Newspaper of Evening Star, April 17, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 17, 1861 Page 3
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I 1.QCAL NEWS. t,,~ Though Tbi Star la printed on the testa* teiai prni In use south of Baltimore, Its edition 1? so large u to require It tc W pat to press at an artj hnor; Advert* *?ment?, therefore, should be sent In before 12 o'clock m.; etherwlse they may not sppear until the next day. None*.?Flstrlet of Columbia Advertisements lo be laaerted In the Baltimore Ben are received at and forwarded from Tbi Stab Office. ' Fbw* Speech Mebtiso" in Old Thisitt chcscii ?i.ast night. In response to a can lor an *ipr*t?ton of public sentiment with regard to "free speech," a large crowd collected at old Trinity Cbttieb, and Wm. C Parsers. Esq ,of N J., was called to the chair, and thirty-four vice president* appointed. S|r. Pirsons, in a few remarks, explained the nature of tVs meeting, and railed for a free expression of sentiment upon the treatment of those who bad been abused in this rlty, when attempting to vindicate the principles cf the Republican party. Tbev had come from nearly all parts ef the land, with their hearts ove-flowing with a love of country and devotion to the Union, and h?d found here in their midst a set of men breathing treason and crime, who stalk forth In the community to brow beat those wbo dare to express their sentiments. But tbere were men from tbe North and West, and the South, too, who say to tnem, ? indicate your riguu | Applause j une of Ibelr number hid been amulted io tbelr midst Last Sunday, G P Edgar?one who had atood up for their principles?wm Insulted, arretted and thrown Into prison with villains and graceless arampa They were determined to vindicate the r principle* and eatabliah free speech in the capital of the Confederacy The chairman of the committee appointed at a previous meeting to draft resolutions not having arrived, .Mr. C B Denlo, of 111 , addressed the meeting It afforded him inexpressible pleasure to meet In Washington, a place celebrated above all others on this broad green earth for rascals protected by a Metropolitan police, * f?w In favor of free speech He had been taking notice of iren and things since be had been in tbe city, but had found more things than men. When he arrived here h? was told bv men with brie Lit buttons that people were nut allowed to talk politic* on the streets, and be bed replied that the men out West were used to it, and would be protected in it too. The Administration wbicb bad just gone out of power were used to *uch tools, and their tall western Precedent bad not yet bad time to cleanse 'be Augean stables, so thev must be patient and bear It a little longer Their army had been scattered over the continent, their navy sent off Into distant s*-->s. or suffered to rot at anchor, and they bad been told by Wigfall that tbe South had fired on our flag and we dare not resent, that If we did not take our men out of tbe forts in the South tbey would do it for as. Well, they had taken tbem out. They bad spent over a million of dollars, collected thousands of soldiers, and bad starved out sixtv m*n. But thev had got an elephant, and what w s worse tbey did not know what to do with it. Old Abe of the West would soon show them what would be done with it. TCbeera 1 He knew it on the 4th of March, when se beard him from the east front of the Capitol. The South had boasted that Jtff Davis would tear from tb? Capitol the stars and striprs He bad no fear of it That fl.ig was agoing to wave over the Capitol forever, a*d all U>e stars on it, too [Cheers ] It might be that the star representing South Caro ina would be designated. but it would be there snvhcw. There were Marions and Sumters ret in South Carolina, and though bey might be driren into the woedsaad swamps as tber were by the tories, yet their power would be felt. Gwia tad ?Ot>e to California to preach treason, but there were inen enough tbere to take care of the Pacific co^st; and If there were uot, they would send a few from Illinois or Wisconsin' He did not believe that Wigfall would go back to Texas at all Governor Houston and tbe Union men of that State would take care of her; and so it would be in every caae when the Union men made a stand Why. Bennett of the Herald was a good Union man to-night, and be should not be surprised to see the next day the "States and Union" come out in favor cf the Adminis'ration. [Laughter ] He expected so, for wher?? tLe carc?rs was the eagles would be gathered together. He hoped they would cor.duct themselves to as to eho^ that they bad no hostile design* upn the C sL.. 1 * 1# tk ...4 * ? w. ? I l J A ?_ m>u?o, uui 11 iur> wtrr uvi w ncmiuwca 10 i|)eax out their sentiment*. they would give them to understand that free speech was to be allowed He felt that the President h*d done more for th? Union In the last two or three days thati hid been done before i.nce Ui? Inauguration; ai.d when h? heard be had ?a?d that day that " four year* fron that tiise the 1U11 and stripea would wave ovei the Ctplfol or he be dead In defending it," b( felt that the victory was already won. [Loud ap plauae, and three cheers for the President ] Th? democrat* of tt?e Weat were with them; and : de.oocratlc member of Congress?Hon Phlli| Fouke?had told him that day that be was gola^ home to raise a regiment to defend the Govern ment. [Applause J > irglnia not going out and Kentucky would not try. When they Loiste< the rattlesnake flag here he would bs the first om to draw it down, and he wj leady to help do 1 anywhere else If they had got to fight to upholi the Government, they should do it thernselvei and not shove it cfl" upon coming generations. Gea. Nye, "f N Y . was then Introduced to tb o .dlen. - He believed it to be a wise prnvulo of Providence that there so juld be an occasion o which to test the patriotism of the men of tb natlou T1 spirit that nerved the arm of the] felbtrs hud oe*-u gradually fading awny, and tb patriotism of the'.r day nearly died out; and Got tb his wisdom, had put them to this test to see there was enough left to revivify the old splrl That there was. he had not the least doubt. T ortak up this Government was not the right w;i to radrtss the wrongs complained of. and I defied any man to prove that Oy demolishing tb another might be built up. It had been said tb the republican party had brought this crisis upt the country by meddiing witn slavery. It w the only party which had declared It would