Newspaper of Evening Star, April 15, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 15, 1861 Page 3
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I , t?( IOC AL NEWS. rbou^h Thi s?ta* 1* printed on tbe Stalest un pre* In nw tenth of Baltimore, Its edition la ?o UrgtA* to r?*qu!re It to be put to pre* at an culr ho'tr; Advert;*?ment?, therefore, should be trst In beftrf 1*2 o'clock motherwise they may t<?? appear until the next day. Noticb.?District of Colombia Advertisements is be Inserted In tbe Baltimob* 8cware received it and forwarded from Th* Stab Ofllce. Movkmiuti Urhi ? Com nan v I, A i .. / 4 ? * a_ a _ wr i _ ,-^t . a r?v i man try, < spinin nine, (nuraoennc "i men. j arrived here at IOJ4 o'clock a. m. vesu-rday. fiom Foit Hamilton They were marched to the Ars^nal.where they are quartered. This company i? a portion of the late Texan army which Gen'l Twlpja anrrendered bla command of Some of th?rr? have been constantly In the service since lffltv The volnnteer militia now In the service here are becoming habituated to their new calling, and look and act likewldiers At the armories v a.% *t j * a? -at ? a?is _ ? ? wuprr #rr iwiummi, mf uncipnnp 01 xne t. 8 Army is strictly maintained, and the officers and men are doing all in their power to render themselves efficient and useful. Yesterday afternoon the Waahington Light Infantry appeared at tbelr armory at 3)^ o'clock, In fall uniform, and marched to the Ninth at. Preobvterian church, where they attended divine aer ire I>r Smith preached, from Ezeklel, 33 It, an eloquent discourse After the sermon, prayer wrs addressed to the Divine Throne in behalf of the citizen soldiery who, upon the conclusion of the service were cordially invited to be prapent whenever they might be ao disposed. COMPANIES TOKMISe. A n?w companv. to be called Company D. Natirnal Guard Battalion, is about being organized. A meeting of those disposed to form a new rifle cnrrs !? called at Franklin Hall to-night. Another I'nlon Company will alao beorgan'z?d atThorn's Hstll, on Seventh St., to-night At the old Capltoi. on Capitol Hill, an organization of a new company will be effected to-night. The Cameron Guard la tbe name of a newUnlon company about h?>t ng organized here under the auspices of Crl. J. Elder, of Pennsylvania. Col. E was an officer in the Mexican war, where he performed gocd service for his country The National Rifles have been bard at work since tbe defection manifested a few days ago In their ranks, and have oreanlzed the company anew They were to muster a full company today and march to the War Department and tender their services to the Government. YET ANOTHER VOLCMTKKK COMPACT FORMID At a meeting of a large number of mechanics employed on toe Capitol Extension held on Saturday ?ven>ng at Mr Cruchett's "Mount Vernon Cane Factory.'' It was unanimously resolved to form themselves into a military company. At 9 o'clock Mr. Geo Brown took the chair, (Mr. Matt. O'Brien Secretary,) and although the evening was very inclement. 7? answered the roll call A committee was appointed to form constitution and by-laws and select untform, Ac Toe list was started on Saturday morning, and at nluht had (5 names signed. The company bids fairs to be a very large one, and everything is done "with a will." The meeting adjourned at 10 o'clock, after giving three cheers for the Union, and will meet again this evening at the sane place. fttrxoRs Among the rumors current about town yesterday, wns one to the effect that to-day Gen Scott ?? Ku*"g w pu> >ai cnj iinaer msnui law, which, ahsurd as It wai, obtained no little belief, and produced consequent excitement Another raid that Gen Cadwallader. of Pa., had organ';pd a brigade of 2.(00 and was marchiug on . \\ ashington, and that the Secessionists of Baltimore bad torn up several miles of the railroad track between Baltimore and Philadelphia to keep them from passing through Still another ?tie asserted that the President bad received a teleunphlc despatch from Baltimore tendering be services of 5.1M) volunteers for the defence of the Capitol of tbe Nation. An hundred other rumors of a like nature were in circulation throughout the day and up to a late hour last night Every street corner had its news-mongers and ita v a r>l ui> cruu-d of mom iiti?n?rt SWEABIXe IX EII RC1TI At half-past nine o'clock a m ti-day, Captain Gerhardt, of the Turner Rifle*, arrived at the War Pepartment at the _be?.d of tbtrtjr recruit*, who wrre accepted and sworn into the service These, added to ten recruita taken into the service on Saturday under Captain Gerbardt's command, wells tbe ranks of the Turner Rifles to 115 men Captain Naliey, of the Metropolitan Rifles, also arrived with seventeen recruita to h'.s command, who were accepted and sworn into the service. This swells biscommar.d to 100 men, independent cf tbe non-com missioned and M>minlninn?H ?f. tcejs of the corpa. Capt. Thistleton, of the Putaaoi Rifl?s, com rieted bis company this morning, by bringing forward thirty recruits, who were iworn in. The Captain baa issued a call for the organization of a new company, to be called Company B, Putnam Klfles. which will be organized at the company armory of that corpa to-night This company will elect their own company officer# Crmpauy 1), Howitzer Corps, belonging to tbe Washington Light lnfanty battalion, Captain J. Cross; Lieutenants S Cross. Webster, and .Marks; four sergeants, four corporals, two muslciaus, and one hundred and eight privates, arrived at the Department at lJ)f o'clock, and reported for service. They were received and iworn in. The Hea<ier*on Guard. Capt. Foxwell. Lleuts. Rapiey. Rodier and I'ugott, 4 aergeanta, 4 corporal*. and Ti privates arrived at tbe Department short y sf'erwarda and reported for aervice. They were at once mustered in. Capt Kelly, of Company II, Union Regiment, arrived next with 22 recruita. who were aworn and mattered into aervice. Company A, National Guard Battalion, Capt. King, Lteuta Linyd. Allen, and Lackey, 5 Sergeakta, 4 Corporal*. 60 private*; all aworu in. EfCAFK Fao* thk U. 8 Pksitixti ar vI.,a?t night,a colored prisoner,named hdward Hurley, ?{, ? I - !.