Newspaper of Evening Star, April 10, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 10, 1861 Page 3
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"Tocal "news. Tn? DISTRICT OF CoLCMBlA MlllTlA TO I MriTikiD Ixto S**vic* !!? Furring Tim n*mt Town? ITars amti Rumors of Wars?Gatke ng of Corny ini'.??Xumhtri of Men and Arms This has been or* of the most exciting daya < ?h?se troublous t,mN yet experienced In \Yu! Ington. The rumort In regard to the cominenc ment of hostilities In Charleston harbor cauaed tl moat feverish excitement, which was In tui rllnMil hv lh^ nnnnnnr?m?nl tKat vnliint#< rompanic* of the District were to be assembled tbeir respective armories for inspection, by ord of the War Department; and next followed t rumor that several companies were to be muster t oiice in?o Oovernment service. Tb<- fact that the Inspection was to trke pin was soon rr.ade manifest by the mustering of t respective companies at their several armories, which rooms, however, the curious crowd w? debarred access for the most part by sent! m orm?d with mn?ke1a, said muskets having as a -pendant " perk?d" looking Instruments that d not invite collision. It had been given out thst en Inspection of o rlMzen soldiery would take place, but the undi standing was that it was to be by companies, ai on different days, hence the sensation when t suddm change of programme on the part of t War Department ?u ascertained; added to t exciting intelligence that the companies were be mustered at once into aervice. The Star ofllce hns been literally besieg through the day by easier enquirers as to " W ha up?" and of course the vicinity of each crmo bad it* excited crowd of lockers on, amoni wbrm ten thousand various reports and rumi were In busy circulation. The Inspection was made by Inspector Genri t*tone. >1 D C.. who will report to the L>epa ment and the M.ijor General sommandlng t condition of the corps as to drill and erjulpmei and t *pec!ali v of the commissioned and uoa-coi missioned officers. At the armory of the Washington l.ight Infanl Companies A, B. and C assembled, numberli some !H? men rank and file, and fully fqulped I duty. At 12 o'clo< k Insnector General Stone : rivt d at the armorv and inspected the arms ai quipments of trie men; after which tbe c?mm slutted officers of the battalion were called to t anU-rnom, where they remained tome time consultation with Col. Stone. At tbe conclusion of tbe conference, the b< laiton wan formed In column and addressed Col Davis, wbo informed tbe men that there w a call for fco volunteers from tbe battalion to i port at once at the Adjutant General's Office, \V Department, for special duty. When he had I <eivcd tbe oider to must> r the battalion he hi made a selection of clflcers to command the coi p*ny so ordered o?it. In doing so. he bad t leavored to do hisbe?t to satisfy the officeis of t several companies; this baa alvi ays been hisdesi m au^bt he had ever done with reference to tt < realization; ne baa sometimes failed to plea the officers, but never so signally at on this ncc sion Objections had been made to Lis sele.ttior !?hd ir. such a way as to decide him as to bis ov future course with reference to his command; ar he new informed the battalion tbat this was tl last time he should have the pleasure of comman in.< them. I.'.eut I termehle stepped to the front and stab hat he desired It to be understood that he had n ted ?o the selections made by Col Davis. Col Davia then stated that the commission* <-flioers designated to command the company to 1 ordered out wereCapt Towers, of Company j i.ieut Williams, of Company A; Lieut. Fis'hi of Company B; and Lieut Lttermehle, of Coi pany C. Capt. Tow*rs then announ< ed the non-cot TniM.oned ottKers as follows: Sergeants Colema Ileeis. Martin, McDermott, and Barstoff. ai Corporals Orton. Sbeetan, Lord, and Shillings Col Davis said ttat the company was ordert for duty; be did not exactly know what, b thought the duty of the men wouid only occu| tbem from tattoo to reveille, and therefore wou not probably interfere with the day business the men All those who desired to volunteer 1 this service were requested to step one pace to t front. About forty-five men did so at once, ai after a f'*r moments many more, nearly furnis inp the complement required. Capt. Tovm then draft'd sufficient from t ranks to make up (be number required, and t men w-re muttered and enrolled in the low ball of the armory, from whence they proceed to tbe Columbian Armory to complete th< ?qu:pment. and then marched to the Adjuta General'# office pursuant to orders The call of the War Department for voluntet of tv ccen from eart battalion wu very prompt wet at the varloua armories The N'a'ional R'.flea had 30 men (volunteei rut. on v?-,ry ai.ort notice Eighteen inembera Uiii coi ipur re*l(|i)?d tbia itioruiug. but thi reaigc^iiona have uot bern accepted ay the ca tain Ybe ofllcere nf the Kill-a are?Cart Hmea 1'irat Lieut Davie. Sf ond IJeut. Webb. F1 J er^emt R. Mayo, jr., Second Serjjt. Company Union Regiment?lot) men 01 all volunteered The c Altera : Cupt Carriu ton. !?t Lieut StielicrK*.. 2d do. Curtis. 3d d %% erd, Sergea::te .Murphy, Wood, Fasnau^bt, ai 1 trurUQU. 'I hr rorj* mating at the Columbian Arino w? f to asa? mble at iiuon Thea?* are the Nation linard Battalion. Col. Tait commanding; H as tnytoii K i fl ?. C?| t. U-1 hjcL; and the Turn Hil l. Capt. iirrbardt We touk a survey of t Ar?i">ry II o'clock, and found that evei ihln^ \vaa In order for tte volunteers to asst-mlii Company K, 2d Artillery, Capt Carlisle coi ma:.ding, i? qtivrWed h?-rr; j:ui to imk?? ryt-i thing right for thfir brother soldiers of the vilj tr?-r line, tbry partook of an early dinner, ai pa< k>*d their taOUs and s?-ata away to ta^e rooi Company A, Lieut. Loyd. 35 men; Company Tapt King, 63 m?*ii; and Company C, l,a| McKlm,SS inrn.oftbe Nation?! Guard Hattalic and tbe Washington Rifles, Cant. Balbarh, men. met at tbe Columbian Armory, whrri* th were Inspected by Col Stone, ru:d dismissed intei ai me \\ ar w paruneru ai J o'cloc k p. u). The men were all eager to nerve, and as Coi pany C, Capt McKlm. were willing to a man enlist, the wbole company was taken, to the d appointment of Companies A ar>d 11 The company were lnatructed to provide the! aelves with overcoats for to-day, but each m will receive one from Government when tbey i collated. At 2M o'clock the Washington Rifles, Capfa BaibaJh. m rched up the avenue to the War 1 partment, attracting much attention by thilr a di?rly driil and appearance. The following la a complete list of the cor| old aud lie#, now uniformed and equipped, 1 longing to the District militia: Washington Light Infantry Battalion, Col. Y. Ddvia, three companies, arn.a 164 rilled mi ke'a. National Guards Battalion, threa comp&ni 1?1 do National Rifles, Capt. Smead, 75 long ran rttea. 