Newspaper of Evening Star, 12 Nisan 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 12 Nisan 1861 Page 1
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'.? * tf ! 4 ' l* t i (gtrenitvg Sta r. V01-. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. APRIL 12. 1861. N?. 2.542. ??? the daily evening star IS pjBLf&HBD BVBRT AFTERNOON, 1 (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) *T THE STAR BUILDINGS, Crmwf of Pnnsylvasiug mvtnvt andWtk tt., IT w. d. wallacd. p?>?n Mrred in by carrlera at ?4 a vav, or ST oenta per mocth. To mail aabaerlbera ti?e >noe 1a f vm a rear, t* cIumm; 92 for aiz moutha, 31 for three montba; and for !?aa than thr?9 montiis at tne rat? of 12 centa a week. Sinf> aopi??, os* c?it; in wrae pera, two caitTa. ILT A0 "kit;*K*?tT* aaoaid bo aect to tha oBoe fcetire 12 o'o.ock motherwiao they may Lot appear btil the seat day. CAPTAIN KIDD, T1IE PIRATE. Some years before, while the war was still Yagicg, there hid been load complaints in the city that even privateers of St. Malo's and ^Dunkirk caused It's molestation to trade than another class of maraaders. The English navy was fully employed in the Channel, in the Atlantio and in the Mediterranean. The Indian Ocean meanwhile swarmed with pirates, of whose rapacity and cruelty frightful stories were told. Many of these men, it was Mid, rime from our North American colonies, and carried back to those oolonies the spoil* gained by crime. Adventurers who durst not show themselves in the Thames, found a ready market fur their ill-gotten spices and stuffs at New York. Even the Puritans of New England, who in sanctimonious austerity surpassed even au -I .? ? o ?i J * lacir u[ciurcn 01 oTouiinri, were accused 01 conniving at the wickedness which enabled them to enj >j abundantly and cheaply the produce of Indian looms and Chinese tea plantations. In 1695 Richard Cootc. Earl of Bellamont, ?n Irish peer who sat in the English House of Commons, was appointed Governor of New York and Massachusetts. lie was a man of ?minon'ly fair character, upright, courageous and independent. Though a decided whig, lie had distinguished himself by bringing before the Parliament at Westminster some tyrannical acts done by whigs at Dublin, and particularly the execution, if it is not rather to be called the murder, of Gafney Before Bellamont sailed for America, William spoke jtrongly to him about the freebooting which was the disgrace of the colonies. "I send you, my lord, to New York," he said, "because an honest and intrepid man is wanted to put these abuses down, and because I believe you to be eucb a man " Bellamont exerted himself to justify the high opinion which the king had "formed of him. It was soon known at New York that the Governor who had just arrived from England was bent on the suppression of j iraey, and some colonists in whom he placed great confidence suggested to him what they may perhaps have thought the best mode of attaining that object. Ikere was then in the settlement a veteran mariner named William Kidd. lie had passed most of his life on the waves, had distinguished himself by his seamanship, had had opportunities of showing his valor in action *ith the French, and hud retired on a compeNo man knew the Eastern Seas better. He waa Mrferllv K>nti?in??(l ?>>l> ?" *u~ r J ??>!> > U*v>? "iVU ail IUD haunt* of the pirates who prowled between the Cape of Good H?po and the Strait* of MaU< c?. nnd be would, undertake. if be were entrusted with a eirgie ship of thirty or forty guns. to clear the Indian Ocean of the whole *aee The brigantinea of the rovers were numerous. no doubt, but none of them were large, .Do man-of-war which in the royal navy would hardly rank as a fourth rate, would easily deal -*;th them all in succession, and the lawful -po;!s of the enemies of mankind would much more than defray the charges of the expedition Bellamout was charmed with this plan, and recommended it to the king The king referred it to the Admiralty The Admiralty raised difficulties, such as are perpetually raised by publi: boards when any deviation, _l r - k.?4 ' - outiucr tvi ius uvuer or ior iDe worse, irom the established couriie of proceeding is proposed It tLen occurred to Bellamont that hia favorite scheme might be carried into effect without any coi?t to the btate. A few publicspirited men might easily fit out a privateer which would soon m*ke the Arabian Gulf and the Day of Bengal secure highways for trade. He wrote to nis friends in England imploring, remonstrating, complaining of their lamentable want of public spirit Six thousand poun-is would be enough. That sum would be repaid, and reptid with large interest, from the ' ale of prizes, and an inestimable benefit would be cociterrod on the kingdom isnd on the world His urgency succeeded Shrewsbury and Romnoy contributed. Oxford.though. ftslii-t Lord of the Admiralty. ha had been uuw^iiug to send Kidd to the Indian Ocean with a king s ship, consented to subscribe ? thousand pounds. Somers subscribed another thousand. A *bip called the Adventure Oallej was equipped iu the port of London, and Kill took iLe command He carried with Liui be?i Jes the ordinary letters of marque, a commissi?u under the Oreat Seal empowering Uiiu to seize pirates, and to take ihetu to some r>l*co where they might be de:?lt with accordng to law. \\ hatever right the king might have to tbe goods found in the possession of these malefactors, he granted, by letters patent, to the persons who had been at the expense of fitting out tbe expedition, reserving to himaeii only ono-tcnth part of the gains of the adventure, which wan to be paid into the treasury. With the claim ot merchants to bare back the property of which they had been robbed, bid Majesty, of course, did not interfere. He granted away, and could grant away, no right* but h^iwn jlbc press tur sailorCTo man the royal navy was at that time so hot that Kidd could not obtain bis full complement of hands in the Thames. Hecros?ed the Atlantic,visited New York,and there found volunteers in abuudanec. At length, in February, 1697, he sailed from the Hudson with a crew of more than a hundred and fif'y men, and in July reached the coast ot Mudagaaoar. It is possible that Kidd may at first have meant to aet in accordance with his instructions. But on the subject of piracy he held the notions which were then common in the North American colonies, and most of bis ' ? cw were of the tame mind. He found himrilf in a sen which was constantly traversed by i tch and defenceless merchant ships, and he had to determine whether he would plunder these ships or protect them. The gain which might be made by plundering them was im mvtiee, arm mignt 00 snatched without the danger* of a battle or the delays of a trial. Ihe reward* of protecting the lawful trade ware likely to be comparatively small. 