Newspaper of Evening Star, April 15, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 15, 1861 Page 2
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r * i " K % THE EVEMNG STAR. WASHINGTON OUT: MONDAY April 1*, 1N1. (Iplrtl mi lh? MtrniN Preaa Tkt htuUigrnet regard* U>? aaaault upon Fort Sumtft aa uoju?; fl?bl? at tha prcarat time, and Vblnki that tbe Confederate authorities might ua?b mraivm ? ?* ivm^ci iivui upcuia^ ?unr batteries. with much mora advantage to their reputation. With regard to the President's proclamation. It ssys that the lateneaa cf Its reception forbids any lengthy comment In this morning's Issue, but ex* presses Its satisfaction that the President does not contemplate any definitive policy which ahall not have the approval of the people as represented la the called session of Coagreai. The R$ftib'.ican says; " The relief cf Sumter, If that had been potBible, as we now know It waa not. might Lave ended the rebellion; but tb? respite which this lll-nlned victorv will ?rlv# to it. will nnt tx> long, and will only render its final overthrow more signal This rebellion has been a doomed failure, since Tennessee, North Carolina, and tbe Htatcs corth of tbem, pronounced against It, and it la bow, in tbe very midst of Its orgies, that it may reed tbe handwriting on the wall, which records lu irreversible fate." Tib Border States ?Tbe news from North and South. as well aa that originating here, printed to-day In tbe Star, should prove sufficient to teach tbe border States on both sides of Mason and JDlxoa's line, that not a moment is to l>e lost in tbe discharge of thbir puis duty or command1*4 a settlement of the sectional difficulties of the times Tluy kav* but to aet in concert to that end, ta tlu callrd session of Congress to ass'mlle on the Fourth of July. In tbe meantime, their authorities and all tbelr really patriotic citizens must exert themselves to make it certain that, by the day Congresa meets, their respective States shall have taken no position which will make tlia threatened war simply a sectional one. If tbe Virginia Convention, influenced by the attack on Sumter, (designed avowedly to induce Virginia to join her fortunes with those of the seceded States,) pass an ordinance of secession, Pennsylvania, having her "heart fired" too, by the course of Virginia, will in a week be?as Virginia will be?one vast camp: ready to precipitate herself with fire and sword over tbe line to defend the Government's right to its property within her (Virginia's) limits. No inan capnble of drawing rational conclusions, from self-evident premises, can doubt these facts. At this moment the popular mind of Pennsylvania Is In intense sympathy with Virginia, and it depends wholly upon the action of the Richmond Convention whether that svmpathv shall prove sufficient to enable Virginia to settle the difficulties without the desolation of every Virginia hearth by civil war; or whether It shall be resolved into a whirlwind of mad passion, as dire u that which at this moment actuates the thousands 'serving In arms under the Oligarchy s authority; and be directed, of course, to the defense of what Pennsylvania regards as the plain right of the Government cf the United States upon the soil of Virginia, where the sectional war will Inevitably be fought out for the most part, at least for months to cotne. Clearly foreseeing this plain result of the sec#>s loo of Virginia, we have labored in season and cot of seasou to prevent her from being thus victimised holy to render permanent tbe Oligarchy's usurpetlon of the liberties of tbe people of the Heuth. No msn living is personally mo'e deeply Interested in Virginia's future than ourself. If her soil be made the hatch-block on which this wmr, created by the Oligarchy to drag her out of tbe Union, is to be fought out, her every interest worth preserving will be instantly destroyed. It remains to be seen whether her Convention wui nave tbe aerve to resist the efforts of the disunionist* to make her that batch-block. Thi Call fro* the War Dbpar7u?.xt ?The following Is tUe call for troops Issued, in accordanoe with the proclamation of the President, by S?eretary Cameron, and giving the quotas aliotcd each State to furnish: War Department, > Washington, April 15, 1361. J To Hit Exttlltncy the Governor of : Sir?Under the act of Congress for calling for he '-Militia to execute the laws of the I "nlmi I suppress lnsjrrertlnns, r? p?i Invasion*, Ac.," approved February S8, 1775, 1 Lave the honor to reddest your to cause to be immediately detached from the militia of your 5tate the quoia designated In the tab e below, to serve a? Infantry or Riflemen for the period of three months, iiukM Kx ner d'scbarged Your Eicelieoev wl!l pleaae communicate to tnc tbe time at or abont wblch your auola will be expected at lta rendezvous, as it will be met as eon a* practicable by an officer or officers to muster It Into tbe service and pay of the United States Ktgimtnts. 2oial fcrct Rendezvous Maine 1 7?*)?Portland New tasa.psbire. 1 Tmj? Portsmouth. Vermont. 1 ?8(J? Hurl i n?tnn Haaaehus -re .. 2 1,560?Sprlngfieid. Rhode Island.... 1 760-Provid ence. Connecticut 1 TfeO?New Haven New York 17 13,2-U?New York, Albany, Elmira. Pen asy 1 vanla.... IS 12,500?Phi ladelphla,Ilarrisburg. New Jersey 4 3,123?Trenton. Delaware 1 790?Wilmington Marjtand 4 3,123?Frederick. Balttmore. Virginia 3 2,340?Staunton, Wheel* Ing.tiordontviila North Carolina .. 2 1.5A0?Raleigh Taaneaee 2 1,560? Knoxvllle, Nashville. Arkansas 1 7^0?Little Rock. Kentucky 4 3,123?Islington Mtsaoort 4 3.1??St I.?uls. Illinois ? * ?- > n-.i?"* _____ ...... ? ^opiiii^una, i^niCMO. Iidlu* A 4.683?ludlsnapolls Omo... .....13 10,15-i?Columbus, Clew laad. Michigan 1 * SO?Detroit Wisconsin 1 7eO? Milwaukee. Iowa.... 1 TtU?Keokuk. Ml n?oia 1 780?St. Paul. 91 73,391 V Tsi Pboclaxatio*.?No man wbo loves bis emxntry to tbo extent of desiring its fature peace, will tall to commend th? /?e >>. ??'J?4 ?-- -???? -uv m ic?.urm M lavelved 1b hit proclamation printed to-day In another column of tbe Star. It simply directs tbe assembling of sufficient military force to protect tbe existing authority and rights of tbe United Btataa wherever It now baa authority, and at tbe mm time remits the whole aubject to Congress, aa the tribunal lawfully entitled to direct what (hall be the action of the Government towards these new la arma against It. Hla measure of precaution In calling out aev- I aaty-lvc thousand militia, la aa wise as bis reassure of conciliation and forbearance?tbe ln tant remission of the sub tart to rmii"? ? ? ?"