1 n/larinn f 1 isrA Pari P/vwtaf?l 1 til miwviww vfuaiwi v/ui vjinru. ?7U 1?U Montgomery Guards, Capt. , 61 rifled mi ke?s Ten&llytowu, D. C , Rifles, Capt. H. Bloui M long-range r:fl?*?. Capt. K W . Jones, 74 long-range rifles. Capt. C. W. Rodier, 87 do. Capt. C O Berry. <M do Capt J as Goddard. 87 rifled mu*kets. Capt. Stewart. 75 cavalry equipment*. Capt. Marks, 6e rifled muskets. C-ipt. Kelly, 85 rifled muskets. Capt Carrlngton, 13u rifled muskets. Capt. W. H.>i alley, 139 long range rlflea. Capt Thistieton, 75 rifled muskets. Capt. Sam'l Owen, (JOsettscavalry equipmen Capt Gerhardt. Ml long range rifles. Capt. Arnold. 85 rifled muaketa. Capt Rutherford, 05 long range rifles. Capt. McKtm. 80 rifled muskets. Capt. Dubant, 73 rifled muskets. Capt Digges, 73 rifled muskets. Capt. Morrison, county, 84 rifled muskets. Capt I'owell, City, 81 long range rifles. P. S ? We s?p the press to say that the folio log additional companies have arrived at t War Department: Washington Rifles, Lieut. Letter commar IrijE, and 43 rank ana flla. Company B, Union Regiment, Capt. Kelly, men rank and file Carrington Home Guards, Capt. Goddard, m?a. rank and file. Potomac Light Infantry. Capt. McKenny, rank and file. These companies are now being Inspected Maj. McDowell, Assistant Adjutant General 9. A. Hiltis Co arts C*s? ?Yesterday afterno< Hon. Wm M. Gwlu, of California, appeaj before Judge Merrick, of the Circuit Court, sitti ib ebaiiibrrs, on a writ of kmktat corpus, aakli by hla counsel, (Meaara Stanton and Carlisle,] be dtecbarged irom the cuatody of tbe M?ra under a writ of capiat ad r*t/>omiitmJutn? in auitof one Samuel T. Love, for a debt of ao weaty-flre yt-ara' standing After bearing 1 nrgumenta o( Meaara. Stanton and Carlisle for < defendant, and of Joa. il. Bradley, Eaq , ar, tbe plaintiff, tbe Court granted the release pra] for, and allowed tbe defendant to proceed on beanewerd journey, for wbicb it waa alleged baa bean preparing ever alnce the adjournment Coflgraaa. Co*vrrr*bat Maai.?oao'.?Wm. M Chrlam, who waa indictrd by the unad jar* of tbiaeou for receiving atalen property?cattle belongini Ttiomu E berry, of Maryland?waa releeaed tell to appear at tbe Criminal Court. When ( ur was railed for trial be waa not In court, i bl? arcuriMea were ordered to product Mm. appeared that he aubeequeutly went Into the S( of Mary laud, and waa arrested and pat la Marlboro' jail on a charge of atealiag tbe ca of Tboinaa ? Berry An affidavit to tbia ell relieved h's arcaritlea here At the court n ? :ung In Marlborw' Cbriatnan waa tried and c v.c'.ed of atoallng tbe cattle, but a motion i* pa in* for a new trial. , T. jl Cv, .V , i . . Tns Flood i* tbb Potomac?Wha*t*s Fbb- | miaosd and Pkofsrtt Uxstbotkd ?On Sunday , _ morning the storm which had been ao long threat- | 11 ?lng commeu'-ed. and with the exception of a #t fw I.duri on Monday, has been pouring down I upon ns an incessant flood, transforming gutters r Into respectable rivers, and the Potomac Into a ? surging sea At first the water rose but alow;y in Df the canal and river, aa the earth drank it in almost ^ as fast as It fell, hut yesterday forenoon It began to mike encroachments upon the banks, and soon e* overflowed all the lowlands along the ahore ?e Tbe water at high tide last night caused con n slderable alarm to own* ra of property along the pr river and canal shores At 6)$ p. m. the water had arisen above the western abutment of tbe " lower bridge over the Anacostia, and raised tbe pr wa\a so as to make the safe passage doubtful, j j..,,-... i ? ??- ? * ' * - ** ? .r* ai priwiia IU Uif CUV IOUHU 11 aid,j cult to get over, and barely made the passage, minus their Liors? 8 and vehicle* p Inthecanai the water was not higher than we |e b*ve seen in the spring of former years From 1o Tw elfth to Fifteenth itrerts, at high tide, it flowed up Into the wood and luirWr yards, and seemed . to threaten the property there, but we could not j p. perreive any evidence of very serious damage j this morning The cellars of store* between Seventh and Third ' jr streets. south of the avenue, are liable to everttow I r_ during very high water In tbe river. Some of ! thprn W?>Tf PftnlHItr fllHnn 1 f n'" v.* K.?? V. \ m q ?? ??v> v iu^/iui ? uuiii^ iaa? uu? lUio | ie morning we heard of no material loss by the 10 water. The water on the Maryland aide of the Anacostla is mid to be very high, and on the Virginia shore the damage to the Orange and Alexandria 4 and the Washington and Alexandria Railroads, g It Is said, will cause a temporary suspension of ,y travfl. ,t The damage In Georgetown was much less than rg hud l?een anticipated when the river commenced rising so rapidly Yesterday afternoon the wharves aj were covered to the depth of several inches, but a? the wood and lumber merchants took the rtre e caution to *ecure their proj*rty with cable*, none I of consequence floated off Thl* morning, wtth j' the ebb of tbe tide, tbe water fell several f>-et. and probably will not reach It* former height again. W\ few pieces of timbef are to be seen Coating ,, down the stream, but no drift wood, nor sign* of ? anv great destruction of property above. r_ In Alexandria the Hood wa* extremely high, ,1 and did much damage to the wharves and prov duce in the storehouse Tbe upper roai wharve* ,e and the American coal wharf were submerged early yesterday, and the low ground* crossed by the embankment of the Alexandria, Loudon and Hampshire !t;iilroad were covered to tbe depth ? of six or seven feet Tbe embankment wa* considerably washed by the wave*, and great injury . - imru ai uuuu, iu? wnier waiuea over ice ir wharf and soon spreading in up -n the city carried off wood, wharf timbers, flsh tubs, A r. A fl?h house Was floated off from lta foundations, and several others Injured extensively, inanv of their occupants being compelled to take to the e boats and seek terra Jirmn Before night Fish,e town was completely inundated. and the Potomac l? sweeping through like a torrent The wharf of w the New York and Virginia Screw Steamship Company was covered, and much of the planking , of the adjoining wharf disturbed by the tide. n' TUe steamer Montlcello was too carefully moored and guarded with too much skill and care to be e In serious danger The foot of King, Queen, L_ Prince. Duke, wolfe and othrr streets were completely flooded, some of them being navigable for d boats of large size The lumber and word deal)t ers are the principal sufTerers, but notwjthstand lng tbe etlorts