Newspaper of Evening Star, April 18, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 18, 1861 Page 3
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i !H?" 1 ' JJJMLilUJBg LOCAL NEWS. l?7*Tkea?h Tbk St a.* la printed on the fastest ?t**rn pmi in asp south of Baltimore. its edition I* so Urj r si to require It to be pat to press at an bonr; Advertisementa, therefore, abo'iid be ww>t in before lit o'clock m.; otherwise tbey may ao: appear until tte nert day. ru ?a i ? i .a ii-i.._ wa _ a J ? i nuiici.?1'iirrici 01 toiumuia AU>finiraicnw to be Inserted in the Balt'iXors StJNare received at and forwarded from Tri s?ta* Office. Military Movements Hkrk?There was some wtir amongst tbe military companies here last night in consequence of order* for extra vigilance. ?nd of a nature to indicate tbat something was 'n the wind. Company E, *2d artillery, U S.A., w*a stationed at the Long Bridge with Its guns trained to rake that passageway. Tbe Light Infantry were also stationed for the night at the same point, and ware quartered in the old brick building formerly uaed as a hotel A picket guard of cavalry wis posted at two -nda ?f the bridge, as usual. This guard ia relieved every two hours, and their horsemen dashing along the streets with tbe ample skirts and capes of their blue coats floating In tbe bretxe, and each wearing at the uummel of hla high Mexican aaddle a bundle of ViJtv ai ? haltlno fnr Kia Kn?a? ??? oKi>/>?a j R? ... of unceasing Interest, especially to our boy population. who follow with a " hooroar" as fast as tbeir limited legs will carry tbem. At the Columbian Armory we found the Putnam Rifles, Captain Tbistleton, on dutv for the ni^bt. and with special orders to be ready with loaded guns for any emergency Thisftine company now numbers 1W) able-bodied men, of the right stripe, and is a credit indeed, to the Seventh Ward. A very picturesque and busy spectacle wcs {resented on entering the Armory. The drill room flower floor) wts completely alive with the various souads Some were going through the manual or arms under impromptu drill sergeants, I tl ? L ? ?* ? * ri,t? lur ao?rp tiong ci toeir oraer arm* ' upon *be stone floor m king lively military music Others were occupied in placing their names upon thebufl" strap* of tbeir newly-received musk? ts Th?se arms are tbe Government minte mosket. with the Maynard primer, but capable also of using tbe common percussion cap in rase cf emergency. Ore group was clustered about a heavy, bad-colored squire box, receiving their q>io?a of cartridges; while another w?s similarly posted at a larger box, of unpainted white pine, containing some of Uncle Samuel's military belts, which were in progress of disinterment for the bfiir-flt of the "Killes " Some scores of Uncle Sam's browned bayonets were in the course of circulation and l>elng adjusted to the muskets Somewhat later in the night, some of the Rifles" turned in to their quarters (luxurious couches of pine boards.) for a little sleep, and precious little it must have been, for about this time tbe majority of the company formed in single Hie ana to tbe music of "The girl I le't behind me," upon a violin and with vocal accompaniments, commenced that famous rotary march seen frequently at the breaking up of a camp-meeting, and sometimes put through with nuch unction by tbe bed-lessones upon a crowded steamboat excursion The "Putnam Ritfes" are a lively set, and will "keep things moving," whether In peace or war SrW COMPA5 KS Captain Balbach's company, the Washington Rifles, has grown so rapidly in numbers since the war news broke out, that it has been determined to fi'Tin a second company. Company E, National Guard Battalion, Capt Morgan, turned out ?.-> numerously yesterday at ?tse War t>epartment, that tbe surplus over cne hundred privates, when they ascertained that tbe I' Tciuiiiriii wouia jioi accej* more than thit trjmber in any one company. determined to form of theinselv.s the nucleus of another company, anil expect to have a complement of men therefor In a day or two. Tuia compaay turned out I3r, instead of 106 strong, as stated yesterday. The Union Volunteers ire drumming up recruits, ard expect to have a full company bv to-morrow. Their oftsm already elected are Capt. James FUtchcr, and Harry Duncan, Lat Liet.t A meeting was beld l^st nigbt at the restaurant of Kukl & Rupp, Seventh street, opposite the market-house, at which the skeleton company, to be called Company F. Washington Light Infantry Battalion, was formed. It is understood that the command of this coropmy. when organized, will be tendered to Mr. C R. Bishop, formerly of the tirfft company of tbe National (iuards The Cameron and Wataon Guards. Capt* Elder and Stewart, are taking vigorous measures to place mtir several commands on a war footing. l.ast night a new coir pan y was organized at the Navy Y?rd, at the first call made In the afternoon The following were elected officer*: W. P Ker^uwn. Captain, Lieutenant*, lat, Jos G Carroll; 2d, W. Nottingham: 3d, James B Davis This corps will join the National Guard battalion, lettered m Company F. At soon as the officers are commimiooea the company will be mustered into service Company D, Union Regiment, Capt. McClelland are also hard at work and expect to ba *e dy to tender their services to the Government la a day or two. RESIG!*ATT05. Adjaant General Charles Lee Jones, D C. M , rescued bis commission yesterday. PI tl> AR ATlO.tS FOB KOBE TBOOPS Carpenters are r.ow erecting a stable 2(J0 feel lo-,^ on Delaware avenu-. near the Capitol, for 2 company of artillery expected to arrive In thli ciiy soon. COMPANY PE1LL. Yesterday afternoon the company of Washington Light Infantry now in service under Captain Towers, formed in front of their armory, all in uniform, with fatigue caps, for company drill, Tb? ?;jp?