Newspaper of Evening Star, April 19, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 19, 1861 Page 1
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v i f 4 1 ???* ?-- . *- ~ ? ^. - . ?77?mmi mf ^m i B a ^ a ^ a _ a ' ^Im a ^ a ? flv U L^> n yflk i y^A/ / M V A*^ feS ^ g B / g r H Hj I I I H VJ0 jjjj J ^pg EH pH '^h ^S f| V2S. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. APRIL 19. 1861. N?. 2.548 THE DAILY EVENING STAR U PUBUBHRD BVBRT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS KXCBPTED,) AT THX STAR BT7LLDINGS, Ctruer ?/ Ptnnjrylvmnis m**nti4 ?*d lllA IT W. D. WALLACn. r**ers tarred m itckuM br carriers it K ? ??t, or IT omli par month. To mail boonbora ta? price it %xso a roar, ?* o/Jvmcs,- #2 for six months; 91 for three months; and for less than three months at tho rat* of 13 cent* a week. Smrl* aopee, on* c*??t; in wrappers, two cmts. ID"Advuthuiht? saoald bo sent to th? oflos Wore U o'otoek m ; otherwise thai may cot appear matll the next day. THE WAR -ARMY AND NAVY MEWS. From oar late New York exchanges we take >v. mi..;.. ...i: l -* ik up un ivm'?iug |?iuiiuuui VI U1C ITU U1UTC* uents : Work at the Navy Yard ia almost as brisk *b if the weather wm fine. The Wabash will He ready in ten or twelve days, the Savannah ia about three weeks. The Perry is in a condition to receive her arew now, bat no men have been ordered for her. The marine bar. racks still have two commissioned officers, instead of five. The labor roll contains over 900 names. The machine fhops are all busy with the machinery of the Wabash and Roanoke. The ordnance department is still "at the batteries." The steam tags which left this city far Chfirlpflfnn in nnmonnv ?ifK tKa 1 t a ^nntKarn fleet, hare not been reported at Charleston, and it now appears nobody haa ever seen them there. They have been expected to return to oar harbor this day or to-morrow, bat there is more reason to believe that their destination in 'he first place was a more Southern latitude than Charleston. The man who chartered then for the Government knows nothing about them. Sow thai Fort Pickens is likely to be the scene of some military and naval strategy, it may not be out of place to give a statemeut of the available force in Florida at the command of the Federal Government, both for laud and eea service. In a naval vessel, in war time, a certain portion of the crew are told off for disembarking, should circumstances render that course necessary. One of our correspondents lately stated that 800 men. from the St. Louis, Sabine and Brooklyn, had been put down for ; 4. n;.i - _ _ # ? cuiug uvcr 10 ricscDF, ?i a signal irom iiieut. bletnmer. Annexed is a list of the ships that might be drafted from, together with the number <?f men thev could spare, should their services be needed:: Men. Flag-ship Minnesota 220 Strain frigate Fowtoataa 150 Steam corvette Brooklyn ISO Sailing frigate Sabine 340 Sailing corvette St L"Ui> 140 steamer w ater Wllcb '25 Steamer Crusader 5io Steamer Mohawk 25 Steamer Wyandotte 25 Steam gunboat i'awnee 35 Total 1,115 Of these, about 200 would bo marines, as all of them are available. The sailors of the U. S. Navy are very gov i artillerists. Some of the best gunners ia tho United States are able seamen, who have been drilled in our ships ef war. In Mexico, the nautical battalion was quite serviceable, and the Yankee tar is much more efficient now than he was then. The Oumberla^d, Macedonian and Pocahontas are not included in the above list, although they rAftllv Ht> 11 tn t? flrtA* 'J ?J ? * ' . ?..J ~ .v ?J<I ucsi, >uu nuuiu repnir to I Pensacola when hostilities began. At present the first-named corvette, with the present commander-in-chief of the squadron, who has not been regularlj relieved, is at Norfolk; the Pocahontas is there also, and the Macedonian ia at Vera Cruz. THK PHILADELPHIA. The steamship Philadelphia, chartered last week bj the U. S. Government, has since been taking in a cargo as rapidlj as the unfavorable weather would permit. She lies at the foot of Morton street, and great activity is manifested in placing the last of her freight abeard, ao that she maj sail this evening .>he is receiving a large quantity of lumber from the dock, at her bows; and is taking in beef and pork in small barrels from a lighter at her stern. The greater part of her lading will be ..4 -II ?k- ? ! iui^ oiviva, ?uu aii iuo iiifticnai ncccdssry for siege purposes In her lower saloon are 300 bunches of thinglee, 300 bales of hay, 1.200 jacks of oats, and ord wood ordinary length. Besides these, there are already stowed away between decks, 2o eases of muskets, l,ft00 packages of musket cartridges, about the same number of pistol and riflo cartridges. 4 siege howitters, 6 tecinch eolumbiads. 100 wheelbarrows, several handred small sacks of coal for howitzer use, 100 kegs of nails, and 6,000 brick. Her lumber bill, given in the Commercial last week, has been trebled There are 15 barrels of lime, tent poles, 1,000 loose shot, about 20 ships' launches for landing freight among breakers, and other material adapted for a siege train. A small nnmber of mules and cattle will be taken, and aome heavy frame timber. When the veasel's freight list is complete, there will be accommodations, of rather a close character, for 250 soldier*. Whether thejr will be taken remain* uncertain, thourh nrohabu Sh? draws 14 feet, and will be brought down a little farther by the addition of the remainder of her lading. The engine* of the Philadelphia are rather old, and ab?at aeren knots an hour ia her highest rate of speed. She is cfhaered as follows: Captain, Kittridge; first mate, Bodfish; second mate, Gay; chief engineer, Osborne; first assistant engineer, Bodfish; second assistant engineer, Green. The Philadelphia is bound for Braxos Santiago, or the mouth of the Kio Grande, in Texas rires were made uuder her boilers on Tuesday night, and she will positively sail to-night. lua VVBA^ It it currently reported that the Ocean Queen bu been chartered by the Government ad a transport ehip. but no movements have yet been made to ulace freight aboard of her. bhe lie* at her dock at the toet of King street. THE YAXDKRB1LT. The Vanderbilt was removed yesterday from pier 3 to the foot of Eleventh street on the Saat river. She u having her engine* repairad, and will be dry-docked for the purpose of baring her bottom soraped and her copper mended. Tbe repairs on this vessel will "tike several weeks for tbeir entire completion. The North Csrolina begins to fill up. Aftar the departure of the Powhaun she had very few hands on board, but