-) patriotic W doubt not that the two measures, la cooioactloa, will have the evidently Intended effect of staying hostilities until those who are to be aoat deeply affected in their future by a long ?nd bloody civil war, if Providence should *o afllict this aatloo?the people of the border Stales rsa, through their representatives in Congress, tak* measures to avert tbe threatened dire calamity. Tii Was D*paet??5t, by telegraph, to-day accepted the offer of Governor Sprague, of R 1 , at a regime at of ltuuo men, made on the 11th ids'. s was directed by the Secretary to send th'tri to this city without delay? this week, if possible. Troupe are being offered to the Government today by telegraph, by thousands on thousands, by 9tattsnthoritlea and their owa commanding ofll jpr From SbllllngtoD, Odeon Building, tnd f/oai Fr?ncii k. fticbsteln, 278 Pa a*., we have ttM excellent May number of Godey's Lady'* Boakj alao, from French k Rlcbatelo, we have Pmak Leallo's illustrated Newspaper of April 90, abounding la aplxltcd "war" Illustrations. Tax MafUl Law l?oa?We ui sails! ed oa iae uovrrnDB?rit entertains ae present Idea of declaring the Federal Metropolis under martial law, aa la being alleged. Whenever there may be a necessity far each a atep, of coarse It will be promptly takes. Tub Tiaon to Comb asms.?We are aatJeflrd bat quite M,WO of Ue Goeerament'a lery cf troops will be concentrated ia thla city withla !? ?; 4*y. DEPARTMENT NEWS. ] ArP0I5TMtIfT? BT THI SftCBITAKT OV T HI Natt at Cjospubt Navt Yard ? Jiidm Hepenstali muter boatbullder, vice Wm Archer, removed. Cbas. O Jordan matter hows Jollier, vie* Jaa Williams. . James H. Hard wick master caulker, vloe Jo*. ( Jones Henry Fautb, foreman blacksmith machinist, , vice jodd Kouke Johannes Watson master armorer, vice Rlch'd . Gregg. j Wm Pettit, foreman boiler maker. Jus. E. Etberldge, dock master, vice Merrit Moore James Jarvls, Inspector of timber. Johnatban C. Hall, master block-maker, vice ( Wm Gleason ( Joseph H Porter, foreman gun carriage-maker, vice Grey. , James Hays, foreman plumber. , Daniel Collins, master mast-maker. R flinxvn \fp 9 !M A# M V -- ? ? . m-mmm w < ? K."??vim\"H ) VI ?* ? " ?* ( resigned Lis clerkship lo the bureau of the Third Auditor of the Treasury ; m * m l Pxksidxstial Ar?oi!?t***?*ii ?The President has made the following appointments : * fc T. Blaniire, Poatmaster at Portsmouth. Va. John W Deal, Poatmaater at Chamberabnrg, Pa Philander W. Crandall, Collector of the . port for diatrtct of Gmeaaee, N. Y. John \V. lngalla, Collector of the port for dl?trlct of C*pe Vinrent, N. Y. i T. G Elliott, Poatir.Mter at Shaata, Cal. ueo. \v . correst, rosimasier at L,ewnhurg, Fa. John F . McLean. Surveyor of Customs for the district of San Francisco, Cal Wm. B Farwell, Naval Officer for the same district Edward F Bea'.e. Surveyor General of Callfor> nla. Joseph II. Barrett, of O , Commissioner of Pensions of tbc United States. Thr F.r?t Breads or thk District op Co* lvmb!a Militia ?Gen. Bacon, accompanied by 11 the Field and Staff officers of tbla brigade, the Tlrst and Second Regiment* of the District, to-day tendered Its services to the Secretary of War. W* presume that It will be accepted. The Livy.?We apprehend that the War Department have already had tenders of services todav hv #? ?V.? ? ?? - > ' " , . _ r ~,uv vj>n.m vi m iraik ij,uiv men IXI7" The New York Day Book (secession) of Saturday Is dressed in mourning over the Inauguration of civil war. PRESIDENT'S rROCLAMATIOX. , By the President of the United States. A Proclamation. Wiikskas the laws of the United States have i been for some time past and now are opposed, 1 and the execution thereof obstructed, in the States of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas, by combinations loo powerful to be sup pressed bv the erdinary I course of judicial proceeding*! or by the powers i 1 in fh? M K? - < . v->v?i a aa ?UQ t'l UIDU ?! "' *jy JflV* > ' Now, therefore, 1, Abraham Liscolw, Pre?i- ) dent of the United State*, in virtue of the power in me vnted by the Conatitntlon and the law*. < h2v? thought tit to call forth, and hereby do call < forth, ths militia of the several St ite* of the Union, i to the a^jire^ate numbtrof thousand, i In order to suppress said combinations, and to i cause me laws to be duly executed | The detail* for this object will be Immediately communicated to the Mate authorities througn < the War Department. 1 1 appeal to all loyal citizens to favor, facilitate, | and aid this ettort to maintain the honor, the in- < tegrlty, and the existence of our National Union, < and the perpetuity of popular Government, and to < redress wroujfs already long enough endured. < I deem It proper to siy that the first service assigned to the lorcet hereby called forth will pro- 1 bably he to re-posa^ss the forts, placet, and pro- 1 perty which have b^en seixed from tke Union; ^ and In every event the utmost care will be ob- i served, consistently with the objects aforesaid, to : J avoid any devastation, any destruction of or Interference with property, or any disturbance of peaceful citizens in any part of the country. And I hereby command the persons composing 1 the combination* aforesaid to disperse and retire ' peaceably to their respective abodes within tweuty 1 davs froin this date. 2 Deeming ib<tt the present condition of public ! nnuirs pr?-?enu an extraordinary occasion". 1 do ' htr??bv, ii. virtue of the power In me vetted by the Constitution, convene both Houses of Congress ' Senators and Representatives are therefore sum- 1 moned to ats-mbie at their respective Chambers, ' at 12 o'clock, noon, on Thursday, the 4tb day of July next, then and there to constder and determine such measures as, In their wisdom, the pub- ' 11c safely and interest may seem to demand. ' In witness whereof I hav? hereunto set my hand, and caused the aeal of the United states to be afflxwd. Done at the city of Washington, this fifteenth day of April, in the year of our Li rd one 1 . .thousand elyht hundred and sixty one. and 1 I* L-J0f the independence of the United SUt?-? 1 the eighty-tilth. ' Abraham Lincoln. By the President: 1 William H S?wa*d, Secretary of State. Item* Telegraphed fr*m H **hlact*a. \VA?HIN0T0N. ADrll 14.?Sfliatnr r>oni?r.?r?ll~1 < on tbe President to-night and b?d an Interesting 1 conversation on the present condition of the coun- ' try ' Tbe substance of it was. on tbe part of Mr. 1 Doaiflts, that while be ica< unalterably opposed to ' tht administration on all in political iijsii, k( i ?n prtpand to sustain the frtsid>nt in tike rzir- J riii nf all At* constitutional Junctions to pre* rre the Cm on and maintain Ike Oovtrnment and dt- ' ftnd (*? Federal capital. 1 * it ** " j\ urm poticy aua prompt action waa neceaaary. Tbe capital or our couutry waa la danger, and tnust bt dt/tnded at all hazards and at any txpenft o/ men and money He ipoke of the present and future wltbout any reference to tbe past President Lincoln waa very much gratified with tbe Interview Official advlres from Montgomery Indicate that the Confederate Con^rew will, on re assembling, at once declare war uainat the I.'nlM It is ?