Newspaper of Evening Star, April 10, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 10, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WKU1IHIIAV April 9, 1*61. Spirit *f the Press The Infllif-nctr argues that the Government Intends ??t*Mlshlng on the wesUrn frontier of Texas a fortified post, for the purpose of holding In check the .Mexicans end Indians. The Rtp*bhcan says there is nothing really for. sMfitnVil# In th* rfM^nl rrit'i anil rtr*w4i/?ta before tbe year la out tbe leaders of secession will live been hanged or driven into exile. " the portheb* Heaet The Actc al Static or Tmttss is Charleston Harbor. We have to say that when informed officially tbat tbe commander of tbe partizans of the Oligarchy la irmiaround Fort Sumter, bad formally notified tbe commander of tbat poet that thereafter be woj'.d not be allowed, aa before, to purchase and receive provisions from Charleston, a messecger * was promptly sent to him (Gen Beauregard) from this point with a notification tbat tbe Government, not proposing to let Major Anderson's command starve, designed sending to their relief an unarmed vessel bearing provisions; and tbat if her approach to Sumter on that mlaalon of merry was Interfered with by the troops under his (Beauregard's) command, they (the Government) would supply the garrison with provisions in vessels supported by military force. These facta account for the hurried manner In which t.oopa have been poured into the Oligarchy's fortification* around Sumter within the last few days. There can be no longer a doubt that it is the purpose of those whs have usurped the govern mem 01 tar ur souin, u> ut^ke IM occasion of tending food to Major Anderson's command in an unarmed vessel, the excuse for the inauguration of their policy, designed to ' fire the southern hoart;" not being able to goad the Government to the point of sending reinforcements to Ander son ere they attack Sumter. Their cause In tbe Virginia Convention Is In a critical position at this moment, and promises are probably held out to them by their partlz*ns In that body, that If tfcey w',11 begin hostilities at once. th*V will imrni>^i*ti?lw th?poafli?? IriiiwvtvK ?? D i-V _ _ j .. . -w . J w. a ! luiupu I U mm mond Hen?-e, doubtless, their abandonment of their pledge not to interfere with Anderson'a facilities for ol-tainlng neeeasary food in Charleston, so long ?a the Government may not attempt to reinforce hia garriaou. Bo?csNew? fao* Chaklistoi.?AtOo'clock this nnralng we received the following falae dispatch from Charleston: v-harlesto.n, April 9, 1-61 IF D. Wmllatk, E'tfivr Star: Sangulnarv S>;ht this evening between tbe Government snrt !f C. troop*. 1 i>t?r vessels sunk; tbe balance went out to sea disabled. Government troop* tiered severely, Loss SC. troops light. J>o. N. Marti* We thank the sender for being more honest than tbe rest cf the tribe of wotild-bt; hoaxers of tbe Press, to tbe extent of prepaying the cost of telegraphing bis falsehoods. Concerning this bogus news, we have to say. that it Is physically impossible that either of the vea^ls recently sent from the North by the Government, could have reached the port of Charleston laat evening. Their draft of water is such that but a single one of them?the Pawnee?can rrots Charleston bar in smooth weather; while in such weather as wo* experienced in thai quarter last evening, It Is not possible that her commander would have gone within twenty miles of its breakers, if having bad time to get to them? which he did not have. Thus, Mr Martin's dispatch cannot possibly c unvey w> u? me truth. We may add, further, thut this d. patch reached Washington last night, and that we have aii additional dispatch this morning, that left Charleston at 11 p in. last night, from a reliable correspondent. making no intimation whatever that Loctllltiea bad actually commenced. Calling District or Columbia Voluxtkkxs JJITO Tia. SXkVlCK OF TH1 L'HITID STATX8?The order fur a mutter of the District Volunteers today, at their several armories, bad in view the Inspection of their arms and equipments. And, further, to master as many of tljem Into the service of the United States, by companies, as may be willing to enter it; the services of seven com. ponies being at this time required by the Government, which does not, propose to permit the lives and property of the |>eopte of the Federal metropolis and the public archives to become a prey to any marauding expedition from any quarter, gotten up under the auspices of the Oligarchy. The commanding officer of the regular troops at th.a point, Col C. F. Smith, of bth Infantry, will station tbem as may best serve the purpose of the city's defence. Most of liie mea will be required, doubtless, to I spend tbs nights in th<;ir several armories, and will bo Dermittwi to '? ? >?' ' 9 .xvuvk IHCil UBUQI flYOCtt* tions during the day?bat always within tbe usual mil. We have every reason to believe that there it no deaiga now entertained of removing them from lh? District. See our local columns for interesting details in this connection. m.r ? 0 - - iigi ?u.? t oe story saying that a few nights since some twenty L'. S Murines deserted from tb?tr barracks in this city, is a mistake. On tbe night in question not one deserted. Saturday last was tbeir quarterly pay day, tbe period at wbicb desertions are always most numerous in every regular service. Since tbe first of tbe month there have been but five desertions from tbeir barracks, notwithstanding Saturday night was tbeir pay day, as explained above. This number is unusually small, considering that fact, and the additional fact that the garrison Is now twice as large as usual. We have tffc' to add, that tbe number of desertions of ?-?-?i?* v.uini ?vn.ujjeu nere II not Urge, u his been alleged. On tbe contrary, tbat It la ao ?ui 11 Is a matter of aaton'.shment to military men, In view of the considerable force now concentrated in tbe Federal Metropolis, where their dlclpllne is necessarily very different from tbat under wbicb troops are usually kept, at isolated posts. It Is due to the^e troops tbat we should add that tbey are rs::uirkably quiet, orderly, and well behaTrd BTien, generally. Pome one h?s t-grrglously Imposed on our evening cotemporary. iu this connection, evidently. T- M . n? .11 IL1TAE Y 310VKM -tT or TKK OLIOABCHT tarn oat to be much more ritenilve than wu dreamed of io this quarter a week ago Ths fact that Da via has certainly ordered out at least 13,UK) troop* more than were prevloualy In the Oligarchy's aervtce?some aeven or eight thou* and art-ma to be entirely Ignored by tbe patriots In tbe Virginia Convention who profess to be filled with so earnest desire to prevent the etfualon of blood. Tbey aeetn to be able to tee nothing whatever threatening to disturb the jtatn* of things in these remarkable aud foreboding preparations; but if tbe Government loads aabip with munitions or move* a fourth as many troops, they cry out: ' Keep tbe peace ' keep the peace '" Men of commnn sense, under such circumstances, will be prose to conclude that the preservation of the Mace la aat ?k?i o? ? J nii|r atlirfb that, let Ute Oligarchy' military purpoeea be what they may, they elm aimply to InBare tfcelr success, at whatever coat to the Government that inay result front a lack of due preparation on 1U part to defend itaelf when attacked with Are and aword. Not So ?No appointment of a Postmaster at 9prlngfleld. Mass , haa yet been made by the Pteaidcut, aa al cged In the Preaa. 