Newspaper of Evening Star, April 18, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 18, 1861 Page 2
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I _ _ . THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THIMOAV April IS, 1*61. Spirit of the .Warning Press The Inttlligtmrt argues that the 75,WK) men railed for bv the President have been summoned In prospect of contingent eventualities, which may sever arise, if only the people of the border alavebolding States shall determine to exert their potential influence in favor of the Union and of the preservation of the public peace The RertMitm savs : " If the ties of blocd are to determine the course of Virginia, sbe will go with tbe region on the north of the Ohio, and not the region on the Gulf." VmoiwiA.?The morning papers contain nothing deBn'.te concerning the proceedings of the Virginia Convention, merely informing m that up to 3 p. m. yesterday no ordinance of secession had been passed. On Tuesday morning they went into secret session without debate, and since, hare carefuily kept their doors closed The Richmond Fxamintr of Tneadav IntimntM that th? eastern Virginia rr.ember* were for the enactment of a secession ordinance with great unanimity, and that it wai understood that sufficient of the western members had gone over to that position to give the secessionists a clear minority. We fear. alas. that this la too true; and that the Convention i* now engaged in perfecting such measure* at will as far aa )>osaible strengthen the position of the State, acceded, and in hostile array toward the Government of the I'nlted States If this Impression should unfortunately turn out to be correct, we can s?*e no other conceivable result of Virginia's aclUn whatever, than that the bloodiest civil w?r known to modern times will speedily follow, to be stepped eventually only by the interposition of England, France and perhaps other powerful Kuropeon natiors which will send combined fleets to our waters. How much we deplore this state of things?the passage or our national troubles beyond the reach of prtsent pacification by negotiation through the courae pursued by Virginia we cannot express, and frankly confess that it so distresses us personally, as that we are unable to write more to-day. Latest?As we go to press we have to say tbst It ia aaid, and confidently believed by many around us, that on the day before yesterday the Virginia Convention passed a secession ordinance, and yesterday caused three vessels to be sunk at the mouth of the Elizabeth river?the entrance to the Gosport (Norfolk) navy-yard. Further: that the superintendent of the Harper's Ferry armory has. by order of the Convention, hauled down the tars snd stripes, and hoisted instead the Virginia State flag, and also caused the rails of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad to l>e torn up on both sides leading out of Harper's Ferry; and, further still, that the Virginia Convention have directed military efforts to take possession of this Capitol, to be made as soon as possible; to which end three special trains are said to have left Alexandria for Richmond lest night. This alleged news reaches us too late to enable __ I# ?*? * - - - - ua wo ve;ny it- *> r puoiisa it lor what it may be worth, that all Sn our city may be duly on their guard Ws have to add thit the Government's military movements of tc-day seem to have been made oa the assumption that this new* Is, possibly, true. They are therefore fully prepared for tli? present defence of the Federal Metropolis, against any attacking force that may venture to assail it It la thought that If an attempt to attack It be mide, the assailants will try lu cross the Potomac "t>e twenty or thirty miles be!o*r Alexandria, W ere tb?y hrpetobe joined by siinllar spirits lrum Maryland P 8 ?W? have a special dispatch assuring us that there Is no truth in the Harper's Ferry account noticed above. It reached us but a few moments 1*7? V..- / * <(v uaic luni.-r a.ipsicucs equally as iat?*, aasurlog us of the truth of the Norfolk Navy Yard portion of It. A revenue entter has been seized and threa veasels sunk by Gov. Letcher's orders Wa no longer doubt the fact that the Virginia ordinance of secession was passed on the day be. fora yaaterday. It is now high time that tbe position of every man In *>? TV .< r.i ? < ? VI vuiuiuuia UO puiilivtiy and distinctly as--erU.1r.ed. and that every man capable of bearing arms and wilting to defend bis bome against a threatened invasion, should prone p ly enrol himself While we have no fear whatever that a force cu possibly he brought against this city that can stand before Its present armed and organized defenders. we shou'.d be fjlthless to our duty if Iklllng thus to advise our fellow-citizens immediately to makeassuranee doubly sure by coming forward as one man, each to do his part in Wasiitoo's defense, if need be We may add with positive ccrtainty that St is hMmIv Inr^IkU tk.t " ' ? ~ ?wmmmmj hh^vwi'/?ir mat a ;i r931illlig iVTCC 9UIHeteotlf strong to prove threatening, can make ils appearance in this vicinity ere there be at least twenty thousand patriotic men in arir.a standing in oar midst ready to defend it OC* 0*5 BCLISF CERTAINLY J* TH\T THE S'.X LOCOMOTIVES THAT LIFT ALKXASIRIA FOR UoRnoHSVliLR IF SOT FCRTIIRR ?o?ltb, Jast nigt , were intended to carry secession tro:>ps back over the Orange and Alexandria Railroad to the Manssta road, and up that to it* present northern ter.ninus, from whence to be marched over to Winetieeter. and there to take the Winchester railroad direct for Harper's Ferry?to seize tie Armory, some time to-day. Pusidistial Arroi.itmhst* ?The President haa made the following appointments since the last Issue of the Star: Edward C Csrrlngton, L'. S. Attorney for the District of Columbia J< hn M Fleming U S. Attorney for the eastern district of T?