Newspaper of Evening Star, April 13, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 13, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. ?TThb Btak publish** the List of Letters remaining In the Washington City Poet Offlce i.nd-r the provisions of the Uw directing them u? be printed In the newspaper having the largest rifi 'iifttlon within the delivery of the offlce. Its tot* dally circulation is inote than double that r( any other Dally printed in the District of Columbia. MlLITAEY Movim?!*T!? Hill-Patroil Out ? ro' me mi iwo aays me I . 8. cavalry quartered at Bnrcb'a stable bare had picket guard* stationed at tbe various approaches to this city. The force is exceedingly well mounted, ana In moving about to relieve their comrades every two hours attract much notice. t*o far as we can lrarn, the L'tiard Is stationed at tbe Chain Bridge above Georgetown, at Rock Creek Bridge, at Paper Mill Bridge, at the Long Bridge, at Benning's Bridge, at Eastern Braach Bridge, and at the toll gate near Bladensburg. What tbe Government apprehenda as a reason for this precautionary measure has not directly transpired, but is supposed to have something to do with tbe talked < { raid of the s?ressicnists upon Washington. Yesterday morning an advertisement in a city rnprr strangers residing in Washington In f**or of the I'nlon. to maet at the Columbian Armorv at * oVlock p m. The advertisement auted that fhe present fore* la too small to repel rfUack on the Capitol, and suggested that these atnn^ers meet at tbe place above Indicated, and upend an bcur each day In drill, in order to become familiar with tbe piece, etc.. etc Further, that <r?verament would furnish puna for thia purpose, and that Major Bnnter, U . fT A : Capt Stockton, of Kansas; and other distinguished military men, would drill them voluntarily. 1'p to quarter to four o'clock p. m , a dozen or ? per*cus bed come to tbe Armory and gone ttway, finding no one there to exercise them in the manual of arrna. wiim on voLrsTiiis tic located. Tbe various military companies enrolled Into | rvir* hop* th* !? ti?A A a.,M their rcmi&nv armories, except tUe following; * Mttropr>lit?n Ritles, Capt Nailey, 0:1 guard at the l'wt^nt Oflce; Mechanics' Union RiHes, Capt. Ku:herf"rd, In south wing of tbe Capitol. MR RS?I6 SATiON Of COL T>AVI?. We are Informed that Col. JanitM Y. Davit, who tav? notice to his battalion day before yesterday of his Intention to resign, has reconsidered tbat purpose Col Davia is a tine ofllctr, and the community will be glad to learn that his valuable st-rvV-** are to be retained to the service In these troublesome times THE GKOVOKTOWX MILITIA The volunteer irllUia of Georgetown assembled vetterday afWr?T.n at Forrest flail, and tbe eev ral compauf?* were Inspected by Csl. Stone, Inspector ?pr.eral of the M.I). C. Company A, Arderson Ri%ea,Capt. Rndier.and Lleuts Mason, Krnuse, **?i Lipscomb, and 57 privates, after intpectton. Were noli tied to report to tbe War Dc pin.tiwr.fc, ni iua m. to-aay, for service. IN'o othrr ? i!i?f*r.y was ordered for dn<Y, though the other mfy.uie* were duly inspected. Till SATIOSAL RtFIKS Loot nl^ht, at a company meeting of the Nr.Vousl Rifles, tifteen more members reclined Owing the evening twenty-one recruits joined tUe company. ARRIVAL PF U. . TROOP*. rh'i morning, Companies D and II, of the 2d < ivalrv, from Camp Cooper, Texas, reacted Washington. Company 1) Is commanded by ( apt 1'Hluier. and contains f?. men. Company H is commanded by Lieut. Harrison, and has 59 men I-h? former are nuartenxl onr?n?IU> lh? \V?r Department. and tbe latter In K street, at the Mine juarteis lately occupied bv the U. S. Infantry there. Tb? soldiers look very taucb worn down by their march They h'd a march of ?0<? mile*, from Camp Cooper to Pass Cavallo Bar, in Matagorda Uav, which they made from the lfcth of February to the 3lst They embarked the day of their arrival, and arrived at Key Weat on the 4th ultimo, touching there, and immediately leaving for H ivana, wLere ?hcy put In for water. They lr-ft Havana on the 6th for New York. Two companies of Icftntrv were left at Key Weat, viz., Companies A and H Four companies of cavalry belonging to this company,on their arrival home, proceeded to Carlisle Barracks They are sever iiuv cummuatd by Capta. Brocket, Stonemati, and LieaU. Commanding Jenifer and Campbell. The four companies number '210 mm. ail told. < )ne company cf the bth infantry, numbering *7 men, commanded by Cspt King, went to quarters at Port Hamilton. KNLIsTM K>T Of DISTRICT VOLr.lTRERV Thlity recruit* for t'ae Putnam Rifles, Captain Tbittlefon. man bed up to the War L>epartment this morntag and were mustered Into service, swelling the ranks of that company to nearly low men. ^ esierday, 7 recruits to tbc Metropolitan Rifles, cart .Nalley, and t->-dav *> more, volunteered their service*, and this morning arrived about 1m^ o'clock at the Departoieut, and were accepted lnu> the service. Tbe*e facts *bow the temper of our cltliens i >?rlv. with reference to the present .status of the a2'?iN of the country. The purgation in the ranks ?f the National K fles is producing a telling effect The Anderson R: tie*. Captain Rodler, Inspected yesterday by Colonel Stone, at their armory in Uecrgetown. arrived at the War Department at 10 ? ? I * * * a. in iu-ujiv, anu ajiT i>ensg inspected ana accepted by Mnj McDowell, wm mustered Into tbe service \\ nen culled on to take tbe oath, 9 men stepped from the ranks, nearly all of whom ?tiled lLat tli>*v were Lnion men to tbe backbone, aad would fight for tbe defense of tbe District wben called on; but could not poMibly leave tbelr business and families, Subsequently two of tbe m-n returned to tbe ranks and took tbe oath. (.Juite a number of Union men will meet at Thorn's Building, Seventh street, on Monday ni^bt. for tne purpose of forming a volunteer ??ep? to defend our city, in case of attack. Tukatik ? L?