Newspaper of Evening Star, April 19, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 19, 1861 Page 3
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j LOCAL NEWS. ; C7Though Tu? ?Ti? Is printed on the fastest rte m press Sn use sooth of Baltimore, its edition Is #n 1-rffe m to require it to br put to preaa at an eerlf 1 our; Advertisement*, therefore, should be ert !r beft rc 12 o'clock m.; eiherwlse they may nt appear until the next day. Ncticb.?District of Columbia Advertisements I?o be Inserted In the Baltmobi 8uh are received at and forwarded from Thi Staa Offlee. Militait Mav?ist? II kit??Ye?terd%y afternoon, n aqn*d of rernlta. eighteen In number, arrived at th?* War Department, under charge of I.lent. Lloyd, iind were aworn In a* a part of *>mpany A. National Guarda Company B, of 'ti? hiw battalion, anbaeqnently ?ent up thlrtyflve recruit*. who were received and rworn In. Oompanv P. WaaMntrton L'*bt Infantry battalion, whirb rr?-eta at Knbl & Rupp'a, last night held an enthnalaatlc meet log and elected rbe following cfflcera: C R Blahop, Captain; Lleuien?nti, F. Melihan, J. H Bird ana H. O. Noye*. Thit company Intend* to uniform and equip at once The Scott RiflM ia the name of a new volunteer company organized ni^ht at the Steuben Rouse, (old Railroad Depot,) where aeventv-five n>?-n s'uned tbe roll They wlU muster Into the service immediately. Tbe Pul??kl Guards. lately organized In the Northern Liberties, intend to be mustered In for fbe defense of tb? District to-day. We understand that the Henderson Guard have filled tip tbelr ranks, and that there are parties now recruiting at their quarters jS'ott'i Hall, corner of Pennsylvania avenue ana Twentieth st ,) ?o form another company, with a fair prospect to be mustered into service In a day or two. GCAKD AT TBI WHIT* HOC**. Brsidetbe regular guard which has been stationed In tbe vicinity of the President's House f?r some time, a guard of sixty under the command of Gen Jxrrea Lane of Kansas, occupied the east-room and olrpt upon their arms last night. i l.? i.umpunj nam i^-rn wrvoi!'?rU UUI a Ility or two, yet a l?rire force is already enrolled, and the corn Increasing rapidly. Late In the evening tbe President attempted to enter the East-room, hut as the sentinel at tbe door had received ordera to admit none wllliost tbe countersign. Mr. Lincoln was forced to beat a retreat, to the no small ami>?? meitt of the company. This company goes n d'ltv at the Executive mansion everv night at * 54 o'clock, and will continue to guard the Wbite Hcus^ until there is no danger of an attack upon the city. HEW XILITAXY DVFAItTMlST. The War Department rtBciallv announces tb? establishment of a new ml Htary department called . _ 1. . ? ? ? ? " * 10 III ?? Milligion. 11 COllBIIil of tbe State of Maryland aiid the District of Columbia. according to the latter'a original boundsrv. and therefore include* the Potomac river And Virginia shore Col. C F Smith 1* assiznrd to the command, with his headquarters at WaahIngton. Captain Talbot, Awlatent Adjutant General, la relieved from the order* assigning him duty in Oregon and ha* reported at these headquarter* according to orders. THE CLBBXS TO STAND aUAKO. The clerks cf the State Department have been formed into a guard for tbe protection of the building Those of tbe Treasury have received order* Immediately to repair to the Department on the first Invasion alarm Tbe clerk* of the other Department* are direct e d to be similarly writcbful. 'Additional military forces have been placed in all the public bulldog* THE TIR?T ARRIVAL OF TROOPS There w>-s quite a gathering of people at the railroad station la?t evening In expectation of tbe arrival of Norttern military companies The regular train failed to brin? anv, i-ut an extra train reached hern ai-out 7 o'cloc k, bringing tbe following companies from middle Pennsylvania : Tbe Ringoid Flyinjf Artillery.of Reading, pa , 17) niti>, J :niea McKuight, Lieutenants H. Nagle and James Gr&fe The Logan Guards, of Lew'.stown. Pa , Mmen; Cap* John I> !*e!beimer, Lieut Hulirg* The Allen Light Infantry, of Allentuwn, Pa., 49 m*n; C*pt Thomas V eager. Tbe National Li^ht Infantry, of Pottsville, 108 men, McI>ona?d, Lieuta. J. Kiissel, 11. L. Cake L C Martin. Washington Li^bt Artillery, (will act as Infantry) Pottsville. 122 men; Capt. JaroesWren, Lleuts D A r*tiiitb, F B Wallace. P Nagle The same train also brought Company F, Fourth Artlilery, L' S. A , Major Pemberton, and CO men, from Fort Kidgely, *lir.oe?ota This company were rnarrbed to tbe E-street quarters. Tbe Pennsylvania companies were taken to the Capitol building for quarters. CAMP Lirs AT THE CAPITOL BriLCl!?0. Last night we paid a visit to the Capitol, which has been converted into temporary Dirracks for the Pennsylvania militia We found company E, (of this city.) .Natu nnl Guard, tbe spirited volunteer cotncanv recently formed, on pc-trd at the north wing'. They wer? drilling and wo could but n otic c the number of stalwart, soldierly looking man In thslr ranks. Ttev are quartered la the handsome room > n Revolutionary claims Our first business was to find whereabouts lu the huge pile cor ?:1 tilting the Capitol building the Pennsylvania companies were quartered, a jab of some difficulty, but pioneered by Lieut Hitchcock, for