Newspaper of Evening Star, April 20, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 20, 1861 Page 1
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9 . " ???? I = -= ? V?i. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. APRIL 20w 1861. N?. 2 549 | 1^???????? M???????' TUG DAILY EVENING STAR n PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON(SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAIi BUIDDIN6*, C tut of Tmn rylvmnim mvmtct and 11 tk ft., ?T W. D. WALLAIR. Papers Hi by oarneri tt |4 rear, m ft oeot? p*r month. To ouul ?*bwlb?rt tie >no* Vi3^ a year, m? iutvmnet; |! for els Booths; 51 for threo months; acd for law than WirM Booth* at the rate of 12 oenU a we?k. Stoc'* o^im, on? cam; ia wnpt*ri, two cbnts. iLr" ADr?mn?*ii?!*Ts inoaid be sent to :he oftoe before u o'oiook m.; otfcerwua they may sot appear aattl ?h* neat day. THE WAR. The V*lut*rr >11 litis.?New Companies te be Raised, Icc , Ice. PROCEEDINGS IN BOSTON. From the Boston Post, of the 18th inst , we take the following particulars of war movements : The Third Regiment, Col. Wardrop, received orders yesterday forenoon to proceed immediately to the State House and receive their equipment*, and to leave in the afternoon for F<>rt Monroe. For this purpose the steamer S R. SpnnMing wac chartered The regiment accordingly proceeded to the State House, where tbe companies were separately filed into the Doric Hall, and each man was supplied with two undershirts, a pair of drawers, a pair of stocking*, a haversack and a knapsack. Their arms were also inspected and put in order. The regiment then marched back to their quarters over the Old Colony Railroad depot Shortly after ft o'clock, the line was formed in South street preparatory to marching to the boat. Ihe Cnmbridge company joined the regiment at this place. At about 6i o'clock, the command marched to Central wharf and embarked on board the Spaulding, under the direction of BrigadierGeneral liutler. The whole regiment numbered about 350 men, when it left The Fourth Regiment, Col. Packard, which were Quartered at Faneuil Hall, went to tho State House yesterday afternoon, preparatory to leaving by the Old Colony Railroad for Fort Monroe. The regiment took up the line of march for the Old Colony dep<?t as soon as possible, arriving at 7$. They immediately filed into tho special train which was in readiness, consisting cf ten passenger and two baggage cars, and 'he train started at 8 o'clock. Each company was loudly cheered as it entered the depot and the regiment left in the highest spirits, amid me most entnusiastic cheer#. The whole regiment numbered 473 men when it left It will proceed to Fall River, and there embark on the steamer State of Maine, and procecd to Fort Monroe. In the afternoon the quarters of the Sixth Regiment were lively e;v>ugh. Every soldier having been fully equipped, and provided with rations sufficient to maintain existence for three days. (<>r until Fort Monroe is reached, the time was given up to social intercourse, to singing, leaves-taking. Ac. Various wero the tune* sung by the soldiery. One that was quite popular ran ae follows Oh. that will be joyful, VV hen we inret at Fort Monroe. When we meet at Fort Monroe, Wh?n we meet at Fort Monroe Oh, that will be joyful, When we meet at Fort Monroe Many friends of the soldiers were present to bid them a final adieu, and mik? m final in. suiiment to the provender boxes. A few wive*, bisters, mothci < ucd daughters were among the cumber, and ttiose who contemplated the scene pretested and had dry eyes affected a decided ncgularity All the in< ney that may bo required by tho Governor has loen offered to him by the banks ot this city. We hear of the following loans offered ? Webater Bank, #50.000; Suffolk Bank. #100.000, Plymouth Bank, $20 000; C F. Amy 1 Co., #50,000; North Bank, $50,000; Granite Bank, $50,000; Gardner Brevrer Jt Co., flO.OOfl; Lowell Institution f>r Saving*. iO.OW); Bay State Bank, S25,000; Mount WaJler*ton Bank, $25,000. At the navy-yard work progresses with much rapidity, and visitor a are still exoinded. > early 1,400 men are now employed. Rob't Pet'.it, of I'a., purser of the Minnesota, reported yesterday. John Boll, the boa'swainof the Minnesota is a native of North Carolina, and he has renorted himself readv far dutv. H* says the Government has always used hiin well, and he shall be faithful in return. Win. A. Parkar, first lieutenant of the yard, U detaiieii inr th? hriir K*inKrirl.r? ?( rn?rl??ini?n ? o o-? ? ? or the brig Perry, at Brooklyn, as lieutenant commanding. '1 he Minnesota will be ready lor it* officers in about a fortnight. The Yinccnncs is about to be taken into the dry dock VOLUNTEERS IN NEW YORK. [Fiom New York papers of the ISth Inst ] 6COTT Lire GUARDS. The service* of the Scott Life Guard baviog been accepted by (lor. Morgan, tho regiment will be immediately filled up and prepared to start far the ?cone of conflict at the earliest moment possible. lion J. McLeod Murphy, State Senator, is a member of the oorps. The ranks will be filled with those only who have seen active service, and the regiment will be commanded by an ex-officer of the Uaitcd States Army. W hen mustered into service it will be found one of the most effioient bodies of men of the State quota. SEW roUK ZOUAVES. Col. Ellsworth prweeded yesterday to make arjaoKements for the enrollment of a resiment of Z*uave?. For the purpose of securing hsrdy men, aoe us Coined to fatigue, he wisely chose the fire department fr?m which to make his selection, and scarcely had he announced his determination ere offers of recruits poured in upon him so rapidly that nearly the entire number w.:a enrolled yesterday, ?nd by this evening it is confidently expected that the regiment?of 800 men?will be filled up, and