Newspaper of Evening Star, April 12, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 12, 1861 Page 2
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>? I. the evening star. WASHINGTON CiTi": FRIDAY. April 12, 1?61. t[T The new Dollar Weekly Ptar, fnller than e*er of Metropolitan newt and gossip, and ckoice literary nadlng. !< now on our counter ready for deliTery to tbe public. Knibraced In its entertaining contents are the following articles: Tbe Old M?n'i Colt?a New Year'* adventure; An Oriental Ablution; Excursion from Washington No. II; An Important Incident in the Secession Programme; A Fejiiale^Connoiseur; * ^orrowim city; The new Tariff at the >ew York C\istem-Hons*; The Flood in tbe Potomac; Excitement and Enrollment among the Volunteer Companies of Washington; Particulars of tbe late Attack upon tbe Schooner at Charleston; Mrs. Lincoln'! Receptions; Highly Interesting Army and Navy News; Movements of the Fleet from New York; Doings at tbe various Nary-York; Departmental News; List of Appointments and Removals: Operations of Ihe intent Office; Trial of John Foley for tbe n.urder of Michael Murphy, V. 5. Soldier; News from Montgomery and the Southern Fortr, Editorials upon the topics of the day; Latest Telegraphic Dispatches frcm all parts of thecountry; Agricultural and Horticultural Correspondence and Gardening Miscellany; Household and Workshop Recipes; Choice Poetry and Miscellaneous Items; General News; Local Items; Wit; Fun, and General Information. ? This Is just the paper above all others for persons sojourning la the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or f 1 00 per annum; postage prepaid by stamp* when so arranged. Spirit mt the Fleming Pre*s. Tbe ImteUigineer argues that the Ordinance of Beceaa'ion w.'s defeated by the Louisiana Convention aad the returns suppressed by secessionists, and tbnt orf? fourth cf the people did not vote at ail. even If the ordinance was adopted Tbe Rtpubhean says that the only power V S?fd In the Virginia Convention Is the privilege of submitting to tbe people an ordinance of secrss*on for their approval or rejection, and that the people are mucb more likely to deride wisely than the members of a convention overawed by tbe populace of a citv. TVOCLD that it win T*ciThe New York Cmtmrrcial Adv-rtiter *a\s that JifiVrton DavU h?s given orders that If the Government sends a vessel into Charleston harbor merely to bear provisions to the garrison in Fort Sumter, she is not to be ired into. In view of the fact that the Oligarchic authorities have violated their pledge that Anderson should be permitted to purchase p-ovisious in Charleston if the Government would refrain from attempting to reinforce him, if there Is anything like true honor and good faith left in th*lr breasts, Davis may well have issued the orler mentioned above. When they gave tbe pledge, they knew well that It was In tbe Gov rnment's power to Lave reinforced Anderson at will, and to crush out all forcible opposition to Its authority In Charleston harbor, as easily as a strong man mr.y crush an egg shell. Hence the pledge whs given, ar.d tbe condition exacted from the Government. But the Instant tte Oligarchy's preparations for assailing Sumter were completed, Anderson was notified that the pledge would no longer be observed. The bad faith involved in the 'rain of clrcumstaacm makiiiir it nmK?hi? *-? -0 | .WVHV>v >uut nnum iwrmy four hour* we shall bare news of tbe comruerKrroent la Charleston harbor of the direct calamity ?civil war?that ever tbe world experienced, is therefore on tbe part of toe Oligarchy. It ia so signally and grossly an act of bad faitb on their P?rt. as that no protons* designed to conceal It can possibly succeed anywhere, in tbia or any other country. It alao mekes plain tbe fact that tbe Oligarchy have left tbe Government no other alternative save eltber to let Anderson's command starve, or to withdraw it under circumstances wherein will be Involved an acknowledgment of the justice and legality of the usurpation of the government of the s*o'Jth on Its part, which the Presideut ha: no lawful rlgt-.t whatever to accord. it has clearly been the evident aim of tbe Gov?rnnient to preserve the status of tifilrstn CLarleaton harbor, and throughout the a-rrded States precisely aa they were when the pledge w&a given 'hat An<1er?on should be permitted to obtain | ioviaiou If the Government would make no attempt to reinforce aim. In noway whatever d.d tbe Government violate its filth in this matter. It adhered to St so strictly as that all the world perceived ard acknowledged its d?;terrnic;itlon to tike no sU-ps l!kf IV tn t in ?a ??- *' -,|JM w r ? <>. U vvuiatUii, CiC *iiC u. mcuuy might be remitted to the arbitrament of a new Congress or to tbe people of the several states acting la their sovereign capacity. Under these circumstances, and !n view of the farther fact that the Oligarchy have notoriously been straining every nerve to prepare to assail Anderson's command n? speedily as possible, (wbllt tk.. ? * i * - >ur uo*rrnmeni aia nu; ruiae a linger to reinforce him, or even to a?jiid bint a barrel of aupplie*. until Beauregard notified him that be abouid get no more proviaioaa,) no amoan! of miarepreaentatlon can poaaibly creaic on the m'.ada of any, tbe Idea that tbe Government at thia point ia responalbla for tbe fearful eventa in Charleston barber, mvi of wbtch may b? momentarily expected, aa explained above. RiTiaEO ?It la well known that for aome weeka three respectable centleinen? Meaara Foray th, Crawford and Roman?have been In Washington In tbe capacity of commlaalonera or Mvaya extraordinary from the acceded 8 la lea, .4 tk.t <- ??. in- -ii * ? ... >ucii wKiuiuit uujeci was tu tU'ct a treaty for a permanent division of those States from tbe U??on, tbe recognition of their independence by the Federal Government, and an adjustment of tb?? territorial estate and other mutters connected with tbe national partnership. No one (opposed they seriously entertained the idea that luCj wwuu uc luuLoaiui to tueir mission; la fact, they could not have expected It themselves. But tbey nevertheless went to work, as if in earnest, and delicately foreshadowed their purposes to the Administration- If we art; to believe the statements which have reached us, the Secretary of State, for tbe Government, following the example In tbe case of tbe South Carolina Commissioners, bas courteously Informed them that they cannot be received in a diplomatic or oillcial character Several notes pissed; so, at last, they fired a huge shot at tbe Administration, accusing It of perftd tv, cLar^iiiir tbat. if civil w?? ???i%-**- ? ^ ^ w ? ?