Newspaper of Evening Star, April 16, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 16, 1861 Page 3
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I LOCAL NEWS. P" TbOQfh Thi St ae U printed on the fastest pre* in u?r aoath of Baltimore, lti edition !? *o i*r?e u to r^ulr* It to be pat to prew at an t>our; Advertlaementa, therefore, should be amt la bofbr* U o'clock m.; wtherarlae they may i<it appear until the next day. ftcnca.?Dtotrlct of Columbia Advertisements tr Iianmi in iuc niLTiaon 8CS are MCflTfQ tt and fcrw&rdcd from Thk tf tax Office. Military Motkjiksti Hebk.? Afl*r the Sfar went to press yesterday. the National Klfles, Capt Smead, l.leuts Webb and Davis, and fifty privates, marched from their armory to the War Department. where thev were accepted Into the aervlce. Thia company, plor to the call of the War Department for volunteers tr defend Washington City, numbered upwarda of aeventy uniformed men, and was regarded by many ss the crack volunteer corps of the District. Since that period inot quite a week) their numbers have dwindled own to that extent, that of the fifty privates who marc hr I ud tr? bik# thh nath nf AWion/** ?a V-a I laws of the country yesterday. there were but five of the original members Capt. Hmead deserve* great credit, under tbe circumstances, for bit sue. cess ;a presenting tbe Department with ?o full a roll. There was a decided demonstration of applause from the crowd of outside spectators, when every man in tbe company held up bis right hand and took tbe oath. Company A, National Guard battalion, sworn In yesterday, made a fine appearance as tbey marched to the Department ana took post opposite the War Department Tbelr efficiency in drill, and general soldierly appearance, attracted lunch attention on all hands Tbey sre composed of some of tbe best bone and sinew of tbe Seventh Wsrd. Company E (Zouaves) Washington Light In Ifantry battalion, Lieut. J. Tyler Powell commanding. were out In full numbers at tbelr armory all the morning, waiting o ders to march to the'defence of the District, but owing to the f*rt that but one more company from thin battalion wa* required, and Company D having got the start of the Zoaavet, they were finally dis- | missed. SEW COXrABISS FOBMIDLast night, a new volunteer militia company railed the Wataon Guards, was formed in the Northern Liberties, and some twenty-five persona signed the roll. The three Lieutenants elected were Geo. W. Downey, Walter B. Dobson, and Richard Kelly The Second Warders held a meeting last evening at the Franklin engine house, and It waa unanimously resolved to form themselves into a military company, and off?r their services to the Government The list waa started In the morning, and at night had tl names signed The meeting having organized, the following oflicera were elected Captain. John McClelland, 1st Lieut, Ale* Tait; 2d do., H Dnbant; 3d do TJaa Foaey; fcnaign.W A Murry A committee was appoln" ii to draft a constitution and by-laws The meeting adjourned to meet thia evening, when it it expected the full comoiement of m?n win k? made up. Tbl* company is principally rompowd of the members of tbe Franklin fire company, and, we hardly need add. I* of a material to ylve good account of itaelf when occasion require* A l-ir^e meeting w,i held at Thorn's building, laat n;cht, where a company was orjrenlz?d for tt* defense of the city Eighty fine, able bodied yoon^ men signed the roll The following commissioned offlct rs were elected ?Captain, H M. Knight; 1st Lieut . M Smith; '2d do., J. Y Donn; Id do . H. B McElfresh. They adopted the name of Slemmer Guards. At a meeting ?f citizens of the Fourth Ward, held at tbe Globe ilouse, Seventh street, last night, a volunteer company was organized for the pi.rpos? of tendering ti;eir s rvices to the Government for tbe defense of tLe country. Col James Elder, of Pa . was unanimously elected captain,and the following lieutenants were chosen ?1st Lieut., Tboa Meusbaw; 3d do , O 11 Mirkbead; 3d do., John Mover Fifty-six men signed the Tbey resolved to call tbe company the Cameron Guards To-day, the officers ^o to the War Department for the purpose of tendering tb? services of tbe company to the Government The me~bani<s' on tee Capitol Extension he.d a meeting las' night. George Brown, Esq , la the obair, Matt O'Brlon secretary. The following officers were unanimously elected : Richard Morgan, Captain; Oeorae Brown, First Lieutenant; Joseph V. Hitchcock, Second Lieutenant; Joseph M. Kelly. Third Lieutenant: Wni Orderly ^Sergeant; Matt O'Brien, Secretary. This company has not yet selected a name, but It ia unpoaed they will mutter Into the National O jard battalion A meeting of the citizens of Capitol Hill was beld last night at the Old Capitol, and It was unanimously agretd to form a military company. Mr H H Clark was called to the chair, and Franklin Barrett appointed secretary. Although the weather was very Inclement, there was a very large attendance A coinmit'ee was appointed to draft a constitution and by laws Tlie books were then opened for signers, and a lar^e number eame forward and attached their nm? ? *?<t ik? books are still open for more The company bid* fair to bf a large one They adjourned after giving tbree cheers for the Union, and will meet again tbis evening In tbe same place. The call issued In the papers y?sterday, for ' Yoong meu of Washington in favor of forming a new company of Union volunteers who will obey their country'! call at all hazards,'' to meet at tbe Monument House last night, was handsomely responded to and some twenty-five names signed to tbe roll. This company will have uniforms and equipments furnished them, we believe. It is probable tbst they will take the name of ''The Union Volunteers " TH* BIGHT SPIRIT. Tbe Washington Light Ouards held a special mceti nt/ at tb?ir nrm#?ru tK- v?J '?