Newspaper of Evening Star, April 11, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 11, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. |^Tbo?f b Tu &ta* to printed on the fa*teat steam preaa In aw aouth of Baltimore, Its edition la to larjr? m to require It to be pnt to pmi at an mrly kanr; Advertlaemento, therefore. abould be sent la befVtre is o'clock m.; otberwlae they may act appear until the next day. None*Dlitrlct of Columbia Advertlaements ?? be Inserted In the Bai.timo*! Sr* are received at and forwarded from Twt Stae Offlce. Thi Volc*t?m Milita*tot th? Citt McsTita to tri Darixaic or thb;* Homu a>dFiresidb* ? Aa we went to preaa yesterday the volunteer companies were responding to the call of the War Department for volunteers to defend the city of Waablngton from aaaault. In the caae of acme m * l - ?a ? ? ? ?* * * oi idc cmpinin a poruon 01 idb m^dideri declined to take tbe oeth required br tbe Departwent of all soldiers mustered into the United States service, and tbe deficit In the ranks of aald companies thereby brought them below tbe standcrfi requirement si to number*, and they were ?icrt race! Ted by the Government. Tbe following it tbe form of tbe oath administered to tbe Tolunteers who were mustered Into tbe aerTteo ?f tbe United Statea yesterday. It is nothing moje than tbe usual armv oath. It was administered by Gen Thomas, of the D C.militia. "1. do solemnly swear that I will >?ear true allegiance to the United States of America; that I will serve tbem honestly and ftithfuliv against sll enemies or op poser* whatsoever; that I -will obey tbe orders of the Presideotnf the United stales, and of the officers aoitolnted over m* ccrdlng to the rules of the armies of the United States: an help me God " The following is a list of the member* of the National Rifle* who resigned when Informed that thftr ws? a call upon them for service Number of men resigned in armorv vesterdav, SP; do last night, a Tbe latter are Privates Wm. E Thva lng?r, cf Va . and Chas t?. Hill, D C. The forn?er arr?J. J Wright, Ky . Vd Sergeant; F. G. Terrv. Kv , 4th do : Ccrpcral ?. W. Hampton, I). t: 3d do Geo T Cox. D C ; 4th do J D. Kdnaond. Vt ; Privates P C. Riley, DC; J. H Bra<llev. jr , D C ; J H. Ingle, 1). C.; K. B. McGuire, D C.; I^en. C Campbell, D C ; J TV. Drew, D C ; Oscar R Hough, Va.; W.Wheeler, N. C ; J II Washington, D Cj A H Anderson, 1). C . Geo f* Gait. D C.; D. R. Hell. N. C ; C. M Yulee. Fla ; J. W Daniels, D C; V. H McCormlck, D C. Lieut. L D. Watklns. of lit . formerly 1st lieutenant of this company, who re*:gnrd some ten days ago, came back last night, and joined the company as a private in the ranks. Charles M I'vne. son of Rev Dr. Pvne, formerly ix private In the company, and Who resigned about two weeks ago, came back yesterday, on hearing k.> >k. - ,u.v %uc Luui^iny was 10 De ordered into service, *nd a^ain Joined as a private. Three recruits joined laat night. Captain Smead, who has very recently accepted tte command of the company, is said to be extremely Indignant at these resignations. By reason of the small number of men who mustered from this company yesterday, the Department did not enrol tbein far service. The Washington Rifles were not enrolled yesterday on account of not having the complement of men, rank and file, required. 1 hey were all auxioua to be mustered, and deeply regretted that the notification reached the officers so late that they had not time to muster the entire command. On the administration of the oath to the Washington Light Infantry,'be following men n-fused to take it, and were ord-red out of the ranks :? Philip J Eunis. jcs. Reynolds, J. Cnhill, Chaa Murray, Ch?a. ?i Russell. John McXamee, Sergeant iMc'jjimot^ Jack Yates. M. Wallacb, J no. Hand?tf.A Stier, H J Ebba Subsequently, 1 he?ere placed under the command of L eut i.crd aud marcb?d ba?-k to their armory, and tleir arms taken from tbein Of the Potomac l.tght Infantry, of Georgetown, when required to take the oath, seventeen men ieft the ranics, ar.d their names were instantly stricken from the roll. They were immediately placed ui.der the charge of a lieutenant and marched back to their armory, the crowd about the place saluting them with hisses as they fell into line and marched ff in double quick time. Col Holling?worth, of the eighth regiment, exprtsacd no little exasperation at their action, and premised to have the places of those who had ba< k'-d out Ailed by this morning with others Company A, I'rilon Reirlment. Cant ton. after being mustered and sworn into the service. j>roc<vd?d back to their armory to await orders from tUe Government Arrivd there, they were railed to order by Lieut. Curtis, and Capt. Carrlngton addr?*svd the men briefly, saying that he was exceedingly rejoiced to be able to say tLat not a man of bis command had refused to obey the summons of the Government when called upon to defend his country. Tbey had to a man bravely responded and placed themselves at the orders of their superiors He had understood that tome of the members of the com panics called out to-day had refused to swear fidelity to their Government He was exceedingly pained to bear that any American citizen woold be false to his country wuen its safety and peace was menaced I K.. * "??* .,y mum> ? hi; is me use or a soldier if be ia not readv instantly when bis country calls for hia servlcea* The speaker wanted liu holiday soldit(?und?r bis command WLo wanted to play soldier about the atreets In fair weather, and make holiday paradea? That ia fit employment for boy* and women; but the heart of a in tn swells with patriotism and valor when be aeea hia services required to di-fend his country and hia home from the iuvaaiou of foea, let them come from whence tbey will?whether they be foreign eu.usuries or 'raitora at home [Tremendous applause ] Thia company had nobly sworn this day. as he had expected tbev would, to serve t! rir country and defend It against all enemie^ W hv aboulo ar.y man rtfuae to do ao* He gloried in tt a fart that uot a man on bia roll bad hesitated. They had sworn to obey the I'resideat of the lulled States lie Is the Commander-in-Chief, aud every true man is bound to obey him. Tue apea.k*-r hoped that every man understood what be bad undertaken to do this day. There was no intention on the pr.rt of the Executive to take I ice rue a out or the District <f Columbia. They wrre simply called upon to are to ittbatour homes