>? UevtHl thit in tbe act of declaration a J distinct on will be made between the alien friends and alien enemies?the former including the bor- ' drr States and such citizens of the North as oppom* a coercive policy of tbe Administration. Obligations to this class are as much to be re- 1 spected as though in time of p?ace. F.fforts are still nviking by tbe Government to concentrate a formidable military force In and j around Washington, in order to be prepared for t all emergencies e Information continues to be received from prl- , * - ? .uic avuiuc* ui secret piois in various local!tin Id a Maryland and Virginia, having in view tbe s seizure of public property, and evan of thepersons x of the highest officers of the Government. Though \ these accounts are not generally credited, they are c believed in official quarters; hence these precautionary movements, at all events, they consider t necessary, r.o one knowing what turn events may \ take during tbe present excitement. a All tbe roads and avenues leading to Washing- , ton are closely watched, and arrangement* are made to promptly concentrate tbe military forces , at any threatened point. TLe greatest anxiety prevails everywhere to hear , further from tbe South. Groups of citizens are j everywhere seen discussing tbe war news and Its , fntnr* ?? *??* uu vui cuuniry. f Information, from what la dee rued reliable , source*, waa received laat night to the effect that , the secessionists of Delaware, whoae headquarters t are reported to be in Virginia, were about to make a sudden attack ubod Fort Delaware, opposite , Delaware city, on the Delaware river, for which ( they were preparing laat month Immediate ate pa t have been taken by the Secretary of War to prevent the consummation of the plot. , Fire officers of the Navy yesterday tendered \ their resignations, which were refused to be ac- t cepW d by the Secretary of the Navy. Their names , will prolMibly be stricken from the Navy list, as in the recent cases of several officers of the Armv i * - ? una<T smmar circumstance* The Virginia Commissioners returned to Richmond to-day. They were cautious lu expressing their opinions relative to the President's reply. The''National" Volunteers last night passed a resolution severely denouncing the military operations of the government, and expressing sympathy with the secessionists. It Is said that these volunteers are several hundred strong The military guard at the several public departments of the government waa largely increased last night. Periml. Hon Jm. Craig, of Mo., i? at Brown?\ Hon. J. H. Lane, U. 8. Senator for Kansaa; i Hon 8. C. Pomery and ladv, Kanaa?; Hon J P i Verree, Gov A. (J Curtiu, Pa.; Captain Ohman. a B. Bombuir, Ruaaia; Hon. Tboma* Swanu, Md ; John Edward*, W. P. CbamblkM, U.S.A.; C. . PimUIM I * v ? , m j ? > w< *?w? n uiiira?' TuiCoirtbmii FobckdLoaji ? 1/, u nun likely, tbe five million Confederate loan ladlvl- ( ded around among the bank* In tna chief State*, 1 It will bring tba oank* of Soutb Carolina to a 1 peedy stoppage. Tbay have already been pretty thoroughly exhausted by carrying a large portion of tba State loan of $615,000. Or tha two bank* at Columbia, tba Caamarciai Bank ba* but nine . caou la apocte to every dollar of liablllttea, and * taa Exchange Bank haa but ona aaat for every dollar of Uablfitle*. Tba Bank of tba Mate, located In Charleston, baa liabilities to tba amount of 2.44* >74,aad amate to tka amount of only 86,784. < All the bank* In South Carolina bave not apocla < oaougb to tako up tba aba re af tba In million i loan which will bafbraad oo tha Charleston hanfca- 1 :^iu ?Ct? v ?m i fa. u.-.-*? Effect of the Hewi from Charleston. TBS NORTH 171 ARM* NEW YORK 10U, Apni 14?ID" revenm ana SlltyI'nth Regiment* have volunteered for the defena* if Washington, but have not started ret. The Twelfth Regiment hold a meeting to-uiorrow. The rltv is In a fever of excitement. Oar people now, one and all, are determined to austaln the Government, and demand a vlgoroo* proae-utlon of the war Inaugurated by the dlaunlonlata. Ml aymp'itbv with them la dead, and active military and naval preparations are being trade rhe steamship Erlcsaon wn chartered tblt morning, and, with ateamera Philadelphia and Vanierbilt, are fitting out with munitions of war. Several regiments of the New York State militia meet to-night to tender their aervicea to the Gov rrumruv. M^Jor Johrson. on receipt of the war news, returned toGovernor's Island anil resumed command of the forces. Dispatches received here from Albany, Boston and Providence report creat excitement and a unanimous sentiment in rivor of the Government Advices from Albany state that Gov Morgan will issue a call to-morrow for 25 000 men for th? service of the Federal Government. THK KKW? IX SEW YOKK. Yeaterday'a (Sunday'e) Herald aaya the excitement among commercial men yetterday waa more ntenae than ever. On the Corn Exchange, at the Merchant#' Exchange, In Wall atreet, at the cornera of the atreeia, and at the dining aaloona, nothing el?e of moment waa talked about but Charleston and Fort Sumter. Merchant! were ao much absorbed about the war newa that It aeemed difficult for tfcem to attend to butlneu When one Inquired of another about the market for cotton, "Cotton be hanged," he would exclaim, >* what la the laat newa from Charleston ?" And when another would aak of a ahlpowner about freight*. " an to HnHfn* H?. ?v fleet arrived off Charleston ?" Such seemed to be the effect of the war news upvn many of our commercial men The announcement that hostilities h?d actually broken out at Charleston startled the public, but there was no panic Stocks fell, with the exception of governments, which were very firmly held; but people generally seemed to accept the fart a* an event which had long been Inevitable, and as not unwelcome termination to a period of intolerable suspense Nothing was done in money or exchange. The war was the sole topic of conversation in every circle Fears were expressed for the safety of the steamtusj sent to Charleston, as they were well down with coal, and had to enoounter the whole force of the recent gale They were said to be Insured at f ur cents a month. The Savannah steamer Florida postponed sailing until nine o'clock this morning on account of tk^ inclement weather yesterday. The steamships New York, Kangaroo and John Bell, which should have sal lea yesterday for Kurope, were detained until six o'clock this morning, In order to carry out accounts of the conflict at Charleston. The Herald thinks that the fighting in future will be of a more sanguinary