Newspaper of Evening Star, April 13, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 13, 1861 Page 2
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T^HE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: SATURDAY April 13, 1961. Spirit ( the >lerulog Prm The luttlhgtnrtr ray* of the attack on Fort Sumter " The conalderationa which indiced the latter to take the Initiative In precipitating this deplorable event are Katrd in onr telegraphic report, and do not all for appreciation at our banda while aa ret we are Uftin doubt reepectlng the nnynniia aia'gnfd to tbe linv?>mir.a*nt hv the military authorities at Charleston. At present we can only fl?e expression to the prrlonnd sorrow with which we contemplate the melancholy pectarle of a fratricidal conflict, which however begun, or however ended, can bring only shame | to every lover of hi* laud, and only *rief to every friend of humanity." The Intelligencer learns by private despatches from Charleston that Maj. Anderson refrained from replying to the attack of the Confederate forces (which commenced at 1 o'clock yesterday morning) for the 'pace of three hours, when the batteries of Fort Sumter were opened upon its besiegers Blackboard?General Beauregard i? regarded by the Army generally a* being one of the very Meet engineers la this country. In view of this ffcet, we Judge that the general tenor of our dls|* tches of to-day?which tell that be Is likely to reduce Sumter before the relieving veasels (eoiborraiMd by the recent storm) can operate to relieve It, may b* correct. Thk Collision at 8cmtkr ?As was anticipated. Beauregard on Informing the Oligarchic authorities at Montgomery that the Government had declined to permit Anderson's command to starve In Sumter, after their violation of their pledge to permit him to procure provisions In Charleston, was ordered to bon.bard Sumter forthwith?ere the appearance of the unarmed steamer hearing provisions in the harbor, and that rf the fleet to put them Into the fort by the military power of the Government if they were not allowed to land them peaceably. See our columns elsewhere for what has aubseqnently occurred there. AU Union men everywhere will agree with the Imtelligemter, which this moraine points out the fact that the Oligarchy have commenced hosUlltiea under clrromxtances In which they will fee likely to And no justification In the judgment of those who are mo; anxious to "lire the southern hf*_tM order to precipitate the border States into aiu?at|OB wjth their usurpation?the purpose for wh'.ch -v (o clearly been Inaugurated If there Lid P*~vjoualy existed In the minds of any, a shadow of d10f the fact that It wa? long sine* determined at ^i-nt^omery to inaugurate the war thus at the very ^rst moment after Beauregard could poasiblv miK I _ # (IIIIMCK t?i UII|; enough to venture the attack, surely ?he circumstances transpiring at Charleston from ?be 6th Inst , when the notification of the stoppage 01 >us supplies was given, to the firing of the first gun, I yesterday, must dispel it. % But we have no room to-day for comments on tbwe so pregnant occurrences. Boors News.?Dispatches were received here to-day stating that McCullough has some thou ~uiu ujcii aaseoio.ea ai tome point In Virginia, for aa assault on this city on the instant after Beauregard shall hive reduced Sumter. There is no troth whatever in it At 10 a. m , to-day, It was currently stated that a dispatch had been received this morning from Charleston, saying that Beauregard had sent to j Anderson a flag of truce, asking for a cessation of hoatllltie* until he couid attend to hit wounded, of whom he had some three hundred on his hands, and that his request had .been acceded to. While we have no positive means of knowing what truth there may be in it, the fact that at ..?-o mniicu a unpaica saying aai tap Bring bad been resumed tfcla morning, and making no mention whatever of any such occurrence, incline* us to place little catttdence in tbe rurnor referred to. Nor have we anv faith whatever in the statement by telegraph in the Star this afternoon, alleging that a breach waa made In Sumter'a wails yesterday; because tbe point thus said to be breached, could not possibly have been breached by any soch guns as the Oligarchists have in tatter? against It. 'me oiigsrrbists. It will be remembered, have entire control of all tbe new* stnt from Charleston by telegraph. and, tbe public may rely on it. will permit nothing to paws over the wires just now that might operaU direr tly or indirectly to damage their cause la public opinion. Nor Is it all likely that they will permit tbe Government here to receive any Charleston dispatches not manufactured to embarrass their counsels concerning affain If that K* rwiMlKU U p to 11 a. n. to-day no branch of the Govern- I meat her* had received a line by telegraph from Charleston since the attack began, except thos* for warded through the Associated Press xgency, to be found in this afternoon a Star. No W?.?The Seceders marched in armed bodies, and compelled the guards of the I'm ted States forts and arsenals to surrender them; but it w* not war. With arm* In their bandit hey captured million* of dollar worth of cannon, (mail arn.* and munltlona of war, belonging to the United State*; >mt it irti no war. They *elted the ship* ct the I'nited States; but it war no tear. They seized the mints and the money* of tbe United State*, and applied tbemto their own u?e; but it imj no Tar. TLey flr?d ou an nnuir-ed ship, carrying?up plies to a fortress of the United State*, but it wat no: tear. They are beeeiging the fortresses of the United States, have surrounded tbem with military works, and cut oJ'the'.r supplies, but it is Hot war. But if the United states attempt to relieve their beleagured garrison, or **en send them provisions In an unarmed vessel, it is m? If they attempt to traaaport a cannon from one fort te another, or from a foundry to a fort, it i? tear. If thev transfer a soldier frcui fort to fcrt, or from State to Slate, 11 t.< temr. If they aend out a ahlp to protect their loyal citlxans, ii it war. To talk of executing their lawa. _ ,,? rommerre, cr collecting their revenue, it u trar, horrtiU tear Soch are the Inconaiafenclea of the Secedera and their aynip*thtzera' la it not amazing that aach atuff aa thia ahould operate on any aenaible I nlon man in Virginia or anywhere elae, to dia. truat biaown Government, and thereby givecouuten*nre to the canae of aereaalon, already aUiaed, m It u, by treachery, perjury, robbery, and ueurl?tl?n * Mum the foregoing waa written,the rebflahave tired ou Fort &uiut*r. h that war' ArrOINTMKSTI BY THK PmiMXT ?Thf Pres ideal has wade the following appointments since tie Star went to press yesterday: John 9 Keyes, l. S. Marshal for the district of Massachusetts Richard H. Daua, Attorney for the district of L*?-l Dill * ? ?m ~ ~ wjmn Dill, I . 