Newspaper of Evening Star, April 18, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 18, 1861 Page 1
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- \ t .,Z ?> _. T" - - - -4- .-i . - *-. * C?.*. v. '* : y?-?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. APRIL 18. 1861. N?. 2.547. _ 0 f V THE DAILY EVENING STAR IS PJBU3UBD BVBRT APTEHNOOIf, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR. BUILDINGS, C*ntr ?/f Mffivi ?U 11U it., IT W. D. W1LLACD. erred la iwUim tr oaiT.en it ft I peer, or IT oenta per month. To nail beerlben Ib# frwe it |un a year, w? a4vamtt; |t for dx months; SI for three months; and for leee thaa turee months at the rate of 13 oents a *eek. Single copies, omc?Tr; ia wrapper*, two crnn. IH7* ApvsaTi?*.?*^T8 mould be sent to the oftoe More 12 o'oiock m-; c then*iw the? mar not aeeear antii the ceit day. BOMBARDMENT AT CHARLESTON The EncailUa ( Fart Sumter?Embarkation of Mijtr Anderaoa The Charleston papers of the 15th give the following farther particalars : An officer who visited the Fort soon after the terms of evacuation were made, states that the Kene there presented is beyond conception. Without, the walls hare the appearance, at a distance, of having been covered with an immecae number of brick poultices spattered in ever; direction. This is the (battering effect of the shot. Within, the entire fort wore an aspect as if the hand of the destroying angel had swept ruthlessly by and left not a solitary object to relieve the general desolation. The blackencd walls of the officers' and soldier's quarters were yet smoking, ashes and embers luet the eje at every turn, while the shot and ?h?H which bad been rained upon the stronghold lay in great quantities upon all portions of tbo parade ground. The appearance of both Major Anderson, his officers and the men, indicated the terriblo nature of the ordeal from which thev had iust emerged. l>eprivei of sleep for muuy hours, fatigued with their labors at the gunn, and prostrated by their battle with an element which waged beyond control,they looked worn, haggard and ready to dr?p with cheer exhaustion. V?'hen the fire was at its greatest height M*j. Anderson stated that the only manner in which they could breathe was by laying fiat upon the * 1 tL. _ - _ 4 : - I- At--?- f i;r"uuu TTnuiu iuc caseuime*. wim laeir Iaceg r.. the earth, while, added to the danger, was the occasional explosion of the piles of shells collected for service at different points within the fort. It is to the fact that so few men were in the fortification, that is due the preservation of life. Major Anderson himself stated that had there been two hundred more, not less than one half of them must have been killed, owing to the absencc of sufficient room, under the circumstances, for their proteation. As it was. their provisions would have given ' ut in two days more, when an unconditional t-urrecder would have necessarilv resulted. lis also remarked that yesterday was one of tta* p roudest days of his life, for while ha had eudeavored to do his dnty as an officer, he hid not taken the life of a fellow being. The interview between Major Anderson and "ur informant was not a long one, and consequently many interesting incidents connected with Fort Suuiter, which belong to the memorable cocasion, must tor the present remain unknown. lJuring the evening, a boat arrived at Morris Island from one of the northern vessels in the offing, bearing a lieutenant and a flag of truce, his object being to arrange for the evacuation of the Soldiers with their property. lie also assared the commanding officer at that p int (Gen Simon?) that hostilities would not take place during the night. The matter ?u referred to Gen Beauregard. Meanwhile Major Anderson had himself addressed a letter to the latter officer, requesting that the steamship Catawba s^mld be at the wharf of Fort Sumter at 9 o clock this (Sunday) morning. At half-past 12 o'olock his Excellency Gov. Pickens, with Lis aids, and Messrs. Jamison and Maerath. of hia executive (innnaii ?nri Oen Beauregard. with his aid*, Meesrs Miles, Pry ^r, Ma?aing, Chcsnut as i Jonei. and many distinguished gentlemen, invited to be present, took their departure in a steamer from Southern wharf, and were borne in the direction of the fort. As wo advnnocd it was apparent, however, that the evacuation was not completed. Though the steamer Isabel, at the request of M;?jor Anderson, had been present from 9 o'clock, and the expectation had been occasioned that very soon thereafter his command would be under way, 3till causes of delay had intervened. To avuid the embarra.-'ments of a premature arrival, the party was landed upon Sullivan's Inland. Availing themselves of the opportunities thus afforded, they visited the floating battery, the I>aHgrecn battery, the enfilading battery, and v ere ascending the mortar battery, when the booming of the guns upon the parapets of Port Sumter announced the lowering < f the 44 stars and stripes." In the terms of capitulation it wtis allowed to Major Anderson to salute his flag, and it was perhaps expected that he would fire the usual compliment of twenty-one guna, but reaching that number, he still went on to fire, and tue apprehension was that be ?n I t (I vkl ill t t K .? /J ? ??? * ~ ? jui^uk vaaivtii >.ut uievumir*/ fi UUIUUeriD? thirty-four But he continued still to fire up to fifty, and then slowly lowering his flag, the shouts from assembled thousands upon the shore* and the steamers, and every species of water craft, announced that the authority of the late United States upon the la-t foot of Carolina's soil was finally withdrawn. It had been noticed, that the firing of the seventeenth gun, there was the sound as of two funs, and the impression was that two guns ad been fired together; but, a a the p*rty, reembarking, wero on thair way to Fort Sumter, they were met by a boat, which annouaeed that one of the caaons had exploded, and made earnest request that the boat would return to ?allivan's Island for a fire engine, from the apprehension that the magazine might be in danger. This obtained, the party again started for the fort, and made their entrauoe. It were Tain to attempt a detailed description of the scene. Shortly after the arrival, the garrison marched, and were received on board the Isabel; which, however, from the condition of the tide, was enable to move off. and it was a somewhat unpleasant circumstance that M*j Anderson and his command should have been made unwilling spectators of the exultations inspired b7. their defeat. Of those suffering from the casualty we have mentioned, one was killed upon the spot; two wounded, it is supposed mortally, and were left for medical treatment; and twootherg bad* Iy wounded. also, at tbeir earnest solicitation, wer? carried off. The occasion was not without the charm and interest afforded by the presence of the fair. The lady of his Excellency Got. Pickens, and the wife and daughter of Attorney-General H?y ne, witnessed the ceremony from the boat and Mrs. Henry Bonnetheau bas the distinction of being the first in the fort under the flag of thfi SKa ^Anrn ^ - J ??