n meddle with It. It bad declared in |ta platfor not to Interfere with nor invade the rights of at man. North or foulh He w j a republican e|e torough, and be had that in htm which mat him forget the boundaries of State lines, an clasp bauds with brothers, be be where he ma 4 Others might do as they pleased, but he sbou tU'ht for his country, if need be, ai>d the old fi< of tbe land shou'd be the flag to wave over bin If they had done wrong, tbev were willing right it. but it wuJ not necessary to go to war f tkat purpose. If he had the power, and Je Davis would let him, he would go to Montgome and take him by the band and lead him up to tl bights of Buaker, and tell him that moitume bad been cemented with the blood of a ?o d:? He would take him to Saratoga and New Jen* where tbe rivulets run red w:tb the warm blo< of tbe brave meu aad every sod pressed the bo* of a hero, lie would lead him to Valley Forand to the very spot where repose the ashes of hi wh? relied act only on the sword, but on tbe (i< of bis fathers, and ask htm if he did not bear i admoultlon come up from tbe tomb, ''lay not t! band upon this glorious temple?" He wcu take him to York town; to tfce fields of Mexlc where * fought for this flag, and tLea be w?u lead fclm by the grave of Jackson, who hi declared "the Union must and ihali be pres< rv*d and then, if all that was not enough, he wou take htm to a fctsh place, and tel! bTru to east I eve over the minions of this land, and would n la his ear Ihe terrible consequences of an atiem to overthrow this Government, and ask htm If vss prepared to meet in life and In judgment t retribution which awaits the man who would such an unholy thing as to destroy bis count [Greet spplsuse ] General Nye having concluded with an exh tatlon to sUnd bv the Union, Gen. Lane, or Kansas, was next introdac< He had cone from a State the youngest of th< all, where secession was denounced as treaj and aecrsalou'.tU ; a traitor*. He bad beard bi la thl* tbe Federal Capital, that which In Kan would have received toe rope arid the limb. Mood on tbe Chicago platform, and would not driven one balr either towarda aeceaelon on t one band or kidnapping on the other The republicana did not intend to disturb ah property, but he hoped that whea tbe aoutberu emancipated their alavea tbey would give tbe pahllcans thlrtv days notice, aa they intended purchase a portion of dootb America, and tra port tbem aa fast aa Ihey were freed. Mtaao aid Kansas were going on together, hand In hai and let Virginia do aa abe pieaaea, they would true to the C uioo aad make money out of the fc of other* 1 be North had ao dviire to ttgbt. I they were determined to aaalntaia the Conati tloo aad the law* Five year* ago Jeff Davla 1 bim Indicted for treason. and Insisted upon 1 roavtction becauae ba tried to get Into tbe L'tlc little lrregalarly; and now be asked bimaeif w should he do wttb Jeff Davla, who wanted to ewt Irregularly [ Laughter.1 lie would takeav the malls, blockade tbe harbor*, protect the (o recover the cusloot*houaes,and regain that ?b had been laat. [Cheers] The southerners w a callant people, aad he admitted toeir chiva bat be did not thluk they bad ti muck bo!ten the North If the Government would stop malls and ytve theiu one battle It woald b< over with aeceaaioa Hewn* not for arnead tke Conatltuiioa Had Congreee In tbc ou ward no o?ber word* bat thaee of drllai.oe aei ilou would have born atopped at once Deftaj and nothing elae but deBance, abould be mi tained lowarda traitor* he waa foe war, In alnabia war, ratber Utu to yield one bail ' thoar who were la araaa agat net the ti overum {rraawodoua cheer* .] Thia Oarernmaat waa new traveling the n read which tke p*opl# of Knaaaa had trod, an II waa aecaaaary they wouid enact over the a acewa He had bean oae oi three mea who bound thaunai lrea by aa oath to aerar leave t hoeoee without anna apoa their peraoaa and artna loaded ta the hooae, and emianrtaa i * ?* ..I in La fttaf* mm tnJ 1 . i 'M' -'ov > I I ? J? 4 . *r* c ft ?*i r-iht aft f r a ?:?n: t tainted to tbefrwrrotrttimta black ribbon euwril a bowle ktiifo ud a revolver. Bat tbto waa Mt ! all. They hired a man Mined Bran* (who waa called Boekakin for abort) fur *30 per month and i board and then gave hint tlfty cent* "piece for [ every border rufllin he ahou.d wblp,ard in a f?w I daya l.e cleaned out Lawrrnre completely. and .had to go out into tbf country aeveral mile* to find a man to whip. [Great laughW ] Gen. Lane having concluded biarp^ecb, a few remark* were mad?> bv Mr. Vinton, cf W iscon- : ain. when the following re?olutioua were adopted: ' Wbereaathe preaervation. protection. and trananrilMi"Q of our free inatitut'ona to poatarity, and th* aupport of the Government, aa a neceaaary inf* \ ont l/t 4K?. pamon ( r* f tKat r M II. f la ? UN f _ v. i \?t ?v ?u pi w i*i r in ut u<? KAiii*) i? ?? ? amount object, which demands our united and vigorous co-operation; and whereas free speech and a fVee pr<*ss are the means by whlcn the prejudices and mistaken views of the deluded dupes of the slaveocracy are to be disabused; Reflvd. Thst while treason is rife in onr midst, and traitors are moving armies to secure Its triumph, we, the loyal c.tlzens of the Unlon, are called upon, by every consideration of patriotism, to leave no means unemployed to protect the Capitol, and preserve the Union and a chives of the nation from threatened destruction; and that we pledge to the Government and military authorities of the cation our most cordial and hearty support. The meeting then adjourned to meet to-night, at the same place. Military MovementsH?i ?Yesterday,after the Star went to press, a detachment of sixteen recruits tor the Mechmle's Union Rifles, Captain Rotherford, appeared at the War Department, were inspected, and mustered Into service. They match well with the Rifles already in aervice. A (quad of forty-tbree men, to be added to Compinv 0, National Guard*, already mustered into ??