Newspaper of Evening Star, April 16, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 16, 1861 Page 4
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w = . ! ' THE EVENING STAB. CT" Tho foil swing matrimonial adTartlaemeat appeared In th? St. LouU Republican of th? 9th tnataat: * Matriaaoaial. Ar?nt>rnatile rai<KWtfe . W<mld fain proaaro htmoelf a Wife; And m*rohuU aav pobiuhed donanda Hrinc choioe anpplioa ?uto their haatia. Horo iaar ?wior, whioh. to n l. Require* *mrt worth and much tood will. Of y*fkrn. not woro than tvonty-oicht; fig aro rail. uy miaetrio, atraight; With m am nf nc'A.t i. with Rnd rrt^i speaking ??, ar.d meaning face. Yet aentie, ?ym pathetic, kind, AM warm at h?a-t, and neb in imaH. Not one who ia unhappy whan Hor glonea are not aoen of men. Of fortune, eomethint above ?old. Bom'thin* act to be bought or *o:4? A hod*, aoul. and mind, and haart, round ia no otaer but I?ove'e mart. Not on? wbo tuiok. the game of lufe la to cheat aoma man with a wife. Should aay maid, or wiiow fair, b*..*ve Heraalf thiatreaaire rare, And wi.-h a fusland friend atd lover, la a 1 thine equal, or above her? A simp's ?ob? let her contrive, iXreot to Box H 6 J. Write Encli'h, Latin, Frenob.or Spanish, But kitmbmt and deception h&mih. H*ts Fai of Eiiifimniti Sictssipwists?East Tennessee la evidently no place for H#cessloriists. whether the following letter from Knoxvllle to the Montgomery (Alabama) Advertiser la to be relied on or not: Here we hate bud the very devil to light W bad to light him In every form, and In every conceivable attitude Many of our number have been burnt and buns, and kicked In eUgy We have boen Wanded and treated aa traitors?In aome in stances our orstors forblddt-n to sprnk. snd not noftequently pelted with rotten ergs: In one locality In this region, women mounted on an ox wagon, and drlvlnf the team themselves, carried the effigy i>f one of our inoet talented lawyers, and bung him up to the limb of a tree In tbe woods' At the same time and place tbev Lung another clever gentleman, cut him down, and then kicked birr higher than a kite. IT ^ A a ? - -Wl -II ? ? y * n* a HtU|(l 1Q^ fl HUUW III Oswego, lately, & bov flred a gan at a pigeon above htm. True to this aim, the bird fell, and In It* descent bit the man of improvements smart rap 011 the back of the neck. From the stroke following the report so anlckly, be almost guessed he was a "gpne coon;" nut examining his hand, which he Lad lnstt nrtiveiy thrown back, and seeing It erlms *ned with the pigeorrs blood, he felt thsre could be no doubt about it, and had oniv the power to bawl out, " I'm shot: I'm shot'." when befell to tbe bottom of his ladder. The laughter, however, of some of the bystanders brought him to bis senses and happening to spy tbe dead bird, be instantly thrust itlnto his pocket bf of recompense for wounded honor. Jonts Wfut to serenade bis lady love, and could Only sin* iX'er this fashion : ' Cub, ob, cub with me, Tbe bocd is beabin; Cub. oh, cub with me, Tbe stars are g!eebln And all aroudd above With beunty teablng; BoodUght hours sre best for lub." Jones felt that he was an unfortunate being, when a small boy opposite where he was sinking cried out **Blow your dcee, you dab fool." Aia is a CaowuKD Room ?The condensed air of a crowded room gives a deposit, which, If allowed to remain a few days, forms a solid, thick. glutinous mw, having a itrong odor of animal mailer If rxnilned by a mlerosoope, It is wen to undergo a reirarkable