Newspaper of Evening Star, April 11, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 11, 1861 Page 1
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I (Kittling ji>tax 1 ? V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. APRIL 11. 1861. N?. 2.511. . w-? ! TH? DAILY EVENING STAR M p JBL13HBD SVBRT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) 4T TUB STAR DCILDINeS, C*rttr mf Pmin.*yIrani* mwmus mnd 11 tk ft , by W. D. W4LL4CU. P*??ii eerred in p*ekft?*a by o?rrters it (4 ye?r, or Ti oeoti p?r month. 7? mail nb??ibm in* rri?* M ?5jn ? year, m xtuxi; > for ill raon'he; 91 for three months; ani for I?m thaa three months it the rate of 13 oents a week. Bw?U opies, otb c?.it; in wr??pers, two cmts. H^ADvimTisiMSHTssoonld besenttotheoftoe before U o'o.ook m.; otherwise they mar not appetr ntil tb* next day. Ferts at Iff W?t. Key Weat, aa ia well known, ia an important naval station; it is the headland of the Southern coaat, situated on the northwest and of an island of tha lama name, but oooasionally known aa Thompson's Island; it is four and one-eighth of a mile in length, and one in width The harbor ia magnificent, admitting tcamIs drawing twenty-eight feet of water, and, most fortunately, is well defended at this time This point is the key ta the northern paaxage of the Gulf of Mexico, as tbia route is much safer, and some ninety-two miles nearer than around Tortugas. The entire island lies ?>n a bed of limestone, about eighteen inches below its surface. Fort Taylor is a new. first-class '-bastioned'' fort, is of brick, built upon a granito foundation, tb? jrork on which was commenced in the year 1S4J. It is almost completed, a few minor jobs, such as the erection or platforms for bar>ette guns alone remaining to be done In form the fort is an irregular quadrangle, having three channel " curtains' of equal length, and a gunge or shore 'curtain" of greater length. Its situation is on the southwestern portion of the inland, at the entrance of the harbor, in from six to twelve feet of water, and It 41JAIIt frftin K, J* iKnva oa??i? '!<>A f ? - w rMUIC 0VU4V iOC V The work is pierced for three tiers of guns? two under cnscmentcd bomb-proofs, and the other cn barbette. or?pcn. It will mount 125 ten-inch Columbiads on the channel fronts, and 4M heavy guns on the shtffe front. I have ascertained its full war armament consists of 190 gun*, the majority of which are now in a condition to withstand the most protracted siege. iUX3 i-vai}j w>ns oi mc irom are eieni ieet lu thickness, and rise abruptly from the water to tbe bight of 42 feet 6 i no hoc. I am happy to inform you it id well supplied with provisions, ammunition, fuel, hospital and artillery stores, and in addition, has excellent quarters for its < ffcers and barracks for its men. Its force at present is large, and they are under the command of Capt J. M. Brennan, U. 6. Artillery, und Captain E B. Hunt, Engineer Corps. To take this tort would require an immense number of Mississippi "volunteers," the majority of whom, I surmise, would "go under,'' and The expenditure of an amount of treasure which states that have repudiated their debts, or would like to. do not cosset Fort Jefferson, Tortugas, is an immense bastioncd work, the wail being of brick, with a granite foundation It wa.? commenced in the year I $46, and in a strategical point of view is de.-igned to command the admirable harbor, lying in the hc:irt of the ^Florida Keys. The tort is pierced for three tiers of guns, two under bomb-proof casemates, the ether en hurbcttr or open. The casemated tiers are capable of mounting 560 guns. A wide and deep ditch, communicating with the sea, surrounds the entire work, and this is protected by a countereoarp of immense length. The guns of this work command the inner fcnrhor. Id tiuia of war its armament consists of 4o0 guns ami 1,<H)0 troop* It ia now well manned, and ia under the command of Brevet Maj Lewis (I. Arnold, U 8. Artillery, assisted by First Lieuts. Henry Benson, Matthew M. Blunt, and Surgeon Adam W. MoLaren. Further than thi*, it is sufficiently supplied with provisions, fuel, ammunition, artillery and hospital stores. These particulars I have reason to believe are very correct.?Corres. IV. Y. Trihunt. Tile Perils ( Mlali(-A Wtad^rlal Escape. (From th^ Dubuautt Tim? Mawh W 1 On Wednesday last an accident occurred in the, which border* on the marvelous, and is an illustration of the awful perils incident to the life of a miner. An old gentleman named Day, was at work alono in a deep shaft in Bru?kill and Palmera neighborhood. At about one o'clock in tho afternoon, us he was busy at w?rk. the rocks and earth caved in upon him One huge atone heavy enough to crush him to atoms, fell behind him, while another of still larger dimensions tumbled down in front of him, leaving a small crevice where he stood, and penning him tight against the side of the drift. These great boulders came up a* high as his shoulders, and kept him from crawlirg oat. The loose earth and saud kept constantly tumbling down for a long time, and filled the place about his body s?lid full. At last it begun to fill up about his face and over his head Slowly it rattled down piecemeal from above, filling up the space about hi." mouth and torturing him with distracting suspense. It was like being chained to a ftake by the tea ahore, and drowning by the t*de He imagined that a few minutes would only elapse before he would be smothered and die a horrible death. Such a tension of anxiety ia enough to unseat reason sometimes. but thi* olT man maintained his selfpoeeewioH entirely to the last minute, and by wagging bis bead from side to side managed to get air enough for respiration. The earth reared falling down after a while, so he no longer suffered anxiety from the fear of being mothered, but how much worse fate was lett for bim. It would be by the merest chance that he was missed for a long time, and if mimed, no one would know where to seek him. I fie had joat commenced on these diggings unknown to bis neighbors, so now starvation stared bim in the face, if he was