Newspaper of Evening Star, April 19, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 19, 1861 Page 2
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111E EVEIMMi STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY April 19. 1MI. U7" The new Collar Weekly Star, fuller than r?er of Metropolitan newt and gocalp, and choice literary trading, la now on our counter ready for delivery to the pabMe. Embraced In Its entertaining content* are the following article*: The Clerk'* Marrliee?a tale of real life; Captain Kldd, the Pirate; Richard Ru?ty Seek* an Office ?* rich sketch; The Serf*of Russia; Interesting Letter from Japan?murder ?f the American {Secretary of legation and the conversion of Tommv;" The Peril* of Allntng; The Plot to Asaassln.ite Mr Lincoln; Capture of Fort Sum?< r. First and Second Day*' BomhtMnient and detail* of the Fight and Surr#?A nrv??r?n^pnf th? Vnr? Kitttl**. Arc : ProciauteWona of President Lincoln and Jeff. ?>av}*; How the ncwi of the Fight nffected the Country War Movements by the Government; Kntbuslasm of Volunteers 5 n theStites; Vtilltary Movements In Washington; The sail from the War Departmen'; Departmental News and Appointments; Operations of the p4tent Ofllce, Southern Conventions, Criminal Court, and sentence of John Foley for murder; Lditcrials npon theCrisit; Latest Telegraphic Dispatches frcm all parts of the country; Important Agricultural and Horticultural articles; Local Nfws, Ac.. Ac : together with several columns of choice Miscellany, News Items, Poetry, Wit red Humor. VTfls Is Just the paper above all others for persons sojourning in the National Metropolis to J *V_I. Jli _ e _ -M t _a n.i . ? . riiu w uicn irienoi ? a alliance, rric.e oniy three centa per copy, or SI 00 per annum; postage prepaid by stamp* when so arranged. Spirit ( the Mtralng Preaa. The Imelhgtnetr argue* thnt the border slave States ahould take their position firm and ateadfast between the North and Sou'h?friends but independent of both?and by every posalble means sek to conciliate aud harmonize the two aectiona. The Republican aays the secession of Virginia ' Will not affect the policy of the Government one bsir'a breadth, nor will It change the inevitable re*u!t rf the pre*ent conflict. The national authority will be asserted over ever/ inch of Amerieen aoil, from the Lakes to the Gulf, oppoae it who may." Wsm Movkmests i!t Viboisia ?\Ve have positive Information (from gentlemen passing yesterday ovrr that Railroad) that at an early hour yesterday morning a number of trains?drawn by the locomotives sent out from Alexandria ss secretly as possible on the nlgbt before? passed back over the Orange and Alexandria RaKro&d, we think as far as the Manassas junctions Tbey wer? loaded with troops, cannon, to. On the way tbey picked up all the volunteer soldiers that were ready to embark on whatever undertaking they had In hund We believe their errand was to take the Harper's Ferry Armory, and 'hat by this time It is in their po? won imrae:is<? excitement, or course existed Id the villages and country through which these trains paMed. Orders hare reached here from the Potomac | River Steamboat Company in Richmond, for the foar large ste^raens of that concern?the Powhatan, Baltimore, .Mount Vernon, and Philadel. phla?to proceed at once to Aquia Creek, their landing point in Virginia. As It is by no means impossible that the'.r transfer Is designed to facilitate military operations against the United SiaUs w? take It for granted that the authorities here will forbid their present departure. f. ??Up to 12 ta. to-day, we have no news from Harper1* Ferry or its vicinity intimating the approach of the troopa thus conveyed. The telegraph la In the hand* of the Railroad Company, and would give correct information if possible. Webave rumors tUat the works of the Govern, rasst there have Wen blown up; but can trace them to no reliable source whatever. The absence of any advices of the progress of the Virginia military expedition towards Harper's Ferry, and the orders for the transfer of the Potomac stoamers to Aquia Creek, mentioned above, Incline us to believe that the disunion troopa brought In this direction via Qordonsvtlle yesterday morning, left the Orange and Alexandria Railrnad at Warrenton Junction to march to Frederickabnrg, (nineteen miles.) there to be Joined bv such disunion trnom m mav roas-K point from Richmond, and thence to proceed together per rail ta Aquia Creek; there to embark open the four large Potomac teamen for some Prtnce George's county, Md., landing?in the hope of thus la turn '-tiring the southern heart of Maryland" in the course of their progrtss in tfcta direction Tka duty of preventing the departare of the steamers from Washington on any such errand has, however been duly attended to by the milltary commandant here ; so that far the scheme is blocked, if It indeed existed?cf which we have a* yst do positive knowledge. Tba military force here has been very heavily lacreaam '.nee oar las* issue?aud will be sti'.l farther Increased ere nightfall quite by 2.0W) efllclaot and weli-drtlled men. Wi repeat our declaration of yesterday, that an attack up^n Washington. with auch means aa the aaalL\uta can have, would be almply the sure sacrifice of their Uvea. Noiron. Vi?The rumors that the disunionlata are la pocaeaalon of the Norfolk navy yard, arc untrue, nor do we believe that they can poaslblf ar lie it aa matters now stand there. Commodore McCauley, who is in command of. the yard, which la entirely unfort fl-d, haa bv no ?ai mm enough with which to hold it against any formidable attack that may be made on it Bat Capt. Peadergraat ha*, lying abreaat of the yard, tb? frigate Cumberland, fu.'lymanntd and equipped ready for cea aervice. Jer guna coomud the yard, Nortolk, Portamouth and Goaport; either and all of which be can reduce to aahea In as hoar after any attack be ventured np the proparty af lb* Government In that quarter Under aacn clrcumaUncea it la highly improbable thai la biacurrent madieee, Got Letcber will invite Peadergraat to return a fire eeaayed immediately within reach of bla gum and mortara. No attempt to d'.at jrb the atatua of m .ttera there had bten made op to l?at evening. Theateam frigate Alrrrtmaak la now getting her armament on board With All itnaa:hit* ? 4U- * g ?