- " ? > >. uw **? vvn >lm%* 111 viiuiiiiai V/Uun ana *?nteoced to three year#' imprisonment from July, 1M0. made h!a escape from the priaon by cutting bis way through an upper room, where be bad been concealed Thla morning the new Warden was searching after htm, and preposea to give a reward of 850 for hia recovery ia addition to the reward which may be c3<-red by the Board of loapectora The priaon contain* 180 priaonera, tome of them of the moat desperate character; and the gusrd consists of twelve men, equally dlvld'd f??r day and nUhtduty Mr King entered u^vu ui*?u?ir? yii r nuay, anu Bl U^ p III., Uilll nn hoar after tue day watch had gone, live of the st* night watch resigned without notice, apparently for tbe embarrassment of Mr King In tbe commencement of hla duties. He, however, had taken tbe precaution of belug accompanied by a few of hia friends, wbo assisted in performing the duty temporarily. Tbe late W arden. Mr C P. Sengstack still occupies tbe Warden's quarters, not h?vlng removed bis family, and toe new tHticer hardly considers himself in full possession, though responsible for the safety of the prison. A PaiHrtri. Accidkst?On Wednewlay evening last, several ycung men who had been amusing themselves shooting at a target with a pistol, returned to tbe house of Mr Tbomas H. Kabbltt, near thi< place, when one of tbem reloaded the pistol without letting bis companions know It. &?,*> altar, Mr. Thomas I.yddar.e waa seen approaching the bouse, wben one of them picked up lbs pistol and said I'll give Mr^L. a fright," and as be wss about to enter the door, pi'liea tbe wigger.wnen, v> tin utter aitonishmrnt, the pistol discharged, seriously wounding Mr L. The ball entered just l>dow the angle of the mouth, fractured tbe jaw bone, and glanced outward, making a painful and unsightly wound We are pleased to leara that Mr. L. Is now tree of severe pain, and we hope will soon be out of all danger. The young man who fired the pistol Is much distressed at tba painful occurrence, M r. L. being one of bis most esteemed friends ?Rockvillt (Aid ) Stniuni Roiiiit ? Last niirht the residence of a colored man by the name of Brown, on Eleventh at , between H and entered while the family were at church, and 000 Meiicnn dollar* stolon Mr Brown bad earned this money In the Mexican war, In 1847 and '48, nod, doubting the safety of banks, had aewed It up In three small bags nod hidden awir In an old acbool desk The house was entered from the rear, and two door* broken open. No cloe has yet been obtained to the whereabout* of the thief. This Is s severs loss to n worthy old colored man. and It Is sinrerely to be hoped tne guilty party may be detected Polick Mamma.?Beff Jmsttte Don* ? On - VI U ?- ? ?? na?uiu?y, i?i . i\ rvuwn wu or r?vcu uy pOIICfman Klttc, for threatening an aaaault and battery, committed for court; for disorderly conduct In tbe market, toed flu and costs. Catharine Kraster waa arrested bv policeman Klopfer for assaulting her father and mother; committed to Jail aa a dangerous person Thomas Hock,a vagrant, was sent to the workhouse for 30 days Ompabs' Coo it ?The business transacted in tbte ceurt oa Saturday, was. wltb two exceptions, of the routine order The bill of Bmlth against the C L Coltman estate, fur 91,400, was again presented, and postponed for evidence for and 41 nalil 'I nsaisw ?* fv. ?! -? ? * "?*? lut wiuoi cvrou A. Duval, decea3~d wu proved by J. M. Bradley, fcaq , and Harriet J Thompson and Henry Naylcr were bonded u executors. Ptbb ?Two frame dwelling houses on F ?trtet. between Twenty-flfth and Twrutv-alith streets, ilu the First Ward.) were burned dowa about two o'clock on Sunday morning. One belonged to Julia Dean, of our city, and one to Mr. B F. MosWy. of Georgetown. We bare sot beard whether any portion of the loaa waa covered by Vbs, Whit* asd Blc?.?From C. Boba we have some t alon envelopes, bearing the glorious e ate and strlpse la nawisMkabls rW, wft* Mid c. ? -m -m - t ' The Wa N?ws m Wasbihatok?It It nJfe to lay that tbe people of tbls city have never been brought op to such a feverish (tale of excitement by any event within tbe memory of thii generation, at lewt, as was the case after the nrwi of tbe eommeneesient of hoatilitieaatCbarletton reached here, and up to tbe time of tbe annoancement on piturday evening of the surrender of Sumter. The raid upon the newspaper ottcea for "anything later from Charleston." wastrrrible indeed, i and on Saturday afternoon the preasure upon the Star office was the most inters? w? have experienced Not onlv WPS the Intpfln* th. <,??? jammed and crammed, tout the etowt In front of the office for some distance was toUcked up in all directions by the anxious crowd. Those who got papers were unable to make their exit the way ttey entered, aad a passageway through the office and so out by a rear alley was Improv.aed for the occasion. Fast as the i resses worked, they were quite unable to supply the demand or to tnin the crowd of newi seekers. Later In the evening, after the working off of our regular city edition, the Intelligence of the surrender nf pntl * *u ? - vi uui w i naa i txri ?ru. uui uic urws wai really to unpalatable, that it was at first utterly discredited. Tbl? dispatch. when being placed upon our bulletin board, attracted a denae crowd tnstanter, and it waa almost amusing to see people starting on the run square* away in the direction of the bulletin on seeing others gathering about it. The Union men said "they'd be d?d if they believed it tnd iv?n mm* urhn kiv? 1 nA iccfM'.on sympathies went so far as to aay 'ill} would rather see Charleston sunk than Sumter i surrendered To-day. and now that the newt of the surrender haa been confirmed. It Is noticeable that politics are comparatively sunk here, the phrases "Kepublican," "Democrat," "Whig," belli a scarcely re- i mennhered. There Is but one feeling smnnttst bona fidt citizens of Washington, and that is that | the honor of the country musi be vindicated Alixajideia Postal Statistics ?The tran- i script clerk of the Alexandria post office baa just i completed and forwarded to the Post Office Denartm*?nt th? ? ? ! .r.- ? ? t:? ~m r ?< upuai aicuirui i?? iuc o|?t*ramin ui the office for the first quarter of 1861, ending with < March 31st. WVmiike up from the statement thus forwnrded, and otber srurc-s. the following summary of the i postal business of this city during the quarter ] mentioned : i l etters mailed, 69.486; newspapers and pam- i plilets received. 20.214; circulars received, IS.374; dead letters. 58S; advertised letters, (est ,) 7lX>; i unpaid drop letters, 251; ship letters. Jtc.. 61. The nnmher of letters mailt 4 during the cor- i respondlne quarter* of thla mid last year, 1? as ! i follow*: 69,1*6; 1S60, 67,190; increase in J ! 1*61, 2.396 The net revenue due the GoYernment for the quarter is 81,556 10. the net revenue of the last 1 quarter being only SI..197 61, showing an Increase n this respect over last year?AUx. Gazette. ( 1 Actio:* of ihh Ofucsrs and Emplotees or < the Horss or Kiprk?entativks.?Atameettntj of the officer* and employees of the House of Rep- 1 rfsentatlves of the United states, beld In the 1 Speaker's Room on Monday, the 15th of April, 1a6l, the following resol'ition vru submitted and : anacfmouslv adopted. Viz : Htsolctti, That as "fflcers and employees or the House of Representatives of the United States, we hereby assert our confidence In the Government i of the United States, and stand ready to aid the resident in the enforcement of the laws accord ding to the spirit of his proclamation of to-day. J. W. Forget, President Josiah M. Lrni. V I'rwitrtont G*o MA.X4TON.2d V President Attest?Daniel Bret, Secretary. I Central Gcard-hoc** Cases?Before Jus'iet Thompson?The docket for yesterday ha* the following:?Mnrv Jane Rober'son. drunk, disorderly and projane; workhouse 9U days. Rich'd Garrison, free colored, stealing a ?'20 gold piece frcm Thos. McLaughlin; was