Newspaper of Evening Star, April 13, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 13, 1861 Page 1
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v # # r I . (f b t tiittg Si u r. V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. APRIL 13. 1861. N9. 2.543. THE DALLY EVENING STAft M I > Jb USliBD BVBR J AFTERNOON, fSUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAJi BIILDI.1HV Cin v / Pmr,.*ylnt9nukm9mu4 mndWtk it., IT w. D. W4LL4CH. r*r^TB xH-red in paokace* by oamen it |4 I or 71 oenti per month. To mail eabaoiibera II* vrioe la $\.w a year, m adrnnti; $t for ?tx r r.thsi #1 for three monttia; and for leee than tv -ee montha at the rate of 12 oenta a VMk. Siagi* ^?.^e, ow cbnt; in wrap pars, two cinn. :ya#?niif kmihts a/ioaid be acat to the ofloe b-1ore 13 o'oiook m.; other wine they may not appear nntil the next day. l.lT(.KC9TinU mW.11 JACA.1 Murder or thk America* Secretart or IiB8AT105?FCLL AMD interesting Particclars or His Death?Ccriocs Comverwatioxwith Tommy. [Prom tbe N Y. Tlm?*' Correspondent ] Akabaxi. Yeddo, Jan. 22, 18(51. I regret to be obliged to announce to you the death of Mr. Heustren, Dutch interpreter j and Secretary of the American Legation. 1 became acquainted with him in I860, while I waa connected with the scientific expedition liait t Kara Kit n * it - !)?:?? hw.w w/ ?uv a moatau uuvcruujcm. no was very serviceable to the members *.f that expedition, and has ever since been intimately connected with the Prussian Legation here, being n frequent visitor at Akabani, the part of Yedda where the Legation is located. Un the 15th of January Mr. Ileuatren had been attending a meeting with the Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs. He dined there *nd left at about 8j o'clock iu the evening. At Vi o'clock the in mates of the Legation were *'artle?l by a note from Mr. Harris to Count i.vleuburg, communicating to him that Mr Ileustren.on his way home, had been attacked l.y several person5 and stabbed, and requesting Dr. Lucini. the physician to the Embassy. to assist the wounded man. The doctor was r**dy in a few minute*, but as the horses were i?-.t ready, he started on foot, accompanied by ? number of gentlemen, members of the Prussian expedition. As soon as I had heard the sad news I went to the stable, saddled my horse, and armed with sword and revolvers was soon at the American Legation. On the way I noticed that my horse shyed twice; the cause of it I ti und out only on the next morning. A very fid sight presented itself now to my view; on the floor of his room poor Mr. Heustren lay wpltrrincr in blno<i g?v?r?l Tnnanaa? rKws! ? a ? ' ? ? w-k?wv KM/01 #uans kueelioe by bis side trying to close a ghsstly wound on the right side of the abdomen. Another American gentleman, Mr. Wilson, held his head np, sndu few Japare*e officers stood near Dr Lucini and his party had not yet arrived, und therefore we turned by the road which I thought they might have taken, met toem a few blocks distant in the street and returned with them. The Doctor after having wa-hed the wound, which had cease^ to bleed. 1 ?gan at once to dress it, a difficult task, as a i art of the bowels were severed Dr Maigr>er? of the EnirlUh Letraliun who hail ?r. r.vei at a later moment, assisted in the operation. as did also several other gentlemen from ' the Prussian expedition Mr. Harris, wnom I sought now in his room, I found busy in giving sucQ directions as circumstances required, and from him I learned how this affiir occurred. Mr lleustren was riding home at a brisk pace, accompanied by ^ three Yakonnins, or governmental officers, on (horseback. Of theie. one rode in front of Mm, whilst the two others followed, all carrying lanterns, as also did the four horae-boya that were on foot. About half way between Akabani and the American Legation, in a omewhat narrow street, this party was suddenly attacked by seven or eight Japanese, armed with swords. Soma of them knocked down the horse-boys, extinguishing their lanterns, whilst others fell on the Yakonnins. and two attacked Mr. lleustren from both sides. The latter gentleman pushed on as fast as he could, and hid soon got clear from the assailant*, as suddenly he exclaimed, "I am wounded. and feel as if I should ilia." and elided to Itbe ground The Yakonnins assert that two of thein had remained with the wuanded man, whilst one rode to the American Legation to cull for assistance. After he had ridden a short distance he found that hi* horse was badly wounded, and as it could not walk any further he tied it to a fence and proceeded on foot. Mr. lleustren stated that he had been left nearly half an hour alone in the street, being unable to move; that afterward the Yakonnins returned, placed him on a wooden shutter takeu from a neighboring house, and in thi* Mate he was carried h >me. When the doctor had finished the dressing of the wound. Mr. lleustren seemed to revive a little, Ilia face, at first collapsed and ghastly pale, assumed a Dure cheerful expression; his I eyes began to brighten up, he asked for some ?ir.? vhirh w514 t/? Kim ho or. I presaed his thanks to those around him. Ilia nloody clothes were removed, clean ones put ud. and with proper precaution he was put to bad, covered up nicely, warming-pans were placed near him, and his extremities were rubbed with warm cloth*. It was resolved m that the physicians should watch with him one Ef at a time, and Mr. Wilson and I should assist them alternately As the immediate danger teemed over, I ventured to Akabani to feich . some night-etothes for the doctor and myself, I and at midnight I returned to the American i Legation. Alas ' I came only to see our poor friend ex ? it a.i k. i.?