*nnes?ee. Joseph Oilman, U. S Marshal for the district of New Hampshire wintaw- Haves, L*. S. Marshal for ths district of Rhode Island. George Leonard Davis, paymaster In the navy, lee Jobu W Nixon, resigned. Col. Chaklxs Lex Junes.?We understand that Col Charles l*ee Jones has resigned Lis < otnmlsalon as Adjutant General of the District of Columbia .Militia. C?aele-t<>n Stxamek Fikkdon axdChasid t a United States Vessel ?Tbe Savannas Nr?i of Monday gives tbe following: While on the s'eainer returning from Fort Sumter to Charleston cn Saturday evening we saw the smoke at a great distance .u tLe direction of Stooo Inlet No one at tbe time could account for the firing Some sur posed tbatscmeof tbe outer UtteriN Lad fired a salute. We learned veaterda v < n the cars, while ccmi ng from Charlesioa, that the steamer Carolina, running between this port and Charleston, was fired on by one of the sumU steamers of the fleet and chased. Tbe Carolina ran into a cove, woere she waited tbe M*-? i i *? ___ an 111 cuoie 10 v^uanesion llirougti the Wappoo Cut. VVbcthrr tbe fleet intended to take tie ?:mmer to obtain ber j Hot to take their ships luto Charleston, or wasbl< ckading the port, U a matter of speculation (fTTbt Montgomery correspondent of the Charleston Mercury describes the form of tbe Treasury notes of the: Southern Confederacy Tbey read as follow*: Twelve months after date the Confederate States will pay to bearer. ?50, with interest at half a ceat per day. Montgomery. Alex B Cliibksall, Register. R. C. Clmosi, Treasurer Receivable in payment of all dues except duties The vlznette is a plantation scene?three negroes boeing cotton, one with a basket?fields snd mansion in tbe back-ground. Tbey are of different denominations, from fifty to five hundred dollars. f?7" The New York Hersld denies the staterot: t- that a crowd comDelled that paper to display tbeAmer.cau flag, ar.d that Mr James Uordon Bennett, the ; roprletor, was followed by s crowd w> ?wkv is uir ?uwi ih Herald says that Mr liei.nett it quite uoaware of having been offrt d a y such intuit, and tb?t In the street, a? Win a? out i>f it, be baa been treated vl h perfett M'irUijr by both republicans and democrats, and that be baa just ?a invariably treated them cour Itouily in return. It adds, people come to the Herald cttce to read tbe bulletins and to buy tbe paper, not to sack tbe eatabliabment. Id regard to tbe diaplay of tbe American flag, no on" asked us to do an. It was unnecessary to take that trouble. Tbe glorious flag of (be Union ia our fl ig, and long may It wave. IT/" Tfce plan for provialoning Fort Sumter va* bused upon tbe fact of unusual high tide In'' Cbarhron bsrbor on tbe 10th, lltb and 12tb, which would enable steam tugs to float over tbe ?b<>ala. oat of reach of tbe rebel batteries on Morris J aland. Tbe storm delayed tbe vsasels, tad wbea tbey arrived It waa too W*. - - r h *? ?. . ' DEPAR THEIfT JIKWi. Resignation* ajip Removal*?The follou*i"g changes were made yetterday in the Navy l>ep?irtm? nt: Lieut. W Owathney, stricken from the roll. Lieut W. L. Bradford, resigned. I,lent \V. B FI1ieer*!d, resigned. E Jf. McDermet, midshipman, resigned. Gebrge D. Lining, third engineer, resigned. t*ainuel V. Taylo. salimaker, realgned. A t ?.' ri.ii * n- a ? n i roi.uiy.?j . r naney, in ra., Das offn ?p-1. pointed to a second-class (ftl.400) clerkship in the office of the Secretary of the Treasury, vice C. E. Cros8dal?". transferred to Construction Bureau. Richarn VV. Deinoss, of Ind., has been appointed to a first-class clerkship in the office of the Commissioner of Customs, vice Charles It Sherman, removed. Peomotiov?Marcellus Ballev, of Washington, has been promoted to a second class ($1,400) clerkship in the Solicitor's office, Treasury Department, vicc J . H. Jordan, transferred. Trissfsr ?J. H Jordan has been transferred J rrom tup Solicitor's to the Sixth Auditor's office, Treasury Department. Ks*k.nel>?\Y. L. Hardin, ot Tenneaaee, tec- i ond-claaa (91.400) clerk, Cenam Bureau, haa rc- < signed. Great Public Mekting ix New Yoaii?A I Subscription Jot tkt Serentk Hrgigi'nt?Yeaterday morning, at 11 o'clock, ttie room of the CbaiQber of Commerce, in New York cltv. waa I crowded with the representative of Its com merclal. mercantile, ana monetary Interests Cnpt. i Marshall was appointed Chairman, and Seth B. 1 nuni, h.sq., secretary speeches were made Indorsing ttie policy of the Administration. and I declaring a determination to austaln the Govern- I ment. It wm finally decided to hold a maw 1 meeting at I'nlon Square, around tbe Statue of < Washington on Saturday, and a committee of i arrangements appointed to prepare a stand, ' seats. Ac. Mr Kvart* stated that It was thought on respon- ' slble authority that the Seventh Regiment might 1 be needed In Washington before Satnrdav, and that various citizens had started a subscription to '< atford nrans for their Immediate u?e. He pre- 1 sen ted the foliowint? document NATIONAL GCAKP. ' The undersigned agree to pay the ?urr.s get opposite our nair>?*?, for the Seventh Regime-it, to en-ihle them to place theinseves in the position of i l-rvlce and defense: M il Grinnell . ...$iOO|C. R Robert S100 i Geo B De Forest.. 100jRoyal Phelps 1U0 L. B. Cannon 10<>|chas. H. Russell? UK) E. Mintnrn HMiin F ?'j> S B Chittenden... iwilGeo."w."Blunt.><?? Mf'MTaylor lt)0|Jas H . Titus. ..... UK) i CMher name* were added, and a large amount < furnished, and a vote of thank* tendered the Gov. 1 ernor and Legislature for their promptness in responding to the call of the President. Militakt Movimist* at N*w Yobk.?The Herald of yesterday says: Volunteers are rapidly coming forward in this city to support the Government of the United ( States and suppress insurrection. We give to day full details of the movements as far as can be as- , certained The Scott Life Guard met last even- ( Ing, volunteered lta service to the Government, and decided to open recruiting offices Vi-day ' The Zouave Guard held a drill, as did virious other volunteer associations The right w .>. of *ne seventh regiment, and a battalion" of tLs Seventy-first. ancl others held public drills, Ahlch were largely attended. Colonel Vosburg volunteered to lead his regiment if it desired to go South An officer of the Seventh regiment returned from Washington yesterday with orders, which will bp issued to the Seventh tells the ( next twenty-four hours It is said the Seventh will be sent ta Fort McHenry. Meetings ^ere held all over the city to organiz? volunteer companies. The Sixth end Seventy-ninth reylia^nU tendered tbe!r servicts to the Government V<1unte*rs are oiferin^ tn all parts of the count, y. Teligbathic Fictions.?"Jasper," Sate the Charleston correspondent of the New V'orlc 'l imes, says: Let :ne assure your readers that Sumter w*s not "enveloped in flames'' at any time; that the m*n were not sent out on a raft to collect water to fxtin^uish the tire, simply because there u/?? * plenty of tbe art'.rle lns'ds that the fort was not j breached at all, and that it was not a blscsened i ii;k8< of ruins when th? curtain dropped on the t liist act of tbe tragedy No boat left Si orris Island with a United States fi.ijj for Maj Ande?>n when ] bis own whs shot away, simply because the Morris Island boys had no'such flag to ofler Tbey so ] bate tbe stars ar.d stripes that they would sooner j have been bit'en by tbe moccasins of their own t swamps than touch an emblem of tbe count-y , they have cast rQ' It was a pretty telegraphic flc- ? tion, but vry false Maj Anderson surrendered ( simply been us' h? found that the fort rculrt not j eontiiu* th' fi-g' for any leUftk of tirrt- . Il? i # . ? * " " ~ jmiiiu Toat iLie I ntted mates vessels were not coining In, and Lie wished to prevent a useless -bedding of blood. The paper warriors may accuse hi ni of cowardice, but a purer, tni!