change. First of ail, H is converted into a vegetable growth, and thia is followed by the production of multitude of animalculie; a decisive proof tfaat it must contain organic matter, ctherwise it eon id not nourish organic beings.?Srv-ntijic Anuruan. r~r A rascal met a prrtty, innocent girl in the car* on Wednesday, and induced her to go to Chicago to see the sights In a walk round the <!ity the villain t?ok her to a disreputable house, under pretense of seeing some frtends, and left her, promising to ret jni In the evening Depravity baa its depths, and that of the keeper of the bouse was not the lowest; a few words with the girl showed her the farts, and she bad the honor to Inform tfae police of the entrapping, and the girl was rescued. RacaciTisu toa thk Socthmkn Aisi m rSoaTuaaa Citibs.?The police of Cincinnati broke up a southern recruiting oliice in that city recently, and the Boston Traveller of Thursdaynays reports are in circulation there that soldiers for the army of the foathern Confederacy are boinsr nlwd ti? ? >*? ? ' ' ^ ? ... HUU C?CII tUC li SUiff (II parties Interested bav? oeen given. Tbe 1 raveler discredits tbe rum< r U^Tbe magnlfi ent&ayof Peusacoia, twentyseven miles la Letgth, and (in Its broadest part) twelve mtiea In width, has twenty-one f?-et of water oa Ita bar. Tbe navies of tbe wurld ran fleat securely witaiu it. Tbe great work which protects It Is Fort Pickens, erected by tbe United HUtea. st a cost of nearly a million dollars, on tbe long, low, and uarrow island of Santa Rosa. HT A smart tx-v bas discovered gold at Pertb, C. W. He refuses to say wbvre be found it, adding that his fortune is made. G7-A eansl tne-boat bis been Invented in V ? ?? * pr?f* oy air discharged under a flat Imoob by a pump. Ah til vALS AT TUB HOTELS. WILLARDS' HOTEL ? O T Vail, NV; Capt J W Kin^, &nt Surg R II Alexander, L*JA; J Moaning and aon, M<n; B Able, Kie; A G!?a~oe aud lady, NY: A D udly, A K McClure, W tl Mann. C T Jooe*. G R-ad, VV Andrv?a, W P Backer. E G ttegga, R R Frank*. L Stiles. J U H?U, J W Tkrockoiortotf T Smith, J M Riley, T S Dark am Ct; P A Erland. NY; Hon J IMxm, Ct; C Perlce, J B Bell. N M Kills, W I) C?ptlts4 and daughter, Pa; E C SKlnun. D 1) Fleid, NV; Col Bonneville, USA; J W Stokes, W Y Llppla'?tt, T R Anatln, Pa; E H Smith, It DofBtapo; J A Wester veil, NY; A C Wilder, Kantaa: J M Brocsedt, Pa; 1' Weed. Mr JL>avid >fl, NV; C M Clay, Ky; J A LatU. H Glaaa. Pa; H L Sbadduu, L'SN; H L Sexaa. S Salomon. NY; R K. Darra#h, F W Bind, Maaa; R Martin. Pa; J W Foiled, NY; Opt J Sbermaa, Vt; J B Bartlett. Kansas; H Ettlntr, U>N;, J _N Caaaanova, F A Al ..~CT, * o V4*T??, ? * ; ? Kvaw. Md; A Bovd, MVm; J M Nye, J N Oenln, B T Mann, fc Floyd, MY, J o IIuimm. Rl; J i> Tbcm-p?on, J R J?~k?> , Mi; J H W Pa*e, Mm* J Dock. A Horner, j?a; J A Dart*, Mi?DarU, Mut; H Heniey, L-?j Dt J O Stone, NY; Capt T Bailey, UbN; W O R.rfl.'l ? * " _ ,w,. ?, m 11 i; r lien, A Bell, S*<*otUnd; L C Tbomu and lady. D Ru?rv MY; K V r'amoer, Mo; Coin Aidea, USN; G Nortbwieh, Kdx; K Ftiilutb, K C Male, Pa. BROW.Vj* HUfiiL -C Wallace. * T.t? W j kom, renn; K J Owen, U L Biacoe, U Bbaekelford, Dr voornun, T L. Ltmaon, A iiatteu, B Little. U D Bird, Va; B t* William*, W Onden. T B Bryant. A !*mlivr aod fam, Ark; M I. Han* burger, G W Wylie and ly, EC Lied earn, A J fvniUi. NV; A Shirck. Trx, G Denl, C F Turner, E H Kendall, W Randall, J Bowea, L Lincoln. Dr M IXxib, L A \i alloy, W K Larrabee, Md; T W Son*. la) C VV Sinclair. Pa; J L Mcllvain and fam, Capt C L Kilburn, ISA. KIRHWtHitf HOC BE.