-? -?.1 ? L iiv ivniuvi lumui^uv uc wuuAUiO I CJliCPB, neiired mure wine, also some water, requested afterward to be raised up, his breathing became rattling, and a few minutes after mid* night he breathed his last. The Abbe Girard, who had arrived at an early hour from the French Legation, had rendered him religious consolation, and before he died he received the Holy Communion. Mr. Wilson and myself remained in the house during the bight, partly for protection, as there had been rumors of hostile designs against all foreigners. Two soldiers were also with us. About 1 o'clock p. m., the Third Governor 0> *i a <r ?* -- ior r oreign aumtb, ugeon uungo no-Kami, arrived, and received Mr. Harris' permission to see the body. He deemed greatly moved? rather ai unusual thing for a Japanese?requested to Me the wound, which was shown to him. and gave assurance that no pains would be snared to discover and punish the murderer. Tne interpreter who remained with us was Ojonooky, in the United States better known under the name of "Tommy"?the same who Accompanied the Japanese Embassy to Washington A conversation ensued of rather a peculiar character. ' Poor Mr. Heustren ! he waa so kind a man, hope be will go to Heaven." I trust he id in Heaven now,*' answered I. greatly astonished, for it was the first time I heard a Japanese speak of Heaven, or of any future state after death?indeed, on anj religious subject. Mr. Wilson said now: "Tommy, do you remember how kindly yoa and your countrymen were received in America? and now they murder on* of our countrymen in such cruel, cold-blooded manner Tommy replied, ,4 It is very true, there are many very bad people in Yeddo, who at night make life in the streets very insecure." " But, why," continued Mr. Wilson, " why are so many people allowed to carry swords, who when druuk, are apt to make very bad ua? of them ?" " It w true," answered Tommy, again, ' I liked it much better in America, where evea ioveminent officers carried swords only when on doty, but our Government cannot take their swords away, if they attempted to the whole country would be in a revolution." ' But, Tommy," said I, " this is not a good state of affairs; will it never be.better ?" " It will never be better,'* was his answer, "unlas? our people get up good cclleges,where they are taught good things and to read the Bible " This, also, was the first time I heard Japanese speak of the Bible. Two imperial soldiers were present, and witness to the convetaation. As may be expected, the sad fate of Mr. Hcastren has spread a dark gloom over the whole foreign community. A general feeling of insecurity prevails, and the Ministers of England, France and Holland have already retired, or are about to retire to Yokohama or Kangawa. Only Mr. Harris remains on his post, and with him Mr. Postman, iwretary and interpreter, who having already ' been Com. Perry' clerk and Dutch interpreter during his stay in Japan, accompanied the Japanese Embassy, in the same position, to this country I do not wish to criticise, much lesa to censure, the conduct of the other Ministers; they ought to know best what the interests of their country may require; but, aa an American, 1 feel proud that our country stands alone and unshaken. There can be no doubt that a party (it may be a larire one) exists in .Tinmi. whn lunk on the presence of foreigners as an intrusion. It is natural they should, and it may bo a long lime before their prejudices will be overcome. Yeddo, like all large cities, has among its population a large number of reckless characters. If a man of a certain rank get* out of office or loses his property, the laws of the country do not allow him to earn his living by working. If he has not the energy to do so in secret, he is thrown upon society, and often becomes an outlaw, capable of doing any desperate dee4. Very few people of quality go out after dark, unless accompanied by n strong guard. Mr. Harris and the other Ministers nave been warned, again and agnin, not to be in the street after dark; and our unfortunate friend was many a time urged by Mr. Harris not to go out at Dight. Very frequently people are troubled in the street during the night. As already stated, on the Tory night after Mr. lleustren's death, a Japanese merchant was assassinated, a short distance from toe American Legation. It can hardly be expected that the Government can protect foreigners better than their own people. In their houses, and at daytime on the streets. I think there is no great danger for life. All assaults on foreigners have taken place in the street*, and at night the houses of the Foreign Ministers are guarded by several hundred soldiers; and when, a few days ago, Mr. Harris had no audience with the Governor of Foreign Affairs, the Tycoon sent him an escort of 80 men from bis own body guard. I hoDe Mr Harri^c credit. Perhaps he may be the means to prevcct a bloody, and I think very unjust, war against this country. Diabolical Outrage o* Seve.i Young School Girls.?A few days ago a complaint was lodged at the detective office by a gentleman against a man who, it is alleged, has been in the habit of decoying young girls into various place* and by force committing outrages upon their persons Shortly after the above complaint had been made, and a description given to detectives Elder and MoCord, another gentleman called at the office and preferred a similar complaint, alleging that his little H UncrhtPf M rrorl f wnlrA o?u?.