of (be merchant* a large amount of d store* were Injured in tbe basement of storehim act on the wbarf Thl* flood almost rivals that of J;47, falling but Ave inches below the highest tide of that year Third Bric-apk D C M ?The officers of the i_ Fifth and Sixth Regiments, Third Brigade, of the District of Columbia Militia, met last night at the d armory of the hsxtl. Regiment, over S'blev A Guy's There was a large attendance. Brigadier j General Jos. H Bradley was present, and coin!t plimented the oflicrrs of the Sixth on the pro';r*ss Jthev have made in the s< bc ol of the soldier sin< e tbeir organization After addressing a few words ,f of encouragement to them, he recommended a ,r similar course of uractlre on th? n?rt nf th?? of the Fifth, and iheir ultimate cooperation with d the xtb. under one instructor He alluded j. briefly to the existing militia law, and to the great difficulties attending an efficient organization ie under iU rather delpbir provision*; but still mvc.h ,k ml^ht be done by united and persevering action >r 0:1 the part of the officers. He pledged bis utmost d endeavors to the end of an effective cooperation ir on his own part, and said tbat those who got in pdvance of btm in their endeavors to raise the District militia to a creditable position, would rg have to labor csslduously. He concluded his rtv marks by recommending the appolutment of a joint committee on the part of the two regiments, i) to prepare a constitution for their government. ,f [Applause J In pursuance of the above recomlr inendatlon, Col. .Middletnn called the officers of the Sixth together, and appointed M?J Fisher, Capt Callan. and Lieut No yea as sucb committee i on the part of bis regiment The officers were ? V. _ x 11 1 41 * - turn uiiiiru hi iua m h ..'u di a rim ana company movement* by their excellent drill officer, ^erj;t t; Buckley of the I'. S. Marine Corps. r. \ Criminal Cocrt ?In the case of the demurrer (I to the indlctiiK-pts a^ God ird Buiiey. charged with larceny and conspiracy to defraud the Govv eminent by abstracting the Indian Trust Bonds from the Department of th?* In'erior, leny thv argumenis were made yesterday by Messrs Phillips r and '"arlisie for defendant, and by District Attorie ney Ould for the Government The counsel for the defendant fon'ended tin-1 the law of ) -.J ou which the Indictment is founded, was only lutended to apply to the abstraction of mere record f. p^fiers froin the flies of the public Departments, and did not rov?r the c-*''of the abstraction of papers having a money value. The Court reserved , its decision. To day, Mr. Norris for defendant in the ca?e cf t. John Foley, convicted of the murder of Micbatl ?, Murphy, aryiifd his motion for a new trl ;1 of the i* nn th?. fullnu/ iirAmtila :y r.rst. That the verdict of tue jury is against o the 11 w. Second. That it is against the weight of evl> dence. to Third That the defendant has obtained newly s- discovered evidence wiiirh neither he nor h!? counsel knew of until after the trial, and which n- tbev could not have discovered by any diligence ilt on the.r part, and which if it had been produced ra at t e trial wculd have tecurcd a verdict of acquittal n Fourth. That the jury miaconceived the lne atructloua granted by the Court. l*RK?BTT?KT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.? ?, The regular spring meeting of the Presbytery of e- the District ?f Columbia was held last night at Hip VMtrv.riMim <<f th*? "V1 .? ? - ? J . ua m, ?? intii'Bti ccv. I iCBUf VCI Kill J. Church. Owing to the state of the weather the ?- attendance wan small. A sermon was preached by Rev \V. li. Evans, of (jranite Church, Md ; , aflcr which, th?- Presbytery organized ny electing Rev Halsey Dunning, D. L) , of First Constitute tional Church, Baltimore, Moderator. In the absence of tbe stated clerk, (Rev Mr Mcl.aln,) Rev. I)r Smith, of Ninth street Press bytrrian Church, was elected clerk rr0 tf,n A flpp APullhiTlnu th* I ' ri'S mA i/?ti?no?l #1!1 tmv a *c| j bujt/uiiicu iu1 t, 0 o'clock to-diy. 'I his morning, Presbytery met pursuant to adjournment. and proceeded to examine and [wis upon the record* of the vnriotis churches. A committee was appointed to prepare for the installation of the Rev T ii. McFalls as pastor of the Asa?mb)y'a Church. Washington, to v/hlch he has been called Fiat Alarm?Yesterday afternoon an alarm of Are in the eastern section of the city called out the tiremen in the First and Second Wards. The a. Weste'n Hose, although it \v*a raining amartly and a heavy wind blowing, dragged their heavy reel from the wcat end to the Fifth Ward, and the Franklin carried out two heavy nieces of apparatiia and a smart force of members Fortu1_ a . as - * * > ? imieiy mry were una mat me cause of alarm, a foul chimney, bad resulted in no damage, and they returnea They deserve credit for the readiness they exhibited to give their aervices In such f. weather. Thou Snakes Asaix ?Mention was made In ]. yesterday'! Siarol a report that a couple of copper head snake* had been found in a mall bag received u from Florida, at th" Dead Letter Office We are informed by an officer of the Dead Letter depart5 j ment, that the aald snakes, as stated yesterday, never came in the Dead Letter department, gg but that some abort time ago two living copper snaces mrrivea si me city rosi Ufflce in ft mail bag, and were instantly klll*-d; and that these two iJ snakes, eech more than three feet loug, were seen by some of the officers of the Dead Letter department. ed Thbatbi ?This Is positively the last night of ia the superb spectacle of the Naiad yueen," and will be dulv Improved, we presume, by all who to have not yet had the opportunity of seeing It. In ial addition, Jefferson will appear as Hugh Debras , 1 _ A \ -? * ? *-1 m " * lit mi me orw auu iun-[iru?oii!'i; larce OI "A ItegUne l?r Fix ? be On to-morrow night an entirely-new bill, with he Jefferson In two great parts ?Dr. Pang loss and 'or Clod Meddlenot. ed Jefferson's engagement Is drawing rapidly to a lis close, and we must make the most of the present be opportunity of witnessing the performances of the of greatest comedian living. Flock akd 5w>s ?There is quite a large Urge *>? stock of flour of the beat brands in the hands of ty our city wholesale and retail dealers, and no very to heavy demand for it Welch family sella for f'J 5? per barrel; other brands 8S 50} extra superb* fine *d30??7 00; super ?? 