*r<> condition of their equipments, notice, nble by ever) ot^erver, comhiutU with their pre. ?is* and prompt movement* la marching and iLt manual, to dr<?w from the crowds of Indies and gentlemen proaoenadiag the avenue frequent e* pressiona of applause. m v i/n t . Tbe Potomac Light Guard. (Georgetown,) Capt Boyd, Lleuta Drew. Burch and McGraw, 5 sergeants, 4 corporal* 1 n.uslcian. and 5*2 men, arr ved at an early hour at the War Department, and reported for service They were accepted and iworo in. BThe J ackaon G jards, Company A, Capt McDermott, Lieu'a Tucker, Duffy and O'Donnell, Quartermaster J 0'Mera.5*ergeanU, 4 corporals, t musicians, and PI) privates, arrived at the Department shortly after 12 o'clock m .and tendered their services to the Government This company is composed almost if not entirely of men who have always been opposed to the politics of th? present administration, and they desire it to b*i known to the world that they are unconditional t'nion men The efforts of tbe officers, ably assisted by Lient Duffy, in getting up this company are deaervtng of all praise Tbe Slemmer Guards, Capt. Knight, came to tbe Department at 12,p. m , and were sworn lato tbe service. At the tame time nine recruits arrived for the Henderson Guard* (Capt. f-'oxwell's command) and were ?wora io. Thk MixiCis Dollae Robbzby ?This morning, at 11 o'clock, tbe case of Charles Chas?, (colored ) charged with being concerned In the robbery of Wm Brown (colored) of ?40u in Mexican ai.d American silver dollars, was brought before Justice Thompson, th?e Chi^f of Police assisting Is the examination The evidence, for which we have not room to-day, justified the ending of the case to court, and Justice Thompson required the prisoner to iiive bail in S*Ol) fur his appearance at the succeeding term. In cossi^rK^cK of the Inclement weather o( last week, whereby a great number of our citizens were prevented avalUng themselves of his closing out sale, our iriend Kiddle, of the ''One Dollar Store," baa concluded to remain In the city for two weeks longer, positively to close on the first day of May. Those who have not done so will of course avail themselves of this last chance, and lay in a stock of jewelry and silver plated ware. See his advertisement in another column. CuT? Makkkt ?No ctnnge of prices to-day worthy of special notice In the fish market the supply was moderate; dealers report that there ii comparatively little doing at the shores. Herring were more plentiful at SeaSlO per thousand; shad range from S14 to SIS per hundred; large rock and the bunches bring 50c to SI, according to size; bunched fi*b, '25c. The hay market was well supplied; demand moderate; prices unc banged. Diclinid th? Service ?A letter from Martlnsburg, Berkeley county, Va , to a gentleman in this city, says that orders were received by the captain of a volunteer company tbera, to bold tbeaiseives in r-ad:n'*? to marcb to Harper'a Ferry, and Uike tbe Government property then* imiu-dUUiv upon tbe passage of au ordinance of iTMi un at Richmond Tbe company otllceri were called to^'tber and unanimously resolved to die first " TmtTii.-Tom Taylor's new comedy, "Tbe Babes In \Vood,'' was a decided bit last night, more especially tbe part of - Jeremiab Beetle,'' ai represented by tbat true sou of Momus. Joseph Jefferson, Esq It will repeated to-night, to yetner wnn \u? always attractive burlesque ol ? Mazeppa." Bt m? notice rlaewliere, t? will be aeen that a uteal.n^ will be held to-i.l^lit at No S3"2 Pennsylvania. to organize yet another volunteer company. 1 he organization it beingg effected by p^rion well quali fled for the duty, and an acceptable orgt olzitlou will doubtless be perfected. Rktcbkid ?Yesterday, an collated soldier be Iahu nn In th? linffMtni atat:An?uf In this rltu fm a mouth put, and who had been mlaalnt> at roil rail for arveral data, waa taken In tbe northern jMfi of the city and returned to hta quarters. Akbivkd at Carter' Wharf, foot of Thirteen utd-vhalf street, achoonrr Charlea Gaaklll, l>u?. t hi, Philadelphia, with 1141 tons at coal for H Hcchat. .Cj. It > 1 .'.-'l-LL-'llJ. 1 . ? A5otfc*? ' Fiu sutich" Miitim* m Old Taiairt.-Laat night, old Trinity Church was filled by large crowd who bad assembled with the expectation of bearing Caaalua M. Clay, of Kentttcrj. That gentleman w?s not present however. *o' the mteting waa addressed by Mr. Krzw tuowskl, of this city, Hon. Mr. Uutchins. of Ohio, Prof Daniels, of Wisconsin. Hon J. C Dlrkev, of Pa., J C. Vaugban, of Kansas, and G . P Kdgar Ex-Gov Bibb, of Ohio, was called on for a speech, but as it was late he made but a few remarks, and consented to speak at the same clace this event nir Durlnp the Intervals nf th?- i speak ng Airs Prof. Daniels, of \Vi?., sunir "The Star Spa^eled Banner." -Columbia the Gem of the Ocean," and '-Hall Columbia," with an accompaniment upon the inelodeon. The following resolutions wi re read and discussed, and laid over untttl to-night for adoption: " (/'mild w? Stand "?Whereas, some of the States, ctfiiposing the United States, have assumed an attttule of defiance and hostility to the Federal Governn^nt; and. whereas, we admit the right of no St4'?e to secede from the Union, to renounce her own?or to absolve her people from their allegiance tlferetc; and, whereas, " the unity of government fcvhicb constitutes us one people," has been fhejmaln pillar of our real independence, of our pros)jerity and greatness as a nation, and of the resne^t we have commanded abroad: and ? 