1! miscreant in Cleveland hurled a atone ?* u?t ol ferry, breaking the sword he hoi vis ?a his hand . DEPARTMENT NEWS. RemovidasdAppointed ? Mr Jno Larromb, J of rh'? city, baa been appointed to a St.800 p?r annum clerkship In the <>tflce of the Superintendent of the Public Printing, vice Mr. Z W. McKnew, removed. Executive ArroiiiTMEXTs? The President has mtde the following appointments: George Rowland, i'oatroaster at Facramento, Cal. William B Sharp, IT. S. attorney for the northern diatrlct of California. ? Dimmick, U. S. attorney for the southern diatrlct of California. John J Vedder, Postmaster at Schenectady, N. Y. John T Jenkins, Postmaster at New Brunswick. N.J. Charles B. Griffin, Postmaster at Newark. N.J. Joshua Jones, Postmaster at Trenton, N.J. Samuel Kiddie, Postmaster at Allegheny, Pa. Charles N Kldridge, Postmaster at Davenport, Iowa Arthur A. D?*nny, Register of Land Office at Olympia, \V. T. Joseph Cushman, Receiver at Olympia, W. T. Henry A. Kennedy, of Md., Register of Land Office at Vermillion. Dacotah. James Wheny, cf Va., Receiver there. Elisha Whittlesey, of Ohio. Firat Comptroller oftheU S. Treasury. Thos. Hovey. Postmaster at Hallowell. Me " 1 John Berry, do. at Gardiner, Me. i C. R McFadden, at Watervllle, Me. i , Gil. Jack Hamilton, o? Tii*? -Thli gal- 1 lant patriot baa already brought the character of 1 the usurpation iu bin State to a practical test that j proves that it baa no authority in the will of the < people In h!a district. 1 A special election for a Stit? Senator to repre- * sent the counties of Travis, (In which Austin, the 1 State seat of Government Is situated.) Bastrop | and Burnet, belnj; at hand, be became a candi- < date for the position, proclaiming that be would not take the teat oath prescribed by the Convntlon, and that he regarded the laUer's authority wholly a revolutionary usurpation. Thus standing before the people on every stump in the dis- ' tric.t, he beat N G. Shelby, the secession candi- ( date, overwhelmingly. Would that there were a hundred Jack Hamilton* among the Union men i of.Virginla! Tub ViKt.isia Cosvkstioh's Committer of , Thhkk?commissioned to ask of the President the i s purpose in sending troops, provisions and munitions from New York, (ai:d, it is to be taken for granted, at the same time to inform him, ctticl.'illy, what the body they represent purpose doing, as well as the purposes for which the Oligarchy last week called out twelve thousand additional troops)?did not reach Washington last evening, as had been expected. No District or Columbia appointments had been made by the President up to 2 p. m to-day. Personal. , Rarer, the horse tamer, and his pet Cruiser, ? Mrform in Hnffilftthfi utaaV Lord Palmerston Is no longer a member of 1 the Dome of Conimona. i John Hutchinson, who hag been appointed Secretary of Dacotah Territory, is one of the "Hutchinson Family" of singers. 1 Col. Fremont has arrived in Parts, taking ^ with b'm a dejpatch bag to the American I.e^a- j tion. j Mr Randolph, the Secession delegate from Richmond to the Virginia Convention, is a grand- 1 son of Thomas Jefferson r. King, the sculptor, has just completed a 1 magnificent bust of John Qatncy Adams, which will be placed In Fanuell Hall. Boston. Jerry Bryant, the popular minstrel, well T known throughout the United States, died in 5 i>?*w y t>rK on Tuesday last. The Hon Wm Allen, a representative In Congress from the Plqua (Ohio) District, within the last two months has lost his whole family of four children by that dreadful scourge, dlptht-rla. The late Senator Broderlck Is buried on the Summit of a mound In Lone Mountain Cenr etery, Cal., whlsh overlooks the surrounding country. A J monument Is in c6urse of erection over his grave -The West African Herald states that a F.atln cross of marb'e with the simple letters L. K I.., now marks the spot where the ill-fated and accomplished "L. K. 1. " T*nr\m?* ? - ?f ?? \/U|/V \/ UO?l Castle. Hon. Geo. W. Ashman, of Mnu ; Hon. ? Geo S. Bontwell, of Man ; Major Bache. U. 8. A ; Hon. C. B S^dgewick, of Syracuse, NY; ? J O Putnam, of N Y.. newly appointed Consul to Hivre; and \V. 8. Wood, N. v., are at W11- p lard*'. g The rumor that Jenny Llnd Is going to re- a appear before the public, however unlikely It ? may seem, is qainlng credit. We have heard, from persons entitled to belief, that Mr. Gye In- j tends to give a series of concerts In the Covent t Garden Floral Hall, at which .Madame Otto t Goidscbmidt will sing. Since the .Nightlneale ? was first heard in England, fourteen additional t years have passed over her bead; but her notes .. ?_ I J V- ?? * " o.c hiu, >y iuo?e wno are privileged to hear 1 them, to be f? sweet and powerful at ever?so i ays the London Press. 1 Pastik* 17? the Niw Confrderact?The c Ai'gn?la (Ga ) Chronicle and Sentinel experts very mon to see two parties arraved in the new I Confederacy, struggling for the Presidency next fall, and the division, it thinks, will be upon tbe r point of admitting other States, "one fivoring the t admission of other States which may choose to accept our Cons'ltutlon, the other clinging to the i delusion of a pure siaveocracy " The present c Provisional President and Vice President, we are j told, both ' favor the idea of ultimate reor^anijatlon," while Howell Cobb, it 1* implied, and the ultra Southern Pirty, are forever opposed to tbe i admission of free States Here, then, says the ? Sentinel, is the programme, as we think _ , a* " ?" V>** *. Cobb for no adm'.Mion of any free StaU-, and no \ admission of such #lave State# as will Rive l'"* < power In the Confederacy to admit free States by '1 a two-third* vote In tbli wi#e. aa we take It, la i a partv to be organized In opposition to the pre#ent Admlnlatratlon. ( I fE7"The Little Rock (Ark.) Gai?