Newspaper of Evening Star, April 17, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 17, 1861 Page 2
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w ? THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WID^BIDAT *r'U IT, 1M1. Spirit al.tka Morning Prraa "Th? InttlUg'nrt* rxpreuea its approval of tba policy of tba Administration in deferring to tb? rapraaentatlrea of the people In Congre?a tbe q neat ton now agitating tbe country, and arguea ? '* " a . **1- -1 IJ I <ui in* coarse 01 me Aamir.uwauun iuvuiu disarm all except those who have a political lntfreit Id exciting th?i fears of the people. Tbe Ktpul/lictn says " It Is tbe threats of politicians In Virginia, a portion of tbern traitors p#r .??, and another portion of them, well enough affected, but destitute equally of sense and courage, which have kept <ulve >ae existing distractions to thla time " Viaeisit ?lrpt? noon to-day, ^ have received nothing foreshadowing the final action of tbe Virginia Convention, now holding their sessions in secret. That, of itself, is, however, a bad ?lgn; as It is hardlyipossibls that bad the Unlonlsts been able to Control the bodv'aactien, they would have thus initiated one of the worst features of tbe proceedings by which the masses in the seceded fttattt have been flagrantly deprived of their dl??!..? a ??a ? _ i;w.?? uocMve AHirritau iiutrrucs. It Is palpably evident that even more extraordinary measures to in ducc them to consent to make Virginia the buttle ground upon which the civil war Inaugurated by the oligarchy shall be almost wholly fought out, are now l*lng essayed, than mr before. The speech of R. A. Pryor, delivered In Charleston, assuming to guarantee that her Convention would pass an ordinance of secession In a day after hearing tbil?ontb Carolina had fired a first gun at Sumter, and the dispatches of Gov. Pickens grossly falsifying the facts of the collision and cloeln; with the question, " What will Virginia do now as well as the still more recent *1 ?n f*%Vtn T?Uf tr\9 mnmm nth?r itlannUn magnate of the Convention), stflrming JelTerson Davit's readiifM to transfer bis headquarters to Richmond in ten days, Jf Virginia would but say the word, backed up by the frantic acts of Richmond's indigenous and imported dlsunionists? nil go to prove this fact most unmistakably. Nevertheless, we believe that Virginia will surely pause ere inviting Jefferson Davis to transfer the seat of whatever civil wsr there may be, from the territory of those who make it, to "her own soil; as were be to make Richmond his headquarters In ten days?in eleven days from this date the war would necessarily formally be gin within Virginia's llmi's Her act of secession would instantly be followed by armed efforts to se xe Government property within her limits, which would necessarily be instantly resisted by (be United states ian't it In IK* Alianr^hv thin nnllt#lv in w w v-7 r?- ? / ? request Virginia instantly to immolate herself In ?tder that their territory may be saved from the prcbable terrible consequences of their own acts, *i>4 her's be the battle ground, on which 2U0,0UU Pfa mty at once fight out their quarrel! hi sons ?eom Rickmosd.?Up to two o'clock p ra. to day, we Lave no further news from Richmond on which we raly. NVe hear reports that private dispatches hsve been received anLouacing that the Convention yesterday evening f ifcti a socossiou ordinance, with but 11 votes In th? negative, which we know well cannot be true. Wa also hear that it was formally determined list night In her Convention that ahe will not soeede. but will, Instead, Instantly arm her entire mlllUa to repel tbe invasion of her soil fur any parpoee, wither by the oligarchy, or by the Government Tbe Constitution?the danger of an invasion ol hor soil being imminent?fully authorizes her so to do; and though that course of ac:ion on her Mvt uraa nr.-\hvVi' if nnt #>h l?*t nlirht m r?-. ?? ?? -S-"- ?6?> -- " ported. we think It extremely likely that It will b? her course in vbe pretext crisis; as her Convention have bad occasion to do more really serloui thinking concerning ber future In the last thret <u? w?r W>w?. If adopUnv that cearse nod pronuptly InvUiug the rest of the border slave holding Status to participate In it, they will on< and ail insuntly follow ber example, and wll 'oevltably thus save themselves from becoming what the oligarchy desire they shall be?the sea of tbe contest. It Is the earnest desire of the Government not t< be compelled to Are another gun. It the borde States do this pU'.n duty to themselves, the oli garcby will not dare to follow up their war li nsk a manner as to coir.p-1 the Government ii self-defence, to teach them the lesson they wll tmavllaKlv Kit t> I fhl if mnti mii Itif nnr> K Ir by tb? border State*, at they Lave begun. Mo* Law ?We regret to perceive that the pec pi* of various localities yet loyal to the cauae c their ocuntrv, are permitting themaelve* to be m doced by temporary pa**loii into following tb example of the violation of private right* throu^ whlch the Instrument* of the oligarchy have inat garated the current reign of terror wherever thel ft?nntl mi Knl^ curuu tk/.nnk < 4 n<>a1 ??? wyw^?