*r, more honest man doe? not waik this world Compelling the '-Star* an'j Stbipki" to be I.iivvkkkii?(in Saturday afternoon last, siys tt.e r^.vannah N-ws. shortly affr the arrival "f the news from Charleston of the surrender if Fort Sumter, several verse's In our harbor raised their tligi?the old Star?n d ^trip-s?und?*r ttie authorltv. we learn, of the Ha; hor \IasU-r The immense crowd wiilch hud gathered In front of our office, noticing tb?* fdet, went immediately under the lliutf and ordered the 11 <j;s down. The order was promptly obeyed. One of the vessels, the l>ri^ Ml icklish. Certain Fatrctiild, pulled down the L nlted !*t:ite,-. fla^ ? ?*- 1 * - ? >.iiu>cui?c:y, n?u rolVU lliSle<(l tilt* Palmetto , color*, when tbe large crowd gave three cb? rt. There seems to have been some misunders.unding a* to the < rders for the raising of the I.'nited S';ites flng. ?; e m;tst>rs of the vessels declaring 1 that tv?ey intended no insult to tbe Confer irate 1 states. I French Zouaves Coming Hzee -The Pbila- J deiphia Bulletin sivs : Fifty of a company of sixty of the French Zouaves, will leave lmmedl- < ntelyfor Washington, tnter.dprtheirservicestothe 1 President They are remsrkable for feats of activity 1 and strength, and men all occupying respectable positions Captain Baudin, who built the grand stairway at the new Capitol Kxtension, le-ves a situation yielding him sixty dollars a week, as J foremau for Messrs .Mlskey. Archer A Warner. | An artist, with Messrs J 5trutliers & Son?who j has just completed an excellent plaster of President Lincoln, and the nmnriMnr ik? _ J r. v? ?MV * ^ de France, alio go with th? company Captain iiaudin has just declared bia determination to ( take tbe uniform from such other of the members as cannot, or may not wish to go. ! Major Asijkrho:*?The New York Courier < a leiWfrom Capt Doubled ay, in which 1 ne says of bis commander. Major Anderson: February C ?Major Anderson is a Southern man | by birth and feeling, and sympathizes with tbe South in its demands, but considers seretston as an M*justijinbU rn'.ani of srcurmg thtm. Mis ( S'tuation here is a cruel one, and I feel deeply for 1 him. He shvs if Kentucky secedes he will resign and %o to Kurope, for h? will never fl?ht against 1 her nor the Stars and 8trij?es I consider blm ?a ' an honorable a-id brave :rir:n, placed in an exceedingly difficult sttm'ion Much as we differ as to ' the Dronr!i>tv of -?-i *? ? ?*?- ? ??w W ? ?u -| HUU III |ruwilCill belief, i have a high respect for hlnri aa a man and an officer. < 1 The Fleet.?It ia al>out time that these vea t se!a of wnr oil' our harbor were accounted for. In- i quiry la becoming rife concerning tbeir biiaineai, t and rtimora were abroad yeaterdav tbat IIbertlea bad been tak>*n with sLlf* entering or leaving tbis port, but we could r.ot obtain any authenticated instance, and vr<- tope we aball not. Capt Willlama, of the Britlab sbip Mary Crocker, dhw outaide tbe Bar. reached thia city ysterday in hia yawl boat, and he informs us tbat be went on board one of tbe vessels of war outside ar:d Inquired if the port waa blockaded, wben they informed him tbat the port was still open.?Cnarbston Courier. ? inxiTra dispatch from Boston to-day that eight hundred troupe would arrive In tine to go to Weshitivton by the mrly train to-morrow morning The President telegraphed back that ha should be la readiness to reoetTe them, and coald forward ' entire body of man la oaa train " j 1 The Militant Rmocicis or Vikoinia.?TL? , Richmond Enminer, in the course of an inquiry into the means of resistance possessed by Vir^lnl*, says: e believe that we inform the public with ' considerable accuracy on this point when we de- & clare that the State's public means of resistance 1 are simply nil Virginia has few serviceable " arics and scarcely any powder. The whole sum ' on band is two hundred kegs, and two hundred and forty more ordered; In all four hundred and forty kegs. < lp* The amount of co.?l shipped from the Chli- ? (AtnU r>.. ? * ' v>.m>tiiuiu nnu mf Bia< K Diamond coal mine*, and from .Mount Dlable to San Francisco, . la report'-d to be between TOO and 8<>0 tons The ^ tunnels of two mines a'e situated 1 500 feet above tbe Ict^I cf the Uay The consumptlnn of coal In . California the p it year,was feO.OOO Ions, of which the amount supplied from the pariflc coa?t win ,, only 15 000 torn The Solano Herald think* that * the Oomherland and Diamond mines alone vlll yield 15,000 ton? per year. ^ Dtr cnhila or Moiili ?A correspondent of the ' Mobil? Tribune Indignantly denies a statement t made by that journal tbat Mobile la vulnerable to i an attack from the sea He asserta that It would be Impossible for even a gun-boat to escape the 1 fire of Fort Morgan, and that a battery cf three 1 guns, which conld be thrown up In a few hours * at Grant's Paaa, would effectually prevent the A entrance of any naval force. ? t Tnoors Comimo hom Boston?The New i York Po?t of last evening s*ys "The President I of the New Jersev Riliw^ ??* 1 WAR 1VEW9. NEW YORK New York, April 17 ?a meeting of merchant* vas held tbia mortiing, and it was decided to call i man meeting for Saturday, in Union Square. Ml busmen* will be suspended A aubacriptloD v.-s opened this morning .tod liberally responded o, lor iub purpose 01 nuniv ohiidc /in itegimeni 'or army duty required & strong I'ulon sentiment prevails among the merchants. Niw Voik, April 17?There is great excitement here to-day. A mob of some five thousand people gathered before the Exp/iss newspaper ?ttice this afternoon, and threatened violence If he American flag wis not displayed. It wns :hrown out amidst tremendous cheers Tlie oftl;es of the Day Hook and Journal of Commerce were also visited, with the same results The Duily News was next visit<-d, and the same demand made. The crowd Is rapidly Increasing, rbe Dally News soon put out the Stars and Stripes, when most of the crowd started for the New York Hotel, the headquarters of southern vialtors The Day Book has since drawn In thvir flag, ind a small crowd still hangs around the office, which is guarded by the police. NEW JERSEY Trkntok, April 17 ?Senator Thomson excesses bis determination to sustain the General Government The military board is In session, and orders have t?fen issued for four rMlmrntitn h* tnmUraH In .mined lately. MASSACHUSETTS Boston, April 1C ?The bark Manhattan.which irrlved this forenoon from Savannah, had a seceslion flag hoisted. A crowd proceeded to tbe wharf ind compelled Captain Davis to haul It down and aoist the start and stripes. Boston, April 17 ?A meeting of the Jackson [>einorratic Club, composed of Irish citizens, was Q^lrt last nl^ht. when resolutions expressing nni inching devotion to the Government were adopt?d, end a proposition was made to raise a ieg'meat to tender their services In defense of the lovernment. The Webster Bank has tendered SiO.fHK) to the State, end other Boston banks will swell the sum to SI ,WHi 0(H) The steamer S R Sponldlng, which lecves this sfternoon for Norfolk, will take Bid troops. Their destination ! > said to be Fortress Monroe. The remainder will start overland to-night by special train. PENNSYLVANIA. Pnn.adklphia, April 17 ?The patriotic deolaPillion* flf fiftVprnnp H iota <n -J i f I ~ I1VI <!