Newspaper of Evening Star, April 11, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 11, 1861 Page 4
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_ _ THE EVENING STAR. "CFIDf* THE ROSE " I knew you were coming myd??re?t! By the bird in the tree ; Sr>e i? tinging th* nr?et?it and clearest 'I Lie fwtn. lor me. TUere. where no eye c%n discover Her throt.o in tre vice. Sfco wmt the returu of her lover, A* I do mine. Yet I love i>ut h*r ?onr. oh my treaiare! 1 hat it helpe me r??oio*? For mi inur io on eaitn gives nr; pleasure Like the sound of jour voice. ! knew yon were coni>ng, dearest! By ?he b now of tho rote? Tfc'e evening Mr> richest and rarest Tre iifcWhcoil shows? Tl|'rr'? a ?!?w ib the heart of eaoh biontom she .ilU to jour sir ht, * --J ? ? _ t. 1 ?I l % "_a.p-i i. All'l VTcn 1'IIU UI! IX' hcauu.ui L.?'?UII| Is diol with de ight. Oh ! tatreet, my flower ! whit thoa h<are?t Thou most n?t di?clo?e? I lor? you ! 1 love you : my dear eat! "Under the row!" I knew yon we'p ooming, my detrMt! 8y the f!o?ri of the >kr ; Hmvea ever aoemi kinoeatand nearest What time you are mgh. N?>'. in .ro the Dright suiiluht around me Krxiircles my h**d Than your love, like a halo, hath erownrd me An emprea* ir deed! Oh! let not that love be removed Lntil I ehail die; It crowns me more nobly, beloved. Than the gold of the tky! I knew too were coming, my deareal! By the wind'a wm?p*r low? He i* c jc;ui* : %hai i* i' ti.ou tc&rett. 'Hon ootrun*. know !** "fls 1* oomiae F* it in the forest, ' He w?ll come !" in the Ria?s. Tw oh B'>w?tr. th* or poorest. "He oomwf let him pn?s!" Tre*. I softly, :njr devest and truest. O'er the moss in tf.e dell. But wherever thou contest or tosst. These sentinels tell. I knew von were eomin?, my dearest.' 1 knew by my heart? Ih't monitor truest, -locsreat, W hen wc ar< ap^rt. BeaM nz tim? thronrh the clow dragging hours, A1 tier for your sake. And rejoicing at ev? with the dowers To we eome yon hack. Do von think, oh, my darliof ! uiy lover That m* heirt ever sleeps. When all through the hi.issuing clover It counted your st??ps f | Home Journal. * . ik _ > > _ .A mOBABLE RIVAL Of I*ATTl, MORPHY ?An Interesting chew mitcb Is now in progress between Mr Perrin. the Pre* dent of the Hrooklyn Che?s Club, and Mr. W.J A . Leonard, a yoctu of nineteen yfjtra rf age. wto La* been creating a great sensation in New York for some time past by his conquest of veterans in Calssar's lists So fir tbree gamrs have been played, of which Mr. Leonard has won two. and judges of the game anticipate that if this young gentleman goes on at this rate at which he hatrommen'>ed. the redoubtable Paul Morpuv will have to surrender his laurels to his I s? S-? urwiiyn rival. JMien S Yale, of Stoekbr'.d^e, had a fine yoke of ratti>-standing in bi*btrn. adjoining a atail occupied b\ a spirited hors?% but with a partition between the atalla. The ox neareat the bo In licking out his merger, thruathla to;:gue through a cack Into the burns'* manger, when that animal seized it aa be would a handful ?f + rnam, and t>;t it clean ctl", leaving tbe piece in hia i?i-.p*er The ox was fnus.d in great pain, with Lk bmjfoe bi?-dlni; profusely, audit was found necessary to k'.U him. Tn Right ?>r Sece<?u>:* vs. ike Right of F.xpke?? o* ?The Montgomery Mall and New < >riear,a lMta h;;vt- opertd a severe fire uikjii the "Sew Orleans f . uarune f- * aile^'-d disloyalty to the new <*or?f< derac>", and it wojld not be mrprisiiig to h*-ar that that thrrn In tbe side of the Se e??Tcn!?,? L*d been barsblv dealt with. Despotism njovt* on apace in the new Confederacy. irrcor Lattrell hiving been challenged by bit own father, declined the combat?not on any ground of filial connection, but because aa he said, bit father ' was no gentleman " Abjut thre? hundred yard* of the Gentgia Railroad, abo'it twenty-five miles from Augusta, wsa destroyed by fire on the ?7th, with some tight hundred cords of wood. (|TA little boy died very suddenly in Toronto last week who &as ccii*ura>ii a Mim<i .