Newspaper of Evening Star, April 16, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 16, 1861 Page 1
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M % 9 ^ , # * ~ (jftahtg Star. V?>. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. APRIL 16. 1861. N?. 2.545. 1 | iTHE DAILY EVENING 8TAR a P9BL&HBD BVM&TAFTBRNOOIf, (SUNDAYS BXCBPTBD.) AT THE STAli BUILDINGS, Crrntr tf PtnTisylvan* mmm and lllA j St ST D. ST f*f* aorrod tn rtoktiM by oarrtora at #4 l ymt, at ST outi pmr month. To nail abeertborn IA* ?rico la #3jr> * roar, m #3 for tlx r-onliia; 91 for ttrroo mootha; and for leoa than tnroo month! at th? rata of 12 oenta a weak. Simla aoyi**, o^i cost; in vra*part, two cnti. (1^ ADvnTTsnooald beaen< to tho oAoo before 13 o'ciook m.; otherwise they may not ayyaar antll tfco neat day. | A Tfrlltu ud Thrilling Exploit?The First Ak rut ( the I'rnMykan. To those who lore to dwell on the horrors and ascent of Mont Blanc, we would recommend a perusal vf the "Scenes de Paysage# dans les Andres," by M Paul Mareoy, in the Revue Conteinporaine. Our space does sot allow us to give the entire thrilling de?criptions of the Crusayhua, a mcuntain of Peru, situated in The neighborhood of Cusco; but the following extract will give a sufficient idea of the perilon# exploit: At first sight, both sides of the mountain appeured absolutely the same, and equally inac cessihie: bat apon closer scrutiny, we found that while to the right it presented an all but vertical plane, the left side displayed certain reddish lines, which had much the appearance of a flight of stairs. We therefore resolved to attempt the escalade on tkis side. On the third day we arrivod at that point of IL'rusuhaya which I had often examined from below, and where vegetation having ceiled, the bare rocks appeared; but what I had been untble to distinguish, and what appeared to me ?i mis moment an insurmountable object, was the expansion of the summit, which gave it r-0 feet higher up the appearance of a mushroom. We had no longer to cope with a vertical wall, but with one projecting over our heads. For a moment we stood aghast; baton examining the rocks, I marked certain projections, just large enough for a man's foot, and lituated at intervals, so that by a bold stride ?mia miirKf t\ajo f? 1 a' ? fiiv tuigu* jfww nuui uuo iu mo uiucr, auu iqub reech the opposite side of the moantain,where a farther ascent might be practioable. The distance to be got over did not exceed 50 paces, but as the space was auite denuded of bushes or limbs bj which to nold. the slightest false step must precipitate the adventurer into the alley where the torrent Hulioamayo was dashing on at the rate of ten knots an hour. Nevertheless, I took off my shoes, fastened a rope around my body, giving the other end to Gasfard to hold, and gradually reached the third pr?yection. __ As I was trying to get to the fourth, the rope i was dragging after me caught by something. I turned mv bear! to baa what it w*? >?? so ioing. my eyes encompassed the empty space below me. It was like a fiaeh of lightniflg. A confused mass of verdure danced before me, intersected by the Baloamayo, glittering in the sua like a thread of mercury. I closed my eyes to avoid the horrible vision, but the vi&ion remained in me. and I continued to see it. Then I was seized with a singing in my ears; an insupportable blast of beat rose from my entrails to my brain ; then I felt my lego tremble and my wrists lose strength, as if under the influence of an electric pile; an unknown force superior to my will, made me open my eyes and look again at that river of liquid sil, ver, which seemed to writhe in the sun. Dizziness, the demon of the abyss, had seized upon me. and was drawing me down. r. ti... i.,t ? 1 ?i? ?? * 1 tu luio iaci wuuicul, naeu iQuusaoas oi rca atoms were whirling before my eye*. I still had strength enough left to call, '-Gaspard ! help'" The brave fellow saw the look I had involuntarily cast into the abyss, and guessing what might occur, had imprudently for himself, but happily for me, the daring to follow me. As my hands, convulsively grasped, were about to lose hold, he siesed me by the nape of the neck. calling to me to take courage. 1 regained my elf-possession, succeeded in retracing my steps, and fueling the ground once more under my feet, I swooned away. As Execttiox im Fraj?cs.?I was *>bliged to kenp on the outskirts of tne crowd; and never having seen an execution before I eould not help being shooked by the levity of these people. Men wore hawking about rakes, rolls, and lots of other eatables, which were bought freely, and devoured amidst laughter and jokes, as if they were at a fete. I followed tho rear of the procession, and got close up to the soaifold. The prisoners were brought out in two open carts, and then, tor the first time, I hud tin opportunity of seeing whnt ?lw.? 1 W- v_:.l e .< ? ! ?>? iiao. iienuor ui lueui uppea red to be more than 36 years of age. and it wua impossible to detact in their face.i any igns of ferocity. Stupid enough they looked, certainly, but there wag much more of the sheep than of the wolf in their physiognomy. Each held a crucifix in his hand, and each bad a priest beside him, who prayed incessantly. Their responses were fervent, and there wan an agonising earnestness in their tone which was dreadful to bear. As the cortege moved slowly through the throng, there was no longer anj of that levity perceptible which had shocked me a few minutes before. Lverybody?men and women?seemed to sympathise with the criminals. and I notiocd lips moving, as if omi among the spectators were offering up prayer* for their souls. There was a pau*e when we reached the foot of the scaffold, and the priest recited more and longer prayers. Then one of the criminals ascended the steps, holding the priest by one band and the crucifix in the other. This was Barra). He looked slowly along tbeseaof upturned