9. .naratiai for northern district | of Ohio. Alex. Murdock, U. 8. Marshal for western district of Pennsylvania. Robert B. Carnuban, I'. 8. Attorney for saiut district Cku. A. Phelps, Surveyor at Boston, Mass Harmon Bennett, Postmaster at Norwich, N Y Pvum TIB Bebvics ?Yesterday the President directed that the names of Captain W B Johns of the 3d Infantry, and ttrst Lieu tenant Abner 8 meed of 1st Artillery, 1). 9. Army, be stricken from the roll of the army; the former for declining the command of his company in New York when aboat to start on the enrrent expedition, ud the letter for having when with iua cvmpuy oa btutf (L? Brooklyn, tendered hli rwlgMtlMi to aarape (tout duty Til niwi.?tVe ueraaaarlly devote tte reading coiuniQj c-f tLe Star, to-dav Mmoit entirety o Mama of atlrrlng orwv ^ ICT Tbero la ad 11 four f^et of Mtovr in Arotev^emmty, Maine. - *i d* " 1 " _ ? "TV ' _ T-+ i W * ,? ? *? * DKFJJIYIUEFIT NIWB. ArrotxTMiRTt?Joseph Darbam baa been appointed Naval Store Keeper at Boston, Maaa. Joseph Conner baa be*>u appointed a in the Navy Department here, vice Joa KHly resigned. Win H Perkins has also been appointed a day wstebinan hi tbe same Department Geo Dwttrbt bus b?Tn appointed Superintendent of tbe I S Military Arsenal at Springfield, ice Is-iac H. Wright removed. . v\ I'anenijovirer, 01 in , ?>n iwn appointed a third-class (*1,6?i0) cierk in the Fourth Auditor 's office, In place of ilobart Berrien. Aivv Orvii'M* Ritioxiti ?Assistant ?tirjjeon A.J Ford, U- S. A , (of tia.,) and Second Lieut. Joa Wheeler, (<?f Ua.,) Mounted Riflemen, have reaigued Navy Orviesa* Ra?i?ikkc?Coiitutaiider Kd W. Yard, of N J . and Midshipman H J Blake, of Masa , have resigned - RrnoMiD?D. A. Carter, of Va., a tirat-class ( ),*?) clerk in the Sixth Auditor's office, has resigned. THI COMMITTKSOV THE VIsg 17f IA C0!?v*STT0!t had an interview with the President shortly after the Star wont to preaa yesterday .wherein the state of the times and the obiert of th?lr viatt tn \v>ai>. Ingtoa formed the ?T*>>ject cf their conau'.tatlon. The recent storm. In Interrupting tbe communication between this city and Richmond, delayed thrir arrival here until after the Oligarchy had virtually defeated the object of their mission, by assailing Anderson's command. The rn dit here is that they are much pleased with the President's reception of tbem ; though as yet it Is hardly pes slble that much of a definite character could have transpired In the matter between then.selves and the Government. P S Th? ? i -? VI??-?- - > - , . .. . -w wtuiuisaivaici* Xfk T i I ^ 1U I <1 LOU B p'.Miiut interview with tbe President at 0 o'clock this morning. Tbe result was simply a statement by the President that be will act according to tbe Inaugural programme?hold tbe public property and defend it; waging no war against tbe seceding States, and maintaining the defensive. Tbe President's reply was given in writing, as follows Hon MtStrt. Prtslom. Stuart nnrf Rnmrtnli.k ? Gentlemen?As a committee of the Virginia Convention, now in sewlon, you present me a pre amble and resolution in these words: "Whereas, intheopinion of this Conventionale uncertainty which prevails In the public mind as to the policy which the Frderal Executive Intends to pursue toward the seceded Mates is extremely injurious to the Industrial nn<t commercial interests of the comutry, tends to keep up an excitement wLifch is uufdvorabie to tb?? afliust;:i*nt of pending dittU ulties, and threatens a disturbance of the public p*-*re : Therefore ....-ni M, i u? i cvniniiiee o( mrec di legate* lie apt>oln?ed to wait on the President ot tbe fulled r*t-tes, present to him this preamble ai.d resolution. and respectfully auk him to communicate to this Convention the policy which tli?' Ft Kxecutiv* intends to pura;ie in regard to lt:c Confederate Spates 1u answer I have to say that having at tbe )>eginning of my official term expressed my intended policy as plainly as I was able, it is with deep regret and some mortification 1 now learn that there is threat and injurious uncertainty In the public I'nind as to what that policy la. aud what course ' ??tend to pursue No* having as yet seen occealon to change. It is ? f r ufUK pursue xne course marked out In the Inauuiral Address 1 commend a careful consideration 01 the whole document, as the best expression 1 can gi?e 0f my purposes. As I then and therein said, i now repeat: ' The power confided to me will be used to hold, occupy and ; ossess the projurty and places belonging to the Government, and\o collect the duties Miid Imposts; but beyond wha\ Is necessary for the*; objects there will l>e no invasion, no using of force against or among the people anywhere.-' By the words ''property and places beloneing to thft finV?nmo?t ' ' - L' 41 ..Uvu>, i uuiray aiiuae to the mHilary posts and property which were In the posses#1011 of the Government when it came to my hands. But If, a? now appeais to be true, In pursuit of a purpose to drive the I'nlted States authority from these places, an unprovoked assault has been mad* upon Fort Suinter. 1 shall hold myoelf at liberty to re possess, if 1 cau, like places which had been s<*:zed before the Government was devolved upon me. And, in any event, 1 shall, to the best of my ability, repel force by force In case it proves tr ie that Fort Sumter has been assaulted, as Is reported, 1 shall, perhaps, cause j the l.nited States malls to be withdrawn from all the States wbii.h claim to have seceded, believ- J liiiT that th< c ommencement of actual war against the Government justifies and p?6Slblv demands It I scarcely need to uv th*t * - J - ??. vviiviun IUC 1111 inn* 1 j ry posts and property situated witbiu th# States I which claim to nave acceded, ai vet belong!";* to the Government of the t ailed State*, as much at j they did before the supposed secession . Whatever e''?e 1 may do for the purpose, 1 shall I not attempt to collect the duties and impost# by | any arme<i invasion of any part of the country? not meaning by tbis, however, that 1 may not land a force deemed neressar> to relieve a fort upon the border of tue country. From the fact that I have quoted a part of the luautfural Address, it must not be Inferred tbat 1 repudiate any other part, the whole of which 1 reaffirm, except so far as what I now say of the mails may he regarded as a modification. |!T From Franck Taylor we have the North American Review for April publitbed by Crosby, Nichols k. Lee, of Boston. The North Amer jean, in addition to exhaustive article* upon the subjects treated, has undoubtedly the most complete review ?