Newspaper of Evening Star, April 12, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 12, 1861 Page 4
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"W ? ____ THE EVENING STAB. I THE HOMESTEAD When first U>? ski** craw warm and bright. And fl*?h ?ith to!<f th? h^urs. And la h*r pale. faint rwtw>e. tas spring Is* up U<" W^an cn?!<lr?n with ons'ipeered feet 6" forth with hearts of *lee, T? the straiskt and ?vm furrow*. \Vh?re ti.e y?!low ocrnmu?tb?. Wh?t a bseutffn' embodiment Of e&ae. devoid of pride. Is the itK-d nld-fa?hioned nomeettaj, W ith the doors stiil open wide. Bet when the happiest time has come. That to the year belongs. k.;.w? .,?k u Ul up UU' VI l?u? W Iftll lt?l v b |UIU| a nd in??rfowi fall of eon??; When the field* of jet unnpeced com, And daily garnered stores. Remind the thrifty hu?b*nacan Or amp!? threghnr floorsHow pleasant from the Jin and dust Of the thorouihlare a'oof, 8e*ms the old laihior,od homestead, Witn steep and mossy roof. Whan hom? the woodman plods, with axe Upon his shoulder swncg. And in the knotted *ppletr9e Are scythe and siokfe bum; w hen the light swallows twitter 'Neath t*-e rafters of the shed, Ard the table on the ivi?d poroh With deoent carp is sorea<i: Then heart* ire lighter and freer. Than be\t in the populous 'own, la the o d faahioned homestead. With gable sharp and brown. When the flowers of summer parish la the cold and bitter rain, Aud litt.e birds with weary wings Have gone across tn? main; W hen curls the bine 'm^ke upward. Toward the hlu*r sky. And aoid. a'oig * ie nased hills. And white tha obow drifts lie,? In legends of iove and slory rhey forget the cloud and storm. In the o!d-fa?hioned homestead. With hearthstone large end warm. > !rr They have got a quack doctor in jail at | Burlington, Vt , not for murder, which would glee the case a professional a!r,?but for petty larceny.?a crime unbecoming a mtdicalman. This fellow, wbo calls himself Dr. Taskar. is the uaie chap -who ban floured In various parts of the country ? '-the celebrated Scotch. English and and Indian Physician," a compound of nationalities which must constitute a rather potent mixtura f In his advertisement! he wu accustomed to boast tbat he couid ''prescribe for patients hundreds of miles off. as well as if they were pr?*ent"? a statement which, very likely, was more than the aim pie truth! The Crisis Arrtcnso thi ""Com "Markkt. ?Tne Boston Post says one of the--solid men" of that city, had occasion a day or two ago for the paln-*xtracting service of a corn doctor, and ?Kil< tK? nn?f atinn U'DI rrniner An tK? til V tun, a A I on the state of the time* " Huslnrss with me it remarkably dull," remarked the doctor. "You don't sav that the Southern troubles affect your buslne*a,'' said the patient ' Indeed I do," rejoined the doctor. *' But re illy vou don't say that people, to avoid paying twenty-five or fifty cents, will suffer the pain of their corns?" " No," replied the doctor, "but the times make people wear their old boots and shoes, and they don't have any corns." trr"Nothing on earth can smile but man!' mays Beecher And the Hartford Times replies, m rt W?J i _i _K * _*?