ready to take its departure for Washington on Saturday. TUB riUST REUIMK3T NATIONAL GUARD. The ranks of this volunteer corps are tilling up rapidly, and last evening 600 name* had been obtained. It is confidently expected that by Saturday the requisite number will be enrolled This regiment will assemble at the Tompkins market armory to-morrow afternoon, and will leave probably by 5 o'clock for Washington, but whether by rail or steamer is as yet undetermined. It is supposed, however, that they will go by the latter mode of conveyance. The regiment will turn out 800 strong, which will give the full stuinber of men to each compan y THE THIRD REKIMBXT. Last evening a regimental drill of the Third regiment oavairy, Col S. Brooke Postley, took place at the State ar?enal, corner of Soventh avenue and Tbirty-liftia street. The members present numbered about 500 men. The Third regiment is ready at a moment's eall to proceed whithersoever their cervices may be required. This command is composed of German*, and all are robust and healthy looking men well calculated for camo duty Some of them bare already rnnelt gunpowder. THE TWELFTH REGIMENT, Col. Butterfield, we understand, offered iu services to tbe President several week" ago, and have been drilling every nigbt since. About $4,000 have already been subscribed by the merchants of this city for the extra expenses uf the Twelfth, and to enable it to completely uniform all the recruits. Officers are in attendance at the armory every day and reuing to enroll recruits, of whom there are already about 600. It is anticipated by the officers there will be at least 1,200 men in the ranks when orders arrive to march. Other companies are fitting out with all bu'e, and preparing to hasten to Washington PENNSYLVANIA. Tbe Philadelphia Press says . Th* announcement, at 3 o'clock Tr?*arriav afternoon, by means of extra newspapers, that the C*pitol at Washington was menaced by traitors from Virginia, created a profound ex. oitement in this city. It was coupled with the announcement that the Nary Yard at Norfolk was endangered, and that the Armory at Harper's Ferry would probably be in the hands of the rebel* by night. Volunteers were forthwith anxious for immediate march. The wildest enthusiasm prevailed Troops and citizens cur?ed the laggard movements of the Government in not providing them with arm* and ri mentals; and every company at oace sent out reoruitlng corporal* to beat up fighting men in all the lanes and highways. Tfce rumors circulated yesterday afternoon, that troops were to leave town in the evening, were not true. No companies have yet left. Tbe first intimation receirod of the departure of men will be their ap^earanoe atWashington. Extraordinary activity prevails among the military. At the various rendeivous companies are drilling, recruiting is going forward, and things look particularly warlike. Young men in semi-military attire may be seen hurrying through the streets; volunteer officials, with faces indicative of earnest business, are seen on every hand, and the work of turning out six regiments of warriors, "all armed for It _ # - " * sirne, irom a peaceiui community, is evident ia the sign? all around us. ? ' Speech of Fx-President Fillmore. At a public meeting in Buffalo. N.Y., on tbe 16th inst., ex-President Fillmore spoke as follows: Fellow-citizens: It is many years since I have taken any part in a political meeting, and I never intended to attend another. I have long since ceased to be a partizan or politician in the ordinary acceptance of those terms. But I bavenot ceased to love my country. to venerate its institutions, to take a just pride in its prosperity and glory, and to tremku : * * - ..... - wiu ?iiu auxiciy wucn i see ai? teat a patriot should hold dear in the iuost]i xnminent poril. It is for this reason that I have, at your request, consented to presido at this meeting? composed as it is of the citizens of Buffalo, without distinction of party, who have assembled here to express their sentiments on tbe alarming state of the country. To bo thought worthy of such an honor at such a time from those with .vhom my life has been spent, calls for my grateful acknowledgments, and I therefore return you my cordial thanks for this r^urk ot j our continued confidence and respect. But. my fellow-citirens, this is no time for any man to shrink from the responsibility which events have cast upon him. H e have reached a crisis in the history of this country when no man, however humble his work or limited his influence, has a right to stand neutral. Civil war has been inaugurated, and we must meet it. The Government ealls for aid, and we must give it. Our institution* are in danger, and wo must defend them It is no time now to inquire by whose fault or folly this 3tate of things has been produced. Tho ship of State is in the breakers, and the muttering thunders &nd darkened sky indicate the coming otorm, and if she sink we must go down with her We have a common lot and must meet a common fute. Let every taan, therefore, stand to his post, and, like the true Roman Senator at the gate of Pompeii, let posterity, when the storm is over, find our skeleton and armor on the spot where duty required us to stand You know, my friends, that my love of country embraces the whole Union In all that relatej to the administration of the Gov ernment, i Know no JNortb. no South. Each and every portion is alike entitled to its protection, and I have that oonfidenoe in this Administration to believe that it will receive it. I therefore think ottr southern brethren have made a great mistake in nirayiDg themselves against the Government for tear it will be improperly administered, and 1 had hoped that, if peace could be maintained for a short time, until they could be convinced of their error, that they would voluntarily unite with ua again; or, if that were impossible, that time might be gained for a National Convention, j which might so amend the Constitution as to enablo us to separate without war; but if they oommenoe an aggressive warfaro, wo have no alternative but to rally around the constituted authorities and defend the Government But no language oan cxprf?