Newspaper of Evening Star, April 17, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 17, 1861 Page 1
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V < ' i ' - . . " i3.4 / .? t - r (Bcning pit > 5 ? ' i > 1 V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY.:APRIL 17. 1861 N?. 2.546 U P7BUBHED BVBRT AFTBRNOOH, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) 4* THE STAB. BUILDINGS, Cmur Pennjylmmii* uvmus and 11 tk H., T W. D. W4LUCD. fayera mred In yaekacea by earrlera at ? a year, or *? oenta yer month. To mail abeeribera the yr.oe ia f3JD a roar, m? advmme*i #9 for aiz moniaa, 91 for three months; and for iaoa thaa Ihroo mcoths at the rate of 13 oenta a week. Biagie acyu*. o?*a caxr; ia vrayyer*, two cawt*. ILT ADTUTuiimTi taoaUi be aaot to the oftoe before 13 o'oiook m.; otherwise they may not ay year antil the next day. THE NEW YOBK PRESS LPON THE I WAR [From the Tribune 1 The federal government, having exhausted everj form of forbearance, will ^pr do iU worn dntj with energy and promptitude. The President to-day laauea a proclamation, which we publUh above, calling out a foroe of seventy-five thousand men, and convening an extra session of Congress oa the Fourth of July. The call for troops will be icalously responded to. Pennsylvania alone will offer more thsn the number required. They could also be entirely supplied from this State, almost from this eity alone. The war, which the rebels have insanely begun, is a terrible necessity. Let it be as short as possible rPrnm *K? 1 ^t iviu ?uc m The government of the United States is prepared to meet this great emergency with the energy and courage which the oocasion requires, and which the sentiment of the nation demands. The President issues his proclamation to-day, convening Congress for the 1th of I July, aud calling for seventy-five thousand volunteers for the defense of the Union, and tKa npntiv*tinn nf tK? of the American people The people will respond to this demand with alacrity and exultation. They ask nothing better than to be allowed to fight for the constitution which their fathers framed. Whatever may have been their political differences, there has never been a moment when they were not ready to sink them all in devotion to their common country and in defence of their common flag. The President's proclamation will be hailed with an enthusiasm which no event of the last twenty years has called forth?with a highhearted determination to exterminato treason, which will carry terror into the hearts of the Confederates, who have conspired for the destruction of the freest and best government the world has ever seen. The Herald, in its money article, treats of the effect of the war on our capitalists, but acknowledges that? * One one point, so far as we have been able to ascertain, perfect unanimity exists amone our moneyed men; the government must be .lu^ianiM r.Yery one deplores tbe terrible calamity which has befallen the republic. Bat there is no desire among the merchants or capitalists of New York to shirk the issue, or to evade the responsibilities of the contest. Upon New York will devolve the chief burden of providing ways and mean? for the war; our financial community accept tbe duty, and will perform it. This view we find to be universal among our moneyed men, including many whose sympathies have heretofore been with the South. If the Government prove true to the country, it need not feel any uneasiness about money. In the opinion of our leading bankers, a hundred millions, over and above thA rM*ainU nf *K* f .^ v. vuw UVWIUUJVUI. UU1U CU51U1QS and land sales, if necessary, to defray the expenses of the war for a year from this date, ootid be readily borrowed in Wall street, at a rate of interest certainly not exceeding that which France and England paid for the money they borrowed for the Russian war. If, for the purpose of bringing the war to nn end, and settling this controversy of ours forever, a further sum be requisite, it will be forthAomincr WII ^J -- w /! ? ?vp lU/t Jtta^ry ia ready to sustain the Government heartily and liberally." The Courier mnd Enquirer takes tbe ground that Major Anderson has acted treacherously, and that the names of Arnold and Twiggs " are almost rendered respectable when comf?ared with the more daring infamy which, rom present appearances, must forever attach to that of Robert Anderson.'' The Courier examines the contradictory dispatched frem Charleston, finds fault with Anderson because the rebels acknowledge his gallantry, and adds. u>u oe m?d irae?naa dc oecn fioDHt? had he not been a traitor; even if a breach had been made iu his walls, his ammunition exSinded, and every man of his command either illed or wounded, his doty would have been to have told those who survived to get under caver and patiently wait until relieved by his friends or taken possession of by his enemies. And yet no surrendered?ignobly, disgracefully, and trtackerously surrendered?in order to prevent the gallaut soldiers of the Union getting possession of and defending this important public fortress. " Ood grant we may not do him injustice: but as the facts now stand, we hold him to be the vilest traitor the world ever *aw; and such, we doubt not, will be the judgment of the ?oart martial that trie* him. '"B?e Ezpreaa wheels into the ranks of the tupp.rters of the Administration, and says : " 2- Not another gun, cannon, revolver or pound of powder should be permitted to go to tke seceding States. The President of the United States, through hi* revenue officers, should instantly estop their exportation^ and States should stop their inter-transit trade. " 3. The port of Charleston ought to be instantly blockaded. There