* a ?. v VU auc Jf I OIU 13|k evenlhi;, In consequence of notification having been received that ibev would. In a few days, be ordered out for special service; and after the nature of the oath had been stated, the question was put to each Individual .member, ''Will you take the oath!" and with an ardor that surpr ted all, ?very member present to the number of 83 responded In the affirmative After congratulatory snd patriotic speeches by the officers, the company give six hearty cheers for their officers, three for Major Anderson, and three for toe Union. They then proceeded to inspection drtU This company can truly boast that It Is Union to the core. TO-DAY. Capt. F. W. Jones. Company B, Anderson Riles. Georgetown, tendered his resignation this noraing. About 11 o'clock this morning, the Carrington Home Guard of Georgetown, Capt Goddard, Lieutenants Waugta, Hutch ins, an<l Burroughs, -> sergeanta. 4 corporals, and about 16 men, marched to (he War Department to be sworn intj ser?lc?. Tbe appearance of the men compos) ag tbe corpa promlaea well for an efficient ron-panv in active service The companv was inspected by .Major McDowell, and the oath waa administered, not a man refusing-, and all repeating loudlv and clearly the language of tbe oath aa dictated by the magia rate It is said that the call for troope in the District has been extended to twenty-live companim. The oflleers of the Cameron Guards company, formed at the Glebe Hotel last night, reported ur duty this morning to MajorGeneral Weightman. i b?e fw?p>nT baa adopted tbe Miaie rifle. ???? CtTT Corneas, April 15 ? Board 9f Aldermen Bill authorizing tbe Mayor to issue note* of this Corporation for the payment of the Interest due en tbe guararteed bonds of the W ashing ton sad Alexandria Railroad: naned. communication wn received from the Mijr(r, transmitting the reports of the ward apothecaries for the quarter ending March 31, 1M1; referred to the health committee. On motion by Mr Dunnlngton, the police committee waa d;ac barged from the further coaaldera?m of the petition of I>r J_ Maxwell Parke, In relation to a free colored woman Mr Bayly Introduced a resolution asking tbe committee to Inquire Into tbe expediency of aboliab'ag, by hill, the pay of the mem ban of the bo ax da of Aide* men and Common Council; adopted Cemwio* ComaeU ?A commnnlcatlon from the Mayor, with the Aaylum report, wma referred. Mr Jeaea offered a resolution authorizing tfce purchase of two copiea of Cttthing's law and Dric tic* of legislative aasembltes for tbe use of fee board; UopM. Mr Joaes also offered a joint resolution authorising the hoisting of the national flag from the City Hall dally t'om sunrise to sunset; adopted Mr. iaact, from tbe waye and mesas committee, reported tbe Aldermen's joint resolution r<-qnestmn *be Mayor to have tbe inauguration bill saloon reinored forthwith, with an amendment providing It shall be done at the expense of tbe parties who erected tbe same. Tbe amendment of tfee committee waa adopted, and. with another amendment providing for tbr giving of three days notice, the joiat resolution ss mmmm wu aaoi*ea > Mr Jmm also reported a j*lot mohiUoo te* p?tiu an act for cleansing aud watering PtitnoylroaT* putrd adopted Mr. Mead offered a bill to abate a nuiaancr in tbe |Mlt Ward, referred. ?, u Mr 'CdmoMton, from Are department eMimittoe, n ported bill for relief of tie*. A. Baaaford; nyifd, v> ' a Mr. Borrowa, from tbe health committee, reported a bill to iapply a deficiency In tbe appropriation to furolab medlclnca for the poor of tbe city during the cur real Aacal year; paaard. r Aldi r?n bill authorizing the Mayor to !?4ue MM* for the redemption of the guarantied tat a.t* of tbe ffaAtoftonfcd AlaSnadrla Railroad,'*#! carried to third reading, and reforrad tbe bill to r tbe waya and mean* committee ' , Tbe board took up a Joint raaotnttoa repealing the ptoeteo to a bill auuiortaing tbo Mayor to rae^MDnMeaMn^too^ew^MB^O. Wnijbtmao Sriarrn UuTtn ov tjji Jacisou Gvakm ? Laat evening the Jackson Guards held an entton. rtastlc masting at their armory on Third street, at which I'nion speeches were made by Brig Orv. H:ckey aad the officers of the company Captain Mr Oe'mott,having expreaaed hta pleasure at tbelr 1 proflrleney in tbelr drill and the Marty response ' of members when called noon to tarn out, lniro- ' duced Uen. Hlckey, who aadrrsaed the company In a neat little speech Br was glsd to have (he opportunity of saluting them, and congratulated tb?>m upon tbelr good fortune Ln bearing the name of Jarkson Guards. He would repeat the axpter lon of satisfaction with their drill, and f?*lt sure that with do** attention tb<-v would soon rival any company In the city. It also aflorded him great pleasure to we their numbers Increase ao rapidly, \ and lie hoDed thev would soon h* ?hlp tn fnrm battalion He had wen with uroriM and regret, in the daily paper*. statements tut the Germans were all turning out in defenie of the Government, bat that the Irish were very backward He felt confident that this did not arlae from a want of patriotism on the part of the Irish, but from the want of an opportunity There had not yet been " any occasion for them to offer tbelr protection to the country. [Voice?"Don't know which J*>r- t tion to protect/' Hisses] He was glad that, the \ gentleman made that remark, as it would five Elm an opportunity to set thein right upon ;hat J point. I'. was their duty to stand by that Government wbif h they had sworn to protect ".'hat Constitution created bv their fsthera, the Government of the "Start and Stripes." [Applause.] That Government, and that alone, tbey yere bound to protect. [Cheers ] He sympatic ted with hit frlpnH* In tha 4nnlh V, cA ?MV * U - > Ut J UBU too hasty and impetuous But few of them fully understood tbe