*tte give# rath- ' er an unfavorable atatement of the attempt in Ar- t to force the State into aeceaalon, immediate > and apart from the Border Slave state#; which at- a tempt, however, proved unsuccessful. It#ay#: ) ' we know not how it ha# been in other place# t The Secessionist# elaewhere may bave used arjju- i merits to sustain them in their position; here their stock of trade has been misrepresentation, denunciation hIlMt?flno K.?n?? '* . i , ?t hi>?4 umiy iii^ . II ]| tO d** c hoped that no man. who is worth the name of t imn. In the South will ever suffer himself to be t overawed by denunciation, blustering, or bully- \ ing." < Mckdkr and Scicidk ?In Cincinnati, on Sat- t urday last, Washington Urigsby, a sign and fancy ( painter, terminated a dispute With his wife, a gay r and fascinating young woman, whom he had long inspected of improper practice*, by lodging a re- j volver bullet In her brain and abdomen, and i shcotlng himaelf through tbe brain immediately afterwarda. He died in about ten minute*, but ] the woman lingered until the succeeding after- > noon. In an urn onaclnus state. They bad nut one r child, a boy, five year* old. j Movements at Old Point Comtokt?Tbe \ Norfolk Day Hook state* that the troop* at Fortress Monroe are not allowed to pass beyond tbe , picket guard, and the strictest mllitarv <i?. - -/ r?J < prevail* On the l?t Instant there were received ( at the fort, from Baltimore, twelve hundred boxes ot K'ape shot, together with a great many Iron i castings, uatd in mounting guns. j The estnte of the late Austin Smith, of Hatfield, Mm , Is believed to reach the value of 93<i4),- j WK), though be never was taxed for above SlUO.UU) , k?cause be threatened to leave the town If tax'd l for more. c Th? The following report of the * weather for the morning Is made from the Amer- s lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith onlsn Institution. The time of observation is i about 7 o'clock c April 10, 1661. 1 Burlington, Vt clear, 34?. wind N N?-w V ork, N. Y elm, pieaaant. 1 Baltimore. Md.... rainy, windy i WMhlngtoa, U. C ralnv, wind NK ? Richmond, Va. ..ralniug, 49". ^ t Petersburg, Va. raining, cold. c Raleigh, N. C raining, 52?. r Charleston, S. C clear, 60?. wind N W 1 Augusta. Ga. dear, cool. Savannah, Or clear, warm. t Macon. Ga. cool. e Columbus, Ga clear, cool. V Griffen. Gn clear. 1 Montgomery, Ala. clear, warm Mobile, Ala clear, <W?. New Orleans, La clear, B7?, wind \V a rioxTU wiat. c Cleveland, O clear, wind NF. e St Louis, Mo clear, 46J. ? iftaroaaeter at the Smithsonian at 7 a m., (cor- a rreted for temperature,) tt 841; at noon, Thermometer at 7 a. m., 36*; at nooa, 46' Maximum during 4* hours, ending V a m. to ? <tav 4;J4*- mlnlmun S Au.onnt of rain from 9 a. m. Monday, April 6, t t-i < a in thla morning, April 10, two Inches and o ou?-th!rd, (*>? ) a / WAR MOVEMENTS. Dipabtt*! or Vksskls r*<?* Niw Yoke?Moms Visskls Getths Ready. We take from the New York papers of yesterday venlng the following particulars: th? tbasxpobt-stbameb baltic. Orders were issued yesterday morning that tbe Haltic should be made reedy for sea by 3 o'clock in the afternoon Some delay, however, occurred n the forwarding of war material from Governor's Island, and she did not leave till after 5 p m. Freight from lighters lying alongside, anrt from a* pier, was wing iransierren on uonrd all day. riili consisted of flour, pork. beef, bacon, conlensed milk. dried fruit*, liquor*, potatoes, and ilmopt every variety of eatables Among the arilcles of a warlike nature were forces, ordnance .ools. shears, consisting of long, strong poles and windlasses; gunny bags, wheelbarrows, gun carriages, bias* pieces, Ac. Behind bales of hay, wlijcli occupied the outer edge of the upper decs, wis perhaps the most significant part of the cargo, jnrevealed except to those who went aboard, lamelv. some 15 or 20 surf boats, with piles of jars Coal la large quantities was piled up in wrks on deck Smaller sacks, holding ahoMt a bushel each, were said to be for the use of the 1 Iving ortillerv. There were large boxes marked U. 8 Hospital Stores " During the afternoon the steam tug C. P. Smith loaded with troops, cime up the Bay, and renalned stationary in the middle of the stream, opposite Canal street. About 5 p m the tug?oat R L. Mabey, her deck covered with troops, :am? up, she passed the Smith, sturdy cheers, in rue noldlpr-likf tulo WCrct ? ? - j | .? v.v v?vu?ii|;CU OTiWrCIl i the two companies Soon tbe Mabey nuared ;he pier whfre lay the Baltic. As she approaches ;he crowd, which had taken position on the i lelghborlng piers In order to get a good view of whatever transpired, began cheering. This was i esponded to bv tbe troops, numbering apparenty about '300 It U aald they were under the com- 1 nand of Lieut R O. Tyler of theTblrd Artillery, i ind Lieut. K McK. Hudson of the Fourth Artll- j ery, and that Lieut. Col Thomas alto accompanied the expedition. A number of heavy bcxes i jad to l>e taken ofl'from the tu<f,and It was nearly ] 1 o'clock before the Baltic got fairly out Into the i itream. I TBfe following are the officers of the Baltic: i Fletc her, captain; Pendleton, first mate; Graham, , ?hlef engineer; Ford bam, purser; Bailey, steward rh?- crew numbered about 110 men The Baltic passed through the Narrows at 7 p t m., and proceeded oui to sea. TIIK TRANSPORT *T K A M RR ILLINOIS. i a- irei<;D; or the Illinois wm much like that of the Haltic. Later In the evening aeveral bo;it* were taken in, tome of which, it wai ?<dd, were nrranged for the mounting of a small gun Among her cnriro the hat about 2.000 barrel* of I assorted stores. 500 rates of musket*, several howitzers, parks of artillery, a large quantity of am- i munition, and over 100 cord* of oak and pine < wood One of Herring's safe, said to be from i the Sub-Treasury, Wall street, and to contain < B50.000 In specie, wan also put on board About ] dusk the steamtug C<itlln came alongside and i discharged troops. One of tbe soldier*, who I bore a little American remarked that only I 1 death would part him from it. At the time of the embarkation the crowd cheered, and cheers *lso came from the boat South America that was passing up the river. On account of the length of time which It occupied to finish loading the Illinois, but it was deemed best to receive the troops from Fort Hamilton before the steamer started, and thus ?vade the delay of stopping at that plat e Tfce iteamtug Cataline was consequently dispatched to carry them 1 The'steam tug C. I*. J*inith had been lying out i n the strenm all this time. and It was late in the 1 vening before she had an opportunity to di?- I ibarne. On hnr rd the Illinois were the ad Artil- i erv Company H. nd -d Art'.liery Company K. I .vhirh left Washington on the I'h April. There ' *'ere said to he 1-H men lit the two companies besides these were the men from the tug-boats, naklng probably 3'Ci more ] Theutficers of the Illinois are:?Terry, Captain; IVinpenny, l irst Mate;" Deagan, ^ecend Mnte; 4auxhurst, Chief Engineer; Cook, First Assistant inclneer; Smith, l'urser The Illinois siilei after dark. She carries a ar^e quantity of supplies, and a formidable as?ortnent of rockets, bengola lights, and other pyroechnic signals. TIIE STEAMSHIP VANDKRBILT. Rumor had this Hue vessel, belonging to Comit?dore Vanderbilt's line of Havre steamers, char ered hy the l'nlt?