- ? _ - u . ?? oiu you rcri^Di ^OXDin'?DOIDID' Oil P8HD can imile but m?n. Flowers have cups, but they can't crook the elbow They can't smile. That's what's the matter Bird*, also, can't come in neither, too. They have beaks, but no beakers. What do they know about The babbles that aw! m on the beaker's brim?' "What do they care about juleps? Not a straw. Their only idea of a cocktail is a bunch of feathers. No, a smile is 'the pr>rogiti ve of man'?rf man with a sixp?nse in his breeches?or, at least, three cents " ir~T Thursday was tue last day of the book tTade aalr in New York It has continued for even days, with sal's said to average from #10,WO to 914.000 dally, or SlUO.dOO for tb? whole time. Tbe result result greatly surpassed what was -J * ? ? J a * I - ? - - iwvv iw, ?aa it w<u regaraea u a mgniy sat.sfaetory sale. 1^7" Over 28.000 vole* were actually polled In Rbode*l*land on Wednesday. The number exceeds by more than 2.0W tbat of the vote Bt the Presidential election, :.:>d fain short of that of the unparalleled election of lest spring by oaly about row. A QtrxaY.?The New York Commercial asks "If the President of the Southern Confederacy should be unable to negotiate either the bonds or the treasury notes, would not the geographical situation at Deeti'j Straits be materially changed II r~ A vonnor irtrMc In Ml1?n ' 1 ? -j- _ ^ -v.- *u hum v icii i ki iu*r wrh a priest, and told him at the coniVssional the secret of her heart. He recommended contrition for the mortal sin," and poor Rachel drank .rsenle. Freaefcy, wasn't It ? ir^The Charleston Courier, of Frldav, has thsfoUowlne significant Item in Its editorial column: "If Montgomery imitates Washington too so- a, the seat of government may be removed." UT9!r Howard Douglas asserts that shipbuilders well know that the bottom of a well-coppered timber ship will outlast three tops; but in iron ships ons top will wear out three bottoms. ^TTIw Hawaiian Kingdom, which was estimated to have a population of 4U0.UU0 la 1779, by the last census shows only 69,Sou souls. The decrease has beeu>*guiar and sure. ETThe British Ho'jse of Commons b*s or<*e I mors voted tn favor of the abolition of Church rates, two hundred and sixty-six agalust the bill. rWL. a_ ?? ? ? ? g i arrr is ? coiorea woman in Charleston, f*. C , who pay# taxes on #40,000 of real estate a ad 14* la vet. A runaway negro girl was found dead ntar Farmvllle, Va.,a few days siuce, nearly eatea up by buzzards. CT Wm A. CbrSstmao, lately a clerk In the tai receiver's office lu Philadelphia, dropped dead on Friday. AciKJVA LZfA/T THE HOTELS. willaku?' MOTKL. ? A Catrinii end ly, B R Potriken, R Kane, B Phillips, 1) Williams, J S??ckfc?tae, J P WlUtaton. J Spink, T Denager, G M Lanman, T Weba'er. E Booth. Mitt J King, A D Jeaaup, U Prtfri and ly, C Taylor. Pa; W p.t**, KD Off den. A Ely, Hon <V Waif, W Vandcomber, Mim Post, J A Geary, Mr Savage, L ? PwmI, Hon E Ward, W B TaylJr, Mr Veav, B ColliM E Borke, T L Jewltt. H Barnry. A W Ufll, H P Aver*. T Stephen*. C Babcock. G Travla, L Douba, A Horner, R M Cowen,NV: E B HnntBgtfn. M Howard, J S Cbulkra, J Urutxitntl Ct; J Mvcbell. Ooy Htcka, J Jeffry, E Shorter |M L Kowo C Howe. C B Stewart, Md; J C -leybouri e, Eng; M R Morgan. J B&rriger, Col linger. Col Kipiry, USA; T L Hennedlan, G Carliale. E Jordan, W B Jobnaton, W Alexander, O; A Wb?eiocic arid fam, Maw; Hon R Spalding and fain, N J. NATION AL HOTEL ?G H Barne, J Gay, W Jihoaos, J W Long, VV 8 Qagood, S hitter, <J H Tucker, J B Swaia. Mn * ??