< BD 111 VCU *lt "* IUC V'lllUli was posted on the t>ulletln boards this morning and greedily rend by the assembled thousands, who jjave enthusiastic cheers for Maryland aDd her patriotic Governor. The recruiting and enlistment of volunteers is proceeding *eadl!y. Five thousand men are already enrolled here, which It more than the quota required from Philadelphia. Besides th'.s, ttiose exempt by ajje from military duty are forming compani;-s of reserved guards, for tb? protection of the city Intelligence from Harrlsburg states that more thsn ten thousand men have already been accepted Senator lligler baa declared himself for sustaining the (joverment at all hazards Recruiting parties are i.ow parading the streets constantly Dr. Rizer. one of the Philadelphia nhvslclans who rendered sucb> valuable services at Norfolk during the yellow fever panic, ha? enrolled among the volunteers The excitement here is increasing every hour. Recruiting parties are parading every section of the rity The ladies have determined to tes'ifv their patriotism by wearing rosettes of "red, white and blue " A salute is to be tired here in honor of Gov. Hicks' devotion io thr Union. Harkiubvbg, April 16 ?Mr. Welsh, for himself and his democratic colleagues, '.hit morning presented reasons for voting against the bill enlitl'd an "act for the better organization of the militia of the Commonwealth " Th?* reasons n??* exception 10 me character cT the Mil, not the oV-ject. in placing tbe whole matter In the bauds nf an unknown military commission, and containing 110 discretionary power# on the part of the accounting officer of the Government hi the allowance and settlement of the accounts Th?* reasons iirmly sustain the Executive in his rerjuilition upon tbe militia of the State, and In all Ids ^institutional eflorts to protect the Government, to enforce tbe laws, and to defend the National Rag from insult ana dishonor. They are drawn n strong but respectful language, and were enurvtn th? lnu?t>ol ?-'! -.-J- * * 1? * * * .jvMiaai ?inv* murrcu 10 nc pncien. rhe rt-asor.s are signed by the members of both Houses The largest meeting ever known to Lave been field in this place was held to-night In the court louse. The purpose was to express the loyalty of he people and their unalterable determination to mstain the Government and preserve the Union. I'be meeting was presided over by Mayor Kepner, :he chief magistrate of the city. Senator Welsh, he Chairman c* the Democratic State Committee, Kepres'-ntative Armstrong, and others, comprisng prominent men of all parties, expressed an jnalUred determination to stand by the President it any hazard Strong rtsoiutlons, pladging the 'urnlshing of men and money to sustain th" Fed Ml authorities, were adopted unanimously. Hakkisbijhg, April 17.?Gov. Curtin has appointed .Major General Edward M Biddle, of l ? l - A J1 *- - * ? ' isumair, /I'ljuiam i??-i;erai; (?? n^ral Keubeil t'. Ila'e, of Philadelphia, tjii^rU-rmaster Oen-ral; md General John NAlcClain, of Krie, Cin.nis.jry General. MICHIGAN. Detroit. April 10 ?At an informal meeting of :itizens to-d?y, at which Governor Blair was present, It was resolved, in ordrr to expedite ti.e quipment of troops requirrd fr< m Michigan, to ra'Se SlWt.(M) by prlv.tte subscription A larye portion of the ?rriount was subscribed on the spot, ind the balance wiil ho rais"d Immediately 'Jeneral Cass responded liberally. ILLINOIS. Chicago. April 16 ?Gov. Yates, of 111 , and Sov Randall, of \Vis., to-day issued proHamat ons call! nj; for the vuluntec ri* aik?d for by the Fedc ral Government. Thf war feeling is intenae throughout the West. Uiipitches from almost every town In Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa that can be reached by te!pgrapb. repr> sent the people as very determined in sustain the Artmlnis'rntion in its efforts to enforce and uj hold the honor of the National flag. OHIO Cixcjxxati, April 17 ?Thirty-live boxes of ?uns, from Parkersburg, were seized to-day on tteanurs destined for Little Kock. Ark , and Memphis. A large shipment of powder has also been stopped. A shipment of bacon for Charleston, via NashviHe, w:>salso disembarked, and owners of boats have been notified to take no munitions or provisions South The police in boats search every pas*lni; steamer All the volunteer compenits here are filled, and m re are ottering than can be nccepted Three companies start Ui-nlght to rendezvous at Columbus Four hundred troops hre In readiness at vou?n/?* ??. - * - -* .v. uimtii. i ue worK 01 enlistment li progressing rapidly. RHODE ISLAND. Fall River, April 16 ?The steamer Empire State of the Fall lllvar line, has been chartered !>y the Government to convey the R bode Island lroo[? to Washington. She will leave Proviience on Thursday next. The Po^asset Hank has tendered a loan of I2.V000 to the Governor for military purposes. DELAWARE. Wilmington, April 17.?The secessionists are }veraw< d by prevalent Liilou sentiments They Sad planned the organization of a company to be irmed with rifles from tbe Military Academy, for he seizure of Fort Delaware, which was takeu by ;he Government The project failed. Senator Bayard is on a visit to Virginia. GEORGIA. Augusta. April 17 ?President Lincoln's proclamation is condemned and fUlokJ m-.... tuauy ons'.der the oflVrs of the northern volunteers mere gasconade Hundreds of battalions and regiments >f volunteers are quietly forming in the South? nany secretly?to meet these northern volunteers n < e?e they can be found An unparalleled war pirit Is aroused in the South, and men and means t're freely and lavishly offered It is believed that t will be impossible to subdue it short of a grand jational Waterloo conflict. SOUTH CAROLINA Charlksto*, April 17 ?There i? nothing stiring to-day. The prospect of Virginia's secession rives great jey. Over two millions of the Conederate loan has been taken in Charleston alone. The paper is readily taken in the interior. The >ooks will be opened again to-morrow. KENTUCKY. Lovisvilli, Kv , April 17 ?The Memphis and 3hlo Railroad offer* to transport troops and muniions of war for the Coufederule States free of barge rm* i - ? * aiie uuy council baa appointed a Military 3oard and appropriated 850,UW) for the defense of h? city I be U nlon flagi on tbe steamers Lave all been tatiled down, and tbe citizen* are everywhere inning and volunteering for tbe defense of tbe k>uth. MARYLAND. BiLtimoke, April 17.?Governor Hicks was waited upon last nigbt at bis hotel by Company ? ih- ??