no law for it, bat South Carolina has put herself out of the pro taction of any law of ours. She does not respect us, and we cannot be expected to respect her." [From the Sun ] The Confederate Traitors have commenced the war they have been so long preparing for without obstruction, and their first price in fight (having previously confined themselves to atealiag, under pretence of peace) has been the capture of Fort Sumter and sixty sen, by a foroe of five thousand, with nineteen heavy ? ' * omiienea. jdu inglorious succesa will coat them dear Inexcusably and wantonly taking up tb? offenaive, they hare at once oat themselves off from all honeat sympathy, even in the South and kindled a patnotie rage that envelopes all partial and all elaaaea throughout the Union Staler" Toes Babies hot ht Babies.?About So years ago there resided in the town of Hebron aoartain Dr. T., who became very much enamored of a beautiful young lady raaideat in tha same town. The Dootor waa a atrong and decided Baptist They were aitting together ooe evening talking of their approaching nuptials. a hen the Dootor remarked . "I am thinking, my dear, of two events, which I ahall number among tha happieat of my Ufa." " And pray what may they be, Doctor?" remarked tne I td.v. " On* is tha hour when I shall call you my wife for the firat time." A. l A __ -* >1 - il ??? -- /i dq toe oiaer: 44 It i? when w* shall present our ftrst born for baptism. 44 What' sprinklod*" 41 Ym, mj dear, sprinkled." " Never shall a child of mine be sprinkled " 44 My children shall all be sprinkled." " They shall be, hey?" 44 Yea. my Ioto" ' Wall, sir, I shall tell yoa, then, that your babiee won't be my babies. 8ogood night.sir.' The lady left the room and the Doctor left th? house The sequel was that the Doctor nerer married, and the lady is an old maid. PiATirTinii fi? N>w ' 1? "? ? torn n?w w I - Imh press are earnestly calling upon the Conf'd I erate State* authorities to place the forts which command tha several entrances to the MisstMlppi I iiihmik Mcomplete dcfeicc uii po*?lble The Delta, alarmed. apparent!* at the preeence of a formable aquadroa la the Gulf, aaya It la not deemed bj many thoughtful peteooa a rary judlcloua courae to draw from tola city a large force ef Its military, and to deprive It of lte meet experienced eogtoeerieg aad artillery officer* New Orieaaa can ill apareauch energetic iif i ra aa Beaeregetd aad Bragg, la the preeence of a heetlle fleet. Perta Sumter and Ptekeoa are ef the amallaet Imaglaable Importance compered with tae aecurity of thla eltf It urf? the Immediate augmentatloa of the fiw?laa?m a* Facte Jaohe? aadV Phillip te om FORT PICKKKS. Now that the public attention hu oeued 'o be so excitedly fixed on Charleston, Pensacota Bay, and the siege probable there, takes tl*e first place of interest. In regard to this, as oonoerning all like veut* of the last six months, it is difficult to form even a general idea, as to what are tbe real intentions of our Executive, and whether it acts with regard to political or military plans, or vibrates as these two influences may in succession most powerfully attract. Political considerations and the mild determination not to commence the attack, and to regard nothing as an attack, but the discharge of hostile cannon, might allow the same cords to be wound around rickens as have just netted Sumter. If batteries arranged in peaoe anH nniAt nan Ko **\1 a/ta^ ?i*WJ ?? mmmmtm v?u wW J/lWVV(? P'/UIC 1TILUIU I DOCU" iug distance of the fort, others able to drive r,ff all war vessels and to repel all attempts at landing reinforcements in launches or boatf, without opposition from any quarter, thcu the surrender of the one fort is as certain in the future as that of the other is in the pait. The approaches all lost, the fort is lost, as we have no force to raise the siege, and an op?n surrender in name would be preferable to a delusive defense A man who quietly allows bis enemy to take, load, cock and aim a pistol at bis head, and waits to resist till the disoKnraa V* a j ? 1 J A vu-igv u?o niRvu piavc. nuutu nut pursue ft madder coarse than is this not-firing-the-firstahot style of defending a fort. The atta :k really commences when the first act it* done which interferes with the permanent holding of the work. On the hypothesis, however, that the defense will henceforth beconducted on a purely military b asis, and trom the plans and advice of I competent and professional advisers, we can, within certain limits, anticipate results. The field of operations at Pickens is essentially as follows, and may be traced upon the map which we publish on our first page. The harbor of Pensacola is anindenture upon the Gulf ooast. shut in bv 1nn? ??? s?'^?' r ? ?-* & u?i ivn lomuu of Santa Rosa,which continues the line of coast ranning nearly east and west. On the neat side of the entrance to the harbor is Fort McRue and a water battery; opposite, and about a mile distant, on the west point of Santa Rosa, stands Port Pickens. Taking this last as a center, tb* line of the main land sweeps round from McRae a quarter of a circle,where a little back from the water is Fort Barancas. It then continues, nearly parallel to the island, about two miles to the Navy Yard, where it runs off to the north, making a spacious bay, a t the head of which is Pensacola. Pickens is thus exposed to the fire of Barrancas, and McRae, and such batteries as may be crected on all the stretch of shore between them, and on the more distant line towards the Navy Yard. This fire is all remote?too much so to effect any breach, which wonld be impracticable if the fort is fully garrisoned. The besiegers will then be compelled either to