>rvice, under Capt McKIrn, wm marched to tbe Department by Lieut Jus H. Richard* Thty vie e mustered Into tbe service, making tbe company one hundred strong The Washington Rifles, Capt B*lba?h. are de Irous of adding another company to tbe command. and *o make a battalion. They hare a list of sixty four extra recruits, many of whom have seen service in Kurope and America Additional recruits were received during the evening for the following companies: By Capt Fcxwell, for the Henderson Guards, | seventeen recruits. By Capt. Redier, for Company A, Anderson Rifles, eleven recruits The officer* of the President'! Mounted Guard went to the War Department and tendered the sprvicea of that company to the country whenever wanted A guard of fifteen men'was detailed last night from Cspt Kelly's command (Company B, Union Regiment.) and potted at the President's House. A guard was also detailed from tbts company for the War Department The regular guard was also kept at the quarters of tlie company, so that the men belonging to Company B cannot complain of the want of active service. iisisitinoxs. Captain Stewart of th? G?*rgetown Mounted Guards, tendered his resignation to his company at a meeting of thatcorps, held a few nights since. It is stated that company B, Anderson Rifles, Georgetown, were to have.been mustered iuto service yesterday, but were not, in consequence of the refusal of a number of the members to enroll themselves, and in consequence of such refusal by tbern, Capt. K W. Jones threw up his commission. Lieut Orme. of this company, is endeavoring to muster in a sufficient number of recruits to fill upthe company. The officers of the Sixth RegimentD. C. M bad a full meetlnc last nicht jit their armorv and dr voted a couple hours to drill exercises and company maneuvers under tb*ir instructor, ser^ennt B nek ley. The officers of the Sixth are determined to make themselves as efficient as powlble, and are said to be making excellent progress It is expected tb*t at the*r next meeting all of the non-commissioned officers of the regiment will have bee.i appointed, and will be present te participate in the exercises cf the drill. niw companies At a meeting of the citizens of tbe First Ward, called for the purpose of forming a military company, held at tbe corner of K and Twenty-fourth streets, tt e following officers were elected: Cap tain, J. II McBlalr; Lieutenants. 1st Dr G H Newman. 2d W. S Hurley, 3d John E. Herrell; Ensign, Thomas Blunden The "Union Volunteers." the new company i forming at tbe Monument House, Fourteenth i street, are rallying to day with life and drum, and to-night will go Into an election of officers i They expect to muster ir to the service to-morrow?. THK DSFK7C5C OF WA?H!3fOT0.1. i AU the indications are that Washington city i will be promptly put in n position to repel any s attack cade upon It A nufflclency of th? s^-ventyi live thousand men called out by the President's r proclamation will be quartered here. It Is unders stood that those rendezvousing at Harrisburg will - hasten to this city. The troopa already here are ? bfing placed in toe most, systematic mar.ner Tbf t artillery have tiken possession of tbe heights and j roads leading to the city. A row of some twenty^ r five carta, laden with ' cartridges, grape-shot in * I... ? ? ^ .. r. t)?nna.,l 11V' 11 jb(i, anu uiuri niiceiirs, uas?"u up t cuiiityi , vr.nU avenue yesterday, V> be placed where needed 1 by the cannonieri. e * TO DAT. t The Slemmer Guard. Capt. Knight, Lieuta 1 Smith, Donn and McKlfresh, and 9v! men, \?3! i, the first company at the War Department tbi morning. Their services were accepted and thi e <>Sicen will receive commissions to-day. and thi u '-omptny will report v>-morrow and be swori u into tbe service e Shortly after the arrival of tbi? company, thi lr Washington Light Guard, Capt Marks. L'li'Uti e Kilia, McCathran and Altlmus. 5 s^enn's. 4 cor 1, peraia. 2 musicians, 2 markers, and 6* private! If arrived They were nspected and aworn int t. theaervice o Next came a company of recruits to tbe Was! iy fngton Kifif-s (Captain lialbacl/s roiiirnar.d), 5 ,e strong. They were reieived and sworn into tb < service st Company B. Pntnam Riflea. CaptilnGreenwel f f\ .M. 11 n U.,**/... ~ A UL(..n.. I ?n i<iruw. vj- wiin. nuvw i cuu ciiiiiti, i rs 4 corporals, and 04 prl vates, arrived shortly aftei ot and were accepted This company has bee m formed since tbe night befor* last )y Ten additional recruit* to the Carrington lfonn u Guard (Capt Uoddard i, Georgetown, arrlvsd an Je were sworn in id Company C, Union Regiment. Captain Miliei j. Lleuti Garrett, Wright and Willett, S sergeanti :d 4 corporals, 2 musicians, and So privates arrive at o'clock, and tendered their services to tt u Government to The Constitutional Guards. Capt. Dcgprs. I.t or Bell, Cavsnautrh and Scott, 5 sergeants. 4 corpi I)- rals, and 60 privates airlved and were sworn it:' rv service he Company E (Zouaves) Washington Light 11 ut fantrv Battalion, Captain Powell, Llents Hnrre r and Jrvisg, 4 sergeants. 4 corporals, 16 private v, came in later, and reported for duty, fd ^Company D. National Guard, Captain Morg* in Lleuts Brown, Hitchcock and Keuv, 5sergeant e, 4 corporals, i color txarers, and ItW privates, a m rivea subsequently ard reported for duty. Tb o<i romjany h s been organized since Saturday eve in log Mad Dog?Last Thursday afternoon, a dc owned by Mr. Glascoe, on R street, betWe< IKlgbth and Nlntb streets, wns observed to e blbit symptoms of hydrophobia, and bit s^Ver persons before be could be secured. Mrs tilasc j, was severely bitten lr endeavoring to set-ure t .. aog, xonerner wiiu otuaren 01 jonnstewari, F. titinlev and S. (iodrtard. The do;; was tlnal 'K killed, after a abort purauit. The persona bltt are now under medical treatment, and hopes e ''** tertained that they will not auflVr the uaual pern ^ ties following the bit) of a rabid animal. Thkatsb ?Tom Taylor'a new comedy, "T Babes in the \Vooda,:' underlined for nome tir on the billa, will b?? brought out to-nigbt, wi ,j Jefferson In lta part of "Beetle," which part, ^ ' see, haa, In New York, In the bands of Clar) been the (treat feature of the piece and given 1* ' wonderful run. Remember, only three ulgt more of J. J. He Tub Lat* Raiss *sd thi Casal.?The bea be rains which followed ao toon after the late fre> the et In the river, caused some fear that another ov< flow of the aanie sort mii/ht occur : but. ud to tl ive writing, there I* no extraordinary rite of t era water, and. a atrong vale froin the northw re- havlug set in, there will probably be none. [to ? n?- Rsv. MM. CLABit, of Liberia, baa Juat ami orl hare, for the purpcae of making arrangement* i "Jj the eatabllahment of a colony of colored people b* Liberia. Judging from the lettera and papera '"y hla poeaeaaion. the plan appenra to oflVr greet but docementa to the fre colored people of thla coi >ad W hia Homeopitktc Imsin ,na Al! of Dr. Humpureya ? Co.'a apeoi?ic I; . t meopatJHo Remertiet pnt up expreaalj for (km DBI nae, in boxes, at is and it) cents each. AI K? ia oa*ea. coute.:uini 30 vie'a, 94 to 'ay each, with book of full dir-ctioua. For sale rta. Z. D. UUruvn. 