the activity of the recruiting business has considerably augmented her eraw. Sha may have a ship's company for a frigate on board before two weeks Her marine guard oonsista of 44 men, all efficient. f- V~-.w r> is? =- 1 ???vij w? ?MW iivuu vafuitua u in iair ordar, and is exercised three or four timea a vwk b j the sailors and landsmen. Naval recruiting thU morning was exceedingly active. Thar* had baan over 100 appliaanu for admission at the Cherry street office at 11 o'clock. Cap! Kttchie, commander of the U. B. Frigate Sara nac, has transmitted to the President | a letter assuring the Chief Magistrate, ia behalf of himself and all his offioers, that their devotion to tha Union is anchanged, and that thaj are ready, on any occaaion, and in any service in which the/ may be employed, to prove their attachment to the Stars and Stripes. THE MASIlCarSCTTS TROOPS. The New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Co. received an official diioti^k from Rnainn this morning, announcing that 800 Massachusetts troops would leave Boston to-night for Mew York en route for Washington. Thej will be forwarded to Washington via Jersey City, at 7 o'clock to-morrow morning, In the extra train of hixteen cars, whioh eonrtjtd the Seven ih r .giment to the National eofval over a year since. The train than reached New Brunswiok ia 55 minutes. Activity at the Ch?r?a*tewa Navy Yard. The Boston Journal of Wednesday says: 44 The naval preparations at the Navv Yard are being pressed forward with all possible dis?#?* ' it least 1.500 are employed, a goodlj number of thaos daring the night, in fitting oSt the Misneeotaaod Mississippi. The former eeeel is rapidly approaching completion, and tan days henna eke will swing to her anchors fa the stream, ready to band her masts to the order* of the Government, wind and weathor permitting. iU>oat throe hundred men are tow duly employed tpos this veosei?riggors. caulkers, painters, and laborers?and ooul the sun be made to stand still as of old, tl industrial boat would continue their labo through the night. " A large foroe of laborers are employed i getting in the ooala of the Minnesota, of whic she tak*s six hundred and fifty tuna. The oo ia carried to the ship in gunny baga to prevei the aocamulation of dust, and tranaferred fro the long trucks to the Yeuel in barrow through the port-boles. " A atrong force of laborers are bending c to the auchora, which will go on board to-da, and machinists from the ordnance departmei are busily engaged in fitting the sights to tl armament of the Minnesota, which at preset liea in the ordnance park. All the masts a in. the top-gallant ma?t on ond, the yards a; all aloft, the standing rigging set up. and no the riggers are engaged in 'rattling down' tl aroaas, u me umsuing-ioucn 10 meir part the work, the crew being required to bend ti sail*. The hull is entirely painted black, wii the exception of the port-holes, the cutwate figurehead, and stern, where the golden eag has yet to spread its wings, and other orn mental work will be applied. The machine] is in an advanced state, and if necessary (tea could be got up at three hours' aotice. It confidently asserted that the Minnesota will 1 ready to haul into the stream in ten days, ai perhaps sooner. About three hundred m? are employed upon her. besides those in ti shops. The officers of the Minnesota are o dered to report on or before the 1st of Ma J A_ a1 _ L ? - - ' uu iu meir creuu do 11 eaia, a majority them have already arrived, and hold thei selves in readiness for service. " The officers of the Mississippi arc order? to report for duty by the 20th of May. Tl only officer at present on duty is Chief Eng neer Loring. who is assisting in setting up hi machinery. About one hundred and fifty m< are employed in fitting out the Mississippi." Iter folk Navy Yard. Under existing circumstances, the Norfol Navy Yard is now a place to which conside able interest attacbcs. There is an iinpressu abroad that the naval vessels and Governme property there arc utterly at the mercy of ar body of meu that may choose to seize then This impression is erronoeus. The Feder Government has the following force now with hailing distance of the Gosport Navy Yar without calling upon Fort Monroe at all: Men Flag-ship Cumberland 300 Receiving ship Pennsylvania 300 Marines at the barracks 70 Steamer Pocahontas 60 Total 730 These men. with the ordnance and sma arms in tho Yard aHd at the Armory, coul successfully protect from the assault of te times their number. Of course, if any serioi attempt were made to capture it, the &rm troops in the vicinity would be called on. Ai nexed is a list of the vessels at Norfolk : Guns. Tunna^e. Pennsylvania,(a) 120 3 '.241 L'.ner Columbus,(6) 80 2,490 Liner Delaware, (c)..... 84 2 033 L'.ner New York,(rf) St 2,ti33 Frigate Columbia, (<) ^50 1 8?6 Frigate Raritan.(/) 50 1,726 Steam frigate .Merrimack,(g). 40 3,200 Corvette German town (*).... 22 939 1* otfl 1 ?? 5'-J0 19,578 Condition ?(a) Immovable. (6) Useless at pret ent. (e) Uaelees (d) Never launched (?) Ou of ord^r (f) Out of order. (?) Needs full re pairr (A) Almost ready for sea Incident* ( the Bombardment and Snr renJer. Fort Sumter was delivered up on Saturday t Capt Ferguson, one of (Jen. Beaurt yard's ahli despatched to receive 1*. and raise upon Its wall the Confederate fli? Previous to leaving. >1 jo Anderson carefully pointed out the locution of th mines which he had laid to defend his post; nls the powder magazine*, with the danger to whlc he mli'Jit be exposed by the pro^resa of the lire etc After Derforinln^ theme offlrn he up the key*. It is understood tbat Major Anderson bad in tended to lire a salute of one hundred gun6 befor *'rlking the I'nited State* fla^, both the nations salute of thirty fjur or thirty-six suns, and th President's salute of twenty-one guns. This no beiug particularly agreenb e to the c-iptors of th fv-rt he determined to Are a full silute. but on without soecial point. The accident whicd hap pened to Lis gunners put a stop to his intention Immediately upon seeing the fatal rtfect, Majf VV hi ting wrote an order for the Conf-derate troop to bury the body In the parade grouud of Foi I Sumter with all the honors of war, and sent copy to Major Anderson, who was visibly affecte< by this token of respert towards hts brave garriso by their victorious enemies. The Confederate flag and the ensign of Sout! n.._it.? ..... i?I-* i ?