deliver an assault at once, success in which would be nearly impossible with their present resources; or go through with a regular siege, and it! consequent delay and expense in men and money. Their parallels must be made on, and their attack delivered from the Island cf Santa Rosa itself; while the forts on the main land can render no very effective assistance One important element in a siege, is that the attacking force should more or less encircle the point attacked, take the r j . iva IU flank, and deliver a converging fire. This, on account of the narrowness of tne island, is not practicable till the fort is nearly reached, and the beoieged and besiegers will each deliver on the other a direct fire. Again, the southern forces will be exposed to a flank attack from the men-of-war, which can take positions amply near for that purpose, and this fire from them will be far worse than their shifting posi tions, especially during their elementary movements. tnan any aid they will receive from the batteries on the main land bearing on the guns ot Pickens facing them. Their communications with the mainland will always be threatened, and may be out off; all these many circumstances. caused by the presence of a fleet, and the peculiar position of the fort, will cause great delay, aid the defense, and render the sieze, even without reinforcements, protracted and difficult. Fresh troops at any time before the assault will enable the garrison to erect out-works, and if sufficiently strengthened, they, in their turn, may become the attacking party. If the garrison is now sufficient, or should become so before parallels are opened, out-works of : l:?i- j - -- imvus &iuu3?os returns, or oasuoned Iiaes? oan be constructed, advanced even as far as opposite to the navy-yard, and each line of these will have to be taken in succession in the same general way, and with the same expense of time, as before indicated Between these out-works and the fort, batteries facing the main shore oould be constructed of any power nto^ary. It is thus of the greatest importance that a relieving force should at once arrive sufficiently strong for these movements, fur their accomplishment would give ainplo time to prepare a thoronch iin/l '? u:-1 * _ _ 0 __ ??.i vitvi tui x lc&ciis am the reoapture of all the Government works in in the harbor. In Captain Vogdes, the offioer now probably in eominaod, the country can place every confidence, as he is a man of high ability and honor, and probably excelled by no one in our army in military erudition.?N. Y. Time*. Victoria's Children.?At the seaside residence of Queen Victoria, in the Isle of Wight, a large portion of the pleasure grounds is ap propriated to the young princes and princesses, who have each a flower and vegetable garden, green-bouses, hot-houses, and forcing traines, nurseries, tool-houses, and even a carpenter's shop. Here the royal children spend hours of their time. Eaeh is supplied with a set of tools, marked with the mime of th* here tbej work with the enthusiasm of an amateur and the seal of an Anglo Saxon. There is not a branch of gardening in which the royal children are not au fatt. Moreover, on this juvenile property there is a building, the ground floor of whioh is fitted up as a k.tchen, with pantries, closets, dairy, larders?all complete in their arrangements; and here may be seen the young princesses arrayed a la cuisinie.rt floured to tne elbows, deep in the mysteries of pastry making, like a rosy New-England girl; cooking the vegetables from their own gardens, preserving, pickling, baking, sometimes to partake among themselves, or to distribute to the poor of th<3 neighborhood the result of their baudiwork. The Queen is determined that nothing shall remain unlearned by her children.; nor are they ever happier than during their sojourn at Osborq. Over the do mestic establishment is a museum of natural histOrV. furnished with nnrift?!?U? w -- ? VVtiW^Vi WJ the young people in their rambles?geological and botanical specimen*, stuffed birds and animals, articles of their own construction, and whatever la curious or interesting, classified and arranged by themselves. Here the moet exalted and purifying tastes are ouliivated. Here nature, common to us all, is studied and admired; while beyond this a capability of entering into the condition of the people and their sympathy for their labors is acquired by a practical knowledge of what labor is; and though we need scarcely suppose that the royal ohildreo weary themselves as tho?e who toil by the sweat of the krow, yet, even in their moderate digging and working,they mast learn rnvr wm spjji vviatti Mir rMUH OI labor ill the lirazriea surrounding then. Not pl&uu 'on* are eultirated. bat health, rigor, and liberality?ovary quality that teed* to aiki them better men aud womea, and bet'.er fitted to fill the stations Providence haa allotted to them. CTA negro man was killed In aslDgular manner at Mr Waller's Fishing shore la Stafford lost week. Another negro bitted him so severely that he died from its effaet* in a short time. Tae assailant haa beea committed to Jet!. [D~Tha pages of the Trlbuneareat last printed from stereotype plates This ia the caae with all our editions, Dally. Seml-Wcekly and Weekly. The process, which Is the invention of Mr Charles Craske, of this city, Is a peculiar one. differing greatly from ordinary stereotyping The molds from which the plates are cast are made, not with plaater, as ia uaitally the rase but are of papiermache. An entire page is cast In one plate, in which respfect the process differs from that employed by aome of our great dally newspaper of London, where each column is stereotyped