not relieved. The long afternoon passed away, and as the nlckt aooFoached hi wife K?i??n to l,,..u f..r him. The slow hours wore avay, when she became alarmed, and Bought the acMatance of her neighbor*. A party was soon collected, and with ? vague idea where to look for the luisaing unn, they started out. Arriving at the right diggings by mere accident, they called out his name at the mouths of several shafts, and finally heard a faint response. A man was let down by the windlass, and by the means of a tallow candle a small portion of the man's face was discovered. He stated that he was uninjured, bat very much cramped io his position. The men set immediately to work to release him. and worked all the night i through, not being able to get him out until ten a m. yesterday The first thing he asked for when he war raised to the surface was a 1 chew of tobacco, and within a few minutes 1 fainted. Ha alept several times during his i c<>n?nenient. and from all appearance* he is uasn. A Frkkh Water Sprixg at Sea.?Mr. W. A. Booth, the cout pilot of the revenue cutter Harriet Use, report* the discovery of a boiling ft-eeh water spring at sea, off the coaat of Florida Me i*y* the ?pring is situated twelve mile* north by east from St Augustine, and eight miles off ?bor?. It boils up with great force, and can be decried at a distance of two miles. When first seen it has the appcaraoee i of ? breaker, and is jteueritlly avoided; but there is no daager in (be vicinity, as there is #t? fathoms of water between it and the shore. Two fathoms of water are found to tha seaward, bat no bottom can be reached with the deep j sea lead and thirty fathoms of line at the 1 spring itself. The water in the spring ia fresh, and by no means unpalatable One peculiarity i about this phenomenon is, that when the St. John's river is high it boils up from six to eight fwt Mere the level of the sea, and presents rathe* a forbidding appearance. This spring ' had doubtless deceivoa hundreds, who have hwtily put about, as they thou*r*i, imoiinaat imager, and reported feeing a 'rock with i water breaking over it." The Harriet Lane Vu mumI tkrMidl it tim?? hu b-cn drawn from ft br ? bucket thrown oaer tha aid*, and when drank no unpleasant taate or uaell ha* been found. It* position ami kiralen character have been long unkaowa, hue bow the mpposed danger baa be- i aoflM, ac it were, "a wall of water tn a barren 1m , i. ir*Tb#N. O. Delta adviaca tb? coinage of MM be tbe CeiifcdkiHe Mates Government, with tb? bead of Jefferaoa Davie o? Uem < thaTbusUMa* C*b<m^a almost entirely suspended Affairs In Flarida. The Pensacola correspondent of the N. Y. Tribune writes from the U. S. steamer Brooklyn, off Pensacola bar, April 2d : I ran assure you our condition has been deplorable enough for some time past At one period, we were almost reduced to the point of starvation, so successfully had the edict of Gen Braxton Bragg, forbidding all communication with United States vessels, been carried out. As we were thus necessitated to procure the necessities of life elsewhere, we 44 up anchor" on the 22d ult , and steamed direct to Key West, at which place we arrived in excellent time, Here, everything was perfectly quiet, bat as we run into the harbor, the hotheaded rebels thnt observed us busied themselves in hoisting secession flag?, and as they were muuiuiKiy uung 10 ino orecze, nccompsnicd the act with shouts ?f derision. Their contemptible actions did not receive the least notice from us ; as our mission was not a hostile one, we quietly communicated with the shore, and in an incredible short period ot time, bad made purchases of such s-ticles of daily consumption ad it waa actually necessary for us to hare. It was a subject of much merriment to us to become acquainted with the fact that immediately upon the secessionists, or those inter eated in the raising of the Hags, becoming apprised of our partial dealings, in tho purchas ing of our provisions, tiiey became pocket atrinkon ?rv c..?K ? ?- *> ? morning orders had l>?en issued to lower the rebel ensigns, with what little effect they soon became aware. It did them no good, however, as under the circumstances he would not have expended a single dollar with them. It is rumored on shore that reinforcemonts to the number of 5,000 men are en route for Pensacola. The force stationed there at present amount to 1,500 men. Well, "the more the merrier." as that carse of every southern climate, "Yellow Jack," will soon be upon tbem, unless I am wofully mistakon, to lessen their numbers and thin their ranks. Already the weather is becoming extremely warm, and as I write the perspiration is rolling down my cheeks. What I assured you in a former communication. vis that the secession soldiers here are nothing more than a drunken rabble?u terror to the whole neighboring country, has been verified in a wanner that leaves not the least doubt in my mind that some of the so-called soldiers are eminently moro lit to grace the inside of a penitentiary, than the ranks of an army Liiuut. (iiliuan arrived a few day? since, in n surveying schooner, with dispatches for the ships and Lieutenant Commanding Slcminer of Fort Pickens. He also brought money to pay the men at the fort, and to sottlo the beef aud bread bills of the contractors. The Warrington Light Infantry have removed from their Quarters at tho north gate, to the Kodoubt, where they are stationed in charge of the magazine Immediately after our arrival at our old anchorage 2round. off Fort Pi<?lr?ns ?? , _ .vnwMui v 1 VW I ? VV? the 82 troops, which at the time of our leaving for Key West w? transferred to the frigite Sabine. This was the ''unkindest cut of all," as we had ardently hoped, and even prayed, that instead of this action on our part, we could I md them, or rather band them over to Lieut. Slemmer of Fort Pickens. Such orders, if tbey are ever to be received, I trust will speedily come, as the insurgents arc working night and day like beavers, fortifying their positions, erecting sand-bag batteries. Ac., and the longer our worthy Government holds back, the