whose courtesy we are under obligations. the thing was done. Two of the Pennsylvania companies we found Guarter-d in the luxurious committee momi of the north wine. Tne newly arrived soldiers had herA Rrnau?li rirr^U niarhU^- -11 that tort of thing, but teemed to think they should prefer to all this to have a bite of something to rat. as ttiev bad tasted nothing since a hastv early breakfast at Hr.iriibqrg. Tbey bad suffered, too, mlierably from thirst on the wjv, and at one station where tbey stopped were jjlsd to aui>nrh their thir-t at a pool ot muddy water standing in field. This, with the hostile reception received at Baltimore, gave them a pretty rude Uste of soldiers* life Thev took all in good spirlis except the failure in the commissariat department at their quarters Home bacon sides had been srrved out In ths basement, (Senate kitchen refectory,) where a fire had been started, aud some of the soldiers were struggling with a dull knife to chip off n rasher, but nothing seemed to be In readint-ss for the hungry men. Col Talt, and other <ffl~srs of onr local military, on bearing the state of things, exerted themselves effectually to hurry up the cakes for the starved l'ennsylvanians. the three Pennsylvania companies stationed in the south wiug of the Capitol were faring better, we found, as some of the Capitol employees had been laboring to get things in readiness In the House refectories, we found th- work of brelll na and frvinir fresh and aaJt m??t going on "briskly, while numerous h<-gthei<la and boxe* containing oiber edibles were bel'ig depleted of their contents. Ascending to tbe Representative* Hall, we found nearly every seat and all tbe sofos of that big room occupied with soldiers In the center of the room the Riugold Artillery w;s located, and the wings were occupied by two othei Pennsylvania companies. Tbe ij ugcupauw ui \ut win were Wiling B roUlfertable snr*-xe. and those tn the chairs were ahnovt tn a man engaged in writing. We dirr say that not l?ss than live hundred letters wt re penned last night from the Capitol building to the w ves ard sweelhrarfs the soldiers '-left behind tb?n" in Pennsylvania. The Riujjold Artillery is a thoroughly drilled, handsome cusnpany It has four twelve pounders, which follow tbein by tbe cars Tbe other companies are mostly unarmed, being hasty levies of volunteers jastarrived at Harrlsburgand awakened at midnight of night before laat, by order of Oov. Curtin, and dispatched here by the 8 o'cleck train that left Harrlaburg yesterday morning Many of these v^lunb-ers are quite yeuthful In appearance, but tbey look to a man as if there was ? fight in them." Tiie spirit which animates them is shown by tbe fact that some of the com panic* bad, at the time of their arrival here, not got ?ls hours sleepsince the time they volunteered on Monday, battened to Harrlsburg, ar d on their arrival there, alraoat Immediately aroused to start for Ihts point Their orders were in paaalng through Balttmcrt yesterday to pay no attention to the taunta and pr?vocations heaped upon them by the secession rowdies, and to avoid a collision In everr P? slble way. Some of the Pennsylvania recruits, however, who bad brought along with them a lew flint lock muskets, coald not resist tbe impulse to club their guns In rsther a demonstrative maimer when tbe assaults ' came a leetle too thick," and this bad tb? effect to keep their assailanta back One of tbe Pennsylvamana bad-a eoople cf bis teeth loosened by a blow frusn a stone thrown at blm, and another received a cooapllmaat of tbe saiue nature upon the bridge of bis nose. They aermed to tbiuk tbe same treatment by tbe Bsltiuioreaua to tne " Minersville boys, * wbo will tome through armed with rtlles, will result in a row. aa said b<; t are net particularly iwnt-tempered wben " sawed " Taoop5 os THKia WAT HIES. We h^-ar mat tbe entliuiilasm la Ptunivlnnli V> support thrt Government ibowa no pertlcle of dtcrtaae. and that money and meu to any extant rernxdy Ge*. Small's Philadelphia regiment of lJ*ib men la expected two to-algbt from Harrlabur*b Yesterday tfcere were offered to the Government the services of two regiments of Z<?uave?, reeen'ly formed ta P'.fabnrg. which off r, It wai ui.deritoue, ??uid be accepted Thirty i ouiw?ale< of the rr-jfular volunteer avldters of Philadelphia wwr fGlly ?quippe?i, tbe:r aervlcee accepted and they were r?*d* to march. Tie .Natior-a? Guard of the Second Philadelphia R'glmeut. 400 tirraf, la expected to-Dl^ht; alto Ut Boston Hetflmeuta and other fwuikdable, Hilary nrKaaliatloM. 