( current liternture of any Amer- j Scan Alasraaine Personal. Hon John O. I,awrence, Mayor elect of Portsmouth, Va., Is ut Kirkwoods'. Geo. Hirkman, a lawyer in Philadelphia, fcis t<eeu found guilty of *teaiini; law books from the Philadelphia Mercantile Library. * Hon Thomas Corwln. the new IJ S. Minister to Meiico, left for that d^tlnation from N> w York on Thursday, bv the steamship Cahawbn. accompanied by his son W. H. Corwin. and B. I L. Plumb. i In the Virginia Conv?ntinn ?? t..?j ? ^ ? .' ? ? vm * ut iu a y | Mr. Jackfton, of Wood, called attention to the fact that be and another gentleman were "*p1t upon from the galleries " Fine st?.t? of thing* 111 Richmond, remarks the Lynchburg Virginian. Joseph T Buckingham, one of our great journalists, died at Boston last Thursday (In Las been connect'd with several of our nio*t popular inava*ii>c* and journal*, and served several term* as State Senator In Massachusetts. - Hon. John Woodrufl', Conn.; Hon. O. S. Ferry, do ; Hon A. II Byingt*n, do, lion. j. Hickman. I'a , Hons. \V. B Preston, A. H. H Stuart, and G. \V Randolph, Commissioners from Virginia; Hon. John Sherman. Ohio; Hon. Mr. Moorehead, Pa ; an! Lieut. W.Gibson, U.S. N., are at Willard*'. item* Telegraphed from WasblagUn. WMUMM*. Anril ! ? o?? - - ?* Lit rim I UBlCf l-'OJ partment has dispatched an Mat to Pensaccla, with the view of restoring postal accommodations at that place. Messrs Preston, Stenart, and Randolph, the Virginia Commissioner*, arrived hern tbis morning. During the afternoon they visited the President. but not in their official character, arid were received by him directly after tlic Cabinet meeting had adjourned. It was heretofore stated that Secretary Seward, In reply to a note of the Confederate em, refilled to receive them In their diplomatic cbaractrr They responded, and were again ?n wereHfr the part of the Government. Yesterday the Commlaalouera ?eut to Secretary Seward tbeir final communication. It U said to )Ift written ^ ** - ??iiu nuni>v, ana rtnecia aeverely on I the Administration, taking the ground that l bey have exhausted every reaource for a peaceful aoiuticu of exlaliiig dltflcultiea; and tbat, If civil war reaulta, on tho l ead of ths federal Government wlU re?t the reaponatbility. They charge the Adminlatratlon with groat perfiditv, iinMlng that und*r tbe (better of the pretext and aaaert'.on that Fort Sumter waa to b?- evacuated, an linmenae irroada hat been dUpnfa hed to provision and reinforce tbat poat. Tbey repeat tbat they bad almoat daily Indlret asaurauca from the Adminlatratlon tbat Fort Sumter wh poaitivel/ to i* abandoned, and tbat all tbe Government'a ett'ort# were to Iw directed toward* peace. The CommiMiouera allege tbat the government at Montgomery wa* earnestly deairoua of |ieace, and tbat in accordance with ita instruction*, aa well aa t: elr o?'u feel lug a, tbey left no mean* unezDanated tu aecure tbat much deatred end, hut all their efforts having failed, tbey were now forced to fefurn to an outraged people with the object of their mlaion unacr ompli*h*d, mud tbey expreea the tlrin con vlctluu that war la Inevitable. Rs*taaATiojM ?U is lUtrd that of the 1,110 officers wbuK utmn are on tbe Army Register, tue ot.nb?i cf Tesiunatious to this date, since the s-<-?a*tou movement commenced. Is HI; and that of 8U0 commissioned officer* of tbe Navy, 33 have realgafd from all causes ?lnce tbe lat of January, to wnich Lou Id be added four lleutenanta who reatoned In December from tbetr sympathy with ser.-aaton. Of tbe 76 commissioned officers ef tbe Maw from tbe seceded States oa tbe 1st of January, 50 remain In tbe service. (17" Tbe citizens of Ttlapoou, Alabama, Lave pi-dted themselves to buy no goods from mer* t-Lanla who purchase gooda in tbe free Statta 1X7" Tbe ?t. Louis Republican says there ar? 3,<JW vacant bouacs in that city. i I mm~* WAR MOVCME*T?. We taks the following particulars from our New York exchanges of yesterday evening: Thk Home pguamtok. from the activity manifested at tbe Norfolk, Philadelphia, Rroo'klvn and Cbarlestown na? v yards, It la probable that th?* borne squadron will >>e materially increased by tbe addition theroCO of vessels now preparing for service at those yards At tbe Cbarlestown navy yard, th* Minnesota, Mlsalsslppl and Colorado are rapidly approachiitif the ready state, and as soon as completed will join tbe borne squadron; the forner as th? flsu ahlp The VlDcnnes,sloop-of-war. is fitting out for the c<<ast of Africa to relieve tbe I'ortkrnnnth TLnrp ?r? thlrtppn h 11 nH man ?/%?* aft work at tbe navy yard. On the return ot the Niagara, expectod shortly from Japan and the China seas, it Is probable that she too will Join the home squadron. A rn?w of eighty men hat been transferred to the Water Witch, which is ready for s<>a, at Philadelphia. Tbe otRcera at the Philadelphia and Brooklyn yards have been ordered to report for active service within ten days MOVEMKST or TROOPS Thes?1d1er? from Te*as. who arrived here on Thursday In thr Coatzacoalcos, are ordered to the following points: company I, llrsi lnlautry, Kort Hamilton, Niw York harbor; Capt. Jna. H Kinj{, commanding. Companies Dand H, aecond cavalry, to Washington Citv. Olfi< era?Capt I N Palmer, aecond cavalrv. commanding; llrst lieutenant, \V. P. Cbambllaa, aecond cavalry Companies 1). U, I ana E, second cavalry, to Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania. Officers?Maj. Georev H. Thoiuu. cmnm?iiiilniii r?nt?in. . ?- ? I yy I V ? v tv Stoneman, Allwrt G Brackntt, flrst lieutenant, William H. Jenifer; second lieutenant M. MKimmel. Order* were tent to Fort Kearney on Wednesday, for the departure of companies K and F of the second infantry, to proceed forthwith to Fort Leavenworth This will leave hut one company of dragoons for the protection of the garrison at Fort Kearney. An important order Las just been issued by the War Department Formerly, soldiers enlisted for tue army were informed, when joining, to what branch of the service?cavalry, artillery or infantry?thev would be assigned. Henceforward they will be told nothing whatever about It. They will be enlisted for four years, unless sooner discharged, and the Government reserves to Itself the right to make them Lo'se or foot soldiers, artillerists or sappers and miners, as It may fee lit. DKATH-DKAL1NG M1SSILX*. in consequence ot orders received at tte Troy Arsenal, preparations are made for the supply of -ti.Wi") columbitd bombs, ai.d a similar number of bomb fuses. Tlils will give employment to a large number of women, girls and boys, for nearly tht?e month*, as It will require nearly that length of time to fr^j-aretbem. AFT Alrt* AT GOVERNOR-* ISLAND. Four or tive v?*ssr!s wi re at the wlinrves of Goverror's Isiand yesWday: The J.'hn N. Geiiln, schooner, which has been there for aoine dnyn Liklll^ mi 1 * uvu j < QUIIUII. om;?