-d State* Government, to be 1 Itted out Immediately. This rumor, upon Inves- < tgation. prove;* to be incorrect, as the vessel has >een lying at pier No 3, North River, all winter, j nd her machinery la all apart, and In tuch a con- 1 lltion that it would require at least two weeki < or a force of one hundred and twenty men to put if-r In proper trim for an extended sea voyage. There are at present sixty men at work upon her, < nd the Yanderbllt will not probably ??1! until i be beginning of next month, and then only to < ?ke her place In the Havre line 1 The quietude reigning around the pier does n*>t ( ndicite auy hasty preparation to get ready for sea, < v ??it*-jy nny tun? rxri-pi mose nnving transactions vitL the Boston boats are to be seen on the dock. THE IIC81.N qUKEN, inotLer of Commodore Var.derbllt's vessels, is ying at the foot of King st , North river, and is ilso undergoing repairs Her engineer,wlio seems o be the only person on boird, sa\s the vessel is lot In a condition to proceed on a voyage at presnt. nor would two \ve?eks suffice to put her la uch a position A few stilp carpenters on the pier ire the only indications of life or animation rouud the Ocean (.{ueen. THE SIKAM-Tl'O YANKEE s a new se>.-t boat just built, and capable of withtandlng any sea voyage. She was launched about wo months ag?, from Webb's yard at Green point, ind Is fitted up with heavy engines from the Fulon iron Works The Yankee is registered at 400 tons. Is 150 feet fmjr, '-Jti feet beam, and 1'J feet hold She is commanded by Capt Germain. Tbevesvl Is owned jy Kusse-1 Sturjis. l,su . iresid^i.t of ti,?. bn*r.i >ilot commissioner*, from whom she has beeu :h*rtPivd by tbe Government. There were put aboard of her 100 tons of fuel, a large quantity of provisions She carriedi bout 150 troops, but her destination eniains a secret, cs the vessel sailed under tfaud .rd-ri on Monday evening at 5 o'clock The Thomas Freeborn, another steam tug of iearly the unit dimension, was to have been a :onscrt of the Yankee, but the orders for her departure were countermanded 111E SORTS CAROLINA. A 3,(XiO tun line-of-battle-ship lonks very lonelome with only 120 men on board This is exictly tbe case with " the North " She has 60 rerjits, U marines, und about 30 per ma i. jat men. a'uo might De left out, a* tLey have done all the ? Inty Providence gave them power to j.erform 1 I he short watches of the Powhatan were made I ip on board the recel viug-rhip. and many of tbe 1 k tors who were to open the ' Nautical Tueater" ] >n the 1st of April, have gone to play more irn- 1 >ortant parts than those on tbe programme at the scuttlebutt." The condition of the North Car- I >lina is not satisfactory It is even doubted ? vhether she could be removed two rods with 1 lafety. She was built at Philadelphia forty-one rears' ago, and has been s? long at tue Navy Yard hat even greeu reporters know her from "the last i irrlval " I AT governor's island. t iMnjor Holn es is packing up. and will leave his 1 juarters to-morr?w Meantime Lieut. W oods is 1 'xaininlng the stores for tbe purpose of receipting 1 7>? ??>.? v. iuc wiuc t<> m?jor noiiuei l/ist evening, the nnd serenaded tbe Alajor by way cf parting Compliment. It appears tbat he has been very topular among bis inferior otIWrs, and the solliers generally. Whoever of tbeui venture to xpress any opinion on tbe subject, manifest sorow at the event of his resignation. A large number of gun treses, carriages nnd runs, marked "Fort Pickens, Florida," are lying u re&d'nes* for shipment. rue irboooM 'Jolin N. Geoin, of Jumesport," ' at anchor a short distance from tb? wharf. She vat at tbe whnrf yesterday taking In sun car- . lages, tress* s, Ac., but bnuled off to ma\s* room I or a barge loaded with lumber. She is now receiving her crew, and will doubtlt ss soon proceed osea. There ere about UK) soldiers now on the Island, J ind recruits are coming ou constantly. Numbers >f these are sent to Fort Hamilton, after being ( luly examined and outfitted. Tbe little steam (propeller) barge which plies ' letween tbe Battery and tbe Island is well patron- 8 zed, and every hour lakes a new contribution of " r I si tors to the island Companies are to be seen constantly uuderdrlll. Evidently, the least possible time Is wast-d by aw recruits, as many of them who go to the sland comparatively, If not altogether. Ignorant ' >f military duty or exercise, enter upon discipline it once, and becomc efficient In a remarkably hortttme Tbe " old clo' " men seem to Imagine that the iiultlplication of eoldlere makes their nppcaranc# in the ground of some importance, as they are on ^ iand to carry iff bargains. < in O I STItMIS riXIN 1 let off the Battery, awaiting orders Crowds of M-ople coutinne to loiter on the Battery ground, md to speculate upou all possible and impossible I beorles of military, naval and government;*! sci- f tnce. Kacb boatful of paaeengera going to and j eturnlng froin Governor's Island is thoroughly nspec'ea by the curious bystanders, and In many n?lances parsons are brought to a halt by the inerrogatory: "I say, sir, you have come from Gov- t rnnr'? Island, what is going on there?are they J letting ready?" and questions of the same point- ' ess nature. 1 TH? HARRIET LANS. The U. 8 steamer Harriet l^ane, Capt. Faunee, ailed from her anchorage off the Battery yester- ~ isv morning at 1U o'clock, ttying the American nsiun, Instead of the revenue flag as heretofore, !be ead on board one month's extra provisions, 0 nd fifty to.,* extra of coal. t| THK SAVT YARD e No order* have been received to fit out the 8a- ? annah or Perry for immediate sea service, as ? laud The former waa yester tiny l.juird into ? be wharf to have her three heavy guns ti ken ut, as they Interfered with the workmen who r, re preparing her for "the ready state." Besides tl ' t ? their removal facilitate the labor of putting her lti the dry duck, Into which she was floated at 11a m , the stearu-frigat* Roanoke having b??*n previously taken out. The water-tank* cf t e Wabash were commenced on for the first time yesterday Their appearatic# on the wharf would make an unsophisticated person suppose it impossible to them all in one vessel. Tbe Roanoke's reu oval from tbe dry dock has been partly occ^ioned by the necessity for examining the Savannah's bottom, and partly from the fact that whatever work remains to be done on her cm be, by good management, prosecuted at the wharf The brig Perry was hauled alongside the Hnd?on-nvenue dock, to be operated upon at the leisure of the e.nthorlties. Additional Foregii >ews It wai reported tbat Garibaldi's former State officers bad been ordered to proceed to Brescia on the 16th April, for conference. The Emperor of Austria baa sanctioned the political reorganization of Transylvania and its restoration to it* f. rmer position in that respect The Danish Government was making war-like preparations for all eventualities Lortuojt, March 31 ?The Opinlone Turin says the Sardinian Ambassador at l.ondon has received a notification from the Kritlah Gove-nment that be will be received and recognized as Minister of the Kingdom of Italy. Switzerland has give* a notification tbat if the movements of the Austrian troops coniinu* orders will be given for tbe construction of additional works to the fortifications of Polv The Swiss Federal Council nt tt>? !n?t*nr? of Sardinia. have appointed rcmmlmioafri for adjusting the aftairs of the Ticlno Bishopric It is said that .50.000 Austrian troop? are In movement