worse it will be for all parties, and the greater the destruction when the climax is attained Aa Affair af Manor HrtwreaTw* Wcnru [Krotn th#-Montgomery* Ala.) Advertiser, Aprils] Two uoted courtesans, answering to the euphonious names of JJelle Ennis and Clara Roblaaoa, having nurtured the most unrelenting enmity towards each other, determined to arbitrate the matter outside the city limits Accordingly, a challenge wan sent and accepted, and the parties, with their rcspectivo friends, who were to arrange the preliminaries, repaired to the Cypres* l'ond?a spot, perhaps, quite a* romantic as Blsdensburg, but remarkable for the number of carcasses of animals, and the particular eflluvia which is emitted from thcin. But before we proceed any farther wo will lay the interesting and significant correspondence before our readers: innl O iaei <k|'l II li)'* I Miss Robinson : I bare just beard through a friend of mine that you wish to meet me on tbe oommons to fight. Now that in just what' I wii-h, and I will meet you tbis afternoon or early in tbe morning, just an you wisb, but. I E refer to meet you this afternoon. Let me now by tbe bearer, an I am anxious to d?cidt> this affair as eoou as possible. Bkll E.nnis. Miss Robinson : 1 will meet you just as soon as yuu can walk to Cypres* Pond. I am going immediately, so don't fail to meet me. I3kll Fjihis. Miss Jennie: Please tell Miss Ennis to choose her own time and place. I shall not fail to be there. C. Robinson. P. 8.?Please inform me immediately in regard to this C. R. Who can imagine, after reading these notes, hut ?. ? ?><? A* -?--5 uvuirucuicui in iue uuair wouiu no Jarticularly tragic?wonderfully melancholy? Sat not so. Tbe challenged party whs possessed of that peculiar kind of discretion which du?ar.gui?heil tho iiotoriou<* l)r. Pitt, ami gave the police intimation, through her ' next best friend/' that they should be on hand to quell the disturbance. Of the suggestion was acted upon. The parties were arrested and brought before the Mayor, with their faces unpainted, their hair uncombed, their toilettes unbecomingly arranged, and looking for all tbe world like they had just returned from a pie nio. Some of them endeavored to hide their countenance* from view with their huge sun bonnets; while others again were as brazen a. vi _v_ ii -1 -* " ? ? - x uiui wuv u?uc?u mrougn toe naipurgif night atnongft the witches of the Brncken." Ofcourae their evidence was biased. The real facts in the case could not be ascertained. The seoonds of the belligerents admitted that they wrote the notes, but did not know whether weapons were to be used. They were both under the impression that the fight was to be conducted according to the most approved "P. K " rales?that it was to be rather funny than tragic. The Mayor concluded, as the fightdid not oome off, and "nobody was hurt," to diamiai the ease. H7- A Philadelphia paper Illustrates a cunning phanc of swell-mofolain In a f.iskton.ible church In that city last Sundav. a verw faultlessly ;ittirrd young man, evidently astranger, presumed In hla search for a place to enter a family p?w where aat a young lady quite alone. Sbe courteously made no oprxwltlon to hla presence, and whm the service began even abared her prayer-book with Llm. The stranger pronounced the responses sonorously, sung in a beautiful tenor, and was apparently vary devout. The moment, however, the benediction was pronounced, he was up and out the church door, and the damsel could only explain bis baste when she discovered her pny?r-bn>k. worth S10, stolen, a bre*dth of her dress cut clean across and her portcmonnaie abstracted. ? - 0 |[TTte hotel proprietors at Newport seem not thus far to bave abated one jot or tittle in tbetr annual preparations for the reception of summer rnmrnnv Ttuv ? ? ~"L * j . . j w.? ??? ? j ?? *rvia luruiiuiii^ up their houiM, and tending abroad circulars to the usual frequenters of this summer wateringplace Tbe cottages are taken with the usual gratifying readiness. irpTfc* ?hln ' Warv Rinllna aiTfor Liberia, from Baltimore, on May 1st, on her tenth voyage Among the appllcsnts for a passage at tbat time are twelve from New Jeraoy. TIT"Lord Adolpbus Van* Tempest's Insanity wu brought on by continued habits of tnfoxteaU#n. ills wlis Is a daughter of the Duke of Newcastle and tbe marriage mads pap* wmry angry (FT it ts rumored that the Duke of Nesroutle wlHaoee^ed Lord Canning as Governor General of India. CLOTHING, <fec. 8EVKNTH8TKHET. ALWAYS AHEAD. I have jnst rMitivwl a nioe stock of SPRING ?l,OTHIN?. FURNISHING GDOuH, RL' N KS, HATS and CA PS. to which I invite the attention of ail in want of such articles. My motto iii "A quick sixpence ik hotter than a slow shilling." Those in want of Clothing wo invite to oome and look at our goods and prices ; snd if you wsnt a nioe Shirt and a pretty Tie, No. 4 AO Sev street in the plaoe lo get them. I have a very large stock of SPRING HATS, which I am selling atZb per osr.t. below their actual value. For thnaA wL'l vtnt tn trflwjl T t.ACA inal > I.a.l iariTe !ot"?f"frUnIS WlI3b^ CAEftf HAGS, va* jrlrg in prices from 5" to $8. If jnu want a good Trunk, Clothing, Furnishing Oooda, Hats, or Cape, there ta 110 place *h?rejnn?*n huy Uumij an low r? at the People'* Clotlnnc Store, No. 4HO sevonUi St., opposite Poat Ottao. J H. SMITH. Clothier. marl4-lm No 460 Seventh at., het. 1* and V*. L. A. UKALL A. CO. 1 AKK Pleasure in informing their customers, and atrmK'ra, that Lhev have removal to No. 36 I Seventh strent, hetw?-o,i I and K.juata'.ove R. ti Hall*.. tlT _ U : - ' ( mi b. T?oii(i?r iii'i ivonvwi t% nnw fuppiy 01 CLOTHINU, FURNISHING (>UOI)8, TRUNKS HATS and CAPS, which wo tifTer to sell at verv low prioen. i'ctlI ai;d nee lis t*fore buying elsownere. as we kn>>w that we can sell you goods at less than any othor store in the city. L A. UEALL ft CO., Clothiers, inar14-lin No. 3M Seventh st.. bet. I and K. Jl'3?T R KCKIVK I), a lot more of tiie celebrated TEN CENT Tl K-; also, a v*ry larg? lot of SPRING CUOTHING. FURNISHING ii()?DS, TRUNKS, HATS and CAI'S, at tho Prople'i. 