-w Huuri me proxecnon at the Cumberland'* druble shotted ^um, as explained aoove There are tws other and smaller U. S. Teasels tbere. TLa obstructions sunk In the channel at the month of Elizabeth river by Letcher's order ware two light-boa's, which may be blown out of the way In half an tour whenever the Govern Mat are ready to remove the Mcrrimac to aome point nearer Fortress Mouroe. la ail, to-day, at least seven hundred men will have landed at Fortress Monroe, who embarked o? the day before yesterday at Fall Klver, to reinforce that post. Barely In time to change their destination from this city, the Government learned from Richmond tbit tbe dlsunlonlsts would aurdjr accomplish their design upon the Convention, and at ouce hurry to commit acta of aggraaaioa upon t*?e United States in thst quarter, la Virginia's name By telegraph, they ware leeretore Instantly ordered to reinforce Fortress MfcrM, Instead of coming up the Potomsc to the Fad oral Metropolis, sa had been designed. Teeterday afternoon there were signs. In Norfolk, that the dtsunlonlsts were about to commence the erection of temporary batteries nesr the sunken ll|f ht boats to fire on tbe Merrlmac In case an attempt be Bade to remove ber from the navyyard They (the dlsuntonlsls) were then profrsilsg to be eipectlng troops from Richmond, with which to attempt to take tbe asvy-yard. Tn Baltimobs Is sgsln endeavoring to 111 Manf * ?? - -* . * w |wiui 01 revolution, by *ylagto make It appear that the Government are the rj/oluU i lata, ia:ber than thoae who make war oa the United stat*a, In order to erect lu ita id the authority of the Sf ratt-Davla oligarchy? which baa foe tta bolt tto oa<ire deatructloa of very AUtiactlva American liberty of the citizen. Fortunately for their true tataraata, the character ef the deapo:lam ef the oligarchy baa shown IMalf too diatloctiy fur the Stm't apeclal pleading Ml mlarepeeeeotat'.oe of the troth to effect aaythiag a poo the popular mind of Maryland LT Mr Joon Heott, a member of the Virginia i.?gi?lature from f rcstou couaty. died at the Powha*aa Houae. la RlchotoaA* w> Friday rranlnf MCPARTMENT NEW?. R*str,"o nets?Thomas M. Tate, of Va., Sixth Auditor, In the Poet Office Department, (?3.000 per annum,) and John H Washington, of Va., bo >kkeeper tn the iame otflce, (S1.200 per annum,) both resigned yesterday. How it was Dos* ?We presume that all are well awar* that the ordinance of secession by the Virginia Convention was secured by a system of terrersm and mob rule that far exceeded anv thing of the kind brought to bear upon the conventions of any other nominally seceded State. Rumor has It that there were but aeven votes In the negative?Mr. Carlile, and another gallant j Union patriot, having barely escaped from Richmend alive, before the vote waa taken. Mr Carlile's lodgings were surrounded during the night before he escaped by some hundred young men and nearly grown boys, engaged d'scutslng the beet means of getting hold of and hanging him; thev were of course terribly over-stimulated with bad whiaky. Messrs. Jackson of Wood, A. H. H Stuart and Baldwin were among the seven nays, and their lives were of course in imminent danger. It is to be hoped for the future of Virginia that they have gotten out of Richmond alive. Vlrginb, by a majority of 62 009"popu!nr votes, directed that any ordinance of secetslon the Convention might pass should be submitted to and affirmed by the people at the polls, before going into flTct. The Convention have doubtlers laughed fc? acorn any such idle ceremony. Respect f >r the w*ll of the people is no longer the law of the laud jvherever secession seizes upon the Government^ and we see no reason to believe that the VlrglnlafsecessionisU have paid more respect for the popular will, than those of Georgia, Alabama or Loulirana. PooneiJor later, the public will learn all the details o? the means by which the Virginia Convention t^ere induced to place Virginia in the position J>f taking off the hands of the Gulf States the war -vhlch the latter Instituted upon the Government^ and when known, they will satisfy all that a m^re remarkable, wanton and utterly needless entre destruction of a people's future was never perpetrated since history began to be written. Balt.Wri.?We by no means share the npprehonsim t . a*?a * ** usicf tun aucceasiui auemptsto delay t^e passage of the troops ordered by the Government to come here without delay will be made lit Baltimore, or In Its vicinity. Twenty, five hundred Unionists are organized and arn cd In Baltimore, and the railroad authorities are acting with great vigor to second the eflorts of the Government for the security and protection of this capital The people of ttaltlm re stand three to one against the disunion cause, and are so bearing themselves as to make It plain that an attempt at us'irpatfon or revolution there or in th?t wininttw _ . - -/? In whatever shape it may manifest itnelf, will have tojbe paid dearly enough for, and Instantly Thin friorning at 4 o'clock there were a sutilclent nnmbeii of trains standing ready In Baltimore to trauspojt two thousand troops to this city in the course < f to-dsy, if so miny may to-day reach that cit^ on their way here. Kane, the Chief of Baltimore's police, is a blatant dlsunlonlst we hear, ai d though as may be expected most of his force kympathlze with him, knowing well that ten thousand substantial citizens surrounding them are ready to draw their weapons in behalf of the safety of this city at the tap of the drum, we entertain little doubt that Marshal Kane will simply discbarge his duty In the matter of preserving the city's peace. L'p to 4 a. m. thismorning, e/ery thing had been entirely quiet and peaceful In Raltlmore, we may add. Thk Bordkk States.? Though Breckinridge End Mngcl&n. of Ky., and Pillow and Harris, of Tenn.. Lave doubtless assured JefiVrson Davis of the readiness of the States of which they are re- I spectlvely citizens to Join Virginia In taking his war or aggression on the United Statu ctf his hands, as the caus? of the Union has been properly sustained by th* press and Its oratorical friends In thai quarter, it Is positively Impossible that they will do so. The Influence of Crittenden and G uthrle, and the. toue of Louisville and the speedy consequences which the Virginiadlsunionlsts are already inaugurating for the people of their State, will surely cause them (Tennessee and Kentucky) to turn their backs ou her txtraordlnary course. va> la <vw.? ? ? ? 4?vi mm ?uv>c ail) pvwiUtllljr UMI iUC U O V f*T ri til t ?1f j of Maryland can be usurped by the disunion lats; aa the people of that State have no dealre whatever to Imitate Vlrglnia'sexamp'.e?to take ofl' her haiulit, the wtr her (Virginia's) dHtunlonlat* have essaytd against the United Stites to ableld its real originators?the far southern oligarchy?from the natural consequence* of their original usurpation. With Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Delaware and Maryland standing firmly to their allegiance to their country, Western Virginia may not for a moment be expected to submit to tbe inauguration of the authority of the Jefferson Davis oligarchy over her, for thirty days. VI i.rniwo ?TU. 114.1- 1 ' -? v'-" * ? i iic utuc aiiui < ! uiaiaer skltlng sojourner* In this city wbo are night'.y airing the d?