1 he indication*are that from three to Hee thonriad troops will arrive here by the train* tori <bi TO-MI. There waa great bottle and activity at the Department to-day, and the Secretary waa la atpar cl?l Ifidj a bo* of areata la undma, aa wail " J. pt' Jmf . ' ?' t o * . - T Hi J M citizens were waiting opportunities for later lews A number of offlc era were rr portion and receiving c rdera. Tbe President's Mouated Guard, C?pt. Owena, Lleuts Martin, Essex and Henter, 5 sergeanta, 4 corporals, and 50 men, mounted and equipped eempIftelT, appeared at tbe west front of tbe DeCirtment to be aworn In, and attracted much at ntlon Tbev were Inspected bv MaJ. McDowell, And were moatered Into theaervlce. The steamer Pawnee arrived up this mornlnz from Charleston, and droDned anchor off th? a?. aenal point. She aent a boat aa'uore at the atatlon ahortly after rounding to Another United Statea **ael arrived otT Alexandria shortly afterward*, anppoae&tobe the Harriet L?ne. No troop* arrived by railroad thIs morning, though many ^ere expected ?herman'a battery of light artillery 1* expected to arrive by tbe flrat train thla afternoon. The New York Seventh Regiment will reach here to marrow, and report aaya will go into encampment. PaoMPT Actio;* ?We learn that la*t night the Chief of Police gave bit men a very emphatic lecture with regard to their duty a* guardian! of tbe peace?especially in the present emergency It appeared that one of tbe guards, named Bowera, wa* atand'ng on the avenue, declaring blmaelf a aeceaalonlat; bla dealre for a alaoghter of all who oppoaed aeceaalon; and curaing tbe city and General Government Cant Godda^d'a attention waa called to ibe man, arid be immediately ordered him to go borne, or be would take bim to tbe guard-bouse, and told bim tbat charges would be brought against bim this morning Capt. Goddard directed the charge to be made out this morning, and regularly presented to tbe Mayor In his lecture tbe captain declared that nothing would bring about th? establishment of martial law so soon as the Inefficiency of the polle?. Wigwam ?Last night tbe Republican Association held their regular weekly meeting. Present: President Coombs, tbe Secretary, and about eighteen members The *?ecretary said be had trfren notice of Tarlous amendments to tbe Constitution; but, aa there was a slim attendance, he abould postpone It till tbe nexjt tneftlng i n? rrn dent said be sbou'd like to see a full meeting of tbe Association next Thursday night, because be thought there were several nutnbers who deslied to say something with reference to th*> tv,. * ? < tuc uvvciuuicui in connection whq this Association. Thk\t?r.?To-night JeflVrson takeshisbenefit, appearing In no 1pm than threecharaeters, "Hugh L>ebr*s," In "A Regular Fix;" "Tobias Shortcut," In u!*pttllre;" and "Mr. Brown," In the farce "My Neighbor's Wife " As this Is Jefferson's last week, and to-night his benefit, the Theater will undoubtedly be jammed. To morrow night the enterprising manager, Uienn," receives a benefit, and we doubt not that the high appreciation of his qualities will be unmistakeably evinced by our citizens. Thf. Fax* SrxxcH Mkxtino Last Nisht.? L^st evening another free speech meeting was held in old Trinity Church, but as everybody was anxiously seeking news about town, tne attendance was rather slim Ex-Gov Bebb, of Ohio, A *1 ( . -- v ?J*. - - ?v.?.. iih u of?tci>u, aim icp resolutions iniroducfd the night previous adopted. After tbe adjournment ?f the meeting, action was taken toward* forming a military company. Several ligned their name*, and It la probable that the organization will be completed to-night at the tame place. Cassics M. Clay Oio*5izia a Company ? We l?-arn ttit on yesterday Cas*lu? M. Clay organised a company of 200 men, for the protection of the city These are composed almost exclusively of visitors from the West who have come here on bt>?lnrM. but sreing tbe dinger of an invasion, have enrolled to defend tbe city. Notwithstakdis-s the fquaily times, Pwann A Co., No. 373 Seventh street, are selling off with a rw-a iup cno:ce*i Kirrts or carpeting, oilcloths, silks, lawns, mnslins, Sic.. 4c , and at an astonishingly low figure too Now Is the time to lav In spring goods, and Swann's the place to get them Oive them a call. Gr&BT>Horss ?JuHitt Thompson ? Richard D^ugnerty, disorderly In the streel; fined 81 04. Mary M>ers, found drunk la the street, and brought in on a wheelbarrow; sent to the wornhouse 90 days ^F.l?kwhrkk will be sern the notice of a rifle company to be formed on the outskirts of the city, its rnme promises well, and our citizens on the burners will not be loatn to swell its ranks. Sal* of fchtitukb Contikcid, next door to the corner of Twelfth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to morrow at 10 o'clock. Seetba flag. * Co*mmo*iB -Wm. Henry Philip bna been comrriiwlonrd Colonel of the tilth regiment of infantry, D. C. M. 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HAMMACK, ^?r ap17-3t Under Wizards* Hot?!.j ALL ON ACCOUNT OF THK crisis. 1 A KKADY M A UK CLOTH I *0 AT VEHY REDUCE!> P H IC E 8. Bi* k Cloth Frook Coats (or $13, worth 916. Black Doeskin CisjimT I'anufw 9", worth $6.TO, Fiu? Black and Figuicd Si k Vests lor 94, worth #5, Ca?snner Business Suits for 910and upwards. it U goods we sell are of our own mauulactcra, and warranted NOAH WALKER ft CO.. Sxtmsive Manufactured of Htady made Clothing, n nrl fiurmii mm ap 17 6t afta He tin arena-. ' P/vACK, PEaCE, PKAGKcF r rrot or oj- J oban*o in pa-t for cit? poporty or W?ctern a ery valuable KAH M, 131 aare* of oholoe land ; ko-cI tiiitlinja; he?lth? location ; plttuant y eitga'ed ten mwe* front Waalui?t>a, D. ; O pplytoO G ?AOK, No |?9 h it, (Odd Fellowi' Hall,) Wuhinftoa City, i>. C. aplHw' > HAIR STORE, - -1 vj No HA'i Pa. av . bit.bth> Uth , PERPUMEHY fr BRAlDs.CURLs* WIGH, 3aXf WIGS, KRiZETTES, to. A fill tool war* op hand, or mad* to order at the *kort?el' 5^ y. j(wsa3fi%h *u u,? i t- 4'. v-'ti) % 4 I ! t TCRE! FURNITURE! *j * + re In want of HANDSOME and WELL MADE -.ted 9U>ck before pureh??1ng. at we are convinced ~ easary to furnlab a bouaf complete, from the attic E Brooetelle, 811k Pluab. Lasting and Hair Cloth, 1 SLABS, o| mltatloa Oak, Manlear>l Painted, from *25 a?, h? 1NSION TABLES. BUREAUS, T \RDS, ETAGERES, rl HIES, WRITING TAftLES, pi 5, BOLSTERS and PILLOWS. Ac., Ac. il Property, carefully attended to In any part of r rr ftuunwt