1 1 whereaa we do as our fathers did before ua, cherish a coldial, habitual, and Immoveable attachment to 4ur National Union Therefore? We, w*io have hereunto aigned our names, do aolemnly declare and mutually pledge ourselves to each other, and to the world, that we will, under al?, circumstances, and at every hazard and cost, to t{<e last dollar we p< and the last drop of blood'ln our veins adhere to and support the Constitution of the United Stat**, the Union and the Federal Government in the enforcement of the laws ,?nil the maintenance of its authority. And w<? further declare, that we will hold all men, inhabitants of any cf the States, as traitora and enemies who will not thus support and sustain the Union, the Constitution, and the National Government; conscientiously believing that unless ' we, the people of the United Sta'rs," are loyal to our Union and Government in this dark hour of trial and peril, we al-till be falae to our fathers, false to ourselves, false to our children, and falae to freedom; and shall sink Into anarchy only to emerge Into d?fpotlsni. and thereby Justly become a s. orn and a hissing, a by-word and reproach in the sight of the civilized world Affair* is Alexandria ? From this mornlng'a | liKKIKThe Virginia Central Railroad suffered anoth'r landslide yesterday. It took place near Kccktlsh Stition, and detained the traina. ao that the Lynchburg train, due in this city at 1 30, was compelled to remain on the Charlottesville aide of the tr^ck, and exchange passengers with the up train, which left Alexandria at 7 o'clock in the morning, and which was prevented from proceeding to Lynchburg by the slide. Iloth trains then returned^ one to Lynchburg and the other to Alexandria,?the latter arriving here about 3 o'clock. The announcement that a Confederate States' flag would be hoiated on the flag-stall at the Marshall House, ro.lected quite a large assemblage in that neighborhood vesterdav ?(i?nn?n i tlajf was hoisted about 4 o'clock, and greeted with cheers and a salute of artillery. The weather continued up to yesterday to toe very unpropitious for the Potomac fisheries. tseveral American tlags in addition to those already up, were raised yesterday at private residences la this city. Rsported Arrk*t for Mcrder ?A gentleman from Baltimore stated yesterday that be had caused the arrest of John Mylan In that city, for killing police sergeant Jordan. This case occurred during the political riots which occurred in that city two years or more ago. Mylan was afterwards in this city, employed as a back man The information was given to officers here. II i wtrir iiiiHn* W ill II ???1 ? ? UMWM ?? lilUlUB IIUIC1, SriTIU^ UJ? daily, the choicest tish, oyste.s, and turtle soup of the season If there are any epicures in our city who are longing for something rich ani tempting, let them go to Hammack's, and their wants will t>e supplied to the fullest extent. A lunch at Hammack s is worth a pilgrimage to Washington, even in these squally times. Rkcaptx-RId ?Last night the convict Hurley, a ne^ro, who escaped from the U. J* penitentiary last Sunday, was recaptured by Mr. Martin, the proprietor of the Franklin House, corner of Eighth and 1) streets, and immediately restored to the custody of WTarden King at the prison. Dischahok at the Navt Yard.?Yesterday six machinists were discharged from the Washington Navy Yard in consequence of scarcity of work Others are to be discharged scon for the same reason. GrAKDnorsE.?Juftic* Thompson ?Jns Boyle, rv i - - jauirs isoian ana Airred Ureen, colored, drunk and disorderly; In default of security and costs committed to the workhouse for 90 dr>ys each. T" the Affi.icted !?Be sure to read the adveri tiaement rl MsLe&u's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Puftfcer. in another oo uinn. tf CouaHs ?The sodden chances of oar ciimateare eo'iroesof Pulmofiry, Bronchial and AstKmitic ' Af'-et'on?. Kxperienco having proved that simple remedies oft'*n act speedily and certainly when tiken in the .ar.'r stages of the disease, recourse t shoUid at once be had t'j " Brotrn'x Bro.-tchuil i 7Voth?s," or Lozaiicpa. let the Cold, Couch, or lrt ritation of tbo Tnroat ba ever so slight, as by this prMMtinn a irore sei n>u* attack ma? b>; tffentuallv otJ. Public Fptaktrt and S?wers will ini them effectual for cl^arm* and etrenstheuinr the voioe. Seo advertisement. d?l-ly SlUNBTBlX THK SfSTKM. Vitor is one of t. ? card:na' eleruen's of hea th. Siclcueaa is tiio ouw' of it* decline, death of its utter p\r:>'yzit on. I he l?e?t means ot imparting vuor to tlio broken down frame and shattered const tiltion, which hai yet been invented or <Ms01 v?red, is jri ileretj to the feekl" ol both s?xe? and a.! a<~? in no fitter's ("tlt'-rated Stomach Hu ters. Many who reflect upon the tenierit> with which the* liwe trifle?i w th health i:i youth a?d maturity, faiiai that tlicy have none too far to he restored. This is a deluuon. Debility, from what ever cause ansn f, may he ourei; strength, in whaever manner it may have heeri was??d,in*y he restored by the use ot this poweifui a'-d hnaith[ ful invizorant For indigestion and all its painful e(T?otii. bodily and mental, tlicy are a positive specific It can t>o hvl of any druggist. ?p 15-oo3t Homkopathic Rkmkdim All I). U -1 />- " vi i/i ** uinpni oj o a vu.u Bpecino nomeopatiHO Remedies put up expressly lor family use, in boxes, at ?5 and 5" ooiits each. AIho in eases, containing 20 vials, from ?4 to 85 r eaoh, with book of full directions. For sale by > Z. D. Gilman. 350 i'a. avenue, wholesale and ! r-tail aeent: w. A. Fitzgerald, 353 north F street; i also by F. B. Winter, corner ol Macbac^usetts avenue and Sixth street. Also, Pond't Extract aj WxttK Hazil, for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold as al<ove. ma 9 It , MAKRI bl>. At the residence of Mr. Win H. I.yles, in thia city, on the 16th ins taut, by Rev- J. W Cornelius. KKH OINAND 1.YL.KS, t-? Miss FRANCKS DODSON, both of Fairfax oounty, Va. * 1IILI), O". the 18th instant. five minutea after 12 o'otnck & m., WILLIAM INEK, the teloved wifeof Wm. IJ H Mi in i: s .MseU 31 ?t>r.r?,t> month*. ?ml 9 oayr. The friends at;d a'.