- ?! tiviua M J . A uu?y lUVU^U I* i 11 IU4 ? t do violation of law aa yet, uo man may dare ver tar* la the afreet* of Baltimore wearing & disunlo cockade, least be be assailed by a mob as deter able, to as at least, aa any mob in the extrem South that ever aisimed the right to punish Union man for his opinions upon the aeceasio question So too, in Philadelphia and New Vorl private rights are being grossly violated tnuc after the nue fashion. While we highly regard the patriotism of thoi who stand fearlessly by our country's cause as ii volved In the current troubles,we as empbatlcall condemn any who use the current popular exciti meat as the opportunity in which they may, t nob violence, perpetrate outrages of any descrl] Hon upon their fellow-cltisens who may not agri with them Such conduct will rqla the best cau ander the sun, sooner or later. In the seced< States It has effected more against the cause of tl oligarchy, perhaps, thau aught else. We trust my never be tte meins of Injuring the cause the Union anywhere. Here, every man is free to apeak his sentiment intwtd by feer of mob violence, however mm tboM seutimenu may be distasteful to the majori ofthe ptople, and we trust it may ever so con tin Tai New York Herald has turned a com pit Sam mors* u It! Iu iwae of yesterday is repl? wlta Lnloutsui, ind sustains the policy of t proclamation with as much apparent earaestai as any journal ia that city. This la tb? beat cc eel Table evidence that the popular sentiment the entire North Is so unanimous In favor of t cause of the Union as involved lu the current d lenities, as thai the Herald may no longer w any bof* of safety to the future of lu buslne pander to tho success cf the schemes of the < garcby. whose persistent fr'.ei.d it baa be?n up this period. It bas certainly done more to bn ik. | ?.k wu? kuc iuuuiwvu v? ? Hivi ix^mn puu Aid than any ether journal in the land. \ a;s glad that, even at this late day, seeing the rot at tti way, It realizes that the usurpation the govsrament cf the seceded states, and the a of tbs oligarchy to carry oat its purposes, lnvo tbs greatest crime against humanity known to history of lbs civilized world, and should sternly opposed by all not disposed to involve land in tbs long and bloody sectional civil u Id whicb tbry mast result 11 the oligarchy longer permitted to go on consummating sche after scheme of usurpation, uncbeckod by Government. PftMt?nt!al Aptoistmbsts ?The Prcsld has mode the following appointments slnoe last issue of the Sr?r : Charles Lever, postmaster at Flushing, N. \ Hala Bwswortb, postmaster at Marietta, Ohi? 1>. P Purlaton, postmaster at Cold Water, Ml F. J Lord, postmaster at Wilmington, N. ( C. W. Chapman, postmaster at New Bedft Mass J. P. Feswnd?u, postmaster at Lewlstos, M fcdw A Brown, postmaster at IHnbury, Co tiro. W. Rogers, posbnwtsr at West Mend C no. X J Dosk*ne, postmaster at Stamford, Coi Cbas. Ulmstftd. postmaster at Xor?, C? A B. Caief, postmaster st Mlddtetown, Cot Jas. Alley. jr . postmaster at Bloomligtoa, A W Fuu?. postmaster st honors, Cel. JfcLn G ?>ro*u, postmastsrst Sbsboygtft, V ? C Morton, po?tuiaster at East port, Ms. Andrew v\ tiling, postmaster st Naatae! DBP/UITVTKNT IfKW#. Rimotkb?The following clerical remoTila were made In the Tremaury Department to-day. Vi?: Mr. Joho M. IMae. fiotn a a cond eUaa (J1.400 f per annum) eleikahtp in the Fifth Auditor'* n Bureau Mr Geo. C. Jaekaon. Meaaeuger in the Second t Camptroller't Bureau. r Mr. A T. C Hlerion, firat-cla* (#1.*X) per c v . I- It. . Ul.kL t ..Jit... la U .. \ annum) oierKinip in me ?iim nuuiwr ournu. ? Mr. J. H Jordan, aecond-claaa (91.400 per 1 aanum) clerk ship In tfce Bureau of the Solicitor I of the Treasury. ? ' Resigned?John W. Daniel, of D. C., a first- ? eliaa clerk, and A. MoV, nf |?a.. a third-claaa ' clerk, both of the 9Uth Auditor'a offl'.e, have re- ] lgned. j AryoixTiD? Mr Lewis B Ogden of Ohio, i ha* been appointed to 1 first rIrs* (fl,2W> per an- 1 num) clerkahlp In the Poat Office Department. Alexandria, Va., April 1?. Idfli. Editor of the Washington Star : In your paper j I find the following aeit by telegraph from this vown : " Al*ia?dbia, Aprk lj?Tbe publication of President Lincoln's proclamation baa greatly Incrensed the aeceaalon feeling here, and business of ail kind* ia completely suspended Merchants are engaged fn discussing tbe probability of a prolonged andsanguinary rlvil war. Tbe lnipreaalon Is that the Virginia Convention will instantly pais an ordinance of secession, or call a BorderState Conference." Now this is an entire mistake, so far is the "Increase of the secession feeling" here Is concerned. I have conversed freely with tbe Union in#?n of our town, and find them growing stronger in tbelr sentiments and feelings than the/ were before the late attack upon that gallant man, M.-jor Anderson Tbe Impression here is. that the Con ventlon will not pauar act 01 secession?lor wcy tranafer the war to our firesides when It rightly belongs on the soil of South Carolina' Let tLem have the full advautBzi; of It there, at they *eem to be aomcwhat partial to that kind of amusemerit ## Xott by Stir?The writer of this brief note is a man of as high character aa any cltlz-n of Alexandria, and is aa widely known and rtspe< ted aa any other gentleman in it. l^ems Telegraphed from W aahlngtoit Washington, April 16 ?Thefollowing are 'be telegraphic responses naile by the Democratic Governor* of North Carolina and ttenturkv to the War Department, la reply to the requisition for troops. Prominent gentlemen of the Union party in this State now here, tver that these Governors misrepresent the people, and have been ; wared by Secretary Cameron that the service* of Independent companies volunteer log directly to the Federal Government will be accepted Kale gh, April 13, Ml. Hon Simon Cameron, Secretary of War : Your despatch Is received, and If genuine, which its extraordinary character leads me to doubt, 1 have to say In reply that I regatd the levy of troops by the Administration for the purpose of subjugating the States of the South at* in violation of the Constitution and a usurpa i_ t ? nuii vi pvwcr. I ran be no party to tbU wicked violation of the law of the country, ancl to tbl? war upon the liberties of a free people. You can get no troop# from North Carolitia. I will reply more In detail when your call It received by mail John W. Ellis, Governor of North Carolina. Fiankfort, April 15, lSfll. Hon. Sinio* Cameron, Secretary of Wrir : Your dlintrhla received In ihiwm. I u*. emphatically. Kentucky will furnish no troop* for the wicked purpose of subduing her titter southern State*. B. Magoffin, Governor of Kentucky It appears by a telegraphic dlapatch published in the North Carolina Kough Note# newspaper, on Mondav, that Gov. Ellis bad sent the following dlspatcb to Capt Cruton " Can you take Fort Macon with your company ?" It Is sild that the orders for tbe Rhode Island and Massachusetts