BOTELER & WILLSOR, I HALL, PE.1XSYLVAMA AVENUE, ^ Between 9th and lOtb ata., 2d and 3d floor* be ?????tb GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS, dr aei A RiPOLrnow In favor of B M. Burrongba 1 Resolved 6y tke Board of Aldermen and Board of thi Common Cosncil of tke Corporation of Georgetoum, J That the Clerk be directed to pav to the order of ov Baail M Burroughs, two hundred and twenty-aii dollara and ilxteen centa, out of any money Id tba treaaury not otberwlae appropriated, beln^ in full of hia claim for work done on Bridge atreet, between Frederick and Lingan atreeta. ' i Approved March 30,1861. go ~ crt A RiaoLVTtox in favor of certain peraona therein ^ named ne, Resolved by the Board of Aldermtn and Board of ^ Common Council of the Corporation of Gtorgetoirn, ,, That the Clerk pay to the order of Robert Boyd, ' for renalr of Umn? a ? ? -? *??4 ? f ? .uwp, ?uc vmui ui ?wrniv-oinf ?j dollars snd fifty cent*; to tbe order of J W. Byram, eleven dollars and twenty-seven cents, for ^ repairs to Histh street wharf; to the order of Walter .j Godey, twelve dollars, for Ice; and to the order of c^f Doctor J 9. Lauck, the sum of fifty dollars, for one year's services In vaccinating the poor of the 4^. town, opto March 1P6I; said amounts to he paid oat ?f any money In the treasury not other- nff wise appropriated. [Approved April 6, 1861. rpv A Kesolutios providing for a flag footway. Resolved by <Ae Boar J of Ald-rmen and Board of Common Council 0/ the Corporation of Georgetown, That the sum of ten dollars be. and tbe same is ( hereby, appropriated to be paid to the President of Oak Hill Cemetery, to pay one half of the stei HfftfliM of ? 41 ' * " * ? r. a iii^ Hwiway arrow ltoail street, and on the line of Waabington atreet. .,n Approved April 6, 1961. ^1, ate; GEORGETOWN ADVEttf'MTS nfr>HAYOR'8 OFFICE. AI 115 GKOKOfcT'iww, D C., Apr:! 15. IMM. ^ All the citizens of th.a tow* over the age nf forty- h. fi ve years wnn are Willing to rend?r ml tary aer- T viee to their o >untrT,?p<l more particularly to do- DP' f-nd the Dia'rict of Columbia aiainst tlr-atrres all aiooof rebel* are in - ited to enrol thei' names at tbia are office. Aa aor-n aa a enffioier.t nmr.her have been be enroled to oonnlitutesone or more cmpanes they wili be aaaembled to*!ect thetr own t;ffio?ra. and t? make auefi other auranaemer'.* aa may be nteea . aary to equip theniac,rea for auoh aervioe aa may ' be ataianed them by foe proper military authority cf the l>mt. ict of C"liWibia Co ap 16-lw llsr.N MY ADDISON. Mat or. i0t TWO DWELLING BOUSE* F'?R KENT, situated on the a^at side of Fayette street. ta G*org town, ti?mc e^ .udistaut from the SIT an I Colle*'*; one b?n;< at pre?ent occupied by M rs. h Hibb, iwnsch wi 1 lc? rented with or wi'houtthe j furniture;) the <>th?*? bein< No. 63; both havic; i spacious g ounda *t??ehe.'. Also, lor hire, threi Servant* T K P. JACKSON. srr ap 16-lw No.l.Vi H ridge street. ln^ WHOLESALE i at' YV CISH HOUSE. noi 2?2 barrola l.abrador il EH RING, selected, alM 96 Co Pay Island tlo Vti 9S do East port do (j0 50 hall bhla. extra R"? do y 50 bblg. new Magdal-n* do loo do St John ALEWlVES. ,rZ Daily expected pjr achooner P. Hotlrer. and for ale low from the wharf on or before arrival tbr Also, 182 t>b!a. oho oe Labra-'lor HERRING, on to I boa: d of scltoouer E: pedit, duo here about the firbt qu of next week. Al?o* 250 bb a. No. 1 Mereii.ichi ALEW'IVES, HO do No. 1 Gipnet HERKlNG, }>rc l<o do No. 1 llonoi) do to I 300 do No. 3 Medium MACKEREL, Gloucea- 1 ter inspection, ?<v SO bbl?. No. 2 MACKEREL, Gloucester mapec- xr k lion, Alan. kita ivt<d h&'f *ita No. 1 MACKEREL and ** SALMON. *-* 4C half bbl?. Sp-jnK HERRING *rd Labridnr e*? HER K INK of *u pot'.or quality, in atoreand for 1 ale at aatii>faot<-ry pric^a c la HARTLEY ft BROTHER, y,? &p lfl-2w 9i) ar.d .lUl tt'aw at. Georgetown. j ABOOTSAND8HOES. LARGE And rarieu aasortment of BOOTS 5,, and SHOE4 of eioelieut quality jo?t re ?f1*' oeivedat 144 Bridge atre?t, nrar the om-BHf tloi nibua aland, and (or a?le25(? Jn pn o?ut.f HI N oh?*ap?r than the uauai price*. cit? giaa-lgi A. NEWBKRG EK ._ of , P JUST ARRIVED. ? ER Proj??!l?r S. Seymour, f'<?m I'hi'adeiphia, por 75 barrel* and loo hail' barrel* of Ma?*?y, Collira & f| Co 'a Philadeipnia DRAFT ALE. For aa^e by it fea ABNYASHINN. D*00 BBI.b PRIME CIDER fli* AILY Expected #or itoh'x.npr .Mary Ann MeGe? -r from Bost<-n. This Cider is a No. 1, &n?l is lor ta.o .. in lots to suit puroli&uera. aia ARNY A SHINN'S thi fe 22 Union Buttling Dopot. Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED? " 10 hhd?. prime I*?>rt? Pico SUGARS I 1S> hbls. 'ifl Rye WHISKY, 230 bMs. HERRING ar.dAI.EWIVES. o ? fin I,b!s. Crushed *cd R?fin?d ^UGaR?, and 3nl>a*H Rio and JtrtCOFFEK, rau _10 hhtls.dow pr:o?d> MOLASSES. For tal* t>r JOHN J. BOOTH. ?M0 jJJ wai FOR SALE AND RENT. w* Vlr BH?JtEWT-Ti* lyi.