Newspaper of Evening Star, April 11, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 11, 1861 Page 2
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>?* u THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THTR?OAY April 11, 1M1. spirit ef the Morning Prraa The Intithgtnrer quote* the language of the Richmond E-qwrer In 1814 upon tbe action of the Harford Convention, and saka, if no State could then aecede of itaown accord, bow can It <tbe InttUigtnter) be denounced for holding to the fti'h of the Madisonian Republicans now. The H*publtcan My* : "No menaces froui any quarter wiU doWr the United States from sending fleets with supplies and reinforcements to sny of their forts, North or ?outh " Tilt VoLrMTK*** OF Tit* DlSTEICT OF COLUMBIA deserve unqualified praiae for tbe'.r noble action yesterday and to day in their country's behalf. When assembled yesterday morning on but ? hour's notice, uot a man of them knew that It was designed by the Government to ssk them to volunteer to enter its service. A large portion of them are men of property, and have families, while to a man they are all engaged In business In calling on them to volunteer, they were not Informed that it was to be for three months only, nor were they certain that it was the Government's des'.vn to keen them at home. On the contrary, there was a belief among not a few of tbem that they wer? being called on to serve wherever the country's exigencies mt^ht require their presence. Of course none of them bad made provisions for the protection of their busluess aud the comfort of their families. Yet on their country'! call few indeed were found to hesitats In the discharge of the patrlo'.'a duty; and some of those wbo did hesitate, hesitated only because suddenly to leave their ordinary avocations would be likely to ruin them, as business men We do not believe that on so sudden a call, and under such circumstances, so iar^e a proportion of citizen soldiery ever before volunteered for actual service. IVe therefore repeat our declaration above, tint they deserve nnquallfi-d praise. Thk Late Exoiigs of Fugitive m.avk<, to Canada, from various Northern States, Is a circumstance which tells more forcibly than words can express the fact that hereafter the South is to have no more reason to complain of the noaexecution of the fugitive slave law. These hundreds of runaways had been domiciled in different non-slaveholdlng States for years, none of them having recently tscaped from the routh Realizing that the change lit popular sentiment throughout the North has rendered it certain that whenever and wherever reclaimed within the limits cf the United Mates, they would be surrendered to their owners, tLey have thus taken time by the forslock and rushed into Canada. In the face of this pregnant fact, proclaiming beyond all question that the South will Ihm ?? ? ?- ? ?(? < slave-law grievance to complala of, th? disunion newspaperj are endeavoring to cr|&te the Irrprtf ion that the exodus was ot.e of slaves recently ?s?aped frcm tha South! Mtch Add ab >ci fact that the Government are rnusteriug aeven companies of District of Columbia m!llt a Into Its service, will, f course. be used far and wide to the ??nd of making capital for the Oligarchy it Is already bring exaggerated and otherwise misrepresented In a thousand d a- rent ways. Tbe truth la, tbe military exigencies ef the country having made it necessary to order meat of the U. S. troops recently stationed here, to other points, it has been determined to ask the militia of this District to do guard duty around tbelr own homes, instead of sending elsewhere tot men to supply tbe places of the regulars tbat have recently been transferred from this city. All will perceive at a glance not only the propriety of this action on th# nart i.fih. I ?v Government, but t!iat there is nothing whatever In It Justifying the tremendous eic.t>ment to which It hea aircady given riae. far and w'.de. Mors Skusatios ?The devil would never have aecured his repu'ation as the father of lies htd he made bis first appearance la th* drima of disunion The revolutionists, "whoppers" In number, variety and wickedness, surpass the most brilliant achievements of his satanic majesty. Among the last that we have seen, is that which we eopied yesterday from the Norfolk Dny Ho.k, in reference to the delivery at Old Point Comfort of twelve hundred boxes of grape shot. We understand. on Inquiry, at we supposed, that there Is not one word of tr>ith In the sfc-.ttii.e it, and that not a si gle grape shot has been ordered thither. A few iron r?lis for fabrication into gun carriages at the arsenal, have been recently sent to that port, and tb?-?e. wh*n assembled with other parts, will probably be shipped to northern forts, where thev more wanted than at Fort Monroe. Gov Midi ll. of oh o. tendered his commission I of First Comptroller of the Treasury to the President, early last month. ?0 he was not removtd, u Is being represented. Hu resignation is to take tfi'rct on the l?t proxiir o. He has made one tf the best officers tbe Government ever bad? quite equal to tbe Hon. Elisba Whittlesey, bis predecessor and successor?which Is saying much for his administration of his so important trust, 1 ndeed izr From French St Rlcbatein, who have all | tbe foreign magazines and papers for sale, we have London Punch for .March 30, and tbe Illustrated London News of March S3 Tbe latter, which ia in mourning for the death of the Ducbesa cf Kent, has a spirited illustration from tbe pencil of T. Nast entiled " The crowd at Baltimore waiting for Mr. Lincoln, President of 1 he United Mischsvioc* Rcmuk?Tbe distant public may r**t assured tb*t there Is no foundation whatever for tbe story started from bee witbin tbe last thirty or forty hours, alleging that the Commander-in-Chief of tbe Army, tbe gallant and patriotic Scott,designs placing the Federal .Metropolis binder msrlial law. It Is simply a canard, manufactured for the benefit of tbe disunion cause. A Mistake ? Mr. beorge C. Whiting, of Va., baa net been removed from the position of CommlMioner of Pensions, as alleged erreneoasly by a city cotemp-inry. Personal. H<?n L C Carter, N. Y ; Hoa. Jno. B. Alley. .Msm.; Hon E Babbitt. Pa; and Capt. Wood, U. 3. A , are at Willards*. Hon Alexander Ramsey, of Minn ; Judge Out a and Ex-tiov. Pratt, of Md , are at the ? iiauoBU. Tbe Hon. Wm L Dayton. Minster to Fraoee. ?<* out la the siesruer Fulton, Which tlla oo the t7tb. The areat Mnittloi in the play line lately in New Y?rk and L<>ndon. la Tom Taylor'a new three-act comedy, " The Babea in the Wood.