faccs. as if he would like to see somebody be knew. Then he looked up to the bright blue sky for a minute. I could see the tears glitter in his eyes aa he broaght them down to their former level; and I heard him say distinctly, as his head was being arranged in its rdace. "J*, mmr* msii* I j? suit inrtucrnt. Kilt m'a tue. J* suis inw*nt. O mon DieuThe heavily-loaded descended like a flash of lightning, and guilty or innocent, a soul was liberated to enter upon the next mysterious stage of existence.?Oncc a WW. Th* Military For<r and Auus or Pejui;.vlvaxia ?From an official source, we learn that the whole number of organised volunteer companies in this State is shout 500, averaging about 40 Den to a company, making an aggregate of ever 20,000 uniformed volunteers. The entire military force of the State is about &5.000 moo capable of military duty. The arms of the State are all in the possession of the volunteer companies, and comprise 12.080 muskets, 4,706 rifles, 2,809 cavalry swords and abree, J,147 pistols, 69 pieces of ordnanee, being six pound bronte cannon. Of the above there are only about 2.600 muskets of the new model, 1,200 improved riflea, and about 500 a - Jt? ? - <-i?? mirj iwvrai. xn? Mtanet are unfit for active service, being mostly of the heavy old flint lock The 60 pieee* of ordnance are in good condition, with the exception of the carriages. From the above it will be seen that the volunteer* of the State have but 4,260 effective small anna, leaving an actual deficit for them alone of 14,800. No arms are furnished to the militia by the State itself All that are now issued to the militia are furbished by the United States to Pennsylvania. The sam of $200,000 is annually appropriated to the porehaee of arms, to be aistriboted mrviu* th* a?il * iNW| IMV ?y?-vvo ?UU lomwriW, ID pn?pUrtion to tMr representation Id Congresa. In addition to the fiftr uniformed companies now ?nroll?d in Philadelphia, two regimenta have been formed, which are intended for immediate eerriee, whenever called npon by the Governor of Pennsylvania, or the President of tha United States.?Ledger. ir^Tlir ? ? ? j- ? - -- ?7 mm *w wvu>?iBK*0VUIV !*N?w OrUias was broken open and robbed of MM. A little putty wu discovered adhering to the wood where the implement which forced the deck wwapplied, beace it was concluded tbatthe work wu dona wrth glazier's chiael, and as two glaalsr* were boarding ia the houae they were undid It waa auppoaed from a variety of eir anMancsa that the crlose would be proved oa UTA large readlag Leaa baaglng la I be Wladsw of a shop la Loadee, Pacini to the la. Its fMoa helag wltbta the range of tbe woodwork, set Ire ta it oo tbe 19th alt. Tbe accident mgm| the possibility of buLU-eyr* in deck* of fes* els becalmed la tropical climates, settioe ?rs to ships aad cargoes or la ware-hooass, were sack meaasef llghtlag is resorted to. ? rr The Lsadsa Moralag Chronicle to mw for t penny. J o A MlMiuippl Steamer. A Mississippi steamer is built far shallow water and an early death. It has neither lower oabin or held. The main deck is occupied by the boilers, the two engines, bunks for the crew, the fuel, and freight. Over it is the cabin, a long passage flanked on both sides by state-rooms. Above this is the hufticane deck, on which are the most comfortable bertha in (Ka Kao t at 11 ia * V??* " ? Ti HV WHi. J4 Iguvi Bilil 19 bUV pilUVUVUSC. 11 jou make friends with the pilots, you will find it the best place for lounging and sightseeing. They are very companionable, full of incidents, and worth studying. They know the Mississippi as a Boston boy does Boston, and receive from $K>0 to $200 per month, besides the $200 or $3<)0 from their helpers, to whom they teach the river. As a class they spend their money freely, though some save enough to retire, after a few years' service, on a farm. A lookout, from their pereh. will prove to you that "the longest way round is the shortest way home,'' for the boat, in order to reach a point fAH* mSUa Aff . *1 ?--J iviii uiiioo vu initio auvi buius 1U IUC UrUUftCU channel until she has sailed eight A fellow student in the seminary was accustomed to maintain that the words of Job 41: 18.21, were a prophetic description of a Mississippi steamer I was reminded of them cne night by the lurid glare of the open furnace, the chimneys belching forth lire and smoke, and the asthmatic cough of the steam pipes : " By his neesings a light doth fehine, and his eyes are like the eyelids of the momin* Out w ? 1? O' " "" of his moatb go burning lamps. and sparks of fire leap ?ut. Out of hia nostrils goeth smoke, as out of a seething pot or cauldron. Hia breath kindleth coals, and a flame goeth out o( his mouth " I noticed on eaoh side of the bow large spars, with heavj taokle attached, hung to stout upright posts. "What are those for7" I inquired of a fellow-passenger. " To spar, the boat off a sand-bar I rcckon you'll see before we get through." I did see that night. I was lying in Ui.v berth, and heard a dull grating sonnd, and then the boatstopped. " What'* that"' " Nothing. Ran on a bar, I reckon," replied my room-mate." Going on deck, I found that we were aground on the worst bur in the river. The pilot rung, me engineer backed, and the mate assisted him, but still the boat moved not. An up boat tried to pull us off. but run herself aground. "Call all hands, lower the spars, man the bars." The spars were grounded on the bottom, the tackle of one wove round the windlass, and all hands heaved at the bars, spurred by mates?" heave away; lively, men; why don't you heave?"