8uoh a* they were, they would be got only by first ighauf with the desperate ruffians who would rather ne killed than taken, and by then instituting a proceeding and obtaining a judgment in the Court of Admiralty. The risk of belog called to a severe reckoning might not unnaturally seem small to one who had seen m%OT old li-5 ; - 1:1 ' # *>wv* ? ? * lUg i U N/IOUIV SUU OUU* fort at New York and Boston. Kidd soon threw off the character of a privateer and became a pirate, lie established friendly communications and exchanged arms and ammunition with the most notorious of those rovers, whom his commission authorised him to destroy, and made war on those feaceful traders whom he was sent to defend le began by robbing Mussulmans, and speed- i ily proceeded from Mussulmans to Armenians, and from Armenians to Portuguese. The Ad* venture lialley took such quantities of cotton aud silk, sugar aud coffee, cinnamon and pepper, that the very foremast men received from 1 w 1 1 < I 1 J J- * uuuujcu hi iwv uuuurcu pounds eicn, ana that the captain's share of the spoil would hare enabled him to live at home as an opulent gentleman. With the rapacity. Kidd bad tlraorneltyof bis odious calling lie burned houses. he inaaaacred peasantry. Hie prisonen were tied up and beaten with naked cutlasses in order to extort information about their eoncealed hoards. One of bis crew, whom he had called a dog, was provoked into exclaiaing, in an agony of remorse, " Yes, I am a dog, bui it is jou that have made me so." Kidd, in a fury, struck the man dead. I News then travelled very slowly from the tA ?I?J 11-- ? ajwwbh ow?a vw bU|K?UU JUUl 1Q AUgUSl. j 1606, it was known in England that the Adventure Galley, from which ao much had been hopod. wu the terror of the merchant* of Sural and of the villager* of the eoaat of Malabar It waa thought probable that Kidd would carry hi* booty to b? colony. Order* were therefore *ent frum Whitehall to the governors r.f the tranamarina poeeessioni of the Crowa, directing them to bo on the watch for bin. Ha, mean while, having burned hie ship, and I d'tmiseod moat of his man?who easily found berths in the sloops of other pirate*?returned to New York witn the means, as he flattered himself, of making his peace and of living in splendor, lie had fabricated ft long romance, to which Bellamont, natu Ally unwilling to believe he had been duped, and had been the means of duping others, was ftt first disposed to listen with favor. But the truth soon came out. The governor did his duty firmly, and Kidd was placed in close confinement until orders arrived from the Admiralty that he should be sent to England ?From M*c*ulay's History of England, bth vol. Oil l>?a Pigeen Creek?A Iter'* Journey? Wh?t we Saw and Hew we Siw It. (From the Monontjahela Republican 1 The oil fever has taken fueh fresh hold upon so many of our friends up the C'roek, and such wonderful stories are daily brought down to town, that, anxious to develop their truth, we < rdered a horse and buggy, and started for the ' theatre of excitement, on a projecting tour early last Monday. Taking the Valley of Pigeon Creek, we first came to the old salt well at Vanvoorbis Mill. There we found Superintendent Caldwell and his assistants splashing up to the knees in a fino article ot oil, worth 37c. per gallon. They say this oil is very good, and they could make a fair living at it, but M??tt Appleton has rai?ed the price of barrels and they can't afford to save it this year. We understand that Mr. Vanvoorhis offers to lease them ten acres of ground to raise fmmpkins on; the "rod was brought from Caliornia by ilud Williams, who says they will grow largo enough to hold five barrels. It is intended to grow these enormous pumpkins? binding them with hickory poles and bracing them iuside with oak saplings to keep thom from warping or splitting. At Blythe's we found William. Jim and John fit wnrk * rirl fKoir iwuf? Ko?in<? ? ?*? Eight feet from the surface they struck a vein of first quality Cincinnati lard, worth at the mine 14 cent* a pound. They have taken out 22 barrels a day for four weeks; are satisfied; don't want to aell. At Colvin's we found all well, and times prospero".j Twenty-two feet under tho ground tbev struck a vein of wintergreen hair oil, which yielded well. They also found a few pockets of pomatum, and a thin vein of mou*tiche co?metic; not profitable to work, though some of the girH in the neighborhood ha>e preserved some tine specimens of crystaliied pomatum in quarU Are short of barrels?a fine chanco for a good onoper. At Reed's Mill the principal find has been tallow. It is found at the deplh of two thousand feet, mixed with mica, brown stone and white marble. The process of melting tallow is interesting, but wu haven't time to describe it. There id generally about 73 per cent of pure tallow At Snyder's tanyard they are putting down a well which promises finely A little suet is found occasionally in thin deposits, and sotno fine specimens of whale's blubber and red precipitate ointment have been diaeoverod h?r? H Fry is working a fine vein of fresh butter. This valuable mineral is found in great quantities in combination with lard rock, dripping stone, and red hair granite; it is washed with a oradle and long tern, and in some instances worked with a quartz crusher and sluioe stones. At Leander Beazell'a we found them busy in boring a well that gave better appearance than any one on the creek?and it was whispered around that the boys had surface indications of sausage meat, with strong hoj<es of a thick layer of Vandemark's Patent Fence. They don't want to sell. At Witherow's blacksmith shop was a great crowd collected to bear Josiah Taylor tell about the progress of the well. 