*t ni^ht ? u a very unpromising one for a benefit night, but a very respectable trathermp of Jefferson's admirers mustered at the Tbea're, for all that. He, in a characteristic lltttq speech, thanked his audience, "in the language of William Tell," for the friendship evinced by turning out lu such a storm. The " Cricket on the Hearth" was very agreeably performed Jstf-rson's "Caleb Piummer," in a certain whim, sical pathos, remind* one irresUtbiy of the lamented Charley Burke's "Grandfather Whitehead'* Mrs. Bland made a sweet "May Fielding." and the "Dot"' of MIm Mann was auite as noticeably ^ood as her -Cicely Homespun ' of the I recedi?g evening?a clan of characters she ?i< els Id, tbera bemg no temptation for inflated declamation, lu which she don not excel. Mim Shaw was excellent, of courfe, in the eccentric I ^rt of Tilly tjiowooy." and th* blind giil Bertha" waa r< preseuttd with quiet good laote by Miaa Emery .Mra. Man u s representation of iue reiict of the departed indigo merchant was prodigious," <*ud kept the house in a roar. Very ;ood. very ijood. indeed, wo? the "John J'ceryl 'iigte'' of Mr Hons, and the ' Tackle ton" of Mr. Bartholomew; in fact, it was tbe btai rainy-night l>n(ormauce ve ever remeailx*r to have fc?e? ro-nlgbt a tremendous bill Jefleraon in three parS: t?oli>n Shingle," ' Toodlea,-' and Saaber Hitherto Jefiersou baa carefully ab uu*-d from bein^ aa funny aa he could, until bis dieijcra should uet sufficiently s'-cl'mnV-d to ?'a humor t statd tLc sU~m upon tbeir ribs. -M^ht u* thinks It will do to ^o It with full Trad of fnn on *?o look oat for your Teat buttons' Wasti to Kai km ' ? Vetterday, a clerk employed by tbe ctty government went to the office oi j Miner voun, ina mra 11 nf wcuia oe auowsa tn carry two revolver* on the outside of bit clothe*, xi tUmt they cal^ht uot be re*raided at concealed weapo.-ia' He was told "Nor" Ue remarked taat then be was without protection The justice asked, "A^alnat whotn r" '-Why," aaid be of the City Hall, ? against Scott's hirelings!" The ustlcc remarked, "Then you are a secessionist?" That's exactly what I am," ?a tbe reply, (ddinij that be would, if able, "kill all those who .. ? . _ ? _* ? _ * *? - i *-?- * eniivM* pur iucm up, aim rni uib urraimi on the heap " This sangu'riary disposed young roan certainly t;ave no sign in hi* physical proportions of bis ability to make such a fearful meal, but ' forewarned forearmed,'' and oar enllited volunteers mar aa well look out for themselves, if they see this formidable chap on bis way to tL*ir quarters about the hour of the matutinal meal. Laxd 'Yakbahts and Mossy ?The Inquiry for land warrnuts bas been very light this week, a ltd prices with the den lers declined; 120 to lflo acre warrants buy for 65, sell for 06 cents per acre; - ) acres, 65?75c; <0 acres, 85c aftl. The exchange Las been light; New York city banks, par; State, I per cent ; New Jersey and Delaware. 1; Pennsylvania and Maryland, SUte, l^ai.^; Baltimore citv. U: Ohio ana Kentucky, V!Ki Indiana and Louisiana. J, Virginia. 4#; Tennessee, 0; North Carolina, e, South Carolina and beorgia, 10 A > timber of bauka in lllinola and Wlacouain bar. lux ketro throws out by Chicago banker*, dealers L'-re d<*cHne to purchase. * Uisaoriiosia ?We hear that a lad employed by Uie Telegraph Company, named Geo. Sehelbler, (ton of a widow lady l.i tbe Second Winl,i waa oittoa on tbe Ibk by the dog killed Thursday, aud supposed to be mad Tbe anticipation of the developi? nt of tbe diaeaae ia awful torture to hia relatives; but ao far be Is In excellent apirits, not hellertng that the aaimal waa mad. Several doga were bitten In tbe Second Ward; and even if tbe doubt exlatsthat tbe kilted dog waa rabid, the tafetv of the community ahould require persons cwniogdogstokeep tbom fastened up or muzrlsd. Ai-cidijt ?Yeaterdajr, laborer named Duval, while at work In a gravel bank on Eleventhaw-et r*?t at N street north, waa unfortunately caught tinder a fklllng maaa of earth and gravel, and had Lis lag broken In several places He waa Immediately placed under proper surgical treatment, and may recover. Ctmil Gca*r?<?n?t-Jmslxt* CUtk?Diek Mr-4rted, prafaM and d.sorderly; |I K. Alien rtompaon, do ; 91 ?* ; . A) '. i ifLi* .. r ?1? ? ,eV. ,W ST: if; Amtii in ALittniii ?We clip the follr Ins from this moral ug*a Gaiette: As everything relative to tbe ubiquitous Mr Ben McCollocb is now i to some i of serious impo we will state that a box containing a Mm pie rl wm sent from tbla city yesterday morning, t rertrd to him at Washington, D. C. Fifteen boxes of arms, from Colt's factory, Hertford, directed to N. Orleans, phased thron| I this city yeaterday, In charge of Adams' Expri Company. The Pilot Board appointed under the new Is uovf oa yet granu-a nut Ave licenses. Tbe nai ber of pilots under license under tbe old Boa wai altnut fifteen or eighteen. It is prenum that all these pilot* will renew their licenses, Tbe appearance yeaterday morning ?*u o streets, after the arrival of tbe Northern mall boi of aeve al membrri of tbe Washington M^bt 1 fantry. In fall uniform, who had, after being < guard all night, escorted Mine of their friend* this city, and who went baj^, during the morning, was ibe occasion of varlo and conflicting reports. The cars on the Orange Railroad went out y< terdav mnrnlnp filled tn th#ir ntmnat with passengers for the South. The stoppage the other line* leading South, earned by the li severe storm, has thrown the whole travel up< this road, and so grett was the preaure yesterdi morning that tho omnibuses which connect tl steamer George Page and the cars were unable accommodate those wishing seats, and mat footed the entire distance. Tu Pkssbttkkt or Potomac continued I s<**s:ons In the New York Avenue Church yect? dav and to-day. fler D. Molie.