# my admiration of the whole-sould patriotism displayed by thfi Union mon r.f tK.? T^?" ? ? - ? mmm'-mm v a tuu WUi '4Vt tj l? .VO. I IJ j stand like a rock in the midst of the ocean, against s.?hich the surges of soses-ion beat iu vain; not moved by terror or seduced by an unholy ambition, they have formed a rampart for the protection of tho Constitution, l'lioir patriotism is ? < pure as the unsullied snow,and their loyalty as uncorruptible as virtue itnelf. If they ark further guarantees for any constitutional right which they may think endangered in cuiisequenoo of their relative weakness by secession, I would cheerfully grunt it. I feel tbey deserve It, aud no more abstraction should induce mc to withhold it; but I speak only for myself The meeting will speak its own sentiments, and I await its further pleasure. Resolutions were adopted denouncing secession as unjustifiablo rebellion, end all engaged in it as traitors, assuring tho South that wo are their friends, and will tolerate no aggression upon their rights by the General Government, but we look upon the Constitution of the United States as a priceless heritage, which, if i ? i -L ?? " rw r; inn lu UeiVIlU, WO Snail pTOVB IHISC tO OUT holiest nM highest duty as freemew, false to our ancestors, false to ourselves ard our children, and justly merit the judgment of (leaven and the contempt of mankind; tendering to tho noble men o? tha Border States thanks for !heir firm stnnd by the Constitution and the Uoion, admiration as patriots, loyal as friends, and wo ? them as brothers, united with us in a coblo cause; that we have witnessed with pain the conquest of Fort Sumter as the inauguration ot civil war, and we asyure our Souther brethren that whoever lays a sacreligious hand upon our Constitution is our enemy, and, regardless of party, we will rally around it for its defense. The Correspondence l!?twfn Ylr Seward uud llie l*nfrderat? Commissioners. Mr John 1-orsyth, of theState of Alabama, and Mr Martin J . Crawford, of the State of Georgia, on the Uth luat., through the < dices of a Senator, submitted to the Secretary of ^tate their desire for an unofficial interview. Th*s request was,on the 12th Inst , upon exclusively public considerations, respectfully declined. On the 13th lust , whiie the Secretary was preoccupied, Mr. A. P Hanks, of Virginia, called ?t the de|>artment and was received by the Assistant Secretary, to whom he delivered a seilcd communication. which he had been charged by Messrs. Forsyth and Crawford to present to the Secretary in person. In that communication th? commissioners Informed the department of their appointment to watt upon the Federal Government for the purpose of opening negotiations for the acknowledgement of the nationality of the Confederate States, and requested that an early day be set on which they ixiisLt prteent their credentials to the President of tMe United States, and the object of their mission. lu his reply, tho Secretary of State says he sees In them, not a rightful and accomplished revolution and an inde[>?udent nation, with an established government, but rathvr a perversion of a temporary and partisan excitement to the Inconsiderate purposes of an unjustifiable and unconstitutional aggression upon the rights and the authority vest-d In the Federal Government, and hltbtrto benignly exercised, as from their verynature they always must be so exercised, for the maintenance of the Union, th- preservation of liberty, and the security, p-a e, welfare^ and a^ maiJiAi&ciiir-iit vi iuo aiurncau ptupie. ne avowi to Messrs Forsyth and Crawford that he looks patiently but confidently for the cure ?T evils which have resulted from proceedings so unnecessary. so uiiwlw, ?o unusual and so unnatural, not to irre^ulir negotiations, having in view new and untried relations with agencies unknown to and acting in derogation of the constitution and lows, but to regular and considerate action of tue people cf tb'?se States, In co-operation with their brethren of the other Slates, through the Congresa of the I'nited States, and such extraordinary conventions, if tbe-e shall be need thereof, as the federal Constitution contemplates and authorizes to t?e assenr.bled. Not deigning to act upon the assumption or In any way that the so-called Confederate Stat'S constitute a forrlun power, with whom diplomatic relations ought to >ie established, the S c retary of State, whose official dut:e? are confined, su>?J**t0 the direction of the President, to tbe conducting of the foreign relations of the country, and do not at all embrace domestic questions or question* arising between tt.e several Sidles aud tbe Federal Government, is unable to comply with tbe request of Messrs For?yth and Crawford, to appoint day on wbieh they may present the evidences of their authority and the obiects of their visit to the President of th? United States. On the contrary, he is obliged to state to Messrs Forsyth and Crawford that he has no authority, nor Is he at liberty to recognize them as diplomatic agents, or bold correspond dence or other communication with them Finally, the Secretary of S'ate would observe that, aUh ough he has supposed that he mi?ht safely and with propriety have adopted the conclusions without making any reference of the subject to the Executive, yet so strong has been his desire to practice entire directness and to act In a spirit of persect respect and candor towards Mews Forsyth and Crawford, and that portion of the people of the Union in whose name they nreient thpm?