-quamtaccsa of t .e family are r^qucktxl to attend ler funeral, from tlie reeiue- ce 1 of ner iiuabv.d, on Twe!f.h at., between O and D ets.. on Fiiday afteruooii, at 4 o'oiosk. without lur1 ther notice. HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED FOR THE WEEKLY STAR, TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE? i IT IS THE BEST DOLLAR WEEKLY IN THE WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON NEWS IS UNEQUALLED! ITS GENERAL NEWS IS UNSURPAB8ED BY THAT OK ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! 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THE BABES IN THE WOODS; And the Comic Burlesque of MA/El'PA, lotr oduoing Operatic !ir i ations, Daring Ant* of Horsemanship. Com>c Dances,and Terrific Combats. To-morrow ( Friday i Farewell Benefit ?f ME. JOS. JEFFERSON. ir-? a v. n * ? * iu .nr, ncgs ;*?ve 10 announce to his pati<>ns that the Spring season will ouiiimeijcfl on Monday, April 82a. A_111ST TO TH K WISE IS srKFICIbNT. Uur next HOI' will lie on THURSDAY EVENING, IRiti in*t.. 111 Harmony Hal1,and ?|S every following Thursday tf:e Wtati;er p"r-/n? nuts. Our friends and arquaintan^es trrlfciflk invited to attend. Our company shall he strictly select. 8T. CLAIR DAVIS, ap!6 3>? JOUN SMALLWO'ip. ?|OC <lil|\ |W||l ? HLUE BOOK?Inform VOtJ,UUU,u''Ui at:on as to all the offices in the luutry, and Kaiary?25 cents. Contains ?ne cam* matter as the Great Blue Book costing Omitting the names (V'nch a.e not ceoes'ary. Catalogue of OurioMties at Patent Office List ol Patents. Old Books bought pnd 6oId Catalogue lurnished ALFRED HI'NTER, Bookseller, fe22-2m* Willards'Hotel S?qna'e. _ wants! WANTED-By a respectable youn? woman a '? sTTVaTION an chambermaid or uurnr fin ,f1 FAf^rAnAA nan hrt trifpn A nnl?- mt Mn 4 A'? I Pa. % venae, near 4?? gt, for 3 day a. H* W'ANTKD-A youiu WOMAN, who under " ttAiids *pwin< ?>n Lad.) Ac. V\'f'b?te''? sew nr. maih'ne. Apply 353 I street, bitween !3'h ar.d Utli ttreeta lt^ WANTKI'? By a respectable youn* wurnan.a SITUATION as cook, waxher and i rouer ;or a smalt finiiiy. Good refermce can be ri v*n. Apply a* No 301 Fourth at., between G aud H. ap 18-2t* | Running horse wanted?wanted to purchase, a floras. 16 hands hirh, half-Vred, a fair saddle horse, not ovor 9 years old ; must run at least a two-minute stroke : woe that leap* woll a- d is broken to arms proferred. Inquire at thia office, ftp 18-tf WANTED?boaR I), for a lady, in a quiet private family where there are no other l? ardera. She will furnish her own room. Terms mu?t be moderate. Please address a note to Hoi No. Star Office. ap 17 3t j WANTED?A competent WOMAN, to cook. wa*h and iron for a small family. JHcotch or German preforred. Goi'd wages will be paid, and no one need appl? withou' good recommendations. Inquire of Mrs. J. B. KIBBEY, oorner Twentyfirst street and Boundary. ap 17 3t WANTKD?By a regprc'.ible ){irl, a SITUATION to cook, wash and iron in a private family. The best of reference ca ; he *ivfn if require! Inquire at the corns r of Fourth and K *ts , No. 530. ap 16-3'.* WANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Persons declining housekeeping, or having , ? .. .. IIUIIU , V.HI. I' 'i HIC UtMU and fair priOAH by applyine at 309 Seventh ?t. no 17 HONTZ fc t.HU TITH. WANTKD IM.M RW ATKLY?From f5 to 310.000 worth o( SI'COND-HAND F1 ilM TUREofall kmdo, for wincii I will guaranty to pay the highest prices, and, ?.? u*ual. at t;:e> shortest. notice. K. BUCI1L.Y. Dealer in Furniture. Ktow?? * o oo 9 40t* 7th st.. bet. G and H eatt side. BOARDING. BOARD ^Pleasant Rooms, with Hoard, oau l?e had at No. 2S Four and-a-half st, ap 5-2w* (Republican. > LATHAM'S OMNIBUS LINK WILL. ON and after Monday. April 15, run between Washington and Alex-4ifB^&?^$ andriaat the fo' o* in* hours: Leave Alexandria at 5 30,8.9 30 a d ll.3>i a. , ami '^j<> and 4 p. m ; leave Washington at 9, 10.30 end 12 a m . and 2.2 30 and 5 p. in. The offices are at Samuel Stinemets's Hat and Shoe Store, npposits Averue House, Washington, and Green's Mansion House, Alexandria Passengers oalletl for at any point within the city limits of either. Fare eaoh way 20 cento, ap 15-7t IRISH GOODS. HAVE Now received my Spring importations of Irish Linens, Liiift'i Shiit fronts. Table Oia per#, .xapkins, Toweliuc, fable Cloths. bird eye iiiapor, Linen Cambric Hankerchief*. tome gooJs at 7a oentB per duxen, all of my own importation, from the celebrated manufactory of Dunbar. 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Schenok.of Philadelphia, has published a pampMet giving a full deaoripuon of the diseased state of thel-ungs, Liver and Stomach. very mvalid aboald oall and get one. OFFICERS. PETTY OFFICERS. AND Seamen who were on board ol any U. S. whips at the captor of any slaver can Save their claims for GEORGETOWN. 1 Correspondent* of Tke Star. GiOnsaTows. April 19. 1SU1. In our letter of v*?terday an error occurred which, a* It does inj -stlce U> a* gallant and patriotic an c fficer as any jn our midst, we cheerfully corrTt. Capt Jta i.oddard still command* he Carnn^ton Home Guards; has taken great pain* to make the compnnv an effluent on?\ and is dp- ( s"rv?dly popular witii 1.1s men The Item alluA . A In ik?.,U K 1 .s ' '? 1 ?* ? ? - ? " ? ?u>'uiu ua tc irau, ** t UiMl LiiCiil DflrOfUFj cf the Carrington Home Guard*, baa resigned, | snd Mr. John Burrow* was elected to tb?- vacancy " And we do not intend to reflect on Lt Baib ur, who it said to be a staunch Union man. and probably had reasons satisfactory to himsrlf for the step he took. The Georgetown Mounted Guard, we bear at a meeting on Tuesday evening, elected bv acclamation their popular second lieutenant, Stephen