-J E Newport, C * Grave, J 4 VixrshaU, J Forrwt, J T McCord, J Powell, L Yarke, J W Milea. Pa; J Cornell, Mra Living at >r, Capt Howard, NY; W H Kennedy, I T Vubmua. P Read, Vat W W Merrt, Md; N PeVri. Dei; H S MorrfU, Utah; G Hailoniva, NC: A E VViiawa, Ga. NATION \L HO TEL ?J R Dowell, Va; Dr J B Candr. Pa; VV Hoardman, J Belknap, NY; J L Mar ye Geo W Jaekaoa, Va; Tboe DefordJdiaa Cowley, Md, Capt Howard, N Y; R 8 Lammol,8 Towatcnd, Del, H Gill, D R Riror*. C C Mwn4tt aad If, Mo. OVKAff* TE AMBUS' SAILING DA YS f*?* ram 'Jiiru 8?w 5T?s?aT ? ??. ftr. DmvtN?w Y<wk..?_?. .!)* ? Yorf...Bramea Apl 13 r::|SVn:v.&Srl::_i;iB Pium .N*?r York. .l.iv*rpo<M Apl 14 Prinoa Albert Naw York.. Guiray Apl Ti F*o? Lnitom t*oalh'?tos._*aw Yotk .Aft 3 kanrm.. 8o?WMoo...N0v York... Apl 4 lfe?Me. ?gnath>to?...>?r? York ...Ap 11 g?team*. Won?k>U>? . .Naw Y?r> ...4,p; u TIB IN8CHANCJ& CO BIT ANY of jnif H I *US BTATE ' ? ? . ? ; * VIR9INIA. , CASH CAFITAX. MM.OO*. . lHUM Marolwadia*. EuUUaca. H??a?fcold HEATH fc INOWLE8. ' 'MM^BOA Afanta, ^ uwiui jtlAri ' I fr *.^1 JV*2A f! ' EDUCATIONAL. I THOSE C^SSKSSSii*...*Mire a thorough ami syatematio education, w.iert Ueir pftywaal traitiin* -wi!! reeeiVe daily mad ifci?i attenti o n. under Um iqckt spp rovtd ?Ttt?in of Caliathemo* and Gynnaaltca, Mi reepectfully invited to riait the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth at aad New York av. MR. k. MRS. Z. RICHARD*. aeJKV-tf Prlnoipaja. IfKMALK BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL 1 ALEXAyVKlA. 7 A. Mrs. 8. J. MoCORMICK. PamciraL. The thirteenth annual aeaaion of trna lnatitaboa ViU commence on Tueeday, September 15th, in th# fepuee recently occupied by Sylvester Scott, Em.. no. iso ftinf Btrtwt. The oovFse of atudy paraued will eompriee ail the bmnoiei requisite to a thoroujh English Education^ and Muaio, French, Latm u<1 Drawing, li I a addition to day sahola-*. Mra. MoCormiok: ia prepared to receive* limited number oT pupil* aa boarders, wh*?. oonatitutin* a eart of her own family, will be under her immediate oare and aupervi- , aion. She will endeavor, a? lar aa poaaibie. to aur rouLd thom with Uie oomfurta and kindly influenoet of Home. IUf*rene*s.?R?r. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Eliaa Harrison, Rev. D. F. Sprirr, William H. Fowle, i Km . Kdcv Snowden, Eee.. Edmund F. Witnier , bMv JHenry Marbnry, Lh., Lewie MoKenaie * En* Robert H. Hunton, Ean., \V. D. Wallach <1 Edllor Evening Star, Benjamin Watera, La^.,.'aa Er.twiale, Jr., Ka?.,Col. John W.Minor, Londoun , jfteaara. Black lock X MarahaU, Meaara. Cor J Brothers. Tun. . Board, with Tnition in ail the Enf hah tirancltea, fWOfor www aeaaiou? payable aemi-annually, in advance. I Muaic and I .an*nagea at Profeaaora1 pricea. ILT Wo extra charts*. so JB-tf GAS FITTING, Ac. W6 AS K1XTU K K 8 . E Hat* in tore, and are ilai.y teoeivuf, OAS FlXTUUESu(*utit*ij New Pattern*and IW.xu? and Finieh, superior :a ?t> to anything heretofore offered in Uu? market. We invite oitnen* ceneral It to call and examine our stock of Gas an?T Water Fixture*, feeiinc confident we have the bast selected stock in Washington. All Work in thA ftl^VIX Itl:? *,? -a MYERS & McGHAN. * rnarl-tf 976 D street 1 i IBNYDER, ? PLUMBER Ayp (iAS FITTER. Use removed to (he oorner of Twelfth and F hU. He is prepared to introduoe Water and Gas upon ttie most favorable terms, and fuaranties entire f satisfaction. Hehaa on hand a lot of COOKING and otier 8TOV ES, vhioh he will aeli teas man ooat, as he < wuhM to jft rid of them. no 17 /"OFFICE OP INSPECTOR AND SEALER * \J OF 6A8 METERS. Waihuwto*. July II, lMn. NOTICE IS HBREtfY GIVEN, That.aareeftbly to the provision* i f the urdinanoe of tna Corporation approved May 12, 1?