00. Clover seed is sell" ing tor SO, and timothy for S3 60 per bushel, It but the demand is very light, tie be NoTfc? ?John 0. Bacber, corner Thirteenth at. lie and Fa aveuue, baa jus. received some One-cut ct Tobacco (la balk and tin foil) by the name of iw Punnyslde. from Kentucky, which is free from in- all linporulcs, mad the beet out. Also, by the 4- steamer Karnaihan, at New Yeck, some of the finest Havana Cigars that could bf bad. f ' H Alixasdiia Avvaibi ?We clip from tbla morning'* Gazette the following items: The Alexandria and Washington Railroad baa been considerably damaged t>y tbe storm Tbe backing np of tfef tide upon the cansewnv be fl _i Jk l A 1- J??_ iwtrn ?ur innniiaiKi anu Jtirx :aa?r I isiai.a UU sapped tbe foundation of tbe railroad rti the rausewsv. sweeping aw?v a portion of the track and preventing the running of the train*. The mall steamer Baltimore was unable to Isnd here, yesterday morning, In consilience of the storin. SLe sent two of her p*?sengem ash<-r" In a small hoar. Ob her return trip yesterday afternoon, she failed to Laid. Tbe Northern Mall and passengers wLich usually arrive In this city at 7 o'cloc k, p. in , by the steamer Oeo. Page, did not reach here until 7% o'clock, having tocoine over land from Washington. The body of a white woman, apparently about thirty years of age. well dressed and wrapt In a shawl, was found floating In the canal, near tbe tolt gate, yesterday morning The body was brought to the city and an inquest held upon it at me engine-nouse 01 me 1-riendsMp Kire I'omipany by Coroner Chancellor, when tbe jury rendered a verdict of death hy drowning. The body was much swollen end could not be identified. Impi'Dkst Rohbkrt ?Last Monday evening some scamp entered a little store, kept by Mrs Roletta, at the corner of Four-and-a-half and F streets, Island, and stole a box containing about 850 In cash, while the proprietress was In a back room. He has not yet been arrested. Wk bkspkae a fall house at the English Lutheran Church to-night, to listen to the lecture of Rev. Mr. Butler. Subject?Aaron Burr. This subject is particularly applicable to the present distracted state of the country. Commissioned?The President has commissioned Mr. James L. Henry, of this city, as the Colonel of the Seventh Regiment of the Diitrlct of Columbia Militia. To Laot Invalids. In suggesting to ladies of l?ohie habit the importance ot Hoatetter's >tomacli Hitters as a meant of sifei* supplying or renewing that vigor upon wliioh healtn ana the duration of ,iie depends, we solicit tlioir attention to a low important :act*. The preparation is specially adapted to thecuio of all hictio .al derangeine.-it arisiuc either from onstl mtiona1 weakness or othor causes. It is recommended by inedica! men ax a sure remedy for the obstruction and lrr'eula'ities from whi"h few of the sex are uniformly exempt, and married Indies especially. Mother* who are engaged ill the care* of maternity, will fin 1 the (tutors a Riorum* preparation for recruiting the bodily energies, and giving tone and tennon to the relaxed nerves. They cheer and animate tho spirit* ? ith >ut creating undue exoitflinent. promote sleep, act mildly upon the bowels, create ar appetite, are extremely useful in all bullous atf-ct^ons, and inay be taken with the fullest confidence that the infinite rood they (to can never be followed by any unfavorable reaction. Sold by all druggist^ ap 8 cost CoPrtHs?The sudden changes of oar climate are sources of Pvlmnniry, jirnnrbiil and Anhmittc A '' - >?<. Jixperienoo having proved that simple rerneaiea oiien act speertiiy and certainly when talc r in the early states of the disease, recourse should at once !>e had to * Brown's Bronckinl Troekrfor Loienjies, let the Cold, Cough. or Irritation of the Tnrost be ever so slight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may be effectually warded ofl. Pnhlir. Spfakeri and Smkct.i will hnd them effectual for clearing and strenjtheniuc the oioe. See advertisement. de 1-ly Reader, have you seen Prof. Wood's advertise m?nt in our paper. Kew' it; it will interest you. au 30-ooly Hoviopathic Km suits All of Dr. Humphreys 4. Co.'s specific llomeypa'lHo Remedies put up expressly for family IiBA 1 n hiiTAi at skn/l * '?? ??v I IH Wk Ui>U ?/>/ '-WMVO UWili niDWj in nasos. containing an visls, from S4 to fji each, with book of full dueo'ions. For sale by Z. I>. Oilman, 350 Pa. avenii*, wl?oi?fca!e and retail agent; \V . A. FitzgeraTI, 353 uortli F street; also by F. IJ. Winter, corner of Massac!iui>eUs avoliiie arid Sixth 6trect. Also, PnnrTs Frtrort nf IVirfA Hazel, tot lute,nal and external injlaritiiiaiioi;s of all kiuda. bold a? a Wove. ma9 1y To tub AfFLicTsn!? Mo sure to read the advertisement of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, iu another oolutun. tf c; R I'.AT PftASH I!* DR.1T GOODS. We have just reoeived our seoonJ eupp'.y of NEW DRY" GOODS from the great crush in the Northern citien, the moet of whioli has been purchased at about half their reai value, and will be sold at the same sacrifice. READ OUR PRICES. " WE PRACTICE NO DECEPTION." Figured Poplins and Grey Goods, 6, 8, lu, 12, Ifi, 18, i5.31,37.5(1,620 Plain B'ack Silk 62,75 87,35c., worth .?l 25 ?:a.iooea,< warrant last colors t 8o US Hlurt'iiK. Purple and Black do -. 19c Organdie Lawns 25c us very handio;i<? I la*t co <jrs) Lawns.. 1"c 12S Domestic Gingham* U<c 25 Kentucky Jean* 12}?c lydrd widei Bleached Cotton lnj ~i r'auoT Wd'l Twerds .'/>o ,?l All Woo! Ft'iry Cajsiiue s 751 6.50 and $8 Stella ^li&v,.s,( (troche border/ 3 f*< to fjjH 95 Lv? Hu<iits 51.75 to S3 and 2.50 Paras.> t> and fi.k I'mbrelUs, l.Mito .%2 '.<i lrii-h i.inen and \Y lute I'amirio 251 .*1 12-*prin? ll'.np.-kirtu and i.ece Vol* loo i?H Linen H'dk'Hai.d White 11 <>ae.. 80 25 irauutlet* I2Sc bliakera *5j MATTilEWS A GORE. 33?S SEVfcJfTH ^TRKET, ap 6 7t K^men-.iier, the aula, bet lamiK. DKKUOVA' . R. RICH AR Ha* ?unv- <1 to U!*(> F, !>"t we<?n 1-lh find I3'n streets, nurtu aids. <lilt jti Ki-oms, 28(1,eftiu^st. ap !t l?r Till' PR I N C K OF WaI.FjThAS OONK.hnt 1 thaPRINCK t.F WAi !:S U ?].LAh8h\\e arrived At SMITH'S, ."So. Ififl Seventh t>i. af5 lrn W NKWGOOD& * ? E Are row adding to <i'ir slock a '.areeand doF.r\l>i'> lot ol NKU ( (MUJS. crnpi Icing everything that is new and deairai>le, whiih we prujiu o to ?i,l at a Mnall prico. All peraon* in wa- t of L?R\ GOOJJS wi'l a.wayx fu.d our Htock complete in a'l itn branches, and at the lowest puces. We would unpreng upou thoue of our eitu mi* who have recently taken up th?ir refudenco with ua, tliat we have but "one price." marked in piain figurea on each article, and oiler a discount of live percent, off for all aaiea for caRii. we ask an examination of prices, ao thateust'MiieiH can aatialy themselves in regard to tha aav lug by purchasing for cash. W. M. SHUSTKR & CO., No. 3S, opposite Center .Market, ftp 6 lot Between 7th and 8th ata. GREAT FANS. J APAN USE Itt'SU. FAI^S. UAZAAK. FANS. Invoice of JAPANESE FANS Juat reoeived, the first ever imported, Selling &t 1c88 than ooat. Also, CHINESE MAC.IC FANS. H AN DAL WOOD FANS. &C>| &0.