regiments, under tbe recent levy, to Immediately proceed to Washington, have bseu counterman led for the reason that arrangements have not yet been made for their uccommodation. There is no truth in the report of the counter mandlhj; of orders for troops to come here from New England A prorr lnent gentleman high in the confidence of the Administration, was to-day appointed a Commissioner to visit Canada and explain to tbe Governmeut 'here tbe true state of alTilra in this countrv. \ Threats have been m>de h?re a?atnst the States 1 newspaper, on account <rf its Secession proclivities. , Thi Thrkatbikd Attack bpos thk IIkraid Ortici ?Tbe Tribune of yt-aterdny Bays : Throughout tbe afternoon and evening ye??er' day. considerable unm :>?rs of men were natbered ? In tbe Immediate vicinity of theoffl?e of the New 5 York Iierald,and manifested their sentloicn's In raifAr^ t Ifl rnnriP n r An tli?? Ki'rpiain . n n ? ! i nn by uiimis'akable mark* of disapprobation. The crowd frequently guve vent to tbeir f?elln?s by 0 loud groans and yells, ;md evcu stronger exprt*r (ions. At 3 o'clock, Mr. James Gordan Bennett, the proprietor of the establishment, emerged from the n door of the ? ?Uce on Fulton street,'and was lnrin mediately followed by a crowd up Fulten street, :1 groaning and hooting at hiiri as he went, until 1 reaching Broadway, the object of their indignation was lest sight of in the greut vortex of stages, wagons, and people About 5>> olclock the stars and strlpea were thrown to tae breeze fnui several of the windows 11 #a f f r. m nA?i t? r? an /vm m I n (ka - a#* ?ut if iuiu luuiiis, in uir u|'priiiiuBi lory of tbe building, hut this foiled to appease tbe feeling of the crowd, who Looted and groaned at what they looked ujnjd as a desecration of the American flag. i- About the ?mp time a flap wag thrown from [r the Sun office windows, which was greeted with most tremendous cheer nj?. Meantime a message was sent from the Herald office to the i'ollce Headquarters, In Hroome street, aollcltlng pron tec tlon for the building as It was threatened with assault Tbe weather having become somewhat rainy and uncomfortable, the crowd gradually d's* persed, and up to a lat-j hour In the evening did n not assume any larger proportions It w;is stated t) that the proprietor of tie Herald had provided hli employees with arm*, and thet beside a number of persons not attached to tbe office were employed for tbe occasion in and about tbe office to proiecl A1 T* I II _i A. I 1 J mf proprriy. i ue poucr at iof 'vtrai aown j. town station* were also ordered to bold themselvei Lv ready to he called upon at a moment's notice. II ' Is also understood that the Herald Engineer hai ' arranged his pumps 10 ai l? be ready to throw >V boiling water upon any crowd which may venture p. the attack. Ee It is not probable, however, that any assaul' will be made upon the Herald ottire. Indeed, i' M was generally believed that the paper would, ir d its next issue, rally to the support of the Union ae A number of persons were engaged during th< lt afternoon potting incendiary hand-bills, reflect f lug severely upon the c ourse of the Herald Tb? police very properly put a stop to their proceed Ings. I*, ;jj CONSERVATIVE 111 ACTIOS IN KESTCCEV ?Thl Louisville Journal of Wednesday says: The mountain dlstric ts of our State will, we ari ue convinced, do themselves honor in sbowing the', loyalty to the Union in our spring and summe elections. The wbole of Kattern Kentucky 1 te flowing with enthusiasm. The editor of th -te Sandy Valley Advocate b-?s made a recent trip u| be tbat valley, both on the Virginia and the Ken tuckysldeof the river, and his reporU are ver cheering. Former parry lines appear to be oblii >a- araud. and (ha only issue now presented Is Unlo of or secession. The le^dsrs of the secession par y, by their 1e . genlous presentation of their views, are endeavoi lag to convince the masses that they are also ft itb the Union, but annex conditions which, whe M fully explained and enumerated, comprise a that fouth Carolina ever demanded. Whet however, confronted by the advocate* of tb 1 to Union and the Constitution, tbey fall to convlnc njj the honest masses of Ute sincerity of their profei ,Uc sinus of loyalty to the Union It 1> evident tbi ry0 along our border line, both in Virginia and Kei ' tucky, a great reaction has taken place; hunilrM er' who vo:ed for Mr. Krecklnrldge, honestly b< i of llevlng Llm to be for tlie perpetuity of the Uuloi lCta are now convinced tha*. be, and the leaders of b party, had no other m itl ve In view lu the s*?ce VIVH .uw> v?i< vuui ivatvii iuuii mr luimaiii tb* of a party whose ultimate object ws*, if it we, be possible, the destruction of the Union tie w Foreign Itrai, by the (North Britsu. It is reported that Garibaldi and the Hungarli leaders have a perfect understanding It is e aic pected tbst the Hungarian lJlet will call on flu the garian troops from other parts of Austria to co centrate in Hungary If opposed bv Austria tl Hungarians will refuse to pay taxes, and an i Lant surrectiou will then ta ce pla^e. th Garibaldi was received with great entLus'.as at Turin. The Opinlone of Turin advocates t! withdrawal of the Frer ch troops from Rome, '. the national Italian army will soon perform th? ?. duties there The military force In the Southe ch. Provinces will be increased. J. The Emperor of Austria baa decreed the i ?rd, sumption of payaiaota n silver In Lombardy ai Venetla. I*. Tbc Provisional Judicial Administration >nn. Peetb has been auppretaed.and the InaUllatton lea, the Caria Regla of Hungary bad taken place The Turkish Government has ordered tba bloc IB. ad* of U? bo?I of Montenegro. >nn. Omar Pacha la to be commander In-chief in. Persia. W. ? ITT" Om of the younger schoolmasters Vl?. Wlnated, Mam , baa bean discharged for ludul lag la tba luxury of " Uugglng" the eider fami kit, pupl>* fla thinks ha would have boen allow mramala boi for tba ?