<M| BRICK HOI!SE 1" a. on u No tfiX, hmt door from the north- **' west oornbr of 11th street. Inquire at tii? corner 11 * house. ap 19 *<*3 * De F^OR KENT-Three or 'our FURN SHKD * ROOMS, a convenient distance from 'he Fat- , eit and Post Offioe>?. The? will he lciar ?6 ?a^h ; 8ln or ?he who e house would be let wry low t >apurct.;ai tenant. The rooms are Urge and nry. App v 7 a. S'o. 64'2 L street, brtwcen 4tn and 5th at*. it* jt , MILITARY OFHCERtf?For rent,a iarr?* en.' 1 H A LL 42 by ST. feet, and two Room* a<!/oinirj5, V\ a one 12 by 12 faet tf * ?t<.?*r 14 l?y 32 feet. Al*o, two raoi Fumixh-d il<>?>ms m the same buildinc, suitable \v? for oCacs-the wh il* fronting on Pa. avenue. Ap- ou, p y to A38 Pa. avenue, betwoea 2d and Jd its. f _apJ74f t J l?OR RENT?PUR NICHED ROOMS, pleas t l1 .n?l. -J . *?- -I --J ' M - m>Mj n'u*?wc\ii iuviu'uiiK ronur anu ^nsni!)<nr -D?3 oa uma floor, with km and water, in a house occopied cy a email family with no ouiidren. Or the entue Houee.iwhich is a very desnable one w:th large s:de yard,) liiolu'linc most ol the Furnitu e, wh (nearly new,) will be rented on reasonable term*. wh Apply at No. 435 on D street, between let and 2d A streets writ, ap 17 3too* <|g c B7*UR KE\T?In Georne'own, aoonvenier.ttwo 1 story BRICK. HOUSE; ha? gas throughout and water in tiie bav.went; i? within a few mm S nte*' walk of tiie omnibus dep-t and the market; pan a.?d is ioove-.1 in ou?> of tsio most de.urttMe nettle vi v bo;hoods in town. Rdnt moderaU). Apply to JSO. ? r. T. hANGS, Agent. ap 15 3 eo LET-A three-story BRICK HOU8K aitu- bit a>U on ) irst ?t. went, oetween D ard K stt. disj north, KOiitainin* 7 room*; rent per month, tlor Also, a thtee story Brick House on H at. north, rHi: between 2d aad 3d Ms east, obtaining > rooms; rent $10 per month. Alto, a threw story Brick w' llou"? on B st, north, between 3d and 3d sta. we?t, * , containing 7 rooms, No. 289, Possession of the Strl ia?t an be had or. the 15th inst. Inquire next door A'ft ol cacti, or of GEORGE FOLLaNSBEE, Caipenter, on Third st. west. ap B-eoti q FfOR HALEOR RENT-A FRAME HOUSE. ln? containing seven ro<im?, t >gethar ?ith Ids fur- " nitur-?, situated on New Jersey avenue, between M Ai d N st? north. Also, a new three-storj brick tier bouse, witu baok, on the miiii bquAr-*, h No. 1A0 Fourth st ) AUo, some valuable LOTS, the ill of wb ch *-i:l be sold veiy cheap. Inquire of J. thi< D. RYNARD, New Jersey avenue, between M _ , ?nd N iu. ap?tf l^OR RENT-A BRICK H?>U*K, oomaining for' f 12rooms, with Potomac vater and em, <">n I t street, bet. een 13ih and 14th, opposite Frank in ? Square. Inquire at WARDER A. sTF.WaRI'S on. Word and Ccal uffi-e, corner of ti and Twelfth exW sts. Also, bnok House ooruor Twelfth ami 1. tin ma 28-tf carr FOR RENT?On filay Ut, the large and comnio tb!L! dioa< Hul'sKoa Louisiana avenue, opposite the City Hail Square, now occupied by .Mr. Webb coir is a dwelling and lav office, and adjoining tne ?t 1 house of Mr. Rioliard Wai'ach will uia 23-tf FRANCK TAYLOR. dist Handsomely furnished rooms- bl? Four ha-dsomely Furnished Rooms, supplied f* with gaa aud witer, au?l oonvoment t j the Fatei.t wll, atxi Post Office Departments, for rent. App y at join *9<'K Maseachuseiu aveuuo, north sue, between ro?1 ??k ?J ti a_ - ? r imauumnvi. Dim " Q, E*OR RENT?The north HOLSEof the rowof ??J I- now luur story h?u*M on Fourth ?t , between * 5 1> and E ., No. 3*S, frontier the City Hall A square P<>a?e?rion given uumd lately. Applr to geo WILLIAM U. PillLJJP,Attorney at-Uw.No. B 4 > Louisiana avenue. maileotf g j CTORE POK RKNT.-A large Store-room on ^ Pa.avecue,a<tj< ini- g our auction room*, for ? rent. ApplT to wALfj t BARNARD. Amotion ^r anJ CornnrMicn Maioiiar.ta, corner Ninth atreei }^v. and aouth eroe Pa. avenue. mar 11 - SK?i li'OR RENT?A three atory bnek HOU9E,eon- >-?l a. UuiuBc 8 roonw, ta food order, with <a? fixtuiree oomplete, on H atreet, between 4th and 5tk. ?'? Ako, a two-atory brink COTTAGE, with large ach yard attached, corner of F a treat north an) 14th at. m Met. To punctual and reliable tenanu th* terma ? AM''" "* O ^^^T|IT?gtoB^Cft Mm* {ft ["HE LATEST NEWS. TKLEQRAPHIO. fleet ! the < Virjl.l. ?t lit S??th Aror?TA. April 15 ?The new* of tb?f aeeeaaton Virginia w>? com 3> an I c* ted to Mr. Pryoc u wm departing in the c*r? for Moatgomerr. be newi wji rr-eted with universal ebe?rtnir, "Kinjj ofbelU. tiring of cannon and general ex- i rwi?ni or J>V MoiiLB, April IS.?Th# nfwi of the eceeaion Virginia waa received here with great enihu- | Mm. Bella are ringing, guns fi'ln.{, eud tun "pie term nearly frantic with deligbMosTenaiiY, Arrll 18?A dlapatca from Sainnah aava that Virginia on the 16th paaaed i ordinance of aecewion. to t ke eflect In two ifa. but no advice* to tbat effect ha r* reached redirect Nevertheleaa it la believed here bjr e Government. Unleaa the Cincinnati aelaurea are promptly reeaaed they muat caoae noo-lntercour<?, and the tare of Ohio property In .New Orleatta. President D?vla haa iuat been officially notified it Virginia haa aecedcd. Salute* of one hundred guna are being fired all er the South in honor of Virginia. Farther (rana Earepe. Vzw Yon, April 18 ?Tbeatearmr Kedar, from verpool on the tfth inat , baa arrived t waa reported that an Engllab dlvlalon had ne to the Ionian la lac da. where the agitation inaaea .v ..i; v. ? ?? " ? ? ? < ?