#?lvp? lipfnra htm that >.?? hilly submitted this paper to tbe President, who coincides generally in the views it expresses, and sanctions the Secretin 's decision d?>clining otflc!al Intercourse with Messrs. Forsjth and Crawford. To this communication the Commissioners reply that tbev clearly understand that the Secretary has declined to appoint a day to enable them to fay the ohjrcts of the inisnlon with which they are chargcd before the President of the I'nlted St ites, because so to do would be to recognise tbe independence and separate nationality of the Confederate states The truth of history required that it should distinctly appear upon the record that they did not ask the Government of the Tnl ted States to recognise the independence of the Confederate States They only asked audience to adjust, in a spirit of amity ana peace, the new relations springing from a manifest arid acconiplished revolution in the government of the late Federal Union The refusal to entertain these overtures for a peaceful solution, the active naval and milttary preparations of this Government, and a formal notice to the commanding general of the Confederate forces in the harbor of Charleston that the President Intends to provision Fort Sumter by forcible means, if necessary, are viewed by the undersigned, and can only he received by tbe world, as a declaration of war against the Confederate States; for the of the United States knows that Fort Sumter cannot be provisioned without the effusion of blood. The Commissioners, in behilf of their Government oiiu occrjn iuc 01 oauie ions turown down to them, and, appealing to God and the judgment of mankind for the righteousness of "their cause, the people of the Confederate States will defend their liuerties to the last against this flagrant and open attempt at their subjugation to sectional power pROPOSALS FOK POSTAGE STAMP*. Post Office PFFARTMErsr, I March .7 1861. \ Frofosals wiii be received until 12o'clook m of &nn Apu: next lor furnishing Postage M&mps of the genera! stjlo and dehoiption of thoso nosr in ut?*, on Kuite.oio paper of th? tveut quality, for a term f?r six j?ar? commencing fir?t of J a y unt. Hi ilem will s'a'e t.. ? prion par thousand stamps, tfe iverabli) in packages o ten thousand %aoh at Use Pott Office D*?%(tiR?rt iu Wa-hir.gton Also, tno price per th ut&nd. in similar paokhe s. aeUverabio i?? ti.e Agent of tii? Department at the place of manufacture. Also, tue price p r ttioasMn, d \'iv?red in la'tdr parCt.i-.o-, as required, s;tiier at ths Department 01 place of marui vuure. Al*o. tie price p. r tioneand, separa ed in such quantities as may i>e daily orosred ior the usa of ?'o-t Uflioes. never less tiiin tw-? e<1 s.amps, an i tsotiri !y packed in tin case*, suitable t in<t ers'-b.ard with muslin or ether atrotg -joveis, or U.ned envelope*, ao ordmg to the quantity an.i dii-tane* i?o cor v-jred, as mar ba r-. quired by tfie L>i<partnient. statin* the ditferese-s if any, b-tw^en the oost of deli very to an atent at the plac? of manufacture and at \Varhington. U. C. A 1 : uc(i p*oica?:efi. before mailing, to l?? re examined an^ 'he stamps recounted by an Agent of this Dwpartmrnt. Tudftrrs wi! a do give the additional cost for directing j-nckiros forth" mai e and preparinr blank receipts, nn'W the direction of an agen'.of flirt Department, either at tfce Department or man ufaotury. Prop '??!? must he nie<ie for the stamps in sheete, perfectly gummed, aid perforated in Mich ma' ner each Bcpirata stamp can be rtadilj detached an<> -ed The detiumma'iors of rtamps now in use aro one ojpt, three ce tn, ftve oan-e, ten cents, twelve cents, t*ent>-four certs thirty eects and ninety cents. T.'e h?*.ds ?f Washington imJ prank 1 n are to be pre*crve'l ar> tne leadiug ^esigri; the fjrme' on ail the stamps, except those of one rer.t Mi.d t'lirty oents, on which are to b-? the h* ad of Frank in. On ft.I of tli-stamps the denomination must l>e given di-tincti;. in ngure;; a? weii aa let. i I *rs, ar d th-< wii"l9 work mn?t be executed in the bf*t?iyl^ofliu-? er *ravin< on steel. , I ho whole number of pns'&?0 stamp* forrighed to the Depnrimr.-.t during ;h'j year er ring the 3i<th J u'ie, l?6o war ^ i~>T0 0&'. From ia?t ezper:?-npe ;t I* supposed that the number of pvJka<'H mulrd wi:l aver.?-*o above two hundred daily, var*i:i(: in size from two sheets, or 2?? tanuB, opto fiifl. U.or 5",oo stamps; tut b> far th>-larger pr>>poitlo>' of p&okasc-s contain not more than 20 sheet* or 2 0 -0 t*mp? Kich i id ik to be with a specimen of the *ty.? of engraving and th* <juality of paper to e f trnist.ed, wMeti will h? subm tied to a i oard 1 of disinUreBt^dexperUora tiatsfor .xainii.atioa; and ti>e accepted i i. d< r. I- fore t;>e fiua; couimn mati n ? f a c-ntr.ict, ? i!l be required to prepare deeiirn o?:H fu i i- h proof impre* ii>ns of th.-> en gra> irg?-of h*' s-iverai denotnii ati"'is of siainp*. Sfp^.'i.neni! of board and tii boxes ai d iin d envelopes must aijo be xtibmitted with each bid. It 1* ri'-ce?;tar* to protect the 1?>x>-h by muslin or other ome:s in the in i.t effectual mannrr asainut wet and abrasion. The oont^act will require and plates to b1* p "pa-ed ar.ti kepi in repair, end that new die* and plitea stiail t;e made,eitfcf r fv?r the present den-nri>*atioi s of stamps or i.trier*, withuut ci.arite, a1 the p ea-ure of ti e Department; a d a?i iuah dies a;:d piit-ii are to b?*the property of the United States for the service ol the i'?i?.t OlSoe I' , - trr.ent. .No tiiilaili b?- oonnderod except from rartf* who have t>?en actual y pne*ct<1 in the fusiun* of coppi rpl^to and > t*e| < ngraviiK a:.c printing, and aro th ix ofifr^-red at the tune of bidding, and who ar* oocurynj} - .itab e fire-proof D-e > in^a and provided wit n a i th < n?o!???arj (aoiutie* ?.