-sire for odlce which brought them hither, in old Trinity church, In Fifth s'res', are doing Infinite harm to the cause of the Union In our midst, In disgusting the Union men of the j District of Columbia, and thus making more or | leas of them lukewarm towards the cause of their country. If eny sane persons have any influence whatever with them, they had best exert It as soon as possible, to the trnd of assuring tbsm that free speech is in no danger whatever here ?pointing taem, if they please, to the license in that line in which the disunion newspaper of this city freely Indulges, dally, without being In any way molested. These blatant t(hoe-seekers from a ? ? - " alliance, nra; above referred to, are now furnlahlng all the capital out of which the journal In question manufactures Its dally assaults upon its country's cause. Presidential Appointments ?Since the last issue of the Star the following Executive appointments have been made. Viz: Robert Murriy. U. S. Marshal for the southern district of New Vork. J. C. Durnett, of Kansas, register of the land office at Fort Scott. H W. Farnaworth, Indian ageut at Kansas Agency. Franklin O Adams, register of the land office at Lecompton. Alex. Low, register of the land office at Kickapoo W W I? nnm r~-?l v ? ' ? ? ... ? J mm ucvuilipvun. Ira H. Smith, rece iv? r at Kiokapoo. |?^Harper'a Magazine for May. received from J. fehllllngton and from French A Richatein, la nn Admirable number of tbia popular oiagazine. Frauk LeaMe'a Illustrated paper for April *27, from French & Rlcbstein, abounds in spirited war pictures CKAftLKtTON A Ft ai K*.?From the Charleston paper* of tbc 17th ln*t we clip the following : T'ue (tfamablp I*abel, Captain Rolllna, baa returned from ontalde.the bar We learn from ber that Lincoln'* fleet left Monday afternoon, and it 1* thought (bat they will all go to New York. The ateaaitug Yankee, which was to accompany the fleet and bring In prorlalona for Port Sumter, did not reach the bar until about 8 o'clock on Monday ev*nin?r. when ?he c?m? b? ?1? " * ( ?jr "MW VIA7KV IBC IHUel, thinking that ihewuthe Baltic; butsonn finding oat the mistake sod learning something of the pos tlwn of things, and that the fleet bad left, she put about and went off. Tbe Yankee reports having eiperlenced a severe gale, which carried awey her smoke-stack. V/m H. Russell, the correspondent of the !<on uut i imn, arrivea in tbe city by the northeastern train )Mt evening. and it now at tbe Mills House. T R. Davis, tbe artist of Harper's Weekly, arrl vc-d at tbe same time, and is also at tbe Mills I House I Hod Roger A. Pryor, of Virginia, left Charleston last night on bis way to Montgomery. ^Ve are Informed that wben Major Anderson and bis command parsed out of tbe harbor on tbrflr way to join tbe float of tbe Vnlted Stalk, tbi Marlon Anlllery, a company which, accordin* is high military authority, contributed very - "? -A ? " ~ j ... reummm oi rort 8nmter, In teitmnny of their appreciation of hla gallant defriie, formtd ?n the beach and stood with uncovered beads until the I label had naaaed thalr P<4m*P |'aa CffsaiasToa Floitim Bittiit ta Pua* ii/r (ir tat C .9. Fl*kt ? Quit* a facetious exciJrtaent waacraated at WllUrds' Hotel, WashIn} ton, the other day, by the subjoined -'startling i IfSrue" d-spateh ffraaa "Cape Hatteraa Llabt ? ? Ybe United ?UVa fleet has Just pawed, under ; aaU and st?am, bead toy North, ana closely pai u+i by the Charleston Ptaattaf Battery." i I i , .it ~ + . , > a iit i b,. % t WAR MOVEMENTS. J PENNSYLVANIA. j Philadelphia, April 19 ?The reported seizure * f Harper's Ferry ?nd secession of Virginia cast a ^ heavy gloom over our people to dav, and produced an Intense excitement; but the later news that the Brat was untrue, leads to the hope that the socos- 0 s'on of tbe Mother of Presidents will be qualified by an official report of tbe proceed! ngs of th? Convention j Bishop Wood raised an American flsg to-day * over the dome of the new Catb >llc Cathedral at Low an Sqmre. The hisrht of the dome is 230 feet TU? i ?v _0 ? mo * vuiwun vuuoiii iuii ai rruuon appropn* 1 at d ?125,(KX) for the iupport of the fatr.illee of the ' a volunteers; ?5.(KM) to he used by t^e Mayor for a : i secret-s-rvice fund; S500 to Gen Small, Clerk of J the Common Council, for bl? equipment; nn-lalao | , pnscd a resolution requesting him to resume his i j clerkship when he returned | t Harri<bcpb. April 17 ?It is reported to-night ; < that President has trade a requisition upon the ; i States for ?S,()0<) additional troops, and that Gove r- | a nor Curlin will atoncecall an extra seatioa of the Legislature for a special purpose. ^ Harrisbcko, April Id ?The Legislature hi* adjourned tine, dit The members of both Houses after adjourning joined in singing the "Star Spangled Banner " The Governor will issue a proclamation to-morrow. NEW YORK. BrrFALO. Aorll 16.?At * meeting her* t/vnfnht 1 to metaln the Government, ex President Fillmore * delivered a speech. The evening wa? stormy, yet there was i.l)00 people prtsent. Many prorul- c nent citizens made brtef addresses OHIO. I Cincinnati, April 17.?The City Council to- t night paaaed a resolution tendering; the Governor c S*&0,0u0 from the sinking fund#and appoint a , committee to tender the money to the Governor. t The committee left for Colurabus to night. Three companies of troops will leave here tomorrow for the rendezvous at Columbus. The Home Guard is rapidly filling up It Its ^ ranks. i oe cnnsim?nt at xne ."Newport Birracks U very active. Over live hundred men are now in garrison. A large consignment of bacon for Charleston, Tin Nashville, was taken off the steamer Glen wood this morning. The excitement in this city Is on the increase. TLe volunteer coinDanies are all full. and mnrp men are offering than*can be accepted. INDIANA Indianapolis, April 17 ?The First regiment of Indiana volunteers leave to-morrow for Washington. The Bank of the State hsa tendered the Oov?rnor all the money he wants In famishing 'he Indiana quota of troops to sustain the Government MICHIGAN Dktkoit, ApriM?