Newspaper of Evening Star, April 13, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 13, 1861 Page 4
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I ~ THE EVENING STAR. Coatta Jeeephtae ?T PAUL rEKTOH. 8he'a my oouaiu. *o what harm For her t>l?a*ed little arm Round my willing n?ok to twine, Ar.d her dear deiifioae li??,. With their ro?j, (Juttenne tipe, F.r*r ?o much. J??t to touch Mine f Hhe'e my eousin. ?o you Me. She m't fk'l to lore with me; That I alw*r* keep in mhid. And, indeed. Pre alwayi kiited her As you would a little inter. Just an that eke Mjfht thiak me Kind. Alavmix* PT*Kx#rh or Sicbssioihsm m Locisvill*.?The only outright secession candidate for tb? Mayoralty In thla cltv on Saturday wu Mr. IVran Mr D. publiahed bia proclamation day after day In the Courier, declaring that he was an Alabamlan by blrtb, that he waa a State Rights roan, and tbat^e would hare Kentucky to po out with the Cattor States. We did not read Jne document, bat auch, we are told, was its import The editor of the Courier called to it the especial attention of the voters Moreover Mr. D. was known to be very popular personally, and deservedly so Under these circumstance? be was of course expected to receive an amount of support that would serve both at home and abroad as a most Imposing display of disunion strength. He was>rel'.ed on to bear the disunion banner far up In t*e sky. Mr D*van rttaivtd just forty-two votes in our irhoU eUf ?Louis viU* Journal. ' Mas ox thi Taaca "?The Clarksville (Tenn ) Chronicle is responsible for the following: On Monday, morning, aa the train from Springfield was approaching town, on turning a abort curve, the engineer discovered a man lying on the track, across one of the rails, only a little way ahead of the " machine." The bell was rung? .11 ki.i i J .ti a. a. i. j wr iara au ? uismu uwv* u , nnu au U^itUI ?eanea biek to help to itop h?r. The train wu brought to a stir.d, and hand* aent out to remove the man, "but. lo: and behold ! on nearlng the "man" he was discovered to be a "man of straw;" and a merry voice, close btr. arm? oat April fool! Tb* dldzuat of the r re w of that train may be imagined' Thia "man of itraw" and old clothea waa :? most ingenious aud life-like contrivance, and was altogether the conception and work of a bright little Miss, who lives not far from the bridge, and who, though she is yet young, was smart enough to fool a whole train. C7" A shot does not make a hole of its own size right through wood, but indents It, the fibres spring back after tbe shock. Generally, the course of shot can only be traced by a wire, sometimes by a bole as large as a man's finger. The d?m*gemost often happens inside of a vessel, In splintering and breaking the wood, after the main force of tbe shot spent. Forts Hsmilton and Richmond which are about a mile apart, with a vessel lying between them, could not. with their *miu?, end shot through two feet of Its timber. Tbere is rarely an instance where a ship was sunk by a sol d abot. Hot abot and shells do the mischief, the latter will sometimes make apertures of ever*l feet in extent, through tBe sides of vessels. Pxstickasia?Doe? Jeff DavU belong to the secession party ' No, the secession party belongs to him Mr Journal, what is the condition of your State*?Ala. Times Pretty good, we thank you. What Is the state of your condition Punch thinks the first circular note must have been a Hound Robbin. The secession leaders and the aboiltion leaders have lately been atound robtnJ. I Hfc " STAR-SrAHGLED BASXKR" HUSH!) 