committed for a further examination Solomon Hale, colored, d'unk and disorderly; 5-3 04 Meliy Hall, do ; workhouse '*) days G. P. Kdgar, charged with a disturbance at Willard's Hotel, and creating a breach of the peace, was required to give S250 security for peace. In default of which he was committed to jail, Dut was subsequently released, the security having been given Jos. James and Jas Jones, disorderly conduct; #3 53 each. Henry ClarW, vagrant, begg'ny in the streets on Sunday; workhouse 90 days. Thiater. ?To-n Igrht Jffferson appears in h's great character of "M&zeppa." and Bob Acres in the comedy of "The Rivals." Now that Jeffer on engagement 11 anwing to a close, our citizens should not luflir the excitement of the dny to prevent tLem from enjoying the inimitable, lvighter-provoking performances of the irrestIble '-Jo." No man will be a worse patriot for Indulging In a little laugh with J.J. and company. Good Niws for Mechanics and Laborers.? We are glad to state that Government will probably order the recommencement of work upon the Treasury extension very shortly, thus affording occupation to perhaps 300 Industrious men, and at a time when occupation Is a god-send to so many. Dot-blk Mammotit Fashion Plate-s ?Gadey's Lady's Book for May contains the largest fasblmi plates published by any magazine In the world. Shllliojiton has received Godey's Magazine for May. Ladies, get a copy immediately. It Remoioc*?The churches generally were not as numerously attended as usual, probably because of the prevailing excitement. 9trk>t.thi* tttx Ptstrm. Vinor is one tiie c*r<hi,a! elements of hea'th. SlrtliflrtBt 1? fhfl "fi*- .1?-li-? J ? f "VU.-^MVUUU *?I Mil uT7UJi!irf f"i is n tt tr paral) z it on. | h" meat.* ol imp-irtin* viror to the broken d< wn frame and shattered oo-at tition, which has yet b?en inverted or ?Urc?v?re*lt is trtiffer'd to the focbie of both saxes and a'l arcs in r>o<tetter's CtltbrtUed Storr.nck fttt tern. Many who reflect upon the t?merity with which tbcv h\v?? trifle-i w th health in youth a? d maturity, fano? that thoy have irono too far to be restored. This isadfllnsion. Debility, from whatever cause arising, may be oared; strei??th, in wha ever manner it may have been wasted, may ! ? iestored br the use ot this powerful a^d healthful invicorant For indigestion and all its painful effects,bodily and mental, they are a positive spnoihc It can be had of any druggist tpl5-eo3t uut'UH* ? i bc suaaen onanges 01 our oiimateare ouroesof Pulmonary, Bronchial and Attkmaue Af'ct'ons. Experience having proved that simple remsdiea often act speedily and certainly when taken in the early stares of the disease, recourse should at once be had to ' Frown's Bronchial Trotkesor Lozenges, let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be ever so alight, as by thU precaution a more serious attack ma? be otfec'uaiiy wariied off. Public Spenktrs Mid Sinfrs will find them effectual for nleanng and stre.ijtlieu int the Y?>ioe. See advertisement. del-!y DIED, On the 14th instant, at 2 o'clock p. in., LAW R KNCE THOM A, aged 5 yrare ard 3 months. Hn funeral wiH take p ace to-day, (Monday.) at 4 o'. look, from the residence of his step fathfr, on North Capitol st , between L and M sts. The friends of the family are invited to attend. French steam scourers, ualti more. ?v. r. SHKUU, ftOi* klivbnth St., Tke Only A*>nl. Ladies' Dresses of every description can l.e o'eaned, lcavir* the Ina'rn of silk flqn&l to now. Shawls, Covers, Cuita-.ns, and C&rpefg. Alao, tien lenao's Clothing ran i>e cleaned without leaving any subot&cce by wkiou they will soon become ui. lit to w/ar. >. li.?!Mo dress taken apart; thereby savin* the expense of making over. (Intel.) ma22-lm /Ov The old ettab'ished FAWN OF- /0\ 1 wJLK|c'E, former.y oa Feur. avenu?.JL JL V ?between 3d ar>d ?'? , hut latelj? M ixten removed to 351 C st., between and bill iti., back of Uie National Hotel. NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! 10,000 to t.e loaned in small sims on Gold and Silver Watches. Jewelry, and all other artioles of value. Business striotly and confidentially done. Don't forget to oall at No. 331 C at., between *% .n/l ClW fe27-3in" 1. HHRZBKRG. r-.jf. BIRDS !-BIRDS FOR SALE. &+ VfO Jnet received a splendid assortment ol ySp T- Birds lrom Europe .?German Canaries,^?Enclish Black Bin's, Thrushes, Ball Finches, Gold Flushes, Linets, Hky Larks. Yellow Hamers Parroquets, Java Sparrow*, Starieus. the Red Mocaw Parrot, and sreen and Krav. J have Mockmg Birds, Red Wins Blaok bird*, Red Birds, Doves, ami Kobi?ni ks;aTs >,Trained Birda. Price 2Soents to fffl, Cac*** of all kinds lrom 10 oents to $10, at JOHN own:AR A * Bird store, No. 56G Ha avenue. at the Capitoi gate. fe 9 3m AM STARTLING DISCLOSURE! U KCL AHA TION OF WAR1 GREAT OUTPOURING OP THE PEOPLE! BlGIJXISG OF THK HOWTK?T BT WINDSOR * BK?n HER, 349 Seventh st? J ??el'm< BOOTS, SHOE"*, HATS.ra Ml CAPS. Ac .at a trea sacrifice on for fBi nier rate*. Goo1 Men's Working^^ * V%??hoes at 75 cent* ; Mmsee' J-e wed Moroo oo Boots 87}*, weil worth 51 25; ?nd a general assortment ot Gents'. Ladie*'. Mines', auilChil-' .! *>(> til. L ?- t?r s uiou n ou?'rB, *or j r'lcmp, ?* O W11 ^0.1 Al IOW M any one. an<l take otf 6 per oe&t. discount for oash in our rent In nd s. ap 3-eolm | g|| TO THE READERS OF THE ||, 1 Ws snbnvt to the consideration * WW of the readers of the Star the tol * lowinr llat of price# of artieles in our line of business : , Usual prioe. I Ladiee' &limers?. .?? 25o. 40 ~ KnfUati Lasting Blisters mo. 76 " Carpet Toilet do . . 50c. 75 " TOMk sold sewed Mor. Boots . 1 0u 14b " d-i. Undressed do l.M l.vs " do. Cook Mor. do 125 175 ** do Calfskin do ... loo l^o " L>:cht and Black Gaiters ?c. l.? ** Kn*. Lasting do. do. ? o leu Women's Heeled Boots We. 135 Misses' donbl*-soied Sewed Hoots.. vt. 75o. . 1.00 Ladies' tbk-eoled Eng. Last, heel Oatt. \M L ij6 ? " " 44 bnt. . 1J5 ijo In addition to the above, we have Men's,. Bo*s', ' Misses' and Children's BOQTS and SHOES in , 7SPWBOL I * - ? ? *? GEORGETOWN. - Correspondence of Th* Star. Gioicuows, April li, lstl. We bad the good fortune on Saturday night to fee oue of a social gathering of twenty-live or thirty persona, inoat cf wboru were "typoa'' from your city, with all the liberality of arutwueat and * ? ***?? V4 ?rr?n <? *vi ?"iv" ?uw vi< i > ? bial The military were represented by {Japt Rodler and Lieut Lipscomb, of on<- ctty, and Lieut. Kapler, Corpor*! Rln^r, nn.l other*, of yours The boat, 9-?Sond Llent Rodler, rf tbe Henderson Guards, lately rea:?ned bin position, aa Mr Rives' foreman for tbe txecution of tbe Senate printing, to accept the appointment of Asaiatant Foreman in the Government Printing Office. The workmen lately under bia direction met and paaaed a aeries rf reaalutlona complimenting him for bis efficiency, Impartiality, and gentlemanly bearing towards them, and expressing regret at the severance of a connection so agreeable to him and themselves He acknowledged tbe compliment by inviting tbem and a few others of his friends