<; 1UUIUII igiU^UHB IUC lumin III pie 01 Ut t *? < U1 the French Marshals had b?f mimmonM attend an extraordinary CouncMot ?u at Paris 1 the 8th. > I'he London Times ridicules the idea of the t ltbern Confederacy not the reviving the siave de. I"be London Times, In speaking of the Amerl- j i tariff, aaya that Kngland muat con* der how i deals with Stitrs who begin with a flagrant * virtu re from the rule of anittv. rh? um#? niw U ? ? 4?? * ?? ? . . u au auitiC UQ A MUTK 111 L lira, points to the English niuUD.'e In the first | olutlon in Amerca as a warning agsinst forci- . resistance to a di?ri:ption which appear laevile. Srl/urr ?( Arm* and f?\\d<r. 'IJICI2IXAT1, April 17 ?Chief of Police Dudley morning s?lied thirty b.>x>*s of g'i"?a on the s.tjt Ohio No 3. Tvrentv-thrw o'the boxts re marked " L. R Memphis." Fireboxes of j ns were also seized on board tie steamer ? -ndalr, which had been r?sbippe?l from the i iraer FannleMcBurnie on Monday Ust These > ;urrences have occasioned much incitement. a e gun* wer- sbipptsd at i'arkeraburu. Virginia. ^ :eavy shipment of powder has also Ix en stopped. 1 ttie river steamers bave been prohibited from :lng provisions South The steamers have been irtered by the city authorities to a n as police r its, thoroughly armed, and willstof and ^arch < DMsintr hna! Tl.? *? K ? ?. ? uv * Vtu ?tvi UVIHpaQin arc | i all full, and more uirn are oOertig then can q accepted. } Nomination far Us(rt?i. rAHM05T, Va , April 11 ?Hon I Kldwell t m nominated for Congress by the Democratic r nvention of tbla district to day, on Uie tint bai. unanimously. Grant Excitement in Karlilk | } ??!!?? OF Llr-HT Bo*T* IN THt Ha*BO?? t) zcaa or* is Old Ocsrm Horse? f 'oaTFICATIOSS TC IK ThUOWN TP OS S"?\Cill's Island, Ac. rbe steamer Georfciana, Capt. PI*rson, which t ived at Baltimore at 6 o'clock yesterday rrornr, cr 1 r:-s intelligence of jddei demonstration* ' Norfolk and vicinity, consequent upon tlie an iin-ement of Northern volunteer t-oops being >>it to be sent to garrison the for lficattr.ns in 1 rvtinla, and the prt bable course of tLe Virginia 1 nvention. Vhen the Georgians left Norfol* ?t 5 o'clock Wednesday alternoon. tbf-e ligbt boats bad t ?n sunk In the harbor near Norfolk to prevent egress of the United States wsr vtssels ordered b? towed out of tta port The war steamer uterland. after an luefeetntl attempt to get t returned and went up to the navy yard for :is b tection. as tLtre was a rumor that tu'e yard was a he attacked ["he old custom-house had hwn entered and b f-ral cannon belonging to the revenue cutter o en possesion of. It was rnmored tbat a battrry ji ? to he thrown up on Sewnifs Island Gov tcher was exported In Norfolk on Wednesday a (ning. "he excitement wfj Increasing. and many were morn us for the Immediate seizure of Fortress nroe before the northern relief troops can arrive. z h- above statement ap;>ears in sulwtinreon the ^ change Reading Room books Hut from tbe tMflcatlon derived from otber soarce#, some mance should bt made for possible exaggera- * is Ve see by the Norfolk Day Book that much exsment had been created there It ccn sequence , :he discharge of all tbe bricklayer* and labor, and all but four of tbe sallmakf r? in the Gost navy- yard. . For a statement of the number of men In the > service within ha'.llng distance of the Go*- ? t navy yard, the list of vessels there, i.c , see t page of to-day's Star 1 'be Daltimore Sun bu the following apecltil patch on tbe cubject of affair* at Norfolk: a i ooruaxm viikeli "CAtroir'' at so*- d folk ?gatitsui>g or tboop* i* vibsixia. t< Iicbmond, April Is?Tbe ilk-nee which ha* ;>lex?d you In regard to things b?te In the p?*t r day*, you mlgbt have g.ieaae?l" wa* on'.n. Tbe word "to arm*" kllsntlv went forth. i< 1 wblle the reaponte ia everywhere of troo(* n (U-ring for immediate aervlce la town and g ntry, tbe bulletin from Norfolk fa tbat tb?* i> rriraac, tbe Ocrruantown, and the Cumberland r *bipa have been cnygkt at tbat 7?>rt. 'his feat was carried out under tae a'i*plcea of u. H. Parker, Kaq , of tbe Kaari-rn Shore of |i uinta He ia Inspector of TcMca.and one of n Gov Wlae'* appointeea. Do not be aurprlsed p ome other Virginian* perform un Jtualacblevant* Itefore Saturday night. 'roops are gathering from variou* direction* to rch immediately. One hundred thouaard Vlr- C lana can re In arm* before Saturday night. aj 'ns ?evrkth Rioijiist Und** 0?i>m? ? Marches fpr Washington To-morrttc?TtaeSevh Regiment baa received order* to proceed to sQingion. ii w in ri&ri rrom mt arir.ory to- v rrrfw at three o'clock p m , and depart for ? tthingtor on tbeaix o'clock tralr. from Jtraey al r. be mrmber* yo In full fatigue drew, blanket* p i>ped back of tbe knapsacks, Ac. he regiment ban never pre**nttd a finer spranee at partide than it will pr-nent lo morr. Tbe membera expreat entire S'Ullngnen to re tbelr country; and the prctnptnes* with )t icb they respond juatlfle* the estimation in tch the regiment ia held bv tbe public meeting of the Vetrrsna of the National Guard ^ ailed at tbe Armory for tbla evening, to take u, isurts for guarding the Arm< ry during tbe .r ence of tbe regiment. ome daya ago one of the officers of tbe comy, National Guard, tendered kIs resignation, lug as bla reason the fact that h- had accepted a nmmlMiou in the aauihern army. Instead of rr>lil)J/ the resignation. the i-ninranu <1 wM name to be atrloken from the roll m a mark of c". {race Last evening m quite b unble appliesi was received by tbe com|>any requesting the ti istatement of tb?? aiajj raced odicer ,wbo ?