*? vaivnuo ?u uuti^u simultaneously on the rum parts looking toward# Charleston. Capt rerun on, in charge of the former, was insisted by Maj Junes The Faliuetto flag was raised by Cols h J Mme?, j: , and J L Dearing. assisted by Col Carroll. The two flag-statTi, upon which tli colors had been raised, bad been lashed to tw guns near cue another by Com Hartstene, am rote some fifteen feet above the parapet It stated that Anderson's flag-stafl' at Foi suimer wu uucwa Dy <>alls seven time* befor the fl.ial sbot which cut it down. The halynri wis cut below the tlatj on the morning of tbe I'-HI At Fort Moultrie, where floated both tbe Conf^d erate and State colors, tbe folds of tbe former wer pierced by four balls, tbe latter by three. Our readers nwy not bave remarked tbe am plciouscircumstance ibat on tbe nights of tbe Wt and !3tb. the moon showed tbe silver crescent wblch stand* on tbe flig of the tState A gentle man nlso informs us, on the morning of the 13th as an'omen of victory, that he saw a gaiae-coc, nnoui?t tbe tomb of Calnoun, oa Church street flap 1 Is wings and crow Tbe superstitious wil mu/ ?? ?--?? * a UUK vu i ?i /iar??jio7i mercury. Pkoclamatiom.?The Mayor of Baltimore, o the l/tb instant, lMued the following proclaim tlon ; Whereas, In the present excited state of the put He blind, and in the geeat division of opinio whtcii exists in relation to the subjects of th gravest political importance, apprehensions hav aris*-,, iu tha minds of many citizens that vloli tlons'of the peace may oc^ur; and whereas, ou character and welfare as a community are deepl involved In the absolute preaervation, at all time and tender all ctrcomatancea, of public ordri whl?jh can be maintained by the public author! Mm ?nly through the aid of the people themselvei I heM>y earnestly Invoke all good citizens to r< fraii?'from every act which could lead to any oui bre..K or violence of any kind; to refralu froi harti.neaa of speech and to render In all cast probipt and efficient aid, as by law they are r? quired to do, to tbe public authorities, whoi con*.ant efforts will be exerted to maintain ui broken the peace and order of the city, and t ad Hi a later tbe laws with fidelity and impartiality Oao Wm. Brown, Mayor. A N iw Wat or Old Dkbts?A "Me *w. ut-i - * uKKca>* mi iuc xvicuiiiona LMlpUlCQ It follcaring mode of extrication from a preaain pec'inlary liability: " in conaequence of the turn affairs have take the m?rci>anta are in a quandary whtt to do. surest that merchants pay over to Gov Letcbi .ill debta due at the North, taking bia receip therefor, and passing aiid receipts over to Nortl *rn creditors to be redeemed when hostility cease by the State." The Co*it ?Lieut nant Maury anuonncesth: the cornet lately discovered by Mr. Thalcb< la the Constellation Drare, haa been Been at tt National Observatory, Washington lie thua d< scribes it: The comet la civolar; two minutes In dlamete without any tail, condensed at the centre, wit -ami* trace of a nucleus Its daily motion ia mla Usee, retrograde la right asceusion, and b 46 tijin. N. declination. A Custom HocsiO?FK:?nTaBEtDAHDF*jLTi xaao in Nsw Havh-Jifi Davis Hcno im El rial ? The utterera of ssra?lou sentiments si treated harshly in Nsw Hsven A custom houi oA">al wbo exprssatd sym pathy for the nbdawi treated to a coat of tar and feaibcra Jeff Davli Preaident of the Confederacy, was hang In ? and a transps ency near the depot ridiculed ih rebellious horde who ara attempting to evritfcroi 1 the government.?Boticn Tramtuipt. d MISCELLANEOUS. ie r? ?LOTHING AND CLOTHING MATERIAL: !_ Navy Dvpaktmxst, ) , Bureau of Provisions and Clot hint. > April 4, 1861.\ al Separate PRorosAL*. aealed and aiid?rae ?t " Proposal* for iNavy C.othing and C othim Ma tariaia," will be received at Una offio? uctil9o'e!oo m - ? w J r at r- - + - ? * ? m in* uo n o via ubj ui niftj lor lurnisnm a, and deliver ng (<>n roceivinc aixtr days' rotioe)? c?ch ?r cither of th* Navy Yard* at Charleatowr Maaaaohoaetta; Brooklyn, New York; or Ooaporl >D Virginia, the quantitiea below mentioned "f any o j, all of tbe fnUowicjc claaiea cf artlolea of Nav Qt Uio'hinc and Clo;hiug MatenaJa, and such furthr. quantities of the same aa in\y be o d*red by th 19 chief or tia a or by the Com^andanta r at the a&id Navy Yards, respectively, during th re fiaoal yoar ommenanj on tne 1st day of Jul re next, and enuiue on me 30.u day nt June, 18fci, via w Clasw 1.?Cloth Clothing. ]e Blue oloth trowi'wrs - ? 3 Ofl B ue aatinft trowaers, 3,0C ie Class 2.?Seamless Clothing. ,h Blue felt pea jacket* r Blue felt caps 4,* le Class 3.?Flatuiel Clothing. d Blue fl\nnel overalurts J,00 Rlue flannel undershirts. _ 3 * '7 Blue flannel aravera. 3.00 ? Class 4.?Linen Clot/ting. 18 Canvas duck trcwsera. 3,0C >e Barns! y aneetm* frooka , ....3.U0 Class 5.?Blue Satinet. >n B!ne satinet yards, lo.CC J.? Class 6.?Blue Flannel. Bine flannaJ.. yards, 8V)f of Class 7.?Sheeting, Duel, and Nankin. n_ Barnsley cheating ..... yards, Cauvae duck. : do 10 ic Blue Nankin do 10,0. !<* Class 8.?Shoes. 18 Calf akin laced pair*, 4/C i- Kip skin shoes do 4.0C Br Class 9.?Sods. sn Woolen seeks ?.pairs, B.ot Clas* 10.?Mattresses. i a ? r l ? ? m?iunBR7D i w i vii ? uvvoib lur WWII/. Class 11.?Blanlets. Bl&nke'.a. ? ? 3.0C r" Cla=i< 12.?IIa >/d lerch if fx. Bl*ek silk handlterchie's Offers rcay bo made for one or more o!a**ea, a J the option of the bidder; but all the article* em it- biace.i in & o ats must be bid for ul K&ch class will be considered by itself, and th oontiaot for tha class will beawf.rced to tha bid ' der vii<ikd propo s s fo' the articles oonip>iie<i 11 fi. the olae* a e lowest la the aegre^ate. The st amies < ciothinj shall be ?f fait ototh, dye< pure iudikO blue, made of g wvl ^jol only, anc shall e>inform ID the sizes, oo.or, ?iadeo< woo' * >' ir< ftil oU ?r respect* :o lha tainples depositee ftt tne Navy Yards. The C:o?n (or blue c oth trowsers rhali bo twilled. all wor-i. aijil pu>e inaito blue, wool dyed. Ii lift 1 h&ve a lut oil each ed^e o >mposed of21 wlii!< thread*, of all woo!. All p ooes ui.dnr 17}* ounoes per yani wi 1 rejeoud; and each bale ol a^oul ,, 9" yards must average 18 ou-eee per yard 11 1 he Satinet must be wide inside of list d with a heading to cousit-t of not les< than two, ve n white threads at ev.h end of the piec* must weigh uot less than S*H ounces per jard, ic 18 o utain in eaoh pie< o a out 28 yarns; tne warp 7 inuet be ootton, pure mJigo h ue, yarn-dyed: ai.a , the fil'ing wool, pure indigo blue, wool dyed. Kach ba'e oi ;adii al nverato nmeand h-iifouLces to the ysrd.and no piece snail be below :< * ounuea to the fard. Tho >a.. .ei Trnwi?n must be made of matt-rial like the above. The Broadcloth and Sa met of which garments are made shall bj well sponged b?for made* up. 