separately. Our plates are also cast in a cylindrical form, to suit Hoe's Llgtnlnz presses, which ia another important variation from ordinary stereotyping. The page to be atereotyped being preCared, it ia covered with a aheet of a peculiar ln/1 I - * a iuu vi vuti papri) in iai;i uut nine uiurp icnaCidUl than paper pulp This sheet is delicately but firmly beaten vitth a hair bruab to indent the type thoroughly Into the paper. While yet wet and soft, other similar sheet* ere laid upon It, and the Indentation with tb? brush la repented. Thla process It continued until the layers of tbla paper are sufficient to make a strong card-board upon tbe page, thoroughly compacted together and indented to a proper depth with the type of the page. Pasaea over a steam table, this indented card-board la rapidly dried. Taken out. it Is easily removed from the type, and Is ready for the last process, which It the reception of hot fluid type met il, metal, poured Into the Indentation made by every letter, word, sentence and paragraph of the page. X. V. Trtiunt. Street Rkncontbk in Richmond.?The Rich, ir.ond Whig of Satnrday sap : A rencontre between Sir .Vnrmadnke Johnsnn and Mr. John M. Daniel, editor of the Examiner, took place yesterday afternoon, in Franklin treet near the Whig building Weapons were drawn by the partien, but by the interposition of Mr. Jaf. C. Hunt, who happened to be passing at time,the rencontre terminated without any aeriotii result. The affair created considerable sensation in the streets when it became generally known. The cause of the attack was an article in yesterday's Examiner, commenting upon Mr. John* son's course in the State Convention. We under stand that Mr. J. wai arrested yesterday evening, and recognized to appear before the Mayor this morning Ch. Farre's Champagne. J.R GLONINOER i CO., ffo. 7, Nortk CKarles street, Baltimore, Having been appointed Agents for the sale of the alicre brand of CHAMPAGNE WINE, ofler it for cale, relying upon its merits to establish here the reputation it has already acquired in our Southern cities. Beside* obtaining a h<-*t-c!ass Mfdal at the French Exhibition of 1855, Mr. Farre ha* been appoiruea rurveyor to trio Uourts ol Bptin and Pru*?ia ap 6 eoStn A STARTLING DISCLOSURE! U kCLA HAT ION OF WAR' GREAT OUTPOURING OF THIS PEOPLE! Beginning of thr Contkst bt WINDSOR 4 BROTHER,359 Seventh st? mt/k* selline BOOTS, SHOKS HATS.rv BBI CAPS, Ac , a' a irea' sacrifice on for FW| mer rate*. Good Workin*^^ * Shoes at 75 cent* : Misses' Sewed M?roooo Boot* 87S. well worth SI 25; *nd a general a*, sortment of Gents', Ladie?\ Mihck', a?.1 Children's Shoes, very cheap. 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of the MINERAL P(TaTK TEETH, ten>1 a personally at t^a office in thia city Many peraona can v?r these teeth wu>**1' ' " oannot wear othera, fytid no person can wear others who cannot wear the#e. _ rersona (tailing *' rt.j office can be accommodated with any atyie aitd pr>ae of Teeth th?y may desire; but to thoae who are t^rticuiar and wish the pureat, oleaneat, strongest, b tid most perfect denture that art can aroduce, the "MINERAL PLA TE will b? more fully warrantee. Room* in thiacity . No. 333 Pa. aventie, between 9th and 10th aU. Al?r>, 907 Arch street., Phi'adel ptiia. oc 15 tf CLOTHING, &c. SEVEfrTHJSTREET. ALWAYS AHEAD. 1 have just reof>i 2r*l a nice stook of HPRING CI.OTH1N6. KUdNISHINtt IiOOUS, TRUNKS, HATS ail CAI' wh.rh 1 Attention of all in aVitof such art:clef.. My motto in "A quick aixpe e in letter thai: a iluw slullinK." Those in * at i f Clothin* wo invite to come and look at or ;ord? and prices : ?nd if you want a nioe Shirt an< t pre-ty Ti e. No 460 Sev street is the pit ?to_get them. I have a very large stock of f?Pk I G HATS, which I am selling at 25 per cent, b >w their actual value. Kor those who want to t irel, I have just received a large lot of TRL'M VALI^K!*,and CARPKT HAGS, varjirg in v -es from SI 50 to f 8. If you want a good Trunk lothing, Furnishinf Goi^s, Kats, or Caps, the is no p ae* wliPte toij can i""n iow the ."eople'g Clothir.e Store No. 460 Sev?ntn 6tMippr>gito Poet Office. J H. SMITH. mar 14-1 m No jA) Seventh st., bet. K and V*TL. A|KALI- A CO. AKE Pleasure informing their custom'* , and atran?ers, that vjt have removed to No. 361 Seventh st-eet, i>etAeu I and K. just s.bove R. U Hall's. We h&ve ill received a new aupp!r of CLOTHING, F ' f N I 9 II I N G GOODS, TRUNKS HATS "> d CAPS, which we cfl>r to sell at verr tow prie ? . Cal! and see ua before buy'Dr elsewhere. a?t know that we can sell you goods at leas than &r, other store in tin citv. L- A. ITALL A CO., Clothiers, marM-lm No. .<61 Seventh st.-bet I and KJUST RECEIVE I , a lot mora of the sa'ebrated TEN ?."ENT Tl K"* ; alao, a very aree lot of SPRING CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOoDS, I'RUNKS, HATS *n<l CAPS, at Me P<op.e's Clothing Store, No. <90 Seventh at.,opposite Post O&ce, between E an ata. ap5 1m New arrTvav offpring and summer clothing. furnishing goods, hats and CA PS. nt th.^ P?> plb's Clothing Store. Nn. 4flO ^AVAIlth Ua.? /i/K? ? ?- - ** & vqi viauo, ucii r ?tre??t. up b Im RIHWKRIM'S Is th* onl* known &nd b#?t artia> to _j_JUJ9K9HH|^^^L exto-min?t? I" - '1. ^ Roachn. Bed Bui?, Aut<?, MothP, Fit^s, 3FI?"? 6? dra Worni Vl?in *""*1 > Vinn llun. An ? " W////1/A/Z7Z///Y/'/X7?f^ . " ' *? ? /< contains *o paifr?. SCHWliRIN'S ! 