proximity, and in a location istifving this inference The origin of the tire attributed to incendiarism. A reward of 8300 offered for the arrest of the guilty partita "clothing, &c. 0Q SEVENTH STREET. always~ahead. I have iust received a nice stock of SPRING LOTHING. FURNISHING G O O l> S , RUNKS. II ATS and CAPS, to which I invite the ttentiun <>f all in want of ?uch articles. .My motto "A auiok sixpence is letter than a slow sluing." I'hose in want < f Clothing we invite to .?nit? and look a? our goods and prices ; rnd if you ant a nioe Shirt a ui a pretty Ti e. 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T?*th inserted on Gold I'faf.*, ami all f:ental < iperations of any kind that ivtf he U?n-ed ??fftr# MiK>m No in the Washington Building,corner Pa av. and Seventh Bt. ja Hi 4rtl* M teeth. LOOMIS, M. D., the ir,vector aod patentee of the MINERAL PLATK TijKTH, ten-is personally at his office in tlnii i il) Jsm"; . f Mary persons can wrar theze teeth who^^''* cannot w?ar others, and no person caa wear others

who oauuot wear these. Persons ca'lifl* at my oflioe can l<e accommodated with any aula and price of Teeth tliey may dasire; hut to those' who are particular and wish the aiiwtt cieaueiit, stronsent, and most pe>rfeot d<?!itnre that art can produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fu'ly w*rratt?d. Room* in this city?No. 33S I'a. av?i,ue. between 9th and 10th ats. Also, 90T Arch etreet, Philadel phia. oo 15- tf S( 11 / S * jt contains no poison. , SUHW KKIN'S }'l LLS are su re death to Rats and Mice. M y'chwerin has received certificate* from the President of tiirard Coi ete. Director* ol Hoiis<> of Rcfaee, Fom'sylva- la Hospital, and ?ith -r Prominent IhfUtutio.iB of Phi adHpi.ia ; I', S. Jail, V% ashington, D. C.; and Charity tioypita Nov/ Orleans, La 'I l<e original certificate* ran tie seen at the Wholesale and Retail Uepi.t 124 North Second Bire. t, Philadelphia, and f >r sa'a in this c;ty by 1). K. CLARK.corner Pa. avenue aud 4>2 sts., and t y X. PriuriM? hn ? Urorers. BKVVARK OF SPURIOUS IMITATIONS. ITT" Rein<?mi>er to aok for Schwenn's Anuihilating Powde." ICT None genuine unlets signed M. Schweris. ma 13-<imeo mvrrn TOPHAM'S wjrrg QUO PREMIUM TRUNK ?.?D MANUFACTORY, 499 Seventh street, W ashi.ngton, D. C. Silver Medal awarded by Maryland Institute of Baltimore, November 7, 1h60 Aleo, Medal br Me;ropolite-n Mechanics' Institute, \Va#hir.gton, D. C., 1357. I am constantly making. and always have on hand, of the best material, every description of Fine Sole Leather, Iron Frame. Ladi?-<' Dress, \Vroo?l Box.ant faokinr Trunks, Pellisier, Carpet,and Canvas '1 raveling Bars School Satc.iels, &o? At Low Prtcts. Membert of ConRrcsn and tra-.eler* will piaase jxamine my stock before purchasing elsewhere i'runka that are made in other cities. Superior Leather and Ureas Trunks made to >r-'er. Trunks ooverod and repaired at short notice. delivered fre?* of ohargn tj&njfpart of the ii?j. Georgetown, a^d Alexandria. ja 23-lyoo JAM KS S.TOPHAM. rum; i'liur we a m ui.PL-i ? I *?. - - w <? vf i ? !*? *1 ?i ' ? i uih n r<i i V X r* J KMKICH. at tho corner ?f F?>nn.A . ? A ivenue e.nd Eleventh etreet, l>aa IweuYjfS^V peatly improve*! re? ?*i tly and n?f ctic' Ji^ZUL jreater lnuuoemor.tH lur the pfttronsi,e of oitiz?