1* 'sa*hvillk?At a concert given on Friday last by the Philharmonic Association of Nashville the jwrformance of tbe Star-Spangled Banner" wu Limd by a paity of n<en woo were not kicked out of the room, though tbe disgraceful occurrence appear* to have been much denounced. Accident to Hos. J. Dixo* Roma*.?TheHa? era town Torchlight of Wednesday says that (he Hon. J Dixon Roman, of that town?who baa partially lost the use of bia lower limbs?in an effort to walk in bis room, fell, and striking his *eg against a chair, severely fractured it below the knee. t[I7" Lieut Siemmer has been making an Improvement at Fort Pickens; It la nothing more nor leaa than a new flagstaff, several feet higher than ihr old one, and placed on the southwest r orner of the fort, with the old flag floating gaily from It. |]~J-A parcel of boys In Lower Canada, having eat a hole through tne Ice of a pond, that they might go In swimming, '-just to see how It would feel Id winter," two or tUem got chilled, were swept under the ice, and perished before they could b? reacued. H~rTh? New York Dav Book haatwo column* of advertised proposals from the Southern Con I t..A ? #? fi * - - lur uian im|{9, uiaii iocks and ktys wrapping p*p?r. twine and sealing wax, stamped envelope* Ac , Ac. A night pedestrian in tbe streets of Sacramento, Cal , b*-ing attacked by a robber, coolly bit tbe rascal1* ebeek, in order to be able afterwards to identify him and cause bis arrest. fT"^The highest possible temperature of a lire IsrjoP; that of candle, oil and gas flames, about jrrMarv Ann Lovett, convicted at Louisville oftbrowing vitriol upon Mrs Parrot:, bits been sentencrd to pay a fine of S10,l<00. |[T* Tfee viget of compositor* In Liver pocl arc ?? y> per week. (fTCtmnm aalt is a moat simply and excellent agent for croup. HjTThere Is a projedt to turn Tbamea Tunnel Into a railway. CT" There are nearly thirty thousand blind people in Great Brltian. gy France haa fifteen iron-cased steamers. An tit (Mi-* A T TUB HOTELS. WILLARD3' HOTEL?H Morton. Me: I. ? ncotd, i>r A Peter, R Kldd, H (i Radcliffe, A C Richardson, T VV Coddlngton, C B Hatch, E O Osberlln*. G H Trumbail and ly, C T M Iddleton and ly, W 9 Worth, J K Flander ar.d fun. E V Cnytrr, NY; R Re id, J Graham, 8 W (iray, M McMichael, F Field, J Christian, F Taylor, J KuMr. Mr Graves, Hon J Hickman, D Myers. J T Burrhlng, T Moore, W Gillespie, C 9 Lewis, LP R otter, C M Neal, Hon Mr Moorehad, K Mcpherson. J M Porneroy, A W Brlckley, N W Shortrtis, D Webster, H B Goddard, I. A Godey and son. P?; Hon J Woodruff, Hon O 9 Jerry, Hon A H Bylngton, C H Carter, Ct; J Ridenour, lad; W Hsvvkud r. m?m?" ? ' * " ' , ~M, .>IM, 1/ UOMWIO, Hon i f her man, J .M Adam* and If, O; N Boulur, Lt W Gibson, L'SN; W T Valiant. VV F Murdoch, J Jeffry, Hoa W B Preaton, Hon A H H Stuart, Hon G W Randolph. 9 W Vick. C Coen how and ly, Va; R Garroru, Eng; J Leeds and lv. La: J Casper; BC: T McGinn, Cal; P U Fojr, B Able, T VVoddrulT, J B Chaplain. C M Head, D Lather, Mo. NATIONAL HOTEL ?M McGarry, T David An n> C ? ' " - , mm. j ?v sower, l*a; Dr H Gorme, M'.m, P U Tompkina, E N Dlckeraon, J Pitch. A V Harpendla/, J C Skaden, A C Skaden, Mim Hopkins, Dr A Perry, NY; J 11 Proctor, Maw; O Mnltb, O; Lt T J Trend well, USA; E A Abbot, J R Hill, NH; R Rice, DC; E H Wlllla. NC; L 1 Hatckioa, Mo; Mr Btoet aod ly, Ark; J W Barringer. USA; C L Armour, Md; J R Sower, Pa; Dr rerry, NV. BROWN'S HOTLL.-J Dawaon. W G Smallwood. W Emory, C \V McCay, Md: W W~vl rvr*. 