> execute t.i? worlc proasptlr, a d mve thrt rt-quiMie protection to tne ttainps, di??*, and piaies intnejr poeaosaion. t artir* not km*n to the Dera>tmei.t will furnish *ro' f as i<> th->?e points wi?h their b d#. In a?*r intr t. >< o ::t-act tue I o-tina ter (?en*rr! rfBer?'?'? trif ii)?>'t of deci'-'in? wliich O'd. m it* partial results. maybe iron, to the intrr?atof tlie I'e/artn-nt, havug ref? re ;ce to tho ttjle of the work *<*o'int , of pack in*, ,io. J'roposaU fIi .'id he oan>fuily faleii an ! ma'krd "FrorosnN f r P?i?:ane ?lnmpi." ;-nd nd<!-e?>od to the ' Third A i.'iilaitt yoitmastrr (! nernl." M HI.AIR, m*5i Iaw4w'tor General. A STAKl'LlNG UISCLOSI'RK! r< it m aha rm v nw win GREAT OUTPOUR I Pi?rofr~ TH'B1>GO?LE ! IIfOMMN:- i'K fllK OoSTKRf BY WINDSOR Jt UHOTIIER, <59 Sevenths., ^??*3 felling BOOTS, 8HOKS, HA'fS.ri VQJ CAt S. &o , at ft > roa* ?,.!>rilio? ?-n for j ffij mer r?tc>. fioivl Mun'i Workint^^ * ^^?hQ?*8 at 75 oen?? ; .MisBes' Sewed M?roo oo Uootn o7S. well worth 3! 26; *nd ft s?hsi?l a? nortmmt ol Gents', Lft<Jie?\ .Minos', and Children's Shore. very cheap. 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Dr. B? bavmg ?tu\l ?<1 with one of the moat eminent and experienced Dentiata of VVa^hinetoo, and a!s> with the De-ta! Colle*? of Ba Uniore, from whom he haa received hia diploma. fee'a oon fident that hie ope rati una will pr^ve eminently Ml* a lafio orj to thoae who will t<wt hia prcfeaaionai ahi ity. Offioe No. 316 Pa arenue. between Dth and loth ate., over Me vena's Lace a tore ; open trom 9 a in. U 4 p. m aa l-e? atm J Uns. I UCUVXIUU * DAK K KM. ARK PRK- "? pared to im?ert TfcETHon VULCAN-^-*c5i J. ITK BANK, a new and improved mode " Whm made on this plan tney a>e com 1; ? " fortahle to wear and muoh cheaper than any other. ,, Also. 'I'vth inseited on Gold Plate, and ah lien'%1 g Operations of any kind that may be desired Office Koom No 3. in the Washington Buiidincor- y aer Pa av. and Seventh st. ja hi 4ir.* M TEETH. *" 1*1? LOOM18, M. D., the mvettor and patents ?' of the MINERAL PLATK TEETH. at-^-jK^ tend* personally a* his uflio* in this oily.

Many parsons oan wear these teeth wb'" 111 oannoi wear others, And no person oau wrar others who oanriot wear these. Persons nallicR At mr offioecan SeaeooininodAted d with ar.y stjle And price of Teeth th*y may desire; but to those who Are ^articnl&r And wish the parest, 0, oleanest, strongest. And most perfect denture that art can produse, the MINERAL. PLATE wnl be moro warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 339 Pa. avenue, between l? 9th and 10th sts. Also, 90? Arch street, Philadel th phia. oo 15 tf w CLOTHING, Ac. -J SEVENTH STREET. 4()0 ALWAYS AHEAD. 1 have inst received ti nice stock ?f STRING ?u CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOOuS, ? TRUNKS, HATS and CA bS. to whi^h I invito tb? <?> attention of s>t in wart of such article". My motto i? "A quick a'xpence is better than a slow shi!ling." Those in want of Clothing wo invite to e? come and lock ai our goods and prices ; snd i: yon '? wantamoe shirt aid a pre:ty Tie, .No. 4t>0 Sev strert is the place to get them. 1 have a very ' Urge stock of SPRING HATS, wiiich 1 am sell- b<1, lug at2S per c?nt. below their actual vaiu3. For . those who want to travrl. I have juut received a largelot of TRUNKS. VALISES and C AH PUT ? BAGS, va-vicg in prices from $1 ?' to $8. If you b(] want a good Trunk, Clothing, burnishing <?ooils. Di fIr.-ts, or Caps, there is no p ace where yon can Im;v t!??in aa low m at the P<Hip'e's Clothing Store, h. V? ? .? " S* ? i?v. iwu kcvci.iii ou, upp' Riie i JH1C0. 0? III. SMITH. Cottier. mar 14-lm No 460 Seventn wt.. het. K an<) P. fr L. A. BF.AI.I. ft CO. Ih] AKR Pleat-ura in informing their customers. a\d itrang?r3, that thay have remove to N". 3fil ? Seventh *tre?t, l?ntweoa i and K, ju?t above K. tl uo Hall'*. We have iu?t received a new supply of clothing, furnishing goods. TRUNKS HATS and OA PS, which we offer to h* rel: at very low priow. O&l! aud see ui before buy- h. in? eleewhore. as we know that we can sell you d? goods at less than an* other atoro in the c:tr. rci L A. HRALL A Co, clothier*, hm mar 14-l?n No. 3<"1 Seventh lit., het I and k. of Jl't>T REOKIV Kf*. a lot nw" of the celebrated i KN KNT TJ ; a'fo. a v^rv 'a-ge let of 0t< SPRINGCI.OTUING,FURBISHING GO< DS. ?, trunks, HAT* ami CAPS, at the P-opie's in Clothing Store, No 4fio Seventh St.,opposi?? Post E* Office. t>etwo~n K and F ata. r.pSlrn p? NT;\v akYuvalTofSpring and srr.iMfclR CI.OTMING.FI RNI5HING OOODS, D H \TS and CA PS. at tha Teople's Clothirg >tore. No. 400 Seventh at.,opposite Post Olf.oe. i.^ar F ] afreet. ap&lin an I A rARI>. btj WOULD Respectfully ca'.l the attention rfthe igc citizon and stranger to our new lot of Men's and Tn ?oys' t.LOIHINU, FURNISHING GOODS. ku 11a r? and OA Pr". I c*n i?iclf ray thiit I am now prepared toroil goods on better terms thsn ever. Don't f jrget to oa.'I and ;?nlc at our new ruihI*. 1 J. H. SMI TH, Clothier, ap 5-lm No. 4t?oS'vonth ft., n?**r F. "Wood"and Coal. ft)<i A No. I artiole of WOOD on han l, prepared to ^ RUit the waits of each customer. Wood sold oord l^njstfi aiso, or in any way or any quantities do sired. ID" Coal ke?t t? Coal Hottft, screened before de liverins. i^ > 9Jj1 IK? ?rw (t? ?,.? ID" l'eraonal attention to ever* order. T. J. A W. M. (<A I.T. OfFoe 292 Pa. a v., between litis aa>l lJtii gts. W(**1 Mill an<l \V liarf foot of Seventeenth sfreat, liolow War DtfMtMiwit. ir\^i-tf t 1RKAT NUMHKRH OF PIANO FohT. S L "I for ?!? or rc-nf a'all p ioee. Also, Mdo I il <ont o? different wax?? f>r r?nt or ?r.!^. Now 6j M utic rsoeivau from all paits ?