- ko/l Koan timized by the same scoundrel. The above officers took the matter in band, and found that accused would get in front of a building on Broadway, and watch until some little girl came along. As soon as she got near bim be would make some remark about the beauty of her or hat. and induce the little one to enter the plaee uBder the pretense that one of the ladies in the house desired to take a pattern of her hat or dress The girl, of course, would innocently go with the man, and on fretting into the upper hall the wretch wuuld there accomplish his hellish purpose. To the surprise of the above officers, they soon tound that there bad been no less than seven young girls made viotims by this man Yesterday aftcrBoon detective Wilson, while DadiMQi; down RrnA.l* iv nK?Arr?d a man *> swering the description, and took him in custody. lie was taken to the police headquarters, where detectives Eider and MeCord also f*;lt s?tisfied that he was the person. The fact of his arrest was soon made known to the parents of the girls, when he was taken in the presence of several of thein. all of whom recognized him. The father of one of the girls became eo enraged when his daughter recognized the villain, that he made an onset oa him and commenced beating him right and left, and had it not been for the interference of detectives Wilson and Elder the fellow would have been pretty badlv handled. Early last evening Justice Quackenbush ar.d Assistant District Attorney Anthony called at headquarters with the fathers of six of the girls, and affidavits were made against the 111 :m. lie gave bis name as John J. Harris, but afterwards stated that his right name way Herring. He is about twenty-three years of age, and a native of Philadelphia. He h^s been a clerk on one of tho Mississippi steamboats, but lately has been attending bar at a liquor store foot of Robinson street. He confessed having been guilty of the outrage, and will undoubtedlv be sent to State nrison Fnr ^ r - ? the sake of the parents of the children, we refrain from giving the names A likeness of the man can be seen at the police headquarters.? N. T. Herald. Yor ark a Brick.?A certain College professor had assembled his class at the commencement of the term, and was reading over the list of names to see that all were present. It chanced that one of the Dumber was unknown to the professor, having just entered the class " What is your name, sir?'" asked the professor, looking through his spectacles. "You are a brick," was the startling answer. u Sir," said the professor, half starting out of his chair at the supposed impertinence, but not quite sure that he had understood him correctly ; "fir. I did not exactly understand your answer." 44 You are a brick," was again the composed reply "This is intolerable," said the Professor, hia face reddening. '-Beware young man, how you attempt to insult me " 4* Insult y??u," said the ftudent, in turn, as tonished. " llow have I done it?" " Did you not say I was a brick"' returned the Professor, with stifled indignation "No, sir; you asked me my name, and I anflVAriul wnu i? a h?o?!a?> IT I> A 2 ? 1- ?T?Z ?U J vr%?? vj uvowv/ll j t/ . lfc. A. Ui 1U & U I1BU Reynolds Anderson Brick " ' Ah, indeed!" murmured the Professor" sinking back into his seat in confusion. "It wu a misconception on my part. Will you commence the lesson, Mr. ahem ! Mr. Brick'" A!? IMPROMPTU CHURCH CEREMONIAL ?Tho Chicago Record tells a singular story of Bishop Philander Chase. He was about to consecrate a church at Waukegan, 111., but having written the deed of consecration just before going into the church, found his hands soiled with ink. He did not observe this until he entered the church Calling upon one of the clergymen present, he asked him to bring him a bowl of water and a towel from the vestry, he being too Urge and unwieldy to go there himself. The clergyman ventured to suggest to him, sotto voce, that a wet towel would do as well, and would be less noticed by the congregation. The bishop looked at him over his spectacles and said, "Sir, I never wash with a towelThe services were going on, notwithstanding the commotion in the chancel around the bishop. At last the senior warden cf the parish?now deceased?was obliged to go out and bring a bowl of water. And by a singular coincidence, just as the officiating clergyman was giving out [according to the rubric in th# consecration office) the 21st Psalm. 2d? " 111 waah my bunds In Innocence, And round thine altar go," the bishop dipped hia hands into the bowl and warned thein. Some of the people of the parish to this day think that this was a part of the ceremony of the consecration. " McGoodwik's Ows Exclcbivk Datst."