-i ? ind strar.rers than any oth^r pu!. 10 house in th? jity, tim pneaa l??in* !?sk than those of any other liotoi on I'enn. avenue, a>:d his a<*ooinnio<iatiobe [nr perirr.nent or transient boarders ur.exceptionkble. Tito t?ar arri restaurant arrangements ot the Kurope?n Hot?! have ?.;raady IcPDme very pozu ar.bvnp all that ca:i !>e desired by the most fastidious. Tue proprietoriltd|M unremitted attention anil continued libera; ex?or.?.Tur ?r?? pjive *ateOntion to al:, and thus rvr.pws h;* mvitaMon *?* ill to hive the KtroiMii Hotel a call. de 4-ti | TAKE NOTICE! 5. WILL Take ail Win!* of Yircinia money for iriy book det>ts and for Hoots, Sho s, and Trunks. All poraona indebted to me wi'l { lease ea:l and settle up, or I im mmic" led to give their aeoouuta into the hauls ol a eolleotor. 8. I'. HOOVER, Iron Hall, no 21 I'*. av..Jx?? ween Mtii and tftth ???. V WOOD AM) COAL. Oil Will eurely rot your money'* worth by oalliiig at the PIONEER MI LLS, southwest rnr Her nf Seventh street und Canal, (UEO. PAGE, Agent.) They sei! cheaper and Live letter measure than ant others in the city?out, split, and delivered froe of chare*. If you don't believe it. give the Pioneer Miila a trial, and ke (satisfied. ja 17-lT.r FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 1200,000. f|He< com r C strtet and Louisiana arovtr Bank of Washington. INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY A fz A I MUT I naa t?xr ni n OVZUllO M. LJKJ%r*0 13 & riADi DlftBCTORS. Geo. Phoomaker, Samuel Bedfern, Samuel Cropley, William Wilson, Richard Jones. John D. Barclay. Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Rothwefl, Thos. Parker, Richard Barry, B. B. French. No charge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President, Ab*L G. Davis, Seoretary, oo 10-eoSnj 18tif ?IA*_IKB~7 ]80| . Commnnce the Year with a Diary. A valuable Poek"t Companion for roistering past, present, and future; ooi>taii mg rates of postage. r,ii)ia:;ao. a trlftnk saac- for meinnrn ml* lor evory <l.Mr m tho y?\r, c**a acobuni for <"ach month, annua! summary of c\?n aoc-.tint bills payaM* and receivable. L>oi:'t bo without one of tnesn useful littio souvenirs, Tha r.iost complete, elegant, and desirableas-noitment ever 'BSue.t, comprising iwe.vt* size* and upwards of fifty styles, at SHlLLlNGToN'iS Bookstore, Odoon liuiiding, corner of,<S etroet and d? 2o Penn avenue. PUHK OLD RYE WHISKY.?On hand sererm brand' of Pure Old Rye Whlrfcy. Copper Duelled, uiodo Ly the most reliable dmtiliere in 1'oncsrlvaaia, Maryland and Virginia, warranted pure. Also, Imported Brandies, Her.Etssy, Ot&rd, Dupuy fc Co.. Jules Robin*, Ac. Ai?>, Peach ar.n Apcle lirr-ndy, pure Holland Bin, old Jamaica and r*t, Croix Rum, and Wine? of every Yariety.ali of standard brands. A choice lot of Ctear8 wd Tolaoco. Y'OLNG it KEPHART^genta, aplt-Tr Pa av.. betw.Bth and Iftth Ms. 'P AY LOR 4 HUTCHISON, __ ? ?- > b.nrun ?iakkbt jtpack, Wou'dcall the attention of piKohaB-rs to our took of SEASONABLE !>RY tiOODS,comprising Home of the newest and niort deiirabieunrorta ti- ne <>1 fe f-ason. Our stock of Dome?tW. LI' *n anl White (Jioifs will be found very ooirplete, and will be offered at prioes that cannot fail to rive aati>faotion We a** an examination &p 3 I O II N f.