| I^Ull'UOrni^l'Si ft C j th* sloop Miry Klizabetb, the lighter Van VVyrk, and ore or two smaller lighters The work In the ordnance department appears to be going on nearly actively a* ever, and the extent of the war material shipped h;!S been ?o great that now only about half.of the original stock of cannon rattled closely in long rows over at quarter of an acre 011 the eastern part of the island, are remainliiK How much 1ms been taken out of the shops and ordnance buildings nobody has any exact idea, except the Orduance Major \ titerday the men were shipping several canuou of an enormous size, and cannon balls to match The soldiers were loiiiii'inu Imilw .... iVi? <??? **??; w" *^ 1 looking at the reflection of th#; sun in the water, and observing the ferry boats and other patsing craft 'l'he gardens attached to the officers' housts are being spaded and planted-quite out of keeping with the sullen aspect of things In general. Every afternoon the troops are marrhed out upon the grassy slope to the rear of the southeastern battery, and are drilled in every conceivable movement for the space of about one h?iur, and the success of this rigid training is to Le v?-ry satisfactorily observed in the precision and rapidity of execution following any i^iven order A ?*tal}' of officers usually occupying the rising ground. Though much reducedln numbers since grand muster preceding the dej>arture of the late southern fleet, the marchirivs ai.d inarching* seen dally on the Island are yet sufficient to present quite a formidable appearance when viewed at a 'short distance The new commanding officer for the Island Is dally expected to arrive. Lieut Woods. t'ue acting commandant, It is said, hi* been promoted to a captaincy. We are glad to hear it. for he i* a inan who will never disgrace his epauletl?s. On fledloe's Island the troops may b* seen under the game sort of training regularly at the hour *f the afternoon muster. Fort Hamilton is still lonely. Tb<: battery wr-s ystcrday Inspected, cud tome alterations Iu tke situation of gun* are contemplated. Serjeant McBrido, not by any -iiuans a gigantic I00EI15 person. !* all that can lx> seen of the 400 lighting men whnir ? ~ ? rn.u?n<; punn were sucn a ^od- I tend to tLe saloon men, these hard times. Fort t .'tfftVA'U, U'Loa??lom)r m- ?W nro uul f.iC hundred yard* from tie village strund, is deserted, the nippers and miners having g?ne *? mine 4n some belligerent latitude The armarneut *f Lafayette- Is In trood condition, and t?,e quarters, which for years never harbored a soldier, seem altogether the better of having been vie!ted bv the West Point troops. At the Navy Yard there were considerable life and business all day, officers and men running to and fro. reporters asking all sorts of questions of everybody, and visitors crowding tue premises {fl AfflPO* fino A# V.? H.?II?* ? " ?.v.. Ui? mm >uc iivniest pari oi ioe yard now, of coarse, is tbe ordnance department Capt. (ianaevoort muat aee that these twentypounders, and tbirtv-two pounders, and sixtyeight poundera are !n proper trim. Tbere are pyramids of abot and shell to be made up for .Ue*e batteries, guns, gear to be tested, so thit It won't allow tbe ' barkers" to break loose when squalls blow, and til the paraphernalia of armamental etiicieney to be completed. None but l>cople bred to the cannon law can understand what a number of thines one n?nrj?ri?j ? _ ? o I?I"?/ ?"t? huu requires. The brig Is hurrying up, too Not an hour !a loat with her. A great part of her rigging w^a rut In yeaterday, and the final completion of the ljrig for coinmi'saion may be tfl'ected to-morri w Mx days, and ?!.e Is ready fa The Savannah la atill in dock, but will aoon be out. tier deck*, aidea, bottom, and topa awarmed all dny yesterday with workmen. Caulkers commented In the prepared vani, riggers tsrred their cpes and rove tueir jiggers, rarpcnte's tested planka and replaced rotten by aound onea In five weeks the late Hag ship of the Home fleet will be rqwrted rcadr for sea The work on the Wabash ai;d Pcrrv Is r.ipldly poing on, ana the former of these vessels will soon be rtadv for sea. '1 Le bousing Las nearly all betu removed, and the masts are lying on tbe wharf, ready to be raised Tbe Revenue r rait Viien,Cr?-.rford and Ccrwln Jte la tiiestrrsm The North Carolina aiid Hrandywlne eontlnne to rot avray, and the Potomac re:nalns perfectly unaflVettd by the surrounding bntllf The steEtners Vandcrbilt and Ocnn if ?<>en were lying quietly at their piers yesterday, with nothing to Indicate that either will be calltd into requisition at present On Weduisdav evcnlm?. aowevir the Vunderbill warmed up ter machinery for a short time. ACTIVITY AT T1IK rHILAPKLTHIA NAVV iA?P There Is nvre activity at tb)s Navy Yard The Immediate fitting out of the sloo|>-of war Jamestown ha* been ordered, which will require a fortnight. Her destination Is supposed to be the Brazilian station A crew of eighty men lias been transferred to the steamer Water Witch, which fa ready for sea. All the rtftcers at the yard have been ordered to be ready for activa service within ten daya, and to report to the frigates Minnesota on the 1st, and the Mississippi on the 13th of May. thr mm ' ? The working force at tbe Charlestown Navy Yard has b*eu increased to thirteen hundred men Rapid progress it made iu fitting the Minnesota, Mississippi, Colorado, and sloop-of-wnr Vlncennes for s-a. The latter in destined for the i roast of Africa to relieve the Portsmouth. The Niagara is shortly expected to arrive at this station. The enlistment of seamen Is actively progre?lng. II y KLDER I. W. KKMP OP OHIO, WILL '13 prwioh lor :lie Disciples, in Coro <r&n's lliuitiiTK. H street, Imtween Wth uil 14th street*, TO-MORROW, at II o'clock. t*e?telree. if II1" iWWBLrg CHUKOH, Co?n?R ?.* 1 3 l-IWT.T ?- ' " _ _ . din ? f hi i. it. me kali ? psB'or, will ereach o . i < > UOKEO.W At 11 u'cloon in lha itiorciriK mill &t i't o'clock iii tliceveh ng. The puWlic are invited. _ lt*_ riTf-KKV. MASON NOHIjK WILL i ON IL*J tinnc his description ot his late vim I to Jernstlom in the Pr^liyteiian Cliuru'i ?>n Sixth street. n??Ar M&ry l*ml avenue, on SAUUATil 4o'olock. U* r^?llY THK KKQUKST OF MANY LA I dies ai d nantleinon Another Oonoert will he given by I.aboovv a and Ksd Kkathkr, At \Villerds' Hall, on MONDAY KVKNI.Mi, April llth. Ticket* 26 cents, to be had at the Music st. . ....i ll,?-i miu nuici, ap 13 21* JOHN BEESON. rv-yTHE MEMBERS OF COMPANY B, . L Washington Light lufantry, who are not in the aervice of tae Government, are hereby or darel to Mtembls at thair armory THlSl^aturdiy) E V EN IN G, at 7H o'olook P M. DUBANT, Captain. C. P. P. \r?"E. O S. It ATTENTI<?'The Metropolitan Hook 1 vf &nd Ladder Company are r??|ue ted to meet at their track ho??e on SUNDAY fc.VRNl?S(?, at 2 f.'olo*k, in oitizena' dreaa, to attend the funeral of their late meuiowr. Kob?bt Hawno. Kvtij in*mD?r u requested to bs preeent. By ord?r. It J. T. CHAVNCKY, PimX fyyMtDIOAL ASSOCIATION-Ac ?dJ>5 journad ra<**tinr of the .MMicai Aa-' c an >u oftue Diatnot of Columbia will ?.*id in tae Waahiucton Inlumarj, <>nTUESi)A \ .Ami 16, at 12 o'?rfook m. J. W. H. LOVEJOY, ta. D., ap 12** Seoretaijr. Affair* mi P?au*r?;? The Warrington corre?