at Venetia. The Paris papers assert that the Austrian movement* on the Po are purely defensive. Several French editors, whilst on an excursion to Venice, were roughly e*i>elled, notwlthstand I - 4 1 I. ? ? ? 1 - " " " * inn urir :';iEsporm naa oeen visea uy Austrian orBcinU Hostilities continue in Herzegovnla between the insurgents and the Turkish troops The Porte, It is s^.td, will submit to the tireat Powers, before their promulgation, the reforms which it is intended to apprehending that Russia m'ijht syain tike up ttie project of a permanent Conference at Constantinople Bosnia Is menaced with anarchy, and Austria has forbidden the export of arms into Bosnia and sent troops to the frontier. Advices from China say that the new treaty Las befn iynornc! l?v thi* ManHarim ?t Lord Kl|;ln hud arrived at Trieste en route for Kngland. , Htcxsnios ix Niw Jk*:skt.?The Newark 1/dilv Advertiser of Monday ?iv* : "Humors are atioat that secret movement! are now in progress In this vicinity for the purpose of precipitating New Jersey Into the ?*-<e?sion movement.under the mansg?ment of the -Knight* [>f the Golden Circle ' We understand that private meetings have been held recently In reference to tlita project, which is to be attempted In correspondence with similar movements in i New York. There la no doubt tluit some of ?ur manufacturer* who are largely interested in the southern trade would favor ? movement of < this kind, hut the people at large will certainly 1 not tolerate any scheme that i? to be carried out upon the plan adopted by the speeded states,wlth[>ut being allowed a voteof theirown on the quts- I tlon. The people of the South arc complaining ? most bitterly that they have not heen consulted in the movements there, and if they, with their principles and sympathies, denounce such pro- I reedings, how much more effectively will our I more independent people manifest their Indianalion at any attempt to take the power of choosing their own government out of their bands' The manifestations of political leaders during the past i rew days indicate that there is something In the ' wind more serious tHan idle rumor." ? | Affairs at thk Hbookltn Navt-Yakd? ['reparations Going Ox ?I'p to 12 o'clock no , jrders for the movement of war vessels had been received from Washington. The department* are all filled, and the hands leem full of busintss in every part of the yard The little surveying steamer* and schooners stilt lie In thestreim, awaiting orders from the depart men is I On board the receiving sh'p North Carolina the | leimen and marine?arc constantly kept going, so is to be in condition to be drafted at a moment * jotlce. The men areall in good spirits, and have 'rtquent dlacuaalocs on whai ihey are about to be snuaged in. The otlicers of the yard. Capt. Foot and Lieut. ' Mmy, are almost worn out by hard work, having been up for several nights attending to the duties )f their otlice.?N. Y. Post. Ixporiant from Cuaklehox ? Fever Threatth' li'bel T>oo)>s?Anderson's Reprisals *;>on the T,titers?In addition to the new* from Jbar'eston given under our telegraphic head, we jave the following liiijx.rtu.t intelligence, revived in this city in a private letter, dated at 2b*cle;?t?>n on Saturday last The writer ??f this letter statrs that the Charlesonians are getting very impatient, as liie season or the malarious fever which infests the low [rounds about Charleston harbor Is annroachtiu md wil! scon force the volunteer* uow threaU-nn</ Major Anderson to retreat Into the upper :ou utry It was reported in Charleston that GenTtl Dean- 1 eyard was about to stop M;j>r Anderson s sup- j )l;t? from ILe city; and that Anderson intrndfd or*'ort by j'Tokihitipg furth'.r inl'rrovrse by vnt'r rith the /oris tchirh svrrounr! him ?A'. Y. Pott. Pessacola.?The New York Timet'eorrenpon- ' lent ?>:i b'>;?rd the United Statu sTemn corvette I i Brooklyn, off Pens?cola, gives an interesting ?c- < :ount of matters olT that point The Hrooklvn i-td returned from her trip to K?*y W est for sup- j )!ies, and had furnished the other vessels of the i ieet with various ne< esaarie? The Commander ? ?f 1-ort Taylor, at K?-y 'Vest, bfd roni|)ei'ed the j nhablteate of th-it puce to haul down th--!r < Jon!ederat<- s?t?.te tiara, with it jKiiite intiiration 1 oat two diUVrent nationalities could n?it rule in U*> place The preparations for the expected atack (in Fort l'ickens w^re proceeding constantly, iifliiiib tbe ' orrespondent expresses tlie l>elief that ^ he United States forces now there cr-uid reinforce i t?e fort, if required to do so. The ruaior that the Jrookiyn had succeeded already in landing a 1 lumber of her men proves to have been entirely 1 mtrue. Tuit Kchopeas 2*j.kkt ?The Paris crresponlent of the It Y. Times writes: <-A fortniaht announced to you that the French and Fnghsb lovernmenis, in view of the threatened civif war n America,were about to tend out a fleet of mod rn-built war frigates, as an audience for the cumng strugs;!** One of the French frigates (tbe , *oudre) Irts just sailed, the I mpclueusc is soon to i 'ullow, and a third Is in rapid preparation. The i present rendezvous of these vessels is Yrtra Cruz, .vhtre tber will go tirst to look after French inter- 1 ;sts, and from whence thev '"ay watch the pro- 1 ('tss of events in the United ft-ttcs. and be rendy , it a moment's warning to steam to any point | vhtre their presence may be required." IH^Tbe nnmber of French troops in the Papal ' *tates is stated by the Roman correspondent of the London Times to be between nineteeu and twenty honsand men, nearly three times as many as were there at tbe beginning of las', summer. Tbe deachments which have arrived lately are said to 1 lie small in number and not more than sulfideut to take the places of these r? turning to France, or (ho Uiirun/?i<># r*r?!* ? ?l * u J ' ? ,uv vuvuitvM v inuur uy iirnui, illSFiiBC, u C. JJOI11C )f th?