que?tlon now agitating tbe country It first grew out of tbe slavery question, aud had been increasing in magnitude ever since I Tbe republicans in the Inst Congress bad removed ? all cause of complaint, and the South ba? no reason for their present course He was a native i of Maryland, and a descendant of tbe m>h. J [Cbe*rs J He was a slaveholder, but sbould*?up- ? j>ort no party nor faction He should proterv tbe * Government of tbe United States, and tbat ajone. \ He should not support either the North, Siuth, Kast or West, neither democrats nor republ&ans, but should stand by tbe Government. Tbeyfould not fully appreciate the value of tbe Gover^pncnt under whicL they IIve?l, and when called ?n to j DPOtfCJ it thfPf ihniilrl nnf ? rll "? ? , .?v. vv ii uiaavn?iil^ ^|UKX. | (Cheers] Thev need have no fear of minydot- ( standing their duty The question wu bt^veen ? a party and tb* Government They were yi the ' side of the latter. [Cheer* ] He then ex pained 1 the nature of the oath taken by all who er.'t* the m service of the United States, and closed w' <f de- clar uig that whatever the Government coinii .nded ther would perform General Hie key was then followed by oaptain \ McDermott. Lieut AlcDufley and Lieut Tucker, in brief but stirring Union speeches, which our r limited space will not admit ef publishing, and * after three cheers for Gen. Hickey. the company \ procefded to their usual drill exercise When our reporter left, all hands were running over f with I'uion sentiments and ready to fight for the <j Government ? 1 Alexandria Appaiks ?We clip the followin^ib-ms from this morning's Gazette 1 S esterday waa court day at Fairfax C H . and t - ? ? ? J I a Urge number of citizens of the county were * preaent. lu the evening a meeting of the Union party was held, the proi eedinga of which we were unable to learn. The Rev. 6 A Carter tn ' the evening, addressed a la>te meeting. In favor of 1 nr.mediate secession We learn thai Gov. t Smith, who wai expected to be present, \?aa prevented from amending ? A member of the Seventh Regiment paaaed through thla city on yesterday and Informed one I of our citizens that more itr-.n 40 member* of the stme had gone to Montgomery to join tli?* Can- I fede-.-.te f >r es?that In his opinion not $5 men ' would consent to come to Washington, a.<d that B he himself was on Lis wav Soutu to Vomntm, ' I This statement does not acree exaetly viith the report eurrent that the gallant 7th was ou <ts way I to the Metropolis t The unpleasant weather that ba? preva)led for more than a we?k past?high winds frerrjently, . and heavy rains?ha. operated to the detriment of I *L- fl-vi - - * ? me ii?L.in_' snores on me Potomac?and, except, at the lower landings, but few shad and herring . are caught The fille rs have done compaiatively j nothing for several d lys There is now b freshet J and strong current in the river. One of our Washington friends, who w.-.s so unlucky as to Lave in his possession 81,000 of Virginia money, being unable to dispose of .t at any rate ia Washington, came down to our .'itv yesterday, to try the market here. He was u.ld tnat if his money was bought ?which was by r-> means probable?it would be at ten per cent discount. 4 Not being able to stand this, he Invested bis money?which was received at par?in flour, which will prevent starvation in his family from now to the end of his life. Owing to the freshet in the Potomae. the steamer Monticelln. which left this port for Georgetown on Wedueadav morning last, Lu bten unable to leave that place. It will be Impossible for the ' sU-amer.without treat dinger, to attempt the p&s- ' age of the draw In the Long Bridge 1 There was a report In the city yesterday, that ] President Lincoln had requested Mr John 8. ] Harbour to allow the transportation of U S troops ] and munition*of war to the South over the Orange and Alexandria Railroad We are authorized to j sav that the report 1* entirely without foundation. The Mayor has had. during the past tbree days, no single cas* !>efore him?not even a violation of the peace This. In the present excited state of public feeling, is very creditable to the commit nlty. We understand that a flag of the Confederate Stales will be raised in this city, thia evening. It is reported that Rev (?. A. Carter and ex-Uov. Smith will be present to participate in the ceremonies. The locomotive hpaiUmr ?-(- ? -- ????iniu VU the Loudoun A Hampshire Railrond, yesterday morning, went out from this citv with the American flag flying from its flag-staff Thutfr.?Remember that this Is the last we?-k of Jo. JetfVrson and the regular aeasoa. To-night J.J. cornes out itronir. in two of his best characters?"Rip Van Winkle'1 and ''Toodles." All our theater-goers know what his Rip Van Win- ( kle is, but these only who have seen him In the pest can appreciate the comic richness of his "Toodlesi We are glad to learn that the deserving leasee nf <h. " - a i.r - " *uv vvNiviituincui, i'i I. D vv . UAt? 11II j IS lO DIV6 a complimentary benefit?such an one having t?