>mmlttss. WAR HEW8. LATE FROM CHARLESTON. Cbiblbstos, April 15.?There la a strong au?ilcloo that the United State* quidron Intend to take demonstration at Stono. ab^ot *25 mile* to be southward, and vigorous military prep*rattora lave been mad* to tbla end . A British mrrehantnan who arrived tn-dav bal'ed an ollicer on on? >f tha ahlna and Innulred If the Dort wai under >lockade? The offlser replied "No " Theywere raiting the return of one of the vessels which lad been diapatcbed North for instructions. Bishop Lvncb. Roman Catholic, yesterday celebrated the bloodies* victory of Fort Suratcr with i Te Deum and congratulatory addons In all he churches allusions were made to the subject. Episcopal Bishop, wholly blind and feeble, said t was bis strong persuasion, strengthened by :ravel throueh every section of the State, that the uovement In which the people were engaged was t>egun by them In the deepest conviction of duty to God, and God had slgaallv b'eas*d tbe'r dependence on Him. If there Is a war, It will b? purely a war of self-defense. The Charleston Bank voted to-day to take 8200.UK) of the Confederate loan The policy of President Davis for the present will be not to Issue letters of marque, as waa supposed, and seize northern ships. All depends, however, upon the notion or wie Administration A letter received tc-day from an English banker, by h merchant here, states that British bankers are ready to furnish the Southern Confederacy with any amount of money required. TH* FEDERAL FLEET?MILITARY HOVKME5TS. Charleston, April IB ?Tbe Federal fleetstopped three vessels coming In last evening?one with tbe Spanish flag, one British veaael. and tbeotber American. They were detained a abort time and then allowed to proceed Tbe commander of the fleet determined to Interfere no more until orders from Washington should be received. Troopa continue to pour In from all parts of tbe State. Half dlaclpllncd only, as many of them are, they undergo here rapid drills. It la estimated that there are now ten thouaand men In and about the eity. Three reglmenta are encamped at tbe racecourse, and two at I'lkesville, three miles beyond General Beauregard la very active In strengthening every position In tbe barbor He haa ofit rs of reglmenta from Alabama and Uforgia, but the Carnliiiiaua are 83 eager to serve that he declines any other aid He saya he can get fifty thousand inen from this State At Columbia evanrTMAn f-om sixtern to sixty is under arm* Ten companies from the State capltol are now here, and more want to come It is thought upon good authority here, that there is no doubt but the British Government will recognize the Southern Oflnfedeeracy at an early dav Tbe same is true of France The steamer Isabel lias just come into port from the outside, ar.d brings Information that the Federal fleet has weighed anchor and sailed in company with the Biltlc for New York. The Baltic has Maj Anderson and his command aboard THK OOVEBX.VENT *LKKT OOXK OFF?CASJiOX A5D POWDER SENT TO NOBTH CAROLINA. Charleston, April '6?The fleet has disappeared from off this port, it is supposed It has gone to operate against Penaacoia. 11 . i_ _ A _ 1 .A A \ ...... - - I oeie i? rrjoiring uere av iuc new* uoiu Maryland arid Virginia At tbe request of tbe Governor of North Carolina, Gov Pirkens ?ent s?-ven gnnsof largecallbre to Fort Mason; also, 20.000 pound* of powder. THE WAR NEWS IN NEW ORLEANS New Orliam. April 15?Mr Lincoln'! war firociamatlon wm received here tbla morning.and ncreased, If possible, tbe military ardor and excitement; otherwise tbere wai no surprise Tbe Louisiana Guard and Crcscent Riflea departed for Pensacola tbia evening The streets were crowded with citizena and the balconies with l;idie?. who cheered the troopa as tbev inarched to the depot A park *>f artillery arrived this morning from Baton Hong?, and large numbers of troopa ere pourlug In from tbe Interior. Fort* Jackson and i*t l'bllip are tMng largely reinforced, in anticipation of a blockade of the Mississippi Tht Southern line being down, there i> no news to-dav from Pennsacola. A blocdv fight Is daily looked for from that quarter. Tbe mall boat this morning brought a rumor that hostilities had commenced. The force* being concentrated at Pensitcola will reach about ten thousand men. New Oblx4*i8, April 10 ?President Lincoln's Croc la matt on creates no astonishment here Every<<dy la hlably pleased with the turn aflalrs have taken. Tbe people are resolved to maintain tLelr position at all ros'n and at all hazards Two more volun'eer com panics left here to-day far Pensaeola The rest here will probably remain to defend the city. Volunteer regiment* are forming throughout the State. Thlrty-tLree deserters from the Federal army have landed at Fort Jackson, leaving a yeir'i p?y behind, so anxious were they to join the Con> federate army. Tbe Ualves'.on Civilian says that the idea that there Is any considerable number of persons dls posed to agitate the question of reunion in Texai is entirely erroneous. The steamer Arizona was at Brazoa on the Tlh awaiting tbe embarkation of troopafor Indianola NORTH CAROLINA. Uoloiboko', April 15 ?Tbe proclamation o Lincoln has created much excitement here. Oi the strength of It a rifle company has been mm tered. ana witb others, numbering altogether fid strong, la now <n mutt to Fort Marion, whlcl they will take possession of to-nijht. VERMONT 8t Johssbcrt. April 12 ?It Is understood tha the Governor will convene the Legislature, t meet on Tuesday week. He w!llresj>ond promp' iy to the call of th? Secretery of War for troops. NEW HAMPSHIRE Ma:?che?tkh, N. H , April 15?New Ham; shire will respond promptly to the call for troopi It is not probable that an extra section of the Leg 1*>.tur? will be called. The State will undoulti edly tender two regiment* Instead of one. ^MASSACHUSETTS. Boston, April 10 ?The city authorities hav appropriate laneull Hall for the use of the trouf who are respondingto the call of the Gove. n men The Stars and Stripes are now flying over ti "Cradle of Liberty " Boston, April 15.?Political questions ha* be??n summarily dropped, and the universal sei timrut of the city and Stale is to defend to