description than that at Charleston where "nobody is hurt" and that the bloody scene will be chiefly in and about Washington. TI'K KKVKSTH RKGTMKKT. The New York Pest of Saturday evening says General orders have been issued by Colonel Marihall LefJ'erts. for the assembling of the officers inu non-coinons?io;ieu rQlcen at the regimental irmory this evening. The drill, for which the order Is Issued, will b# changed to council mret ng. to tike into consideration the existing national troubles Tbe meeting will be strictly private; none but those beiougng to the regiment, and only such members as \Tf officers, btin^ permitted to take part in tbe proceeding r The f?eventh Regiment is almost a unit on tbe jut-stlon of the Union Tbe members, as individuals, are composed of all parties and shades of politics, but tbe little episode occurring at tbe irmory on the iWd of February, is sufficient evl ience of their patriotism, and they will undoubtedly rrspond promptly should the regiment be ;alied Into service We have It on good authority that Gen Pcott, n a consultation with reference to alleged revoution proceedings in this city, said that tbera .vere two bodies of men that could be relied upon is loyal In any emergency, vix: Tit Seventh Regiment and the Metropolitan Police. MARYLAND. Baltimokk, April 14 ?The barque Fanny Fenihaw holstrd the secetslon flag to day, when i \rowd compelled the boy on the vessel to take It town. The Captain afterwards rehols'.ed it, and t dttacbment i f thirty policemen w s required to irotect it from the people, whose Indignation was ntense. All the other veaels in port hoisted the rwncricaii nag i tie captain or the Fanny Fenitiiw is a Union man, but bolsted tbe accession lag under Instructions from tbe owners, Messrs. Jurry, of Ricbmond. Tbe dren Union sentiment of this city has been jnml'takaV.v displayed since Friday. Men with lecession cockades and emblems have been chased by crowds and protected by the police. Tbe American of th!s morning says: !*bortly before the excitement h?a reached the Inflammatory stage of fever, a large, knotty-looking Individual, dressed In an orange-colored suit, ind balling, it was said, frcm North Carolina, ippeared nmoug tbe crowd at ^outb st and lialti. more, with a secession cockad? conspicuously iisnlaved In llt? h?t It la nmhihlo - A 4-??* s ? - .. f >- >uu? a uiogim bearing would have secured the tranter from ?ny manifestation of popular Indignation more expressive than good-natured ridicule or >atlre, but the .North Carolinian?wbo, by the way, had about him an air of resolution and self-poised :oolness indicating an ability to "hoe hl> own row"?waa bent on prosclytlsm. and, running :ounter to the excited sympathies of the Unionists, loon provoked at ebullition of dislike and of practical opposition which, but for the prompt interference of the police?who escorted the stranger to his hotel, followed by a shouting throng? night have led to a serious collision between .hose who opposed and the few who apparently lymptthiz* d with hi* ultra expressions Similar icenes and Incidents occurred during the day at teversl points in the city, but the prompt Interference of the police, and their decisive bearing, orevented any consequences more serious thaii curses loud and deep " A dispatch received late in the evening from a ellable source in Charleston,announcing that ths idlnu'S of And??rion's surrender were premature, ind that a parley was then pending between the atter and the military authorities of the Confed. *t * 1 - * " ... Dunn kouu^u omy verohiiy puniistieCl, was an^ht up with an eagerness. ana disseminated trough all sections of the city with a rapidity Ahieu evii.ccd the earnest tenacity with which he lovers of the Union yet cling to the hope that heir country and its heroic defenders bad been pared a humiliating defeat. PENNSYLVANIA. Hakkisbcrg. Pa , April 13 ?The bill establlshn|f a military bureau.and appropriating 9500,UUO 0 put the militia of the State in order for any smergency, was taken up in the House at four >'clock p ra. yesterday, and promptly passed by 1 vote of 05 to '.1 In the special session of the Senate, held last night, the bill, as it came from he House, was taken up, considered, and passed >v a vote of '2fl to 6, and before eight o'clock became a law by the signature of the (joveruor. A number of prominent citizens, members of ill parties, from all section* of tbe State, now lere, state that the feeling of antagonism to rebels md traitors is everywhere growing stronger and tronger. Senator Smith, of Philadelphia, has Introduced i bill, which passed tbe Senate to day, making it t uilidemeanor, punishable by imprisonment not iceedlng two years, and by a fine not exceeding 15,(NX), to engage in the service of, or correspondence with, the enemies of tixis State or the Unl?d States, or to levy troops for tbe service of any inch country, or In sny way to aid, abet, or en-ourage treason or rebellion against the laws of be United States Pennsylvania ha* nau?? ' r h? *vi m r u UiViC lUOrOUfEQiy iroused than it is at present; the patriotism of her itizens never more apparent, ana the deterralnaion to piinieh traitor* never more marked. All tne officers of the Pennsylvania volunteers ire requested to take tlie oath of alleglance to the Jutted States in thirty days Any officer refusing o do so will be at once deprived of hla com mision Two new regiments specially raised for the Jnlted States have reported ready for Immediate ?rvlce. They are commanded by Colonels C. d Berry and Angerotb. The Episcopal clergymen will read the war lervlce to-morrow. rHiLADXLpniA, April 13 ?The war feeling 1? ampent here, though the people are generally ocredulou* of (he surrender of Fort Sumter. Two egifiients nf the VVa*h1ngton brigade met toilgbt and declared themselves ready to march In Ive day* to tbe bid of the General Government. Philadelphia, April 14, Evening.?Third and ^beauut streets hat been the aceue of Intense exilement *11 diy This afternoon th? street* were ilocked up and crowds were reading the extras ssued and conversing about tbe news. Two nen expressing disunion ??ntin.?nt? ? suited and tool r<fuge Id a drug store. Several trrtds were made by the police Governor Curtin went to Wat In?ton last night a response to a dispatch from Government. ILLINOIS. Chicago, April 14?Gov Yates will issue a KoclamaUou to-morrow calling for au extra aesilon of the Legislature to meet at Springfield on* a tek from Tutsday next. RHODF. ISLAND Pbovibsscx, April 13 ?Gov Sprague has tenlered to the Government the service of the artll rij as iur state ana one thousand Infantry, and ifft r< to accompany them himself MASSACHUSETTS. BosTo.t, April 13?Tbe Adjutant Grneral's flee has been crowded this forenoon by tbe enters or tbe State military tendering their coin* nanda to tbe Governor, to bo by him oftred to be General Government Tbe moat extreme waf fueling it arouMd. Gov Andrews l?vfj for Waahlngton thia afternoon to tender the aid of the military to the Government EFFECT OF THE NEWS AT THE SJOL'TH , AT KOB1J.I. . Mobili, April 13.?Tbe arwa of the surrender of Fort Sumter was received herewith Immente cheering from th? crowds that tbronned the streets. Tbe Confederate and Psloietto flajra are flying, cannot flriur. bells rim/ins*. and tb?r?