- a < VH t > V. Vt liUOl this iion-ton;pUance with their unreasonable and illegal demands, on the bead of the Adnilniitra- I tioa will rest the awful responsibility; and, It 1? further stated, they express the firm conviction that war la Inevitable. Having thus relieved themselves, they yesterday left Washington, bound for Montgomery, to make their oral rep-e eatatlons, we suppose, to the government at that point. As they did not?eoold not?have anticipated a mm ?fal termination of their ailssion, we are at a losa to conceive why they ahou;d be chagrined The Adrislnlatratlon was not dlinnicH ?? k- i tensely frightened at any amount of threat* conseqoent or the failure of their diplomacy. We merely allude to the facta?tbev carry their own comments As, however, to the responsibility for civil war, should it laraeutably result, all right-thinking people will attribute it to those who precipitated revolution, set all laws at drfiance, seized the public property, and placed their military '-house In order" even before President Lincoln wss officially declared duly elected ! The fighting condition was Initiated by the .... ??"h vunr oca a win be the respou etblllty Fm??IDIMIUL APP015TMI5T8.?To-day, the President made the following appointment*, viz: C. C. P Bawldwin, U. B Marabal for the DlaUlot of yermont George Howe, Attorney for the aame Dlatrict. Jamea C Aiken. lr. 8. Marabal for the District of Delaware Edward G. Bradford, Attoruty for tba aame PUtrlet. * Jno. A. Good wis, roitmuiu, Lowell, MisuEagtne L. Norton, IftVf Agent at Boston, A* !*du* Bid ?P. P. Pltcbelya, tb? well kaowa I ndlaa Agent, ?M bidder for fSSO.VU) of tfee Trees try Lou yeoMrday, tfc behalf ot the Cboofew Indlur 1 y* Y V* i ' DEPARTMENT *EW?. lS?PFrTORS Of THK DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA < Pmitimiaih.-Meuri. Geo. 9 Gideon. Win H K tides, and R. B. Clark, hare been appointed Inspectors of the District of Columbia Penlten- . tiary. ' Comxtss:o*id.?Mr. S B. Borroagbs has been ronnnrastor.ed as Captcin of the Scott Rifles of < this District, and \V. W. Winshlp as their 1st i Lieutenant. 1 kkmoved ?Mr James s Frencli, of Va., baa 1 been removed from bla position of an Kxamlner < in tbe Patent office, (f2 3<l0 per annum ) Richmond ?There b now no Union paper published in Richmond, Virginia, tbe Wkig being aa fully in tbe interest of disunion as eltber the Enquirer, Examiner or Dispatch. To place it In that position Its late editor was removed from its tripod, as we explained some days since, its game is to publish versions of parsing events. Ac , likely to aid the disunion cause in tbe Virginia Convention, while carefully rtfralning from making a public announce mem < i tne laci tbnt It no longer sympathizes directly or Indirectly with the Union cause. Mr. Ridgeway was removed from Ita control that ita double dealing game might be played just aa it has been p'uyed, to the beat advantage for the disunion cause Until the friends of the Union in Virginia come to a general knowledge of these facts, It miy be expected that the current insidl out labor* of the Whig will aid the disunion canse not a little. Trx Pkospkct or Pback?Without having definite Information to that effect, It it clear from what we bear around us, that the President believes that Jefferson Davis has saved the honor of the Oligarchy in the matter of food for Anderson's command, by directing that the vessel bearing him supplies shall be permitted to perform her errand unmolested. If _this should prove to be the case, the country will instantly breathe freely again; as all danger of speedy collision will have instantly vanished. P>r ccntra ?We are very sure that yesterday a dispatch was received in this city from General Beauregard, Raying that in the course of the day be should mcke a formal demand on Anderson to evacuate Sumter, and If it was not acceded to, he should attack it without awaiting the arrival of the provisions-bearing ve?sel. Trkasckt Notes.?A Flight Mistake!?NVe pcrceive that the Baltimore Sun of this morning has made a small mistake, involving a large result, in the 44 general dispatch" sent Inst night from this city. Only one cipher is omitted. This 0 standing by itself amounts to no king{ but, added to 491,000, makes the considerable sum of ice amount or Treasury notes bid for. If, as every one believes, It is necessary to mind the p's and q's, a due attention to O's, in financial matters, is certainly not less important. ____________________________ 1 No News To-da.t from Charleston cp to 1 P. M.?Up to 1 p. m. to-day, no dlspstch had been received in this city from Charleston, of later date than those to be found under our telegraphic head But a single wire is available this morning, and that had been working very Imperfectly We trust, however, that ere going to press we may receive definite news from that frrtooal. Hon. Win Mill ward, Pa.; J. B. Edelin, U. S. A , are at Klrkwooda'. Al. Victor Vigour, of Pari*, is preparing a drama, of which John lirown ic to be the hero. Gov. Pickens of South Carolina it suffering from the iiout, and quite ill from recent nervous excitement*. Madrme St. Mare, a Parisian dame, offera her aervices to those who wish to be married Her house, she aaya. Is known all over Europe for Its honorabilite, 'and she acts with celerite and discretion. Mr Haaaaurek, our new Teutonic Minister to Ecuador, is a funny man It is aaid that he "thanked the President for having appointed him w -?w iit uis jsnt "iii<ii iif \f,>jyu iotri above the ocean, the altitude of Quito, the capital. A montj the names of those proposed u? candidates for Governor of Alabama are those of the Hon. Robert Jamison, the Hon John R. Moore, , the Hon. John A. Winston, and the Hon. John G. Shorter. Among those snjjt???ted for next Governor < of Tenr:?*aee are Andrew Ewing. P.irson Brnwnlow, Major Polk. J. Ptokes, Ei-Gov. Campbell, i Mr Coiyar, and Gen. Zollicofler Parson Brownlow, we believe, is already in the Held as an indepesdent candidate Hon. Wm. Wall, N. Y ; Hon F. Ward. N. Y ; Hon I! Spauldlnz and family. N.J; L. S. Fond, N. Y ; Gov Bicks. Md ; Col. Huif??r. Col. I Ripley, J W Barrinjfer, M. R Morgan. U. S. A ; Hon A Ely. NY; Hiram Barnev, Collator i f Port of New York; W B Taylor, Postmaster, N. ' Y ; Geo. M. L-.iiman, Pa., are at Willarda'. Bi;>9 for thk Tkxasitxy Notes?The offers for Treasury note* received at the i)epirtm"nt, under the lute notice.were opened yesterday. The atDount called for was ?1.099,00o The offers 1 made amounted to 95.3-Mi,00U?be?n;? 