~EX L I s"! J SOLE AGENT FOR THE SALIC AMI RKNT or CBICKRRING <* SONS' PIANOS, a06 F'i.vna. Avixr*. Between V-k and 1".'4 Streets, mai North Side _ f INCOLN AS HE IS. %~t Steei, F.kgkavkd Portrait. The bent Portrait yet pu!'liahrdnf HON. ABRAHAM LINCOLN, (ttrith wkiikers,) At FRENCH A RIOHSTElN'S, No. 27S Pessa. Avenue, Washington, 1). C. T^ade gnppli^l at lour ?no??. mar 7 HOME-MADK BOOTS ANi> SHOES, . For Ladies'. Musis' and Chilvrkk's Wxajl, it Kxeudingly l.ote Price*. At J. ROfEM'l HAL'S, \'n ik mwtrt m* 8-wo Pa av .Tx>t. 8'ti ?n'i 4tTT?u. A VERY MCK PRINCE ft CO.MKLODEON which 14.1 a bi?n u?<k1 a short for very low at M KTZKKOTTVBBHM Mu*io Store. Alwo, ae-iral beooikl-hiad'lTVT1 ma? Af*PECl\L BARGAIN IN TWO PIANOS. ??rl?oty new. left oa Mia at nerifieea Alio, Neiixleoni lor aal?or rut Ten low. fe to 306 Pa. ay? bet! stbaJJ'V<*h a'u. MEDICINES. Bdk. jotixsro.v ALTIMORC LOl'K HOSPITAL, Hit ditcovrtd the most Ctrtntn, Sprtdy and on!y Efftrtunl Hemrdy in tke World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET AO FALSE DELICACY PRE VEST. A PPI.V IMMl-nilTPI V m u i? m~* vta * clu i A CURE WARRANTED, OK AO iJV J-'KOJIl OA? TO TWO DAYS. Weak neat of the Buck, Stncurea, Afftctiona of the Kid oeya and Bladder, invo.untarv Discharges, lapM era I Debility, Nervousness, Dyapepsv, Lai )rt.4 r, Con.uaiot; cf Me*a, Low Spirit*, Palpmtiou of tht Heart, Tioulitf, Trernbhngs, Dtmutts of t or Giddiness. Diseasa of tht Head,, Nott or Skin, Artrctiona of the Lutjr?, 8t m ach or Bowela?theae Terrible Disorders anting from s ' tary H tbita of Youth?these Dreadful and Dtsuuctivt Practices which render Marriage luipossiblt, aud destroy t?* ;li Body and Mind. YOUNG MEN Ksptcnliy who have becoue the victims of Solitary Vice, th it dreadful and deetrvctive h^bit wlnc'i t.i.uniy iff to ?n untimely pi.ot rhous <nds of Vorn r Men t the i: %t eialttd nlents and bi illt-mi luirllect, % t.o might oU>cr?>e h*iv? eBtrtuced liateutufr Heuatei uirh ihe thunders < f elotutu ?r vaMntMicy AilMif lfvi?Mf call ?nh luli confidence. MARRIAGE. MarriKO PER<oi?,nr Yoimj Wet contemplating Mar na#c, beiugaw*re<i j hf *i *1 wi?kueM, orgauic tftluhtjr, d<MW 111?? L' , t? hIuv cvnl> IN lWMMWIiuM uudtr the care of |)r J ma? rrl?giour j 01 f.te hi his honor aa a gcutUnun and confidently rely upon hi* skill as a phjsician. OFFICE No. T SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left baud tide going froin Bilrtmore street, a few doors from the corner Kail uot to observe name aud number. Letters must bi paid and Contain a stamp. OR JOHNSTON, Member of the Royal Collect of Surgeons, London, rr*dn ate from one of the moat eminent College* in the I wttm 1 States, an I the 'tester part of whose life has been at etit in the lioapiula of Locdon, Paris, Philadelphia aud elsewhere, has edectetf some of the moat aatocush ug cures that were hatvt; Mftty ttMbM valk ringing iu the head and eirs when .taleep: great nervouaues#. being alarmed at sudden sounds, bathiulness with fre^aent I Icshiug, attended s rneuuits with derati#*iiieuL of %*??? mr+A ?.? dutely. TAKF. PARTICULAR NOTICE Young Mcu aud ??ihers who have injured themselves by a. cei'uri pr* tiCt I diilcreil lit m-heti ai>ue- kImMI frtfMttlj learned troui e?il cc?wpaniotia, or ai aciiOcl, the effect* m mlucii BM ki|ll^flrfltvia ulien aaleep, ai fl a re 1, fliltlt i"*rring-e luipussii^le, aud d?atruya boiL nutid aiid b< ly, *houl I apply in lifittly. These art iome of the aatl Mid melancholy effects produced by early laablu if yttdu vu: Vc?kaMS ct i .e ... 