*ar neatly A irrd to accompany tbe !?eventtj Regiment to Auington, and to tight uader tbe Stars aud r| pea Hi* request la not llkelr ?o be granh-d.? tfc e York Post, yesterday evening t>< TUB NATIONAL GCABD MAKCHi XC OIPUH. )M elonel LtflVrts baa issued tbe following march- <j, orders for tbe National Guard feadquarters S<venth Regimen, .V V S.M ) w Xauanal Ouard, New \ ork. April 18, '61. \ p, leral Order?No 5. te > compUauce with orders from Bis Excellency, Governor, and division orders of tbla ditr, *| Regiment will aaaemole at headquarters on or iav, 19th instant, at 3 o'clock p. m , In full ni nn* * n/4 p/?a?* urlH* Va*s?>*-?k *- ?? * * pt uv a?u V wi?a ?uap?u*. A } HI COlUari Washington city. fy, he men wi 11 each take one blac Let. to be rolled of top of knapsack; am table under clothing, an a pair cf bo?:* (aboea are betttri, knife, fork, m cup and plite, body belt, cap pouch will be m led in tbe ku.ipaack The iscu will provide Bii naeivea with one dav'a rationa. to here will be allowed three aervantB to each ipany, who muat report to the QoarUrrmaater ha 2 m , aod receive tbeir --paaa " Each ottcrr et< I be allowed one atxtall trunk which niuat be I nctly marked and left at tbe unnory bt fore it th 19th io?t II uniformed men, whether rccrulta or a&t, 1 report for duty. Recruita who hare juat ied, will al*o report, and will fc? eaalgned a t In column nmmlaaary Pattern will recclve Inatructiona r u the Colonel, and leave for Waahngton thla ^ d. ppointment?J. C. Daltou, Jt.t M.D.,Snx- " u a miir, ?ice i/imrrDn, rHl( nM Jo'der of Colonel Marshall fieri*. Rathbomc, J. H. Libbwb*, fi Sergeant Major. Adjutant ========== T JHENCK'8 TREATISE C'N CONBUMP to riON-To N? liad free of ohnrca at tbe Dru? fo re of 9. B. WAI'I'E. o<rner Seventh ?t. and ..i lisianaav. I?r. J. H. Beltenck,of Philadelphia, published a iampf l*t jiving a rail descipgoa je diseased stats ofthsLungs, Liver and fetoin. Every invalid should oalf and gat oas. >g-lm w PFICEKB, PETTY OFFICERS. AMD Sea *< men who were on board ot sbj U. 8. ships at ? oaptars of ant slaver oaa hare their ojsiau for " = i SECOND EDITION' THREE O'CLOCK P. M Taa Uoviiiirti or TBI Viaeiwa DinmoR Tioom ?As we po to preea, we have p?<iu?e information that tbe dleanloa Uoope aoaeeyed over tbe Orange and Alexandria read jeeli idav, went aptbf Maoaeaa road to Straaabnrg, tfeaaaa to go to Harper's Ferry. ir. ? II at.? ? - - - - - " w urnrrt >D1I, teaming or Um toMl deetroet!oa of the armory and )la coo tea la. they wUlsas* wme other field of glory; retnmlac dotn tka Manaa?aa road this evening Trains Ml AlexaaIrl* lasl night to await their movementa, prrt ibly. The Viaeivia Oimharci or Bacmssioa, ws iow believe, has been ordered to be submitted ? t a vote of tbe people oa tbe fourth Thursday la May; as tbe popular majority by which It was ae tinned to be submitted was 99,000; and as the n jorlty by which tbe Coavmtloa pasaed It was, me believe, only about thirty-three, aotwltbetandng tbe extraordinary means Ukea to "put It hrough " A Naw M ilitast DaraBTKaxT ? It will be lottrcd that tbe order ef Adjutant Gea Thomas. mder date of tbe 9th of April, publiabed this oornlng, creates this milltsry department. Itta o consist of the State of Maryland and District ef Columbia. To prevent mistakea, we are aatbarzed to aay that tt does not include any portion of llexandrla county, which formerly belonged to bta District Hiiru'* Fkkkt.?Tbe Oovrrnmeat works *t Isrper's Ferry were tbls morning burned to tbe ground by tbe United States troops sUtlosst bere, who iinmedistely retired ore* Into Msryand Tbere were bat 3,000 stood of arms on land tbere, sll of wblcb were tbus destroyed No lamage whatever wss done to private property THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH. BLOODSHED Ift BALTIMORE The Tr?ops Fired Into? Several Killed HtlTIWABS A nail l? ***' ? *" ?r? w ? urxr DH oeeu wrrlblt >loodstied here to-dav. The la*t portion of the levei th were attarkrd and aeveral were killed fbe uovernor Kaa procliln.ed martial law It la sieved that the rxllroad* will continue tocoavey II the troopa for tbe Government The Governor taa iMued an order to preeenre pen<e nt erenr lltltd. [ rcojrr x>i?fatcb J It la aa vc< Impoaalbleto aey with certainty what tortlon of the troopa were attacked They had llaplayed a white flag aa they niarrbed up Pratt treet, but were greeted with ahowera of atonea. Tbe Mayor with tbe police preceded them Tbe The a reeta were blocked up by an tmmenea rowd The aold'era finally turned and fired on he mob and aeveral were wounded The woondd htvelaat gone up tb* a treet in carta It la ra>orted ttere la dreadful work it the depet [TBIBD Dt?F4TC? 1 Baxtimokb, April W ?At tbe Washington >ep?* an Imioenae crowd had a em Med TW lot^ra attacked them there, and tbe military fir> d ipon tbem Several were wounded It la Mid our wer* Kliied on each tide. The cltv ! in tbe greatest excitement Martial law b a been proclaimed. and the mill, irv are ntahing to tbeir armoriea The railroad track is aald U< be torn ap ?nM4? h? city, and parti ea tave t urea tec ed to t?ar op >.