-?w" " " * ?j ?. -. ?? ?iam uaiU, O IV (QBQ* dock. H J Srdgwtcb, W S Magatre, J W Nye, J N Ewln, J J Reyoolda, T S Cainbert, NY; J D ban born. G Eferett, R Ball, Mm; A G Webster, C Lut 111; Ur Emction, W White, L S Weill, J Meyer. T Adumi. J Campbell and ly, J P Kelley, C A Sawyer, Pa; F G Ruwell, Mich; J P Harris and ly, Tenn; E W MarehuU.SC; XV M Barron, La; / R Ho*tr. S R George, Ur George, Md; G Slmona, L S Fisher, M F Scott. O; M S Wilkinaon, Mian; S C O alia her, J S Stack, N J; T Metage, S ot BVMlWIJ ?""" - nu i m,?u p Scott, W Cunningham, W Herbert. J Cuben, O Towers and ly, A Revet, Mto Alrten, Va; O it Burrow*, M Morgan, J H Heid, P Hontly, NY; J B Foley, O Harris, Mr* U Icobeil, P Martin and iy, (i M UtUet, N O A <!??'son. Md; \V Spier, W Owings and ly, Ps; C Ml'l. J B (iardon. XC; 4 Churchman, N J; HI. Wood, li UDem'.on.O; W M Hamilton, Tex; J J Nolan, La; C Skillman, Us. IllKKWOOD HOUSE?Hon W Willward, ft; L Madwrll, J W Eastwood, J Baker, Va; A Harris, L O'Neil, DC; W H Alien, \V McClery, Md; J Edelin, l'8A; D D Perkins. R Douglass, B ^ainnsoi), D Newport, NY; J H D Sohnaon, Tooa ? OCRA NSVKA mpb?' ? - -- ? -- ?nm oviy LtliVLf U AYS From ran Uhitbb Statu SlM*ur<. l.mrt. For. Dayi New York N?w \ ork... Bremen ... A pi 13 Kurop* New York... Liverpool... .Api 17 B* tie7._..~....New York...ll&vr* Aplan f rmi?-.? - New York...Liverpool Api 24 Pri?o* Albert ^wr York...OiuwaT Apl 27 Faitoa So?th'pl4)* ?New York . .A 3 Btvun _!*<?uUi'ptiin ..New York. ...Apl 4 firemen SJouth'ptun... New York....Ap 17 H??iaMii?.....?&outh'pU>a . ...New York. ...Api II fvi rLANNEEY'S MARBLK WORKS. i~l CU(SIKTHIIDIXDHSTI. MONHMKNT* TOMB 8LAU^. HKaD j?TONKP, MANTELS, and all kinds of Ornarr)<*ota Work in Marbla x^eat^i in an artistic M?nn(" with .? ?? ? and d?* pitch Mt Olxrtt I'tmutrry.?Per?oD? wno havi? rem red r? and who ' cure to emb? lah tl eir n w grounds can do to at prsctieal workiarmaa'a pr?#?. w?aagaola>* WOOD AND COAL. OU Will carol y ret yo?r money's worth ty ealliaf at tn? PIONEER MILLS, tomtkvttt tut ntr v ftrmtA ilrist CaMi, |?KO PAKK, urad frM of abarga. If 101 don't Mi?t? it. giva tba Pwomt Mitfa a tnat, aad ba aatiafi ed. . -a - : . - " C^OOD ARTICLEg.-ViOORE'8 INSECT and 1 Vi- JOHN irfiffTEOTLR w* r.d yoa .1 ?u*?ha<u A?<s. Moore's Hit auA ill r?rm?r?|J3iot, .T?rn ?l or |mu of aay kind, fri>? !?? i??t Jabaau fabric, silk or woolen, witHour injury to oolor or otkanrtaa; will eleaa Kid liaftttifaL'i. vitk utle labor. For saia at Grarfkwhdna Da*>t, lj| % I TKAVELKB8' DIREOTOBY. DALT1HORE and OHIO railroad. I? Washington branch. rnammmm? CHANGE OF HOURS. On and aftw SUNDAY, N ore? bar 36th. 136fl, U* trains will ran as follows: LEAVE WASHINGTONt First tr%i n at a. m. Second Train at 7.40 a. m. Fhird train at 3.10 p. m., Express. onrth trafn at 6 p. m. * LEAVE BALTIMORE: First train at 4.15 a. ra.. Express. Second train at 8JS a. mThird at 3.10 p. m. Fourth at 4.2" p. m., Express. Tho first, seoond and third trains from WashU(ton oorfneot through* o Philadelphia and New The seoond and third oonneet at Washington Junction with trains for tb? West, Soath, and Northwest: also, at Annapolis Junotion, for An napolis. Fpt Norfolk take the 740 a. m. tralu. for the accommodation of the way travel between Wash ins ton and Laarei, a passenger oar will be attached to the tonnage train whioh leaves at 11 a m. On Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train foes to Philadelphia only. no 36-a T. H. PARSCW8, Agent RnTTflATTOVAT. T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who with their dau?ht?ra to r*oeive a thoroagh ana systematic) education, where their phywoal training will reoeivedailr and special attention, under the tyost approved system of Calisthenics and (irmnastjoa, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth at. and New York av. MR. & MRS. Z. RICHARD#, au an tf Principals. Female boarding and day school ALEXANDRIA, V A. Mrs. S. J. MoCORMlCK, Principal. The