* detachments have advanced a* far a? fifty I mile* from Rome. Although General G<>yon u a leridcd Roman Catholic, tuere has been much Ill-will lately between him and the Roman uithorities, and the Frei.cli troops seem tocordlally , iate the l'apai service. j }f7"Tlie Albany Areas thinks the custom of 'encoring" is a* Ill-bred as calling twice for soup. y^fOOlIRBK OK I.ROTt!BWi at ot J_3 PAUL'S LUTHERAN WUfcCH""' CoKN hR OF H A.SH h.LKVEMTU SlRKKTS, l\iT the BfHffit of th? Fnrsonate Dtbt. J*?ooih1 I.ictur-, \VKDNEt*l>AY.April 10?Rev. I. G. Bi tlkr. Subject: Aaron Burr. lifAtnrH bricin at8 o'clock. \Ij~ Due uo:io* will l>e given of the deliver; of >tri?-r Lecture* of the Courne. Course tickets 5> cents; single admission 25 cents. ricketH iriPjr be had at Mr. iNoerr's, of E ind litli Mr. Fussil's, corner of F and iith.or it the door. ftf I SUteox j UORHALF-On* pair 1 1 fine WORK HOR8E8. | r 1 iici 4:1 at the Onice ol the Washington House. , ap 10 3t* ? pE GREY CARD! j DEMPSEY *T0'T00LE,8, ' Card Engravers, ap 10 Steo Pennsylvania avenue. A NOTICE. rVLI. Persons having pr.wned goods in my poseasion are hereby notified that they oan be ob- ' v.n?<i b? oaliinc on ms at my residenoj, No. 624 < lirtventh st.. near corner of F, I* land. ' F?r sale. Pawnbroker's icense. < ap 10 3t* E. WARD. . vA ? SPRING OPENING. On THURSDAY, April lltk, tifi) \ A 1SS THO.MPSON zK win introduce our New Styles of ~ J SPRING AM) SUMMER MILLINERY. J As tl ere are many strangers in ?ur city,we wou'd ( ake occasion to say, fur th<*ir information, that t iIisr i lioxrso* **? awarded the bighrstpremiuan , or llonneu at the Fair of the Mechanics' Metrololitan Association, held at the Sni.thsoniaa Insti- < utiou. hutchinson & munro, ; 310 t a. av., between. 9th and 10th sta. ap l'^St (Intel and Repub.) ro all* whom it mav concern.?a a my son in Uw, Rev. Robot Kfllc*, hss indiy con>ent%l to aid me in setfcina np the estate \ f my late hu-iand. A. H. Y<>?n* this is t? notify 1 he public, ard erpecial:y those iudebud to eaia . s?aV>, that he, Mr. K el fen, will hereafter be my a nly aathoriz d agent, or attorney, to attend to ioy \ usinesa in this connection, and any and ail other owe'S of attornvjr ht-rct?fore stven are hereof re- t oke<I. MARY A. YOUNG, Executrix. J Mr. Kellen can be seen at Mrs. M. A. Young's ssidenoe, 1 *t.. between 9th and iCth iU., l??twe-n le hoars off 4ad b p. n. every day. ap 10-tf t I * OFFICIAL. TRSAtrkT Dipaktmekt, April 0,11WI. Sbalkd PaoroftALs will be received at thu Department until 10 o'clock on Thursday morning. the ll?h instant, for ('?ur ini lien nine hundred and on? thousand dollars ia Treaurv cot**, or any part ther^-of, tearing :ntere*t at on per oe?t. r?r annum, payable semi-annually, redeemable in two years, receivable lor puMiedues, or, at the option of the bidder, convertible into six per oent bonds of the I) i;ited i*tat??. Said nr>tea to (? issned ur.der the authority of t<i* acts of Concrets approved Febru ary 8,1861, and March 2 18S1. Propoaala mggt state th* rate bid for eaoh one 1 J All .. ^ . . nunurrti co.iars, one per csntum thereof to lie deposited with an Assistant Treasurer of Uie I'nre i States, and certificate* ; hereof to accompany each bid, ard the who'e jmonst in oom. meet he depocite>l with an Assistant Treasurer, tn mial mstal irents, at five, Un ani fifteen day*, retpect'.veij, or the whole amount within five days after the aoocptanoe of Lid, at the option of bidder. No proposal at lees than par wilTbe oonttdered. Propria s to be endorsed "Proposals for Treasury Notes." S. p. CHASE, ap f?-2ti< Secretary of the Treasury. AMUSKMKNTS. WASHINGTON THKATKR1 Leesee ~ it W. Glskk Aotinr Manacer..? J. T. Ratmokd THIS EVENIXO. Pontively. Latt Night Of tl- r-> j o ??' i umr.u r?psr:uw.P PTlllliftl 1HE NAIAD QUEEN. In which MR. JOS. JEFFERSON Will appear ft* SCHNAPPS, And also as High Dfhras In the.New Faroe of A IieOLil FIX. Oo' nnn <wtn ?BLUE IKXIK -Infnrm V < ? /*" ""l"?"/* "". ation a* to a!i the <iftio<>* in tn? eountry, apd salarv? 25 cnta. Contain* tne eaine manor h* the Great Biue l?->ok onstinit $3 5>K Omittine the n%inas which are not i.eoe*?*ry. Catai?'tii" of 1 'ur.ositie* at Patent Ofcce List o| Patent*. Old Book* t*ouiht and Bold Cat*. <>cue furnished. ALFRED HUNTER, BookeeJer, fe22-2m* Willard*' Hotel >quare. WANTS. YVANTED-A *ood SECOND HAND on' r?*J, " cakes, Ao. JA**. II. SIMPsON. No. ** south Fairfai *t'?et ap IO-2t Alexandria. \ *. WANTED-Good TEN ANTS for seven onees". price* rapine from 9Ti to %?00 per annumA l? . . ? %.r - ? npjny v i II. ? . I.A Washington HullJ ins?, oorner Seventh ?t and Pa. av. splOS: V!"IU>T CLASH N I- RSK, who ? a* thob?it?f eit? reftoenc I. ami ha* no objection 'o travel with a lady, wishes a situation. Address "Nurse,** Bo*-J, Star Offce. It* WANTKD?Kt a re?-pe-tat>ie younn woman, a SITUATION as oook. Go? d reference can l>e riven. Apply at No. ?2S 20th at., u-ar the jirner of W. It WANTKO?Two SALKSWOM KN. who have experience in the trimming* and millinery ^nsinesH. ,\oa? hut suoh that know fh? business thoroughly need apply. M. WILLIaN. apl0 3t 32 Market Space. Wanted to rrociaw-i hopif.w ainiic* five or *ix rooms conveniently ar ran*eo, in iC'Mrai location. Ai-y on* having su^h l li'>ui# and wi'li rt to ael a hi'ta'n ran iie\r of a sash customer l>jr spp jicir at No. 35* Kuhteenth >t . near H *p lft-at* WANTED I M m K 1)1 A T K I. Y? F roiu *5 to ?? in.nnii vr: r?h of SECOND-HAND Fl rni rU K V. ofail & iuda, for winch I will ruaiantj to pay t'.o tut, test rnooa. and, as u*uii, at trie aiiortMt notice K. BUCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stove*. Ac., oc 9 4 ?h 7th ?t.. >x?t. <? and H east nda. WANTED?SECOND HAND FI'RNITURE, Persons dcc.ining housekeeping, or havine i .-turpius of i'urmiuro on haud.oan outain tiiec&sh arid in r pnce? by aps.iins at 31>9 Seven'h ?t. co 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. LOST AX D~?OUNP~ BOARDING. V'ACANCIES FOR A GENTLEMAN AND wf\ a>o two sins'e gentlemen, at 309 F *t , between 11th and 12th. ap IO-3t* Furnished front room on secon d floor for rent, with or without b< a d. Rent i-)w. Appi? f ieventh tt., between C ?tre?? and Pa. a v., ?>ppi??i e Theater ap 10 St* OOO.MS WITH HOARD. Jtc.,CAN BE HAD EV at No. 40* Thirteenth at ap 8-eoSt* 16 <'>A R I) ? Pl?*?ant Koomi. with Ro%rd, can L? If had ?.t _>o. U9 Four ami a-hft'f nt. ap0-2w* (Republican.) l^OR SALE?A touiir IIORSE. aWjt 15 handi I high ; warranted a<:un<l and ?en;l<?, and ev iri'l T?ork aii? where; s"!d t-.eoan.e the .ivrnpr ha* further life for lain. Inquire"? it FLEMING & FOY'J* National L>very !