? A. -I? O-i a " *' au>?iuiu|| w iw riMHewwa neniucnan, the following In reelpn far the exclusive drink of McGo?dwln, tbe magnificently funny editor of tbe Pudueah Americao: ' Take one pint of good wblaky, stir in well ene spoonful of whisky, then add another pint of whisky, beat carefully with a spoon, and keep pouring In wblaky Fill a large bowl with water, and make tbe servant set It out of your retch. Take a small tumbler, pour in two spoonfuls of water, pour out tbe water end til up with whiskey to your taste '' Frsm Priitctla. The Warrington correspondence of the PensacolaObserver contains the following Items: VVaiiingtom, April 3 ?Lteut. Commanding O. H Berryman, of the U.S. steamer Wyandotte, died yesterday on board that Teasel, Inside the harbor; bis disease waa brain fever. On Friday Inst he was at the vard, and on Saturday he was stricken with the fatal diseaae Capt Berry man waa a native of Virginia, about rears old. He entered the navy on the 2d of February, had been thirty-two veara In service. nearly nineteen of which he waa on sea. I believe he loved the South, and would have resigned had hla native State aeceded. Fie leaves a wife and family to mourn hla audden demise Hla remalna are to be temporarily deposited In the old cemetery vault to-day. there to remain until hla relativea are heard from. Capt Jonea. ?o well for known his ardor In conveying provisions to the fleet from Mobile, and arrea'ed therefor about ten days ago, whilst conveying another cargo from thence to the fleet outside of our harbor, had iiis sloop carwi/ed on Saturday morning last at the mouth of the Ferdido river. 1 believe the sloop and cargo to be a total i<<? r.vru iuc riemenis are in league Willi tlie South and It is us-less to try against ua, Jones it here looking for help to gather a portion of the provisions. April 4.?On yesterday, at about;} o'clock p. m , the remains of Capt O. li. Berryman were conveyed from tbe steamer Wyandotte to the centre wharf at the Navy Yard, where the procession was formed as follows; United States Marines, numbering about 30, with arms, a band of music, tbe hearse containing the remains, the coffin shrouded with the 1'nited States flag, and thfc ' n.p and sword of the deceased laid thereon; on each side of the hearse were live pall-bearers, among them I only reco?nized Col. Clayton, C. 8 A., Dr. Garnet, U. 8. N ., and Capt Brent, C. 8. N .; the Rev Dr. 8cott In surplice, followed by about K)0 United States sailors frcm the Brooklyn, St. Louis. Sabine and Wyandotte ; the Naval and Marine officers, from th?? U 8. war vessels ofi the harbor, among whom was Lieutenant A. J. Slemmer, of Fort Pickens; the military officers belonging to the Confederate ciaies Army stationed Here; Commodore In^raham, C. 3. N , and General Bragg, C. S. A., bringing up the rear; tben followed it large concourse of citizens, the whole forming a pageant solemn end imposing The funeral service was read by Dr . Scott, of St. John's Kpiacapal Church, and the remains of Capt Berrynan were laid in the vault to await the action of his family. Kvery respect due his station was paid to his remains by the officers attached to both Governments Tbe VVvandotte. J aiu informed, is to be commanded by the First Lieutenant of the frigate Sabine, J K. M. MulianvLieut. Slemmer looked very well yesterday at t^ie funeral. He was an object of great attraction, owing to his notoriety. He was dressed quite plain; his face was not so plump as It appears in the pictorial newspapers I'll. Fat re's Champagne. * * i.lft. 6LON1N8KR i C() , Afo. 7, North Chnrles street, Baltimore, Having been sppoiutet Acuta for the it&la of the u.i>vw? uiouw viiA.m Au ?ri niiir, on<*r 11 for taie, r?lyin? upon its merits to establish her? the reputation it ha* alreadv acquired in our Soutliein oitiee. Besides obtaining a first-class Medal at the rr^noh Exhibition cf 1855, Mr. Farre ha? been appointed Purveyor to the Courts of Sp?in and P?-'?? '* ap 6 eo3;n ITUREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY *a or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. 1 Capital 1*00,000. O!let corn r C strut r.nd Lontsima mr., orer Btnk J of Wat'iinitUKi. INSURE HOUSES ANTTOTHKR PROPERTY J AGAINST LOPS BY FIRE. dibsoxors. Geo. Shoaroaker, Samuel P.^dfem, i Samuel Cropiey, William Wilson, Richard Jotes, Johi D. Baiuiay. j Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Kotiiwei!, Thoa. Parker, Rishard Parry, 1J. B. Kreaoii, cmr.os W. Davis. i>o cuar^o iur roneie*. JAMES ADA.M3, President. Am G. Divis.ScHirHtarj, oo 10-eotra Wood and Coal. j ANo.l articled WOOD on han't, prepared to Bait the wauti of each ou?tomer. Wood soitl cord lrnitth alio, or in any way or any quantities do ired. Ij_y mat Ktpi in t oai rtovsex, eoreeneu neiore uo livorinn. 2,24^ lba. to the ton. CD" Personal attention to every order. T. J. 3c W. M. GALT. Office 28*2 Pa. av., between 11th and 12th sts. Wood Mill and Wharf foot of Seventeenth street, bolow War Department. ina23-tf SCHKNCK'S TRKATISK ON CON8UMP TiON?To l>e had free of ohar^e at the Drug Store r>f 8. B. WAIT K. corner Seventh st. and Louisiana av. Dr. J. H. Sohenck,of Philadelphia, has published a pmupMet giving & full desc iption of the diseased state of the Lungs, Liver and Stom? L'... i: i _i i j ? ir i ov-ii. muij luvoiiu Biiuuiu can ftuu get one. m& 28-lm N|> ?Th? undersigned begs to inform t! e 1). public that he iias on hand & >&-ge stock of MONIiMiiNTS, TOMHrt. HKADSIONK*, Ac., at ISa'timore and Ph.Kd^lplua prices. 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HE ALL A CO , Clothiere. mar 14-lin No. 3hl Seventh gt.. l>et 1 ai d K JUHT RECEIVED. a lot more of the oa!ebrated TEN i-EN'T TIE?: alao. avery !ar?* lot of SPRING CLOTHING, FURNISHING GO?l)S. TRUNK?. HATS and CAPS, at the P<op e's Clothing Store, No.4tirt Seventh st.,opposite Vo?t hAtVAAIl KanH f " ? ? - a w.?. ap a im yew arrival of ^pringTnd SItMil MKR CLOTHING, FURNISHING tiOOIfc*, H \'1'S and CA l'S. at the People's Clothing Store. No. 460 Seventh ?t., opposite fo?t Office, ne?r F street. a? 6 I in HIIWrRITS Annihilating . IKpl^ ' tho un'T known and beet ariic * to 1 ?*WBWIWK exte.-nitLite -^JUJ *' koiumi**. uea HUJB, ^Ant?, Mothc, Fiie?. [?"TirmW - Fie**. G&rden Worini , V.neBu,..