*, of Darn?stown, Md.. w elected clerical, and T. L. Fltihugh, Esq , Fauquier, Va? l*y commissioner to the Gener Assembly, with Rev E Harrison. D. D . of Ale andrla, Va , and J. M McCalla, Eaq , of Was inuton, D. C. Re*. B. F. Bittlnger, Rav. Dr. Tuatin, Re Dr Gnrley, and Meaara. F. A Tachlffelvand E< ward?, were appointed a crinmittee to nrgani: tbe Market Street Chapel, Georgetown, D C., the wav be clear The Rev. Dr. Bocock asked permlaalon of Pre bvterv to reab'n the nsitnnl ch?pir? nt th? H?IHi Street Church. Georgetown, D C.; end a cot mittee was appointed to cite that congregation I Ita comtnlaionen to ibow reason. If any, why r quest should not be granted. The pastorlal relation between the Rev. E. 1 Smith and tbe Church of Lewisvllle was. at t] mutual request of parties, dissolved. Preaching was held last night, and servlc will be held this afternoon at 4 o'clock. T1 usual presbyterlal missionary meeting will 1 held tc-morrow afternoon in the New York A enue Church. Kxcttimktit i* Obioow All*y.?Yesterdi afternoon the Inhabitants of that portion of ti Northern Liberties known as Oregon Alley, we thrown Into great excitement by a collision tb tx>k place between two parties of 4,the boys" ! that locality It of course grew out of the 1 tl >mat>le potions they had Imbibed at varloi drlnklng-hqusea Two of the combatant* we yery severely t>eaten The police were inform* of the riot, but did not get to tbe spot till the pa ties had rmmn'tti. No arrests of course, could 1 made at tbe time, hut the ne< essary steps will 1 taken to puulsh ail conccrned. Accident to a DurwmM ??hnni ? day. ? on? of the dragoons rtattoned at Birch st-ible wm riding briskly along tbe avenue to b quarter*, the horse slipped at ttie corner of Teni st and fell upon the soldier, who wai severe Injured. The extent of tho Injury la not know as we write. He waa taken Into Simmon's rest* rant and kindly attended to, and a physician w ?nt for to examine the injuries. It wu said at the Hay market that tl wbole world seems to be "mascbuke," and eve anme in It '-schicker " Explanation can be ht at No. 519 Hay market. It* Cottob*.?Thesuvlden chanee* of oor c'imftteai ,f D..J_ r> " ' vuiw^n a ?t r*TO*CltMl &H<I ASl/lfflflll AJf'ttiont. Experience having prove?i that simp remedies often aot apeed.ij and certainly wh< taken in the carl* ata rti or th?,reooun should at once be had to '* Frown'* Brontki< Troch.tsJ' or Lozengea. let the Cold, Cough, or i ritatior. of tho Throat be ev<*r so slight, as \ y tl. precaut' > ; a more a?noua attack may be rfieotaa: warded off. Pvbiir Speaitr.i a^i! Sinfers will fii Uiern eventual for o!earm* \nd atreQiclieninc th voice. See advertisement. do 1-iy Homkopath c RKMKDIM All of Dr. Hiirnrhreya & Co.'a specific H meopathio Remedies nut np expressly forfami HUA in Knvaa ? ot cn w . | mmm w (MtU UQUM CWH, AIB in ea#e?. containing 3> vials, from to { ?\ch. with book of full directions. For sale 1 Z. I). (iilman, 330 Pa. nvennj, wfvoienaltj M retail aeant: W. A. Fitzrerfill 333 north F *tre? also br F. li. Winter, corner of Muttohuictta av buo anJ Si*th street. A!*o, tone's Br'rrift of Wxt Hnttl, for u t'-niaj auJ exlarnal inflammation* all kind*, bold as above. raa9 lj R badeb. have you seep Prof. Wood's advertis meiit in oar p&i>er. Ko? it; it will interest you. aa 20-?olj To thb Arri.icTKD!?Bo sur? to read the advs tieeinect of MoLean'e Strengthening Cordial ai Blood luiifior. in another oolumn. ti DIED, On the 13t'i mutant, after a lingering illness "vera! jcirs, KuBKRT HOWARD, agei f ar*. The fricdsof the family ars respectfully iim'.< to attend his funeral, on lo-riiorrow (Sunday ) ev Bins. at 3 o'clock, lrom the r?sideno* of J. Moblfreth, Fifta utrott. I?<?tweeu 1 and K. * fn tin* 01 ty, on Friday, the 12th insl*nt, M GEORGE VV.GA.RNKR, formerly of Virgini in tne 63d year of hi* age. His fuae*al 'will laice place on to-morrow (8a day,/at 4 o'clock p. in., from the r?*:der.oe of 1 brother Jae \V. Garner, No. H'23 Ninth ict. T friends of tlie family are respectfully invited to * timi. * GREAT CRASH DRY GO ODS. Wo ta?? jast roceired our eeoond supply NEW DRV GOODS from tbe (treat crash int Northern eitiea, the moit of whioh ha* been pu chaaed at about half their real value, and will 1 old at the aame sacritoe. READ OUR PRICES. " IV? PRACTICE JO DECEPTION." ; Figured Poplins aa<i Grey Goods, 6,8,10,13,16, 1 & 31 j 37. 50. 62o Plain Blaok Silk 62,75 87,95o., worth 91 12 li C&i'iOoeM, (warrant f??t colore). 12J* f*.h>rtin?;, Porpie and Back do.- 1 W Orsanrtte Lawns 2 12S v?rj kandsoree (fast co ore) Lawns. 1 12)* Doraeet'o Ginghams 1 25 kentuoky ,lea..f 12} 12>4tyard wiilei Claached Cotton ! *5 r*icf Wool Tweeds .? 5 ?1 All n'ool Fanoy Cassimeis. 7 aii'l S8 Steha t?l>aw:n.( t>ri?oli? h?ir.l?r iSJSO to : Jt5 l,?ce Po>ut? . .... jl .75?o 1 33ai.d2.5i Paraaoln and Silk UmbrelMa, 1.5" to ( * ? Irish Linen and White Cauibrio 2 $1 12-?prtne Hoop<kirts a&d Lnce Veils .l l^S Linen Hand Whits Hose .. 25 Oaur.ll?U .. 121 i*haketa. i MATTHKW8 A liOKK. 3S? Hbventb HIBKET. ap * *t Remember, the east aide, bet I and K. C'RENCH LINfcN CAMCKIO I1ANDKE1 r chief**. lfodoz. French LifiMIlauWerch'faat SI 5<>perdu a" 0ox. do. do. do. #2 50 do. 50 dux. do. do. do. $3."" do. (Theie goods are extra cheap.) 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Ala OenUsraeu's Clothing can f>e cleaned without ea log any ?nbsta!ioe by vhioh they will soon bscot unfit to Wfiir, N. B. -No (irs-? taken apart; thereby saving tJ expense or making orar. <Ints!.> ma2*-lm /Ov thsoml sstabikheil FAWN OF- /O JL JLpiCE, former.* cyt Peer, aveou*.JTW O ?i)?tweon Sa a d ?TJ (ts., has been r?>uovrd to 341 C ft., betwsan and C sts., back of the National Hotel. NOTICE? NOTICE!' NOTICE!!! 10,00(> to ee loaned in sirall sums on Gold a Stlrer Watoli*s Jswalry, and si Lot her articles vmqa. Bosmetg sthotly an<l ooiut<lrntia!ly doi Doa't forest to cali at No, Jil C st., Utwsen * and 4th sts. 1. HEKZBER6 }{( ^ W' LIST OF LETTERS REMAINING IN TUB POST OFFICE, rt, Washtostoh Crrr, April 13,isn. fle (Ordered to be inserted in Uie Etkhhi ?ta*? i l'* being the newspaper having tlie largest oircslatio of any daily paper published in Washington.) ITT"All persons applying for letters in the frllov ? tni list, will please say the? are adymtised. LAD1K8' LIST. iW Al?i, SUh M 3 IIium'.ijo, Mt> A L PooJfi. Mui Elln H- Aeener, Miaa J?im, Mi* Ann E Reed. Mr? (Mm H r<J Barker, Marr Ana Jor.?a, MiuAilinut Rnui.Mr* MarvAii j Btlti, Mra llm J.nnano, Mra Anna Rundtll, Mn L Beach, Mra Maria Juhuaon. Mulhe Rotuu?uii, Mr. Auti Baith, Msria R Knowlea, Mra E Schuli, Mra D A lir Batea, Mra Ff-i Katcham.Mre JnoL Smith. Mra Randal it Baruard, Mra HAS L?w ia,Miaa AliceE Smith, Miaa Arnca _ Batcher Mra B 8 Luniica,4iui F Smith, Mra J W " Bad?e-.. Mra Mary Lewn, Caroline P Stewart, Miai Cora nn CoLtrkt, Miaa Haiti* Lowe, Suaanuah Stewart, Miaa M ff- Cruiup, Catharine Lee, Mra E Seward, Miaa E OH Croaa, Miaa Mary Moare. Mra T E Shepherd Miaa Mar ,la lutiboye, Ninma Miller, Miaa Maria Saadera, Mra Bilaa Crawford, Carrie Molten, Jennie Turner,MraWinuei Carter, Carrie C Monroe, Mra O Thompeon, S.rah ? * Celtman, Mih 8 H McCartht, Jim Taylor, Mr* Aon V tV I)??all, Blandie McDaniel, Ellen Tacker, Sarah Ano of Dodaou. Margnrt MeCormaek, Ann Troiel, Mra M K , Dai It, Mary Mor ley.Hanora AM Welle, Miaa Nanaii ___ Kalka, Kredericka Nipper,Miaa Joauu Word, Mary Ann " Nun . M . K. H Wllliaa.,Mr> BUM ?V Kirruon, Mn L' V Norm. Mih M F Wayaer, Keb.cca 1 be Uaiuaa, Mr. M.ry O'Neill,MiaaJoliaA Wii.dar, Mr. H M Umr, Mim EMtn OfltUM, Mr.Ellen William.,Miu Li*'i tiotltr, Miuti U Palmar, Mi.. M M Whuaej, .Sii.m K iy iialliT.n., Marg't Piiitrwn, Mri 8 A Wtlliw., Mim S Orini.lcT. Eliiih Peddieord, Cath'e Waterbou.t, J L Hifhea, Mr* M W Power, Mm M V Wcb.tar, Mr. M E ta Harnaoii, Mary R *. GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Anrill, nto I wuouricn, n.