Newspaper of Evening Star, April 20, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 20, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: ATI R DA V April 10, 1??1. Spirit ( Ibr ntmlnj Prru Tb? ImtiUigtMter sdv wa Virginia not to take Idra In the Impending fratricidal content, but to leep the peoce between the belligerent*. The Rtpublitan attribute* what ha* just happened in Virginia to the pollev of "Conditional Unionism," of which Senatora Crittenden and Donglst were the exponent* laat winter. m ? m Habpxk'* FmaBT ?The Alexandria Gazett* of thla morning says: We have from a mott reliable source, definite Information that the Federal troops left Harper'* Ferry before the arrival of anv of the Virginia force*. Knowing, per hi d?. that anme of the ?tate troop* were In the neighborhood, the U i* force* fired the armorv buildings, and destroyed them, together with *ome three thousand condemned musket* being all that remained in the building, the others having been conveycd away by the Federal authorities at different periods for month* past. A train laid to blow up the workshop failed, and as a consequence Virginia geta the machinery uninjured. A train was alao laid to blow up the bridge, but In the haste of departure the retiring troops neglected to apply the match. kvaccatio* or ha&fik's ffrhy. HaRfik'h Fkekt, April 19. IS a ra ?At a quarter paat ten o'clock to-night the United St-ites soldiers at Harper's Ferry fled from the government buildings after setting them on tire This was done when no Virginia troops were here, and none are here now. Most of the shops are now burning The United States soldiers crossed the bridges into Maryland in great baste. Kailroad bridges all safe Our belief la that the Governmeut he-e have received no further Information from Harper's Ferry si nee the commanding officer, Lieut Ro?er Jones, U. 8. A , (of this city.) after firing the (ianmn.Mt ?. .. ? - ?ucic uu iiir III^ui urii?'r last, was about evacuating the town. Ilisdlspatch led to the Inference tbat the destruction of wh it lie had declined to destroy hail been complete. Hence, with the knowledge ?<f the fact tint the buildings containing the machinery for the fabrication of arms were burned completely down, we think the Gazttit can hardly be correct in its announcement that the machinery escaped uninjured Shortly after we went to prers yesterday we received a private dispatch from Harper's Ferry confirming this Impression of ours; also another from Getteysburg, F<t , l iforinlng us that Lieut Jones and his command bad reached that point in retreat from Harper's Ferry, which is djubtlew true The Baltimore Six?This pap-r, which has all along been tbe organ of the disunlontsta In Maryland, sustaining them In all their acts of war on the Government, now, when at last the ndignant patriotism of the country Is aroused by tbe wanton attack on Fort Sumter, crlet out "Jfwi t/tere be yenr "Cannot peace be pre. errtd Peaee preserved' The Sun knows there has been war ever since the disucionists with arms tn thflr bands, made tbe lirst seizure cf an United States fort It knows the war has been followed up by the capture of fort after fort, and ship after ship, of custom bouses, mints, arms, munitions of war, and even the moneys of the Government; culminating with the attack on Fcrt Sumter, merely because tbe Government proposed to send provisions to its starving garrison! It was all very well with the Sun while the war was all on one aide; but now that a spirit cf resistance in kind baa spring ud on tbe side of th? Rnnm. meat, which threaten* to punish such acta of war, It whines out tlere 6? war" "Cwnot peme* >e prtierved Yea. peace may be rtttortd; but not by sustaining and encouraging disunion It may b*; restored by the disunionlsts their selves Let them lay down >h?ir arms ami restore their country and themselves to the state of happintas and prosperity wli ch their conduct Uas destroyed. They cannot atone, should tiiey offer their lives, for the mischief already done by tbrm; but in their country's abounding clemency they may b? forgiven Let the Sun with all its power recommend this rourae. and it also mav be forgiven, though the mischief It has wantonly done cannot be forgotten. Tn r XLikf or Waih^otox.-The burning } of a railroad Bridge, yesterday evening or l?st night. tfcre* mile* out of Baltimore towards Pciladelphls, La* temporarily delayed the arrival of the troopa which bad left Philadelphia since the departure thence of the Massachusetts troops that were yaaterdav assailed in Baltimore. Indisposed as the authorities here certainly are to a!l?rd any <-icuae, however unfounded, for bloodshed in Itelttjnore. and being satisfied that there are troops enoogb here to iteure the safety of this city for some time to come, they have probably directed that the troopa now on the way, come hither by some other route; ihera being half a dozen through which they may reach Washington In twenty-four or thirty six hours after, starting from waera Uxey were lest beard from. Exvcvtivb ?Since the l**t Issue of the Star the President Las made the following appointment* Cbas Clark, marshal for the district of Maine Won B Ihomas, collector of the district of Philadelphia Fdward Walker, naral officer for the district of Philadelphia. E Reed Mjer, surveyor of the port of Philadelphia B Rnah Plumley, appralaer general for the port of Philadelphia Jam*a Pollock, director of the mint at Philadelphia. Ma?s Mkii'sk i* Raltimose La?t Nioht? Sptckt$ from dor. Hitkt, May or Brown, and aih'rt ?Yeaterd. >, as <*rly as 3 o'clock. Monument Square, In Baltimore, was filled with an excited crowd >rm?H ?'" ? * ?... ... mi?r hcij iiyir 01 firearm, from the simple iknt i>un to the mo?t Improved rifle, for the purpoae of listening to expected speect?s, and fur taking action upon the events transpired during the day. l)r. Robinson poke a few mirutes, urging secession and oppoattton to tbe passage of any more troopa, until Mayor Hrow.i appeared, who at once advanced aad addres?rd tbe crowd. He bad tried, be said, to preserve human ! 