-rn tendered him by a lar^e number of our leading citizens. Jefferson and the entire company, orrbester, and employee* of the theater hav? cordially volunteered their services to Mr Olenn for the occasion, and it will be a fine affair. It coines off. we believe, on Saturday night next. Hmixadk ? Last evening. Gen. Lane, the newly eWted Senator from Kansas, was serenaded at Wlllards' Hotel. An immense throng collected In front of the building, and animated I'nion speeches were-made by Gen Lane and Gen. Pomeroy, of Kansas; Cassius M Clav, of Kentucky; and Gen. Nye. of New York. The policy prp- 1 posed by the President was fully Indorsed. and sentiments of devotion to the Union, and of a determination to uphold the Government, freely eiDresied. The nrpia nrw>n nnf - * m r r~.. W4UWIU* iUIUiU3UQr making a lengthy account of the affair. Ubtoi* Meetijio this Kvnmno ?An adjourned meeting of the friends of the Union and free speech will be held at the f?ld Trinity Church, Fifth St., between D and L. at 7^ o'clock. Col C a Mi us M Clay, Gen. Jim bane of Kansas, Gov. Nye of Nevada. Hon. C. B Demo of Illinois, Col. ' J . C Vanghn of Kansss, and other eminent speakers.will >>e present. All friends of the cause, rally. Wm. C. Paksons, Chairman. D. B*e*d, Secretary it* Til Last Siimatiow Rcmok.?The manufacturers of material for consumption in the border , State* have been circulating a-rtimor that the Government troops in and around this city sre In the bablt of searching tbe wagons of farmers comlag Into the city to market. There Is, of course, bo truth whatever in the story. - * .a. Mabket Thieves.?Last Bight, seme thief j broke Into i bacon stand It Center Market aad stole several pieces of meat. Fortunately, the 1 arrangement was such that no very serious l*as was sustained by the proprietor. 1 Committed to Jail ?Robert Gamble was |rrrstei yesterday by policeman Bright for brewing Into a house ana assaulting a female named < Kits* Arbs He was taken before Justice Do an, and was by him committed to jail for court. T 1 Stke*gthk!? tiii System. . i Vigor is on* of 11? cardinal elements of health. i Sioknesi u the oonse^uecco or its decline, doath of | i's atter paralysU on. 'I be beat <i>eans of impart- ' in< vrjor to the broken down frame and shatteaeil oo it tiitioii, whioh baa yet bwn invented or din- i oor^red, is protTerrd to the feeb.e of both sages and a*e? in r stutter'* C*kbrated Stomach Miters, Many who reflect upon the temerity with whtckthejr htve trifla-1 wtiv health in youth afrd UDvtnntf. fhiint Lh*t the* ??>> r" *" v~ _ , / ?>r n""" ?v?- * l?? H? rl'O re lo.-e l. This laa delusion. Debility,from whatever eai??? arming, ?n%y !? ni?r?<1; Ktreufcth, in wt.a aver mann- r i! may li*ve r**en waatrd, u?y l>? raitored l>? tlio u?o ?>< tin* powerful ?*d h?* Ihful laviiorivnc For indirAxtiaa and all it* painful efi"*t?, t>- dtly and menial, thrf.are a positive rioci!i# Itcan M had ofaoy driiffiat tpi4 ?o^ c CI I DIED, | On the 16th mttaot, Mn. M.YAN, relist of M. fK'ftMnnrin M?ftM*Ttt?i?4ir.vro'4irkt i invited to attend. a; l?>-2t* OnlliaitthtaitaBt, WM. 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BALTIflr. . MOR k. vv. P. SHEDD, SOU ElkviktiiSt.i >- , v *. Tke Only Aftnt. Ladiee' Dreaaeti of every deeoription oaa be leaned, teavvg the lustre of ailk equal to now. kv^iviuvu viv?ii*h? uati uo Qitmnru WIlQOUl iQ\1 LDf wii enbatacoa by which thai wlli eoou become urfittowear. N. B.?ffo dreaa taftto apart; thereby saving ike sxpanae of making over. UnteU.' maSliq I ? WJN TON FOR APRIL, ft_i Afiaatio Monthly for A prll, t Apeieton'* New Arienoau Kooyolopard i%, tiltottS Deba'ei ou the Federal Cuuetitution, 5 votara**, RegolaXiona for United Stataa Consalatae. 1 voliim. FRENCH A IMCH8TMN. man #78 F*. av., bet. 11 th and 12th at* RICHMOND AN l^POl'OM AC STEAM BOAT I' CHANGE OF SCHEDULE. . i; -- - - ft Dnyi alter Monday, the l&th April,the it'imln B-VLllMOKE and MOcNTVfcHMUM will leave tbe wharf, foot 4t., for the Jfoutu and Somth wee* via Aquia Creek and Riohwond at 6 a m a? d J p.KSUt.b itu ur.ea atoppmj atAuzacdria, Va.,|>r [>a<a?M?ra and freight. TheRiihmond and Fr*danakaburg ?ai>road having rtftfairfd dainagee, thie iBiamd achedule will ran wiMi-oartain'y lr . , GEO. HATTINGLY, i

aill*t (Int) 9tt-P?iomt e Bottt SCHICK'S TREATISfc ON CON8UMP YlON-To be haJ free ofoharre at the Drill Mm of 8. B. WAlTKVWaai Seventh at. Loviaana av. Dr- J-11. BohMMfc.of Philadelphia, haa published a pamphlet giving a full deeoriptipa of the diaaaeed atau of the I-BMt. Livar aad tftofip. tali. Kvary invalid afeosM oMi am (*t oaa, y iA &&????> &'" TURE! FURXTTr^ I * tr. want of handsome Uk tv jell made ti-d stock before pit tr basing, ea we are convlnr?-d >tmt\ to furnish a house complete. from the attic rrecat'u*. silk plusfc, luting and hair cloth, it sla?9, mitatiimi oak, maple and painted, from rftt pj?, unsio.n tables, bureao#, \ h ds, eta6eres, r1es. writinti tables, j, dolsfersand pillows. 4c., at. ll i?rftl*?rtlf rarafnlltr a(un<<a^ *' '* m-m ? . -r / y .V4<u?j okvcuuvw iu ?uj |mci yi >r Auction. BOTELER & ItILLS Off, S 1IALL, PENNSYLVANIA AVENL'F, Between 9th and 10th sts., 2d and 3d floor*. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS rv"^^ MAYOR'S OKFICK. Jo? , 'iKonsiTow.4, 1) C., Afr: 15. 1861. All the cjtixoua of thi* town ovr thea?;e of fortyfive Tear* who are willing to rer.<t?*r mil tary aervioe to their country, and more particularly to defied the Disinct oi Colombia against rJieagfreeaionofrebela are incited to enrol their name* atthia 1 office. Aa eoon at a aufficiett number have been enroled to ooaatitute one or morn oom;an:ea they will be assembled to elect their own uffiaera, acd U> niak-3 such other arrangement* as may be necea ry to equip themaeivea for auch aervioe aa may he aaalRned them b? the arnner milit*r, mthnni. of th? Out not of Columbia ' * ' \ ip lft-lw Hk.NHV ADDISON, Mayor. TWO DWELLING HOUBK^ FOR RENT, situated on the vest side of F\yett<> (treet. in Gwri'town, being equidistant from the Academy I ?n<l Collars; one Imng at prefectoccufiH by Mrs. Bibb, (which will be rented with or without the furniture;) the other being No. 63; both having spacious giounds attached. Also, for hire, three Servant*. R. P. JACKSON, ap 16-lw No. 155 Bridge street,_ THE PARTNERSHIP Heretofore existing between the undersigned, under the title of Cakmas A Dobbiks, as ooDtraetora for the Masonry nf llfillfii V ? n l*> - . * v. ?> v> </| ?