bail be protected inviolate from every tort of tre who designs to disturb our peace and quiet, be they from the North, tbe $outb, the East, or tue West [Applause ] Tbe speaker was here at tbe bead of bis company to defy all traitors or aecevaioniata who design to attack tbe Federal Capital. Much bad been said and d?a? by tbe enemies of their country in the S*tate of Virginia with reference to bis (Carrington's) pcsitl >n in connection with our national troubl-s He did not hesitateto say it?and events would prove tbe truth of what be was saying?that he Lad more friends today in Virginia than any secessionist who dis graces that noble old Commonwealth Moreover, e would sny that be could now go to Richmond, I _ _ |.U wl ^ of ui uiu ouiiie, w>-aay, una raise two men who would stand by tbe Union, and light for it too, to any one man whom Any secessionist could raise r three cheers for tbe Union ] The people of Virginia are ready to-day to rally for the Union, [ttatbuataaei ) The speaker bid many friends nere, but be bed many ?lsu In Virginia, ar.d tbey are ready to take up arms and to kill and destroy all who would break into fragmeu's our beloved country? [cbcersj?wno would undertake to invade tbe Federal Capital and destroy the archives of ibi? aaUoa Others who choo*e might defy tbe authority of this Government, and refuse to bey their rulers, but as for him (C ) he for one, through good and through evu report, would be heard shouting bos*nnab* to the Union and the American nation [Three tremendous cheers {or Caxrlngtou ] After again congratulating tbe men tiut not one of them had proved recreant to his couatry. Capt C closed his remarks amid tbe enthusiastic cheers of his men. acftusa at thx war ukpartmiht tkktxkpat Atmsooii. Company A. of tbe Union Regiment, Captain Carrln^;ton, 100 men having been drawn up Id Hsff north of th# Knl 1 - - ? _ ? ? r -?v.. - f M *iaI1 WCIC IIIapocted by ins *ctor General Stone, after which M*j. Mcl>owc 1, U 8 A , called tbe roll. The oatn waa then read, and tbe men were ordered to b?14 up tbe right hand, ungloved, and repeat tbe word* of tbe oath, swearing allegiance to tbe Vailed Stateable reaUt all en em lea aud opponenta of tbeaald L'^ whataoever, to obey tbe order* of tbe Preaideat and their aupetior officers, and W be an bject to tbe army rule* and regulation* Tan or twelve of the men baring refused to take I tbe oath, because^ they were unwilling to be ec aerea oui 01 iae lh suici, were tola by tbe I as pector General tbat tbere was no probability of their brine so ordered, when they consented unanimously to be sworn in. Tbe 8U volunteers from the Waahington Light Iufanty were next ordered up, when tbe same forms were gone through with. Eighteen or twenty of these men refused to take tb? oath; the otbesa were swera la, and tbe company left tbe uround in two divisions. tbe enlisted men in one bo?*y, and tbe malcontents in another, each having an < tfl 'er to march tbem to tbe armory. Tha Potomac Light Infantry, of Georgetown, Capt. McKenney. next took their position, numbering 53 rank and file, much less than the effective strength of tbe c -mpany After roll-call and wfeea tbe oath was to be administered 16 privates, a sesgvant, and tbe pioneer 'seceded' from the - * - Vk \m loft t Km r?Amnaittf uriIh than their complement, (43.) None wen sworn In, aad after consultation among the offlcen, the Company was formed In two divisions, one of ' willing-' and one of "unwilling" spirits, and the former taking the north and the latter the sooth side of Pennsylvania avenue, they proceeded towards tieorgrtewn at a double quick, the sOuis of the company and of the eighth regiment present were greatly chagrined, and their mortiicatioa w?s increased by the conduct of torn# persons la Georgetown, who hissed toe ceapa y and applauded the malcontents as they passed up Bridge- street The C^rrjngton Home Guards, of Georgetown, Cap* Goddard?54 rank and ite-were the Uslon (he ground. Being mostly heads of taBiUan, many were unwilling to take the oath of useoodltloeal obedience, tor fear they might be ordered , j? of the District, and the ?a? feelln^secm. to tin pw?p%d ?o?ne of the dlMppalatof oa? * ' ^ .! i-'M ' *8 r. it .oV. other Maputo*. Thee# unwilling to take the I oath were ordered outaide the company, to the left of the lie#, fttx or eight went to the left "lmmejltly." Some, who aald their husineea avocatloaa would not permit tbem to enliat, d'd not want to take the oath, and dtd not want to take a position with the "aecedera " Major McDowell told them to take a poeltion to the right of the line,tb?a;wben almost a majority of the company seemed to have a preaa of buslneee on their hands, aa they immediately withdrew to the right, leaving 27 In line Most of the left-hand men also !? ??1J .v_? 11 ? - ... vwimun iua? lur IIIOSI T^pUI^DI6 I1Q6, I and nme over to the right-hand men?leaving on -1 the left only about three stern and unyielding < " non-shwearers " So the Carrlngton Home Guard* went home, unsworn We understand the staunch men ofthla companyand of the P L Infantry are anxious to try their lock again, with i fuller ranks, expurgated of the Insubordinate material. Some of the Georgetown men complain that they knew nothing of having to take an oath or the form of oath, until tbelr arrival at the War: Department Considerable excitement prevailed In Georgetown all day yesterday and last night, and Is nna'bated this morning. 1 The Mounted Guard. Capt. Stewart, of that city, are to be Inspected and mastered Into service to-day, and Company A, Anderson Rifles, 1 to-morrow, we learn. 1 MOVEMENTS OF THE MILITARY TO-DAY. TU<. ?. 1 ? - -- - . ui> juiuMi% 01 v oxiock, id? metropolitan Rifles, Capt. Nallry, Lleuta. Chauncey and Lewis. 5 sergeants, 4 corporals and 60 prlvstes, muttered at the War Department and reported for duty. t the aame hour Company B, Union Regiment, , Capt Kelley, Lleuta. Herbert, Hlnesand McMillan, 4 sergeants, 3 corporals and 85 privates, also mustered at the same plsce and reported for ser- ( vice This company, together with Carrlngton's corps, number 175 men all t?ld, and owe much of tbeir efficiency to the military enterprise not only j of tbe company officers, but also to their Major, j J Grav Jewell, who has taken no small interest ( In them since their organization. 