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Proposals wi'l l>? reoeiv?d iiL.fii 1.2 o'clock m j of ?itn April next for furnishing Postaro Stamps i of tiie genara' ht*le arid de*n iption of those now { in u?e, ou KUitahle paper of the l>e*t <jua:ity, for a t term ol six years. commencing first of Juty next. t iii "clcrB wiil e!?Lo t'i? pri^e p?r thousand stamps, g <io iv< i?li'd iu pickaxe* o- ten thotuai J oaoli at me Po?t < iffioe DApartni -i.t in Washington 1 Also, the price per th maad. in ainrular pack- J ac ?. UtMiverabie to the A gent of the Department f at tiie place of manufacture. , Alcu. the price p'r thousand, il?liver?d in larger t package', a* required, o ther at the Department i ui p ace of n;anu!fvc>.ure. Also, ttie prioe prr thousand, repara ed in rucii quantities as may le daily ordered iortlieunj cf lin.t 4 ? fK?on r.-I *? -- * 4 * * 1 u-fc viuwa, iicvn .t?B? KCtU IW" riltklTlpt, and j e< u r<> I y packed in tin oaaox, suitable l>md ers'-bi.ard boxoa, with mualii or other equally < strong oovers, or lined envelopes, ao-ording to ? the (quantity and diatauoe t-> be oonveyed, aa may i bo required br tne Department, ataiing tue ilitfer- ' e ice, if any.ootwoen tlin o<?st of delivery to an * agent at thr place id manufacture and at Wattling- 1 ton. V. V. Ail mon p%oK**ea, before mailing, to li.. reexarMi.ed end lie stamps reoounted hy an Agent of titia Department. itiddera will a!?o give the additional cost for ' directing packages forth* inana and preparing blank reoeipta, under the direction <>f an agonitf the Dop^rtment, either at the Department or man ufactoiy. Prop >sala must be made for the stampe in she^ta, r narfi*..!:* unmmail ?"' ??? /?- ? L rvti?v>i7 ituailiuvw) 0U?l J/DlUMBinu HI RUOfl IllftD Il?r that each separate stamp oau l.o readily detached aim uied. , The clenoiii'ria'ions of stamps row in use are one 1 cent, three ce* ts, fivo oonts, ten cents, twelve ceuts, t?ent?-four oento. thirty cents.and uinety cents. The heads t>f Wuhmctn an>l Frmkl'n are to t?e preserved as the leading designs; the former on all tha stamps, exoept those of one rent ai<d tnirtr cents, or w.iich are to bs the head if Frai'k.m. On all of th? Mamps the d?no?ninati n must Itogivou distinctly, in figures an well as letters, &'id th- whole work must ha executed iu the bentslyleof line eugiavm* on #. -el. I he whole number of pooiage stamps furnished to the JX'pariincut durin* the year ending thoUnih J nne, 186<i. wan 2i6 o7<t 6&i. From t.aat experience it is supposed that the i number of paokagt-H mailed will average above two J hundred daily, var? ing iu size from two sheets, or 2<? 'tamps, up to !?*> (.heels, or stamps; but b> far the larger proportion of paokates contain not more than 20 sheets or 2 0 0 ?t&mp* . F.acii bid is to be accompanied with a specimen r of theaty.e of engraving and the quality of paper , to ie furnished, wbioh wii> be submitted to a l>oard of d mintf restedexpertsor ar tistfef'or nxamin&tion; . and the accepted bidder, In-fore the final col sum I nia?i< n of a contrsot, will l o required to_prepare # uentgue nan iuiuian priwi lirprAl.-liiDIOl IheCIl- , Itravingsof the several denominations<>f stumps. Specimens of board and tn boxes iu;d lini-il envelopes muit alto be submitted with eauh bid. It u necessary to protect the l>oxes by niiiwliri or other covers in the most effectual manner against wet ] and al rasion. The contract will require nil dies I and plates to be prepared and kept in repair, sad I that new dies and plates shall be made, cither fir i the present denominations of stamps or others, j without charge, at the pleasure of the Department; ^ and all suoh dies and plates are to ba the property I of the United States for the service of i Office Depaitment. i No bid* will be connderod exocpt from fartics j who have been actually enraged in the i>uaiu*aa of oopperplate and fleet engravine aru priiitinr, ai:d are that engaged at the time of bidding, and who are oocupytna suitable fire-proof preu uea and provided wita a! th? neoP igar/ facilities to exeju'o the work promptly, and give the requisite p.oteo- I ticn to the stamps, diss, and plates in their pos- i session 1 Parties not known to the DesartmeLt will fur- i nish f roof aa to these points with the:r bids. I In awarcing the contract the l'o*tnr>a>ter Gener- i al reserves the right of deciding which b:d, in its practical results. maybe nmai to t h A inUrestof the Department, having reference to the style of < the work, aeonntr. moue of paokiun, ft o. Proposals sh>uld be oarefully sealed, ?nd marked *'Prorosala f< r PoElage atamps," an 1 nddrestod to the " Third Assu/ant foitmatter General." M HLA1R, ma?-law?w Postmaster General. RENCU P APER HANGINGS, ftc. COK.MR NlHTH AND 1) STMET*. We have needed to day unr spring importation ofFKENCH PA PER HANGINGS. HOKDER8, DECORATIONS. fto., the etyles of whuh are rich and attractive, and the prioos uniu ual.y low. W? hlv* a *? - * " " .... ..w?- ?WW uuo acm/i Iilinu I'l r I H Ci board prints, medallions. ao. also, . a !ar?e Mid ?r-:eot Block of Knalieh ar.d * merican i paperhan6ings, window shades, cords, TaSSELS, oilt corn ice ana cur tain bands.all of whi?h are of Uie heat manufacture, and whieh wo offer at pnoeato aait 1)10 time*. Wo have competent workmen ever ready fuf the prompt execution of work eutruaied t"? ua. FRANKLIN fc ROTHROCK, ma Ift-Staw8w (Int.) SOS oor. ?th and D a?a. NO ?The underaijned bet* to inform tne j D. pabl 10that he haa on hand a la-ge aU>ok 1 *f MONUMENTS, TOMHH, HEADS I ON E?, tea., at tta'timore and Philadelphia priosa Alao.a n?w atjrlecf Drawingaoan m aeaa at th? ?ard,anda new ayleof Marble Maotata. Table Top* Ao., kept hand. Brown Stone and tiraniv* work I piompciy attended to. WM. BRAOLKV, ms l! wsm Pa, av., bet. 18th and 13th #ta. DENTISTRY. Dr. cha8. r. botklkr. S URU EOX VBS'TIST, Having located himaelf permanent y in Washington, offer* hia proieeai >na! a?rvicee to oiti >ene and eojoumera, in all the vari?u'mJBEa* branches of hie prof-eeion. upon the mnti^" 1' g reoantiv improved aratfin of Den'iatry. Dr. U , having ntudied with one of the moet eminent and oxptrienot^l DentieU of Wathinglun, and ale * with the DeLtal College of Ita Uinore. from whom he hae received hie diploma, feel* oon fidect that hia operatirna will prove eminently rari?f*o orj to thoee who will t??t hit profcaaional alu ity. Offioe No. 336 Pa avenue, between 3th and Iftth eta., over stevena'a I .ace btore ; open Irom 9 am. , to 4 P. m. < ?j? wf ITfcRS. I.OCKVVOoi) * DARRKU, ARK PRE- i I f pared to Insert TfcKTHon VULCAN-^^^Ci I