4 ? ? ~ * oarciay, va; U W Buye, Kau; J M HarrU. A B HarrU, JOwlift, 9 Brown, DC; J Hoiiuan, USA; JR ion?a and If, C Wyley and It, L C L*wtaand ly, NY; L Mltchall, SC; P Smith, W L Hart, NC; T 8 Crane, J Goggta, NJ. ICIRKWOOD HOUSE ?W H Snyder, W W Herbert, J Campbell, E H Brown, J G Batn, Dr Williams, B Flcklln. W Pendleton, F W Adams, Ho* J O i^wrence. Va; W W Bull, R 8 Raid, R K iamb, J 8 Fletcher, J Kelch, G 8 Macbeth, Pa, C Jardella, CS. OC.KA NKf? * ur""" ?, * uaiunno' OA.lL.inO D AYS Fmm * ? Uinvn Statu. *Uam*rt. I.****. Ztovf. N?w York.?? .N?w York... Brem?? A pi 13 Europ* ? N*w York...Liverpool... Ap' 11 Bftltio ..N?w Yuik...Havre ..Apl ?t f ii? .... .New York... Liverpool Apt 34 Prino* Albert>...N?w York...Gaiwaj Apl 87 fuou Kttbopb f'!'"" .South'pton...New York....Apl S Bkrwi*. So?tk'p?o?_ .N*w York ... Apl 4 Bremen K?utk>ton... New York... .Ap' W HMimoniA. Poutb'ptoa ...New York ...Apl 18 M PLANNER'S MARBLE WORKS, Cumu Tkiid and H ?ri. MONUMENTS. TOMB SLABS. HEADHTONKS. MaN^Ei S, ud ah kind* of Oraamental Work in Marble executed in a&artubo M**r with ?i?r??ee and despatch. Ml OUrtt i ? n ,.-rniou vho ktn mi vm! t!i?ir rol?ti*M, a>u<l *ho i Mire to em be i?h tkeir w gjoHDda MB do ao at practical workia?m?n'a yno?. m?ag eolip* Y wood and coal. OU Will ?nreljr jret youf nua^'i worth hj Mkiliif MUmPIONeKI MILI.8,iraUiiMi em mt7 Ztrtntk ilrwl *m4 Canal, (GKO. PAHE, Ay?i> Tfco? Mil eMaper ant tin bettor MMn than MT othari m the ot\y?out. atd dehv rodIGCjSNi ?? ?? % TRAVELERS' DIBEOTOBY. CHANGE OF HOURS. 0?Md ?ft?r SUNDAY, No*M?t*r2SUi, IMM trsina will run aa follows: leave Washington Firat tram atfi.20 a. m. tSaoond Train at 7.40 a. m. Third train at 3.10 p. rn? ExfrM. Fourth traTn at 6 ?. m. LEAYK BALTIMORE: Firat train at 4.15 a. m., Expreaa. Second train at 8.36 a. m. Third at 3.10 p. m. Fourth at ?.? p. m., Exoreaa. The firat, aeoond and third traina from Wai ipgton oonteot through* o Philadelphia and N The aeoond and third oonneet at Waahincl inaction with traina for th? Weat, South, a forthweat; alao, at Annapolia Junction, for A napoiia. For Norfolk take the ' 40 a. m. traio. Hor the aooominodation of the way travel 1 tween Waahincton and Laurel, a paaaencer < will be attaohed to the tonnage train which leav U II m On SMurdAj the 3.10 p. m. train goet to Phll&d his, onlr. no ?-d T. H. PARSONS, Agent EDUCATIONAL. ***ayp education. m. nkjcr, rttreui* wuo wnn ineir uauf fiien u> i oeivc & thorough and ayatematic education. wh< th^ir phymc&I training trill reoeiVedaily and pee attention, uryler the igost approved RTatem of Cat tb&mos and liymniutioa, are reapeotftiily invited viait the L'uion Female Academy, corner Foi teeuth at. and Now York av. mk. * mrs. z. richards, au?-tf Prinoipala Female boarding and dayschoo ALEXANDRIA, YA. Mn. S. J. MoCORMICK, P*iwct?al. She thirteenth annual session of tnia Inatituti 1 commence on Tuesday, September 18tn, in t houae recently occupied by Sylvester Scott, Ea No. 18? King street. The course of study pursued will compriae the branches requisite to a thorough English Ed nution ftnrl Mnem C fan/ih T ?!? An/I r>.? ? ?> ? ???