?till the blocks met, when the spar was hoisted, the other heaved upon, and so cn amid oaths (they can swear some on the river) and blowi, to quicken the laggards, for nine hours. As our windlass worked by hand instead of steam, it was a difficult and tedious process. At last the leadsman cried "five feet'' and we were atloat. Slowly tbreugh the crooked channel wo steamed, backing, crossing to one side, then to the other, guided by the ory '-fivefeet, scant," "four feet, largo, "six feot," "five feet," "seven feet," "nine feet." "quarter past twaine," and we were clear. Tni? lo?? i? .1 : ? >-?v (ii'iEgrwu is iuo mcr icrrn ior iweive feet. As toe price of the passage includes hoard, and they feed well, the passengers took their detention as an ordinary occurrence not worth grumbling at. On the Mississippi the boats are sometimes detained fur several day.-, and are actually lifted over the bar. INTERNATIONAL Coi'RT*?r.?Gilbert Wool sey, K?q., the affable" and well-known ferrymaster it Jer?ey City, last evening received a formidable-looking package from the department of State at Washington, bearing the broad seal of the " Committee of Privy Council for trade. ' On opening the package a o did mahogany eas<" wag disclosed, bearing on tho silver plate on the cc ver the name of John R Potter. Tfee eji;*e contained a telescope. 4? feet in length, with s*>lid siiver op *nd tubes, with this inscription, " Pre?ontei by tho British Government to John R. Potter, Master of the American vet*t>el Henry Brigbam, of Savannah, for humanity in picking up at sea, on the loth of January, 1661, tho crew of the Mary Carson of Liverpool." The engraving is in the beat style of art. Tho tubo case of the telescope is of fine whit? Russian leather, nnd the silver Milling cap on the object end is 6} inches in length; on the right end the silver mounting extends three inches. The glass tapers from about an inch and a half in width ?t the right end to three and a half at the object end. It wss made by Troughton and Simms, of London, and is certainly a beautitul and highly finished article. Capt Potter is the brother-in-law of Mr. Woolsey, and his gallant conduct has been before heralded th? length and breadth of tho land. May he wiold the glass for many a year.?N. Y. Express. Gas ahd Maccarom.?Apropos to the scarcity of gas in London in consequence of the short supply of coals this winter, the London correspondent of the New Orleans Delta tells an amusing story. A fine old British merchant desiring to marry his daughter into an aris toe ratio family, invited a number of bachelor lords to dinner to uiake the young lady's acquaintance. There happened-to be present a plebeian youth, whose face had alrendpr gained him the lady's love, and by an adroit maneuver ne succeeded in placing himself next her at table. During the dinner, and while some macoaroni au gratia was under disoiuuion, the gas failed and the ro?in waj left in total darkness. After some delay candles were brought, and the contretemps became a subject of general amusement. fcsuddeuly the fuests made the discovery that between the ost's daughter and the youth waved lightly in elegant play one of those fairy like strings Eeculiar to oiaacaroni. Que end twined aruund is mustache, the other attached itself to the _ l. J > ?' *- - youaz isay 8 iips. it was convicting, and tb? merchant at onee knew he maat relinquish hia patrician design? for his child. The dinner was a mournful one. The next day the young lady was severely talked to, and a week Afterward the maccaronied mosUtchios wert> her husband's. i A Pair or Horses for President Lincoln. A few days siace President Lincoln gav?Col. I Wood, (the gentleman who condu?t?d ident and suite to Washington,) a c>mn:J?ion to purchase for him a pair of horses Col. ifr'ood went into New England and spent severatdays in a search, bnt found nothing that saiteivhiin. He then came into New York state, and inquiry. At Albany he was informed twit W. i H. Vran Cott, of Victor, Ontario county, had a | pair ot horses that might answer his exk3cta lions. Col. Wood immediately repai*3?i to Viotor and waa not long in concluding a^ade. The horses were just what he desired, an\>er? taken for $2,000 We have from a fri;>d at Viotor, a description of thin team, as fallow*: Ilorses 161 hand high, six years old, a iVutifill dark krown in color, with tan noaee, Q, <*isg tails, well matched, and altogether aver y stylish and attractive team. Theae horses let i Victor by ?ars this morning, en route for Washington?Mr. Van Cott going with them ?i far as New York.?Syracuse Journal. JJJ"The Chicago papers have taken this war of driving the runaway slaves out of tbat citv. We copy from the Journal: "We ad vine every colored fugitive 111 the citv to m?k? " -? ? ?j ? --v?? >wi voiiaua u soon as possible. Don't deity * moment. Don't let grmM grow under your feet. Stand not upon the order of your going, but go at once. You are not safe here, and jrou cannot be safe until you stand on English sell, where you will be free men and fire women. It is folly for you to remain here an Instant, for the sUvenolders, encouraged by their late success, are making and will continue le make tbe moet determined effort* toreclaim fufftttvee from bondage. Strike 'for the Worth Star F PcaiTT or Li.zorio* in Ekclaeid?At a recent trial in England, growing out of th* Wakefield bribery ernes, It was proved that rtrfetttbU tradeeosea received eatoe varylogfroro WO to I*-*""----""fc-fl V f ? I j__ Thk Scott Scbstitctk ?The Richmond papen of Saturday, give In full the substitute of Sir. Scott, proposed for the fourteenth resolution of the Committee on Federal Relations. This substitute was adopted?yeas 76. nays 42?and Is 1 as follows: > "The peculiar relations of the States of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee. Kentucky, Missouri, and Arkinsas, to the other States, make it proper, in the judgment of > this Convention, that the former States should j consult together and concert such measures for their flnil action as the honor, the interests, and 1 , the safety of the people thereof may demand, and for that purpose the proper authorities of those States are requested to appoint commissioners to meet commissioners to be appointed by this Coni ventlon on