thirteenth annual session of tnis Institution will commence on Tuesday, September 18th, in the house recently oooupied by Sylvester Scott, Esq., No. ISO King street. The course of study pursued will comprise all the branches requisite to a thorough English Kdnoation, and Music, Frenoh, Latin and Drawing, il desired. In addition to day sehoiars. Mrs. MoCormiok is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as boarders, who. constituting a pari of her own family, will be uii'ler her immediate care and supervision. She will endeavor, as far as possible, to sur round them with the comforts and kindly ianuenoea of Home. Rtjerenct*.?Rev. Geo. II. Norton, Rev. Dr. Ehaa Harrison. Rev. D. F. Sprigg, William H. Fowle, Esq., Edgar Snowden, Km.. Edmund F. Witmer Esq., Henry Marlmry, Esq., Lewis MoKenn* i Esq., Robert H. Hun ton, Esq. W. D. Wallach Editor Evemng Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq., J as Entwisle,Jr., Esq.,Col. John W.Minor, Lovdoon Messrs. Blaaklock & Marshall, Messrs. Cor Brothers. Tumi. Board, with Tuition in aJl the Rnrllah Rrknnhsa. #2f? for the annual aeeaion?payable emi-aiicuall j, in adv&ncs. Mumo and Langnacea at Profeiaora' pnoea. No extra charge*. an 88-tf GAS FITTING, Ac. WGAS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai.y reoeinnc, 9AS FIXTUKESofantiraij New Patternaand Designa and Piniah, superior in atrle to anything heretofore offered in thia market. We invite oitisena general it to call and examine our a took of Gaa ana Water Fixturea, feeling confident that we have the toot elected a took in Washington. All Work in the ai>ore line intrusted to *ur ear* win oe pruicpuy aiienueo to. MYERS h MoGHAN. mart-tf 376 D street. 1 SNYDER PL UMBER AND OAS FITTER, Han removed to the corner of Twelfth and F atl. Hen prepared to introduce Water and Caa upon the most favorable terma, and guarantiee onur* astiafaotion. Henas on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, which h? will aeil leas than ooat, aa he wishes to get rid of them. no 17 OFFIClfoF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF GAS METERS. Washington. july 11,18*0, NOTICE IS HEREBY til VEN. That, atreoaMy to the provisions of the ordinanoe of the Corporation approved May 12, l??0(the undersigned if now prepared, "whenever repaired in writing, and on pre paymeut of the fee of fifty oenla, to inapeot. xamir.e, test, prove, andaeoertain the aocaraoy of registration ofany gaa meter in uae in Una oity." Every met?r. lflound will and another, sea.od and marked as true, will ?etiai'? p.aoe. If proved to be aoonrate in its mPs?ur< mo;.t of [U, it will be tealed accordingly, and again put in position for use. Ofllee No. #10 Seventh street, (near Odd Fel.ows* Ha'M <>pen from 8 a. m., to I ?. in. CHAKUKS W. CUNNINGHAM, jy 18-tf Irspeotor and Sealer of Sas Meters. XK NOTICE. /*\ / l H E M O V A L. XW1 9 V I have removed mr PAWN OFFICE to 331 C street, between 4K and 6th atreeta, immediately ia the rear of the National Hotel, whoa the buaineea will be oontinued u heretofore at the oldatand. (col5-6m1 ISAAC HERZBER0. "IT NEVER FAILS!" 1 " IT WILL PAY THE PEOPLE !" I take gr?*?t pleasure In annonnoine to the oitizens and atrangcra of Waahinrton that I hare just returned from the North with a very fine and lame lot .,f Sl'KINti and SUMMER CLOTHING. FURNISHING UOuD*. TRUNKS. HATS and CAPS, which 1 have bought mostly for each, and I aii preparod to sell them off at very low prioea. N. B.?All of theae goods have been made up within the laal month : therefore, vou can cot the latest stv!es at J. H SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh at., opposite Post Office. ap 5-1 m DOB a?. rwn otAIurmW A PACKET OF PAPER S AND ENVELOPES NO TO MATCH, CHARGE METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHILP Jt SOLOMONS, Agtntt for Laurent*'? ctltbrattd Linen Fap*ri, "Metrvrt'uan MM*," *e.. *c. mN It 33ii Pa. ? ., tx*. 