350 l'a. avenne, wlioiesale I ?ch retell *?ent: W, A. Fitz*enWU. 343 north P atr? ... aiao hy F. tf. Winter. corner of Ma^achnaetta a c,c fcj._ u i b ji. d_. # nr. Q0V aim nnui ium, rr i "' ? ??(. for !i;Utu*1 and external lnflferaniationa ill kind*. Sold w alove. ma9-1 ?j " makri*i> ~ Uei On the 16th inat&n:, by the Rev. Dr. Pinokn ~r J A.M KS W. T W Y xaN.Jh . of Faduoah- I -?** U?>U? V AGGIE MoCCTCHRN. of v\ acfai *? ? t aCity.D.C. < Kectuafcy papers copy.) ii n- j ^t ^ - DIKD, d >' of tkiiWyTlft&f Ann. S &&SSSSxS^, v*r? On the 16th mitant, Mrs. RYAN, r?iiot of *H('r AmiUI'wi l Uk? p*c?Th isday, at 8 o'a won urrlted la atteST >HH *i It j* AMUSEMENTS. WA8H1NOTON THEATER! w [,him 8 w. 6l|*!i Aotinc Manager ? ? J. T. Raymond THIS EVENING. W.ftW ? w ?n/V MA*i?ifrAl* ni vKt Y\nt tkmA of r uui wonky ?uu ?MR JO?. JEFFERSON Who will appear for Ji.e tint time u BEETLE, la the New Comedy, by T?-m Taylor, ?ntl!ed THE EABE5 IN THE WOODS; And Solo.I SmaaLK, Id THE PEOPLES LAWYER. !Cr Mr. ?LIN* beg* 'rave to agnooro* to hi* patron* that the Spring leaaon wh! oommenoe on moi.dar, April 22i. A HINT TO THE WIS*E IS SUFFICIENT. Our n-xt HOP will be on THURSDAY #a EVENING, 18th fn*t.. in Harmony H?1 ,and fiw ewry following Thursday to Wrather per-/BQ^ nuts our meant and acq unman en sr>uUBI inTit'd to attend. Ourootnpauy ?hai> ba striotiy elect. ST. CLAIR DAVIS, aplfl 3t* JOHN HMAI.I.WnnD. AA(k (UUt ?BLUE BOOK ?lnformation a* to all the Odious in the eouatry, aad salary?25 cnti. Contain* tna same matter a* the Great Bine Book costing S3 50. Omitting the name* which are not necessary. Catalogue or Curiosities at Patent office Mat of Patent*. Old Book* bought and sold Catalogue furnished ALFRED HUNTER, Bookseller, fe22-3m* Willards'Hotel Square. WANTS. WANTED-Two toed DRESSMAKERS, at 367 I) ?trjet. liorween 9th and loth If WANTEl>?B* * regp^otahle jroonic womar, a SITUATION as nune or oh&nab*-rmaid. No objeo'ion to travel. Address Box &, Star Office. ap 17 li* WANTED?BOA K D. for a lady, in a a met private family where there ?re no other b arrter o. 8he will furnish her own room Tcrina mu*t he ir,oder?te. Please address a note to Bo* No. 3, Star Office. ep 17 3t VVANTED IMMF.DIATKLY?a good journey*? man BARBER. To a aober and n-nn the highest wage* and constant employment ?i 1 be given. Applr to tl KN R Y BUNI'lZ No. 136 Hriifge afreet, between Congreaa acd Hijh ?ta., Georgetown. _ _ It* WANTKD?A competent WOM\N, to cook, war h and iron for a small family 9oo!ch < r German preferred. ?o?-d w?s?? will be pa'd, and no one need apply wthou' rood reoommendatio:.*. Inquire of Mr*. J. B. KIBBEY, oorner Twenty. fir*t atreet and Boundary. ap 17 3t WANTKD?By a rfspco'able girl, a SITUATION to cook. wa*h and iron in a private family. The he*t of reference ca-' bo given if required. Inquire a', the ooratr of Fourth and K *t* , No 530. ap 16-T* WANTKD IMMF.DIATKLY-From .f> to #10,0on worth of SKQOND-HAND FURN1 TURK or all kind*, for whioh I will guaranty to p*y the highest prioaa. acd, aa u*ua!vat the ahoite*t notice. r. bOchly. HaaUr in Pn rnitnr* Stnvrt* A- rv _ oo 9 40** 7th it., bet." G and H east side. LOST AND FOUND. FOUND?In the First Ward, on the 17th Maroh, a jxrar! FOKTEMOiN.NAlE. ThaowiiT oan have it by provinc property and payinc f>r tins advertisement. Call 1 street, between 22d ardiSd. It" M. N MASQN. TAKfcN UP-A BAY HORSK, harnessed to a wA?on The horse it lame in tne ieft rr\ for# loot. The owner is req ue*ted to oome ftrwa'd, prove property, ray charse*. and+ take thrm away. J. F. DUNNINBTON, ap 15 St* * Ninth st, opposite Center Market. I I . L BOARDING. BOARDRooms, with Board, can I>6 hart at No. 29 Four an i-a-h&lf st. ap 5-2w* (ItepnMio&n.) OME DOliIiAR. SI?SI?SI-SI?SI-SI ? Sl-Sl ? *1? si. 81?SI-#l-?l-3l-8l-Sl-#l? Sl-Sl. 4 7 0 Pa. Av. EVANS. 476 Pa. Av YOUIt CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE OF JEWELRY IN OUR STORK FOR ONE DOLLAR. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. Elegant CARUUNCLE Sets for 81 1 Elegant LAVA . .Set? for f 1 Elegant OA RNET ? ?~ Seta for SI , Elegant JET Set# lor f 1 , Elegant CORAL and GOLD. Sets for $1 [ Elegant MEDALLION -? Sets for ill . Elegant HIM MOSAIC Seta for fl > Elegant PLAIN GOLD ?...? Seta for fl [ Ladies' GUARD CHAINS tor 91 Ladies' CHATELAINE CHAlN4..for 91 Ladiea' NECK CHAINS for 31 Gent'a VEST CHAINS,(10 different s patterns for $1 LARGE LOT OF PLATED WARE, R ooiisistlnj of 1 TABLE.TEAand DKSKRTSPOONS, FORKS, CRF.AM riTCIlERS, CAKE BASKETS, CREAM LADLES, TEA SETS OF KNIVEdnntl FORKS, BUTTER ,* K NIV E3, C U FS, ftc., A o. J Alio; A Lurce Assortment of JEW ELRV, which we oas seil at 50 oenta jnr artitU. e CLOS'NG OUT (?UR STOCK AT A GREAT . SACRIFICE. ?1.00 BOOKS Seilin; for 60cent> r' 51.25 BOOKS Soiling for ?ito75o*Etj u $2.00 BOOKS Selling for $1 to $1 2 m NOW IS YOUR TIME TO OUT BOOKS and JEWELRY r. LOWER THAN EVER BEFORE. A CALL EAKLY AT ie 476 I'll. Av. EVANS'S. 476 Pa Av ftp 4-lw.r m ' ? ATHAM'S OMNIBUS LINK WILL. O? n- 1J an1 after Monday. A prii 15, 1861 to mn between U a>iiinictoi, and A ex ?Ti a xlriastthefo! o? lug h >urt: l.*<vr n. Alexandiaat 530.8 9S> a..d 1?.3 ?. , and and 4 p. m : ieav W&Khingtcn at 9,10.30 and 12 a hi . and 2j 2 30 and 5 p. in. *> The <?fticea are at S-'amuel StmemetA'a Hr.t an Shoe Sfor "ppoait** Av?cue Hooho. Wanhiu?ti>r n, and Green'a Mansion Uonae. Alexandria. Ph* s, aeneers oailed for at any point withiu the est r. hroita of either. Fare each war 2<i pent*. ap 15-7) !* f 1K ir1 H tJOODS. nj 1 HAVE Now received rajr Spring importation of Irish Liiens, Linen Shirt fronts, Table i>ia per* Napkins, Toweiint. Table Cioths. bird ey iMaper, I.ieen Cambric Hankerchief'. tome good ?n at 75 cents per di x?n, all of mjr own importatior x. from the celebrated niauulaotory of Dunbar. Dick l son it Co., Melfist. Ireland, and warranted aU pur linen?al! selling at teu per cent. less than uaui ,>e prices, at HKNHY EG AN'9, be 323 (sooUt side) I'a avenue, J . Between 6tU and 7th street*, lv ap 15-6t,if New Iron Building*. en WAR AND PANIC 1'RICtS.?DRV GOOD o- TT oh?ap for cash, at ftiil Seventh rt ?4Pj0i il- worth of Goods to b? sold at reduced prices. \V propose to sell the lollowing eohedule of Good* i a* orach:" . Mutinies?75 pieces, from auotion at 20c. and u| ne ward, at a great slaughter, n? Kent cky Jeans?10 to 2"J j-ieoes, at l?Hc., worth 2 th Print*?Richmond and Am., anrt other brand*. i ve lOo ; 2 osb?s assorted do , 6)*c., worth 8 and in r- Ginghams?1 oase at 8o , worth 12; 1 oase at 12Sc ' Scotch, at 12c.. worth 18, Spoolr?1. aud P Coats, wet. at 30*., worth 5\ llB Ribbon*?Gool Bonnet Rihbona lor 12a , worth 2 Embroideries?A large assortment. Dress Goods?Poplins, Grenadine*, Ac., a lar; stock. Tot*ther with a largo and general ansortmeE er- bought for cash, and wiil be sold very ch?ap ais ap 13 1weo* JUHN8QN ft aUTT^N. |fi] to the r mtarr8 of thb f Hi We submit to the oonsiderationTK^ * of the readers of th* Star the fol " Vfc ed lowing list of pricee of artiolea in our line of but for ntii: U?u fli fnc Lfulioi' Slipper*., 2>o. i * Knglisn LMtinc8lipperi? Mc. In- ? c?,pet Toilet do_ ?o. iB- " Tkiok-wld aew?d Mor. Boou.. J ou 1 " do. Undreaied do.... 100 1 '* do. Oonr. Mor. do.... 125 1 4 A~. \ nn 1 uv- VAilBAIH UU . . I W J, lo- " Light and fi.