ITb BAr>K, a new and improved mode ^yfassS Wk?u made on this plan they afe com ^**Z-CD i fortablo to vcear an J muoh cheaper than hpt oilier. Also. To-'th inseitsd on Unit] Plate, ana all Lent*! 1 operations of any kini! that may he dmre<t Office Room No 5. in the Wash ins ton Duildt"r.cor- I cer I'a av. and Heventh st. ja 10 <tn* ' i mm TKKTH. It i. LOt>MIS, M. !>., the inventor and patentee 1 of the Mt!MKR AL PhATK TKKTH, at-^ gu ' tend* personally at his office In this city.mfcsrJ5 1 Many persons can wear tht'se teeth ' ; T' oannot wear others, and no person can wear others who cannot wear these. Persons calling at my olfloeoan be aonommodated ' with any style and pnoe of Teeth they may desire; but to those wnoare particular and wish the purest. aiPBneiii, ironjest. and most perfect denture that art can produce, the MINER AL PLATE will be more full* warranted. I Knomi in tlua city?No. 33* Pa. avent^ between i 9th aud lotli its. Also, ?07 Arch itrfot, Phi'adel phia. oo 16 tf *tl"l -> MIIWIRI^S Annihilating , A Powder jdKSgH la the only knowr. and beit art exterminate """ >" Be<t Hum, c, Moths, Fi'?*. ?? --?fi?ct.*.(i*-d?n Worms Val T- ^? Vine Bugs, &o. t * ?? _ "" Jt contains no ponon. 8CH WKRIN'H PI LL8 are *n re death to K&ti , aud Mioe. M Schwann ha* r*c*iv?Hl eertificatH* t f'om tho President of (jirard Col'e?e, Dirrotois of II"u*e of Refuge, Pennsylvania Hospital, and <>tii*r Prominent Institutions of Philadelphia ; 1), H. Jail, W ashinston, D. C.; and Charity Hospital, J New Orleans, La * TBS origin! ocrtilieate* ran be scon at the 1 Wholecai?An<l Retail Oepot t'i4 North f*ecocd street, Philadelphia, &a<i f.?r sale in tin* city t>y I). B. CI. Alt K, corner Pa. avenuo and 4>* ets., awl by ? al1 Drutritts an<) Grocer*. BKVVARK OF SPURIOUS IMITATIONS. ^ jr7* Remomher to ask for Schweriu'* Anuilii- , laiTng PowdT. \ZT None genuine unless siened M.Sciiwerin. a ma 15-<ime t MTOPHAM'S setts PREMIUM TRUNK QlflJ J MANUFACTOR Y, 499 sevkxth strkkt, WASHINGTON, D. C. r Silver Medai awarded by Maryland Institute of ? Baltimore, November 7, l?6<? u Also, Modal br Moiropo'itn.iiMecliai.ics'lnstitute, ! Washington, D. C., IB57. o am uuiifvaiui; iHniuin. riu? ft'Wijs niiVf* oil IlfttKl, l' ot the b*?t material, ?very description of Fin? Sole Leather, V Iron Frame. 0 L?ti?*' Dreaa, 1 Wood Box,and Packinr Trunk*, Pelliaier, Carpet, and Canvan 1 mvHi&K Bass. ? School Satchela, A.C., At Low Fricea. Mcmbera of Con*reaa and traveler* will p'<>a*e if ?xfimine my ateck hef< re pu;oh*.amc elaewhere t 1'runka that are mad? in other citiea. k Superior Leatlior and UiPaa Truuka made to jrder. Trunka covered and repaired at ahort notice. 8<>odn delivered lr><e of eharae to anyfpart of th? ^ lity, Georjetovrn, and Alexandria. ja 23-1 T' " JAM KS S.TOi'flAM. ^ T<HK El'ROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. *' 1 KMKICH. at the corner of IVnri. Jfc m a A _ iveuuo arii tv even in r,trecr, iiis I '?0!, V,. .>g| ^ rreatly improved reoeLtly and now ('JV'raJuiyfiiJL [reater inducements for th?> patrouace orTTtiz^Te mm strain;* thkn ?t?;y (tker public house in the >Ut, his prices being iesn those of any other lotei on Ponn. avenne, and Iui> accommodations ? or permanent or transient !mari!*m ui exemption- * Utie. The bar and mitaurant arraignments o| the Burnpeau Hotel have already become very sipu ar.being all tnat osn be desired by the most lasidious. Tiie proprietor plclges unremitted atteu.ion and continued liberal expenditures t<? give ta?sfae.tion to all, and thus renews his invitation ?r ill to five the European Hotel a call. de 4 ?i [ TAKE NOTICE! j I WILL Take all kinds oi Virginia money for my d >ook debts ami for Boots, Shoes, ar.d Trunks. Afi ' teisons indebted to me will please ca I and settle H id. or I shall be <\oino?!!?.1 l? riv? thair *?*??? rito the hands of a eolleotor, ts. P. ilOOVKR, Iron Hall, no 21 Pa av..Ji*t vunn M.ii and inth * *. V WOOD AND COAL. I OU Will Hurely get y?>ur money's worth ly (ailing at tlie PION KER MILLS, s>>uthiefst cor 4 icr qr Ferenth ttrert and Canai, {GEO. PA<?K. ? Vgei.t) 'I'licy tell cheaper ai.J give batter measure f han an? others in the pity?out, aplit, aad deiiv- |j red free of oh*rice. If too don't believe it. give JB he Pioneer Mill* atrial, a&d Wo satisfied. d ja 17-IT.T ? FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY S! or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. ^ Capital 7Tr...?aoo,ooo. ^ D Jfics com r C street and Ltmitinna *., ortr Bank -t Of Wa?Ain#!lc??. * NSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS DY FIRE. P, Dikkutor*. ' Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel R<*ifern, Satnugl Crrplej, Wiiliain Wilaon, p* Richard, John D. Barclay, Jao-ih <tidoon, Andrew Itothaell, kl Tho*. l'arker, Rieii*rd llarrr, "* tl B. B. KrMioh. Charles W. Davis. . ? No charge lor Policies. I JAMES ADAMS. President. Ab*l G. Davis.S?*m>taiy. ooln-c?6in ?i c io/*?i n i a n i r.K ? LOO I ? IM>| ' Commence the Year with a Diary. " A valuable Pooket Oiin<i>iuiion for registering ?' iv?nti? past, uieseat, aad future; oontr.iiiint. rat< a ' if pontage, almanac, & blank tpao* for inein^rrinda , or every dat in the year, cash aoobunt T.>r t ach k i.until, annual summary of cash account bills i&yable and receivable, IKin't be without one of hene useful it ttie souvenirs. The most complete, >l?rant. and desirable assortment ever uiied.ann- ' msing twelve siz?s and npvard* of fifty styles, 0 it iUULMNUTt'N'S B? okstore, Odoon Building, oorner o!"<>4 *treet and de an Penn avenue. PUKE OI.D RYE WHISKY.