>ondent of the Peusa- _ cola Obaeryer. writes April 5th: ? The nrwi yesterday that Fort Pickens being " abo'it to be relnforred alarmed uo one in this A neighborhood. A company, numbering men, railed the "Cherokee Ureya," arrived ber? at noon yeaterday. Thl* raak?? the fourteenth Alabama company at present hef<. The ateamer Kate Dale has not vet irnvp-J; an* baa been detained in all probability by the inclement weather of the past day or two Evenr department, except the machine shop, in the Navy Yard, were handed over to the control of the military department on yerterdav There la considerable murmuring anionics* the | niecnamcs on nccourl of tbelr not receiving pav for their labor for the paat three montba. as well as for the reduction of their wages, and bringing otbars here to work at the redu' ed rat**. Tbev have been giving tbclr aervicca aince the l*'th of January laat to the Confederate states, in unapt- king guna, mounting cannon. Preparing gun car. 1 r'agea, building magziire* and other thlnga ab- -1 solutely necessary, and have not been paid ; their r' families have been atinted in their supplies. and K the tirat act of the authorities ia to reduc?-their ~ wages. and introduce othera to work at their own ? ratea. Kconon.y la truly commendable, aa wHl ^ as in individuala, yet 1 think that Juailce should s be practiced aa well aa economy. 1 hope and t trust that tue injudlclousness of a f?w men a may not tend to bring the sereaslon move- * meht into obloquy with the working men of D the ttou'h Tbev are a gallant and patriotic oooy, wiio have at all timrs espoused tli?? eauae, and It would be a crying shame to have the acta of a few men, wbo are unknown save bv tbe po

itlont tbey orcuny, e?tran jre tbe mechanics of our i i*ree r.itlea. bv tiit-'lr Concei**ns? that tbe aereaaion leaders bad any ?uch object In view a? tb? brlnR- / inir down tbelr wagei to rate* wblch make it lm- Z possible for men with families to live I w.sji ' rimarm l>.iv!s, me secretary or war, or whoever ^ is the proper person to r^nlresi the wrong would t tike Immediate step? to remedy this false step, t which tends to do more Injury to the southern rause than the reinforcing of Fort Flckens This morning nearly every man employed quit \ work when the wages were announced at the l?ell post?carpenters. machinists. blacksmiths, and all ' others, $:? per day and a ration. I trust this un- 8 fortunate state of r.ff;itrs mav l>e of short duration. . Some new rases of typhoid fever have appeared amongst the troops; it in all rases, however, yields to skillful treatment and good nursing. Yn=?TK.MPERANCE MEKTINB -Tho reKu ! ! I*.r month!? meeting of the Catholio Bene- ' fioiai Total AI stinenoe Association of the Dirtnct of Columbia will bs held at tli?ir Ha 1, eornnr of I Tenth arid F streets, on SUNDAY, tho l-:th inat, at 5 o'clock p. m. The elect ioa of officers aitl other i important buai..e?? rf'jusre# the attonlance of th* r:?int?eis. I it JA.MF.3J KANF..9*c. i fV"S? ATTENTION. UOAiPANV C. NATION lk_3 Ai. GI'A Kt>S.?Ail member* who f>avo nut i>een mustered into service herel v o<?l?re<l to | meet at their armor* on^ATURDAV. !3tii lost.. atTKo'c'ock p. m . for t*ie purpose of K~i mus- i tere ) into g<?rvieo at U o'c't !t'm on t'i? iSfhiunt., t otier*i*<? tliei' name* will he stricken from the ^ rolln ana other* fuliititut'<l in tlioir p *e f itr order. !*. A. H. MoK IM, Captain Conimandins. VV. r. STF.KLK. O. S. It nraF-TUK CAPITOL HILL MISSION I tf S,.|.,wi! ..f lh? V....... M - -1 ?_ , ?- ? k 'I VI ?U9 | i IVI1 1 V ISliBII /I P" " Booih.ti >r. gitna'fvl on First st. <a?t, two rquarea p 'iUh of Pa. avenue, wiil hold its hri?t anniversary J IW-MoRKOW A FT KRN OOM, 14th S'jo'olosk. *ddre*"** mav he eipected by a inem t?er < f' he Potomac Pre byt?rv, (ror jn ie<i:ou m th1* city,1 ami otli >r?. Tli? friends of ihe ca'ise, a* w'l us merr>r<erH oT the Association, are re#pe t fully invited to attend. It i rY3=? WKDICAl. BOARD. I Djf A MEHIOAL HO A K D W-ll conv?re in the i ity of \o* York on the l*>t of May ensuiuf, for , tti? examination of candicatca f.r a'tmismon into the Medical Mat!' of the ' mwd State* Army, in ' l" i"cordanoe with t'.e following Order. 1 Th?re are now five vacancies in the Medical i Staff. war otpaktmi5t. ) ' Adjutant Gi.ntraVt f'fir*. ? Wasmncton, Maioii IS. 1H6I. \ j Pte< ial Order* \o 7o \ Biard of *?tvi:cal Officers will auemble in 1 N?*w York city on the Istiiayof May next, or as ) soon thereafter as practicable, for the examiratiun i cf a s>.is!aEt Surgeons for promotion, acJ of such 1 c.ii.d.da'e' for appointment a* may t?e invitad to t pieseut themselves bofjre the B^ard. < Detail for the Boa*d. ! Surrcoa '"lenient A. Fi'iey, ctiari** MoDoujall, " \V- /. Siou. I 1\w ariiar ?f llio ' 1,'? - - "T//THOMA3TAdj General. ] A ppiiPRtiomi trust he addrenfod to the Secretary of v% ar; mu?t stat* the re^idenoe <'f the applicant, ax.i the date and pluos of birth. They mu?t. also 1 aocomoaniPil (re/Vreiiecg will r> ceive r.o attention) ; hr r^sppo'atile te?t!inpnia ? his profession. the ; mora: anJ physical qualifications reqnuite for fill- ] lug creditanly t-?? responsible ota'ion, aivI f >r perf'Triiiiif ?l>ly thi?*nluou? anJ aotive duties of an officer of the Me<'.?al Aj>t>.icanu n.ust be 1 between 21 and US 5 ears of aee There are now hve vacancies in the Medical Stuff ?p l.Vw3w 1 (Yb^'"NI VERSA -Srarcelv Sar.i /- I ! I. V Ihnt'T of Ettmil Damnation ?THlorBi ' Li Fi->5e wi;l "ipi&iii t>e sinof blaapiiem) again'# ' tif H'< > Ghost, at tt-e Old Triintr ("hureh, on : Sl'MfAY KVr.NI\G ; Matiliew II: 31, 3*."It 1 *linil n?t b? fornivAii him, neither in th?a w.-r'd, f neither in the world to cow*;" Ma'k 3: ?1, S9, i "ha'h never foriMveneps, but is in dan* ?r of ?ter- | ca'damnation a'ao, lat Peter 4:19, "And if the , righteous ?carc >!> b* ??vJ, where ?>ia!! ihe ungod- , 1> and th" ?i:iner appear." Seats free to all. r.n .! 2t* . \ VTg-POdT OFFICE, . * ujf Washington, D C., Apk:l 11.1SF1. (Jn and after Monday next, the 15th ms'ant, the i mornine tram for Baltimore and the East wiii leave Washington at 4.*> a m, ir.?t; ad of 6 20 a j m , and the afternoon train at 2 45 p. m , inctead of < 3.10 p. m. In view o' this change, peraora wishing j to cend Utters h* tlie afternoon tran mrst deposit? e tneir letters in the Ofliae not litrr than half-past 1 ] o'clock p. m. No ohai g'? will ba made :q tiie clos- , ine of the nic.i! 1 avinn at 4 a. m. < ep 12 3t WM JONES P. M. rr< n mumaai J TRIMMINGS! ! New ntyle* of e,' HRKSS TRIMMINGS 1 and UL l'lONS in every v*riet?. ju*t reoenred at , Mrs. LO\N E'5, !*97 Fa. avenue. aplSJIi muth gi'le. rp NOTICK. I !"FTH Filled in tho most perfect reamer. and t v iriaiitp l Artificial one* me. le ?>r rvcr?,^?K^ . tt-. I?> and prion, \ v llr. I.OOMIS, Pi. av MBBu > p;.;ie, near tlie corner of Nmth i>t Ch'oro fcrrri ar.d etlier ekiilfuily administered. It* rp IDRT RBCR(flD~ 1 HK Book f'-r tfe? i!9awn~ t he Month of Mmr C.inoeived without 'ranalated fr>;in 'ho t >e?oh ? of A. firatry. with an introduction br Father 'I'a- j J>rf>; price .H c?s. A!bo, the New K<>irau Misaal for 4 ti e Laity, the eho*pet,t and bo?