1 f?-, at tome f*nonal risk, and In doing ?o had endeavored to preserve not only tbe lives of ktrangcri but of tbtir citizens. He trusted tbat, doaplt* the terribly eulUnK scenes of to-day, the law-abiding cltizena of Baltimore would prove to tbe people of tbe country tbat tbe peare should be bare preserved inviolate in the midst of tbe str?ng?st provocation to violence No inan, more than invaelf, deplored the unhappy occurrences of to-day, but be was constrained to aay. In aelf-vlndlcation, tbat while disagre?ing entirely with the spirit and the object of tbe Presidents call for volunteers, yet notwitbotandlng that, knowing that Maryland was yet a member of tbe United State*, and tbat these troops bad been regularly summoned to th* ? ? ? Capital, be had felt ft hi* duty to protect them at the rl'k of bt* life. 9 nee the deplorable outbreak of to-day, be aald, tue Bute and city authorltiea had done all they could to prevent further Intuit to Maryland and the farther effusion of blood. Both Governor Hlcka and bimaelf bad telegraphed to the Presldent of the L'nited States to aend no more troopa through Baltimore. They bad alao telegraphed to the President* of aeveral Northern road* to the ame effect Thl* dispatch had elicited from the President of the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore road a response. the purport of which was that he bad directed tbe troops yet at the Baltimore Station to to be re-c?av*yed to Philadelphia, and that no aoldlera abould hereafter b? *eut over the road without the advice and cenaent of tbe Mayot and Governor. The apeaker conjurtd hla hearera to remember that In the perfect preservation of peace tbe honor of Baltimore > a? at Make He assured th?m *?.? tbetr civic authorities would take full mnm ? for tlx- protection of the city agimM rendition of t dav's occurrence Hpeecbes were then made by Wm P Preston. 8. T Walla, Mr Wethered, and Robert M McLane; alter which, Gov Hicks appearing. said. In substance, that It waa bla wi*h not to dictate the course to be pursued in this eii^encv. hut simply to cooperate with them. [Great applause 1 f I e Govern* r said, to continuation, that he had ever been devotedly attached to the Union, and recited with much feeling a patriotic verse extoliug the grandeur of the American Union. Tb# Union was now apparently broken, but he trusted that its reconstruction may vet be brought about. Hut, if otherwise, he bowrd in submission to the mandate of the people. If separate we must, In (iod's name let u? separate in peace; for be would rather his right arm should be separsted from his b?dy than raise it against a brother A large portion of the crowd followed his Kiirllroey, who was accompanied by a party of .'enUemen. to the Fountain Hotel. Tbev Iniulitd, however, In no demonstration of any ft'.i.d during the passage of the Governor thither The meeting adjourned after the departure of tbe Governor DEPARTMENT NSWI. Coxmimiohip ?Commliiion* b?v* b?fn lran^d to Ibr following offlrrri of the Cameron Gnardi: Ja'n-s F.lder, Captain; Thoioai Meuihaw, First Lieutenant; OIItt Birkli?-ad, Second Lieutenant; John \V. Glover, Third Lieutenant. Rb*io!?f.d ?Mr Robert (ledde#, of Md., a 4th cinss r,wki jwr annum) cier* hi xne fenaiou Bureau, has rM'gn?d. PROCLAMATIONS. Another Proclamation by the Preiidtnt. By the Presiilfnt of th* Uittrd Stmts of America. A proclamation. Whereas an insurrection against the Government of the United States has broken out In the States of South Carolina. Georgia. Alabama, Florida. Mississippi, t.onlsiara, and Tvxas. and the law* of the Intted States for the collection of the revenne cannot be effectually executed therein conformably to that provision of the Constitution whl'h requires duties to be uniform throughout the I'nited States: And whereas a combination of persons, engaged In such Insurrection, Lave threatened to grant Qrtt#ndf*d nf m?rn 110 tn nthn?i ers thereof to commit assault* on the lire*. vessels, and property of good citizen* of the country lawfully engaged tu commerce on tbe high teas, and in water* of the United 8'ates: And whereas an Executive Proclamation hag been already issued, requiring the person* <?ngaged In the**" disorderly proceedings to delist therefrom, cMllog out a militia force lor the purpose ef repressing the same, and convening Cony r>-n in extraordinary session to deliberate and determine thereon : Now, therefore. I, Abraham Lincoln, President of the L'nited States, with a view to the same purposes before mentioned, and to the protection of the public peace, and the lives ana property of quiet and orderly citizens pursuing their lawful occupations, until Congrers shall have assembled and deliberated on the said unlawful proceedings, or until the same shall fc.ive ceased, have further deemed ii advisable to set o>i foot a blockade of the por's within the Stat?s aforesaid, in pursuance of the laws cf the l'nited States and of the law nf nations in sur.h c.nse provided. Kor thi* purpose a competent force will be posted so as to prevent entrance and ex-t of vrMets from the ports aforesaid If, therefore, with a view to violate such b!o-kade, a vessel shall approach or shall httcmnt to leave any of the said ports, she will be duly warned by the commander or one of the blockading vessels, who will endorse on her register the fact ami date of such warnings, and If th?