-? General Cass made a speech her* thia morning on the occasion of the Board of Trade unfurlinq the national flasr over tbe r rooms He was strongly In favor of supporting the Union, the Constitution ard the country's tla^; und-r all i circumstances like the pre*e"t. It was thv duty ; of every citizens to stand by the Government. Oakland county alone has offered to raise a regl- e ment of troop* which 1? all thai i? r.n >? jr-T ? - ") "J I the Federal Government from the entire SUte. VIRGINIA. a The Richmond papers m elved last night con- 1 tain the subjoined Important proclamation by e Governor Letcher, of Virginia, which, although c ltdoesuot, In express terms, announce the pes- t sage of the ordinance of secession, is evidently 1 in conformity with such action : t A PROCLAMATION. * Whereas seven of the Stages formerly composing a part of the 1'nited States have, by 8 authority of their people, solemnly resumed ' the powers granted by them to the United j| States, and have framed a constitution and or- ' ganized a government for th?*ms?*lves, to which 0 the people of tho*e States are yielding willing * ? 1 ? * - * ? * - iKmoKc, aim mvc bo nounea me riKHfl of the United States by all the formalities in- ? cident to such action, and hereby become to * the United State* a separate, independent and * foreign (tower. And whereas the constitution *' of the United States bus Invested Congress 8 with the sole pow?r "to declare war" and c until such declaration Is mad*, the President ^ has no authority to call for an extraodlnary ? force to wage offensive war egalnst any for- f eign power; and whereas, on the 15th instint, J the President of the United States, In plain J, violation of the constitution, issued a procla- ^ ination calling for a force of seventy-five * thousand men, to cause the laws of the United ^ States to be duly executed over a people who are no longer a part of the Union, and lit said 8 proclamation threatens to exert this unusual * force to compel obedience to his mandates; and 11 whereas, the General Assembly of Virginia, by a 0 majority approaching to entire unanimity, de- a clared at its last session that the State of Virginia ? i a ? - wuuia ' ns a-r sucn an exertion of force a* a vlr- ' tual declaration of war, to be reslnted by all tbe J power at the com a. and of Virginia; and subse- c <p>rotly. the convention now In session, represent- F i ng the sovereignty of this t?tate. has reaffirmed ' In substance tbe same policy, with almost equal ^ unanimity; and whereas tie State of Virginia 1 deeply eympatbizes with the Southern Stat. * In 1 the wrong* they have suffered, and In the position * they have assumed; and having mad* earnest ' efforts peace*sbly to coinpo#ethediff>rences which have severed the Union, and having failed in that ^ attempt, through this unwarranted act on tbe ' fiart of the I'r?-sldeiit; and It is believed that the ' nfluences which operate to produce this procla- 0 mitlon against the seceded Stiteswill be brought to bear upon this Commonwealth, if she should k exercise her undoubted right to resume the ' powers granted by her people, and It is due to ' the honor of Virginia that an Improper exercise F of force against her people should be repelled : u Therefore, I, John Letcher, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, have thought proper to order all armed volunteer regiments or com- f panles within this State forthwith to hold th?m- ? snivel in readiness for immediate orders, and upon . the reception of this proclamation to report to the * Adjutant General cf the !Staie th'-ir o yaciiation una numbers, and prepare themselves f<>r efficient ? service Sifh companies as are not armed and ? equipped will report that fact, that they may he f properly supplied In witness whereof. I have hereunto set my hand j" and caused the seal of the Commonwealth to he . affixed, this 17t& day cf April, lM)l,und In the ^ eighty-tfth year of the Common wealth. t JoH2* LBTCHtm. Gov Letcher has also sent the following to Gen. ? Cameron. Secret ry of War: Extcunvx Department, > o Richmond, Va , April I6tu, 1331. J ?i Hon. Stmon Cameron, Secretary of War: ? : I received your telegram of the 15th, the _ rp?ni.ln*o?- - U1-1- .J " ' ~ <>i wuh u i oouoicii. pince that time n 1 have received your communication, mailed tbe ame day, la which I am requested Uidetccb from t tbe militia of tbe^tateof Virginia ? the quota J" designated in a table," which you append, to serve es Infantry or riflemen for the |K.rlod of three months, unless sooner discharged." r In reply to thla communication I have only to I ay, that the militia of Virginia will not be fur* niabed to the powers at Washington for any such !r use or purpose aa they havfe in view Your object J Is to subjugate the Southern States; and a rcqui- g sltion made upon me for such an object?an object t in my judgment, not within tbe purview of the I Constitution or the act of lrftt?wiii ?*< .? k- --? ? _ _ . ? ? nw? W UOlH" . plied with. You have chosen to Inaugurate civil ? war. and, having done so, we will nierf It in a 4 pi tt as deiermined as the Administration has r< exhibited towards the South. * Rtspcctfully, John Letcher . The Richmond Enquirer states that before the r? proclamation of Gov. Letcher was known, regl- .J menta and companies bad been tendered to the V executive, and men were eager to enter the service _ of defending Virginia. ~ Th? Whig says: On Wednesday It became al- 1 most necessary 10 sUtion a guard at the door of the Governor's mansion to prevent the Ingress of f?, citizens from all parts of the State, who desired to i, offer their services to the State. We attempted to n get a list of the companies and regiuienls whose services In defense of Virginia had been tendered, < but the only reply which the Adjutant General 1 had time to furnish was "everybody's volunteer- T lng." ti Mr. Gocde, of Bedford, on Wednesday, by au- ft thorlty, tendered to the executive the services of '' the Clay Dragoons, Capt. Terry, the Bedford a Light Artillery. Cant. Jordan. ??? _ J ? .H? v/tu A/V minion Rifles, Capt" I5owy?r. He also tendered, at the same time, one hundred men from Memphis, J Tenu , commanded by Jas. M. Goi;K'n. * native of Bedford, and brother of the Hon. Wm. L. ^ (ioggln pi The Enquirer also notes the tender of services from several companies of the First Virginia d militia A farmer has tendered twenty-five slaves to work on the fortifications wherever ordered. Warwick county has appropriated 93,000 to pur- ? chase arms. f KENTUCKY. u Locisvilli, April 17 ?An extra meeting of the City Council was held this evening, and $50,000 i appropriated to arm the city. It Is rumored that i a steamer with Government arms is en route from o 8t. Louis to Newport, Ky. It is likely that she will be stopped on ber trip. LOUISIANA. p, N*vr Oklsa.ns, April 16.?The Terrlbonne Rifles and a company of regular infantry left for u Pensacola to day. Troops continue to arrive ltom the Interior. The military statu gut of Pensacola remains unchanged. If found Decenary, martial law will t* declared. 