the la the fl-jg of the Union VolntA-ers to the number of twenty thousan have already tendered their services at tUe Adji tant General's office. Gen. B. V. Butler, an ardent supporter of Brecl iuridge during the election, has tendered Lis se vices with hi* entire brigade j Boston, April 15?Governor Andrew, te-da> , received a requisition #r 2.000 troop*, to report; , Washington forthwith for duty, and the Thirt t Fourth,Sixth, and Eighth regiment will be order* , out to-morrow for the purpose of drafting the nun r utrr rnjuirru. There It an Intense excitement All the o of the Mexican war are particularly anxious f t power to raise companies, or serve in the ranks t those already ordered for service. Lawkence, Mass, April 15?A meeting of thri thousand citizens was held here to-night. Tl s u iited voice was for the Constitution and the Hi . of the Union. Two military companies met s armory, and there was quite a spirited cont< to flU the requisition of the Governor far troof Premiums were offered for place* in the ranks. Lawrence, April 16?Our city governnriei e this morning appropriated S3,('00 fur the benettt the families of those who have volunteered to d B fend the country's flag, r CONNECTICUT r New Haves, April 19 ?The Mechanics' Bai of this rttv has tendered to th? finvernnr SO* fi | to b? u*ed' in aiding the support of the Nation d Government. [. DELAWARE, y WILKISOTOS. Del., April ifl ?One of-tbe lariji >. mee'lug* ?ver held In DeUware la being held b th? City Hall thla evening. The Mayor la pi siding. The following resolution* were adopt i. unanimously: r- Rtiolvd, That we censure and condemn t >r conrae of Senator Bayard in tbe U. S. Senate 1 n not advocating a compromiae between tbe Noi 11 and South, and that we feel confident that I i, course baa placed ua In a fa!*e position bef< e the world s Reiulved, That we repudiate bla teachings %. having an anti-Union tendency, and are uiiwi st thy of a patriot of Delaware. ?" PENNSVLVANIA. L* Philadelphia, April 10?P. G. Watmoui B* and L P.Asbmead, formerly lieutenanU In i J' navy, and who resigned year* ago on account entering other avocation*, though now wealtl ** have tendered tbflr cervices to the Secretary ,n the Navy, prompted by tbeir love for tbe Unli re Mayor Henry baa lsaued a proclamation deel Ing that treason against the Union will not permitted, nor will violence to persons or prope of inhabitants be tolerated. He require* all gt in citizen* to make known every per?on aiding va ensm >t kt? *? 1 ?????. as - * * * ? incui T "J Ofiuotiu^ IIICU vi imiiiiuiog munui< a- of war or provisions The laws of the Stat*- a d- of the federal government muit be obeyed a ae tbe peace and credit of the city iball be pnscrv n- May God save tbe Uuion. Tbe State Legislature ha*enacted a law mak m any connivance wltb tbe enemies of tbe gove be nent punishable by a fine of 95,UOO, and ten ye; as Imprisonment fir 1!arriiidi'u, April 15.?Eight of the Dei m r.ratlc member* of tbe House of Representati to-day changed their votes upon the bill to e e- the rollltla of the State. They had previon id voted against the proposed measure Pitt?buh?, April 15 ?Tbe war news hai < f t ated au Intense excitement here, and business of been almost entirely suspended since Saturdsy The President's proclamation has t^oroug k- aroused the military spirit. Several ct.mpu have volunteered to s as tain the Integrity of la Union. To-night there is an immense gathering at City Hall. Tbe meeting was opened by thema^ 'n who Introduced tbe venerable William Willi >f- as President of the meeting, assisted by twei ue i flve Vice Presidents. ed Resolutions declaring undying fealty to | Union, approving of the course of the Leg! slat 0 ' and Executive brancbea of the Stite Government in repondlng to the call of tbe President. d's*egardlns; all partlzu feellnx, a id pledging tbrir livfs, fortunes, and aacred boner in defense of tbe Union, and appointing a Committee of Public Safety, were unanimously adopted. A resolution was also adopted approving of tbe action of tbe Philadelphia bmks in promptly etBering money to th* Government. Tbe meeting was add r?>rsed ty Judex Wilkin*. Then. M. Marshall, Hon. P C. Sherman, Or Mr Cook, ex Gov. Johnson, Hen A W. Loom is, and other prominent cUlzent of all parties The meeting adjourned with cbeera for the Union, tbe Constitution and tbe enforcement of

tbe laws Lancaster. April 15 ?Therf was an impressive sceue in tbe Court of (Quarter Sessions this morning. Hon BerJ Champneys, In a few eloquent and patriotic reujfuks, moved, and was ably s?cond?-d ny Hon. ThaAde?is Steven*, tbit the members of the bar renew their oaths to support the Constitution of the United States. The judge*, snd every member of the bar Immediately took tbe required oath There is a deep and unaninous sentiment In favor of sustaining the Government A call for a public meeting on Wednesday has been issued, signed bv Mayor Sanderson, Dr. Muhlenberg, Hon J. E Hiesir. Hon. Tbos. H li arrows, Hon Thomas E. Franklin, C. Hager, ex-Postmaster Swarr, Judge* Haves, Long, and Champceys, and others, comprising men of all parties. Volunteering 1? brisk. Captain Hambrlght, of tbe Jackson Rifles, his 200 applicants The Fencibles, Captain Franklin, are rapidly filing up. Potttsvillk, April 15?C Tower. Esq., a prorainent Democratic lawyer. Is organizing and fully equlplng a company at bis own expense for tbe support of the Government. Wkschestsh, Pa., April 16?A large meeting was held here last n'ght In response to a call for military. The meeting was addressed by John Hickman and other prominet men. Major Wyqk offered to raise :? company. Rolls for enlistment received numerous signatures, and money was collected for their equipment. Rkadino. ADril 10 ?Tbe Rit tl'o'.d Flying Ar tillery, of Reading, Capt James McKigbt, nnobcrlni; 100 n:en, with four field-pieces, received a requisition Jrom the Governor this morning,and sst out thta cjvenln^ at 6 o'clock for HarrUbur^ to the place of render von*. They are the flrst Pennsylvania* In the field ; NEW YORK. Ai.bany, April 10 ?The thre?; million* war bill pa*??d tbe Assembly this mcrnlng, their being onlv one negative vote. The Governor tied* It to-day. iNkw Yoitk. April 15,10 P M.?Tbe proprietors of the Herald have impended three large American flai?s In front of the establishment this evening being fearful that the mob will attack the premises Acbcr.x, N . Y , April 16 ?The artillery company here is rapidly tilling up. The Forty ninth Re/lment will be immediately tilled up to one taousa.