'LLS are ?ure death to Kata and Mice. M tfchverin ha? rcoeived certificate# fro.n the Preaidentuf birard College, Directors of Hoa?? of Refuge, I'ennayivaoia Hospital, at.d other Prumm' ut Inrtit'.itiona of Phi.adelpl.ia ; t', 9. Jail, \S aahingtoxi, 1). C.; aud Charily Hospital, New Or'oans, La The original certificates can be acen at the Wholenaie and Ret^i! l)ep< t 124 North Second street, Philadelphia, and fit Mia in this city by 1>. H. CLARK, oorner Pa. avenue and 4>a sts., and by ai Dnueitia an'l Gr^era. hkwark of spurious imitations. , tcr Remember to ask for Sohwer.n'a Annitii- I lain.g Powder. ICr None genuine ur.leei sicned M. Fcdwmix ina 15-6tne?i ?TOPHAM'8, ffVAti PREMIUM TRUNK *55? D MANUFACTORY, 499 S&VX-NTH &TKEXT, WA8UIXQT0!?, D. C. SiiTer Medal awarded hy Maryland Inst.tute of Baltimore Nnvemhir 7, lf60 Also, Medal b? Ma r0F0 itau Mechanics'Iustitnte, Washington, D. C., 1&67. I am constantly making. ami always hare on haiid, of the best material, every description of Fine Sole Leather, , Iron Frame. ( Ladioi Dres*. | Wood Box, anl Paykinr Trunks. Pellisier, Carpet, and . canvas traveling Bags, 1 w School Satchels, &c? \ At Low Prte**. Members of Connress ana traveler* will please examine my stook before purchasing elsewhere Trunks that are made in oiher oities. Superior leather and i>ross Trunks made to order. Trunks oovered and reoaired at she rt notioe. Goods delivered free of oharge to auytpart of the airy. Beorretown, and Alexandria. Ja23-lyeo JAMES S.TOPH AM. j THK EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. the corner of Fer.n.H . A nirnur nuu Oiipiww QUVCl, IIH >*'r1. Til 'BT greatly improved recently and now i ifcirsjMmhBJL greater inducements for the patronage of citiZ'Xia apd atraugera than any other publu. house in the city, his priaes being leaa than thutra of any other hotel on Peon. avenue, and hia accommodations for permanent or transient boarilera ncexpe^tionable. The bar an i restaurant arrangements of the gnropean Hotel have already become very popur.being all that oan be desire-l by the most fastidious. The proprietor r> edgos unremitted attention and oontiaueu liberal expenditures to give satisfaction to all, and tlius renews his invitation ?< all to give the ?nr?pAan Hotel a call. de 4-ti 1TAKK NOTICE! " ILL Take all kinds of Virginia money for mv dock debts and Tor Boots, *ho es, andTlllh Afl p?r?oui indebted to m? will please .jail and settle up, or [ shall be oumpelled to give their account* into the hands of a collector, 8. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall, no 21 Pa. av...between 9th and Iftth sts. 1861 01 AR_I ES. Comment* the Year with <* Diary. A valuable Pocket Companion for registering event* paat, present, and future; oontaiinng rates of postage, afmanao, a blank spao* for memoranda for every da; in the year, cash aoobunt for eaoh month, annual summary of ouli account bills payable and reoeivable. Don't be without one of these useful little souvenirs. The most complete, elegant, and desirable assortment ever issued.comprising twelve sixos and upward* of fifty styles, k sniiiiiinuKtn'8 Koofcstore, Odeon Bunding, corner oC*:4 street and de 20 Penn avenue. PURE OLD RYK WHISKY.?On hand eeverm brand* of Pure 0;d Rye WhiiKy. Copper Dietilled, made by the moat r?i;ab> dirtiliera ii; Pern ylTaaia, Maryland and Virginia, warract?Kl pure. Also, Imported tirandiee, Honneerj-, Ot-vrd. Dwpny h Co., Jules Robine, Ao. Alio, Pt?ohand App e Brandy, puro Holland 01n, old Jamais. andSL Croix Ram, and Wtnea of ever? ranet*, ait oI (tandard brands. A choice lot oi Ojgiws and Tolacco. YOUNG A KEPilA.-t f _AienU, ?? M-W Q?<?> >t.. >.Mw <>th arid 10th eta. | 1NCOLN AS HE IS. t-i Stkbl Eksravhd Portrait. The be?t Portrait yet puui.shedof HON. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. ( wtk ttkiiktrt,) At FRENCH A RICHSTEIN'S, No. 278 Pzxna. Avxkvi, Washington, D. C. T^ade eieplmt at low prions. mar7 JJOME-MADK BOOTS AND SHOES, i'ajnxa'. Missae' a*i? Child* *h'* wkas., AX Kxtudingli Lot* Pricts. At J. KlARN I MAl.H* No. 16 Market Space, ma?-ao Pa. ay . b?C arh and tU. AVERYN1CB PRINCE Jt CO. W KLODEON vhioh haa bam u??il a abort time,?? for aal? wy tow ?t M KT'/.KR OTT'.-MB Mutio Store. Alio, ae?aial oad'I' Pian.,a. ma ? A SPECIAL BAKftAIN IN TWO PIANOS, perfect jr n?w71eft on a?!a?t aMtt&eoa Alao, Meiodeona for aaie or rant vorj J> J. ? . _ MEDICINES. DH JtiH.ISTO.I, ALTIMORK LOCK HOSPITAL, distor-rrtd tk* mo it Ctrfatn. Bp*td y and Ml) Effftnal Htn.'dy t* the World, FOR ALL DI3E>BK3 OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHAROM, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Viitnra rf th? Buck, Dtrictar**, Atocuoni af tW Kidoija sud Bladder, ioTolBniirT DiKlurfM, ImpMrnv^tutral Debility, NrnwuintM byp?p?j, Laufior. CoufiMion O! tat**, Lav bp .-in, Palpitation of the Heart, Tin i'tm, Trewbiu. je, Dimniu f 8'ftor Uidduieea. Di??if of lit* Hud, Throv., Not* ur 8km, Aficiwui of tin Lunjr*. t> ? icn or Biwele?thru Terr ble Disorder* arten.f from Soliluy Hibm nf Yomh?thee.! Dreadful >ud llHtructix Pricticea which render Mini impoMiblc, and destroy bulk Body aud Mn 4. YOUNO MRX KspeeWUv who ka?e beecme the victim* of ohtary Tice, that dreadful and deatruct ?? habit which annually aweepa to an ttctimel* rroi thuuund* nf Vam,.? h?? ,L* ""* , c - ? - - b ",vu rial'td talents and bruliM t intellect. who might otherwiat have entranced listeniug ?-euates with th? Uiundrra ul ?uuufiiCe or waked to ccawijr tl,e Iitiuj !