1 A few minutes afterwards the Turner Rifles, C&Dt fierharHt i?im ? -* I ( , ... I'l I Jl . ou? Scumber^er,sergeants, 4 corpersls, 4 drummers, < and A3 private*, arrived at the Department, and \ took position for inspection. i At lOJj o'clock the Washington Rifles, Capt. i Balbeck. Lieut* Leoffler and Haap, 4 sergeants, 4 corporals, and 50 privates, arrived on tbeground, and took position on tbe right of the Hue, and re- 1 ported for inspection Company II. Union Regiment, having been duly inspected, had the usual oath administered to them by Maj (Jtneral Thomas, 1>. C. >1., and not a irian refused to take It. The Metropolitan Rifles were next Inspected and enroll* d. and every member of the corps took tb? oath of fealty to the Government Tbe Wi-shi nylon B ? Vw n viv IIVA Ilia^rrVkCU and niu*Ur-'d Into the service, and every nian In the line took the required oath. [90 heartily *ai the thing done l>y the entire company, that the crowd of spectators outside the fence burst out Into quite a demonstration of applause ] [It ought to be remarked nere that Major Mi Do well, before enrolling theseveral companies, informed th?m that they were mustered into the L. t* service for three months, unless discharged from service prior to the expiration of that term; I and that their services were required within the limits of the District of Columbia ] The Turner Rifles were then inspected by Major McDowell, and enrolled into g*? .... . ? - 7 In this company alio came promptly forward wbeu called upon to take the oath oath of allegiance At 12 o'clock m. the Putnam Rifles, CaptThistlelon, Lleuts Magruder. McEifresh and Boyce. 2 drummers, 1 fifer, 5 sergeants, 4 corporals, and ( 70 pclvatea, arrived at the War Department , They were enrolled Into the service ana took the oath to a man, next in order after the Turner 1 Rlfl-s 1 Tte Putman Rifles (Seven'h Ward) volunteer tb?ir servics. It will tx; remembered, as thty ! were not calle<l into service As we go to uress, the Washington Light Infantry, the Mechanic Union Rifles, (Capt Rutherford.) and other companies, are on their way to the Department for enrolment. The Infantry were beadtd by a drum corps under Drum Major Thus. Mackey. Trottbi.* is thf Chcrches Under this ( bead the ''Stales and Union" of yesterday has , tbe following : ' In St Matthew's Church (Catholic) for several Sabbaths past, tbe usual prayer for the President of the UniU-d States has been omitted, and instead of tbe local magistrates, prayer if invoked for tbe Mayor of the city." We are informed tbat this statement Is an error. It is the custom in all Catholic Churches In this country to repeat every Sunday the prayer for tbe President of the United States, for Congre*s, for tbe Governors of States, and local magistrates and rulers, and for tbe citizens generally, and tbere has been no change at all In this respect, except a recent occasional interpolation of the words "His Honor the Mayor of this city" into tbe above piayer, In the church alluded to. We are sure that no member of tb's community will deny that mann* * ' ?- - ?' * ' " ucuci ii a m luujeci lor prayer, or will quarrel with Father VV hite for putting la a special lick" for that official's redemption. The " States" alleges also that there 1( trouble in the Bridge street Presbyterian Church, in Georgetown, in co-isequence of the pastor, Rev Mr Uoc?x k, Laving lucluded the President and Vice President of the Southern Confederacy in his prayers for our own Chief Magistrate. J*ome of his congregation thought that there was 110 special ne??l for him to go out of bis way to this extent, and the upshot of the matter has b?en the a'-ceptance by the church of .Mr. Bocork's resignation. That divine can, however, cite the precedent of the cautious chap who prayed "Good l.ord,and good Devil," on the ground that there was 110 telling into whose hands he might fall. Alexandria Affairs ?AVe take the following rrom this morning's Gazette: The stenner Thomas Coilyer will hereafter make a trip eoni.ectlng with tb? \Ya*Li>ij?trii Branch Railroad?h aving thlacity atr.^ o'clock. The final and complete organization of a Volunteer Battalion, in this city, was perfected ystrrdav evenii'iji t>v the ratification by the comiiilssioiud officers of theditl'erent volunteer companies of tbl* city of the following appointments by Major Corse Adjutant?Lieut. Humphreys, of the Alexandria Riflemen Surgeon?Dr McGuIre, of the Alexandria Artillerymen. Quartermaster?Quartermaster Richards, of the Alexandria Riflemen. Paymaster?Quartermaster J A Fields, of the Mnunt Varnnn ffnariii r\-A_.I.. - ?- . *?a bjui ?"v/iuci a y Sergeant J T. Devaugbn. of the Mount Vernon Guards. Cjnarterma?w-r's Sergeant?(Quartermaster Asbby of the Alexandria Artillery. The noted locality of tisbtown rose like Cybele from the waters yesterday morning, drenched, it Is true?but cleaner than it baa been for many years The bri*k active population which this season gathers in that neigborb' od were soon at work, "putting things to rights" and before noon-tide but few traces of the flood remained. The fish cleaning paraphernalia was gathered from hither and thither, where it bad been sctttered by the flood, and rtstored to its owners Moved Fish-Houses were adjusted, planking relaid upon the wharves, and yesterday afternoon one might have looked in vain for any indications that the place had beeu washed clean within twenty-four hours 1*cb!U>iaK!sm ijc Gkorgetowk ?About four o'clock this morning smoke was discovered by (i . rmrn uiuwn ana nouinion iMiiini; rrom the clo'.Llng store of Mr. ?* liautt. Mo 131 Bridge street, near the corner of Ill^b, in one of the most central anil thickly populated blocks of that city. The back door was forced open, and the middle shelves In the store on the east sld? were found to be on fire. The lire wa* soon suppressed by the exertions of the policemen and neighboring residents. and th? hose carriages, though promptly on the ground, were not brought into requisition. The ion Is slight, and 1> covered by Insurance. ClimsiAL Cot'HT?Judge Merrick jiriiidinf ? Yeste -**y. in the cas?? of John Foley convicted | oi tne murder or Mlcbael MurpLy. the Court overruled the motion of Fol?y't counsel, Mr Morris, for a new trial, chUfly upon the grounds that the facta aet forth in the sffidavlta referred to, the prisoner's mental condition after the murder had been committed, and even if proven before the jury, thev could have had but little, if any weight, in Influencing their verdict. The Oourt then adjourned till Tuesday next. FOKTIttl aboct thosb 9sakes.? We now bear