* the underlined if uow prepared,"whenover r^Tu-rod ia writing, and on pre-payment of the fee of fifty o?nt?, to inspect, * examine, teat, prove, and asoerta'a the aooaraoy of ret lsfaration ofVny gap mater in i'sr in this city." Every motor, if iouad mcorreot.will hsoondemnod, and another, au&led and mar id as trus, will be set in t>* piace. If proved to be soonrat* in Ita mea*ar^mont of tai, it will be seaiod accordinf ly. uu ?s?in pui ill position tor uu. U-Aoo No. 410 Seventh etreet,(near Odd Felowi' Hail) m., to 5 p.m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, JrW-tf Inspector and ftealer of Gaa Meters. /0\ NOTICE. /f\ / 'A removal. A tt W I h&TO removed my V V FAWN OFFICE ? to 3&1 C street, between 4>ti and Ctli street*, mm adiatPty ia the rear of the National Hotel. the Limine** will be continued as heretofore at the old ittand. lnol5-6ml 1S\AC HERKHERG. "IT NEVER FAILS!" 1 " IT WILL PAY THE PEOPLE !" I take rroat pleasure in HnnotmcnK to the 0U.1- i aen* amfVtranners-.f Washington that I bavejvst returns ! f or 'he Nortn wi'h a very fine and larire 1 lot of SPRING and SUMMEK CLOTHING. H rNlSHlMG GOODS. THI NKS. HATf* an<l 1 CAPS, which I have bought mostly for cash, and I an. prepared to tell ttieni off at very low prioea. N. B.?All of th-ue good* have bean made jp within the laat month : therefore. ?ou o.*n ret tlia latest ?t? !eaat J. H SMITH'S. No. 460 Sevonth at., oppoaite Post Otfioe. ap Vim <^5? FOR 8TAMPIN9 jLy* A PACKET OF PAPER > AND ENVELOPE8 , NO *0 MATCH. I 1 CHARGE METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHILP A SOLOMONS, ' Agtntl for Lanrinr.t't ttltbraitd Ltntn F?ftrI, "Metrcpc'itan Hills," ?fc., ae 44 ly 334 P*. bat. 9th ?n<l l?tt> ata. fio.oooADTU AD D/liiT'u uu<\L*u '?*??" ? ? v>? a 11 \/r uvv/ ml Oj cui/nij A HI) 1 IV( '^IIVD| ! ( Of nil Styltt and Qualities, I at a great sacrifice ok cost. i 1 Start for Ktnt and fixturtt for Sal*, j , All the Stock in S. p7"HOOVER'S STORE, ' ! ar*n?lroil Hall.aniliraoing every variety m<dfm , ' SfaVtrPlof Ladie* . Gent*', Children's iriKft J ^KlW^rvanri'SHOES AlioJRAVfll El.ING TRUNKS are now being old./or* foL ?/i?*,at treat saerilioeson iwnai retAil seliingtorioOB, I tndsrtl niaoh Ijalosr original cost. Tfte attention of , tiie pubiio is solicited, as great inducements will | be made to purchafer.. > I I Th ?above ocisprises a large ctook of tliq finest j Iuaiity Frcnch and American G^itors.Shoes.Boots, 1 o.. 4o,, for iadiee and gentlemen Tn Store is fur rent and the Fixtures for tale. < Apply on t' e premises, Iron Hall. ?i. B.?The above a too it, eiihor in vholoorin part, vili be sold at private ea.o. To a:;y one dekirou t of entering the Boot, Shoe and Trunk Busi> noss th:s affords a better opportunity than may ] again be presented. < Persons indebted will oonfer a favor by promptly ; i oaliiac and aeUiing their aecounta. j*7-tf , JUST-RECEIVED THIS PAY BV J FRENCH A RlCHSTEIN, ii7S Penh. Avenue, NffToes ard Neero Slavery; the first an Inferior I ' race, th<? latter its normal condition. l>y J. H. Van l Kmt. M. O. Ail tiuNew Books and Papers of the da) con- \ stant t o nai.-l Our usual disoount of 10 to j?