<*? i i rariinton. w (i a| Aden, Wm C Gunneraon, Joeeph Puiou, W 8 nf After, De T Gambell, Jae?3 Powell, W L, _i Allen, Thoe Gierger, J II Plotl, 3 W *' Alien, Sanil?9 tiillmaii, Lt J H? i Phillipe, 8 L X- Aldrich, P E?2 Garner, Prank Powell, 8 W ti- Allen, JuM Uiiiirn, E I) Pool, 8 ft Allen, Jotepli Uordou, D 8?2 Pororoy, 8 C Alley, Jo* M Grey,BE Palmer, R M?2 Y- Adimi, J M Granger, B P P'^e, P C J" Adama, Juo A Hill, H M P&rrith, N W Arlington, Z Ihlloway, W R Payne, J li If Abbott, Geo K Huirphrey, W eelv Piatt, 8 R A?drf?, Eil?il HammaU, W C?1 Pnyle, Jaa Adduon, Ut ? B Hooper, W II Pike, }** 8-1 *" Anthony, D R?2 Hall, .Sarol?2 Poo, J A je AmiDur, Cbu L Morlbert, 8 A Palmer, Jae H n- Anderaou, Alex~2 Hedrick, Sauil Pollard, J S w Bradford, Wm R?2 Hall, 8am Pomroy, J M?2 r Ratten, Wm Hale, Gen R C Palfrey, J G *" Bnaeiur. W P Humphry, B S Penny, J t Byera, \V H Hudaou, R N Puropbrey, i G B. Bragg, Win H Higgiue. Peter Patlou, J'P ns Bryan, Wm A?2 Hatch, OM Poor, P W Ho.well, Wm H B 2 Hatwell, N M-2 Price, F-2 Brown, W W Howard, Mark Perry, P H PS i?-?r imp A a U . f t>?_. ' I.L. UBUUUi, vi m\ * IIJIIII, U I UliCI) r IU JUIIII tie Btrhce. W R lliwti, J H Pi o tamer. E8?4 >8 Bttti, W P Hub6rud, W G Paelpt, E L B?ynton, T J? 5 Hall, hi Fimut, Edvtrd Bitfi, Thou H?8 Hint*, Jacob Prine, E Burr, T 8 Holine*. Jo* E Phillip*, E D florr,Tho*F Hit, J M Phillip*. D L. JV Bern,S A Hobio, Ja*?2 Pirott, 1) W Brown, SW Harbin, J F Parker, C M Brown, RB Higl'y.JnoW Priufle, B . B*nki, Ri*hard Hutcliiton, J?? Piumler, B Rush a* Boyee, Win Hennun, J P Potter, 11 K In B>te*,T J Hendley,JR Pickett, A T n- Bnrt,Ja*D Higrms.Jn Porter, A W ... Belt, Jat M llalliday, Joua* Plielp*, A J Br ki. 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A ^roiih, W J Badger, Austin Jeiiuinra, J W Hmith, V W }~ Brouudiro, Aug JontaJK Wtephena.Tboa [* Brown, A U?4 Johnaoo, J.*a fttiben, tt Boar man, A J Johnaon, Henry tteciv, i J M Croahy, W H J*rvi?, K Hh*lUbvrrer, 8 -3 Cuiul- ick, Will?2 Jotdan, F W titeward, R Clark, W P Jordan, K it Skinner, R Cleary, W C Jordan, K W Stevena, R J?J ?- Ch iiuherlaio, W L Jacob*, A R Spun, R w ch Collin?, V 11 Jonca, A J?2 Mkinnei, R of Coffj,Thoa Johnaun, A &?undeis, l' r Clinton, Tboa G Jouea, Or A 8illman,Lt Conwav. Thoa Keun. W 11 Hualiliur. I. A ?>2 6* Co:.uer,Tho? Kent)canf Win 3*afht, J C?2 Cu?lanf,T H?3 Kelchun, W W Sbener, J Cheater,Tboa W King, W B JJeaver, J?2 C?evet iud, 8 C Kui|ht, H M JJuyder, J 8 IT- Coffin, Stephen King, Ru:u* 8terliiig, J T ft(J Carwody, J Keunadjr, J tf Summers, J f Cole, Richard KeIIjr, Michael spoilt\*ood, J A Cutler, RP?fc Keliej, Matthew tthipiey, John Curtis, Norman Krepi, Jai Sheelty, Ju? 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Mora;., Mr Tuwslr, II .S Oc Daniel, TO Marshal!, W T Tjltr, llvgh 5c Druiamood, Thr+ Marshall, T*vps Tmnnf II, o H f>0 Duncan, Tnos Mucnell.SW Talbun, O W?*i rto IUvu, Suvtrt Mood.r, 8 D T.ijferf,D~3 Dnfa.Jas M l1 Tbooip?on,C W fiQ Donu, J W Morton, O 1'?9 Lunai*, Poter fu Ih*, Jno A-j Mowe, M ii Vnrhees, I) Dikeui^n, J A ? i Mercer, M?*i Diiby, Jtio Morton, M V?il, if M Di>u, Ji,o MM-lr, 1\] Vurkimn, II lh*?ui?eil, J?5 Morris,M C Viuctnt, P J JJuiiiunrioit, J II Major, Jos Voifceulei jf, J Vau DuBous J K Miflird. J P VibWid, C Uuv?ll, J?? K Minor, Jno Warner, W?'2 **? Dougia?, H T Morau, J Ward, VV H (G T>rv,.? II R M.? 1 V- Wk..l.., Vt Dlllioberg, B Moore, H Wood, W l)av.ill, fa ii?5 Munrn, H li Williams, W O Minn, A S Morris, H T Writ, H' S Klliott, W II Mnvrr, G W White, W J T Elder. ffii M isters, GW Walker, N ?1 Ktle?t.?n. T!ios Miller, L Whit?,P 3?2 {* Khi'<?ktr, P C Morgan, Chas Welle*, M Ewin<, N?2 Marrott.CH?3 Willumi, LA 2. K\?us,Juo Muu?on,(K Wail,Jno Eddy. Jno?3 Miller, CP Wsrd.jack Eckfieldt, J M MltcbtllkC B Wood, S W Ely, Geo B Marshall, C Wright, J li Emmons,(jee F Mitchell, CB Woodward, J R Ecktrt, GN?<1 Mayer, B Williams, I F Engle, Capt F?2 Murray, Alex?2 Williams, I Eliot, Frank A?2 Marguror, Mmi W?Uer, J F Einrutrman, E Mery weather, A II Whitchell, J F ?" Ei.os, D C Meyer, A J Warden, J L lo Erhick, O McLelland, A II Whitfleld.JW Finney, W G McKiuoey, A Wlialcy, J B Frederick, WC McClure, A K Whaley, Jiio C <S Fraukhu, Thoa ? McCarthy, B Withers, Jas Foot, Starr McFarland, D Wordxi, J S Faust. R M McNeil, H W Whipple, Jno 1, Fiak, Robt F McSptrrow, Jas?2 Wallace, J W FU, in, Michael McCauIey.JW Wallis, JW France. J E McDonald, JR Williams. J K IS, Koater.J i McCullock, J W Wtikmriau.H W ft1 0 Kariey, Capt Joo 3 McDowell, I Wallice. H t?i s Krtukiii^i J ?'2 McMichael, M Walah,HS Fremont, J C McUur, O G White, Hollu Fouabie.JP McDowell, TC W elite I, U rw Franklin, Homer McLaiii, W Walter,G Febijer, Gee L McChuuey, W J YV?b*ter,G D Forbuah, E B MeCauly, Win Warner h Co, G Fox, ? Wllliama 3 NeUoo,Wnt Whiting. F B Fen ton, ? H Norm,W F Wiiaun,ER Fowler, Aualin?ii Neill.TH W?u-pole. E