the following particulars about the copperhead stakes at the City Post Ofllce: About two weeks ago. a paper box, containing two snakes, dlrectwTto the President, came to the Pott Ofllce here, ift the Hicbmond (Va ) poneh. There was no poat mark on the box. The discovery of the contents was ma 'e in the ofllce here, by the breaking of the box. The matter was kept quiet so loug. In the hopes that the party or partietconcerned In sending the box might be discovered. High WiTia ?The water in the river and canal wat verv hl??h strain this mnniimj imt <! - creasing The water, backing up into the sewers between Third and Seventh streets, overflowed those cellars and baseraenis which were unprotected frotn the high tides. Thacellar of Washington Hall, (Norwood's restaurant,) corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, was flooded, to the loss and annoyance of the proprietor. j1Cbntbal ucaeunocsi Casks.?John Kelly, assaalt and bsuery, prosecution declined. The seaae, for prelhnfty hi the streets; fine and costs. 95 17. rbeeime, Tor diaorderiycondoct: security ?viO: In default committed to the workhouse for ^ daya. Peter Grsntnm, col , rag/ant; do 00 Rinii'rOnr DolttrStore, No. 301 Pennsylvania ?venae, eleees ne*t SatnrJsy. Now lathe Wtneti get splendid Jewelry, and those who a?lect it thU week may not have another so irpo4 an I^pe^y^?*-. by without hx?S? at j Sx> fee loud call la another column addieeeed j to Company a, Union Reflmeut, t Mi * I Tatitn ?On last night the thmtor-goars took their parting look at the" Naiad Qooea" spectacle, which has bad coch rr mark able ran here, end to-night commence with 4,fresh fields and pa* tures new." The hill for to-ntght la one of unctaoua richness?nothing lea than " The Heir at Law" and "The Lady of the Liona " Joseph Jefferson, of comic renown, will be there and thereabouts on the occasion, ud have something to say in both pieces. \V?are heartily gled to hear that the friends and admirers of l^easee (ilenn?and are they not a host*?propose to give him a complimentary benefit shortly Everybody will be glad to unite in a (Ml tnriAnlal t#v fK-a tmnaoas ??Ka ?1umus ? '? > *v ?m\' nuu ui nuja IU1 what he promises. Those who propose enjoying the capital performances now given at the Theatre must "hnrry up their cakes," u the aeaaon cloaea next week. [COMMCNKATBD. 3fr. Editor: The "States and Union" of yesterday contained a paragraph setting forth that the uaual prayer for the P real dent of the United States had been omitted from the aervlce in St. Matthew s (Catholic) Church for several Sabbaths (Sundays) past. As this statement Is calculated to Involve the pastor and congregation of that church In a quasi acquiescence with the accession movements at the South, and a deliberate insult to the Chief Maglstrate and people of the United States. I called Immediately on Father White (the pastor) to know If there was any foundation for the statement. He at once pronounced the assertion false In every partloular, and felt Indignant at so wanton a perversion of truth. Upon his authority, which he will also do over hia own name In to-morrow's "National Intelligencer," I pronounce the state merit or tbe "States and Union" a mischievous r-anard. * Thomas Fits a.m. Thosk In waut of gas fixtures, Ac , should not rail to rail upon Dove &. Co., on Ninth street His assortment Is unexcelled In the city, and pvervthlng Is put up In the best manner l<ook In upon bis stork before purchasing elsewhere Frk^het?The Potomac Is rapidly rising, the water Is very muddy, there is considerable current. with a great quantity of drift wood running, ind everything betokens a considerable rise In the upper country. ammunition mnt off.? Yesterday arternoon teveral cart loads of shell and rnnnon bnlls were lent to New York from the Washington Navy Vard on the 3 '20 train. Kkadkk, have yon seen Prof. Wood's advertisement in onr paper. Rear it; it wtli interest you. an au-eolr _ To tiik ArFLiCTKn!? He aure to rea?] the advertisement of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood PuMfier. in acothor column. tf nAREIKO. On the 9th instant, a: St. Patrick's Church, by the Rev Father Boyle. JAMES B LEACH, of L'a ifornia, to LOUISA K.t daughter of the late Joftn Green, of Ri)s* * DIED* On Thnrtday morning, at 2 o'clook. after a lmrenng illness, wnich h? l<ore with forti tnde. Mr. JOSEPH GOODGER, in the 45th year jf hit ate. Dearest father, thou hast left na. We thy loss most deeply feel, Out Mis God that hath bereft us. He can ail our sorrows heal. His friends an^1 those of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, from his late res ideuoe. on Twenty-third st , between E st and v u^iuio av % uu o?iurosy.ijin luuwkni, ni 1 o ciocK* On the 9thinatant,CHRISTINA THOMA, after three daya' illness, daughter of the late Charle* ?nd Elizabeth '1 lioma.ared 7 years and 6 mentna. The friend* of the family are reapevtful j invited to a*t*nd the funeral, at 3 o'clock tins af'ernoon, from the residence of iter pa-eats, a*, tho ooruer of North Capitol and M tts * (iHEAT CRASH I!? We have jaat received our second supply ol NEW DRV GOODS from the great crash in the Northern cities, the moat of which haa (>oen purchased at al>out half their real value, and will be sold at the samo sacrifice. READ OUR PRICES. " WE PRACTICE NO DECEPTION F igured Poplins and Grey Goods, 6,8,10,12,16, 18, 25. 31, 37, 50,62o Plain Black Silk G2,75 87,%c., worth SI.2i 12>s l'aliooes,< warrant fast colors). 8o IH. 4l,l,lli>? Pi.rnl^ .,..1 U <.!. 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The greatest variety of Japanese Goods ever offered. JAPANESE SWORDS, ^r. 206 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, ap 5 6t Above Willard's. ci id ukanuas ::: OUU BOXES SWEET ORANGES Just reoeirort?m prune order'20 Bunches BANANAS, 150 Drum* FIGS, Now in Store, and for ?ale Wholesale, at a small adv&noo on auction pnoes, ? at PEARSON'S FRUIT DEPOT. 491 Eighth Street, near Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington. ap V St SOUTHERN MEDICAL HOUSE. DR. SHL'MAN ha?, after an expe-iei o? i f ten reara, eatahli?hcd the a! ove refuge ir<>m quackery, ao!f lat><? led Indian or Gar man di ctora, and p.etandera of witouoraft and imfoatora in ral. This l? the only p'.aoe where % aare and apeedy oar* can bo obtained in the world for all improper and evil hahita, gonorrb?, gleet, weakneia, ayphiliia, primary aeoondary. and tertiary, organic we&kneaa. pain* in the loina, atricturea, general debility, proat'atlon, nervnn- ne*?, reatleia night*, palpitation of the heart, rinrinr in theeara, lose of memory, oonfuaion.melacoholy, aJTectiooa of the head, throat, noae, and akin, anil all thoae peculiar dlaordera ariaiug lrorn the ibdi<>oretion of youth, randeriac them unfit for either buaiueai. luuy. wooieiy. or marriage. l?r. ?. baa the greatest remediee in the known world for diaeaaee of the b ood. gocorrbar, gleet, atrioturee,afphil!i*, seminal weakneaa, aelf abuse, Ac. There ia no o??e in whtoh they fail to oure in from 3 to 6 day a. Victi ma of tneae horrible oompUtf nt*. who would