*' The (ffictal career of Oeu. Lewis Caucomwhen he waa a member of the first State Legislature of Ohio, in 16U3. end he baa been in high public petition ever since?a period of fiftyeight tears Within that tiroe he baa been Govero? t of a Territory. Indian Superintendent, Seoretaiy of W ar, Minister to France, L'nlted States Senator for twelve years, candidate for President, and Secretary of Bute He la the patriarch of A mar lean statesmen, so far aa length of official service la concerned. Ptff**TLV*RIA Abmiso.?Minag' from Govim*f Carlos Rtcowl mend I* g Military Prtpara .w>?wrai iunaiy uor uurtin of Pennsylvania delivered to the Legislature a message in which he itatea that th< militia tyttein of the State Lai become wholly ?. ?rier.t, and recommends tLat tbe Legislature m*^e Immediate provision for the removal of it* capital defects; that arms be procured and dlatrihuted to tboee of tbe citizens who may enter Into the military service of tbe W*tr; and that a'eos be taken to change tbe guni already dWtrlbuted. by the adoption of such well known and tried Sri: prove menu aa will render hem tf^rtlve in the event of their employment la actual servloe Me also recommends the establishment of a military bureau at tbe capital; and that the militia lawa of the C<>ronou wraith be ao modified and amei-d'd a? to libpart to the military orgaalsa on of the State the vitality and energy esssnt'al to Its prvctlenl value mrd usefulness U^Tbe imports of foreign dry foods at New York for tbe month of March have been only two thud* as large as for the same period of last year, a <* toot little more than half as large as for March, 1K0. The withdrawals Croat bond,however, have been Largs, the total aaccadiag the aggregate enered for consumpiloa. JT7* Tbe people of Chicago are already properi ?g for tt>o aaftnal celobratioa of our National Mijaiiwu, I t ? ? , ^ f department news. Appointxs and Rmortu ? Mr. Goo N Be tie, of tbU city, hu been appointed Naval Storekeeper at the Washington city Nary-Yard, rice Mr. F. McNerhanv, removed. i nrruiff im?n ? ? * o??ciubj ?* ternoon. after the Star went to pre*, *nd to-day, the President made the following appointment*. Vii: Ward H I,anion, of III., to be Marshal of the District of Columbia. Lira Lincoln, of Mass , Assistant U- 8. Treasurer at Boston, Mass Alanson A Vance, of N . J . Postmast;r at Morristown, N.J. Hiram A. King, of D. C., Warden of the Penitentiary of the District of Columbia. Saui'l P. Brown, of Me , Navy Agent at Washington city. John T. Jenkins, of N. J., Postmaster at New Brunswick, N.J. Wm. Stowe, of Man , Postmaster at Springfield, Mats. The Rlchmoud Brllena Gsss Plug Ma s. Below we print an Interesting letter on this disPraCftftll afftlf from a r?li*UU Rii?KmAn<l pondent. It* statement of facta, from the record, will carry conviction to the minds of all that the excitement was generated wholly without foundation, for the benefit of the disunion can*?, and waa attended by clrcamatancea abowing that the disunion leader* in the Virginia legislature care a* little for the true honor of the Stato, aa their colaborera in the bad cause fur'her South care for the libertle* of the f?eople whoae local governmenta they have usurped. The speech of Senator Segar In expoaure of the whole afl'alr, when resisting the passage of the reaolutlona referred to, was an able vindication indeed, of the entire Integrity and propriety of the War Department'* conduct with reference to the removal of the*e guns, as well aa an equally able expoaure of the reprehensible character of the effort to make capital for dlaunion out of the order to that effect, t ? tvr nave ior some day's past been endeavoring to find room for Mr. Segar's speech, bur, to far, In vain : Richmond, April 4, 1-61. Thk Bslloxx Gcxa?" Gbkat Cut ahd Litth Wool " The secessionists h^re and hereabouts have been for several day* past " In a great st?w"' about the guns at Bellnna Arsenal, manufactured by Dr. J. L Archer, tbe proprietor of the artenal, In pursuance of a contract made by Gov. Floyd with Dr. A. as far back as 1357. It w? ?i<< miWi'i" .... ?? |/ll Vdl/ty ? ?UO tbe removal of the guns to Fort Monroe would be resisted vi et O'mit; and tbe I,egislatu-e, thinned off bv the departure of many members for their homes, and the absence of other* in tbe ?-'onvent|i>n, caught the infection from the outside mob, and panaed reaolutlona?utterly deerading to Virginia? requiring the Governor to call out the public guard and militia to re*1st the movement of them, should it be attempted by the Government It turns out that there was not the remotest cause for the excitement, aa the facta of the case will plainly evince. It seems that Dr. Archer, having completed the guns, demanded payment of the Government. The Government being willing and ready t? fulfil its contract with Dr A., promptly, through the Ordnance Department, desired Dr. A to forward the guns to Hirkmonii,*l which point, according to the contract, they were to be delivered. Tbe letter written by Col. Craig, the head of the Ordnance De;?artmeiit, in reply to Dr Archer's demand, bears date the '."id, and Is In these words : 11 To Dt J. L Arrhrr?You will please forward to Richmond tbe cannon at your foundry, whtch has been Inspected for tbe United State*, with as little del?v us practicable, and as soon as theyare shipped from that place, tbe amount due on the laxt inspection will be paid.'' There was herein nothing to indicate anv inten** - nuu mj menace or twf the people of Virginia. Tbe Government owed Dr Archer money for the guns. Dr. A want-d and demanded bit money: and the Government, owing the money, and wishing to pay it, directed the movement of the gun* in ord**r that tbe party to whom tbe in^ney was due might get It But, to toon a* tbe Department was apprised of tbe excitement arising from the removal of the guns, Dr. Arcber was advised "not to move them for the pre?ent," as will Mppear from a letter addressed oy Capt. Kingsbury, of tbe Ordnance Department, to Hon. A. M. Harbour, of tbe Convention. und bearing date the v'*tb of March, and which Is a< follows: ' l)nr Sir: C<>1 Craig wishes me to say that Dr. Archer will be directed to-day not to remove tb? guns at present. The movement has commenced in order that the citizens of Virginia might receive their dues from the United States, and as the contract was completed. It seemed a fitting time to send forward the guns " The reason for sending forward the guns is thus apparent, and none but those bent on mischief can discover in tbe transaction any hostile or improper purpose. It was but an ordinary business matter More thiin this: so soon as it was ascertained tbat tbe movement caused dissatisfaction and panic?groundless as they were?the Ordnance Department forthwith is^Hed countermanding directions Gen. Scott bid stated, alfo, In a letter-to a member <il tbe Legislature, that tbe guns were not at all needed at Fort Monroe, thus showing that there could be no hostile motive