behalf of the people of this State, at Frankfort, In the State of Kentucky, on the last monaay in may nexi. "Ana In the event that satisfactory responses on the part of the non-slaveholding States be not made to the proposed amendments of the Constitution by the time appointed for the reassembling of this bodv, it Is the opinion of this Convention that the said States ot Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, and Arkansas, ought to assemble In primary Conventions. and, in conjunction with this State, convene a Congress of the said States, composed of delegates to be appointed by the Conventions thereof, for the purpose of recommending an amended Constitution of Government to be submitted for ratification to the people of the several Statfs. upon which the Union of the said States and the Confederate States, with such of the non-slaveholding St?t>'fl ni tnav rnnrup n #.*n K*? wfalw ? ? ? ---?J HVIV>U| VV?M '?*?-! J VMtVIed; to which Congress the Confederate State* and the non-glaveholdlng State* concurring In the amendments to the h ederal Constitution proposed by this Convention, ought to be Invited to send I commissioners." The Enquirer and Whig are bath thrown Into AM I... *UI. ? an bukwv ui jagc uy iui9 auut'u. Spirited Awat ?A flag of the Southern Confederacy which was last week raited In a 1'nlon locality at Richmond, Ya , was suddenly and mysteriously spirited away on Saturday Su?Slclons were entertained of a design to remove the ag, and a belligerent Secessionist kept guard on Saturday nifclit with a loaded musket, and performed his duty faithfully and fearlessly until about the usual hour for the closing of the taverns (.. *1? i-ki 1 a ?i ?' 11 * in tuc iiei^uuoruuuu. wuen me patriotism 01 xne ardent naturedj sentry was owrrome by an intense thirst, and he repaired to an adjoiuin" temple of Baccbus for the purpose of "smillnjr" On his return to his post he was maddened with the discovery that advantage had been taken of bis absence to remove the l?y""The Richmond Examiner of Thursday sa>s a company of volunteers for the service < f the Confederate States Is being formed in that city \l r~ A lad died on Sunday from the effects of a aevere beating he received a year ago, at the handa of a brutal German teacher, at a school In Cincinnati. + trr Sir Crewwell Creaawell. diapoaed of one hundred and fifteen divorce auita during the last term ef hia court. Ch. Farre's Champagne. J. R. GLONIN6ER & CO., A'o. 7, yortk Charles street, Baltimore, Having been appoints 1 A grata for the saie of the above brand of CHAMFaGNB WINE, off.v it for sale, relying upon its merits to establish here j the reputation it ha? already acquired in onr ' Southern cities. Besides obtaining a hrst-class Medal at the ( Frenoh Exhibition of 1856, Mr. Farre ba^ been appointed Purveyor to tuo Courts of Spun and Frus?ia ap 6 eoSm W Cl I'IZENs> AM) hTKA.N??tKS ? ?? ILL Fiiid it to their iot?r?-?t before puroiias- ' m* t call at the Extensive Cabinet En-/1 <<1U 1 Uh!i?hment of EDWIN GREEN. No i 1*0 I'BunfTl'ani-v aveMue. wnere alar*e r? ; st^cK. ft FURVlTl'Rt a d CH AlR-'srfKgij I ana MATiRESSES will always be . ?.u mi Vshosanr of a'l thickness?* lor *a'e. e. Parkin* and Repairing and Varni?hing promptly atrcK?.i?d to. 8 t? * _*? J * ' - r ui imure ur inner goods wiccn on storage. ap l-iy*2m F?OR BALTIMOKE AM) THE POTOMAC RIVER LA'XWINGS The ST. NICHOLAS, Captain Jacob XiKWA.t, will leave Ri ey*e Wharf, .(iw* . ? Wa*lun''ton, every SA TL RDA i f MORMNIi. at > o'clock. j ? ommerce Street Wharf, Ualtimore, evjry WFDNESDAY AFTER NOON, at 4 o'clock, calling at her usual landings on the river for passengers and ireifcftt. ! Since la*t season the steamer has (>een pat in thorough order throughout every part of her. ^ For freight or pa??aice apply to THOMAS W. RILEY. Agent. Riley's Wharf, foot of 11th st. ma 19-Tu?Th2m I JjMREMEN'8 INSURANCE COMPANY I VVA?UiKlttTUN AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 777...?200,000. Qfifi eon r C strut and Louisiana av? c*ir Bank of Washington. INSURE HOUSES AND*OTHER PROPERTY . AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. ] DIRECTOR*. c Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, iSamu^l Cropley, William Wiisoc, Riohard Jones, John D. Baro'ay. ? Jacob Gideon, Andrew Both well. i una. ruTKPr, Kiehard Harry, B. B. French, Charles \V. Davis. f No char*? for folioies. JAMES ADAMS, President. Abbl G. D4VI8.Secretary. 00 lO-codm N|> ?The undersigned hf>ca to inform the !) publio that he iiaa on hand a ja-ge stock of MONUMENTS. TOM KS, ii K A US IO N Kb, Ac., at iiatunore and Philadelphia price?. Alao.a new ?tyle of Dratrsnggoan to soenat the) ard, and a new etyleof Mi'b'f Mantels. Tible Tops, Ao., kept "n hand. Brown Stone and Granite work promptly attended to. WM. BKADLKV, m? 1Q.L*m ? ,otL ? ?'"*L ..... i??vwh ? rtv>t i?ri iOi'il (inu IJ"!I hiS. | Wood and Coal. { A No.l artiole ol WOOD on hand, prepared to "i ait the wants of eaah customer. WolkI aold cord j length also, or in any way or any quautitios de- j ired. C7" Coal kept tit Coal Hovsu, toreeued before de i lire ring. 07- 2,340 lba. to the ton. fTT Peraonal attention to every order. T. J.t W. M.GALT. Offioe 2**2 Pa. av., between Uth and 12th Eta. Wood Uill and Wharf foot of Seventeenth afreet, hfllov War Hoaa r*re a?? ^ .... w WW W]r?ai t'OUki Hi rv 4D~U G'RKAT NUMBER# OK PIANO FoKTF.8 t for aale or rental all pnoea. Alae, t*u Mcl-t 1 dr-ona ot-ilifl'?rent ni&Wra for rent or aale. New ? Muaic r?oeived from all parta of the oountT week- I If. JOHN F. ELLIS, t m.t 3? 306 Pa. av., bet. 9th and loth a'a. * ?ILK RORKS, MQU8I.IN ROBES, LAWN J O. RUBEs, HKRAOK R?BfcS. We are aellmgat n\!t their original prico A1 other t9oda of every deacripUoa we are till retling " at coat Onr iar^e and well auurted is e*erT dcparuaoct. * fefl TAYLOR ft HUTCHISON. ? T'AYLOR * HUTCHISON, J. No. 42 olntbr Maxkkt Sfaci, j Wcu'd oall the attention of purohasera to car t atock ofSKASONABLE URY ?