^. * ? - ??- Jt ton'.atn* no poison. SOHWKR'N'S FILL* ?re euro death to Kau mu Alice, m r*on'??rin ha* r?o?iveu certiucates troin the President of Gi:arrt Cil ere. Dirrntori of IL>ur? of Refuse, Pennnylva; ia ll.mpita!, anl father Proimrit Inst Hut.oan <?f Plu adeipiiia ; L', !*. Jail, :iKton, 1). C.; and Charily llospiJai, New Orle". :n. La The certifies esn t?? sren at the Wholesa'e an J Ret?.:l l>eo< t 124 Nortli ond itreet, Ptnlartf phia, in<i f >r sale in thinoity l>y p. B. CLAKK, j3ro-*r Pa. avenue and 4;% eta., aud by I. I>ru?fR/nts r.n l OrtvCir. BKWABH OP S?'IKIOUS IMITATIONS. Remember to ask lor Schv erin's Auc.hi !a!?n I'dwiler 1L7~ None *enuine unless ginned .W.Sciiwkri*. ina 16-time<> PT^rsg TOPHAM'S BTVV OOMi PREMIUM TRUNK MANUFACTORY, J na Un.lBWVII V. Tl f ? f \ I* . \ <? ?f 7T Ot V A U kj 1 ft t 5 ? | M ASlllo'i lU^j Ut Kj Silver Medal awarded hy Maryland Institute of Baltimore, November 7,1860 Also, Medal hy Metropolitan Mochanios'Institute, Washington, D C., 1837. 1 am oonatantly making, and always have on hand, of the b?st material, every description of Fine Sole Leather, Iron Frame. L?di?f' Dress, Wood iiox,an<1 Packing Trunks, Pellisier, Carpet,and Canvas Traveling Bags, ftnhnnl Watnhols ^? At Low Pricei. Members of Coneress and travelers will please examine m? stook l>efore purchasing elsewhere Trunks that are made in other cities. Superior Leather and bress Trunks made to order. . ... Trunks covered and repaired at wiort notioe. Goods delivered frooof charse to anytpari of the ?ity. Georrotown, and Alexandria. jaSB-lyeo J AMKS S.TOPHAM. I^HK EIJKOPEAN HOTEL, KEPT HY P. EMHICH. at the corner of Penu.A . ? A avenue and Eleventh street, has baenV>f?fey &r*atly improved rocently an-1 now oflers^ySILi freater iRO'ipementf for the patronate or citizens and strangers thau any other pu!>lio house in the oitT, hie prices being less than tiioso of any other hotal on h?rin. aveuus, a;nl hia accommodations for permanent or transient boarders ujiexcoptionable. The bar and restaurant arratiKementa of ttte Knropr?an Hotei have alre&dy become very p.y>u iar. bf-ing all that can be desired by the most fastiHinn Toft nrn?rmt/ir nUwHaoo MWivuiii a ?V rivfiiwvui rivx'Kva uuirriiUU^J {VfciniJtionand continued liberal expenditure* to give satisfaction to all, and tiius renews his irritation ? all to give tho European Hotel a call. de 4-ti 1TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take all kinds of Virginia money for mi book debts and for Uoots, t*ho?s, and Trunks. All persons indebted to me will please call and settle up, or I shall be compelled to give their accounts IUW ilio 11?X1U? \Jl tk OUiiCOtU! S. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall, no 21 Pa. av..i>etween 9th and 1Mb sts. 1861 D'arje*. 1861 Commencs tke Ymt with a Diary. A valuable Pocket Companion for registering events pa?t. present, and future; oontaiuinc rates of postage, almanao, a blank spao? for memoranda for every day in the year, cash acobunt for each month, annual summary of oash account bills payable and receivable. Don't be without one of these useful little souvenirs. The most complete, elegant, and desirable assortment ever issued,o?>m prising twelve sixes and upwards of fifty styles, at HH ISLINGTON'S Bookstore, Odeon Uundicg, oorner of.4>* etreet and d??o Penn avenue. nUKK Ol.ll R VK WHISK V _i?n ...... IT brand* oi Pur? Old Itye Whltky, (Copper Distiller, made by the r^ust reliable diatiiiersin Herrsylvama, Maryland and Vijinia, warrauted pure. Also, Importcvl Krandifa, lienaeaBy, Ouird, Dupuy fc Co., Jules Robins,&a. Also, Peaoh aua Apple brandy, pure Holland Sin, oid Jai.iaica and St. Oroix Rum, and Winea of every variety, ah of 4tand*rd tr&U'ls. A cUoiae 'o? of Clears Wctaooj. YOUNG fc KEPHAET^AtetiU, -? II-It ami Pa at.. I<e<w ?tli wnirl l?>tn a la. | INCOLN AS HK IS. L< Stkel Engraved Poxthait. The l>e*t Portrait vet published of HON. ABKAHAM LINCOLN, < *>itk tvkuker*,) At FRENCH A RICHs*TElN'tf, No. tiTS Pkwka. Avk.nuk, Wastiiiigtoiv, 1>. C. T*ade snppliH at low arioes. mar7 TTOM L' M A rili' Uit/1'PO t HI? nv u ih n*/" l o i?uue<0| For Ladibs', Missis' and Children's Wui, At bKtudintly Low Prices. At J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 10 Market S?ace, ma. B-eo P?. av . bet. ttUi and nth gfc Avery nice prince a co. m klooeon vhiob has b?en u*^d % short tiine.??^ for ?&) verr low at METZEROTT'hfipQBfe Masio Store. Also. ssvsral Beoond-hand*TrlTi Pianos. ma M A SPECIAL BARGAIN IN TWO PIANOS. Mrfatftlr now. left on ?&!e at ?acrinoea. Also, Melodeons for sale or rent renr low. ft. mf*3SSLPi5iitfL. I m ????1^? I MEDICINES. BDK JOH.>Sl(?, ALTIMORK LOCK HOSPITAL, Hat difroverrd tk* mort Certai*. Sr"4f and only 1 Ljftctual Rtmtdy in tk* World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. \ LET AO FALSE DELICACY PRETEST , APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED, OR NO CHARGE, < IX FROM ONE TO TITO DAYS. , Weakneaa of the Back, Btncurti, Aftuimi o( the Kidtie v i *od Bladder, :i>TolBiitmrT Diacharyea, lmpuunct,(iru er.l Debility, Nn>oiim?h, Dy*p*p*?. Lanjpior, Contnainn of Idea*, Low Spirit*, Pal^intiuu U the Heart, TimHUtf, i Trembling*. Pinmeaa of 8'gtt or Giddmeaa, Diee * of the Mead., N it Skin, Atfecu .a of the l oi ft. Ht 'Hi- , Ch i,r B ?ci??lbf>i Terrihlt PihirJcn aruiaf Iruia JMi j tary Hat it* of Youth?!he?e Dreadful inil Dmracurt Pr'C J tic'a wliii.h rindtr Mtrrnte impoMible, and dea.roy both ' Bolt and ftlmd J YOUNG MEN Especially who ha** become the uctimt of Solitary Vir?, thit dreadful and deitru u*e habit ahich am.aall; a?ee|x to nn untimely prav? ihuoaanda of Yem | ul ,lie n -at ? emalted lalcnta and brillMnt intellect. whn imfrht otherwise have entranced lieteninr Senate* with the thondere of rl->- I jasnee or waked to testacy the liTinr lyre, way caII with lull confidence. ' . marriage. S!iR*II!) P???"H, r Vonnir Mt? carter plaui.f Mar n.xfr, beitifr awnre ol phyaical weakness, organic debility, delormiues, Ac., ?