-On hand serera * brand* of Pure Old Rye Whit ky. Copper Disbilled, made by tlie most reliable distillars in Penn- zl II vam\. Marvland a.nd Virtini* mmnUil * U?o, In: porte! Hr*ndi?s, Hsnuwiay, Gtar.1, Dnpuy b Co., J u'e? Koiuus, 4.3. Alao, Peao'i and Ap?!? lirMidj, pure Holland Gin, old Jamaica and St. c 3roix Ruia, and Wines of orery variety, Mi of ' itanUard brands. A cloioe lot of Qiars a~d To- n ?ooo YOUNG ft KIJPHART?A?^nte, ar H-It Pa. nr.. betw.Mh and IMfc ?tn. r TAYLOR ft. HUTCHISON, ' No. 4'J Cintek Market Space, Won'd call Hje attention of purchasers to our ? itock olSKASONAtil.K l?R V t?OOPP,compn? tig Bom?of iho newsstand inopt deiirab'n .mrorta lion* ol tFo > aaon. Ow ?took of Dotntstios, 1 .it>??n ; ind Whit* linoda will b? found very coirpUto, ,, lik! will b<? ofi'ored at prioee tiiat oano.t fail to ctve i&tiMaotioa Woaai an exaioination ap3 iohn f. ellis" J SOLS AGRNT FOR T1IE SALE AND RENT CiilCKER INI* AXONS' PIANOS, 30tt Pksmx. AvMn, , Ectwttii 9ik and \<>tk Strteti, * ma 2 North Sid* a f 1NCOLN AS HE IS. ? Lj Stkkl Ekgkavxd Portrait. * The bent Portrait ?et pubhahedof > HON. ABRAHAM LINCOLN, (u>,tk u>kisk?7t,) I At FRENCH i RIGHSTElN'S, a Nl?. UTS PX!?N*. AVX.HCX, Washington, u. C. a Tra<1a anppliad at low niaw. J.JOME-MADK BOOTS AND SHOES, J 1'abin', Missxa' add Cbildbkn'r Wxa?, At Kxtttdingly Low Pn?>.. . At J. il'<3fi'1inAL!', No. 16 M&rkttSfU*. * mad-oo Pa. >t. bet 8th and atii ?U. A VERY NICK PRINCE fcCO.MKLODKON fa. which hu bsen unsl a ehnrt time.?m or aal? very low at MKTZKRO't r Vfueio Store. Alio, several beeciMl-handMiTTi li Piawe ma<8 AsrKCUL BARGAIN IN TWO PIANOS, ptrf*et;y new.left on aai?at a&criiM* AM*, tf eiotleoni tor aal* or rant very Tow. JOHN P. LI,LIP. fe *> 306 Pa. ? ., bet. Mb and loth at*. ? MEDICINES. Boat. JOH^srox, ALTIMORK LUCK HOSPITAL. Hit iliKWfrerf Ikt moit Crrlmim, Sp'triy and emlf 1 Kjftdunl Rtmtdy im 14* B'orirf, FOR ALL DISEASE* OK IMPRUDENCE. j ____ ' LET NO FALSE DELICACY PKEVEST , APPLY IMMEDIATELY. j A CCRE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE. " IN t-ROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. . , Weakness of tht Back, Strictures, Afiecuomof tl.e Kid ritys snd Bladder, inTol?ntarir Div h*rf*a. IfppofeD^*, CI* ?? mi O*bi!it jr, RiMMNi Dwml?aiif?or, i'ontn?o? ?f Ideas, Low 8|irits, I'ml|*itaiiuit H the Hc rt. Tim: itjr, < frrmhhnfs, Pirrmsss of 8?g*t or Giddiness, Disease of t*?e Head, Throat, Nose or Skin. Afleetto. .s of the Lun^s, Sunn* i ten ?>r Dovtls?these Tern tie Disrrder* arising from Holt- | , ?r? H*l>its of Yooti?these DreaJfui and Deetr ?ni*f Prsfics wiiicli render Marriage uu^ssibft, and Ucstroj twik ' B* ly and Mui4. ill r./t ?apect*lij who h?f# become th? vict-ma of Sol.iu? Vice, Vtt dre ?4ful and destructive habit ?hich hmiiuii) i?tcpi . lo wn lintimefy |rr*v? liioMtndi of Yom jf Men < ( tl>* m* ai ' rmlud (iknu and brilliant intellect, tho inifht otlitrviM lave fniranced listening Henu.'e* with the liiUuden o( ?! >- l juenee or w*kcd u> ecsiacy the living Ijrt, may c-tll with lull coufidt-oce. * MARRIAGE. Ma^RHO Pff^OHf.or Yoni f Me? contemplating Mir nff, being ?im? re of phytic*! weakness, org ante debility, lelortnities, 4c., spesdijr cured. He who places hnnself under the care of Dr. J ?nsy religt *B?ly confide in hit honor at a gentleman and confidently rely upon hit skill ae a physician. i OFFICE iVo. * SOUTH FREDERICK ST. ! eft hand ?t:lc foinK from Baltimore (tictt, f<? <iv r? truia lie Cornrr. rail not to obtervt Lime and mnlxr l.#tr?r? ODit b( ptll mil con t un ? atamp. l)H JOHNSTOX, Memlerof the Roral C?llej-? <>l Horeeont, Loevl m, rr*do f ire froui on* ot the luoat eminent Ci'llep?? in the t iled lutti, m<l ill! (nil<rpwio( *k?e lilt lua tiern tpent in he In p11 .] of London, Paiu, Philadelphia and eUewiiere, j ii? etlect-4 tor e of the mott annual rug cure* that were * l??r known; many troubled with ringing in the head ...d ara when naleep; great i>?rii>onitw, >>einr alarmed at Hidden aouudt, b.iahfulnei* with freqaeiit t.laa'niif. attended 1 lometuue* with derangement of luiud, were cured uuiueliatelr. 1 TAKE PARTICULAR \(>T1CF. Young Men and others who h\rt injured themaeWts \ y a -.cmin pricuce indulged hi when aloae-* habit fre^oently earned from e>?l cotupaLiona, or ai school, t?is eftacta ef ' rhicn are nijfbtJjr felt even mi en aaleep, ai d if not cured, endert nnnufc impoaaiblt, and dean ja toili tmud and H*1r, should apply in mediately. Tries* are some of the aad and melancholy effects jnrodu:ed j earhr Mill ?f south. Vil I We.ikn<H ?<f ir>t B"-* *imbaf P.*ius in (fee Head, Ihinnrss of t&ightf L us of Muscular 'owir, uf tna Hssri, Dyapcpay, Keivoua IrutaDerangement of the I>igeative Kuncutna, Utuer*J >f til ity, Symplon.a of Consun rti^,f #c a 1.1 v.?The fearful efforts ihe mir.d are much to ?e drer-<ic?i?Lots of Memory, Confusion of Ideia, Deprewioi: f Spims, K?il Kotebodttiga, Avarsiou of Socittj, rUst. Love 'J Soiltudt. Tlimditv. eLC. . ar? toiuc ui Lh? iroduced. NEH*ot*? DEBILITY?Thousands can uov wluit u i lie CdO<f ot their declining health. lostur their vifor, bee ru lift we ik, pile, nrrvuut Mid emaciMfa, havmjr 4 ?ir?/u'*i 1 ppear&ncc about the ejet, cough or symptoms ul consuiupL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. When the misguided md imprudent v*jt r y of pleasure find* 1 ie h.'iB imbibed trie seels of tins painful disease, it too often uppens that <?? ill timed leuie ot ah une or dread of discovery E leters him fioiu applying :o th sc who, from edncttion and especfthility, Can alone t efriend liuu. He 'alls into f'?t f ?nii of ifri'irant aii<* desiyuifir rrete;?ders. who. iucsmbls f curr?Ft Mch ins i-'Ciiunry W at ince. hira luring |] onth after month, or ss lung'as the suiallest fee cja l>e huiieJ, tud in detp?ir leave bim with ruined health t * s*.gh *j ver Lis galling disappointment; or Ly the uie vt i!??t deadly oieon?Mercury?hasten the constitutional eymiKoine <?f this n rrrible disesss/such as Affeetiona ol the Heart Throat, Hesd, Iku., &c., progresa.og with frightlol rapidity, till death puis s ? eriod to his dresdful ftufierings by sending him to that mi* iscovered counuy fiom whose bourne no traveler returns. ^ JR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND JMPOTENCY T E j thta jreat and uupnriant remedy weakiieaaof the orrani re apeediiy cured ana fuSI ?ijor reatortd. Thooean le of th? " loat nervoua -\i d dtbiiiLaed, who had loal all itope, na?a een iinnediiitely relieved. X All impedimenta to Marriage, Pliy?ic?l or Mtctal l?laqonlIcauons, Loaa of Procreattve Power. Nervine lrritabiln?, B rembliur and WeukneM or Kibtuuin of the uat fearful md epcedily enred. t ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. Till y.iNt TWOUUDI cared at thta iue'itmi? within ? laat aitciiircu riaie, and tH? uamaroua importal.i Hurai*1 operation, perh rtucJ by Dr Johi.eton, wuueaaed by tie portera of the papera and Many other peraotia, uoticea of nich have appeared arnu and aram before the nabiie. I,#. ? hit uiiriii.g ? a ? cuile iniMi'of ch irmctcr and retiNiiit- ^ ilit/t it a auJbcitnt gn xTAii'.tt u> the afltcitd. iu?r 15 I y Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S c 8TRENG THEJHNG CORDIAL P A.*iD BLOOD fllRIFIEH. u HE GREATEST REMEDY in <*?* WORLD, J and the moet f( Delicious and w DELIGHTFUL j? Ef A^rr^Atwm. s auiara IU canafaaet tnfraa . Moretatiiig.^?S|;:>^-?ifUr liking. " iitlllinf, rradacia' * aalicioaa, ?ii>iH atio* pun, u4 ua ? aat infallibla nin?,!y I*' r?n???ttnj fct diaaaiad itiub, t", id raatarlof tki alifc, iiliruf, and dabliiiaud tavaiU M " altii and MfMfUu Or MrL FAX'S STli EXG THEXJXG COR DIAL W rill araeiaally tart t.:Tar C?rnfl?lrt, l>yir?r.ia, Jtio i.? ea.Uhranic ar K*r*a?< liability, DUtuaa *tdua?a, 1,1 id all duaaiaianting fraiu a diaaidarad Litar ?r Ho:na L g? jmywymtm, mm * *?? , A> .TU? 9T aiCI>'?ll W Sumach, Jfallutaa af like 1 '.a ilia Ma. C, l>a.i Fi|t m i'nmtrif In tha lla.\4, af tha H("aluiaaa 1 Wocht tn tha Swua^!i, Hour k-racjuacia, UUkmr t . faeiilof Faalinf wUn Itwn. I'rynaaa or Yai.aWaf Ua Skiu a:.J Eyaa, ?w#ati, Inward Kifin, un Id tha Small af tt? Buck, Cl.aal mr Sida, Bai'dau Inhit af Rut, ?f t?piri;a, frifliifii Itiunt, r anjaai, Daajpardaney ar u.j r.araaua diaa&aa, Inn ai i Ivtchaa au Ua Siia, anil Farar md Ajaa (ar Gh'lia aid ?r OVER A MILLIO.V BQ1TLBS it* kaan Mid dariuf U>? laat an : r.ih?, ar.d la a* Itrnca Hal il fallad in ri?u g antira aauafa* tiaa. *h?, Ute. i_, *11 aafir 'ran, W?fV ar liability what Mi LEAK'S .-RCHtTKICiAni^UORniAL will cira j??1 , Ha lufaajr* can aaDTay nn *dai)u:a idai ' lha Imiull- ' and abnaa; n irmca'MU tb& praJa&ad ky t& tliaa to Ui d'.a???i, wakUimtaj, acd ah'.ua>?! i>cr*?u ma, vkaikat krakcn dawn ky axeaai, v?ak t? Kl ' IjMM'ra*' kf a!a* mi, lha rfllaiad aa4 anafraj* iwirL PA tiaa'la rMl*(?d M iU .*rl?ur baalih and ?ijar Married persons, i ai>?r?. tart-ia?i af lnrt:titT frvrn vliiliM! mit V'U mi id KrbSAV* mHuftorilItH.ll* COAPIAl > a- tl: afh H(iumM4 lUaayaiara; ajJ all <^*y baaa in 1W nil ut iui<(\>) Impraaar ti.dtlf*bC*? via lad U iAia tl< ndtal a TUio tod ?;??iy raioady. uu TO THE LADIE8. ? IKkXARI RTB.EM?TKKMIHa OORPlAh t? a <0 fii and tpatdT cara far liieipltnt Oai.??c. puat,, W l.iita, , iiLii'Ud ?r DiBealt Manatraauaa.l neanuaanca af tiin* 1 Irralantar* OiatuWf# thartaf, Falling af tha Wamfe, !, PatDtiaf, tml all diaaaiM incidant ta Famaiaa. * TURRK IK .VO MISTAKE JIlnrTT ? I far >.a 1 mi far. Tafc* It Mcard'.nf < d'ir"actar,i. '|J w\\\ M! Iiriitli, traugtSan, and U*ifarala ut can* tha #7 in ?f haailh la naant )?ll ikllk a*a.u. (> ? w, y Ultwta W fill HtilhCtiN. FOR CHILDREN W Ifahlldf?n art tieklj, p?o? at *Miaiad. McLKAN'l OKD'AI. will make thaw fcaalthy, fat, and rakaat. Hala? It a nan-act) Uj It, a*d * ? will ? Ut'i.atd It la da- ? lltUUUM. T AVTJOya I vara ?f drvfflau ar daalara wta My try la palm a??n ariLf eiuar tr ttravpanla traah, wtiico Uiay cu La* ha?p, b? aa*u<f It la Jaat aa food. AtaLd aaib man Ait kl >r Ml LfAH*? TK.KMGTHENlH'i CORDIAL, and Uka fu Mhinf atao. It la tka acl? ramady tkat will parity tba tr i?ad thoraaf M* a?d al ika aarua tiraa itic fthari iLa afaf am. th Oca taaapaacnl t*Sn trirj raamn.f liauu| la a tarula hi r???".ti?a far Ctiiliri, Ohilit and Ft?tr, Y allow Fmt, ar ni nr staralant dlaatta It it pat aa la Nrra ba?tiaa. Prica nl* 91 car kaula, ar bactlaa :*r # . t. M M< LEA1, ?. t t p ropriatar af tkit Cardial; alaa, McLaaa'a Valcaaic OU _ Lik nanu FnncipaJ l)apai aa tka caraaa af Tkart aui flm I'Jiau, it". Laait, Ma. XcLcan'i Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TEE BEIT UIEIMEKT 11* THE WORLP.) Tka aniT aafa and aartaiu cara far Caatara, Pilaa, Tm- ft ion, waiiiiifa ai.l Sraachila ar UMtra, t*ara!**ia, fit a- ' i!r a, Waak^taa af tka Maaclaa, Chracicac tufi?i?Tiarj * btaraa tiara, .ifoaat af iba Jair. .1,' d Mucltt ar M itfr.mania, Kanaka rYaatbaeka, Brauat, trniu, fraak lata, WaanOa, Dlaara. fttar ?araa. Cakad *?? * * * lirpiai, burst, ic*la?, Sart Tbraat, or wy lalanuaaUaa at J" (u. at difaxeaet k?* ?t?trt ? Ian* f?? d<?a?*t ma; M iti .li.itd, MckEAW* CUKBEATCX) L1MMKXT U M miuIk rtmtdt. ?< Thoaunct tf V?m?n biup ftttt kttH MTt4 * lift at ttt K rtpt'Bdt ks4 n.iMrj hy iht att iataiaahlt rta^d?. U McLFAtra VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT ? rui nliPl fuo ilnMliiaW'UDNMlT, aad U will iltw, anly aa4 b?*i Ua faaltti nrM >a aa taaradiblt iban data FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. ' lUl^AWCELKBaATKP UBIUIBIIT Hitowliwt I u4 llltiUl nniit for aara af IfwH, A Find r tilt, Srlinu, Bon: art I, Htdu w Ittliiifi _ , attar httad ta cart Bif IhI, Palltvfl, PlatBlt, dVS ^ nsiag Imh, ar Bwtta*. II pillil; Fat f< Bralsa, Brail ta,Scfa.ic bat, Craaktd Bttl*, Cfctftt, Baddlt It r CaUar aalia, l*tt, Baraa, m Waaafe. klm imtd j. Apply It u aittct*4 tad t aart la Utwta ia r?j fa iatuieft. ? That tittt aa laaftr wl* *a ant vartfelata Llnlvieia G Hrtd Obtaia a tappiv tf D?. MdAUradUiK- G BATED UVIMKHT. !; will cart rttL atmi wrorf, m Pa. aaw aata af tat ta Wnfcu>f* ? iB,?.T.(3MKb,?a^f*iava. aaM PtWtr % THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. tka asMlMal Fiat; u4 Nw Iitmi ir? mn-.Li a fra?t*r nnn? of t&tarwuac rmOitt ?*l etc be ouai IB ?tj U?r-u rar.iaba* m Kr<<?r aoTiuns. TlMl-(k<i <WW?.M U?MH B.njiaoojf, p?r aanam.?_?? ?i ?