In tbe Government in ordering tbe movement of tbe guns to that post, it was only a matter of deposite and >afe-Keeplng ; and vet a wild excitement sprang up in this Metropolis, In which some of the most respectable gentlemen la it actively, warmly, and publicly participated. And the Legislature, catching the delirium, actually passed resolutions directing the governor, by an armed force, to seize the property of tbe United States, and prevent its removal to a United States d'-pot, where itt deposit* and custody properly tx-lon^ed But it should be told, to tbe vindication of tbe proud old " mother of States and statesmen," that the resolutions no degrading to her honor and so inconsistent with ?? ? * ? ... HVI aciiumi, were [KilieQ through her House of Delegates by a bare quorum, tbe vote having Wen 45 for to & against, making 77?exactly a quorum, and no more. Had the vote been postponed until the following Monday, tbe resolutions would not have been parsed. But tbe secessionists kept up the vote the whole of Saturday night, and by sending the sergeant atarms for members, and having them waked from their slumbers, succeeded In getting a quorum, and with a bare quorum put through resolutions and measures which, but for the loss of all moral weight by tbe circumstances attending their passage, would have put upon tbe escutcheon of Virginia a foul and eternal stain. There being no Union _ , , ? '"14 proper, for the honor of the State, that the facta of tbe case should be known, I aend them for publication In vour Union-helping and widely-circulating journal 1 u?ed not add, that all the miaerable fuaa gotten up about this very small ifl'alr, waa designed to aad to tbe popular excitement, and to help to precipitate Virginia into aeceaaion A large party bere, and throughout Eastern Virginia, arc all agog for a practical rupture They thirct for blood, aa tbe beat initiation of a contllct that will put Virginia and tbe border alave States alongside the Gulf aeceding States; but the Adminlatrailon ?iaj, by prudent action, help the L'nton party to defeat these unholy machinations. Youra, truly. Th? Wiathii.-The following report of tte weather for tbe morning la made from tbe A.ner lean Consolidated Telegraph Line <o the Smithsonian Institution. The time of cbserTatirn Is bout 7 o'clock. Apbil 11,1861. Baltimore. Md clear, 37?. Washington. D. C clear, wind NNE Richmond, Va. ..clear, 48?. Petersburg, Va. clear, pleasant. Norfolk, va cloudy, cool. Raleigh, N* C.** ?dwr, 5^. Wilmington, N.C clear, pleasant. Charleston, a. C cloudy, 51?. Mar on, Ga. Grlffcn. Ga eloudy, cool. Montgomery, Al*.? cloudy, cool. Mobile, Ala clear, 67?. New Orle&ua, La clear, pleaaant. VtOM 1MB W1IT Frederick, Md clear, pleaaaat. Ha^eratown. Md - - ^ ? ?-j . -? ?? ttt??| pironfll, Cumberland, Md clear, pleasant. Pittsburg, Pa cleat 38*. Grafton, Va clear, pleasant. Wheeling, Vs clear, pleasant. Parkeraburg, Vs cle?r, pleasant. Cincinnati, O cloudy,cool. Parameter at tbe Smithsonian at 7 a m , (cor ranted for temperature,) 30,074; at noon, 30,060 Thermometer at 7 a. m , 40'; st noon, 56= Maximum during 24 hours, ending tf a. m. todau ???!?? ? Th? Motive roa Wak ?The Mobile Mercury recognli-s the necessity for precipitate action on the part of tbe Confederate authorities, at the only Bieana to check a reaction In favor of the Union, hading to the large forces concentrated at Forts Sumter and rickens, apparently doing nothing but consuming tbe resource* of tbe Confederacy, It aaya: The country It sinking Into a fatal apithy, aad the spirit, and the pat lotlsm of tbe people Is oozkag out under this do nothing policy. If something 1b not dose pretty soaa. decisive, either evacuation or expulsion, the whole country will become so diagntted with tbe sham of Southern Independence that tbe first chance the people act at popular election they will turn the whole movement topsy-turvy so bad that It never on earth can be righted again. frr Loeg John Wentworth, Mayor of Chicago, bad his tece slapped last Friday, by Plukerton, the well-known detective of that city, for speakleg disrespectfully of the oAcar la hie paper, tbe Democrat Tbe Chicago Poet say* this to Long John's seventeenth whipping. " I 0 " * WAR MOVEME^IS. < TLe dispatches from Charleston, though doubtlea* receiving considerable coloring for Mnntlon purposes, show Um Ugh state of excitement sod of , determination ?i1stiug there The rumor of ? ' fled having already assembled off the bar is of J course false, and the addenda of Major Andaiaon r communicating with It by signal lights merely a . fancy sketch. 5 Lieutenant Talbot, the messenger recentlv In Washington from Fort Sumter, bad returned, bat c was not allowed bv th<t authorities to proceed to * the fort to dellvr his dispatches to Major Ander- . son?it being understood that tbev were unfavorable to the views of the seression'ita Mr. R. L. Chew, who accompanied Lieutenant 11 Talbot as.a messenger from the Government lo the suthorities at Charleston, conveyed the informs- ~ tlon relative to the intention of the Administration to send provisions to the fort The answer of the * authorities is said to be tbat no ship shall be permltted to enter the harbor with aunnllra The city of Charleston it under arms, and everything ?mn the most warlike aapect. The sur- ' "eons have been called itpon to hold theinaelve* ' In readiness for duty, and reinforcements of troopa are constantly arriving and being aent to positions c on the Island President Davit Is reported to have made a requisition for three thousand troops " from each of the seceded States, except Florida ? which la only required to furnish fifteen hundred men. ? Our latest dispatches from Charleston announce ' that the floating battery has been mounted and manned and anchored fn a cove near Sullivan's [ Island, ready for service, and that about three . thouaand more troopa were being sent down to the fortifications, making in all about seven thou- * sand. The State Convention adjourned last evening, subject to the call of tbe President, and many of the membera had buckled on their armor * for the anticipated fight. Senators Wigfall and Chestnut had taken positions In Gen Beauregard's Staff MoretroopswerehourlyarrlvingatCharles- ? ton. 1 Advice* from Montgomery atate that offers of c volunteera from the border States continue to pour ' In, and that tenders of 7,000 men and 2.000 Indian * warrlora Lave been recelv?d from the Waat It Is believed by many that the fight will commence at Stono. about twenty-five miles south- ^ ward?the batteries along the coaat being attacked and silenced In turn; and that, having cleared * Morrit Island, on which 1t the latt of these forts, the United States forces will <toss to Fort Sumter J while the latter It engaging Fort Moultrie. If so, * the fighting will be wicked. ( Intelligence Is said to have been received from ? Fort Pickens that Lieutenant Hlemmer does not ' consider the reinforcement of that fort ne?e?aary. * hi? present complement of men being equal to the emergencies of hi* position. Another dispatch, received by way of New Orleans. states that there Is at present no danger of a collision. The United I States officers and those of the Confederate States c joined In the funeral ceremoni?