-iwi A IVHVH| U??1U auu i/iawiug, telfML in addition to day ssholftr*. Mn. MoCormick prepared to receive a limited number of pupila boarders, who. constituting a part of her own fa ily, will he under her immediate care and roper siou. Shu will endeavor, aalar as possible, to si round (hem with tae comforts and kindly influent of Homo. Rt/erencet.?Rev. Goo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. EI Harrison, Rev. D. F. Spring, William H. Fow Esq., Edgar Snow den, Esq.. Edmund F. Witm lis*., Henry iMarbary, Esq., Lewis McKeni Esq., Robert H. Hun ton, Esq . W. D. WallA< Kititor Evening Star, Benjamin Water#, Km.,J Entwisle.Jr., Esa., Col. John W.Minor, Londoi Blaoklooi & Marshall, Maura. Coi Brothers. * Tumi. Board, vith Tuition in a/i the English Branoh for the annual session?payable semi-annual in advance. Music and Languages at Professors' prices, IO- No extra oharges. an 2S-( GAS FITTING""^ WG AS FIXTURES^ E Have in store, and are dai.y receiving, O. arirmrrn r*o / ' ? - ? - - - ri a j uaitooi ennrei; ixew Patterns and 1)mu and Finish, superior in strle to anything hereto# offered in this market. Wo invfte citizens rener It to oall and examine our stock of Gas anrl Wa Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the b selected stock in Washington. All Work in the above Tine intrusted to our ? Will be promptly attended to. MYERS & McGHAN. mar 6 tf S7? D strew I\m~SNYDEK, . PLUMBER AND GAS PITT Kb Has removed to the oorner of Twelfth and- b i He is prepared to introduce Water and Gas ui the most lavorahla terms, and guaranties ent satisfaction. jle bas on hand * lot of COOKING acd cfc VTUY K8, whicu be will sell Ian than ooat, as wiehas to tet rid of thorn. no 1 OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND 8EAL1 OF 6AS METERS. Washington, July IS, 1#* NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. ably to the provisions of the ordinance of the 13 poratijn approved May IS. l*,3pt the nnde'signei now prepared, "whenever repaired in writing, i on pie-payment of the fee of nfty cents, to inspe examine, teat, btota. omiruin *k? registration ol any t&t meter in pae in this oit Every meter, if toned incorrect, will beoondemn and another, aeaied and marked as true, will actini>i place. If proved to be accurate in meaaarcment of (m. it will be scaled aocordini and acain put in poaitioa for nee. OAoe No. *10 Seventh street, (near Odd F .owa'Haii) Open from 8 a. m.,to i p. m. CHARGES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy 18-tf Inapeotor and Sealer of 6aa Me ten R L. ^ t# W I have removed my W PAWN OFFICE to 341 Q street, between 4K and 6th atreeta, inrr diately in the rear of the Nationa.1 Hotel, wh the bnaineaa will be continued aa heretofore at old atand. [nol5-6ml ISAAC HERZBERC "TT NEVER FAI1.H"' 1 " IT WILL PAY THE PEOPLE I I take great pleasure 111 announcing to the oi sen* and stranger* of Washington that I have j ! returned from the Nortu wirh a very fine and >a lot of SPRING ana SUMMER CLOrHlI> FURNISHING GOODS, TRUNKS. HATS I CAPS, which I have bough* mostly for cash, 1 1 am prepared to tell them off at very low price N. B.?All of these goods have b*en made within the last month : therefore, tou oan get latest styles at j. H SMITH'S, No. 460 Bevei ?t., opposite Post Offioo. ap fr-li FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPE] S AND ENVELOPF.8 NO TO MATCH, at the CHARGE METROPOLITAN nnotramnn n 9* uwftoi uiibi PHILP H. SOLOMONS, At tut l for Laurnut't ttitbrated Lintn P&pr "Metrvpo'ita-% tAxilt," fe., #c. mM It 33U Pa. bet. 9th and 10th iti Worth ofbo^ts?shoesawdtruni Of all Stylet and Qualititt, AT A GJtXAT SACRIFICE ON COST. Store for Rtn.1 and Fixtures for Sal*. 11 the Stock in 8. P7HOOVER'S STOB mnelroD Hall,embracing every vnriatr ?a Mlfluf l.nlinp'. Gent*', Children's and BM lUU^erwi:^' SHOES ^ lao, TRAV-fH ELI NO TRUNKS are now Irfuug aold./or* W easkM treat aarificeaonueual retail aellingforifl indeed inuoh lielow original cost. Tbe attention the public i* aollcited.aa great inducement* i be made to purohaaera. The above eompriaea a large atook of the fin uality Frenoh &lU American Gsitera.Shoea.Boc '< - I--*. 