Foard, A J Nichlea, Pat WakuO.CP 6- Ftorea, Antonio Nihill, M Waller, D _ n 11 AO M 1 la war a r> y- i r arwcu, n o norui, j tn wckxisoii, u M [ Gaidiuir, W C> N**oo, Ju? Wood, D H of God??, W H Neiaon, Ja??I Worc**ter, D J Oni, W H Newell, II Webb, D /e 1 Oat**, T B Noble, O W Wood, C O ... (nlim*. Bunl Nntnuf, (itorfl Walton, C W ).~IGil,RT North, CH Wadaworth.C E Uuflr, Michael N*l*on, Aurtutu* Walcou, C P Gilb.u, L S Ntvioa, A L W1U011, CW . Oriuudl, L?3 O'Brion, P Whiddeu, Bf Glee*on, Ja* Or;h,GL Ward, Aaron ! Ciiddiofi, J R?3 Oliphant, E P Walcott, A II?i v" I Gorman, Ja? Ogdeu.Cbaa Wilton, A R Garrard, J Puu, 0 II Wud.AD Gutting er, John MISCELLANEOUS.?C R V. B M- C. B.; 8 N. S _ T M I 11 ^ I TTVBl Vff** T? AT* a* D?w?nn VAOBO OA A April 13 VVM. JONES. P. M. 1.4 gvr BIK ^!?BIRDS FOR SALE. *** w. VJD Juatn . -oii a ? pi cud id aaaortment o\y?) io, Birds Ir oi Europe :?t?erni*n Canariea,**t Enciith Black, Ball Finches, Go)< ne I luohea, Lilou, Sky Lark*. Yellow H&inrra Pai roquets, Java Sparrow*, Star leu*, the Red Mooa* J* teV-AvVrB^J SB*;. iJVJfSSKS ? | and Bobjlmka;alaot Trained Birda. Price ttoenti \ to aw. Cacaa of ail kir.da from 10 oaota to 910, a JL JOHN O'MJEAR A S Bird Stora, No. 466 Ka av V enne, at tha Capitol cat*. fa 9 3m 1 ~A WM. ?. DOVE * CO. Are Nov prepared to ezwrato My orders wltl no1 FITTING m, ! ET" Stora on Pth troat, a few doora north of Pa *! 33! {t f A'' ?.; A t i-y > (, m_u 1 (* | - I " GEORGETOWN. Corrupcndw of Th* Ju~ ; it OioictTowv, April n. IHil. q At the meeting of the Board ?f Cownoi Council last evening meoMg* from tb* Mayor In form inn th* board of a wrtncr In the b-nrd of conun!aioners of the linking fond, cauaed bv the death of Wm. rt. Nlcbot!*, ?nd recommending the appointment of Mr. Joseph Libber to nirt . van< ailCT : the r?nnrt of th? trn?t^? of lh> nn?i f and work-houae. atating the ripen** for tfcc laat quarter to be S647 4-i. number of tnmatea 3u, and ( asking a new encloaure for the ground*, accvunte of Wm. H. Tenney and Mr* Lam;; and a II memorial from the butrbera remonatratlng agalnat the increaae of their atand liceoae. provided for in the law recently paned, Catgned by many cltisena,) were all appropriately referred A reao lotion authorizing the Mayor to contract i r with liarrlaon Holtzman for reahlugliug the market bouse, and appointing II B Walker, auper' intendent of aaid work, at per diem each day the contractor la employed, waa, after a warm debate. laid on the table. A reaolotlon In favor of W H Fletcher; peaaed. ' A reaolution in favor of Joe. Nicholaon, (.asaed , A reeolution for whltewaahlne the market u bouse; laid over. An ordinance supplemental to the market-house * ' ordinance providing for three a4ditlonal atandi, tone for the poor house,) laid over. The resolution Tor building a new bridgeacross i the canal, on the east side of the market-house, was rejected; and the resolntlon for repairs of the * old bridge at that point was passed by a vote of i 7 to 3. t Mr. Bangs moved a reconsideration of the res olullon in favor of P. T. Berry; lost. The grievance committee presented a written f report ott the subject of the gas tax. wbicb wsj 1 ordered to be published one time in the Evening > Star. Tbe debate on tbe market-bouse. of which we ' will furnish yon a synopsis, was ijnite lively. t Tbe Board of Aldermen waa not in session. Inspector General Stone viaited our armory at ' Foirest Hall yesterday afternoon, and inspe< trd * A# ?1 * vfviai ut mr vuimmrr companies in idp iar^e drill room. Lieut. Col. Hollingsworth, Adjutant r Davidson and Quartermaster Boyd, of the higtith * Regiment 1). C. Militia, were present. We un- * deratand that Company A, Anderson Riflea, are ordered to report at the War Department this morning and be mustered Into service, and that * Capt Rodler expects that not only tifty or sixty I of cla own corpa will take the oath, but that ( several members of the Potomac Light infantry and Harrington Home Guards who have spoken to hlin on the subject will join his ranks on that t occasion. The I' L. I. after inspection yesterday afternoon, were drilled by Cspt McKenney at request of General Stone, greatly to that officer's i satisfaction. The rain of yesterday and last night, it is ex- } pected, will greatly increase the volume of water f In tbe Potomac, and further damage to the canal , Is feared. The water has been ovt-r the tow-path ( on the Cabin-John level, and a break is reported on the 8-mlle level?this side of Seneca?which I will Interrupt navigation for at least two weeks aEORftttTOWN 4BVlftT?MTH J ? ? V ? ? ? w ? ? w m~m ?.? 4. *i* A ______________ ______ * rr-p-GEORGETOWN MOUNTED GUARD LJ? Meet at your armory, Forr.-at Mall, on | MQNDAY iint,?tT^ o'clock p. m. A punctual attendance m required on bu*ineaa of importance. ( By order o( tne Captain If J A 8. Li CARBKRV. Sec. \ ,y*?THE SUBSCRIBER WOULD RETURN I IL *c thanka to tb? firemen and oitixeoa of G?oi , tovn ar.d Waamne.on for their kind and iabr-riou* eiertiona to aave her property on the mi'mii;* of the Mh instant. a?9 M. A THOMAS. [ 'I>H K PARTNERSHIP Heretofore exiatin* be 1. twe<?n tbe underaign vl, ucder the Mt:e of Cak ' man A Dobbin*,a* cobtraetors for the Maaomy of Bndje iso. fi, Washington Aqueduct, ia thia i day dissolved b> mutual oonsent, and M. S. Car- 1 man will tiniah aaid work. LflriliLM c U u i V S PiiviiADu n. R. J. DOBBIN?. 1 Georgetown, D. C.. April 6,1H61. apJ33t < WHOLESALE FISH HOUSE. | 20i barrels Labrador HLKKI.NU, selected, 9* do Bay Island do , 9f> do Eaatport do V half bbl?. extra Roe do So bbls. neir Magdalene do ion do St. John ALEW1VES. pxpi'cted rAr schooner P. Ileilner. and for i ?*!e low from the wliarfon or before arrival , Also, 182 bbls.oho ee Labrador HERRING, on board of sohooner Expedit, due here about the first of nsxt week. Also? 23^ bb s. No. 1 Meremiohi ALKW1VE3, l(>0 do No.lGipped HERH1NG, i H"? do No. 1 Boston do 3d) do No. 3 Medium MACKEREL, Gloucester inspection, 50 bbls. No. 2 MACKEREL, Gloucester inrpection, j Alto, kit* and hall kits No. 1 MACKEREL and SALMON. . 48 half bbls. Sprint HERRING and Labrador HERK1NG superior quality, iu store and lor ' ale at satisfactory prions. ' HARTLEY * BROTHER, ? ftB QQ ?_n/4 1 II 1 Wafer (it SPRING GO DS CHEAP FOR CASH SMUOT & BURROUGHS, No. 119 Bridge < at, Georceiowi:, D. C.. have reoeived per lata ar- I rival* from Baltimore and New York a genera: ae- 1 ortnieut of PRY GOODS. ad*pte?l to the oariy sprint; trade, -which they are offering at price* to Huit the timea for cash, and sjlicita call from all ( who are making their t>prin^ purchases SMOdt 4. BURROUGHS. i ma29-?H>2w (Intel.1 A BOOTS AND SHOES. < LARGE And var:eu assortment of BOOTS 5 and SHOES oi ;:oeileut quality ju*t ie- .iji) I oeivedatl44 Bridge street, near the oin-B? I nibua stand, and for. a^!o 25 io 30 por oent.r Hi : oheap*r than the usual prices. v 1 ma 23-1 m A. NEW BERG Kx. < PJUST AKRIVKD, 1 ER Propeller 55. Seymour, from Philadelphia, 75 barrel* and loo half barreisof Ma?sey, Collins k. Co.'s Philadelphia DRAFT At.K. For ??