*table?. ap 9 at* ] WILL BUY AND GIVE A I11?H PRICE 1 fo<- Autograph* (?:J letter* from ce.ebrated nioit,) Ktre l'ai.iph tt* and W 'rk?or, Anrricar Hi?tor*. Ac l.ettfrsol Washington inuci w\ ted. A<iH. SPRING, 645 north 'l'we,ttti *t., PhiiaMphivTti ao9 7t* \1KJ*. M. L. BISHOP *'<1 Mi at K. GA1R, of L?I l,01t> Cluisuot at., Ptiiia-I'lphia. won ctful > liilurm the a.ih*s of VYasinrutor knd G v rpetown that?hi * i their last w?ek ic M* city for this M?a?on T. ??xe v? i?Iiiiic to Mxwrs V hi?nalua ana ei*?ant BON N ETS should oall at <'J4 Pa. avuuua, between ?tu and lotli sis. apH 3t* . |\]EW BOOKS Jsitrweived Lj 1.^1 mKM'lli KICllSTl.lN\278 Pa. *v. Macaulay'* Hiftory of Ku* am', vo'uino S. HisU>-y ?<t the UniU'l Netherlands, by John Lothorp M"t!oy,2 vols ; free by mail S4 Trumps,a no?H. hv Geo. \Vm. Curtis: free by r<iail tU). An Outcast, or Virtue and Faith, by K. Colburn A^anis; Kl?ie Venrer.a R> inance if l>pctiny, by Oliver Weodell Ho.mri,! vols.; Tea by mail $1 75. wur u'us! ?!i?cour.t of into 50 per cent, on all Bonnl Rook*. ap 9 FRKNCHfc R1CHSTE1N. 876 Pa.av. SOUTHERN MEDICAL HOUSE. DR. HliU.rtAN ha?, aft?r an eipenecce al ten *oarr, *-i>tal>li?hed the Move refuge from quaokery, Relf-Jaheiled Indian <>r Herman etora, md petotdera of witohcraft ai.d tin potior* m c?aoral. Thu ii the only place where a ?ure and apeedy uure can be obtained in the world for all improarr Mid evil hahitr, gonorrbs, (leer, at in it at weakll^BR. RVbIuI ia * * , mu"u'i?r). sua isr'ltry, orgMuu we\kiiee*. p-irsw m the loina, strictures, neneral d?L?i' ity, proat'ation, nervou?nes*( rm:1m< night*, papttMioi of the heart,rinnncin theeara, losaof infm?r), oonfuaion, melancholy,affectiona r?f th' hea'l, throat, nnae. and akin, ai d all thoae p?ouiiar di!*orri*ra ariar t, U' rn the indiscretion of youth, ren<t?rine them unfit lor cither buaiueaa, atudy. bociety, or marriage. I>r. H. hfia the greateat remedies in the known world for diaeaaes of the hood, gor.or'hr, g!?et, stricture*,at p:ul'i?,aemiuM w<'iku???, aell ai>use, \c. Thsr? lb no ea e iu winca they lail to oure in fro*r S to 6 da? ?. VtotmiH i?f theae horrible oomplaintp, who would wiah to he valuable men and ornaments to aociety, ahould embrace the eariieat opportunity for relief. Dr.Shuman raa madethe moat comp ete arrangementa for the comfort of hia patienta who no me Irom a diatauoe. They will be furnished with the moat pieaaant and agreeable quarters, neoeraary diet, and made ae coinforia'/ie aa they would be at a firat nlam r.nt?l ?? v-ir.i- - w-v * ?* >v?? titaii uail m" ooh. Do not iorjret tne name ami nnmixr. l)r. Shn mail's office la on the eorner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania venue. Clarendon Hotel, opposite the National Hot?l, Washington D C Persons at a distance ahou'd enclose stain* for return postage. Office hours,9 A. M to in P. M. Varioux parties have been enticed trom my institution by oert&in swindlers on back streets in thia oity, who will rae it till the day of their death. A word to the wise is sufficient ap 9 ly DIRECT IMPORTATION SPRINGaOODS. I respectfully call the aitention of the ladles to aA .in* full and handsome assortment of^N BMigFRENCH MILLINERY GOOpS.dE> HBhonnkts, flowers, kih B'?NS, STRAW 60<>DS of every description, *11.K and LA?)E MANTLFS. SILK BASQUES. TRIM.MI NGS<LACES. EM BROIDERIES, fee , %o. Ladios wul do well to examine ray foods, aa they will fiad them the fineat and oheapeat in the market. M. WILLI AN, Impost**, No. 34 Market Space, Wakhiugtoa, d. C.t ap 8 ^ and i*o. T Cite Trevise, Paris. I NF.W GOSHEN BUTTER. JUSEHecetved and for aale at je-tter Market, the first lot of NEW GOfHE^ HI r TKK, a p: ime artioie. I am in daily raoeipt jt Butter. ap8-ooat? P C. FEARSQN. Ky J. C. MottL'IRE A CO.. Auotiodmm IfERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT NEAR T thk C*riKii at Arcno*.?On TUESDAY ^FTEKN'OON. April 9th. at 5 o'olook, on tha iremisea, we atia'l sell, withoat r?Mrve, ttie Mat rn half of Lot No. 3, id s^aare AM,fronting 26 leet > . soutri B street, between New Jersey avenue to<l First street cast, and ruLi.iax baok 91 feet % nob?. This lot ia within the proposed extension of the ^ap tol grounds, the rale of whiofe affords a fin* ipportunitf for specal&tion. Terms at a&le. ap 6 d J. C. MeGUIRE k. CO., Ancta. ITT-TBR ianvo ? *" J. C. M?flL'lRE CO.. A?eU. *'* "liui'l.oriuMiU) order it tki< k * * * . *?*sr . AUCTION SALKS. IlT J. C. Met) IH K A HI Avr TBI'MKF/S J*AI K or A> I ITKHH|V? *?Miiaixr or Hnr?rB->L* y rimtiii ?*r? Kirifin \VK.l?Nl.-l)AV Mokmm, April Iftfc, *t Wo> <wk. ?t th? hnlf* r? ??n ThirI dtf r t h ?t ?" "? * vvm>i< >.? a '?? m "u> i" -T f. ?T . t>T\irt??of ? d??*d of ti?*T, i?> IM\ ul reoor4<?d id I h-r J At*. No *?. f.iii,,, i" J S.4. 5.S aud 7, v-pkIidII Mil*!'. tb? l a. i-.tura ai, l uompr.ving in ui* aitof \\ *!nut ?'?r,or Furmtar*.c. b*i?t n( ? f two 8?fa?. A. m ( nun - 4 a a ?'at lor Ccaira, Ma-bi* Cw?n ai?1 Fof* Ta!, Walnut and Mah ian? Whatnot*. Kirnay TaK*>?, Mah<??a*>y Sprit* **ai r??>fa*, l.owrg??. Walnut I>an.&?k corerrd Parlor r??iiU. Cai.e aud ** ood sear Chairs, C!<>ck>. Maho*an? Mir-^r fiont S*e?-?eiry and Bwknw. Gilt an t Mali<??*ny-frame 1 Mu ? '*, and Caoe Oii'tains. vvm ; >? f hart^r. tia? CI an- Wim, Hraok?t? n -U sturff. Braut'i Thrr? p y a- d Snjiain Carp.ta, I'liOluth. Hiat Carpet*. Rue*. Rod* and F?m, Fiv<* 14 fret i xtocsktii Lii.i: g Ta'?ie?. bid* Tit um, Si?tT Oak Frerch Diniriic Chair*.CJiit Sha?l*a. Silver pint d Caatora, \\ a.ters, S? t t*ta.d?. Spoon* a?d Vurii, IMto quantity of French and *?tone China i)ian*r lU. ...* - . A .? *? * mi rl Xlb 9 I _ T''?iU ??chen ruu.? urc .01 uic~~ ry to?L?o?^ at ,??V?r? * ?i? ? ?' Iw" .. r ? - m' ? ?i uniriiH ? l|?l \ lixturea. Term*: 9?i a'd under ca-h : oror that atim a credit c(6>' ai.d HO dare, lor tatisfaetori.y enjorerd cotes. Dear tig i.. tercet V. CaLI.AN, Trustee. ap2d J. C MrOl'I K F. A Co.. Aaota. II^THK A BOV K l?* POSTfO^EO i>u acoountof lit* r?:n, gritu FRIDAY MORN I.Mi, Uth Ap-iJ, same hon' S. 'AI.I.AN', Trustee. ap 10 d J. C. McC'iK K A OU , Aie'a Br J. C. MoGI'IKK A CO.. Anntumeers. TRI'STFE'S J*AI.F. * F HACRNKV CARBiSCK #>T P?)H OF lill?v l'Al?l/nr HoKM. t?r TL'kbDAY MOKNlNtf. April ih, ai tep o'c oeit, m lro.;t of the A uoiiou K o -in* of J a*. C. MeGuire A Co . l?r vnture of* deed of true*. dated AucLst J'?h. *i?mi. and du ? recorded in ? ilrr J. A S.. N'?. 1%, fo ;ih et s<q vl shall ?? I one gewd Hackney Coach *-.<l pair ? iftrcr H >rsr? Tfriris: tine third oae!?;?he ie*|j?e in monthly instalments at 1. a. 3 4 5 xi:d S m^ntiis, with interest, secured to the ?atmlact>oo ?! tlie Truatee. HUGH ?I R" A *, Trustee, mar eoftfi J. C. MrOU1RK A CO., AucU. rZTTHE ABOVE ?ALK IS POSTPONED en acooan' of the ra;n, kc*il SATI RDAi MOK.MNG, 13th *?nl, r?me honr. HIGH MIR RAY. Trustee. n (ft U. 1 f? M,.i:IMUL- A. /'? a A ??