* Boniuiiwu nqunjum, IB mil ! day dissolved hv mutual consent, and M. S. Car- I man will finuh said work. MICHAEL S. CARMAN. R. J. DOBBIN? Georgetown. D. C.. April fi 1861. ap 13 3t WHOLESALE FISH HOl'SE. >02 barrela Labrador HERRING, sclagted, 95 do Bay laland do 95 do Eastport do 5n half bbla. extra Roe do Sft ftbla. new Magdalene do 100 do St John AL.EWIVES. Daily expected per schooner P. Heilrer, and for *ie low from the wharf on o; before arrival Also, lil bbla. oho'Cw^Labrador HKHRING, on board of nchooner Expeolt, due here about the fiiat nf nnvt woaW A l?n 250 bb.a.No. 1 Meremiohi ALE WIVES, IN) do No. 1 Gipped HEKKING, lt?0 do No. 1 Boston do 300 do No. 3 MoCiura MACKEREL. Gloucester in'poction, 50 bills. No. 2 mackerel, Gloucester inspection. Also, kite and ball kit* No. 1 MACKEREL and SALMON. 48 half bbls. Spnns HERRING and Labrador HEKKING of superior quail ty, lr store and for sale at satisfactory nrio?* hartley a brother, ap 10-2w 99 and 101 Water st, Georgetown. ? A BOOTS AND SHOES LARGE And vari??u assortiner t of BOOTS aridsHofe* of excellent quality lustre oeivnlatl44 Brfge strict, nnt.-th!<vn-Vl( nibus stand,and lor 84 1*25 10 90 per otnt.F cheaper tliau tlm usual prices. rV nsK-ln ' * <(. .i u < uiinuiiiii PJL'ST ARRIVED, ER PropelW S. Seymour, fr<>m Philadelphia, 76 barrels ami lf?) bait barrels of Massey, Lulling 4; Co 'r Fhilado ptta DRAFT ALE. For tale by fig ARNV A HH1NN. D aoo BUI.a PRIME CIDER A1LV Kxpejted per sohooner Mary Aon McGee from Boston. This Cider is A No. 1, and is lor taie in lots to suit purchasers. ! ARNY A SHINN'S fe 22 Uiiion Bottling D?pot, Georgetown. JUST RECEIVKD? in hlidn. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS I ISObbls. ??id Rye YVHlr?KY, 250 bbls. HERRING and ALE WIVES, 60 bbiS. Cruhhed and ReCnod ?L'liAK?, i SOba^s Rio and Java COFFEE, in hhde,(low priced) SIOLASifc.8. For sale by JOHN J. BOGUE. ?e 10 III I II ?? FOR SALE AND RENT. POR RENT?DWELLING HOU8K No. 4?2. r id Sixteenth at., next to St. John's Church and near I.afajett* S?4?nro. Thern is a ( table attached. Inquire of E. FOREMAN. Room 5, basoinent of ] Patant Oflio'. ap 16-St* J House ani> furniture fok valk.-a trodern hmlt two *t rT and-attic BRICK IIOL'SK rtOnfjil ni n * ft rnnm* ?n<l W i?nU? handsome flo?er-?arden attaohed, is off"er<-d fir sale, together with the entire Furnture contained in it. To a person desiring to ooninence housekeeping this la an *xe?lle. t opportunity For terins, 4c., Apply to CHARLES WiLMi.i. Secretary Mutual insurance Company, next to Hants of W aahiugton. ap 16-3t 1/OR RENT?A pleasant thre?-?tory HOUSE, corner of Twenty aeoond ar.d H *ta. Gas fixture* complete R?nt ?253 per single year. Appiv <>n the premises. t'ossesaiou given the 1st week ill M ay. ap 15-3t* ' LMtR RENT?A FRAME HOUSE, No. 1*1 a Twenty-aecond at., between I :md Fa avenue, with mx good rooma; healthy r eiitIjborfi^?.?.; rent 1 .fl 'per irontn. Apply to GEO. F. KIDWKLU. i Wood and Coal Dealer, corner E and Fourteenth ' ata. ap 15 3t* FOR RENT?Four pleasantly furnished Rooms with ga*, on C, between 4K and 6th sta. north aide, No. 334. ap 13 3t* House for rent and furniture FOR SALK.?House and Furniture re-irl* new. Inquire at No. S94 I street, between isth and 13th. after 3 o'clock. ap 4 tf FOR "ALE OR RENT-A FRAME HOUSE, cont'ininr seven rooms, together with the furniture, situated ou New Jersey *venuo, between m ftltii IV *atm A Ion a .. ?nf 1 . i<4 , u|?, uvi u ir.u, a new tit i rc?sum J nriCI home, with back 1, im tie r?m? nir>, ' ( No. 130 Fourth Bt ) Also, some valuable LoTt% I ftUofwhioh will he rokl ve?$ ehef.p. Inquire of J. L?. KYNAR1), New Jersey ?veuue, between M >nd N gts. tp 4-tf L^OR RENT-A tnree-ttnr* UHlr.K Httiisr I." on H it., Wanhiuit'n city, l?twren 19 h ami 20th, at present occupied l?y Aisistant Attorney General. Mr. MoA'tnout. Fost>e?sion fiven 3:h of April. Also, a first class STAND for business of any kind, corner Gay a:d High streets, opposite Forres' Hill,Georgetown. O.O Posse^on Riven immediately. Apply to BLADEN FORRFST, Georgetown. ap8 2w" FOR RKNT-A fJRICK HOUSE, containing 12 rooms, with Potomac wat'jr and gas. on I street, bet.v^en 13th and Mth.opposite Frank in Square. Inqniro at WARDKR t STKW*R l"8 ' Wood and Coal Office, corner of H and Twelfth i sts. Also, feriok House comer Twelfth and 1. ma2B-tf ___ FOR RENT?On May 1st, tho large and oommodioas HOUSE on Louisiana avenue, opposite 1 the City Hall Square, now ooeupied by Mr. Webb as a dwelling and law office, and adjoining the honso of Mr. Richard WaUach ?ia<n.(f CBivru T? VI /? .... ? .. a uai'vn a XV I ANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMtjFour hard*omeIy Furuishec Rooms, inpplied with gas and water, and conven. exit to the Patei.t and Post Office Departments, f >r rent. App'yat 490H Massachusetts avenue, north aide, between 4th and 6th sta. ma 33 I STOKE FOR RENT.?A lar?e Store-room on Pa., adjoining our aaouon rooms, for rent. Apptvto WALL k, UAKNARD, Amotion and Commission Merchant*, oorner Ninth street and south Pa. avenue. mar 11 FOR RENT?A three story b:ick HOUSE.containiug 8 rooms. In good onier, with gas h*tures oompleta, on H street, between 4th and 5th. Also, a two-story brick COTTAGE, with large yard attached, corner of F street nerth au<< 14th st. east. To punotoal and reliable vnaati the terms will be moderate. Apply a* 446 Twelfth street, between 6 aad H. -t no U-t? POR RENT?The fine BRICK HOUSE No. 1. 100 W??t ?t.. Ororre'own, at preeent ocoo j pied by the subscriber, ft ha* 12 room*, with ja* and water tlwoaf hoot, a fine yard, stable trr ., ana P HEADER ' *ERU8E Theflowing statementand then jud(9 of its facts Tor yourself ABRAM COLE, of Brooklyn, K. Y., a Weil known oitiz -n there, bad suffer*! from Dyspepsia for some ybars, witho it permanent leiier, uatii he I tried AYfelt'S PILLS, vhioh taken according to ! <he directions for this ooinp'aint. restored him to , b'fcith in a few wess After an interva* of some f mon?h he-nee hat! tin retirrn vt his eomp'a'nt. GEO. \y. CROSS, of Harmony. T&xav, bad an ' eruption on tote n?ok. shoOJiwrs, Sack and !