<u VI cp?uili salts daily for the last ten years He bad fits, poor child, and salts were hia only remedy. ID- The King and Queen of.Napieaheld a levee In Romt? a few week* since. wuicb wji attendtd by t^Uteeo persons' How like the world IfTTbe nnai? of detihs from dlptherlftin the l iUd Sia*?* during the p?*t year :s said to );? BO lMtlillU 1U.UU) ibetftu volume of Macauiay's History, j?i?t published In '.ondon. the publishers recpiv.-<i {rem th* order* in advance for I5,<t|0c?p!e? jr^ Men wounded by the exploaicu of bombare wouaded mortarly. \YT" The c.rn of a veiwel !? not governed hy bit inat?. but a married Undtinan generally 1* , l|7'Tli?novrltyindrMi tbia aea?on. In i'ar:a, Is iud:a foulards |r7"0r?i;t dN'r*mpreva:l? unions the fiabermen of Kllkff, Id trt-Iobd. IT^'l t* uau.e of F r? Floyd has bwn clianged to Fort McLaue. |JT Work* on tbe United Sates are now eagerly sought for in Kurope, and find a ready aale. An HI V* LS A T THE HOTELS. W1LLA3DH' HOTEL?WG Brnwninjr. W F. Coale. \\ MtJJuil, A P Kly, NV, F it Foi^er, it E Law. C*1;T B Carroll, C II Sberrill. J B King. NV; K Johnson, Pa; Capt Wood, I SA; A Wathiirn, London, Hon K Babbitt, Pn; A II Shuiti. Mo; K Poi>r, Maaa; J li Murray, L Murray, NV; J A Fox, R Jobr.son, C Day. NJaaa. G P Hlttnim, A ForbeJ. C i'erkuu, \V K Lanain", NY; J A Mlddieton R A Fraltb, Ky! A PotU.Pa: j\ a vance. ?>J; J S Muae, K Trask, Mw; Mr Martin, Mr Ooo'.d, NY; M I! Bay ley. Pa; \V d ?*p??ar, Terin; M McDowell. Rl; K B Coleman and daughter. NY; N Bur', P"; H L Brooke.Md; T 9h<rp. Fa; F H Siultb. J H Goodman and lady. He* E D Cooper, Va; A S Gorman a:id lady, A B I'nttrraon. Md, Dr J C Ayer?. Man; C H St->n?Ie!itt Ky; / M Haworth. O, T Williams, J S Coats, M Jon?i. Pa; Hon J B Alley. Maw: J B i'r?n? >V;KH Dorrance, Mass; A Aasun, ct; N Ames, F Cur*is, .\I?m; C Prentiss. Ct; J K iillam and lady, W A .Morten. T M Kradd and lady. J L Thurlaad. Mian I'inslow, NV; Rev B T Hooke, P?; T H Port# r, O F. Cook and lady, I) Foster, NY, \N A Nevnl, W F brown, HI; ft II Fierce. M..s* HLM rarter, J Sherry, S C Hawkins.N X; C >1 liorkrr, NJ; 1> <iott, U U T MirihtU, F NV Uotfglli. NY; W B Smith, Va; Mrs F,aatnir.n, Ua. NATIONAL HOTEL?T Clarke, Md; W L Speer, T?ui.; li 11 Burns, N Y; C Frayscr, Va; r Uormah, Id; O R Smith, NT; Dr Tnayrr, E K Welsh, Ma*s; S B Ditcher. I. H .Mil, NY; T J Slewart, S Heatb, A G Bodttsb, Me; J J Temple, Ky; J II Noulton, Nil; J R Frcueii. O. A Ramsey, Mln; A 3 Rlcb, F F Wood, P F Pratt. NY; J idtfaCrala, Got Pratt, Md: M Dodge. Cal; N A Mitchell. J W Va; W H Ldwards. NY; 6H lliiatmann l??: Mr. s , . ... V UlituCTS| l\lj J I Newton. E Wolif. Pa; H Compton, H Mitchell, Md; O <i;baon, Va; J L Fulkeraon, SO; Jo Ijw oa, Ct BROWN'4 HO I fcl..?J M Tahd. L Williams, A MorU-itt) ir;j, J S-.oit, L> Howell, J A McCaniiougUlv. 'i * Oall. W R Smith, W Rountrre. ?; Clarke, NC; A Repj-?rd. Dr W Hoyt, Ga; K Kent*, te ta; J Girr*''. R B Stephens. O B Bszisrtjr and ly W Himny and ly, C J Shumate, K B Mer.t n, F W SmltL, O, A Boyd, W A Greyer,-, A J Setheu. Mra Tools. Mra Allen. .MlaaA'lea, Va J Cobu, J L Xjl.kvtfer. Vt; A K CaUm. K W Puliilm, NV; B H Henderson, li Hudiiu. R L MrOnw, Miaa C McGrsw, Pa; J I' ,H?> U la-?- ' ? " - * v, n \j, Li isaiien, SO I KIRKWOOD HOUSE.?T Stewart, A Hther baw. Md; 8 > Bubou, W Omltld, Pij W Flttgera Id T Sbort and ly, K Casey and ly. NY; J j ohiiaon. 'fean; M as Si Tex; U B way, Mrs Morris dduzbier, J II Will, Oj Capt Koblnto?, I SA; J B Loacfa and ly; Cal. OVEA iV > TEA MkkS' SAILING DA YS rur. Lbitb? State*. S'hmi Leaf. Par. Dan)N*w York .Stir York...Bremen Apl U h uropa New Ynrk.