>>? !>t _fo22 AK-NV A MH1NN. , DtfOO BBI-S PRIME CIDER ? A1LY Expected per schooner Mary Ann McGm from Boston. Thia Cider is A No. 1, and is for aaie i in lota to suit purchasers. _ i AftNY it SHINN'S ffl22 Union Bottling Depot. Georgetown. JU?1 KKOElVfcl*? _ 10 hhda. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS ISO bbls. did RyeWHlfKY, , 250 bWs. HERRING and ALEWIVEB. 1 ? bbls. Crushed ?rvd Urfiued SUGARS, so ba?s Rio and Java COFFEE, < 10 hhds.( Ioir-prioed) MOLASSES. Por sale by JOHN J. BOGUE. se 10 , _ | Look Here! \ l i cr 'rnr/i n j rc auji KJ i I rri/ /I 1 ?.J K I DOLE'S GREAT SALE - ; J E W EIjR Y I'OflTl VILT TO Cl.OiB ON Till 13TH Of ArRIL. No* is the Tim? i t'? make your selections from our Extensive and Beautiful As*ortm*nt of JEWELRY FOR THE LOW PRICE OF OXE DOLLAR. COME AND GET A 1 GARNET SET For ONE DOLLAR ' LAVA SET For ONE DOLLAR CAMEO SET... For ONE DOLLAR PLAIN GOLD SKT For ONE DOLLAR i CORAL SLT For ONE DOLLAR I MOSAIC SLT For ONE DOLLAH i ENAMEL SET For ONE DOLLAR Or, Any of our Assortment of SMALL ARTICLES For FIFTY CENTS CALL AND EXAMINE 1 *..: MAKE YOUR SELECTIONS EARLY. 1 STUDS AND MUTTONS, 1 of all aiz??, * FOR ONE DOLLAR. , PLATED KNIVES AND FORKS', SALTS, ? 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'I'HK ttUBSCRlBHR* HAV.NG RKCKIVE0 1 A.WK ?rrt ?upply of new styles ol PPR1NG WOODp. they r*?peetfuMy u.vite^BB I a call fiora their patrons and the aabiio xeu ||m ' eiail). I hej keep also constantly on kind mW I N AVAL and MILITARY FURNISHING GOODS, such as I- paalets, t iSwutns, Gold Laces ef.i. H. F. LOU DON k. CO., ' Cil>x?B*nd Military Tailors, iua*>Sme? No, 3M, andei Brown's Bvtet. 1 M I ) : uto j vii a | THE LATEST NEWS. TEL80BAPHIQ. Notici ?The S*ar U tbe only afternoon paper pubiitbed In Washington cltjr that r?r?iv?? tbe dispatches of th? Aaociated Prra? TUB WAR COMMENCED. to.llXIC T AT CHARLE8TON. IMMENSE EXCITEMENT. Bombardment of Fort Sumter. rie Fire Retarded by laj. And*r*?a. ( rreiptidntf Mweea Gra Brairrjard * 4 Mij?r Aadrnta. r WO GUNS AT FORTBl'MTER 8ILKNCKD. BREACH JIf THE FORT REPORTED. krriral ( II. 9 Ship* ( War off the Bar. Chaklzston. April IS ?Tbe excitement preratling here for several days pa?t rese to the very ligbest pitch this morning, when It was asreralned that war bad been actually commenced md Fort Sumter attacked by tbe forces of Soutb Carolina It app< ara tbe Are was opened on Sumter about our otiock tbls morning with considerable spirit rom the batteries on ??Uivan's Island, (where 7nrt Moultrie Is situate.> Cnmmlnjti' Point, Moris Uland, and other t olnU Major Anderson returned the fire, and a brisk 'aniionadlng has t>eeii kept up throughout the day ip to the hour of sending of this dlspatrh. We have no information from seaward yet with ward to the movements of the I'lilted Stales *e?HS outside. The militia are und?r arms, and the whole of ui ^pumiivu aiv on ?ur rvrry ivautnif pare faring the harbor is filled with anxious peril tors. [A dispatch preceding this, but rrecived with t. mvs : "The fittht commenced to-day. This is ill I ran ay.Th s dispatch was in cyphering] rrespsndence Preceding the Bsmbard it Chasi.kstox, April 14 ?Tbe following is the elejjraphlc correspondence between the W?r Department snd General Beauregard, immediately ^receding the commencement of tbe attack 011 dajor Anderson, wht^h baa beea published for >ublic information. Thto correspondence cr?w >nt of Ihe formal notification given by the Government at Washington of an Intention to provision Fort Somter bv fprce. if necessary as dialosed in General Heauregard's first dispatch . No. 1] Ciiablicstos, April 8, 1961. To L. P. Wn!kfr, Sttrttnry of W?r.?Hir : An intborized menr-ncer from 1'rcsldent Lincoln bss list informed Got. Pickens and myself that a 'easel containing provisions will be sent to Fort ?uinter. peaceably, if possible, otherwise by force. (Signed,] G. T. I5kau?e?abd. No. 2 J MnSTaoMKRV, April 10. PWI. (its. C. T Btaurtzard?fMr : If you hsve no ?'uu> ui we uioariita curicitr or Uie agent vho communicated to you tbe intention of tbe Washington (iovt-rnment to supply Sumter by orce, you will nt oncedemand Its evacuation, and f thia Is refused, procured iu sucb manner as you nay determine to reduce it. Answer. [Signed,J L. P. WiLtkt. No. 3 J Cn?RLt*TON, April 10. ! #?!. I" L. P Walker, Secretary of Wnr?Sir: Tbe lemaiid Will he made to-morrow at 12 o'clock G. T. liZACBEO AKl>. No 4 J e Mwht6omkbv, April 10. 1^61. To G'.Httnl Bfiurtgnrtx?i*it: I nlesa tbers are special reasons connected witb your own rondiIon it is considered proper you should make tbe lemand at an earlier hour. |Signed | L. P. \Valklr. N'o 5 ] _ CHARLeaTUN, April 10,1061. To L,. Walker, Secretary of War?Sir The eaaons are special for eleven o'clock [Signed,] G. T. Heal regard. So. ? ] Charleston. April II, 1861. To L P. Walker, Secretary of War?Sir: Deli and tent (for evacuation of Sumter)at %i o'clock, illowed until t? o'clock to answer [Signed] G. T. Bkatbigakd. No.".] Moktsoxkrv, April II. |mh|. To Heneral Beauregard ?Sir : Telegraph [to tie] the reply of Major Anderson. [Signed] L P. Walker. No. 8.] Cmarlk*to5. April II, 1*61. To L P Walker, Secretary of War.?Sir: Major \uceraon repne* as follows: ? Sir : I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your communication demanding the vaeuation of this fort, and 'o t?y in reply thereto hat it ia a demand with which I regret that my tenae of houor and of my obligation to my Got rnment prevent* my compliance." Major Anderton alau added verbally to the >tUcer acnt to make the demand : "/ wiU atrmt h' first that, and if you don't batter n? to pieeu, if? trill be starred out tn a ft*r days " [Signed,J G. T. UiACKir:akd. No. 0.) Mostoomkry, April II. l-'il To (rrneral Beauregard ?Sir: We do not desire leedlesaly to l*ombard Fort Sumter. If Major \nderson will state the - - ?-*?> ?