Gcugh, as captain, vice Wm Stewart, resigned; 2d Lieut. Lvnn to the 1st lleutenantcy. vice Esau Pickrell. resigned, and private John B Turton, of your cltv, to the 2d lleutenantcy, vice Stephen Gou?jb, promoted. Our new company, the Potomac Light Guard, have elected M B Magraw as Hd lieutenant Several new companies are talked of, but we cannot yet tell what will come of lt. GEORGETOWN ADVERTTMTS MAYOR'S OFFICE, H*? G eorg ktow s, D C., April 15. 1C61. All the citizens of thi* town over the age of fortyfive years who are willing to render miltnry serviee to their country, and more particularly to defend the District ol Columbia against theatres sion of rebels are in* ived to enrol their names at this office. As snon ska sufficient number have been enroled to oouslitute one or more companies they will he assembled to elect their own nffiner*- ?.nrf l.? make such other arrangements as may be r.ecas sary to equip themselves (or such service a* mar be assigned them by (lie proper military authority i (if the Dist.ict ofColuinbia i ap lC-lw HfcXHY ADIIISON. Mayor. , TWO DWELLING HOTSE* F<?K RENT, 1 situated on the went side of Fayette ftroet, in Georgetown, being equidistant from the Academr and College; one lieinc at pre?entoccupied by .Mrs. , Bibb. (which will lie rented with or wit).out the ( furniture;) the other being No. 63 ; both having spaoinus giounds attaohed. Also, for hire, thret> r>ervanta K P. JACKSON, ap 16-lw No. 155 Bridge street. i WHOLESALE FISH HOUSE. 2"2 barrels Labrador HERRING, selected, 95 do Bay Island do 95 do Enstport do I 50 halfbbls. extra Roe do 5n bble. new Magdalene do loo do St John ALEWIVES. Daily expeoted per schooner P. Hellner.and for *le low from the wharf on or before arrival Also. 182 hhls. oho ee l-alirminr HK.RRl\'R nr. I board of schooner Kxpedi t, due hoie about the first cf next week. Also? 2?n lib,s. So. 1 Meremichi A LEW IVES, l'<n do No. 1 Gipped HERK1NG, do No. 1 Boston do jon do No. 3 Medium MACKEREL, Gloucester inspection, 5n bbla. No, 2 MACKEREL, Gloucester inspecAlao,?ki'ta and half kits No. 1 MACKEREL and SALMON. . <a half bbU. Spnnit HKRRING and Labrador HER KING of superior quality, mitoreand for ale at satisfactory pries HARTLEY A RROTHKR ap 10-2w 99 and 101 Water it, Georgetown. BOOTS AN!) SHOES. LARGE And vsrieu assortment of BOOTS and SHOKs of excellent quality just re ar dk V ceivedatl44 Bridge Btre*t, near the oni-Mmm 1 nibus stand, and for snle2.5to y> per cent.r EL 1 cheaper than tne usual prices. n:a jgt-liii A. N F. W BI;R<> l .l?. PJLST AKRIVF.D, KR Propei !er S. 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AUo, t?o Furnished Booms :n the i>arue bniIdinfc. suitable for thi whn!? frnntnur i?n P* - - - HUU, p y to A.Vi l'a. avenue, between 2d and 3J b's. ap 17 4t* PUK RENT-DWEI.MNO HOI'SE MF in Sixtneu'h fit., n^'xt ? > St. John'* Church and near l.afavett Square- There in a stable attaohcd. Inquire of E. ! OREMAN. Room 5, basement of Patent Ofiioe. up HOUSE AND FURNITURE FOR SAI-K?A modern built two-f?t-rr-and-attio BRICK 111 lI'UL' o 1 !- ? I ? u\7ui04jt wvubuniiu^ r i WUHI3 il UU KlbUHOn* WItil S> iiM:tlK"i;i(< f!u *er-<atden attacked, is offered Rale. together vith ttie entire Furni'ure contain?d in it. To a person desiring to cmnmeioe ln-u->ekeep:ne this u an exc->l!e' t epp >rtunitv For term*, ftu., app \ to CHARLES IVll-tfON. Srr-r.-l.'irT Muwim Insurance Company, next to Urn.* of Washingion. ap 16-3'. L/'OK S/7.KOR REN I-A FRAME HOUSE, I eoiitaiunic 6even roojm, t >peth- r witn Ui? furniture. situated or. New Jersey avenue, between M and N Kj unrtn Also, a new throe-story brick hii*'*. w.!ii tmck MiiMn^, on the i-aire tquir-, I No. ISO I'vartnt ) A!eo, dotiiu vaiu ible LOTS, all of wh'cli wi l bo sold veiy oiieap. Inquire of J. 1). H VNAttl), New Jersey avenue, brpveen M and N ?ta. &p l-tf LMJK IU NT-A 0RICK BOUSB, MriUMH r 12 roomf, with PoU.inio water and gas, on I street, betvreen 13th a:;d Mth, opposite h rai.k in Square. Inquire at WARDllR 4 SsTKWAK l"S ood at:?l Coal Office, corner ol ft and TwoWth eti. A ho, linck House corner Tweiftn and 1. ma 28-tf FM>R RENT-On May 1st. the large and commodious HOUSE on Louisiana av -nue.oprosita the Citj Hall Square, now occupied by Mr. vVet,b an a dwelling and law office, and adjoining the house of Mr. Kiohard Wa'.ach ina 23-tf FKANCK TAYLOR. Handsomely furnished rooms.Four tiardsomeiy Furnished Rooms, supplied with eae and water, and convenient to the Pater.t and Post Offioe Departments, lor rent. Appjrat 490*4 Massachusetts avenue, norta Blue, between 4th and 5tli ?t?. ma 23 CITORK P(tl> DCVT?a i?~ ? ? ? ^ & ?n oiunrruuin UII ^5 Pa. avenue, attaining our auotion rooms, for rent. Apply to WALL * UARNAllU, Auction and Commission Merchants, oornor Ninth street and south side Pa. avenue. mar 11 FOR RENT?A three story brick HOUSE,containing 8 roonw, in good order, with gas fixtures complete, on H street, between 4th and 5th. AVso, a two-story brick COTTAGE, with laije yard attached, of F street north au'1 14th st. east. To punctual and reliable tenants the tern.s will be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth ptreet, between G a .id II. no l?-tf FOB RENT-The fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 Wostst.^ Georgetown, at present occu pied by the subscriber. It has 12 rooms, with gas and water throughout, a fine vard. stabia *o . is ir arood ctiRhUoriiOod. Applj'to JAS. A.'MA6RUDER. oo25tf ~ * ? ? i trimmings! i I TRIMMINGS! 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PURREE * CO.'S Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but cronnd Irom ftNh $ptoee, selected and c.eaned bj us expreesly for the purpoce without rittrMM Bto ooat TUej are beaatuuliy paoked in t>albil? with paper,) to prevent injury by keeping, ure fail eight, while the ordinary j%ou?b are alnoal i?nrariai2y short. We warrant Mlmfletnai.wilj abundantly prove. I ???. M* Kasa&%. I1 * * -- - - -tt ?