&ck Gaiters 50o. 1 iily " Eng. Lasting do. do. ........ 7Vj. 1 <'. Women's Heeled Boots Tfxj. l 9o Miun' doubl?-soled Sewed Boots 75c. 1 by Ladies' t tik-soled Eng. Last. heel Gut. > no i ??d " - " " ? but.". 1.25 l ?t; In addition to the above, we have Men's, Boy ve- Misses' and Children's BOOTS and S1IOBS 'Si "vrsesBfitti ear 7 Boot and Shoe Store, 341 Seventh ?Y, ? a-eotf 2 doors below Northern Market DICHMOND AND POTOMAC STEAMBOi e. It COMPANY. CHANGS OF SCHEDULE. n?g On and alter Monday, the 15th Aenl.tbe st'imi BALTIMORE and MOuNT VKR- jr1? EN wul leave the wharf, foot of&?4Wy th st., for the Soatii and South | veet via Aquia Creek and Richmond at 6 a m a IA- both tines stopping at Alexandria, Va., I ... i pawensersand freight. Tk* Richmond acdrr' .. . riaksburc Raiiroad having repaired demises. tJ I improved schedule will ran with oec&i'i jr I Mlif (Int) 8 Sup^P.^OTO^B^ti 14th ffjCHENCK'S TREATISE ON CONSCM ?TION-To be had fr?? o7oharre at the Dr M. i titer* of 8. B. WAlTjK. oorner Seventh it a I Ju>nu!?aa, ?r. Dr. J. H. Boheack.of Philadelph r 1 ?3* iMO ?A? w,Tfefl ,I^V. W? J ?r

b> ?t ,*?n 9 GEORGETOWN. Corrtspondenc* of 3t*r. Giotamwx. Af*tl 17.1*1. There wti * large and entbua^utic meeting of Jrou-jj men at tbe ball on the corn*- of Gay and hitfb *ireets, on Monday n1?;fct. fr.r tlie parpoa* of or^itnlzlng a militia conip?t.y to be nuttcml Into ?b? strrloe of tb? Government. S?-te?nt Major Robert Boyd, of the 8!h regimeflt ot District ?>f Colombia Militia, wu elected Captain; Mr. C. A. Ofl'jtt, (lately of the Potomac L'gbt lnf?.a?ry.) I<t Lieutenant; Mr. \Vm Birch, !2d Lieutenant; tiid .Mr. VVm. Hoffman. Orderly Sergeant Thia cempany Is to be called the Potomac Light Guard, and numbers already 6? efficient men. They will enlist some d%y this week Opt. C. H Rodier, *f Company A, Anderson Rifles, took out twenty recruits vriterday morning. and will take out a few mof this moraing, swelling bis command to lOu men or more. *^ap- uoaaara Daving rmgnta in*1 <~oitimana of tbe Carrington Home Guard*. Mr. John Burroughs was elected to till the vacancy. Capt Wm. Pteoart and FirW Lieu*. E?au Pick rell, of the Georgetown Mounted Gtard, tare resigned *p understand. First Lieut \Vm Winshlp, of the Scott Rifles, resigned, it is said, became a majority of the company refusrd to elect Unlen men Into tbe rank*, but were willing to receive Secessionists and National Volunteer* rs new members. We learn that about 20 tona of liombs, crape hot, ic , were shipped on the Moatlcelio. of the New York llue, which left her wharf here yesterday. The freahet In the Potomac is su'oslding. and we bear of no fcrther damage to the canal. There are rumors of damage to dams No 4 and 5, which are not credited. The breach near Seneca la now being repaired. a*d will be finished, we learn. In a few days, and 89 will the break near Williamsport . We are requested to state that the morning omnibus (of toe fnlon Line) will leave our city at 7 o'clock every:morning hereafter until farther notice. j GEORGETOWNADVICRT'MTS y^5=-mayor'* office, JJ2 GiokstTOW.1, D C., April 15. 1F61. All the citizens j>f this town over t le a$e of fortjfivtj years wh? ar- willing to render mil tary service to their ooui?ry, and more part eularly to defend the bis net o| Columbia aiaiutt thnaccres dion of rebels are fu itrd to enro! tht r at tbia office. As 8ocn ? ? a sufficient number have been enroled to oonatiiute one or mote o-unpames t.'ier will be %aaenib!e<i to elect their own cffioMa, fc. d to make aufh othr>r arrant* meuta &? may t>e ntce? Bary to equip th*;nse:ves rnch nervice as may be assigned then* by the pro;>er military authority til th? Distuct of 0<?lumbi>t ap 16-lw Ht,N*?V ADDISON. Mayor._ TWO DWELLING HOUSE* FOR KENT. s:tnaied on the west si<le of Kvrett? etrest, in CtOfTt town, beijig equidistant from the Ac?oem? anl College; one boin.; at present occupied by Mrs, Kibb, (which w?'l be rented with or wi'hnutthe furniture;) the r.ther bring No. 63; both harm; spacious g oundr. attacked. Also, for hire, three f?ervantB. K P. JACKSON, np 16-lw NoL 155 Hridge street. F'OR RENT?*nGeorgetown, aconvorie'.ttwoitory BRICK HObfK; has i;a? throughout and water in the ba^raent; is within a few mia ute?'wulk of the omnihm depi't ard the market; and is loca'ed in one of tne most desirable neighborhoods in town. Rent moderate. Apply to J NO. T. WANGS, Agent. a? 15-S ?o HOLESALii FISH HOUSE. 21 >2 barrels I-abrador HEKK1NG, bdeoted, 95 do Bay Inland do 95 do fcastport do 5ft half bbls. extra Roe do 50 bbU. new Magdalrne do 1?? do St John ALEWiVES. Daily expected ptr schooner P. Rfiirer, an<! for ?<!* low from the wharf oil or bolore arrival Also, 'W b0i?. oho ce Labrador HKKUING, 'n board of schooner Expedit, due here about tha Hrtt of i)!>xt week. ,K\w? 250 bb 8. No. 1 Meremichi ALEWIVES, 1<io do No. 1 f?ipped IIEKk 1NG, i'*? Nit 1 ? kchm 3?"0 do No. i *1 edium MACKEREL, Gloucester in?peotirxi, 50bblt. No. 2 4.1 ACKEREL, Giaucerter infection, Alt"-kit* and half kits No. 1 MACKEREL and SALMON. 48 half bbl*. Sjinnz HERRING ami Labrador HEKKiNG;of ?uperi 'r qua,it), inrtoreand for aie at eatii^actvrT prio a. T HARTLEY A BROTHER, ap 10-2w 9'? aiid loi Watw at, Georgetown. B?>OTS AM) SHOES. LARGE .'ad varieu aeaortinei.t of BOOTS andSHOK* o( excellent qualit* juit re ceivcti at 144 HrifRe street, u*&r tlieoT-BMl tubus stand, and lor aaleZaioSO per cebt.r ftl cheaper than the usual nnos. * ma23-11n A. NKWDERGEK. ~FOR SALE AND RENT. TO MILITARY OFFICERS?For rer.t,alar?c H * l.L 42 (y S3 leet, and iwo Roorai adjoining on? 12 hT 12 Oev the otner 14 l?y 3*.S feet. Also, twi Furninhed Ko^ms in the ?an:e <>uilding, ?uttat>i< for offioe'n^ht whol* Iron: in* on I'a. avenue. Ap p y to 632 Pa.?venuo, between i 1 a:.a 3d ?t?. ap 17 4t* L/OR REN'I?hURNIiHj%l> ROOMS, p!