> jer < oem. on an oouna books. . " french & rjcijstkln. ap 5 Penn. avo^ue. y^ATCH REPAIRING AND SILVER WARS ' 1 have one of the beat establishment*. and furnianed with a complete set of tools for repair Rjv ( in* e/erjr description of fine Watches, <uk! fM , articirar attention give t<> the same, by a^lkMK thorough competent workman.a:i 1 a work r-j,-iran- 1 tied. Al?o, every desorip ion of atandard SMiVKR W A Kb, piain aud ornamental, iwu;uiaoturedj: der . nijr own supervision. whioi. mjr cuntomera will find ' for superior in quality and finish to northern ware , old by dealers in general and represented M their , own iMnulaoture. H. o. HOOp. se 6 338 Pa. avenue. near 9t> it. Boots and shoes to suit ^vic .1 times. j We are now manaiaotunia all kinds of BOOTS ! and SHOES, and oo stiLr.'? nw?i?i?- -* npf ? of wittra m* e w>> i of cv*ry <ie KBB9 . ' orl^ton, made exsressi? toofier. anawlilw TBI be eol<l at a much <ower prie* than has been* V? ; * heretofore oiau4<*i in ftus <uty for muou inferior , irbcitii ! I Pertons in want of B<jo:s and dhoes of eastern or i etty rnvie work, win always find a rood assort men ,? ia store ?ad ftt the lowest pnees. eiv- ns a oall. I fcKIKFIN & 1JRO., i?i r S14 Pennsylvania avenne. /2JKUAT MKDiCAL HOUKK IN THK CITY I ' VI OF Wa^HINOTON. I DR. 8HUMAN, at his Southern Medical Hnsse, | ooraer of Sixth st aad Pa. avenue, under the Clor I emlon Hotel, is tiie only ?ne m the known world who o&n permanently eure all diseases of a mIrate nature m from S to days. A permanent oure t?r no charge. m? tn-lim* j !.?.? UXitU ?. ft. Kin. I.LlVrtT. .XXTEATMUW Will ftwrteainthiHlto^tfourt ofVfrrort antAf f?t i> at Jaokran, ta? FMeraT Coart at Pont/ito* w. UUMH Oi BW?UI Judical Dutrlot of MUh f.ppi.aai wtU atucd to tlu Collartun ?f Cl?iaa i limikMltt* lUrtk MInMwI. mM-iT T| UK CROSSED PATH, Br Wilkia CoHiw, author of '(wWobmi in whit#. I I Dariey'a Diokent; Lariej'n Cooper. Appleton'i New American Cyclopaedia, toIoim 11 now ratify. I Aid mut uUtr New Books,i?o*iv?l this <1*7 , a? '<>< ^"^Y^cS VWcHnrmK tb% ? <R>?.) National Book?tore. 8T? Pa. MFLAHNERVS MAllBT-'E WORKSL ' Co***m x*1*? and H S1?. MONUMKNT8, TOM3" SLABS, HBKDS'r<>NkiU, MaNThi.S, and ait kindi of OfnaIMHtal Un>k i. ?__ .. mmviv iinm m aaartf*tia iutnaer with l??anc? und (i??p*toti- i - -{ lift. Ctliv4t Camt'ery.?Percona who hav? r?<a-?r*d their re:ative?, and who ? Mir* tocinbftjaa tjtttir nrw (round* can do ao at priotioal f V WOOD and coav I',. ^ thkTaor oth?r? ia^ibTpIyr?<an^^mltt, andN&ivv V nrTlnSatf WBtVi^ t nif'h'0' * uafiSJT *"* ?%??^???r-MOORE'8 *N?iec* art will rvnaove p4M, Yarn'r| or grata* of aajr k?y>d, from tt?aw>?f2alieatp fabric, ?rlk or woolen, wvhWPidhMMi \ t:am ?*& : [ st, m*t rT a>Mcp H I I '; t I * I _____ NervousHeadache Headache. Br the im of these Pills the yeriodlo attacks of M?w or Sick Htadacke may be prevented; and f taken at the eommenoement ot an atteok immeliate relief from pain and siokness will be obtained. They seldom fall in removing the Ntmsta and HtadacK?to whioti femaJee are eo snbjeot. They aot gently upon the bowels,?removing Onivmus. Por Literary lfm. Studentm. Delio&te Pm&Im. rnd ail persona of t?den.tary habits, they are v*ltable aa a Laxative, improving the ayretitt, (trine one and rigor to the digestive organe, and re itoring the natural elasticity and atrength of the rhole a'yatem. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long nveetlgation and carefully condnoted experiments, lading been m uae many yeare, dnnng whioh time hey have prevented and relieved a vaat amount of win and Buffering from Headache, whether ongl is ting in the nervous ayatem or from a deranged (tate of the stomach. They are entire!y vegetable in their oompositton, ind may betaken at all times with perfeot aafety runout rnMini; anj change of diet, and tkt ab itnet 4f any dumgrteable taitt rtndtrt it $asy to idministor tktm to ckildrtn. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signature* of Henry C. Spalding on eaoh Box. Sold by Druggists and all other Dealers In Medl>ines. ^ A Box will be sent by nail prepaid on reoeipto he PRiCK, ?? CENTS, Ali orders shoald be addressed to HENRV C. ttPALDINO, 4h Ckdae Stxxxt, Nxw Yoxk. rHE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF SPALDING'S CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER FROM t T n a rv a r? tt n ii r,i\ uaunni th^t A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE is within their reach. 4s the** Testimonials irere unsolicited by Mr. Spalding, they afford unqnextionable proof of tne efficacy of thw truly scientific discovery. .masonvillk. cnnju. pah. v i?ri. M*. 8fa.ld!?s?? KSir : I h^ve tried jour Cephalic Pi 1 la. an>t I hkt tkem to retll that I want yon to ien<i nte two dot arn worth more. Part of theaearefor th? n*ifhbora. to whom I java a few out of the 6rat box I *ot from you. Ben.i tha J'llla by mail, and oblige Your ob't aarvant, JAMES KENNEDY, U/vBSPoao, Pa., Feb. 6.1861. Mm.. Sfa.lci'*?? Bir: 1 wiah tcu to a?nd me one m >t* ?;>* of Tonr Ophalio Piili, I kavt rtetivtd * irtat deal tf brntfit from tkem. Youra reapeotfully. MARY ANN 8TOIKHOUSE. 8?nrcs Crxek, Hcntinctok Co., Pa ,i January 18.1881. \ H. C. SrALEino?Pm You will pleaae aend me two boxea of your Ceph&iio rl'la. Bend them Immediately. Re3peotftiIly youra, JNO. B. 8IMON8. P 8? I Aor? ustd ont bo?, afyomr Pills, ami find !um excellent. Billx Vn&notf, OHo, Jan. 15,W61. H?:ibt C 8faldi!I0, E*?^ Pleaae find fnrloaed :wfuty-five o?a'?, for whionjiend me another box >f tour Ophalio Pills. They art truly the bftt Pills I Kavt tvtr tried. Dlroot A. STOVER,P.M., Delia Vernon, Wyandot oo., O. HmvKRLT, Mm., Deo. 11, I960. H. C. Bpalpiko. I wiih for iionie eirculart or lar** ?h(<w MlU. to bunt your CephMio Pul? more particularly b?fort itit cn'tomere. If yoa iarve an'thini of the kmii, p!ea?e ??nd to iue. Oneof my oa?tom?r?, w'\o itsuM?ot to nvne Piok Headache, (npuall* iastjnt two day*.) ?r?J -tire,i or an ana-? ?n on* hour fry yo?r fii/j, Whioh [ cent Iter Ro?peotfally yours, W. B. WILKES. H*tnole?brkf?, Fka^kliji Co.. Ohio,! Jacaary 9,1861. \ hrtkt C. SraLDiwa, No. 48 Cedar itreet, New Y'ork?fttAr Fir: Inolosec find twenty-five cents. 25,> lor which send l>ox of Ophalio Pills," !?en?l to Adrlrep* of Her. Win. C. Filler, Reynolasbn-?, Franklin ooonty, Oluo >tur fills work lib* a cxarwv?curt Htadack* ilmi 't tnstanter. Truly your?, WM. C. F1LLKR. YrsiLsim, Mioh., Jan. 14,1m1. M?. SPAI.D'S??rlir: Notion* einoe I sent to you Tor a box <J Ccptia'io Fills for the oure of the Nerruua Unadaohe and Coetivendee, and reoeivea the tame. aDd thry had ro foot! an tff* ct that I tea* i?lucea to tend for morf. Please sena by return mnil. Direct to A. R. WHEBLFR. Ypeflanti, Mioh. From the Examiiur, Norfolk, Ym. Ophalio Fills aooompluh the ohjeot fW whioh Lhey wero made, vis: Cur* ol headaohe In all ite forms. From tkt Bzumiaer, Norfolk, fa. They have been tested iu more than a thousand 3&ses, with entire suoasss. rrom the Democrat, St. Cl<md, Minn. If yon are, or have been troubled with the headlohe.send for a box.