'Si had come there to get bid horso shod, and said at nix feet he had tapped a vein of croton oil aa big aa ft gimlet; at thirteen feet ho encountered a layer of soft soap; at fourteen feet he struck a vein of castor oil, discharging a barrel an hour; at fourteen and a half feet he found a valuable nugget of Wilson's pills, a small pocket of oil of cinnamon, and a crevice that yielded ninety hog-heads of pure gperinatceti; and then at eighty-two feet depth they struck lard, by which they kuew that butter was near; after < cutting through six feet of solid leaf lard, they were rewarded by striking butter. \r? j r is ** ??xs ivr dinner m A9WIOD N ttuvoorhi#', and ho took us out to see a huge cave, on his farm, from the top of which hung, like icicle*, millions of candles, six to the pound. Dave Foumfcr has struck a splendid hole of apple*, and U bringing thein up with a sand pump?fifteen bushels by the hour; ho soon hopes to reach the bottom, where there are indications of a first class article of crab cider. Wo then carac down to Simon Wilson's and up the bill to the Baptist Church, and then down towards Hiram Rabe's. Here we saw a soap grease bog, and the hill so slippery with t&e little rivulets of oil oozing out, that a man mi ?ht turn back his coat tails, sit down, and sMe d?wn the hill two miles and a half, without friction enough to mako bis pantaloons need a patch. Stepped in to see our gof<d old friend Wm. Wickerham, who had struck a vein of fine caster oil, and the hobs were out on the farm hunting for a tree that bore ready made glass bottles. with the corks in and gilt edged labels on. Wo came on down the river, past Mr. Kernan'a?who hallowed to ua aa we pawed hia hou*e. that he had discovered the hill to be eolid rock candy, and wanted to know if we would like to lexse half an acre for one millioM dollars. Told him we hadn't the change with m. So we j >gged along home, and took down these imperfect notes from memory. We may hare omitted some things?bat not many. Recrcitijg ron the Army ix Rochester The Rochester Union, of April 5. savs : " The recruiting party under the command of Lieut. Marshall, who lately occupied the premises No. 10 Mill street, hare removed and are now located at No. 143 State street, in tbia city, where they have more spacioua accommodation* to auit their various military purposes and to entertain the numerous applicants who are daily soliciting admission into tbe army. Having visited the premises yesterday, we observed a moat magnifioent pole erected, from the top of which was suspended the stars and stripes, waving in all tbe majesty of national independence, and on entering the quarters we were kindly oomplimented with an inspeotion of the officers' books, oontaining a general reeord of all the enlistment* and rejections since the 29th of March, 1860, (tbe date on which the offioe was established,) to the 28th of March, 1801, during which period 224 nen 1 I - -? n ve oeen enrolled into tne Army, and 721 men rejected for various causes. Of those enlisted 196 were Americans, 55 Irishmen, 24 Germans, 18 Canadians, 10 Englishmen, 4 Scotchmen, 4 Switslanden, 3 Frenchmen, and 2 Italians The nsaal inducements are still offered to all snitable young men who are accepted by the recruiting officer and are ao fortunate aa to pasa the surgeon s examination?pay from $11 to $22 per month, together with board, clothing, medical attendance, and the necessaries of life gratis. Upon inquiry we have.b??n informed that m?n nf th? r?niiir?.l - ? <w| ? VM vjuMiiUunblUUO niW wanted immediately at the reeruithig office, No. 143 State street, in this city. rl?7"TLe pait winter has been one of unexam iltd severity. Ttir enow baa been two feet deep n the el'y of Jerusalem Three house* were crushed by the weight of theahow. tight lncbea of wat*r fell In twenty-four boura The Damnsc sroat from Beirut was Inn passable for more tMh'i two werka On tbe 9th of February the paasare of Lebanon was effected through the snow A .< Ma. - * -0 \lM uuita prrii w tiur* ID^On# of the lait umi discovered for Iron li t&u of making It Into collar* and wristbands ?'aa articles of clothing." Q7*Gambling 1* aald to be carried on to an extraordinary extent, juat now, In Athena, Greece, where are there no lea* than 5,(J00 gaming houaes 117There are aald to be 100 men in Llewpeol England, who are each worth 95,000,000. MISCELLANEOUS. ^LOTHINS ANDCLOTHINtt MATERIALS Navt D*paitm*!*t, ) Bureau of Procistons ami ClotKint, > April 4, Ital.S I Skparatb Proposals. sealed and endnrnei " Proposal* for Navy Ciothlng ?nd C othise Ma i teriaia," will b? reoeivert at ihi? offio* u?til 9 o'olook I a in. on the 9th day of Mar next, for furniahinu i and deliver c? < iu rcorivinc SLXt? days' notice; at eaoh or either of th* Navy Yards at Cbarl?stown, Massachusetts; Hroiklyn, New York; or Goaport, Virginia, the quantities below mentioned "fanyor < all of the foliovisg classes of artioles of Naty I Clot hint and Clothing Materials, and suoh farther quantities of the cacne at m?? t>? od?red br the < t;hiefof tit.a Bureau.or by the Commandants of 1 tKa aaiit \i raa annl i>a1 tit a hMU D3IU not J 1 f?IUC, I VD^UUkiVOiJl VIUI1IIR mo fiscal ?*ar oommenciDc on tn? 1st day or Jul? next, and eudinc on (he 30tu day of June, 1962, tic: Ct&sa 1.?Cloth Clothing. i Slue cloth trownftrs ? ?.? "J 0f*> i toe saUn-t trowaer#.? ? 3,000 ? Class 2.?Seamless Clothing. I Blue felt pea jackets 1,000 i Blue fait caps ? ?. 4toio Class 3.?Flannel Clothing. B'uo flannel overshirta ~ Ulue flannel undershirt*.? 3 ? 0 , Blue flannel drawers ? 3.000 Class 4.?Linen Clothing. Canvaa duck tr< wsera. . 3,oco If* r til!** hA?ti nm fraobe c< fMVI I I I | , | . . . ? ?#|W J Class a.?Blue Satinet. Iflue satinet. yards. 10,000 Class 6.?Blue Flannel. < Bine flannel yards,8VX0 Claw 7.?Sheeting, Duel , and Nankin. Barnaloy sheeting yards, ln.oon i Canvas duok _ do 10 mw Blue Nankin du 10,0 0 Class 8.?Shoes. Calf akin lao?d shoes pairs, 4,?"00 Kip skin shoes do 4.00J Class 9?Sods. Woolen socks ?pairs, n,oe? Class 10.?Mattresses. Mattressss (with 3 oovers for each) 2.000 ; Class 11.?Blankets. Blankets ?? 3,000 i Class 12.?Handkerchiefs. , B!*ck silk handkerohieis ?