to an oyster supper at Rodler s (bis brother's) White Houae in our city. This establishment Is famous for entertainments n f th? V {nH *n/i tha i? in KI/?K lk? /*!??? ? -? >*-< ! *mv ??J iu n uivu *bc j;ura?? canard raw. roasted, broiled, boiled, stewed, fried, pied, and Ac'd bivalve*, with tasty and palatable "flxlns,M to disappear from the wellserved table, ihowed their appreciation of the fact After the cloth was cleared, the popping of corki and joke* and the flow of wine and sentiment commenced. We wish we had space to report half the trood things said but an "extra1' u-imlH not suffice. The sentiment by Lieut L . " May tbe morning drum on the 4th of July, 1*61, awaken hi to look once more on a muted and prosperous people." was drank standing and greeted with three cheers and a tiger Complimentary allusions were made to Captain O H. Rodier's company, tbe Anderson Rifles, being the only one in Georgetown to offer Its services to the Government, and the host said if be lived until Monday mornine he hoped to march with the Henderson Guards to the War Department and emulate his brethren Speeches by the host, Messrs. Claxton. Judd. and others, sonps by Lieuts. Rapley and Lipscomb. and Corporal King, snd pleasant intercourse tilled up the time until half past eleven, when word was passed that the Dmnlbuses were at the door, ana tbe company reluctantly broke up The fifty-eight members of the Anderson Rltles, Company A, who mustered into the service of the (iovernment on Saturday morning, are stationed Bt the Forrest Hail Armory Capt. Rodier expects to take out thirty or forty more this morning of his own and other companies who wish to join those already mustered Less excitement prevails here than mtghtbeexpectcd,considering the rapid progress of event* In the last day or two. Prayer Is to be offered In Trinity (Catholic) church every morning this week, we understand, for the restoration of peace and the adjustment of our National difficulties. Ignatius Clarke, one of our oldest citizen*, died hereon Saturday evening, and will be buried this morning. We have heard of no further damage to the canal since our report of Saturday. The water in the Potomac is steadilv rising a^eln, and most of our whnrves here are flooded. No damage Is apprehended at this point. GJ^RGETO W NADVERT^ITS Gas Tax in Gesrgetawn. The Board of Common Council of Georgetown, D C , bav# directed one publication in the " Evening Star" of the following report of the Committee on Grievances : The committee to whom was referred the petition of Knowles and Moore for relief from paym?M of tr?? t* Kpot loa no ?a aw-a al i .... ft?w ***" j f, * c *v v jn'i v lull vury uavc bad the same under consideration, and in looking into the authorities bearing upon tbe subject, they And that by the act of Congress, approved March 31, 1*55. the Corporation of Georgetown, D. C., was, among other enactment!, by the second section of that act, authorised as follows: "And be it further enacted, ( hat tbe siid Corporation shall have full power and authority to Introduce into said town a supply of water, for the use of the Inhabitants thereof, and to cause the streets, ian^s and alleys, or any of them, or any portion of any of them, to be lighted by tj is or otherwise, and to provide for the expense or any such works or improvements either by a special tax cr out of its Corpora'ion funds annually, or both, at Its discretion." Under this authority, bv an ordinance approved November 1.5th. tne f*orp?.ration appointed a committee to contract with the Georgetown Gas I.iuht Coninanv for thp r^tinn of lamp posts on tbe strette of tbe town, and ligbt the same with gas. and levied a tax of seven cents on tbe bandred dollars on tbe assessment of tbe town to meet tbe expense of lighting- Under that ordlnauce the committee bad put up and li^Lt-d seventy-four posts, and the following summer increased tbf posts to ninety-eight, and in lb58 lu.- o Duuihuum iaui)jn were ugniea. ana iDe tax increased to ten cents on '.he hundred dollars, and In 1353 forty-two additional lamps were lighted, making the number one hundred and eighty-two, and the tax still remaining at ten cento; this left a large balance for gas light unprovided for. In view of this state of things, the committee of w*ys and meant, in le?U recommended a reduction of tbe expense of lighting the town, and under that recommendation the Corporation subsequently entered Into a contract with the On? Compinv to liynt, extinguish and clean public lamps and furnish gas at a fixed price per post per annum, greatly reducing the expense, and levied the pr?ren.t tax of fifteen cents un the hundred dollars, which, by a calculation then made, will in three years?say ItCO, '61 and !/ > I- ? ' ii me tax m cominuea ana collected, pay tbe yearly txpenseaof lighting, and ext'.ngnuliint; the old yasdebt, ?o that by the end of the ye?r lcO'2 the i^ai id can lie brought down to about eleven cwnts Your committee have shown tbe authorities on which the $;ss tax has been levied, and the necessity for Its continual.c? at the present ratea fur a limited time; It only remains for them to report on the petition* referred to tbem; as to t'ue authority, there can be no qtiest^pn; the Corporation have the ri^tit to levy tae tax at their dlscr"tloa. In lighting up the town at tbe least possible expense, tbey have endeavored to bestow "the greatest good to the greatest number," and If any citizen of the town, by reason of his locality, has not a lamp |>ost at ills door, he hes nevertheless, when walking abroad on errands of business or pl?asure, the enjoyment of light shed on his pathway on all tbe public thoroughfares of the town, and he rnitfht with as much nmnrUi. t- r ? r'v ? object to the tax on hi* property for auy of the outside expenses of the town, the expense for the crossings of the streets, and the opening or improving the channel in the river, because bis property does not connect with, or is not bounded iiy such improvements. Your committee therefore, cannot recommend any action of the Corporation on the petitions referred to them, and ask to be discharged from any further consideration of the same. All of which is reapectfully submitted. JOSEPH I.IBMEY, It T. A. iNKUMAN. fr'OR RENT?In Georgetown, aoonve-uett twoitorr BRICK HOIISK hiu ? - . , - i ?? ? -?* uuf, u"Ui. and water in the haaeruent; is within a lew tmn ute*' walk of the omnibus depot and the market; aud is looa ed in one of the inoit de?iral>l e n?ighborhoods in town. Rent moderate. Apply to T. bANUS, Agent. ap 1.5-3.eo PARTNERSHFp Heretofore existing l.e1 twe.n the undersign-d, under the tit.e of Cahm a n fc Uobbins, as contractors for the Alnsonry of Bridge Mo. 6, Washington Aqueduct, is this day ditBOlved by mutual consent, and M. S. Carman will finish said work. MICHAEL, 8. CARMAN, K. J. DOBBINS. Georgetown, D. C.. Apr:l 6 1m61. ap 13 St WHOLESALE FISH HOUSE. 2"2 barrel* Labrador 11 E? KING, selected, 96 do Bay Island do 95 do Kastport do .