-.t'ivorpooi....Ay' 17 *> ti? Nwrsx YJ? - v > !>? I Api JP' Ptrnt . ...^..New ">-Tic .Liverpool Apt 34 FruiM AlHart New Yir*...G?iw?y__ Apl 27 FROM LuftOFB % Fe)*tt? t-ooth'ptoi.^Now York .Apl 3 Httuk, _t*Mih'pfr>n...V-w Y< rk ..Apl 4 Urem#'j >onth'ptoe... N<>w York.... Ap 17 Hmuuoiua. *-oUtb>u<B ...New York . .Apl U THE 81 B*CRIBFU* HIVING RECEIVED li?e?f kr?l aupp'y of new of SPRING M>OD-. tuey r^ loyiU^M e*41 (torn Uieir pU(?'>eu<l ibepnMio ceo- Km eim'ly. Th t ??ip?!.D ?? i?otlf <?n ??,->d V|f I & ?o ?d up* ? of ^VALnad MILITARY JB I FURNISHING OOUDS, euob a* Epaelet*, I r*w*r4e, Gold Laoca etc. H. F LOUDON A CO.. . ?- - -?- jaUor?, rni J < J1tro ft a. 3?>'i. codwr Brown'a Hotel. M KL?N*E*Y'* *ARB7TK WORKS, I"l? CmIIIIK TllkOiRtllPTf. MONUMKNT9. TOMB SLAB*. HK*Deiti.NM, M i El B, and all kiada of Ornai??atai Work iu Mart?ia ex'eut+d in an artuuc nuu*' wrh an I <l-,?p\toh. Mi 0m<(trn.~Pt rawna wbo knvn rrm thtr r*?Uvfi. u4 ?h<> ' wm to mb? ish tfcair n*w jroandt oan no ?? at practical worj^inrraay'a R?a?h*?, M?l Kco. Anta. *o M>or*'? KM *d hrtorminalor navarfaiU. Moore's Benzine will r?wi*?iu <t, vara ?U or tr-%aa of any kind, fr., ?* #( ?i*M<at?s 1*'' 'J, atifc orw?oI?a. %r?fJV> ?/lot or lliifTlM; will alean Kid Maifoij}. vi h ntl* imbtr. Par *?la at '"5W wtr* 1 THATELBB8' DIRECTORY. MHS CHANGE OF HOURS. 'h? ard after SUN DAY, November Sth, 1W?, the trains w:i, r?n as foiJo* : LEA V ?. WASHINGTON r F>rat trai n at 6.2" a. hi. f^fwrnl Tram at l.v> a. m. Third train a? 3.1ft p. m., Express. Fourth train at #p. in. LEA VK BALTIMORE-. First train at 4.15 a. m., Express. 8e?ord train at 8.SS a. in. Third at 3.1" p. in. Fourth at 4^' ?. m.. Express. The first, seoond and third trains from Wash/. n>.. ? -i iC Uf wu wuuvu* ?uivu?>r w A iumuvi|rftia BUU 11CW York. The tpoord and third oonneet at Washington Junction with train* for th? West. South. and Northwest; alto, at Annapolis Junction, for An napolis. For Norfolk take the f 40 a. m. train. For the acoominoaation of the way travel between Washington aud Laurel, a passenger oar will be attaohed to the tonnage train which ?oaves at 11 a in. On Saturday the *.!? p. m. train goes to Philadelphia only. no 36-u T. H. PARSONS Agent. "educational. T FEMAI.K EDUCATION. 1. HOPE Parent* who with their daughters to receive a thorough and systematio education, where theirpliysioal training will recei /edaifjr ami special attention, under theiyost approved syrfem of Caiistiiftmc* s.n.1 Uymn&stics, are respectfully invite*! to visit the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth st. and New York av. ^ MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARD*, u * - w rruionwviB. fj>EMALE BOARDING A ND DAY SCHOOL 1 ALEXANDRIA. YA. mn. s. J. MoCORMICK, PbtwcipaL. The thirteenth annonl session of t.iis Iristitut-nn will ooinmenoe on Tneedar, Septenil>er 13th, m tno house r?uentiy oooupied by Sylvester Scott, Eft., No. 190 Km* troef. The course of study pursued will ootnpnae all the branches requisite to & thorough English Education, aad Music, French, Latin and Drawing, ii desired. In addition to day scholars. Mre. MoCormiek is prepared to receive a limited ouinkerof pupils at hoarders, wliO. oonstitutinc a Dart of h?r own f?m. i y,will f>e ui.dw ii<*r iinmediile oare and auperviiiuo. 