_ 8,')00 t Offers rcsr he made for one or more o!a?scs, at ' the option of tho bidder; but all the artiolos tinbiace<i in a class must be bid for baoh ciass will be ooncid*red by itself, and the contract for tha clasn will be awareed to the bid osr whose propo?a s for tne arnclen compi lied in . the oiaas a-e lowest in th? aggresate. The ramies* clothing ehall be of f-?lt oloth, dyed ( pure indigo blue, made of g >od wool only, and , snail C 'liForm in fhe sizes, co.or, rrarteoi wool, and in all other respects to the deposited at me Navy Yard*. J I'ho CtoUi for blue o'otli trowsers ?bal! be twii!ed. al' wool, and pure invito blue, wool dyed. It 1 si.a 1 havea lut on each edge composed ?f2l white s tn reads, of all wool. All pi?ces under 17>i ounoea per ya'd will be iej<>oieil: and each bale of aioat 30 3 aid* inn si average IB on - res per yard The Satinet must Lie 27 inches wide li.side of hat, with a heading to consist of not less tnan twelve white woo.en tlirevi* at cv h end of tue p.ecs; must weigh not less tliau ;4i ounce* per yard, (o c in'ain in cach pieoo a:.out 2ft yaros; the warp 4 must be ootton, pure indigo dud, yarn-dyed; ard the ti ing wool, pure indigo blue, ww - d. Kach ba*e oi *"<> lanlm' tl average nir.e and a hxlf ooLoai to tho y?rd,and nopiooe snail lie below 9*4 ounooa t? the ?aid. The Satinet Trowaerg mwt be made ot mVi-riai hke the above. The Broailolotli and fa met of which icarmenta are mide shall b-? w?ll Hpuncrd li^for* made up. . I he Hannel m?at oe all wool. vool-dv?K Dure I indigo blue. and iwi; ed; mm-t tiein puces ofafxiut 1 50 yards iu length, 27 inohes wide, wruhing five i ounces per jaru. with & list on aoh edge or four J white woolen thread* woven in the wh ile lengtn ' of the piece. To be packed in bale* of en pko**, I ttie piboea to be roiied separ.itoy without cloth | board*, eaoh bala to oontam 5?K> jardu and ltft4 . pounds F ann-1. No piece u> have a >e^s average weight than 4 8 10 ounces per yard. * The Oversnirta, Undershirts, aad Drawer* must be made of flannel like the above. J he Barnsley Cheating must be free from cotton, So inches in width; weight, twelve ounoes 3l-10o per yard; texture, 4 oy 4 to 1 10 inch. Itae Cauvas buok iuu?t be free front ooU >n, ?7 i'ia?if?s iu width, ar.d aloutSb yards ia the pieoe. doable thread warp and filling; wrifht, eight Oi iicea 2J 100 por yaid; texture, <} by 10 to ^ inch. Thu ShuAa miiiit i.a nn r. 1 w utB>n?o.i ?* ??> ... >? . ? Btnui|rv<| It Ikil IrllU contra'tor's name, number of the klioo, ami jwar r. when ma i?. 'i he mzes to be iu the following pro- 4 portion* for e*ch jcx? pair*, miles* otherwise ordered, \ 12: 8 of No. 5. 17 of No. 6. 23 of No. 7, 25 nf No. B, 16 of No. 9, 7 of No. 10, and SofNo. 11. Tftejr muit oonlorm in all respects to the bampks at the yards, and to he deliver'd in *0"d, e'rotg boxes. t!ie top? of ?li cli to bo aeourelr fastened with A Bor*w*. and each box to contain 25 rair?. in the?e p oportionr, viz K paim <1 No. 5. with 17 cfNo.C, i J .?f No 7, with 12 i t No. f, or vtet v'"1,18 ?f No. with 7 of No. 1", an i 2 of No. li- Th?> Calf-*k in an : Kif> tkiu Shoea to be pack-'d n aep^rate boxes. ( Tlit w.iu eu bojKs mUBt ba woven or knil> indigo Hill" !. r I vim!. tha?l 'lit waII *"'I ? color and quality fully equal to sample. '1 1 ne ii ai ie?8"s must too pounds, includ 4 il))5 ticking, which la to t>e cut6 feet in Ivrirtti and ? 31 inches wide 'I'he cover* must measure 71 lnabni in lennta an 1 2S? ino eainwidtli The ti&ir, uoxiiije. and cover* must conform to samples. Die nai.kin must tie e*ual to the be*, blue A<r<erlovi 1 aiikin, rf inches wide, texture 5 threads l>> 4 tmeads to tho 16tii of at. inch, dyed with pvrt Bingal ttvliio. The blanket* must weigh six pound* per pair, and measure 61 l>y 7a incncH each. A. tale of 5o pairs must weigh 3xi pounds, and no pair shall weigh 4 ,er? trau b pouuu* 1J oui.o*s. Thoy 111 vl* of c 1 an woul. and eaoh blanket mu?t be marked "U. S. Navy," a* 111 the sample. ' The black ilk handkerchief* mutt be 31)? by 31K inches, and ? oigh 1 ounce and 12 grain* 'iroy ; tex t ture, 14 uj 23 to one eighth of an inch. I Bid ler* lor the abo 0 wi 1 specify whether the j artioiea they propose to furnish are to be of tho t growth, production,and inauulaotureof the United < Slates, as a preference will be given to *uoh A schedule wf >he three sixe* for ea .h too nieces f ol made up rl 'thins wilt be found with the aain plea at tlir??prrtive yards; and ail tue above articles, including the neco?fcary button?, rinn? fee , are to ix? full? equsl in th-* quality, texture. color, weight, and finish of material aiiti oocfwrm in pattern, size, and workmanship, to saiii ainpla*. Trve number or quantity wMch wiil be required of tateh of the foregoing a' tide* cannot be precise " ly tat'-d. It will not l.e lea*, however, _tnan th? <4uauu?y wpw inen lu 111 t IoregOUK list. The OOI - traits will, .her-fore, be ma e lor tin q^aniity of each article so tpouified, and lor such further quan- I titT as V>o bureau msv n quire, 'l'hr prict mutt bt \ uniform at all ike stations 1 Ail tlin abwive articles mu?t be auhjaot to such inspeoJion at th* pla->e of delivery a, the ohief of (his bureau iriay dinot; acd no a tide wi.l be received that is cot fu)i> fquaitothe tainp.e iu every respect, and which d?,ea not confirm to the stit>ula tiotia and provisicne of trie contract to be made. 'I he wh<-le must be delivered at tlie rule aud txpense of the eon raotnr. haoh box ari'l bale to be marked with the ooniractor'^ mm The inspect- 1 inn 'iifioera to be appointed by the Navy impart 1 ment Tue offers must distinguish the prices lor < aoh 1 article mentioned in a o ass, and must be oaiou- j iwuioi eini npruic Bimuuili* HIP imminent of the oontraoi, including the ueoeaaary but- ' tOML In oaae of failure on the part of ti.e o.nitr&otorn < to deliver the several articlea whmh nu?T to ordeied from them, m proptr itme and of proper >,ual ity, the ohief of the Mureau of pruviaioua aud Clothing ahall be authorized to purch&ae ordireot purotiaaea to t>e miwe <>f what mar be required to ( aupply the dthoiency. under the peualty to berx , preaaed id the oontract; the record < f a requisition, or a duplicate oop? thereof, at the Bureau of Pro viaiooa and Clothing, or at either of the Navy Yarda aforeaaid, ahall tie evidence that tuoh rcqui- , aition haa been made and reoeived. Two or more approved auretiea inaaome^ nal to i th*eatimated amount of the reap;otiv? oontracta Will h? rflanir?