- > great rejoicing. AT BtCBXOND Richmond, April 14?There was great rejoicing* here last night among the secessionists One hundred guns were llred in honor of the capture of Fort Sumter. Confederate fla^s were displayed, with lllumi- j nations and music. j Gov Letcher was serenaded, and made a noncommittal s;>eech The street* nre crowded, and the excitement must be imagined The Union- , 1st* Me deure*a*d, and mourning over the humbling of the American flag i Richmond. April 14?The demonstration l?*t n|n|,t U.i-J ' J -' * * ** uigui uuru num uminigiii illuminations, bonfires. firework*, music, and upeec.he* were feature#

of tbe occasion. A party ascended the roof of tbe Capitol and hoisted a Southern flag, but it was uosequently removed hy tbe public guard. AT AUGCSTA. ACGCSTA. Aoril 14 ?A saint* r>f 10A fired here thia afternoon in honor of the surrender , of Fort Sumter. AT ALKXAMDRIA. Alexandria, A oril 14?A meeting wan held here last niyht to form a Home Guard. Resolutions to rralat northern aaercaalon were adopted. While saveral advocated aerewlon, others areued I in favor of a convention to unite the border Statea. \\r U A T Till' OL'n r*o?j ?"? ** ? ? If UH & J II I 4 I'll t*iSS S.W Of* * WAR. The Richmond Enquirer aava:-"Nothing !> more probable than that President Davis will soon march an army through N'crth Carolina and t Virginia, to Washington Ttose of our volunteer* who desire to join the Ponthern army. as it hall paaa through our border*, had betterorpan Ize at once for the purpose, and kfpp thtir arms, accoutrements, uniforms, ammunition.and knapsacks in constant readiness.'' The Richmond Whig says:?"It Is provoked by the authorities at Washington They have .acted from the benlnnlni? with dunliritv n?>H i?r- I s!st?nt hostility to tl.e Southern States They have attempted, under the guise of friendship, to ( cnmiimmRte an :<ct of war: and when foiled, they , gave notice of an Intended hostile art, which justided any course for self-preservation on the other side.'' The Richmond Dispatch says:?"The time of forbearance and com Illation has passed The hour of just and long-delayed vengeance has come The "irreprissble conflict'' which has , b-en forced upon the peaceful homes and the unoffending citizens of the South, will be met by a n?ople who will drench their native soil with the blood of their invaders, or perish, to the last man, J |n -II * v ' 1 * ' fa vumuaiMMi ui All iUfll UKU1 Dnias ae ir. ' 1 Thb Attempt to Starve Major Anderson ? Mr. Kives, in the course ?f a srwech before tbe Vi'glnla Convention on Wednesday, commented 1 with particular ?ever!ty upon tbe attempt to starve ! out Major Anderson, and said that if tbe attempt { of tbe Federal Government to supply him with provisions was to be a cause of war, he called i upon the whole world to lock down with an eye of condemnation upon the proc edlngs of South Carolina, and claimed it was the duty of Vlrglti'a to help keep Major Anderson alive until pending difficulties are adjusted. Secession Rcnninu into thi Gkotnd ?It seems that Arizona has determined to secede Lying so close to Mexico, of which she was a part onlv six years ago, it Is a wonder she did not conr.liirl#* tn n*r-V un ?nH ?-**" ? u ~ - ? ? ?(' uuu wc ?'u ouiiir uiuiuuB aj^o. Arizona bat a population of white, Indian, Mexican, negro, and all intermediateshad**, fpproich- ' ing twenty thousand They feel indignant be- 1 cause the overland mail stages are to t>?? transferred from tLe horse sboe route to the central in \ few weeks; so they determined it should not be endured Therefore they secede! rr"5=?A MEETING <?F THE CI I'IZENS OF 11*? Capitol Hiil wil h? held rHIS ( Mond-ii ) E v FNINii, at the old Capitol,for the purpose ol i orya- izinr a Trion military company. It Yg^A 1 TKSTION !?The citnena of the Seo I 3 ond \V&r(i &rc rwiieited !o J a mpitmi THIS i Monday) EVf.MMi at 7 o'ciock, at the Franiclin ' ugiae Hons*, for tno purpose of orran- i lxing a military company. It* Yi?ALI, PERSONS DESIROUS OF JOIN'L? ing the ''Cameron Guards" wil' present i themae ves THIS EVENING &t?h* G ob" House, i w<-*ra a ip?etin* 1? to he hel 1 fo>- the purpose o!' follr OT^tnxin*. Tne meeting will be called to order at 8 o'clock. It Tat* ?*? ? .v jnmr.j fY ? ATTENTI N ?Yonrf men of W*chin*- i !L3 ton in favor of forn ir g a new company of ( Cn on volunteer*. who will < >? their o >untrj'? I nail at all haaa da. will meet at the Monument Houae, o?,rner uf Fourteenth ?t Pa avenue,on i MONDAY EVEM.N0.15th in?t ,at 7* o'olook. up 15 lt? rr5?ATrKVTION. COMPANY F, SIXTH i L? RKGIMFNTD C M.-Mwt TO-NHiHT for orsnrMzati- n at ti e Medical Co le?e. F street, i next to tno cornrr of Twelfth street, at TK o'clock. Prions Henroui of joining thi? company are re- < quested to attend, by orJ?r. J. (J. WEAVER, O. t*. GEO. W. HARKNESi*. Capt. It [Tw^HY THE REQUEST OF MANY LA J dies aid gentlemen another Concert will ( be riven by LA*oo<jca anil Run Fkathes, at Wil- j tirdi* Hal, on MO.v DAY EVENING, April lMh. i Tickets 25 oeiits, to be had at th<i M unto tetores I and Hotel. i _ft?l32i^ JOHN BEESON. < Y3?MEDICAI, ASSOCIATION.?An adi_L3 journed meeting of tlic Medical Aa'ooitition ofthe l>if trirt of Columbia wili bs bold 10 the 5 Washington Infirmarv, oa TUESDAY, Ami 16, I at Uo'oiook m. J. \V. H. LOVEJOV, M. D , i ftp '2-3t* Heeretury. 1 rt^p-POST OFFICE. Usji Washington, D. C-, April 11.1801. 1 On and after Monday n?xt. the l&th instate, the mornin* train for Raltnnore and the East will i leave Washington at 4 JO a in. instead of 6 ?? a. i m . and the afternoon tram at 2 45 p. m ., instead of 1 3 10 p.m. In view of this change, persons wishing i to send letters by the afternoon train miistdeoomte i t^eir letters in the Offioe not lattr than halt-past 1 < o'olook p. m. No oiian*e will b.? made in the olo*- 1 iiic of 'he mail leaving at 4 31 a in ? * p 12-St \VM JONES P. M. j PFACE, PEACE, PEACE.-F r rent or ex change to pa't for oitr property er Western I land?, a very valuable FAR M. contiii ing 1JI acres of choice land ; good ! nildin<!K; he'ltl t I' nation ; : pleasant y situated ton tn'.les from Washington, D. .Apply to O G- f'AGi', No i'ere-'th at , (Odd Fellows' Hall,) Washington City, L*. C. kd is i*' ' I MURK NKW UOOD8. 