>f the count-* week- a IT. JOHN F. ELLIS, C u,a m 0(i Pa. av.. Sef. <?th fiv: ^8 l.K KOHKS, MOl SI IN ROBKH, LAW N ~ HOB to. BKRAGE KOBIiS. WMlt dilja^lt half their original prio* A! kmt foom 01 e*~ery d?.-or p'.ion we are ?U.; aeiiing at o? it Our ?t.nk is :ar^a a;.J well as*o:t9j in ^ ve t department. ^ feit T AYMIK * HUTCH tgON iL T aylor * hutchison. Be ISO. 42 llNtKS m a Kit ST ppacb, W'cu'd call the attention of pu'oiiaaers t?? our stock ofSKASONAKI.L: 1>RY uOODS.eompris- m* ins some of the i.eweitar.d mort lesirabie importation* ol u e f ''iu iiii. Oar stoek of Domestics, Linen and White G<K>;la w:.l l>e fuabu very oouplete, ? and will l>e offered at prices ttiat cannot fail to rive wi satisfaction We aj>* an examination ap 3 die JOHN F. ELLIS. or SOLE AORNT H KOR THL SALK AND RENT i" CHICKKRING ARSONS' PIANOS, '.< a.06 PINNA. A vends. ?< Betv-etn 9:h ami l"tA Str<ttJ, P?.l ma 2 __ North Mtle Pli \1 agnolia"hams ! i>I MAGNOLIA HAMS!! is We are now leoeivin* our hret supply of .VajROha H?ms lor thia B?aron They oar.uot !>e ^ur- l., pas?fd. KING A Bl KCHEl,L, ?u ap_4 oornf r 15th at. and Vermont av. ?<j SOMETHING NEW ' ON FREE EXHIH1TION.'? A v?ry l.\r?;o lot r.f Cl.OlHINtf, ... FUKMSHIN'1 GOOD-, HATS and CAP.-. at c" N?>. 4 00 Sevo: th ?t. N. H ? Midi tiie a* ov? (foods i'.ir p^le al very tow prices, a*. ?:*11 l'll'S. No. 400 ,, Btynnth *t.. between K ami P?U. apJ> It Mi 1TAKE NOTICE! WlLLTak* a:l kinds or Virginia money for mj .?? bock debts aoti for Boots, StioaH, and Trunk*. AM I* persons indebted to mo will plsaso oa 1 and ssttle i*> up. or I iwi.i ! bj oompelle'l to cive their accounts i?< into the hands of a collector. Ct S. I*. HOOVER, Iron H&:!, no 21 I'a, ?v? between 9th and Iftth = ?. j IVJ ?Tl;* undersigned bets to inform t:? '> 11? 1>. puhiio that !<e uas on hand a'a^ge stock of MONUMENTS. TOM US, HEADSI O\ES, ? A.o., at Ba'timore end Philadelphia pric :b. Also, a ' new style of O/awmsscan (> :-^?b at ti e yard, and a new s ylo of Yiaute.a. Table Tcps. &o., kept n haud. Hrown Stone and Granite work .o prompt y attended to. WM. I5HAULKY, ku ma 18 eoSm H.-.. av.. het lBth and 19th !?. ? 1861 1861 , Comment* ths Year uritk a Diary. A va uable Pooket Companion for registering Ut events past, present, and future; containing rates . of postage, alir.a>;an, & blank spaa for ir.ornoninda , for every day in the year, cash account for each ;h rr.on'h, aunual summary of cash account hi:)* payal>l? ?nd receivable. Don't be without one ?f n#l these useful little souvenirs. Tue most complete, gi, eicjant. and desirai'leassnrtmer.t ever its'ied.c>m- ( prising tweiv* and upwards of Sfty styles. >? at SHILLING TON'S Bookstore, f?r Odeon Building. corner street ami #r.1 de 20 Penn avenue. c? PUKfc OLD RYK WHISKV.?On r.and mtm brand# of Pure Old Ryo Whirky.Cupper i)istll!e<l, nia-i^ bj the ir.ost reliable ulsUijn * n Per.t- i sylvama, MarylatJ r.nd Virginia, wa';a;itt?d pur?, * \!so. Imported HraiJies, Hetmo :sy, Gtari. Dupuy h Co.. Jules lvofc:r K, fee. Also, Peach ?.;;d Apple 1 Mrniiay, pure Hoiacd flin, old Jam*!oa ir.u !*t. m, Croix Rum, and Wines of every variety, ah of ??j standard brand j. A choice lot of Cigars and To- ?.h ?*olo. yQIjN? k IBFHAITZAf?ik w? * 14 It WW P* h*t*r.?sth TMtk Cu f INCOLN AS HK IS. li sxkel esokavkd PoBTKAIT. hi' The b#?t Portrait ret pofclishMi of ic HON. ABKAHAM LIXCOL.V, < with wAi * ?,) 1 At FRfcNOH A Rli'HSTEIN'S, %n No. 'its PkMNA. A'-wn, washington, l). c. w T'ade wippli?I at low tri?i*i'. mar 7 HOAlE-MADK BOOTS AN1> SHOES. For 1 I ADISs', Misses' a*s o Child* ?*' W ka*. u< At Jircetdimtljf l ove Pr-ret. * At J. RCISF. V I HAL'S, It No. 16 Market S^aee. * ma 8-<w Pa av . h?t. atta and 't'i ?t?. A VERY NICK PRINCE k. CO.M KLODEON hi /V wiiioh hu bam usi'U a *h<.rt U? far *al? very low at MKT ZERO1i oISPBI J Muuio Store. A1m>, scerai b*cjni-iian?i'?? * ' ? Hi?n -t. ir a 28 M THE PRINCE OF W*LE8 HAS OONK.bit thy I'RINCE OF WAL.ES C ?LLA KS na-'? < arrived at SMITH'S, No. 490 Srrfnth ?t. api lm In MEDICINES. SDK JOHNSTON, i ALTIMORC LUCK HOSPITAL, Ya* discovered tkr tlr*t Certain, Sjirdf and onlf C Effectual Remedy in tk* Wtrld, FOR ALL DISEASE!* OF IMPRUDENCE. * LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEST 0 APPLY IMMEDIATELY. [ CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, *i r &r L'ii r\ >* /v * ' n < ?? ?< " ? - ? in mum imjl it/ 1WU MA VS. ^ Wtakneaaof lb* Back. Stnetcrea. Affeitionaot lh? K.d(ti and RlidJer, iu?oioin?r? Dixhitfti. ltn|o<eu< v, Oeo. ral Debility, Niuiuuiuiu, f)??p<p??, Ln(c?r, Cotifuaioa Ideal, Low Kjiinta, P.. Ipit.uo? cf ib# Peart. Tiniditj, ri reiublmga, RnW ol 8igM or Giddineia Dtaeih ml tM I rid, Throat, N > or Hkin, A (Tectin,.a of be Lunri, H'. id :& or Bowala?theae Tern.. ? Diaordtr> if *i .f frunt b- i ^ ryH ibitaol Youth?fieac Dreadful and 3eatr..cti?e Prac- which render Marriage, a id dcatr t t < th ' ody uil Mind. YOUNG MEN > specially beeoroe the Tirumi A Sua'.-ry Vice, ** i?| dreadful and deetrtcrne habit which ?.ru*iljr sweer** ?n urtuueiv grave tiwuat.idsot Y*u?-g Men ntf f e m ?i II lulled HlWI and tTilh uit iiiteiif c, tlw u g I I iri e ive entranced Iifltenir g Senate* with *h * ihuodert ut el">- if itnce or waked to ecatacj tkie living ljif, may c-U with lU confidence. MARRiAUE. Married PERIOX, or Youufr Mca c?* Ifmplatin* !M.*r ape, beiug aware of pt?>?ic* 1 ?eakue**, rvalue debility, ilormiueii 4c., ?peedil* cored. H? whopUcet himaeli nuder the care of l*c J m?* rphfionftde in hu hoi or at a gentltmat and cot.f* let.t.y | \.j uptm mi hi its a jtnyncinn. q OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST *' ft hind aide gm-if fro?i Baltimore atieet. >. f>-w d< >r? from e corner. Kul not in otw?r<e mat tad I untur. I.ette.? oat b< pud auU contain a tump. DH JOHNSTON, 9mber cf the Royal Collect of Scrfeom, Lon Jon, rrada- 0, e froin one of tlic m *t i??tut CfUef?a in i?e Luifd t, alea, tnl th* rteeter p^rt of whoa* l?fe U? b?c? in n a hoeptuU ot London, Pint, Phil ielph;.