1139,WHi In excess of the required amount. The bids ranged 1 from p?r to "iT-Um premium. It is well known that the money market is the 1 most sensitive biroineter of the pc-litiej 1 atmosphere. tnd? '.lie the rates and amount offered were do ibthsa affectrd by the rumors of difficulties, 1 stiil the public confidence in the Government and the Department is evidently unshaken. There has been some criticism upon the policy I of the Sei In ?1 ? " "* _ umy me mrce millions offered at 94 cents and upwards, and re- i jectlng the lower bids, uud?r the first call for j proposila for S3.000,(100. The result, it would I appear, has fully vindicated the wisdom of bis conr?i?. by which about $350,00o has been actually caved to the Treasury j The list of bidders is annexed: 1 Chaa W. B*ker,Hhlladelphia.. 813 000 2rt-100 pr 1 Samuel S White, do 2,000 par. I J. S Cook & Co., do 200,000 16 100 pr. ; Sumner R Stone, New York.. 3,000 par 1 J. P Elton, Waterbury, Conn. 15,<100 3 100 pr. | Do. do 10.000 1-100 pr. Savings Bank, Bridgeport Ct.. 10.000 oar. ? Wank of rview York, Mew York 100.000 par. II VV. T Mali A. Co , do.... 50,000 1-100 pr. I H Strowbrldge Sont, New Ha- \ vcn, Ct 5.000 Ifl ino pr. < Do. do 6,000 14-100 pr. ' Charles G'Uwold, New York.. 2,000 '.J7-I00 pr. i Win HMaratnn, do 10,0005-100 pr " Colgate & Hoffman, do ..... 150,000 par. Do. do 50 000 5-100 pr. Jas G Kings Sons, do 100,000 par. 1 Read, Drexel Sc. Co., do Ift5,0i>0 par. i K I. A A Stuart, do 100.000 Mr. Do do 10,000 par. I H Howard, Secretary, Buffalo, ! ^ 100,000 par - i Institution for Siviuga, Roz- i bury, Mass *20,OCX) par. i Bank of Coir>tii?-rce,New York.'2,5.0,000 par. I 3. Hooper, Ltnrself and oilier*, i Boston 1,100,001) par. 1 S Hooper, Boston 350,000 par. t P P. Pytchlynn, by Assistant 1 Secretary '250,000 per i ? Tota.1 w 340,1-00 i [ iHttiligtnar 1 - 1 Transfer of Osatsgs to lyiia, Vc Niw York, April 11 ?A Havana letter of the 5th to the Express says that the annexation of Dominica to Spain is fully confirmed The army sent to sustain the movement consists of seven thousand men from the Spanish steam frigates there.. The whole matter only awaits the Queen's ratification?President Santa Ana, of Dominica, having formally proclaimed her In an address of some length. Tbe Commissioners of the Confederate States of America arrived bv tbe Havana, 3d Inst, on their way to Europe. Judge Roit, Vv L. Yancry, Mr. Fearn and Mr Adolpbus Rest, the two last Secretaries of Legation. Judge R has his lady with him, and the party occupied rooms at tbe Hotel Cubano They have accepted th? attentions of tbe British Coasul timerml, instead of their countryman and Southern friend, the Consul General of the United stiles Straws show the wind?but it will not blow, U? pay. Tbev leave 4>v Hntiah steamer for Southampton to-morrow * The health of Hav.mi la good; that of the country alao People are getting more Bound on the financial qursion, and are already cogitating rail- J toads for St. Dcinlngo. Item* Telegrnphetf from Washington. j The agent for the AasocUted l'ress telegraphs: t There is no truth lu the rumors about Cabinet , changes. i The balance In the Treasury last Monday was a 85,6JC,UX). The receipts from customs for the c two weeks ending Apr" 9. lfMO, were S1.47I.W41; and for the two corresponding weeks this year 91 500 <k>7, an increase of $29,4^6. V Owing toother engagements, the Secretary of 1 the Treasury was unable to open the bids for the treasury notes until after 7 o'clock this evening, f These exceeded the amount of the treasury notes offered?namely. 94,910 000? by about 9139,000, fc at rates ranging from par to 27-100 premium The treasury la aow In good condition. No part of the proceeds of the last week's loan has yet been used, or will bo needed for somo time to come, b 'I he re* elpts from customs for two or three weeks past have nearly equaled ajl detpands upon the treasury. u WAR MOVEMENTS. reatlaaed Activity at the Br??kiyn *o*y Yard-Vrneli Fitting for Sea. From our New York exchange* of yesterday svenlag we take tbe following particulars THE CHAKTSBBD tlKKT. TVe gave on Tuesday a baatlly-got-up table of the chartered fleet The following ia correct aa regards the tunnage, and nearly so aa regards tbe men ia the veaaela Of course all hand* uaually aa board are Inclndrd, merely to show the nuintx*r of extra persons whose servlcss have keen Engaged by the Government: Vessels Tnr.s Men. Coatzacoalcos 1,500 75 Fashion 500 4U Atlantic '2.S15 80 Baltic 2S8S 74 Illinois -2,123 60 Ocean Queen. 2,802 75 Yankee 4Ui 14 (Tttala Ron oswv ?< JW 14 Empire City 1.650 50 Star of the West 1,500 54 Total 10,505 536 k CLUl TO THE DKSTIHATIOX or O.M OF THX SHIP#. At tbe Trov Arsenal unusual bustle has bean observable within the pait week Lieut Hatch, tatloned at that place,was on Friday last ordered to repair at once to Port Pickens, and report himself for duty. Singularly enough, be arrived in tbe city tbe evening before the departure of the Baltic, and left next day. How and where be went imu.edlately from here are mysterious Maj. Mordeeal, of the North Carolina Ordnancf Department, who it now nominally commander at Troy, being really absent in his native State, Lieut. Strong fills his place There is only one other commissioned officer?Lieut Porter. The works st the arsenal are vigorously prosecuted, even on Sunday. * Tbe preparation of cartridge! \T jnlfcS -* -- ? ? ? A j uj/m a %ur cin pi u y rr? ai jirfBfiil. Several small Bailing viwli are also reported tc have been chartered by Government, probably foi the same purpose as thoae which have alreadv been dispatched. THE NAVY YARD. There la no doubt that orders for the immediate flttlng-out of the United States ships Wabash, Perry and Savannah, have been received at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The housing of the Wr.bash was removed yea terday, extra hand* put to work on her. and pre. paratlons were made to put coal on board, which shows that the authorities are In a hurry to hav? her completed for commission. From the appearance of things, her machinery vfrill be finish*d l>y Mr. King very soon, and steam will probably be applied on Saturday. The ringing, carpenter's work and ordnance, were taken in hands. to be hurriedly got ready. The Wabash is In fine condition, rates 40 glint, but does not carry more than 25. Is 3 "21 Kj ten* burthen, and was but 11 at Philadelphia In 1H55 Having been constructed of timber, fresh and green from the wo^ds, and subsequently sent to a warm climate, she was. at one time, deemed unsound, but is now all ri^ht She will be tit for commission In tbree