- *? THE LATEST NEWS. TEL EG B APHIO. Proclamation tl ihr PrMidril ( 'hr Statbfrit (' IrdfratT commission ?>r PBITATXBS*. Montgomery, April IT.?The following proclamation hasbeeu j<i?t luurd by President Ptvis Wherwi, Abraham Lincoln. President of tbe I nited Mat'*, bat. bv proclamation, announced kiia in ten tun of invading the Confederacy with ?ri artii-d force for tLe purpoae of ciptuving Its fortreaaes, and thereby NMipkf 1*? lndepen- j lenre. and subjecting, the free peopi? thereof to ! the dominion of a fortlgn Power; and ha* thui become the duty of thla Government to repel the threatened invasion, and defend the right* and ibertie* of the people by all the mean* which the laws of nations and usage ?f civilized warfare pjice at its disposal: Now. therefore. 1, Jefferson Davis, President of I the Confederate states of America, d<* iaeue this my proclamation, inviting all those who may lesire, by service in private armed veaaeia on the high seas, to aid thia <4overninent In reslstlnc ao wanton and w Irked aggression, to application for coaiinlsiioni or letter* of i isrque and reprisal. to be Issued under seal of these Confederate dS tales. And 1 do further not fy all person* applyin? for letters of marque to make the state men*. In writing, giving the name and auitable dt.crlptlon of character, tunnage. and force of Teasel, and place of residence of each owner concerned therein, and the intended number of crew, and to sign such itatement and deliver the sime to the Secretary of r*tate or Collector of the Port of entry of these Confederated States, to be by him transmitted to the Secretary of State. And I do further notify all eppltranta aforesaid, that before any commission or letter cf marque is Issued to any vessel, t je owner or owners thereof, ?nd the commander for the time b-ing. be required to pive bond to the Confederal* States.with I at least two resnonsit.le n^t < ? I inch vessel, in the peral mm of five tlion?nnd dollars, or If such vessel be provided with more than 150 iren, ti.en in the |?en'?l sum of three thousand dollars, with the condition that the owner*, offlrers and crew who shall lie em ployed on board of nch commissioned vessel shall observe the laws of these <"onfederato Mat** and instructions given tbe:n for the regulation of their condu:t. that shall satisfy all damages done contrary to th" tenor thereof by such vetaei during hrr commission, and delivery up of the same when required by the President of the Confederate States And 1 do further specially enjoin 01 all persons holding office, civil and military, under authority of the Confederate States, that they be vigilant and zealous in the discharge of the duties Incident thereto. And I do. moreover, solemnly exhort the good people of these Confederate State*, as they love their country, as they prize the blessinir of free government, as they "feel the wrongs of the past and thote now threatened in an aggravated form by those whose enmity is the more lit placable because unprovoked, that they exert t jemseives in preserving order, in permitting concord, in maintaining tiie authority and ethcteney jf tbe laws, and in supporting and invigorating ill the measures which may be adopted for the common defence. and by which, under the blessings of Divine Providence, we may hope for a speedy, jast and honorable peace. In testimony whereof I have hereunto atfited the seal of tbe Confederacy, this seventeenth day of April, 1*61 (Signed) Jeffer?os Davis. Robkrt Toomb-, Secretary of State. The lotted Mate# Fleet off < hsrie??on Hnr, as seen by ( aptaln I rccker, ?f the &l?omer K. ( ?tl?r New York. April IT.?Tbe steanser R Cnvler from Savannah, report! havinz paM>>d a teamtug with saioke stick gone, oil' Oa}*- Roman, bound South. (This wai probably the Yankee ') She spoke tb? Baltic ' !}' Charleston bar, tbe Captain r.f the Baltin stating, in pwiie?"We tike Major Andersen and his command to New York ' The steamer Harriet Lane was s?en inside the bar. A bark-rigged steamer was also inside, probably the Isabel. Captain Crccker reports that be saw Fort Sumter?tbat ttere were no breaches visible in tlie walls, though they looked somewhat battered. When five miles away he heard fl'lng, which was, probably, Major Anderson saluting his Hag when leaving the fort. Virginia Cotiveniian. R chmosd, April 17.5o'clock p. n.?Th* ordinance of secession has not been pitstfd The Convention, however, is still in secret session, and nothing certain Is known. From .Montgomery. Mo5t?omery, April 17 ?The Cabinet has had a long session to-day. It is probable that I5C?,?MX? more troops will be called into the Held The Reipsose to the Call for VolunteersFin ploy mcut for the Troops. [From Ike X. Y H-rahi J A letter from Washington says that official information has been received by th?* President, from which it appears that .New York will have fifty thousand men in arms by th>; 1st of June. Pennsylvania forty thousand. Otio thirty-five tLousand. and Indiana. Illinois, and Massachusetts ?ch about twenty-five thousand, and the other States in proportion The Governor* of \V is<-oni?in. Vermont, and Connecticut hav-; made favor uciTy ics^iirrg in auuniuii iO UlliffTB. The employment of this immense force will depend mainly upon the course the border s'.ave Slates will pursue In reference to the secession issue As matters are s<tuai?