* and ii e(T(Cl?4 tone of ti? moit ntnniih n; :arei that mere ? er kuowu; many troubled with ruigicf in the head Mid ( re vhiu xaleep; jrre*t nervovaaeM, i tiuf aUrioed at P ddfn eoanda, hukiiiuS lese viih frequent Huehmfr. attended metiinaa with derauferneut of mmd, mere cured tei jr TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Younp Men aud inhere who hire in)urrl tkimwltd h* a V rule practice ludulyed in arhcu aloue ?a habit frequently ? arued from enl Cfl< ip-niona, or at ?c>aal, t"ie ettecta M *r' liicn are nig-Lity felt e?en when aaleef.andif not curea. ndara onrriift imfOaaiMe, and deair<}a both wind and * <1 j, ahoald appljr lii.r urdiatelr * til Thaae are aonie of thi aad and meiinchoty effecte prodoced 1 earlr halita of t jsth. ?ii : Weakneaa of the B'tk ^i.d in mbe, fan.a in the (ft. d, Pimneu of Kif h1, Loaa of Maacular f r i*er. Palpitation rf ine Heart, Prepepty, Ner*oua Irrr.a- m lily, Derangement <f the Pi(rau't t tacun.1, General r*| >bi itT, Symptom* o< Conanmption, Ac ? ' ?iki leariui Hcct* . ?iod ?r? dretded?Lom cf Mtiimj, Co;ifa?>ii ?' det*. I>?r:?*'in? Spirit*, EtiI *'o.-fl>>dii!<ri. Aversion of 8oci*t?,i*? !>i?- j>, j*t, Le?t of Solitnd* Timidity, etc., *r? tome of th? oil* ,l. sduced. 1 i Kekyoc? Dmilii t ?Tt>nnMii<l* tui iic? i'ldfe ?h*t it s cuim* of their d?tlioinf h?alih, kwn.r J ?ir \ig ir. bocm- * r i sik, pilr.ncnon -nd pmicnt-I, l i?inf a imytSr p?aranee about ill* cjci, cough or yniptom* of conauuip- ** DISEASES OF IMPR UABACK *_ Whi'i the nticjf oidec and imprudent *ot ry ot pieatcre finis h a imbibed the teed* of this painful iiieae. it *.-?? often ppent th*t an ill-tim *d teute <>( shame or c re\d of di?eo<re;? . t?ri him frnui app!j ?.p to ilioae who, fiot) education #*??<5 A ipectthility, c m . I<ne befriend hua. *le :?lit into t?ie A t.ds of ignonnt and letijrnmg pretend* it, mho. inc *p Me t* coriu*, filch hit pocuiiiiry tubatmce keep hun tr.f ? wth artr month, or ?t long: at the tmali- ?t fee can he ? *<- V ned, and in detp tr leave him writh rir n?d h# .)tb to a:** 1 er rit r-tUittfr di*apj'Oii.troei.t; or by the uae of tint dead.y ton?Mercury?hit ten the contutuuoo *1 tyn ptomt rf that nbl? dtteeee, tachat Affectiontof the Hetri,Throat,, I in, 4c.v pro?ret?.t.g with frijrmf .1 rapid;ty, till denh pa't a C< ri?>d to I: dreadim *nfr?rni?? bt imd,. m h?r*? ?i% ti?.? ? *? icoxrtd country frt-tn wbo** bourne ur traveler return*. iJ? R JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC t'' WEAKNESS AND 1M POTENCY. lj itn* ~re*t *n(1 liapoTlrnl remedy we' knee* of the "rr?a* n : ! ?p?eJily cored at. 1 foil ei^cr reMcred. Tbi-c*?nd* of the -* Miu DQV UBU V ? Kll IlP^t , Ol'l Ml to MMtefiaMly reii"?td. " 111 tu.pcdiir.cuTa tf> Marriage, Physical u Men'il Dia jcal tuoai, Lo? of Procr*aU*e Pcwcr. St-??ui Irnu'. ilit?, " ' rmblinf nod Wc.k km or Kibana'aun of t!.? njoet Irarful 4 ificdU; careii. TI ENDORSEMENT OF TH*. PliESS jjl HI Kist TH4CKKOI cored at thi? induction arilhtii lui eiiinutu reare, aud ibe iinineibee important Buret ff rp'ratioae pernrraed by T>r. John?ton. aiu.eaatd by t!>* >rrt?r? of the papere and in.'uy other t<r*nue, ?< te of tch b??e appeared epain and afMn brf >re the pubnr, here bii eiuiduif * y-ntlemau of cbnace* aud re?p-i.ei- -rt ity, .e a eeScieut gtaraaue to lb< aSBt^ed. mar 15-1 * Da. J. H. McLSAH'S 01 BTSEKQTHEHTHG CORDIAL Tf A.MI BLOOD Pl Hll iKK. Bl iE OliKATELT REMEDY x% tkt WOULD, Tf fatid the inost l'KLICIOTT# AND ?^1 DELIGHTFUL Tj *Ft \ A (ORD,AL fo /*STEH. TAKEN, ffftA BJ1 ^ u u E eet Root, P'?!pa^ t> L - I ^ w bhii i uu 1'bij' ?,;n bmH I* ' : l* :U tl?" BT J f Tm amin tCtir. Rj] ? XH J? ^ H M aaeb iugraJiaiu ta BP fore tak ;'ng.t! ???c^y??"ct?^ Aft> r tukins. IWV MUliJJ) BJ BJ s|, le|[hfcl ^ O fK uiiii.f, pradatia - a ?ia.icia?L?, Uj ,. atinf apirit, u< Ua ; iL'a.likla rata* 7 *' rauot.ui.g li dmuiO 711m, on I ranarmg lb a *! > aalan. g, ai.d I'.wkUiuM* la?aUd ta illh and alraoflkb jj ULEAPTS STREXUTHEM1 JfO CORDIAL J1 afactaally car? i..?ar l ?mj latt 1, Dyaaapaia, Jtu- * a, Cbranit ar Warraua Dabilny, !>; ,.aaa ufiht fctdnata, I all diaaaaaa uii traai a diaarda rnj kxn ar Biamacb, apapaia, Kasnkari., Inward Fi.aa, A: dity ar licknaaa *1 Sumach, Talln aaa a/ ta Ui? Haad, Dall Pun ?r ..timi. ( io ;ha Wftuii-t ( tha Maart, rallnaaa UJ Wafht in tha 0 switch, 8c ir fcraHotiana, Cbakirg ar 1 raeauaj ratling w!.?r. larir.g . awn Drycaaa ar TallaW1a ?f tha Mkto an J ktaa, NigJit Swaiia. It ward Poin, ri in in tka Small af tbt Sack, Cl-aat, ar Sida, Baddan !? .? af Baal, Daprataten af cpiriu, Frighifa! Draama, 11 ngaar, Daiiar.da li* ar a:.7 narnn diaaaaa, Sara* at Pfl itcbM au tha Sato, asd Ta*ar and .traa (at CkiUt tad ' ? ) ~ OTER A MILLION BOTTLES ?? r* knn >?ld dttlLf'Jit i*t; an ma3tha, and ta aa It- TO, r.ti bai it fulad .0 gvriaf inun itu^aeuari. Wha, thar. II aafar frara IfaaKuaaa ar l>akiU ? abac MckJCAM'f K.KHOTI1LIIIMS COS.PIAL wilt e*ra yaa 1 6 la langaaga e*u tanrajr an ada^aat* idaa af iba lmaadl- b<* and aimaal nuimlaia ^Haiad at taking ikU h(W rdlal la Jta u.aa.iarl, dtklliuitd, s_ui auu'.tarad Larraaa (Uj Ham, whaibar k akan (Sawn kj aicna, aa>k hp naiara, if I trapa'rad by altknaaa, tha raUiad t,i4 ana-.r*ag irru' I 1m ta raataiad ta 1M ariatina haalih Lid rim rfn XJLhKIED PEKt'JXS, J* atkar< * ???>?? ' Inability fram artattftiuiMi w!'l nn. i MrkKAri imXRaTMlCIflNv OORJKAk a maifi <1 tka ?o< fill wba n?? la ,. id tkar?aa<*?? kF lr-iprajsr Udatf 4 cat vlU imi la tkia r , idlii a aanala and ap?.-dj rauadj. . ro THE LABILE. t* KchlAiea tTlCHffTEEVlHa (IiRDIAU t. a aaaar,u ar 1 cfaadv ".arc fat Incipaot )i.aair.