<< A.mi tuanfa ?ill ? vn vu*? JTV* WIIIHIil Will UtJ withheld iroin the tmnnnt or al. payments nn?r < oount thereof as collateral seourity, and not in may ev?T)t t<> t>? pai<l until it la in al! reap-cta complied with; and eighty per centum ol theauount of al; i deliveries made will be paid by the Nav? Agent I withiu thiriy daya after triplicate bills, duly au- 1 thentieated. sh?ll have been presented to bim. t Bidders whose proposals shall be accepted (and i none others) will be foithwiu. ootited, and ao i early as practical).e a contract w?ll be transmitted to them for execution, whioh oontrect must be ra- , turned to the Bureau within fivedays, exolupive of the time required for tne regular tr*nsiii;ssu n of the mail. - A record, or duplicate' f the letter informing a bidder of the acceptance of hit eroposa , wiil be deemed a notification thereof, within the meaning ol the act of JMtS. and hi* bid will be made and accepted in lonlormity with thi* understanding Kvrrv nfTrfr in 11 Mr Kn / a. /4i? , -- ? ??? WW XVVVIII fUlllVU J ?MI U 11 OVVCU I U the aot of Conxrrea making appropnationa tor this Naval aer vice for 1146-'47, approv d liith ol Au^uat, 1846) hjr a written guarantee, ?i(ned by on* or more responsible peraona. to tne rffeot tbat lie or they tiod~rteke tfiat the bidder or biddere wit , it bia or their b'<i be Kooepfd, enter into an obligation within five day a, with ?hh1 and auffioient anretiea. to fu'niah th j onpplica propped. The fiureau will not be otmcated to oonaider any pwpoaal unles* & companted by the futruit?e require! by law; the competency ot the guarantee to be certified by the Navy Agent, Diatriot Attorney,or Co.Uotor of th" fortnnw Blank forms of proposals may be obtained on applicatton to tkt Navy Agents at Porttmoutk, JVnr Hampshire; Boston. Xeic York, \PKiladtlpKia, Baltimore, Norfolk, ana at this Bureau. The attention of bidder* ?* called to tke samples and description of articles required, at. in tke taspoction bejort reception, a just but rigid enrntxiri <on trill be made betteetn tke articles offer id and the f nutpie f and contract,recti ctng mane that fall below them; and thtir attention is alfo particular If directed to tkt joint resolution ofTtth Match. MM, waddition to the act 9/ the lot* August, IMS. ap 5-law4w DENTISTRY. r|RS- ? OCKWOOD ft DARRELL ARE PRELf fared to insert ThKTHon "ft ~ 1 r m ITE BASK, a new and improved mode .ftvfpn? When made on this plan tneya'eeom ' i" [ortable to wear and rauoh cheaper than any other. Also. Te?th insetted on Gold Plate, and ah Lentil Operations of any kind that aiai be de#ired office Koom No. 5, in the Washington Building.oorner Pa av. and Seventh ?t- ja 10 im' M TEETH. LOOMI3, M. D., the inventor and patentee

?fthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, lenda personally at hie offioe in thu oity mmtaf Many person* oan wear theee teeth who*ta-cs> jannot wear others, and ao person oan wear others rho oannot wear these. i persons ca'.-iug at my office oan lie sooomnjodated with any style and srice of Teeth rhev mm d?nr<' < hat to thoce who are particu ar and wish the purest, , jleareat, atroneeat, and moat perfect denture that irt can prodnae, the MINERAL PLATE will b? ! more fully warranted. Rooms in th:a city?No. 33*? Pa. avenue,between >tb ar.u 10th ats. Alau, 907 Arch street, Pnilatfei ?hia. oo 16 tf ??i CLOTHING, &c. ; i SEVENTH STREET. 460 ' ALWAYS AHEAD. I have just received a nice Ktooic of SPRING CLOTHING, KUKNISHINM G O O i? S , TRUNKS, HATS and CAPS, to which I invite the ' attention of ail in wat t of Mich artic'ea. My inotta ia "A uuielc ctxpence ia better than a alow suit- . ling." Those in want <>f Clothing we invite to oome and l?H>k at our good* and pncea ; and if yon want a nioe Shirt and a pretty Tie, No. 400 Sev I nth atr??t ia the plaoejo jrt them. I have a very i large siook oi si'Kl.Xi HATS, whioh I am sell- i ing at 25 per cent. below their actual value. For those wh i want to travel. I have joet received a large lot of TRl'NKS, va LISK8. and CAR pkt | HAGS, varying in prices from 81 Sn to ftft. If you | w*nt a good Trunk. Clothing, Furnishiug Goods, , Huts, or Caps, thure is 110 p'.aoe where you oan i bm them aa low as at the People's Clothing Store, . No. 460 Seventh st., opposite Post Office. < J H. SMITH. Clothier. marU-lm No 460 Seventh st.. bet K *r>d V. i Tl. a. oeall * co. akf Pleafure in informing their customers, ind strangers, that they have removed to No. 3^1 , Seventh street, between 1 and K. just abov? R. it | Hall's. We have iu?t recived a new supply of r.l.nTHIMr} FllRNIuuiNn ? - M. ??. , m v i i I t 11 V> V? V/ XV W Of 1 I'KL'NKS HATS and CAPS, which *e to i sell at verv low prices. Call and km hi before buying elsewhere. aa we know that wo oan cell you ' roods at less than an* other store in the citr. L A. BEALL ft CO , Clothier*. I mar 14-1m No. 361 Seventh ?t.. het. 1 a-sd K. j JUST RECF.IVKO, a lot more of the celebrated TEN CENT Tl K"* ; aleo.a very large lot of > SPRING CLOTHING, FURNISHING ?;0<>DS. c TRUNKS. HATS and CAPS, at th* Prop el i 3iothiac Store. No. 4h0 Seventh St., opposite Post ( J?te. t/etween'Eanil^F *t?._ ap5-lm NEW ARRIVAL OF-SPRING AND SUM- ! M KR CLOTHING, FURNISHING UOODS, ? HATS and C A PS. at the People'* Clothing More, t Vu. 460 Seventh ?t.. opposite Post Office, near K itraet. ' " ap 6 Im OWE DOIjIjAR. S *1?#1. h 11 ITttPa.Av. EVAN?. 476 Ta. Av ^ YOUR CHOICE 0~F ANY ARTICLE OF JEWELRY IN OL'R STORE FOR ONE DOLLAR. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. 1 Jletmt CARBUNCLK ..Seta for $ I Stogant LAVA.. ~ Sete for #1 * r.Ur&ntaiRVKT *1 " iiegantJKT Seta lor 31 ' Jiejant CORAL and GOLD Heta for 31 >< ilcgant MEDALLION Beta for 81 ! ilenant RIM MOSAIC __.f*ots for 31 decant PLAIN GOLD beta for 31 Ladies' GUARD CHMNB for 31 Ladies' CHATELAINE CHAINS .for 31 Ladlea' NECK CHAINS. for 31 Gent's VEST CHAINS,<10different patterns) for 31 LARGE LOT OF PLATED WARE. oonsiitlnc of rABLK.TEAand DESERTSPOONS,FORKS, CREAM PITCHERS, CAKE BASKETS, * CREAM LADLES, TEA SETS OF KNIVES and FORKS, BUTTER KNIVES, CUPS. to. Ao. kleo; A Large Assortment ol J KW ELRY, whio!i we can sell at VI e?*nte prr artirU. BOOKS-BOOIDS! ;LOS!NG OUT OUR STOCK AT A GREAT , sacrifice;. 11.00 BOOKS Seiunt for Accents 1 >1.25 BOOKS Seilinc for 60to75o?nt* |2.00 BOOKS Selling for $1 to 51.26 NOW IS YOUR TIME TO ?1T BOOKS and. JEWELRY ? LOWER THAN EVER BEFORE. tALl. KAKLY AT L76Pi.Av. EVANS'S. 476 Pa Av ay 4 1w.r rilK EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. EM RICH, at the of Pecn.*.. ivenue and Eleventh street, has beenYpIWby Keatly i in pro veil recently ami now offer* UUSaaL [reater inaurenents for the patronage ol citizens ind strangers than any oilier aublio house in the iit?, his prises beiug less than those of any other lotei on Peuii. avenue, and hia aooouimuidaUons or permanent or transient hoarders unexoeptionitile. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already become very t<>pu ar. being a!! that can be desired by the most fas.ldious, Tr>e proprietor pledges unremitted attenlooand continued liberal expenditures to givesatsfaotion to all.and ttius rmews h:a invitation ?e til to give the hurr.p**n Hotel a oail. de 4 ti I TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take a.l kinds of Virginia money for my >Ook debts and lor Boots, Shoes, and Trunks. All person* indebted to me wi'l please call ai.d settle ip, or I aha!) be ?impelled to jive their aooouuts nto the handa of a collector, , k< II U/Ut XT *.' 