-- 1 , ..v u.^iuui m ouaiu, who miorinea uim that bev had come to sing the "Star Spangled Banler" with him The Governor expressed great pleasure at the riait, said be waa too hoarae to join with them, >ut be would tell tbem he waa still und?r the .tars and stripes. The "Star Spanpled Banner" irus tben sung by over fifty voices with flnetBVct. The Governor thanked the visitors for the curtesy, and said be hoped the song would be mng on all fitting occasions forever. The Union oust be preserved. A Voice.?Governor, you have done your duty ofar. Governor ?Vet, and 1 Intend to keep doing S3 Voices ?Well *tand by you. Much enthusiasm was manifested AsNiruui, April 17.?The practice ship Contltutlon waa fully armed this evening. Twenty $ J ^ 32-pounders are placed on the carriage* on her upper derks, and all the shot and ahell from the battery at tbe Naval Academy were placed oa board Only two gun* remain In tbe battery Tbe ship is not goln^ to tea, although late tb'.s evening she resolved her sails. | Havkk dk-Oback, Md , April 17 ?A larg* American llaj; is suspended acrcss the street at Havre-d* Grace, bearing tbe motto, "By the Eternal, the I'nlon must and shall be preserved." Prnisrtls AffairsTbe Warrington correspondent of the Pensncola Observer writes: April 11?Yesterday was another of the gr^at days to augment our army; tbe arrivals amounted io about six hundred men

The Mlsstssippians here consist of twenty-two companies, numbering about nineteen hundred men. Alabama has fifteen companies. and about fourteen hundred men. Georgia baa several companies. ar.d about seven hundred men; and Louisiana two companies of Zouavea. numbering over two hundred men. Capt Bogy*. of the Engineer Corpa. who hs?s N?cn absent for sorie time, haa returned to bis duties at this station. All peraona having spirituous liquors on their premises are advised to aend them away from here, under penalty of there being confiscated Several are, therefore, packing up such things for exportation. The arrangements are becoming very strict juat now, ao much ao. that people are afraid to go outside of their bouses after nine o'clock at night, lest thev might have to occupy free quarters in the guardhouse all night. There were forty-three arrpfiti miHo 7nnan/- - ? V* ?uc MVun ??? U ill^lilS Wherever vou turn this morning dray* are conveying furniture and other things away from tbe village. The people are satisfied there U going to be a bloody fight in this neighborhood very toon, and they are hurrying aw.iv from the carnage; the exodui will be complete in two or three days more. The streets are crowded with new comers? steamboats are plying constantly between the yard and the forts?excitement Is at its highest pitch, but will subside in a day or two at furthest The Confederate States are about commencing fortifications on^anta Rosa Island to-day The special mes*enger caught in your city was brought before lien Hraj:g this morning, who gave him a free pass to go to the fleet, and he awaits the return of the Wyandotte from outside H1 a nr\m<? li W/vml *??A *? * ? .. ?iiu uv, naa ii/iujrriy urcn l'l the 1"?tted States steamer Fulton April Ivl ?On yesterday. the Zouaves, arrompanted bv Lieut. Cobb, of the lied Eagles, visited Home parties who h*d been accused of Belllne liquor since the order for the tratlic to cease had b?en clven. and destroyed the "sti:ff" on the premise* This may utm hard to those whose property had bern destroyed, but It ii better that a few person* should suffer than that the masses . 1.1 V. J-> ' uiiuiu unvuic ufuajta I ne procwflinjji were absolutely neresiary, and these parties have to blame their own Imprudence for the result* Lieut Worden, who was the bearer of despatches, arrested a day or two ago on bis way to the fleet outside of the harbor, was unable to reach Fort Pickens yesterday on account of the storm; be remained in the Navy Yard all ni^ht I ffr*m 9 ? ",l*" '* -1' M _ <? ^diticuiau ?>uu i? writ iniurmea on such subjects tbat be is a native of Virginia. The steamer Kwing is chartered for service berc, and the pians are all perfected, but at tbe present time it would be imprudent to make tbein public. Last night was terribly stormy one?the lT. S. vessels aii put to sea yesterday, but whether they remained within tbe boundaries of the Gulf, or have proceeded totbe waters of the Styx, I have not b?eii able to as ertain The Wyandotte, as usu?l, has been embracing Fort Pickens all n;gbt The frigate Sabine is to be seen this m? rning at the r.nchorage. Our fair visitors from Alabama are about to leave for home; another fact prognosticating the squalllm f>s of tbe tjfnes in this partof tbe country. I A few days must i?nravel the whole state of affairs here. Debasing the t otn ?The most infamous of a'l the doiiiL's t?f the southern people yet. Is the debasing of the coi'' at the mint in New Orleans It is now ascertained upon the most undoubted authority that large quantities of silver ooin, bearing the similitude of ti e coinage of the United St-'itfs. are teiiia daily struck off and put lntocirculation. A considerable quantity wis offered here yesterd iv to one of our 'Sanks, which r?fus< d to have anything to do with it. The public should l?e fully cautioned by the press in regard to this spurious coin pending the action of the Government concerning It ?Phili. Bulletin Pun. a del phi a Troops em roctk to Washt vr_ tj . u ?t- 1 - * * - * iraivn ?mc * m.ancijmia ouneuu vi evening &: V> A detachment'of five hundred men of the Washington Brig!..le, recently raistd by General Wm. F Swail. ha ? received marching orders. They will proceed 10 Washington to-n!j?ht, leaving tbe city In a special train at eleven o'clock They will be under the command ?.f either Col. Kuik Van Dvke >>r Lieutenant-Colonel C Al llerry. The different rendezvoua of thU Brigade presented a decidedly lively appcarance this morning." C!7"The North and West appear to he terribly in earnest 1u preparing for war At Philadelphia and New York th? excitement is incre^sintr rather tban abating l:i the latter city an excited mob forced the Kxprest, Journal of Commerce *nd l);?y Hook to display the Fnited Sitat?* flag. The mrrrhanti i - -4I? 1 _ u i/iiu'u HirMiiiK anu arc liberally subv-ribl ? to prepare the Seventh Regiment for service I'he Boston banks will tender the Government 81 OOU.OUO At Cincinnati provisions nnd munitions of war for the seceded States have been seized, uiid all the passing boats arc searched. The K. G. C.'s in Boston.?Ureat Indignation has Iwen excited In Boston bv the report that Orderly Serjeant J<seph Short, of the Boston independent Kuslleera. left thatrity on Saturday for the Smith, where it is ?