5*ha will endeavor, a* (ar as possible, to but round tticm with the oomfortaand kindly influences of Iloni??. Rtjcrmer*.?R*t. Geo. H. Norton, R??. Dr. li'.iaa Harrison, Rev. 1). F. Sprigg, WUiiam H. l-owle, Es<., Kdnar Snowden, ht^.. Edmund F. Witiner Ea*., Henry Marbury, t*q., Lewi* McKenaie Eea., Robert H. Hunton, bsj . W. D. Wailach Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Water*. K^.,Jai Entwiale.Jr.. F>?.,Col. John W.Minor, Loudoan Messrs. Blackloo* k Marshall, Mauri. Cor Brothers. Tumi. Hoard, with Tuition in ail the Kngliah Branches, #2oo (or the annual teaaion?payable aemi-annually, in advance. Mump and Languagea at Profeaaora' prioea. [[/" No extra charge*. au 23-tf OAS FITTING, &c. gTas fixtures. F. Have in store, and are dai.y reonmnj, OAS VIXTUHEbi of entirely New Pattern* and Designs an 1 Finish, superior in strie to anything heretofore offered in this market, vve invitecituens general ly to oail and examine our stook of l?a* and Water Fixtures, feeling confident ttiatwa have the beat ?e'?ci.'<t stook ;n Wati.Ji^toa. A i Work in theat-ove Tine l&trssted to our car* will be promptly attended to. IU i r<ko ae HJO*JnAli mar g-tf 370 D atreet. SNYDt-H, . PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, Has removed to tl.e corner of Tweiftii ai d F at*. He ia prepared to introduce Water ai.J l/u upon tne most favorable torms, and cuarantieo euUrs a&tiafaction. UehAa on hand a lot of COOKING and other S'l'OVKS, which ha will sell less than coat, a# he wiahes to get rid of them. no 17 OFFICE OFJNSPEOTOR AND BEALE1L OF ?A8 METERS. W AaairtsTon. July 18,1890, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That, af/o*ablr t j the provisions ol the ordn unoe of the Corporation approveo Ma? 12, lljjji. the undersigned ia now propatod, "whenever ref aired ij? writing, and cn pre par meat of t<e fan of uftr cents, to inspect, examine, teat, prove, a>:d aaocriain tho acoura* j of registration otauf ?a<? meter in yso in thu city.'' Lrery nv tir.iff 'u id -noorrect, will bec-.ndrmned, and anotnor, seale t and marked a* true, will be aet mi'i c &aa. If * ? u- 1 w r . v ? >v in; avvmaio 111 I mea?iir?.:iieinofg<M, itwnl be scaled accordicg'y, tsdMun tat in pos Hum for uso. Office No. MO Savejt street,(near Odd Fel.ows' He'.l > ?Jp?n froin 8 a. m.. to 5 . m. CHARGES W. CUNNINGHAM, J 18-tf Inspeotnr an-1 Pealer of 9a* Meter*. /Ov NOTICE. I"! REMOVAL. X j> 19 V 1 hare removod my V Pawn office to 181 C st-eet. rw'weon 4H and 6th streets, immediately in the rear of the National Hotel, whore the business will t>? cont:nnr?i heretofore at tha oldstaud. In.156m] ISAAC HKRZHF.RO. * I T NEVER FAILS!" 1 ' IT WILL PAY THE PEOPLE !" I take greet pleasure in announcing to the citizfii? an<f ?tiaugers of Washington that I have just returned f om the Nortn with a very fine and 'arge I lot of SPfclNW and SUMMER CLO TH ING, ?U*NM?Hip?> GUUDS, TRUNKS. H ATS and urstvmaiMn pW|W ?My tw oasi>, and I h n pref Rr-'fl t<> c?ll thein off at very low prioea. j N. 1$.--All of the?e goods have b'en mat'.o up wi?!-in the !**' month therefore, vnu c*n get the la'tet BtTlwat J. H SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh at., opposite Post OAoe. ap Vim FOR STAMPING . A PACKET OF PAPEJl S f AND ENVELOPES I NO TO MATCH, | | at the CHARGE METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. V phi lp fc 8olomon8, Ar**tt for Lauriwt's ttUb*a(td Lint* Paptrt, "lletrcpo'xran Mills," |c., ire. mN It 334 Pa.iv., bat.9tt and Hth its. f orth OF IJOuTy, SHOES AND TRUNKS, Of all Styles in.1 Qualities, AT A GRKAT SACRIFICE OK COST. Stort for Rent and Fixtures for Salt. al! the Stock in S. pThOOVKR'S STORE, H ??lron liali.enibrarMncovery variety L4Uiie?\?fint?\ Children'. andBM| SHOES AI?o, TRK\ ? ! EMNG TR I N KS ate no* being cold, for' taskAl cre&t ?acr.tjoo? on u-sual retail aellinidprioes. indeed much beiow original coit. Tn# attention of puldio u eoiieited, aa great lndcoomenta will be made tn ?urc!iaj>erM. The al>o?e comprises a large stock of tlie finest iu&l'ty French and American Uaiters,Siioes,Boota, c.. So,, lor ladtea and ffentienien The ftore ia for rer.t find the Fixtures for sale. Apply on t e premises, Iron Hall. S. B.?The aln>v? stock, eitiiar in whole or in part, will !