*? V?V *? u IV u^VUVi the sister of Lieut. Davis, her guest daring the period of her brother'* confinement to the fort* end with the eye and genius of en artist, it was doabtleaa with a feeling of especial pleasure that she was favored with the opportunities of this occasion Col. Ripley was put in command. The departments of the seme* necessary to bring the fort to order were distributed. The men were preparing such rude appliances for comfort as the plaoe admitted or; and as, at twilight, we steamed for the eity, of those standing upon I I - ? -?> L r * ' mo icugv " uu iu> umo 01 toe luri, ine iui to be oeen was the venerable Edmund Ruffin, of Virginia, who. with canteen and blanket trapped upon his shnvlder, seemed to be submitting with exemplary complacency to the experience of ? volunteer The following incident connected with the surrender may be of interest:?Suppoeing that Sumter was about to surrender, and with a view of offering ajsistanc a inputting out the flames, several Aids of Gen. Beauregard were mli in a amaii ooat irom the eity to the fort. When the** geutlemen had Dearly reached their destination, it waa evident to them that Anderson wan determined to eontinue the fight. They immediately turned back, and oame half way to tha oity; hut to the aarpriM of *riry one a whit* flag waa direetly aeen to wars from Sumter. - There was acme difficulty in eomprchenrliig the meaning of this Waa it surrender? No. lie hnd up the Federal flag, aa wall as a flag of true* Just then Col. Loais T. Wigfall, an Aid of Oan. Beauregard, loft Camming'* Point in aa op*n boo*t,wuh b and k ere hie f on th* and of hia sword, ia liaa of a flag of true*. The bat* tcri*a, H ia tea*, partly oea**d firing?the iron one wholly so; bnt Moultrie and the batteries j on the left of the beleaguered fortress not being able to ascertain what wai going on, continued to fire. Wigfall'a position was therefore rather dangerous, out he kept on, notwithstanding the shot were falling thick around him. Ho made his way safely and unpcrjeived to the ledge of rocks extending about five feet from the walls of the fortress. He landed, and walked quickly and alone up to a port hole, through which he poked his head A soldier saw him, and asked: What do you want? Wigfall?To see the commandant. Anderson appeared at the moment, and said: Here I am. Wigfall?I see, Major, that you have up a white flag. Do you surrender? Anderson?Yes. I have np a flag of truce, but you still continue ycur fire. Wigfall?And that they will continue to do bo loug as you keep up the United States flag. Anderson?I decline t. parley. Wigfall?That is no use. We will help put out your fire, but there must be no delay: we will be content with nothing but unconditional surrender Anderaon?Then I must surrender. I have no other resource. My men will shortly suffocate We are all in Haines The brave commander of Sumter then agreed ?!. > V- 1-3 J?"! ??? ? vunv no nuuiu, uucunumoDtiiiy, surrenuer? buhject to the terms of Gen. Beauregard, who, as was said by Col Wigfall, " is a soldier and a gentleman, and know* how to treat a brave enemy." Militia Skkvick ?Tb?; citizens of Baltimore may desire to know something of the militia laws which are applicable to them. We constitute two divisions under art 4 of the piblic local c dc of the State _ One division is called the third dlv! ion or Maryland militia The other is the first light division of Maryland volunteers. Th* third division consist* of the third and fourteenth briSadea The third brigade is composed of the Gth, 7th and 55th regiments of Infantry. The fourteenth brigade is composed of the :t9th, 51st, 52d and 56th regiments of inf.mtry The third and fourteenth brigades are divided into regimental districts, which may be altered and arranged a< coraing 10 tbe judgment of the commanding cfficersof the brigade: and the regimental officers are aitborzed to divide their regimental diitrlcta Into company districts. All able-bodied white citizens between the ages of twenty-one and fortv-flve years, who are residents of tbe city of Baltimore, except membets of Congress, judtjes and clerki of courts, members of tl?e Legislature, school teachers, physiciune, custom-house and post office clerks, pilots and mariners, and ministers of the gospel, arc liable to militia duty. If an/ private neglects or refuses to attend any of the parades provided for by law, or to answer to b;s name when called upon at such parade, he forfeits the sum of two dollars We do not deem it necessary to refer to the case of the uniformed uiuua, ior meir rules are applicable to their ow n members only, and are ?efficiently known to them. The mtlttta cf wh'ch we have spoken 1 s subject to be called out by the Governor ' to repel ltiva*1 Ion. to suppress insurrection* and to enforce the execution of the law*," and It may al*o be called out by the President of the United State*, when ever in his judgment "tie lswsof the United States shall be opposed, or the execution thereof resisted In any State, by combinations too powerful to be suppressed by tte ordinary course of judicial pro.-tediums " The power thus existing extends to the uniformed militia, aa well as to tte militia not In uniform, and the President of the United States may ke?