| &0t The freatest variety of Japanese Goods ever offered. JAPANESE SIVORDS, \c. JOG PENNSYLVANIA AVENl'K, ap5 6t Above Wlliard's. eAA OKANOESH! OUU BOXES SVVEKT ORANGES Just reoeited?111 prime order'JO Bunches BANANAS, 130 Drams FIGS, imow in store, and for aale Wholesale, at a small advance on auction prices, at pearson's fruit DEPOT. 491 Eighth Street, near Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington. ap5-6t French steam scourers, Baltimore. w. p. shedd, 502 Elivihthst., Tke (Jnlv Agent. Ladies' Dresses of every deaoription can b? cleaned, leaving the lustre of silk rqual to new. Shawla, Covera, Cuitaina, and Carpets. Also, Beniieinen's Clothing o\n tie cleaned without lea v. ing any substaiioo by which they will ?oon become ui ftt to wear. fiV U.?.No dress taken apart; thereby saving the expense of making over. (Intel.) ma 22-lm SOMETHING NEW "ON FREK EXHIBITION."?A ver* large lot of CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODK, HATS and OAFS, at No. 460 Seventh St. N. B ?Ml of the above gooJs for sale at very tow prices, at SMI fH'S, No. 460 Seventh st.. between E and F sts. up 5 lm A BAR & BRO. R E Again in the field with an immensely large took of READY MADE CLOTHING and GENTS'FURNISHING GOODS. We now offer great inducements to persons who bay for cash. Kememoer me piaoe?corner K and Seventh its. mar 8 Iib AWM. T. DOVK * CO. HK Now prepare*; to exeoate any orders with wmoh Qtey mar be farorM in the FLlftfilTO.1 Jga|ESTKA* FITVINV CT Store on 9th street, a tew doors north of Pa, FFICE WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT, Washington. March 23,1861.

Pboposaxs will be received up to the 15th proximo for (* ftnmshinj and delivery at or near the site of the District Reservoir, of 4,000 onbio yards B ?ken Stone, more or less. The atoee not to exceed in sise oubes of three inches. To he hard and durable. Proposal* ?hoald be seeled and eadorsed "Propose s for Broken Stone." ma? tApiA A1I&, t " "it j: ? ' * ? ' m FOR SALE AND RENT. 1jM)R RENT-A two-? ory ?r,| *ttie BkTci HilUiiBon i> *trwt n^rth, 9'i arj i -h ?tf?*?'*, at present occupied bjr K. I Ro: u?on, Etq., with a 1 tern '<icrn convenience, gas. w*t?r, a,. i[C , and m p.rf ot r??*ir. App t" A. ROEil, No. 340 t> ?trrut, beiwe^u ?th ?n i':.. up fiHMP TO LET?Furriiihel or uafurn;?heti, a pj>'t < 1 the whole ?>f HoUSE N 44J H*venth it ft few 'loom below the Lutheran Church, r tfi i r crmiuro will tx* rolr'cheap li (jui'e mi the p-?n i? 's or jvt Room No. 10, fimt tioor of Ui? TrMW Build^nc. ? op Hi' L'OR KENT?A Iftr** tw? rton Brick HOI'51 * > u M*r? lai.d avenue. corner of ISth at., with brick ?t?Me ami large attache. Apply to Mr ('<i h.SHIKK, cn corner oi D au l Thirteenth ?t< Ialand. &p 5 eo3** HOI SE FOR KENT AND FURNITIRI FOR SALE.?House and Furniture r.e*rl new. Ii qnire at No. 1 street, between lit ftji'l 13th. afW 3 o'clock. ftp4tf For sale or rent-a fr ame housf oontaininc aev?n rootna, fueth'r with the fat nitur*. aituated on New Jeraey av enue, betwee M and N ?tn. uortn A lao, a new three-atory brie houae, with back I inld^ng, on the tama aquan l No. 1 AO Fourth at ) A'ao, aom* valuable L#TS all of wh'oh will lie told very cheap. Inquire of J D. RYNARD, New Jeraey avenue, between !? and N ata. ap 4-tf FOR KENT?A handaoinely furniahed HOL'SI in the First Ward. Apply to WILLIAM I BALDWIN,corner Seventh and E atreeta. ap 3 G*eo* w ^ / v II ** *?? - * - n v;n nta.x i ? i ne tnree rtory ItMU DWELL JT 1 N(i HOI'SK corner of Tenth and H street* and but two squares from the Patent Office. I cuirniiia 8 rooms, ninud c<t!l>r and kitehen, wit gas throughout. Will not be rented for a toardin lionie. Inquire "f B. MoFARLAN, oornor o Pa. avenue and 12th at. ap 2 eojw* tf(?K RENT-A small FARM or MARKK1 <? ARllEN, coiiiflif.iin; 14 ace* of land, situ ated on the Fluey Branca Road, a few hundret tards north of Columbia College. The improve ment* consist of a new brick dwelling cintainini 4 ri orns and a kitchf n, and a stable. For terms A.a., apply at U 1 "> IB.avenue, opposite WV.ards'. I ap 2- tf _ C<()K RKNT-A three et..ry BRICK Hi?tSI l on H St., Wanhintton city, between If h ar.< tf'Ui, ai present occupied l>> Assistant Attorne) General, Mr. McAlmont. Possession given 8th o April. Al?o, & firxt cltita HTAN 1> for business o any kind, corner Gay s-ui High streets. cppositi Forrea' 11*11,Georgetown, 1). C Possession gi\ei immediately, Apply to BLADEN FORRr.ST Georgetown. *P >->w* FOR tINT-A BRICK HOUSE, contwnim 12 rooms, with Potomac water and ja?. on street, lietseen 13th and 14th. opposite Frank ii Square. Inquire at WARDER 4 &TKWAR I": Wood and Coal Office, corner of H and TwelfU ts. Also, Brick House corner Twe'.ftn and 1. ma 28-tf Lj^OR RENT?On May 1st, the large and oommo I diou* HOUs*K on Louisiana avenue, oppositi the City Hall Square, now occupied by Mr. Webl as a and law office, and adjoining thi house of Mr. Richard Wailach maS3-tf KKANCK TAYLOR. Handsomely fukmnhkd roomsFour hardsotnely Furnished Rooms, supplie< with gas and water, and convenient to I he hater, aid J'oat Office Department*, for rent. Appya 4'?0J* Massachusetts avenue, north aide, betvreei 4th and 5th sta. ma 23 |?OR RENT-The north HOFSE of the row o F new four story houses on Fourth st.betweei D and E sts., No. fronting the City Hal square. Possession given immediately. Apply t WILLIAM H. PHILLIP, Attorney at-Law, Ni 4 0 Louisiana avenue. mail eotf STORE FOR RKNT.?A large Store-room oi Pa. avetue, adjoining our auction rooms, fo | rent. App'yt.i WALL A UAKNARD, Auctioi and Commission Merchants, oorner Ninth htroe and south sido Pa. avenue. rrrtr 11 FCR RENT?A throe stoiy brick HOUSE,con tainms S rooms, ui good order, with gas bx tures complete, on H street, between 4th and 5ti A!?i, a two-atory briofc COTTAGE, with !aie attache.), oorner o:' F ?tr?ct north an-' 14th si east. To punctual and reliable tcuants tbo term wi'l 1>? moderate. App'y at 44t> Twelfth stre.'i between (i aad H. no IS tf 1~T?OR RENT-The fine URICK HOUJ*E N< 100 Went st., Georgetown, at prebent occu pied by the subscriber. It has 12 rooms, with ga and water throughout, a fine stable Ac., an is in aroodneighborhood. Apply to JAS. A. MA OR U PER.. ooiStf Wnnd and rnol w m virv mmmm-nM *. A No, I article ol WOOD on hand, prepared t suit the wants of each ou?tomer. Wool sold cor lenrth also, or in any way or any quantities do aired. liJr Conl ! }>'. in Coal liov. < <, Koreer.'vl bef'>ro d( hverir.g. Ill/* 2,24'> lbs. to the ton. ID" PeraouaJ attention to every order. T. J. A W. M. GAl.T. Oflise 28tf Pa. av., between 11th and 12th st3. Wooil Mill and Wharf f>ot of Seventeenth stree below War Department. liia23-tf SCHENCK'S TREATISE ON CONSl Ml' TION?To l*? Iree of charge at the Dru Store (if S. li. WAl'l K. corner (<?vf nth *t ai. t.ouiaiana av. Dr. J. H.Schenck.ol Pinladclpiiii I..1H pnli'iUhod a painpliiet. *1 Vli:* a lull deaoriptlO of the diaeaaed n'ato of the l.ur^i, I i ver and Storr aoh. K'.very invaiiil should caK and get one. ma 29-1 in _ DID no i in I) i\ki ?'