| tedily cured ile *hu place* himsell under the cart of Dr. J may religiously confide in hia honor aa a gentleman aud dr uily rely up jn liia skill aa a physician j office iVo 7 south frederick st. | left hand sidegn,nK from Baltimore suset, a few doors froin ' uir twmrr r m nm iu ooierve ittme iq?1 bomber. LeUcrt mutt b% paid and contain a sump. uk joh\sto.\, Member of the R >jil Collepa of Snrgeona, London, rrado- r ate fruin one of tlie roo?t eminent I lleget in tlx Tutted _ Kt&tea, iu.d the tficnirr part of *bmt lile hn bem tptiil in j the lioapiula of Lou lou, r*ri>, Iliila'telphi* and tktwhen, j hat effected 1'inn of the moat attcwtalitng cure* that wrr* e ver known; many tronhled with ringing in the head and ? eara when aeleep; (treat i ?rx?Nir>>, tvetuz alarmed at udden aoonda, baahlulneaa with freqaent blaatiinr, attended ? aoiiietiuita with deraugenieut ol mind, wer? tared mine diatelj. t take particular kotice. Young Men and ethers who have injured theroaelvet by a fi certain practice indulged in m htn alone?a habit frequently learned from evil companions, or at scltool, the effect* cf *| mhicn art mrhtlv t?l? render* nmnage iinposaible, and deairoya unud and jj body, should apply in mediately. These are aome of the ?*d ani melancholy effects produced *j by early hall's of vouth. vii : Waakueae'of the B?ck and Luuta, Pjiiu in the Head, Diiniiru f Sight, Loii of muicolv 3 P?>wer, Palpitation of tr?e Heart, Dvipcpiy, Xervout Iir*4 blur, Derange Meat cf the Digetuve Kuncuone, o-neral rp Debiaty, SymptO Mi of Consumption, 4c Ml>TALLY -The fearful effecte on the mto?* *J* much to ? b* dreaded? Loss ot Memory, Coi.tus.ou ci !<*? >. I>epr*saion ? of Sprnia, E\il Forcboiiup. Aversioa of society. Mell-I*iatrurt. Love of Hclitude, Timidity, etc - *re ?ou? ?>l * produced u Ntuvora defilitv ?thoi^n'i* can now |pdge mhat i? i? th? r.... I ~ K? V VI VUCil UCCIIIIIII^ 1"v" * ?** "*v " _ it.g ? eik, p^le, t.?rvout ??"! emaciated, h?*u,jt a ainfu'ar T 1 pearance ?l oui the <;?, cough or ayuiptonu ol cotiacmpdisfasfs of imprudence. When the 'iided M.d imprudent roi>ry of pleaanre #nd? T h? t,!i. in.Mbtil i e aeeJa of tfc a paiulul diaeaae, it too olten h pp?<ja that au ill-timed of ah im*or dread ol d.acofcerv 0 dr er> hi:? from applying 10 thoae alio,front edocatiou an i reapectabrlity, Can ..loi.e befriend him Re falla into t "J" b.mda ol ignorant aii<* defignmg pret'ndeta, ? ho, iccapiMe of curio;, filch mi pecuniary autatmee. keep him triCing JJ o n.ill after month, or <a long ai the aiualleat fee can be oh tamed, Liid lu deap?ir leave hnn tauli ruined health to at?h J o>er Lit jr*lling diaapjoiutinent; or by the Dae of that deadly pou<vi?Mercury?hiateu the couiutution&l tymptoroa of th ? ?j terrible dtaeaae, auch *a Aflectiona of the He^r,Throat, Head, ban., Ac , prcrieaen.g m ith frightful rapidity, till death puta _ period to hia dreadful aulleiinge by aeuduig him to'hat on- ' discovered coui.try from ?hoae bourue uo traveler returns n Dli. JOHySGN S REMEDY FOR OHGASIC WBAKXFSS * V/? /MPfiTKXrv T By thi? ;reat and nrPortmt remedy weakueu of the orr?na (re ?rf "iily cure J <ml full rigor rettored Th ui ndi of the Bl moat MMI arid ie oiUwed, ?*ho Lad iirtt all liope, M been immediately relieved. All impedimenta to Marriage, Phjrtic'l oc Mental Pt? jEalifcatioin, Loa? of Procre*u> e Power. Ner?ou? Irritu?>ihtr, B] Trembling md We*kueM or Kitiaueucu of the won fearful kind peedily cored. T1 ESDORSEMEST OF THE PEESS. , THS JUl? Thoi jamds cured at thie matitntiou within ? the laat itituKtu rear*, and the uamerou* important Surgical v^rauuutpiForiqfrd bj Dr. JJiaaim, mituraaed l.y tlie reporter* of the papen ?na macy other ueraana, uoticet uf ? !neh h*?* appeared again and again tiefwt the, t.e?i'Je? hit ttau<1ing a? a geotlenitu of character atid reeponuI llily, It a mficiei.i ruarauiee ft* th r ? Air tad ?.*r IVI - Da. J. H. McLKAN S Ci STRENGTHENING CORDIAL P| A>I> Hi.COD FlRII ltK. M THE GREATEST REMEDY m tk* WORLD, P' tl ^ ^ ** J^EYER TAKEIfQg^&j^k ; , di'.d Hom, lin-pt- Jjj /WX B-rk, ami Uandt.ian V, of ?*th Iii(r?di?iit ti Before taking, JSSEftAftM Uking. ?\ dUtlllinf, pradat.a' a d?lici?a?, ?ihiU atinf tpirii, *ad lk? u1 BMtlnfulibl* raarl? i*' rana?auhg k? 4n????d ijiui, nl and rattartnf U* ?lck, iaftmif, ui dtkluiaud ta valid ta ( ktalt* urd (uangtk. Ol McLKAy-S STRENGTHS NINO CORDIAL W Will ?ff?eiaally tin L ??r L'aicf Itn t, Pyii?p?'?, Jiu.- h, diet, Chraaic ar !??rvaa? Dabiluj, Dimuh a:ib? v, tad ill di?