>r?, utmy ca!l with full confidence. MARRIAGE. M 4RM?n PKR*0!??, or Yoong Men contemplating Mar- 1 riare, t eing aware of phjaicnl weakness, organl* dttnuly, deformities, 4c , apeadily c ured. f lie w ho places himself ujder the care of Dr. J may religiously confide in his honor as a gentleman aud coufidsutly rely o;?ou his skill as a physician. OFFICE AV 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. | Uft haud tide C'?in? from 3ilnmore street, a few doors from the corner. Fail not to otserve name and number. Letters most be paid and contain a stamp DK JOHSSTOy, Member of the Roeal College of 8or?eoc,s, Lnfldon, rradflats from one ef trie most eminent Colleges in the Lnited | State?, and the 71 eater Parl 01 * kose 4,*e h iS l>etji spent m ths liospu 'Is ot London, P iris, Philadelphia aud elsewhere, his effected some of the mm sstonuh ng cares th*t vers , ever known; many troubled w ith ringtnr iu the he* i and ears when asleep; great nervousness, beinr slarmed at sudden soaods, L?uslifatnes* with fre quent blushing, attended soinetimss with dernugemenl of, were cured immediately. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Young Men and others who have injured themselves by a Certain practice indulged in when alone? habit fre-joen'tly J ivatucti irorn cvii complaions, or at school, t?>e etFcct* of 1 whicn are nightly fell even when asleep, and if not cured, readers aarrtaft impossible, and deatroy* both mn.d and bodv, should apply npmtdi.itelr. These are some of the tad and melancholy effects prodneed by early halite of rovtii, vii: Weakness" of th? Back aitd Liml*, Pains in the (lead, )tmne*s <#f Sigh:, Loss of Miiscilir I'oser. Palpitation <ff tne Heart, Dyspepsy, Nervous Irritability, Derangement of the Digestive Functions, General Debi ity, 8ymptoms of Consumption, fcc. Mentally.?The fear ul effects on the mini are mnch to be dreaded?Los? ft I Mem >ry, Coufusiou of Ide is, Pep.^ssion of Spirits, Kvi! Forebodings, Aversion of Society, Hell-J>iatrust. Love of fcoitude, Timidity, etc , are some ik the evils produced. NUTOI'i Debility ?Thousands c.*-n now jndge what i* the c-iuse of their declining health, loams their Mgor, beeo?iu.g weak, pile, nervous ind emaciat'd, having a amgu'ar appearance *bout Lh? ??n nr ,-f ?n 6 ;...,VVM..W1 VV",U"1 t tioo. 1 DISEASES OF 1MPHUDEKCE i When the misf uided and imprudent *ot*ry ol pleasure fir da he ha* imtibed toe teed* >?f this painful dise^s?, it too often happens that an ill-timed of ihume or dread of discover? deters him from applying to those who, from education aud respectability, Can aloue befriend him He foils into tlie j hands of ignorant aiu1 des fning pretenders, whc, u.csp'ble i of enruif, filch his pecuniary suf.stance, keep film tn?>ag I month after month, or s 1jii? as ths smallest fee can Is ot- ' Ui.ed, and in deapiir leatt him with rmnfd health to .jrh over his rilhnjr dif.ipp-jinlinent; or by the use of that deadly poison?Mercury?hasten the coustr.uuonal symptoms of this terrible disease, such as ATeetioos of the Heart, Throat, Head, 6kin, 4c., progreesit>F with frightful rapidity, till death puts a C n? r > r\A ? /-> l> 1 ? ' * ~~ S-.?. ?v?? uicauiui tmeiinp oj acnain^ niai 10 inm nn- * leeoeered country from whoae bourne no traveler return*. d DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC 1 WEAKNESS AND JMPOTENCY By this ?rnt and iropir'.-jit remedy vei knees of the orfane c are speedily cured and full vigor restored. Th^ueiiids of the moat nervous and debilitated, who bad lost all hop*, have <j been imoi*liaieij relieved. All impedimenta to Marriage .Pbyaical or Mental Dierjoal- p iftcauons, Lou of Procreative Power, Nerv >ua Irritability, ? Tremblu.e ?nd Wenknea* or Eibaustiou of th* mo*t fearful _ kind speedily cared. * ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. E Th* Kmr THoriinri cured at this institution within tlie laat seventeen Tears, and the niaeioui important Sorri- T C*1 ope ration performed be Dr. Johoatoo, witnessed by the reporters of the p-ipera and many oilier persona, no-icaa of |j which have appeared afais ui4 a^tiu before the public, besidre his standing as a gentleman of character and reepwsi- T bility, 11 a vnOcient guarantee to the afflicted. mar 16-1? b Dr. J. fl. McLEAN'8 6TREN GTHENIN0 CORDIAL A*D BLOOD PLR1P1EK. B THE GREATEST REMEDY t? tk* WORLD, T /Ri an l the most Delicious ajtd B IlKI.ICRTmil. - ?/ ? f? ?? ?* v M A of m< ! u B jfclorc taking. x dnuUir.g, sradaaia f - aaucioaa, aiAw aunt aptra, ud ik* bni InfaJikl* r?b? 'T fa* ranarauuj k* dmaaad ijiua, B u>C raitanng iha ?i *. nog, a*.4 dakUiiaiad ta valid m katllh and lUinfth. T McLSAPTS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL , Will afaataallj ear* 1~?ar lamfUuit, Dyipapaia, itw ? diet, Cferan:c ar !?*r?a.i, Dakijity, Diaiuaa fib* Kiiua*i> aad all diaaaiaa arialnf '??ns a ?,?ordar? ! L.?ir ar hmicb, Dripapaia, ariaara, inwaru Pilaa, Aoaur ar Biekaaaa ut Iha tamacn, ralio mi af Ulead la ut Haad, Daii Paia at p vuuusf in tha B??1i Pxip.t*uaa af tka Hiaru Pallnaai *ar Waifkt in tha tac-teh, Sowr Krat-jauana, Chaktr* af mfataiinf Paalinf whan 1?T>"C (lawn,brynaaa ar T?ImTa an af Iha Skin and *raa, H'.fbt Ivaau, Inward Pirara, r. Pain in Iha tiaiil af lh? back, Cfcaat, ar Bida, taddan riaahaa af Baal, Dapraaaiac af Bflnti, Frighifa! Draama, _ kaufiai, Daayandlai? ar tny larrant djaaaat,_ tarai at " uiuiih to taa ?aiu, iuiu r ???r ua Apt (? U'kii.1 aad htaJ pi OTBR A KILL I Off BOTTLES it kar* k?aa Mid dtring lb? lut an maoiha, ud ta a* la- y< ataata hu U faiiad in frir'I aiiura ?'i?(?ctl?n. Wbt, tkac, will aafar frtni Wiuum ar Oakility wfcao McLKAlfl BTKENCTMKNINa COK-OIAU will c>r* y.a t . Ma langvaga cu catj?ay ao tdiquti IdM af ifca l?wadl- P; at* and ildHt mraaa tkaoga pradaaad ky taking tkla , Cardial ta Hit dlaaatai, dakilltaiad, ud ahattarad o*r?ama '} ralara, wkdhtr krakta dawo ky ascaaa, vaak ky aatwa, 11 ai lapalrad ky ateknaia, tba ralaxad aad anauaag argultallaa la inland la tu prima* baMtfc and rigat MARRIED PERSONS, ar atkata, aaa*?i*s> af lo&fciltiT (ram whaiavar aaa**, wt'J n, ?rd MckXA*** STrKItflrMCNIll* CORDUk a tka- J raagk ragasanwaf 'Jsa ayaiam; aad all vha raa* ka*? la ^ {mr*d tkamaalfaa ay Iropraaar lodalgaacaa vtll tad t> tkla . iWlal a aatal. ?m.A ' TO THB LADIES. S McktARi rraMeTiENiMa COEDIAEU ? ?.? In ui apaadp ear* for locipiaat C?Mupl'?, WhUaa, tr Obiiratiad ar Dtflcah MaLi-.raauao.l ocaounai ca af Una* ft H lnTalaotarr Dla?b\rrt l*.araaf, PaJlmf af tha Waaak, tl Iddli:tM, Palntinx, and all dutun locidaat ta Pamalaa. o THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT litii na Iwiftr. T?.ka it uurduj ia diractiaea. It will ?