>OOW. oompria- f iQf aome of the newest and moat deair&ble import* 3 tluaa of the aeaaon. Our atook of l)omeetloa, Luieu t and White Gooda will be found vary complete, and will be offered at prioee that cannot fail to give aatiafaction Woaaian examination ap 3 JOHN F. ELLIS. " KOE TH^BAL^K AN5 RENT CHICKERING ft'sONS' PIANOS, 306 PttttfA.. Avmiro?, Bttvetm 9th nnd iwi Str*?tt, , ma 9 ??? * ??W(Mt L'lUP J \|AGNOLlA IIA My: i?l MAGNOMA HAMS!! Wo ar* now r?o*iTing oar tint upplr of Magrolia H > ma for th? season Tbn cannot bo ?urpatted. KINO k. BDECUEbL, ap4 oornjr IMh at. and Vermont a.v. 6J0METH1NQ NEW ' ON FREE EXHIRl- j ? TION.' -A vm largo lot of CLOi HIN't*. f FUKNIBBING GOO??, HATS and CaFs>. at J No. 460 Sorviitk it N. B ? All of tb? ai>o%? ixxli | for t\le al vary low prioo*. at SMI fH'8, N >. ?(>0 Bovfloth >t. betwffh B ?od F ata. i_p 5 bu zshuwbkI' DENTISTRY. Dr.chas. r. botklkr. s VRli ROS I'KSTIST, H&tidk located himself permanent y in Washington, oiler* hi* netv.oea to CiU sens and aojourners, in ail the vtriim-mnrJ branches of hi* pro; ?si?n. upon the ma>tN?'1" reoentiv improved ajstein of Dentistry. Dr. B., having stouied with on* of the moat eminent and cxpt rienocd Dentists i.f Wa?hnu'on, and al*J with the Dental Collees of Ba timore,

Irom whom he has received his diploma, fee.* oon fntect that his o Deration* will ?rnv? ?min?"?l? * iafio ory to those who will test hu professional abi ity. Office No. 3S6 Pa avenue, between 3th and Iftth at*., over Stevens'* Laco Store ; open from 9 a in. to4 p.m. ap l-e?.*in D_RsTI OCKWOOD aTr>ARR ELLA RE PR infrared to inaert TbETHiin VULCAN-^-^c^ ITk BASK, a new and improved n nln nif? .1 When male on this plan tney a<e oom 1 f r '' fortable to wear ao4 muoh ohoaper than any other. Also, Te?th insetted on (Johl Plate, and all Lental Operation* of any kind that may be deeired office Room No 5. in the Washington Buiidinc.ooriier f% av. and Seventh ?t. .in. in 'm* 1\1 TKKTH. III. I (tAUIU ? ? " ? - . ? j/v/viti **-?? I/m nit* iUTW.IOT B.1Q pM^DlS# of th? MINERAL PLATE TKET11. teails personally at his ofSc* in this city mitesH Many persons can wear these teeth who^LU-LtJ CMiuot wear others, and no psrem can wear utheri who cannot wear these. Persons oat'.iiiic at my office can be aooommodated with any style ai*l pnoe of Teeth they may desire; but to tnos? wild tiro particular and wish the purest? oleane&t, strongest, aud mo*t perfect denture that art can prodnee, the MINERAL PLATE will be more folly warranted. Rnnina in IK'initt?N? ? *1VI ? w * at a T on U Otl'Pl WWD 9th and 10th sta. Also, 907 Aroh cueAt, Phila*!*! phi*. oc 15 tf CLOTHING, *a SEVENTH STREET. 400 ALWAYS~AHEAD. I hav? jti*t received fi nice strck of SPRING CI.OTHIN<?. P II RN ISH IN? #i? <i .. ? TRUNKS, HATS and CAPSto whi?hVinvi'? tne attention of all in want of such article. My motto it "A cuick sixpence is better than a Blow shilling." Those in want f Clothing we invite to com* and look at our foods and prices ; ?n-1 ii you want a nu'# Shirt a~.d a prerty Tie, No 4 60 Srv enth utre t i? the pla^o to ?et ?hfiri. I have a-?ry lar?e s'ock of SPKING HATS, which I am selling at25 per o^nt. below their aotua! v?'ii?. For those who want to travel. I n-vv* just r?ceivd a !arg-> lot of TRUNKS, VA LISF.S. and CAKPF.T HAGS. va-yiiK in prices fioni SI 3" to $8. If you want a goo:! Trunk, Clothing, Furoishinf Goods, Hats, or Caps, thura is no p'v* where you can buy them as low as at the People's Clothing Store, No. 4b0 seventh St., opposite Vost Office. J II. SMITH. Clothier. marl4-lm No 460 Seventh st., bet. K ami F. TL. A. BKALL ? CO. AKE Plfta.-V.trA i n ?k-~i * _ .... ... U1 ' liilK klivil UUBV"'IIIPP?, aal strangers,that tney have rflmnvM to No. 3t> 1 Sev?nth street, between 1 and K.juet ?t?ov? R. |j Hall's. We have ju>-t received a new cuppiy ol CLOTHINO, FURNISHING GUUUS, TRUNKS HATS and PA FS. wiiioh we c ffer to aell at very low prioes. ''all and see us before buyine el?ewli?r?. an we know that we can ?e:l yon goodeat lean than any other store in the cit*. L A. BKALL ft CO , Ulothiers, marl4-lm No. 3t?l Seventh at., bet 1 ar.rt K. JUST RECF.I VF.D. a lot more of the celebrate I EN CENT TIF."*; also. & very 'arc* lot of Si'RING CLOTH INS. H RMSHING <iO'DS. TRUNKS, HATS and CAPS, at th- P*oate'> looming Store, .No. 460 Seventh at.,oppo?it? Vo*t Office.\reen E and F eta. ap5-lra New arrival of bpring and summer clothing, furnishing ??oods, HATS and CAPS. &tU*? People'* Clothicg More. No. 460 Seventh st., opposite Poat Oflioe: near f jtreet. apS-lm ?? ?t. ijjaar ?*i?? run nave I* *fT"-*^ Roacha*. Bad Hug?, -.ln. 1' AntM, Moth*, Fi.en, f- 'S&//VUA. 'Fie* . fi* ileu Woimi - ??*-*-* It contains no poinm.. 8CHWKRINMVI|,LS are ?ur*ce&tn to RaU mil Mioe. M Schwann ha-, received certificate* om the Pr?-*iilent of wirard Col ec?. liifovors of louse of Refuge, K?nimyi\a:iia II ?r?;ta , a-d >tker Prominent Initiiutious of Phi adelp'.ia : r, ;.Jaii, aghir.^toc, 1) C.; aai Chaiity Hospital, Siew Orleans, La The original oert ficafes can be ?i*en at tlie nVhole^aie and Rft;ul L ^oot North Second treet, Phtlvteir hiv and f>r ?a a tn litis o.ty by L\ i. CLAH K, corner Pa. avenue and 4>* sis., acd I y il l)rti?r:iU au > Oroc^ra. BHWAKK OF SPURIOUS imitations.. fi f Rem-?:nber to ask for Schwenn's Anuihiaiiug Powder. IU7^ None genuine anlcss signed M. (tchwerin. ma 15-?meo I TOP HAM'S tErrvo 92333 PREMIUM TRUNK QHfD MANUFACTORY, 499 SKVKNTH 2.TRKET, WASHINSTON, D. C. Silver Medal awarded i.y Maryland Institate of B&ltimo'e, N<?tferuli9r 7,1C60 U?o. Med&l bf M?? roso!ltan Meclianm?? Wwrbinston, D. C., 1857. ' am oonrtantl? making, and always have on hand, of the bent material, everj Ue?oription of 'ine Bole Leather, Iron Frame. Ladi<v* Dros6, . Wood Box,a:td i'aekme Trunke, Pellisuer, Carpet, and Canvas 'traveling Bag*, School Satohe e, 4c., ! at i.nto rrices. Members of Congress &nd travelers will please ixamine my stock