0 I tl-li cr. i nw * ci\t iron noil. ( niiSl Ha- %v..J*AtwA#n Qth and 10th *fn. fl 1861 O'arjb^t itsoT : Commence the Year vnth a Diary. A va!uai>!e Foek?t Companion for roistering 1 sv< utt put. present. ami future; containing rates > of pontage, annanao, a blai k apao- for memoranda I for overj iiay in the rear, oath account for each 1 month, annual euinniary of cash aocount tails payable aiwl receivable, Don't l>e without one <>J Eh ma useful little souvenir*. The most oomplete, < slegant, and d*iiraMoa?M>rtment ever issued,onm- * prising sizus and upwards of fifty styles, < it ?UlL^INeTON*8 Bookstore, ? Odaon bunding, ooruer ot.iS street and de 8u Penn avenue. ( Pt'KK OLD RYU WHISKY.?On Land sever* J braadi of Pure Old R?e Wl.ulra. r.mur Hi?. I tilled, mads Lj tLe moat reliable diaUil?ra in peun- 1 ijlraaia. Maryland auJ Virginia, warranted tore, A.leo, Imported Kraudtea, Henuessr. Otard. Dupuj b Cov Julea Robin*, fto. Alio. Peaoh &rd Apple < Brandy, pure Holland Bin, old J&maiaa andVt. i Croix Ram, and Wines of every variety, all ol I iiandarj brand a. A olioioe lot of Ciaara and tot*ooo. YOU NO &. KEF HAR T*A centa, a? 14-It dfrfl Pa ?? h?tw.t>tli *uc hHb ata. j 1 BAYLOR A HUTCHISON, ,, No. 4'i Cmier Mabiit Suci, i WonMoali In* attention of purehaaera to our ] itoclc of SEASONABLE OR V tJOODS,ootnpriainj aome of the nawe*t and mott detirable im.urU ] tiona n| the rjmn, Our stock of Domestlc?a, Linen < *nd White G?o<ta will be found very complete, < ind will be ottered at pricea that cannot fail to alve I iati?faotion We a?* an examination ap 3 okN p. k i. hie. " <J SOLE AUKST tOR THE SALE AND RENT or 6HICKKRINO ft SONS' PIANOS, 306 Hknsa. A vknv t, i Betwten 9ih and Wk Streets, i n\s : Fiorrn mac L~incoln as hk i4*. ! Sr**L Esgbavkd Portrait. Theb*?t. Portrait yet published of i HON. ABHAH1M LINCOLN, (tarti wkifktr*,) | At FRENCH & RlCHSTKlN'S, ! No. 278 Penra. Avenbk, W aminjrton, D. C. ? lurpli'd M 1o y mar 7 Home-madk boots and shoes. For Ladibs' Mimes' and Ch^deen's We a*. At ArrUiimgly l.irw Pr'ttf. At J. ROSENTHAL'S, N.n lCUl.>,l<iu/.a *??.' * w in?i ?V? I r?W| I iu> 8-?o Pa. ?v , tx?t.? h ?t> ?to. I A VERY NICE PRINCE & CO. MpLODEOH ?Ji;c h hu barn nwd ? ?tiort I < Pianm. m>? A SPECl \L BARGAIN IN TWO PIANOS. ' J W*?? ?! U tacnio* Also, Melodaona for au? or r?ot *eri Jo?. JOHN F. ELLIS, fa V 306 Pa. * *, bee 9th and 10U na. MEDICINES. BDK JOHXSTO*, ALT1MORE LOCK HOSPITAL, Has discorrrtd tkr most C*rtain, spiwfy m*4 onIf Kjftciual Ktmtdy ? ? tht World, FOR ALL Dl*liASE?OF 1MPRCDENCK. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEST APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO C HA ROE ix mom one to riro dais. WaakntMof the Back, ftmcturte, AficuooiU tha Rid Qaya end Bladder, loT^.outare Dtaaherfea, laipwiift .*,Oto iril Detilny, Nen?ou cm, f*jtpep??, Uofior, Cotifi )f Ideas, Low Spirit*. Piipittiun of the Heart, Timdilf, rrtmbliBfi, w* or Giddu.esa, ^ the Head, Throat, Njo# ' tfkw, Affections of the Lunrt, 8t a.icn or B writ?these TerriLie Disorlera crising froai MoliATf Habus of Youth?ihe?e Drrad:al ai d Destructive Practices which reoder Marriage inpcesibls, and deatrvj t h Bode aud Mind YOUNG MEN E?pecn!iy whohat# become the rictircia of ftohtary Yks, rh?t dreadful and destructive habit which eweepa [o nu urumciy fr?t? thcua ?uda rtf You g Mtuot the n ?i Plaited talents mid bri.iiaot i..teliect, abo <nhtr?.?? I n?*? cntranctd !i?t* nine S?ri?t*? ?u*i ih* llund.r. o4 clsautucc or ?.<k?i 10 coiac jr tli* luinf Ijrrt, ?u?/ call ?>ili ruil co&fideuce. MARRIAGE. MaRKIID FfiliiONS.or V^uf (f Mm cofttef&piaiuif Mtrriajre, being aware of weakueaa, org-uic debility, deforuntiea, kc , speedily cured He who places hiitiacit uuder the care of Dr J. may relifi sntiy coolia# in fci? honor n* a feiit'teimn arid coufideutly rely upon Ins skill a* a physician. OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST ft hand Mil fouif from Baltimore Milfl, a f<* d<?ri f.em the corner Kail uoi to obeeree name aud uBiuber L<Uer* itiutl be paid tad coi.vim ? stamp DR JOHXSTOX, Member of the R ??! Coiler* of Nnrjnwie, Lond n, rrido it* from oil* of the imu eminent Colleges in th* Luited lutei, *ud the rie?ter p*rt of who?e lite lw* t een spent in he boepiiale of Uondoa, Part*, Philadelphia aad elaeuhere, >aa effected anroe of the moat aatonish oj enrea mat * rre !?er known; many iroubied with ringing m the h*.<d ai d tare when *?leep; great nrriugau'M, Pein; alarmed at md leo aoiujda, baalifumeas with Irequei.t blneniiig, e:iei.d*d lometimea with derangement of niind. wer* cured laitutliately. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Young Men and inhere w ho lia*e injured theioe?!< e? V f a Mruia practice indulged in wheu alone? habit fre^c-e tly earned from a?ii cc*<.paniou?, or at acboel, the electa of fchiCn are nightly felt even when atleep, and if not cured, 'etidera marriage impoetiblc, and deatroyt both mind and >odyt hould apply imnM4iai?ly. These are amce of t:?e a*d aoi zneUncbolj efl ?cu rrodnced ^>y ear'j habiti *>f youth. *u . We .knee? of the B.?ck and ?imba, ^aina in the Mend, Dimness of Bight, Loii of M?-c?lar ?oier, Palpitation (4 toe Heart, llyapapsy. Nervous lrnta uln ?, DerlafMMA of the DimttM Kl cUom, Ge:ier-l ? >ebi ity, Symptoms of Cor sumption, 4c Mentally.?The fearful effect* on the mind are ouch to >e dreaded?Iom of Memory, Confuaiou of Idess, Dejrmi'Mi 4 8pmti, Evil Forebodings. Avntoo ol Soeief? . Re!l-Ui? ru?;. Love ot Solitude, Tunidtlj, eie.# are tome the t*ilt >rodu ced NKRTOUI DERILfT% ?Thousand* car now ^nd^e % hat ik hi cause of their dfclimn^ hulth, ionrif their vi^nr, becom n% w ertk, pjle, nervous Jiid emaciat*a, havu.g s s.ngu!&r pptar*ncs about the eyes, cough or aym^toma of con?uiopiou. | diseases of impr udexce. When the misguided and imprudent votary of pieature finds it has in.t ihed trie seeds ot this painful dita?t*, it f>o o; * i *ppens that an il!-timed sense of thams r dread of ditcoverv i letera him from *ppiv h.g to thoat * ho, from education and especc?hility, c tn alone befriend him H* f*l!s :uto t e ' andt of Ifnftraat an<? daatfnia? pretenders, who, incep*l>le f curu.f. filch his pecumiry tobsttnet, keep Mm trifljft? j rtonUi after month, or * long at tnt smaliesi ftt cat I e < t siued. and in despair leare him with ruined health t - i ver hit rihmjr disappointment; or by the us" of th?t d#*dly aMton?Mercury^h-sier. he constitutional stidr 'oms of *?