|nen. Wbitaa, til iitreatad ar O'.Scil: M?r.k.ra*uao, . a/ 1*. lnaalar.ura Dl??hajfa ibaraaf. a( iba Wank, tic, raloUuf, and ail diaaaaaa i.cidaa; la Paraaiaa. Ori THERE Iti NO MISTAK ' ABOUT 17 f|? far M Unf?r. Taka it according .a diractiacja. It will raa'ctt, atraofihan, ?cd ii.*'.j?r?<j? ?aa ar.d (iui tL? _e| ?u af taalUi ta maaal yaar aaaak ^aia. Kvar? baula u . LIIUM4 U fi'l niiihCtiH. ' fX)K CH1LDR Kir f yaar ehtldraa araaickly, Fan? at r>itt?d, M CLEANf he llPIAk w.ll n*ka '.bare baaUar, Vt, u>d rabatt. I<alay y% t a tnarnaal; ut it, aoJ ?a? will ?^,aat?tn?d. 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N?mfit, Wi&kntu cf ib* Staiei**, C, ame ar l-Siamtiory ?u?uta, kifbui tf tli* Jtlau, *twtric<*<l Muiclaa u [taioU. fc*n?h* m To*'Jaach?, ?r? *, Brr- .na, Fraah mn W?yi.<U, Ultin, Fim Serif C-i*d bnu^ Sar* Hit ppl**, Bami, Icalda, Son "P.rait ft u> tn!?.au,?no? at Iftj ia, do tlifar*rc* b?v **?*r* w ,? i th? ijami mi ho r. tiiaiad. Mr kKANI OKkSBt VTLi> LINIMENT ia nM Kill r*K*d*. wr rkeasead* af lamas kiinp mi .* ?n m??d * ltf? a* dla to ipuada and mitary bf ih? af tl ,k tavalaaMa ran.idy. MCLEAN'S TOLCASIC OIL LINIMENT 1 III rali*T? ptii airaaat*and it will c'**&, til nfv and baal tb* faalatt aera* In *r> locndibla al ar; i.rn* * f KM HORSES AND 0TH2R ANIMALS. cbKANt CELEBRATED LlM HMT .. ?- * ? i rtUtbl* r*m*4t fur U>? ear* W Lnftmi, Jh mtnjlt, kUtu.utMtuil Lin;i, NosIm ?r Hy D*T?r liilil t* cm B< IiU, P?IU*U, PlttaU, oU 1 Doing ??.< ?, ?r If roptrly icpUad ?" ? 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DAMU WISK. inrnvc " A im??t iu*ta?t ron^la Che 4ia. tT*?*.or ialior of l>reetuing ywnw Mkwvs to ASTHMA.11 <UW:\> Kr.v. A. C. KGGLKJTTON. lOCilTS "Or.ut# a uv Opium or an?U>in* iBjiriott." DR. A. A HA v Kb. tOWN'S OMwiH. Atsitm. ,,AMtnp>ao<l p* a> att o >iuL.natOCHLS tirm for Coras*. Jto." DR. G. F. B1GELOW. tOWN'S B~iU lOCHKS Beneficial in BaoHCHiTia/* : uk. j. r. w. ugvB, lOWN'S Burnt I " 1 ! ">VC proved tb?B no?ilBt for tOCHKsr Wboppimc, Cocbh." tOWN'?! w iocbes <jsa?u- lOW.Vf REV. ? J. f. AlPmOW. Roches ?vB^#^jsr*sarc [OWN'g c ?m n?u wita brmui ud 0m? I LOCHES Prof* M- STACY JOHNSON^ LOWN'S Taaeh^of >^?ic. niters LOCHES "Great be&a&t wkan U*et bafor* wiKwr (roach im:. tic the? ?r?T*ot LOWN'S fl'*r?enr?s. From tkeir pul?ff?c:, I t'unk tr?? win be of r'rifiinnr t ?iLOCHES mutt to me. REV. E. ROWuEVi A. M. LOWN'S Presiuent of Alum Co.Let e, Tett. inc.*. S i -IT TTTX* nUT V T>XJ T? TJ A TJ A TTflW *uu vjiii a * i?m 11 ?>n livj WORTHT OF ilVERSAL CONFIDENCE * PATRONAGE FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, ERGYMFN. LADIES, and QENTLBMEX) a ail parts of the world testify to the efficacy of .OF. O.J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE, I ceutlemofc of the Pr?M trt knuimoai is lU me. A few teetimoRiait ouIt eaii be here riren > erou;*r for more, at J tt will b? im^ouible for 1 to doubt. <7 Wall Snrn, Nrw Von, D*c. It. in ientlemm Your note of the lMh ir.etant haa >n received, earing that tob had heard that 1 1 been benefited by the u--e <>f Wood'* Hair Berative, an* re^u?*??iin my oertifioale of tUelact [ ha~ objeotion to *ivt it. award it to yo?i ch-erfally. beoanee I thick it e. My aee i? n-'-out 9* yt-t; the e<?k?r of m? ir auburn, and ino.iu^d to curl, t^-ine fir* < r i rear* m.oe it beran to turn r -ay. and the aoa v tho cowa of ?n? i.ea<i to ioke lU Ity a&d lidrufl'to lorra ufkon it. l ath ol tlf-ee uieacr< t ihtio* intimated aitii time, and ' out 4 months io?? a fourth was adled t" them. by Lair fc'ler the top of m? head and thrr.-.-teninc to >uake mm l?i. n thi? ur.plea.eaot predicament I vw inda^ed to ' Wood's Hair Reetoraure. ntai&ly to arraet the line off of m? hair, for 1 hau r?a<ly ne exp?e'a mthn.crav hair sul a ever be reetornd to ir> ichcolor except from d?ee. I waa. however, M j evrpnaed to find. after the aae of two bot on! j, tnai cot only a m tt<? fa.liu* off arreat^* t the o?iior vm eetored to tbe cr*j hairt arA caibi'ity totheacap ar.o dandruff to form o.y i.oaii, vmy u.uob in tb<? faxifioA'ioc of nj fe. at wh'"<* nolieitatioo I ?li itdoood to try T. "or title, fcK.ont the n ?> j uh'ii?iinn? I nvt to r eex. I i tror jfiy -*? -niniend I noh?n(ti wlm ue the ad mi rati n of tlieir wi v*e to yrofet by hit ample, and use ?t if growiac r> at orraCUni be d. Very raaMOtfalty, fl*w A. Livmu [*o O. J. Wood A Co.. 444 Broadway. N. H j family ar* at?eut from tbe oity, and I am no irer at No. 11 Carrol Pan. r? i 'Btorativo" baa done nr aair an nrnch *ood ainoe *>mir.ei.eed the aae of it, that I ?iah to n*k? d*b to tbe publie of ita hf eeta oatfce hair, whiaa 1 praat. A man or woman ma* bfnearly d?y iv.d hair and by a reeort to your "Hair Reatorati< e i iiair will return more beaati/a tbac ever , at UIII ia n?y ripcriFiim. ntM-rt n . Youra fr?W, \Y*. H. Knur 8.?You can publlah the above if you !ik* Br bliehirc in oar Southern p>p?n >? w 11 c< T* P*lTOnafe JviBth. I WW MVWV Ol IH' o#r catea tn the Mobile Mercury. ? itrou fr.utn- rn m. W. H Iimi f WOOD"? nAIR RE9TORATIVK. >*or. O J. \Voo?: Lhmr Sit; lUfli.l fh* (fortune to loae the b*?t v> uui of m? ha r. t< m i effect* of the yelow l?ver, in >ew Or ?*.< tn 1,1 *11 to make a trial of *??r prepay n. end found it to anewer aa th' rm riw sded. My hair ia now thick au<i |1<>h?, ai.c n > >rda Mo expreaa my obligation* t? y>? in ?ln j the %lBiotad euoh a treaanre Fi?li? /?*> '>. rhe B eetoratlve i? put up in bottoa of tfc*ee git** I: large. meiiiun. and a'!; th* a ?? *< ?*'f lint, and r?tnila for one 'loOar per botr??; th* ?? im h<>lda a' e*?t an f?r oert wore lit rroportmj, the email, retai.a for wn n... %re p-r * 'ti?. large tio'da a quart, a* per oeot n?. re ia n, and ret>u 1* for #3 ). J. WOOD A CO , Propnetora. 4 44 P mi ,j, New York, and 114 Market *tr?*i, ? Lotn L:j i- tLi.. t. K. arOTT ITS P rfl tf Mlt A'W aMWm * ? - t (AMRf* BtCKW,r' ? KING ft BUHCBEIJ. * ?om?r Vermort ftv.MMt PiflM?U