- ? ? x/. ? a n iv a \/"i- bov? HtURKKIM A WILLIAMS. A?cUone?r? tjMNK R08KWU0D CAf?K PIANO KORTF HOCSEHOLK ?ND KI T( HIK llO TUI At Arcriox ?On FRIt>AY. the 12th in*tAut, we tha Bell At the rr?'denee of a rentl-m*n declining bou?ek*<?pin|. N??. ? Four and a ha f ?t'*et. <>pp<> itr tne Kr*?b?tn iar Cna'ch. at 10 u'c-ok a.m.. an ejoeilen' araurtrt ent of Furriture, vu . Koaewood Pjkuo Fort-, made h? >'udd? A 7-?ctave. and cearlj new, a fiionttruinonl FineD&maak II. cau\ e oover. d Wainat ParW ?vt, oo?Kiatin( of 2 S*f>(as, 2 Caalot Arm a Parlor Cftv.r*. Mahr>c&n? ?n<i W alniit Sideboard ard Buree-i*. l>o Dimmc, Mar M? top Center and otnw Tab'?, Chamber Set ar.d WuhiUndi, Fine Ta(.e?tr?, Parlor. lt;uiKli, Stair aad other Fine Hal. &.->.<! "Iher Oilcloth, Druf*et lod Ma*tine, CotUfc.* Ued teads, Berlins and Shu?k lud Cotton Ntttre^n, .1 Cedrtioe, China, a'd Crockery War?. Rt'iid' r. l-airobe and other 9tove?, And man) olh?r artic'e* we ??m iicrecoefar? t;? enumerate Term*: All mms under $3^ cash; orar ?s s crodit of6n and dajs. for notes t atisfaofcmij en dorsed. hevriUK interest. The hviuaa is ftlao lor rent; inquire of the subscribers. ap 9 d r.KEKNt WILLI A MS. Aucf _ B? J. C. MaGl'IKE * CO., Auctioneer*. SlPtRlOk KOSKVVOOD CHICKKRINO Pi*!*o Forte, ixcrllkst FrgNiTcm aj?b FoC*I0olt> F.fT*ct? at Pr?l!c ArrTIOH.-Oj Tl"Ksl>A* MuKMvO. April 9th, at lu o'clock. att?<? residence of Cbar'es T., F,*v. No. 63? i-t H. between 6th ar.l 7th struts, we shall se I a i his Furniture and t (Tect<!. comprising ? Chickerinc Piauo.7 ootaree, Koeewo >>J J*too! and Cov*r, Hsnds <?r.e Walnnt Par'or i?uite, finished in Brc oatelis, oon/kStiCK of 1 tv fa?., 2 Arm aud 4 Sid a Chairs, Mart?l? t"P Center Tab es, Whatnot, La'ieOvai Mirror, handsomely ornamente*. till Pwnt ri??, Fancy Chftirs Marhie pTanlea, Hius?e> ani Tliree piy Carpets, Oueiota, o%* and Walnut Chant er Sets, Madera:.? Hurt aus, Cottage Bedsteads. Husk Mattresaes. Feather Pillows. Toilet ? ouuce. >i?KJk. t.ookinc O aaaes. Pi;. ' A ardr?b*s. UnfTaud Gilt t?nadea. mm n\3? v enruan Carpet. ! {?..r Roda, Walnut Kxteucton Ihninc Tabie, Kcitm and Forka, Oak Oanw-reat Dining Chairs, t*U?r.e China *n<1 6 a?a Warf, Water Coolar, Air-tight a <1 Krauklin HtovM. Tone* tier with a c?i.?ral a?ai>rtm*r.t of Kiteh??n Requi?'t*a T-nns; && *nd undrr o*?h ; over that a am a ?-f yi and H" day*. for eautikclorily endoraed n^t^a. hrarine int.e<#>at. ap 3d A ia J. C. MaGUIKB & CO.. An era. IT7*THK ABOVE Sil.E ! * POSTPO^ER on ?cj< untof ti.e ra n, until FF IDaY MORNING. April Uth, *anie r.our. ap 9 d J. C. MrGI IP.? ft CO.. AneU. ftj J. C. McviUlRK A CO. Auetionwri. C" hick kk i N?i piano fortk, k.rat ' iiAKP AF3 Hor*KHOLD FCDOTCIK JH 1BI We?t Kxn at Avcihix.-oii T h i r j ' a Y MORNIN't, April lTtH.ooBii eoeing a? 10 o'el-xik. we aha 1 *etl at .No. H77 Ninetee->t?? at., between <i M.d il tra , in v til oil are e > l.rao* ii? 1 Mahoaftuj Caas CS-ootaT? Chickericu Piano Forte, 1 Frat Sitae Action Harp. Walnut Piuah ooverad ?ofa, Arm and Ladiea' Cliaira. Pamaak covered Reception and Parlor Chairs, Marb!etr>p Center and S.da Tab ea, French Chinti covered Sofa, Arm and Parlor Cbvra. Carpet-?over*d Reoepfon Chair*. Oral Mirror, Manoganr Buokcaaea aud Sheivea, M&hocarr Whatnot, D&ma?k Lace and Chintz Wirdow Curtain*. 3 ooiralete Paictedand Gilt CotiAneCl.wiii'erttuita, 3 do J'lain tainted do do tiuak and Cotton and Huak Mattreeaea, B.aoketa. Cnmforta. Ac _ _ Brsuela. Ture^-plr and Inrrair. Carpeta. Oiloloth, Parlor and Chamber J*tovea, Ciuntz covered Ka?? Cliairt. Walnut K*u?n?ion Dining fab'e. Tab'<s Cutler* and tin?n, China, Glaca and Crockery Ware, Clinton Air ticht Deaign Cocking Stove, Kitchen Keaui*iie?, At 1 o cioot, iu front of the ammaee? 1 Rockawar ctvle Family Carriage and aet of Harresa. Term* can ap ? d J. C MoG UIH K A CO. A net*. Bt GRKLM a WILLlAM^J\uetioneer*. HOUf*KH??lD AND KITCHEN KU*NITiat Wui am- Liqcoa V<ntcn .Mitiruioav is riss oraaATio.i citDit tbb one* riocus at Arcnost-On T?il'ftJ*DAY. i?. n? . - . .? .... IUB ww bhu l ?r,l " O OiOCK I ID . ftt Nu.392 Seventh it'Mt, three doors north of H street north, a;i exo-ll-iit a??ortnent of Lioora, Win'*. Vine*ar, Furniture, Ac., taine.i? l,ot oi 7 SUnd t'a'k*. painted, Lot of WhlailT in b?tOe?. Fine '.it C.gnno ami other Brandies in bottle*. Fine lot Hitters, Cordials ar d Holland Gin in 4o. Fine lot Pcreuesion Cap*, lamr W 10k and Steel Pad*, Farcy Soaps, Tea Caddies, Letter Press and Iron tale, 3 sets deal** and Weight*, 1 &ce set brass Scale* and Weights, Funnels, Moaeures and Sooopc, With mac? otrer a tio e? in theUhopkeeping line. Also, The Furniture in the huuse. comprising a genera. a*>ortrn'nt of Hou?ehold Goods, N. H ?Any person deairirg to eurchaee the Viaecar Manufactory at private safe oan re<xn*e all information relative thereto by oaJ.lag on the nodent mind prev ous to da of sale. Te'ins oash id current fund*, ap 5-d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aaeto. RMUFF'S SALE.?On THURSDAY MORN ixn ? i "?? - ' ? r in o ciooi, u tht a tor* of H Ot?r, in Pa.avenae, near hxpreaa ftee. til* following gooda, diatrained for rent, to vit: US b"X'? Segare. vanoua brant t; ?0T Fmokieg T<>t'ncoo;? ibe. Dunkirk Smoking Tot?ac oo; 35 iba. Dunkirk Smokiuf; Tobnooo; 33' be Scuff, aaaurted* 3 Soger Stan:pa, ? papera Fid* eat To tiMoo;] hoxee Chewing Tubaooc. S0.i Pipe Ktadi, 4 boxea Piaca: 1 Indian and He; 10 Iba. Lynehbarg Toba*oo: 10 Snoff J era, 1 Wtarow Sign; I Sca'e and Weighte; 1 'l'obacco Caac; I Tohao<u> Kmf*. 2 Spittoon*; 2 Sk jw i aae?: 1 large Ligh'ar , Cuiat era; 2 eniptr Box**; 1 lot Reed t?tem?. *> l?ipo?,r t*nafl Uoxee: <2 SUgar Pinokera; S Port?mpnaai<-e; X Fane* Pipet; 4 fWar''aee?; 24) e-vpty Box**, lot Matting: 1 Picture l-'rani*; lot tVK>toh M.t.r kalf groaa of Matchee; 3 Tin Sa?ff Caaa. To. ma oaah 1a bankable monf) .* and Store for rent: inquire of JOHN PUR DY. E. REYNOLDS, Bailifl. ap6-dta | hitel. ] Br CLEARY ft GRKEN. Auctioneer. 6O6 iViaU ?wi. mtttTo*****" | kltd DA'S A L K OF \ A L L AH LE IM 1 nova R**l Estate? Br rirU?of?e?*d of trust, caied th*> l?th day of March, 1M7. aud duly rtoordtiJ moi % the lead records of the oouty tiI Washington,!), 0,1 ?hvi proceed to eeli, oa th* rtaiiMi, on THI R8?DAY. the *SCh <>f April. el o'clock e. in.. all those rieoes or pero?l? uf J round HtMiM in the city of D. C. u< known and 4eeif na'od mLou sanbtrad thirty( ur(M)ai?i thtrtT-fhre. (Si.i inftqaare number < five liatdred tad throe, (80S ) u*ether wi?a the improvements tboreor, oone iUr.g of a large fad <v nn'xUottthreo itory hnck house, with a Im be eon oat. suitable for a eU>to Aeid eroorrty is located oa the eoath side of If at south, Mtvrsn 4)% ana 8th s's. Terms nf sale: Moo u> toe pud iaeaeh, and u.e I a?a;.o* ib t, 12 and !? months from th* day of aeia. the deferred payments So M eoeered by a deed of Untt on the premises. If th* terms of saie be aot con.piird vim vitta five daya from the day ?.f sale, the Trastae ieeervea the right to reeell th* sa d property, at the risk and eoet of the tret purchaser JOHN F. F.NNIB.Traet**. apSftawAda CLKAKY A 6REkM, AaoU.