1 Lun^SjP-i in the He.?d, Dinneaa of Si*ht, L + > I Mu? i r Pswtr, P Inn, I>fv, * K nv try, Dtl n^f >1 of (fee Di|lS I I , iMMl Deti'ity. iiij: i >n.b - f Coiiaumption, Ac. WLMii.Lv ?The feariu. effects on the mind are much to he teals ! -Los* Memory, tofwas0f lde?s, Dcpre?siou c Spirits, Evil |*orebodi? Avtraaa of Society, t>eit-i>ia trust. Love of Solitulr, Tunidity, etc ., are aouie of the evila produced. XtRVOCI DEBlLlTT -Thouamda can now )udge *hat is the cause of their declining health, h?tr)g their vifor, be CoinI inf weak, pale, nervout ?nd em?cnt*d, having "* singular appearance about the eyes, cougb or ayu.ptoaaa of coi.aump : tiou. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. nrn ine mugim: i .<t?d imprudent votary of pleasure finds he h.ia imbibed tut seeds of this pautal disease, it too often h ppeii? that an ill-tuned of ah-*me or dread of discovery deters lirn from ;?pfly mg ? ihr.?e who, from education and respectability, cau alone befriend him He tails into ttie ' h mdi of ignornnt ant? designing pretenders, who, luc.p 'Me c: curing, filch hie pscmnary substance. keep niui trifling month afier month, or aa long: < the smallest fee cid be obtained, nnd in despair leave htm with ruined he ih t^ sigh < over f:is railing disappointment; or by the use of thst de.Mly poison?Mercury?hasten the Coustitutiooal symptoms of this terrible disease, such ^s Affectionsof the Heart.Throat, Head, bi in, ic , pro?rresi.iiig with frightful rapidity, till death puts a I , period to his dreadful sutierings by sending him to that undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveler returns. DH. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND 1M POTENCY By thia ?reat and important remedy weakneaa of the organs ere speedily curs J ana full vigor restored Thousands of the most nervous and debilitated, who bad lost ail hope,have t been tw mediately relieved. All impediments to Marriage, Physical or Mental Disqualifications, Losa of Pr ,cre?ti* e Power, Nervous Irritability, J Trembling and We..knees uC E&hauetiwu of the rtoet tearful kind speedily cured. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS The ACaxy Thoi sa^DI cured at thia institution within ? the last seventeen years, and the numerous important Surgical operations performed by Dr. Johnston, w itnessed by the reporters of the papers and in any other persoue, auices of which have appe *re l nr tin and agam before .He put.ic, be- \ H*a h i a ? ? ? - ' * * ? ? .... .v>MUii^ > i gciiiieitiui ui tnmcier an J reip-Misi* ' tility, 12 a sufficient ftmramee id the afflicted. uar 15 1 w Dr. J. II McLEAN'8 < 8TRESGTHEKING CORDIAL j A*i> HLOOD flKIFlfcK. , THE G HEAT EST REMEDY ?? tkt WOULD, j EVER TA ? I , It ia ?tr:ctW ? ?c? *eh lnfrtdl?r.t 11 Kiorc S^ltr taking. dUUlliof, pr?l?ei?T ? dalicioiu, ibilMttinf pint, .* r-Mt infMlibia r?m? !T ' ? r?n??aliu? ka araiain lud r?f?rtnj lh? ?lt?,, a.Ja d?klllUl*d ti.Tl.ld I* kttlih ?ud lutnjtb. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will ftcuillj car* L 'if C?ri|Uidi, D;?i[iiit, Jcudiet, Cbraoic ? n?rr?m Dtbiliiy, Dihuii mint Ki4u*y?, ul all rfut*M? arU'.cf fr*ri ? <t:t?rd?r?d Litit or Ifrair.U, Dyipipwt, liankirn, in?irJ fit**, Acidity N Sickr.?t? *1 tka lamaek, FhIIqI" ' Blcod u th? ac, Dull IVn tr wiraiainf 10 th? Scad, Falpuitirn af Fk!lu??? r Wii(ht m tfk* Kwracb, Bowr ErieutiMii, Ghvkicr ? ?Mt. l?fi' (T <! * ,Dryrtu ?r Vi!U?oim ?f lb* Skin *"d ty?, H'f : Inward F???t?. Pun in Iht .ne.ll ?f lh? Back, Chart, ar ?i i?, Batfdan flwhta af Baal, n?pt??;?n af Ppinu, Frifb:f?! !>r*ut? kaofier, d?ip*t) ' *t-y i?r?eat diaaiit, lor** tr Blatcbti *t> ul l<.c, ud fi<ir utf ifti (w cuiii kt>u rim.) OYER A MILLION BOTTLES I hti ?t?n hiu uinu| un icki ma [uiduii| &dq It ir tun bu it failad la fi'l'-l *utir* *au*fasi:an Wba, th*p, will nfar fiam W*ntc*M *r Oability vbio ffclaKAK'l STAKMHT*CORIMAfc will car* ym 1 II* lar (*n?* till e*n?t? *n ?d*',?>:? :d*a ( th* tntraadlat* and tir.Ht iuirac*'.*?a char ft pradacad kf uktaf t*U C?rdUl hi tk* di**ttti, d?Viiii?t*d, a*><i *b\,:*r*"i n*tT*a* cyium, wk*th*r kr*k*r\ d?vo k; *:c>u, vttk >7 utut, T liapa^rad Sy mki.C!, Ui* rtliui and *u*tiaaf *i|'Jc. li Mturtd t* i.? prima* hta'th and ?ifa? MARRIED PERSONS, at (t>in. UMtiiii d lDcWlitr fram wbitirar caa*?, vili ltd KcntAR'ii prutRerUKNUfB COR-DIAL * t**raafk ;*f*a?rai*r*f ll>* *}>t*tr; and all wha nu> h*?* in )??*d U?jn>??W?? kj lre?T**ti indslftac** wiii fad ta UU C*fC;?: a ?*ik*iii au? i}**J/ tta.tij. TO THE LADIES. MciEA.H1 SftEKftTBKKirtG CORDIAkl* a aar*r 1*5 *cd *p**dy ear* f*? locipUnt CMtinpuai, W titaa, I 0*?trvet*d *r D<Vealt M?B*<r*au*o,1 nraaunaoe* of Crm* ar Ir.talantiry Dlacharra th*r*af, Palling *f U>* Won-k, iddtui**, F aiming, ana ail dt**a*a* incident u> Ftrr.^l** THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT afar n* ianftr. Tak* It aceardinf ta diractian*. It will Uiaalat*, tr*nfth*Q, and lo?if*r*t* ?*a and etui th* klaaca *f k**llh la tnaar.t mi ch**k again. Kr*i; k*ul* t* wanaaiaC w (it* itualacuan. FOR CHILDREN IJjnt ehlldraa ar* aickly, panf ar aBiatad, McLKINt ?iu nui luro iiilliT, Itl, ul nbui. Dt.?y oat a aisp-.tnli to U, j?t will ka iM.iii.ul It ta ualUiaai U uli. OA VTION, liven i! drmcfUu ar iitlin ?ba mi? (rjltpln ivh 7?? tana kittar ar a<ra?|>irilla traab, which thay cao baa tha&B, kjs raf it it cat aa rood. Ar-^id mch nan. Ait far McLt'Alt'fc VrRCNUTKEKiNG CUftU'AL, acd uka nathtr.f aiaa. It ia tk.? anly raroadr that ?<ll reify tha *iaa<! IhoraafM? and at tha aama tima atraoflhan Oia an'am. Oca ia>a;aau'al Ukau a?ary m?n.i:.( f* th g >a a cartaio pravanma far Chalara, Chilla cod tttar, Yaliow acy praaaltr.t d:aa?a? It fa jr?t ?p In lorra fcntilta. Pnca au y (1 par vault, ar (b*vl<> far ?3 J.!' McLEAN, Caia praj.ntlar ( thia Carviial; a-??, Hcbaui'a Va.cacic Oil kioir-.i'it. Fnixipad Utuat au iha tare a/ / Thud ar.d Pica airatta, >t'. baaia, a. VnT >on't TTrt^ftani? Oil Mvfrvw ? * viwwmv vii AliUiUICUIll (TIE BUT UHUBElfT 121 THE WORLO ) Th* *ii? vfi *urt ctruin csr* f+r Cancan, I'll**, Tam?rt, Ivtllli f* and Brcrohtl* ?r Caitr*. PuiItiii, M*braiffta, W*?fc*aa?*f th* VmcINi Chronic ar Irt<".raa-.ory US* *m*ti*ra, th* hnu, Oootraetad Mad* ar li.pKnu, EaraaJu arToathacha,*, Sprain*, Traah Cat*. Woouda, Clttn, F?*?r 3?i**, Cakad Prtaai., Bar* '..**, Barm, ei'.it, Bor* Throat, vr any iufl*ia?atioa ar Cu, no difftitac* haw ****r? ar long th* diataaa mar r* *Ei*t*d, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LIXIMEIT k a can&m rataady. Th*aic'i| af t.amaa batng* bar* btan aarad a lifa af 41a rapUada a -.d aim; by th* u* af thia i:.