-s of Lieutenant <j Berry man, late commander of the Wyandotte. a The N. V. Tribune of yesterday has the follow- a ing "double-leaded:" ? KORT SUMTKR. f We are enabled to state with positiYe certainty v that the principal object of the military and naval expedition which has sailed from this harbor r within the past four days Is the relief of Fort t Sumter. g Of course such an expedition could not properly r be sent forth without bring prepared for everv p emergency; and accordingly the forces employed t are sufficient to suppress, if necessary, any war- n like opposition that mav be maH?> hv r?Kui> entrenched around Charleston barbar. It Is < hoped that better council* inay prevail ;imon<4 the r leaden who bear aw?y at Montgomery, to whom, t as well aa to those in authority In Charleston, tthe purpose of the expedition wa? yesterday duly a communicated by ir.t ssen^rrs sent by the Presl- y dent It 1* hoi ed that thev may determine r quietly to allow the necessary stores of provisions ^ t.> be conveyed to Fort Sumter, and that the r effusion of blood may thus be evolded. Hut if n this hope should prove delusive, the expedition t. will not, therefore, as in tbe case of the Star of the West, be rei.der??d nugatory. If rebellious r cannon are now fired upon th?* flng of the United States, going out on an crand of peace, w may c be sure that the Uuited States will respond, and r th??t effectively. I Pwl*pl XT urhlt r.^m ' J J .. ... nil upcmilUlK VII lina t will arrive off Charleston to-night or to morrow, 8 we cannot say, but we judge that tbe number a mult be some 2,000 of tue best fighting men In t the service of the Government, fully equipped t and provided for the duty they will be required to perform. Ample conveniences for landing men, r horses and guns form apart of theexpedltion I's commander is l.leut. Col. Harvey Brown of tbe 2d Artillery, an otllcer of tried gallantry and judgment. As the weather has been favorable, we suppose that all the vessels of the fleet will 1 reach tbe rendezvous some time to-morrow or B next day, and of course r.o time will be lost in " proceeding to tbe business in band. A small ? steamer, of which threes attend the expedition, f will be sent In to the fort, bearing stores of food I and fuel for the destitute garrison; and if allowed 8 to pass on lis errand, all will be well and there * will be no fighting; but if repelled by force, tbe rebels will without any unnecessary delay be ' taught that there Is still a power in the United < S'ates, and that this power cannot well be Insulted with impunity. 1 ! The Baltic Dae at Charleston To-morrow? ' The Morris Island Batteries?Stirring , PSews at llaiid The New York Post of last evening says: The Baltic left this port on Monday afternoon : at live o'clock Allowing her sixty hours for tbe voyage to Charleston, she will arrive off the bar ' of that port to-morrow morning a little efter d ?v- ! light It Is presumed that the serious work will 5 then commence, If the chivalrlc subjects of the ( Southern Confederacy do not attack Maj Ander- 1 sou before the Baltic arrives 1 We have it on good authority that two steam tugs accompanied the Baltic. If the theory of * our Washington correspondent, published elf- ! where, is correct, one or these little steamers will be sent in with supplies, the southern authorities ' having been notified that the sole purpose of the a Government Is to provision the fort. If the bat- x teries open upon her, she will, of course, put back, and then return walled in by the sand bags, a ' large quantity of which have been sent on This 11 movemtnt will be backed by such war vessels as * can get over the bar. and which are now, without ' doubt, hovering in the neighborhood, In accord- * ance with the sealed instructions under which they have sailed. 11 The other steam tug will, perhaps, be used for D landing soldiers on Morris Island. It will be seen by our statement elsewhere, that about eleven hundred troops have left this port within the last fewd.iv> u !- ?... j ? ,m iivt ?i an UUUKCiy IUUI ID1I ^ entire force will be landed in this manner, in- o eluding Harry battery, for wbicb it bad been i supposed no possible use could be found in the V attempt to reinforce Fort Sumter. Nor is it im- n possible tbat a much larger force la now waiting H to co-operate in this undertaking C When the Star of the West was In Charleston ? harbor, one of the officers declared that he would l. ask no easier job than to capture the Morris Island battery with two hundred men, provided there { was a war vessel in the harbor to cover bis future movements. Mo doubt these points have been fully considered by our highest military authorities. and it la not probable that the (iovernment would undertake this formidable task without I availing Itself of all the ineana at its command. a The reported scarcity of provisions In FortSum- [ A ? ? ? " - - * itr rriiut-r* u prooaoie IBM no time will be lost, } and if telegraphic communication Is nut cut off, we may expect news of the most exciting chirac- ? ter to-morrow afternoon. The Post's dispatch (referred to above) from t this city is as follows : Fo?t Schter?Thk Programme or th* Gov- h KRMMKNT?How TH I BOATS Akl TO PASS TUK N Kkbkls' I'attkriis?Schooners VILLI!) WITH Sasd Bags. [Special dispatch to the Evening Post ] | Washinotox, April 10 ?It is now certain that the government has fully determined to reinforce Major Anderson's command at all hazards. 1 I learn on competent authority that the plan adopted & forth? relief of Fort Sumter is substantially as follows: ' In case of necessity supplies are to be thrown Into Fort Sumter bv means of a number of small boats, which, presenting smaller and more scat- 1 tered marks for the cannou of the rebels, will per- " hnps save an unnecessary bloodshed. q 1 he government has chartered a number of small schooners and othrr craft, which have been tilled with sand bags That these form part of T the Charleston expedition appears probable from the fact that the charter does not bind them to go farther South than Savannah. These schooners, filled with sand bags, will sail In, bearing boats on the side which Is towards I Fort Sumter. These boats will, of conrse, be en * tlrelv DPOtwti>fl fmm thss mm* i _ * 11 - w? ?uo icuch uy iLie wall-like tides and aolid content* of the larger vessels. W This plan will be adopted only in the event that the Charlestonlana Are upon the amall stramer A loaded with provisions, which will be tint sent In In that case. of course, the fort will receive t not only provisions, but men, and the plan above detailed Is an admirable one by which to throw il any requisite force into the fort without probability of serious loss. d The men of war are to ateam In and bold them- _ selves in readiuesa to check any attempt to inter- ri cept the bouts and schooners by armed vessels, as J well as to keep the neighborhood of Sumter clear of possible assaulting wutles. who r?n k- ?