1 AM Now receiving new supplies cf I>FE?8 ] UOOD3, in Siika, G'ey Gnudt, Pop'ins Delaines, l.awns, Chalies, Small Check Silks, As Cali | earlv and get first cht ice A'so, a large assortment I ofMOURNl.Mi <i?>?JDSof all kind* at<uruaual 1 low prices. HENRY Eli AN. 383 Pa ?v? fouth udo, between 6th and 7:h sts., ap 15 6t.if New Iron Buildings. , < II 1 'I* i U V I A U7Q /tC TUU ITMlf??ni\ i? ] nil i nn I liii ?? o *T A H C< |j *11 I Tj II 1*1 Stat?3 relating to the Army, Marin*. Volun- ] tee^a, Militia. Boun'y Lands, Pension*, Rule* , aiiil Art cleg of War; the Constitution !>* CapUA. ; H. Hetxel, Unit'd states Army. Thia givta al 1 disputed questiona, and m invaluable juat now ( Bound, 75 coota; aheaiH, J7}*. Life of Linooin 10 cents; Blue Book 25 cents ALFRED HUNTER, 1 ap i5-3t* Witlards* Hote1 tquare. Dissolution ok copartnership.- i Thecoptrinerahip heretoforeexisting between j usnhy C vvan4 Ch&klbs wilson. under the name of H. C. \V llsnu A Co.. ia t);la day dia- . aolved by mutual eonef-nt. 1he husireaa will be i continued aa formerly by Henry c. Wilaon Either j partner >s duly authorized to settle the acoounta of the late brin. HENRY c. WILwON, CHARLES WILSON Washington, April in, 186). It* i ATHAM's OMNIBUS LINE wfll, ON 1 j an l after Monday. April 15, 1861. run between NVaihington and Aiex-Mmgfcgj~? anflriaatthefol owing hours: I mm "M y Alexanduaat 5 30,?. 9 an ar.d llJi a. ? , and i4*> and4 p. in ; leave Washington at 9,10JO and 12a m . and 2, 2 30 and 5 p. m. | The offices are at sfamael Stinemetz's Hat and J r 'i svor?. "pDome Avenue House, Washington, t and Green h Mansion House. Alexandria. Pan- J a^neer* oa'M for at any point within the city j liinita of either. Fare each wm 20 oent?. ap'5 7t ? 1IR18H GOODS. ! HAVK Now reonved my Spring importation! of Iriah Linena, Linen Shirt front*, Table Dia- \ pera Napkim<, Towelina, Table Clotha. Bird eye 1'inper, Liaen Cambric ti?nkerchiefa. aome goods , at 7) centa per dozen, ail of my own importation, * from the oeiehrated manufactory of Dunbar. Dick- J _ a n _ ? ? r * ? . 1 1 ? 1 'ii ft ?,<>., ueiniai, irei&ii'i, ana wrtairo an pare < lireii?al! telling at leu per cent. than uaual : pi i ^68, at HKNRV KGAN'S. 323 (south aide) Pa avenue, i Between 0th and 7th *treet?. \ ap )5-6t,if New Iron Building*. t RICHMOND AND POTOMAC STEAMBOAT I COMPANY. CHANGK OF SCHEDULE. ? On and after Monday, the 1Mb April, the steamer* ? BALTIMORE and MOtNT VKR- -Jr"""*. ftO.M wi.l leave ihe wharf, foot oft?23?jJ fix'h fi>r the foot t and J?ouUi wjit via. Aqoia Creek and Kiohrro'id at# a m and i 6 p. m., botii iiue? stopping at Alexaiultia. Va., f ?r V pa's?n*er? and freight. The Riobomnd and Fr'doriekbburg Rai.r<->ad having repaired damages, this improved seh-dule will rjin with eerfain'v 4 GEO. MATTINGLY, ' ag 15 5t (Tnt ) Sup Putomto Boat*. 1 TRIMMING*! * New stvlw of Lad es' DRESS TRIMMINGS and BUTaONS id every varietf,just reoeived at Mrs. LOW K'jj, 397 Pa. avenoe, 1 ap1S3t sooth aide. . if* JUst RECKlVfcD < 1 HE Book lor the season? I he Moath of Mvr Conceived without Sin; translate* from the t reach of A. Grairy. with an itttfodaouoa by Father T?bre; prioe 33 ots. Also, toe New Roui Mieeal for , Laity, the ohespest and beet ever issued Roan t luffs laaai# ssaraaarfa I AMUSEMENTS. WA * H I N 4. T ?N T H BAT K R! I finl? ? .8 W. Gliii loMn* .Miaijar^ J. T. Ratxohd THIS KVENINC. Uit *?k of MR JOS JBFFKRAON Who vi;tapp??r, by request, *? Bo* Ictn, In tha Comedy of THE RIVALS; And the Comio Bur!eiqu? of MAZEPPA. ID^ Mr. Gl'ks h*?s to inform hi* patron* that *> will r?of?n tk? Tboator, May ?:h, lor a short Spring ea*on PROFESSOR M A RIM WILL RFPKAT H19 SO HEK on MONDAY, April 15th. by 4R requw?t ?>f hi* prpiis. wM '? ho Prof^mor i? now mak inf rrand ?r*p-#lB trUiorn for hi' May Rail ap 13 f UgBk HOl) nnn -BLUE BOOK-Inforin? oiJ,I JIM I,ation aa to all th? Offioe* in the ouDt'T. ai?d *a<arr? 25 oenta. Contain* tba iam? matter m tua Great Blue Book oo?Unc 99 *' Omittinr the n?mM which are not r.eeet*ar}. Cataiorue <>f Pnrio?itie? at Patent Offioe Llat of pat* ant*. Old Book* hoacht and *^ld Cata<>rue (tarnished. ALFRED HUNTER, Bookseller, f?22-2m* Willard*' Hotel Square. "WAMTSL \VT A NTKD? An experienced MRSE.oh that ' ? c me* well recommended. Apply at the Ktbitt Honn?. It* \L7ANT* J>? By a respectable woman,* S?I TUA" TION o^lrortn rio fneral hooaework. liood recommendations can be civen. App y at No. ?9 M st . Ii'lwwn 2Sd * _<i 8?th sis. H* \V'ANTKl^-R? a re?p^ota'?!e younf woman, a * ? Hi J CaTION aa nurse or ohafutiTiraid. an't to sew. No ot>jecti >n? to go to th* oountr*. Good recommendations can be liven. Address Bo* 16, !*tar Office. jrjj WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?From 95 to ITT.T-,., nirm m MRnil TUK K of nil kind*. for whioh I will ruaranty to pay thehifheat prioen.acU, a* u*o U. at the aborted noUoe. R. bCcHLV. lVivler in Furniture, i*tov?a, fte.. OO 9 4Q*7th at.. t?et. t? and H e*?t IW*. WANTED-PF.COND HAND FURNITURE. Pernor* ?!?c ininr housekeeping, or hannc ft curp'u" of F rciture on hand,ran ol-tain theoaaL and ft r prices by apply mr at 369 Seventh *t. no 17 BONTZ k. GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND! IOST?A diamond and opal PTUD. A liberal -i reward will be given for it, if left at 240 D street. ap 1&-K* T^AKKN UP-a BAY HOR^K, harneVsed to ft w*?on The hnra* is lam* in tne left i% Tore :oot. The owner in r?*q seated to come *1 firwa'd, prove property, p*y charge". and take th-m awnr J. F. DUN NINGTON, ? - it ?> ? -? - - - ?f !. at iinnMii.o?p:iiiui rmer .iiaruei. LO?T.?Strayed, on Thareday aft?rn?on, April 11th, from No. 41T Pa. ir?? a Maolr?^^_t I'fter Si.tT,8 n onthsoM, with long hair^l^^' ?rd wl.itish hr?.\it. A Wb^rai reward " will b?? paid for her retnrn t ?th? atwve addrera, or for inlorniatM-n that will lead to her recovery, ap list' BOARDING. |>OAR D ? riea?aot Room*. witH Board, oan be I > ha.1 at >o. US Four and-a-liaJf et. ap 5-2 w* (Republican.) FOR SALE AND"]RENT. l^OR RKNT-4 pieaaant three-story HOUSE, I corner of T?en?y recond and II ata. Gaa fixture* complete R ent $250 per single year Applr r>n th?> premises. Poftseas.on given tne 1 et we#k iu May a# 15-31* IT'OR RKNT-A FRAMK HOUSB. No. 1?H I f wenty-neoond *t., between I and Pa avenue, wi'h ix ?'."d rooms : healthy ? eirhborh^od; rent S'l p*r mi-'litti. Apply to GEO. F. KIDWfcLL. Wood ai.rt Coal Dealer, oorner E and Fourteenth tt?. ^ ap 15 3t* FOR RENT?Four pleaiRrtW furnished Room* w.tii (i?, on l, between and6ih ?ts. north ?ide, >o. 3->4. apl^3t* FOR 8AI.E-A RK8 TAUR ANT. situated in a S'u>d locality and doinp a zood bn*ine?s For particulars i-quire Y?*L'NG A KEPH ART'S or {store, No. 2^9 Ta. avenue, between 9th and 10th sta.. s-?uth ??