wiah to be valuable men and ornaments to aociety, ahould embrace the earlieat opportunity for relief. Dr. Shaman haa made trie moateomp ete arrangementa for the oomfort of hia pitienti who oome from a diatanoe. They will t>e formatted with the moat pleaaant and agreeable quarter', neoeaaary diet, and made aaooinfonanleaa they would be at a firat oiaaa hotel at leaa th?.n h?.lf th? nr.t Do not_forget tne name end nam bar. Dr. Shu man'* olfio* ia on the oorner of sixth atreet and Fennaylvania avenue. Clarendon Hotel, opposite the National Hotel, Waahinatoa. D. C Persons at a distance ahould euolose stamp for return portage. Offioe houra, 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. Varioae partiea have been entio?d from my inaUtntion by certain iwir.dlera on baok streets in this oity i who will rue it till the 4ar ol their death. A word to the wia? ta auffioient ap 9 ly pLAlWPIELD ACADEMYy ^ p Thirtieth aeaaion. (twenty weeka,) oommenoea Bay 6th. Number of lada limited to twenty-ive. a tire axMnee ?70. eaokha4f pamhle ia advanoe. . X. K. nriNf FlinfuH t. rl til nuu' ti ??rn .nit %, f M????? FOR SALE AjtV RENT. FOR RKNT-A rmal! pf RNI9HKO HOl'SE. ooDtaliunf 6 roonaa, with km in every room, ftnd in a very central looafion. It will be rented lor ?30 ft month Applr ftt 30* ?t. ftyH-3t* l^OR BALE?A KK8TAURANT. a>tu?te<l in ft 1 fijod locality and doin* ft *<o<! bnaineaa For Ift't ealars inquire ftt V(\'NG A KRPHART'M i in ??r mot*, (Mo. ?$9 Pa. avenue, between 9th and ift'h >U.. emith aide. a? 11 Steo* l^OR SALK OR RENT-A i-?t flau D? F.L LINtt. ntnated on Thirte?n h ftr-et between I, and Maaaaohaae.ta arenneione of the heftlthfat looitinna in lYftahing'on.) Tbia lv use ia bui't alter the Encliah a*yle, three r<v>tn?decp,forn*he<1 With Vftter and ?aa throuihout. T.i *. *<?<xl i?rini the trrnif will lw? made tu>. Inquire at tha Uroce t. or of T W. DOWNING. No. 547 L at_, between 7th ar.d ?th. ap 11>' Ir?OR RENT?A two-a?orr and attm BRICK HOUi'E on D etreet north, No. Sii*. between 9tr> and 1 >th *tre?tn, at present ocoupir:! I j E. B. Hoi inson, E^q., with a 1t a modern conTemencaa, I fa*, water, ko.. &e , and in perf ct f*talr. App j i) A.KOCH, N:i. 340 1) street, between 9*h and loth. ap W-eoSt* IPOR RENT?A comfortable two story FRAME HOIJPE, on Nineteenth tree', petween 1 and K ?treeta north. Inquired J.C FEARSON. No. 334 Niceteenth at ap i eoSt* TO LET?Furniahed or unfurniahed. a part or the whole of Ht?USK No. 423 Eleventh at., a few doora below the Lutheran Church, or the Fnrniture will be *ol?l cheap. Inqnire on Mje prerr iki vi ?i hood no. n?, nrat root 01 tlte Treasury Building. ap 8-3t* TO LKT-A three-storr BRICK HOUSE situated on First at. vmt, between D ami K sta. north, aontainiag 7 rooms; rent .fUJu ?er month. Also, a three atory Brick House on H at. north, between 2d and 3d ata eaat, coi.taininn S rooms; rent #10 per month. Aiao. a three atory Brick Heu?e on B ?t. north, between 3d and 3d ata. vest, containing room*, .No. 2*9. Posaeaaion of the last ran t>e had on tn? isth inat Inquire next door of each, or of GEOK6E FOLLaNSBKF.. Carpenter ^on Third at. weat. ap8-eotj _ FOR R KNT?A comf. r'able two story BRICK HOL'SK, containing 6 rooma and r&a, on the north aide of K atreet. between 9th and loth ala. Also. A twn.afnr* PR A\I f fi L'U? - - . ?rv>l WJHI V IWIII'tHIl nrv nth afreet. between O and P eta ,at a rent of 51<*> perairurn IctiuireofO F K. RICHARDS*-'N, Bacon Dealer, Center and Northern Libernea Market*. ap 6-?<>'it HOIJ9K FOR RKNT AND FURNITURE FOR SALE.?Houne and Furniture nearly now. inquire at No. 394 I street, between 12th and 13tli. after 3 o'clock. ap 4 tf For sale or rknt-a framk house. containing ?even room*, t-'Rethrr with the furniture, situated on New Jeraey avenue, i??twe?>n M and N ata. north Alao, a new three-story briok house, with back liuldme, on the same square, ( No. ISO Fourth at ) Alao, aome valuable L#TS*. all of wh'eh will ho aold very cheap. Inquire of J. D. RVNARD, New Jeraey avenue, between M and N ata. id 4-tf l?OR RKNT-A small FARM or MARKKT r OARDKN, containing 14 acres of land, situ ated on the Piney Branch Road, a ?f* hundred yards north of Colombia College. The improvements consist of a new briok dwelling containing 4 rooms and a kitchen, and a stable. For terms, Ac., apply at Pa. avenuo, opposite Wizards'. ap 2-tf 1/Oft RENT-A three-story URICK HoL'SK r on H st.. NVashinstcn city, between 19 h ar-d 2"ih, at present occupied by Assistant Attorney General, Mr. MoAluiont. Possession given 3;h of April. Also, iv first class STAN D for business of any kind, corner Gay and High streets, opposite P?,r?i u.n n : a 1/i.vo ii-ii,vovi>;cvuwu, l?. o r(?BBOI8lun RiVfll immediately. Apply to BLADEN FORREST, Georgetown._ ap 2 2w*_ F^OR RENT-A br.lck HOUSE. co-taining 12 roomi, with Potomac water and gas. ?>n I street, between 13th and 14th. opposite Krarik in S'juare. Inquire at WARDER A. S'TK\VAR I'S vvood and coai ( tfice, corner of a and Twelfth ti>. Also, Brick House oorner Twelfth and 1. ma 29-tf ______ POR RENT?tin May 1 at, the large acd coin-no r d >ui HOUSE o i Louisiana avenue. opposite tne City Hall Square, now occupied by .Mr. \Vet,l> as a dwelling and law office, ar.d adjoining the house of Mr. Richard Waliaoh ma23-tf FRANCK TAYLOR. Handsomely furnished rooms.Four handsomely Furnished Rooms, supplied with fas aad water, and convenient to the Patent i anrl font Offioe Departments, for rent. Apply at 4'JOH Massachusetts avenue, north siUe, bet *'"ii i *th and 6th >U. ESSL. CJTORE FOR RENT.?A large Storo-room on + j Pa. avenue, adjoining our auotion rooms, f>.r rent. Apply to WALLA UAKNARD. Auction and Commission Merchants, cornor Ninth st:?ct and south sido Pa. avenue. mar 11 IjH>R RENT?A three story brick HOUSE.containing 8 rooms, in good order, with ga? fixtures ooinplete, on H street, between 4th and 5th. t Also, a two-story brick COTTAGE, with imge i yard attached, oorner of F street north an<l 14th st. i esst. To par,ctii&i and reliable tenants tbo tetin:? i will be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, > between G U. no 13-tf FUR RENT?The fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 West at., Georgetown, at preaent occn pied by the subscriber. it has 12 rooms, with gas and water throughout, a fine yard, atable to, ai.d ia in a rood neighborhood. Apply to JAS. A. MA6 RUDER. oc 25-tf |^| TO THE READERS OF THE fll We submit to the oonsid?rationF rfl * of the readers of tti? Star (lie follosing list of prices of articles in oar line of business: Usual prioe. Ladies'Slipper* ?