*) half bbla. extra Roe do 50 bbla. new Magdalene do 101) do St. John A LEW IVES. Daily expected per schooner P. Heilner. and for a%le low from the wharf on or before arrival Also, 182 bbls.cho ce Labrador HERRING, on board of sohoooer Eipedit, due h?fli about the first of next week. Also? _ 230 bb a.No. 1 Meremichi ALEWIVES, H?o do No. 1 Gipped HEKKlNG, 100 do No. 1 Boston do 300 do No. 3 Medium MACKEREL, Glonoaater inipection, Mbblt. No. 2 MACKEREL, Gloucester inspection. Also, kits and half kits No. 1 MACKEREL and SALMON. 48 half bbls. Spring HERRING ai.d Labrador H BR KING of superior quality, in (torn and for sale at satisfactory prices HARTLWY& BROTHER, ao I0-2W 99 and Iftl YVatmr it _ (}*nrrAtnvn I A BOOTS AND SHOES. LARGE And varieu assortment of BOOTS and SHOE* of excellent quality juit re ar^b-a ceived at 144 Bridge street, near the om- ui! I mbus stand, and for sale 25 io 30 per cent.* Bl cheaper than the usual prioes. " ma 23-1 m A. NEWBERGEK. PJU8T ARRIVED. ER Propeller S. Seymour, from Philadelphia, 75 barrels and 100 half barrels of Muar.. Colli A Co.'b Philadelphia DRAFT ALE.-Forsel e br hJB AtNY A SHIVN. Daoo BBI.b. PRIME CIDER AILY Expected per schooner Maty Ann MoGm

from Booton. This Cidar it A No. 1, and la lor calo in lota to suit purchaser a. ARNV * BHINN'S fe 22 Union Bottling Depot. Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED- . , 10 hftdm. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS UObW?.O.d Rye WHIfKY, aso l.Wa. H KR RING and ALKWIVES. 60 bbia. Crushed and Refined pUGAKS, $0 baga Rio and Java COFFEE, io hlSl?.(low-?rioed; MOLASSES. For aale by JOHN J. BOQUE. ae 10 I"11 BBS' HAIR STORE. vl No 943 Pa. at.bit. 1*th amp 18th a^a. PERFUMERY. *c BKAlDS.CURLS WIGS. HALF W1G8, FRlZETTES, to. A full a took (Iwi on hand, or made to order at t*e >hofU:t il-sSSrionolt-Ag^. / THE LATELY NEWS! TELEGRAPIIIC. PROGRESS OF THE WAR. ?. - The Surrender of Fort Sumter. NO OXE KILLED:?SEVERAL U OCXDED Cb**L*sto1?, April 13. I p m ?ArxlenoiiN and ma* are down?supposed to Uave been sL?>1 aw.iv The Federal flag hat again Ven hoisted. Wm. Porclier Miles, under a white Bag, ha* gone to Su niter. Anderson bas hauled down the Federal flag and hoisted a white one. The batteries have a) 1 stopped Bring, nnd two boats with Confederate Bags are on their way to tb<> fort Fort Sumter baa surrendered. The Con federate flag has been hoisted. No one of the jjarriion. or Confederate force, at far as it known, hat bran Wiled. Three tire companies of our city are now on the way to the fort toextlngulth the conflagration before it reaches the great magazine. Chailksto*, April 13, 9 50 p m ?The newt of the unconditional turrender of Fort Sumter 1 X...A ? ? t a sr*_ n ? < *? - ? ? au? jum arrivru. riX*3?iiaior UOfinni, KX-Ooternor Manning, and William Porcber Mllea have ju?t arrived In two thousand shot* which werellred by Port Sumter, none of tbe Confederate troop* were hurt. Bella are ringing out a merry p*al, and tbe Cbarleatontans are engaged In every demonatratlon of jov. It is estimated thattbereare nine thousand men under arma on the Islanda and in tbe neighborhood The correspondent of the Associated Press has just had an interview with William Porcber Mil's, who atateg, in the most positive terms, that no one was killed at Fort Sumter. This is reliable and puts to rest all reports to the contrary. Chiilhtom, April 13, 10 P. M ? Judge Magrath from Fort Sumter reports that the wood work of the fort and the officers' quarters are entirely destroyed. None of the officers were wounded. The fort will be occupied by the Confederate troops to-night. Charleston, April 13, 10 30 p m.?Captain Hartstene, In company with Captain Whiting and Major Anderson, have just reached the city The Fairfleid regiment, one tho>:sind strong, have just passed the Courier office on their way to Morris island There are now 10,000 men under arms on the islands and coast. The Fleet at Charleston. Charleston. April 13.?A bo>?t from one of the vessels outside has communicated with General Simmons, in command of the forces at Morris Island, and made a request that one of the steamers should be allowed to enter port for the purpose of taking away Major Anderson and his command. An rrinocmpnt W.. *k ?... ?tiiwu^vw?vua ?? ?? VVU W OJ IUC pa I I I *~B ID tay proceedings until nine o'clock to-morrow. Some Particulars of the Sarreader. Cuablistoj*, April 13.? Hostilities for the present have ceased, and victory belongs to South Carolina, with a display of a flag of truce on the ramparts of Fort Sumter. At half-past one o'clock the firing ceased, and an unconditional surrender was made The Carolinians had no idea that the war was at an end o soon. After the flag-stiff of Major Anderson was shot awav, Col Wlirfall. aid to Gen. Beauregard, at his commander's# request, went to Fort Sumter, with a white flag, to ofler assistance in extinguishing the flames He approached the burnt ng fortress from Morris Island, and, while the flre was raging on all sides, effected a landing at Fort Sumter. Heapproacht-d a porthole, and ?:?? met by Major Anderson, who said he had just displayed a white flag;. but that the firing from the South Carolina b;?tterie?uas nevertheless kept up Col. Wlyfall replied that Major Anderson must haul down the American that no parley would be granted; and that surrender or fight" was the word Maj Anderson then hauled down his flig. displayed over that of the truce, when all tiring instantly ceased, and two others of General Heauregard's staff, ex Senator Cbemnut and exGov. Manning, came over In a boat, and stipulatoil with M 4 1 ? J * * . v. rtimrisuu hjciv ui? urrcuutTiuoiua bo unconditional for the present, subject to tLe terms of Gen Beauregard. Mnjor Anderson was allowed to remain with his tutu in actual possession of the fort, while Messrs. Ohesnut and Manning came over to the city, panied by a lumber of the Palmetto Guards. These were met at the Pier by hundreds of citizens, and as tbey inarcbea up tbe street to tbe General's quarters the crowd was swelled to thousands S*bout? rent the air, and the wildest joy was manifested on account of the welcome tidings. After the surrender, a boat with an officer and ten men was sent from one ef the four ships in tbe nlliiu? to Geii. Simmons pnmm?niliiiii ? > ^ f - ? ?. ?