'I he Mauno! must bo all wool, wojl-dye-t, pure indigo bine, and twilled; mu?t bein p>- oes of about jO yards in lengtu. 27 luones wide. w uium five ounoes per yar?i. with a list on ac.i edge of four wh>te woole^L thread< woven m th?< wh <:e lenetn of the pieoe. T<> be packed in bales of .en pi?c??, tne picoe* to be roiled separate j without oloth boards, each hale to eont?:n 6<w? yards and IV l? pounds F acn?l- No piece to ba*e a .ess average weight than 4 8 10 ounoei per yard. t The Overshirts. (Jnjershirts, aud Drawers must (- be made of tlannel like ttm above. 1 he Hatns ey She^tin^ must be free from cotton, an inches in wi.lth; wmght, tw.-ive ounces 31-1W per yard; t< xture. 4 by 4 to 1 10 men. Tne Canvas inu?t be treo from cottm.27 inone* in width, ai d alont?G yards in the piece, double thread warp and lining; weight, eight n O'JHCBI 23 lOO nnr ?Anl: t>*tnr?. ') h* In L in/?h > Trie !*hoea must lu pjtiuly stamped witu the 1 eon tractor's name, nun>r>er of the alio*. and jtur when mad*. 'I he *iso? to be in the 1< llowing pr??r portion* for KKt pan*, unleer. otherwif" or* oered, viz: 3 of So. 5. 17 oi No. 6 25 of No. 7, 25 of o No 8, 16 of No i>, 7 of No. 10, and 2 of No. 11. In ey h muat oouiorin in a.1! re pect* to the ta:npl- a at the varus, and to he delivered ni go"d, strong boxes. J the tops of which to be seoi-relr fastened with scr'wi-, and each box to contain S5 cairn, in ti-eae proportions, viz. 8 pairs ot No. 6, with 17 of No 6, '* i3of \o. 7, with 12 of r*o. 8, or *?t? ?>ria,16 of No e B, with of No i! ! ', an'! 2 of No. li 'I'll.* Calf-skin ,1 aa i Kip skm Shoes to h<? packed n sepvratatpxes. Tka vao>Nioeti nut ba woven or kn.t. indi ,? go mixed, all wool. ah?il he w-?!l 6<sure4, and in color and quality fully equal to sample. e The>-s must wreuh ten pounds inolud? inr tickn r, wp.ic'i is to bo cot6 feet ?n le>'ftb aiid 31 inches wide Tho covers nin?t measure 71 inchej i. ;n length an-t 2!) ino ee in width 'J'iie hair, tic* r la*, ai d oovara u.u*t cuhf^rin t?? aiiiiiples. i no o&i.Kin mini i?e equal to me !> ?.. Dlue Atnsriojin nankin,2t> inches wide, texture 5 tluejuis i.y 4 1 tuteftd* to the 16td of au inch, dyed With purt Ben J gal m/tigo. a The blanket* must weigh aix pound* per pair, n Stid measure 5* by 78 imp. i each. A 'ai* of 5<> pair* must weight ' pounds, and no pair ahail weigh h e?s loan 6 pouuon i3 ou..oes. Tbet ma*; ba invi-? of c<<au woul, and each blanket must be marked "U 8. Navy," as in the s&mole. j* Th?* black ?iik handierchiefs mutt be3l){ by SIX |. inches, and weigh l ounce and 13 grain* Troy ; texture, 14 i#y 13 to one eighth of an li cit. Bidaera tor the abo e wi 1 specify whether the e aruce* they propose to furnish are to be of the growth, p>oduotion.and mauuiaottireof the United , states, ax a proferetcd will he given to such. 1 A schedule ef ihe tnree sizes for ea^h u? pieces of made up clothing will ba found with the earn t plea at the re*pfcli>e yards; aiid a'l tue above artie oles, including the necessary buttons, ring*. 4c., j are to be (u'It equal in tin quality, tex'ure. oolor, weight, and fini?n ol' material and co. form in pat' tern. aixe, and workmanship, to sai i sample*. The number or qua^t'f y wi loh wi.l be required e of each of the foregoirg a' tides oaonot be precisely atac>d. It will not >*e lean, however, than the I. quantity a penned iu th < foregoing liit. The oo?.h tract* will. hert?fore- Im for tin .. :n? r t? nf !' each article so > pooifitd, and lor auoh further quan' tit> aa the bureau may require. Ike piice must be !* uniform at all tkt stations i* Ail the ah jve article* mutt be sulj>ct t > aunh ink apectiun at the plvo of delivery a > the oilier of this t, bureau ma; direct; and no a ticie wi l be received I thai ia not ful y equal to tlie tampie iu every re apact, and d? ea nutoooform t;> the ftiipolations &nd provuiona of ti e contract to be mads. '1 he vh> le mnsi be delivered at the ruk ai.d tx n per ao of the eon i actor, fc.a?h box and hale to be marked with Uieoonir&otorV e&iu*. The inapectl" iiik officers to bo appointed by the Navy Depart Mat ?- Tue offera muit diaticfUMh the prices for each n article nientioued in a o a<a. anu n>uat be oalonr lated to cover every expense attending the fuliile ruent of the oontraot, inoludinf the ueccasary buttons. In oaa? of failote on the part of the oontraotora r to deliver the teveral artioleo whinh may be orV dared from them, u proper time and ujproper qval a ity, the ohief of the Bureau of f r >viaii>na ai.d CiothidC ?h*jl h? ?ilfhnri?a^ ? _ _ _ .....w .svu V yaiviiuov * l Ull W< |2 purchases to t>? mf/e of whst mat be required ic supply the deficiency. under the scna'ty to bo ex 'i pressed in the contr*ot; the reoora < f a requisition, or a duplicate oopr thereof, at the Bureau of Pro 1- visions and Clouting, or at either of ihe Nary n Yards aforeea d, sha.i be evidence thit such rtqul s sition has been made ai.d received. Two or more approved ureties in a sum equal to ' th-estimated amount of the respective oobttaeta will ba required, and twenty per centum will be '* withheld irom the amount of ah payments e.nac to oount thereot as oollateral seourity. and not lu auy f. ev nt to be paid antil it is in alt resp^.ots complied with; and eighty per o?Ltum ot Uieatount of al deliveries made will be paid by the Nav* Agent within thir-y days afisr t lplica'.e bills, duly aur" thentioMed. sh->ll have been presented to him. te Bidders whose proposals shall bo acoepted (and g none others) will be foithwun notmed, and at early as eraotioahle a oontract will be transmitted n to tnera for execution, ?l.ioh oontr.^c^nnut be re turned to the Bureau withiu fivedays, exclusive 1 oi the time required for tne regular transmission er of the mail. t* A record, or duplicate cf the letter informing n a- bidder of tn? nooeptaooe of his proposa , will be d'nmad a notification thereof, within the meaning ol the tct ot 1??6, and hi? bid will be made and accept'd in conformity with thi? understanding. Kvery offer must be accompanied (as directed 10 it the act of Congress mwktug appropriations lor Uu er Naval servioe for lM6-'47.aprrov d loth ot Auh'mt ,e 1846) t?y a written gnara. t- e, -isned by one or more ra<pou?ible persons, to tne i ffjot that ha or tnej utd'ttak* tnat the bidd r or bidders wil , i( i is oi their bid be ?ooept*d, enter into an obligation r, within fve days, with good and suflcieit sureties h to fu m?h thd ?>"? ' F,'L- " ?' __ f A- HV U?IO?U Wli S nut be obligated to consider any proposal uuIom y a c-xnpenied by the <u?r*nt?e reqiuej by ]%?; ' thee mpeteanv of the gotrsutee to be citified hj the Navy Agent, Lintriot Attorney,or Collector ol tn- Cu t'-rnj Blank form* of proposal? may be obtained on aw . plication to the Wavy Attntt at f ortsmouth, Neu ' Hampshire; Bo*ton.Ncw York,iPhtladelphia, Pal ? timore, Norfolk, and at this Bureau. * TV attention of bidders is tailed to the sample, ? and description if articles required, as. in the in i, specticm hrjorr reception, a just but midtovxpnrisot r wilt bt made b'ticeen the articles offered and the >am ' pic* mnd tomtruct,receiving none that fall belmr th<m _ and their attention is also particular In directed to Mt, w fmieu resolution ofTttk March IBM, M addition to th, i aet of tk* 10fA August, 1M6. ap 5 1mm w DENTISTRY. S n*5*-' OCKWOOD* DARRELL ARK PREI 'inini 11 I TU in "I'T rn 'i _ m i