*p a militia force in aervic< . If he dienis it ne:*-ssary, until the expiration of thirty day* afw the comni?nf?n?nt i,f ?h? next session of Congress But of the mll'.tia. ' Thu* called out from tiro*' to time, no officer o'private shall be compelled to serve mor<* than three months after hi* arrival at the place of rendt zvota, in any one year, nor more than In due rotation <vitb every able-bodied man of the same rank In the battalion to which the militia olfioer or private belongs if any militia officer or private fills or refuses to obey such call, he shall be fired a sum not less than one month's pay, nor mo-e t lian one year's j>av. which tine is to be imp<s*d by a court-martial only, constituted either Btrfer lsw? nt th? or under th>* laws or'the State of Maryland I h-oe court-martial must '>? composed of militia officer# onlyBiU Sun. 1'artik* i!i Georgia ?The Atlanta (Georgia) Intelligencer, la the couse of an article u;?on the formation cf political parties In the State, rcmirks: The nucleus of a reconstruction party has already been formed in the ^tat* of Oesr^la, on the basis of the admission of free Mates into tliis Confederal v. At the head of fbls piirtv stands Alexander II Stephens. P.obtrt Tooinhsahd Ben. II Hill. If we are mistaken in the information nf wlilrh U/K nra I ? ?... -? ' * v. .. u.u.. ? ^ ill |.i.UT?PIVI1t Vi r 813IIU I'jM'Il U) correction It Is notour 1 sire to do any man or set of men Injustice. We will not do so If \*c know it. Bu: upon the f-tcts in our possession, we reiterate that a re.: on J'ruction party has been formed in the St-tte of (ieorgia, with Stephens, Toombs, and Hill as the leaders We will watch the future developments of this new move 0:1 tu- political chess-board with no small degree of Interest. The Augusta Chronicle and Sentin? 1 of the 11th, commenting upon the views thus presented, iiyi: Whatever it be called. If there be such a party, and iritk swh i'.ai/er>, it will not reouire lonir for any man to become satis tied that It" will sweep Georgia by !f-5.000 majority. With a party <>u sue u an iaaue. knowing thefeellnga of the people as we do, with the Cobbs, Jackson, Bartow and Crawford on one side, and Toenibs, Stephens, Johnson Hill, Warner, Wright, Judge .MtepLeim, NIsbet, Kenan, &.C., &c , on the other, we shall cjntldentlr exptct to ten the house of Cobb demolished forever?never to be reconstructed Thb Extra Passion cr Cosgrk*b ?We give beiow a list of the States which have vpt ta elert Repreaentativ?>s in the liew Congress. In order to be represented in the extra stssion called by President Lincoln *[eoiil elections will Lave to be held in six Stales : Virginia, fourth Thursday in May, 13. North Carolina, first 'I hursday in August, 8. Tennessee, first Thurslay in August, 10. Kentucky, first Mondey in August, 10 California, Tuesday after first Monday in September, '2 Maryland, first Wednesday in November, 6 UI^The "Confessions of a Medium," sj?vs the Loudon correspondent of the Kvening ?'ost, Is the title of a singular publication, the writer of which professes to relate his experience as one of a spiritrapping company. He aas abandoned tie art, but says It ia not an imposture. He thinks the effecta are pronounced " by some subtle agency whereby the human will operate*) upon Inert matter " One day, however, when he was acting as a medium, the o >ratnr mn?e.l hlrr to nttpr inm? .frni>lv lm moral advice; so be knocked the fellow down, cut the conrection, and now give* bla "confession*'' to the world as a warning. A Morsa Swallowid ro* a YVaobr.?A gentleman on Ferry Polnt. some time buck beta twenty-five dollar overt oat that he could swallow a whole mouse The bet was accepted, the mouse produced and down It went, in a style that would have shamed a Chinaman and doue credit to a Chinese juggler The loser then offered ,lo bet S100 that the mouse-swallower could not swallow a cat, but the bet was declined The swallowIn? of the mouse la as true as It is strange ?Norfolk Day Book. Dktsmtion or thi Unitbd Statbs Taoor* i* Tsxai.?Tta? Galveston Spwi of ibe 1Kb lust publishes the subjoined stgnlflcent paragraph: We understand tba* Captain Murray, of 'be steamship Faablon, which v*?el was chartered to take the United States troops from ladianola to llie steamships waiting for them outside the bay, has been laforooad by the United Bute* officer bavins charge that fcis services wculd not be needed again until July next. What doea this mean' $octhitn c0n0e*s?t0 mlet im cdaklisto*. The Charleston oorre?|>ondenl of the Richmond Dispatch, writing ou Saturday laat, says: Our Southern Congress meeta here ou Pr'day n*xi urn rseaurexaia ana about ma hundred of tae meiubera of tb? lute "Convention, and his otflcera, are now In #e;rat ae*>loo. Great create hang upoj them. |iy "I tell peppermint*on Senday," remarked a ^ood old Jaay wbo kept a candy alio*, "bc-anse the / carries 'em to chnrch and eata 'em,and keeps aw ike to bear I be aeruion; but If you want pickled lime* you u.uat come week daya They're aeculaf com modi tie# " 1CT Preparation# art being madv for another tenoh diplomatic mtasloa to Abyssinia. V . *+XL * At 1 . *?t- i* ? MISCELLANEOUS. pROPOSALS FOR POSTAGE STAMPS. Post Office Pepartmist, i March 27 1361. ( Proposals will b3 received until l: o'clock m of ;*>tti April next lor furnishing Postage stamp* of the genera! style aud detoription of those sow in use, on suitable paper of the bes.t quality, lor a term of six years, oonmioncing first of Ju:y next. Bidders will state t ,e pr.oe per thousand st^, deliverable in packages o ten thousand each at the Post Office D"partm?nt in Washington Also, the price per th u?and. in similar paokag s. Ueiiverabie to the Agent of the Department f 11 a n'soa r\f m? nnfsrtt.i^A ?av ^twvu vi uinuuiBViUiVt Also, tne prioe p' r thousand, dslivercd in larger packages, a* required, e.ther at the Department 01 p:aoe of manufacture. Ai8<>, ttie price ptr thousand, separa ed in such quantities as may Do daily oruered jnr th? use ol fO't Offices, never less than two hund-ed stamps, an-1 eecureir panked in tin cases, su'tab.o bind en'- board boxes, with muslia or other equally ktror; covers, or Iinod envelopes, ao ordmg to the quantity and dist^coe t > be ooi veyd, as may be required by the l>?pa-tment. slating the ditfereuo9, if any, bstwoert the ooit of delivery t ? an acent at the p'.ace of manufacture and at \\ ash'nrton, D. C. Ail itucti pvj*.a?.>a, i>#f>re mailing, to b? rc-exafi ined and 'he stamps recounted by an Agent of this Department. Bidders wiii giva the additional cost foi directiiic packages for the mans and prepar.n* blank reoeiots. under the direction of n.n I th* Department, cither at the Department or man ufactory. Proposal* must be made for the stamps ip sheets, perfect, y gummed, perforated in such mai.nei that oacn separate stamp caa be readily ilctached ar.o uredThe denomination* of stamps now in use are one cent, three oe ts, five oentg, ten oents, twelv? cents, twpnt*-four cents, thirty cents and ninety cents. Tda heads of Washington and Frar.klir are to be preserved a* the leading designs; the former on all the stamps, except those of one rent and tnirty cents, on v nich are to be the head ol Frankim. On all of th? stamps the denominate r must be given diitinotly, in figures as well as let. ters, and the whole work must be exeooted in the beat style of line engraving 011 steel. i hs whole number of postage stamps furnished to the Department during ths year ending the 3ntb J nue, I860, was 8!6 bTi HM. From past experience it is snpposrd that the number of paokages mailed will average above twe hundred daily, varying in sixe from two sheets. 