-vil ill VI I i? Ulrtiid, with a request that a tnercnant ship, 01 one of tte vessels ?.f the lrnlted Slates, be allowed to enter and take cff the Commander and garrison of Fort Sumter. Gen. Simmons replied that il 110 hostilities were attempted during the night, and no ett'crt was made to reinforce or retake For! Sumter, he would give an answer at n^n- o'clock on Sunday morning. The officer signified that he was satisfied with this, and returned. A number of citizens, accompanied by the of ncers 01 ijenerai iseauregaru s stuff, paid a visil to Fort Suinter. Moiie but tbe otlicers were al lowed to land. They went down in a ateamer, and carried three'ire engines for the purpose ol putting out the fla-nes. The fire bad, however, been previously extinguished by the exertions ol Major Anderson and hla men, but It rekindled al three different times during the day. Tbe visitors report that JHajor Anderson surrendered because his quarters and barracks were destroyed, and necnuse he bad no hope of reinforcements. The fleet lay idly by for thirty hours because they could n<t help him Besides, hii men were prostrated by ovVr-exertion. Five ol them were hurt?four badlv, and one, It ia thought mortally; but the remainder of them were worn out. The explosion! which were heard and Keen from the city in the morning were caused by th? bursting of loaded shelis These were Ignited bj the tire and could not he removed quick enough The tire in the barracks was caused bythequan titles of hot shot poured in from Fort .Moultrie. Within Fort Sumter everything but the case mates is an utter ruin. The work looks like i blackened mess of ruins. Many of the guns an dl.mounted; the side opposite the battery 011 Cum mlngs I'olnt is the hardest dealt with. The rilled cannon from this place did great havoc upon For' Sumter. The wall look* llk? ? >? An?tr<?nr?iK ?%/ ? aivui TV.VIIIU Near the top It a breach as big as a cart. Th? side opposite Fort Moultrie i? extensively honey combed, as ii alao that opposite the ttoating battery. Fort Moultrie is badly damaged. The oflicers1 quarters and barracks are torn to pieces?the frame bouses cn the Island are riddled with shot in many places. Whole sides of houses are torn out Dr. Crawford Anderson, the surgeon, is slight ly wounded in the lace None of the Cbarlesto nians are injured. Positively Major Anderson and all his offlcen and men are vet in Suutter?th?? fiirmut that they had proceeded to Charleston being in correct. The a??ent who sends this intelligence approached near euouf>h to tbe wall to see binr Lid his visiters adieu in addition to this, coil' versations that were Lad with him have been repeated to the writer that a boht was sent from th< lort (or from this port) to-night, officially U notify tbe fleet at tbe Lar that Major Anderson lias surrendered It is not known wLen the Carolinians will occupy Fort Sumter or what Is to he done with th? VanquisLed. Kvery one Is satisfied with victory, and happy that but little, if any, blood was shed In the city, after the surrender, the bells were runt; ana cannon urea [ 1 tie above dlapatck embraces a narrative oi evt-nu up to five o'clock Sunday morning J Departure ( Aadtrion1! Commtud. Cha*lestos, April M.?Negotiation* in relation to the diapoation of Andrrton and his m?o Wftpft MmnlflMi Iftfit nlorht ^V.?? ? ? ? .. .? >?? UC ?uu Uit LUIiimand will embttrk ou board of the war vessel* oil the bar When Sumter was In Hmnea, and Anderson could only fire his guns at long intervals, the men at the secession batteries cheered at every Are which the brave garrison made in their la*t struggle, but looked deiiance at the veisels of war, whose officers and men laid Quietly by without tiring a gun or attempting to alvert the tire of a single battery from !>umt*r. Five of Anderson i men. as before stated, were wounded. l?ATKfc.?TLe ste&msblp Isabel is now tiring up. She Will take Gen Heaurevard In Kurt K?mi?r which will be turned over by Major Anderson to the Confederate States The Major and his command will leave in the Isabel at 11 o'clock for New York. The fleet is still outside the l?ar. Still Latek?Fort Sumter has just been turned over to Gen. Beauregard Major Anderson was allowed to fire a salute in honor of his 1 -g. Fifty guns were fired from the feu belle and casements Maior Anderson is now embarking upon the Isabel. Their leave taking is a thrilling scene They nil direct to New York. Latzst.?A boat hns just arrived from Fort Sumter. During the firing of the parting salute four of Major Anderson's men were mortally wounded by the bursting of two of his guns. >.t*i . St* l^WBlege Ntw Yon, April 14.?Advices from St Domintro my that the surr?nder of that Republic to Sptin'took the people by surprise, and It 1? h In led that there will be a bloody retr.button. The Kugllsh and French Consuls had protested and struck their dags Cp to the Sid our representative had made no movement. Now York Markets. Nkw Yokk, April 14.?Flour dull and ?nchanged. W heat dull. Corn s eadv, *ud quotaMow unchanged Provisions steady. Wuissy firm at W%. * ' 7 The Virginia CuTratln. RiCHMoxii, April 13 ?The Committee of Ux W bole to-day adopted the flrst three aectlon* of tbe propueed amendmenta U the Constitution A nrw section vra? offered by Go* Wlae, providing fer conipern it'on In all raaee, where property in person* beld to service or labor has been or may lie taken far nuhlie. in*. > la lmnmim>nl rai service, <cp. Adopted. The fourth section ' Wa? then adopted. The flflh aertion, prohibiting Importation of lavea. yu tak^a up rod numerous amendment* wer* oArred It wu finally adopted with an ^intendment providing that nothing herein contain*! (ball ?pr>ly to any Southern State* which Uaredec lared rr mnv declare their separation. in caae their independence be acknowledged and continued. The debate turned exclusively upon the surrender of Fort Sumter Messra t'arlile and ICariy deprecated the wction of South Carolina in firing, and expressed devotion to the Start and Stripes The leading secessionists applauded the gallantry of South Carolina, and maintained that whatr-ver tbe Convention might do, the people would take tne State out of tbe ("nion The committee rose A communication waa i*r?lv?d from iu ??? ernor subm'ttlng a dispatch from t?ov Pickens, giving an account of yetterday'a bombardment He saya: ?' There vai net a man at our hntterlea hurt The fort flred furiously upon ua. Our Iron battery did great damage to the couth wall of the fort; the shells fell freely Into the fort, and the effect 1* aupposed to be serious, as they are not tiring thla morning. Our ( Knneld' battery dismounted three or Anderson's largestrolumbiad*. We will take the fort and can aink the fleet If thev attempt to pass the channel. If the? land ? can whip them We hare now of the beat troops In the world, and reaerve lu.v UO on the routes to the harbor The war haa commenced, and we will triumph or perish. Pleaae let me know what your State intends to do." Governor Letcher replied ?" The Convention will determlue '' .Mr. Wysor offered a resolution. In view of the late information, recommending that the people of Virginia at once unite in defense of their institutions. and make a common cau?e with the Confederate Stat- a. No action was taken, and the Convention adjourned It waa openly stated that a Southern army wowid march through Virginia to tbe North, and that thousands would join them on tbe route Mr Karly said that this would be an invasion which would be repelled. Great rejoicings here. One hundred guns were 11 red, and the tlTg of the Confederate **utc* was displayed. Illuminations and music are In the programme for to-nlgbt The Governor was serenaded, and responded in a non-committal speech. The streets are crowded. WAR MOVEMENTS Lieatenant Wordea, (J. S II , a Prisaaer. Moxtgomkky. April 13?Maior Chamber* of the Alabama Army." baa