1 ' wv.<i?w.,iui iauiua ouu ps on no in on Thd Store la for rant and the Fixture* for M Apply on tv o premises. Iron Hall. N. B.?The above stock, either in whole or part, will be sold at private sale. To anyone* sirous of entering the Boot, Shoe and Trunk Bu ness tm? affords a hotter opportunity than ix again be presented. Persons indebted will o<>nfer a favor by promp oalltnc and settling their account*. ja 7-1 JU8T-RECEIVED THIS DAY BY FRENCH * KICH8TEIN, 8T8 Pnii. Atuui. N?froesard Negro Slavery; the brat an infer race, the tatter its normal oondition, by J. if. V Eme. M. D. All the New Books and Paters of the day e< t&nt.v on hand Our usual diiooant of 10 to SO i o?at. on all bound books. _ FKbNCH * RICIISTKIN, ay S 5IT8 Penn. avtnui WATCH re&?'nufaS?5rV:ver wai I have one of the best establishments, and f nished with a complete set of tools for repair- J ing every description of fine Watches, and#! particular attention give to the same, by aA thorough ooaipetent workman And a., work Mian tied. Alto, every desorip ion of standard SiLV1 WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured un< BIT OWn llinarviiin" "?4 , .owu in; cuiuimtri will D far superior in quality and finish to northern wi old by dealer* in general and represented as th own luaasbotaro. 11. O. HOOD, se 6 S38 Pa. avenue. near 9th s1 gOOTS AND B^O^^ TO SUIT *1 We are now mannfaot*lrinr all kinds of BOO' and HHOK8, and oo'.stantfr receiving >^| sapp*> of eastern made work of even doBH son?', ion, made expressly to order, ana will vH be so d at a much lower price then has been* W heretofore oharged tn this city for maoh infer! articles. Pei sons in want of Boots and Shoes of eastern eity nade work, will always find stood assortmt in sure and at the lowest prices. Give ns a eali. GRIFFIN & 1JRO., tpt-r S14 Pennsylvania arenne f^KBAT MKD1CAL HOUHK IN THE CI1 of Washington. Lin. bh i .MAN, at liia Southern Medic*! H' ui corner of Sixth at ami Pa. aventie, under the CU andon Howl, is the only ene in the known wot who can permanently oura all diaeaaea of a priva nataiainfrom3to6daya. A permanent aura or ehar?t. ma 16-1 nT 0UPONT^GUNP<)W^*^ ^ JOHN J. B06UE, 6mnwnj). C? fi$l? AMfUCH ft* tk* DiAtTift of fpeiMCROOTE^ PATg^rjrilkte Colli* ^taVpirt*n?; ?> ?? }" Co<i??V. Applaton'a Nev Amenow Cjelopwdi*. volu 11 now reedy. A nd m?ny other N?w Booki Tod this * Z^SimSSsmh. m > -\ />. NervousHeadache <o35? <* > - -m.rn.rn. - m. ja m a M M. y tar M 1 " ' el- By the use of theso Pills the periodio attaoks of Ntrvout or Sick Hoaiack* may bo prevented; tad If takon at the oommeaoement of an attsok lmrae1? dlate relief from pain and aiokneaa vill bo obtainod. They aeldom ffetil in removing the Nomh* and ? Htadacht to which female* are ao anbjaot They act gently mpon the bovols,?removing Cm- . tivtnttf. inl For Literary Mm, Students, Delioato Female*. ia- and all person* of ttUmtary Kabit$, they are valto ua.t.1? as a Laxative, improving the ft:?, giving ton* and vigor to th? digestive organs, and re ntoring the natural elaatioity and strength of the i . whole system. L ! The CEPHALIC PILLB are the reealt of long investigation and oarefnlly conducted experiments, having been in nee many years, dnnng whieh time on they have prevented and relieved a vast amonnt of h* pain and suffering from Hoadaohe, whether ongi '** nating in the nervovs system or from a deranged all state of the stomach. u- They are entirely vegetable in their oompoaition, " and may be taken at all time* with perfect safety is without making any change of diet, mnd tK* mbaa ttntt of My disaitruobU tasti rtndtrs it Kuy to m~ admi?isttr tkem to children. 