< ? it <? ? ?? W-tf pini/r. niniin rvn b*j 2?5? Just received a epU ii'.tiii &>!8urtin3ot o!*'^ Kuriip^i-'jiTiMn Canarira,'<? Kngliah {Jiaek B:nia,'l hruahei, Hull Finche*, Ho' Finch?*, l.ineib, Sk> Lark*. Vf:'o* flnm?ra J'a: r<>qin-ta, Java rtfnrrnw", tStariens, Ked ,'ilocai Parrot, and ir?(?n ani urar. I have M ekn Bin'*, Ked \\ idk B'aeic birds, Ke-1 U rdu, Dovei an<1 Bcbjli: ka;a at.-, 1?rain*.J B;rd*. i,ric?-?2*io?n to SrA Can^a of all k'i.d? Iron ojb!i. V> *!">,? JOHN O'M r.ARA'S Bird ?U,ra, No. oOO fa av enue. at the Capitol eat<*. fe 9 3m WN?- VV GOODiT K Ar' i "W ad'Ii? c to'i ir *foek a lar^o ar: desirable lot of N K\V GO' U)-*, rouiBrisiac ?vi r tf:iiiS tiiat la iitrw and Jok rahie, wiiilfi vo prooo* to sell at asmiJi pteo. AM p?ui-ona in want of l>r Hoo Jm will ?iwi5i Lrid our h'.ink complete in a!! ii l>raioh?s and at the loweat prices. \* e would iir prep* upon thoae of our citizens who l.av.i rec?ntl tnk<-n up their re?;d?no a w th u< that we have bn " >ue price." marked iu p ain fi?urea on e.\"h art! cle. and offer a diec jui.t of hvo per cent, of a as en for canh. We aek an examination of price?, so that cui tontera uan eaiiafy t'.einnelvos iu regard to tho ea\ nit by purchasing f<.r <ash. AV. M. XHL'STKR A CO., No. .'J*?, opposite Center Market, ir.i 23-101 _ Between 7th ami 8th *'? V EXV AND SI'LENDID i> DRKSS GOODS. ?.T ? . II A. I - - ? ' pow in sioro an inn neweat Ply ies ana moriet with a laree n^aortrnent of handsome (> ray U<>odi for ladies' suits. yards Fancy l>iess Silki wtuoti we are running off at reduoed prices to riot out tins s> asi n. ico pieces s-upe ior I'.ain Biac Silks, from low pries to superior trades, all ver cheap, and which wo ask purchasers to examine. J. W. COLLEY A CO., ap 4 2vr -i'J3 Seventh St., Iiet. I) and Pa. av^ F'RENCIi LINEN CAMBRIC HANDKER CHIEFS. l<H?doz. French Lin?a Hankoroh'fsat 81 5<iperdoi SO doe. do. do. do. 82 5" do. 5<idoz. do. do. do. $3.ou uo. ( These goodaare extra cheap.) French Shirtin/c Linens, Irish Linen. Linen ToweHne, Table l.iut-n, Curtain .M jkIils, Marseilles Quil's. Our stock ih full in all departments, and we in vite all in want of DRY GOODS at low pricra t Kive us a call. W M R Rll.l'V* l? H 1? N>. 4>ntr*l Stores, Uetween 7th and 8tli g'reftts, tip 4 2wif Opposite Cont?r Market. THK INSURANCE COM TAN Y or THE STATIC ov VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL 8300,000. Insures Merchandise, Buildings, Househoi Furniture, 4c., against loss or damage by fire, HEATH A KNOWLES, Agent*, Office?Room 16 over Bf.ak of Washington. ja lo. o<* |MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DLRKEF. Jt CO.'S BXiXICT ?3?I03a?. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but iround from fiacu Spices, eeleoted and eleant by u? expreeaiy lor the purpose without referent to eost. They a re beautifully packed in tiofui (lined w th paper,) to prevont injury by ke*>pini and are 'ml vreicht, while the ordinary *--o<u Apices are almost invariably short. We wnrrai thein, in point of strern'-h and nohnees of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, at a sin*'* trial will abuadantly prove. Manuf&atured only bv E. R. DURKEE h CO? fe 1*1 Fear! st.. N?-w York. L" E BON TON FOR APRIL, Atlaetio Monthly for April, Appleton's New American Encyclopaedia, L'rntt'e f\,*? ...? .1 A litiVO B i/vua-C? UII IUO 1 OUOiBl V/UUBUbBUUIif volume*, RegulMiona for I'r.itrd t*tat?* Consulate*. 1 vo a mo. FRENCH ?V RICHSTMN, ma 22 -278 Pa- av.. bet. Hth and 12th *ta. /yFICERS, PETTY OFFICERS, AND Set \J men who ware on board ol any U.S. *hip* I the oapture of any slaver can have their claims f< BouutV ana Head Money promptly attended to t applying to or addreaaing C. P. WALLAC1 Washington. D C. ja 16-tf SILK ROBES, MOU8I.IN ROBES, LAW KOBE8. BERAGE ROBES. We ire selling at half their original pnoa. A other good* of every description we are atiU aatHi at oo?t Our ttock ia large and well aaaortad I ever department. fail TAYLOR * HUTOHtgON. |^?REAT NUMBERS Of PIANO FORTF ; vJ for aaleor rent ai all prioaa. Alao.Ua MeU deona ot different makta for rent or aala. Ne ic.?" ri~??<a?: GEORGETOWN. * Corr*rpond*nce of Th? Star, *. GcoisKrowrft, April 10. Is*! At n meeting of the ?otT>m*sa'oDed r?eer?of j the elfKh regiment of District cf Columbia millt'a. held Jit f o"r??t Hull r*>t. rday afternoon lrj c.l>edience to ^rueral o;der? No 4. Col Coxe, '* Ueut Col. Hrlllne?wortb, Major Hill, Adjutant "a l>sYi<1*on. and moat of the captalua and 1 eutennata wtre pre*-ut j Col Coxe at t?-d the rhjert of the meeting: after which, the relative rnrk of the rnmnanr nfdr?r* p was determined by date ^r.d by lot m MImm: a Captain*?1st. John I. Kldwrll; 2d. J 5* Marktr; s. 3d, John Marburr. jr ; 4tb. W ro H Doncal; 5th, , W alter 9. Coxe; 6th. Win F i^eytnorir; ?th, Joo. _ J Hogue; ?th Win K Coll 1 IMC two vncwclti. p I ir*t l.leuteian!* ?1*t, John ** 15-rrv; *Jd. Jamo? y J l?a r?tt: .14, William Cruikahank, 4th, I)anlel h Major; 5th. W J< Hunter; *?th, John \V Pearce; 7th". John M Wat?-r?; ftb. Wm l.atrd; two va~ canriea Second Lieutenant*?lat. Uenjiitiin F. Waddy: *Jd. \\ in I. William*; :id, Wm Marn bury; 4th. Thea J W'atera; 5th. Wm A Gordon, k jr ; fith, J W M?Kruder; ?th. P M Pettitj tsth, J? May-hew Plater; two vacanri?-s . \\> learn that the rou*ter roll* for ten rompanle* ,j In thl* regimental diatrictare already made out. and that the companies will be orjjaniied imme~ diatelv. Thev number from 60 to l;iu men ?ach. r< ... j i ?