<ie. Mil Steo* HOUSE FOR RENT AND FURNITURE FOR SALE.?House and Fornitare nearly n?w. Ii.q'lire at No 394 1 street, between 12th und J3th. after 3 o'clock. ap4 tf 17OR u ALE OR RENT-A FRAME HOI'HR *' oontiininr seven ruomi, t nether * ith the farnit?ri?, ?itnste?J oa New Jersey avenue, between M and N its nnrto A i?o. a new three-story hrlek h'>ns*. with tnok tuild tit, on the lami s^uar, No. 150 Fourth st ) Also, some valuable LOTS, ill of wh eti wi I"be sold *ery cheap. Inquire of J. L>. RVNAHD, New Jersey avenue, between M i nd N *'?- ay 4-tf |^OR RENT?A small FARM or MARKET & (jARoKN, coc'ai' iD(t it acea of lard, situ at'dontho P act it aucli R-ad. a 'ew hundred ?ards north f'f < A'umi>i? Co eg*. The improveinenta C'liriht of a new bnolt <lwe'!inc eontaininc I rociiio au(t a k'tfien. and a > table. (-or terms, V< ., apply at ? 15 Pa.avouue, opp??il9 Wil.ardsl jap 2-tf LM)K KKNT-A three-story HRICK HOUSE B on H st.. Washington city, between 19 h and frith, at present occupied hv Asuatjinf UcneiaU Mr. MoAiinoct. given 8:h of . AI*ot a firit oJ^i8i'A M) for tMiBiuetn ??f iny k 1 nn. corner Gay a <1 H.?h ?tr**U, opposite h orrey H*!I,G*< rretown. fl.?! Possession c ;*en inmeuateiy. Apply to BLADEN FORREST. Ljaorgetown. ap2~2w* *KNT?A Iwn-i'orf aD<1 at tin BRICK 1V*- L "u ^ north, No. 33*. between ?t i and l ib street,, at freeont occupied t.y E. K. , wuii n i t- r m"nprn convenient tft?. ??tfr. 4<-.. Ac . and in perf ct r?*eair. App ? o A. KOCH, No. 340 1) street, between 9th sna Oth. ap 10-eo3t* TO LET?\ thrM-storr BRICK IIOU9E situated on F irst ct. west, t>etwe<in D and E sts. lorth, eo-itainin* 7 moms; rent $12Jnper month. Alio, a tt.rea ?t??rjr Brick Hoose on H tU north, jjtween 20 and 3d ?ts east, oontaintnit > rooms; ent 3Hi per month. Also. a thtee story 11 rick i< u -?* on li at. north, between 3d and 3d *ta. we#t, tontainire 7 rooms, No. 2*?9. Posieseton of the a?t an Ik* hid on the 16th mat Inquire next door I eacn. or . f GEORGE FOLLaNSBEE. Car>erter, on Third at. west. ap B-eott I^OK KENT?A handsomely furniahed HOUSE P in 'ho Firbt \V?'J. Apply ?o WILLIAM D. BALDWIN, corner Seventh and E streets. ap 3 ?i*?o*_ POR RENT-The three ?torT frame DWELLI' I v#! u/?i?or? - * * * ? mi. iiwu^r, corpfr ni renin and H itreetv mJ but tw>< squares from ?he Patent Office It x ii nin? 8 roumi, t mod Mil'r ?n ! kitchvn, with ;a? throughout Will not be rented for a r otrdir.g louse. Ii quire of A B. McKAKI.AN, oorner oi I'a. avenue and 12th at. at 2 eoSw* FOR KKMT?The north HOUSE of the rowTf new lour *tor> hoiiiea on Fourth ?t . between L> and K #U., No. fronting the City Hall iquare Possession givru immediately. Appl> to IV1 LI.I AM H. PHILLIP. Attorney at-Law. No. IO Louicianaavenue. mall-eotf IT*OR RKNT-A BRICK HOL'SK. conuumu r 12 rooms, with Potomac wat?r and gas. on I itreet, bet-een lSlh ai.d 14th. opposite Kra<,k in 'quare. 1 nam re a' WAR DER t sTEWARI'8 k\ ood and ( ?>al Oflire, oorut-r ?f H and Twerflh its. Also, 11 rick House oorner Twelfth and I. ma ?-tf ___ L^OR RENT?On May 1st, the large and oommor di?u? HOUSK on Louisiana avenue. opposite he City Hal! Square, now occupied by Mr. Webb is a dwelling and law offioe, and adjoining the louse of Mr. Rtohard Wal'acn maas-tf FRANCK TAYLOR. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM8Four hand?omely Furnished R'joms, supplied rith gas and water, and convenient to the Patent ind Poet Olfioe Departments, for rent. Apply at 19OH Massachusetts avenue, north aide, between th and 5th sts. tag STORE FOR RENT.?A large Store-room on C5 Pa. avetue, adjoining our auotion rooms, for ent. Applv to WALL k. UARNARD, Auotioc U. 1--'" ?' * - " wmniiOMVH mOIUUMJMi oviuor H111VH IIT061 ind aoutb aide Pa. avenue. mar 1! FM OR RENT?A three itory brick HOUSE, containing roonu, in good order, with cm ixarea oomplete, on H atreet, between 4th and Mh. Uao, a two etory brick COTTAGE, with large ard attached, corner of F atreet nerth an* 14th at. *ct. To punctual and reliable tenanta the terma rut be moderate. Apply at 44* Twelfth atreet, ?etweea 6 a ad H. no 15 tf F^ORHRENT^The fine BRICK HOUSE Na. 100 WeitaL, Owrjttown, at preaoat oooo >lfki b* thfl aullBArihAr ft h?. 10 rs*. .mm ?rt*k -- - ind wntor throughout, a fine yard, stable Ac , and a in a good neighborhood. App.y to J AS. . MAmUlIEE^ ooK-tT M R KM OVAL. UTEO. J. JOHNSON h. CO Have removed to heir New Store, on the oornerr'f Twentieth ft. and ?a. avenue, where they hare just received a foil apply of SEASONABLE GOODS at Penio 'rioea. They name a few treat bargains? yard" Fa?t Colore Caliooes at So , woith 12c. mi yards Kentucky Jeana at 12fcn . worth 3?e. 0d< Z9u Gecta' White Linen H'dk'f* at > SO, 5 do Lad tea' do do 9125, 6 do do do do ? 91 90, very fine, Jrey Goods from 6}jo. to 6Se. rVitli a general assortment at greatly reduord prioea, to suit the times. a?13-3t* ^RANGES, APPLES, POTATOES. Ao.' IS" boxes sweet Oraegee. in prme ord? r, 2A bhla. Rnmett and Baldwin Apples, 90 do. Onions, 9 0 tua While Weroer Potatoea. " *o. hanii * and Kstra Floar. ff or 12tl? Md B ?U. HUK? HREAT SALE OF ? DRY GOODS, AT PANIC P k 1CXS, Fom Ciih ^ "??k ?I,*P*ING]BUM or Lb? Owh. J. W. COL LEY A CO.. f 1# 7th |L? bttw.I) ir<9 rt,tT, rwflii I v m.irr >. - * AUCTION SALES. BT ORBBN A WILLIAM* Aaobon^ ?? XTKNSIVK 6ALK OK HOL>EH?M.n Li K itch is Frtifirr*! to pk*mm liavino inr.n -On Tt>M)AY, ??; Wtb n 'tnt, we thill ?!., ii trobt of oar ?M ??r. est* itrw. ?t 10 ? oloe* ?.a,u mmctpi?"t o* Furnitiir?.rii: Mahogany and Wa nat ?pricg Sofas, Chairs aari Rocker*. M?Si gan j Marble top and other Bareaai and Ta blaa, Cane and otk?r Ckatrt, <~"-olta?e itunr Li id and other Bedrteala, ?rur?ola aid otker Carpet*, an<l Oi o.oth an! Mat bar, Ckira, fila?? and Cwkrt Warn, With mMiy other artieios which we deem a * ? eesary 'o ei a me rale Term* cash in onrrent fund*. It KRfcKN * Wtl.UAME. Aao?a. BAII-IFP't* 3ALF ?B? nrtae ??f an order of dietrn n I mti ae'l tbe coods and ohatt'la in Um Imw oa PeniwtIrani* ar-ie. bMwwi 'Jth ant l#rh rtoets.north aide.on TVh!M?A V MOl N IMG n'xt.a' lu o'ewok.o maieuns ' f Pa to*,* J haw. I>er and Ritehen Fmniiare, Bar Fx'ures, Wine* and Segara. The wi ! <le?i?na'e the hone*. D. WES I fcRt-IKLlK apllTh.9AM?* Baiaff. r-pTiiP iRnvrxii.i'UitHirKN PDMT poufMj Biiti; 1HI HHDAV MURMNOi April IK, Kiime hour ard rltce. ay IS ?f 1). WESTERFIKLD. Bailiff. By BONTZ A GRIFFITH. Anctione* CAUE OF .ROCEJIFS A*P FURNITURE. O Ob \VKPNK!?OAV. Ai?mI mfc. at l? o'aioa* a. m- v? will m) iittk* corn'r of I ?ulti at u4 New York ?venue, a lare- lot of UroMri'a.ns: Wine*. i,i*?rra, S-fBr?, T-?a?. Carri.ea. Sk>?i?. t?piee, f*?rditiee. I*iakIra, CrockWi", Wood and Wtliov Ware, 8tore F xtnroa, fcr. With a vmrti of Htic!?a to t turret i>a? to BM tioa After wh eh *? will ?eii the Hoa?e^ol4 Firutura in the dwe linc above tho atore, rix : O e?ne Roaewood Pia.o, Two Hair-e i>th Covered r'o'ft*. Cha'.raac1 R cf a * hatnot. f ?a / I i Pa ml .?? a. ,* m. ,. m. , A lVa..l.AL? v/1? ? oiuiiutivi n??w mt r? biui wwr, Bu f%u?, Stor*? ?hn<1e*t Mftttirtf. Carpeting. Oi cloth, ft o , fte. Ttrm* caah. aj!3? BONTZ ft G BIFF1TH, A net*. Bt WA 1.1. A BARNARD, AaetionMr* Drv?.O??DS. FANCY ARTK'LKS. HATS. Oa"H? anpShoK" at Accti?