'r- BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! tea The genuine have?ve signatures of Henry C. Spalding on each Box. ie> Sold by Druggiata and all other Deal era in Medlar' einea. ' A Box will be aent by mall prepaid on receipt o JJ FRICE, 8* CENTS. r All ordera ahoald be addressed to nsruKY U. vfalillinv? IHCidarStiiit.Niw Yokk. Jr. . THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OP L 8PiLDIie>8 CEPHALIC PILLS, ? WILL. CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER AS FROM S5 HEADACHE tor THAT ? ? A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE tr* IS WITHIN THEIR REACH. At these Testimonials were unsolicited by Mr. Spaldixg, they afford unquestionable proof o f the efficacy of this {, truly scientific discovery. ita. ?? >od Masonvillk, Conn., Feb. 5,1861. *r# M*. SpaLDI*??Sir: 1 have tried toor Cephalio . Pills, and I like them to te?ll that I want yon to kI entl me two dollars worth we. 41" Part of these are for the neirhbora, to whom I ' gave a few cut of the first box I not from yo?. Sand the Pills by mail, and oblice Your ob't servant, JAMES KENNEDY. % Havkktoed. Pa., Feb. 8,18?1. SO- M?. S?at.T?TWH?Bi" I '" ? - 1 ? ? W*II * wicu IUU W OCUU IJIW l>UO P;_ I more box of tou' Ophalio Pilli, I kart rtetivtd a Jf triat dtal *J b'tufafrom tktm. Yoari respectfully. MARY ANN 8TOIKHOU8E. 8r*wc? Ckkkk, HuitTiwaion Co., Pa.,I January 18.1861. \ lU H. C. Bpaxtmno?Bin Yoo will pleaaa fond me ;ly, two boxes of your Cephalic PilU. Send them lm?i. W Reepeotfully youra, JNO. B. SIMONS. P 8 ? / kav* uttd oni box of yomr PUir, ami Jm& tktm txcMent. ? Bills Vebwom, Ohio, Jan. lft, 1861. ^ Hbrbt C. Spaldiho. Em.: Pl?em find fnoloaed l\ twenty-five oenta. for wliinh ammM m* w*? >? of tout Opbalio Pills. TO* ors truly t&? but PUltlkav* tvtr trud. Dlreot A. STOVER, P.M.. n?- Bella Vernon, Wyandot oo., O. ete fh# Dkvxblt, Mui., Deo. 11,1080. H. C. SfALDiwa. E*?- 1 with for some oiroulars or larje show Mils, to brine yoor Cephalic Pills <* more particularly before ra? customers. If jou h harve anything of the kind, please s?nd to roe. I One of my customers, who is sutyeot to severe Pick Headaohe, (usually lasting two days.) *tot ir curtd of an attack in on* hour by your Pills, whioh [nrf I sent her ~5 Roepectfally youra, W. B. WILKES. . rit^oLDsBvae, Franklin Co., Ohio,) January 9.1M1. \ ith Hewrt C. SrAiDise, No. ?8 Cedar (tract. Naw n York?Dear Sir: Inclosed find twenty-five oenta, ? (25.) (or whioh aend box of '* Cephalio Pilla." Send to addreaa of Kev. Wm. C. Filler, Reynolds du-?. Franklin oountT, Ohio Yarn fill* work Itk* a t\arm emti HtmdmtAt _ almost mstanter. * Truly youra, WM. C. FILLE*. Ypbilarti, Mich., Jan. 14,1861. Mb. Suldtjio?Sir: Not long ainoe I aent to tor for a box <H Cephalio Pilla for the cure of the Nervoua Hevi&che and Coeti veneaa, and received the aame. and tkty had so food an sgtct that I %was mdmtsd (o send/or more. Pleaae aend by return mail. Direct to a. r. wlftl? Ypi'lantiT Mioh. r?, From the Examiner, Norfolk, Tm. Ophalio Kills accomplish th? object fbr wbloh I. they were made, vis: Cure of headache In all its ? forms. IB, From tke Examiner, Norfolk, Fa. They have been tested in more than a thousand oases, with entire suossss. Prom tke Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn. E, If you are, or have