01 200 'tamps, up to 5'0 *heets,cr 5?,0f? stamps; bul by far the larger prupo.tio-i of packages contain mit more than 20 sheets or 2 0"0 'tamps ? i . ? ? * r-ncn i>ia i? 10 c>e acO"inpaui-"<i with a spfcimer of the sty.e of bRgraving Mid the quality of papei to e fnrni?hed, wliioh will be submitted to a board of d if mttrened experts or avtiat* Jor nxamination and the accej-tod Vu'.dt-r, In (ore the final coLsum in ati < n of a co ntract, v ill bo required top-epare d?>signa and furnish proof impro.iocsofihoen cravinn*of th? several denominations of stamps. Speciirv as of board and tn boxen and lin d en f-lupM muKt also b? avkmitled with each bid. II i* n'.xe?iar j to protect rhe boxes by mv.aiin or othei civer? in tfce in :;t eUootual roani:? r agamot wel aud abrasion. The contract wi'i require al!d:cs and plates to bs prepa-ed and ^ept in repair, and that new dies a?d pUtes eiiall be made, eithe r foi the present denoipfatioi.s of stamps or <-tiiers without charge, a', the p:?aMire of the Department: and &1. such dies and piates are to be the property of the United Stales lor the servioe oi the l*ogl Office Desa tmcnt. No bida -wxi be oonFidereJ except from rartiei who have b:-en actLal.y eng??*d in the tuain?as ol copperpNte and ?trei engraving ara printing, and are thus enjragtd at tlx* tune of bidding, a:.d who are oooupymg auitab e fire-proof pren iaea and provided witn a T tin ueoets\ry faoilitiea f<> exeou'e tlie work promptly, and give the requisite proteotirn to tae ?tau:pa, di#ct and plate* iu their peaaosaton. Hartiea not known to the Denartmer.t will farniah ?roof aa to these poiut* with their bid*. In awarding the oontraot the Pontma'ter General r^servea the right of deciding which bid. in it* jP'acti'.al resuita. may be mom to thn ujt<'r-ist ?>i {tie department, havirg ref?-r?noe to the ?tjle ol the work, ?eourit?, inooe of packing, Ac. Proposals ahonla tjecirefuliyFealod.and marked "Pro[ otali f> r Postage stamps," and *d>1reg'ed to the ''Third Assistant fostmasl'r (i'n'ral." M BLAIR, ma2V-law4w P 'Stsr.attHf (ier.cral. OR BALTIMORE AND THE PUTOMAC KIVKK .'.A NPINOS ^The *teamer f<T. .NICHOLAS*, Captain Jacob ni?w?B, Wiiiifivo MP* > n?ri, Waitiiuiton, evnrj X\ TL'R I>A \ MOR 1NG. at 8 o'clock. ' eave^**"^?*" < ommo'ee p?t \Vi!?rf,'in '>r?, rvry WKDNhsliAV AFTEKNOON a'4 o c ock, ea'.lir.f? ?t i?er ut.uai iaii'ii&icn ou Hie river for passengers ai.<l Ireight. Siiii c lait *ea*"n th* steamfr ha* l<?#>n put in t.i"r<>u?h order throuftliout pvery ptir? of h<r . For f'eulit or prwncs apr'y l'' I HdVAS W. RILEY. AiteM, Ki.ey's Wliarf, foot ?'I Uth at. ma 1?- Tn&Th2n i A STARTLING DISCLOSURE! DhCLAHATlOS OF WAR' GREAT OUTPOURING OK THE PEOPLE! llhUIINISfl OP TUB f'ONTEST F.Y WINDSOR A. ISKOTHEK, M59 Sevonth *t., ?-?& * ?el uu liOOTS. SHOE.-. !1 ATri.r BK31 C Al'S. Ao , a' *roa' mciiSc"na fur f L f uer rate*. Gooi Men'* '.Vorkin*^^ * v'ii ? hoes Rt 75 ccuf? ; .Misses' Sowed Mi,roo co Booto 87S. we'l worth g l ?5; msiI & s;0'ioral n sortu.ent of Gents', Ladif-s'. Mioses', ami Ch.ldren's Shoes, very cheap. We wil. tell an low as any oa?. an-! take oif 5 per oent. discount fur cash in current lun'Js. *p 3-eolm 1A ?'ARI>. WOULD Respectfully call the attentioncftl?f> ! citizen t:u! *trariter to our new lot of Men's an'l Uoyt.' CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOOUS, 1.' a IS anil OA I'S. 1 can i-aiely say that i ain now prepared to toll goods on better terms th^n ever, bou't forget to c.ill tu<! '?t our new Koodn. J. H. >>1ITH, Clothier, ap 5-lm No. 4M> *?eventl. >t . near F*. IP IE EM EN'S INSURANCE COMPANY or VVASHIVOTON inn KPOUPT'Tnlru - ? ??. ?** V * AiiAf \M It \J IV'lij A / ) Y iXi Ce pltal..... .777... S 400,000. Q/lcicom r C strut and Louisiana av., over Bank <lf IVasAin/tton. INSURE HOUSES ANOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Dikscioes. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Red fern, Samuel Cropiey, William WtlBon, Richard Jones, John !) Barclay. Jacob Gideon, Androw Kdthwefl, Tho?. Parker, RiuJiard Harry. B. ii. French. Chnrlea \V. jj&via. No charge for Polic es. JAMES ADAM3, President. AbkL G. Davia, Secretary, oc lO-eoGna |VJ |> ?The undsre.sned bees to inform ti c I i ! t public that he imi oa hand a a'gostook ..f MONUMENTS, TOMKS, HEADS 1UMKS, Ac., at Baltimore and Pmladetphia prioua. A'so.n new ?ty!? of Drawings c*n l>o seen at the yard, and a new aiyleof Marble I?la:.?*l8. Tat>lo 'IVps. Ac., kept "n hand. Brown Stone and (irauite work nrnmntlv ?tt -I ?" "? ??? * '** " r? ?...<uuwU ?\'i '? >u i> u n L'Li r, i , ma 18 eo3m Hn.. tv., h<?t 13th and l'Jth ats. Wood and Coal. A No.l article of WOOD on hand, prepared tc suit the wants of each oustomor. Wood sold onrd leu(th also, or in any wa) or any quantities desired. [ET Coal kept in Coal Housti, screened before de livering. 2,240 lba. to the ton. ID" Personal attention to every order. T. J. fc W. M. UALT. Offioe 902 Pa. av., between Uth and 12th sts. Wood Mill and Wharf foot of Seventeenth street below War Deoartinent. ??? - _ - , ??? Hit* V 1 /^REAT NUMBERS OF PIANO \? for ul* or rent &i all prices. Al?o, t?-. Melo dbon* of diffcrent maum for rent or eals. N'W Muulo received from a.i parts of the oountT weekly JOHN F. ELLIS, irn 30 306 Pa. av.. t?et. 9th ami loth SILK ROBES, MOl'SI.IN ROBKS, LAWN ROBES, BERAGE KOBKS. Wetre telling at half their original prioe K\ other good* of every dotor puon we are till seilini at coat Onr eto.k i? large and well a?&rt*d ir eve. y department. ?e St TAYLOR A HL'TCHtgQN rPAYLOR A HUTCHISON. 1 No. 42 t'kxtbr Markkt Space, -* ' - . ? v?s ?? vail ?HO Obiouuvil VI pU'Oin<"TB W OUI tock of SKASONA UL1? DRY tiOO 1>S. comprising some of the neve^and most de?ir<\bie imports tiom oJ t-e i>uon. Our stock of Dom> n'ict, and White Goods will be found ver? oompiete a:?d wiil bo offered at prioen that cannot fail to satufaetion Wcmi an examination ep 3 JOHN F. ELLIS, SOLE AGENT FOR THK SALE AND RENT CHICKERING ^BONS' PIANOS, 306 Pksna. Avbmuc. Bttwten 9ik and let A Str?et$, ma J Worth Side \1 AONOLIA HAMS ! [ I MAGNOUA HAM8!! W? ar? now i*oetnR(c our brat auppl? < ! Maf r,o lia H ma fur this ae??or They o?nnot b? aurpaiard. KINO A Bl RCHEl.L, ap ? oorn?r 15th at and Vermont av. ttOMFTHING NEW "ON FREF. EXHIBI J? TION.'-A rar? large lot of CLOiHIN.f FUHNIBHIN? GOOD*. HATS and CAPs, a No. 110 Seveuth at N. B ?All o? the al ov* goodi tor aile at vary low prioei, at 8M1 HI'S, No. 460 Peventh at.. b*tw??n F. ?nd F at?. ap3 Im DENTISTRY. Dr. chas. r. b' teler. SUlili EON DKXTIST, Having loc\ted him?elf permanent y in Washim ton, otters his profesci n? services to xecs fcr.J sojourners. in all the vannu'MyK i branches of his profusion, upon the reost^*' ' r recently improved system of Dentistry. , l)r. B., having studied with one of the most em inent and t-xp- nenced Dentists of \Va*hinrtoi and a!s< with the Dental College of Ba tinior* ; lrom whom he has reoeived his diploma, feels coi fident that hia operations will prove eminently ?a iio urj wj uiose wi.o win test his protessiom abi ity. Offioe No. 336 Pa avenue. between 3th and lot Rts , over Meveus's Lace More ; open from * a n