<*, ; whiott oovert d about one third of bu body. It kept 1 the parV> affected ooTewd with a aoab, tndUit* o'ten a raw fore, was of oourse veri trouble: ome , and distrejuing. it so msoh impaired his health as to unfit bim fo? business and k-pt him in <x mutant aufTenn*. AH tnedioa' aid f\ii?> 1 him until hetook AYERT8 compound EXTRACT PaRILLA. win oh cured him. Bis rkiu sUJ shows soiae Bo*r? from rl:o aloeiation, bat it F? otherwua O^^MrVHOC?K, Esq... an eminent lawyer c4 " uuniuua, > a wui n o?ia v-nion ?,irt!M on hii !^5*fcr;'# jmptonuofooncomption. Wk?or-dao?Hl Pr^!K(hhfTDR.*J.^"*Artru * CO Low?il, **?* - ' n?U eolm j\BW A1IO BPLSNDID ' VlthTlf* "*** 411 th! ^f5^t?na?fM9r'ie?, Fith t, larce Msorunant of hm Jiomn nr? iu- M* Fan or Dnw. Silta^ ] wjJJTtJ/p0""10bimdI is -, ^ THE LATEST NEWS. TELBQBAPHIO. EVFFCr OF THE NEWS ABROAD ' UiriiTn, Pi , April 14.?The w*r nrw? baa <"rr*'ed Intent* riettemrnt hrr*. Tb* ?tar* and ?tr: p?? sre b?: hjj d1?p!rv*d at different point* !n Uonor of Major Aidftim. A call for a mating <"i Wtilandav U> ant*tin the Gorfrnnifnt ta aumerotnly signed Volnr.teen are being enrolled Eabto*. Pa . April !< .?Tbe receipt of tbe war newt from Gharleaion w*terdav rauaed an Intense excitement throughout the borough A meeting u i? called at the court fcouae last n:gbt and reaolutlona were paaaed to raiae volunteer rompat.rea, and that they be tendered to the Governor and President of the l ? Ixi Male*, fully ev,uipded and auatalned. Nearly fltt.MjO were an bar r. t >*d for thta purpoae. and upward* of WO men volunteered Committee* were appointed to ralae fuuda and procure voluuteera The court houae wit a perfect jam, and hundreds were uuable to galu admittance. Dlapatches have been aent to Prealdent Lincoln and Governor Curtln, offering men and meana at momenta notice. CoixMira, Ohio, April 14?Adjutant (general Cirri ngton baa juat laaued ordera carrying Into ettect tbe military law juat enacted by tbe General Aaaembly of Obtu, and providing forfl.KUU M<riilae mUitl* 1J? * -? * ii, ?ur uuiuia oi mrrvp OI not lets than 35,100 nn-n. to be subject to In.mediate transfer Into the regular force. Tb? regular militia baa been organised into twenty-Are regimenta. which when upon a war basis. would make SH.OiiO men. On Satnfdsy bla offlr* ?rii thronged by persons eagerly Inquiring for the n? ws. and offering their services. Irrespectively of party, to support the general government. Dftkoit, April 14.?The war nrwi creates a profound sensation The unaaimoua sentiment of the State ia that the position assumed by the government most be maintained An Impromptu meeting of the members of the Detroit bar and Influential citizens wis held yesterdav afternoon, composed of all partes. They passed resolutions denouncing the Confederate States, and declaring their Intention to stand by the old flag at all hazards. Akixakphii, April IS?The publication of Prt-sidf-ut Llucoln'a prociarnat!on bat greatiy Incrrsed the aeceaalnn fueling h?rr. and bminrsa of all klnda iacomplrtrly aiupendnd. MerchacU are eiigagt-d In dtactualng tbe probability of a prolonged and aanglnary civil war The impreaaion ia that tbe Virginia Convention will Ina'antly peaa an ordinance tf ieo-asion, or call a Border-State Conference. Mobilk. April 15 ?The reaponae of Preald*-nt Lincoln to the Virginia commlMioners ia regarded at a declaration of war Richmond, April 1j.?The Preaidenfa proclamation was received here with general execration. Tbe public mind ia fearfully exciU-d Tbe aeceaaioniata declare that nothing could be more favorable to their cauae Military men cav they would rather die than respond to such a call \Vilmi;?*to!?, N. C , April 15 ?The President a proclamation was received here with perfect contempt and indignation Union men openly denouce tbe ad ml nutrition and tbe grratest poatible unanimity now prevaila ia public tentimmt There wat great r> iOlclng? L*re on Saturday on the reception of the uewi of the reduction of Fort Sumter uhicaoo, April 11 ?i st news of tbe surrender of Kort Sumter created a profound sensation here It wm at first discredited, but when later dispatches arrived, coifiriniug the previous reports, the excitement was intense. All parties express a determination to uphold tbe tiovrrnment iu enfur; .ug the laws and maintaining the supremacy of the nation Nkw Haven, Conn , April 14?The excitement here is intense The streets are crowded with people who are clamoring after ex?r.?s The national ti.i^ is flying from all points Tbe CityGrays are holding a meeting la anticipation of receiving a call to duty. Nashville, April 13 ?An enthusiastic public meeting was held here to-nsght. Resolutions were unanimously adopted condemning tbe administration for tne present state of atUirs, at.d sympathizing with the Soutn The Hon Mr Zolucoffer and otLers spoke Memphis, April 14 ?Great excitenr.ent prevails iu this cltv over the news from Charleston, ai.d great crowds are n the streets. Tbe event is >? fug celebrated by cannon Uring. rockets, bonfires, music and dancing., April 1?.?Gov. Weston has re * Jk ? ? * - - ? - - ' > . < vurn iruui iuv voiunirera 01 ur suit, indicating that 30.000 men could b? ?p(^illly raistd here, If required Cisoin*at:, Aorll 15?The people here are thoroughly arouard Fia^s are waving in every direction, and a 'Home Uuard" will be Immediately formed New OrlkaRx, April IS?There was a grand muster of the city volunteer companies thi? mornIce, and pep&rations are making to defend the mouth of the Mississippi river inihe belt possible manner. The Virginia Canveutten rirhmosd. April 15 ?The Commissioners presented Mr. Lincoln's reply without comment A resolution wasotTered to go into secret session to consider the report of the Commissioner* A