been troubled with the head I ache, send for a box, (Cephalio *'i!ls,) so that you may have tnem in oase ol an,attack. From the Advertiser, Provident*, R. I. no) ,7h.? Cephalio Pills are said to be a remarkablv - .,1 oiitKiuve remedy lor tbe headaohe. and one of the ri11 very best for that very frequent complaint wlucn has over been discovered. >u? From tke Western K. R. Gazette, Chicago, ill. ile. We heartily endorse Mr. Spalding, and his unrivalled Cephalio Pill*. (}(? From tke Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, Va. si- We are snre that persons suffering with ths headway arhe. who try them, will stiok to them, tly from tke Southern Patk Findrr, New Orleans, La. if W *1 * ' ">cm .you ma*. areanncted. and wears sure that your testimony can be added to the already nuraeroui list that haa received benefit* that no otaer medicine oan prodnoe. 'an - *Vwn tAe St- Loyti* Democrat. The immense demand for the artlole (Caphalla u rapidly moreaeing. ' " From tk* Oa**tU, Dam port. Imm. Mr. Spaidinc would not oonneot hi? name with i, an artioie he did not know to yoi*Mi real merit. jg From tke Advertiser, Providence, R. I. The testimor* in their fkror la strong, from the Br_ most respeotab e quarters. From tke Daily Aiim, Newport, R. I. Uf Cephalic Pills are taking the plaoe of all kinds. Vr, From the Commercial Bulletin, Boston, Mass. ler Said to be verj eAoaoious for the headache. ire Frem tk* Commercial, Cincinnati, Okie. ?'r Buffering hnmanitr o&n now be relieved. 1_ . IK irr A ingle bottle of _ SPALDING'S; PREPARED GLUE I will i&veten timet iti ooet tana&lly. ' p n 4 f r? t*"" ? ? ? ^ ox AijUiriis'8 r&EFARED GLUE! 'of SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE!

?f SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! w ECONOMY! DISPATCH IE^" A Stitch in Time Savis Nina."-/~Tl As accidents will happen, even in well regulata? families, it is very desirable to have some oheap 7' and*oonvenient way for repairing Furniture, Toys jd Crockery, Ao. * SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUB DO meets all sack emergencies, and no household ea ? afford to be without it. It is always ready, and to the sticking point - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." , N. H-A Hm.h " _ . _ -1 ?II? 1MB Dome. l*no ? ? o?BU. A diooo HENEy Q 8PALD|N8t ^ No. 4> Codtr stroot, Now York. - CAUTION. m* At owUtn anprinoipled MrsouiroottoinptiBfto ky lETWALDINO'S PRBPARSD GLUBXn uoi^th^ o?uido wrftfyor; all otboragoawtadhaf ?j 0 m m==^^=-= PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. pUILlO N O T I C E. Peblie notioe ia hereby tiren UK boada aad aoepoaa aanexad, of tta description hereinafter Ml forth, have tatetj bees felonionaly abatraoted from the eaatody of the Iaterlor Defiutmat, the aae beU? the property of the United Statee aad held ia traet for oertaia Indian tribea. Notioe aae alio bean (Ivan to the proper oAeera of the raayaa tire Btatea to atop the paywat thereof; aad all iac ur of Mid boada ltd ootfou, m Um oiaiai of tha United RUtM thereto will be ROMOittd to Um itmoet uUal Eaok boad baiag for the ram of oaa tboaaaad dollar*, nx: Six ht ooat. Mieaonri Coayoa Bonds, laaaed la Jboo and Aafiit, 1897. State of MiMioari.Bt. Loale aad Iron Moaatala R B. StaM Bond a. wmi ??. JVOI DODa no. IWH H lis ? 22? }|!1 iw* 1W4 .1817 1995 Idift 1801 iftis wo 1814 1891 1813 1991 1811 2003 1810 1001 1811 1991 1808 1006 1031 1005 1033 1004 1034 1001 1035 1999 1036 1000 1031 1009 1826 1877 1828 1878 1829 1879 1830 1880 1831 1881 1831 1882 1868 1883 1869 1884 1870 1885 1871 1886 1871 1887 1873 1888 1874 1889 1875 1890 2030 9noo ^ ?