-is i errible disease, such .?s Affecuocs of toe Heart, Throat, He *1, fkm. ft". . prorretsi..j wi;h frightful rapi !ity, ui; Ital-ipu sa teriod to his dreadful sufferings by sending him to th-.t un- ' r<*vv<vIcu wwuntrj uom vnoii r-ourue no irtYiier iciur? I OR JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOU ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND 1MPOTENCY ' P? thi? ?r- mid important remsdy weakt.e** of th? orfr, re speeriny cured sua fall vigor re*tor*d Thous .nd* of th* ' lost nervous and debilitated, who had lo*t ail iipp-.m t ern tioiiii-diatelf relieved. " All impediiwauU 10 Marriage, Wiv*ic*l or Men'sl Pisqoalicnuon*. Los* of Proereativ* P.jwrer. Ner? u* lintailitv, ] 'rambling aud YVe?ko*** or Ibfthauaum of the cj->? fearful iud ipetdilv cured. ^ ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. The Thouiiriii cv?d at till* munulioh withia if last seventeen rear*, ?i.d t ie uumeiou* iiuporm.i buig> si operations perknmed by Dr Johi.ston. w i!.,?sae4 ty t" t rporier* utf the paper* and many other ptricm, notice* Mch h-?e appeared ifMn and again be ??r? the ( uv uc, be- t ide* hi* *t*ndtr-g as a gei.ilciuau f J > i acur auu reepot *i- " llity, i* a (Efficient gurraiiiee 6 the sliiitei. mat l? l? l?b. j. ii. mclean s l 8TEEHGTEENIHG CORDIAL i AM> IILOOU Ft KIl ltK a >?rn ? ? w jmnAM ? .. _ UA ir.TAAij.oi A?jg?^) ? l*? WVKLD, I iand the moat DBLICIOCh A.SD Hi Er.LlGHTri L j> JLZ a CORDIAL F ?/EVER TAKKX-Yjjg ' It t( auiciW ft tc.- LjJ t nvtfic tad Vi{?a- ' 'ij|fjy ^ kit CamfQMd, L'?- fe* "JjSjr f t*r(4 by th? 4'tuilft- 1 llta ?f rouu, ! ? , IT M ( ftud but*. Y?ll*w ftSL Peck, t Km,, Hi 3 I |!,{k loK.lirHpt' r J* H nil*, Wild Cherry B?rk, >n( DtniiiiM *jjp. ?. ;er? lftle tu CM' j VH IV Tilt <mUT? activ* MF3 A ren.iilui piy,cip't !' g Wore takiuft^^iL'S:AIlcr lflk,nS? j liatUliac. pradacta r a daUcwua, tiUl. luag (pint, ind tkt J mi lnfallitla rtmt'l??*' ' " '? I k? d?u?? 1 nd rtt' Hit aUk, ??f*niif, ud ( klliiaud lnTalld M ? tilth ud t..-ti.?t>. McLEAPTS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL 1 Will tftctaal'p cm* Ui?ar ('oi^Umi, Dy?P*r?'*i i??n- | lKi,Ckitnietr Nirn>u liability, Dinuti af tha Bidntyt, , nd ill diumi anting fr?a ? diaardt rad UlTtr ?r tloinef., ( >7tf Inriiifi., Inward H?m, Ar.iditv t Bickuaaa ( ?a launch, rilliittt ? Blo?1 t? til* Htil, Dall Pun er lTr.f,r-.mj in th> Ba?d, .en af it?? Htir., Fauna * Waifhl in the Btamach, tour Iric tUKi, Chok * a? . lafacnUaf Ftalinf wt?? rttwt, Drjnaaa ?r YallaWkm ( lb? Bkin tnj Cjtt, lf;fht Bwtsu, inward Fmn, till in tht R-nili ( V Back, Cfcaat, M Bid*. Buddau af list, Dapratrtan af Bpirita, Prifb-.fal Draaoa, | Itopw, V%twr ,ai C7 tr r irmi Cltl&M, l*r?t ? lUuhM m* lilt ftkU,?i?4 F?v?r tad Afa? (m CkiUi aid j Of EH A MILLION DOTTLES itv* k?*u Mid d?rt:.j lb* last lii loauiba, cod is W- . tu>?? hit Ufaiiad In ii.ur? Miiiltcum. Wha. tkar, rifl iiIk 'ram W??Yna?? ?r Utbilitr wfcau KckKAH'C 'TB LK9TM KHIMa CufttMAk will car* >h t|r? un ??>if ?o Ida* ! th? linmadl>t? aiid aiciaat rutitt -hjuift pra'tactd ty ;afcirf tMa I iardlal ?o Lh# J, d?b.litai?d, and ahattarad oarraa* ' ytiam, wk? Ji?t krakan davn ky axetn, wa&k kj catara, it In pair ad ky utkaui, iha relax* I and r.urvBg argtal- I *llaa 1< rutin J la H? pnauaa kaalih and ?iga? MAHHIEV PERSONS, it aihara, aariciamt af IrtkililT (ran vt>ar*Tar *aaaa, w'.'a 1 lad MCbKANm rrKZHdrtfKNlNA OOHDIAk a tea- < ?jk r?(?,nnt?r ?f >m and all vba ?? hava la arid u.anu?lTt? ky irnnrafar Indalgtccaa will ti>d to Uli ' >rdlal a aud 1711U raroadt. I TO THE LADIES. \ HikKA.I'l VTftJCMeTBEIIlNa CORDIAL la Mtu- ' llfu lbd ?p?? !f ciri fat Ineipitot C*uwn ; u?n, W , Jaatraetad ar DlBeait M?. iirait.aii,!>ca af lint ir Inaa'a.-.tarr DlKhup tharaaf, Falling af Want, ktddiuaaa, Falattng, ana ali iliataaaa incidaulta t'amalat THE HE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Nfar oa langat Taka it aeaarding ta dirar.iar.a It will >ummia;a, airaugtltaa, at. 4 LuTigarna y?% and ciaaa tba tlaaa af htalth ta Baaot fail (kail agaju. Baary fcattla u rarraatad la flat aatiafaeuaa. FOR CHILDREN 1 lfjraat cfclldran art tleklj, pan; ar aSiettd, McLEANt 20 EDI A L will raakt than htaltAa. fat, asd rabatv V '- j iat a aaaaatt ur it, a?4 yaa will aa aaortaaad. It U daItiaat latakt. 9AVTION am-m ??? v< ?i?||i?w ?? u??nil W ft:9. J \TJ V9 pi|I)l ipM p?a taiu* buitr ar aaraapanlla tra*h, which a?j can but lh??P, by rarir-C II )a?t u rood A raid nch men. Ail lar IlScLKArttVrRmOTHF.HINn CORIHAL, and uh aaifciQf alaa. It U lha wily ratuady that will parify tka ' Blaa<l utaraag hi* mid it lha mui>? um* air?'.fth?a (lit jMtn. I l)a? l?-ipaaulal uklo mrj nam?uf laaiu.f u a cartain prtraiitiT* far Chilirt, Chill* and r???r, T?Uo? t'mr, ar my tri'ilml iiinu> It ! pal ap In lvfi ^ Mti tniy fcl par b?ul?, art battlaa far fi. J. M Mi LKAN, la<a prap'taiar af Out Cardial; alaa, Mcktan'a Talcamc Oil Unlatcl. Priucipai Dtpat aa U* caruu at Turd and 1 Fin* W. fcaan, Ma. """ McLean'i Tolcanio Oil Liniment, (Tllk BUT kUilXKNT 1H THE, WORLH ) Tka at'.? taia and carlaia car* far Cu>cart, Pilaa, Taaan, aj>4 Bratiji ai Cfu?, Fanl^aii, Nt a ?l in? .MB-.II, LI'IMtIC I ' I" milMJ , fchaamauarc, Sliffnaia ' lb* Jo'uU, Com.raci.a4 R'.o?c!?? or L niaantt, JC*r*?h? or Toothaebo, Vri'Mt. Br_r-:: i, Tr*?h Woaoda, UUara, i'?M[ Sorat, Ctkal Tiraaav, Sara Nmplti, B*f.?, Bcu*?, B?r? T>?re*t, cr *07 tola mtiutm at Jo, aa difaraata haw ii?ir? or lauf (K* may U7? mcuculxv uujuuunu uNuinrr m t earUUi raraady. TliNiuli af harem bamf* tiTi baao aaaad a Ufa ?f du artpUala and mi fry my tSia m af tfc.i lovalaabla riaid;, MtLEAPTS TOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Wt'.t rati#** paw atioaal lnaualaaaoaaly, and It will elaaa, *ad baal tba favlaat hth ia aa n cradibla abort tima. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. ? m/ ia ;ai mi r Mi | ul Nluklt ? !< far tba ear* ?f Ipiw, huWi, WuUfallr, ftp..ctt, Conatar&i lupL IMn ar wall tan It h?ii hSii U car* Big HhI, PaUavU, Phitlt, dk Sssjaa. astute w Caltar Wk, Cw, hru, w Wmil, h m u tnfeli.bU nm*ij Ayply It se 4ir?cie4 id4 e esre le eeeutlB m e??ry JR??n trll* c? inrir vtlfc tfe* mat wjtUUm* Lulen>;i u'unuar' inSfl WcL*AjrB : tiu J- H. fwyHiui. Cmu Third tol Phi ml, ft. Uwi, M? cuuun itor, m p*.??, m? umi b * X. *. T. h w-wrirjT i TUB WEEKLY DOLLAR STAB. Vlua UMjnt PwliT u< N*w Jaaiaai mi ?1ue( ft inttor v&n?tr af isUtrwUBc i?