> vef3> 1 shell again attempt to enter or leave tbe blockaded port, the will be captured and cent to the nearest convenient port, for such proceedings against ber and her cargo, as prize, as may be deeni?'d advisable And 1 hereby proclaim and declare that If any person, under the pretended authority of the said States, or under any other pretence, shall molest a vessel of the United States, or the persons or cargo on board of ber, such person will be held amenable to the laws of the l ulled States for the prevention and punishment of piracy Iu witness whereof, 1 have hereunto set my band and caused the seal of the United States to be Done at the Cltv of Washington, this nineteenth day of April, in the year of [l s ] our Lord one thousand eight hundred and siity-one, and of tbe independence of the United Stabs tbe ei^htv-tifth. Abraham Liscolk. By the President: William H Seward. Secretary of State by tim mayor i>r washikotoh. Mayor s Office. April -J0, J661. In tfcrt present unLarpy condition of national aiftira It is hoped and oeiieved that the citizens of Washington will constantly feel and c.iutiously respect ;tie obligations of public order which are In an especial manner Incumbent on them. The presence of large bodies of troops, though It gives to the city an unaccustomed aspect, In no manner supersedes or intercepts the regular and orderly administration of the municipal government It la not apprehended that anvdisturbance* will occur iinhss through heated and violent political discussions and harangues In public places upon topics the ag:tation of which at this time and In this community can be productive of nothing but unmitigated harm. There-fare I, Jaines G. Berret, Mayor of Wash, ington, da hereby earnestly exhort ail good citizens and sojourners to be careful to conduct themselves as neltUer by word or deed to give occasion for any breach of the peace. Given under my hand, at the City Hall, this *2otb day of April. A. D 1C<M. James G. 11rb ret. Mayor. T THE MAYOR OF ALKXAXURtA. Mayor** OrrirK. / AUramiria, April l*s, I5KH ^ Realizing with the deepest sorrow and solicitude the eminent perils to which we are exposed by the exciting scenes now transpiring; and ?olemnly convinced that it is the imperative dutv of tvery good citrzen uot only to refrain from saving or doing tnght that will conduce to anarchy ana outrage, but further to give sympathy er.d assistance in support of every effort upon th" part of the civil authorities to mnintatn the pui>lic peace, ] do hereby Invoke the good citizens of Alexandria to moderation arid forbearance, and to abstain from angry controversies which may lead to violence -nd bloodshed. end claim from th?ir> -.i?l hud support 1u pr?-*erving the fcood order and peare or the city I r-elinfc assured that if St it tie will cf Divine Providence to intl'.rt upon this people the most dire calamity of civil war, that to tLo*e who may survive the sanguinary horrors of the unnatural strife there will b? no sweater consolation for the It shall intlict than the consciousness that they in no wise contributed to the lamentable result, I ajjain sppeal to the good citizens to keep the peace and provoke not others to violence. AV. II Pkice, Mayor. fn^From Taylor A Maury we have the excellent May number of Harper's Magazine. Yb?*UN1TAK1A N CHURCH.?K?v. Mr.CcTJs3 lkr wi i preaoh TO AiORKOW in the Unitarian Cnurci:, corner of Sixth and D ita. Service* coinm r.c?ar 11 o'clock a m. It* (Y"=?I O, O. K.?An adjourned ineetinc < ( the 1 L < R W. Grand of the District of Coluuioia wi 1 he ne.u a*. Udil Fellow#' Hall, Heveuth ?t eet. on MO.NDA Y NEX T, the UA matant, at "fi o'oIook. a??> 2i JOHN T. BANGS. G. S <Y^"?ATTKiVriON, AMJKRfOM GUARDS! ' L You are hereby ordered lo meet at jour armory TO NUiH I" (Saturday; at7>4 o'clock. I'mio* tual attendance is essential. By order : (\s n. oi rv.i f--* <^v)? vopi" W. T. Past. O. S. It DR. PIPER ORATF.FIJLLY PRE!JJ{ ser.ts hie warmest ti.ank* t? those generous persona who kindly can.e to Lis ail yraterrliiy at the time ot th<* acci Jeiit which reunited mtnede rtrno uo of his carnage, aid injury to Mmarlf, boy aud horse. His neglect to Uo so a*, the time, Irotn excitement ol tae moment, induces him thus pubaoly to make amends. It* NOTICE ?A meetin< of Company F' 'I 5f Washington Light Infantry, beheld TO-NIGH 1'-corner [Ninth and Li streets.(at the armory of Constitutional Guards.)at Vi o'clock, to compl-te ?he organ:sitloa recently co?i menoed Rl K nnn'? <??* ttAu?r.?i. ? * * '* w? .. _r r ?f "u rn? Ofc. /V 11 ^O'jU Citizens are requested tu ra ij in defunce vl their homes. ay 2?>?11* . ry *-"SPKCIAL NOTICE.?Al! persons of good J3 moral charaoter who are desi'ou* of joinTr* au*w mi itary conipauy,tli?"Ufiiou Flat; tiu&rtis " are r'ep-otfu.iy rrque^ted to attend "a meeting of the company at precisely 7 o c>ock THISKVEMM?. at the 'id Trinity Church, on Filtu btreet, opposite ?ie west end <j| the Cit? Hail. N M. We wai.t none but reliable and moral men, and 110 others need apply. It* [V^GtNERAL ORDfc RS-No. 3. ii.. - mm mm tr^vn Alld^Uf THE AKMYt ( Hi tie York. April 13,186!. { I Captain tiioion VV. Crt.lux, Corpj of be- ( finrera, appointed on the am meant an Aid-deCainp of thrt Lieutenant General command int the 1 Army, with the rank if Lieutenant Colonel, n i hereby announced as ?ueh to tho Army, lie will t be obeyed and retpected accordingly. By command of Lieut. General ccottrt. L. SCOTT, ap 20 Lt. Col, and A. D C . Act's Ad). Gen. rp^>?G?NfcKAL ORUhRS-No. 9. > 1 Wil DtrtlTMtNTi J i Adjutant Gk.miai.'i Orrici. > UTmmLJ * ?f ioim'on, April 9. 1861. ^ I. A Military Department. to be taken from the Department ot the Eaat. and caled the Department t of >Va?h:njton. > hereby constituted, to consist of the 3<ate of Maryland and he Dlstriotol Columbia. according to its o-iginal boundary. Bre-et Col. ?. F. Smith, loth Infantry, la assigned to ih* O'mmantl o( Ihia Department accord mg to hu brevet tank. Ktadquartera Washington C'li". Cant- Tti?v4?'