9t^ and 10th ate. VV OKTH OF BOOTS, SHOES A*D TRUNKS, Of till Stylet and (fualiitti, AT A ttRJtAT aACEIVICX ON CO?T. StcTtfoT Hint and Fixtures for Sal*. AJ1 the Stock in 8. TTHOOVER'S STORE, M^Wlrun Hall,embracing,every virntf^* Mfflof Ladies', tienu', Children'a and **0?Q^?r*an??'SHOES Al?o.TRAV TW ELIN6 TRUNKS are now being aold,/or' en>k,nt groat aacnfiooaon i?aual retail aellmrlpricea. indeed much below oririn?l <vi?t- TK? the publio u nolloited, as great inducements vil! be mad? to purchasers. The above oomprises a iarm ?took of the finest Iuahiy French and Amerioan Gaiters.Sboes, Boots, ,o., to., for ladies and *entlemen. Tft? Store is for rent and the Fixtures for sale. Apply on t?e premmes, Iron Hall. N. B.?The alnive stook, either in whole or in part, will !k? sold at private sale. To any one desirouH of entering the Boot, Shoe and Trunk Business tnis adords a better opportunity than may again be presented. 1'ersons indebted will o< nf?r a favor by promptly oallinc and settlinc their aooounta. ja7 tf JUST RKOKlVKtfTHIS DAY BY FRENCH A RICHSTE1N. pesm. avknub, N*fro? a-d Negro Slavery; the first an inferior raoe, the latter ite normal condition, by J. H. Van Evne. M. D. A1 the New Books and Paters of the day constant v on hand Our usual disoonnt of 10 to SO per Odnt. on all bound books. FKfcNCH * RICIiSTEIN. ap 5 97S Penn. avenue. WATCHREPA.R^O^Sl^VER WARE I ka?? 1 * " " m uuc VI tll? Mil BiUMH 1 ID m6l)tl|, Uld ftirniahed with a complete ut of tooia for repairin* every deaoriphon of fin* Watohea, and r^|] particular attention five to the aame, by a^HH tkorouch oompetent workmanApd a. work guarantied. Al?o, every deaorip ion of ataadard SILVER WARE, plain aid ornamental, manufactured nnder my own auperviaion, which my ouatomera will fcna far anterior in auality and fimah to northera war* old by dealer* in general ana refreeented aa their own manufaotufe. H. O. HOOD, ae 6 *39 Pa. avenue, near Kb at. gOOTS ANi) TO SUIT TIC Wear* now macnKcturin* all kind* of BOOT? tad SHOES, and oor.etanUT reooivink ag^a IBtllv of Mitiro m*rt? w??W ?# ? ?via v* w?oii ae-BMM eori?tlofi, mace expressly to order, and willy ] be aold at a much lover price than Iim beea* Mb heretofore oharged in Qua oity lor maoh inferior articles. Persons in want of tfoota and Shoes of oaaUmi or <ut? ma?le wort, wiil always find ajood assortmen in store and at the lowest anoee. Gire aa a odu GRIFFIN k. BRO., Mt-r 314 Fennsrlrania areime. C^keat medical HOl'sf. in the CITY i i of Washington. DR. his Southern Medioal House, | oorner of MiTth ??<( " ?* ' ... -- * ?. r??uiiuc, wnaer in? UJ&r eu4ou Hotel, u the only t?ne in the known world who can permanently cure all dianuos of a print* nature m from 3 to 6 day . A permanent cure or no oharce. ma IH-lm* DUPONT'S GUNPOWDER, For cale at maimlaotffret* prioe?, by JUH] J. BOS UK, GKO*??towi*,D. C? Ait Atmti for tkt District of Coivmtrt*. f"?* "?; Dvley'i CooeW. A p pi Mod' N?w Amenoan Cyolopaadia, volume It bu* ready. , A nH siany otfcer New Book* mxlnd this day r^r^?ffisfewRw. ^-aUcjb NervousHeadache Headache. By th* im of theae Pills the penodio attacka of IVirrtM or Suit Htadmckt may be prevented< and If taken at the commencement ot an attack immediate relief from pain and aickneaa will be obtained. Ther seldom fell m rononni the Nmtutm and Htadcukt to whioh female* ana ao subject. 