we? k? The brig Perry, wbote state of readiness is to be turned Into condition for active service, will be rigged to-day. 9!x days will suffice to put her in duty trim. The Perry is 230 tout burden, carries 6 guns, and was built at Gosport in 1M13 She has crulaed on nearly every station, and was last attached to the Paraguay expedition. She can be made ready for sea in tbree weeks. The corvette Savannah, now in the dry dock, % UJ be prepared also, we should judge. She can be*put in tl.e commissioned state in live weeks. The Savannah is a sailing corvette, l,?2fi tons burden, is rated foi 21 guns and 300 men, and was built at Brooklyn In 1*12 She was a 50-gun frlghte until 185? H*r last duty was performed as -ship of the Home squadron, the Cumberland, now to be replaced by the Minnesota, relieving her. The Koanoke iirs at the wharf in course of repair. althouxh the work upon h?r was not urpentlv pressed 1 he machinery has been taken apiiYt, and a portion of it removed to the machine shop lor alteration With the utmost energy nnd celerity possible, she could not be made ready for sea service In less than twenty days. She is l>e;ng caulked, and is receiving extp:i?ive repairs from the hands of the carpenters and joiners Commodore Stringbam, the newly appointed commander-in-chief of the Home Squadron, was to leave this city last night to Join his ship at Huston. He could sail In leas than ten days for Pensacola. The marine garrison of the Brooklyn navy-yard was to have been paid oil'yesterday, MaJ. Russell, the disbursing officer of the Marine Corps, having been ordered from headquarters at Washington for ttiat purpose governor's island. Everything was quiet and dull on Governor's Island yesterday, but It la evident that another trodui of troops Is Imminent The quarters are being cleared out for the reception of fresh soldiers The John N Genln Is still receiving her cargo, consisting of gun carriages, ordnance stores, Ac. Th? carriages are marked 44 Fort Pickens Alaj J P Heintzman, 1st Infantrv. will take command of th? island, etc* Mt>j Holmes, who left on Tuesday evening, until3Uthof June, when Col Smith, previously detailed for the post, will report for duty. THE CHARLESTOWS TfAVT YARD. a * ? - j\oout i.ziv men are under (lovemrnent pay at the Charlestown navy yard at the pr?*sent time. Three hundred of these arc at Work upon the bsrrarks night or nine hundred men are employed In getting the Minnesota and .Mississippi iri riadinens for sea The machinists ard blacksmiths pillaged in the yard work ell nigl t, in order to f-i' illlite the business of preparing these slcau;crs for the service arsigned them THE PHILADELPHIA SAVY TARIl. At t'ue Philadelphia navy yard the steamer Water Witch has just been put in complete sea trim She will probably sail the present week, with an unusually iarye crew of sailors and marines The otber vessels at the Yard are the Jainestow n. -'2 nuns which eould b>-prepared for lea in ten days; and frigate ft Lawrence, CO^uns; In case of emergency st<e could be ready for sea in IhrM* tS?o?.b m '* -v?? m tut .ire <o men on xue receiving ihip, and luo marines in the barracks. THE TKX A N TROOPS The steamship Coa'zacoalcos, Orlffln, left Pass Cavalln liar on the 31st March; touched at Key \Vest 4th Inst , landed two companies of infantry, nnd. being m>able to obtain water, proceeded to Havana. Sailed thence on the afternoon of the ith Has experienced very heavy galea Left at Paaa Cavallo the steamships Empire City, for N'aw York In eight days, waiting the arrival of troops from the interior; Star of tue West, waiting the* arrival of troops from the Interior, in twenty five days The Coatzacoalcos sailed from thta port on the 16th March; arrived at Key West 21st, and arrived at Pass Cavalio Bar l?6lh; sailed trout thence the 31st, via Key West Ith Inst, and Havana 6th inst The troops in Texas are in excellent health and :r>ndltion, and are abundantly supplied with provisions and means of transportation. The Empire City would leave Indi annlv in **n ?fU. U?)> with the third detachment of troop* '1 he Star if the West would probably be detained "id day*, rhe number of troopi left in Texas is about 1,(HMJ nen, some of whom have to perform a march of rCO miles to reach the cost Most Trkakon ?Artn% for the South?Contecticut Manufacturers Aiding the Enemy ?It is -epotted that immense activity prevails at the priest' manufariories of arms hi Hartford and other xtrtlons of Connecticut, and that orders from the ?outb are constantly received and tilled. At a (ingle factory in Hartford one hundred and fifty lien are working night and duy. making pitent rifle* for the reb#-!* of ti>? A?-?? lireat numbers of the ordinary ?tyle of Sharpe'i it\r? are also mamifacttiilug In the (ami* city. It >a further reported ttnt the order* from the lnili:ary authorities of the Sec*d? d States are of tb* heaviest kind It ia no unuaual c Ire timers nee to receive orders for work to the amount of onehunlrsd thousand dollars a dsy. These contracts, we kre Informed, are exclusively Southern, and we lesrn, moreover, that they are Invariably accepted, ind are/iow tilling as rapidly as possible. It thus appears that the Confederate States, who are In -ebelilon against the government, still And aid ind comfort from the North ?A' V. Fott. Tkk Storm ?xdthi Sotthsrs Railroad.? The etfect of the recent gale has been most destrucive upon aeveral of the Southern railroads A >ortion of the Virginia Central Railroad, between Jordonsvllle and Charlottesville, was washed urstf ?? T..?J ?a " " * ?i. ><irway nigm, mus interrupting the omtnunication between Alexandria and Lynch>urg The Manassas Gap Railroad also suffered onswierably ; land aliaes occurred at several lointa along lta length The Richmond, Fredelckaburg and Potomac Railroad was damaged by he storm so that communication between Aqula Jreek and Fredericksburg was prevented. The nail ?teamer returned to Washington laat evening vlth her puaeugera. Travel over thia line, It Is aid, will not be returned until Friday. Owing othe Interruption, we have failed to receive any xchan^ea aouth or Alexandria aince Monday. Mr Bccha^as's HkaLth ?It will be gratifyng to the friends of the late President to know hat the report* concerning his health that have tccaalonally been publl'ht-d have no foundation n a letter to a friend in thii citv, dattd at Wheatland. th? 8th lnat , Mr Uuchanxn *ays 41 have enjoyed excellent health ever dure my eturn to thia place, and have not been sick a ilii!/le minute, notwithstanding what the papers aya. I feel tea years younger, though time rolls ? ? * in apace.