-d now. it is the intension of tLe government to use tl.e ?5,0UU nieu called into si-ryice, together with the regular army, forming an aggregate of about lUU.UOO men, as follows: First?A eori'S d'nrmee of thirty-live thousand men will be collected iu and nbou*. Washington forthe purpose of defending theiwat of <jovrtnment, protecting the military pes'*, controlling the Potomac and Chesapeake biy. and keeping op* n the communication between ihc North and thecapiial Washington will servs for Its point d'appui. while its line of operations will extend ail along the left bank of the right shore of the bay. Second?A second corps, twenty-five thousand strong, will be formed in and about St. J.ou's A portion of it will be employed iu Droterting the Union men and federal property In that State from the violence of secession sympathisers, and tbe rcit In hoMlnir Cjitn ! lh? innAtlin ?k. /m.i. . ?? J u vi iuc v/um and Mississippi, the most lmporUnt strategical point in the West. Third?Of the remaining forty taonsand, live thousand are expected to be thrown into \V?tcrn Texas, to form a nucleus around which the Unionists of that State will gather. Fourth?Twentv-Uve thousand wl 11 be employed in demonstration for a relief of Fort Pickens, and the recapture of the other fortifications about Pensacola bay. Fifth?Ten thousand men will be kept hovering in steam transports betwren Charles'on and Sivannah, to worrv the Southerner* by neC'?slt*tlng the presence of a lar#edefensive force in both places, atid effect a -andlng whenever opportunity shall offer. The armorv operations will be seconded by a strict bloi kade of the mouths of the Missies ppl and all the Southern ports- Orders for a general blockade have not, as reported already, been issued. but will doubtlessly be given as soon as the steam frigates now fitting out will be ready for sea. Cli. Farre's Champagne. J. R. GLOMNGKR & CO., AV 7, North Charles street, Baltimore, Having b?n appoi ute 1 Agenta for '.he sal* of the above t.r?r.d of CHAMPAttNK WINK, offer it lor sale, relying upon its merits to establish here the reparation it nas already acquired m oar Southern citirs. Kesides o>taininr a fcratdaas Medal at the French Kxhibition cf 1855, Mr. Farre ha? been appointed Purveyor to the Courta of Sp?in and Pruama ap 6 e< Sm |^| TO THE RKAUKKS OF THE ggj fV| Wa submit to the enn?id?mtio?;yH'? * of the readers of tne Star "lie fol ' lo? in; list of pricen of articles in oar line of business : Usual price. Ladiea'&hrp rs ? 2Nj. 8" * Knglisn La?ting Slippeta y>c. 76 " ?-'arpet Toilet do son. k " Ttiioh sild 8<?wed Mor. Boo-*.. 1 ?*J lii " do. Undressed do ... IK 1.25 ** do Co..c Mor. do... 125 175 "* do Caliskiu do ... 100 ljo M Li?ht and Flack Ga't?rs 5f>o. 1JS " En*. Lasting do. da. ....... 7*o. loo Women's Heeled Boots 753. I*} M -mm'di?ubl?-ao I'd Sewed Hoot* 7jo. Ijoo Ladiea' t-k-so.ed Last. heei Oait. 00 ijs " " "biit-. l* IJO In aldition to the above, we have Men's, Boys', Misses' and Cni.d'-f u's BOOTS sad SHOES tn Bverj variety, eo d at MtoniMhinr j low tr ots. C Pi cjlaijttlns ft vo., Boot and Shc?e Store. 34T Seventh at., a^a-eotf 2 doors heiow Northern Market. J^EW SPRING GOODS PRICES TO S mr THE TIMES' The subscriber invites the attest 10a or purohessrs to nis la--c? and fa?Mortable sU-ek of GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, whion he is pr-pared to sell at the lowest Cat h Roes. Call and examine,at LANE S shionab e Hat, Cap. m d Gents' Farnsl 1 t Store, 424 Pa. av. (In Uk Ref. > a*U-?UK> SECOND EDITION. THRKE O'CLOCK P M THE LATEST BY TZLBGEAPHT Kr?irtrd OharsrliM a( %?r#?lk M?rkw>? 1 llaiir F?rer4 uH Aral Selted A RfTfM? lallrr Kearded. Baltimore. April ?Oapt PMnon, of the Norfolk and Baltimore steamer, which iTtwl here this morning, rr;>orti thai the main to tb? inner barbor baa bffn obstructed by order of (jov Leteb*r, that imill vmmIi bt*r been nmkrn there, and that be waa compelled to go over the flats Tbe object (be states) ta to prevent tt.e Government veearla from leaving there, is aome days since the* were ordered to do Tbe Norfolk C is'om-house bad also been bre ken open, and a quantity of gune stored (bare were taken out. Tbe revenue cutter on that station bad been boarded and the guna aelzed. i^airai ir*M < llrlNlM. Charleston, April 17.?T Lerf Is cot Ling of local interest transpiring b*-r* to-dar Tbere la, LowfVfr. aort.e excitement In relation to Virginia If ah? secedes. It la supposed that troopa will be sent from Carolina, but noos will r? before Private Intelligence aae-rU that Prsaldeut Da via Intends to assume command, la person, of tb? vpriauuna m rfnucoiH The iron battery on Commtng'a Point la being taken down and tbe rifled cannon moved to post* commanding tbe channel. The work of renova ting Tort Sumter continue* Later fren Teiai [ By tbe Western Line ] Ixdiaxola, April M ?The Star of the Weitwaa ntt t: ft nnrt An Snn#t*w Tl.? r"" "' M"haw& l?ft on Friday with troops; their d?tlnat'.on ia unknown Bi* coaiptnin of troops ?r? near tL:s point awaiting tbe arrival of other eooo nits. Major RLett, of the army. Las resigned, and ?fl'ers" his service* to tbe Southern Confederacy Tbe Ssethera L*si Montgomery, April 17.?Tbe city of Charier ton has taken ?2.i"?t,0i<0 of the loan at par. and *1,2**) Uut> haa been paid to Tbe books are still op^n there New Orleans takes ?2.700,000 at par, and subscriptions are still coming In At Mobile KMMKM was t*ken all by small bidders. The capitalist* hold off till to-morrow. Nsrtk Carolina Affairs Montgomery . / pril 17.?Gov. Ellis, of N^rth Carolina, telegraphs to tbe Xecretarv of War that he has taken the forts in North Carolina Arrival af Major Andersen la New York. Nrw Yore, April 18?The steamship Baltic, [having on board M?j Anderson and his men] Uas been signalled Wow Jff* York Markets. Niw Yost, April IP?FlourSc better Whest steady Corn firmer and unchanged. Whisky [ ttrm at 19>?r. Rr?l(satl?a af a Navy Afeat Norfolk, April 17.? George Loyill, tbe Nary Agent at this port, has resigned Persaaal. Mar?hal Rynders.of New York, wss bsdly beatrn In N ra York on Slonday, by Deputy Sheriff Reilly Cfln* the ad votary of secession by Rya<iers " Edward learned, NY; J. E. Thomson, Pa ; Hon Wm I, Dayton. N J . Hon John F Ward. late MtnlsW to China, Col D C Waod, Ohio; Hon D Tyler, Conn , are at Wlllards' P HEADER, ERl'SK Tlie M own it stau-ni?nt and then )od*? "i ivn it?; ABRAM COLE, of Brooklyn, N. Y., t nil known citizen there, had ai<ft'TM from L>??pp|>?ia for ?om?