*t ever is? ;?:? ! Kohi 51 A'm> a iiunt'?r nf <>th*r new ard important ( Hooks, at K lj?*Sh I,L'i Central Bookstore, ti'li ? Sovrnti at., u> d?r thJ Avenue House, two doors 1 a'?ove Pa. avenue. ap 13 ^t* 1 fiiBAT SALB OF ilKV COOPS, AT PANIC PRICES, 1 Foa Cash j AVe have n largo stock of SPRING DKLSS i GOODS , ais<>. a fcen?ra! aeso'tment of St/ip> Ar- e ticl^a, n'>w la at >re, adapte ! t'> the general w&nta > <>f families wlnoli We *rf ael mc at relueed pric?e t for the ' ath. J. \V. COLGEY A CO., aj? 13 iv 333 7tli at. tetw. 1> ai d Pa av. | 4 ? REMOVAL. t "iHO. J. JOHNSON A CO Have rtmoved to * their New Store,on the ooruerof Twentieth at. and 1 Pa.a\?Mine, w here tl.ev have just r*oeivt?d a full n-pl* of SKaSONAHLK GOODS *t P?.n.? Prices. Tl>e> nam* a few sreat bargains? t yard* Fa t i -oiorg Caliches at 80 , worth 12o. t a-<i yards Keutuolty Jmm Ht 123*o . worth Jfc. h H? di zea Gents' White Linen H'dk'X. at SI 50, c 2i do Ladies' do do ?125, H 2t? do do do do Silvery > fine, Grev Goods from W4o. to 6J3. I With a general assortment at greatly reduord p.-ieen. to suit the times. ay 13-3t* I WAR AND PANIC PRICKS.?DRY GOOD* chrao for cash, at A?1 Seventh ft $40>X) worth of Goods to h>? sold at reduoed pnoes. We I rr ipo*e to kfll the loliowing sohedule of Goods at a a* o. a?h:" .Mattings?16 pi?ce*. from amotion, at 2do. and op- 7 ward, at a creat staunliter. K nt okv Je\us? 10to2U At 12V.0., worth 23. Print ? Kich?ron?i and 4i-i.,an>> other l>rand?. at H't ; 2 MHorred do , 6l^o., worth ft and W, iionhanis?1 ewe ?t ?<3. worth 12; I oa?e at 12>?c , pe. toh, at lto.. worth 1*. ,, s p u 1 ? j. aiid V Coatn, wet, at av?.. worth .v?. 1 K il>bon?- Oool Monnet Ktiibona for 12o., worth 26, Kmbrouleriea? K large assortment, jjro'K <>ooda?Fopliua, lireLiwiinea, A o., A large 1 block. Together with a large ar?l general aaenrtment, bought (or caah, Aud will I* void very oh"** K? IH Iweo* JOHNSON ft M'TT^N. _ j^ALl'JMORE AND OHiif KA1LKOAD. ] fiMaoiaBHHK) CIIAXH S OF HOUR L Oii and alter Suuiliiy, Ai?iii Utk, IHfil, the tram* a will run Aa follows* i.eavfl WASHINGTON At 4 25 And 7 10 a. m.. r 2 45 and 5 45 p. r? Lea. e b A L.T1 M < >R V. at 4 and H 10 a. ra., 3 45 And 5 pm. S TW-? * AV- - rt * * ' r?^?eujrr? iur me whi, coutnweat and l\orth- # went wi;l tike the 4 25 a. in. anil 2 45 p. in. traini, viiioh connect with Western trains at Waahington Junction. For I'hilade'phia and New York, 4 25and 7.10 a. m ard 2 45 p m. For Ai.nftpoMa. 7.10 a. m. and 2 45 p. m. For Norfolk, 2 45 p. in. On Minria* lut one train, at 2.45 p. m , and on a Saturday the 2 45 p. m. tram gees to Philadelphia on.y. W P. SMI rif. ap 13 (Intel&Wep) Maater of Transportation ^ ORANGES, APPLES, POTATOES. Ae.- I l.% boxea awuet Oraorea. in prime ordar, a .ti tibia. Kuaautl and Baldwin A P plea, 1 do. Onii'tu, ? ? hu* \\ inte Meroei Potatoea, G IijO do, Fartiii; and Extra Flour. C Ktcoirw to oar on c;.n?-.?.nrnept and for aaielow in i^ta to suit by D. L. M0KRI90N & CO , cor acr of igth and B ?t?. ap 1i Si* ra M amr VIB-^3 f at,, mu P. ap 5-1* a AMUSEMKNTB. lU A ? H I N O T O N THKATKI! rT L*M'? - - ,S* W. Hat - - - J. T. * atmouji THIS EVENING. r?nrMj t.f MR. JO?. JEFFER?->n Wb<> will appev in thre* *r?at charac ttr*. ^OLON In THE PEOPLE*? LAWYER . Tmnm Toorx.*?; Ant 8t a Hm In tli? Roarmc Karc? ?f PLASH ER AND CRASHER. I P % r + wr f*om r. Tmn Tftf ?r. THE BABES INTHK WOOD*. [>ROFF.-5<OK MARINI WILL RRPEAT HI* L ?0<KEE on MONDAY, April 15th. by 'A q i f Lu H P> s. 'i he Professor i? now m&k ing crand prep rations for hi* May Ball ap 1? it Ui JO? nrut (Ulll ?BLUE BOOK -IrJorwi*iV>jUulF(miU. ttmn ti to ill the Office# ii th? ?nuntiy, and salary?25 o*ct*. Contains ttt? atn? matter as th? Great Blue Book onatiiic $3 W. )mi!tinc the names which are not i.?oes?ary. Cat o<ue of CnnoSitiAs at Patent Offioo List of Patrts. Old Books lou^ht an<1 s?jM Cata'osue farlshcd ALFRED HUNTER, Bookseller, fs 22-im* Willanls' Hotel ?qitar?. WANTS. kVAN'TF.D-A ROOM on th? la'Cal, in th? vi*? cicity tf Riley Chapel, ouitable f.jr a ?choo:. kddrea* "Mm Or.." Punt Offie? ap 11 St" IA7 ANTK D I MMRJHiTKL Y -From f 6 . to IT SIOjci worth o| SECONDHAND I'l RN1 ["UK R of &11 Virti's, for ?hi?h 1 will guaranty to p?y he highest puces, and,as ?horte?t no;oe. K. BI>CHLY, D?eJer in Furniture, Stove*, *?.. oc 9 4 0?> Ttli at.. l>et. G a.:.J H e?vtn. ?id?. U|/ANTKI>-?i:COND HVND Fl RMTl'Rt, " Persons declining housekeeping, or having t turf lot of Furniture on hand,can obtain theoash ind fair prioes by appiyin* at 36<? St-venfh ?t. no >7 BON .Z A GRIFFITH. LOST AN D FO U N P. | OST?On Friday moraine, th? 12th inifnnt, on 1 a Pa, aveuue, between ?'h ana loth . ft il A I K 3KACfc.LET. vith a told c'.aip. and nam? of th* )wrer?T,fraved iiisids A i:b?iai reward will b* >aid to tits fi dfron returning theaaine to !X<>. 106 i Btreet, !)ftwn>r, i?fh and 3'tat* ar? 12 2:* I OS?T?Yesterday. ll?h instant, it mipi?o??4, * between Mh ar.d 13th *t? ,on C. a BRr.A^T* PIN, containing a colored photograph of a riie finder vri!I l-e liberal!* reward?'! bj vie; it K M i I.LKR'ft. corner an 1 I>. or at 10* h rtreet. t-ywoen lich and l.Vh. ap II 2" I Of*'IV?Str jtrd. on T^o ailav aft-rnoon, A?" li 4 11 + 1. <V. .m v.. ? I > Li m .. kI. ?lr -* ?ini| iiwtii '??. ill a a rjjujii cm _ J i?tter Si.(lT,r. irouth*with lone L-d whitmh br-aet. A Iib-rai reward?T* ? rill bs paid frr J.-r return t > th* af>ov* a<Mrerg, rr or information liitt will load to her recovery, ap li-3t* HOARniNGL ~ |>OAK 1) ? Pip.^rnot R<*?mv with Board, can be l> livl at No. F"?r an i-a-haif ?t, *pb-W (fZfftnhUcan.l FOR SALE AND RENT. CK>R RENT?Four pleasantl) furnirhed Room* r with rat. on C\ between an J 6th ?t?. n?tn ude. No. 334. ap 13-St* FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RkTr?one Parlor and two Hod oom??at No. 134. corn*' F tnd Thirteenth ?i? Rent ir-'derale. It* (jfOR RENT-A ?tn%ll Ft RNIbHED HOUSE, containing 6 roomi, with gas in ev-ry room. L ;d in a very oei tral location. It will l?e rented or a month Apply at 3Q^ <i at. ap ll-3t* bM>R SALE OR RKNT-A first clfc?? DWELI.INU, situated on Thirte^r.'h street. b*ttr*en I, and .Ma?? avenue(one of the healthi* at ooitione in W&8hiiic'nn.> This houie : buiit tiler the En#liah s'yle, throe roonnirfefp.furouhed r?th water and Kaa throughout. To a k^?o?1 tenant ?e terms will ^made ea?*. (nqnirett the ooroar Srooe't. cr of J. M No. 547 L II, betwoei; 7th and 8th. ap 11 St*_ {^OR 8AI.E-A RESTAURANT, situated in a irood locality and doing a good business. For farticu arr inquire at Y'?UNG A XEfH ART'S L iqoor Store, No. '2*40 Pa. avenue, between Wh tnil l^th?ta., g^>uth aide. a? 11 Ste^* tj^OR RENT-A comfortable two-atorj FRAMK HOFSE, on Nineteenth ?:??? patween I and If street* north. lnquireolJ C FEARSON.No. HI Niiieteer.tli t.t ap J eoSt* t|(?l>K For HK.Nf AND FURNITt'RK a FOR HALF..?House a#d Furniture nearis i?w. D.qnirn at No 304 1 street, betwoen 12tli md Hth. after 3 o'oloelr. ap 4 tf LM)R SALE OR RENT?A FRAME HOUSE. I' oonta ninr tev*n rooms, t .?ethT with the farji'ur'*, ?uuat?