_ itimalalt, atranfthaa, and lorifarata raa aad caaaa tka .. klaara af kaalth ta isaaat paar chaak agaia. Evarp ktula to JT wtrraatad ta fira aatiafaetiaa. FOR CHILDREN If van ahl'drao ara aicklp, pan* *r tfliatad, McLEAMI hi COEDIAU will maka than haalth*. fat, aad rahaat. Da lap vt a at a laarnant; \ij It, aad paa will ha aaoriaaad. It la da- ellaiama ta nk*. 9AVTION liatn af drafftsta ar daalara vfca may try ta palm l)n paa aaina kitttr ar aaraapartlla traah, whiek tkap caa bap lc chaap, kj aaptar it u jaat aa mn(L A?a,d aach raaa Aak far McLKAHV n,EEHiiTI{KNlH<> CUED1AL. aad uka nathiof akaa. It ia iha aalp ramadp that will paii/y iha Blaad tbaraaghlT ar d at the aama una atraafthan tha arc am. R Oil taiapaacfal takan narp nanln( faatinf ia a cartam 1 praranuaa far Chalara, Chiila aad r?'ar, Yallow Fa ?ar, ar kl anjr aravalaot diaaaaa. it la pat aa la larra baulaa. Prica u aalp 91 par kaula, ar tkattlaa far $&. i. H McLEAN, ni Bala rroj.r.atar af thia Cardial; alaa. MeLaaa'a Taleanie Oil |J| hinlmaDt. Pnoripcl Dapat aa tfa aaruar af Thud u.d U Piua airaata, St'. Waaia, Ma. HoLean't Toloanio Oil Liniment, r (TEE BEIT UIWIMEKT III TE E WOELP.) Tha anlp aafa aad eartaui cara (ar Caaaaia, Pilaa, Ta- ? art, Bwdllliifa and Br archil a ar Uaaira, Paralnu, Ma a- w ralfia, Waakaaaaaf tka Maaclaa, Ckraatc ar lalaaaawr Ekaainauam, Btifnaaa af tha Jaiata, Caotractad Maaclaa ar bifamanta, Eiraiha arToa-hacha, Braiaaa, Bprniaa, Fraak an Cata. W ran da, Cleara, Faaar laria, Cakad Braaaw, Mara tl Mlpplaa, Bursa, Bcal4a, Bara Thraat, aa aap lolamaatiaa at || pain, r.a diffaraaaa haw aavara ar laaa tha dwui ?; ki.i iiKUd, McklU.N1 CXLEMLAYtfl LiHUHIWT U n< a aanain raaady. w ThMUU(*i *f hatatia balep h**a ktin Mnd a lifa af dla tr ttpuada u4 K<>*ry ky tba hi tiate tavalaabla riaidy. mclean's volcanic oil liniment WIH ri'.nn pain alrr^at nm>mimly, aad U v?l ciaaa, T partfy and b?al tba faalaal aaaaa ia aa wwliMi aWl ua*. ft for horses and other animals. fi MckXAN'B CKLKBRATED UN1MBNT la U* aaly aafc ? aad raUaMa rwtif far tha car* af pant, lutxai, J WikdfmiU, Spliaia, Cnuataxal Laapa, Hadaa m ?allu^a. " U aa?ar failad ta ear* Eif Haad, Pailani, Vhtkla, aid Eapniny^Bcfaa, ? Maac^, <J>yb?d._ tm J at Callar CfeUa, Cata, Saraa, wWialt, M M an U>fa(HWa raaady. Apply it a* diractad aad a a an la i ?nal? la a vary La?laac?. _____ Than uflr a? lanrtr wlA tha aaay martblaaa Uatiaata f tfarid ?a yaa. Obtain a aapfW af M. SScLEAW* CKLK- t WUTKO UVIMJUrr. h vJlawaya*. J . *. McUtifc, Ma PMfdavM k Caraat Third aad T)m? ata^ (Luna, *W g .< A j THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAB. nil b??0?t KwbiIj u4 Mm Jwiii m ^Uiac ? in>?f wl?tT of lewwiag nttin fMa mb t* ou4 ii mi ttw-u hmuM ? ^n4i| tkornibf, Inii-Out. ?? n. Binct*oofr. F*f u,i.?b. . ? <1 M Fl?? oopiM __ 4 TS Ton win. . |N VvNt; ftnwim ? ? It !BT*n?b:y oortaiin tt>? "Wumnftot N?w" that Lu mad* 7V Dmil* Imbwi 5??r y*-** o ffc?rv'.y UtroBthoct the ocBaCry. C^Sing e ?opiM (ib ear. t? proear*4 It ih* AOUBUv i nr?^ AW? * "* ? , ><M' j Ktrr kuc 1MUV OI KM r**?r. Pno??THREE CENTS CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE KAfTOHT. D ?>lre?l, iii.'wtN hi <tiU l<*U Si'un. W har* just fcbiahml ft nDnr,i<r of tr?t ?lft? CAH Rl Ati L^, Of L **' WM>. P?*? Pirt'ims. Kmil? ^ ^BSkS r%aru,and Bv*? i??, wiucawe ? ulr?. in-SuixaB* ft roti ?oui.> profit. B?tr * pnotieal ai'ohiisioa in <h!!?r??nt nrtrrlMft of tbe we t!*U?r '>oimi"v (MM v* koov me atyiM fto?3 <u?.ir* of work ti.ftt ?ii: xiti> aftiif fftcticn. ooniUtiE* h^titsMs, ooinfort ftiJ crir&taui ty. Reiftmuf ?r.>mptiy n?rf o*r#fu!lr ftltondftd I* the ?bortMt nctie* vnd iroct rvw >3ftbl? o trrM, WALTER, KARMANN * BOP*. Coftctubftkeik, noo?Mort te Wat. T. Hook. Mr .if ________ T CARRIAGES. HE SfttMsnber hftribg mftO* ftftdlBoM ? fct StotoiT, ir.ftfcir.g it bow one olibe iV| IB the ?V?tnct. wtoare hia iUoiittclJin:iiCAKKIAf)?^k LliAflB?? WAGONS of all kiira* m iurHawd,u4 trorn hi? loas experience 10 Ui tlinwit. kr fcbpaa to (iv# |uiitn' litiitfiJttOB. AU kinds ! Urruk(KU? Air at Wm*u t*y<M kaad. A. I REPA!Boiintlf ?e??,a?iaij rd?r*prvayt iy Mania* l*. an^oiffn;in???&,? ta-?f wilt ml l?tb ui K atm. SOUTHERN MEDICAL HOUSE~~ DR. SHUMAN ?n ?ip*>i?r.oi ?| In ?Mr?, eatablubeil the tiore refuge Irwm quaoke'y. *e!f !*he'l?-o Indian or tfe'tnan drotora. mi J pretenders of witoboraft and impostor* in teoeral. This it the only p'ace where a enre an*! speedy cure can he obtained >n the wor.d for ail improper Mid evil i ?' U, j:?iiorrb?. % ??et, ifm .fc ?e?kdfm, eypbii i?. primary wocn wf. ai.d tertiary, ortsnie w-e?k>i???v pains in tne .mm, ?tnpture? nr-u^.n, ueui u?, prokt'%tiop, nervou-neaa, r?et.eaa iiichtr, paip.tatiou of tl.e heart. rincuf tu the Mri, Ions of inimnr}, eonfueioo, one t f th^ hea t, thr.iat, i!o?e. and akin, and all those po-ilmr di*<>r<i? M erieii.g Irom tt>* luditoreton of outh, renierinr them uufii lor cither tmaineaa, itml;,(ueiMr,(ir mamace. l>r. S. has the great?et remedi** ic the known world for diabase* < >f th? bo...), fTor'Lw. g ptricture*, ? plu i?, ee?uirai weakne?e, sen ahuee. kc. Th?re ia bo ca e iu wh en liiey fan to oure in Trow 3 to 6 d%* >. Victim* of theee horrihie oomplaict*. who would iriah to be valuable men anl ornaments to eociety, ih<>ul(1 emb'aee the en' ieat pportsbi'y for rr-ii*f. Dr. Shuman ra*maretf>? wo?t cotrp eteariang*mania f >r ti?o coo fo i of hi a pxtient* Who oonae from a discarce. Tury wtlTbe furnished with the noat pleaaant and agreeaole carter*, neowaa*ry ii?t, an-i m?d? a? ciuior.a 1 e *.