~ 2*c. 50, " KighaU Lasting Shppo.s?? .. V?c. 75 " Carpet Toilet Jo 5"';. 15 " Thick s ild sewed Mor. Hoots. 1.0m li> 1 do. ULdrebsed do.... 1 1 ^5 " do. Con*. Mor. do.... 1 lii 175 * do- Calfskin do ... 1 <?i 1A0 " Light and f!! Gaiters f>c. 1.25 " Ku. Lasting do. do 7'c. 1 ?*? Women's Heeled B ots 7.l>3. 1 2> Misses'donb!?"-soled Sewed Roots 7jc. 1 ?*? Ladies' t*k-soied Erie. Last. heel Gait. > ?? 1.25 " " " * " bat." . U5 1.50 In addition to the ab^ve, we have Men'*, Boys', Mtsfie.V and Children's BOOTS and SHOES :a i every variety, 6o:d at ast'?niKhinK'y low pr nei. C F. CI MM INS /t CO., i Boot and ' 'hoe Stoic, 3 17 Sev-Mith ?t., i ap 2-e?tf 2 doors bei<-w Northern i*larl??t. Wood and Coal. , A No. 1 articlo of VVOOO on liand, prepared to suit the want* of eaoh onftomer. Wood sold c?rd length also, or in any way or any quantities doaired. JO" Coni kept t?a Coal Houses, screened before de livenng. C7" 2^4't lba. to tho ton. JUT" Personal attention to every order. T. J. 4. W. M. OALT. Office 3S9 Pa. av., between 11th and 12th sU. Wood Mil! and Wharf f ot of Seventeenth street, below War Department. ma23-tf fciCHENCK'S TRKAT1SE ON CONSLMP CATION?To be had free of charre at the Drue Store of S. B. WA1TK, c?rner Seventh at ar a Louisiana av. Dr. J. H. Schenek.of Philadelnhla. lifts published a pampHet giving a full description of the diseased utat* of the I.unci. Liver ami blotnaoh. Every invalid should oalf and get one. ma 28-1 in epjf BIRDS!?BIRDS FOK SALE. vjfj Just received a splendid assortment o\yC/ Birds Irom Europetieripan Canaries, Cnglish Mac* Bir-'s, Thrushes, Bali Finones, Gold Finohes, Lii.ets, Sky Larks. Yellow Hamnrs Parroquets, Java Sparrow, Starlens, the Red Mocaw Parrot, and green and gray. I have M< ckir.g Birds, Red \S iiip Black bi'ds. Red B rds, Dove3, and Hoh.ilir.ks; a sTrsined Birds. PrionZ'Crt.ts to #j?i. Casreg of all kinds Irom 10 oen!* to *>io, at JOHN O'MEARA'S Bird fetore. No. Sfcfc I'* av enne. at the Capitoi gate. ' feiJSm (V KW AND SPLENDID i> DRFSS GOODS. Now in store all the newest aty!es and fabrics, with a large assortment of handsome t?ray Good*, lor ladios' suits. 3,<*?o yards Fancy Dress Silas, whioh we are runtime off at reduced puces to clo-e ont this ita?on. .n piecea superior P.ain Black Silks, from low price to superior grades, all very cheap, aud winch we ask purchaser* to examine. J W. COLLEY A CO., nn A 5?J5 Coi-a n * k at l ?? "* ? ? ?r wwvvuMi o??i V Wl11 f" i?EBNCH l.lNKN CAMBRIH HANDKER1 CHIEFS*. loo do*. French Linen Hankerch'f* at SI 50perdox. 50 do*. do. do, do. $2 50 uo. S>i (lux. uo. do. d". do. ITbeae goods are extra cheap. > French Plurtin* Linens, Irish Linen. Linen ToweLc*, Table Linen, Curtain Muaiiue, Mirneuies (fail's Onr utoek in full in all d^partmenta, and we invite all in want of DRY UOODS at low price* to give ua a call. WM. R. RILEY & BRO., N??. 3#? Ontral Storee, Between 7th and 8th atreeta, ap 4-2wif Oppoaite Center Market. FOR BALTIMORE AND THE POTOMAC ?,L HIVEK LANDINGS Theateamer ST NICHOLAS, Captain Jacob Kir wax, will leave'a Wharf, .11 ?i . WMhinxton, every SATURDAY MOROilNG. at 6 o'clock, i .oavo^**^3Bfc Ooromaree Street WUurf, Bakimore, *v*ry WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON.*! 4 o'clock, calling at her usual landings on liie river for pasaungera and freight. Sinne last season the steamer has l>een put in thorough order th-owghout every part of her. Far freight or passage apply to THOMAS W. RILEY,Agent. Riley Wharf, foot of 11th at. ma I9-Tu&Tli2ni LE DON TON FOR AI'KIL, Atiaatic Monthly for April. fid51 BwSSSTutH 'r^NC^^?ICH8T^Kj I ?% 1 f\PFI K??.*KTTV ,lF' I'VF men who were on boftrd oi'iaj L.'s. ?hif? ?t prfsrs wxjn??UiK. p. Q, i?iHf /"JJ.REAT NUMBERS* OP PIANO FoKTKS VV for aal* or rent u ftU frlaw. Alto, tea Myl# t? ^zwm'ntsi&gss THE LATEST NEWS. TELEGRAPHIC. Not:ci ?The Star la the only afternoon paper pnbliabed In WaahiugtM city that recelrea tua dlapatcbe* of tbe Aaaoc'.ated Preaa ?" * 1 w ? THE LATEST FROM THE SOt'TH. f rom C kwintoa Charlk-tos, April II. IS m ?All la quiet bere We are resdr,and patiently awaiting. No excitement. Charleston. April 10?The floating batterv havlng been flnlsh-d monnted and manned, wu taken cot of tbe dork laat evening and anchored In a cove near Sullivan'* Island, rradv for aervlce Our people .ire not excited, but there ia a fixed determination to meet tbe iaaue. At additional reglmant of one thomand men la hourly experted from the Interior. Governor Pickeua waa tn arc ret sraaton with tbe State Convention to-day before their final adjournment, which took place at 1 o'clock Before 'adjourning tbe Convention paaaed rraolutiona approving the conduct of General Twiggs In realm lng h'? command and turning over-the public property under bis control to the authorities of Texaa A boat 1 ,W0 troop* were aent to tbe fortification* to-day, and 1,8(J0 more will go down to-morrow F*-Penator? Wlufall and cfhestnut. and Mr**r? Bo>l*ton, Means, Manning and McGowan. have received appoint men ta toGen Beauregard a atalT Large numbers of tbe member* of the convention, after the adjournment, volunteered a* prt vain About 7,000 troops are now at the fortifications Tbe " beginning of the end" Is coming to a final closing The Charleston Courier repoits the arrival there of Lieut. Talbot, on Monday.when he bad a conference with Col Pickens and Gen Beauregard, but he was not allowed to communicate with Major Anderson at Kort Sumter, and started back to Washington the same night It ts understood the nature of tbe conference was to obtain permission for an unarmed storesblp to victual the garrison at Sumter; but permission wis refused. It 1s generally believed at Charleston that tbe