1 They act gently upon thebowela,?removing Cottivmtst. For Literary Men, Student*, Delicate Feraalea. and all peraona of sedentary kabitt, ther are ml sable la a Laxative, improving the aprelut, giving tone and vigor to the digeetive organs, and re storing the natural elaitioity and straagth of the whole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long investigation and carefully conducted experiment*, uaving been in uee many years, during whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and * offering from Headache, whether ongl nating in the nervous system or from a deranged state of the stomtv.k. They are entirely vegetable in their oompositinn, and may be taken at all times with perfeot safety without making any change of diet, and the ab sente of any disagreeable taste renders it easy to administer them to children. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures ol Henry C. Spalding on eaoh Box. Sold by Druggists and all other Dealers in Medioinee. Box will be sent by mail prepaid on reoetpt o th* PRICE, 9ft CENTS. 11 orders should be addressed to VS? ?r AliVlllVl 4H CKDAR SmiTi NEW YO*K< THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF SPALDING'S rPPHAi ir mr ? c *_/ M~d . iinijtv x iuuC| WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER FROM HEADACHE THAT A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE IS WITHIN THKIR REACH. As these Testimonials irere unsolicited by Mr. Spalding, they afford unquestionable proof of the e fficacy of this truly scientific discovery. Maso.nvillk, Conn.. Fob. 5,1861. _Ml. Spaldiwo?Kir: I have tried yoar Cephalic run, an?i I like tHem so well that 1 want Ton to end mo two doiiar* worth more. Part of these are for the neighbors, to whom I l?J? ? few out of the first box I %ot from yofl. Send the Pills by mail, and oblige Vourob'tMrvant, JAMES KENNEDY. Havkeiohd, Pa., Feb. 6,1861. Ml. Spalpiho?Sir: I wish you to send ire one more box of your C*phaho Pills, I Kavt rtuxvtd ? trial dial ben?/lt from Um. Tours respeottully, MARY ANN STO IK HOUSE. Breves Ckxek, OuifTTJ??Toif Co., Pa.,I ? January 18,1K1. { B.C. Spaxbirv?Sir: You will please send me two boxes of your Cephalio Pills. Send them immediately. Resppotfnlly yours, JNO. B. SIMONS. P S ?/*av? uttd on* box of y<mr Pilu, and find Hum mmJImI. Belli Vxxnox, OMo, Jan. 15,1961. Hnir C Spaldiho. Ers Please find inoloaed twenty-fire oects, for whion send me soother box of your Cephalio Pills. Tkty art truly tk* but Pilhl kav? txtr trud. Dlreot A. BTO V ER, P. M.. Belle Vernon, Wyandot oo., 0. Bxvbklt, Mass., Deo. 11, I860, b. C. BpaLdih?. Em- 1 wish for some circulars or large show r>i]lsvu> bnnr your CephaiicL Pills iuuio pftruooiftrij ocior? my ouuomeri, IT yon have ruvthinc of the kind. pl^aee ??nd to me. One of mj customer*. who la inbjeat to severe Pick Headaohe. (uauallv laMjag t*ort?T?,) was Pi red. of am attack in u?? hour by y<mr Pillt, which aent her Kevpeotfully youra, W. B. WILKES. Rktholpsbuko, Fbaweli* Co., Ohio,* January 9,1861. \ Hksiit C. Hpaldim0, No. 48 Cedar ftreet. New vnrb_n?. o!.. i?i---j ? ' * " - , Vi Ulli 1UVUIDU udu iwen?y-nve centa. i <23.) for whioh send bo* of ' Ccphalio Pilla." j mud to addr??b? of Km. Win. C. Filler, Reynoldai bn-jt, Frankiin county, Ohio Your pillt work llks a c.