ITE BASE, a new ud improved mode mftea? Wheji made on th.s plan they a?e com 1' " fortable to wew and muc'i eheajper than any other, d Also. Te?th inseited on Gold Plate, and ail Dental Opeiations of any kind that may be desired ufk fice HooinNo 5. in the Washington Building-oor% per Pa ay. and Seventh at. ja '0 4m* * IVf TEETH. 1*1* LOOM IS, M. D., the inventor and patentee l' ofthe MINERAL PLATK TEETH, M ' tends personally at hia office in thia city ' Many periont can wear these teeth who<a2II> ' oannot wear otlfers, and no person oan wear others f who oannot wear these. i d... -n: *- ? i niauua awiiQii ii mr oKWOftn m woommodsM ' With ant sty le &i)d price of Teeth they may desire; but to those who are particular and wirh the purest, cloviost, strongest, anH moat perfect denture that art can pro^ueo, the M1NKRAL PLATE will be ? more fully warranted. n Rooms in this oity?No. 339 Pa.aTenue,berweei> 9th and 10th m. AIeo, 907 Aroh street, Phi'adet phia. on 15 tf ' CLOTHING, See. n 4 8EVUNTH STIRKT * o 4t)U v ALWAYS AHEAD. , I have just rcc?k\-e<l a nice stock ?f SPRING 10 CLOTHING. KL'RNlsHIMJ HOOdS, >j THINKS. HATS and CAbS to w!:i"h 1 invito the attention ?>i all in ij-autof such articles. My motto it "A quiok a xpenoe is better thai, a slow snil*) line." Those in want ? f Clothing tre invite to come and look at our goods and prioes ; ?nd it yon wanta nioeShi'taid a preity Tif, No 460 Sev 0 stre^ t is the plane to get thera. I have a very large stock of SPRING HATS, which I am e?llllir at ZS our nenf. I<?lnw lh?ir ? ! ir? 0 those who want to {raveL I hare just received a 0 large lot of TRUNKS. VALISES.and CARPKT 0 HAGS, varying in ?riccs from 41 fin to J8. If you vut a good Tiuck, Clothing, Furnishing Goods, . Hata, or Caps, thqra is no p ac? where yon can " buy as low a? at the People's Clothing Store. ' No. 460 Seventh st , opposite Post Office. ' / H. SMITH. Clothier 0 _mar 14-lm No ^60 Seventh et.. bet. K and K. TL.T BKALL a. CO. AKK P!ea*ureln informing their customers, and strangers, that jthey have removed to No. 361 Seventh street, between I and K. just above R. B n Hall's. Wehaveni't received a new suppj ol CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS, TRUNKS HATS-and CAPS, which we < ff>r to ? .^11 .? 1 J * - ' ' U ?- *? I a* ? iUW ^11 iqng. t mi nuu HOC US Of IOT0 Dliy* ing elsewhere. as we kaii* that wecun ?!l you t goods at less than an* other store in the cit*. L A. HKALL * Co, Clothiers. mar 14-lm No. -361 Seventh wt. bet I and K. JUST RECKIVl',1), a lot more of the oelebrAted I KN i'KNT 'I I K. ? ; also, a very arg- lot of " SPRING CLOTH I N'G. FURNISH INW GO l?r*. } TRUNKS. HAT* an.1 CAPS, at th? Pope*. 1 Clothing Store. No 460 Seventh St.,opposite t'obt Office. t<etween F. and F\ts. ap5-lrn 1 JVTEW ARRIVAL OF 7PR7NO~A ND SITMi^l M KR CLOTHING, FURNISHING JOODS, , HATS and CA P8. at the Pso^ls'i Olotnini; >tor?. , No. 460Seventh Bt.,opposite Post OlLoe, near F \ tIMt ap&lm I ? 1A < ARD. WOULD Respectfully call the attention <-f the j > c.tisen and stranger to our new lot of Men'* and Unv.? ? * V OTM iXl n PI'DMI^OI vn r-../nw vrwv k aaiil V, * Iv Ui'lCUl *U Ul'U UO, 1 U A'l 3 and CA PS. I oiu r&mlr inr that I am dov treparM to sell goods on better terms than ever, loa't forget to call and look at our new c>?od?. J. H. SMITH, Clothier. | > ap Vim .No. 4 60 Seventh ?t . near F. WooH and Coal. | A No. 1 article of; WOOD on h*nd, prepared to snit the wants of ?&>h ouitoraer. Wood sold cord length also, or in-any way or any quantities de- , sired. i 117" Coal k?rt is Coal Htmsts, screened before de 1 liverinje. i 1[7" 2,240 lbs. to t he ton. CT Personal attention to every order. 1 T. J. ft W. M. GALT. Office 2*3 Pa. i>v., between 11th and 12th Wood 51il! r.nd Wharf foot of Seventeenth atr -ct, J below Wrr Department. nia^23 rf_ , Great nlmherh of piano f?jhies ; f<>r *&> or re .it a a!! puces. Aiao, t?a Mu!'> t d*cn? ot different "rrak'? for rent or >a!e. Ne* Mu"ic resolved fiOrti fill parts of the nonnt-r wee ? ly. JOHN F. KIXIS. ma 30 30i. Pa. a v.. het. 9th an*! l?th a'.'. Silk r~bes. moitsun robes, la\."i R'JBEb, ber \ge kobes. We are sail n* at half their oricira! price '' J Other lof over* d#?rr BLlon we *r? anil ?ei' ? at cost Oar eto. I is ir ;e and well assorted , every department, J*Jl TAYLORA HUTCH'SO'J rl1AYLOa & "fCJTCP! ?ON, .. ,I*o.4'' Oism NtmiT^rACi:, Woo d call t'.i ittinnticn of vureMtora to our trutt nf AUnM tl I.' lit) V t/ vv vi ij.ii, "i\ x w wi/r*, ti mpriK* ink wm? of tbe newsstand rno?ttieMrat> e irnrort* . ti nf cl t< e lesson. Our *t<>ck of L)omri!i^8,1.ii rn ' and V\ hite Goods will !'C found very coirplete, I and will he (.ffered at price? that oannot fail to cue | satisfaction We a*k r.n exMninatton *p 3 JO II N F. E LL I S. SOLEAGENT h OR THE SALK AND RENT CH1CKERING ARSONS' PIANOS, , 306 FKNNX. Avkmttb, 4 Bcttetets 9:A and Streets ma_2 North Sid* j lilAGNOUA UaMS! 1 ill MAGNOUA HAMS!! * W? are now recuving our first supply of Mitgnn lia II ins for this season. They cannot be sur- ? pa?sed. KING ft BI RCHEuL,, * np i cururr i?>hi aw- anu v erinum S~OMKTHJNG NEW * ON FREK EXHIBITION."?A vfrv large lot of CLOiHlNG. FURNISHING G001?, HATS aid CAPS, at No. 460 Sevauth at N. B ? Ml of the aN>ve gooda for sale at very low prioea. a'. SMI iH'S, No. ?60 Seventh it., between K and P ata. I, 5 lin T~HK EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. EM RICH, at the corner of Penn.A> ? A avenue and Eleventh atreet, haa bwii?n>? greatly improved naceutly and now oflWa JgjBLL greater iodiioemeiita for tho patronare of eiuznLa and atrangera thai) aay other public houaein the oitj, hia prices be?rg ldaa than tho?e of any other hotel on Penn. avenue, and hia aocoinmodaUoDa for psrmannct or iransient boarder a unexceptionable. The bar am reataurant arraneementa of the European Hotel l>ve already become very popu lar. being all that can be desired by the moat faatidioua. Trie proirietor ptedgea unremitted attentionand contiiueii liberal expenditure to givenatIfeflkntlon to all. and tliuarrnawa hi? invitation ali to give the h.ur~,opwan Hotel a oil". dw 4-?i TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take all kind* of Virginia money for m? book debts tr.d foj Boot*, Hho&g, and Trunkt. All ; ? person* indebted me will please oa-1 and settie op, or I aha;l he compelled to give their aocounta : into the h&ndB of a collector, I 8. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall, 1 i no 31 Fa. av..4wtween 9t.i and inth sta. Nf> ?The ;,indersi(n?d l.^gs to inform tfe ? 11 public! hat he has on hand a a ge stock < of MONUMENT*. TOMHS. HEADS IOM ES, ? &e., at Ha'timore and Philadelphia pnoes. A so.a < new sty i* of Drawings osn he seen at the yard, and a new style of Ma?bi? Mantels. Table Tops. Ao? , | kept ^n haul. Iirown Stone and tiran't* work ' i promptly a??nd<>'! to. WM. BRADLKY, i m% 18 *o3in a v., b*t 18th ?n?l lftih ?ta. J . 1861 ]861 Commence the Year with a Diary. A r&ln&ble Pook?t Companion for registering ' i events n&at. DTesent. and future: eonttinim ratix i of postage, aTroarae, a blank apao for memoranda > for every day in the year, oatth aooount for eaoh inoL'h, annual aumm&ry of o&sh aeouant btils Byable and receivable, IXin't be without one of sae uaeful little sonvenira. The moat oomplete, . elegant. and desirable assortment ever ^*ued.o"ro arising twel^o sizes and upwards of f.fty styiea, , : at HHII.LlNtfToN'S Bookatore, J Odeon Uuuding, eurner uf,4K street and ( I dean Penn avenue. i UKK OLD RYK WHI8KY.-Oa uand aevera lirar:d? of Pur? Old Rye \Vhi?ky, Copper Oiatilled, made by the moat reliable distillers in P?tto' sylvaaia, Maryland and Virginia, warixcied purr. Also, Imported ?.randies, Henaeasy, Oiard. Dapny k Co., Juiea floUna, A,o. Alio, PeacU ma Apple It randy. pure fl pi land filn, old Jainaioa ana St, , ' Croix Rum, ant! Wines of every v?nety,alt of , jtandard tran is. A ohoiee lot of Cigars and 7o- i baocu. Y0vN6 ft KEFH A RT_A*ents, a* 14-1 v ft aw., hrtw.wti a-rwl lf?h eta. < IINCOLN AS HE IS. I ! -* t^TKEL EnsmAVKD PoBTKAIT. I | ? The be?t Portrait yet published of li HON. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. (wit* tckisktrt,)* At K* fc.NCH A RICHSTElN'a, < i No. 'iTS Pemna. Avkhce, i _ Washington, 1). C. , I T'M? ?n??li*d at low >rio'>. iwuT JJOME-M AD?< AND 8HOKS, f Labis*'. Miiixa' amd Wiil, At hTCMdimtfr I tne Priett. At J. HJWENTHAL'S. , No. 16 Market Spaoa, ma8-ao Pa ?t., bet. ?'h aad MtVeU. , A VERY Nick PRINCE fc OO.MRLODEON ! ' f\. wbiak kaa ?e?a o??d a abort m I : !? very low at MKTZRatn r.-fSBHk Mncie Store. AUo, ?e*erai aroood-luk'H *" ,- '"T* ; . arrived at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh ?t. ap6 la f ft | _____ ?? i ?? m MEDICINES. BDK JOHNSTON, ALTIMORE LOCK HOSPITAL, Hat diKK'rtd tkt tnoft Certain, Spttdy mud *ly ' Efftttual Rtmtdy m I kt World, FOR ALL DISKA8KSOF lMPdL'DENCE. \ LET NO FALSE DELICACY FR STENT. ( APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, < IN FROM. ONE TO TWO DAYS. { Wcakneaa of the Back, Strtctnrta, Aff?ci>r.aof tht KidDija Ki?d Bladder, iovoltintarv Diacharjtt, liopotencv. Gen aral Doh.l.r ? N'ii *nun.?M I -- ??? ?* of Ideas, Lov Spirits, P-Ipiuutwi the Heart, Ti?n<hty, Tremblings, Dimness of ?ftar Oiddiues*, Disease of the I Head, Throat, Nose or Skin, Aflrrtionsu( the Lours, ?t?m- . am or B ^?is?these Terrible Disorders ansuif rroia Solitary Habtu of Youth?theae Dreadfal and l?estmcti*e Pr*c- 1 tices which reuder Mmriare impossible, sad destroy boifc Bo<lr and Mind. YOUXG M9N Kspeci>Ue who have become the > irtime o' Solitary Vice, ' that drendfal and destructive h?bit which lumually swee^a to an ur timely ^r?ve thnusmdi of Yourfftleuof the most eialted talents *ad brill taut intellect, who -night otherwise have entranced listening Henries ? ith the thunders of ela- V aurnce or waked to ! ??? - *" ?, ? , /">?/ ? nU confldenee. I MARRIAGE. MamttKP PHiom, or Young Men con'emplntinp M-r litre, bein|r aware of phjmcal witkotH, (t(uic debility, deformities, Ac., apeedilv cared. He who rlicti himself under the care of I)r J msjr re lift- I onsljr confide in hit honor > a gentleman and confidently j ret/ upou hie akill aa a plijeician. ^ OFFICE So. 7 SOUTH FRF.DKRICE ST. " left hand aide from Baltimore aueet, a few doora from the corner rail not to observe name and l umber. Letter* out be paid and C on tan. a stamp DR JOHiVSTON, J Member ef the Rojral College of Surf eooa, London, rradn- 0 ate from one of the moat eminent Colleges in the L'uited - St&U?, and the r letter part of whose lift h?s teen spent in , the hosjnt-ls of London, Paris, Philadelphis aod elsewhere, hat effected eon* of the moot utooiah ;oree that were aver kuowu, many troubled with ringing the head ?ud care when aaleep; preit nervousness, heinr alarmed at sudden sounds, bjshlnlnrss with frequent Mesiiiiir. attended sometimes with derangement of aund, were cured uniue diotelrTAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Toung Man and others who have iu)ured themselves by a certain practice indulged in when alone? a habit frejoentlj learned from evil companiona, or at aatiool, the electa of whicn are nijntiy felt tvtn thin aaleep, and if o?< cured, renders marriage impossible, aud desuoys both iniud and * boi , should apply :? mediately. These are some oi me s?d nd melancholy effects prrHoced by earl/ habits of voot!>. vii : Weakness ??f the B ck and *1 Limbs, Pauis in the Head, Dimness ol 8i;hi, Loss of Muscular fi Power. Palpitation of ine Heart, Dyspepay Nervous Irma- n b:ii?y, Derangement of the Dif'sti?e Kuicuuus, General <J Debt ity, Symptoms of Canawnptton, 4c. & WlMalLV.-Tbe feertul eflects on iht tnind are much to he dreaded?Loss of Memory, Confusion of Ideas. Depression n of Spirits, ?vi( forebodings. Aversion of Hociety, Helf-Dis- jj trust. Lose of 8olitude, Timidity, etc., are s>ms ol the evils produced. NCRVOt'9 DEBfLJTV.?Thousands e*n now jod^e mhat is the ou?