; to < p. m ap l-eoini iSRsTrocKvvooD JTDAR R ELLA R E PR b \f pared to insert TtETHun VULC\N->?5 ITE BASK, a new and improved inode ' When made on this plan they a^e com ' ' fortahle to wear and muoh chesp?r than any i't!te , A!?o. Tivth inserted on OoM Plate, ?r.a all l>eiit< <?p?ration? of any kind that may t>o de?ire<i Ui fice Keom No 5. in the Washington Buiiuinr.eoi ner Pa av. and Seventh ft. ja " 4m* M TEETH. .LOOMIS. M. 1)., the investoraod patente 1 ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at tends personally at his oiEoa In this oi;y.w?#r ^ Many persons can wear these teeth who** u rx r eannot wear others, and no person can wear otliei 1 who cannot w?ar these. Persons calling at my offioo oan he aooomr.iodate with any style and price of Teeth they may desiri ' tut to tiiose who are sarti.miiir and ?iih *?? i oieanent, strongest, asul mo?t "perfect dar.tnre art can produae, the MINERAL PLATE will L more fully warranted. ftoomi id this city?No. 338 Pa.avenue, b?twee 9th aad loth ?t?. Alio, 907 Aroh street,, plua. oo 16 tf CLOTHING, to SEVENTH STREET. alttayF~ahead. I have io*t reoeived a moo etock of SPRIN' CLOTHING. FURNISHIN? GOOuS TRUNKS, HATS and CAPS, to whi^hl inviteth attention of alJ in want of moh article*. M* inot: \ m " A Aitink i -w I? *'? - ? -* L - ' ? nu>WB s;Ai,v/o ID ucitrr inan i% BIC?W Bfll I'ling." Those in want ? f Clothin< we invite t come and look ?t our goods ?nd prices ; ?nd it yo warit A nioe Hhirt B. nrn'tw Ti a M? <ij"' . ^ ? --j . * V| ;*w - W DO enth stre<11 - the p.aoe t<> e*t them. I have a ver 1 larte stock of SPUING H ATS, whioh I am aell ' m? at 25 per oen?. below their actual vaiu?. Fc ' th'.so who want to travel. I have just r?oetv?d I large lotof TKL'NKS, VALISKS.and CAR PHI IiA<",S, va yirg in prices from SI 5" to ?8. If y< ' a good Trunk, Clothing, Furni?hing Guuj Kits, or Caps, th??r9 is no p aoe where yon c* l.uv them as low as at the People's Clothin? Stor< No. 460 seventh at., opposite Host Olfioe. ' J H. SMITH. O otfcier. ' marl4-lm No 460 Seventh *t., het. K and F. i rp L. A. HKALL ft. CO. 1 i !YKK PieaKurein informing their oustnm?r( an>! straagfrs, that they have :wi-?d to No. 36 , Sf\?nth "t'Cft, }?etweea 1 and K. juet ahove R. U llai,'*. We have iu*t reoeived a now supply c CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS Xk!'VK< u t t<i ?/< m *? m a? V , , IS^ B a 4* %J l*UU V/f* ( o? w n I OH " C *' li **T I' tell at vcrj low pnoei. Cali and see ua before buy i in? elsewhere, as we know that we can f8;l yo? f good* at less than any other store in the eitr. L A. BEALL A CO., Clothiera, i mar 14-lin No. 361 Seventh st.. bet. 1 and K. JUST RECEIVED, a lot mora of the eelcbrate TEN ?:ENT T1E* ; b>?. a v?rj arg ? lot o SPRING CLOTHING. FURNISHING WO L>* TQ I? Vl/fi II i Tt! ? ? J n * no ? *>? * V- nk * v Arff, in* t'tf>p;e Clothing Store, No. 460 Seventh St.,opposite Ofcce, l>ctwe n K and F gta. ap5 1ra New arrival or pprTng and sum MER CLOTHING, Fl'RNlSHINO bOOUX H \T8 *nd CAP!?, at th*? People's Clr'hine Store rvo. 4fjusevent!i st ,opposite PostOflice. 1.0a: 1 treet. . ftp ft lm KCHWERIN'I H t-"f* art - exterminate Roaot.ew^ Red ^Hari f ^ - Fie* ?. Gr-'iler. Worm , v,ne Dug*'A*' ? jt ranta ins no potton SCHW ERIN'SPILLS arena re death to Ksti and Mioe. M r*chwerwi ha* r?ceived ceitificaiei froin the l'renident of (urard Cul et?. Directors oj Houk? of Refuge, }'enni>> i 'a' ia H >??ital, arc other Prominent Institutions of i'hi adi-lpi.ia ; I" S. Jail, V\ a?nm*ton, JD C,; anJ Charily Hospital New Orleans. La Tho original oertifiaatMi can be r(on at thi Wliole?ale and R-ta'l Depot 1'24 North S?-con< street, IJhua<tclrhia, anii f r .Aa.f in thi? city by L> 11. CLARK, corner I'a. avenue and ;> ?U., and 03 al' l)rui'tiM? aa'l 'Jro.-Ti. HKWARS OP SiTRlOVS* IMITATIONS. 117" Remember to atk for Sohwertn'a Ar.ialiilaiiux Powder. * * ~i*1 \' <? *-, n jAiiiiina 11 r1 A?r piw <*<! M Cr>*n??vi? ^ i r ?? fivumuv UIUC9D ri^uru iWirvn?T?Mni I ?'ta 15-y:rier> TOPI1 AM'8 KTC3 ifiER PREMIUM T li V If K 5S.lL MA\U FACTORY, 409 SKVENTH PTaEKT, WASHINGTON, D. C. Silver Medei awarded Maryland Institute o Baltimore, November 7, i?6o Alto, Me<lal by Meiropoitun MechaT ict' Institute WanLiiigtou, 1>. C., Iii7. I am oor.stantly making. and a'waya l ave on hand of tho bont material, every description of Fine Sole Leatuer, Iron Frame. Ladiei* Dress, Wood Box, and Pack'tig Trunks, Pellisier, Carpet,and Canvas Traveling Bags, School Satchels. 4o. At Low Pruts. Membere of Congress and travelers will pleasi examine roy utook before puroliasinj elsewheri Trunk* that are made in o;her cities. Superior Leather and Lress Trunk* made t< or''er. Trunks covered and repaired at short notioe. Goods deli verod free of oharire to anylpart of thi eifv. Georeetown, and Alexandria. ja23-lyeo JAMKS S.TQPHAM, THK EUROPEAN HOTEL; KKPT BY P 1. E.WR1CH. at the oomer of Penn. A. .4 ayer.ue and K'.evenlh street, ha* beenVranV I greatly improved recently an--! m>w off^rsjujm greater lnduaemei.t* for tii<- patrouf.j* "f ciluei 1 aud strangers than any other pubiio helminth city, his prioes beinx loss tii*n those of snr c-the i hotel on Pcnn. avenue, and his rccommodatioc lor permanent or transient boarders unoiception ' able. The bar and restaurant arrancen:enU of th i European Hotel have alrrvly become very popu lar.bMcg ail that can be desired by the most fas tidious. Tno proprietor piedges unremittffl atten tionand oonlianed 'ibora! expenditures to give sat isfaouon to a'l,and thus renews his invitation ' all to five the European Hotel a call. de 4-ti TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take all kinds of Virginia money for m j book debts and for Boots, S?ho?ts, and Trunks. A ' I persons indsbted to me will please ca 1 and settl I up, or I shall be oompalled to five their account inxo we nanc?t ol & eoliector, S. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall, no 21 Pv 9th ami loth >ts. 186! D I A R_I IS S . fg^j Commence the Year with a Diary. ' A valuable Pocket Companion for reeisterin evoiits pan. present, and future; containing rate I of postage, almanac, a blank spao- for memorand fur every day in the year, oa?h aeohunt for e?o L month, annual tummary of casta account bill . payable and reoeivabie. Don't be without one n th?>*e useful little souvenirs. The most oompletc elf rant, and desirable assortment ever issued,com prising twelve sises and upwards of fifW styiej I at SHlLLINOTON'd Bookstore Odeoc Building, corner of,4H stroet and de ai) Penn avenue. PURL OLD RYE WHISKY.?On hand se*er brand* of Pure Old Rye Whltky, C*>pper Dis ti:;ed, r.iado by the mnst ie:ial:e uinu frsir pore stivama, Maryland ar.d Virginia, warranted pun A l_^v 7 .. J - 1 *? '? ' iinjKin'KJ i?r?:iui<?e, neiiacssy, uu'l. 1711PD k Co., Jctea Robins, Sco. Aiao, Pe*.oii Ana Aspl ' Hr&, pore floii&ud dIn, old Jr.rr.vo*. ua? Croix Ram, and Winos of overt variety, ail < f'&n.'.ird branJs. A choice lot of avJ fo I t?c>w, VOl'Ntt it KEFHAK i',?Afrnt?, , ??'4-W P? ?y.. hAnr.ath ?n<1 "oth ?U. ' f INCOLN AS HE 19. 1 -< 9rs.?L Eughavsd Posthait. The b?*t Portrait yet published of HO ,Y. ABRAHAM LINCOLN, (with vki$k*rt Al KHbNOH k. RICHSTEIN'SS No. a?8 Pinna.. Avikcx, tVuhingtun, U. C. T^ade supplied at 1o%r enow. mar7 JJOME-MADK BOOTS AND 8HOE3, I-Amis', Musis' and Childhw'* Wui, At b.xct*di%gi* I ftp Price*. At J. ROSENTHAL**, No. 16 Market Spaoe, n>a 8-ao Pa a , tx?t. a?h acq *?th t.t?. Avery nick prince a co. w rlodect which has b)fn u?-d a ?.- rt tiir.o ?fc. . Tot ?a!? very low at METZERO Vr.-fSBf Music Store. Also, weral owoond-haud'l i Pianos. 1A &r$ClVL BAK9AIN IN TWO FiANO! * *, r?rf*otljr cew. left on >al? *1 Mcr.fioca Al* M*iixl?on? for *&i? or r?nt tot; ow. JOHN r. ELLIS, S0? Pa. heu Md lotk ?ta. MEDICINES. Bim JOHXsros, ALTINOftK t* LOCK HOSPITAL, % Hat diteovtrtd tk> most Certain. Sptttiy and onif J Efttctmal Remedy >n the World, FOR ALL DlSUA8ES_OK IMPRUDENCE. j~ LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRKVKKT ? AWLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED, ?K JVO fHiiBO*, U iJV UAJf TO TWO DAYS. Wnkntit of iheBick, Btnctaree, Affection* of the Kidnejt end Eladdtr, involuntary Diach*r(ee, Impotence, Geaeral Ottiilily, Nen?oi?nea?, Pyepeper, Ltnnor, Con:uaion r of Ideal, Low Spirila, Palpitation of tht Heart, Timidity, '' Trembling, Diuiiiea* of S-.gai or Uiddneaa. of t'ie ) Head, Throat, Nom tr Skm, AfTetuo,.* of the Langa, 8tou f acn ur Bowcle?ilieee Terrible Diaordera it tmffrxn So!i tiry Hibit* of Yi-uih?(ht? Dreadtnl and Destructive fraer. tic't which render Marriige iropoM, le, and deetroy both ll Body and iluid. f- YOUNG MEN r- Espect\li/ who hnc become the victim* of Soliury Vict, thai dreadful and destructive h?bit which a.u.u*!ly s?eev? "" to ? ir.iiac!f fravt thousands of Ynsrf Miu of 'be f&oet eialted tilents ?nd brillisnf lu'.ellect. who n.i^ht otherwise have tDtrauecd lull .hi; Bfur.d with the thui.dert of el*k ijutnce or waked to eeetacy the li> nij I/re, nny c ill wiih F lull couCdeuce. ' MARRIAGE. ' PSR(Ol<,?r Youi ( Mm rotiteicpla'.ii.f Merri?r?, btiuf avtie if plijrticil tnkiitn, utfuic debility, d d*K>rmitiee, tit., epetdily cured. 9; He whopUcei I tmif II under the c*re of Dr. J. m?? relifit, o?ely conn.le in hie a (euileioaa aud Cou&deotiy tt retjr upon hie skill i physician. OFF ICR AV ' SOUTH FREDERICK ST. 2 left b>nd eide roing from Baltimore etreei, few doors from i** the corner- t ail u?i to cbeerve nans ead number. Letter* must h* paid aud Contain a stamp. . 1)K JOHSSTOS, - MemVeref the Roy a Co.lege of Surgeons, London, rredn te Irom one ol the meat eminent Colleges in ths T uned Riutt, and the greater part of whose l.te hta btm eptnt id ? the hospit?ls of London. Paris, Philadelphia si.d slsewksra, )has effected some of the most astouiah-ug cores that wsrs ever knowu; mauj troubled with ringing in the heal ai.d ears wheu asleep; great nervooences, ceing alarmed at [j sudden sounds, bashfulness Willi trtquent blaa.'ung, attended sometimes with derangement of iniud, were cured inaiut'2 dutely. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Young Men and others who have tujured themaelrea by s q certain practice indulged m when alone?a habit frequently u learned from evil cooipnmoua, or at school, the effects of , whica ars nightly fell e?*u whan asleep, ai d if oot sored, renders anrrug? impossible, ai d dsstroys both mind aud 9 bodr, ahould apply ni.niedmelT These are sime of the sad and malsnehcly effects produced '* by earli halt's of voath. ?u : Weakness of tba Back aud & Ljmbs, Pai .i in the Heid, Pi morse of Bight, Lews of Moacalar ' Power. Palpitation df lis Heart, Oyspepay, Nervoas lrutaU b.lny, Der.uignneat of the Digestive Funcucue, Geceral k, Debi itr. Symptoms of Conv.imptien, *c D MEM ai.LV ?The fearful effect* on the mind sr* moch to I, In dre <d?<l?Lost of Memory, Confoaiou of Ideas, DtVrtHin of Bfirrs, F.mI Koreb<-dincs, Awersioo of Society. fceli Distrust. Lo?e of Solitude, Ti?udity, tic., are Mai 01 lht exit produced. - NKRV'-l't PEMI.ITT ?1Thoosands tan now }adgt what it the (mi of their dteltmiig health, ksinr their vigor, becnenI. i r weak, pale, aerxns ?nd imaciafd, hasi.g a ugu'.ai 1 a boot tilt ?y<.?, cough or syuiptoau of couttuop t tioa. ?f DISEASES OF IMPRUDE\CE , When the n;it*uided cud imprudent *ot r* of {letters find* 0 hi h-t imbibed tne seeds of this ptinful disease. it toooftiu happen! that an ill- ne 1 stuse of ?h >aie or dread of discoserv 1 deter* hnn from appleu.g :? those who, from educauou n.d respectability, ein alone befriend-him Hi fal'.i mto tne * hands of ignorant an(* pretender*, m ho lucop'blt of curiiic, fiicli his pecauiary surstance. keep him trifling inorti after month, or aa ioog ai the smallest fie tin be obi tamed, and la despair l??*e bin with mined health i? i.rS if o?er f is gallu g ditsppctMine: t; or by tbi use of that de?d y l> poisor>?Mirrurr?hastet. rt-e cmuiBlmil lyrnpioint of 'his I terrible disease, arch as ASections of tns Hear* Throa* Hsad, g Sk:n, 4c.. prof resting wuh frightful rapidity, till death pu j a period to his dreadful suffering* by sending him to that aadiicuvered couitry from wtioas be i. rue no traveler retumi DR. JOHXSOS'S REMEDY FOR ORGAMC | WEAKNESS ASD 1MP0TSNCY ' B J 'Jan ?riat and important remedy wtakuesi of !hi organs I ars speedily cared ana fiill vigor restored. Thousands o( the most nervcni and debilitatld, who bad loit all Uopi.havi bem immediately relie -id All impodtramfs to Marriage, Physical or Miatal;."(>*, Loll of Prorrtauei Poaer, Sirvooi Irritability, I ninblilff 111 WtalMBV Klh-tUiioa of lb| moil feariui kind spteaiiy cured. J hXUORSKMEXT OF THE PRESS. Tin >1a??y Thousands cor^d at this iatmouoa w?Ui?? the last seventeen eeire, tLd the i umerooi iruport?i.t 8ur^?