> ' a?.ldat private sale. To anyonedeairoua of entering tho Boot, bfioe and Trunk Business tan a funis a bettor opportunity than may again he presented, P.rt.;-na indebted wil1 oonfer a favor by promptly cailicc anjl Bettlin* their aoconnU. ja7 tf JL'ST KKCKlV KL? THIS DAY BY FKKNOI1 * It I Oil STEIN, I 27 S PIN*. AvkhuBj t,r^i una a u .KJ.U OI iivery; men rat an inlerior I rac?, iatt?r its normal condition, by J. U. Van Evne. M. 0. All the New Hook* and Takers of the day con t*nt * on baud Oar usua! disoount of 10 to 60 per cent. on all bound book*. I-KKNCH k. RICII8TKIN, ap 6 S7b Penn. avenue. wATcH "RmoA?VER WA I have one of the beateatabliahmenU, and furnished with aoompleie aet of tool* for repairin* every description of fine Watches, and particular attention *ive to the gamp, by a^MK thorOnehoompetent workman .and a work cjiarantieiL A.k>, every deacnp ion of standard Sfl.VKR WAKE, plain and ornamental, manufactured under my own supervision. which iny onut.'inert will hnd fa' superior in enauty and finiah to northern ware ao!d by dealers in general and represented a? their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, ae 6 338 Pa. avenue, near Wli at. |^OOT8 AMD SHOES. TO 80IT VMK m- I' IKS. We are now nianafaaturinc all kinds rf DOOT8 and SHOES, a6.1 00: stAt.,? rooeiTini tg^i supply of ?Mt?rn mvt* work of even an BB| Movtiou. made expressly to order, and willf Bj pa?bid at a much lower fioetHan has ht*u" Hb l.oiotofore eiivtod in tii.s city lor muoh tnferioi article*. Persons in want *f U00U and Shoea of eastern or ei'T nr&de work, will a way* and ajood asucrtir.en tn atoreard at the lownt prices. ?i?* us a call. GRIFFIN * MRU., ay t-r 314 Po.-.uryUama avenue. 4^REAT MEDICAL HOUSE IN THE CITY VI OP WASHINGTON. DR. 8HU.M AN, at his Southern Me<licai House, ooroerof Stxthst and P? *"? endon Hotel, la the ob1? ene tn the known worfd who oan permanent I* on re ?!: diaeaae* of a private nature m from S to6 days. A permanent ear* or no ohargo. ma Iw-im* f\UPf>NT^ GUNPOWDER, D AJa%wsa;sav^ra,^s^tit',,8i2 Dar ey'i D oltene; Darler'a Cooper Appleton'a New Anerteaa Cyclopaedia., relume 11 now readr. , , ma? (ft*.) N?5??|C"oekk?* ' I > i Nfirvn i itHpa da rhf? * iva i v ?iviivwwwi iv ^ & * Headache. , By the usa of these Pills the periodic attacks oi y'rrottt or Sick HtadatK* may he prevented; and if taken at the commencement oi an attack immediate reliei from pain and aiokneea vill be obtained. They seldom fail m removing the Nantta and Headatk* to which females are so subiaot. They aot gently upon thebowela,?removing Cottivmutt. For Litrrary Mm, St*d*?ts, Delioata Females, and all persons of ttdentary kakitt, they ara valuable as a Lrmtiv*, improving the appttitt, giving tone and vigor to the digestive organa, and re storing the natural elasticity and atrengtb of the Whole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long investigation and carefully conduotod experiments, having been in use many years, during whioh time th?v ravmtml ?.nH mliavaul m. *? ? an??< pain and suffering from Headache, whether cngi nating in the furrim* system or from a deranged state of the stomaeK. They are entirely vegetable in their oomposition, and may be taken at all times with perfeot safety wittiont making any ehange of diet, ami tkt ab tenet of any disagrtenbl* tatU rtndtri it raiy to admxnisttr tktm to childm. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have fivo signatures of Henry C. Spalding on eaoh Box. Bold by Druggists and all other Dealers In Medioices. A Box wiii be seel by mail prepaid on raoeipto the PRICE, aft CENTS. All orders snosiJ be addressed to HENRY C. *PAI,DIN6, 48 Cedar Stkibt, Nivr Yon. THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF SPALDING'S CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL WIIO SUFFER FROM HEADACHE THAT A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE IS WITHIN THEIR RMACH. A* these Testimonial* ire re unsolicited by Mr. Spali>I50, they afford unquestionable proof of th? ejficacy of this truly scientific discovery. Ma^osvillk, Conn., Feb, 5,1861. Me. PrALT>!K??Sir : I have tried jour Cephaho Pills, and I lik*. thtm to ttr.ll that I want you to end me two tloi urn worth more. Fait of theea am for the neichbom, to vhofh I gave a few out of the first box 1 pot from yoO. Send the fills br mail, and oblige ^ * U?A A ' ? ?? m*J i vur uu t ivrvam, JA,nr.> Ab."M."XtUY. Il&VKHFORDi Pa., Feb. 6.1861. Mr. S*rAL3ii?9?>*ir I wish you to send ?re one more box orToiir Cphalic Pills, i *a?< rtetivtd frtat *eal if benefit from $4tin. Yours r-jspeetfuHf. MARY ANN STOIKHOUBE. Gpkcci Crzsk, Huktiw^tos Co., Pa A January 18.1861. \ H. C. SrALDi^o?Sir: You will please send me two boxes of jour Cephaiio Pills. Bend tliem immediately. Respectfully your#. JNO. B. SIMONS. P y ? I hnvt ustd cnt box <tf your Pilit, and find tktm txMil**:. Bells VKcifoit, OMo, Jan. 15.1861. Kvnct C, K?a : Pleaee fine' inolosad i twenty fiv? cents. for whionjend me another box ii tout i;rpnauo rim. Tkty *** truly Ik* btit Pills 1 kiv* ???r trud. Diiect A. STOVER, P. M., Belle Vernon, Wyandot oo., O. Hkvirlt. mass , Dec. 11,136n. H. C. Spaldi*?. : I wuli for ?noio circulars or laren show to brir* your Cephalie Pilli rrore particularly before m? onctimer*. If you li.-rvtj a^vthinc of the kind. p:ea?e e?nd to me. One of rny cu<tom?r?. who issu'jpct to ?e7tre k t*ick Headache, ( ta?tm* twodsri.) reus wed of an a:tack iit on* kour by your Pills, wluoh 1 aent her. Re?p*otful]y yonra, W. B. WILKES. reyjioltsbune, Franklin Co., Ohio,I January 9,1861. \ II* tcp.t C. No 48 Odar itreet. Ne-* VtL-Dos- Sir: lnc '>Aed find twrnty-five oenta. (25,) fir rMch ?end box of 4 Ceph&lio Pille." t-?nd ?n v\>r?e? of Kev. Wm. C. Filler, Reynoldsbn*?, Franklin o<unty, Ohio Your pi Us woik lik* a tkarrtt?iur* Jlcadaek* cinuii w.'.'Kii<r. TroJy yours, WM. C. FILLER. Yrnum, Mich., Jan. 14,1861. Ml. Ppaldths?Sir: Notion* aino? I eont to yon for a boi ??f Ceplia'io Hil'? for lh? cur? of th? NervoiM il^vtaoho ml Coativeneaa, and reo?ivfdthfl f ni?, and i\ry had no good an effect tkat J voat imdfted to tmd for more. l'l?a.i?aenu by return mail. Dirwt. to A. R. WHEELER. Ypailaoti. Mioh. From the Examiner, Norfolk, Va. C?pli*!io Pilla aaoonipluh th? object fr>r which [ INpt w?!l made. Vii: l.nrn nf i.. 11 i? . ? ? ? ..vwMHfUllU as* ail IM tonus. From the Examiner, Norfolk, Va. Ther have been te*ttd in mora than & thousand with entire euceesi. From the Democrat, St. C'.oud, Minn. Jfyon sre, or have been troubled with the headache. sei.d for a box, (Cephalic Mills,) to that yon maj nave them in case of an.attaok. From the Advertiser, Providente, R. I. The Cephaho Fills are said to be a remarkably ell ective remedy for the headaohe. and one of the vory t>e?t for that very frequent complaint which has ever been discoveredProm the Western R. R. Gazette. Chicago, III. We heartily endorse Mr. Fptldinj, and his onrival ied Cephalic Pills. Fr&m the Kannu>ha Valley Star, Kanawha, Va. We are suie that persons sugVrinr with tkohead ache, who try them, will stick to them. Ftthe Southern Path Finder, New Orleans. La. i ry mem : you that are afflicted. and we are euro that your t?<stim<<uY can be a?ld?d to the already numsroua list that liaa received benefit* that no otuer medicine cai; produce. from tke St. Louis Democrat. 3'ho immense demand for the artlola (Cephalio is) is rapidly increasing. hYtrrrt tke Gazette, Davenport, low. Mr. Spa'dinr wouid not oonnoot his nam# with an artiole he did not know to posieaa real merit. From the Advertiser, Provident?, R. I. The teatimor* in their favor la strong, fiom the moat reaaectab a u*rt*r*. From th? Daily News, Stwport, R. I. Cepha'.io Pilla are taking the plaoe of all kinds. From tkt Commercial Bulletin, Bottom, Mast, Said to be very efficacious for the headaohe. From the Commtrrial, Cincinnati, Ohio, Maflermc humanity oan now be relieved. 117" A flincie bottle of SPALDINtf'Hl PREPARED GLUE will save ten times iu ooat annual ly.

SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! srunoMY: DISPATCH |QT"A Stired is Ti*s 9avu Nike"^31 At aootdenta will ktppen, nw in well recanted families, it le very desirable l<> have some oheap au<l*0"iiveuient way lor repairinf Furniture, Toys Crockery, Ac. 8PALDINO'S PREPARED GLUE meet* all raoh raiergeaaiea, and no boneehold ea afford to he without it. It ta always ready, and to the etioking poiut. ? USEFUL IN EVEKY HOUBE." N. B.?A Braah aoooofaaiaa eaofe Bottle, fht 3$ eaota, Addreaa HENKY C. BPALDING, No. 48 Cedar itreat. New York. CAUTION. dgaBsaaEBsg ^ssasss's^ PUBLIC AD^lsiaTI8EMKNT." pUILIO WO t7o"s. P*blio notio* it hereby giren thM bonds ami ooupona anaex.-ed, of th* deeonpUon hirtutto t forth, h?T* lately boar* feloniously ahetmoted from the o*afe?dy of the I ntertor Department, tho MM baiac the- property of the United State* ud 11*1* in irom io r oenata bmiu tnbM. Notioe um alio been given to the fro per ofNri of the rttptetiTB States to stop the paymentthereof; and *11 persona are reamed acaiaat psrohasinj or tmmting any of sr id bonds and coupons, as tks ciaim of ths United f .tatea thereto will be proeeoutad to the utmost exte at. Each bond bein? for the sum of oos thousand dc .liars, ns : But per otr A. Missouri Coupon Bonds, issued in J une and Aiflfti 1197. State of Mftesiouri.St. Louis and lrou Mountain R. E. State Bonda. Bond J Jo. 3037 Bond No. 1823 1876 1817 1996 1821 1997 18>1 1998 1820 2008 1819 2007 1818 1993 1809 1994 1817 1995 1816 1891 1815 19V0 1814 1892 1813 1991 1812 2003 1819 2002 1811 1992 1808 12006 2031 2005 2033 2004 2034 AAAa ZUU1 2U4d 1999 203? 2000 3032 200# 1826 1877 1828 1878 1829 187? 1830 1880 1831 1881 1832 1882 18(18 1883 1860 1884 1870 1886 1871 1886 1872 1887 1878 1888 1874 1880 1875 1890 2030 2045 2029 2048 2018 OAiH 4A1* 1 I 2047 2010 2044 2015 2043 2014 2040 2018 2041 20.12 2042 20-10 2039 2011 2038 1825 99 bonda 1824 Notb.?Boade No. 1000, and below of Uus series, issued June, 1857, and bonds No. *>01. and above that, dated August, 1857, ?arabla at the Phoenix Bank, New York city, in 1W7. State of Mnaonrt iix Mr cent, oomod bonda, is: Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad Stat* Bonds? Bond No. 1853 Bond No. 1626 i oca " 1027 1861 1838 I860 1639 1849 1859 1848 1865 1847 1863 1846 1861 1846 I860 1844 1361 1831 1856 1836 1858 1831 1866 1834 1864 low 18 JJ 1837 182? 1838 1824 1839 1825 1849 1826 1840 1S27 - 103* l?3fl 1612 1829 1613 1330 1614 IF.SI . 1616 1641 1616 1642 1617 * 164.3 1618 1644 1619 1645 1620 If,46 1621 1647 1611 1648 1864 1637 1634 1638 1631 1840 1632 181] 1633 1843 l?n 1650 1857 1816 1630 1817 1630 1818 1639 1819 1841 1820 1623 1821 1624 1KU (VI V j. WW VVWJLM Nova. These bonda are dated Jannary, 18*7, arable at Bank of Commeroe, New York, to PuT^eSJch1 lntWMl in 'ana*rT a?d ?" i State of Miaaoon aU ?er oent. Coupon North Mlabour! R. R. State bonda. Bond No#952 Bond No. 1639 2940 1838 M39 1641 2941 IMS 2942 1643 2*4# 1644 2946 1645 2944 1646 2943 1647 2947 1648 2948 1649 2949 1640 2950 1650 2937 2922 2938 2923 1653 2924 1654 2930 1655 2961 toaj ZV*3 1858 1857 M21 1706 2488 1708 2511 1707 2513 1462 2614 1461 2515 3454 2516 3465 x 2911 245# 2910 3457 2912 3458 2913 3459 2914 3460 2116 SMI 