*aiaabla ramady. McLEAIPS TOLCAKJC OIL LINIMENT Wt.i ralitr* pus il? iaaiaataaumI;, ud it will al*an, u*d haal tta faviaat aeraa la to iccradibla ahart uaa. FOR HOUSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MCLEAN'S CELESRATIO) UXIMEST i* tka u . -? im rauaai* rtmady for tfca car* af Sparta, iUar'boua. Wia4j?iU, flint*, u iwunl Lampa, Nod i? ar Hiiimn I ll a?T?r f*u*d U ctri Bif R??ii Pailanl, Flatal*, (tW tuuii brw, ar Svoi.j. If praparly ?pptoad Fm krou, Brai***, Icr-t'-Mi, Cnckad Bttit, CU(m, tUddla a* CalWr UalU, Oau, P;r.?, ar Waned*, It la aa u.UlhtU ni?4j Apfly it aa ?iratt*4 ta4 a can ia cmam in avary iMtua. Tkac trtta aa Ian#ar vt* tha way waMhlaa* LMaaw rfard ta yaa. Obtain a npflf if Da. McLCUII CKLESLATED UMIMtBT. h vifl car* to*. J . MCLEAN, Bait PrMTtaiar Cacaar TkiH aa4 Ptaa au., k. bwt*, Ma flUUH iron,Rira.afiM|ii|Mt ta WMMfl MAlTGMU>a?|Mm a*?i-D*WU THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAB. Yklfl UNliHl PUBlly Nf?l Mutl >W taicinc t i:wl?r nnatr of tstor-wtiBc rmAitt tits hc b* ovc) ta *ay *tb?r-ia ??Mwb?4 ? Ptuity morcirj. Thhi-Cu4, wi?rtiH?, ta <d?T?. Pinj.O OOfJ, p?r >rr?m . . Ml '? 4 7$ T*" ?>fi- no T*#tiiy Sv?oo?i?t It iBTiruti!; onUici th? " Waahinftoi Nrwr" thar hu m?d? ru Itotlt Ctmiii S(?r alroriaM ao janara ly thronehout U>? country. ll^Sirc.e ocp*>? (in vrapac-tt oan ba prorara* at the couotar, lmraailiat* y attar lb a taana of tha Haar. Prioa-TH RKfc. CKNTS CARRIAGE FACTORIES. IK f i UL1I VO *1. ? ? ?- ?- - " -' t */ acui.1 v I ^ A K KIA 6 b I* At' rOKY, U l> Strut, 9tk mU SiraaiA We nare just fimahed a r a tuber of fe'?t ?MM CARRIAGES, anch u /.t?4r fnwv^^EBtJL Vmmj, P*ri Pkuutmf, Pmmtif (Vlf |J5Vt riar<<, and B**rr??, vtuca wa WUi ? ii tt" M a *er? nut! 1 profit. Bern* ir.ecbao.oa in different tranche? of the bnainean. we flatter oor?e!re? tnat we knew th? it?lM ua < :?nt; < ! wrt that will rire aabafaction, ci'OibiL. i t tneaa, comfort and durabtU *TRepairing promptly and carefully attended to Uie ahorteat nt ti- e a- a o?i reaa-rabie ehartea. WALTER, kAKMANN k. 1H>F??V CoaoLmakera, auooeaaort to W ?i. T. tiooa. M v Toakriaseis HE Sabaertber harm* n.itle addntouato kl ta?torj,ir.?k.ct it now od? of the arrMt^flML id the Diatnct, wiiere r:? fac t.*? : 'HsK Bsar,?t*tuirir.iCARRIAGE * U18HTJE>t^ WA60.NS"f a. kic<:a oanr <>t tie aurpaaaod, aad from fcia one expen-rae in to* Uiimm, ka ?apaa ts |ire{? ,e-a aatiafa. i.i i.. A kitidaofCar;:bcMa. d liltkt Wacana kayt m kand. Ail R EI'Al RS neatly dcie.tad all ariara frMyt ly attend e? ve. Cw?ii Ut< Carra(?tst?; ieejiaaaeiatorBfV aaea. AMDKkW J JoVr# ? ' t? MW ( MM a B 4 - t*. yMK. Curt Cfuth. C*ld, Hoarrmtts. JmyWJVV/rJW /?n:i any ?'fa(i?* a? Sc? A' sgT|^ * i\ ayt ?f <k' 7**rixtf, H*itev4 ?%? S'irlrt*? Coutk in C??j*??rl?nlv!?ilull .! ?. fironch'tit, wi(IKuiln^ ^ ( ntarrk, ('.'ear r??-? w!*VRc/ 'tftmu la (4? rater qf %Cif7?KS3r PUBLIC 0PEAIEI8 aw? PINbKRS. Few are awaraof the importanoe of otiaoKloc ft Cough or ' C imni.'U Cold ' la >U f.r?t r!ace. that which in tiia would ?ie.<l to & in I Id remad?, if nrelaotad.eooi. atiack* the L.*-i?rav*'? Br(mrkml 7V<>c4?*." ooi tam.m < ?muTo?rit intraui aula, alt; Pu n "d&tj auJ MoneUia. Irritation. j "TUt tron'-ia in my Throat. I for BROWN'S which tha "Troi.k'.?" ara a apactfacl havi- r mail* nia ?'lei a M.rra whi?. icuuhu perer." N. P. WILLIC. hrowx'? " r?oomm?i il ti.eir nte to Ptblic ' 9r*A?.