* they would beat l Erat 'iesi ( t la*. >t.a than ha f in-> co. D? not forget ?re ;.an;e and MMaMr. Dr f*hn nan'a office ia on tne corner of Sixth street and Penrae.vania ? venue. C>arend< n li>'*el, opposite ihe.Natiui.a Hotel, Washingtou D C Pera->na at a distance aiiou d enc ore itaira f-?r e'um p ataee. Otfi'e hoars, 9 K. M to 10 P. M. Var.oue parties have been t>nti<*-d from my inItltU'lon lie oerlAin *mrir,A ? 1 L ? ? . w.u.. I7if VU iMkCK III Wf IB his city, who wil rae it ?i I ih? da? ol their deatb. V word to the wise is sutlicient ap 9 lr #(V? Cevtk, Cold. Honrstntit. 1mJLuinzn. any 'miaium f Sort"M* k* ^*roa'' 'k,'uf< 144 lit*. ?r<M(iflUi iitiM, 4- ( ntarm, l it** mmA t*r* itrenttk to tk* r*wc #' PUBLIC PPFAKERS and BINtihRS. Few are aware of the iroportanoe ot oheoktni a 'oagh or "Conmuu Co!d'' in it* f>st atM?,iMt rhich in tha t>*gining * uld yie.d to a wild r?n? r, if ne*leetod,eoonattackai/ie Lunia. " brmm^i yrtmtkial 7Vo'*?j," cotitaini-ug fleinuic?ntin<rM ota, ailay Pulmonary and Bronchial Irritation. "That tronhie in my Throat, (fcrr IROWN'S whioh tha "Trothst" area apeotfce) .avicr made we often a mere whi?. IWOIl CiP pernr.** N. P. WILLll. unwv'S " 1 raoommend their km to Pnuc Srutm." 'ROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Greatservioeic subanint Ho^n#! IROWNf MM." BBV.BANibu'nioI. ,D(lpni'?' " A'mont instant reief In the dlsRULHt" tre*sin? labor of breath ili peon liar IOWN-6 w A,ygt."A. c. EGGLEBTON. ROCHE? . "Contain no On;m or a?ytfc>n* injurious.' DR. A. A HA k Ei. ROWN'S Ck*mi$I, Boittm. ** A unp'e and pleasant o>mbinaROCHE> tjon for Gorans, ?o." DR. 6. F. BIRELOW, ROWN 8 Bests*. ROCHES ROWN'S tove >t0Tsa _ mJSZ roches rown'8 R'? M Bareficial when ed to ROCHES ROWN'tj ROCHES " i>*HCT*At is ramona* Uu?rt?' a??? ! r. Ation of the TtruH, *o ROWN'S ' oomrnon w;ta Br?ttm asd BmaROCHE^ ' rrof ?TACY JOHNSON. ,r . r J* '/?. ROWM'S rcachcr of EC.;*. 0. iu?ra h ?:.i& c Cubage. ROCHES;1 "Great *>ana6t wh#l taken before "* mar iliac. M U.a* irmat ROWN'S From iii*ir pwltfNi, 1 thirJt th-y will be o7 eenament adROCHES TactafHoma. HKV. E. ROWLEY. A. M. ROWN'S Prctiudol of Attrc? Co!i?f*7T?ca. ROCHES JET^d *>y all I>rt?rri?u at TWENTY FIVE CLN fa A BOX .25 1? 1-ly THE 0*LY PB.EPAEATIO* WOKTBY 0? NTVER8AL CONFIDENCE * PATR0KAG1 FOR STATE S~MES, JUDGES, LERGYMES. LADIES. and GENTLE MEN1 in all part* of the world teetify to the eflaaey of ROF. 0. J WOOD 8 HATR RESTORATIVE, id cantleinen of the Preea are a nam mo a* lb its aiee. A few teetimor..*;* only cao be her* nm * eiroaiar for more,and it will be impoaatble for >a to doabt. ?7 Wall Stekxt, New You, Dec.?, tw BmuUmm: Your note of the 16tti initut ha* ?*n reoeived, wtyin* tint yon had beard that l kd been benefited by the uaeof Wood's Hur K .orati ve, au i repeating my certificate of theilaet /bad no objeotion to t ive it. award it tojoa cheer faily, beatui I think ft ne. My axe ia about SO year* ; the ooior of my Mr ftnbarn, and inolined to earl. Soma It* or x Tear* aicoe it beran to turn (ray. and Un? aoa a a the crown of my Lead to ioae ita eenaibi ity and anaruff to form up?n it. Faob of theeeaiaacreebihtiea inoroaeed with time, aod aboat 4 month a moe a fourth wa* added to them, by kair flkllin* IT the tor of nly head aad Uiraateaing to aUa ma ale1. In thia nnp'eaaant predicament I waa indaoed to JWooci'a Hair Kaatorati v?, nvainiy to arreet the Una off of mr hair, for I had really no ueotaon that iray hairooald erer ba reetored to ita rifftnal aolor except from dree. I waa, however, aeatly eurariaed to ?r d, after the uae of two bgt ea only, that not only waa the filing off arreelU, at the eolor waa eatored to the tray hair? and sneibility to the mily. ana daiwrud cmnI to form n my head. very much to the gratification of mr nfe, at whoee solicitation I *u inJooed to try rL For thie, among the ni&i>y ot ;uUoiii I oV? to r aex, 1 atroncly reootrmend a! iHhudifte line the admtrati'>o of tbair wires to frofit t* Of tamp>. aod u?? it if growing gray nr ""jti ha d. Very re?P"otf?!ly, Ban. . Urama. To O.J. Wood & Co.,444 Itn-arivar, N, Y. My family are absent from the cuty, Bad 1 am do nter at No. 11 Carrol Plaoe. To P*of. O J. Wr ' torati ve" has done my hair so muoh rood mm* oommenoed the use of iu that 1 ish to Mte govs to tae snblic of ita eflects onthe hair, vhica e i'"?t A nuorvoinuiuy r hair, and by a raoort to your *Hau |L?eU>r*uv*" i* hair will return mora beautifm titan ovar; at ast this is mv exponeno*. Behereitatt! Voura traiV, Wm H. Kntti, P.8.?Vou ou pub'tab tkaabove if yoBUts Hr iblinhinr in car Soothero papers you will cat ipr* p*trona*e hoath. J s?e sevsral of your oar fcootosiatke Mobil* Msrcury.a strongnoutbrrs *p*r. w. h. kbdedt. ? WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. Paov.O J. Wood: Dmt Sir. Having LmA tks isfortsne to loee the b?at portion *f my Mir.froa > effects of the yej.ow fever, in New Or e*?e la SI, 1 was inouoed to maks * trial of yoar araaayao*. and found it to answer a* Ifes eary tx ing MMted. My kair ia bow thiofc aad g oaaj, **4 *o ords oan express my obligations to yo* fa *tviaf i the a&iotad each a traasars Fiulkt Joa'seo*. pint, ami retain for one dollar por kottle; tka ire fum ho da ?t laaat SB per Mat mora I* rA\?* tan Lhs small, retail a for two dollars p?*? ttlsj le large ho'ds ?uart. ?> par oaat on, and retaila for ? . . ui +7, N?wVork,TndV 1*4la aoM^ioUiuj^r kf c. BTOTT,Itl Pa?*?w. 1,000 I,^OB^KNL^7^Tfca ml t my V.I.