? ?? _ a __ v * taar'|| AIIBI mam Adjutant I i is roil-vfft Iron, tho operation of General i Orders No. 7,of March 90, 1861. asrigniijg him to , fluty in the Gi?t' ict < I Oregon, and will repoit for datr.w.ihou d?l?y,ai tliebeadq. artersol the De- j Attmebt ol vVa?hi'*toii By order. , ap.o L. TilOM A< ju'ant General , rj-j=?Ut.NFRAL ORDERS-No. 10. ' ' W? Department. ) Adjutant Gkxkkal's Orriox, > WasktnKUA, April 11, 1861. \ I. Capt. Wi liam B John*,M lniamry, having rledin-<1 the oornw.aud of hia company,wh-n ordered on a particular service, tho Free dent directs ! t*i?t he oMue to be an officer of the army from thia ! dat >. II. Flrat Li??t 4bntr Smeod, lat Arti'lery, li?v- J iD{, wh? n with his c< mp* ny uudrr oritioal oiroum , ai%ioe?,Ui <Jt"e Hi res!'ration in order t<> '?oa?a ' f.ow doiy therewith, 'ha President tireota that ha J oea?? to be an ofioer of tha army from thia data. Br order. ap 90 L. TH O M Af?, Ad j u tan t G 'nera 1. j (Y^t*Kck?HION,DISUNION * TRKAHON. ( 119 Thkopbilc* Fieax will deliver a diaeoaraa i onflUNDAY KVliNINO, at the Old Trinity \ Ohuran, up.n tha aspect of onr oatianal affairs, nii>i will endeavor to prove that tue treasonable t combinations which now exist in some of lha | S' hava boenloriuod without a shadow of exouae,and for no;uittfc?bl??|Ml. Seats free. apb->f WAR MOVEMENTS. MASSACHUSETTS Boston, April IS ?A meeting of the Bank officers, representing all the Boston hanks, was here this morning.when a resolution was adopted to loan the 8tate of Massachusetts ten per cent on their entire capital for the defence of the Government. TW? ?.nIUI -# r>~-* V V. - ? -* m uc i apivii "i nanautuuilll IO ICiny* eight and ahalf millions PENNSYLVANIA. Philadelphia, April 19 ? The City Council th's morning held a special meeting and appropriated SI,IUO,iKH> to f-quip ti.e volunU?rs, and support their families durHj; their ahs?-nce from their homes. The merchants are holding a meeting for the nine purpose. MARYLAND. Axx**oM8. April 19.?There Is great excitement here to day, the people are running to and fro to aiA?*rtain thA n-?rH/?nU?? w?. ->-??? -? _ - _ ?utt> jrU I ?* ? ***? O VI tUC UUIII^B ai Baltimore The hitherto Union men are now crying out for Immediate accession?many proposing to volunteer for the South Cheer* are given for Governor Hick* for tending despatches U> l'rc*!dent Lincoln to notify him that no more Northern troop* will be allowed to pas* through the State. The new* of the shooting down of Marvlander* In Baltimore to d ly by the Massachusetts volunteer* ha* produced the greatest excitement among all classea. The hotel* are bealeged wltli peraon* eager to learn the latest news, and many are the excited expressions uttered. The heretofore Cnion men are for scct-aaion?Immediate secession and revenge The old secedera are cheering for (*OV H is* Ira e*n/1i ?/? V.1- A . o - V. t ? - ivt irwuuill^ UIB Uil^aktU IU i^iaroin. LOUISIANA. New Orleans, April Ifc?New Origan* is jubllaut at the news of tne i'cei?lon of Virginia One hundred guns were fired, amid the wildest rejoicings. Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, Maryland, and Arkansas. It Is expected, will go out this week. The loan was all taken The rush of subscribers was tremendous Due hundred millions would >* taken if necessiry. llecr.ilting prok'r-Mn-s rapidly in N?'w Orleans Tfce regiments are filling up, and trroj-s are iu>.,.un u r *1... i_??i-- - pvmoii^ in *urr invcnur. i us mgiiesi military spirit prevails Th?? seizure ?>f powder and provisions for the South, bv the authorities of Cincinnati, is experfpil to pr iilucc hostilities between Ouio and Ktntu kv. The True Delta flung to the breeze to-day the southern tlag for the llrst time since the s*ce>.sion movement, as well ?? all the papers of this place ALABAMA. Mobilk, April 19 ?There was an Immense meeting here to-night,called by Virginia cltiz'n*. Much enthusiasm and great rejoicing were manifested. Anerti^yof President Lincoln on a rail passed the meeting, causing uproaMoiis shouting. The > ity is Illuminated, anil a bind is playing "Old Vlrglnny.'' SOUTH CAROLINA Charleston. April I* ?The cl?y Is to-day again excited by news from abroad?the reports of war preparations from the North, of secession In Virginia, and movements In North Carolina. Jeff Davis's proclamation is variously commented upon, some sustain!nz it. and man v thinlc. in? it an assumption of power* which properly bflong to the Provisional Conjures* There is no war feeling htre of any account except amont; a few <>t tbe most radical The honor of the State h -s been satisfied In obtaining |K:8*es?ioa of Fort Sumter, and If tbe matter is allowed to drop where it is, peace may be restored People here sty all the f?i>uth drtires is to bo let 1mm Reconstruction ia regarded as imr>o??ible ? noboJy wants It If the North is a unit in feeling. the South Is likewise severely so As regards tLe recapture of Sumter, military men iny it la i nij'osible to do it by shlf s Tlrst. the channel arid natural obstruction would prevent their coming up Second, the shores ere l:ned with bitteries for mile". If done at all it must, tbev say, be by beating tbr army out of the Stat", taking possession of the present batteries, and shelling out the Southern girrison It Is not believed that the Administration is m id enough make this attempt. It Is understood that In case of hostilitiea I)avl? will take the fle d In person ar.d head t&e army that has been called out 'Y'S^NOTICK ?All persons over 4A jears of ate I 5f are reque^tPil 10 ni?ft on SATl'RDAV EVKNliNG, Apri 2??li. at7o'clock, atM-s. Whitney'* Restaurant, Capi*. >1 Hili,fjrtne purp<>s? of forming a Mlver grey company. ap rj-2t* IT1^*ATTKNTION !?All persons desirous of V W nn!iatin.f *?> .? ? ? ? ' 1 vu>a??>u^ iuw jvii;c t. umpuny wi i fiCLVO &D opportun ty t > do -o uotil Monday he*', by applying at tho A naanatia Tavern, at th* first to i-gate oa the Hiadensbur< Turnpike, Washington, D. C. ap i9 at* "Y^5=" .tl K niCA Li A^Ofl A Tl< )N -Aniil'ion IJ< ?diiie<*'iie ?>f t}?e Medicai Annotation of the Dialriit of Oolunitra wi!! t?e !ie!J in th? Wa?n ington li firmary on rUt>DAY, April <3], at 12 o'clock m. J. W. H. LOVKJOV. W. D . ap 19 3:* Secretary. -Y~jjF??