*' NAVAT. VK?SKL* AT TH* NOSTOLK NAVT YABD Ihlp# of tbe Line? Penuiylvanla, l'iu gun , Coumbua, SO gun#; Delaware M. Frigates?United States, 5u guns; Columbia, 50; tadtan, 50. Sloopa-of-war?Cumberland, 21 guna; German own, 22; Plymouth, 22. Brig?Dolpbln, 4 guns. Screw Frliate?Merrlmac. Revenue Cutter*?J. C. Dobbin; Duane, now dog rebuilt. 017" The new Dundee whaler* are being fitted p with acrewi and rteam engine*. | . i A * - n 9 -? . J' - 0.? *t , > T * ic J" "? IS * i I The PUt t? AwknlMtr Mr. Liarili . Thk Trcth or thi smitr?How thk Coksfiracy was Discovsrsp The Albany Evening Journal of Wednesday give* a complete history of the corn piracy to ns?a?a nate the Prealdent during hia inurnev from Har, rlsburg to Washington. The Journal sutes that aome of Mr. Lincoln's friend* beard of tbe existence of a plot of this nature, and immediately employed a detective to inveatigate the matter. Tbe officer went to Baltimore and occupied a period of three weeks in tracing tbe conspiracy " Soon after hia arrival ia that city, (saya the Jonrnal.) the detective diacovered a combination of men banded together under a solemn oath to assa'slnnte the President elect The leader of the conspirator* wssan Italian refugee, a barber, well known in Baltimore, who assumed the name of Or'tnt, a# indicative of the part be wu to perform Th" assistants employed by the detect! ve, who, like himself, were strangers in Baltimore city, by assuming to be sece?siontsts from Louisiana sod other at- edlng States, gained tbe confidence of some of the conspirators, and were entnired with their plans. It was arranged In case Mr. Lincoln should pdss safely over tbe railroad to Baltimore, that the conspirators should mingle with the crowd which might surround his carriage, and by pretending to be bis friends, be enabled

to approach his person, when, upon a signal froin their leader, some of them would shoot at Mr. Lincoln with their pistols, and others i would throw Into his carriage hand grenades ' filled with detonating powder, similar to those > used in tbe attempted assassination of the Emperor, Louis Napoleon. It was intended that in the 1 confusion which should result from this attack, the assailants should escape to a vessel which was i waiting in the Larbor to receive them, and be 1 carried to Mobile, In the seceding State of Ala bama " On theSlsiof February Information of the exl? tence of this conspiracy was conveyed to Mr. Lincoln at Philadelphia The President deI rlnr?^ Hl? *' '**1 Ll- - ? .... an nr 11 null IU 1U1UI U1B prORllK 10 T d\?t the American tlag un Independence Hall, and to ' mef. the Legislature of Pennsylvania at Harrisburg, and did so. After the reception at Harrisburyj, on the of February, he returned to bis ! hotel, and left the city at 6 p in In a specitl i train for Philadelphia. The Journal add*: ' "The special train arrived in PhlladelpbU at a quarter before II o'clock at night. Here he wes luet by the detective, who had a carriage in readiness into which the party entered, and were 1 driven to the depot of the Philadelphia, W11' mington and iSaltimore Railroad. "They did not reach the depot until a quarter past II; but fortunately for them, the regular train, the hour of which, for starting, was 11, had been delayed The party then took berths in the sleeping car, and witnout change of cart, pastt-d directly through to Washington, where they arrived at the usual hour, half-pust 6. on the morning of Saturday, the i3d .Mr. Lincoln wore no disguise whatever, but journeyed In an ordinary traveling dress." The special mrsarnger wb* was dispatched to Philadelphia to entreat Mr Lincoln to proceed quletiv to Washington was Mr. F. W. Sewaid, son of Secr?tary Seward. The detective officer traveled with Air. Lincoln under the name of E. J. Allen, which name was registered with the President elect's on the books at Wlllnrds' Hotel. Being a well-mown individual, he was speedllv rccognized, and suspicion nuturally arose tbat he had been instrumental in exposing the plot which caused Mr. Lincoln's hurried journey. It was detrned prudent that he should leaveW ashLugtou two da>s after his arrival, although he had intended to remain and witness the ceremonies of inauguration The Journal adds the following particulars: ' The characters and pursuits of the conspirators were various. Some of them were Impelled by a fanatical zenl which they termed patriotism, and they ju*titled their acts by the example of Brutus in ridding his country of a tyrant One of them was accustomed to recite passages put into the mouth of the character of Brutus in Shakspeare's play of Julius Caesar. Others were stimulated by th* r>UV?r of pecuniary reward. Tutse, It was observed, staid away from their usual places of work for several weeks prior to the intended assault. Although their circumstance* had previously rendered them dependent uu thetr daily labor for support, they were during the time abundantly supplied with money, which they squandered in bar-rooms and disreputable places After the discovery of the plot, a strict watch was kept by the agents of detection over the movementsof the conspirators, and efficient measures were adopted to guard against any attack which they might meditate upon the President elect until he was installed in office " The names of the conspirators will not at present be divulged. But they are in possession of responsible parties, including the President. ' The number originally ascertained to be banded together for the assassination of .Mr Lincoln was twenty; but the number of those who were fully appr.sed of the details of the pint became dally smaller as the time for executing it drew near. ' Some of the womewm ployed by the detective went to serve as waiters, seamstresses, 4c., in the families of the conspirators, and a record was r'-eularly kept of what wu ?* id sad done to furib?r their enterprlie. A record wm alto kept by the detective of their deliberation! In tecret conci iv*, but, for tuttlcient reatoni, It It withheld for the present from publication The det c#ve fiid h:j agent* regulariy contributed aioney to pay the exper.aea of the conspiracy." Tnx WaiTHKE.?The following r"p?>rt of the weather for the morning la ni^de ftom the Aaoerlctiu Coiaol'.dated Telegraph Lino to the fcuiithzo.