arrived bere from Penaacola, and brings Lieut Reed Worden, of the Federal Navy, a prisoner of war He was bearer of dispatches to Fori Pickens and to tbe Federal fleet In Pensacola bay He Is held by the Secretary of War, who sent a detachment to arrest him Dispatches from Gov Pickens, giving intelligence of the surrender of Fort Sumter, were received by the Secretary of War this afternoon, and read by tbe Clerk of tbe War Department, from the Eiecutive Buildings, in the pr?seuce of President Davis and his Cabinet Seven guns were tired in honor of the event, and there was fc . v-- i\jviv>u^ nuiuii^ cinivra ui uur ClillfDB Lieut" Wordea, who is a prisoner here, baa been compelled to give up to the Secretary of War hi* dispatches from Lieut siemmer, to'the Government at Washington. I be Attorney General's opinion is requested as to the law in bis case He violated a promise to report te Geu Bragg, and carried in secret dispatches to Fort Pickens, showing toG<?n. Bragg other dispitches, and failing to report himself ou his return. Bleckade ( Charlestea Charleston, April 13 ?It is understood here that this Dort bas been blofkmM hv th? squadron outside Fart PickrM Rflaftrcrd Pzssacola, April 13 ? Fort Pickena vu reinforced laat night. The Merrimac te be Fitted far Sea XoRroLK. April 13 ?Order? have been received here to flt ?ut tne ateamer Immediately The Transport Steamer Atlantic. New Vi.rk, April 14 ?Tbe steamer Marion, from Ch-.rleston, paesed the steamer Atlantic at live o'clock vn the afternoon of the 11th. off the Frying Pan Shoala Freshet the Potamac. MARri5?acEG, Va , April 14. p. m.?The heavy rainaonthe mountains on Friday and Saturday nlgbta have swollen the Potomac and o$h*r to a vpry great height The telegraph wire* have been down wn: of Sir Jolinl Ran since Saturday i nfternoon, except for .? ntomec' l: *t night, when they were working to Cumberland The streams [ about Cumberland were very high, and much , damage was expected. The railroad has been [ submerged all day at several places between this and Cumberland, though freight trains came [ through last nijrht Passenger trains have been laid by?those e*st\ ward bound at Cumberland, and the westward bound at this place. At Harpers Ferrv the water was almost as high a? in 1^2, bcir / within four t feet of the great railroad bridge. At Cherry Run (15 miles west of this), Sir John's R ua, Jtc., the water this n.orn'.n*. was from four to six feet > above the rails The ^alu has now ceased, and t the water is again falling Passenger trains are f expected to move forward safely and regularly t to-night. Telegraph wires are being restored, and track officers repcrt no serious damage to the railroadnew Iron bridgs with strong abut.nenta having been built et Cherry Run and other places alncc , the last freshets. i Latkk?10 p m ?The de'.aved passenger trains f from the West havecome safely through the hlirh waters, and will go forward promptly to Baltii more. They report bo injuries or k^es of momeat by the rice. Lmtrr from Eirtpr New York, April 15.?The steamship Fulton ha* arrived here bringing Kuropean date* to the 2d April. The market* are dull quiet and generally un changed. Consols have declintd i It was rumnrcd that the German member* of the Vienna Cabinet had resigned The movement* in the Austrian army in litrla continued. ( The Insurgent* in Henzegovlna had been repulsed by the Turks Queen Victoria will receive the Marquta D. - Azelio as Minister of the King of Jtaly It waa asserted at Berne that Garibaldi has requested bis officers residing in Switzerland, to be ready to awt-mble at bis summons within fouri teen days. The concessions granted by the Czar of Russia have not sati-tied the people. The concentration of the military continues. The Kmperor of Austria has rejected tfcs democratic programme of the Hungarian leader, 1 who demanded the absolute separation of the ' Hungarian administration from that of Austria. - The Emperor Intends abiding by reforms already - granted. I General Garibaldi hid a conference with Vie. tor Kmanuel 011 the 2d. The Confederate States. MosTooMamv, April IS?An offer hu been 1 mad?* to the Treasury Department to take tbe entire Confederate loan of fifteen million! at par, by parties in New Orleans Official advice* from Charleston say tliat when 1 Major Anderson'! quarters were seen to be burning Geo. Beauregard sent offers of assistance, before tbe white flag was run up on Sumter. Col. . W igUU received Anderson's sword, and returned It immediately Tbe fleet is still in sight off Charleston harbor. Secretary Towles has received despatches from .Messrs. Hrecklnrldge and Magoffin, of Keatac ky, saying there is Kreat excitement, and entire sympathy with the South. r Seven thousand men of the Border State* are under arms, and offer to move at a momenta notice from the Montgomery War Deportment. George N. Saunders has sent one of his peculiar | telegraphic epistles to Dean Richmond, Mayor Wood and Auguat Belmont. Savaxxar, April IS.?Immense quantities of munitions of war are reaching this point. Neva Scotia Legislature. Halifax, April 13.?Intelligence of the bombardment of Fort So enter reached this city this t>v-- t <-!- " .v.wvoa. * ua uu utwih* oi iop , eveut, amidst intense emotion, passed tbe follow- j in? unanimously: Hesolvd, That this House baa beard wltb the dee peat sorrow and regret of Ibe outbreak of civil war among their friends and neighbors la tb? United States. Keiolt td, That thla Houae, without expressing an opinion upon the points In controversy between tbe contending parties sincerely lsment that those wbo speak their language and share civilisation should be shedding eoch others blood; and tbsy desire to offer up tbelr fervent prayers to the Father of tbe linlver*e for tbe restoration of peaca. Effect ! the War Mmwn AlrsMI. Baltimoki, April LS ?The Union feeling hers to-day Is very strong. An organization of Mlnata Meu, 2 500 strong, who Iwn been drilling ever since tbe Prealdentlal election, threw out tb* Man and atrlprs thla morning from tbelr headquarters, with thf noottj: 4*l'olon and the Coaetlauon " PaiLanaLPBia, April IS.?An excited crowd aaaembled before the printing office at tbe corner of Fourth and CLeannt atreeta, where tbe Palmetto Flag, a email adrerttaing ahoet, la published, aad threatened to demollab It. Tne proprietor dieplayed the American flag, aad threw the objectionable papera from tbe windows, and also "Tbe titers ana Stripes," another paper printed la tbe ' same office, thus restoring the crowd to a good humor policy. - 4 - ' - J The Feellag la lit* York |Special dispatch to tbe Star .J \*w York, April 15? K4\tor #/ tk4 Smr : Notblie cu rtftd tbe FalbMitMi A Utm meeting of both p*rttea Wto bt beld at S dock to-day to take ?