<a RHODE ISLAND P*oviDiicrK, April 15 ?Th? Directors of the Bank of Commerce have Informed Governor Spraj^ue that they are ready to advance a loan ?f 3311,000 to tbe State for aiding la the outfit of troop*. Large off-rs from private citizens have also been made to Governor Sprague for a s!ini:ar purpoae The Globe Hank tendered to the State this morning a loan of ?60 000 The 'StarBand Stripes" float from tbe Custom House and tbe municipal flat? staff 'khe Seniors of the Browne University raised the national flag on the College thii afternoon ILLINOIS. Chicago, April It! ?A detachment of 100 men, under MtJ f-tmberton, left St. l'aui en route for Washington yet'erday. Major Morris, with tit, and Sherman s battery, will soon follow uidvi i vn J?J .1 t\ I Lifl.l &/ Axsafous, April 1??Owl 12 to the severity of the storm prevailing here the further shipment of tbe heavy 44 pounders from top battt ry of the L . 8 Naval Academy to tbe practice ship "Constitution" wis not resumed to-day, but as soon as tbe storm abates and the sea calms the work will be resumed. The Constitution will receive all tbe cannon, powder, shot and shell now In tbe yard, and will probably leave her wharf and lay oH' In the ship channel, for tb? purpose of protecting the Naval Academy a id hold the arras find ammunition from any attempt to take it Gov. Hicks left for Washington this morning. PARTICULARS OF THE SL'RRVCIDER OKSUMffrK HIO.W THE CHARLESTON PACERS The Charleston Mercury of Monday says: Throughout the r hole of Friday night the various mortar batteries continued their iron rale upon Fort Sumter. At an early hour on r^aturdai morning the gnn batteries, which had b?en sllerr during the darkness of tLe night, reopenid theii ' Are. About s?*veu o'clock Fort Sumter vigor ously returned their compliments The Cum , ming's Point Bitteries were uninjured by anj . shots which had been tired against them, bad no effected anything like a breach, although batter f ing considerably and to the depth of a foot, tb< j panconpee on the southeast corner. Major An derson devoted his attention to the Suilivao' y Island batteries, Fort Moultrie especially, and th< ^ Floating Battery. Forty rounds of hot shot weri poured iuto biui from Fort .Moultrie, ar.d this tin was returned by a rapid and heavy cannonad from the ses-girt fortress, ridd ing the quarters In the enriphatic language of an otttc-r. "th< 0 quarters were knocked to b 1, but nobod hurt " During the morning thirty cr forty sue cessive shoU, from Sumter, were fired at th Dahlzren Battery, occasioning so much danee *- to tbe men a? tbe gun that Capt. Hamilton teni >. porarlly removed them Tbe Boating battery, comm inded by Captai Hamilton, In charge of i,leut* Yates am Harieaton, in tta turn, received appropriate alter tion Twelve Indentions are visible; one ba! ,e going through the edge of th? roofs, lodged In tb )s sand bags, producing a slight contusion on th , heid of a private. The four-^un battery com ie manded by Lieut. Valentine, and Capt. Hal lor quist's very effective mortar battery, were earn re estlv attended to. We learn that Oapt. Hallor j. quist wa* covered with dirt (fluttered upon hit g, by Anderson's fire; no damage, however, wa done to a single mau, offl'-er or private, any when jj and all (performed their duties with the tarn spirit and alacrity. Butler's mixed battery, I* yond tbe Moultrie Home, was also busy, and ? ; t_ responded to now and then. The mortar batterit r. at Fort Johiiion, under comma id of Capt Jarr.i a::d Lieut. Ulbbts, workedkteacily andetliclentli attracting an occasional shot from their frownln ^ antagonist. j At ten minute* after 8am a thick smoke vn ^ seen issuing from the southern portion of Fo ri. Sumter's barracks; the flames broke out vislb to tbe eye. At times tbe Are appeared to be a rs most extinguished, and tben again would ri* l)r Whilst itw**in progress, two explosions toe 0f place from the fall of shells among the serv'.t magazine* or.combustibles of tbe fort. The coi et> centrntea are of all me batteries were steadl ue kept up, thei progress of tbc flame# continue ,,r and all the qcarters were Invoked in cootlagr a"t tior; a densr cloud of black sn.oke Issued. ^ The lire from Fort Sumter became irregul a and weak; towards midday it almost entire ceased Still the flag flew, and abet and sh< nt fell regularly and steadily upon the beleaguri cf fortress. le. At noon, on Friday, during tae heat of thee gairemeut, Major Anderson made a signal of d! tress to the men of-war lying off our bar, and < Saturday again, while under Ire from all t 1* batteries, and troubled with tire heat and smo j of the burning barracks, a^aln lowered the fl; ia* of the United States, bs a signal for assistance bis naval allies; the ships were only from three five miles o&; the day was bright and clear, t , water smooth. But discretion was the better pi n of valor. v\ ben the report was made of what had oeci red, Maj. Jones, the Chief of Gen Beauregarc staff, accompanied by Col Chan Alston, w&sse rbe with authority to arrange the terms given. T ?r terms of surrender are to the following effect: [*." All proper facilities will be sfforded for the i E>>> moval of Maj Anderson and command, togett J,c with company arms and pioperty,and all prlv; proi.rtv Tue flaz which he haa upheld to long, a or* with ao much fortitude, under the most try I circumstance*, may be aaluted by him on tnkl It down. gh Major Anderson la allowed to determine 1 the precise time of yielding up the poet, and la p of uiltted to go by >ea or land, according to hla el by, tioni of We learn that Fort Sumter la uninjured