<if tee can ha raa4 i> Mr athar??a MbluM ? fn<?T porucf. TlUl-U'ij >??W adl Buicta OO^T. per MUxem.? __.fl 0t Fi? oop.e* 4 75 Tan aopi ? |? 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" That trouble in icy Throat, ifor BROWN'S which the are a ?peoifret iarin- m&de me i flm a mere * bis TROCBES p^rer.** N. P. WILLIS. "I re"y>wnen<J tb?r uteto Pranc UROA\.>. Sruiuf." TROCHES Rtv* E H* CHA.PIN. 1 ,Greataerrn*io?uUliiln? Hotlil BROWN'S HK-i." REV. DaNIEL WISE tb * ?r*ii vs "Altroet met* t relief in tne die tree?in? !at?*r of breathing peculiar BROWN'S wA?yEV.Y C. EGGLE?TON. TROCHKP " Contain n?i Opinn. or auy*htn? :nj?ri'<u?." DR. A. A HAVES. BROWN'S Cktmtu. JSotim*. TROCHES c?tlM~ BROWN"- " t- *? *" BIGELOW. jMta, TROCHE^ * 1?*e*?c *: in IJ*r>rMiT:?." DR. J. P. W. I.AN15 BROWN'? Imsm ii.ocHt.5 wj^rsztgr* -"-fit BROWN'S *E* H.V Xl??EW.n rROPHj-'i whn corni^udd to rKfiLHF.. r; Je- r.j fr-.i* Ccl; BROWN** RKV. t, J. P. ANL'E^9?^ raocHLS " PwrJe7rUAtitD rep?r,DJ Ho*r?* r*t? *nd Tfit?t\oc ?< tb? Iaro*;, ?c BROWN'S' ?r?? %i?i Snam *c?J Bi*? VdOCHE^j Prr< >f STACY JOHN!H>N. BROWN'P Tancher cfMrwc. hTSiVwr' F jrrr ? Co'i^fe. FROCHES ' 'ir'ftt K?c?f.* ?ben taken Im(ON 1 TMi *ft?T J>re%-!i.1nf. u tb*v pr^vor* JROWMU H IV.jin ?!w pSJKJBS. ' 1 th#> wijl leu! P"rm*A6nt tui rROOBES ?~W. i _ REV E. HOW LEY, a. *. IDna-M'j rrA- ^m rtf irkA. c 7*-juI^VCT. V ?T IV W7 ? V* W(iV|? 9 ? WiH IROCHE!. RMMMtMOr da 1-ly THE OJTLY FRKPABATIOH wotrit or JNIVERSALCOSFlDENCli A PATRONAGE FOR STATESMEN. JUDGES, 7LERUYMFV. LADIk fi ?d QFHTL k'MF*1 in a 1 parte of tH* world t*?tify to l?w? effioaof of ?EOr.O. J WOOD'S HAIK RE. TORATIVK, ted neatn'iurn < f t IV ?? ar<? un>t"'r,u?. lu lU >raj??. A >w !."w!:incr''*i? or.'rcai. !* lirre ?it?s *?ri-?iuar lor it will ?>e impo?aill? for UU tu (i.iui)t. ?7 \V * LI. STKSKT. NEW YORK, I>*C. *? iga h . Y<>nr L'>ti of the '5th icttant hn men iMritH. -&.Ttnp that yo? had v^anl that I i??i t ofln 1 by thr oa?of Wood'* Uair tl*itorativ*, a;:1 re^uestm* n? certificate of tneiac* 1 1 ha<i no objection ci?? it. I araru it to you > hoo.fcllj. Kecauae I think It !:??- ?*i; ??ir ! Bd'Hi .X' , uio 11 my lair *ot>urn. and inclined to euri. ?-me fire or u* * ?r? tint* it bccan i<? turn Riay. and Ui* aoa'a m th?? :<? ??; of rot nevi to >< ae ita scntibi it? ud to form up >r. it. Kaoh of thee<? diaafreeibiiitioe ii?cr-ae?d with time, ?n<i about 4 motiini i.'ioe s. fourth wax adtlod to ttiem, by li/i.r >tf the tup of my r..v.d ar.dth rc-eteoini to make me >aiu. la thir nnp.pR.r-.ant pre^ramegt I vm tnduoed to tt Wood'e Hair RnetorMive, aifsinly to arreet th? ailing if ul in; ha-r, for I had -*&!.? uo 'ip^cu ;i<?n *ray cairc. uid rver bo rcatored to 1U >ri(ina! oolor ficpt from d?o?. I vm. hov?T?r, [r?-at;y surprisod to find, *JW the nae of two hot Je? only, that net only ?n t?e laiiio* of. ar reeled. jut Ui? o"Jor vm 1 ealorod to thejua} hair' end lensibility to the eoalp an dandruffo?ae?d to Torn >n ray Uea<1. ve.y m.ioli to the f ra.ific%ti>>n of my rife, at whoee eolicitauon I wa> iu<in<x d to try it. For thie. amon* thf rra^y oLlinetione I owe to ier eex, I tron^!y reoomtnetd all nue^andewfcn raiue tbeatinurati n of tlieir wivee to pr<>fct by ?? >X-.tnple, and u*e it if grour n* gray ortKtint bai. Very re?i>eotfuily. KB* A. Lax Eftftm To O. J. Wood i Co., 444 bri?lv?r. M. V . My family ar* af>?ent from tke city, and I am bo oncer at No. 11 Carrol Piaoe. Sjam?to??, A'a.. July ?. 1?*. To Pbof. O J. Woo IK Dt?r Sir? V rur "Hair R?st>r?tive" LMdw my liairao n<ncticood ainoe [ eommaro*<i th? ui?of it, that I ?i?h to mat# [nova to the public of iU ?-fl ?ela on' h* hair, vhica k(n great. A ikui or ma* l?r.? arly dop-ivri >f hair. an<1 by a ra?ortto your "Hair HratomDve" .b* hatr wi 11 rrtorn mora ttcantifa) than avt>r; at aaat this i? n.y expaueuoe. boii.'w it a 1 Y<>uratru'r, Wu.H.KnitT, P. S.?You oan pufcliah tha ahovr> if yon lifca Br pul'UaiitGf in oar boutharn papara y<>a will gat ll <r* patronage Sontti. 1 im **voral of fotroli ifioates il thu Mobil? Mercury, a ?tr?>nr *>*itK?rn >aper. W. H. kllUT. WOOD'S HAIR RK8TOFATIVK. Prof. O J. Wood: Otar sir: Haviec had tba misfortune to >o*e the b??t portion of my nair, from in? erenw ni ine yoi nw lever, in ixew ur,?*i.i in i ssi, f vm ia.'uond to imta a trial ot your preparation and found it to answer \? th? T?ry thief i?. d-d, My hair i? cow thiok ai ci ri'>?*y. and oo words can expiOM my obligation* to yon in giving to t'\? afflicted auch & treasure Fislkt JoHlteoif. The Keftoratire i* pet up in bottle* of three tiaM. ris: lare?, rai-uium ai d una'l; th?* *iua.. hold half \ pint, and retail* for one dollar per bottle; th? meiluin hold* at least? per cent, more in proMrtfcaa than th? email, retai.s for two dollar* per bottle , th? larg? I:oid? a quart, <o per aeut. more in proper twn, and rettila for IS O. J. WOOD A CO., Proprietor*, 444 Broad way, New York, and 114 Market street. St. L?oaia ' Sold in thi* e ty Ly C. 8TOTT, ST0 Pa. arena*. an 77 eoly.alw P READER ERL'SE Th*for? win* star meet and then Jndg* of it* fact* for ynurMlf ABRAM CHi.K. of Brooklyn, N. Y-, a WtH kr.owu citia n tli< re. had *uflVred from Dysfeee* for oni^ * ears, without p?'tnacert tellefvaotii h* a i' ! . t.iii^ _l:_i_ a. - - 4. iriou a 1 r.n r i i which imki wwnj'uf ui the direau.>ra for tola oomr uit. restored him U> health in a few wwli After an mtortal of acme mod'ha !>? baa bad bo retarn of bia oomp ai?tGEO. VV. CKOtVv of 1>im, bad aa eruption on hta n*ca. ?iiould??i?. f ack an'1 leg, whioh oovarrdahout one third of bia body. It ke?* Lie parta (fleeted oovtrM witn a aeab, and being p?!te;i a mw rore.waa of ooarse vrj rroabkeaoea* and diat'eaainc. It ao much imphia health ato nnbt him lorbuainana and k?-pt hnn in norataat luffnricg. All w-dioa' Aid f*ile I b m b>- took avert* compound extract *akpa PAK1LLA, which curoo him. Hiaabiaatili ahuaa iom? aoara from the iloeration, bat it ia ottierwi-e aa clear aa an mfrnta , JOHN H t?ttt?OK, . *" minrat ia*r?*r ol Richmond, Ya.tooka e>td win oh ?N-tt'ad nra. A severe pain aet m on Ui? >(t ude. with a had conch, Whio'i w?a aoon follow** *r th? aewa takar le aymptoma ol oonar.mpUon .'CTJSSS' ?'7 JL1* cuminfacM i?k ? a * i n r c n r.n R\ PEC H?R AL,. Which iuud tb? coue'1 <-oinp.M*ly ea'?4 him. I by DR. J. C. A TfcR h C**.. Lew#-. MM MiiMlM 8,000 twflffoM} 'e??w ? JJN6 ft BUKCHEU. fe ? ??r*r V?yfo?t *. uirmwwi ?