* ?O W EDN ESuAV MORNING, |?th loitant, at o elook, *1 I ell, a:.<1 continue <1ai !? ? the Mm# boar, antii W? dl?DOM >| Ui? large auo well MIMiod Hock of Dry Good* Um-j UiU, Cap*, fto , in tor* No, 8516 ct't iiilf of #?v?nth, bf'.fNi M U? N atrM's A? * eh%re? of hli t>MB determined moo, tin* *t*>ok mi a hi soid wuhoat i m a - ? in lota larre and *rra!! to rait py rohacera. T#rmi ctali. MUd WALL A BARNARD. A acta. By CLEARV * GRKfcN. Auctioneer*. ftOh fitntk TRUSTEE'S !*ALK OF VALUAHLE IM f*ovn R Ki L KtTATB.? Bj virtu* of a dead of trust,<iat*<i tisc tfttb day of March, 1857, fttwl daly recorded (moi i the laud record* of the eoanty of Washington, I). 0,1 ahall proceed to tell, on U?e prnniiM, on T8rR?DAY. th? isth of A an!, at I o'clock a. in., a!i thoaa piece* or parcel" of around ituated in th-? city of V\ ashmgton. 1). C , and known and demrna'ed & L<>u numbered thirty four(34'ar d thirty <? ) in Square nimbwad fcva hundred ar-f three ?V<3 ) t<>*eth?r wi-a tha improvement' thereon, consisting of litre* Md commodious three atory house. with a fioe be?err ent. for ? store Said property is looatad on the sooth aide of N st south, bet wren and t-tn s's. Terms of sale: S > <> to i-e pMd in oarh; and the balance in 6.12 aca >8 months from the day of sale, the deferred pa?meots to oe seen red by a deed of trust on the prem iM. If the terms oi ?a<e he sat oof?,pU>d with within Eve ?la?s from the day if sa'e. the Trustee reserve* the r>cht to r??e , th? sa d property. at the ruk and cost of the first purchaser JOHN K. ENNIS.TI?f. ar3 3taw*d? CLEARV 4 CKKK.>, Aaots J1JALTIMORE AND OKI J RAILROAD. On and after J*un<!ar, April 14tn, 1861, the train* will run e* follow* i.6avu Washington at 4 jf and . 2 45 an<l 545 p n L.oa-.e bAL.Tl.MORE at 4at<1 9 10 a. m , liSard 5 pm. f'ai.?r cr?r? for the \Ve?t, Southwest and Nortfc w?it wi I take tbe 4 25 % in. ai>d 2 4S p m. train*, which connect with Western trains at Washington J a notion. L< IlL.l-J-'-l * *-* ?? 1 - ? " K"i rnusug p iitua tori ? atM T.IO A H! and 2 45 p :nFor Ar.ijup.ilie. 719 a m. and 2 45 p. m. For Norfolk, 2 45 p. ra. On S?*da? hut one train, at 2.45 p ?w . aad o*> Saturday the i 45 p. in. tram cupi to PhUad^iafcia only W P. SMirrf; ap H (!nt?!AR"p> Ma*t?r of T-asportation __ MPW *PP I vii Bnnaa *-* * _ * > 1 v* 'J PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES' The subscriber invites the attention of puroMs ers to l>is la-c* and fa?Monai.I? stock of GENTLEMEN'S F! KNISHINU GOODS. whioU h? is prepared to ?e>l at tne lowest Casb rices. Ca l aad exim ne. at LANE'S Fashi?aat> < Hut. t;sp, aid Gents* Furcishitg Store, 424 Fa av. (lr.tlRrp I apl?-*teo 1' I E G R E Y CARD! , DEMPSEY AO'TOOLL'S, Card Engravers, ap 10 Steo Pennsylvania avenue. SFKINWA v ft son**' am* ka\ ln ft bl OoN'S PI A NO?*.?A iarg* atsfirtmeni La* just ieen received.? Fe us in searc1 BRfl ? f a reliable instrument at a losr prioe aresl III' invited t<> cal a> d exan.iniat tbs Mas.o Store of W.G. MF.TZKKOI I. Orders reoeived for Mr. MaRCL'S rebine, Piano Forts I unT ay 11 J) UHKaT hXClTEM EST aMinrvKV&Mr.> i OK HAKVfcY'S OYS1KK DKPOI". No aoldi?r*. bat a p rr.tifjl pupp * of OYSTER?, HARncRAB?, LIVK LOIi'THRS^ ,^-v an.i BObTON K|!?H ofal< kind* /mJ Don't fail to call auu k??t ihe worth yturmi'D'}. xaOw T. M. HAKVEY. M II tf **I C rtr?t. TO ALI. WHOM IT MAV CONCEKN.-Aa nay aon in law. K*v. Robkxt Kkllbh, baa kind.y cou-aiit'.i to aid me iu up tk? Miau of my la?? hu-baud. A. H. V< unt thia 1a to t.oti f) the pul.uo, arid especially those indebfd to hi} eatate, tnat he. Mr. Kelfeo, will hereafter be my onl] auttioria-d acnt, or attorney, to attead to ?y buaineaa in thia connection. and any and a 1 other powe>a of attorn* y heretofore given are hereby revoked. MARY A. YOUNG, ExecnViK. Mr>Kellen ean be aeen at Mra. M. A. Yoeng'a reatdence, I at, t>etween Kh and iota ate., between thff ImMrs (.f ^ - - m' ss I\It\V BOOKS JutrwsivM or i^l 'HKKHfe RlCBSTMV.or^Pi.i*. Macaulay'a Hietory of Ei g and. volomiS, Hit tnry of the United NeUier and*, by Joan L.oti?orp Motley. 2 roil; free h? mail #? T ran pa, a notel. by (ieo. ?Vm. Curtia: free bf mail fjA. An Outrnf. or Virm*and Faith, by F. Coltmra Adaw, 01. Elaie Vonner.a R naoM of Dratiuy. by Oliver Wendell Ho.mea, 2 voia.; free by mar 91 75. Oar a*oal diaoouLt of 10 to SO per oent. on til Bound H ap 9 FRENCH & RICHSTEIN, atto Pa. a*. Ill n L-i -w * ????. ? - ?- ? ? ifinbvi mruni JIl IUH or I rerpcctfu I* ce'l thw a' taction of the ladiee to 9> A rri fu! and tiardenn^ a??<>rtni~*t of^|N |(<^rKF.N<'H MILLINFRY GOOpB.C&' 1M0RONNKTS, FI.OWKRH, RIH iF?N5, STRAW of ?v*n dMentuoi, fl UK and LAC K M A N TL K?. HI LK B aBQL' E?. TRIMMING!*. LACKS, t M HKOIDKRIKB.**.. Ac l.?di?a viIIdo well to examine my goods, aa the* will fiad them the fcneat and oheepeet in the market. M. WILLI AN, IMPOKTia, No. 32 Market Hpaoe. Wait.uigtoo. D C., ap R 2v,if and No. 7 Cite Treviae, Pan*. RENCH A RICH8TE1NS LIST OF NEW BOOK& Maoaular'a Hiatorr o? Tramp*/* n?v?,, hy ti'ao Wm. ?artle. '#l aa. Net ioe? and N?f ro Slavery, by J. H. Vu Erm, M D , fl. An Outoaat. or Virtue and Faith, by P. Col burn A am* 91. The Croteed Path, hy Wilkia Col Una, CIA Dickena' Oti*?r Twnt, houaahold ecwuoaTT'laatrateri by D*n*y A Gilbert.Svota.,Itao. 91 30. Dtak*oa' Pickwiok Papers, household edition, illnetiated by Darlay A (ji hert, 4 Tola., 1Snm>., ft*. Any of the above ??Bt by wl fraa. Oai a*ati diaooant of in t" S" per oent on all bound hooka. apll FRENCH A RICHfrTF.IN. ?T* Pa a*. fAFFICERB. PETTY OFFICERS, AND Baa V/ men who ware on board ot any U. ft. akipa at the oaptara of any ?>avar oan hare their tlaiaa for Bounty and Head Money promptly attended to br applying to or addreaaing C. P. VT ALL ACE. wanhincton. D. C. ja W-tf JMPOBTANT TO HOUHEiKKPEM. E. a. DUREBE ACO.*B ? ranUed not onJy ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PUKE, bat croud from frAb Spioee, ee.ecteo aod iw>< br ? expr*eeiy for the pur?oe* withoft riBi to ooet. They are beautifully p*ok? la DaMU (lined with piper,) to prevent injury br keepia*. and are tail wmie u?e ordinary rMM Spioea are almoet mvartaaiy ehort. W'j warraat a*Jaia|jeuia^will abudaatly prova. pbAlNHtLD ACADfcMV. _ HiSAE CilLllLI. Pi Thirtieth iniior. itvtstT vmki.) eonmNNi Maj 6m. Ninbtr ef leda limited te twee tyi?e. Entire *Xf?na* ?71*. oaoh Ua.f parable la advene* Ciroeier* at thia oie*. Tot!.?f?vm%noMi*:, at Kirkvood Horn April ink aad in. lrom f U.. i ?. n.,? aAdraaa # ^ BURNS, PlauifcaU. jullerin Camber land eoanty, re.