(CcphaHo ''ills,) ao that yon nay have them in oase ol aa.attaok. From tiki Advertiser, Providente, R. I. The Cephalio Pills are mid to be a remarkably effective remedy fur the headaohe. and one of the rery best for that very fretueut complaint whicb tiaa ever been discoveredFrom the Western R. R. Uazette, Chicago, III, We heartily endorse Mr. Bpalduif.and hit on lvalled Cephalic Pills. From th* Kmawka Valley Star, Kanawha, Ta. We are sure that persons iuf>rinx with the head whe, who try them, will stiok to them. From the Southern Path Finder, Hew Or leant. Lm. Try them ! you that are alDiot?d and we are aure :hat your testimony o&n be a-ided to the already Ara.TJUf hat that haa reoeived benofita that no >tuer medioiue car. prodnoc. From tke St. Louii Democrat. I he imnmie demand for the arttole (Cephalio la,1 la rapidly increaaing. from tk* Gazttt*. Damrort, low. Mr. ftpa'dine would not conneot hla name with ku artiole he aid not know ti po?eu real merit From tk* Advertiser, Provident*, R. I. The teetimorv in their feror la atrong, from the Boat reepectab'e quartera Prom tk* Daily Mewf, Noterort, R. /. Cephalio Pilla are taking the plaae of all kinda. From tk* ComnureuU Bulletin, Boston, Mas3, baid to be very eftoaoioaa for the headaohe. From tk* Commercial. Cincinnati, Okio. Buffering hamamtT oaa now be relieved. ' >' 1 ? 17" A aiagie bottle of BPALDING'8]PREPARED GLUE will ear0 ten timea ita ooat unn?n? ?-? ?#? SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! . ECONOMY! DISPATCH lCr**A BTITCH IN TIM* BAYB? Nmi."eQl Aa ?ecKlet?ta will hap??n, <ven la wall racui*t?d

wtjlea, it it vary desir?bl? to h?*# uu? ah*af ^dja-^venieat way for repiirtaf PurnLhxr a. Toy a SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE ? Um aUokinc point " UBfcFUi. IN 9VEKT HOOfl*." N. B.?ABraali fcOoompamW atoh Bottta. Pris I Mat*. MS gRMtY ? UAiJUkia No. C**r wXtmt. N?w Yor*. r Airrmtv A * Jw tx*>mtt VkSumv IUMBD MJB-m ???t PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. pUILIC N Ot_l 0 K. Dvunonw rvm lnwn.1 w*tkt*tua, ittc. s um. < Pvbtlo notiee ia hereby firea law toad* aad ooipoa* annexed, at Ik* deeeripuoo keieinaftw eet forth, have lately ken fotouloaely ahetraeted from the oaetody of tke laterlor Depai tuat, tke mm kaiag the property of ttae Usited Statee aad held in traet for oertaia iadtaa tribaa. Notiee haa aleo been fives to tke proper oAaera of tke reepae uti dwn to nop tho thmof; tad |Q pnMua arc nmd iplwl parol a?uii or foomviac any of aaid boad* aad ooayoni, m the elaua of U? Uaitod Btatoo Uoroto will bo prooaoatod to tto utmost extant. Each bond boinc for Ue iub of ona tbouaaod dollar*, ti* : But yor oont Minoirl Coupon Hondo, laaaad ta Juno aad Adjust, VWI. Btata of Miaaioari, 8i Lorit aad Iron Moaatala R K. Btato Bond*. Boad So. 3037 Bond So. 1833 187? 1837 * 1W? 1833 1997 1831 ~ 1998 1830 3008 1819 3007 1818 1903 1809 19M 1817 1995 1816 1891 1816 1990 1814 1893 1813 1991 1813 3003 1810 3003 1811 1993 1808 4a/mi ?<m #Vvi 2005 2033 2004 2034 2001 2036 1999 2036 2000 2032 2009 1820 1877 1828 1878 1829 1879 1830 1880 1831 1881 1832 1882 1808 1883 1809 1884 1870 1885 1871 1880 1872 1887 1873 1888 1874 1889 1875 1890 3030 2045 3029 3048 3018 3040 2017 3047 2016 3044 3015 3043 2014 2040 3013 2041 2012 2042 2010 2039 2011 2038 1825 99 bonds 1324 Not*.?Bond? No. Jooo, and toiov of this mum, iiiiim InnA. 1M9 urd KnnHa Nn 9 WST tnH that, dated Aujuit, 1W7, payable at the Pheenix Baok. New York city, in 1887. State ef Miuonrl nx Mr oent jonpon bonds. B:? Hamubal and SuVoeerh Railroad Stale nde? Bond No. 1868 Bond No* 1636 1841 1637 1M1 1?? I860 1629 1849 1869 1848 1866 184T 1863 1846 1862 1846 _ 1860 1844 1861 1822 1866 18S6 1868 188# 1866 1834 1864 1886 Ifttl 1837 182? 