--? * ? * > ouu arc uniKuim, as usual, aipuaoeilc-ally. from ' A to K. The vacancies will probably be ttlled, and the assignments of officer* to companies made In n few days, of which official notice will be '* given. Have any of your Washington rev 1 menu I made the a* me progress toward* an organization* I, It was Company A. Anderson Rifles, of our r city, to which the Bag wa? presented on Monday, if and not Company C, as stated in yesterday's Star There is some talk of a union of the Potomac [ Light Infantry, Capt McKenney, and the Scott Rifles, Capt Hurroughs, towards forming a bat1 tall on We learn that the Potomac Light Infantry, * Captain McKenney. and the Carrfngton Home ' Guards, Capt Goddard, have been ordered to report at the War Department at three o'clock ; this afternoon 'or special service r ??? I GEORGETOWN ADYERT'MTS ? IY"=jf?GEoRGF.TO\VN MOUNTED GLARD, i J J? Mfct for inspection ?nd drill, ir. fall uniform, . armed &ik1 equipped. ?u fror.t of Linn's Hot".. Georgetown,on HURSDAV, April lltli, at one ' o'clock p. m. precisely 15> oider of the Captain : \ U JOHN H NEWMAN, O. S i |Y-Sf?TME SUBSCRIBER WOULD RUT URN ? IJoi thanks totne firemen and citisens of t>?ur? town ard \\ a*Jiing on for their kn.d and 'atwriou* exertions to mv? her property on the morning of the 5th instant. I apt M A THOMAS. > WHOLESALE ? V? FISH HOUSE. 2"2 barreli Labrador HEh" RING, eeiected, U6 do Bay Island do M do Ksitaort (in - 5i? halfbbl*. extra Roe do 50 bbl*. re* Magdalen" do t inn do St. John ALEW1VES. 1 Daily expvoted p*r schooner P. H?liner,and for & ?%le low from the wharf on or before arrival Also, 1U bb a.oho oe Labrador HERRING, on V board of hchooner Expedit, due here about the firat ' of next week. Alao? a, 2S0bb*.N'o. 1 Meromichi ALEWIVES. ' l<x? do No.. Gipped HERK1NG, , li? do No. 1 Bottoa do do No. 3 Medium MACKEREL. G'.oaee*ter inspection, n AO bbla. No. 2 .MACKEREL. Glouceater intpeer won, , A'bo. kit* and half kit* No. 1 MACKEREL and \ SALMON. halt bbl*. ?pnnc HERRING and Labrador HER KING of rupen->r quality, in (tore and for eale at aaticfactory prion. HARTLEY A BROTHER, t. ap 1C-2W 99 and 1>H Water *t .Georgetown. " Potatoes: ; a potatoes r? 600 bn?ho!*of prime N"* Jer*e> White Meicer* '' aud 3W bushel* of Peach B ow* just arrived per si imp Lucy, a :d lor sa.e lr"m vc?*??l in lots h io Him purcnasera. fblKK iit.KKY. ap R it ''.i Water ht. Georgetown._ J T^STKAYS?Found straying on the aubaenTjer'a Hj premis-*, near th? ro*d,ai.out hal! a ir.iio e*?t of the ch%iu bridge, a medium^fe-J^^ - iit4 SOW and two SOW PIGS. *" liViiL* white; bupp'?ed to have been !o*t from a ui?ie The owner can Uve them by ident.f> ing hi* proporty ana paying the expense* incurred. ? r?pB-3t CONRAD SHERRY. <1 <I'R1.NG GO l>8 CHKAH FOR CA^H i 5 SMOOT t BUi< ROUGHS, No. 119 Budge t,t., Georgetown, D. C.. Iiavo received per late arinala from lia.tiinorear.d New \ ork a genera aa' aorrment of 1>KY GOODS, adnpted t < the early t prin$ trade, which they are offering at prieeato suit the time* lor c*ah, and aalioit a call from all who are making their uprinz purchaae*. SMOOT A BURROUGHS, ma 29 eo2w [Intel. 1 _ 1? ~ FERRY. ' r OR The accommodation of Virginian* and th^ citizen* of Georgetown and Washington. the unt deraigned liaa r? established tli* o!d ferry from An&loatan Island to Keynold'a harl, near Km'* *. Mill. A safe and oor.ver.ient i>ew t>.>at?the Ice-: " berg?will make trips every hoar at reasonable 1 ratea. ? ma 27-2w WALTER GOUEY. I A BOOTS AND SHOES. _ I/AKGE \ud varied aKvirtmei.t of BOOT:* 1 andKllOE"* of excellent quality jtict te atJL| J" | ceivedatl44 Bridge street, o-sr the o n-MI i.iiius aiaivl, anu lor a'.le 25 10 So per oent.^ ^K1 " olnv.per tiieu tiie usual pno<??. ? ma 23-1 m A. .\ E\V RKR? Kh w |\ 200 Bin* PRIME CIDER c I "AILV Expected foracliooi:?r Mary Arr MeGpe ?. fiom Boston. Th:? Cidrr is A No. 1, and ia lor taie s in iota to suit purcii&aera. A ARNY fc 8HINN S r- to 22 rracn Buttlin? D??pot. O^ornoto'wn. - I> JL'ST ARRIVED. . X ER Propeller r*. Seymour, frmn Philadelphia, " 76 barrels and 1"> half t.arreU of Maaaay, Cuilii.s A. y Co'a Philadelphia DRAFT ALE. For tale Ij 10 fc.22 AKNV A :>H1NN. h | U8T RbCKIVKDi J 10 hhd*. prune Port" Rion SUUAR^ 1 140 O.'l Ryo WHIr'K V, it SfiobMa. HKRRlNU and ALE WIVES, i- fin bb'a. Crufched aii<l R?bne<l >UGARtf, 11 S> bags Rio aud Java COFFEE, 10 hhda.<tow prtoad) MOLASSES, i- Forealeb? JOHN J. BOGUE. aa 13 Look llere! LAST FOUR DAYS , o? ' RIDDLE'S GREAT SALE ?, or JE WEIjRT ' Positively to Closs oh thi 13th or Ana. Now li tke Time to make your aeleotiona from our Extensive and Beautiful Assortment ' .?r JEWELRY FOR THE LOW PRICE OF ONE DOLLAR. COME AND GET A . GARNET SET For ONE DOLLAR o LAVA SET For ONE DOLLAR CAMEO SET For ONE DOLLAR PLAIN GOLD SET For ONE DOLLAR CORAL SET For ONE DOLLAR MOSAIC SKT For ONE DOLLAR ~ ENAMEL SKT For ONE DOLLAR Or, Any of oar Asaoitment of SMALL ARTICLES For FIFTY CENTS CALL AND EXAMINE IN MAKE YOUR SELECTIONS EARLY. id STUDS AND BUTTONS, of all izsa. FOR ONE DOLLAR. PLATED KNIVES AND FORK?, SALTS, SPOONS, NUT CRACKERS, GOBLETS, ? fto>, Ao?, &0., FOR ONE DOLLAR. REMEMBER: WE CLOSE OUR STORE on the THIRTEENTH OF APRIL. *! !? No. 302 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. h CLOSING OUT AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. ? ap 6 1 w,r PARLOR SKATES. 5,000 FANS, irom j?i* Cent* to Twenty Dolars, LAUlES' TRAVELING B/lGrf LADIES' PACES. *ND BAS?^ FANCY GOO^?ATNEDMf^""Opening this d?v at , MoLAUGBUN'g.^O^Pvav., 3 ?? ?-lw Between 3Ut a"d I'jth iti, 1-f A CARD. 1 WOULD Respectfully call the a'tentton rf the oitiieo and stranger to our new lot of Men's and r PLRNitsHi-vtf goods, *7 H A TS and CA PS. I e%n lately iay that I am now %l r'foar^d tOieil roodl on tatter inrma th*n ???r ~jT l)uh't fjrtet to call acd io<?k at o?r >r J. H. ?MITH, Clothier, ? ap 5-lni No. 460 Saventh neer p. 5 |\iA<"NOLli HAMS :MiGNO|..? BAJ.8!! We are now re?eivmf our tret supply of Magno.1 ha H*ma for thu won. Thar oannot be rarig paaaed. KINO k. Bt RCHELL, n ap 4 corner t&th at. and V?nnwit ar. - SPR,NG "ANT'&Kk. 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Montgom *bt , April 9 ?President Davis wade requisition to-d*y on tbe Governor ut Alabama for three thousand troops Tbe M.sssslppi brigade, eighteen hundred strong, arrived at Periaacnla on the rtb <>eorgta troop* to tbe number of three hundred and seventy ncn, en route for I'enancoln, have passed through here within the last forty-eight hours Ciailistm, April s ?Affkirs here are rulmlnating to a decisive point. About W mm left here this morning for different points It is osti n.nted tb it m u S'**? men are stationed on !