**iiiHi?io| fraro adisardarad Li??r tr . nacfc, Djripapua, artkarn, Inward Pile*, Acidity ar cknat* af tk? llaraacfc, TallitM af Blaad la th? Maid, Dali Pain ar vimauaff in iht Maid, Fiipr iluc af ih? Haari. Pallaaaa I Wtifht In tba Btajnatb, Sour Ericutitni, Cbakina at , ifvctut.f r??lir.f wfcan ' y,, C dawn, Drynaaa or VailaW- 10 i.?M af |b? Itluuil Sfaa, Wiftl l*i>u, Inward Fa*ara, Pain tn Iba imali af U)t Back, Ckaal, cr Bid*, rimahaa af Bast. napraiua;, af Spirits, Tr\gbtfal Draama, p banfaar, Daipandancy ar any i ir<iu duaaaa, Baraa > i Blatebaa so u? Ikin, anl F??ar and A fat (ar CkiUa and L. rtTti.) ? OYER A MILLION BOTTLES kava kit ] aald darir.j 'Jia laat ail maltha, acd 1a ca It- , 1 atanc* baa il failad in f i*tr:f anura aaliafaetiaa. Wba. tkan, i. will aifn fram Waairaaa ar Dibilitf wban McLEiR'l TK.XHBTBJUHWB COBUIAh will cara yaa 1 Jla u fa^fa tan aanTty au adarnata idaa af iba imnadtala and almaat m:r?c?'aaa ehat ga pradacad by takir f thia " Cardial In Iba diMiaatl, dakiliu'.ad, and anauarad nartaia ^ yuan, wktibat krakan dawn by axcaaa, watk by natara, 11 ar impa'rtd by ?iaiu???, ma ra nad ar.d anatraof ifful- P1 tatlaa U ia:lar?d ta 1U frlKint baalih and ' far HARRIED PERSONS, I ttban, eat.? af inability tram wbatavar caaaa, Will 1,1 lad MclIAHl CTBEKdTBlINlRB COBDlAk a iba- ^ ratfk rajai.aiatar af lb* ayatan; and alt wba ma* ha?a ia '* Jarad U?hIin by Impraaar indalfaatea will Cad la Ikla Cardial a aartala and apaady ramady. n IXJ THK LA VIES. f. MckBAXt rfKXM?TIENlHGCOU)lAbU a miii tffn aari ipuir tin In lacipiaut Untinpum, Wbtui, Oiiiracitd ar D'Ccali Mto?vr*aiian,I ncaouniuca af _ ar InTalmniarr [>M?h?rf tharaaf, Falling af tfaa Wank, UdlntM, Faluunf, and all diaaaaaa incidant la Famalaa. J THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT afar ua laof ar. Ttki it according la diracuatia. It will tl ailnialaia, airaofttaan, and lavifarata jaa and caaaa iha tl klaam af baaith ta maul yaar thaak afaiu. Evary haul* ta vuiuud H fi?a aatiafacuaa. a rUK CHILDREN ? If ???r e Ml dun UI sickly, par t ar xBitiad, MCLEAN'S COEPlAk ?lil reaka than kktiib*. fat, and rekui. Datay Bat a itaraanl; uj it, a?d T?a will ka tMiiatti It la 4a1 41 ?ai ! it a. I a xrrio v J vara af dragguu ar daalara wHa nay try la pain a pan yaa aaraa Muar ar aaraapanlla traah, which Uiay ui bay abaac, ky aajuu-g tl iatai'. aa goad. A raid aich naa. Aak J far M? LEAITB VrKE^aTH&MlIfG COEOIAL, aad taka f> nathlng alia. It ia tfca arly ramady that wiil canfy tha tl Blaad tiraraaghly and at tka aana lima atrangthan tit ayaum. tl Ona taaapaabfal ukao a?ary nanur.g faaung ia a cariain h ^raTaotxa fat CUIan, Thula aa4 Faiar, Y?ll?? Fatir, ar n any praraiaot diaaaav It ia pat ap |o larga bouiaa Pnca aoly ft par kat'Ja, ar t bai'.laa fcr ff. 1. McLEAM, t ala prapriatar af thia Cardial; alaa, Mclau'a Vale mic On \ Uninanl. Pncaipal Pa rat aa vka carnar af TVrd aad ti rinaauaau, It. baa<a. Ma. 0 a McLean's Yolcanic Oil Liniment, (T8 E BEST UNlMEirr 1H TIE WURLC) " Tha aaiy aafa aad tartain tara far Caceara, Piiaa, T*- f art, and Bracichlla ar Cotixa, Paralraia, Naa- . ralgia, Wa&kuaaa af tka Maaclaa, Cbraaic or Inf** r^aiary . Rhaamaiiau, Buf af tka Jauiia, Car.iraciad AlcacJaa ar kiga man la* Earatba at T^-uiacha, Brkiaaa. Icrina. I'raah I UIU, I'lcsrs, Ks?tr Sort*, C&ktd ^nui, bri 1 M.ppise, Bama, ScaKa, Bars Thraat, ?r any -isauoo at l, Jd, na difsrsi-es haw ar tout ?ha diatsaa may " CTt. ssistsd, MibUIll CCLKBIUirjkO L!N:MKNT is \ a eartain ra<uady. rt.?>u(< ( knu ksi'igs ba?s fcaan ??? << a Ufa af dls arapuada tad taksary k; Us aaa W tbia invaiaabls rataady. MtLEAIfS TOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT . Will r?Ua?? pain aloaaat (Cauotaaaaasiy, and it will elaan, _ parify and baal Us faaUst aaraa la aa iucra4iMa short tiaa. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. i MckEAIfB CELEBRATED UNLMEMT ta Ua sol* aafs I aad rallatls rsmsdy far Us tars af Nans, Kispaes, ' -- * " " " n I ?1W| HNMh uiuiiru Ltnpi. HtAN M Bvillltffl. 1 It unr iiflfl I* ear* Bif lul, P?:.??U, riuilt, OM . lUunl. f S?r??, ?r l?mj, if pimtl; tpplitd In I PpruDt, Briiati,Icnu'N, Cruki4 la, CW?? B&44U i O.Ur Cau, ? ( , irWmdi, Kmu infallible 9 Maaif. Apply it u directed u4 a tar* la eervala ia every < Vk?o t>tia a* l?gtt ?i?h the ?aay vartkl*** Ltr.tixoie 4 eftred ta jh. Obutn a eapplr af Da. McLIAjn CBLK- < 1ATKD LIWlMUrr. It will tar. *M. THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. TTkii riuaiiT Mi Nm Jwl Ml teUucg ? Wi?ty of laMrwuac rmtiag 'kac ein b* ??ad n ur Uer-u p?h'tu*4 PVKitr noniiif. Tim*?Cku*. to mdmmmr* oopy, p?r ?naaiB._._??-9< m Five oopi?? . __ , i ? ts Tananp.? Tvtfitj It* ?^r? 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BK S?hr<r'beT hencf vmi MdiliWi to fel ?cle*7,r.akiae it dow ore of tr.e n the Diatnot, where fcia fmciUtiea ?o'aBCHn n?ruta?tnr>riaOAKR!AGK A LiGHTM-SSi^ .V AGON dot a.: fcirda oa.nno? be arya?ad, roia L:* experience in IM I la.toaa. ka ktfd * tif r?3er*! ? j aiitv* ?i * irnuM u? UcM Wiiiu ttyt N ia<C. A.i It K PA I BP ihi ar4?ra r*B|i 7 a*u&4a* u. Kviu ?U4 C&'rlAtM UtM IIH*kUf( far Mf aw. AWDRkVjTjOYCK, * '* H MrMr tf 1Mb a?4 Km. #(v>r?M4,r(U, nmtkmm, / / Ma a?v /mwm ? S?ri nv< ff (4? Throat, Rtiirv UU Ntrktm* Ctrunk Mt (Mntinf (Mm. ?rrati?lu, iM?U, # Cmtmrrk, Cl*mr mmd itri f!*>?((? to tk4 r??M t' P U B L ' C S P^SA^K B 11 B Few %r? awar*of the importance of chaeaiax a tougher "Common Cold" in rta firat acace; tbr rinoh in the h-fiEinn would fio.d WamnJf , y, if neglected, aoon attack a (ba Lunca. ' ironekiai ?Var4?*." d?tna,q;,L,,?? nu, alia? Pulmonary ai.d Bronchia ' That trouhie ir mi Throat, <|t?r IROVK'9 wb.oh the TV^riC.Tm.r'^a havirr made 4* ly p upn ii* rROCHES perar." N. P. H ILLlr. IIOWK'f - ' .Iff" ?*???*? *" "* rothkk' iCT.iiaurm. "tireate'rvieeineuttdunig Hoaesi ROW ? ?*? " REV. DANIEL WISE. ^..puca "Airoont m*tar.t relief id the die fee?ic* of l>re?ttung poeaitar p fiu' v*c to ASTHMA.*" ROVVNS KKV. A. C. E6GLE5TON ROCHES "Contain i?o Opiu a or anythict injurioue." DR. A. A RAX ES, ROWN'S nUmtst, Beam. " A eimo'e and Pleaeaut o.nnl ina ROCHES t?on for tocm.ce." ROW*-* !)