is on. capacity for aefence, no breach being made ar- the walla, but that the quarter* are completi tie destroyed, notwithstanding the Palmetto F rty Company was deapatcbed to put out the flr?. T >od quarters on Friday caught thrt-e times, and w< the extinguished by the soldiers; or Saturday this * on* impossible. At one time the smoke within 1 >nd fort was so distressing that tli? men In the ca nd mates were constr*lued to place their mouths ed. the floor for breathing. Maj. Anderson has expressed admiration u Ing surp.lse at the perfection of practice by our b rn- torles He was almost entirely prevented, by t ir's cause, from using bis barbette guns. Hut for' paucity of bia force, and their consequent abil no- to retire within the casemates. destruction of 1 vr% muat have been frightful. This pro toted, tl rni escaped c-nlv live wounded?none kill< sly We understand foir casemate and Jive bartx guns have been dismounted by our guns. ^ ire- also learn that M?j Audersou and f/eut. Da baa have expressed their opinion that, bad they U allowed to use tteir hundred and tvrmty-e1| bly four ponndera in barbette, bearing upon the 1 ilea bntteTv, tbey might have destroyed it. The ac the rate tire, of 'he rifle caonoa was very mibovIi and materially uvsiated la the defense of Mm the Island, and in battering the south#ast walL or, We bare not now time to m-ike a detailed Ins acriptieu of the fort. It 1a enough to aay at pi ity- ent that tbe walls are unUiJored. Upon one of faces (to U>e west) exposed to the water battery the received eighty shots. Use other, equally expo are to this battery and to Fart Jtooltris, has r?oei' more Many of the doors of tbe embraeuree bad been driven In, bat the permanent Injury was __ light; the btlli penrtrated tome 8 or 10 lncbee, removing about* ball bushel of material Tbecor- *-? nice of the para pat la many plaree wa? knocked C off. bat all the parapet (UidNinoiinlrd bad been ju restored to tbelr positions, and their carriage* Tl aeemed theft but little Injured by the flamee Tbe wall was most dlel*ur*d by tbe balling from "h Cummlng s Point, but there was little pro^re* to j,^ abreach Som- of tbe eaamient (funs were dls- n, mounted, and the dev&atetlen within tha fort waa jj j'reat; the gutiners were covered with fragmenta A of ahella The barracks were swept entirely **! away, and there waa nothing left but a looae maaa of brick and mortar. m Major Anderson and bis command marc bed out to the tnne of ''Yankee Doodle." They were in M full uniform, and carried their arms Major An- A dereon looked care-worn and deeply despondent, produced, no doubt, among other circumstances, ' ' by the sad accident which happened whilst salu- ^ ting his flag b ????60 Y5?ONE HTNORFD VOLUNTKKR* " L 7 wanted for service in tHe Distret of CohkiTihin. Appl* jo the comer of Tenth and F., od Medio*! Coll??*. fi'?t ap I? NOTICE ?All persons desirous of join rt I iiJI <'ompvi? B. Natiot at Goard will mee< 1 TBI* EVK.MNO.W7X o'olock. at No. 600 U u street, bstwee i V.t and 5ih ata By order ai It* Capt. P H. K'NO. || ? i? vb? MTK\ IU<\.-Ai German eil ze ? are m 19 r*qn??t#d to ttltiH ? meeting on TH I'RrDTY. Ibe 18th icatar.t, aC7NJ o'clock, at Mr. G<?rhardt'a Hot-!, for tha purpose of org aniz tig a military company. ap 17 ?'* Y??NOTICK-A nf* compar?. to b* attaohed J ILS to the National Guard Katal ioa. wilt i?e~t So 70F.ant Capitol atrect, near the oorner of atreet, THIS i Wedneada* ) a**en o'clock. .Ml feraooa wiahirg to m dralted imm?diat?!T will plaaa* attend. It* r ATTENTION, CITIZKN9-All tho?? de- t tL5 aicoaa of enroling for defence of th* Go* e-nment are repeated to meet*t?iuartere< ooupied \ bi Capt KeKy'a cuinpa y.on J*???rt?"ot*i atreet, ? THIS EVENING, April 17tb,at7* o'cUofc. IP I' % ION. J Yk="ATTENTION. WATSON GUARDS.- * LU Yon *'* ordered to m*?t at ihe armor*, oor- t nerof K and Tenth atreeta, T HI J* f 'it o'clock, to arrange n altera prep*:at >rj to haing mustered into the service. Hy order oi captain * JAMES EIHJAK STEWART. * If * J. BKWF.Y.O S. ir??? adjourned union meeting. *t " JJ5 Old T'inity. Fifth ?t., hetwaen H*nd E, b (near City Hall.) 7 p. m. Ut'lwiw r?Mrv*d for a- t Ceiebratftvi speaker*, from differeat State*, t will be heard. amo-* whom are? Meters. Clay. of Kentucky. f Pro!. 1) mili. of Wiaeonain, S. B. Uctchkr, of Naw York, r Muzzy, of fcio. JdMit of Maatachuaeta, D * a l . of Ca iforra* i>!cki!?s.of Pennmrlvacia, , e ctchijcb. of oh u, and other*. J All in favor of ?ha Union are sn* tied to a'tend. w.m. C pakm)ins, Chairman. | D. BREED Sec. It* " r'hickering ft sons' pian"!? fok SALE , i <>n irxmtkl* r a i mAnla Ar HlkAAiinta f. .r AAa h "U IllVUtll 'J I0T lll?7U?" t VI ?r I v<> JOHN F. ELLIS, ? ap 17 ?06. between 9th and 10th m. PIANOS FOR RENT.?A areat namb?r of ' hunm, einbraolD* ?Tery niaat a'yle \nd price. lor rent by the week,F7-waPW month or year, at reasonable *?* . ? ??? JOHN F. ELLIS. up 17 3Q6 Pa. ?v? bet ?th and lotn ata. ] Shirts! shirts:: shirts :v. A fir;t rat? 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Bar Room^etteaa, oorarad VItk Ki Mtiiw <*ioth. rub IM M apl6 2t CLKA?V * ORF.KM, Aoet* ?AILIKF'> HALF.-Bt virtue of an order of J distrain 1 ?hai. w l the good* and > i? houtc m Pennsylvania ar?nM. <xu a s l*h ?t*?r?.i?ort> cidc.on TLKPfJAY MORN >10 n?xt,a? i?o'?!ock,ooMiiUi(rf P?'lo',C^ ?r and Knofaen t-eraitvro. Bar (utir**, n .mi nl t" ap 11 Th,WkM?* Baiitf. rrr-THK ABOVK H*8 BF.FN POST oT^.i ?ntu THI'KJ*DAY MORNING. April u. tint hnor ar.d pise*. ap U ? ? WKSTERFtKl.P. B^lif. Br CLEAR Y h ORKEN. A??tto&**r*, 506 Xtnlk trrl rRl'STKE-8 8ALK OF VALUAHLE IKraovKB R*?l K? tatf.?By rirta- of a dead of mat. dated the l*th da* of March. 1137, and do!* eenrded among the .ar t reoord* of the oounty nf I a TV r* .Vail aa aa n ftvi. UKUTr, if. V; i * i. "ou vu ^ . # vt? rem>?e?, on THURgDA Y. tb? 34h of i 'olock t. m.. all thoae piece* or paro?l? of trouan ituaeif in ths city of \*a<binKt >n. 1). C, aad Down and deetgna'ed w Loti rurul>?red thirt* ur ("M'% d tinrtT five, <M.) in Square no*ber?