-att-?t bridge At the military paaaed along Pratt afreet a perect abower of paving atone* rained on tbeir tea da. LA TIB The car* have left for Wnabtngton, being atoned ia they left. Kumar* af Mare 5ereaaleM Nnw Otiitn. April IS ?A apecial dlepntok o the New Vork Hern Id aava tb?t It la expected i^re that Tenneaaee. Kentucky. North Carolina, nd Missouri will all ?e< ede within a week Opt N'etdler, of the French marine, ban off red ti* wrvices to the Confederate H la tee, and will It ut a privateer at his own expense. Seven! in ?L?*Tr? ?re expe>"U-a to ie?ve b?'? aoao Rwrutting 1* rapidly progreMlag, and troops r? rapidly pouring In from tbe Interior Seathera Rrjeidega April Id.?Greet meetlagof dM<?n? of Virginia here to-nlgtt rejoicing owlhe tro-wloD of that State. Niw Oklkam?, April le ?Newa of the momion of VlrKlnlacauaeagrneral rejo ring, lOOfaaa rer* fired, nod ererv newaoeoer offlce hu mm*. ,oa fiaga flying Irptrtrd Bnrnirg < Harprr'a Ferry Ar ?? Baltixokb, April 19?Tbe Sun baa a afoclal lapatcb purport!ng to bave been seat from fiar>er Frrrv last nigbt, stating tbat tbe troops ha** ?d after burning tbe armory and arsenal i> t 1 Mirrarati Nxw Yokk, April J9 ?Tbe steamer P oca boo Us rrived here tbs morning. and reports tbat aba Id not arrive off Charleston till one hour previous > tbe evacuation of Fort Sumter. 1 be loaf> aerate Loss. Mostoomsbt, April 19 ?Tbe demand for tbe an Is so great tbat Pr<a!dent Da via b*a deter* lined to offer tbe whole of tbe ?15 oQu,l*?0 Tbe jbarriptiona already exceed tbat amount and tbe ooks will be cloara to-day. From Aagasta. Arcr-T*, Ga , April 19 ?A native of Bbada iland. an old citizen here, iaaued an order tbla naming to uniform and equip, at bis maense. a company of 80 volunteers Fr*m Norfolk Norfolk, April 19 ?Tbe steamer Yankee, from harleston, put In here abort of coal, and damped All tbe naval officers bare bave resigned. Fire ia Georgia. M a coy. April 19?Tbe Granite Ball In Old lashlngton Block was burnt yeate day. Tbe oods of the stores were mostlv saved. Lorn x>ui *;>'j uw Inaured r*cl?Bitl?M ( Otv Hicks and Mir*r Uriwu u the People ( Maryiud. UK (i iriKIOl'l ra0CLA*ATI0* ?TO THI r?ePLK or MARTLARB The unfortunate atate of affair* now axlating ta ie country haa greatly excited tb? people of Marynd. 1 u conaequence of onr peculiar position. tt la ?o* be ex pre ted that the peoole of the State can lanimoislv Agree upon the bent mode of preeer* ig tbe honor and interrltv of the State, and of atntaimnft within her llmita that pence ao earn tlv deairtd by all ;;ood citizens Tbe emergency ta ?reat. Tbe conaoquanoaa of riab atep will be fearful. It ta the imperative uty of every true non of Maryland to do all that .n tend to arrest the threatened evil. I therefore >nnael the people, In all earneatn-aa. to wltbb*H fir band* from whatever m?v tend to preclplte ua Into tlie gulf of dlacord and ruin (iplog receipt oa 1 counsel the people to abataln from all heated mtroveray upon tbe aubject; to avoid all tblnaa at tend to crlminatloa and recrtaunatloa; V> Here that tbe origin of our evil dav may well s forjrotton now by every patriot In tbe earnaat aire to avert from' ua lta fruit All power veated in tbe Governor of tba States 1U be atreniionsly exerted to preaerve the ?ace and maintain inviolate tbe bonor and in jjrity of Maryland I call upon tbe people to obey tbe lawe. and to d tbe constitutional autboritiea in their endeav a to preaerve tbe fair fame of our State untar abed. 1 aaaure tb?- p?t>ple tbat no troop* wlU be aoat wn Maryland, unlra* It may be for tbe defence the National Capital It la my Intent! ou Id tbe future, aa It baa bean y endeavor la the past, to preaerve tbe people of arvlaud from civil war; and I lavoke tbe an itanee of every true aad loyal citizen to aid no this end. Tbe people of this State will, ta a abort time, ive the opportunity afforded tbeir, tn inf't. rrttcn fbr members of tbe Congress of tbe L altad to express their devot. on to tbe Ualoa, or elr desire to aae it brokea op. Ta H. hices. governor of Maryland Baltimore, IS h April, 1MI. riocLiaATTox or tvi mm. Alcoa's urrica, Af*u itf. I heartily concur la tbe determination of tbe jvsrnor to preserve tbe paaoe and ma I eta In la olate the hooor and Integrity of Ma viand, se t fo-th la the shows proclamation sod will rnestlv co operate with his efforts to maintain see and order In tbe etty of Baltimore. A ad 1 cannot withhold my aifree'lo* of sstls ion 11 on rnoiiuta umi pmmmmmmwm nt from Maryland to Um> aoll of any other Mate be great qur-attoua at liaar aiust. Ii tbe laat ? ft, be aeiued by Ut people of the elt? and ttM r thrtiiarlvre at tbe baliwt bni, and aa opportaty f?r a ftrr npnalon of tbrlr will ??dtlr be ?flWaed at the approaching Coa^raaonalalacUoa. it tbe coukieli of the Gorrnw ah*U ha I>w4'< a may rret aeeare la thr eo Bdrwee that im arai of clrll strife whteb aaw tinaliai tbe >uatry will at leaat pa a* over our beJav*4 ftute id leave It ua harmed, bat If they be dU faded, a fearful and fr?*ieidal Mrtfe tuay a? ket bunt forth la ear mid*. Uader aacb ctrcumataaoea. eaa aay *r??d etnm doabt for a mama* the Co area etb b d ity id boeer alike re^aitea bu him to - -J,, ri |V?*1 ? m ?" 4