^ of ;heir declining health, i<*sui* tlieir ?.???r. becoming we .k, p >le, nervous jud emaciat a, hivi.ig a singolar l spfcannce about the eyes, coufb or sympt i..s of con sump uon. m DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE * When the misguided and imprudent woury of ple-ieore And* he has imbibed trie leedi of tine p uulul disease, it too often happens that an ill-timed sense of shime or d *ead of discovert detrrs hi n from appljm ; to those who, Irort tducatioa and A respect *bility, can a|on?? lefriend him He lalls into t^e M bands r f igi.omnt designing pretender* t who, incap?bie Ij y( coriitjr, filch hie pec-i uary aubstauce, keep fctui trifling L month after month, or aa long ae the amallett fee can be ob- w lained, and in desp .ir le?vs him with rained health to sirh >?er tu jrallinjr <iiaappo?i.uneut; or by the dm of that deadly poison?Mercury?hasten 'he constitutional tyi^ptome of this terrible disease, ibch as Affections of the Heart.Throat. Head, BkiD, Ac., prorrssainf with frifhtfui rapidit), till de<tli f u.a a C period to hit dreadful sufferings by sending him to thai uo- V iiecovered country from whose bourne no traveler return*. dj DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC ? WEAKNESS ASD IMPOTSNCY By thia (Treat and importiot remedy waaki aaaof the organa u ire apredtly cared ana fall ?igt>r rte-.ored Thousands the aoa: nervo'ua and debilitated, who had loat all Lope, *a*a ? >aen immediately reliand. All impedifaanta to Mr rrnge, Physical or Mental Dia^aalScatiooa, Lcaa of Procreaure Power. Ner cms Irntability, " rremblme and Weakest* or ElhaBatioo of tha moat Icarful lind apaadil/ cwrsd. T ENDORSE*fKNT OF THE PRESS. B Th* K?l?r THOraAKDi cared at tbis institution within ha laat seventeen yeara. aad the nomerone ur.port ml Rarri- f -al cperauone performed by Dr. Johnston, witnessed by the eporters of the papera ana many other peresna. aoticea of J}] rliich hu?a appeared af tin and aguu beta* the public, beidea hia staii "ting as a fotlennu of character and reap^nsi- ?i >ility, ta a sufficisai to tba afflicted mar 15-1 y iv- J. u. McLean s STRENGTHENING CORDIAL T1 A*l> BLUUU K KIFltK B1 IU vuawr nh.Ml.UY w M< WORLD, -g| jlp DELIGHTFUL ^ Jbf XI SJevek ri??>.|J'; JgBk Bl "tile and Vi(iu- jjj ft an ftf riaii. - rk< T1 lLnd hr" Yallaw nl L>?cki Elaad Km*. H| 1 01 liielP.ow.l'.ruft- IV il ItiWK ' riiU, Wild C!;?rn W,/* i ?ll Eark, and Dar.U*i>aa M| /Ti P ?n<?t mu iu c? ht] B; ^ 11 . Tk* *ntiM WUfl A Tl Won SS3*^H? Wtiiig. Tl iatillinf, aradaaia ' a dalieiaaa, xhili.ati if .pint, u< Ik* Mt InfailiM* r*?a >7 ' *' rana?atief k* iluut< ijMa, f)l ad ratiaricf tk* *!-* **rmf, ai d d*kUitat*d laralid It altk aad autiflk f] McLEAirs STRENGTHENING CORDIAL . Bill ?f?*taally eat* Wi??r Cam] Uint, Dyapapaia, Jaaa- C la*, Chrania at Harraaa Dability, Oiaaaaaa artka Bidaaya, ad all diaaaaa* ari?ir.f fram a diwrdtrad Ur*r ar Btaasaek. iripaaaia, liutUTu, Uvard PUia. Audit* ar Bickoaa* af * Btamack, falloaai af Biaad u tka Raid. Dall Paia at _ wiTiroiof lath* *<*, Palpuatwa af tki latn, Fallraaa UI I Waif at In Ua B;, Baar Cracutiaoa, CMIu at aBacatlnj Patlldf at an layiof dawn, Dtjnaas ar TallaV> aaa af tka Ski* aal Kjaa, MifU Hnu, loward Fa?ara, rj aln in tha real! af tk* Back, Cfcaat, ar Bid*. Baddan 'lath** af Baal, Dapraaaiao af tpints, f'rifhtfal Draama, iiariar, DuMadacIT *r any n*r*aaa iiaaaaa. Baraa at PI lltahaa an tk* Bkin, and F*T*r aad Aft* (ar ChtU* aad ^ >" ') OVER A MILLION BOTTLES *2 a?a k>u u o?iui(im uatiun?ui,u? la m 1b- to w.uaa bu it failad ?u fi'iaf anura aatufac Uao. *h?, than. rill aaftr frare Wu?n<? *r DabilUy rtm MckEAM'tf . rrRKH?TBMIIH? COKDIAU will ear* ;m 1 Ka itnif aaf* uo Mc'lf ao ak.aqa&t* Mat af tka lmaiadlla and almaat roirxta.aai akufa pr*4ac.?d ky u>mf U>M n* Cardial la Ua diaataan, dakiuutad, tad fcattarad narrtu tU yatam, vkaihat krakan dawn ky axtaaa. waak ky uwa, il ? taya'rad ky aiakoaaa, tka ralnad and miraaf avfaai- I ativa u raatatad la iu friauaa kaaltk and *i[n do _ k MAlltLlXV rJWSOHSj ittln, aan??l?a? af inability frana wh u???r UM, will nn 1.4 MckSA* 8 CTCEH?rMlJ(lH0 CORDIAL I !?* u at(k ii|igmtN<( ill arttiF.; ud ill wm otf btvi la .1. wad ikamaat**> ky Inpraaar indalf aacaa will lad U Ikla * >rdUl a uriala aad MBtdy. TO THE LADIES. t? McWKAin ITltMITIKXin COUMAh la a mir I lira aad iftidj tin fat loeiptaat Caniam^uan, Whitaa, tr lliuuttil w Dllcill HiutnalmiJ aetatiaiMi W Brtaa fa >r DliehrTf* tkaraaf, Falling < tka Wwk, tl< lldduxaa, Falaunf, aad all diaaaaaa iceidaai k? Faaalaa. or THERE IS NO HISTAM.E ABOUT IT & >U<| aw in(u. iiH?nn( la wriCDMt. II will | . lUroala-.a, atranflhan, u< ioTifarata r* aad uw im M Ihii ( haalth M man! T?I abaak tfiia. Brtrj total* ta "" ruiutid ta girt Mlafcetin. JDJC CHILDREN 1 U IMI ablUran u? aickly, panT ar tl iul, McLKAlfB be X>KDlAk will mak tban k?ildr.?(t, uad rakut D?U; T1 > ? a mamaoq In it, u4 ytm will H MtfUttt h l? da- ei llllll liULfcSe 9AVTION litui tt dil(fWi ? dulrn wto mm j try M pals apaa | m Mai kitui u auiapuiUa uuk, wbiok ibaj iu bit lot lhatB, bir <K*U1( it ti litt i?n?! Iti d ! aacb Bin. Act r McLKaS^ VrREWiTWINING CORDIAL, tad uba lathinf alta. It U cm aaly ramady that will W+rity tba Haad iiaraafhlr nd a tfc* aaai (uaa viriaflhaa tha ifr.aa. K< Oaa uupanhl uUao a?ary marou.f (kauuf la a cartain I i travanti** far Chalara, CHilla and Taaar, Tallow Faaar, ar ku nr araaalant diaaaaa. hiapmaa In larra bottlaa Pnca ar blf >1 mi bMla. t toalaa far K JrH.McI.KaH -? liniaent, L 2* vJ/'j*4/# "? ? ??? omr?LJV: WOItLn> I? ??.?b? Ss^&aSSSaa IS Ui.*ai*a?m, Itifiiiii *f th* )<tau, Cm r*tt*d Mucin at ] S'P ?tc'4i Ktrtthi trTtcthtcbi, Brviiti, InrtiM, PrMb I yn ? ?. W**r.cta, Clc??, r?T?r Ivh, Cikti Bnul, !? th Nippiti, Bmro*, km Diraat, m uj t~ m io, i?Ib, n* tUftrtoet baw Htin ar laujrth* di***M wii JT Mr* *iiit*4, McLIill CCLXUAlku LIMIMX1CT U i ??rt*ta r*m*dr. nwuiiWkuuMipkixkMimltllhtf ? r UMBltlda ?* k? f K A mm* mM tki. i ?- ? ?_ ""ieLSAtra VOLCANIC OIL LIN1MEKT will wliiw nil}, ?4 te wW a. ri ymirtly ao4he?lUel*iwteereeieae leweiiNeekwume. * FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. ** McUANI CKUCBKATBD UIK1MBMT > ik? ?l* mf ib4 liltaklt naiit far U? tut ml Bptvte, Ikftoi, Windfall*, pliau, Ubuiirtl Uw. IMh ar valtUn. ? 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Being f r%^tio&, nwbuiM la different br???k?? of the miirni, we Cattor oartelree that we kaow Lhf et^lee and ?o*mj of work that wli: i|r? ?himoCioD, eoTnb: tung .i|htniii, ?BUort m3 IT. Repairing promptly And oaref?)ly atteoded to til* ahortei: n< t.c* and m ??t rea* o*><.emrjM, WALTER. KaRMA.NN ft fWTT? OMtaiiari, nooMMn to We T. Hoo4. ay *?-4IF a hk sabaer,: .vt?a*iuf m?<*# MttltfM ? hi belt r?, r?T| it now on* ofth? nth" District, ?ti?r* hi* fMtutiM foUK^^K ntttl^tsriaiCARR1A6Kfc LISHT^^^* WA6'?M?oT?!l kinds e?ncot he nr>MWi,M< roaa ma lone rxaen^tjee is the butsm, k< k?Hl ; e:ae ranera *at.nact:ou. it fcicCa ti'Otnia^M as< kltkt Wv?ut*ytN ^L. iK KP A1RB ?#?tr <ew.?sdeU ertere ?rww? rut nw?*. SOUTIl ER NMBDKAL BO USE nR- S*H U .WAN hat, altar an ?