-n- ? 1 dealt with by shells from the steamers; thus leavlng Maj. Anderson and his men at lelaure to receive reinforcements, and, If need be, deal with Forta Moultrie and Johnson,which be eta silence without much Iocs of time. Th? plan has been thoroughly considered, and as all the leaders are men of skill and courage, .. success is certain, without much If any loss uf I lie. It la quite joaalble tbat unforeseen contingencies may cause an alteration of the programme; ~Z but it la certain thai the plan above detailed has I reoelred commendation in blgb quarters, and It m appears to b* feasible W # llaifd Activity at the Breeklyn Ran Yard The New York Poet *f last evening aava : " The warlike preparatlooa at the Brooklyn k'avy Yard are continued to-day with the tame Igor that haa distinguished the operations at that wlnt daring the pact week. The brig Perry la In a forward atate, and will >ereadrin two or three days. Tbe proceea of 'licking tbe yaeel haa been delayed on account if the wind and duct. and will be commenced aa oon aa the weather will Dennit Workmen commenced" to unbouae the frigate V abash this morning, when her decks will b? laced in order to racelve her stores and armanent. The work on the Savannah, now In the dry dock, roes on briskly, and ahe aoon will be ready to he aken out. The other vessels are getting ready vllh all possible despatch. The men on board he North Carolina were kept rery busy thia uorning, but were not brought ashore to drill.

Commodore Dreese bad not, up to one o'clock, eacbed the Yard, although he was hourly ex>ected, if nothing should detain him in Washing* on, where be has been sitting on the Armstrong ;ourtmartial I be recruiting rendezvous are thronged with ippllrants, among wbom are a great many boys pplying for positions as drummers, lifers, and wglers At tbe naval rendezvous the applications ire innumerable, butas no landsmen are accepted, he number enlisted is comparatively small. Tbe ursnt of able seamen Is severely felt; tbe Inducenent offered by the Government being so smsll bat a good sailor will not throw away a situation _ at * ? " ' ii me uirrcnaiti service to enter that of tbe navy, without being able to better hit condition. The Commercial Advertlrer says: It is stated thht tbe steamship Vanderbllt.owned >V Commodore Cornelius Vanderbuilt, has been old to the Southern Confederacy. Colonel Keys, the confidential agent of tbe Jnlted States government In this city, is very >uslly engaged In procuring vessels to be fitted at Immediately for s?rvic?. For this purpose ? ? is endeavoring t? obtain any side-wheel teainer or even propeller that can be had, but so ar b*s met with few steamships In port, except Sl A A - + ^ iik me ut-fi ui iifami n plying U< :wccn tlila and touthern porta Tti<-?e veaa^la are owurd by lltcbell & i?on, Spofford, Tileaton & Co., Cromvell A Co., Livlnnaton Sc. Crocheron and othera. The at earner Uncle Hen, owned by Meaara lohnaon A Higplna, and cbartertd bv tbe l'ntt?-d !tatea government, sailed on Monday tbe Mb, nnder aenied ordeta) and when off B iruegat, a lefect wa? dlacovered la one of her pumps 8tie eturned on Tueaday morning, repaired, and slled again laat evening. Virolnlu I'iinvaat**** Richmond, April 10 ?The twelfth resolution laving been Liken up. Mr. Carliie moved to itrike nit that portion making it an indispensable conlltton tbat no attempt shall be made to reinforce nd recapture forts, ice. This was rejected?17 gainst 104. A1 r. Wise moved to add a clause deTaring all forts. Ac., in the limits of Seceded 'fates ought to be evacuated for purposes of p.iclIcation. host?60 against <57 The resolution vas amended and adopted, as follows: "That the people of Virginia will await any easonabletime to obtain answer from other States o these propositions, (or amendments to the Contitu:Ion ) They are aware of embarrassment tbat nay produce delay, but will expect, as *n indlstensable condition, thata pacific policy be adapted oward the Sec?ded States, andtnat no attempt i>e nade to subject them to Federal authority, nor elnforce any of the forts situate on the main land, r within the harbors of anyof theSeced?d Stite#; ecapture the forts, ars.nals and other property cf he United StaUs and within their limits, nor xuct rmvincnt nf imrutfte nn . f J -_ r ?. v..i *ucii cuuimcrUC) HOI ny mcaiure resorted to justly calculated tj pro".ie hostile collision; and that the forU, arsenals, nHgaziaes, and other place* ceded to tbe United Itatn and situate on the main land, or for the irotectlon of the harbors of the Seceded States, itight, for purposes of pacili iatloti, to be evacuated iy the authorities cf the Federal Government" The thirteenth resolution was amended, and >assed as follows: ' In the opinion of this Convention the peonle f Virginia would regard any action of the Feaeal Government or of tbe Confederate States tendng to produce a collision of forces, pending Hurts for an ndjustment of existing dith> ulties, s unwise and injurious to the Interests of both, nd tint they would regard any such action on he part of either as leaving thtm tree todetermine heir own future policy." Pending tne consideration of the fourteenth (-solution tbe Convention adjourned. Farther from California. Fort Kkaksky, April 10?The San Frnnclsro >apers of th?- *27th ult cava the distillers anticipate hi abundant crop of grain from tbe present favorible Indication*, and are about to commence iperations night and day Iiow's distillery has :ontracted to deliver, In July. 50,W*> gallons of >ure spirits at 26 crnti; also, 'io barrel* of domestic Licobol. In July and August, at 55 cents. Sales of xtra clear pork at f 21. The news of the formation of tbe Territory of S'evad i L.:* given zreat satisfaction to the citiiens )f the Washoe mining regions. The Twelfth District Court of San Francisco lat refused to obey the act of tte Legislature, .ransferring the murder trial of Horace Smith to Placer county, on the ground that it Is unconstl.uttonal for the Legislature to exercise judicial Aw ? 