-tlan Institution. The Line of obtcrvatica :? cbout 7 o'clock. April 12, 18?1. Hu?l< V? * * I ?? ?m>tti^wiif t %? * louuy|wjltd ?ti INrw V ork, N. Y clear. ple;u>ant. Washington. P. C cloudy, wind E Richmond, Va cloudy, 52J. Pe:*?ratmr2, Va. cloudy, pleasant Wilmington, N.C clear, pleaaaat. Charleston, 3. C cloudy, 61?, wind W Augusta, u& ..cloudy, cool. Mn< oil. Ga cloudy. Columb ia, 6a clear. Montgomery, A.'a cloudy, warm. Mobile, Ala.... raining, 66?. New, La clear, 68 . wind W Farometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a m , (corre:ted for temperature,) So.Ill; at noon, 30.053 't hermometer at 7 a. m., 45*; at noon, 5S?. Maximum during 24 houra, ending 9 a. m. today, fr-'X*. minimum 41?. nf^COMPANY C, W. L l.-.\l et at your armory THIS EVENIMG, at 7* o'clock. Dy order o( Capt. Stbvbms. It K LEWIS, O. 8. *?.l> f.-COI.I MUIA l.ODOE No lo. Jof Th* Officers and Membere of Columbia L"dfp are fraternally r queat'd toir^et nt tJie H*ll THIS ( Kridfn ) hVKNI .NO, at 7 o'clock preoiaely, t j pay a fraternal visit to Eattorn Lodge, No. 7. By order. It* JOHN A. MOULDKN, Ree.ften. |Yy*MEDICAL ASSOCIATION.?An ?4iL_3 joutned meeting of the Medical A?*oo;ation ofthe District of Columbia will ?>* heid id the Washington Infi in&ry, on TUESDAY. Ami 16, at 12 o'c'ock in. J. W. H. LOVEJOY, M.D , ap !2 3t^ Seoretary. |V-^-UNIVERSALI9M -Scarcely Savtd , In Danger af F.ternil Damnation ?Thsophi mis Ftskk wi 1 eiptain t>?e sin of blasphemy against tn/. h.. ? ?? f ?- ? ...? .... j v w .1 c vmi x unity vnuion, on SUNDAY EVKNIISO; Mat hew l!s 31, hall xiot be forgiven him, neither in thin world, neither in th* wor'd to comoM&'k S: 28, i9, "Ha'h never forcivenes*, but i? in 'langtr of eternal damnation ;'ra so, 1st Peter 4:18, ' And if the ri<hter>un loa-csly bs eav*d, where stia'.l the ungodly autl th? ainner appear." Seats free to all. 12 2t* Vy-lNUlAN CONCERT.? At Willarp*' _L? "ALL THIS KVENIttG, April 12th, LaKocQtJ* will rive a number of her thrilling inelodie*, varifd with iiiumc by Red Feather, and in* terspc-aetl with ahort nketO'iea of Indian life by Fattier Heeson. Admisaion i> oentt. Doors open it 8 o'oiock. Another Concert will M held in the old Trinity Chu'OM.on SATURDAY AFTERNOON, April 13. Admi?s'on 15 cent*; ohildren 10 oecta whet accompanied by paranta or teachers. Doora open at 3 o'clock. It* rt?-P03T OFFICE. '> g \Vashiwotos, D. C., april 11.1861. f Cmi and after Monday next, tba 15tn inatai*, the morning train for Baltimore and the East will II Kinmiliuii ?I t^Vk m., lnaleAd Ol6?l a 111 . and the afternoon train at 8 46 p. m , ioxtead of S in p. iu. ia view of thia change, persona wishing to aetd If iter* b? tue aiternooo train muatdeeorite tneir letters in the Othoe no: later than half-paat 1 o'clock p. m. No ohatige will be made in the oloeing of 1 Wo mail leaving at 4) a. >. ? p 12-3t _WM JON F.S. F. M. (YTjp? ATTENTION. COMPANY A. UNION SJt RE?ilME vi\?Only one hundred of the Company hating collated, the remaining forty will aasemhie at Temperance Hall on **ATI) K DAY, tut 12th inatant. at 12 o'clock m., for tie purpoae of l;eing muMtered into service, or they will be expelled, an I their namea atricken from the roll, and their places tucplied by tru > men. By order of EuWAKD C. CARRINOTON, apll 2t Captain Commanding. ORANGES, APPLES, POTATOES. 4c.15u boxea sweet Oranrea. in prime order, jw bi>!?. Kuae^tt and Italowin App'.ea, do. Onioin,?nbu* White Meroer Potatoea, 10*1 dn Pumi * aim! Rwtr^ Vlnm Keoeivefl t<? day on ooneiKnine t and for ?a!e low in lot* to ?uit by D. L. MOKRISON k. CO. cor lerof 12th Mid B lit*. ap 12 3t? J^tW SPRING GOODS PRICES TO SUIT TflE TIMES! The iubscib^r invites tne attention of pnrohaaer? to tiis iar*?and tasniouaMe stock of GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOOD3, vhich he is pr-parert to set; at the lowest Caah price*. Call acil examine, at LANE'S Fashionable Hat, Cap, ?id Genu' Furnishing Store, 484 Pa.av. (IatARop.) apt 2-6 wo LAND WARRANTS-W? have juatreoeired lor sale a prime lot of Land Warrai ts, of ifu aereseaoh. l.LO V: A CO., ojrner ol Sevouth aad E streets. Washington, D. C, Dealer* in Land Warrants and *-crip. and Attorneys tor all kindi of Claiiua against the Unit'd State*. For Rent?A Farm of a acres, near the oily, and ft Iftrfe Briok Rom* ta Alexandria. ap U AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON THKATKlT Uhm .? \V. GT.EK* Ao?ic? J. T. Rumosd THIS eTENING. ornfif<i MR- JO?. JEFFFRBON Who vi M Caixs Plukmxr In the beautifal Drama of THE CKICKET ON THE HEARTH ; Aiid ft! so as 9La<iii In the Rearing Farce of SLASHKRI AND CRASHER. 3: H5,00(1,000. in the eountrj, and salary?25 cetU. Cor>;atn? the ante matter a* the Great Blue Book ooeUnj 95 St\ Omitting ?he n?ine? which are not r.ece*?ary. Catalogue or Cuno?iUe? at Patent Office l.iat of Patent*. Old Books bought anri_eoj^ Catalogue fur ni?n??i. AL.rnr.ii ni'rN tki*, fe 22 2m* Willardi* Hot?l WANTS. " V17ANTED-A GIRL. t*t-*wn 13 andl6T?a?a * * o( are, to t*ke oare of a baby. Apply '240 G, n ar Seventeenth at. It* H7ANTKD-A ROOM on t.'ie Wan?, 1 a tne ri" einity of Riley Ch&pel. ?uitabi? for a vehoo!. Atldresa "Mm Ur.," Post Office ap 11 St* \JL; ANTKD?Good TEN A N TS for Mvtn houaea; pricea ra.DK.or from 811 to #"*10 per animm. Apply to H. \ I..VNSDA i.E, VhUiiton Build in<?. corner Seventh ?t and Pa. av. ? p lf> >t W~AN TKI>?Two SALESWOMEN. who hare exp;r;encs in the trim minx* and millinery boainena. Non" hut sooh that know tbe hnameaa thoroughly ne?d apply. M. WILLIAN, ap 13: H Market Space. WANTKD TO PURCHA8K-A HOUBF.aontaiuing five or aix rooina oonrenienMy arrr.Qced, in a oeotrai location. Any one having ??oh a h*u*# J\n>1 wi'lingto aril a barga'n ran bear of a oaiih customer by applying at No. 238 Eighteenth at., near H ap lo-St* WANTKD IMMEDIATKI.Y?From f.S to fHyiOn worthof SECOND-HAND FI RM Tl.'R K of ail kimla, for whion 1 will guarant* to pay tbe higheat prioei,acd. as ufiial. at the ahm&eat notice. R. B!>CH1.Y. Deafer in Furniture. Stovea, *o., oo 9 4Q*< TUt at., liot. ti ar.d H east aide. WANTED-SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Pcraona dec ining housekeeping, or having aaorp'uaof Furniture on hand,can obtain t'leoaaE and fair pnoea by apr!y'-^s ?t 369 Seventh at. no 17 BQNTZ A GRIH'ITII. LOST AND FOUND. f OST?On Friday raorn'nr, the llth instant, on I J Pa. arer,u?, between 7 h And loth '? . a H *1 R BRACKLK I, with a (old oia*p. and name of the owner engraved >n?ide A liberal reward will Se faid to the firder on retnrmni the tame to >o. 19# utreet. between 2?th and ii?t ?t? a? 12 ft* I08T-Veii'?rd%f. llth mutant, it ip??ppo?ed, -* between 9th and 13th sta , on C. a BREASTPIN, containing a colored photograph ol a gentleman The fin'e? will he liberall* rew*Ml?d bjr ipuvnig 11 r. m i i,L.t\K corner !3?4 Ui I?. or at 40* H utreet. between H'h and 13th. ap 12-3t* LO**T.?Straird, on Thursday aft-rnoon, April 11th, from No. 417 Pa. ave,, a bl%ok <?s _ _) tter Si.UT.8 mocthsold, long a^ wntish br-a-u A hb*rai reward will be paid for her return t"> the above addrert, or for information that will lead to he' recovery. ap li-at* BOARDING. \TACANCIE8 FOR A GF.NTI.KMAN AND wil \ filno two fling.e gentlemen, at 309 F ?t, between 11th and 12th. ap 10-3t* |/l KN1S<HKD FROM1 ROOM ON SECdND I il r (or rent, with or without B' a.