*.s*erted he !s en^ajird as a drill nftWr lie \? believed to be connected with t ie r.rder of the '.nights of the Golden Circle, which is supposed :o have a^en's in Boston enjja^'ed in enlisting troops for the Confederate Armv, numbers of whom are said to have leftfcr the S nth I !V-g=?A MGKTIMt OF TIIK JOHNPON 'L? Gnii'di wijl be held at ha'f-past7 o'- iksS 1 THIS KVKNIN':, at t n ||\ 1 tifj'. tin I ni >n Engine H?>u?e, Fir-t Ward. Good L'u.uu mc aro liivit-d to j?m. Y*,"NOTlL"li.-A inectinK of the Washington '< < If si 11 <* i n ^ Association is callcd at Offiae No 490 H str* et north,: b&ck of Patent Offiae. !ir th? request of riin.iiberi. As business of .nip. ranoo will be up, it i* hop*d the meinbers will attend, ap lit-2r J. TOWi KS. Aeti"* S>?c. M KKTINii FOR I UK OK<iANIZ\ J. -J t on of * Volunteer .Military Company vi 1 be held 'i 'HISiTt.uis.lay I KVKNIMi r>' Lehna's S*eub-n Hoiks, No. I'a. avenue, at?H i.'olo. k Vounp men ?isiiiug ?u became inemb"rs are invi- d to att'ful It* i rY-=F?THK MKMCKCS OF THE CAMKRON 11 < Guards are hereby oMared to meet at ttn-ir armory, To;np?'ance Hall, TO N IGHT at 7o'o.'k. A!l peruon* wishing to become members will please I i ffartheir selves, r-eve:a! t-peakers will bepiesen:. By oruer of the Captain. It R. BURCH. O. P. I rtHE3* ATTENTION. PULASKI R IKI.KS<_ 11^3 You areorcered to meetatthe M fropr>ii?nn Tru<*k Hon <*, Mass'ioliiiHfttx av.. oetv oen 4th and 5th st?.. THIS EVKNING at 7*4 o'clock, i> arrange mutter* pr<-patat.?r? to l?eius inuatcreii into ttie *f>rvic? All pepeorn doairous ol joining will at'eud. By oriier It* _ Capt. J. M. RO BISON rr5=???NK HUNDRED VOLUNTEERS vai.ted for service in tho District of Columbia. Apply to the comer of Tenth and E, old Medical College, fi'ft fl or. ap 17 (Y"?^ATTENTION.?All German ?it'*e"B are II *c rfqti?*ted to *tte?l * m-min* on THl'R>'Day. the 18th mutant, at 7>i o'clock, at Mr. Gerl.arili's Hotel, for tho purpose of organtZ'ng a military company. ap 17-8t* W TRAVELING TRUNKS. E Offer for said the ln-m't ??rnrlm?n( nf TKAVEiING TKUNK8 to bs found ina?i^ this city. comprising b<*(t Sole Lea'herRlVW Ladies' Dres* and Packing Trunks, Va-^?"?*" l:cei. Carpet Bag% Ac., wiiich we are now se ling at very low prior*. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. a? IjB sail Penn. avenue. J photographmalbums UST Received by, FRKNCH ft R1CH2TEIN a 'a-go and tplendid as* jrtm9nt of "Photocraphto Album*," lor Cart'.t de Visite, twenty different patUTR? ranging in prion from 75 cents to $ 10. A'?o, a fin* steei Portrait of Major Robert An durson, large and 8ma!I fixe, 25 cents each. Will be reoeived this evening an extra supply of the Now York Daily Times, Herild, and Tribune. A lao, a'l the Philadelphia and Baltimore papers, Papers from all part* of the ooantrr eou?t*ntty on hand. FRENCH A RICHMTEIN. a; 18 (Ictel. * Kepub ) 27S Pa. avenue. W SPRING CLOTHING. ALL, BTEf HE * V*t are tan da? in re cept ol their second supp'T of SPRING CLOTHINti&nd mat'rial ioi their custom trade, consisting of Now C'oths. CaMim^ri an'1 V'?s'ini4.o the lat?>>t i tyles, wiu^h th?*y will make to order in supe i >r HtTleat vcjf lew p/ict-s. Gentlemen w??hing an immedia'o outfi* will find I _ u 1- J- ?? * 111 uui aciuT riikun iitc&rtvipni Cffj y arllc.e Ol vVfariug Apparel em'ableto their wa t*. WALL., STJS 'mKN8 * CO.. ap 16 324 PecD. avenue._ PROPOSALS FOR COAL AND WOOD. Orricx Sickitaxt ir Sxxais U. S.,t Ami 18, 1661 > Seal*d Pbopohai* vi'l bo rfceivwt at thia office till 12 o'clock on .Mjonday. the 6< h Ala? next, for furnishing, f r the u?e of the !*eaate, five hundred to mi be*t white aaL furnace Co\l iama'l *>ramt>oat ? *?) and ?event)-fiv<( cords heat dry ?prnce sine Woxl. The whole to t e paokedaway iu he vaults of the Capitol, in plit'<es wi tch VtU be siiowu on application to tn? Engineer id the aen ice of the Senate: and to be d?i|v?-r d by the 3'th Jonerfxt. Bonds (or the faithful execution ol the ooct act wi 1 lie r-quired. ' Bida for the oovl and wood will be o nsHer-d acpvau-ly aod aatiaU-itorj a r?n?f nient? must be f"'"" ???~ ^TSTury feW ap lfr-JtMay j Secretary of tlM Senate. ??i^??SS5S Ten Days More Oily - AT n V A N a ' s 176 PtanylTtila AuaM 4T6 We ihall coutina* car a&lecf JEWELRY, PLATED MT A R F, *c, roft TE.V DAYS LONQER-ONLY. Now ia yoor tima to m%ie * ae'w'ion of JEWELRY AND PLATED WARE from the moat extensive an<l '<??aiitifnl eeertmert ever ctfjred for e%e in tma or &nj oth*r oily, For the Low Pnoo of ONE DOLLAR! We hmva juat recsi ved a new invoice of ?'l tM DIFFERENT STYLES OF SETS in market, together with A LARGE LOT OF LOCKETS, PINS. K A II K !!*??, LADIES and UKNTLKMfcN'9 CHAINS, BRACELETS, Ac.. Ao. Alto, A LOT OF PLATED WARK, CODSIStlLf of Knives an J Forks, Wi.liri, Cake Baskets. Giblets, Cup?, Bait Stands, Tea and Table S#oous, Ao., Ac. JL_i ^ ^ .Eftl ^ ^ 9 . SELLING AT HALF PRICE! and " He now mar rrad who Could nf>trm1 hafoie. And lie who a .way oonld May read the ir.ore." We Sha I POSITIVELY CLOSE OUR STORE as advertised. ar.d we invite your EARLY SELECTION cfaujr of our artic'.ea t efore it ia FOREVER TOO LATE! OXL Y TEX IIA YS MORE' G. 6. EVANS. 476 Pksxsylvaxta av*nc?, pp 18 Between 31 and 4V? st?. SMALLSTORED,' 'CANDLES,- Ac., 18?l-'62. Navy D?aktm*ht, ) Burtait of Provision* and t'lotkint, > April 17. ISM. \ Proposals, ?eA.!<*d *nd endorsed "Offer 'or Small 9to ei?." or <?tf?r :or C*ndl*?." or ' Offer lor Salt water Soap."' or 'Offer lor Mu?t*ra !*e?d, B ack Pepper." Ac, a* the ca*e waj be.wiUb* received at th'i Biueau until 9 o'clock A M-on theZl'tda.v of Ma; next, for furmshtnx and delivering (on receiving twenty d?ys' notice) at the I luted S ates Navy Yarls at CSar'.ei'own, Ma* e?chuse'.ts; Brovkyn, New York; and Goaport, Virginia, such quantities only of the following ar utir-3 < ujL<;r-pun^ in- c?u- waiei roap ana in? *'?n<)!en, for cach ?f wh ch separate Proposals and contract! ?iil b<? iradei a* ma* be reqm-ed or ordered from the contractor by the Chiot o' this Bureau, or t.y tl?? re?p?*-?ive commanding > flicers of the Navy Yarda, during the fiscal year ending June 3u, vis: Boxes, ehsvinc. India Blacking, boxea of ruhber Com r>?,coarse, India rnb B U3ii?*, shaving ber or cutta percha Brushes, aorubbinc Coinhs.line ladM rubber, Biu he*, ahoe or gatta p*tcha Hru*h*s,clothes Grass for bais Bvttoal.nav? vest Jack-knives Buttons, navy medium Razors, in a<ng!e cases Buttons, nav? ooat Rsior straps Ktition* de\r1 ejo Fci'fors Beeswax, ia '4 lb c'-kes, Spucns pur* Cotton rpoola of Nos. 12 and 16. 