-a* r ar.tly looaK-d. in-jlu>!ir>g Par or and on same floor, ^ritli aiid w it Jr. in h h' u?e ocou pie<l cy ft ania.ll family with no a^i.dren. Or th entiie House,t winch !3 ft vry djx.rftblf one. Witi large side yard.) includin - uivst of the F?rnitu o < m-arlf new,i vri'l be rented <>a taseuVile tewR' Ajp v &t No. 4^5 on D streot, bttweeu Is' and & sirtetc west. ap!7S?eo* l< OK KENT-L>WK 1>LINO UliliBK No. 422 r in SiltMnlli at., next to ^t. Jo!iii'? Phu-nh tvr.< n<"?r L&favett- Square 'X her* is a vt&bio a. lac l^d 1 Inquire or E. F ORK.jIAN. Rocin 3, basement o Fat*ntJjffia?. _ _ ap 16-st* House anu furniture fok salk?j rnoUcrn i>oilt two n and-attio ilHIGI HOUSE, onnuimns 8 rooms an- kitche*. witii'i hantlsants ilu#er-gartleu attached, u ofler-d to sale, together with th? entire t urnitiue onL.'ain<-< i in it. To & p?rwn demrn? to commence h use j keeping th?* it an ?xo- lie-1 opportunity For term* . Ac., apply to CHARLES VVll.SoN. Secrfiar Mutual Insurance Company, next to Rank < Washingion. ap lu-3t I "For RENT?A pleasant thre* story HOUSF corner ol Twenty secindrud (I sts. Gas fix litres complete Rtnt $25) per t ingle j-ear. AppJ on the premises. Possession g!ven the 1st ?w in May. ap 1 j-3t* LTOR RF.NT?\ FRAME HOl'SF. No IS 1 T *sr ant?.sr/ti rii^ at hatisnati I a r?l !' <-n i> iw with fix good rouirni; h<*a!thy > eiehbnrh-od; ~ei j $l?p<?r month. Apply to (jKO. V. KIDWtvLl Wood and Coal Toilsr, oorncr E and Fourteen! k eta. _ *p 15 3t* - rpo LET-A three-ttorr BRICK HOUSE aiti u I ated on First *t. west, bet aroen D and E it k nortn, ?oi tainim 7 rooms; rent ?i;per moot! Also, a throe tto.r Brick House on H St. uurll 4 between 3d &nd 3d Us east, cni-tainiug 8 rooti '> rent 9)0 fei month. Also, a tfiree story Brie '* Hou?n on U st. north, between id aud 3d fcts. we? y containing 7 .rooms, No. ?*>9. Poaseision of tl last an l>? h?1 on tne 15th inst. Inquire nfXt do< " of each, or yf GEOKWti FOLLaNSBEE. Ca a penter, on Tfcird st. west. ap tt-eott '1 (71IR RE>?T?A handsomely furnished HOUS ? E 1.1 *niret waul. Applf 10 >> n.iiiA.n J , BALDWIN, corner Seventh and E streets. _** 3 C-go* I?OR RENT?The three ?tory frame PWELl f 1NG HOUSE corner of Tunth ?r,d H street and but tw i *quares frons 'ho Parent Office, oon ain?8 r.jonu, agoodeellar enu kitchen, wi ea? throughout. Will not t?e ronted for a lo^ rdir _ bouse. li quire of A. B. MoFARLAN, corner I'd. avenus* !*nd 12th st. ap 2 eoZw* I^OR HAUEOK rent-a framk housi ? r containllit seven rooms, t nether with the fu niture, situs-led on New Jeraey avenue, betwex M ar.d N Ft-f north Also, a nt w three-story brii house, with-back tu tiding, or the same squar o < No. 120 F Jtirth at ) Aim, some valuable LoT all of whiohtwi.i he Bold very oieap. Inquire of li. RYNAID, New Jeraey i.venue, between endNau. 7 _ J,} 4 t F^OR RKjNT-A three-story BRICK I!<?LS on H ?u. Wanhinitr.r. city, between 19 li a; 5< 30th, at pr?Aent oooupied by Asaiat&ut Attorn General, M >. M.-Aimont. P;>s?ession given 8th 5? April Al?<*.ahrRt olass STAND for 7?o-in??ss auy kini. corner (iay and Hn.h a?.reet?, oppoai iti Forres'Ha|,Georgetown, f). 0 Fosse?aien *ir immediately. Apply to BLADEN FORRES _ Georgetown-, ap 8-Sw" IPOR RENT-A BRICK HOUSE, coitawi. 1 12 rooms, wiih Potomau water at.d (as. on street, bet veen 18th and Mth. opposite Krank |T Square. Inauireat WARDEk k ?TKWaR f 11 VAJ .ww? - I tl . _ 4 1'vaLl i ?? wni auu ?'U?i v wui uri ? 1 i biiu i w vrj * *U. Aiao, Hnck House corns* Twe.ftn and 1. % m*28-tf ; L""OR REjMT?On May 1st, the large and eomrr P I diont tJoUSE on avenue, opposi the City Hail Square, nownotupiad by Mr. We ?2 as a dwelling and law offico, and adjoining t P honee of Mir. Richard Waliach 5" ma?3-tf FRANCK TAYLOR 25 ' 2? liANDffMELY FURNISHED R?>OMS ?* *1 Four handsomely Furnis ?ed Rooms, suppii o? with ga? ai?J water, and convenientt> ihe Pat< -t? and Post Office Departments tor rent. App'y 490H Man achuBctts avenue, north eiuo, betw * | 4th and&h ita. ma2 FORRI N T?t??~ northH OUSEof ^he ro w newfo ir story houses on Fourth ft, hetwc D and E ?ts.. No, 389, fronting the City H MiiArA Pi iMriinn rivpn imm.iilintfflv.* r WILLI A* H. PH1L.LIP, Attorney at-Law, ? 4 o Louitu na avenue. ma 11 eol CTOREyoR RENT.?A targe Store-room tra ^ Pa. artcue, adjoining on- motion rooms, " rent. AppiV to WALL A BARNARD, Anon Cand Comnission Merchants, corner Ninth st* and south Aide Pa. avenue. mar 1 rr,'! DOR R;:NT-A throe storr briok HUUSE,e< V * tainiQR 8 room*, in good order, with ru I l~. toron complete, on A street, Utveen 4th and I 1 Also, a tro-?iorr trie* COTTAGE, with lai ja.rU &ttacb?vi, corner of P strMt uortk an<114th Mt. To paactual aad reaable tenants the ter t AM" " 446 ** "??? ?< ? 1 "d pOR R?:NT?The fin* BRICK HOUSE 1 Si 4 1W WMtit, Georgeto rc, u prevent oo i THE LATEST NEWS. | TELEGRAPHIC). t'r?f* Callr4 Par. ( MosTaoxtFT. April 16.?Of the 4h!r*jr-tw? thouund troops called ont to-d?v. flv* thousand 1 nre froui earh ftate except Florida, which aenda two iin uaatid l Tbe Soutlif n n?or>le ur thev will ni?r>r?*s . Llnctih and S'wird'i combination* It la If* of a government than our?, and we will drive Lincoln back to bia abode in quicker style tban he came through MarV>*n<l 1 There la perfect confidence here that we ^an, with Davit. Pillow, Brerkinr'.dgs and Benure- , gard. whip out Lincoln * T5,t*V Our rauniticna of war will bold out longer than "Abo"a" money 1 Gen. Pillow'a oifcr ?f a dtvtaton of Tenneaaee i troopa to be raiaort immediately, baa been ac- , cepted, and lie returna'o Tenneaaee Immediately. We hav<^ no controversy here bat with black republicans. Gen. Pillow guarantees to Ase ten thousand men in Tennessee In twenty days Vice President Stephens, in a speech at Atlanta I laat uigbt, says It would require seventy-Are times seventy-five thousand men to intimidate them It couldn't be doae. , Farther from Calif*r?t?. Fokt Kkaksii, April 15 ?The Ban Francisco papers state that thus far the export of treasure this year exceeds the export of ths first quarter of Ua? i K>r Jtil .O < " ii *u?k J V ?? UJ ?c "Viw. Janm A. McDoi gall was actio e'.ectrd United Slate* Senator. On the ifrnnd ballot be received 77 vote*. Nugent Jtl. and the balance ?:*attering AU tbe fcepnbllr.ansand :no?t of the Douglas members supported Mr. McOoug&ll Tbe late itorm damaged mining claims In Tuolnmne county hl<vie to the extent of VAiU.UOU. A new effort la to be made to contest tbe will of the late Senator Broderick. on the ground of forgery. His estate la estimated to be worth two millions of dollars Wm. McNulty, formerly of Mamheld. Ohio, who e.irly emigrated to California and became verr wealthy prevoua to tb?