<t. Rent low. Applf on fc leventh it., Letwe?n C treetand Pa. ?v., opposite Theater up 10 at* Rooms"with hoard, to..can be had . r.t No. 4 0.t 'i'lwtsenth at ap 8-eo3t* BOAR l> ?Plmrant Rooms, with Board, can be hvt at .>10. US Four and-a-half at. \p5-?w* (Ke?uMicau.i Only one Dollar. 476 Pa. Av At EVANS'S 476 Pa. At. TAKE VOL'R CHOICE FOR fti. TAKK YOrR CHOICE FOR SI. JEWELRY-JEWELRY JEWELRY-JEWELRY ONLY ONE DOLLAR FOR ANY ARTICLE OP JEWELRY IN OUR STORE. pad ItlTVPI L' /?wv cmt r\o w??s% ivv i w LJU V/ * * I A D 1 U I/O SETS, and BUTTONS. GARNET JET STUDS SETS. and BUTTONS, CORAL CARB. STUDS SET8. and BUTTONS. JET PL'N GOLD STUDS SETS. and BUTTONS, LAVA MOSAIC STUDS SETS, and BUTTONS. PLAIN 60J.D GOLD STONE STUP* SETS. and BUTTONS, ALL FOR OSE DOLLAR EACH! SPLENDID POCKET KNIVES For One Dollar Worth Three. LADIES* CHAINS: GUARD For One Dollar CH ATELAINE Tor One NECK ? For One Dollar GENTS' CHAINS Trelve Styles? For One Dollar e*oh PLATED""WAR K, Consittisg of BETTER KNIVES, SPOONS,-TABLE, TEA, DESSERT, CUPS,-GILT LINED, FORKS?PITCHERS?CREAM LADLE"?, CAKE BA-KETS-SUGAR SIFTERS, NUT CRACKERS and PICKS, TEA KNIVES and FORKS, Ac., Ac., Ao. 470.... 476.... 476. ...476....476.... 47? books-books. CLOSING OUT A LAR6E LOT OF BOOKS, A t (rrtmt /? ?// /? r% m ? n Pn r* O* ACOrST Of Til* COBTISCEP HaED TlXSa. Nov is the Tim* to Kep'.eniaH tout Library, Or Get & New One, CHEAP. Remember Remember 410 EVANS'S 47b Pa-Av. EVANS'S Pa. At. ip U be?we?t: 3d and KM atreeta yTEINWAY k. SON ft' AND RAVEN * U A^ CON'S PIANOS.?A largo aiiortmsiit?n^ ha?;nat t-e?n received.?Pe>aoL8 in ?earct)|DHM of a reiiaMe irgiru merit at a low prioe arell % 1? invu<*l to and exau.ina at the Mono Store of W.G. METZKROl i\ Ordara received for Mr. MARCUS REBINE, Piano Forte '< un?r a# U R GREAT EXCITEMEST ENFORCEMENT OF HARVEY'S OYSTER DKPOr. No aoldi^ra. bqt a r!?nufal *ufp j of OYSTERS, HARD CRABS. LIVE LOB^TERS^. ^ ani BO>TON FISH of all kmda .Don't fill to oail ana get the worth inui.ej. T. M. IIARVEY. a? 11 tf a*I c atreet. FOR SALK?On? pair of fine WORK HORSKS. inquire at the Office oi the V\ aahiBgion Home. ap 10 3t* H K GREY CARD! DEMPSEY fcT0'T00LE'8, Card Ecgr&verg, ap 10 Steo Pennaylvama trtnu*. A NOTICE. LL Peraona having pawnad gooda id my poa eauon are hereby notified that they oaa be obtained br palling on me at my residence, No. 634 Eleventh at., near corner of F, It land. For aaie, Pawnbroker's lioeaaa. ap in 3t* E. WARD. na . SPRING OPENING. H&Wil On THURSDAY. Arrxl lltk, dBi Tm* Ml*? THOMPSON Will introdnoa onr New At* 1am nf SPRING ANDSUMMER MILLINERY*. As there are many strangers in ear city,we wou'd take ocoasioa to say, for their luformauos, that Mii? Thompson wu awarded the highest premium for Konceta at the Pair of the Mechanic* MetroKlitan Assoo.ation, held at tha Smithsonian I nstition. Hf TCH1NSON A MLNRO, 310 la. a v., between 9th and loth eta. ap lft-8t lintel and Repnb.) TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN?As my ion in law, Rev. Robot Ksllbs, haa kindly consented to aid me in eettlmc op the estata of my late hurband, A. H. Yonns tlin la to notify the public,and fvpacially thoaa indebted to said estate, that he. Mr. Keifen, will hereafter t-e my onlv authorised agent, or attomry, to attend to try business in Uus oonneotion, ami any and ail other powers ot attomry heretofore civon are heraby raVoked. MARY A. YOUNG, Exrcntrix. Mr. Kellen can be saan at Mrs. M. A. Young's ! residenoe, I at, between 9th and ifcth sts., between the hourt ofSacd 6 p. m. every flay. ap 10-tf FFRENCH & RICHSTKIN'S 1 LIST OP NEW BOOKS. Mru3?.ulay'? History of En;1 and. vol. 6,40c Trumps, a novel, t.y Geo Wm. Curtis. 91 5". Neciuesand Negro Slavery, by J. II. Van Erne, MD,%1. An Outcast, or Virtue and Faith, by P. Colbcrn A"?!I!H- 91. The C.otaed Path, ?>T Wiikie Coliiaa, ?!.?. liirk'iii' Oiver Twiat. ho?aa>*old edition, i lua t.Meu bj b?rl*fA billet, 2 vols., Unao,. ?1 40. Uiok".it' riekwiok Papara. hou??ho!d ed.tiec, ll!oatiat?d by l>ar!ev k Gi hart, ? vola-.U^o , $S. , Any of tha abore aent ay nail fr**. l??r neaal d'toouut ..riu t< 50 aer o#nt on all boaad hooka. , a?H FRENCH A KICHbTKlN.tlT8 Pa av. G,B%oHii5 m. J ad v&ya on hanrl, or made to order at the >horUat vsrsaw-a- i AUCTION SALES. 8? GREKX * WILLIAMS A?et,'n^r, tT?INE BLOODED *ADl>LK H()R>F.. *ADr ILB AWD MlTPLK AT AWTIOI ?0? SATURDAY (to m<vru? ) we ?hvil * !!. 11 o'clock a. . 10 front of o?r ?tor?.* >*?*?th itrwt, ? vory fiaa li>oo4+l tedOi# Uorar, 9+<Um Bn?ll?._ .. _ . Tm Hor*e ia 7 y?*ra o d. aty.iah and artm. ud will b* ?ol?1 to the hitlieat bidder the owr.?r hanr z ?o further uae f?r biro It r.KKKV i mi.LlAV?.Ai?i, By 6RLKN A WILLUM!1. A??tiot*?ri. Household kurmu'ik. piano f?i r?, Willow W?i,C* sa. Gum Ciort tiT Wm at Jtrrio* -ut fA rrw DAY . ta* 1.1 Hi inatant. we ah* i a 11. at la o'o.e<-k a. n., % ieuera aaeo. tnie a of Fnrnuure, to , : hlaSofani Cm? P ano F?rt?, Walnut ?*of*a. Chaira. Ro-keranerf Tahiaa. D?> htedate via. i!are?ua and WaahMaada. gut-frair.e Mirr-?- ar.d Mark e-a ah Bracket, a^^^haira, Ot'oman", Care aeat ar.d otb?a Cotton toa and Huak Mattreaaea. Braaaela. Ingrain aad oii?e> Carpets, Cook, Air tifM and other Store#, A larca loto> Fancy *?d oU?f WiUow Ware, Chm*, OlfcM and Crockery Wars. Ard many other ot)?r which we derm mneo*??a'T to eeumerate. It [ Rep.) GRfc> N A WILI.iAVW. Aae'e. Dy J. C. McGLlKh A CO. Aeotioneera. ^ALF. HY CATAi 06LK OF ABOUT l.?*0 or TBI MWE?T AM) BI?I *!*! ? OT Hap?. furirrii. 8loom:>o Ro?e? ? ui HATUROaY Aprn Isth. at the AeeUoa at lu o'o.ock. In the ooi.eouoi. air to h? found? Month!* Moi?, large Standard, larj* Yellow and Oli>nbici KoiKf. A eu. Macnoliaa, H ho'oJ*- drop, 9eot*a tiiK*ntev Dutch a 't Pie*. Chinee* Tro? IVonj. Wi*tarra?, Ciematine, l>oeM? l)?h ia? ftpirean Can atio??. iummu. (ifxiinm. Vmbonii H? u.lf.iu l)oul>> ('an:*ji*?. Japocicaa, Oraige and Lrmon Tn??, And a ?r ?" m\nf dtSw ohnia? ritn'i, Alao, Dwarf Pea: a, Cherry Trees. Monthly RaapNarry. Ac Th? collection annifriiM the tact kinda known in K?roj>? ood\ Termacaah. A. J A K DIN. F1 ni?t arrf ,ir?rr? T)*r., corr er l*'h a"'! M at* . \N a? hirjton ap U 'I J. ?: *.?rf.I JK K A Co.. aMfta By WAI.L A UAKN'ARD. Aucttoneara. DUV feO'?IW FUXCV AFTi^Li:!