*t ? ?f * ? fiUMi-tud lh? ?lor? rrf<tf ir><? |UMk?'< . ?? I *tw V<1 Jnditr. or dr?w>r?. ,nd p.eteodera of writonoraft ?u?i impoclors la fair*J. Mill II the Sn r d */>* wk?. or* cau he hHmumi *n the world foi all improHr .ud evil > abita, tonorrh*. *'eet, eemnai i?n, *yphili?. primary aeoonriary; and ternary, irganio weakneaa. pama in the <oina, trirturaa, enera: debi'ity, proat ation, nervoe mm, 'mUm nrhta. pa pitaiio' of the heart, nurirc in the ear*, oaa ofnu m?ry,'y .at5?ot out f th* hea-1, thrott, noae, and akin, and all tkoee 'ouiiar diaorde a ariaicg Ir^m the lodiaaeectnu of outh, ren<ier;nc them or.hi lor either i>u*ia**a, tudy. aociety, or mama**. I)r. M. hM the urea teat rcmadiee in the kaewa rorld for diaeaaea of the bond. gdsor'tiK. fWot, tnoturea, ? phllii*, aemmiU weakneaa, aell aba**, to. There ia bo oa a in wh'.eh they fail to our* ia row 3 to 6 da? a. Viotima of thee* horrible oomplaiit", who would nah to he valuable men and on.amenta to aoeiety, h-oM embrace the rar.ieat optortu. 1?y for r+ll'f. Dr. SM>uman > a? maoetti* moat oomp ete waniai"Bta f >r the co?? f??-t of hi* patient* who oonie rooi a dia'auce. T;.ey will d* turni-hed with the i ?at pi ?aaa-1 and agreeable quarter . u*c?M*ry iet, and m,de aa oxm'or.aNe aa ?hey would beat 6 rat >ot*l at le*a than ha f the ooat. Do not (org* t tee r.atn? and nun ber. Dr Shu i&n'a office ia on the o>>rner of Sixth atreat and en?*y vauia venue Oiarerl a H -tel. oppoait* he Natioba Hotel, V\'a?liin?'.i>B 1? C P*raot:a at ad:?ta*.ce in.>u d eno oae atairp f j Morn p atae*. Ofti e noura, 9 *. M to in V. K. Various partita have liren tnUo-d 'fom my i*citu'iou by eertnii ?wir.H era on back ai ee'a ia ii* oity, alio will rue it M I the day ol their dent*, word to the wia ia oafteae ?4 ap ? ly Cure Camtk, Cold, In/iu-Hta any nruai ton m Smrm of ik^Th*oni, KIImm Uu hor Bronri K^taHKSf ,<'rr?|l4 te lk< r>iMaf ^GfiliHSr PUBLIC !>PEAKE1I Xllir 4.KS SINGERS. Fr* itt mrt of the importance of ebeeKlac a onghor ' CommuB Cold" in it* Bit itur, t?t hieh in the becminc would yield to a mild iume r, if neg!eote<i. moo atttcka the Luna a. "/>i?wa'< rmthxal TtorKtoontainwiic <!etcaIon?t lagradl iU, alia? Pilmonary and Hionehial Imtatioa. "That troahle m mr Throat. <tar ROWN'S which the "IVee* ?'" area afwila) ' avine made me often a mora whieKOCBE8 parar." S.P. WILUST ROWN'S ^^oomm^timrmmtornLW ROCI1B8 REV. K. H. CRAPIN. "Great aervioe in nbdaing BoalfB ROWN'S wane." REV. DANIEL Wliflt. anrnrs " Almoat laatant re'tef in the die RUtUfcP tr?wi>in* labor ol treathia< yaaalmr ROWN'S 10 A# A. C. EGGLESTON. ROCHES " Contain no Opium or anything injunuua. DR. A- A HA ? Ki. ROWN'S Ckrmxsi, Bottom. ROCHES ROWN-Si P?. 6. F. BIKLOW^ ROCHES * ?**&?. S.TV^VE, ROWN'8 ih?v^rjmd tktm mmOmAtm ROCHES WAKRKrf. tOWN'b B?U*. "B?nefioi*l vteM cohmIM to ROCHE? iii9f:nc from Colx.** lOWNU REV.Af.xVMgBgJ^ . ii nnm a " Ettbcttax in r*morinf Hov? ,utULP neaa ul Ii ritation ot th* Tbroai. ae 'OW'N'S om^ioa vita Bhuhi aid SiwiOCHES *"*?* M.BTACY JOHNSON^ iOWNU TWC,1f2mSE^" IOC HE? " 6 r??t bftMtit wh?a tak? b?fW? %nd aitar pre*ehin?.M ttfi ?r#m? lOWN'S UotruBHM. From ij??r h*> I think tK?* will K? rf * ~"4 IOCHES TUtif* to ma. REV. K. ROWLEY. A. M. IOWN'8 Pmiaeot o( AUmi Coli*i*, Tm tOCHES \? 1-ly THE OJTLY PKEPA&ATIO* womrsr op JIVER8AL CONFIDENCE * PATRONAGE FOR STATES~?TEX, JUDGES, .ERG YUEN. LADIES. ??4 GENTLEMEN* n All part* of the world testify to the HkMT of tOF. O.J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE, d centleinen of the Pr?aa are unoimon if iu use. A few teeUinomv: only can be here cirfa ??i'onl?r for more, and it will be lmpoeeibie for to doabt. <7 WILL Stuit, NIW Vou, D*e.?. ISSt Smtltwun: Yoor note of the 15th inataet haa cr. received, raying that yoa had heard that { d baen beoeuted by the uteof Wood's Hair Ka>ratTVe, an< reqoeatmg my certificate of the net 1 bad nu objeotion to gire it. I award it to jou oheeifally, beoaaae I thiajt tt i?. Ai y are la a!K>ui 5?> year* ; the oojor of mf ar ?nb?rn, and inclined to ourl. Sme five or l rear* einee it beean to turn r ray. and tb? eoa'a i the crown of ray head to lose its senaibtity and ndrnff to form cp^c it. Each of thee ~ ??rwi iiities inoreaeed wilt time, and about 4 mo^the r.ce a fourth was added to them, by hair flkilia* r the top of my head and threatening to make me Xd. Ln this ?nple<iaant rredirament I was indaoed to r Wood's Hair Restoratire, mainly to arraat tie . r.r off of mT hair, for I had roally no rxpeota an that rray hair oonid ever be restored to its lgmai color except irom fitae. I vu.HTmr, atljr aorpne-Hi to fcrri. after the in of two bot m only, not only was the Cabling off irriM. it the onior was entered to the gray hair* and naibility to the aoaip and d.-.ndruffo'aiwd tofor* i my head. v?ry maoh to the gratboatoE of my ire. at whoto eoheitatioc I waa mdnoc to try it. For this. among the mary obMrationa 1 owe to ir ml, I atrorgly recommend ail nuahaode who ?.ne the adnurau<>n of their wivoa to prof t bt my amele. and aeeitif growinc gra? or getttaa U e. Vary reepectfu. i y, Km A. Urnm. To O. J. Wood tt Co.. 444 Brood way, N. T. My family are aheeat from tike city, and Itato new at No. 11 Carrol Piaoe. SiAMarow, Ala., Jmtf *>, IMA ro Plot. O J. Wood: /Mar S?r?Y our ' Hair -atoraure" haa done mr hair eo r good ataoo oomrrenoed the uae of it, that I ?lah to aako own to the public of its efiecta onl he hair, wjuca ( great. A nan or woman ma* beneariy deprive* hair, and by a roaort to your "Hair R **toratl vo* hair will rotarn more beaatifa; than erar , at Mt thia ia my expene&o*. Be!i?re it all' Yonra tralr. W*. H. Ktym, P. 8.?You oao pab'iah thaabove if yo? hie H* ibliahiog ia oar Southern pa peri yon will got 're patronage Soath. I e*e several of joar eor loataa la the Mobile Meroury, a etroag feoothrni per. W. H. Knmr. WOOD'S HAIR KE8TORATIVA. P*o?.O J. Wood: Dear Sir: Baaing had tho lafortana to loaa the hoet ye-boi of my Mir. tea 9 VBVUU H IMP fHiVt ITT^f, || r*?w ? wf i um m U, 1 tw ic^aood to aUt a trial of prefers ? - ai.d round it to uiv*r u th? m? Vim >wt?d. Mr hair ii now thiok u< m wdi om cxirtM Mr obligation' to fo? ii urij the aflhotad notatraaaar* Furur Jenioi. TTw Iwtorrtw m aat?p ta miwrfttrwftpw. I: large. medium and tixa'.. th" ?rr.a. fcoldbair pint, and rrtiilitor ook dollar por bott)*; iWmM kcxda at laaat to p?r ont mora la wwitiw aa taa sinali, retar* lor iwo dollar* p-w U tt)a| * larg* hold* a quart, ?P par east ?" m pra??nr ^^^.tiVr?r?SC55EyL4i."iaL ftoW inthiae tj by C.STOTT.ST* Kmpw. aa TT aolT-*!^ 1,000 LffcloMfsSTB?^! ? *?crw"*T U * oonm Verraos? Aanassik.