linKPmorl atnrMK i r, 1 J 1 ? .......?... u wvuiu ur ccromrailir*a ny n naval force, and cverv preparation will be made to prevent tbe relief of Sumter. Frim the (' federate State*. Savannah, April it.?An order wa* iasued veaterday from the Adjutant * Ofllce at Fort Pulaski, prohibiting vea*el? from pawing 'be fort without prcvlon* information of tbeir pacific character Ve**el* ere required to stop and send a boat to the wberf on Cockvpur Island to convey a rommli loned officer on biard to make an examination. Fort 1'ulaski ha* been fullv w!irrt?r?n?..t From >1intj*mrrj Mostoomert, April 9 ?The rommlulonrn of the Confederate States at Washington have announced their rejection to our (ioTernment, and their intention to return home at once. Sufficient evidence U supposed to be In tbelr possession of the treachery of Mr. Lincoln, and of the Intention to land troops at Fort Pickens and elsewhere Recruiting It going on rapidly in New Orleans. The military enthusiasm is at 1 ts highest point, and troops continue to pour into Pens&coia Litnt frsm Peaeacala. Montgomery, April 10 ?Tbe Pensacol* Navy Yard to tbe New Light House, (two bud a half milea) is lined with guas and artillerists. Tbe lormer are trained to bear upon Fort Pickens and the harbor, as well as to command the channel From XewOrleaas New Orleans, April 9 ?The city was thrown into the highest state of excitem- nt by a dispatch received from Charleston that seversl war vessel* had appeared off Charleston btrbor this morn ng, and were outald? tbe bar waltiag tbe t de to go up. nod would probably make the attempt tc night. A conflict is considered certain Another dispatch from Montgomery this morning states that the Cabinet assembled yesterday with regard to tbe hostile designs of the Lincoln Administration, and came to tbe unanlmouaoDin ion that war la inevitable A call waa according made by tbe War Department on each of tbe Confederate State* for 3,000 volunteers, excepting Florida, which will be called on for 1,500 Tbe ConniilMk-ntra of the Confederate States at Washington have announced their rejection to our Government and their Intention to return home at once. Sufficient evidence Is supposed to be in their possession of the treachery of Mr Lincoln. and of the intention to laud troops at Fort Pickens and elsewhere Recruiting is going on rapidly In NewOrleans. The m'.l'tary enthusiasm is at its highest point, and troops continue to ponr Into Pensacola The hazard of bloody war is imminently critical An open and Immediate official disavowal of intended hostilities to the South by Mr Lincoln will alone save such an issue New Orleans. April 6 ?The steamer Ernest, Capt Merrick, arrived here to-day from London for a cari/o of cottnn * n H wi>.? 0 ? _ f"~v1 * *? mcii or" ct-tiding tbe river abe wai taken for a war *tearner, wbich gave rise to exciting report# All ia excitement here, cauaed by advlcea from Havana to the 4tu instant, which atate tba; tbe expedition for the annexation of St. Domiugn to Spain sailed on the 13'h ult Sdlutea were flred in honor of the departing abipa. Great joy and enthuaiaam prevailed at Havana. Commander Berryman'a funeral waa attended by General Bragg and a large proceaaion of the Confederate Statea otficera of tbe garrison. H'*pitolitiea were interchanged between th- federal navy and army and thoae of tbe Confederate Statea. The b<*t feeling between the two forcea prevnila at IVnsacola. Noapprehenatona are entertained that a rupture would take place. l'rom Tfia?. Galvkstox, April 9? It It reported that the F?dTal troop* lett in Tex ia de*l^n concentrating at some *iv?-n (mint and to make a stand the e The ^tjr of tUe West and tbe Empire City are till oil' Indianola. The Mexicans at Matamoras have been D.antinv cannon pointing toward* Brownsville. Tbe Legislature have a bill dividing tbe State snto six Conermional districts, and also a bill to issue State bonds to tbe amount of $1 utO.OUU, to be secured by a special tax. , Naval and Marlae Affairs at .Itrftlk NoaroLK, April 10.?Arrived he'?, steamer Hankow, from Jiew York, leaking, and otherwise damaged. A large number of vessels, mostly from the South, bound North, have been detained by the storm The United States steam sloop-of-war Pocahontas sailed to-day, for tbe South, It Is believed, with sealed orders. Tbe steamship South Caroli na. bound UtCharlm ton, touched here to land her passengers (25 In number) and will Immediately p oceed to Char Iraton She experienced very heavy gales [A dispatch from Philadelphia of tbe 11th aaya It ia supposed tbe 9outh Carolina spoke tbe war fleet and deemed it expedient to land her passengers as above?U'ojA. Hey.) \ Tbe steamer Potomac, from Charleston, bound to Baltimore, putln here for coal. Tbe steamer tieorgeanna, which left Baltimore on Monday for th's j?ort, has not been he.-rd from. Naval Movements Norfolk. April 10.? The steamer Pawnee sailed lrom below at U o'clock las', evening, with sealed orders, for tbe t'outh. Nrw York. April 1ft?The steam tug "Uncle Ben'' sailed last nijjht from tbla port with sealed orders from tbe Government Sbe bad sailed previously- but returned to make repairs. Philadelphia, April 10 ? Dispatches frotn Washington state that tbe sloop of war Jamestown >nil tr lo?t. m I ? "? " ? ... u<*warm r, nuw at lUf .1 avy | Ynrd at this port, are to be fitted (or sea forthwith C'apt. Mercer'a Withdrawal litm tbe PewIt a tan Pu!ladxl)'hia, April 10 -The Bulletin of this evening authoritatively denies the statements relative to Capt. Mercer, of tbe United State* itkmer Powhatan, aa doing him great injustice The facta were, be left the ship at Staten Island by Instructions from Washington. These instructions directed tbe command of the ship to Commodore Porter. Charter Electieas. Albany, N. Y.. April 9.?-The democrats car-l-J * l ? A? ' * nru iuc tuarwr election to-aay by over 1 ,<>yo majority. Tkkhtor, N.J, April 9.?'The election la thla city to-day resulted In ttc auccecauf Win. R. MeKean. rep., an mayor, and Starin.deui . Mraarabal A majority of democrat* on the city and ward ticketa were tlected. Affairs at Baiua Boitoh, April 9 ? Joaeph T. Buckingham, formerly editor of the Courier, la not expected to lire. Lieut Oov Goodrich resigned biaofflca today. The Lafayette Hotel, at I f-ranrnnfa Nntj>k I ?u destroyed bv Are tbis morning. The House to-day rejected the bill to abolisb capital pan Labmen t _____________ The D. S. Ssnnters Irons Kaaai ATCHiaoK, April 9.?The reports that there an doubts In reference to the legality of the election Messrs Lane and Pomeroy to the U. ft. Senate are entirely without foundation, as certllcntsa Were made and signed by the tf orernor aa soon as practicable. ; ? - > The Trnnrpsrta BojU* aalllltasn, New Yo*k, April 10 ?The steamship Florida, which snlTrd hew to day, report* aseiog the steamship* Baltic and Illinois si 4 o'clock p. ui , yesterday, off Ihsscnrn. bound ftorrth. r^W^4w>y Ricbmorb. April 10?Tb? bridM ?