*. HAT?, 0*r? A'tiiJ'Hor* *rArrrn>i ?0? ?v KDNE5*UAV M()K M Mi. I7tb i^atant. at o'clock, we win J contiuuo <1ai t a' the ean p r.oar. antii we diapoa" < ( the iarje % ; ) we!! reiec'ed a'ook of Dry Gncdi t,a,i?,T O'Ht. Hat*. Capa. An, id tore No. Wtfb ea?t aid*of between M and N atree>a A. . rUr.. rtf '-.I-..- k.. I... Ami uton, thi? stuck will b? ?oi<1 wi-h-ot reserve, n?d ic lou .arre and small to sait turoharora. T?mi outi. M ,2 d WALL A BA R XAR D, Awcta. By J. C. McGUIKK A CO.. AM!innMr? VERY VALUABLE BlIl.DINU LOT NEAR ihi CariroL *T Arctic?!.?On Tl'tSUAN AFTKRNOdN. Apri Piii, at 5 o'clock, on th? premie**, we shall Mil. without r*^erre, tie "*"t ern Ha f of Lot No. S, in !^g?r? tnt,froatiii( V l?f? on couth B between New J?r?e? avena* And First street ?aat, a .d rutMug back 91 feet iathM. This lot ia withi" the proposed extersieo of the Captol grounds, tt saeof which atfrds % 6n* opportunity for sp?oulaiKL. Terms at aaie. ap 6 d J. C. MoGUIBE A CO., A note IDTTHE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED os account of t^e rain, iratil FRIDAY AFTEP NOON, !2;h in*t.. ?ar.e h<-.ur. _ay9 d J. C Mettl'l RE A CO., Aaota. Bf J. C. McUUIRK A CO.. A?etmo*ii TRUSTEE'S SALE ??p HACKNEY CAR kiack amp Pair or Gmki Casual* Hossit. On TUESDAY MOKNING. Apa. 'fit. it tw o'c'ock, in fro ,t of tn? Auction Rooms ?>f Ja?. C. McGutre A Co . by nilurr of a d^ct of tra A, dated *>?h. W and dn * recr'td in iter J. A No. 196, foiioe 348, et p*?.. I aha I call una good Cockney Coach ar<i t>*ir < I *>r?y horses Terir.a: Ono third < *rh; the 'esidus in monthly insta menta at 1.2. 3 4 f> and 6 m>n'i>s,with inter eat, secured to the -ati?faot"?n >{ the Trustee. HUGH vl'K" AV, T rustee. mar 3" f"4:? J. C. McGUIRE & CO., Auota. IETTHE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED on acoount of tie rain, futil SATURDAY MORNING, 13th *onl, oarn* hour. HUSH MIRK AY. Trustee. ap IQ Br J. C. M-fiUIHh A Co. Auota. By CLEAR Y A G ft KEN. Auotio&eers, 406 Ntn'h TRUSTEE'S fALf. OF VALUABLE IM proved Re?l Estate.?B? virtu* of a deed of trust, dated the 18th day of March. 1847. and daly recorded am jit the land records <T the oounty of W ashington, D. C, 1 mail proceed to sell, od tke preimaea, on THURSDAY, the 2\th of April, at 6 o'oloofc p. m., all those pieoes or paroel* of rrtmr.d situated in th? city of Vtaahmct p. D- C . and known and deaisna'ed a* Lota nnmbered Uiirtv f.ur(M)ar.d thirty li?e, (56.) in Square numbered five hundred and three. (303.) together vi-a tba improvements thereon, consisting of a tare* and onmm<Kitnua 4 ?. ? >'iiv* uvww, Wim DB^ ttiUbl* for ? store 8m<1 property ia |<>oat?d on the aoulh aid* of N at aouth. between ?S and 6th ata. Ttrm* of mUc J>?'to I* paid in oaah; and tho baianoe in6,12 and * month* from the day of mu?. the deferred paymeota to be aeon red by a deed ?>f trnat on the prem'sea. Iftbetermaol aaie be not nowipli?d with within five uaya from the day ?f aa e. the Truato* reaervea the right to ma*1:1 t;i>? d pr?party, at th* ritk and cost ol the fir** piiT-chat?r JtiHV F. E&NlS.Trnatee. ap 3 3*aw&da CI.I.AKV t UKKKM.AooU. HI JUST HECEIVED? I" HO OS. G<kk! Urjwr. h?igar at eta. por lb., 1<vi bbla. Kxtra F our, b-#t hrar.da.chi.ap, 5) " Family d-?. do. do. F reah anpp y of Green and Biaclc Tew. New Urieanc &n<! Fort<? rt too >lota?aea, Orancea and Lt u<on> constantly ou hand on oonini?aton. I UbMINO, apfl-eoiw \n. 534 S?v?rih ]\!fc^V BOOKS Just received b? 1^1 " KKNCH* RM'HSTh.tN'.ST* Pa. it. H;?to-y ??f Ki g strf, volnuieS. Hlat<?ry of the Unitol Net.'ier'anua, oy Joan Lothorp Motley,2 vote ; frro by niMl Trump*, % no?el, by Geo Win. CtirMf: free by mail 9iJn Vi-iaeand r'kitk,by P. ColLurn A^an.*, #1. Kleie Vernier,a K m*??* of lVitiLy. by Oliver \Ye'id<*<l Ho.mee, 2 vols.; free by mai' 9! 75. Our atnal umouLt cf into SO per oent. on all Bound B<? k?. apy KRtNCHt RICHSTK1N. 37* Pa. ar. DIRECT I *lPORTATION or i r?ipectfullf caU the a'teotion ot the ladie* to nA ,m? fuli aiid Uacdi'iine a?*ort?iient of lUfKFRKNCH MILLlNKKV UOOPS.tiD? SWfllHOVN KT*, F?> \V K R W. KIM BTn3, STRAW H(KIDS of every description, Ml.K and LACK MANTLKS, 8! Lit BASUUBtt. TRIMMINGS. LACKS.KMBK0:DKR1KS, Ac , *o l.atiiea wi 1 do we!! to examine my cooda, ae they will tiad them th* finest and ohespeat in ttt9 market. M. WILLI AN, IxroBTit, No. 32 Market Space, Wa?hn;gU>n, 1>. C.t ap8 2w,tf and No. 7 Cite Treviae, Pane. WCITIZKNS AND ?TRAXKKM8 ILL Find it to tt.air int?r?*t before pnrcha?at-> ?a!I at tt.e Fx ternv- Cabinet K?iiekmut of KDVV1N GRKKN, No ta-VF ? A > r* icu reana? i^aaia *> saue, where a Urj? *? tuck or Fr'Rtt ITRh. a-.d CHAlR>^*fcl and MATTRESSES will alraja found. , Maborany of a ! thiokneeee* lor aa'e. Parking and K pairing an J Varmeiun* prompt!; attended to. Furniture or other got>da taken on atorare. a?i-2*?2m A STARTLING DISCI.OSI'RE ! UhCLAKATlON OF WAK GREAT OUTPOURING OF THE PEOPLE: ItlGI-rniSS OF TTia ^OKT?cr BT WINDSOR A BKOT UFR.N59 Seventh at., rel.ine BOOTS, SHOE-. IIATS.ra HI CAi'S. Ao .at a area' aacnfcoeon for v^8l mer ratea. Good Men'a Workint^^ * V^Shoea at 74 cents ; M aae?' Kewed Moroo oo iiouta g7fc, wall worth f 1 26: *cd a cenera. a* ortiuent of Genta', Ladiea*. Mitaee , aod Chil orea'a Bhoea, ?ery cheap. We wil. ae'l a? low ae any one. and take od S per oent. diaoount for eat* in enrrent tanca. ap>-aolwi THE INSURANCE COMPANY ov THE STATE ov VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL #300,00*. iMurea Merctan<J;?e. Bawdiest, Hoaaafcoid Fmrnitar*, Ac.. acaintt Iom or duuti by ftra. HEATH A KNOWLEB. A|?aU, OHoa-Room 16 ormt Baak of Wuhiiftot. )a 10 ' - J NEW bOSHEN BUTTER. USE Hfoeived and for sale at Stand No. 341. C>?tt?r.Marfcet, tn? fir?t lot of NEW OOi?iirl uu rrfcit, a prime artiol*. 1 an in daily raeelpt of butter. _ _ ap 8-a*?8t* ? C. Fh ARUON. THHE 8t'B*CKlBKRS HAViNG KKCE1VED tfcei' fcr?t supply of n?w tit lea of ?? BPHING bOOD*. they r*?p*ctfu:ly a rail fram tieir patron* and the public ten era.iy. Thvi fce?*p al?? eo; atai.tiy r>r h%od WjT MO'*l auppl * of NaVAL ind MlLITAft) JRNISHING GOODS, such ai EpaaleU. Svmdi, Gbld Lace*, etc. H. F LOUDON * CO., Citis?uand Muiiary Tai.ora, m& I > Smeo No. 369, under Brown'a Hot*1. II WILL BUY AND GIVE A HIGH PRICE for Aatog raphe (old letter? from oe.e^atad men. > K are PamBh et*. U 'k" ? ? ? ? ? ? - ..v??^vaiini3in?nnuwrf, io Letter* of Waeh n?tr>o much wti.tt4. Ad d'Mi K . ?PKlNtt, HZ aorth Twe.tth !., Phi* ielphta. Pa. a??Tt* f\?TlCKR?. PETTY OFFICER*. AND Snl f nm who were on board ol any U. ft. *tMp? at the capture of aay elavar oan bare their oiaima for KS! W*,*?K *{-)* V. ' ? - n.#?Tl ?' - 1