1 ,V - u " * 1 u.?u c. m iuc supreme 1 u . rt cai acfn moved. Tbf amount of coal shipped from Cumberland ind Wrick diamond coal mines, Mount Diahle, t<> <an Francisco, !s repo ted to he between TOO and <00 tons The tunnel" of two mines are situated 1,5 0 feet above the level of the bay. The conuiinpt'.on of coal In Callforni:t last year was on*, of which the amount supplied from the I'a:itic coast was only tons The Solano Herild thinks that the Cumberland and Hlack Dleriond mines alone will yield 15,000 tons per year. Washington Territory papers estimate the wool 01 iuai i rrruory me tnruing season at two mndred thousand pounds. The democrats bud railed a convention to noninat a candidate for Congress on the 13:h of May, md the republicans on the '.iOth. I 1 Stevens vas the m^st prominent democratic candidate Lady Franklin had arrived at Victoria, British Columbia It is reported that the British Governnent has determined to build a naval depot at -Isqtiimault, and that S150.000 is already raised or that purpose Miners are working as nigh up raser river as Litton City A company of Frt nch miners at Konaka bar are unking as high as forty dollars per day to the nan, with sluices NATIONAL VOLUNTEERS. ATTKNLhS TION ?The weekly ineetior of i h<? Na'iocil Voluiitewrs will l>* hold TH I 4 EVENING At 8 'dock, over the Jackson Hall Mext&uraat, on 'a av<>nu?, next door to tho Jaokeon Hall. funclin.1 Att'jmlfinna it It _____ ___ _ - ? ~I. J-" ??'?! 1/T "MIOIi lb fW=-ATTi:NTION. COMPANY A, UNION L?{ Rhlil *lE vr.?Only on? hundred of the ompany iia in* enlisted, tli? remaining forty will ??eml>ie at Temperance Hall onfATUKDAY. he 12tit iratant. at i2 o'clock m., for ft purpose of jeirg mustered into aerviee, or they will l>e extolled. and their namna stricken fro'n the oil. and heir placea cupplied Iit tru) men. Bv order of EUWARD O. CARR1NGTON, ap 11 2t Captain Commanding. f AND WARRANTS?We have juatrecoived Li for rale a prime lot of Land Warrants, of 160 frrxeanii. I.LO > DA CO., corner of Seventh and 2 arre t-. Washington. D. C , Dealera in I.and Varrants and -orip a: d At'o-neys for all kinds of Maima a*aiu?t the Unit d Stitea. For Rent?A Farm of so aores. near the city, ard i lart^ Brick Hi'tiee in *i Icxan.lna ap ll 3t* JTKINWAY * SONS' AND RAVEN * BA^ CON'S PI ANOS.?Ajarge aaaortment^j|^^ r? - j -id* veil I c?r?l ? ou."" I 0? BlIUS 11 fa reiia'Me inatrument at a low price areMl *1 ? nvitad to call and examine at th# Muio Store ol V.O. METZEROIT. Ordera received for Mr. MARCUS REBINE, 'iano Forte Tun*r ay <1 [J GRE/tT EXCITEMENT ilEINFORCEMENT OF HARVEY'S OYSTHR. DKPOT. No n<iMi?rs. hut a r'entifjl "upejir of OYSTERS, 1ARD CRABS. LIVE LOBaTER8^. o<i BOSTON FISH of all kinda. /Vj Don't fail to oa)J ana ?et the worth nfviyv T. M. HAKVEY, ap 11 tf flwi C atreet, iust opened, I genVs* DRESS HATS. U^M 'be Wa*hin*ton Hat, Kg H Boj*'Felt Hats end Cap*, Straw Good* in ail their variety. 'he beat article given for the loweat cash price, at B H. STll* t METZ'S Hat Store, 936 Pa. av., sp 11 eo3t Bftw.l2th and l?th at* FRENCH * RICHSTEIN S L.IST ??K NEW BOOKS. . Maoau'ay' Hittorr of England, vol- 6,40o Trump*. a novel, by *?eo. Wm. Cartia, 91 30. Necroea and Negro Slavery, by J. B. Van Evrie, I D , Si. 1 An Outoaat. or Virtue and Faith, by F. Colbnrn i 'ami- 91. _ i The Ctoised Path, hy Wilkie Collin*, l.t5. 1 Dickera* O'ltrer Twiat, hnmehold edition, i'laa- , ated by Dail?y* Gilbert,2vola., ltmo.. l>ick?na* Piekviok Paper*, household edition, ; lu??'at*d by Darlev k Gilbert, 4 vola., limo., 8S. Any of the above atnt ty mail free. Oar nasal aoouct >>f 10 t" so per cent, on all bound book*. ? ap U KKENCH *J<1 CHSTKlN.MTSPa ar. j pHE BLOAT SEWING MACHINES. < George B Bloat Sc. Co.'a Elliptic and Look Stitoh wing Machine* whomever aaed, are aoknovlIced to be enpenor to all othore. They can be purchased lor |4i. | They are froe from leather aide. 1 he/ make the "ma?ii jutting* " They make ttie doable look attoh They ?? thick or tilln material* alike. i Thty are simple in oonatruetion. i Toej can be seen and their operations explained t the Sicat Bewinz Machine I MAXWELL'S Fanoy Store. apt 6teo 386 Fa. arena*. ^R. *JCHA*D?flMmiv?d to SM F, I a and i*u eue?u, aorta aid*. OSoe Roomi, j apllw \ HA VK YOU SUBSCRIBED FOR THE WEEKLY STAR, TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE * IT 18 THE BIST DOLLAR WEHK.LY IN THE WORLD: ITS WASHINGTON NEWS IS UNEQUALLEO! ITS GENERAL NEWS IS UNSURPASSED BY THAT OK ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUNDRED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL SAVE TEN TIME* ITS COST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. The Number for this HW, to bo out on Friday Morning?price Three Cents?will be a remarkably interesting one. Every Person at a distance trho would keef T> . ? ? - -- rosiea tcitn reference to iMat is rtally going on here in these interesting times should receive it regularly. CALL AT ONCE AT THE STAR OFFICE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR IT. AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON THEATER! Learn* ? .8 W. Ousvn Ao'inc Marjnc?r..?. J. T. Ratwond TH18 E~VENlNO. Fourth week of MR. JO?. JEFFERSON Who will appear u P*. Panoloss. L. L. P., A. 8. 8.. In Coleman'a comedy of THE HEIR AT-LAW; And . Clod Mkddlknot In the Rurlesqur of the LAPY OF THE LIONS. To marrow (Fnday) Benffit ef MR. JEFFFRSON. N D ? *t r? ? A A rt u U il li E K r VI Will hetiven TO MORROW (FRIDAY) NIGHT, At ttie AFRICAN M f. CHURCH, Gforohtowji, l?. C. Admission Twenty five Cents. It ftSiZ, onil nnn ?BLUE BOOK ? Inforrn^ ?UUU,'F"U? a*.on as to all the Offices in the >untry, and salary?25 cents. Co tains the sam? matter a* th* Groat B ne B"Ok oosUr.g #3 50. Omitting the names which are not necessary. Catalocueof ('urio*,t;esat Patent Office List ot Patent*. Old Bo<>k? lioucht and sold Cata o*ue forcished ALFRED HUNTER, Bookseller, fe a-2m* Willards* Hotel S*uar?. WANTS. \\r ANTED? A ROOM on the Is an-!, in the ri'? cinity of Kiley t:hap?!. ?ii:tabie f jr a *ch?o!. Address Mkb lir Post Offlee ap 11 3t* %V7 ANTED? A itord German G1R L, loda gen** era! housework. Good reoommenda!if?'S rer. ii i ff-'\ /* !. _? V.. tGM a! ?L - * ? ' * - vm iiu. iiurm v?pn i itreei, netw-n B and 0. It* WANTKD-B; & reepectahie young woman, ft SITUATION a* p ain oook, washer %>><1 ironer for a small private family. Apply at No. 99 K St., l?etwo<-ii 21st and 22'1 st?. it* W' A \ T12D- liood TKN A N TS for mv?b ? nu?ft; " prices rai.ciriE froin ??2 to per annum. App!) to il. \. l.ANSUAi.K, Washington Build ings. corner Seventh >t. and Pa. av. ap 1" St WAN rKI>?Two SALESWOMEN. who have exprneno^ in the trimmings aud miuinery business. N?>n? hut suoh that know t'ie business thoroughly need apply. M. WILLI AN. ap lo 3: M Market Spac?~ WANTED TO PCR?'HA8E-A HOUBE.oontaining five or six rooms oonvemenHy arranged, in a central location. Any one having sn-sh .1 ... ..J _:.i ? . 