(b?Cw? ?Mi Tii* ?utiMirrt tiw. Chicago. April 0 ?The Mteeiaeippi river It epee to St Paul Tbe etoeaer Oetu Wiw wm the fret boat tbat went through to Lake Pepin, when be err 1 wed iMt night Fire ?t Hltkaai, Ky HirtMA*. Ky . April 9 ?The buclaeae portion of thie town wee burned oo 9 turdev ni^ht Loea ltt.uuu, lneure?l for ?7,000. Twenty-orrrn Loueee were coneumed A?ethrr Traaeport Steaaier Spokes PaiLAPKLrBte, Aorll 11 ?The etotmor Coatocoelcoe it below from New York She la erp poeed to bare troop* on board Alfi?B4rl> Markets Alixaxdkia, April u ?Flour?Family 90 ??* ? 50, extra TSa?6. tuper fts 1M If) WL?I. whitetl 37atl 30; red ?1 ttatl 43 Cor??wkito 5<k?i65c ; yellow 5Safloc, mixed Ma One Rva SSaOO UaU?ta30c Corn Mai MaTte per bust*! Seeda?11 moth y |3t|3 SO ; Clover M MaK ?, Flaxseed II 4U?|1 4S Provisions?Battsr. roll, lita'iucBacon llattc.; Pork 97 UUaB7 *0. Laid 13al4c. F.f*a lUlSc. Whisky *U?c Flab? ahad BIO ,Vml3 00, herring fValO 90 klttBsrt .narktia. Hat.vthobk. April 11 ?Floor ISc lower; Row - _ A ?* a / vLI. a ?* ? iu ?Mm, vum ?n? V liy JHUAI id J7 w ftftt dull; red SI 3ual 36; white 11 40al 80 Com dull. Pork dull; mew 417; prime SU. Whlaky dnll at 17*c. How York HarkfU NiwVoii, April II.? Flour Sc. blpher Wkut advanced lc. Corn lc. htgbrr Provialona a ?*df and unchanged Wbiakv firm It l&fcal&jjc. GEORGETOWN ADVEKT'MTS XVTHK SUBSCRIKKR WOULD ? tTl KN 'JJl thank* t">thefireo>enar.tleii.ia*na of Goor??town and v\ atliinf on f'?r their kind %nd iv<naa> exerlior.a to aftvo her pr<>port) on ttie morning of the Vh ii.slant. ?d9 H t THOMK WHOLESALE FISH HOUSE. *2 barrela Labrador HKKRING, aolacUd. ? do B&) lalaud do 95 do t?a?tport do *> halfbbla. extra Roe do V libit. n"w Magdalen* do loo do St John ALEWIVBS. l)a:ij eif*ct*d p?r wkooner P. Heilner.and for a\)e low from the wharf on or bolore arriral Also, 1U bbla. oho ce Labrador HKRKlNG, on board of schooner Kxpedit, du? hare a boat tha hrat of next wNk. Alao? 2? bh a. No. 1 Mer?miohi ALF,WIVES. 1*n do No. 1 Gipped HEKKlNG. 1<? do No. 1 Hoaton do srn do No. 3 Modium MACKEREL. Gloiera tf r inspection, 30 bbla. No. 3 MACKEREL. GlouoMUr iMpoe uon, Alao. ki*? and half kiU No.l HACKERKLui) SALMON. 48 kalf l>bl?. Sprint HERRING acd Labrador HKR KING of auperior quality, in >tor*M< for sal* at tauifactorj pno*-?. HARTLEYA BROTHER. ap in ?w 09 anil lot Water ?t. Georfetowa. F FERRY. OR The accommodation of VtrfiniMa and the citizens of Georgetown and Waal.niton, the ua deraigned iiaa re ectabliehad the old f?rry frcrr Analoctan Island to *eynold*a VV barf, near Ray'a Mill. Aaa'eand convenient new uoat?the loa berg?will make trip* every hoar at raaaoaaMa f wa Tt-tw WALTER 60DF.Y A BOOTS AND SHOES LARGE And variea aeeortm-rt of BOOTS an*l SHOE** ol excellent quality ju?t r* ceivtd at 14 4 Urr ee ?tre??t. near the oi-HI nil>us f t&nd, and fur ? le 3 to 39 per oect.W W| ohe&p-r tn&a the usuaJ price*. in*23Jm ; A. NEW BKRGK* . D *00 CUl-b PRIML CIDER A!LY Expocted peraetu-oiier Nirj Abb McGoe from Huston. This Cider is A No. 1, (tod lafor btio ib lots toauil ptirchaaera. _ ARMY k. SHINNf le Ubiob Bottling D*pot, Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED? !?' hh**?. prime Porto Rioo SUGAR** Un bit's. okI Rye WHISKY, 3?> hbta. H KRRING and ALE WIVES, So bba. Cruahedlud RefinoJ i?l GARp. 3n >>aga R?u bikI JBXVCOFFEK, I# hh'Ja.dow priced* MOLASCE8 For aaie t y JOHN J. BOGUE. Ml" Look Here! LAST THREE DAYS or RIDDLE'S GREAT BALE or J Mi W ELRT Pc?!TirSLT TO CLOtB OK TBS lTr* or Apb.:u Nov u the Tine to mfcke your iootiona from oar Erttnnt* and 'Btauttful Axionmenr of JEWELRY FOR THE LOW PRICE OF ONE DOLLAR. C?'ME AND 6ET A GARNET SET For ONE DOLLAR LAVA SET For ONE DOLLAR. CAMEO SET...- For ONE dollar ? LAIN GOLD SET For ONE DOLLAR CORAL SET For ONE OOlLAR MOSAIC SET For ONE DOLLAR. ENAMEL SET For ONE DOLLAR Or, Aor of oar Assortment of SMALL ARTICLES For FIPT? CEffTB CALL AND EXAMINE a*a MASK YOUR SELECTIONS EARLY. STUDS AND BUTTONS, ofdim, FOR ONE DOLLAR. PLATED KNIVES AND FORK*. SALTS. SPOONS. NUT CRACKERS. GOBLETS. *0., *0., to., FOR ONE DOLLAR. REMEMBER: WE CLOSE Ol'K STORE on tkt THIRTEENTH OF APRIL. No. 303 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. CLOSING OUT AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. M 6 1W? Ch. Farre's ChunpRfRe.' sh> J. R. GLOM.NGER ft. CO., A't 7, ft'nrtk CkarUt ttrtet, Balltmort, Having b?ea sopoiotel Agents for Dm Ml* of Uie *b-?ve brand of CHAMPAGNE WINK, offer it for sa'e, relying upon its merits to eetabiish hsrs the reputation it haa already acquired m oar 8outr>e,n eitiee. Kesides o taming a hrst-elaae Medal at the Franc# Kzhibition cf 1856, Mr. Farre ha' been appoir.ted Parveyor to the Courts of Bpaia and Pruasia ap 8 eo?w> 1A I'Alil. WOULD Respectfully oatl the attention rf the oitnen and stranger to onr new lot of Man's aad o>s' CLOTHING, FLRNI8HI^6 C0OD6. H A ft* and CA PS. leu eatelr say that I am now prepared to eetl roods on better terms thvn ever Don't forget to call and ook at oar new feed*. J. H. 5MITH, dottier. ap S-lm \o 480 Seventh at., near F. AWM. T. DOVE ft OO. Rl? Nov prepared to axeovts any orders with sated tjiej may be favor M in las PLUMbiNQ, 8AS OR STEAM FITT1M# IO* Store oa KhVirMt, aJaw doers aerfr rf ww r?w r a XJ PP. 9 ( OFFICE WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. " WAtiniMTOK. Mareh S, 1MI. Fioroiiu will W rawvM up to tM IK* frost do for Mm Ai ntafeiM m4 delivery M or mm ft* it* 01 tK? Dist'ict R e..e-voir, oi?jB? o?bte ytrtla Bo It mi Stone, nor* or Um. The Moo* Ml to mid in DM on bee of three icchee To he hard ud durehie Frof OMii >koni<] be e??l?xl m?I iutur?4 "Pre poe? for Broken ruioe." f^RENCH STEAM ACOURERS. VluTlw. p. oeaned, laavirg tha >?li i at aUk J?m? to wmw. Sfiawla, Covert. Coitaiaa, aad CvM? Aiao. baatiaiaaa'a Cloth** ?apl? oi?ai.?H4 vithoat k?av u^uo ?t>*t*l>*' L'? vfciafe tkay win tot* b* om?N. H.~Ho '4r?a takaa ayart, ttoab? yyii M ?w. (law) ?Wa y i. *"!liT!rilr5rC4^'utwmi-i S