*J i'u.Now Jww) avenue, between VI ar J N ?:?. nnrta Also, a i.? w t.'ir^e-story !>r>cx K uee, with Kick busla r?, en th? tame aquarr. No. I SO Fourth at ) A Uo, sons* valuab'e LOTS, ill of w h oh wi.. I.s 4o!d very o'icap. Ineuireof J. L>. KVNAHD, .New Jor?ey avenue, Iwtwesn M md_N *|s. ap 4-tf tfOK RKNT-A small FARM or MARKET OAK DEN,* 14 ?o>ea of l?.d, eitu .i. .1 a i- _ r? > ? - ? - uru uu tiie finer ?ranc.i kim, a 'e* hun<ir*<I r.ards north of i"o!nintaa The improveueuta oouaitt of a i ev brick d?r?iliug otu'.iimil t r .urat and a k:t<?hen, and a stable. For t<iru?, to.. a?p!y at ai5 1'a. avenue, opposite \Vil:arde\ ap 3-tf |7"OR RENT?A three-atory HR1CK HOUSE I on H at.. tVa?Mli t;n city, between 19 h and Wth. at preaent occupied by Aaatatant Attorney ieueral. Mr. McA inont. FoaseaMofi aires <lh of ^pril. Alao, a first olaan STAN I) for bxlaif!e?J of kny kind, crner (?ay ai.d U gh ftreefa, oppoatie h'orr^at H%U,t?e.,r<t?>tovrn. i). C I'naaftsaion r.veu mtneJ lately. Appijr to BLADEN FORK EST, }e,>rget',wn. _ _ _ ap 2-2~w* rif kD D fVT a nn mi/ ? iv . nciii-A ukivn inn p<'.. coniwmni r 12ro< n?, with Potoraao w??ter *nd tw. oa I itreet. bet'seen I3Th nod Uth, rppoa.t? Vrank la Square. Inquire ar WaUDKK 4 !?te\vah 1'u i\ Ood and Coal < IE e, oorner of B and Iwe.ftu lb. Unek House comer Tsrclftn and I. ma28-tf L*OK RENT?On May l?t, the large and oomntoI HOUSE on Louii>i\na avenue, oppoo;te he City Hall Square, now occupied by Mr. W*t>b a a d?el iiik and law oib.e, and adjoining tha ioubo <.f \lr. Richard Wai nch ina2Vtf FKANCK TAYLOR. HANDSOMELY FI:KNISHEI>" roomjs~ Four ha*dnr>msly Furnished Rooms, euppiled r:ih ?ra? and wat?jr, and convenient to the Patei.t ind Post Department". (or rent. App'Yat l'!n* MMtaohuwiU aveiiu?rn?rlh eide, between thjtud jtli >14 m*!3 iJTORE FOR RENT. A iaree *tore-room on ^ r&. avo&up, ad]..iani5 our anotion ro??m?, for ent. App'?t-> WALf< BARNARD. A?oti?n ind t*oinn:iH?:on MerohauU, corner Ninth street >"<1 KMittl aitle F.l a\fr.uc. nier 11 POK RENT-A Uiree atury brick llOUSE.ounr Impuik a ro"in?, lr KOod order, w>?h gyr fir ure? complete. <>n It etrect. between 4th and M.h. Uau, a two fct?ty bri<-k COTTAGE, with lar*e > ni aftaitliai n ?> ' atuwiiicv', tHfiiiri r f 1 rr^l iiorin IMI'i 14*11 ** To pur.-rciaJ aud roll?'!? unlets tbo terms ral lie im?derata. ^pply *t 416 Twelfth street, otwean O li. no 13 tf FOR KKNT-T^Thnf ?RICK~ HOUSE No. 100 West sf., ?ieorgct!>vrn, at present ocou >ied by th? m'jtw\ril>er. It l^vs 12 rooms, witn gM l:iU water throughout, a fine yard, stable Jta , and s iu a/ood neighborhood. Apply to JAB. A. MAiRI DER. oc a& tf JTKINWAV A PONS' AND RATBH * 14* OON'S PIANOS.?A large aesortmeLt^^a^^ ia? j ait heen reoei veil.?Persons in searohBHB I a reliable inatrumcnt at a low pnoe are'Il %T 1 nTi*ed to cat! and examine at the Miro Store of V.G. METZKROT1'. Order, received for Mr. MARCUS REBINE, 'iano Forte 1 nn?r [> (iREAT EXCITEMENT' itEINFORCKMRNT OF HARVEY'S OYBT KK DKPOT. No aoldiera, !>ut a e entifal eupplT of OYSTERS, 1ARD CRABS. LIVE IQBsTERS^ ni BOSTON FISH of all kind*. Don't fail to call ana get the worth ofmfA^Mr oar money. XflHT T. M. HARVEY, ap 11 tf 231 C atreet. |UBT OPBNhD. t D K ESS HATS. The Washington Hat. B mM Boy a' Felt Hata and Capa, Straw Gooda in al their variety. *te beat article f\v*r. for the low-^B^B^^BV eat eaMi price, at U I - - - o. *1. nunbMKTZ'S Hat Store, 23b Pa. av . ap 11 eo3t Bfty jgk an?l ISth sts FaND WARKANTS-We have just reoeivad Lj for sale a prime lot of Land Warrants, of iff) errs each. LLO ? DA CO., corner of Seventh and ; itrecti. Washington. D. C , Denier* in l*ai>4 Varrants and rcrip atd Attorneys lor all kinds of 'lanns against the unit (t Stitea. For Rent?A Farm of ?i aores. near the eity, and large Hrtck House in Alexandria. ap 11 ?? pHK SLOAT SEWING MACHINES. George H. SI oat & Co.'s EllipUo and Loek Stitch ewing whe-ever used, aroaoknowldged to be superior to all others. I hey can be purchased for 045. Th*y arefrae from leather pads. '1 he., make the "magic lum.ugs " They make the double lock st^Loh The* tev thick or thin materials alike. Thty arc simple in oonstrnotion. They can l>e seen and their operations explained t Ik. dl..< J - " ' -?--"KxW?LfVK? ay 6 6f?o 38b Pa. w?n?? l AM pUpM?m%o(my?t^k of 5?38t8, 8H< Kft n<l G aITKKH at fnoaa to aoit ih?| t?v? Juaditn', Mliri' anil Ohiidr?n'? Ml ouU', Outs' a <U Youth*' of ail ^uaUUM.rHj !al? wly 4ad uvi mooar- _ A. P. HOOVE*, ?o?th ?:dt P?nn ap9 ?o4t h?twa*nCtli and 7th ?t?., N?. >81. jSMM^iilSSBSS AUCTION SALES. bt j. c. megl'mie * co. ak*i.w?h Sale by cdtalofiuk of AHOt't i or thi win t*i> ?**t inn?.sf iU??. # PmriTC*' liowiii* BwitfOp HiTUlDt\ \ morning. xwii l*h. ?t ?h* aeemo* >r"ni*BOIBi It [II o'feocll. In til? ?0 . OOOB ?f? t<> tfonUW ** . Uu?? P?D<Ufd, laxi* tn : cli*b:=f. 1 K to. MudmM Ikn'odliifM, 3~>t?a . l>b,pvr?* ? p'ktr~f ivoiy. *v oiwnvia*. l*oaM* D*l. ?m Snf*? d '?.b> rtmhiit*. Or*np* ?nd l*nx?ii tr**?. A <3 ft ?r in vy wn*r ouoi?? r ft- ?. Al?w. Dwiu-f !>?: , CL'irt Tree*. M< tU ? |t>. ^erry. A c Th? collection <v>tn?m*? tl?? Iwet ktnrfn kirru inKarop* ortd Ait rir? Term* cash. A. JARDIN. Florid a?d Nuwr?m*r, corner IRth a?4 V ?ta , v* a*f>inct.>r. ft? 11 d J. C. MpGI IRK A CO., A not* rr-thk ai:ovk !*ai.k is* rotrrronkd :rfn MONDAY MuRMN'O.ttl** ? tp 13 J. C McG I' I R K A CO.. A??. Br HONTZ A (.HU'KI J H. Auctions, ?ALE OF i.KtM-ttlW ahp FUN ftITl'M. O On WKIINKSHAV, ApMi ITU. at ! ?'el ?k a. m.,w? wiil wil ft' lh? oort r of 4 rto it u<) ,\n V -rk avcouw. ft ?rg< lot oj tir<>o?r?*?, Yi? L:?u<r?, A'carr, Teat. Cfti.?i.e?. ? ?>??. ?p:o*. t^ft^dine*. Pi?ki*?, fro#k?r? Wn*?. Wood and Willow Want.Fiitnre*, kr. \V itn n variety of I<m ivmeion to > (,, Aft?< wh'Cli w? mi! *e'l th# /Joo?ef< M tarsitjr? in th? dwellin* above the ?V r*. *i? : On? (wR oMvond Piai.r . Two H?ir e Olh Covered S-offc?, Ctifttr??n-1 R'okoii. v\ hitcot. (iueOi! j4*Uhj?r<2, \V*rUr?l>?, I'arpebGc, tUtoiotb, Ac , Ac. T*rm?CMti. HU-? ?i'JTrr * C?Tn>fT?.iwfc I !'? I.C. .MeSl IRK .V <" (? . A u }U?n?*rm. fj*XtK>*lVK S%l K BV Cvr aLOSI> OK i KYumttiii a\' ? rH-tei . Wimiimm*. H.?; -<?n M??f?DA V MoKNIMU. April -Sit, eoinmenciuft at 1" ??'o oct, ?n>: <v.ctmuidk fr"m ua? t.i<U| nr.t' th* wliol* ? dlnoioil of. wi?i:l ?<?'; * ' th? Piirr.ltn'* Aid h'tf*ota oj t l*i'? Hotel l>nr?. avenue, h?tWB Jd uJ !'*cti. rom^atiai biiuUred put .or* *i -l ctaniheia, ?ig Very tupw.or end near)? n<*w Ro**i>o< Chirkert U A. f?. fc.?* A A aim! Ml.h. 11 K irvTj uui?vt" r ? *'? ?- ^ v?? ?- ???? ? ? I <*r? %r.H han<:a >m? F'otoh flCUMuWMirtof*. (raa Cl<a rftlirra, Bracket# and FlXtarca thnuth???, R*t.'dr<<m? Wa.iwt acd Mah"ear.y Parlor Farm mr", huisLcd in J). ocaifli#, P.uib tiiU lia..