1 t? ni'u-? au j wi hub L< 1 '!' ? nurjaui can nur ??l a oash customer l>y ?pp.yir>r at No. 33* Eighteenth at.. near H ap H>-st* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From ?5 to SlO.nfri worth o( SECONDHAND Fl RNl Till F. of ml kind*, for wiuoh 1 will cuarantr to pay tliO kijheat pricea, and, a? u^un!. at the aborteat aoboe. R. BliCHLY, D?aier in Furnitnre. Stovaa. *?., oc 9 <<> ? 7th at.. liet. G and H eaat aid*. WAN TED-SECOND hand furniture. ' ' Persona dec mm* housekeeping, or harms a euM>in? of Fi rn.ture on hand, oau obtain tnacaan and fair prioea by apn.rinr at 369 Seventh at. no 17 BONTZ * GRIFFITH. ~ PERSONAL. -??? i ? J Washington, April 9.1861. . C MeGUIRK. Kaq , Prt^ul'Tit Wnfkinatan Innrmnee Companv. DkakSir: I ha-! 'he honor to reoeire your u<'t? of th? 3d inatailt. e.:o!o?inir tn TT? inn." f..? & /1. in token of your company*# approval of tny IT. ?nt discharged duty at several recent fi res in t'ie city. 1 teiHer to tou and your company my meat re >pe<utu. th\nks for this expression of approbation. L nd?r alt circurastniices I have tried an<t (hall try to <1o my dutr. Th? knowieoje t;iat ir-? tumble effo. t* are appreciated will luhten my l*bor and make iny roughest task pI? a*a: t ar<l cheerful. Verj reepectful y yourob't eerv't, It* H. L PETTIERLOST AND FOUND. <j>C REWARD?Loot, ?>n Saturdar afte'iio^n last, Iftwpf tne Northern Market and th* Island, a small POCKET BOOK cor,t&iu:nc a 91o icold-pi?o \ a 51" 11 I ( Bar.k of the Old Dominion,) an 1 $1 in amali chance The finder will reocive th?at?-<ve r?w^rd b* leav nj it at TIMO i>U tr itnma- w- f ? >? - -- - * ?ii i uyj a i p corner 01 fourth and Wa*hin<ton it*., F nglish Hill. It* BOARDING. VACANCIES FOR A GENTLEMAN AND wif*, al*o two aing e gentlemen, at 309 F ?t, between nth and 12th. ay lft-St* r,>LKMs*HKI) FRONT ROOM ON SECOND floor for rent, with or without U< a d. Rent low. Applroi Heveuth nt , betwesn C rtreet and Pa. av.. opposite Thca??r ap 1ft 8f BOAR 1>?rieK?ant Rooms, with Board, oaa be hvl at No. 29 Four aad-a-half at. ap 5-2w* (Republican.) FOR8ALE-One pair of fine WORK HORSES. Inquire at the Office of the Washington Hou*e. ap 10 St* A NOTICE. LL Per?on? having pawned coodt in kit poeieiMon are hereby notified that they oaa be obtained b? oatling on msat my re?idenc9, No. 624 Eleventh it., near corner t,f F, li-land. For ?aie. Pawnbroker'! ioen?e. ap in 3t* E. WARP. atfc . SPRING OPENING H^ve On THURSDAY. Ami Uth, %Sem MIMJ THOMl>ON Will introduce our New Styles of SPRING AND SUMMER MILLINERY. As there are many dranger* in our city,we would take occasion to say, for their information, that Mm THoitrsoM was awarded the highest premium for Bonnet* at the Fair ot the Mechanics' Metropolitan Association. h*ld ?? '--? lotion. HLTVrtlN8UN*~ML>R6TU 310 fa. av., between Mh and 10th its. ap 10-8t (Intel and Repnb.) TBU ALL WHOM IT >UV CONCERN.?As my son in law, Rev. Rossit Kxl&bh, hes kindiy contented to aid me in settling ap the estate of my late hurhand. A. H.Young tius is te notify the public, and especially those indebt-c to said estate, that he, Mr. Kellen, will hereafter be my only aothomrd agent, or attorney, to attend to ay business in thi? connection, and any and all other powers of attorney heretofore siren are hereby revoked. MARY A. YOUNG, Exeoutiii. Mr. Kellenean he Men at Mrs. M. A. Young's residesoe, I at, between 9th and 10th sts., between the hoars of 3 and 6 p. m. every day. ap 10-tf EH)R 8ALK-A young HORSE, aboat 15 hands r high: warranted sound and gentie, and rv will work anywhere; sold beoause theT-tl? owner has ?o further use fur him. lB^atre^*? a it FLEMING A FOY'8 National Livery Stable*. ap 9 at* 1 WILL BUY AND GIVE A HIGH PRICE a. mr auiorrapt* (old i#turi Trorr. oeiebrafed Mn?) Pare Pamphieta, and Worka on Amerioan Hittorv, Jtc Letter! of Washington niuota wabte<L Addreoa K. SPRING, 545 north Twelfth aC. Philaielphi*. Pa. a? ? 7t* (if RS. M. L. BISHOP and Miaa E. GA1R, of III 1,016 Chotnnt at.. Philadelphia, respectfully inform the iadmt of waahiaiton^H) iiul G??. reetown that thia is their laat week in liii city for thia Mtion Thoae wuhmg to aeear* Vhionabln and elegant BON NETS ahonld eall at twoe. Pa. avennerhetween 9t& and 10th iu. a?9 3t* ; {TO SUIT THE TIMES AM During of my etook ol BOOTS, SHOES tnd GAITERS at pnoea to arnt the timee.^^* I have Ladie*', Mi?a-a* and ChiTdren'a BH1 3enta', Boj?' *"d Yonth*' of a'l quahtiet. FWj Jali early and rave money. " Hb A. P. HOOVER. Soatli aide Peas avenae, apft-oo4t between 6th and 7th ?U.. No. III. MI BBS' HAIR STORK. U No a*a PA. AV .?BTjiTH t'V SPERFUMERY. ? BKAiD-i CURLS WiCs, ALP Wl?*. KRiZETTKS. Ao. A full stock ways on hand, or mad* to order Mtk> ?korU?t uuoe. Hair Wor|r<?p*ired or ?xoMn??d. L*dt?' Hwr Dr?d ta tCi55? u'uni A. GENTLEMANUa*o?U vtahM to n?ku|i valaabU ft*. Mi im OoriMon for HiHlTM?(N?.hr lu t *,j y f AUCTION SALES. DAtLIFF'8 AALC-Br nrto? of M ortJ?T, f O diatr?m I ihtii m 1 tM ?ood? too c ? UithouMoa P?iiMyi*?ni? t??tw??L 'Hi 1*4 lfck ?tr#?t?,nort: ?id*.or T1 K4i?AY MORN ING n?xt,?t ) ' ook.?onM?Un( < f P? 1>?,r nia bar tnd Ki'ob** Fi'iiici*. P?' Fn'Brw, \V>ar? ^ Th. U, M 11-Th.^Mn* By J. C. MoUt IRK k CO Auotono**,. TRC^TKE'S ? A l.E OF AM KXTKMaiVR iMnKTXKTor Hor?rF 'LP Fr*5!Tr?i * ? Errtcfs ? ??n WKDNKKOaY NORNIng April IMb.UWo'o nck.M ths tinl4iii| ua Tktrteenth tt., h?tw?ro Penn ?v?nu* and .nor'h R ?t hy Tirta* of ?(tM n| trast, dated DwemHer ia? inn, and recor4atf id i h*r J A I* . No. X*. f?l?o? |' 2. J. 4.4,6 and 7, we afcaii a?, ai. the Farm tar* it { Effect*. ooinprisinc in partHand aoms an it ?l W*lnat Farlor Fr miture. e?r siat nc of t*o Arm Chairs and six Par, !<>r Cnairr, Marble t?p (> and Fof* TaMes, Walnatatid Mafcogany Whatnots. Fancy TaNee, MaSugarr fprmg seat itofa*. I.oargas. Wainat liaiask i r rrr l Par.or tmti. Gate and ?? oo<l seat Chairs. CI ?ck?. Makocur Mir ?-r font S^oretwy sad Biiokaaw. Qiltaol Mahogany framed Mj Damask and Laos Ca-taics. \vin<lnw tthadea. Gas Cbaa<'eliers, Bracket* and Fixtares. Kruase * Time p > ar.d Ingrain Carpets, <>i ritoth. Sta r Carpets, Rats, Rods and F*es, Fire 94 feet Extension Dining Tables, MJa T* 8ix1t Oak French PmiDf Chaira.Gi.t fthad**, Stlrer-plat-d Imuti, Wuwi, Sa.t Ptacd*. Hpooai and c?ri?, Lari* quanuty of Fmuoli aid t^t. ur China Diaaev DwMrt and I* V\art, SaMe Cat erj . 01a?a Ware. Tab'e Lmto, ahocany. Walao* aid Pairtetf Chamber Farm tare, of various patterns, F'a'-her H?d?, U<> at?raai.d Pi iow?. Hauaiid Hmt Matteae?* TVii'tSeta, Blanket*, Comf'Tta. Sprrsds ar d SI.eets, Open Coal. Radiator a Ml Airt.?i.l tHorea. To?*th?r with a a^-ge anvortment of exoellao* Household and Kitonec Furntiare Lot ntcessa tj to ejamerate. alio, at 12 CVcloc* A complete aetol 1K- r. u. h.struii.ent* ai.d Oiw Futuiea. Terma: 92$ a-d ?nder <?ash : "ver that iim a credit of 00 and * d???, ior ?au?fte:?