*a*." TROCHE8 REV. E. H. CHAP1N. i "Great aervioe in MUliiing iiOA&el BROWN'S* Wksp." KbV. DAMt-L WISE. T|>i>rui, ? " A!ir.o?t mstat t relief in tiie dialnutnt ab?>r of breathing peculiar I'RItU v't* to Amhva. 1'R('W!Nt, REV. A. C. EGG1.ESTON. TROCHES "Contain to Opium or anrthing injurious." Dm. A. A HA ? ES, BROWN'f Ckrmttt, Bourn. troph w"v ** A mmpto and lleMi.1 c.uiUaaTROvHhf Uu&tor Cci ?i*. sc." DR. ti. F. B16ELOW, BROWN'S Buim. vn npu * Soncfioifti IB TROCHEr UK. J. F. W. LANE, H'ioW\'s Bosh*, " 1 have proved them ezoeHent for TROCHLS WARRK.N. BROWN'S B?tm. " Beneficial when compelled to TROCHES ??ecl, lr^m Cold." AiSV. ?. J.P.ANDEK?ON? BROWN*? St L*mt. TBorHPJ Err*rr?AL Jn rejnonnf Hoar* I K JtHfc. QOgi til l Irr lation ol the Throat. eo BROWN'S oomr. ?n with iir kak*b.? tad S.jifr m? TROiHlH Prof. M. STACY JOHNSON. TROCHE* L*6rMlh^t. BROWN'S TecchProf Mb wo, S-uUem t Mr.4 e l/Ou<fe. TROCHES *' 6rait beneit wl.en taken t*?for? w1. ?ft?r prcaoMug.aa toe? prevent BROWN'S H'liri'DMi. From thrir pasteffect, 1 think they wwi be of permanent adTROCHES TMtM* to ra?. IREV. E. ROW LEV. A. M. BROWN'S PrMideut ol Attwi Coi-ege, Tena. miiffflSTtwy de 1-1 t THE ONXY PREPARATIOH worth t of UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE A PATRON AGE FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLEKUYMEJV, LADIES, and (. KSTLEMEX in a.1 part* of the world testify to the rlLoaoy of PROF.O.J WOOD'S flAIK RESTORATIVE, Mid uf too I'r-?? are una:'iiious in ill praus. A lew teetiitioutai' can i e brre eivru see oi'cu .ar for niore.-.rj it wul be impossible for rmi tA <7 Wall Sx*r?r, N*w Yoke, Dee. l*S8 Utntltmm: Your note ol the 15th instant nu b?cn received, ?ajin; that voa had h^ard that i nad b"v?u benefcted by th? nee of Wood's Hair K? Etorative, sti i re^aes'iug nij ertilicate of the fact if 1 had uo objection to give ;t. I award it cfcee, full*, because I think it due. My ate la about Si years ; the color of my hair auburn, and inclined to curl. t$. me five or nx Tears i'. b>ran to turn gray, and the aca p on the crown of inr bead to lose its censibi ity and Jandruff tu form uf> n it. Each of tcear d taagreaabiiities inoraased with tuue. and a out 4 moiitha suioe a fourth was adde.; t bf hair falling oil Die top of iu? head audtkroatcaiug to make me bald. In tt iaorplearant pred'eament I was induced to try Wood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arreat tha laiiinc < If of my hair, for t had '?ai.? no expectation thatKray nairo->uld evt>r be restored to tta oricn.aJ color except from dres. I was, however, greatly surprised to find, after the use of two bot t!?s on'y, that notoniy was the failing off arrested, uui vii?- v'wr wbb rviormi ui uv gray n%ir> tnu sensibility to the ?oal)? anutiaudrutT? as h1 u> form on my h?ad, ve y mush to the r'aiifioaimn of my wife, at whose solicitation I v at inrtno.d to try it. For tins, anion* tne inm y ot.iieet.on* I mi to her sex, I stronely rroommecd el' i<nc) and* who vame the admiraM'-n of their wives to profit hj my example, and use it if growing ?t ay or getum la d. Very respectfully, Ms* A. Lave>!?e?. To O. J. Wood 4 Co.. <U Broadway. N. V. My family are absent froin