before purciasing elsewhere I'runks that are made in other cities. Superior Leathar and Dress Trucks maJe to * . Trunks oovered ar.d repaired at short notioe. Goods delivered free or charge toanytpart of the ii<T, Georgetown, and Alexandria. jaZHyeo JAMKS S.TOPHAM. IiHB EUROPEAN HOTEL., KEPT BY P. E.MK1C-H. at the corner of Penn. A . ? A ivenue Mid Eleventh street, las beenVfTjHkY Freatly improved recently and now olfer* JLHttLL [reater inducements for the patronage ol effiaaB knd strangers thai: ary othe' public house in the lity, hie prioes being lese th&n those of any otner lotoi on Perm. avrmte, ar>d his aonemmntiatioLS or perinaa*ct or transient boarders ur.exoepiionkble. The bar and restaurant arrangement* uf the European Hotel have already beooine ver? mmi ar.beiQC all that can be oesireti by the mo?f faa- ( k'ious. Tn* ropri^tor p edges unremitted aUen- i ion and oontimied liberal expenditure* to give sat- , ^faction to all, and thua reuew* hi* invitation ?<* j ili to give the European Hotel a call. de 4 ti 1 | TAKE NOTICE! | WILL Tftlte all kir?1? of Virginia. mnna-r ?" ? *>ok debta aud for Boo'*, "ho s, and Trtncs. A ft j tftriuni indebted to me vi:! plesee call and aettie ip. or I shall t>e complied to giro tneir aocounu ato tlio hands of a collector. 8. P. HOOVER, Iron Ila'.l, no 21 Pa. *v..Jwtwwr 9th and 10th ata. | 1861 DI A R_I ES"7~ Ig^f i Commence the Year reit\ a Diary, A valuable Pocket Companion for registering ' iveata past, present, and faturt; containing rat >a )f poatage, almanac, a blank ap&o- for nmr.i rarxia 1 or every day lu tbe year, c&uti accbuut tor each r.on'h, anuaal aummary of cash account bills (arable and receivable. Don't be without cne of ! hese useful little aouvenira. The moat complete, ] >l*(rant. *nd f^jatrable assortment ever issued,c?intrisinr twelve xiiec and upward* of fifty at)lea, ! HUtl.l.lNfi i'.A'S Hnnlilon 1 Odeou UuiKiinf > oomtr ffiOs itreet aud ?lw 20 I'tnn avenue. ] PUKE OLD RYK WHi-XY.-Un hand i?rera J brand* ofPur? Old Rye Whitby, Copper Oi?iiied, >r.ada by the most relial :?. distillers iu Petnrrlvaaia, Maryland ?.cd V;r*aua, warranted par*. vi*o, Imported tiraadiee, ilenuessy, Oiaru,Dupuy k Co., Jules Robins, ko. Also. Pe&oa&na Apple iracdy, pure Holland Glc, old Jamaica ardst. ;roix Rnm, and Wires of evert variety, all of i&adard brands. A cuosoe lot of v-jars and To- , iaaco. YOUN8 ft REPIlART^Aeentt, i ? ? i*-?t *** * ?.. ^tw.nth ?od wth ?t>. i r INCOLN AS UK I*. u btkrl khgravrd portrait* i The be?t Portrait yet published of VON. ABRAHAM LlXCOLN, ivntA whiskers,) At FRfc.NOH A. RicrfsTElN'8, i No. 278 Pens a. Avrmcr, _ , Washington, 1). C. < T^ade snpphsd at low ?ria?s. war 7 ^OMK-MADK UOOT8 AND SHOES, j I'AWtt', Missis' and Childrrk's Wear, At arceeJiHf'y Cere Prices. At J. ROSENTHAL'S, i No. Ifl Market Iiatt-N Pa S* . b?L StA And itth aft*. 1 A VERY !f ICE PRINCE A CO. MELODEON ' rT. wttch bo? b?en ux*d a nhort time ' i>r *!? verr low *t METZtfRCvrFr^fSPB J fumoStor*. Alto, M'erkl B?o>4 gMgfc A SPECIAL BARGAIN 1M TWO PIANOS, 1 nk *?rf*?tJy new. left on r?>si e*crino*r A.*o, ? * ?? "ftV. ELLIV. ( M 306 Ps. ? ., bet. 9th Iw Mw lU> ( MEDICINES. BDK JOHNSTON, ALT1MURE LOCK HOSPITAL, Hat diicoirrad tkt mott Ctrtain, Sp'tdy a.nA on If Effectual Rrmttiy ?? the World, FOR ALL DISEASED OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, JN +HOM ONE TO TWO DAYS. W??kne??of the Back, StriC'urM, Aftctioaiaf tht K'<in?*? *n<1 Elidi'r, it voiui.tar? lhactiarf r?, Impacts' ?, Uco. r*l Oebilitj, NeafMUfNi f>japep?r. L?i,r?or, Contuaiuu of IJeti, Low Spirit., f<lpuiuui< U ih? He. it, Tiiuiiity, Trcrnblu f?, PiitmcM of SigM or Giddiuea., On rat* of tk? Head, Throat, Nnat or Skin. Affection, of the Lu#i. D:um act) or Bowels?these Terrible l>t?orJer? arising fro in ?oli- { ury Habits of Youth?these Dreadful and Dfitrucu?? Practice* which render M\rriage unfweaibie, and dcairoj both Bode aud Mind. YOU NO MFX Eepecixliy wh*h*?e beeom* the victim* of Solitary Vict, 1 th?t dreidful and de*irwc:i?t habit wliitb ewMUtly *weep< to in arunclr fr>?i t^ioumdi of Ywr( M?n al ih? nun exalted lalenti *u<1 briliunt intellect, who might oih*rwi?* ha?e entranced listening Seuate* with the thunder* of els- I uuenc.e or waked to ec*ucy the living lyre, n?*y call with loll couSdence. < MARRIAGE. MutRlBD Pehio**, or Young M<i costcmpiaunf M >r- < riajre, being aware of phjaicai weakue**, oigiuae debility, deforuiitie*, 4c., peeiiil* cured. He who placet hiroelr under the care of Pr. J msy relipiovaiy coiifi le in hit honor at a gentleman and confidently rely upon hit akill a* a phyaician. OFFICE A'o. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. 1 left hind tide *mnr from Baltimore street, few doora from 1 the corner, rail uo! to otters e name and number Letler* must bt paid &ud couUm a ttxinp. DK JOHXSTON, Member of the Rfiral College of Horgeone. London, rniv , ate from one ai the moat eminent Collrgea in i:ie Lotted Sutea, and the greater j>art ol whuae Me h^a boen apeut id t!i? of London, Parte, Philadelphia and eleewtiere, 11 1 effected lime of the m at utooiili?{ curea that were ever known; many troubled with ringing la the head aud eari wheu aaleep; great iiervotianeaa, being alarmed at Hidden aotuide, L?ehluliiee? with Irequeut lilcalii g. attended eonietioiea witii deraugeoient of miud, wrre ccred mime* dlatelv. T?KV PJIfrfrri; jp vnrrrp < ? ? uxia ?? *? * * * jc> Young Men and ot'.tre who have injured themselves by i cert* in practice indulged in when alone?? habit frequently le trued from evil ccntpanioiia, or at school, the eRecta of wiitcn are nightly lelt e veu alien asleep, and tf not cuted, re lera marriage impossible, and destroys both im;.d au?i bod*, should apply immediately. These are some <4 the s*d snd melancholy effects produced by e\rlr habits of voaih, vu: Weakuess ol the Back n.d Lunts, P.ans in the Head, Ihmness of 8i=rbt, Lnti ot Muacul r Power, Palp.Mtion of tue Heart, Djtptyaf, Nerroua Irutability, Derasfeuieot of the Ihgeauve fuueuons, Geuer&i Debi ity, Symptoms of Consumption, 4c. M EN TALLY.?T?ie tearful en? cts on the mind are much to he dreaded?Los* of Memory, Co?fu%ioi< of fde*s, I?epr*s?' ? of 6} mts, Evil Forebodings. Aversion of 15-ciety, Self-Die trust, Lowe of Soutude, Timidity, etc., are some of the e??i? produced. NBItvors DEBILITY.?Thousands can r.