\J 4*V 2048 2018 204? 2017 2047 2016 2044 2015 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 20-10 2039 9011 2038 ? 1825 99 bond! 1824 Nor*.?Bonds No.#000,andbplowof thu eerles, issued Jane, 1887, and bonds No. 3001,and above that, dated Anrust, 1837, payable at the Phoenix u&nk. ?ew Yor* oitj, in 1887. & visit "sss Bond No. 1853 Bond No. 1636 1852 162T 1851 1628 1850 1639 1849 1859 1848 1865 1847 1863 1S46 1862 1845 1860 13*4 lOOl 1832 1866 1835 1868 1833 1866 1834 1864 1836 1823 1837 182.' 1838 1824 1839 18M 1649 1836 1640 18)7 163* 1838 1613 1819 1613 18*9 1614 1831 1616 1641 1616 1643 1617 1643 1618 1644 1619 1645 1619 1646 1631 1647 1611 1648 1864 1637 1634 1638 1MI lB4v IflM 1843 16*1 1843 1823 1054 185T 1816 1686 181T 1058 1818 1689 1819 1841 1830 1638 1831 1634 1636 Mbomdfl Jul J 01 OftOtt 7MVT. """ * m~ZWLT isji'gsasBond No^295I Bond Ho. 1639 2940 1038 2939 . ^ 1M1 2941 1641 2943 1643 2946 1644 2946 1643 2944 1646 2943 1647 2947 1648 3948 1949 3949 1640 3960 1650 3937 3933 3988 3933 1053 ?34 1054 3936 1655 3951 1653 3953 1656 1667 Z?Z1 1706 2468 1706 2512 1707 2611 246] 2614 1461 2616 2464 2516 2466 2811 2466 2916 2467 2912 2468 2911 2469 2914 2460 2911 2461 2916 2462 291T 246S 2918 2464 2919 2466 2&20 2466 ?64 1467 J955 1661 80 bond* Nott.?The bond* numbered 3616 aad below, tare eif in itnurr, 18JT; No 3910, and above that, ?aued in Ancaet, 1897, payable at Phoenix Beak, ev York eitjr. Missouri ei,x per oent. Coupon Bonds, vi?. North MiMOuri R. R. State bonds. Bond No. 3773 Bond No. 3763 37S4 3787 3789 3730 3781 3717 3783 3734 3779 3731 3783 3719 1711 2733 2712 2722 2710 3730 3735 3716 Till 3737 3776 3734 3765 3731 3768 - 3766 3769 ' 3739 3779 3718 3771 3716 3785 3714 37*8 3764 3773 3738 S6 3731 4 3733 3789 3HS 3731 &ssk&aae* ? . HlMOVl H ? Wt fMll ||?Wl MM 0?M? " j". 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W 88# 800 >n bh 846 803 84T 80S 848 864 848 866 6'jn SOfl 851 886 86] SOT 861 Mi 864 811 856 811 866 814 857 - 816 868 816 868 817 861 818 86] 810 863 830 864 811 866 82] 866 8]] M? 824 808 821 W gM 2! 827 883 828 88] 838 SI " 88* 841 731 844 ?m XT? m dm TU TM 164 to* ?bia m Jnnitry mm J nil. North Out)linn tlx prn Mat Otaior boa&k Bond Bo. 5M Bead Bo. 491 *00 494 60S 49* 604 496 Ml '? ? ?I 606 Ml or 498 08 ?10 610 111 611 481 IS 481 IS 48J W 484 14 484 ?? 486 ? 487 614 488 624 489 36 496 637 fctfl 638 439 641 M0 64) ui "J MS 616 ui 644 M 646 U! 647 it] W8 UI 64* 1)4 646 M S? 8? % ;is 2! 618 #14 JJJ ?T i 464 ?14 ?r 4a 448 U? 470 M| 601 JJ? 648 , 01 < 4U Ml ?? 471 ! ?1 4TI j ?tt 473 4* 474 437 47* j 437 47? 43t 4 77 J 415 478 436 479 < 433 480 1 431 *13 i 01 *13 . *44 ? I 119 bOBdJ 1 *93 I SgJs ^?ys&3gg3ii &? , 11 Bm4H?.U] i M IIS M ]u k .waUL M 1W * ]S m a i j ' 4 * ti % 1 Bead No 9f Boad No ]?S 18 IM n im 196 IM c US 1TB > US 191 UM 192 i? m J m i9? 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Bond No. 5056 Sood No 5419 5195 5421 5d26 5426 5369 5427 5360 6430 5361 5434 5362 5436 5363 5437 f 5364 5438 5365 5439 IU1 Lli* 6367 Mil 6368 6441 MM *463 UTI 6444 6371 6445 M71 M! M73 6618 MT4 6619 6176 (629 6IT8 . 6621 6JTT 6622 UTS 6793 6IT9 If 64 6380 I7P6 6381 6706 6586 6767 6188 6708 6387 6709 6308 *71* W89 671) 6390 6711 6391 671S V?3 6799 ?9J 6839 6416 6840 0417 6842 0418 Omei ev tbb Sianat ow rmu Intbbhw. Itooeaiber X, 1SCS. ?P-4tf J. THOMPSON, ftoefUry.^ jot m mi r*/1 in a, nmmMAJi . MEJOICM HEALTH, Fit?d, ao yoe aaffer? 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