* great Sacramento lire of lc.)3. which swept aw?v most of bis property, committed suicide at San Francisco on tbe .list of March. Intemperance and domestic troubles sre the alleged c-mis-v The Breckinridge Democracy State Central Committee is In w-sslon in San Francisco, and sre reported to hare negotiations pending with the Douglas Committee for the purpose of bringing the two wings of the party together General WmI for the I men Taor. N Y., April 16 ?Gen. Wool made a patriotic speech here last night, pledging all Mi energies to the cause of the Union. He said: " 1 am prepased to devc.ta my life to the work, and lead yon in the struggle." The Syracuse Courier states that a large portion of the democrats there are opposed to coercion; snd consider the irue policy of the Government to be to recognize tl.e Confederate States rather than have civil war Landlord Voorhees (republican) was knocked down In his own bouse to day, for calling a democrat a traitor. The Virginia Isateatlea. Richmond, April 1?, p. m ?The Convention Is still in secret session, and nothing haa transpired of their doings It ii. however, the current belief that the ordinance of secession haa been pessed. Th* ? ! f KKftl/la K la nvAi<lai?i?HA* till the artlr>n of U.e Convention shall have been made known. From Hew Vrlrant akw urlcAx!, April is?rue Sew Orleans True Delta (Union pip^r) says that strenuous efforts have for some time been made there, by the opening of rendezvous and offering of large bonnfi?>s etc . to induce men to enlist, but trmb end candor compel* the admiaion that a single regiment cannot be obtained In thla way for the Confederate army. Pean?ylvanta Trstpi Reading, April 16 ?The Rinzgold Fivtng Artillery of this place, Capt. J as. McKnlgbt, 103 men and four field p'eces, received a requisition from the Governor th s morning. They aet out th<? morning at aix o'clock for Ilarrlsburfc. thr place of rendezvous. TLeseare tLcilrst i'ennsylvaniaua in the field. Fire asd Innndntlcn at Montreal Montreal, April 15?The Inspection store* were burnt th i afTerroon, causing a loss of $125 l"W?, which is principally insured. The r'.ver ro??? suddenly yee'erday, doing lmm^nK damage to GralSlntown and the lower part of Montreal. The Excitrmeiit at Ksrftlk , Norfolk. Va , April 11?The excitement here > continues, and the people are anxiously waiting > for farther news from Richmond and Washing* ton There la the Wrongest determination to resist Frcsldent Lincoln's war policy. Fanenll Mail Appropriated ts the l s? *f the Iroep* Boston, Apr.l 18.?The city authorities hare * appropriated Fi.neuil Hall for tee use of tbe troops 1 who are responding to the call of the government. / Tbe "sttrs and stripes" arc now flying over tile i "cradle of liberty." I'fiien Feeling at the Kirih> v N*w Havkx, April 18?The Mechanics' Tank or itilt ciiy i.a* wnaerea u> iue governor } to be uied iu Hiding the support of tLe notional government. GoTerfciarnt Farchating SiPtmert. ? To*o*to, A prll 16 ?Agents of the Washingr tou government are here trying to purchase the d steam?r Pwrli*, an iron vcuel built on the - Clyde. 7C CoreH* ?The pui'.deu c.nanc** of oor oInnate are '* source-* of Pulmonary, KrotuMal and Aftnmntit Aftttio**. Kif^rienoe havm* provedtbat simple ; remedies oftet act speeds'? and o?<rtainif when * taken iu th*> earl* states of the di?*aao, r??oo(iree y enonid at onue he had to '* Brow*'*\ J- Trorh'nor Lozenges. lot the Coid, Couch, or Irritation of t:?e Throat be ever so si.ght, ** hj this - precaution a wo. e serious attaok njat beoffeotaallf 1 wardeu oil. P*!iu Sp*a*t * ana bintfrt vri ; find r, tLem e:fectua.i for clearing and strencihenius the it voioe. 9ee advertisement. dol-iy '? Stikxcthen thf. Systim. Vigor is one of t .e cardinal elements of hea'th. sickliest is the O Li?o^uei oe or its decline. <1< Ath ol 1U utter pfcrvj E\t on. J be bert n eans o( imp%rt" in* vigor to tli* irok^n down frauio and shattered ' constitution, which has yet been lavetteU or discovcred, is proffered to the feeb'eof both sosea &ud a 1 ages in toftetttr's CiUUaitd Stomatk Bit '* ters. Miny who reflect upon the temerity with which they hnvetnfle-i w th health in y?uth a***! maturity, fanoj that they have gone too far to b< '* restored. Tuis isau?in?ion. Der-ility, frmn wh&t ever cause ausir.g, iray be cured; strength. ir _ wha ever manner it may have been wanted. m*j p b? restored by the use of this powerful a*d h?aithfill invisomnt For indication and all its painfu u' eflTeots.bciiily and mental, they are a positive ?p> oifio- It o*n be had of any druggist tpl5eo3t V( HE SLOAT SEWING MACHINES George B. gloat & Co.'s K! ipt c and Look 8tifol " Bowing Machines vhe ever used, are acknowt0i edged to be superior to ail othe-s. They can b? purchased for #45. _ Th^y are free from lt?ther pads. E Ihej make the "maris rufflinga " r' Thev make the double lock stitch BD Th-j sew thick or thin materials alike. Thrj are simple m c instruction. They oan tx" seen and their operations explain* r? m t t h a 4. > t klaari r> m VI inhira A sranos * ^ k_7i viat uvwtuk .? ^ * u" j ? j' MAXWELL'S F?pct 8Uir?, VI up 6 6teo 32s P?. av??!i?? L fMBBS' HAIR STORK, ip, VI No &4'2 Pa. iv bet IJth and ISi lei. cd PERFUMERY *c BRA-|)*.Cl HLS Wl?JS i, HALF Witt!?, FRiZKTTfcS, Ao. A lull btocl of always on hand,or made to order at the hortet of n'ltioe. Hair Work repaired or eictia:!|ced. it? N. B.?Lat lea' Hair Dyed in the most na'trn ec mniror ma 2B fern I1"' f> HEADER, A fcRl'SK l'h?folrowuiK staienientaud then judg of it* feels for yonrssif n* ABRAM COLE, of Brooklyn, N. Y., a we; I known citizen there, had suffered from iKspepn ' J for some tea's, witiio t pennant ot relief, until h ?3 tried AYKK'S fiLLs, which taken according t ith the for thia oump lunt. restored him t b*a'th in a ftw weeks. After an interval of a<,m naon'n re ntw naa uo r- iuru <i m? comp a > ito. GEO. \V. CROSS, of Harmony,Texan, had ai [,a eruption oo his n?-ck. thoulaere, haok ar. i ;? ? .}, whioft eover<daboot one third of hie bo<ly. Itket the parts affeatcd oovercd vitii a scab, and b?iu oiteu a raw Kore.was of course v?*r? iroat>I-??