1 Active and great preparations are making bore for the defence of New Orleans. The City Council has appropriated 9200,000 for tj the defences of the city f. Everything in the way of military matters la t< making rap.d progress. ?, Subscription books for the Confederate State* V loan were opened to-dav The rush of aubccribers rj was very great. President Davis baa made an ad- & ditional call for troops on the Confederate States. U Gov. Moore has iaaned a proclamation to-day ? for 3,000 men from Louisiana. Major Gen. Clark and star, of Mlsalaslppl, " pa?d through Mew Orleans to^ay from Panaacola, en route for Mlaataalppl, to organise and pot 4 0 < n fleld 4.000 men. Otb*r States will contribute beir quota in proportion English vessels ire receiving freights to Liverrpool at seven-eights of a penny preference over Lmericnnship?,wb!cb sre refused at three-eights. A number of northern ships cleared in ba'.last o day for eastern ports, snd several which arrived ff the bar from Liverpool are ordered North MISSOURI St. Loci*, April I7j?The State Journal publihed the following *eply from Gov. Jackson to ecretary Cameron : | Exbcutiv* D*t?artm**t ot Mksocbi, j JsrrKRsoN, April 17. J Sir: Voar dispatch of the 15th instant. making call on Missouri for four regiments of men for mm-diate service, h<%s been received. There can be. I apprehend, no doubt but that heae men are Intended to form a part of the 'res'dent's army to make war upon the people of he s-ceded States Your requisition, in my udgment, is illegal, unconstitutional and rcvolulonary, and In its ot j-ct inhuman and diabolical, ind csnnot be compiled with. Not one man will the State of Missouri furnish u uiry on i'i<-a in unooiv crutade C. F. Jackson, Governor of Missouri ARIZONA. Nkw Oii.ea.xs, April 19 ? Galveston advices tat* that the Eastern Arizona Convention assem>led fit .Vessllla. on the 10th, and wai uaanlmousy attended Mr Herbert, the Texas Commitloner, was cordially welcomed Resolutions Wt re adopUd endorsing the action if the seceded SUt^s declaring that tie interest if Arizona was with the South; that she des res to

>e''f>m* th" territory of the ?onth*rn Confederacy, nd will not r:*cognlze the Lincoln Admlnlstraion, nor obey his officers. The people of Weston Arizona are invited to join in the movement. i vow win oe takt.n on the reaclutlous on the ccond Monday of April. I'aiikoi or Tboop* thiocoh Baltimore i UTRiUil?Excitement. and Hostile D'monirations in the Streets ?The rxitenient in Haitinore yesterday wa? more intense than haa bren on my previous occasion It being announced that i larj;? body of northern troops were to paw trough the city during the day, the secessionists In UW%A r?.o lr? ?- * *" J .loviuim i ur B-.rr^is negan xo nil up quite early n the day, and before night a great part of the ity was crowded to excess A crowd of the National Volunteers passed down South street, naking noisy demonstrations, some wearing ecesslon cockades. Marshal Kane followed the rowd. and. at the corner of Second street, prer?iled on thus.; composing it to separate without >roceedin? any further. During the afternoon the crowd was largely r.crea?ed, there being over two thousand persons emaining on Baltimore street, from ilolliday to lear Calvert street, from two o'clock until near lark, but as the T'nion sentiment largely pndomn.tted, there was but little disturbance. The ;reoter part of the secession party were attracted o the Bolt n Depot, to witness the arrival of the Jnited 8tati s surf Pennsylvania troofs, via the Northern Central Rallw-iy Shortly before eight o'clock, a crowd of about ix hundred persons assembled on Fayette street, lear Calvert, in front of the headquarter* of the *r_i -? " - - .am.iiai ypiun<ecri ueins informed that Sen-t ?r Saniiif-r, of Massachusetts, was at IWnum's lotel, the crowd moved round in front of that stab ishmeiit and vociferated loudly for him to ome out and deliver a speech. Not answering he summons, these com posi ng the crowd indulged :i jells and groans for liim, Lincoln, and Hicks /beers were repeatedly givea for Jeff Davis and he Southern Confederacy. A party of one or two hundred men moved lowrlv down Calvert and Baltimore streets, cheerng furthest-cession papers on tLeir way; stopping t .Metropolitan Hail, opposite Tripolett's allfy, a pw minutes, and then goini; to the Republican :&"e, when, after a halt cf live minutes they reraced their steps up Baltimore street Finding a mall number of Union men standing near Hollllay street, thev beean to isnsmJ o.??n? ? -MU9 UUI1UViiK and cLit erln^' for Davis arid the Southern Conedersicy. Th?* Union men responded with ch?*ers or Governor Hicks, General Scott, Major Andiron, Capt Doubleday and the Union. Alternate Leers and groans were given bv each pirty, vhil? 011 the street there was assembled over Ave mndred j?er?on#. The Union men were not as trong in numbers as their opponents, atthls time, tut nevertheless were in determined in their hc!on ai.d shouting. They raised and *>'ing The I'ar Spanned Banner and The Red. White and flue, alternately cheering for the Union, Major Liiderson. Governor Hick* and others. The excitement and rivalry between the Union nd secession party continued in this manner until he arrival of the troops In anticipation of a lUturbance, the entire police force were ordered iut, and Marshal Kane was present in person with bout lvt) policemen, who guarded as well os they ould the persona of the troop* from violence Pho rrnu/H ft\ 11 # **** *! - ?*44 * ,?..v?cu tuc uu?[? wiin inouu and eera as they marched from one vtatlon to the itber, and uotblng bat tbe preai-nce of the police revented a serious outbreak. Upon reaching tbe >Vashlngton truin tbe demonstration of a riot vi-re more violent, and stones and bricka were lurled in large number* at tbe companies Tbe rain having left for Washington, thecrowd gradlally dispersed, and tbe police force withdrawn a tbe southern police station. A party of men, about 1 o'clock, undertook to Ire a salute of one hundred guns from Federal I ill lu honor of South Carolina and Virginia )ne hundred guns were to be tired and tbe flag >f the Southern Confederacy displayed. After tbe third fire the I Dion men took possesession of tbe gun, broke up the carriage, and brew both, with a lot of powder, into tbe b*sln. The Uhg was also toru up Several thousand peoiie collected, but no serious Injury was Inflicted ipou any one. IO"At Philadelphia, the Germans are coming urward a? volunteers In great numbers One eglment h;ia been already flllel up by tbem. NOTICE ?Ail pereona over 45 ye*r? rfage l ?re requested 10 t oj SATUKijAY 5VENI sG, Apri 2?tli at 7 o'olook, at M a. VVhitlej'rf Keiitaufaiit, C.up.t i liil , fjr tire purpi>a? of urminR & silver grey ooaipaay. 