debate followed The proclamation constituted the principal them* Messrs. Scott and Pre*ton (UnlonUU) declared that If the President meant subjugation of the South h;td but one course lo pursue Difference of opinion exist* as to whether it will be best to secede immediately or await the cooperation of the border States. arid it is believed the alternative propoaltions will be submitted to the people Some delegates doubted the authenticity of the proclamation, hi d, in deference to their wishes, the Convention .idjourned until to-morrow, when the Convention will doubtless go into secret session. The people here are clamorous for secession, and accounts from the interior represent the feeling to he the roughly aroused A change of Sei.timent in the Convention is foreshadowed. The final determination will undoubtedly be reached In secret ?f**ioit. Go*. Letcher declines to express his opinion openly previous to the recei|4 of the ottl< ial proclamation. Frsua XtrUik NoRroLi, April 15?The secessionists fired one hundred guns, end there is much rejoicing and intent* enthusiasm, on account of the Fort !?u niter oft'dtr. It is said that an order haa been received at the navy yard to fit out the steam frigate Merrtmac, which will tow out to sea all the war vessels now in port. Fifteen hundred dollars hare ixsen paid to the State I nspector to release the vessels recently seized under the Inspection Law. Troop* "!>iidf r?-d It Ikt Ctalt4rr?te Stales. ftfo!?TGo?ERi, April 15?Gen Pillow baa arrived here with an t.ffer to Prestdent Davit with an entire division of Tennessee troops. Everybody is delighted with the encouraging news from Virginia. A prominent gentleman from that State telegraphs here that Virginia will probably secede to-morrow 'Presidents PrtclsmtUta at Montgomery? More Troop* to be called into Service. Mostgomiky, April 14.?The Cabinet of the Confederate SUtes read President Lincoln's proclamation amid bursts of laughter. Tbe Secretary of Wsr authorizes the statement that thirty-two ihoutand more troops will be called out to-day, to meet such forces as tbe Government at Washington may call In tbe Held. Kentnchy. Lociivill*. April 15.?The recent news considerably paralyzes tbe people, and tbey have not recovered trem tbe tlrat shock Companies are enlisting for tbe Southern Cod ira'ricT, cna several win ran to-morrow The citizens generally deplort the positions In Hr. Lincoln's aroclanaatlon. Kr Backiaaa't UriaUl the Crist*. LA.NCA.iiaa, April 15.?Mr Boehanan exhibited extreme interest la the news f#m the Mouth, and participated in the expression of the determination to austain the Government. Election si C. I. Center* St. Locis, April IS ?The California ronjr fcnpress of the 3d lost, has arrived. McDotrgal Las been been elected United States Senator. The >loutg?mery Cabiait. Mommombbt, April IS.?The Cabinet here will await Mr Ltrcoln'a o&clal proclamation before laiiog any acaoa rcvponaing to It. LntMt from CrMuctlt. . PBHftACOLA, (n?d*W )?Shot, etc , linked at Fort Plckeua bjr (he fleet. Thi Wuiin -TM foUowiag r?p?wt of the wmUier for tt# morning ti mdr from the American CoMolldated Trlejrjxpli Mot to the ttmltt oolau frutfttutlon. Tbe ua?e of ohMnatliw la about 7 Ana 16,1MU ??r. *-a * ..i ? % * ? ' - nuaiiiK'-airi'V.'V ntnlDC.. r^ifreoafK) r?iDiog. wiMrfi agwli. St. M&cod. OIL ? QjawMl ,,tl?4y. iflrtflMj0k.o . I 9 l ti | ' ,,, Am? * *,A*-** ntOUC) AIl>i>im>?'?j??* ?vHIT| ntt?burg, Pi. Ike eelHwdMi at r? a , (M*. -i&rKr^L^s:a&m - ># b J.. . . Ml ?j [second edition. I , THRFF O'CLOCK P M Arroiwxwn by thk$*c?*T4Bt aitii Natt ? A( Ik* Sorfoik A?r> Yard? Wm Km roerao?. roiiW abip joiner, Rlrb*r4 C. Bo nab. maater builder, Gm A Srett. aeWent leepectorof tie l?r. J no J Wtlllama. foreman eopperaaalth. Peter <?all!l?e kerper lr? ntflM. Jae W laaU*. tn uter mnaon; Henry J Hobda?. master pa In tar A'oty Yard, Bo,ton Mass ?JobnC Chapman, npertntrndent of marbln~rr; Chta Fatld. elerk nt th- x-mrA U. - ? " j-'v, itam v u?i?, iimwpf piuamrr, " * Hitcbborn. masterjoiner, EIbrIdee Gardner. sat ter of laborer*, W m M l^esrla. master block nicker; Wm B Hprague, master carpenter Geo. Drcnud Da via of W la., f'avmaater la the N**r. Kd B N'eellv. Sd elate (St .<(10 per annum) cl?rk, Ri;re*n of ProTiaiane and Ciolbing, net John k* Wolk. removed. Wm Ij d!ow, do , Bureau Varda and Docks, riff Joa S Robtnann. Jr . raelgned J no Amblrr. 4thclaaa (91 *<60 per annua) dark. In the Bureau of Construction, resigned <;*>**ai. I.asd Orricc ? Rl< hard M Roes, af Ohio, and James M Beard, of Iowa, bare been appointed lat claas (SI.MO per annum) clerks In the General l.and Ottce. Arroi!?TiD ?Isaac Bond, of Md , baa beea appointed to a first-class (ft.2oo) clerkablp la the Poet Office Department Crimiral Cor at?J-dgt Mtrrtck ?The court met at tbe usual bcurtbta morning J udye Merrick delivered an opinion upon tbe J -#?t- - " - ? * nnuitn n ur connnei ior uoaira mi -er to tM Indictment pending In this court igdnft blm, overruling the demurrer. The defendant wa* tbea arraigned on four aer era! Indictment*. each of which contain a count for larceny ani a count for abstracting paper* and document*, tbe property of tbe Government Ho pleaded not guilty. A fifth Indtrtirent, charging Bailey with conapiracy, la pending, on which be waa not arraigned Mr Carlisle, for defendant, atated that tfcere were two ab*<-nt witn'Me* important to the de fenae; one wa* the ||on Jacob 1'hompaoB, and tbe otber Wm II Rutaell, and a*k*d for a continuance till tbe next term of the court. Mr On Id bad no objection to postponing tk* caae for a few days, but ?bouid oppose a continuance. and hoped it would not be granted Tbe Court aaid it would be neccawry to produce a proper affidavit. The auntlon of a continuance wm being de bated wbeu our reporter left the court * P. S -GoddaM Bailey'* can* wa* continued