2911 3463 2917 2463 2918 2464 2919 2465 2120 2466 * 2954 3467 2955 1651 80 bonds Nor*.?The booda nanber'rf SS16 isd below, lean od in January, 18J7; No 3810, ud abort Qui, ijeMdjn^AuKUit, law, payable at Phoenix Bank, Miaeoan ilx per omt Coapon Bonda. vis: North Miaaomri ft. K. State boada. Bond No. 3778 Bond No. 3763 3784 3787 3786 3730 3781 3717 3783 3734 37W 3731 3783 3719 3711 - 3733 3713 3733 3710 3730 3735 3716 3777 3737 2776 3734 3764 3721 3768 3708 3760 ' 3729 \ 3770 > 3718 2771 2716 I 3786 3714 3778 3704 a 3773 tT3i 8 3775 3736 C 3774 3721 2780 2714 2782 ?? 378T 50 bond* dMSSMaWS* MImmtI mmmrm*. 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Coupon Bond*. 4 Bond Ne. 833 Bond No. 735 833 736 831 758 830 759 839 760 834 761 8S6 782 836 763 8J7 744 8? too an 79i 873 791 873 79t 874 7*4 876 796 870 796 877 797 878 798 879 ?9 886 800 881 ML 840 803 847 80S 848 804 849 Ml 856 806 851 ?08 852 807 850 811 854 811 855 818 856 814 857 815 858 810 860 ftl7 Ml 818 881 819 863 810 864 811 O 865 812 866 833 ?67 814 = 868 81*1 869 826 J 876 817 883- 819 881 839 884 840 ? 885 843 L< HI 844 * 844 oi 199 ? 734 104 Ww* ? able in Jaooarr and JaJy. : North Caroliaa tlx Mr etat Coaw boada. M Bond No. 699 Bond No. 491 * 600 494 MS 491 fwu ? 604 *97 ? 606 611 v * 607 498 n 608 ?! 610 611 | 611 481 Sj 611 481 Jj 611 486 y 866 484 oi 614 486 lc Ml 486 M 613 487 614 488 be 614 am 6* 4M c. . 637 538 ft 638 539 l 641 _ JU {H *1 643 M3 615 Ml ' k SI M6 R 646 Ul 647 ffl **i MS 045 U4 M Ml S m *2 : 641 UT & M ' 618 <]? is* ? JIT 116 S !!! M JK g *ir ? 12 414 ff 4W 41S ,B466 |jj <70 ' m> mi TT- an TIT I 12? M ?< 440 MO la J2 "? 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W f ny Md alee thai 3|oimbn propectiee of the wcdieiB?>f?e<nM y by 1U reetomtive electa. the ayelea reooverf fromdieeaee with renewed oonetitattonai vigor, or Mle by n!l r*?p*ot?ble J>rugi',?u 111 Ihi* ty. and by the proprietor, MILS. M. COX, Nno* .??? ? I " ? ittl* and her aeal on the oorfc* "' in* I'rioe I per bottle, ui bottles for f A 1VUUt*l, At-U. R. t*. T. CM8EL, Dracjiet lorgetovn, D C., wk>:ew.? Aceetler Ike Pleat. end vill *t>M<y the trade U my prtmm. Mi V-tr f?H? ALtrSUFFICIENT THREE. TRIEVEMAE. 1.1 end 5?Protected by Royal rttera Patent of Kctiaud, and aeoared by the laofth* F-oorndf Pharmacia de Paxia, a**d the ipenal Colleteof Mediaine. Vienna No. 1 ta id valuable lor exhaastion and natarrb?, id all phyaioal Ciaabihuee. No.toonifietely eradioatee all traoea of then eaeea thai have bee? hitherto treated by the aaaoaa and pernioi->oa aae of oomi va and eebebe. No. S hi I AOtirelw Aiaalanl^l ?* 1 * ? rr.?M???i ?* - iigjtivu IN 01 Koary. thereby lsta/iBC W> the ftiy lief, diap?r?inc all lm|inUM, ud rooiinj o? TMomaf due?w. miESE Va R. No*. 1, S wd %. |NH(?dii form of a loieoge, devoid of tMU mm(,1 id oaa be earned in the waietooat pocket. feold Up oaeee. *'<! dividediateee?*atfedoeM,aead iiuewred b* VeiMaa. L*.>lea?ai7*<>**. Kword. t. PilM #S ?Mk, or foe r dmm for #>. wlutk ^j&ss&sg&xsi s??rKS=g ga^iyJis^feg oerely packed, aad addrwc a*oord:nf to fee latfvzztrzssi,.. NkjnU damaged aad Hrokea d?wp aooeti teuone "Human rralltr, or Phrsielocioal fimwchw.* iabeaatlnilly ilfaetrated.aad tteata w>>&et*lj of tae tr*? omi that mvariaH? dervlo* tfcm*. -v.o,fa55r?f E2 ? c5'u5Sto'SSSood. rUfZfZ, gl*iT(? ? c r"r<^- ?w? wy. WS ?& YsFWftjf J2K& jbhwgM' I ?1-? *v0' rnttt?; god wf for FUld Artill?rr. 1 roU, lteo., *V? 1I1A4I 9+J*. WMiry WtMA ttrWtr, by Bum4? Jaau IwCTImo ; wtM ?>j *ul |)A iTt?tiHoi Ft*-4 Fo tifco*uo>, bf D. H. M*r I.1 vol.. 16(1)0.; tj r *;l ? I lB tfl?Met?rf Tmm ? Adnrttjd Ctlrd. t Potto ?a4 D?Uolia*nt ?*? of Troops, tj H MMU. I *o< . Mao; t; uU IttMta. BvSwQra &sa s Mr RoMrt AaH*r?ei, 1 rol., WM., ffMl bjr reas?" mwss" I :3wsKaac&"?s?