19-21* ATTENTION. SCOTT RlFLE8!-Yoo I 3 are hereby orWed to otterd a me-tmr of ht? ConiP^cy, at th-? S'euhen H<>u:e, THIS(Friiv) K V EN IN t?. April ID. at 7>i o'c'ock. Punoual stteudabce is d~?ired. By order : It* RICHARD COLEM AN.Bee r** ATTENTION !?All per?ona devrort of kJ5 e.i.ikting into a Kifle onif ?ny * l 1 ha e an pportun tr t > do o u- til Moi,d%y ?ex% by app'yat it.o Ananoatia T??'n, at th? firtt to l-gale a the It! vlen?L>ur? Turnpike, Washiu-ton, D. 0. ap 9 3t* EMCAL. ASSOCIATION ? Anadiour L5 r?l rn<?e ins <-f the .Vledioai Association of tie Distt !<<t of Coluinb a will be held in th \Va?ti icton Infirmary on il'l>l)AY, April 231. at 12 'cock m. J. W. H. LOVEJOV. >1. D . ap 19 3'.* S crwtary. RECESSION, DISUNION 4 TREASON. ) Tuiophilcs Fiskk will de.iver a discourse n SUNDAY EVENING, at the Old Trinity Itiuro:*. up u the a?peot ?<f our nan inal t^iri ti'i w.U endeavor to prove that tue treasonable otubinat'iiia which now exist in some of the taies have been formed without a shadow of ex ll??- Rrd fi?r n.? in ?? I. I " - " ? ?- ' , ? ? .w? mw uuu. ooaib iree. up 19 <"*? ? NOTICE.?A meeting of the Washington ! Q Building As'oeia'ton ta called at Office No 90 II str- ct north, back of P&teut Office, bjr the rqu?st of member* As buvness of inipor^anae nil be up, it is hoped th*? members will attend, ap 13-2' J. TOWi ES, Acting Sec. rs??iNK HUNDRED VOLUNTEERS lJ5f wanted for service in the f>is?ne'of Cofr birv. Apply to the corner of Tenth and E, old lodioal College, first door. ap 17 r NOTICE HE Offioe of the States and Union, which paper ? ? heretofore been served in my storeroom, at the ?rner ?-f sioveiith acd D streets, has b?en removed ito the seoond story ol the building, and is now in i? wav cnntci<.d with iny store. ap 19 31 W?|?. SHEPHERD. AT TRAVELING TRUNKS. ' F. Offor for saie the la<cost ??*ortment of 'KAVElJNG TRUNKS to be foacd inawa lis city, oomprizirg best Sole Lea'-hcrKSfW .adies' Dress a:.d Packing Trunks, Va-^*"*" ce<. C^pet Bags, Ac., whioh we are now ling t very low prioeo. WALL. STEPHENS 4c CO.. ap l8 382 Penn. aveane. I PHOTOGRAPHIC ALBUMS 'UST Reoeived by FRKNCH & RiCHSTEIN 'arte and splendid assortment of "Photographia Ik." * - " uu ?' mr oarr?? a* rtstif, twenty different Hu-rnii ranging in pno* from Woenta to $10. AI?o, a fiD4 ?te?l Portrait of Major Robert An eritnn, laree and utia l tiie, i5 oenta eaoh. Will be received thu evening an extra bqppIt of *' * *"*- * * *** in .?w i or* uauy rime*. HerMd, and l'ribune. I?o, a'lthe Philadelphia and Baltimore papers, apere from all partg of tlie> otuntrv constant y on -Lid. FRENCH & RICHSTEIN, aplS (Intel. * Kepub ) 278 Pa. avenue. !*r SPRING CLOTHING. I* ALT, STEPHENS * Co aretciaday in raft pt t>l their seoon.i eupo'v of SPRING CLOTH \ii ami material lor their cuatnn trade, oonaiat>g of New Cloth*. Caa?im?r? ana Veatiucs.o' ihe Lte<>t ttylea, whioh they wilkmaka to Older >n auj ior Kt) le at very low prioea. Gentlemen wit lung an irainedate ontfi' will find , tour K?a4t n..wde bocartuient or * j aruo.e of Viaritif Apparel suitable to their wa ta. 1 WALL, iTJSKHENS St CO.. ap 16 SiX Pecn.avenue. PROPOSALS FOR COAL AND WOOD Orvics Skcxetaxy of Sxmstx U.*?.,( Arril IS, iSbl t 1 S*aLid Pxoronxs will lie r>o?-iv<Hl ai this offioe ill 12 o'clock on Monday, the 6th Mav next, for urnialiloK, f r the uae of the Seaate, live hand red dhb be?t white ashfurnftoe Coal (email ate am boat te) and *e> eat> -five corda beat dry spruce vine V'oxl. The wtiole to te packed away ia .ha vaults r the Capitol, in plaoea wMph V<'l be aitowu on pplioation to tha Engineer m the wr< toaof the ?nate ; and tu bedeuvtrtd by tha SHh J toe aex'. onda for the faithful axeootion ot Ueoontraot i ill be reqalrtd. Bida for the ooal and wood trill be eoasidared ? sparately. and satisfactory a-ran|an>eat? mat ba 1 I! p I i THE At'RRE > DKR OF FORT IFNTU. Arrival af >lajar Andfn*n at Hf?r T?k? Di?p??th ta tar War UeparUaeat?Statement af Captain Daabicday. Tbe ?t?*amer Baltic, with Major Anderaon and bla command, arrived at tbe Battcrv. New York, at 1 o'clock on Friday afternoon jJh* had aa ?be i came up the of Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie flvinsr Th# HirrUt i r>? ?\\+a in / ???n? 1 with the Baltic, and !? toon expected to arrive. Also, tbe tea oner Pawnee, with troops, and tbe Vainer Pocahontas for Noifolk. The Powhatsa did not go to Charleston bar. The Pawnee arrived off Charleston after tbe surrender of Fort BumVr. and during tbe time the fleet remained off tbe tar the wind blew a gale from tbe ?outheast, render.iik tbe flet-t naeleas ao f ir ta tbe relief of Sumter waa concerned. The Pa rnee Balled fjr Washington. M*jor Arderaon, on landing on the Itattery, waa received by .-n Immenae crowd, and ala carriage wii surrounded bv tbe people, who ?xprea?ed In cbeera and otber demonatratlona tbeir admiration of bla conduct He waa followed by in throng through Broadway to tbe tftevoort Uouae, where h?* Joined bla wife xajoft asdk*bo!i'b bibpatch to tib wil dbhtnm. Steamship Baltic, or* Sanit Hook,) April IS. )?61, 10.31) a.m., via New York \ Having defended Fort Sumter fof thirty-four hours, until the quarters were entirelf burnt, the main gates destroyed by fire, tbe 40rye walla seriously injured, the magazine surrounded by flames, and Its door closed from tbeef'ec ts of heat; four barrels and tbre* cartr d*ea of |<owder only being available, and no provlaions rental nine but pork. 1 accepted terms of evacuation offered by (ieneral Beauregard?l>eing the same offered by him on tbe nth Inst., prior to tbe commencement of hostilities?and marched out of :he Fort on Sunday afternoon, tbe 14tb instant, with colors flying and drums beating, bringing away company and private property, and saluting my flag with fifty guns Robkkt Ajidhbson. Major 1st Artillery, commanding. Hon. Simox Camskos, Secretary ef War. captain dotblkuat's statement Capt Doul leday says tbat tbe demand to surrender Fort tfuinter v?as made on tbe lltb, but was refu'ed not only by Major Anderson but by the unanimous voice of tbe command On Friday morning, at tnree o'clock, (he rebels sent word that tbe tire would be opened in an hour. At 4 o'click tha fire opened on us from every direction, including a hidden battery. Tae fire opened with a volley from seveuteen mortars firing ten Inch ahella, and ahot from thirty-three guns, mostly columbiada. We took breakfast *ery leisurely. The command w is divid*d Into three watcbe*, each under tbe