- ?? Uivu, O - IUUI;nted by him. he will evacuate, [be starved out,] ind agree that in the meantime he will not use lit guns against ua unleas we ourselves should be ?mployed against Fort Sumter, you are authorized :hus to avoid tb? effusion of blood If this or ita univalent be refused, you will reduce the fort aa ,'our judgment decides to be most practicable. [Signed,] L. P. Walker. No. 10.] Charleston. April 12, 1861. To L P. Walker, Secretary of War ?Sir : He [aj. Anderson) would not consent. I write toIhv [Signed ] G. T Beat-regard. [This proposition thus rejected by Maj. Auderton was. in other words, making him, in case an irined attempt should be made to relieve and Succor him by his Government, he should stand by ? silent spectator without interfering in the contest 1 Accompanying the correapondence the following note ia furnished for publication . Sote ?Intercepted dismtchea dlar)aa? th? f?c* that Mr. Fox, who bad b?* ;i allowed to visit Maj. Anderson under the pledge that his purpose was (wicitlc, bad employed his opportunity to devise a plan for supplying the forts byforre,and that this plan bad born adopted by the Washington Government, and was in progress of execution! Prsgress ( the Battle Charleston, April 18, p rn ?The firing has continued all day without Intermission. Two of Fort Sumter's guns have been silenced, 11.d It is reported a breach has been made in the sou'beast wail. The answer sent by Major Anderson to General Beauregard's demand was, that he would surrea ier wbfn his supplies were exhausted, If be was uot reinforced Not a casualty, *o far as known, has as yet happened to anv of our men. Of the nineteen butteries in position around the harbor, only aeven have opened on Snmter The remainder are held in reserve for the expected Beet. Two thousand more men reached the city this morning, and embarked for Morris Island and ibe neighboring batteries. The Biuibardarit < ntinart?The U. S. Fleet Off the Bur. Charlkatoit, April 12, p. in.?The bombardment of Sumter atlil continue* briskly. The luating battery and Stephen'* battery are operitiiig freely Fort SumU-r ia returning the Ure. It ia reported that three United Statea war veaicla aVe outaide the bar. The Firing Ceased far the Might. Charlki-tos, Evening ?The llrior haareaaed '<or the night, to be renewed at daylight, unite* in attempt tnould be made to reinforce the fort, o repel which the moat ample arrangement* have oeen made. Our men have worked their gnm admirably ar?ll n..l? * ? * ?** ? v?u? f ?*?v ??c ic j?vi wru w uavc ucru WUUUQ* d daring tbe day. The Federal fleet ba? arrived ofl the bar. The iiflamera Pawnee, Harriet l.ane and a third sttK.ui r, are reported to have been seen. Fresh troops are arriving here by every train. LATEST FROM SEAT OF WAE. Chaklkstok, Apiil 13, 10 o'clock a. m ?The jombnrdment la being continued at intervals on be Confederate State*'tide. A shell la thrown nto the fort every twenty minutes. It is supposed that Anderson is resting his men, is be Is not responding. Three vessels-of-war are reported outside, but he weather is boisterous and tbev cannot tret in. Tiie floating battery work* well. Troop* are hourly arriving. Kvery inlet on tbe :oast is fully guarded. Charleston, April 13, a. a> ?Tbe cannoniding i* koing on fiercely from all pointa, from ;he ve*wl? outside tbe harbor, and all along the ;oa*t Fort Sumter ia ou fire Later (ram CharletUa. caaelkston, April 13, 10 30 a. m ?At internal* of 20 minute* tbe fire waa kept up all night >n Fort Humter Anderson cenaed to fire in return at 6 p. m. All night be waa engaged In rewunngdamftpea and protecting hi*barbette gun*, lie commenced to return hi* fire this morning at i, but aeeina to be greatly d: tabled Thf battery on Camming* Point doe* gamier >reat damage. ' At nine tbi* morning a dense smoke poured oat rom Port Sumter, and tbe Federal flag Is at V.if u&st, signalling distress Tbe shells from. Fort Vl>ultrie and Morris Island fall into Aad^non's stronghold thick and fast They ran be m jb heir rouiv through the air from the Cjisrlestnn / Iters:. The breach ruads In Sumter is on t\*e ff0nt ng'Camming1* Point Two of it* potholes *rr , " A " * *" ? ~ * V * bmcttd into eae. and tbe wall from tb* top la cruiUUf. Tbrw om ef then a lugf du4itoMr are over tba bar, and mcb to be prrpar! as to par tiolpate In tbe conflict The Are of Morrta Iclind and Fort Moultrie ta divided between Cumtef and the ablpa of war Tbe aht pa have not a* yet opened tire Later A n eipieat on occurred at ftumter A denee vol note of ainoke was Been auddenly Is riaa. aad A a deraon reaaed hia Are for an beur Hit flag laatlll 1 up. It ia thought tbe offlcara' quartrra in tbe fort are on Ire Another DlipaUk treat Private tearce. Ch ablk?to>, April 13 ?Tba batteriaa ea (Mililm-t. j ? " iiwmu ? ana m CUT i uuna in abelltng Humter with extraordinary effert Cummlni; *a Paint battery 1a widening the breach on tbat side The Are lnalde the Fort la atlll going on. Anderaon ha* auaprndr-d hla Are There las been twa tt plosion* In Sumter tht* morning till Later CnttLiiTOK. nnon ?The ahlpa are Intbeoff. ing. quietly at anchor They hav**not Bred ague . The entire ro-.f* of Anderaon a barrack* a rain a vaat abeet of flame The abell* from Cummin*"a ^otnt are bantlig In aud over tha doomed fortreaa In quick auceaaaion, but the Federal "flag atlll waeta" at ?fce maathead. Major Anderaon appear* to be aclalv occupied It putting out the Ira The Are upon Sumter la aa regular aa ever, and every abot aeem* to tell. We anxiously look for Anderaon to haul down hla flag. The Very Lstwl. Chari April 13.?Two of Amlwoi'l magazine* have pxploded Oceaa'onaJ *t>o?a ?r? Bred on b'.ni from Fort Moultrlf. while tba Point Cum mine's im'tery la doinj: the beovy work Tbe exploded uiagaztnoa are thought to be tbo leas* r onea. * >.? ^rratrvt rxciimiflll pf^YIHI Dfff Tbf l>attery. whsrtw. itcff<l?i. and ?w* rnlMI* place are pn k d with people The ahlpa ue in tlie offing. atiH have not aided Anderson; and It la now too late, aa It ta paat blgb water, and It la believed they cannot roine ovur tba bar Lateit from M*at|?aerT> Montgomkit, April 13?President Davla baa appointed T \N trren Molae judge of the District of l<ouiatana. (.en Htau regard telegraphed to the Secretary of W ar aa follow*: " Heavy tiring a.l Friday Four guoa Hum tee diamouated. Confederate bntterlea all aafe?ao.. W. a ** - ? * " sun. i our i-MDitri ob Mr. )*? routh " Nothing received here this morning by \Var Department Latril (rem Mtaiimrrr. MoNTaoxEKT, April IS ? I Ml night the Pr?idei.t and S-creiarv of NVar