3W yarda each 3 cords, fqu&l pi'ts. Hv.dko ctiief-.otton fast colors.Si by 30 inet'M, rreiRh; Lot t?stiiau2oz owj, i-xlure 8 by ft to inoli. Needi's, sewing. Nos. 1, 2, 3, and i, drill eyed betweens. Kit>bon, ha*, beat French black, 12 yards to the ! nipna- with 11^ Soap. sh&vic;, in cftks t, each sake not lets than 2 czs. i Suk, ?ewinr, bine black, wrapper not to exceed 2 c 7.. to t!:e pound. i li-eari. bla -k a d white,Mars hall's or Ba'bcur'a best qu*!:tj, aid in ?uch proportional* may be Teq mred. lap?, white lines, 4 yards in length, % inch wide. i'ape, black, t\r.! el cotton, e yard* in leagth, H inch wide. '1 lurrb'.es. 3-litand ft 1" in diam*ter ?11 ti.s above articles must be included in the cffoT. WniT* Sai.T watir ?oap ? Separate bid for DO.Oro ptjuvrf\. and suck additional quantity at may bt rtqtirtd. The So*p must be manufactured from ooen?-nut ?11 AT i! f> i? f ' ho KAO ?> >!? .. ? ? ?' ?l? ? , - > . . va< ?waiik7*UDUV'1lUI?'rU ?UU? sail water K>ap," ?L(l delivered on eiitY d*fs' ; notioc, in i?o'*d ktrrnc boxes of boot 75 pou.ds each. and. al'er in. p-o'ion, the boxes must be hooped at each end at the exp*n?eof tn* c niractor. The (.noe to be umf jrm at ail the yards. StEABINKC'aSBI.K*.?S*par?t<t bid for 6),w>0 pound t, and iiwA further jnonf i.'y at may be require*. Th? Candl-s must be "sixes," of prime leaf lard ttt?arme. 3 ! > u.ct;*? in leufih, ticlu itre of tip. six cand e* to wciich not le*s tnau M ounoe? 5*i 1<*>, nor more man IS ounoss, avd b9 paid for aooordinc to the actual wci<ht. without reference to coir<mrrcia ut-age; the m* it:ng eoirt not to be l?rs ttian 14" decrees KaLrenh'it. The wick mint b? braided, and coins >se?i ol 7-t o itton thread* ot the lie?t qu*litf Ko27yarn Thacaodlt-a must be dehvere i on ij ui k DUUOB, ut g< o 1 'oi'i, cuutairin< rb iut 3-1 pounds oach. ar1 : ? *ox t>< b-1 marked the contractor'* r arr.e Had the weight if the o& PARAFrtNE C KXPLK*.?Thi? offer i< separate and distinct l r ten th'Kixaiid pound *. aco'Tdm* u> cam p!-. a>.d puci further qu&utit) as may b? resuired, for which sixty daya' ii<>tico wil! be)? ven. Mc^tasd ?rm, Hunt PrrrKU, Ac. 3?r arve b: :s f >r r I that miy be requ'red ft r tvie use nl the r.avr, t> bt* de ivcr<-?i at New V orlc oriy. Mus'.a'd Sera, Ani?wioan brown. reaper, b.aot, Ala ibar Bottles. orMcuii. for n.ustard arid p?pprr. Corka for botU63. .All the foregoing artio es inupt be of the best q.'alitv, and conf r.nahle in all respeot* 10 the s\mpi<?s deposited a: said Navy Yards, and suhj9ct to suih inspect on at the Navy Yard where <i ivcredast^ech efofthe Kur^au may direct, the M<npr>ciiiig t>mcer u> >e appoiiiioo l j Uio >avy Depanmsnt. All tee article* to he delivered free of any moid-ttal expose to th Government, T proper vu *e!s or packages, a id the price of each artio e mus' lie the s*iiie at the reep*?cttve places uidelivery. P(voi>*ieH in wl.ich th* above article* are deI livered must he mar tec! with their coutents, and the namo of the oo> tractor, and he sufficient to tnfure their temporary ?aie keeping. The contractor must vstabiiBh agencies at suoh stations other than his residence, tnatnode'av inay ansa in furnishing what may re required; and when a contractor or a?ent fails promptly to tonfly with a requisition, tiio Chief of the Bureau <?f Provisions Rr J Clottiing sha 1 he authorized to direct purchases to >e niad 't.i supply the oefioiI enoy, under the peralty to ie exp:etsed in the contract; the reoord of % rrqtrsition, or a duplicate copy thereof, at ih<> Hu. au of Provisions and C,. thir.5. or at either o| the Navy Yards aforesaid, *hail b? eviil nee that such requisition bas been made and received. Two ?*r m> re ap?r >ved sureties in a sum equal t) tn? estimated amount ot the contract, will b? required, and twenty per centum in adii uua win vi wii; ne a iron the amount of all payind: t8 uu account thereof a* coi ?wal security, 11 e*t uro its performance, and tot in auy event to be paid it is it. al! respects comp ltd with; aichty prr w.itum oi th< ?tin > out of ail deliveries made w.l! be paid by the Navy A rent within thirty dais a>ter hills, duv authenticated, a hall have been presaited lo him. Hlar.k tin ms of proposals may be obtained on application to the Navy Agent*at Portsmouth. New Hampshirej Boston, New York, Philadelphia. ttammors, >or!oik, and at tins Bureau. A record, or dupiio?e<f the letter informing a bidder of the aoo?ptH'ioe of hi* proposa , will be deemed a notification thereof, within the meaning o< the act ol 18?6. and hi* bid will be made and aooepted iu corji.rinity with thi? understanding. Kvery offer mill he acooirpanied (a* directed in the aot of Congress tr.akiug appropriations lor the Naval service for lM6-'47,approvd 10th ol August, 1846 > by a written guarantee, ?n ned by one or more re?pon*ible person*, to tne effect that he or they undertake that the t>i<lder or Didders wil . if his or their bid be ?ocepte.j, enter into an obligation within ten days, with good acd sufficient sureties, to furnish the sucpliex proposed. The Bureau will not be obligated to consider any proposal uniess a-compacted by the guarantse reqa.rei by law; the competency of the guarantee u> be certified by the Navy Agent, ilistnot Attorney,or Colleotor of tl.a Hor'. The attention of bidilers is tailed te the samples and descriptions (Jarticles required, a:, tn tke mspection for reception, a juit but rtgic comparison will be made btrwtn t/ie articles nfered and :kt un pies ami contract, roteiring none that fail below them; and their attention is also particularly ilireeted to th? joint resolution of March 27, 1854, and to th* net of the 10th Au*H.<t, 1846. ap H-1?W4W DIRECT IMPORTATION or 1 respectfully rail the attention of tie ladies to Mm* full find tifcndsome asaortnent of FkKNCH Ml 1.1.1ft KKY UOMDS.^BJ BONNETS. F LOWERS, HIM , 8TKAW ?OOf)$ of every description, H14.K and LACK MANTLK8, SILK BaHOCKS. TRIM Ml.SGS, LAC 1.8, KM BKOIDKRIKS. fco , *o I Adiea will do veil to examine my goods, as they will bad them the hneat and oaeipest in tl?e market. M. WILLIAN, Impohtxk, No. 33 Market Space, Wa?hingu-n, O. C., ap 8 2w,if and No. T Cite Trev tae. Pans. I MURK NEW GOODS AM Now r?o?irin< d?w auppliM cf DRESS UHOU8, in 8nki, O'tjr Ooodf, I'Mlii*. Detail?. l.avM, Chal in. Small Check 8ttkn, ki Calf ?*'lj and **t firtt ohui >? Atao,a large aaaortaaat 1 of MOURNING GOODS of all kiuda Huriml lov pnoea. HENRY EGAN. 393 pa Hoath tide, batwran ?th aod 7th aU., M 15 ttaf Naw Iroa Railduif a. A WM. T. DOVE * OO. RE Nov prepared to asaoita u; aniaca vttt nun ! ET atora ?waytry>.^law Aoyaaonjiff n, ????? ? AUCTION SALES. At Al CTloV!VvBJ*C*Sw'J,L Ir t ft CO FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. Arm 19t* abt>?Oth. C<>aiMMini M t? o'ciock a m. f?e)i <li?. Th? Katir* 8to?k of j apa.nfcsk GOOD!" J Now in *tore No. xn? rmciTlnmi lvw?, (Willards* Hotel I OREAT CHANCE FOH PRESENTS. Every article to bs soid without reserve. l?Ult B? GK KEN * WILLIAM!