>NK HUNDRED V?Ll!NTKERS wanted for service in tf>e District of *7t>? fit tibia. Apply to the oorner of Tenth and K, oid Madiofcl Collage, first fl nr. ap 17 -Y~?? jMKDICAl, IiOAKD 'Js3 A MEIiICAli ItOAK 1) Wal oonvene inth? rity of .New York on th<? l?t of Mar ?n?nina tv.. I t,:? f .xaniii ation of aakduat-i f< r a lmin>iou into t:if> Mrdical MafT of the ' State* Ariny, in i- a-oordanoe vrith tin .ollowini; 0<der Th^re are now five vauanotes in the MeJioa: Staff. WAR rpPARTMBNT. J Adjutant G-H' rat's f'jficf. J Wa^KinRiou, IS, 1861. \ S-PFCUL ORDWKB NO 76 A 1i ard of Meilioai Officers wiil assemble in Now York ei?y on th? l?t day of May n*xf, or a? oo:i ther^af'er as pra"tica'>le, for the cx*r?.ir ation of "llllK'ailt ^Uffflinil for Olllirl.llinn ' "* L , r.v..i >iV?.au<t \>l ruuil caudate* for appointment as iriav be invited to present tuemsflves before the Hoard. Dktail for tiik Hoard. Sur^tou i len.ent A. Ficlev, Charles McDuii(&ll, W J. Sloan. By order of the Secre*ar? of War : L- THOMAS, AdJ Ueterai. Applications ma t ho addrcs^e ! to the Secretary of Vv ai; must stat* the re?i.l??noa of the applicant, and the date an'l place of birth. Tl.ey mu?t also be accornosr.ied (references will receive n<> httention) h? i mpeotable testimonial* r>f his profeesion, the moral and physioal qua lfirntions requibite for fillin* creditably the responsible station. and f >r performing ably the arduous andactivo duties of an officor of the Medical Sta.1. App .cants must be between 21 and U5 years of age There are now five vacancies in the Medical Staff ap!3-w3w PERSONS HAVING GOLD That they wiih to convert into Dry Uood* o*n do ?> to groat Advantage in makinc their ? lect.oni 1 om our stock. All sales exclusive!* for oash. PERKY A BROTHER. Pa. avenue and Ninth t>t., ap an-6t if "Perry Bui.ding." LOUISVILLE ARTESIAN WELL WATER, Blue Lick W ater ar:d otiier Medioinal Wet' r?, always Irosh A>*o, fresh supplies <<f Pure Medicines received weeklv. Ayer's, Schenck's, and other Medioines on sale. AlOOKE'sS West End Drug Store, ap20-2w 113 Peun a. enue. rro HOUSEK KEPERS. HOTELS, RES1 TALI RANTS, Ac. We have in ?tore worth of CHINA. GLASS, CROCKERY . CUTLERY, and?p?n PLA.TKD WARE, which we will sel? low as any importing houie, and take Vir-^^W ginia and other tiinncj ar. par. i?Ji CHAS. S. FOWL PR A CO, Import-rs China and Queensware, aiiausten o-ti *" * r v?vw v/uu i" oil"wa nft>i| sflvonin 81? ~ CARPETS ! OILCLOTHS^ MATTINGS! Having full coufidence in the permarency of th? ?eat of Government, we bougnt our ucual suppy ?f HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS, whioh ?re irriving daily. Parties fitting up for the tpriag >e\ion will find in our rooms a complete assort nentof Dkcssbl?, Thekk-tlt. Ingrain and Venstian CARPKTIXUS; OILCLOTHS, LACE CURTAINS, asb WINDOW SRADES; With the Beit Brandt of STRAW MATTINGS, In White and Colors. All the above goods were bought *t low ratea. i'.d will be told at prioea to ?uit tlie timea. r it* nun r? t? ? -? ? ii r, i r.nK) C UU,, Upper Rooms. ''Per'y Building." apJOCt.if Corner Pa. av and Ninth at. !SSULU 11(JN OF CUPARTiNEKSHIi' The oopartnership heretofore existirg between Benjamin F. Middleton, iietjainin Bea!l and Eliaa K. White, under the name ol E. E. Wiiitk it Co , ran di?s"!vM by limitation on the br*t day of ftpril, 1861?the said Midd eton &. Beall I.ereWy iransfernai all tneir iiiterevta in said firm to the laid K. E White, aid by whom all olaims against laid firm are to be paid, and who m alone authorzed to aolleot ail debta due tiie said firm. B F. MIDDLKTON, HEN J. BKALI.. 1.1.1 AS E. WHITE. A CARD. Having purchased from Middleton A Beall their ntere*t in the lata firm of E E White A Co., it leoomoa necessary that the bu>meaa of th* late i'm thou Id beoi aed up. A<1 peraoos having cl&ima i(ain*t the aaid firm a>e requested to preeent them 0 m < !or payment, and a 1 p-r*<<na indebted to the ate firm b? notes, due till* and book aoconnta,ar? eifueated to oall and make immediate raymei t< of ho amount* they owe. The underaiKned int< nd nc to oontibue the W holeaale and Ketail <> r> oery tuainea*, return) bia thank* to the citizina of tVathington and 'heStateaof Maryland and Vir;inia for tne kind and lioeral pttrunage thty havo ( slowed upon htm f .r tUe la?t tea years, and hopes >y strict at ention to buaineaa and a oareful seleo1 >n of the best food' inhisHne topWaaeall who uay tavor biui with a oa I. Quick aa:< s and amall r jfita wi | be m> aim in buaineaa. E. E. WHITE, No 63 Louisiana aT., b*t 6tk and ?ik sts . a? ^ it oppo. Bank of W??kiB|ton. , LIST OF LETTERS REMAINING IN THE POST OFFICE, Wa?his?to? Citt, April 20,1961. [Ordered to be inserted in the KvciiMe Stak. it being the new*paper having the largest oireu.atior. of any daily pap^r published in Washington.] 1E7"AI1 person* applying for letters in the following list, will pieaie say they are advertised. LADIES' LIST. Arnold, .Vim K u? Ellis, Mm M?rj A Msysr, Miss Alltna Ardersoi.,Mim>1V Eiifnhf unir. Mirr N?urhton. aib#i,? Allen, Mr* L Frank, MissE K as Niviiii, Nellie I Andrews, MnGW Purd, >U4? Annie O'Brton, Louis* | Andrew. S *rsti A Frew, Mrs Elis'th Peddic?rd. Ca|ha*ne Bruce, Cfltharine Gwmn, MiuCar'i* Price, Miss Jecme Brown.Mri Felicia Green, Elisabeth V Piper, Mrs Ann Browu, Mrs A L Goetler, .MusMirr Pife, Mrs ? J Bird, Mrs M H E Griffith,MrsPrancis Pmn, M ry Cstha'e Bur J. Mrs S M Kail, Miss Cornelia Reeves, Msrr t

Bogae. Mrs Mar? Haltiman, Msrj Rowel!, Mtnhj H Be vie,Miss S-irshE Haxel.MissCordeh* Reddle, Mrs L A Boston, Mrs Sana Her:.don, Miss M 9 Reynolds, Miss 8 B"t^ler, M ir; E H <slup. MissK ?teB Releif, Miss M H Baltimore, Cath'e Jones, Elizabeth A Raynaud, Mus I) Bowie, Miss Mary iones, Miss Ellen A Robinson, Miss M?f Prfindon,Mi*sLulie Jackson, MusAddi* Robe r, Mrs MA Biker, Mrs Aane O Jackson, Miss K.te Shank, Mrs W F Berlin, r.iums C Johnson, Mrs E C 811.1th, Mrs M\ry E Clark, Miss Haiti* Johnson, Miss E Suwcrkross, Mrs Col, Mrs Ann Johnston, Mrs A V Thornton, Mrs J CUrk.Miss Ida Km*, Mary Ann 'i honipson,Mrs M V Cross. Miss MnrfO Keeo. Mrs Julia Thomnifli. Miu Anu Cooboje, Jane Jl Krtumr. Luttc Thomas, Mim L L Crople?, Mn ? Linrlj, M?rjr ? Toomu, Abbie M Clifford, Isabella Luclman, Mrs ? T?r?r, Mr? Crouin, Johanna Lewis, Miss M ? Ward, Mrs ? Cor?,Jrt ? Francis Marshall, Sallit Woods, Mrs J Childress, Isabella Marchnocit, Laila