\arm?curt Htadacht almost tntianter. Truly yonrt, WM. C. FILLER. Ypsilarti, Mioh., Jan. 14,1861. M*. SpAl.Dtw??Sin Not lone since I aent to you for a box "f Cephauo Pills fur the oure of the Nervoui tinadaohe an<1 Coativeness, and received the Mm", and tkty kad to good an eftct that I was induced to find for more. Ple?*e aend by return mail. Direct U> A. R > W M ft*. EL E R? Ypailauti, Mioh. From tke Examiner, Norfolk, Fa. Ophalto Pills accomplish the ob>eot fhr whloh they were made, vis: Cure of headache in ail its ; f<?rm?. From tke Examiner, Norfolk, To, The* have be?n tested in more than a tbcnaaud cum, with entire auoeeaa. Prom ike Democrat, St. Cloud, Mime. If you are, or hare been troubled with the headache, aend for a box,(Cepbaho Pilla,) ao that yon mar have them id oaae oi an.attack. From tke Advertiser, Previdence, R. /. The Cephalie Pilla are aaid to be a remarkably effective remedy for the beadaohe, and one of the fAr* f?r ?Ka? *" ' ?, ...... ?*7i j ii^umii oomfiaim wiucn haa ever been diaeovered. From tk* Western R. R. Oazette, CAtcajo, /II. 1 We bearMly endorae Mr. Bpaldin*, and hia nnrivailed Cephalic Pills. Prom the Kanorek% Valley Star, Kanawka, Ta. We are auie that peraooa auff>rinc with the head ache, who try them, will etiok to taem. Prom the StmiA'm Path Finder, New Orleans, La, I Try them ! you that are afflioted. and we are tare , that yoar teatiraonv can be added to the already i numerona Mat that haa received benefita that no t otner medioine oan produoe. Prom the St. Louis Democrat. The immense demand for the artlole (Cephalia Pilla) la rapidly inoreaaing.

Prom tkt Oaxette, Davenport, low*. Mr. &ps4din( would not oonneot hia name with an artiole he did not know to poaaeaa real merit. Prom tki Advertiser, Providence, R. I. The tMtimerv ia their favor la atrong, from the moat reapeetab'e ?oart*ra Prom the Daily News. Nnrmort- W ' Gephalio Pilla are taking the place of ail kinda. From I A* Commercial Bulletin, Bolton, Mast. Baid to be very eAoaoioua for tfce headaohe. From tk* Commtrexal, Cincinnati, Ohio. Sufarini knnunlt* mb ??11 .... V? avw vs IDHTN. irr A Mingle bottle of BPALDINtt'Sj PREPARED GLUE wUl eare ten time* lU ooet annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE~PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH U7"**A Stitch ih Time Save* Niwm."-/Tl A* acotdenta will happen, even in veil regulated (kmiliee, it la very desirable to haveeome ohtap anO?>nveni<?nt way for repairing Furniture, Toy Crocker*. *-?. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE m?ieu all inch r mergenoiea, and bo boaeehold oa afl'ord to be withoat it. It m tivaji ready, aad a to the attokinc joint. - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. B.-A Brush aooompanlea eaoh BoUle. Prie 26 cauU. Addieu HENRY O. SPALDING, , No. 48 Cedar treat. New York. CAUTION. As oerUin anprinoipied feraoneareatteaptiacto tMCSS - *?< C7"SALDINO'S PREPARED ?LUK.?I) * PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. pUBLIC N OTI C B. PabUo socio* la karator glvmi UmI boada mA otfou untaxed, of tha deaonrtioo ktratutar aat forth, h*v? latal j bean felonloaely MMMI ifo? the ou?UkJt of the Interior Department, the earn* being the y ropert? of the United Sutee ud held ta trnet for oertaia Indian tribe*. Notice hai aleo been given to the proper oftoeri of the reepeotive State* to atop the paynot thereof; aad all pereoae are varaed againat pnrahaains or reoeiviac any of eaid boada aad ooapoaa, a* the olaiaa of the United btatee thereto will be proeeeated to the ntmoet extent. 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