?.* F.metLgw^ ROCHfc* * nWCAJ R. KOW\*H! "I p'OTed Uimb ?so*ii?otfor ROCHfc>| W"?" trirv R'JW.VS Inm. hopped when ooirpo.ied to R OCR El* r,?a. MfienBi : fro?' ROWN'8 ROCHE? " E?7fT?":'*> Hotrit new <*Dd IrritfttJoa orthe Throat, met ROWN"? oororoon with Hnum ka4 Sim ROCHES Pr?f. M.gTACV JOHygQ.^ ROWNt* T"?kKU&5?5^" ROCHE? M6r*t whm t?km before and tJl*r rroochitn. M Uiot prevent ROWN'8 H"ar??neee. From their pa*t offwi, I think th?? will be of permanent ROCHES rutue to me. REV. E. ROWLEY. A. M. ROWN*? Prrei'Joot of Athena Colle*?7i eu. soc? R^dmnnnza111* l-ty THE 0?LY PREPARATION WORTHY OF NIVERbAL CONFIDENCE * PATRONAGE FOR STATESMFX, JUDGES, IERUYMES. LADIES, and GEKTLKMKM in a 1 parts of the world l??tify to the eflfieeoy <4 EtOF 0 J WOOD S 11A IK RESTORATIVE, id gentlemen ?>f the Pr*M are vnanunona id it* *is*. A few testimonials only can lie Here civwn e ci'ouiar for mor*,a id it wui be impoMible for >U to doubt. ?7 Wall Ns\y Voii. D*c. so. 1M Gentlemen : Y??r not? of th? 15th instant ha* wri rnrr vMl. Kil' f that *<iu hul liaanl ihai I id been l>*!iefIted1-? Ihe uMof Wood*# HuTJf*orativ*, an-i re^ue?tmg my certificate or the net 1 had noottjeorion to five it. I award it Ui you orn*"-fu'Jy, I think it >?. My ace is at out So year* ; the oolor of rttr ur auturn, ar.d inclined to curl. 9<>ae ire or x ?ear? m.oe it beta 1 U> turn (ray, and the na p i tne crown of my head to lone ita aenaibi'ity and indritff t?i form upou it. Kaoh of theae disagreeulitiee increased with time, and aboat 4 mootu* nee a fourth wa? added to them. by hair it* r the top of my bead and threatening to make me 04. in th:e unp'.eaaant p redieament I was induced to y \\ ood'e Hair Reatorative, mair.y to arreat the "line <>flT of ibt hair, for I had really do expeat*on tliM gray hair o m!d eve; be reetored to ita i?inai oo'.or exc?pt from d??. I wae. howerer, 'eaUy surpriaed to find, after the im of two but ? on'y, ti it not only was the failing off arreated. it the oolor wai 'ertored to the gray haira and maibility totheaoa'.p.anUdandrud'o?aaed to form 3 my head, vary muoli to the gratifioatioa of my ife, at whoae solicitation I was induced to try rt. For this, anion* the many obiigationa I owe to I* bat I ctrnni't 'WUiinmund g*J i mtahAii<ia *Wa Une the admiration of their wivee to profit by my cample, and use it if growing gray or g?C*nc ha d. Very respootfnlly, Bn. A. Urnpii, To O. J. Wood & Co.. 444 Bruolny. N.Y . My family are aheeut from the eity, and 1 am ao nger at No. 11 Carrol Plaoe. am9to>?, A 'a., J uly an. law. To Paov. O J. Woo?: D tr Sir? Yoar "Hair storati ve" ha? done niy hair ao much rood aiaoo commenced the use of it, tbat I wish to atak* Down to the puulio of its rtf ect? outhe hair, whicn re ereat. A man or woman mat txwearly deprived t hair, and by a resort to your " Hair iiesiorau?e?* le hair will return more beautifnl than ever; at act thie is ir.y experience. Believe it a'l' Your* truly. Wm. H. Kknedt. P. S*.?You oan publish the al?ore if you like. By abliehing m our Southern paper* you will ret lore patronage South. I aee eeveral of joirwr ficatea in the Mobil* Mercury, a atron*Southern iper. W. H. Kkk*bt. WOOD'S HAIR RESTOBAT1VK. Pbof. O J. Wood: D**t Sir: Having i)U the listoriune to loee the beet portion of my nair. (ran le etfeota of the yel.ow fever, in New Or ear la >51,1 * m induced to make a trial of your prepara on. ami found it to anawer aa the very thin* ?f<1ed. My hair ia now thiok and gloeay, and an 'orda can expreaa my obligation* to you fa giving > the afflicted each a treasure Fimlbt J ohm eon. I ne Kfiiorati ve is piu op in nntvn 01 uirw !?? ?, ii: laree, inenimm aud sjna'l; the smell bold half pint, and retail* lor one dollar per bottle; the qiefum holds at least *? per oent more in proportioa tan the amall, retail* for two dollars p?*r bottle, le laree holds a quart, W per sent, more ia proper ion, and retails for f S. O. J. WOOD * CO_ Proprietors, 444 Broad ray, New York, and 114 Market street. St. Louis ftold m this o ty by C. 9TOTT, 37i Pa. ivtni*. au 27 eoly.alw [) HEADER. L ERl'bE The forowinc statementaad then j edge of iu faoU for youreelf ABRAM COLE, of Brook;ya, N. T., a we?? nown citizen there, had suffered (root l>yspepia >r sotue tears, witbo-.t permanent relief, antu he ried AVlJK'S* flLL?*, whieh taken a?-o. rd'ng tn hedireotiors for this oomp ainl. reetored htm to *alth in a few weets After an interval of acme ion<h * be has had no retnm of his oomp aiiit GEO. \V. CRO&*. of Harmony, Texas, Md an ruption ou his nrek. shoulders, baok and let. rhio-i oovered about one third of his body. It kept iie parts affected covered with a scab, and beins ? ? m r?w Furt, 01 wvrw wr ri iri'iuimn" ud diatreaaiwr. It ao muoh impaired tfa health M it unbt him lor bumBMi and k'pt him IB ^ntv' Ail uiedioa aid faile-i him uaul be U??a iXKKS CoMPOl Ni? KX IRAOT "AKtA 'ARILLA, whichcii'e.) hint. Hit *km ati'l ah< w* on? eoara from the uloeratioa, bat it u ?HUarvu< * clear aa an infvrt*. JOHN H HHOOI, F-n , an eminent'awver tichniond, V a. took a o >M wl<t<<h eettied oo fc'? unfa, a aevere pain act la on the .eft ?tde, with ? ad couch, whicn V*a aoon fo lowed hy the unmi* akaue aim* to ma of eoaanmeUoa. \V h*a W low ha commenced taa u? A\ LR'? CHfcK l\ PF.C l"??HAL. which eoon rt.^i the ongn nd completely oared him. Prepared by DR. J. C. ATER A C'^ L#wetf. lad mal4?olm I.?.I.UlUL ?. a. moyt ?.vaf LUIHMOTT.i?W, ,irI ? ?w fill practise if t??tJ?(5w?rt *? *????Tk 4 Jc a? J,000 ^' fesss*. i 4 .