* <i witho-it pen anent in?(. uatu h# tiled AYKIt'B i ll-LS, wnich takt-n acoordinc to the directs t for t: 11 comprint. i*au>red turn to h??:in in * few wee*? After an tater\al of aom* ini'U h e i>e I.&h had ro return of hit oomp amt. UKO. \V. GKOSJ*, of Harn.onf. T?xu. had ae er .ptua ?,;i !,,* tiiou.'lers, t>ao* and ie?. wliiofi cov? r?dahont one third ofhu body. It the parts injected oov?red wiUi a aoab, and bmnc oite i a raw of oourae vrrj ?ro?h|?o(n? ar.t! digtrMMuc. It ?o much mpved hi* nealtb m UI1UI ll.tll lui UUBIliOBB ?[IU HI III ! VMIWI* utferiuc. All medio* fai ted him antil he took AY liH S COM POL'Mi EXTRACT * A K8A PA KI LI.A. which cured him. ili? tkin ati.l ahowa emu* aoara from the ulceration, but it ia other vim* M c>ar a* an inf*t>t? JOHN H. SHOOK. E>< . an eminent LavrW of Richmond, V a . took a o<>ld which Betted on hia lunge. A severe pain a.*t ia on the .eft hide, with ft I v: couch. 9 '.io i w?s sooa fouowed t>J the uamia t&kv le avrcrtoma of ooiiPumption. W h?o r*deoed v?*r* l<?w he commenced t&kir.g AVER'S CHER RY PEO toR.\L. wtr.oh aoou a topped tbeoough and completely cured him. Prrp&icd by DR. i. C. AT tR *. Loweii. M&ee ma 13 eolm 'I'HE St'BSCK I HER* HAViNG RECEIVED I tneir hrst ?upp y of n*w atyiea of w SPUING t?(JOD?. they rerpectfuli? iLVite^flB a (a iliuin their patr<>ue and the pohiio Kenera :lv. T: '? keer also oor l&utfr o"> haii1' fir a go,'u bupdv ol . > AVAL end MILITaR fIkNI^HI\G GOOLiS, euoli ai Epaulet*. Sw^rda, Goid Ucb? v'a H. F LOUDON It CO.. C:! *>:? fLnd Tulorfl ma. 2i' 3:nco No, undw Hrcwn'i Hof! \\r NtW GOODS. * ? E Are r.o?r a&jinc to owr stock a arge and d?E'ratle lot ??f NEW GOODS, comprising everythiue that is new and desirable, whi?li we propose to s* 1 at a Ptna.'t pnoe. Au persons in wsstuf L)R V GOOl)!* will Diva) s find our etook complete is s'J iti In^nslM, in4 k( trie lowest prioes, W? wcuiJ impretiu up a those of ourcitit-us vno hare reee!t'l> taken up tueu residence with us, that we h\vt? liut "O'se prio?." marked in piwn figure* on e^m a.rieSe. and otter a ditcoantof five per oenU off for a!I fo- cash. We ask au examination of prions, so that oa?~ toiTiei.i can &at:?fy them*e:\*cs in regard to tue sarnie by purc.'iasing for r-a*h. W. m. sHllDTEK ? ? U.t No. 3*, opposite Center Market, ap 6 1ft Between 7th and 8'h st*. W CITIZENS A\D STKAN?KR8 ILL I'ihI it to tl.eir int?r??t before pnroba?ing to call lit the h xter nv Cabinet Mt%l>ii<hin>>nt of EDWIN GRtEN. No lr?0 Pennsylvania avenue, wn*realarre . stock ?f KIRMTl Rfc and CHAlR^sdMBki and MATTRESSES will alway? found. Mahosany of a 1 thicknesses for aa'e. Packing and Repairing and Varnisuing prompty attended to. Furniture or other jtooda taken on atorac*. ap l-3auim WAR AND PANIC PRICKS-DRY GOODS oh-ai> for oaali, at 691 Seventh it worth of Ooods to be ?<>id at rtduoad prinea. Wi prrpoae t<> aell ihe iollowing schedule of Goods at a' ora?h:" Mattings?75 pieofts, from anotion. at 3?o. and upward, at a treat daughter, Kent ok* Jeans?10 to ?) pieces, at l?>ao., worth SS. Prints?Richmond acd Am., an<t other brand*, at loc ; 2 o??' ? assorted do . 63a'e., worth ? and 10, Ginghams?1 eve at 8c . wortii 12; 1 case at 12Jio , fc; tch, at lie.. worth 18, Spool*?1. and P Coats, wet, at S*i., worth 51. Ribbon-? (iooi Bonnet Ribbons for 12o , worth 25, Embroideries?A large aaso'twDt, Drer? (>oods?Poplit,s, Gieuabitiee, Ac., a large stock. Toe* liter with a !arg?t and tenerai assortment, bought for cash, and wiu be told very che*.p &p ia-lwe-1" JOHUlStl.Ti ? M' IT"rc. *pHE SLOAT SEWING MACHINES. George R. Sloat & Co.'a Elliptic tod Look Stitch Sewing Machine* vhe-ev?r uMt, are acknowledged to be unpenor to el! othe C. They can l>e purohaaed for S45. Tli- > ar?* f.e- from leather pad*. 'I he.. make the "mttit ruffling*." They make the double lock stitch They lev thick or thin material* alike. Thejr ere timple in o instruction. They nan be ?aen and their operation* explained at the Si oat Sewing V rehire Aeenoy. at A1 AX WELL'? Fancy Store, ap 6 6f*o 33* Fa tvime PLAINF1ELD ACADEMY, Nui CaaLifLK. Pa. Tlrrtifth *es*iQn (twenty week*.) ooiemeooee Ma* 6 h. .Number ot lad* limited to twenty five. E.tire ?xp?ri*e $7". each half parable ia advance Circular* a' this office. To fill a few raoaneiea oaU at Kirk wood Hou?e April 18th and lHh, from S till (a.m .or addrea* R K BURNS, PlwnlieW, m*?8-*o1ni Cemheriimd oonwtT. P*. 1 will. BUY AND 6ive A HIGH PKiCfc for Autor raphe (old letters from e*dw?ted men.) K are J'&mpit-U. ud Works on AmerioM Hi.tor*. Ac l.etters of Washington much ?:i?c A4dro?s K SPRING, 544 north TveitU St., PUi:%dr!?hit. Pfc. M ?n* French linen oamhru handker CHIF- Ft^. luo dox. French Linen Hauk^rch'fs at 1 SO per dot. SO do*, do. do. do. 9i 9ft do. / 5>) do*, do. do. do. do. (ThMf toods are extra chea*. > French 8hirtinjc Lin?n?, I ish Linen. Linen Toweling, T?ble Lint n. Curtain Muniina, U :li d k i . _ .-nn-BMii;** i^un a Ou> atock ia fall ii all d*pertmenra, awl ?a iavite all m want of DRV COOMat low prioea to give ua a call. w" VHWMJSS^. li*tween 7th aad Kb airaeta, ay 4-2wif Oapoaite Co?it r Market. n JUST AECKiVEfKIU HHDP. G< od Brown Sacar at 6 Vota. per FW. l"f> tibia. Kxtra F oar, beet branda. aheap. 5o FamUy do. do. da. hreeb aopp y of Ureas aod |H a-?k Tea#. Naw Orlaaaa and Porto K icu Wolaeeee, Orangea aod Leuuma ooaataa-lj oa haad im?aion. I.LKMlSiO, ap 8-ao?w Wo. $34 S*' aaU *~'l N"W !"',,NU "YLE0, CAKPKT1NG*. Jaat raoaimd at the old atand of t.ia iate irai of Clacett * Oodaoa a naw aapply or alacaat Three-ply and Dovbli-ingrain CarpaUngt, whio* were bought in Naw York fhxa tfceaaa to of the n.a .L'faou>n?? at pania prveea, aM Will ha old aooord.n(?. M ic <K?w JAB. B. XMHBOW, , m