>ri.? fiKoue uotet>, t,ear:.t iuternct V. CM.I.AN. Trustee ap 2 d J.C MrOUKKA Co.. A acta CT'THE AVOVK ?\I.K PMHTPONCI/ on aooouutof ?he ra n. ut lil FRIDAY MOR V ING, I2ta April, same hour N. ?'AL1..AN, Tr??tea. ap 10 d J. C. Motil'lRK t 0",AieU. Br (jREKN At WILLIAMS. A otinnMera Fine rosfwoob ca?k piano fortf., HoruNoLD ?m> Kitchen Fcmnrrii at Acctios ?Un FRIDAY, tne iitii in?ta&t. we aha tell at the reaideroe ol a tentl^man deoamnr houaekeepmr, No. 6 Fonr-anJ a half t'-eft. "ppo ite the Pre?b>te tan Cba<oli. at l?? o'clock a. an excellent aesorttr.ent of Furniture,rig : Roaewuod Piano Forte, made In Nunni AOIa-k. 7-eetave. and rear.? cew. a fi e instrument Fine Damask lirooateile-eoverrd Waloat Parlor Set, oo' cittir.K of 2 Sola*. 2 Cwtor Arm and * Pa-ior Cft*ir?. mab?can? *nfl W ainut Side?>-?ard and Bureau*. iK> Dirint. Maibie toy Cotei and uttie* Tab'w, Paint?d Cottage Chamber Set aad Washvtatxla, Fine Tayertr*, Parlor, Bni?eels, gtair aid otne* Caryeta. Fine Hali aad other Oiielotii, Dru*cet and Ma* tins. UottAco ?&<??, Heddirg au Sh-j-?k and Cf*t<*r Mtttrtm, Bedding. Chioi. nitM a-d C"?ekery W?r?. Rerist?r, I atror* a? d other Stavor, And many other wedwm urn e^earsry to Mttnerat* Terms: Ail *cir,? under $ to each; orer #y a credit of go and 9" -Jays. fc r note* y etdorsed. Ii'nrir t The h uae m tlra lor rent; inquire oftbero*>scrihnr?. _cp9 d GPEKM WH.LIA M?*. Anot? Ry J-C. MoGUJKK tr CO., ^JIPLKJOF l{Oi?KW(lol) CH|( KKRINB Pmo F. ktk, EX< ILLI\T Fc?>llt'il a*r Hor>.*foLi) Frrwrt* at Pintic acctm?*-<M? 1(JK{*f)AY MnllM \ (i, Aarii rth. at t? o'clock at the resume* of Char :* T. Jitt er. E?1m No. 537^ H. t?ttwecn i>th an I 7tfc ftr??ets, we stia 1 ce I a'l h-s Furniture rnd b tl rt?. i{>ri?in* ? Chwkrnnc Piano,7 octaves, K )?e*o"d Stooi ud C?ve.-. Hands >m* Walnut FarYr f:o:?t.ed ir Bro oatelle, oonsisticg < f2 Sofas, i Arm a*?* * Side Chairs, niaruin t>.p ter.wr Tati'ea. Wiatnot, Larre Ova] Mirror, han<*?oinel> ornament**- . Oil i'aintnis, <Jf?iire Vlarr e top Bruce * aoS Three p j araeta, Oi oioih. Oak acd Walnut *'! & i' r>r Set*. Miru.rviy Hnri au?. ( ' it*** H#t?tfa/U. Hiiek MwHreaeea, Krafher ? l!l?vi. Toilet J*et?. I (ibd(?. '"jock. I.< < kmc I'uie V\ an! r. !* ?, Hi.tTau.: <> ! !*r(%iW. Hat Rack. Venetian ?. arpet, Mair R >d?. Walnut Extension Limine 'lali.f. Knives and Forka, Oak (Jane-aeat Din:n? Chaire, Stone China aai (J as* War#, Water Cooler, A ir-1:i- ht a?<t Frank! :n Stov?*. Together with a jceuerai aasortmert of Kitohen R^umtri Tern,?: jfs-> * d under e?*h ; over tbat nn a crelit ?.f y> and f day*, for satisfactorily endoraed n tea. (i^ring interest ap J dtili J. C. McGl IKE A, CO.. Aueta. CT'THK ABOVE JSTLE I* POSTPONED on*cj?unto( the ran. ant.i FRIDa\ MORN TNG. April lith, atme i.t#ur. ap 9 d jr. MoGI'IRV A CO., AnoU. By J. C. MoOl'IRJ* k. CO.. Auotioneora VERY VALI ABLF BlJLDI.Mi LOT NEAR thf Ciritoi at ArcTio> ?On TL ES*l)AV AFTERNOON. Ap-it ?th, at S o'oloek, on t prenuae*. we i'.s i ee,:. wiinoot r??env, t ie eaat *rn hafof Lot No. 5, . r. uare < ^..p-onting 36 leet on eoutft B atre-t. between >?*w J:-rae? av-ena" >in >umfHi,ua rui r.LDK OMSK 91 lew inch**. 1 lui lot i? withi" the pror>.,i*?v1 extension of t*e Cap tol frocdt, t ? m etf wluch >rU? a fii?e ofportnmty /"r ?p?u 'H n. T>rir>s at sale. ap 6 d J. C. MoGUIRK A CO., Aueta. C7-TH K AROVf SM.K It POSTPONED o?i rrc'iunr of tie r\i:.. unt: r'RIUAY AI-TEK NOON, i2 ti ?at?'e how _apJ>j? JO Mo?U|KE* CO.. A wet*. B? J. C. MoGUIKh A CO.. A?.?tion?era. TRUSTEE'S SALE ??F HACK^EV CA* KI4CB x>r Pair or v Cakri4 <r Hceiii. On ll'KtUW MOiiMN?i, April fHta. at t?n ?*o ?K>k, in troi.t of tti? A uotion Room* ofJaa. C. MeOuire A Co . hj v.rture nfkdfnl of tr^ at. <UUd AU(bat9Hh. i860,and Cu v rron.-^ad ia ?.ik*r J. A | P . No. 196, folios 348, et iro , I it-, all allot.* good Hackney Coach arid pair o| liter Hor??a Tern.s: One third >**b: the inaiuue in m??. U>1? inpta at 1. 2.3 4. h and 6 montha,wiUii#?reat, seoared to the 'atiafaetioe of the Truitw. HUGH IHlRKAV.TnitM. mar 33 eo* da J. C. McGL IRK k CO.. Aaata. fl^THE AROVF SALE IS POSTPOWRP on acooun* of the ram. until SATURDAY MOKNING,13th * aril. wmf hour. high murray. TraatM. *? 1" By J C. M^GUIRK A CO.. Atoti By J. C. M06I IR t A CO.. Aactmneara. Extkn?ive half, by catalogue of Fi'?!?iTrii isd Krr?cr? or Cuv'* Hotel, WirHiiom. it. t -Oi MONDAY MORNING, Apnl "5m. oomm?uciD( a: 10 o'o oo?, ana oontinuini from day to day antr the wAoU ia diaposed of, w9 will tel1 al the Furniture and Kf cj of clar'a Hotel Penn. avenue, hetvwan 3d aad ?H a'.raetv comprising about one hand red parloraaad ofcatr.bera, ?is: Very auper.or and nrarlr new ROirrood Chiokerlug seven octave Piano Forte, tow and Moot, I ar?e and kattpeonte French p.ate Mantel Mirror*. Gai Cha.deli-r?, Brackeu and Fixtares throa*h out. Handsome Walnut and Mahogany Parlor Parai ture, nunred in Brocatclle, Pluik ud flur ol th. Marb!?-(Op Center, Rrfa and Sid* TaWea, Walnut Whatnot. Fancy Ct;au a and IHwH. Walnut Writing Doaka and Hookeaaea, Uncdarrce ai.d Rruaaela Caryetg, Oiloloth, Hot* and Ingrain Carpet*. Silt-frame Mantel Mirrora, Yaae* and Oroameat*. ncatelleand l?ace Curtain*, Cornioa and Pi* tare*. K *-wood and Walrut Bedatead*. l?r< aaingjBureau*, Waahatanda and Wardrobea, Feather B?di. Bolatera and Pillow*, Toiiet Set*. Curled Hair and Hu*k Mattre?ae?. Large quantity of Bed and Table Linen, Blanket*. Com'orta and Counterpane* in large quint tiea, Pining Tab>a, Oak Dininc Chair*. Fre, on and Stone China Dinner, Deeaert an* Tea Ware, Table Cntl'ry, Silver-plated Ware. Ca*tora. Chafing Dimes Waiter*, Coffeeaad Tea 11 ran. Bar, Counter and Fixture*, Liquor* and Cigar*. Iron S*f?. Deaka and Offee F ami tare. Steam Boiler, 11* ating Apra'atu*. fee. To?*ther with a l*.r*? ??>? > ?.?. ?r ? ' N'i not DMNiiry to onnnorota. Tern*: ft*' 101 tndar ouhs ormr ttet IMU< % oradii of 60 ud 90 doya, for aoiufooloruy Mitmi BOtea, intereat wSm nlii J. C. MeOUIEE A PP.. A?ta. lA JUST RECEIVED? IU H H D8. Good Brow ttacar at ota. par Ik., im bl>l?. Extra Flour, beet brands, cheap, BO " Pkmily do. ou do. Rroah eajy y of Greta ud Blook Teoa. aw Orlaoqe wd Porto Kkoo Molaaaea, OrMgoe and Lonooa oonatontly on hood ot aMaataaioa. I. UEM1.N0, ay l-ootw No. til ferwtk atroOt NKVV ^KENCHT*R'cBBT&N. ftT8 Pa. at. Masonlay'a Hietory of Eng>ocd, to uma i. Hi* (orr of tko Uutod .NoUterlonda, by Jobn Lotkorf M> t.ey. 2 Toio; froa by auui ? Tramn*, a no>al, by Goo. Wm. Curtia, froa by moil ftfM An Oataoat. or Virtue and Futk, b* P. Coibara Adama: ftl. Elda Voanor, o R< iwaoal of OratUTt h? Oliver Waadeli Hot?, I TO*a.. froa by Mi! ft I/O. Oar oaooJ dleoonbt of M to 90 par Biol, oa ftQ Boaad Hooka. m.a Q MK*ina*?i""? ??ivnoiC)iil|lT9flilli I ? i ??^ DIRECT IMPORTATION v -: ' * 1