^w *udge what la the cause of their declining he !th, losing their v?gorf becoming we*k, pale, nervous and eraaeiat'd, having a singular appearance about the eyer, cough or symptoms of co^ssUupuon. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. When the rLisguiied and imprudent votary of pleasure finds he h .s imbibed tne seeds of this painful diai-ase, it too often -|-|rcuo mav ?it ni-tnnru tu?e ot ?n ine it are *a 01 ctcovfit detrra Uim from applylog to rhoee who, from education and rt^tCUMitfiCMI tlOM befriend him. Me rails IBM I e huidt i f ignorant Jetigi.uig prei-.Jert, ? h iuf?pitie J of curiuc, f.Ich Bit pecuniary ?ub?!M ce, keep him tnfiig I inoti'h after mouth. or i !>ug ?t f>e tmaliet- fee can be ot- " tamed, and in detpnr Max him with rained health to !rh o?er hit rilling 'iie-ppointrrent; or by the ute of tmt d-afiy poitor.? Mercury?rinm, the couMrutinoal lymnomt oi .t.t terriblf ditette, inch at Attf. UM.t of the Heart. Thro*'.. Head, tSk n. Ac . Frorreie'.i g with frighrfol rapidity, titl4?atb putt a ( pari'Hl to his drstdfm tuffenrrt by tending him to that bo- 1 discovered country from wtioae bourn* no traveler returns. 4 DR JOHSSOS'S REMEDY FOR ORGAyiC [ WEAKNESS AM) 1MPOTBNCY By :b.? great aitd important remedy weikaeMof the rrjr *r?? are apeelilj cured aud fuii vigor restored Tboiu irid* ot tto? rr.rjt nrrv"na anf! dplnh* >tmA wkn k?/l Ia?? !! ? b?f immtdiKtilj relieved. All impediment* to Mamajr, Ph**ic?l or Vent*l Diaqu*!ifica'iont, Lo*e of Procre&u** Poorer. Ner*cu? Inintiliu, Ttemtluir ;n< V\ e?ki.eM r Itou "f the tojat fearful klud epeediiy cared. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS Tm .V.iHr TMOL'iandi cored at thu uautoiiou vithin the Uei eeeentcen *e-r*. and the nUMirei .nipcrt iu: 3?ical operation* j erfcruied b* Dr. Jahaatoo, ?iuie**?d by u ? r?r r'?ri of the paper* ana many other pf r*>ua, riTtiCfi of which hurt appeared ap- in eiid apam before the pvhnc be ! Ita hia auo'tuif ? a gentleman of character <u.d reapinaibilitjr, m a *uff;i*oi fonrwuee to *ie aSictcd. mc IS-!* Db. J. II McLLAN's ? _ 1 BTiUS^UTHEiriSQ COEDIAL AKD ULOOO fLRiriCK. ? THE GREATEST REMEDY in JWOULD, i f DELIGHTFUL Jt 1 /J EVER TAX EN. 1 ' It it tuieiW a tei- yyL? JD jSo ^ rule tr.d Vjjiu. P uiikfitotatiU- Htf^M i tt*o ?t rtvti, . arks, 9 B'.-cl tr.ritf*- jfi-jjl _? ni?r? ml* lw t?a- " 1^ - . llf ^^^intira atti*a - W ? T pnoeipl.^^i^Hs^ ?r wch lofrtcttm u JB Be(ortl?kii?-~S';^":ifttrUki?g. T lUuliiuf aradatla r & aaUuou, xbilaiatinf tpirti, aad lk? aai in fill lb!# riM !7 fat ranwraUur ha diaauad irwn, B iod raatarinf lb a *1 tatannf, u4 dahlliiaiad iavaiM m taaiifc aad auaagtk. T McLEAITS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL ITUI aftctaallf cut l?'.*ar Complain t, DjiMpi t, Ju* ? ltea.Cbratic ? *ar?aa? Uakilitr, Dliauti rfUa Kidoafa, lad all dltaaaaaaiiai&K fr?-n a wnorJarad Ural ar Iwotck, 9rap*p*ia, liutkvn, f lit*. Aciday at Bieku*** at Jk* lumuk, Fmllna** ' Blood t* li* H**a. Dall Pun n _ Iwiraaung 1atb*B?ad, PaJpiutian af thi Iain, faUn*** I >r Wciffct In til* tatnaib. Baar in'uu?l, Ckakioa at lafacuiof r?*linf wkM l*ymg t TillaWi*u af th* ?m taJ r???, Nifl.: Bvxu, Inward F*r*r*, r< fun Id th* mall tk? la-k, Cfc**:, er Rid*. Baddao ( Itat. ? af Spinu, Priftilfal Praam*, Lanraar, Puaaiidf t7 ar ana itnii di*****, tvru ar P Hatch*! *b U* Bkia, *?d F***r tad Ar** ( > CUUi aad K, r***l ) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES % lar* k**a **ld da?iu( th* laai six atacth*. and to > toitaa** ha* it fulad in fmr.j aa'Jra ?? 'ifitUau. Wh*. ihar., rill *af?r fraci W*akn*M *1 P*bih:? vbti, MckCAlPS inilimiNlM* UUK.DIAL wili e*r* T? I a lai.faaj* tu a?n??y an adcqaat* id** af ik* Imatli- !> K? aad aire**; mtncalaa* ebaog* prada<*4 ky taking tkl* Jarhtl So lk* di**a**d, dtkilUatad, aad *kau*r*d o*r**a* ! lyilim, waalfctr krak*a davn ky *tc*a*. w*tk ky 1 aimft, U ir lnpa*r*d ky sl?aaaa*, tfe* r*l*x*d aad an*mag tifuk. lUiaa U i**iai*d u iu yrtatia* k*alth and rigm MARRIED PERSONS, ?r atk?r?, t*t *?i?n af iaaMluy fraic whatartr tua*. will 0 lad MchKAN'S HTIM4TIIN1M COU)ULk a tka- j, uiffh riranlHtAT til anrf all W... u?d >7 In^uNt indal(?i>CM wlU (mi u (ktf * Jcidlki ?*rui* u>d tp??dj ME?dj. TO THE LADIES. & Mcfclf NU ? **??* JlMIMS COEDUfcU t t.xc ?B3 cart :?r Incipient Uuitnpm, W'"i>, I: Dkatractad ar OiScalt Ma&ttraAUac.I ccautiaaaea af Unci fl tr luT?lKnt?rr Duebtrra taaraaf, Tailing ?f tiia Wash, ti ttddicaaa, fclntlr.i, and all ditaaaaa ictldaat ta Fanalaa. O THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT & tafai ua lar.jar. TUi I. aecardiaf w liractiana. It vlil j, itinnlUu, atrttifthan, i-1 ?'f?r*ta rat and uut iba 1. klaata af ka*lt> ia icamct tn C-kaak again. Mvtij katt.a u ? ruruiit to fi*a aatufaeu?. FOR CHILDREN ?r?ai afclldran ut aiokly, pn; ar a?utt?. MeUin h Z01D1AL ?U1 maka ibam kaaitMy, fat, aad rtkan. DaUy T >at a manatitj u# U, aad jraa vUI m imtimiI It ia da- e. ilalaai totaka. CAUTION Itvtn af drifffata ar daalara arha lut try ta pain matt r*l a?niMttar?im\panlU traak, vbieb thay eu bat |r ikaaB, b? aay.rif it iajaai aa n?4. A*a<d aacb man. Atk I McUltA** VratllOTMEJIUla COai)UI? U>d take lathi - f alaa. It ta tba acly rarnady that will ;anf? tha Blaad V-Iorai jtilr and at tha aama tiita tl? a/aikou K Una taupaaaral lakaa a?arr ntnlnf fMunf ia a eart--.!n I praaantira far CLaiara, ChiUa and Fa?ar, Yaltaw Pi?ar, ar k tar fraralaot dtaa&aa. Itiapatap la lacra bouiaa. Prica ai nlj *1 pat haul a, ar I baolaa far fM. JT H. Mi LEAK, oi 1.1 fr.jTii*t ? ; UM, aicwm Ts'titliOil