-ni tli. Marbi* toj Cnctcr, Sofia and Fide Tabl*?, Wfticut W hatnot. Fancy Chu rn kmJ Tabiaa. WaU, ut WrrtinK Dcaka and Bookoaaca, B*r.da- ma Ye.vct ai*>t Hruaaata Carpet*, Oilcloth. Rise* and lucrain Cvr?ti, tTilt-#r*r?i? Muntal Mirrnra. Varca and Oroaw?<eta, }}rt-ca:ei> ar>'J i.aoc Cnrtainr. Cornie and Fi* tares. K"?i w.^od ai.d Walrnt B?det* l)i.rA?iia Waal<afan/1> SfiH W*ftrHr*l.fta Feather Bolitenwa Pitlowa. Toilet Seta. CariM tiwr md Hntl> Milfrnwi. Large quantity oi Bed and T*t>!e L'nen, Bfankc*, Co*?!ort? acd Counterpane* in ?rr? qaan' Line. OiRiog ra *?!?? , Oak Dili tit Ciair*. Ffc: oa acd SJcse China Dinner. De???*rt and I ea War*, Table Cutlery, Siiv seriated \\ arc. Cjwtcra. Cbafinr Dml>e*. Wa^rera. cffeeand 1? I rm. Bar, Counter ar t KaturM, Liquo'a nod Cua a, iron S*af?, De*ka ao'1 F?iraiti?r?. 'team Hoiler. H atinr Appa'atua, Ae. Topet er witi. a iarc<? 41 a tuy ? : Houaeho''3 U fr-c'a notn??ces?a-y to euua.?rate. T?rm> : ^ Var<1 under eeeh; over that anmntt a credit ??f nri ami ?i riaya, for ia'.i?faeU>rily etiiJora? not**. t>e&rirc laterrat inaS" t<iM< J.C. M-m iWK & CO., Auotr BAILIFF'S S\LK? By virtue of an order ol diatrvu I *tia.i ae ! the cooda and ehatt?l* in tl.e honae <-n Peiui*} Ivania l>?tw(>?r l^tn an-1 13th atreet*. north aide.on Tt'Lt*DA% MC'RN I.NG luo'olock.oonaiating f Parlor.Cham ber ar.d Ki'chi'-n pvraiwre. Bar Fixture*. Wine* ai.d i*?rar?. The flas wi I de?iena?e the hottae. I\ IL'L,i2TL,UL>IL,I r\ *j?i ?? lii* a i ?P 11 Bai.ig. By WAI.L 1 BARN AH D.Auotioneer* DRY OOiiW, FANCY ARTICLE*. HATS. caps axd?h<>k? at Arrri<>n.?On wfcdnes1IAV MORNING. 17th icatenf, at !>K o'clock. we will ell, :.<! oontinue dai j a* tke same hour, until we dispose of the large a^d well keeled aiook of Pry t.oodi Fancy t?uc<l?. iiau. Cap*. &?, in tore No. UUt> eut side of Sever th. between M an4 N street As a chaor* of be*iee?a he* been <!<?ten?i?e>1 upon, t'lia st?'3k ?i.! t>e soid without reserve, an4 in lot* laree and smalt to suit pure;.tiers. Terns oash. ap la d WALL * BAENARP. Aiam. By CLEAR Y tr GR KEN. Auctioneer*, 4<>S Smtk firrrt. Tru?tkk*s fAi.r. of vaixahlk im f^orKB Rt?t Kctatb.?B? virta?ofa need of trust, oateu the fib dp.y of Meroh. OS7, and dalr rApord^C frmoi k ttio !ar..i raooros of tue ooanty of Artiin?t?<n, I). O , i ?proc?e?1 to eei., on tfe*> fTMiu*, cm Tn'K^DAYi the Whnf April, at ft o'oioak p. rn., a!: tfeoee pieces or pare??i? of groan* situv^l in the o.ty of Vi ami.rut >n. 1). c , end known and a* L?ot* c. an. V*red t.uitj f. irtx?>ar.d thirty fn*. (SS ) 11 Square numbered five bwidred and tliree. t'-?erh?f wi?a the Improvement* thereon, oo?.autii.j of a tare* aixl commodious tiir^e ?tory t> r.ukU. with a fine ba?o<< ent, eptt%!.'e f"t * 8?i<1 property *s located on the eotsth aide of N st month, f?etween IS aud tt* T*rms ?f sale: ha j>*id ic oaah; and the balance :i> ?. 12 ann !t month* from t :.e day of aaie. the deferred rarment.* to bo floored by a deed or trait on the preni:se?. If the terms w! *a.e ^ n. t cocip. i?d with vitiiut five ua?s from ti:e day <.J ?\ e. the-Trustee reserves the right to resell th? sa d property, at the risi and cost ot the fcrst pnrohaser JOHN K. KNNIt*.Trastee. ap 3 3?aw& J? CLtARV A G R Aacts. TO ALL WHOM IT MAV CO.NCERN.-Ae my son in law. ftev. Rcnix Kills*. has kind.? consented t> aid me in eett-iir up the estate 1 my late ha'btnd. A. H. V< uni tnia is t > notify the public, a:.d eiptcisJIr those indebted to sa.rl esiate, that he. Mr. Kell^o. will hereafter be my only aathoricd ar?w. or MSracyi to attend to ay business in tais connection. and any and a 1 other powers ofr.ttorn?j heretofore s.veu are hereoy re oked. NARY A. YOUNG. Executrix. Mr Kel!rn(?n he seer at Mn. M. A. Young's evidence, I ct. betweec 9th and *th ?U., t?-tw?-n the ?v>ir? of 3 a?d?S p. m eve* oar- a? |f\ JUt*T KECEIVEO1 U H H DP. Good Br.' wn *?uevr it et?. per lb.. IwbUa. F.strs. F our, b?at Lruud*. eh?*p, SO " FamUy do. oo, do. reth ?Mpp y of Orf*n and Black Tew, New Oilcans and Porto llioo Mi<la?*et, Orange* and Lcnioua cen?ian?!y on nand on ooiumiitixn. I UEMING. ap*-eo2w No. >34 f*ev?n'h street. TVLW B<?OKS Jut reoeived by ~ In ftlCU8TMN,*T6 P*. &r. MHi?to-? of Kli asd. vo'iiimS. History of the L>!t*d NrtherlaDUa, by Jobu LotAurp Motley. 2 vo.n; free be mail S< Tromct. a no.el. by Geo. Wm. Curtie:free by mail ?f.W An Outoast. or Virtue and Faith, b* F. Col hum Adam*: *1. E!?lf Venner.a R- udc* of Deettcy. by Oliver Wendcii IIo.m??,2 vol* ; f.e? by rrail $1 7\ Onr b*u*1 ota ronut of I" to ,v> per cent, oa all B>und B<><-ta. apt FRENCH * WICU8TEIN. 'JT? Pa. >r. DUlCil l?rORTlTM>' srnino ooods. I rerpeetfu'ly c?:'the a tei.tion ol the iadiei t-? Wm* fn! and ha^d^-m* aoeortineat of FR?NCR MILLINERY OOQIW-CO BONNETS*, F LO VV K K a. RJH . 8TKAW GOODt< of everr oeeoripUon, Ml I V m Mr4 I A I'L' II A VTI oil # mm ^ o-v*. -X v-i ??m ?uu un '>?* iun * '" . 1 lili D AI9UU SB* TR1MMIN6P.LACK9.I- V UKOIDERIE&. Ac . Ac I?iim villdv veil toeuatn* id |no4i, u they will fir.d thein the finest ttud roetpMt in tUa market, M. WILLIAN. iMrMTRl, No. S2 Market Pp?oe, Wa.?liincton. D.C., ap 8 ?d?1 (So. 7 Cite Treviee, Pari*. OFFICE WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. W aukixgton . Mireh a, 1M. Pan?nail tn! 1 Ka ? * ?? * '- ***L * . -v. VM W .11 .WVI ? CU HP W W? IOMI pruil mo for the la.n: shins ard delivery at or near the rihiol the i>i?t ict Reservoir, of 4.0BP cubic yards B okau Stone more or ism. The stone not to exo>*ad in vise ccbea of Uraa itches. To be hard aud durable. 1'r pos-vl* ?hould be seeled tn<l endorsed "Prosots s for Brakes Stone." ' M. C. MKIOt*. Ce^t. of Eoc'ra. migtAyi Chi Eng'r of Wash'n Asaedaot. FUM BENCH A RICHHTKIN'S J.1ST OF NEW BOOK*. ?BlMl?;'s Historr o( Kt?i?n, vol. 6.?Q? romps, s novel, by Geo W in. Cartas, B1 SO. suioesaod N*co Slavery, by J. H. Van Evris, An Outoast, or Virtus and Faith, by F. Colburu A' ams. 91. The Ciossad Path, by Wilkis CoMius, 01JS. Dickers' Oliver Twist, housebo.d edition. i las trated by DarleyA feilhert, 2 vola., 12bm?.. (Ije. lhok*us' K'.c?wiok Paper*, household edition, illustrated by Darlev A Gilbert, 4 vols.. Unto., $3. Any of tbs above seat by n.a free. our asaai d rocuut < f in t" 5" per sunt, on ali bound hooka. ay II FEEWCH* ifCHSTElW.lTS Pa av. JNKW GOSHEN BUTTE?. UBK Received and for ?alp at Stand No. 141, C??tfr Market, the brat lot of NEW OOrtHEN BUTKR.a prim* arttela. I an i a daily raeeipt of tfnti^r __ A apa-eoSt' P C.FEaWN. w 1W1LL BUY AND GIVE HIGH PRICE for Autographs (old letter* from oeieUrated Ma, > Mara paraph eta. and Work* on American Huten, Ao Letter* of Waahiacton much wanted. Ai.I'o.. R. SPRING, Hi norUTwatftt ?U. Phi a deiphia. Pa. a? i-Ti' OFFICERS. PETTY OFFICERS, AND men who were on board ol any y. S. ?btje at the oaptar* of any narer oan Uare their claims fpr Boanty aad Head Monar proiapl y attended toby ^aeMrrtoa.?l> C' K Dr. HlCHARD^uam.dtoM* F. bnw. ?So ewet ?orU aid*. oInIm^; SffS^SSpfeRWMJa *!*** <&k??.or WM^to ori?f MUM -horUM