Weston. Mrs H A Cjrdanna, Mrs ? McLueen, June White, Mm H W Darby, SirahM Maione, Mi*s Wauoii, Mrs A J Dement,Mrs JnoD Mullen, Mrs M Walter, Mrs A J M Dans.MissFrancef Mills, Miss K te Walker, Mrs C C I>eIonejr. Miss B Maccolii, Mrs R Wiliumsou, Mrs A Eddin, Mm Jan? MISCELLANEOUS -Mabel V. GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Anderson, Wm 3 Frerjr,JuoA Norton, fc L Asdetsss. W FielJ, Henry Ottmiu.PS Addims, Rutus Fl#?icher,tf W Ubrieu, ? A/an. I' fl Kelker, K O'Learj.C Ador.i?, Mr Fisher, Elwood Pendu, W P?2 Allis, Louis Frna, Cbr Pendleton, Wni Aus'icji -n. Joseph ^'inutfan, B Pierce. W T Alarr.s. Jno l*r?ugrerf W N Potter, Nnins A lea, J is W ACe Peirson, Thos S A!bur??r, F A Uodwiu, Park Parkerson, A U Asiily, Dr Chas W **oit. Dr L ? Pomror, h C AvrfetfCR <>i. .JiioA PdMsclfl A Ashman. B 8 Otrr rd, K Pinom, R C Anderson, Ale*?2 t'lddings, J R Piu.dmg. J L A dates, Alei H Ooodrich, J A Purdy, J H?I Boots. W Usroos. JmT Pcttii. J J Kradt >r?l, W?R ("ixU'rej-, J no Peudieton, J J Barnes, W A <ir ii.tiu, Juo Fomroy, J M Hiiift, W Howell Griffin, J.<s Futuau., J U HiiiUu, W O itjuib tf Jas?2 Puland, Jot Berfer,Tlieo lie rum, J N Patoii, J 8 Boyi.toti, T J iior(l(Hif Juo Pijfuter, Heorr Benton, S Gibbe, Gso Petit john, G W Bddon.S A (iru?o d, F W Pmlhp?,i? D brimmer, K M Uneyer, fe) Parker, (i J Brigrf e, ft F Gre*nt K lwin?3 P>fr,Lh?aA BraU'jj tn, F t (J W Powr,C H iitd^er.OC G*nt>ert, C H?2 Page,C A Btker.Mr GtbHone, A M Perkins, C W Beech,? F.?'j Han:c, Wm Prmgle, B ? 4 Bucharach, M Holmes, Wm Phelpe. A J Biiijhdm, L F Hunter, W 8 Parker, A H Bujrue, Jno llariieon.M Rider, W P Browne, Jim O Hetj.irick#, W H Reed.Silis Bettt, J Her'ehej, Tim Robmion, Siln Browue, J W HerJjr, Thos Roch, Philip Bras*, J H lio?ti,b R Rrwian.L Burnt, J T?S liedrick, R G?2 Ro*?, Jacob Ri?,?rd. J it A Him * r Ruht P.* I I Mc(" Briggs, J?? A Haektue, C RtcliaHewi, W H Brid<>rd,JI) Hopp, Nichola, R.idger>, Jno W Bolnliut, J S Hartwell, N M Rattan, Ira P BuffingtJti, Jj? Hen,7, Madnon Riley. Jno T Eigser.Juo J? Howe, Levi Rotn'ery, H N Beetuu, Juo Hobbt, J H Reed, i" F B-.kfr.JnoG Hajree, J.n Reid.Dr fcarriper, J W Haw.JasH Robiotrv!, D Burrough,J N Hunt.JaeM Rebtr.CT Bartlett.J K Hill.J.tH Rowell, O W Bn? 1, H (??3 IHjei, J O Randall, A W Bran:h,HB Kuril. J F la(4fiiii, W O Br*mblr, Heurj? 2 HarUn, Jno M fciajlei, W B B,j lin,U W Hirrit, J A fcfl'Hue, W H boardm4u,ii W?2 Hubtr, JosC Slmitb, Victor?2 Birnard.UW?2 Ha*kelt( J P She, Mo Bordtnan,Gen W Harm, tun, J R Snyder, T*?^ J Br-uidt, OA Hurcch.Jb Stewart, Thoe Bird, F W Higgtnt. J R Kejrbo.d, Thetd bi tcke, F, Jno Smith, Thot W B.tker, K L McaIt, Jno Uiwyer, S?H Btrrou, ? W Hutchi?o:it Jno ttaur, Rudolph Boyd, I) W tiAUibleiOij. II buitou( R B Baunuier, I) Ho*r!i, Oto Strcnr, V B Buyle, Cht? Hatch. K W SuIIivaq, M ?ro?it,C A Hoi brook, L J Kmiih, M M U?tf*crljr, B B HatleU,C ainit;,. J 8 B i lgf r. A u?tu? Hopkn?a,C Sum, J L Coleman, Zei*?* Hamilton, CD Sherlj, J R?2 Cook, Win A?2 flartshorn, B Btwkei, J M Clarke. W P Harper, B Btiplci, J D Chubb, W II Hijre* A Fright Btiplea, J L Carpenter, W B Ho.lodav, B Snerwcod.J Craiid?li, W J Harpindu/, A V Srer?ing, Jno Carpit?i( W H Johnton, Waldo N Sinailmootf, J H Conwar, Thoe I/wiii, W W fcidle, Henry Carroll, The* B Jonee, P 8 Smith, Horace Clark, Thoe Johuaon, Robt bteera, If C Crawford,9 W Ioeley, WH? 2 8uu,G8 Clark, feid'ify?2 Joiic?, J F Hruith, G H Cur tie, II Jefere, J K?4 8*nu*:,ti W Cutler, R P J*ckeoii,JC bliow,(iW Cullman, Pu Johnson, H Ktrith, E t Coburn.OA?2 Joaepii, Geo W fcuiireoo, C B CUmbiin. Lt Johneou,G R ftimih, [) L '-lark, Ji# Juliiiioitt G L fttout. C W Coi, J H?2 J?r<J?u, E W ?2 hchnudt, C D Cmnn, Juo Joi.e*, A C Ktraub, C M C.ark, J H Kinp, W M fct John.Chea Cre?tf r, J P Kejtofr, W P StClfir.CC Clark, Jno W Kiu?, >v N 6uri|iiriiii, C Cmiijib, J??-J KeUj, Mich Steveut, B L Couueilr, Ji. j hmzinftr, U Taylor, W H Caton, Jno K?!io;^, L H Thorpo, Win Chn.ier, Jos? 2 King, Capt Ja??2 Taylor, Tom Crowley, Jno C Knlweii.JL Tate, 8am Crogg to, Keuvhau-. HL Turlejr, 8 Clefr^un-, J C Knapp, G W Theodore, L (J??low, Jiio f Lsu, Wm Truuii.JuE Uitkt.Htnrjr Cjruu, L A?i Terrr.JuimT Cook, L & L>?2 Luber, L '1 raiul??ki, J Clark, (ieo W Lsoiitoii, Jno Ttionui, Jefferaon Calvert, l?W Ljoiii, Jno Tryuian, J W Carter, U C Lait*da!?, J iVl Tmcty, Jno Coruiaa, E Lewu, JS Tucker, H Cuiiover, l? D?4 I.jman Juo TLoiu.a, H O Cltjnpiori, Clin?i L?iid voijrht, J A Tucker, C H Coburu, C L Loujd I.,, G T Tl,orrp?oa, Alfnl Ch t?e, C S?f* I.veil, Ueo J LuderJue, J? ?4 Cimrbell.C W Ltin.C E Vaughn, Juo C Clufc.CM Lintiucuin, C P Viuceui, Jno P?3 CMnpbell, Cbat I.euin in, C K Vmceut, Fred Clark, A II Likeleiladon, Clue Willi..n> . W W?? Clirk, A W?8 Merritt, W H Webb, W R Cook, A Mathewi. W Wil.jn, W l?eH ,?>,Dr Wui?3 Mnghati, Tiieo II W ick, W W Deruiut, W C Moore, S Wngtier, W DilVtOII. W L Mirlin R I. U' ib.. u.' Do?ner, W P Milltr, R Wedre, Wia Deen, W H Murjilij, Pit?4 Walter. Win Urummoud, Tiio* 5 Moriarty, Pat Willtami. Wm M Dreer, T J?i Merrill, O R Wallace, W H Dyer, Thoe Morton, OP Wsrreu, Wui Iiutfel, Ttieo Miller, Mod?? W illm, Wm R I"1'1, ShjiI M* ymujrnr, Jno W elch, Thue?t Deiinore,L Mj?r?,Ji>o W illume. S W Downe, Juo?'2 Mat rea, Jno H W huelt, R II K DovaU. Jno c-i Moiria, J Williaina.m, N L Denny, Jno Moffiu, Jno Wetmore.MW?<2 HouffUe, H T Maihewt, Jos H Weil, Moeia Dutejr, Hugh Mott, G N Wcldone, L llavu, G R More, Geo Wiee.Jaa Drew, GruG Morgan. Geo D Ward, Juo E Dirley.E Mtu.,1' Wileon, J Prf ^ ? Molloy, E W iltoii, Jita Dekioa, I) E MucMurraj, E W illume, J M Da vii, Cap! M.ttueon, C W'crden, Jno L I)a>ie, C W Marehall, C Wu.chell.JM I'vi?, Ch <e Mueller, Carl Wells, II?3 'L!U"M(< Marehall, A J W oodmiti, II irl, Tboa iVIaton, Ai?.t*a Warner, H L Ewell, R 8?3 McAuliff, G Wil.on, H H button, J.ia McCorruack, Dr Warren. Geo t' ; fc??na, Kol>; 4 Co McKaiiiij, F ^ Wro?f,0?o Edwiirila, Juo Geo W Waddenburn.G C Edition, t J Warren, OF Kilu, c J McKmi, WiHiii, E M FUn?g mi. J J ? 