*. A?oU?n?era. EXTENSIVE SALE OP HOI fLHOLD a*. A KlTCMEK KCKRITCKB LAHSB LOT of CtlrtTt AMD Mattisg# At Acctio*.? On S>ATt K DA I . tb? ?'th m?t*' t, we shall Mil m froc' of oar stor*. No 526 Seventh iuwi, at lOo'aioet a. m . an ex trnmvc auo tmert of eio'tlent t-srnitiire, ri? . Mahogany and Waiaat sola*. Casto., Rocker actf other Chair*. Mahogany and Walnut Bwkow. Hecretarte# and Desk*. Mahntaar and Wi nit Mar his top Dressing ail other Bureau*. Marbie-top Center, Dining, Breakfast and ote?r TeMas. Mtrble-top Washa'aada and Sideboards, Hat-trsef and Lounges, A large assortment of Carsets, Matting and Oilcloth, Jenny Lird. Cottage and other Bedsteads. Be?la and Bedding, 75 Singl* and D^nhle Mattrerses, Window Csrtaina, ? ookicg, Rao lit >r? and niker Stnvee. Clua. ?lau ?'ruck*ry m l 8t>ii \V?rc, YVith a l%rg?4ot ?f . fer GooJa which *i d?*m nn<*c ^oarf to 0 iuih??'?, good Market Wayn. T?rma oMk 14 e 11'rent fnnda. The above mentioned etock of goode belong to p-raooa about to remove lrom the city. aec.ndhand bet good. * pereu ptorjr. _ap 18 d_ (. kF.FN A W1LL1AMP. A?eta c,y J. u. Motil'JKfc a. cu. A?m#n*r?. f TRUSTEE'S SALE OF Fl?NITl;KE AND HotiKUuLD Krvttit.-On SAriKl)A \ , April 2<?th, *' 1<? o'clurk, is frc?nt of the Auotien Koonrn, we ?hal. *ell. t>? virtue of ?dMd of t aat. duly execute ?nd r*0*nte4,t valuable aeeortinent o! Hou ehoul Furniture &e<i Kflecte. ooropriaiug Waluut'! et*-a-Tete and Mahogany fcair Sprine *0At Sola*. Roe wood Murb e- top 8ofa TaMea, Mahogany Sprit.* ?f*'. P?t or Chairs and Rookera. Wa'iiel \Vfeatou<, Faney Uhtire, Do %nd Mahocanv ?t<>ute, Cane >e?(Cha ri, ounrea, Mrutae 'a Thrce-plj* ead Jn?ram Carpet*. tit?rno5 Uining Tab'.ee, Oak Dicing Chair#, fing'eaud Double Mattreaaea, Bolater* and Pi.low*, iiedatea's. Hureane. Waah?t*n(*a. L >t China, Crockery and Uia?? Were, Cookme Stove. R?fMrerat.?r Ac. Term* caah in current fund* up is t J. C. MoOl'IRE ft CO , A?? >. CHICKERINti A WtNS' PlAN??8FOW SALE on monthly payment*, or HiwiobU ??>r oa*h. JOHN F. ELLIS. M H SQH. between <*th an* l<Hh ?a. PIANOS FOR R KNT.-A ?reat number of Pianoe, erat>racicr ever) olau n\.:^ ttyle and pnoe. lor rent hy the we^k.n r\'W month or year, at reasonable rate*. ' ' ? " * JOHN F KLI.IS. ay 17 Pa. av., het ?th and l"tn eje. SHIRTS! SHIRTS'! SHIRTS!!! A fir:t rate Shirt, weil bhuI*. of *ood material, and warranted to fit, for $125,a'.l eixee. with 01 without eollart. for ea?hNOAH WALKER ft CO.. ap 17 3t 36S Pa. avrone. Brown'i Hotel. fJAMMACK'd REbTAl BANT. A fica lot of Tl'RTLKS juat received and will be served u? in ever* *t? >. t OVSTKH4*, L??BST? :???. *nd the delictoiee of the ?eat-ou, in frrat^Sji^fl# a> uudaroe *U'i variety. J. D. HAM MACK. Kf 17 3t ruder Wi'lirda' Hot*'. \LL ON ACCOUNT OF THE ^RISlSs KK AOV M A OF CLOTHING AT VERY REDUCE!) P R I C E 8. H v k Cloth Frock C??U (or 512. worth #??. Black Oueikin C*?aini*r I'anu f-t fii. worth ? SA. Hue B ack and Ficuieri 81 k Ye?U for Qi, worth 5. Carniner Buaine?s SmU for * 10 ar.d upwards. a 11 good* we aell are vl our own manufacture, and warranted NOAll WALKKR A CO.. Exttniivt Afaw?/a/-?wrer* of huniy mwdf Cltkim*, and Furmth nt Goodt Otalert, ay 17 6t .Its Peiiii av?nu??. VOLUME FIFTH Al ACAULAY '? Hlt*ToftV OF ENGLAND.?Tbia edition of ia worthy of eapecia! attention. inasmuch as tie fifth volume o<>ntair? a larf? amount of matter i??t oontaiced in air other editions. comprising a bi ocrsphical and orit cal ? ketch of Maoau a? ? Ufa, cnaraoter and wr>t:n?. br S Aukt n A:;ih?ii#.* (lout,I? p?i? fac aimile from one <f Mtotiilti'a lataat rcnuuaeripta. n fa i and elaborate index to tne five vo.uraN, while the additional aotM U? the firat f>>nr volume* have bean incorporated (ran (be laat London edition. It t? therefor* aiaiiued lot thiH ediuon that i? la the nioat oompieta. aooa at* and *atiaiaoUiry of ?ni ?? ' before ptibliahed. For uehr FRENCH A RirHMEIN, ap 17 27" Penn. a venae PEACE, PEACE. PEACE.-F r rent or *ji chance in part for oitr prope-ty or Weeterri land*. * very va.cahle FA R M, eoi.tair in* Id ?rm of choioe .and , *<kH ' uudiuca : he\lth? location . p;easai.t y Mtua'*<l t'-n mJea fruin Waaliiutoit, D O. Apply to O G !*A<.K, No .%?2 Sevaeih at . (Odd Fellowe* Ha..I,? Washington City. DC. ap lo-lw* Great sale of DRY GOODS, AT PANIC PRICES. Foa Cakh We have a large atock of SPRING DRESS GOODS; ala<>. a ceu'rai a*MKtment of Staple At tlfl**- Tt V II. *( 1a?l*^ ? . * ~ _ . ?, ? ? ? %mv urnri i w ?'li? oi iamilie* vhioh w ?> ? f.?! in* at reduced prie<<a forl/m aaii. J. W Uul.'iKV A CO.. ap 13 2w A'21 71 h ct, t?tv. U and Pa av. CSTEINWAY ft *ON8' AND RAVEN A BA ? CON'S PI AMOS?A I arte a*?ortm>n'__j^?^ ha? juat Neen received.? Pe-aou* la a?arc> |BM3 < f a reliable instrument at a low price areMW 1' * invited to oall and examine at the Maaio Store of W.U. MET7.LRO I f. (irdtra reoeivad for Mr. M&RCUS REBINE, Piano Porta I un?r ay II RORKAT EXCITKMEST' ENFORCEMENT OF HARVEY'S OYSTER DEPOT. No eoldi?ra, but a p ?ntifjl lufp'j of OYSTERS. HARO CRABS. LIVE LOB^TERS^. a.r.1 HHsTnV t'luu ..f - -i- ? * ? wwa x?4? ?OH *'l ?l> ftlUUI. t .1 Don't (tli to oall ana get the worth rfvllj# your money. T. M. HAKVEV, a?ll tf UNI c street. TO ALL WHOM IT MAV OONCERN.-As my ?on 10 liv, Rev. Robert ku kind.y own-en ted to aid me in up the mi?1? of my late hatband. a. H. y? urn this > to nouf> the public,and e?pectal!r those indebted to Mdd Mtate.thkt he. Mr. Kellen. will hereafter be ify only aathorized agent, or attorney, to att?v>4 to my busineas in tun connection, aaU any and a 1 other powers of attorney heretofore % iveo are hereby revoked. Mary a. young, Kxeeatnx. Mr. Eellenean he seen at Mri. M. A. Yoanc'a residonoe, I et, between 9th and ?Cth sta., brtwe-n th> h^ors iifl *< '1 firm ??*r? -? ?? ' - - ~ ? 7 ' ?r ?^-n For Two Weeks Loader! Owing to the inclement weather, and a d'Jttre tp accommodate ail persons, toe have determined to ieep our Store open FOR TWO WEEKS LONGER: RIDDLfc'ft GRKAT IALI or Pmititkly to Clo?> on thk Fiut or Mat. Nov ia tk? Time to mfcke your aolootiona from o?r Extensive and Beautiful Assortment of JEWELRY FOR THE LOW PRICK OF ONE DOLLAR. COME AND 6ET A GARNET SET For ONE DOLLAR LAVA SET For ONE DOLLAR CAMEO SET For ONE DOLLAR PLAIN GOLD SKT For ONE DOLLAR CORAL SET For ONE DOLLAR MOSAIC BET For ONE DOLLAR ENAMEL SfcT For ONE DOLLAR Or, Any of oar Aaaortnont of SMALL ARTICLES ...-For FIFTY CENTS CALL AND EXAMINE tid MAKE YOUR SELECTIONS EARLY. STI DS AND BUTTONS, of all iiiM. FOR ONE DOLLAR. PLATED KNIVES AND FORKS, SALTS. SPOONS. NI'T CB *(** ai\mi mmm ? * WVUDSOi *0., * ., Ae., FOR ONE DOLLAR. BEMEMBER: WE CLOSE OUR STORE ob the FIRST DAY OF MAY. No. SOS PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. CLOSING OUT AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. M M lwj pRKNCH STEAM BCOUBEBS. BALTI W. P. SB^f^SOS jtUTiwk, U4i?' Dhi01 ororj <w>rt?<ioa mm to o.ctnod, looriEf tko liwr* of ulk ?qmJ to mr. Shaw Cnwn, ? aitMno, and C?rHii AUa &psa=p?*ttswsn?si mlt %p wear. N. B-No 4r*? OM frtiU'r+r ??tM tkm tipmmm irr? *m. <tatA.> mS^b