t| htslaaat. Prioaifat aa U? Mnn af Tktrd autf 1# Pin* nitili, If. WmIi, Ma. ?? ? McLean'? Volcanic Oil Liniment. ? ( E BEST UMIMEHT 0* TEE WOILH.) g Tk? anlj nla ao4 tuuu ear* far Caaeaia, Pilaa, Ta. M Hn, Bvalllnfa a&4 Vranehila ar Caitr*, FaralnU, Baa?l|te, Waaknaaa af Ik* MbnIn, Chraaic ar laiaiaiaaii* tbaMaaiiaM.Bttfcaaa *f tli* Jatcu, Caa ricud Maaelaa at Liguaadta, Earaaha a* Tacthacfca, Cniaaa, apraiaa, Praafc ID J?U. Waanda, Clean, P?rar Saraa, Cakad Eraaav, lava tl HippUt, Bam, Scald*. Sara Tt.raat, ar aa; tr.Camaatian at IS .. ..ic? M??t? ? Mtlf Ul M? tt ia?e U1IU4, MckUld CSLSSaAfKD UH1MUTT k ? i cen&ls remedy. w TsMiudi ef hanea kttrp btri fceea aa*ed illhrf th tc trepttade and miwfj \y tke Ul afthie toralaaWe rt??4j. arcli^ivs volcanic oil liniment If ill rettere pain almee: inetanuxeeaaly, ud K VtU elm, ^arify and heaitfca fealeat ntm to mi totrafcfeto ab?rt use. I for horwe8 and other animals. ? McLCANt CELKBLATKD LimMXHT to toe nty Mh H uU reliable reeaady to* im mm tt If! to, ICrtiu, jj Tudff&lto. BpUnu, ViiMtmi Lwm. JMm at ivalltofe. *> Li oarer failed la tt-t Big KaaATraUerii, Mania, dW iToitofSSta,''c5m^' ??*, to ton tofcu.iu remedy. Apply toaa dtoaviad aata mm to?a*tato ? every ^Atras&Kssra* * -TttfroaSCkStS: - "tWWR-1 '? TBI WEEKLY DOLLAR STABtotuac ? itmik TtnMr # UMrastac rw<m ttaa mm b* mmlis ftr.y mMum* ^n<fty Borcinf. ??? . ?-? Wi Mft oopia* mmmmm ___ , ? ? In IMXN - $m T*Mt| rpn V II IxwwhlT oootaiaa Om "Wii>li|M N?V?" UM baa made Tkt DmJ? Iiwim fftar rirnlM ao f?eera!'.y throng hot the oomstry. C7>fti?<i?eoy?Mtia wra?p*r*) o*a be yrwrX ? the eouKtm. ubnediats j after U* i*??? of tba r\r*r Pno??TtiRtt CKNTS CARRIAGE FACT0RIE8. VVA8HI.NWTO.N CAKKlAbh KACTOR V, " D Strti, jj?htiw 9?i ?i IQU Strut*. We K?t? 'art hntebed mmbtr of ifet ?4M CAR K iuh u Luki / ?* Pk*atf*l. famtih (> BUK ntfii, a?-< vhjoh ve wii.eet.ak*^** a ror* ina ' erofit. Betuf practical m"oK*nie? in <il?ml braawb? of the huk i.ou, w.? flatter oumoivee t?*4 we know the etj ax.: t: * .if W' rV that will ^ire ?%t\a wwuBf vuiuuiuuf mmiiwt oonon 'kepfcinnj promptly ?nc otrefnliy ttUndtd M the enorteat m tiw and mo?t re*ern*Me etwree. WALTER, KAKMANN A BOJPP. CotoLcAkrn, auoNHori to Win. T. Book. ay t*-4!y _________ TCAKXIA6KS. HI' "ihmhr wnu m??? iMMni|i ki iMtory, irmioj it now oh 01 the In the Dietrict, where hie aciUtiee (cWn| laannfvstnrin*CARRIA6K * WAtrO.N^of kiuda oiuol m eerpeeeed, eei fro;.. h.? A'i-t exyr ?:.oe :? lae bimm, he k*|M to firr general ?*t>*;?eti'Hi. jli. iiaciMCVTit(NU( U(kl WifMike*?N fAf K?ae?C?*?e,M<>Uwtol |l l?? It *n?p<je4 t-, .ST"^"^^aVKWST" ? Ml wrwr ?f MMuiltik SOUTHERN ATEDICAL HOUSE~~ I \K. HUUflAN liu, klt*r u mrmM ct tM I' pfta.bli?hfd the ki?v? refuge Iron quaekerj . ?e'l labelled Indian or German <1rcV>re, tad p etomlert of w l to ;i craft and impo?* ore in (Mera . 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Jpreverf tkem exoellent ft>r ROCHKS WicriM COME.,1 ivu V. u. ? . n AJLA tROWN'b' IROWN'S' il'1'' * rochet ?^rf s:iil;ITO'?,5ss,t HOWN'f oomiiion wiUt bnuiii azid 8i?* ROCHE? Prof. M.PTACY JOHNSON^ ftOWN'8 TW*!lTw6*SE3^*r ROCHES " <;rxttX benefit vbM taken before aud after preaching. H they trtmt ROWN'S H<mr?a?w. Froir. tt^ir M affect. I think th?y will be o 1 perm*peat adROCHE8 natue to na. ^TlEV. E. ROWLEY. A. M. ROWN'S Prnideot of At??u Collti*, T??. ROCHES de 1-1 y THE OFLY PBEPAKATIO* WOETHT OF NIVERSAL CONFIDENCE * PATRONAGI FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, LERU YMEX. LA DIMS, md OENTLKMSm la Ml p&ru of the world teetify to the e&o&c j of ROF. 0. J WOOD S I1AIR RESTORATIVE, ad gentlemen of the Pr*M *re nMnimon in it* ntiee. A few testimonial! only ou be here Mm. a ci'emar for iDore.and it will be .u.poeaible for -^oar^ru\, fc tfc# ?bo?J ?f 'K"* e*Pr*** bit obligation* to jrm ja |!t?| i the tfihotad Hot t tr?w?r* Pitrtrr /?n*o7. IB: largS^BMdUUpftMi 'USMWI Pint, *cd OM doftBrywrkrtde; tfc? M^Ui* aoM^i, r?tyj,?&T,o"attire : ajj^tati***kr c.stott,?ti r*-immn. 1,000 ?* * *-t DU to doubt. <7 Wall niw You, D?e. ?. im SentUmtn: Your note of the lMh instant hu Mn reo?ived. eay in( U?at ?<> had heard Wiai 1 bd been benefited by tueueewf Wood'* Hair K? ;or?tive, aiH requeetmr my oertifcoate of thefe-t I bad no objection to jive iL 1 award it to .you cbee> fully, because I thick it ue. My age ia about BP year* ; the oolor of my ur auhura. aad inclined to euri. ts?me In or x years muco it b?caa to turn (ray. and t^e eoa>e u the crown of my Head to ioee its eensit* ity aad undruff to form upon it. t.aoh of the** disagree bill tie* iscrfaced with time, ami auost 4 mooth* inoe a fourth was added to them, by hair mmnc (T the toy of my bead aad threatening to make me lu this nns'easant predicament I vh indnoed to JWond'i Hiur Rmonittrt, mainly to arreet the line off of nj* hair, for J had really no exeeotaonth*tgray hair ootid ever be reetored w lta rirical oolor except from dyes. I wan, however. reatiy surprised to find, after the nse of two bot m only, twat wtaaly waa Ue failing off arreetac, ut the oolor waa esUired to Ut* gray hair* Bad Bnaibi'itT to the aoa y. ano damimff cased wfura n my hsad. very much to the (ratif ov.ioB of rife, at whoM solicitation I waa induoed to try rt. Por this, among the macy ohltgewow I mw to ar sex, 1 strongly reooauaead all unahande who a.ue the adnurawn of their wives to profit by my tampie, and nseitif gronrinz *ra? avfecaas ha d. Vary reer-retfnlly, Bn. A.. Lirnpn. To 6. J. Wood & Co., 444 Broad wayTN. Y. My family are absent from the city, and 1 mb mo infer at No. 11 Oarr* Piaoe. 9iAMsron, Ala., Jaiy 90, UW. To P191. o J. Woo IK Lrar S*r? Vonr "Hair rstorative" has done ait hair no n nph coo<| sinoe oommeneed the ana of it, that I wut to aa? nova to tne pablie of lU efl eou ontfee hair, vhion re great. A man or woman ma* ben early deprived "hair, and by a resort to your "Hair Heetoraava" le hair will retara more beaattfo than ever. at ^ .a > Ms I