the citj, and 1 am no longer at No. 11 Carrol Plaoe. A!a., July JO, US9. To Prof. O J. Wood: Dm* Sir-Voir "Hu r Restorative" has done my hair so moeh good since I oommei.oed the use of it. tnat I * ish to mate kaown to the public 0f its HI eots nnthe hair, whion ar? treat. A man or woman ma* l>eneeriy depriv* 4 of hair, and by a resort to you' "Hair Keetoraove * menwr win rnuru ranrp dotomiui man c??r ; ti least Una is itt ?x^enence. Bdinf it a 1 Yours truit, Wm. H. Kknedt. P. 8.?Von can publish the above if you like publishing in <>ur Southern papers j<ii will get ipore patro sage t*outh. I see m>\ era: of your o*r tificatee in tbe Mobile Mercury, a strong Southern paper. W. iJ. KkhbdyWOOD'S HAIR RKSTuRAilVt. Peop. O J. Woop: L'-ar Hit: Having irad the misfortune to lo?e the bent portion of my nair. from the sfl'wli" of the yci.ow f?ver, in ;%ew Orleans in 1H51.1 was moacod to make a triai of your prepara tion and found it to answer a* the very thing necdod. My hair is tu? thick an<1 glossy, and no words can eacraas my fbugat.un* to you in ginog to the affiioted each a traaeure Fiklbt Johjuoh. The Restorative is put up in bottles of three sues, viz : large, medium and small; the init i hold half a pint, and retails for one dollar per bottle; tbe medium holds at eatt 20 per rent, i..'>re m proportion than the smal', retails for two dollars p*r bottle; the large hoide a *uart,40 per cent, more in propoi tion, and ret*ns for 9% O. J. WOOD ft CO., Proprietor?, 444 Broad way. New York, and 114 Market street, St. Lotus Bold in thia e ty by C. STOTT, 37& Pa avrave. ao 27 Holy-alw P READER. ERI?SK The fn' owirg stau ment and then judge ot its facta for yourself ARKAM COLE, -f Brooklyn, N. Y., * well known citia- u there, had Buffered from Dyaprpaia for aoine \earr, \nthoit remanent relief, ontil be tried AVER'b tII.LS, which taken according to the directiin a for tt.ia oomp aint, restored htm to hca'ta in a few weeka After an interna* of acme mon h c br> i.aa bad no i?tnrn of bia oomp i rt UKO. W. CROSS, of Harmony, Texaa. nad an eruption on bio n ek. ?ttoulU?re, !<ack ant le?. whio'i oovcr> d about one third of hia body. It kftft the parta affaow-d oovtr. d with a aoah. and being oitou a raw ?ore, wai of ooarae v*r? 'root le?ome aud diatraating. It ao mueh impaired hia health a* to nnfit bin lor tnamesa and k* pt bun in ?i ?ta;.t aofTersn*. All ii.cdioa1 aid f*ilo I turn "n il he U> k AVER'S CoWPOUNl* extract -ahsa PARI LLA,a birth earM him. Hi* ?kin atiil ahowa aoin- cc.'.ra from the ulceration, but it la oilier wi aa elear aa an !nf??t? JOHN H SHOOK, Eaq . an nanmt awtor of Richmond, V a. took a o Id ahiaii edited o?N longa. a severe pain aet in on the left .i.le, with a bad cough, whia* via aoon to lowed t>* tn anmia takat le a) m* to ma ofoonavmpuon W h*c "?*uojd very low he cnmmenoed takn A\ l.R^ CHER RY PKCU'RaL, which aoou at. paad the cough and o >tely on ad him. _ ? Prepaid by DR. J. C. ATKR k t "well. M&rt tti? IS <*olm i?|.i.iixa ?.i ' v. m AM AS IIAMI4 A ?r?o V Ll~r,~~"*V" ~ ~~ATTi/AXMl Z-*r w ? m?u.lsrni?, mim-, WUi prMUoe id ttk* Comrt c: hrrora K?ir Jiatr;-.. i-.e frtwt I'AUrt M f ?bt tit* Oo?1? of ti?* * ? ?* - Js-twtft! D-Mrt?? ?f W wr'au^i: kg jui.a:1""3,000 oi km mi ai.^pe&k-lvania buckwheat. oalstert-9 honefino , i fe * toraar Vrrmoat a*. u4 piiumtqi ?t