< ive hundred and three <5>U ) togethrr wi?n tt? mproveniei t? tiiereon.oon*<?tit( cf a'arf# aD<: nmiDfldi isi thr-*e ?t>ry hrirk huuae, with a fin* >a*emer.t, riutatle for a ?t??re S*aid proa.rty located on the aoath aiJe of > t *<>ulh, f>*t wf? ' ?S and ftn ?ta. Term* <>f to he paid in o**h; and th? aiano? in ?. 12 and >K month* from the day of a**, h? deferred par rn< ota u> be teoared b) a deed of ru?t on the premier. If the term* ot ?aie he not ccrnpli'd with with.c Ire daya from the day of an'*, tha Trmlee reier?e? the right to reeeil lb" aa d property, at U* lak and ooat of the firat purohaaei. J"H!* r. FNNIR, ap S Staw&da CLKARV * GREEN. Aaot. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. L? CHANGE OF HOUR . [ On and after Sunday. Aptil Mth, 1861, th? trtin iri!l run aa follow* l?n WASHINGTON ?t 4? and 7 !??.?, ! 45 and 5 41 p n Leave BALTIMORE at? and ? 1? a. m , 3 44 at"! 5 p m. Pasaergor* for th? WmI, Ponth^reat and Nort^ treat wiiltak* tb?4 25a m ar.d J *5 p m. traini, vhioh connect ?ith Weatern train* at Waatusirto? Junction. K?r I'hi'ade phiaand New York. 4 SSand 7.1" ? m and 2 45 p m. For \i.!,*p >:iv7 io a m. and 2 45 p. m. For Norfolk, 2 *5p m. On ?a?da* but ?i<e train, at 2 45 w . and o? Mturoar the z V> p. m. tra.r. joe? t? I'nuU*.?m? onijr- W P. SMI? H, ap U (Intel&Rep) Matter of T>ac?p?rtauor PKACE, PEACE, P* ACE.- F r rent or at I mange in part for cit? piope-ty or Waters 1 is nil*, a ?erp valuable FAR M, oontaiuiog 1S1 aore* I of choice land ; gOol r rMftium ; ne*tth> It cation . p eaeant ? (ltnated ten mile* from Wa*hituU>t. 0 O. Apply to O. (5 *A(i*<, No .'?OS b?r*r>'h St.. I (Odd Ftilowi' Hail.) WaimiKtoD City. D. C. aflijw* Threat sale of VI dry eo<?w, AT PANIC PRICES, Foa Cakh We have a larje atock off"PRING DRESf GOODS ; alao. a geo?ra; a??o t merit of KUpw A ticla*. n"W io at ?ra. aoaptad to toe general wftrta of t*mil:e?. which w?-ar^ ael mg at roduoad pr.oo* for the Mh. J. W C0LI.EY * CO., ap is 2w fi?? 7th at. betw. D a?< Pa a*. OSTEIN WAV A SONS' AND RAVEN * Bk ? CON'S PIANOS.?A large a??ortme! ha? juat b?en reoeirwl.?Paiaona in a*ares|nM9 t f a rentMe ir strunfrct at a low anoe 1 T? iiiTiied to call ana examine at tit* .Niaa.o Store of W.G. MET7.KRO I I . Order* reorivw) for Mr. M* RCl'S REBINE. risp" rorw i up* r ap 'i R great excitement: EINFOECfcMKN I OF HARVEY'S OYSTER DKi'Ur. No aohhera, !>iit a Dientifjl opp'y of OYSTERS. HARO CRABf*. I fVK EOB-TfcRB^. ?Dd BOSTON of ?li kioda / J Don't lu. to oali BX4 get the worth cfVlUf yoar money. ^BflT T. M. HARVEY, ap II tf C atree'. TO ALL WHOM IT M4V CONCKRM.-^ my eon in law, Krr, RoBkKT Kki.lbn. >>?? kind j con-anted to aiu m* in aettmc up the wi?t? of my late hurhand. A. H. Y< one thu ia te notift the pufclie. and especially thoee it>deM*d to aeid eetate.tat he. Mr Kel!?r.. wi.l hereafter 1-e mt only aetiiorisrd agrn', or attorney, to etteitd to ir>? basinets in thia eonnocti ;n. ar..1 any and a i other powera of attorney heretofore r tven are kererry revoked. MARY A. YOl'NC, Kif??trit. Mr Kellen can tie eeen at Mra. M. A. Yoaof'a reeidenoe, I at . between 9th aud >CUt ate., tx-twe n the h' ura of 3 and S p. m every day. ap I? tf %'L'VV UiwtVil I I? 1%; m~* ?v*/no r* wr 1 nu i?j 1^ KICKNCH* KtCHSTKl*. 27<? Pa. av. Mtoatltr'i Hiatory of Erg ttd, voiimt S. Hittory of the United Netl??r!arrt?. Ur Joun Lotuurf Motley, i voi? ; fr*e b? null A4 Trumps, a co rl, b) (i*u Win. C?rti?- fre? by mul ffjo An Outo**t or Vine* and Patt?>.',y P. Cotbarn A<iem?; 91. Kl?i* Venner.a R uaioe of IWtmv, ?-y Oliver Wendell Ho.inee,! free by mail ?l?&. Our n-nal diuoiLt of 10 to a" per oest. on ^ Bound B?oki. a* 9 FR ENCH ft RICH8TE1N, <76 Pe. a*. |^EW SPRING G001>S ' PRICKS TO svfr THE TIM ' The iohreriber inrit*? tr.e attention o' pure ha* ere u> m? l*'r? end faa"innabl* nook of GENTLEMEN'S Ft;RNI*HIN<4 GOODS, vnioh b i? pr-pared to tell el tbe low<>?t Ceeh prie?c. Call and examine. at LANE'S b- .k..... . - (i.i < * -? " *_ e A.? r?enivn?i- r> nn\, VSf, O ?V?nil f-pTn??T I f Store, 424 Pa av. < IntA Rep ) apt2 *.? ? FKE.NCH STEAM WOURKIS, BALI 1 MORIS W. P. SHEDi). AO*i Klkvutth St.? Tkt Onlt Agent. L?di*t' Dtmim of ?vwj deter! ptioa ma ' * oleaued, ieavir c the luttre of ailk i^hI to new. Shawl*, Cover*, Ciutaint, aud Carpe t. Alto, ( en lemen't Clothiaj o%n be cleaned withoat h* in* an; att iia^oe by whioh they will tooa bee., ue u: ht to w. ar. N. 8?No <ir??t taken apart; thereby tavin* ' expenseof maktnc ovwr. (Intel.? wtaSlm A_ _ WM.T. UOVKkCO. _ _ RE Nov pretax to execute any orders wltt fctch they n?aj be favored m the I'l UMBlStt, ?AB OR J5TKA* FITTINB m; si ess. ITT* Store on tth atreet. a k* 4rM?r* oorUt of Pi. trcaaf, where be J?uc< aOoj?deUa*#rMTnc?J wAIMS'IMk-riJaK^4 oU#r 6 '*'u F~ RENCH 4 RICH8TKIN ? 1.I8T OF NEW BOOKS. Mfcciu'aj'a Hutor* of Kokand, vol 6, ?"c Trumps- * novel, by (*?o W m. Curna.fl S?. Nm:omu<1 Negro Slavery, by J. H. Van Evne, M An OBtoMt. or Virtue ul Faith, by F. Colbnrn . A^uni 91. Too Cruseed Pa'h, St WUkie Oollias, ?1 JSl>ickeue' Oliver Twnt, household *dibr.?- 1 <# trate<; by Der'eyA Cilbert, Jto'? , ttm f 1 #v l>ick?nef Piekwiek Paaere. houeehoid *c tioa. lllaetiBtrd by Darlev It Gihert, 4 toU., l*mt> , #9 Any of tke itwr* ef at kr Mil free. Oer u?u?><. ut t of 10 f> 50 per oept. 00 ah buud book* 1 Mil FRENCH * RlCHfeTElN.fTB Pa ay 2 i^PFlCEK8. PETTY OFFICERS. AND \ U men who were oa board 01 say U. ft. eatM * the oaptare of any aiever oaa hare tAeir ela.m* t " irJiisajTVr WinbimU L. p. C. >a la-tf. IMPORTANT TO HOCttKkKKP&R*. E. R PIRKEKiOO.* 0earaateed u* oaJy ^ABftOLtT|rELY^ND^PKRFKC^^y^CRE?x bj mi expreaely for the paraJee vitbotl re/err-,<* lo o?iet. They are Maatifa !j p%ekei la tia/uu* iX^artsAS inra.riai.'rfi.-a 8*1 OM ara alaodiaWtafcir a^rt. Wjvarraai *U-if.D* ^fiKSg*.V%v , XK Tha otd tiub PAWN OW- fQ\ ?s Kr^sss?* b-?n 'Wnorfd to Sil C it, bw?m ?H and M* U., baok of Ui? NtbouJUoML NOTICE! NOTICES NOTICE!E M f lO.Ofi# to m !o*r?*d in are-all soaK oa bold mK \ 8iT?er Watebaa Jawalrr,aa4 alloUw art^a.M ? J E&t fa?"lE^"S?No.Vii ^"5H?Li?* 1 J ? MKMlKtB. I 2if . BIED8J?EIEDB FOE EALE. mjt ? <5212* I I