2 McCalk, Jno W ilaon, Eugene Kowie.lil) McGovaa, J?? Willi tint, k. W Franklin, Win McCaiiiley, J WooJ, IMul H Farwell, W B Macduff, Mr Wbmug.CJ Fearaun, W H McCleruard, Mr Winer, Cha? rearing, Wm M McCullougli,T t White, Or C C f'rr, II Nome, M Williaina,CH Foley, T J Njgle, W J-3 We.t.BL?? Flood, Tho? 8 Neleoii.Thoe b?2 Wtnckebieh, A Fulger, TM Nome, 8 L. Wilder, AC I'lik.RA Neleou.SP Young, Wm Field, M W Nieeu, RJ Young, J J Fiaher & Lee New'.on, R _ Yerly, H C Fougell* Joe, M O 1 .ardly, E Ford, J E Neal, Jno Yaulljr, M Fjrrfat, Jno Neal, Jno H Zat,e, Jno Feuy, Jaa Nixon. Joe Zange.N Finch, Jno S Norwood, J T Zane, Saiol Fr-err, J R Neal, J T MISCELLANEOUS ?Editor Examiner; Ed Herald; Cel. Type Society; Ed. True Union. |CTL*TTK8 Mtfl in ALL CASKS BX PREPAID. Aprii 2" WM. JONES. P. M. money monk V moaey WANTED wanted wanted wlPPflfcP: ODEON HALL, A ODEON H&LlJ ODEON HALL. COKNXB. FOCK A.Mhl-HlLf 8T. Cobnkr Foca AND A-H Lt ST. LO*NSR FOCR A?D-A-UAI.F ST. AWD l 8NNSTLV4JliAvl.UK, AHD HKS!MYLVAMA Avinci. AHD PCNNSTLVANIA AVSNCB. KISi8!Jf Sfcl StXTBiSt; FASHIONABLE CLOTHIER! BILLS ON SOLVENT BANKS blbLS OX SOLVENT BANKS BILLS ON SOLVENT BANKS T t l/L?u t i? n i n 1 I\ I> 1 zv t I" All TAKEN AT FAR TAKEN AT FAR AT THE ODKON. AT THE ODKON. apjo st AT THE ODEON. THE CONNECTICUT MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ov HARTFORD. ACCUMULATED CATTTAL, ?3,*39.411 DIVIDENDS DECLARED ANNUALLY, ana PAin niTmitir: tbp i ipv . ?> ' arva*s-<v a MM UA1 U of tha A88t'HKO 1S61 DivUiai, 40 per ce?l. APPLICATIONS FOR IMl'BANCE RECEIVED IT UbATH * KM'WI.KH AitoU, WukiMtoi, 0. C. OIm-Rmu ltf or*r ttenk of Wukinitoi T NOTICK1 HE Offio* of th? St&tM and Union, which mbot h?? haratof ?ra bMQ ??r vad in my atoraroou, at the owriwr of Savooth ud D MtnU ^m b*an raanovad into the leoond a lory ol tha bailing, M4 It now is no war oounacU*! with bit ator*. M " * VV. D. SHEPHERD. , * 1 J. 55*555555!^55^^^?^^^^^^^^^^^^^^58^5!555!55522 AMUSEMENTS* WASHING TON T H K A T K R! Lnm i W. Oliu* Aonnc - J.?I\ RatmosD THIS EVENING. \ Comfli.TentaT Benefit <? To Mr. S W. GLENNj Tender**! to him by the CUix^rt. ?4r. JHT*r?on, Members of the C jmpanr. OroMfw, and At? taohes of tae 1 heater. * Ponuve'r. La?t App*araiu<? of MR. JOS. JEFFER&Oft, Who will appear as NEWMAN NOGG8. MR. ?. W. GLENN Will appear in his favorite character of Lrinrz In the l*autiful drama entitled HELPING HANDS. 885,000,00(1 -JStf??n?8SS in the e?untry, and #aiarjr?25 o?nta. Contain* Uie aamc matter an th* Great B.'ue B>?ok floating $3 5". Ormttiuc the n*me* -rhioh are not teceenary. Catalogue of Curiositie* at Patent Office Liat ol Patent*. Old Bonk* taught and sold Cata'ogu* fernnhed ALFRED HUNTER, Bvokealler, f?22 2m* Willarda' Hotel i^uare. WANTS. ii;*\Tcn_Thr?i, i itnrnnv niAn mnv. I n ~M a'KKKH."Injure it V.'PFt'i'rER SV'Pi. averue. t>etwee.i nth and anh ?u. * p so at* WA\'TK1>? A ?o *1 journeyman iHARBKR. inquire at r i^bth st . NavV Y?rl _ap 3>'3 - EP\V A K I>| ESPCTA. COOK WANTED.?A person to d.^tk* oookinc. v &>-hiEK an < iror ing of a a'l f> iui;y waute-i. Inquire at No335 t, street, bttwsft 3J ami ?Hi sts > It* BOV Wanted at* FRENCH a RIOH STtilN'y.'ilK Ps arson* Noi?n?-?<l app j uaiftR they caa live gool r-?f<?reno?s.1 t R p:V? :H * RIChSTFIN, ap20 Pennsylvania are Me. Running horse wanted-w*nte?i to purchase, a H irne. If. }:\n<ls hiRh '-ialf-k?r*<l, a lair ra<Mle lioree, not over 9 years old . must run at least a two minute M'oke: ? :<? that l<,ap well ar.d is l>r< lc?n to arms proferred. 1 (.quire at this offioe. ap 18-tf Wantrd-skcond h*nd fl r.niture. Prraon* declining housekeepir f, nr having a *uro us of Fumiturs on hand.c&n o >'am the cash arsd f*k;r pnoet \,j hprljmt at Hfi9 J^e' ?tno 17 __ HO N T 7. * G '< IF KITH. WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?Flom fS to Jin/w. worth ol 8ECOND-HA \ D FURNI TURF, of all Kinds. f< r wlnoh I will guaranty to pay ttie highest prices, ami. as u?u*l. at tn i shorten notice. r. buchlV. De*ler in Furniture. S*t?f/e?, Ac., Of 9 ??> ? 7th st.. bet. G and If east aide. LUST AND FOUND. LOSr-o0 th? 17th instant. a hlackLnd ??n colored PTP Had on a yellow leafier oolia-. A >ih?iM reward will t>? ?ivo| whoever returns him t No. 3' t E *5 " >p 20 it* f IOST?In the omwbiii, on Frnl?J evening, a _4 po * TM< ?N,N> IK. containing two not?a of Virginia irouey, 55?inote on the if Riehmor.d. anil a< in- err.a 1 ch&ige, with f -ver?i notes b aring the name of the ;o?er. i ht fuder will pleaseleave it at the Star Offi-e; or a^G B. BAR?ARU'H. corner Huh and Bridge at*., Georgetown. A fcuitslil* raward wiil l>a ni2.-n if left at e:tuer of the above-named p'acra. 1 STKAVK.n OR STOLKN-A wlite and red COW.ah'iut 4 je*r? oid. with had a white t.tar on" tlie forehead ;'^it" p*-** et'ipe on the l>a<:k from h'ai total mimble reward wil'tro given to wln^?f r*-?nr?e ler t> th? owner, at the grocery ?U*e eorner ef Tenth anl P ata. It BOARDING. BOARi)--P!e?<.aT'-. Rooma. t'.?ard, can be had at r\t>. Ftur and-ahalf at, m C O ?* - " Li ? i nepuruicaaj Ten Dayn Hlore Only AT E V ANS'B 476 .... Pennsylvania Arena? ... 4T6 We shall oontsnue our e&!? of JEWELRY. ri-ATFD WARE, it, . r TOR TEX DAYS LOXQER-OSLY. Nov is your time to make & se'ejtion of JEWELRY AND PLATED WARE from the most extensive and beautiful seortment ever ofTir<*t f-?r sa'e ii t:ns or anj other oity. For the Low Pi ice of one dollar: We have just reosi ved a new inroiee of a11 tne D.FFKRENT fcTYLES OF SLT8 in market, together witi A LARGE LOT OF LOCKETS, PINS, EAR RINGS, 1.4 lit P?a ar.l CI C V T< I I- ? V.O -> " . . auu u r..* A O OlIAillS, BRACELETS, Ita.. A J. AIfo, A LOT OF PLATED WARE, cotisUtioc of Knivea and Forks, Waiter*, Cake Basket*, G -b'.ets, Copa, Salt Stands, Tea and Tabio Spoor?, Ac., 4c. BELLING AT HALF PRICE.' and He now ma? r^ad who Could imt rea I tefure. And he who a,ways coald May rea4 the more." We Shad POSITIVELY CLOSE OUR STORE as advertised, and we invite your EARLY SELECTION of any of our articles before it is FOREVER TOO LATE! OSLY TEX DAYS MORE! ?. ?. EVA NS, 476 PsinmLVAHIA AVEXCE, ?p 'fl Brtwwn Si and 4K iti. W TRAVELING TRUNK*. K f'flVr lor ?al? the largest a?