direction of two officers. After breakfaat. tbey immediately went to tbe guna and tpened fire on Kort Moultrie. Cumminga' Point, and ^ullivan'a island Iron Battery- Cummlngs' Point Battery waa of immense atrength, and moat of our abot glanctd oil' M*jar Anderson refuaed to allow the men to turn tue guns on tbe parapet, on account of such a terrlSc lire being d iren ted there Th#?r#? WM tfarrftlv In L A*4 I _ . .?. . , ? i wih * u vi ? rovuanv left in a habitable condition, and several shots went through tbe Floating battery, but It waa but little damaged Two yuns on tbe Iron Battery were di?;i.ounted A man waa stationed, wbo cried shot or abell when tbe reltels flred, and tbe garrison waa tbua enabled todcdge At brat tbe workmen were reluctant to help to work tbe guns. but afterwards served icnct willingly and etr-clually against tbe Iron Battery. Tbe barracka caught fire s-veral time* on Friday, but were extinguished by the effort# of Mr ilart, of New York, and Mr. Lyman, of Baltimore, both volunteers. On Saturday the offleera' quarters caught fire from a abell Tbe mall gatea were burnt and tbe magazine waa actually aurrounded by lire, and ninety barrela of powder, which bid been taken out, were thrown into the sea VTlien tb? magazine waa encircled by fire, all our tnattr'alt trtr? cut pj). and IP'- kid <-atm otrr last biscuit two days b'fotrThe men had to lay on ths ground with wet handkerchief^ on their faces to prevent smothering. and a favorable eddy of wind waa all that savt-d our lives ! Our cartridge bigs gave out, and live men were employed to manufacture them cut of our shirts. sheets, blanket*. Ac. It will tike half a million dollars to repair Fort Sumter's intprinr Mai( .if t V, ?Vw.? ? ??? - * J ? * -.. .w..-av? v? ?UVI| *uu? ? CIC uilUCU 11 UUT llag The follow1 ng wna tbe converaation that panned between M?Jor Anderaon bad ?x-9enator Wig fail. The latter ?aid: General Beauregard w'ahea to step this, air Major Anderaon only replied, "Well, well." Yt? lgfall?\ ou' ve done all that can be done, and Gen. Beaure^aid wiahea to knew upon what terma you will evacuate? Major Anderson?(jen Beauregard la already acquainted with tbe terma Wl^fali?Do 1 underatand you will eracuU on tbe terma propoaed? Major Anderson?"Yea, and onlf thoae." Wlgfall then returned. Ten ml antra after Col. ('heaunt and othera came from Gen. Beauregard, uktng If M;<jor Anderaon wanted anv twin. ? ?/ r' 8*&ting that Witffall Lau not teen Gen. Beauregard for two days. iud bad no authority for hi* demand on M'Jor Anderson, to which the Major replied, ' Theu we have been aold. We will ralae our fl:lg again." But thev requested him to keep it down uutll cotrtnunicatlou could be bad with Jen. Beauregard The Bring then reaaed, and lb ret- hours after another dep:tati->n came, agreeing to the terms previously decided upon. Fort Sumter bad not been reinforced on any occasion. The steamer Baltic arrived off Charleston on the morning of Friday, aft-r the firing on Sumter had commenced. The sieamer Pawnee and Pocahontas arrived next day The Powhatan and the transport steamer Atlantic had not been seen ; and the steam tugs also have uot been seen. During all the while that the fleet lay off Charleston a heavy gale was blowing. ThediV M*lcr Andmnn ??, tioni to reinforce htm bad bc-n made for an attempt that night. A schooner wa? aeizt-d and an i-.yreenjent tuede to pay tae pilot and captain *500 to put men into tt.e fort, but the fort wn cracu> ated before the .attempt could be made. Captain Fox bad instructions to provision tbefort witLout troops. If tired on. be was to rush in as best he could. But the k.alc prevented tbe arrival of the t j^s and transport. nuiuuu iue ui i.iv inciaents or the battle la thit of Mr. Hurt, a volunteer, -< ho, wben the flag was hot down and the rebel fire w?i concentrated cn the flag-staff, gallantly nailed the Star* and Stripe* to the maat amid a deadly Cm, the heroic act being greeted by the cheers of the United States troops. Ten Days More Only AT m .a. I* ??m IT#.... Pen as; ItkrIs A veaae.... 4T6 We thall continue oar ctle of JEWELRY, Pi.ATLD WiRI, fcc . rot TEN DAYS LOXGER-ONLY. Now is yosr time to m&ke a selection of JEWELRY AND PLATED WARE from the most extensive and bevjtifu' ?ssorttcent ever off-red for sa'e io this or snj othsr eitr. For the Low Price of ONE DOLLAR! Wo have ji?t received a new inroiee of a'l Uu DIFFERENT &TYLES OF SETS in market, together with A LARGE LOT OF LOCKETS. PINS. EAR RINGS, LADIES and GENTLEMEN'S CHAINS, BRACELETS, Ac. 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BALT1 W. P. 8HED^*0i^kL?vB*TB8t., Ladies' Dr**?a? 01 avary description *u b* eD*d, Imtilk tk* laatra of t.ilk aqaal to saw. SWSS&iS! 3ft. xLSrag-tft Bg any sabauaa* by wkiok thar viil woa baaoaa " or* sntk? J AUCTION SALKS~ B* WALL * HARVARD. ANOoMai. CHKKSE. CODFISH AND RA<K AT AUOTlM-TO M"KKOW MO?NING. mtt. in at, M 10 o'clook. will * !! i? front of tb? Aiwr R<>om?.* l.-t of CN*??,C(xllth ud Rifecs, all m P line ordw. Alto, tfp mc ? nm, Kami ! ", ?o. Term* oath. Ifr WALL A BERNARD. Aiot.. Bf J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.. AoouoDMra. TWO UNb SADOLK A NO H'UMKIN Honr? t ?rrn )W.-<?ii SATl ROa\ NOR>hG. Apn' ?' h %t t" o'e <?ok, * tteli nIi, lu trout of too Attrition R oiniO - It"# Urta Bat St llion. o* tba old M * **??. it x k. 8 m'? old. I" h a dahijh.v- rk? carti* tn uari.twr. and Id iraka a ?' ? h<>?-aa ; atx: r>?e (trp-nor R id rt H?rM, J jMn o 4, ?#rt at?l lak And active. and hi* bfttn uaed in ii*rne?? A to, a .-too ? ?b<i Hti :t?. 8*.? pt>rwnpto?-T. T**w? caah^^ ap 19 It J. C. .McGMKt-TA CO.. Aim. Bf CLK/.R V A GREEN Aaotioooam. CLOSING OUT SALK OF FURNITURE. Ao rtna Cut'i SATURDAY MORNING, April ?th. at to o'eiock. at tha aaW room in Woodward'a building, on Pana- araaua. hattraen loth and nth at? . xr? will !! al! tfca f?rnitara psrehaaod and out foe at tka iMt ami*, conaiatin* of? >j. I - T _ < w _ . ? _ m _ a _? M _ >> in ' ifnnc f nmiinai! H*ir *r,d Hu?k M%tlrM*?a, Pillow* tad Bolsters. ijurMai. Pinlnic and Charc!*r Tab.M. Wuhst-i d?. 8cfv. J B*r Room J*ett??s. *c., *o. Th? ?* trust so'd vithgat rer*rti to trio*, ncd tftrr for* oflVr ? *rr*t i:f1uo*m*nt to ftrsoot in w?ot of Fnroiture to attend tne ss.e. 1 trmi ouk. _U C? EAftV ? OKKKN. Anota. Br J. C. McGl'IRK A CO. AmUHWi i?i;r\iti'?i' > vn iTPerr* ntr the r "kur't* ?OC?""iT PCBLIC ACCTI"".?0? TBl KtOAY MORNING, April *Mh. at at tk?"Km>!r? iiouae.'' on Peon. arena*, betwetn ill a d <k atree'a. we aha 1 eell the er.tire Furniture and tf?U. oorr.pnaing? R eew<-od v<a?e Pm.o Forto, Mahoraaj J*ofa. Pier TaMe?. Do hd i " 'iufi, Loinf, Wind iw Curra.1 > 'nd Sfcad -?. 