\9 CaI npera*.:on? perrcrrntd bv Dr. Johnatoo, ?iii.'aaed by t:.e reporter! of the piper? and many other ptr#ori?f o< *ice? cf B winch h*v? appeared ng-.uu aui \g iu before the pnb;tc, hf i 1rt Ins Unf u ?entlema*i of ch <rai*?r and reapcnai* biiity, ? a eoficteiit *uvr*i.iee fo the afiicteu. mar 15 ly Dr. J. h. McLEAN S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL A>1) BLUUl) PLRIFIKK. | THE GREATEST REMEDY t? tX$ WORLD, J. the most Dbliciofs ahd g+m DELIGHTFUL * ltl ; j /mM tu c?m- jp j of?*eh iofra^.aot uV^ Before***hlr"l?ci,'1ifter taking. t v uixLa'r_>3rn:TL?w n.athad ?r ,unlu5' diauUii.f, cituitn ' * <f?lici??a, axhilsratin* apirit, ud Ui ?o??l loflllibla rata# ' J ( > r?r.??aunf tfea tiaaaaad a ft la OL, ud rm*riD| tha aiit, ??f tru.f, ud dahiliuud invalid W kaaltfa and iirtnfth. McLEAfirs STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will affatiully emia U:?ar Carcplatm, Dyarapaia, Jandlaa, Cbraaia ?r Wai?aai Datility, Diaaaaaaa>fU>a Iidnaya, u? tu aiiMiti &miD| *iwm m. iMrairij urir ?r i;onncr, * Djipapan, Baankm-n, Inward PUaa. Aridity ar Bicknaaa af tka lair.Mh, Pallnaaa af li.rod t? lb a Baid, Dall PtiB at Bwinminf lothaBtnd, Palpuatiaa af tb? Maart, Pallnaaa B ar Waifhl la lha Biaraack. Savr Iraeutiaoa, Cbakio* at afaeaunf Paalinf when iayioj dawn, Drrraaa ar TallaW. 3 aaaa if tha Skin aal Kyaa, Nifht Iwuu, inward rifirt, Pain in Ua Bioall af tha Back, Chaat, ar Bid*. taddan Plathaa ?f Baat, Dapraaaian af Spinu, rrifhifa! Draaasa, S kupn, Daaaandaucy at acy narvaca diaaaaa. Bmi al Blatcbaa an ui Bku.u'l Toirud ipi (ar CkiUa and fitw.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES ka?a kaan aatd dirinj lb a laat ail manUi, and Im aa tak itanta haa It failad la fi?inj aoura aauafattiao. Wkt. than. " will (afar fram Wiudim ar DabUity wban MiLXAIl t BTBCBBTBEMIlia CORDIAL will car* 7n 1 g Ma lanftafa tan aanvay an adaqaaia idaa af tka Iraaadl0 ata and tliraat luimcalaM tbar.ja pradaaad ky .akifcf tf.u r Cardial ta tha d.aataad, dabiliutad, ud ahauarad Dairtu a ayatam, wkalkar arakao dawn by atcaaa, waak ky natmra, at lapi'rad ?* aiak'.aaa, tha ralaiad and anairaaf arpaie ?atlaa la r*aurad ia iu priauna health and nj ar MARRIED PERSONSi ar aUara. aaraaiaaa af laahallty fran wbatavar aaaaa. will " lad M' wRABC BTRKMOTBElflNB CO RIM AW a lh?raafk raganaralar af tha ayatam; and aJl wka ma* have in n |ar?d ihanaeWtakv tmpraaar indalftacaa will lad la lala Garlla.1 a aaruia aid apaady remedy. TO THE LADIES. j KckR&Rt BTK.Kll?TMENIHti CORDIAL U a ?a?ar' ?irn aa<t apaadf (Br* for lnciplant Caoaar^puao, Wh'r.aa, 'e Oaatrrtiad ar Dil :ili MitiinuiwJ neanunanca ( (r.r.i , ar Iuralaotary DWihajaa tharaaf, Falling af Uia Warcb, iddinaaa, rusUujt, and til Iwum loudtiu la FiBtlM. THE HE 16 NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT afar lanf ar. Taka It aecardic( w diracuaea. It will - lUnaiata, a:r*o(tSac, and langaraia ran and uim iba klaaan af haakh la aaaant yanr tbaak afala. Efir; haul* w I Turuuit ta girt Mtiafecuas. VOR CHILDREN if yau tblldrtn ?.< ? aick'.y, p?uy ar aClctad, MckEAN'S . COEIMAi. vili talk* ibarti hat! Jit, fat, and rakaat. Da lay a dm a raanant; U.r K, and ya? viU M aaurlnnad. It la da Uaiaaa taiata. h 9AVTION a war* af lri||iau ar daalara wba may try ta pain a;*a ,f fit aan.a ?iu*r *i aaraapanlla iraah, winch ikay can bay , tbaap, by **uu( it ulaat u mod. A raid aacfc aau. A >k * far McLCAnV TRFiiarilKlflJfO COIDUL, and uk< , urtbiLf a la a. It ia Iba acly ramady that vili P?rify Ik* ' Blaad ibaraafblr ar dtllh* tan,* uid* (tranftbcc ika ayattna. Oca itkao arary maruinj faauag la a cartain prtTaGti** far Ohalarc, ChUla acd Fa?ar, Yallow Ttaar, ar _ try BtataUnl diataaa. It U pat BP In larfa bottlaa Pnca aoly 9> P'r kattia, ar I battJaa far $1 V. H M CLEAN, " Salt prapriaiar af tku Cardial; alaa, MeLaap*t Voceanic OU kialirant. Principal Dapai an tkt cart.a> af Tktfd ai.d Pin* aiittu, N. kaaia, Ma. : MeLean'i Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TIE BEIT kin KENT IK TBK WORLP.) <t Tk* mly utiulMluii ear* for Cuun, PUN, T*> aara, iliuft ajid Brotckila m Crun, Paniraia, Rrtrajfta, WukiiMf ihi Mucin, Ckraotew laJunmatary Umueiuiiii, ufc'uaaa af tfca Jat&ta, Caaairaetad Maaclaa ar " Ufa. du, Etnikt a* Toathacka, Irrm, hnlaa, Prwt | Can. Wanada, ITlean, t*?ar Itru, Cakad Braaai, San WippU., Kami, Bcaida, bri Thraat, or u; inlaramauaa M Mia. na d*faranea haw aavara ar >ao# the diaaaaa aaay ,) fcaV* eileted, SlrUlAWI CKklBHTXD LUflMKHT aa a eertaia remedy. Theaaaada aI kamaa Wain ft kara keec aan< a Ufa af dU inp:taii ud laiaavy ky U>a aaa at tUa tavaiaaMa raaiedj. MtLEAN'S YOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT WU1 raUara pail elaeaet maunnaaanaly, aad It vtl! clean, panfy aad kaal Ul famlaat aaraa ia aa incredible akan uaa. FOR HORSES AND OTHER AN IMAM 8. MekKAJI'S CiXKBkATKD UmaCBTT 4a tk. ?i ut TftUftVU r?a>?4* for ik? err* W If ?< , &> ?*? **, WioifilU, 8; hi.u,'ftr*: Lmn p?, Mi4*i m ?? ''.'.itn. It um U1H ? iwi Bif Itti, M??U, Pink, OU ? lamii kru, u !? ??, if ymrtt tvpb?4. Tm i Ipriiu, BrmuM, hwitMi. Cn?k*4 1Mb, C&Iim, ??d4U . M OlUf S?iU, Of. Itfli, M Willi, ttNM lahll'bi* i himiy. ipply ft u litictH ui ft mt? ia CMUk to ???ry tnla m iitfir wiih til buv wsrthlese UtiDiiiiA - dKiturn. Oktfu. ft * D*- McUKAlf*cnJT j, hultkd umuonr. u win mn ?m. >, J. B. McUUI, M? hwiit'K * C?n?r TM*4 ft*4 FU? Bl Mi, ?* ~ -n. wwr M I THE WEEKLY DOLUR STAR. Ti'.a uHutt rsL-ni.T ui J?r?J w? tkli'ri a |rt?U rwi?ty ?t inlereetoeg iwtm tftas ru M ?? ?! in My #u?r-.i MH'rfeH Prtcar m^nung. Tniui-Chsk, imimrtmkh.** Binj# OOfT, p*,- ulbkm ?? fl ? Fir* ooyiM - ? t* T?a oopt?? ?_ ___ 9 ? It ltnrttblT oottaina the "WmIiiiiM PIwb" ttel' h*a 1%t M flNMai Smt drnltM o rttxraily iliromf boat tba ooaatry. (CTSutgic oopiea (la ) oaa be proa a rod U the ooactar, tram ml lata y after the laoae of U?o aa>?r. Pnco?THREE CENTO CARRJAGK FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORV. D Straw. #iiwh? M* ?<U inu St>?aM, We bare iuet finiabed a o' of ftrat ? aaa i^AKRlAtiF.S, euofc aa Ltrkt > >'?ra Ft^unw, tawiuf CW-?Jy'.. 'iar*., anJ Burrv?, waiec va T I a *<*? ? email arobt. Bate* praotica. inechaaica la Ulfaraat branchae of th<? aa*'.r.eaa. wa Cattar oiraam tiiat we know in* ?rir? ftr i ?!* ?? of work Ui?t wn; *iv# uui faetiou, ?m?mtamiif iicbtfiM*, oooJort bad 4*r?Ull ^Rcfonnc jr^mptly 9JK1 otrefallr attend ?d to Ute bcrti'st oA.c? *nd jnoct r?M"D?U* ofxAreee. WALTER. KARMANN 4 BOPP. Cocol.iuAXeri. *u com acre to Win. T. Hook. *pTI<lii T CARKlAt^ UK Stl/aenbor writi tp ?