were serenaded at their reside net*. The latter was called out, and in his remarks said the Confederal? flag would soon wave over Kurt Sumter, and that if tbe lode pendence of tbe Confederate States was not acknowledged, tt won Id float from tbe Capitol at Washington. Only one dispatch was received from Gen Beauregard last night, and that was bellev?d In convey favorable information. Reports from Xew Orleaas Naw oblean*. April II ?A dispatch rereived to day from ei-Uoverttor Roman. l omBiiMloow from thr Confederate State* at Waahlngton, **r* Fort* Sumter and 1'ickeus are to lie attacked, but doubt* whether Immediate war will follow A dispatch from Montgomery. In 'hi* evening a Delta, m v* it has been reaelved to make an attark od Forts Sumter and Pickt-na immediately on tba approach of the United State* fleet Tb" Li g I est < *< itemeot prevailed throughoot thi city trv-day; the military enthoslaam I* at the pitch. Recruiting officers and aenreanta, with hie* of men. marching to the tap of the drum, are met at every turn A large force ta at work waking gun carriages for heavy ordnance Another detacLineal of troop* left to-day foe Penaacola Spvpral rnmnaiiiM thm rini p try and tbe New Orleaut Cadets feft here this evening for I'enaacola JSeveral companies of New Orleans militia have volunteered their tervlcea and will leave ahortl v for I'enaacola The military entbiialaatn baa reached a hlgb pitch a ad recruiting it proirreaatng rapidly A resolution haa l>een offered In tbe Board of Assistant Alderman appropriating flNi.nuo for the protection of tbe city against tovaalon The PmD<ylvama War mil I?aa*<l-liiteaa4 Incitement at Harrliktrg. Hakfi?firg. April 1*2 ?Tbe announcement of the attack on Fort Sumter wai received uore thta evening and produced a profound aeuaatlnn In tbe l.*?g'.ilav.:re to-night the '-War Bill'' waa passed by both llouaea without an amendment. Gov Curtin watted in tbe Executive Chamber to lira It. and it ta aireadv <lvii?l mnA law The Charleston deapatchesabout tbe coinn?eoeementof hostilities wereannounced In both Houses, aud produced a moat latent? sensation Mr. Smith, a democratic member of tbe Ufiae, nfter tbe C harleaton deapatr bea were read, changed bia vote to aye on the War bill. All the Democrats In both Houaea voted against It. Tbe bill appropriates S5UU.000 for tbe purpose of arming and equipping the militia, authorlzea a temporary loan to be made aud providaa for the appointment of an Adjutant General. Cooamiaaarv General and Quartermaster Genera!, who, wit* tbe Governor, are to have power to carry the act Into effect The Virtiaia ( Richmond. April 12 ?TbeConvention returned, in CommitW of the Whole, tbe consideration of the report of the Committee on Federal Relatione. Tbe fourteenth resolution, under debate yesterday, wai adopted with Mr. 8cotVi amendment for the holding of a Concrete of tbe Border States In the event of a failure of the N orthern States to respond bv the tliue fixed for the reassembling of tbe State Convention. This being the last resolution of the series the Committee look up tbe proposed amendmeata to the Constitution. Ex-Gov. Wise's substitute was rejected I'ending tbe further consideration of tbe amendments the Convention adjourned Hon. John Tyier received from Montgomery copies of tbe official dispatches between General BraurPFird and Miiiu An<i>nnii Walker. They were aoon printed and circulated in tbe Convention thia afternoon, producing considerable aenaatlon, but tbere la aa yet no Indication that Union men will content to secede without tbe co-operation of tbe Border States Tbe public mind is greatly excited Arrival ef the ttartb Star. Niw York. April 12 ?Tbeateaimr North S*sr, with l.lllMam in specie from California, baa arrlvea Tbe United States steamer Parana* arrived at Panama March 3Ut I be I'uited Stairs sloop-of-war 81. Mary a auilod on the 1st for Saa F ranciaco kltana?a?tnra V?u? I.eanaJa V* .*! ^ **> 'vii?ui?, 1*T ?? \JI Iiuaua, uc\t Wl U V?p?yi I w by tiie Llberala and the barr*<~ka burnt, twenty meu perishing In tb?" flamrt and ten betnjr killed in tbe streets Ffty-foar wtre made prisoner*, Indudiug thirty-twowounded- Tbe Liberate wrrs defeated before Pasto by tbe Government forte* Wreck af the Brig Mar fcajU, Philadelphia. April IS ?Tbe strainer Keystone State, from Charleston, Las arrived lierc with tbe captain -.ud crew of the brig War Eagle The War Eagle was bound froin Port an Prluce for Philadelphia and vaa wrecked on Cirpe flat teras Skoals. 011 Monity iitjrbl lioorge Brcwn. seaman of Boston, was drowned Thf Icknarr tiadsea at Key Vf est New Oklkahi, April U ?Tbe icboomr Mart P. Hudson, arrived at Key v\ <?t on the 27th u!t. from N^w York, with ordnance and ordnance torn for Fort faylor The supplier are very extensive, and embrace alJ appltai.ces for a prolonged fVgr, Rejeicla? at Mobile la lieaer ( the Attack a Smater Mobilk, April 12 ?The most Intense excitement prevails Lere. aud demonstrations of rejoicing at the commencement of tbe bom twirdment of Sum toe are be!ng made A salute of tlfteea guns Is being fired in bonor of tbe event. Reparted Wreck af a Uaartf Ship NoaroLK, April 13 ?It la reported that a large guard ship off tbe North Carolina eoaat waa wmtkrah li? #wa i>i? a* ? ^ 1 * ? ? a IM iuc MIC VI***, BUU VCTCUK^U u ?r? toil Orders 'are been received at tbe Nary Yard to fit out iojjnedlately tbe steam frigate Mcrrlmao SmcmIm ib BaitiMere B*'-Tiitoaa, April 13 ?A man msde his appearance in the streets tbis morning, wearing a (arc* *rct salon cockade on bis bat He was pursue* by ?"iromd, snd bad to be protected by tbe poller. I" fenae excitement bere Greates' anxiety to beer ? le news from Charleston Tbe Keatacky Volaateer Megiaseai. Lovistilli, April 13 ?Dispatches Inve been received bere to bold tbe Kentucky Veloab-sr Regiment in readiness to march at a bwimb' " notice Tbe order coonea from the War Department of tbe Con federal* states, at Mowtgsaasry Shipwreck aad Leas ef Fifteea Llm. M.O Anrfl H _Th? thin W'llcbCfaA. from Ctilao, wa/wt*<-k?d off Cipt HiMm. t? tbe r*rnl ?torm and fifteen perw? drowned. The Captain and third oflcar were aaeed. Iitrt l?Mtd af the < federal* "ifrt -1 UomeoiinT, April I* ?An extra taunc of ! the Confederal* Ceu^r* ha* b?wa railed & ; iw | 2Mb tMt. T " - ' f