>p? to it* pond to the proclamation The Sfw Yark Tiraea t arraapoadeat ArrartH b* a Spy at < bartaetaa. Ntw Yass, April II.? J taper,* tbe Time* oar rcipraafm, h?a iwn WM aa a tf s at Cbtrlw ton. H? wmootiflnfd for a time and thw wd?r?d out of tbe Mate Hp wuUktn aafar u Wilmington. \ C , ard la now on hla way North. Aftaira at Fraucala The NV art In/ton correspondent af the Peuaaeola Obaerver writ^a April fetti There wna i Irrge a (-sal on to our military force veatrrdar; tbe Mlaalaatpplana ran* lar?aatlesa number*. making tbe "welkin rir.g" with tbelr fheerv Tbe ateamer Tom M nrray brought two eargoea. nnraberlng about 1.100 and a arboon er ramr down from town with about 800 oa board. Tbe arrlrala yrawdav fully amounted to 1JUO hfiiw and determined men. who are naolrcd to rout every veaUge of the aggreoaora, or die In the effort. A member of the Lafarette Guarda died oo W>i tk. v. ? l u _# " " j *uc nw|'itai 1*1 tunj[r*nuu VI Ulf lungs He was Interred the nmt dsv A Zouave, wbo showed a determination to resist authority on Saturday morning. received haronet wound In the tfaigb. and waa conveyed to the hospital immediately afterwards The Hon S R Mailory. Secretary of tta Navy of the Confederate states, passed through here on Saturday He called on Oen Bracc and Quarter muster O'B^nnon. but i*nnlned nnlviaknrt " >* Samuel / Gonzalez, F.sq., late naval storekeeper. hit been appointed tjuarterir.aster with the rank of Major In tbe Marine Corps of tbe Confederate States Lieut Ing abam. CSM C., l? here and has a few Marines He is about organizing a largo corps, 1 bave be^n Informed The steamer Kate Dale is anilonalv looked for here The second company of Zouaves are said to be on board Despatrbea received on Saturday evening reported her lying in tbe c?ve below Mobile, on account of bad weather. The remains of Commodore James Mcintosh were on Friday taken out of the vault in which lh?u u<.? 1 1 ' - ?x , M- u iirrc. aim run vfyni W lOf family burying ground In Georgia From Niw M ex h o?K correspondent of tbe I St I .on it Republican, writing from Santa Pe oa March 24, says: The reading of Prraldent Lincoln's Inaugural here, yesterday, was the occasion of tbe most latense exc itement It was proposed to lake Immediate possession of the Government property, which could easily have been done, as there are but fifty soldiers in barracks But better counsel prevailed, and now I believe the people are willing to await the action of Missouri, with whom they consider their destluies so Interwoven tbat thev m 11st follow her lead The citizens of Arizona held a Convention la the town of Mesjilia, 0:1 the 16th Inst , and re IaIvmI tkamMivaa All# / ># ?k* lT?' ? L ? ? ?? - . ?V ?% vui - '4 ?LAX. V> II t VII urr u pon Gen. \V. Claude Jone* announced himself a candidate to represent Arizona in the Congress at tbe Confederate Stetea of America Li>coln's roLicv or Holding thh Foars Ejdoiskd ik At a Union meeting in Bedford county, l ean , tbe following resolution, anion? others, were adopted Krsob ed. That wLile we concur In the greatest moderation, forbearance and kindoeesof the Federal (luvrmU'fDt toward* the seceded States. be lirvint; them to be tbe v'ctlns* of meecileaa oonsptr&tors aud usurpers, we at the same time deprecate the abandonment or the surrender of any rights tL*t can be succesafully and permanent!? maintained against any odds We think less tbau to hold the forts that can be thus held, and collect the revenue, is to strengthen rebels and to dishearten and weaken patr'ots, and that more la not necessary to give the people a chance to eipet thpif trmili f?nm nAWAr ?r,*l nl^? IT7"To kwp apples from rotting?put them id i dry cellar with flfu-en bo>? O N E D O Ij Xj A R , 81??1?*1-S1?Sl-fl?St-ftl??I??l 4 76 Pa.. A v. L V AN 9. 47?Pa..A" YOUR CHOICE OF~ANY ARTICLE Of JEWELRY IN OUR STORE FOR ONE DOLLAR. PPLIiNDID ASSORTMENT. Elegant CARBUNCLE Sata for #1 Eiacant LAVA ? SataforRl EUgant GA K.N LT ft?U for ?1 Elegant JET beta for $1 Elegant ^ORAL and GOLD SataforRl E.etaat MEDALLION SeUtorft! Elegant RIM MOSAIC -SaUforfl Elopant PLAIN GOLD Sata tot ?1 lAdiM' GUAR I) CHAINS for#! lAdiM'CHATELAINK CHAINS tor ft 1 . A.??* >: f /-* ir mt t t%>ti *? litHliHS ror ^1 VKST CHAINS,(10 diffbreot for #1 LARGE LOT OFTLATED WARE, ooutietlcg of TAHLE.TEAnnd DhSERTSPOONS,FORES. CREAM PITCHERS, CAKE BASKKTS. CREAM LADLES, TEA &ET8 OK KNIVESa.nd FORKS, BUTTER KNIVES, CURS. Aft., Ac. Alao. A L*ree A?r rtroent ot JEWELRY, which we o*c ?oil at 5" n?nU per mrtul*. CLOS NG OUT OUR ROCK AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. #1.00 BOORS M.H| for maaata SlJtt BOOKS bt'ltn* fur 00 to 75 a*dU 92.U0 BOORS 8?'Ui* far #1 to flJS NOW IS YOl'R TIME TO ?ET BOOKS and JEWELRY LOW ER THAN EVER BEFORE. CALL EARLY AT 476 Pa. At. EVANS'S. 4T? Pi Af ay 4-lw.r LE BON TON FOR AFKIL. Atlantic Monthlf fur A aril. Arr>l?ton'? New American EucToloprdia,'s Deba'e* on the Federal Constitution, t Toium*t, Reguiattona for United States Conselatee.l volume. FRENCH A mOHSTMN, ma S ST8 Pa. ar., bet. llth and 12th eta. A OARD. WOULD Reapeotfullj oall the attention r[ the eitixea and stranger to our new lot of Men'aand Bo>V CLOTHING, Fl RNISHI^G tiUODH. H A 19 and CA Pj*. I c*.n ?af?l? *a* that I am now prepared to se.l goods on better terms than ever. Don't forget to o&:i and look at nor new r'?ods. J. H. SMITH, Clothier. _ap Vim No. 460 Seventh st.. wear F. TPHE SUBSCRIBERS HA V NG KECElVkD 1 their hrst ?upp > of new styiea of ^SPRING UOOD*. tti?j retpecifulj invite *"M a call from tlieir patrons ana the public gen- \\ eraily. Ths-? keep al?o eonstantlr *>* hxctl ww a (otd rupplT of N AVAL and MILITaR Y FURNISHl"NG GOODS, suob aa Epaulets, Swords, Gold Lacea. etc. H. F LOUDON A CO.. Piliaen anW Uilitare Tai Inrfl v-i>ib w nu<< si s j a ? "??i ma 8" 3m?o No. 36*. nmlor Hrowc'i HuUl. WNEW GO()l?S. E Are now to oer stuck a Itriiwd desirable )<?t of NEW GOODS, oomprismg everything that it new and deeirable, whiek we propose to eeil at a small price. All persons in waalei DR V GOO l?? will al ways find our stoat ounpMs in aU its branches, and at the lowest prioea. W? woul 1 impress upon those of our oitis mis who Jmt* recently taken up their residence wnk as, that we have kut "oue pnoe." marked ia piain tjurra oa each article, and otfer a msooantof ftva per east, off for all sales for caah. We ask an cxaiLioatioa of tkst easterners can satisfy thexn-elree ia recard to Uia sarin* by puiohasiae for oasli. W. Ms WHUSTER * 00? No 38, opposite Canter Market, ap 6 lot Between 7tt ano 8'h eta. I WILL BUY AND GIVE A HIGH PRICK for Autos rephs (old letters from oe e?rsied wee.j H are Fauip.i eta ud WcrkioaAntntuHltten, ko I.eiUri of Washington much waited. Addreaa k. SHRINK, Hi north Twelfth at.. Philadelphia, Pa. a? >-7t* pKCNCH LlNE? CAKBftlC HANDKEE1<# do*. French Lisas Haakercn'fiat# 1 flnpar dot. in do*. do. do. do. flif do Audos. do. do. do. Jxix do. _ (These gooda are extra ohaa?.) French Shirting Lin*na, Vi*h Linen. Linen Toweling, abie Lin- b. Curtain M nance, MarteilleaQmla Oar atoek > fall lajiU deaartaanta. and *( la tta all ia want of DE\ QOO Dt* at low prtoaa ta iiiaua?U. w"- UHHLUBh. # i twtl NEW iND am ^ witfcWI>B Mor* of*hMd yyfor MM tv4? FmoT dIm nllii which v? oro nuioi or u todwd ? iom t? ok*** tin iruoa. * iiteM up* ior fw? 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