*>; .11 van and Morris Islands and along tbe const Coir panies are continually arriving inm tbe Interior and all tbe pests will W further strengthen**! tomorrow br near one thousand additional troops Tbe greatest enthusiasm prevails anions all claists of citizens Acsr?Ti. April 9 ?A report of war vessnls having been seen otT Charleston barbor baa boen In Circulation, but Is regarded as unfounded W lmisgton. April V?Charleston news received bere produced great excitement to-day. CntiLUTOI, April 9 Kvening -All It quiet to night oa tbe surfsre of affairs but tLere Is a deep Wing among the peoj>le. 1'rodlgious preparations are progressing Kx-Senator WigMl Is testifying bis patriotism by serving as a common soldier K itlrd cannon are arriving and being plncnd In poaition. President Jamleson delivered his farewell addreas to the State Convention to-dsv in reply to resolutions adopted complimentary to blmself. TM n il adjournment of tbe Convention is tiprr ted to-morrow No war vessel have been se?n outside tbe bailor, so far as known bere. NiwOiluu, Aprils.?Tbe news rocelr#d here to-day from Cbsrleston. la tbe oil absorbing topic. It create* a universal cicitement. Virginia < aveatlsa. Kichmoiv. April 9 ?Tbe Convention being In Committee of tbe Whole, tbe t*>nth resolution of the series heretofore reported was taken up Mr. Wise ottered the fallowing as a substitute : " The people of Virginia heroby declare tbelr consent to the recognition of the separate Inde^ Cndeucirs of the seceded State*; that thev shall treated with as independent powers, snd that proper laws shall be passed to effect thetr separation This was adopted by a vote of against 20 Tbe eleventh resolution was taken up. wb?? Mr. Wtckbam offered an amendment, declaring confidence in the justice of the people of thsatb~r States; appealing to them for a satisfactory ad jn?tmen, bv tt,e adoption of amendments to th? Constitution hereto appt nded. snd declar1n? that a definite refusal c r r.e'plett <?f tbe \on-slaveh"ld tnj states to accede to such amendments shoo d and would result in a tetal and flna'. d ?rupt:on of the I'ntcn Mr Go<?de offered an amendment. declaring further that in sucu event Virginia will feel comp?lled V? resume her powers and throw herself upon her r^^erved rtghta Mr fioodt'i amendment was rejected?54 against 70. and Mr Wlckham e amendment waa also U-st?57 against ftMr. Tarr n oved to strike out the last aentenre in the eleventh r> solution.deciar'...jr that the Mat* of Virginia will reaume her powers In the event of a fa,lure to receive satisfactory reapw.ana. r? jected?jl againat 70 Pending the r?-cesa. private advlcea that a team era w. re %> en <>fl tt mouth of Charleston harbor and tfcat Fort ?nn iter^-aa to be reinforced at all nazaraa, proaucea & decidedwnntlon within ftnd outside cf the Convention Frem Slew Mexice lMjiri5DiM i, April 9?The Santa Fe mall, wita dates to the JVli ultimo, ar*?ved ttil? morn iiiii Colonel Loring has arrived and taken charge of the Mil.ury i)r-t .rtment of New wttich gave much aatiafaction to the people of that Territory TUerepoitr-f thetak'ngof Fort Marcy by the rltirena of Santa Fe la : ncorrect, no demonatra V.on of tl ?- k ; id having b?-en made or thought of t'eace has again been made with the Navatoea Great flj? ka of people are flocking to the (Un Juan mines, and numbers are leaving and going bar k to the P:ke'a Prnk regions TLe grass on the pialna la growing very fas? and In a few dav? will be sullicient for atock to subsist on 'I'h** ii.1i/rat ..n tn Wk.m oaW menced ovu the Southern route, quit* a number of (tin-rants having been met by ttie mall party Frona < Hllfarma Fort Kearney, April 9 ?Tb?- California Pony Kx press of tbe *J7th ultimo baaarr'.ved tiere The Senatorial question ws? stilt unsettled It is understood tbut Mr McD.ugall is willing to ent? r into another Contest and surrender Lit present advantage A bill t: i been Introduced Into the California Legislature offering a premium of flu ?M? for tta? lirst'i;r?tu-tb of cotton on Caaforn:a soil and Ita preparations for mark'-t. The B?i<nAdrv Commissioner. to act wftb the Federal t'ommisslojer for running ttie Eastern boundary line, will a?on be clectcd J . C. AIcklbben stands the best? Lnnce Coal oil springs are rtporUtd to have been discovered In Humboldt county The coal mines are nourishing The Hogan MarderCue. Toronto, April 8 ?Evidence it brought to light in the Hogan murder ease of a moat extraorcary and concluaive character Nlnrteen arrrsta have been made, which in, ludea the whole Rang, excepting two?one of whom ia dead, and the other it In the Auburn Stale i'rtaon New Vork. Nearly all, if not < very one cf the nineteen, either participated in the murder or were acccsaorlea. The ( Brrrnry ,VI?vemcut ml Pittsbarg PiTTSBrio. April 8.? Another enthuslaatlc meeting of the huainess men of Pittahurg waa held to day in regard to the currency question. Both the wholesale and retail trade wore fully represented, arid the strongest determination was expressed not to receive depreciated money except at brokers' rat** Missouri and Virginia' money is quoted at 4 per cent, diacount The Arkas?tt Secessionists. FiVRTTkVlLLr. Ark.- Ar>?ll * ?The Stat. ?.' Rights party to-day raised a large flag contain ng fifteen aiars, the State arm*, and r?-d and white stri pes. and the mottoes "No submission to ibe North" and '-Southern H >kUta " Mucb oppoa tlon wai ru&nilVsted by the I'nlon men to this proceeding. and they displayed front the Court House a national Hag with thirty-four atara. An immense crowd a?teu.bied. which was addressed by Secessionists and Unionists. 1'enni) I Tama Lrgulatirr. Harbmbcbu, April !)-Gorrriior Curtin sent a message to tbe Legislature to-day relative to our national ditt'-uitirs He recommends the organization of the militia and oH<er meisure* proper in the present crisis lie also states that he has received a letter from the President toy in* tUi *? ka5 information of a dtiign to attack Watktnf' lorn city Later tram Havoma. New Orleans. April 8.?Tbe steamship Getwral Aliramon, from Havana on thr 4th Inst, arrived at this port to-day. Prince Alfred wu expected to arrive at Havana on tbe ISth inat Tbree more war vetttlt tailed for 8t Domingo on tbe 30th. B*>t?t Item* *1 flews. Bosto*, April 8?The Metropolitan Police bill wii defeated In the Senate to-day, by a vote of 7 to *21 George A Darley murdered hit mother thit morning by beating her. Hit reaton for thit In. famous deed was her neglect to wash hit clot bet promptly. Mstirtptl EleeUta. HASrroBD, Ct., Aprils.?Tbe Demoe rata to-day elected Ave out of tbe tlx Alder met, and twtaty one of the twenty-four Couact 1 men, by 500 ana Jorlty. Tbev also carried the entire eitjr ticket New York L?|ulttir?> Albist, April 8 ?The Governor to-day vetoed the Susqitehaana Railroad MU. Tbe actio* created much excitement In the Senate Chamber. Baltimore Mark at 8 ALT'noil, Aprl' 10?Flow dull and heavy. Howard street, Ohio and City Milk a'e held at Sft 37a8? SO WMi steady; red SI Jual 9H; white I 40*1 66 Corn heavy, m<xed Matte; raUow MMtlc. Previsions doll and unchanged CoOm dull but firm at 12*al3)fc. Whiaky dull at IT* New Tsrk Markok. . . N*w You, April 10 ? Breat-teft am steady. Flour quest Wheat and Cos st-sdy and ani Miugj-a Provisions Arm. WkJskr steady at 18*e. Nsw Yoke, ApHmTSSot and eaohan**