*! l<a<ilti?L?l# fcl teatory, ni?fr:in it do# cne of ^ii? vt A It" L'lttiict. ?h?r? t.? (SirafA^tniirxCAKKlAtifc A A'AtrONS of All r>n?i? CMiEOt < * auryMMd, fcn4 'ro j hi i^nt c*p-n?iy? in U* Luumi, ? boyMi M ci?e t?r.e;Vi uut&?uoB, Ah t.bM or o^rr^MajMl fcickt Wacom UflM ktc4. A.' KfcTAlK.3;;?t,T*?M<tl?<? ?i it i:it s~ S*?i4-ku< CvrlttdtiUc it K?ku(t torM* km. AKl'HtW J. JOVCt, 4 ia?? mmrmmr ?t Utb iti K M. SOUTHER\ MEDICAL HOUSR~ DR. SHl'MAN hM, afW an cipt'iccM cltN ?eara. fataHihed the &!>ove r?fu*e from quicken. sell-labeled Indiar or German <lo?ti?ra. and p.eteadera of witouor&ft and impoatora in r??eral. i nia ia the on^jr p'a^e wh?r* a acre and eyeedy cure can l*e obtained u the wor d for a., improper aid evil hat>iU, fonorrhc. fleet, efm.ra. ?e*kneaa, a?phil.ia, primirr aecondarr. and tertiary, o'tantc weakneem. p%in? in the loina, etricturea, fen-ral d?hi'ity, proefaMo':, nerroa n??ea, rest am nnhtH, paipitatior of the h-art no* inc in the ear#, loaa of winory, eonfufiou.meiaDCiioI* . affect one of the h*ad, throat, no?e, and akin, ard all th?ae p*o>i!iar dicorderg ariai t I'nm the indiaoretlon of jouth, renderinc tbem uifit lor either tuaineaa. Dr. S. haa the irrwateat motiN intheVaow* world for diaeasr-* of the h ood. t<Wor?h?. fleet, atrio'urea, a? phll.i-, aen.inal w?kc??>, i?.l abaa*. fce. Th r? it no ca-e in whiob they (ail to care la trr\rr 3 to A ?!%? . Victim* of then* horrible oompiaint*. who wmI4 with to lie valuable :n<*r, and or..ainrun to aoeietr, ahould embraoe the rat iert opportunity for reli'Y Dr. inhuman >a? m?d?? the most corrp?te ar-aa?em xta for the comfort of h.a pttircti who oome from a dia?a? ue. Ti.ey will M iurtii.hed with the ar>?t flaamit and ajrroeable quarter*. neoeaaary diet, ani nude an oooiioria-tte * * 'h?y von Id be at a firat olae* i ot<l r.t >*? Mian half the ooet. D" not toT?t tne iia*ne and nutrber. Dr *hu man'* office < on t^r c >rn?r cf Sixth atieet and Pen^ayivaiiia ?rer.ue. Clareir!- n H tel. oppoeit* the Nationa: Hotel, fVaekiaftoo 11 C Pe-aona *taUi?t\nce a.iou d eno'oae (tamp f->r return p >at*#?. Uffi'e h?titt,9A. M to in P.M. Var.ou* partie* have t<~ec entio?d ?iom niy 1? u'a'iou by oertai'i twind era on biok ?i eeu la thia k -1 * # , ?.... ?.. i iic ik " i ?nc u?y oi meir o<?in, A word to the w ?- ? seflioiant ay 8 ly #Cmrt Cnvtk. Cold, Hoar$tn*r?, In/L*,nta am +tnation or Soro ?< of tk'^Tkro*/. KiImm tiM tl?W. gflltwrtl, A tM, 4" Cat an 4, Cltmr am4 it r* *t'-nttk to tk* rx>u? (f PUBLIC HPKAKBII /.to SINGKRS. Fw ?re aof the 1inf<?-t?DC? of cheenni % Cough or C<?mn. r> Cr'i ' in iu fcr?t ta^e, that w:tich in the beg icier ?u. J y;eid lu i mile rsme dy, if sefieotoH, coastUbcktti.e Li.n*?. " Brown'? Bronrkinl T*o<Ius" oont&inK.g comuioect it, rAI(Itl. lll*T ' 1 ?? j ? ..wvuoi; ?uu imiftavVi "That tret Ma in my Throat, <for BROWN'S vhioti the JVoeA**" area sp*c fee) haviLr made me often a rr.?r? whta TROCHE* p?ror.A S. P. W1LU& hrownnI m i raoommand tbeir km to Ptbln s SrEAiaitfi." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Greata?rriraicn:M?loc HoajubBROWN'5 NMi." RLV.DAMbL WllE. Tprpu i^b "Aiicoat inetatt raliaf ta tha 4JaTR Cltbt* traoint labor of breathing pacnliai BROWN'S A,Rfc?V. A. C. E68LE8TON. TROCHF"* "'*onia;n bo Opium or anything iHjunout." SRAAHA'E?, BROWN'? Cknmitt, Bo??n. "Aumpl^and p --.*a..t ajaUw1 HOrHF?S ^? 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A lev teatimoniala on!* can be here ?i von ee oi'enlar for more, and it will be luipoaaiDle for yon to doubt. 47 Wall Stmkt, Nrw Von, D^c. %t. ism. Gtnrltm'n : Your note of the 1Mb isitut hM been roo^ived. aayinc that you had heard that I had been benefited by the uaeof Wood'* Hair Me iterative, an ' repeating my oertifioate of the tact if 1 had do objeotion to ?ive it. I award it to you chee iu!iy. beeaua* I think i* dae. My ate i* about 50 yeftra ; the oolor of my hair auburn, and inclined to onrl. P< me ire or aix veara since 't becan to torn r/ay, and the eoait on toe orown of my noad to lo?? ita aenaibiity and Jandruff to form upon it. Kaon of theaediaacree abihtiea inoreaaad with time, and aboct 4 moctha inoe a fourth wa? added to them. by hair nliinc of the top of my head and threatening to make me bald. In thia nnpleaaant pradicament I wa* mdaoed to * ??r Ji ll aa _ ? - ?_ * _ _a BT w noo i ridir nnmraurf, m?ir1 iy w> irrrn wif> XalUnc on of nr ha.r, for I had reall? no tior. that uray hair could be re?u>red 16 1U original ooior except from dT?u. I WM,boT?r?r, tititly surprised to (du, aftor the w of two hot tfo? only, tnat not only was the wiling off trmud, but the oolor was -ettorec to tS' rraj h*ir? and sensibility to the saalp. aca uandmff <-?ts?i to form on m? hwul, v?iy muoh to the fnufio*' on of wnj wile, at whnM solicitation I vu indue- d to try itPorlhiijtisnni lb* nuy oblifttioti I o*? to bar sex. I strongly r*oonim?nd si. nusband* who v&.ue t'ae admiration of their wires to proit bt my xarr r'e, and use it if grow. n? gray or *rttic< barf. Very respectfully, Bb*. A. Lavbhdbb.. To O.J. Wood & Co.. 444 HriilwirN. Y. My family are absent from the oity, and I am bo lonfer at No. il Carroi Plaoa. t*i a*?tow, Ala., J?ly M, IBM. To Paor. O J. Wook /W Str-Vour -Hair R'K .-nivf" has done my hairao mur igood *?? I oommenoed the use of it, that I ?ish to mat* known to tiis public of its effect* outhe hair, wpioa are great. A man or woman ma? benearly of hair, and by a rccort to your * Hair Ke?torau* e ? V c. Wnir wi 11 pafti rr miam Km ?i tl fa I 4 Km r B?ar at tuv iwi i w ?'l i v??l w w w ?m mmh w ? w1 i v least Uu ia nsy MMMH*- BeliereitaU' Yourt tmlT, W?. H. Kmn. P.8.?You eac puhliah the above if ?ca nk? Bt fiblukiii in ear Boathern paper* yrn will nor* patronage Soatn. I ae? wrer?l of toirttr ti&oatee in the Mobile Mercury, a ftrong 1Souther? flfVi W. H. KlfTBDTWOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. P*o?. O J. Wood: ?mt St* .- Havux ked Ue miafortaac to o?e the txwt po-toon of ir.j hair. frnm the of the yel o? ferer, in f*ow Or.ea-a in Ml, I waa in' coed to make t trial of roar prepay tirm *.u<3 fooLd It to ao?w*r m Ui" tot? tr lag Mr hair ie now thic?: and gi?ae*, and mr* vordi ean exprean bt obligation* to ?<< m f!wt to the aflhotod aaoh a traaaare Fwiit /o?*io?. The Restorative ia pet spin bottlea of thra? aiaae. i* : large, mrdiim and email; th* iiaH bok! h* i a pint. and retaila for on* dollar parb?>ttt.; U?? ?eti wt ??< j? *t )eaat jn b+t ocot Bi<"? u? i-ro?or*ioa t!?u tfc* naJ?, retails for iv<* mt?W| thf l&rr* ho'ot % ??*rt, ?c per enui ? * ? proi^*r "K-rteiyaVff. . t&tB-Shi" Yo4, and 114 Murk*: traeu . out tcC la thw e ty by C. 8TOTT, S7? W\ b^mm. <m rt woif.Btw 3,000?4?? m, d3!i8ftKAg? ,tckw,K'T A.- ^ vJSSS,t,2SV?&i? 9