>n. and dist es-ios. ft so much impairs! his healtu a * to unfit him Jor business and k?pt him ia ooD*ta aofferinr. All medio*' aid bim until he to . TZ AYEhrS CoMPOl'NU EXTRACT fAK>A .t? PAlilLLA.shioh eared him. Hi* skin still show -Z ion;i scare f om the aloeration, but it is other wi* * as olear ai a.t iuf\nU. . JOHN H. SHOOK, Ee^ . ao eminent lawrer ? Richmond, Vs. took a <y>ld vbioh tettleu on hi , lance. A severe pain ect i* on the ;efl side, with j:' Ikvi cough, whisfc wm soon followed by the annul ?rf Uka le e*inotoine ofoonsuraption. \\h?or*duoe to IT-VLVJh* e^mnieDoed taking AVERTS CHEH j RV PEC r< iRAL, which aoou stopped the ooug mnrt onmt?l#tnl* rur^ him. ?_ Prrpa.tJ ty DR. J. C. ATER k. 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The changing of tbe baggage of a ceewpany of L'ntt"d 5Utr? troop* from qoartere near the War ueparuaeni 10 quarter* is or ne?r uw d?w Treaa jry Building, that occurred tht* moral n*, p?# riae to tt? rumor tbat they (tbe ro?p?ay) wero Ijelng aent to Harper1* Ferry to reUka tb* L'ailed State* Armory?b<ah, of courae Pbb*identiai ArrsixratXTi-TU Pwldag Lai made tbe following appointment: George Leonard Davit, Paymaster la the Nary Joaepb Oilman, C* S Marabal for New Hmbplb I re Wlngate 11 area, U 9 Maraba.1 for tbe Dlttrtet of Rbode lalaud LOCAL MATTERS. 1kpobta*t Abbest.-?Yesterday, Mrtlt* Officer A R Allen returned to tb? city afior an abacenre of about eight days tie ?m called upun uy mc rniiion o ureau U) iOIVf IDC CUV Ott apeclal buaineaa, and be departed with Col Pryton yeaterd?v week, and ? brn be was on tb? >? of starting, bla work was made known to hn>. A clerk in tbe Penalon Bureau, named Edward R. Cheae, land* charged with purloining valuable papers 'rotn tbe Pension Offl * The extent of ' ba robbery la aet down at between *) (Ml and 100,0U0 Ccl Peyton and Detectlre Alien pursued Cbaae to Ann Harbor, Michigan, wb?re ha wm aricated Amonji tbe papera were aeveral land tvt r mfa ?r>/4 a# tK?a i?s? Ik-. ? ?? Miion of a bank wit; (.ouw la Ann Harbor ~ *Tb? Mayor of tbf town was tbe bead of iht firm, and sent for Mr Allen and abowed bin) the warrants When first arretted. Chase exprrssrd bis willingness to return to W ubingtou with tbe odli-er, bat upon tbelr arrival at Detroit be stood upon tbe law, and was placid In tbe custody of tbe Marabal there, while Col Peyton and Mr Allea returned to tbe city for the additional testimony r*qulred Col P. left this morning for Detroit with lbe evidence reqnlred The return of Mr Allen relieves his friends from anxiety, caused by their being Jnf.-.rmed that partiesln tbe HoutL had been telegraphed to by secessionists her* to iook nftee him. as It was supposed he bid rone Sooth, rsmor sa'd to arrest the noted Ben McCullocb. Poltck M att*a??B*fm* Jmrtier Clark ?Jnha Kelly, disorderly and profane; fined f5 K and la default of security and costs w?s sect to tbe workbouse f<0 days. Peter (irantnra. ngnnt, aent to tbe wo'kLoiis?- fto days WSliard A vera, carrying aeonrcaled weapon; lined and coats R T Bradford, profane; fined Si 50 Allen Thompson, do ; fined f 1 fit Mary Moore, selling liquor without a llccnse; fined t20 and coeta Before Donn ?Yesterday, Reuben Dodd was arrested by policeman Bietxel. on a charge of assaulting and beating bis wife Tbo evidence being conclusive, be waa sent to jail for court Thomas Lomax, colored, was arrested by cffieer Kitriba l for an assault upon Thomas WHHsira, colored. He waa held to security to Veep tbo peace. THE LATEST BY TELEGEAPH. SratiBrst is Keitarky. Loiu villi, April 16 ? A large and en thoalastte meeting of citizens opposed to U?s war policy mf President Lincoln, was held last evening Three tnousmd persons. It Is estimated, were press at. Resolutions were nnanlmoualy adopted declaring thit Kentucky wlil not permit the marrhieg of troopa against the Confederate State*. but If war limn come, iur w;ji join me mier uesr.riy. Tbe meeting Indorsed Gov. MagcAn'* reaponaa to Secretary Cameron. A itnllar nce'ln^ \raa held at Pad ucab, calling for a aes*ion of tbe Legislature and a tttaia Convention. Ltlrr tram >rw Orlriia* New Oilkhnc. April 16 ?All the conrta here have adjourned till tbe tklrd Monday ! Mar. owing to tbe preaent at^te of alT Ira. Hon T Walker, a special messenger to Montgomery frotn Ualvrston, arrl *e<l here yeotrrday on bit way to conault with Preaident Da via aa to the defenae of tLe Texas coast. Tbera was much excitement In flalvealoa on arrewrt of tbe war newt Tbe Cltf Council ?u in extraordinary session, and the feeling of r?atstance wn very strong The grea'eat activity prevailed. ' The < enferferate tuini Lwa. Moxrsoaut, Ajrll 10 ?It la likely that tho European ?b p butidera will aubscrsbe la r rely to tbe t on federate Stat** ln<tu. Taey are willing to p?V freely for apecial prlnlegea [Boob ?Siab ] Moxtsom kkt. April 10?One praon, to-dar, took SU23 <*i0 of tLe Confederate Stale* loan, at par, in gold. Tbe Confederation will have from 23,000 to 1 jO,OUO oieu in tU?- lit Id in thirty day*. Southern Forts Mrengthenrd. Niw OeLtans, April 18 ?Several p'eees of ordnance have been taken to Forts Jackaon and 51 i'btUlp to-day Additional volunteer forces were dispatched to Pen?<tcots. Sentiment in lenarHr* Mkhphu, April 16 ?Intense ?xcl:e?e?t be re. Tremendous meeting last night. A resolution was adopted resolving tLe city of Memphis out of tbe L'nlon. No Union men now to be found here ?[Uoeb?s?tse ] ^estimest in ti^san. St. Loris, April 16 ?It is understood here that Gov. Jackson will refuse to comply with tbe re ^UISIIIVII * ? .-C\ irwi y V.ftlUCIVU IW UW|? t D? IS a disunioniat ?Star ] ftaw ??r.. (Harke?? New Yoii, April 17?Flour lower Wheat declining tendency Corn quirt and unehan?r?id. Pork Arm l.ard quiet. \\ Uiaky quiet at I6\e. F inancial. New Vob?. April 1? - suxks irregular Chi' caeoand Kw k lalsnd 4') \ , Illinois Certial ahnrv* Mich Southern 52; NewVa?h Central 73^; Reading 31Hudson River R R Vt 6 s i SO; Mo. 6 s I > To xns Ariuctm!?K? sure to rannJ tbe advar t seiiie t of Mol'e&b'a Htroiurhentm Cordlai End > fiiond Purifier. in another oourtc. tf r 1 '('RIMMING:*! I TRIMMING*! New *yi?a of Lad e?' UMS TRIMMINGS > and ULT*ONi> 'n evt-rw v?r:*-t?. jual reoaired at Mrs. LOW E'S, 'J91 Pa avenge, ap IS St aoath atde. , '|>HE SU#?CltlBLK< HAV NG KEi KlVLU 1 t ieir farst taiP) of lt)lM Of A. SPUING .ih?j r;-?pectfa. r a i all from tl.eir patron* \n < the pnbiu Ken era It. Th*> keep al*0 eona'antf* har<l #W k ni.u1 miun r nf \ \ V A I . b \11 I .IT \ H \ fLkN1>$I*NG UUOiiS. auoL a? E^MleU, Swui da, G<1<1 Laoci eto. II. F LOL'DON k. 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