17 Carpets Oilal* th? an<1 :*tair Carpet*. I) d d( I *' e. 8 <lf>tM?ard. 19 Hea?tead< of variou* kind*. is Feath?r Be a Bol?te>?aud Pil'.owt. UurtEil llunV M?ttr?:IM, *tov??. C""*!! b rT^M, W??h?'and*. Cr-'ckrrj aud u ms Wa r, 1 ah.* I'm .err. L U("l t?*r witn a g?n*n?i a...ot t IS "111 ol |{.>lWh?ld Fu?-nitnre * a KIT ot*. Ter>ric.ili in arrest Bp >9 d J C. McGUIRK. h C?? . AueU. By J. C. McSI'IKK A CO., A uotiiM eer* THUSTKKB'OF FRAMK DWKl.Llya Horn* ajid I.or.- By * rtue of a << <! in tr:ist leanr.f data on The 13.h day "i Autuit. 1MB. reoorded iu i.iber J. A I*.. >o. 1C4 I iioe 0>.?t ??i., the* *nhs)r<her? will a*'].*t *ul?! ?* san?.on TU>*-SM?AY, the -lit flu* of May. HSi af 8 o*?lrok p. m. on the rrenu*e*. pari? f Lot Mo. 4, in uare vn W? ! - It U-* ? i- ' k? ww> i'vhv ui ij irr? uu iwrui r rvr*w?? neiWP II l't an: 21 ?t e?t* we?t bj 11) i*e? deep, with the improvement*. e<-nai*iinr of a co.nfotvie tw? aWy fram-?* h- u>*. Tern.a. Ono thi.d e&at . and balance < ? and IV month*, f' r n t->? bearing intrrCft Crowd** ofaale. ???cured by a deed in trot! upon th# propert*; and if not oomp ie-1 with In 5 dn?? af'cr ?he ra.* th? prop*rry will ?>e reacld op^n one week'" no toe. tl the rjak and ?zpena? of th- purr t ater. All coi>r?y aacing at the es^enae of tha purchaser. CHAS*. J. WALUCH ( TrrttAM K C. MORGAN. \ Trnataea. ap 19 2%wAo. J.'\ McUrt? P A <**<>. Aarta AJAPANK*K GOi'W T AUCTION. B*' J. C. MoOtIKE k CO.. ?'? FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. April 19th aksSOtr. Cf?mic?nom* at 10 o'cl^k a. in eaoh 4%* The Kntire j?io .-a of JAPANPUS GOOLS* Now 114 Store Nil. P^t.nivliriml AVMHA < Willa'ds' Het?! ) GREAT CHAtH E FOR PRESENTS. Every artiole to be told without reserve. ap 1? ?t ?T GREEN A WJLUAMS. Aootw neera. Extensive sale of household a?r KlTCHKK PCBNITCKE L?K#?l"T i'P and Mattings at Acchok.?On SATURDAY, the 2"tii iiKi&'it, we a.iaii aril in front of our ?u?re. No. it-JH Seventh atre?i, at 10 o'clooc & m . ivr extensive a?ao tmeit of exo*ile&t Ko'tntcre, vit! Mahujany anrt Wa.nut sot*a, Casto , Rookeraad other Chatr?, Mahogany mi J Wairnt Bookc^ea, Secretaries D^ska. Male ta ? an<1 \Va not Majbl*tcp Creatine aad fllkflf HurMiii Marbie-t?p Outer, Dining, Breakfast and otlier Taht?a. Msrble-U>p Wnhi'M(!? acd Sideboards. Hat-trees and Lounges, A large a??orUi?e:.t of Carpets, Matting and Oil oiuth, Jenny Lird Cottage and other Weds leads, Beds and UMd.t.g, 75Sin?l and I) >oble Mattretces, Window Curtains, Oookiag. Radiat rs and otuer Stoves, Chis ?/la?s ? rockery and ft >i.? Ware, Witt, a lsrg*4_*t f ?t-er Gowjs wluefe we d#*?n uanee-^ssarr foe ounn ?, Also, une good Market Was n. Terms oasn l j current fnt.Us. The above R Atiliuntd stock of goods belong to persons al>oat tu remove lr?m the city, aeoond band bat goo.1. s?a e porta eto'-y. M lid GrtEKN k WILLIAMS. AnoU. IpT J. C. MoSUIRK & CO. Aaotinaeera. 1^RU5?TKK'8 SALK OF FIBMTIBK AND 1 Hookhold fcrrscT*. ?On f*ATL'KDAV, April 2o:ta, at lft o'clooK, in front of the A notion Koomi, we pell, by virtue of & deed of t u?t, duly executed ?nd reo>rded,& v*:u%ble aaaortme-1 ol Hou eiioid Furmture scj oompri?iD(? WfcluUt Tote-?-Tete an<I Mat.og&cy tour Sprint rfct gOfM, Rr.??wood Marb e-t?? Pofa T?Me?, MlkMUit *?fm? ' " -? . wr< >>ik Bvt?i i o! ui vnurs ftoa nooKVfl? Wk "Ut wUtDAi, Facer Ch*ir*, Do &'.d M&iiosinf Kcute Table#. Can* *e?t ?'haira, onnrea. brune ?. Th'te-pl* ?nd Ingram Carpet*. Lxter.aion Dining Tables. Oak Dining Chair;, Hinfe and Doul-le Ma'.tresres, Bolster# and hi Iowa. Uvoatea^a, bureaus W a* h stanza. Litth'ut Crookerj ti-a*' Ware, Co king ?tove, Refrigerator Ao. Term* cacti in ourren' fuuda as 18 2t I. O. McHtllP E k. f*Q . Aaete. By CLEAR V A GRKEN.Auctioneers, ^Ob AtflU lifftt. "TRUSTEE'S fAl.r. uF VALUABLE IMt fkotsb R*? l Estate.? Bt vi rtu- of a deed of trust, cated the 18th day of Maroh, 1BS7. and dniy recorded amoi c toe load records of the ooaaty of Washington, l>. O , 1 mvl proceed to eell, oa the prem **;, on THURSDAY, the 2Hh of April, at C o'ciocU p. m.. ail thoe* pieces or paroel* of j'ol. d situated in the oity of W a?hiu?t.<n. DC. aud known aod deaigna'ed aa Lola nutr.bjred thirty f uriS4'a d ttiirti fi'e, <35 ) la Square numbered h\e hundred and three. i5?<J ) together *i'l the improvements tbeieoo, oona>eling of a arte aod oon.:u.>du>Ba thr-e BV>rj brick Louae. with & fcn? oase- flit, n-itablr for r. store H?i'1 prot'rir is looared on the with side of N st south, f> twf ?-> 4>t andCtn ?'?. Terms ?f ?*:e: to l>e p*id in cash; an<i the t*!si>ne in 6.12 and months f'om the day of Ml*, the deferred pajnrcUto be secured by a deed of tro*t on the prem'sM. If the terras ot saie he not oompi I'd with vttkia fire days from the day cf sa e. the Trust** reserves he r?ght to resell th* ra d property, at the ruk aud coat oi the first purchaser. J ?HN F. F.NMS.Triit*. ap3 3taw*ds iLFARY * GREEN. A acta. pHICKERING * SONS' PIANOS FOR SALE V> on mo&th'r pajneuti, or <t!?enunti lor oa?h. JOHN F. ELLIS, ftp 1* *06. between u> ? P'P r2^LRKN'r?A <rMt of ' mbrv"n': *wy o!m? SffilTg rcMoalble .SS^ FffW -Mil **>* P* ?y-,JSfyihFMi^mp^?u. SH,RTS! SHIRTS'" SHIfcTS" A firct rrU* Shirt, *el~ mv<f, of rood ?-? and warranted to fet, for #1.25; all siaoa wJSbYW witoout ooiiara. for euk. * a. 17 ? WALItt * CO, *p 17 at 3f>*" t i.*' hmvr'i u VOLUME FIFTH MACAULAV8 HISTORY OF K>GLANi>.?Thu edition of Maoaa>av i? wonhy of eapeoial atteution. ioumuIi uti* fifth volume ?>iuu? a larf* ?moict of mattar sot ooatauM ib any oiber edition*. eompriaiaa a baojtmphio*l ?ad orit-ee.! sketch of life, character Bad writing*, by 8. Anatia Allib?r>e,a doutle fae minie fiom on* of %iBftal**'e lateat mauaaonptB. ?fail and elaborate index to tne fir* ro.uiBMa, while th* additional notaa to the firat foar vclanee nave been loooraorated iron (he last London edition. It la tu?refore cla.BH'd for thia ediuoa that it la the moat ooaapteta. area ate and eatiaiaatory of ?ny e??r before aabliaML For aalehr VRKNCH ? RICH81 KIN. a? IT ?7& paaa. amw. QREAT?ALEOK 900^ AT PANIC PRICKS, Fot Case We have a ltr>? _ v. wi -! GOODS; ???o lm??i of IH?)M Ar ticl**, n ?w ??i ?t >r?. a&ptec? to th? leotfli WMU of lomiltet whi?h w? ael in* ?tre:oo?d tno** forth* * !?. J. W. CoLi.BY ft CO.. tf tltv 191 7th at. IwtT.V n aw. STBINWAY ft SONS' AND RAVEN ft Rft OOVS PI ANOS.-A Itriemortniut^^ SWrf&K FT*" " "* ? " Ord- ? rmM for Mi. MUCUS (WINS. Piiao ForU 1 un?r ap II ll?RK NEW GOODS AM Now rcce?Ti?f t.?? tiifiiKi of OB ESS tn Sitfcs, l?'?? Mo>t4r, rtif IM Lt?nt, Ch*.' it?, Suivll ( tiNk SiUa, kmcaff a* It a*>d ??t Kr*t oh ??? Ata tsie u?"rt??iil rfMoURNI N? (i?H?DSofoi; W?<mi M ' irim. low priori. HtNH^ fctAN.Wi Pt.?V - u <ufo,u A wm. t. uofr* ?> .jp