until tbe June term of the Criminal Conrt Tbe petit luror* were finallv discharged Jno Volfvw w brouchtlrto court towlv^wntenre for the murder of Michael Mnrpbv When acked by tbe Court tf be bad anything to nv wbv rentence shott'd not be pronounced again* bltr. be replied, "Th* Lord** will be dose," and bad nothing more to say He wni tben sentenced tc be bung on tbe aerond Friday after tbe rising of tb? next term of tbe Circuit Court, wblcb corn mences its term on tbe first Monday 1b May oext Tbe Court tfceu adjourned *m? dxt Removal or Ammpjutioh?To-day, twenty tans < 1 *beil snd grape shot were removed from the Washington Navy Vard to Georgetown, (or use. probably, in ease of au attack upon the District from tUat dlrectiou. THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH. th> fmiim ? v?k [Special Dispatch for tbe Star ] N'kw Vohk, April 15 ?Editor S:mr .Washington City Fl'? art- displayed ttroutbout tb? city I't??* Legislature offers thirty tboaaand men and three million* money to sustein tbe Government Fear* are felt that tb? Herald and Journal of t'W tiierre offices may be mobbed Tbe excltemant to deep and universal to sustain tbe Government The reeling la Philadelphia [Special Dispatch for the Star J Philadelphia, April 16 ?Editor of <a? Stor : The Philadelphia Board of Trade to-day paaaed. unanimously. strong resolutions, pledging this city, its capitalists. Lusi?m and working nan, to tbe fullest extent, to 'be support of tbe Government In enforrlnK tbe tows, and malntxlnlrg Its authority, and also tbe Integrity of the Ualoa. From t harlestsa. ChaKlkstos. April 15 ?Tbe city is unaxellod There was some stir tote In the afternoon, on account of firing In tbe olBnt;. and various rumors got sIIoat It was. however, finally ascertained that It was a salute by tbe fleet when Maj Andor on was tranaferred from the Isaliel to the Baltic He is now on bis way to New York Cant Foster has written to bis wife to meet him at tbe St Nicholas Hotel, in Ne* York, 011 Thurfday. There are a great many mall boats with tbe fleet, all witb muffled <w* Tbe fleet is atlll oataide, and much Interest ts manifested to know bow tlie horses on board are to be used The Are in Fort Snmter Is finally eitiagulabed. and a large force Is employed in clearing awav tbe wreck Two companies of the Palmetto Guard ar* now stationed there, and It ta believed Mej. Ripley will t>e uasigned to tbe command A !arse number of troops came in from tbe countrv to-day, and com pan I** are now encamped all around ;be city and a land attack ka prayed for. Tbe Carolinians want to hare a mortality list on here the next engagement Light thousand m- n arc now under arms The news of the seizure of the North Carolina forts by Let troops is hailed here with great d?llght. The news from Virginia la consider*^ hopeful that she will be at once precipitated into diMinion :nd tbe war Farther Warlike Outfit for the ftoatk New Yob*. April 15.?The sfc?m*r Phila? delphia (chartered) ta now raptdlv loading with guns. niui.itions, and preparing for troops for the South She Is nearly ready for sea A meeting of the citizens was colled to-day, and arrangements made for a public meeting to suslain tbe <iovernm*-at. Tbe ?tk and 8th regiments are understood to be la read in eas for service. and volunteer companies are to be formed. Uen. Ward, of tbe S^ott Life Ouard, ts expected to assist in the organization of a regiment. Col. Benuett, of tbe ??h regiment. (Brooklyn ) sivs his command will support tbe Uoveramont to a man Orders have beon received from Wsshington to till up ail tbe Federal regiments aa speedtW aa possible- The recruiting offices art- crowded wltb applicants The tvw-ond Kegiment of New Jeraev will ten. der their servltes to the Government. About ?) Wide Awakes. It la said will do the same It ia slated that Gov. Olden, sf New Jeraev will In a few dajt tender tbe Government several thousand troop* The Virglata ( veattsa. Richmond. April 16, noon ?Tbe Convention a in secrwt session?reporters exeladed, A telegram from Gov Pickens to Ex-Gov Wis* report* eleven vessels eft tbe bar, tbe ships of war having Instituted a blockade The newspapers here express s confldem* that Gen. Scott will resign. [Nonsense ? En Brat 1 Tbe Whig (now d'siinlon) hauled down the t'nlon flag this morning, and run up. nt the heed _ M 1 ^ _ 111 1.1 1 *W. . m * ! 1 A _ pi in cuuoriot column, me dij 01 * u|na. Later Frta Portl* wr?. April 1?.?Tbe North Briton arrived berr tbU nornlng. Warlike rumors oa tbe continent are oa tbe Increase. Trimmings? trimmings: _ New Style* rf \*A e.' LRfcSS TRIM MINOS and llUTsONS in every vanetr. just rwwwd at Mrs. LUtt t'S, *?T Pa. araaaa. a?13 3; *"nu, ?id? 'i?Ht auMfCKiWb.*^ tiiViMfi iuuj*av?u 1 Ueir lii ?t supply of new atfMa of^ SPRING hUOOj. itie* reapaelfalJj a rail from Uieir patrons and tttesatmo sea \\ rath . Thai keep al?> oonaa^tfr K. "Mi 11 a rot kj stuisiT ofN aVAl. aad m/LITXIT^^ FUKNIffllNG OOOUH, suck as Epauiet* 0oM m?y 3m?o No. 36*. sarff rowa's H.>ta \I* NEW GOODS. * " E Are t owjM W toovstoo k a iarf* aadio a ral>ia ,ol ul *TTUun< thai ia mw an4 iaairaUa, whi?*h^a *"*?" to> i?,l at a mm frto* AU.p?r?oM jfc of DRV GOQU&wi'I alvaniad onr n?iluabivrtm,u>4m tk? low ft would iKir*M ufo? iho?* of Mr aitiMM *m kin rooen*lr takan up rhfir r*?ideooa With n?. that w have but >H jriaV^Biark* i? W* lenrwoe %eh aritel*. and cfl>r a ditooant of fira p*r aaat. off for all aalaa for nk, Waaak an exai Kaauon of prioea, ? that en* toner a oar. aaticfr tbeoxetrM is rafard to lh* las by pu'ohaainc f ?r oaah. W. M. BHI'STER * CO., No J*,oj>ponte Caotar Markat, ap 6 lfti WTw m mrtiu 1 will err*and oivk a moh ftlce 1 for A Ltotrapha<atd Mtora from H m-r? I'lmaij nu. kud V\ mtlM AMMI pRR.NCH LlttEN^C^MBKIC H aNDJKEBeg l^^jjnr jll^ th88RF?i\lMrHv'n M w?*/ .: x* .^e. *ri*r j *a;."i ?