* Ki?? wr??? t n I'M aayim ? WaLty fi?? ff"riw V It ia*%ri?b!y oootaiaa tfea MWukiif?i .lava" Itoat hu made 7*4 Dmtit B**n? ? Sur oire?l*M ao rmerally throat boat tha ooaatry. IC^Sinf oo^taadu wr%jj?rai eu N> pro?ara4 at U.e?OHDtar. lnraH:?t? y tJXm Ua uaaa of t>ia aapw. Prio*?TI1REE CENTS CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WAKHIN6TON CAKKIA0K FACTORY. 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"ROCHES' "Cf .ita n bo Opium or anythinr 1 iBjurioua.*' OR. A A H .^Ei, IROWN'S | Cktmut, 3c,ton. . " A nn.p'e and iitMut eomUna , ROCK ts tion for Co':?Hf, kc." i)R. G. F. B16KLOW, IROWN'S Bottom. pniifHKs " Beneficial in BaoKcmri*." i>E. J. F. W. LANE. irowwsI hi " I rav? t'o?ed them exot.lecit for 'ROCHE? WHornjta Cor?H." KK.V.H. W. WARIKN. IROWN? irown'? |1K*melnsk. >D(irt|L u " E?rK. t*al ic removing hovm KU Ufc"- new anil lrrit?unn ofthe Throat, ?o IRGcommon viih VpbikkU &&4 Mm ROCHES Fzot- M STACY^OHNBO!^ urtwN'K T eacber of Mono. S? uVhwn EOW N fc> Fmr.?_e Coll#*?. ROCHES " Groat benefit ?hi?n U.k<n> before *n<1 alter prsftohlDK.aa the? pr?T?nl Dfll]UV*A I f " *l?'' " i think thty will Ue of permanent ad ROCHE9 ?utui to m?. ftKV.t. ROW LP. V, A. M ROW N'S Preeiueut of AUem Cwlie?e, Teua. ROCHES j> 1-ly THE 0*LY PREPARATION WORTHY OF NIVKR8AL CONFIDENCE A PATRON AO I FOR STATKSMEX, JUDGES, LERGYMEy. LADIES. a?<i G F.HTLEMKX in all parts of the world testify to the rfficacy of ROF 0 J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE, id rentlemen of the Pr*ss are ounimoHi in iu ait*. A few testimonials only can be here given e croutar fur inoro.ud it will be impossible for >n to doabt. ?7 Wall Stkixt, Niw 1 osi, D*o. ?. 1M Gentltvun: Your note of the 1Mb instant rjtf on received. *ayinir that vm had hoard thatl id beeu benefited hy the use of Wood's Hair Ke ' HVVt ?U lO^IIOfilUR NIJ UriUHUVW m klie ISC' 1 had no objection to give it. 1 aw?rd it to|ou Nw*a? I think Jt i*. Mr **' la about *' rear* ; the color of n? ur auburn, and inclined to cm!. Some L ve or s Tparc since it b?cau to turn (ray. and the m i tneerown of mj head to lose ita eeoeibiiity and icdruX to form upon tt. Kaoh of these disagree >iiitiea increased with time, and alwut 4 mouths noe t inurjn win Miwi i? inrm, ry Diur laiunc [ the top of my L ?ad auU threatening to make m? drt. in this anpleaeant predicament I *m indne?d to j Wood'* lla.r RMUirUivr, mainly ti<trrM U? !!idi off cfni kur, for I liaU r rally rxpeetai>n that *ray hair ooaid evrr be rr*tore<i to lu limal oolor except from d*ea. I rat, however, ratty surprised to find, after the vm or two bot *e only, tuat not only wae tne Iviirig off arretted, it the o<>lor waa eat -rod to Uirgray hairaaitd usibiiity to the rcalp ?;.<> dandruff p?aard to form i my li?a<1. very ir.uah to the craufioatioo of at* ite, at whoee solic:t*:ina I was idUoovU to try it. Por thia. amnni the tr>ar y oMigations I owe to kr sex. 1 etronciy reco<r.meod all nnshandswlto kiuo theadinirati n of their wives to profct by mt ample, :?n<i iircit .fgrowtnt sra* ?r nettim r>a d. Very rc?p? ctlull*. Bll. A- I.ivknpih. FuO.J. WiHKl & Co. 444 Rroadwry. N. V. Mr family are ah?-eut from Hie city, and 1 an no arar at No. il Carrol P.aoe. ?iam?to*, Ala., July to, irw. To Prof. O J. Wooi>: /)?ar S?r?Vcur "Uar torative" hen done my liairao n.aehcood etnoa ooinmencstl tti* us* of it, that I ?iah to make utrn to tne public of its fl *oU on'af hair, w'uoo rn-at. a man or woman *i%? h*-n?ar!y deputed hair, anit by a rwort to your * liar Ke?torau*e" ? tia;r will returu trior* boautifui than ever , at act tbie ia ir\ rxpeueuce. IMiwve i? a'l YouretmlT. W*. II. Kknkdt. P. 8.?You can pubuati tS;* u ?on !ik? Hi iblit>biriK in oar Houl.iern p*pw? >?i witl get >re patro-'ajffi Souifi. I aevrral of your oa^i oaten in tbe Mv bile Mercury, a if'int H. at hern por. W. U. K kh ki t wood's hair re^towatiyk. fpof.O j. Wood: IHar Sir: Haviuc had the lefortuno to io?e the t>ekt po'ti-m of my Mir. e of the ?w.?* >?vrtr, n New OrleAia in jl, I wae induced to make a trial of your prepare ?n. ai i found it to ar*wer ae the *er? ti'.nc iMed. My hair ia now thick r.uu ?. ?, ami no orda can expreea my obligation* to yoa m giving the afflicted each a treaaure Fihlit Johihox. The Restorative ia put apiabottiea of three ai*e?. i: large, medium ami ainal!; the email fcoid half pint, aiid retail* for one dollar per bottle, the me nm holda at !eaat in per oent. n ore in proportion an the air.*ll, retail* for two toi.ara per iK'ttle; e large Mt a euart, 4?? per cent, mora ia pro for on, and raUil* for $3. o. J. wood A co., Proprietor*, 4 44 Broad ay, New York, and 114 Market atreet, St. Loaia Bold in tkia e ty by C. 8TOTT, 374 Pa. anna au zi ?s'iy^iw > KEADKK, ERUSEThafoIVwin* stau niont and then jadgs <?f its facts lor ToarMlf ABRA.M CiH.K, of Hrooklfn, N. Y.. a wall ?own citig-n there, had Buffered from I>yspepo*a r aoin" j ?%r?, witho it permanent telief, anUi bo ied AYKR*B ri I.L8, which taken lo ?di recti or a for this oomp aint, r?au >e<3 him to lalth in a few weeks After an internal of eorne on1 h a h? uaa had bo ret em of hia corns a'.rt GKO. W. CROW, of Harmony.Texas, l?*M liytiua on hie n?-ck. shoe Iters tack ao?t 4eg. hiou ooveri-d about one thi rd of tits i?>c J. It kap* e parts affaoUd covered Willi a scab. and being tan a raw tore, was of ooorne vert tronbiaeoine id diat^essinr. It so much impaired hit health as > unit him tor baaipeaa and kept him ia eorstart ifferinf. All medical aid failed him entll he took YKlpH COMHOIM) KXTtACT *ARHA ARI LLA.whieh cured turn. His ekia atill ahows ?m? soars from the alooration, bat it it otherwise i elcar as an uifmU JOHN jl 8HOOK, Ea<). an eminent 'awyer of ichmcnd, v a. took* old which settled on hit nga. a severe pain set ia on the left tide. With a id couth, whio'i w?t soon fo Iotrod If the eawiie CAM* ijaftUM of oonanmptlun w h-n r-ilocws1 ?ryfarM aVKR'I" CRKK \ FKC roRA L. which soon at. p?*a the ooach ia omnyJ?t?lr ou-?d lim. Prrp^rtd by DR. >. C. A TKR A C^? f oveU i? wO?3 ?olm uni. ?.A?m. i i. imi. WWK?ft oSiMPZJMu <? ! SMflVttfiw uc,w""T (1I?0 4 BL*C?ELI, f? * oonMf VeniNts t ?*.