1818 !3H 1839 IS? 1649 1826 1640 182* 1636 1828 1612 18* If IS 13* 1614 1831 1616 1641 1616 1642 mil iut WJkfl AVftO 1618 ' 1644 1619 1645 . 1610 1646 1621 1647 1611 1648 1864 1637 1634 1648 1681 1846 1632 1842 163t 1 184S 1622 1666 1857 1816 1686 1817 1686 1818 1689 1819 1841 1820 1628 1821 1624 1621 90 bo>4i November, UKUttareet euibUu Juim Vj3 Jmly of each int. Btftto of MImowi tlx Mr moL Ooimi North Ml?roiri 1,R. State bonds. Bond No^J952 Bond Ko. 1639 2949 1638 2989 1641 2941 1642 *942 1643 2946 1644 2944 1643 2944 1646 2943 1647 2947 1648 2948 1649 2949 1640 2950 1660 3VZZ 2938 3923 1653 3934 1694 ?36 1666 3861 1651 3V6I 1666 166T 2M1 1706 2468 1706 1 rrnm J.#V# 1611 2461 1614 1UI 1616 14M 1616 1466 Mil 1464 Mil 146T Mil 2468 Ml! ; Mil M14 ' 1464 Mtt ' 1461 MIA { 1661 MIT } 1463 M18 t 1466 M19 v 1466 820 1466 64 r 1467 M66 I i j r1 r? 1661 ' 80 bond. Nor*.?The boo4% naetbered Sfud Mot. UgggpafSSwfcntK ",?ri mm no. xu* bom no. rw r84 rsr JT86 . rm 1781 ; - ,J71T ST8S t r34 - , J779 , ? "Ml r83 v 1719 1711 < > 1788 ?8 - 85.; ! ft* 1718 S "!VSS -H 1788 {iv xn rm ?o? B': - ss !. f r.* . t. r .?18 . , t 117 tt ? '9 HU i 'I7M . 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With regard to thia aliaoat wfUiiHe eaooifte Q!alar Miitimenl hae ajokn la decked Mrn ) the rrdekaea of thia treat rfficxvc? are eaaa,LM bj constant trot vi of curative aftah and %h? hawleet reeula from ita in are aftar ait o'-'irt rentwDM and tt? beet akiu hare jailed Let aa ear, la oouolaaica. thai certiteat*e aaroa are not aoasht from the i. iterate amd eaaerftoiai, bat they are volunteered front the aaoaf roa**ctable eoaroea iro justify the h |hea~ taima ia wh;ob It la ponaibie to ooDimeod ao valaahte a aeeoiae tc fablic Mfron. We may add alen t^at th? curative property oftnen *1 ioimaree*aaued ot y by ita reatorr.tlvc effect*. the ayatam reooTerilx fromdiaoaaa with renewed no la! rigor. For aale by all respectable Dmgctats la thia city, and by tho ?ro^r!?or, MRS. M. COX, None gMaine nrueaa ber name ia blown M the borye anc her eaai on the oorfc irf i>riM ai >? i A?u ? _ w- ? >v-v v. vvi i/v >mv? vinv W i\7T aimi. K. (*.T. 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Jorv?.r<3 th?Tr*?wninartoaa; partof tba vord, Moir?r fMtM. aad arildi ?c a*ourdin? to the la traaOona os u>* writer. 1 he of all otb?r?, that aboaid ba road by Morti. damped and hrofcon 4uwt o.- it.ivUuti ill taa ?r?p oa* that icwnb!; dar<oy tk?m wm aooG*r or lator. NNItiBt from tb? fra<lu?a Hi TibattM Mu of earl? *ogth. lafMaaMatioc taa vieum ftom sharing iba fraiiioa of th* aatn ?a?l atato, and. u aoisheeted ia umt, Mtutr atlas all tH? wctoai of aianaood, and Vliuai doora Mov Maodoagal, New York. Prtaa M eaU feat free every where. slfc" * -aa* j\JEW MILITARY HOOKS Jurt reae ired by 1^1 FRP.NCk A RtCBB f KIN, tlU f*. mrmm. Treaoeeoa tka AduiatraOor. *ad Oiuaia ttor r.fu* BnUafc Ami. by fcuward IUMmuw Fo^b aaiaa. l toL, tvo. K<v Uak ed-tLa; prCe \m "faatrlettoa for Field Artillery, 1 toL, ttao.; prtoa JnMqrftaa A't of War. by flaiwata Jmu .ira-iKM; fOMn *??JI 91 J*. "DA.B 41*tBMU-7 Tr?*i M O" Adv&ne** CwA. 0*t PmU *b4 B#tBe*ment *?rrto? ?>1 Tr*of?. Itf J>;J|. Mfttea. 1 vol . 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