>ortment of TKAVElING TKUNKS to be fou?d inajg| this citr. oompnnn< t>??t Hole L-Mh-rMjRfl* Ladies' l)re*4 ar.d Paokinj Trunks, float. Carpet liici, Ac., which we art now ling at verj low piic???. WALL. STEPHEN* A CO., ap 18 ?? Pe*n. avenue. j W SPRING CLOTH'NG. ALL, STEPHE SB * Cl> are t oi da* in ra- i c*'pt ot their Kooud nupp t of SPRING CLOTH i ING and material lor their cuvtom tikde,oonaiating of New O.oth*. Casitm* * and Ve.. ur i?, o the < lat"t itylt*. w..ich ttie? will make to order in supe-ior *tjle at *ery lew picee. Gent>meo wuhir.g en inured a*" o-jtli' will find in our Keml* r. arte I'efa-twient ev* j aruc.e of J Wearing Apparm mrab.e t. their -*a t?. WALL, STEfHENi A CO.. ay 16 Mi Per.-!.avenue. | ml?at<>a. ' T uH*IN?. ~~ U f l-*otw No. *1* S*virh itrwt. Nkw spring style ~ 1 op carpeting*. i Jaatr*Mir?dattb? ?M>tea?or tM .ttjftraof I Cl*gMt 4 Dedaoa a mi upply of ai?cntit ? Tkre?-piy mud DouUe-ingraiH vhich ware Sovtht ia New York Trxm 'Ma* a ta If Ifrtulv JU B. Ih)1 SON, 1 pKOPOdALS FUR COAL AN 1) WOOD 1 Office Slcritaxt o? SmitiU.PJ Afrit 18, 1861 < I Hialbd Pkofosalr will b? revived at this ofsa till lit o'clook on Monday. the6th Ma? next. for furnishing, f r t lie use of the Senate, fcve hundred toss b??t white ash ftirnace Coal <amaJI atcamboat | mxeiand seventy-five cords ^est dry spruce pins Wood. The whole to t.e packed away In ihevanlta of the Capitol, in places wluoh Viil !? ahnwu nt I application io the Engineer in fhp asnireof the i Senate ; and to be deuvtrcd by the 3*tl| June next. I Bond* (or the faithful execution of ihe contract , wi'l be required. Bida for the ooal and wood will be oonaldered separately, and satisfactory arrangement* mast be made for the correct neasureirert of toth. A8BURY DICKINB. } ap 18-dtMay* Secretary of t>?e ^nsts. Richmond and potomac st^mboat \ COMPANY. i CHANGE OF SCHEDULE. * On and atter Monday, thelV.h A pnl, tae ateamera 5 BALTIMORE and MOl NT VER- -IT? w ? NON wul leave the wharf, foot of^*4^K>? . tfix?h st., f >r the tfoutn aud South c west via Aquta Creek and Richmond at 6 a m and i. 6 p. m., botn unea stopping at, Va-.f^r , pasaengera and freight. The Riohnaani! ?r??* enokaburg l(at<road having repaired dim\?ea~ tira ^ irnprovoa achedule ?LI run with wrxn'r r geo mattinoly. ap 15 5t (Int) Suy. Potoia?c Bo?ta. | French linen cambric handker chiefs. 100 dos. French Liaan Hao kerch'fa at ft) 9n par dos. 50 dos. do. do. do. w*t so do. 9) dot. do. do. do. JjLwt do. c ( Theie good* are extra chea?>,) 2 French Shirting Lin?u, ? lriah Linen. Linen Toweling, Table Linen, Curtain Mualina, Maraeillea Quii'a Our atook la fa'1 in all department*, and we in- L Tit? all in want of dry GOODS at 1c y pi toea to k give na a oali. hi WM. r.riley * PRO. < No. 3* Central Stor**, n Between 7th and Kb auttU, V ay 4-twif OapoaiteCont'i Market. in JUST RECEIVED? IU HHPS. Good Browo Sag*'at 6\* fta. par lb., 1 1?0 bbia. Extra F our, beat branda, oa?%p, 1 50 M Family do. do. do U Freeh aupp y of Oreen aud Black Tea*, L Now Orleaaa and Porte Mioo Molaaaetu m OnaiaaImam ? AUCTION SALES. By BONTZ ft GRIFFITH. A?ct, HOUSEHOLD FlINITITRE Mt K.FKKCTP at ACcTiO!*.?On monuav April 224. at 9k o'c'ocfc, in fr< nt th" Avrtton Room*. w? *il *!! tt>* Purnitar* ar><t h f ?c?? of % Itmilf c??c i?<inK fc??i>mn. ooirpri?im? M%fc?>eanj Sprint r*at ?ofa and Ch\l:t, \V? nut Fr*ncli Hedt'eada, ?ott*j? ?i.? iHtChari, ocfcrr?, WuhiHiidi, &jti"tat y ftr.u M ? Mt D B?rfan?. eii.t^o hu'miii, tick ami hv?i and Cotton M?ttre??>f, Hair Mattie??p?. Con f >r a. ii.aukeU, A<-.. A r. Brat** and Ingram Carp?u, Cri?okery and Gia?? IV ar*, < in* ? A <kth?p H '? imm ?.*r A wi'h Mrnrtiiitnt of Kiteheg Kr^umirt. Al??. ft lot of G<-ocerie*. Wice*. 4o. Tern.Ko *?ii _ BONTZ k GRIFFITH. A?et*. _lt No 369 Seventh *nd K *'* By t?K F.KN A Wl I.I.I AM*. Auctioneer*. Aft 32t?. rornrr ?rk ?</ P Hrnrtt. Excellent hoiskhold amd hitch m Frisirrii *t Arcrios -o* WKDMhs DAY>* 2? li ir.?t?at.?t Iflo'oiook. we aha I *!! ai the resxlenc* of A. Grefwry. h*^ . No. 371 Tlurteen'h. between H ftr.?l I street*, west aide, an rxoeJent ftaaortmect of Furiitur*, eit: Mfthofftny Sofa*. Chftir?. Tab's*. D<> Urectftod other Bureau*. Uo Mm ble tr>p Center Tftbie. Cftn* ftnd other Chairs, Painted Cottar* anl two Chftir.ber Set*. Cottage and other B*d*teft<i*, H*ir and Shu.'It M?ttr*-?e-. t efttuer Pi.low* ft(.d Bed 'ii.f, I fWllc rtm kltMftftr ll ft* '* I^ m Wk.A ^ v ???'-?i ? Bi n i' ? ' B?uwi*iiwv \V1- How Miadea. Chins (i an a-cd ?"ro?kery War?. Tava Caator* and Cu'krj, Farior, Chairb r and Mair Carpet* and Matting. Cookitic and Air- ig ht J*tove?. With a good nit of Kitchtn Ke^uiaitea, ard man? ?th?r artcl*a wi icii ?? tlwiD uui.fflMiarj to enumerate Term* ca h in rurre-t farda. Sale p-< iMva. ap d i.KKK>A Wll.l.l ? MS. Aact*. By J. C. Moffl'IKK * C<? Arfiionwi 17 CR MTU RE AND FFFKOT# OK THF r ' Ir.Mr ?it Horan" ?t I'tblic ntcTiia.-Oa THIKMIAV MlHMNli, Apr. 2 l'lo'olk. at the"Kn.pire H> us' " on P??n?, Wwfii 3d a d ure^'a, ?e alia11 <-?il ti e e .tire F?raltureaoii f ffW-ta O'-mpriime? K afw.Md vn I' ano K"r'<*, Mahogany S< (a, Pier Tai> e?. U" and" am iMt th'ir?, l.imrr*, Wn.d iwCur.aii.??nd Siivi a. 17 Carpet* Oilcl tf.a an 1 ^tair Catp***, It.n'ng I a1' ?. S; I i? tlej*tRad* of rarioa* kind* 16 Fe*!h?r Be a Bot*te aaad PiiJoara, Hairtud Hunk .\lattr?sae*. atorea. C"??r.b*r Tali e?, Wa*h?fanda. Crockfry and tj!a*a W'a e, 1 abla fa-err. Together autt: a sen?r*i *?*<>rtment of Household Fu-citure a'?i fclf o'a. Terma oaeh in oarreLt fn?>d? apl9 d J C. McGUiRK ft CO \u*ta. For TllO WrrLa l.nnparf Owing to the inctem'nf weather, and a d'str* to accommodate all persona, we haft determined to letp our SStore oprn FOR TWO WEKKM LONGER RIDDLE'S CiREAT SALE or ?T E W 3EJIjR Y Poimmi TJ ClO? OS THE Fm?T of Mf-T. New u the Tim? to maka ?our elwtioo* from cm Externum and Beautiful Assortment of JBWELKY FOR THE LOW PR ff'E OF O.VF DOLLAR. COME AND GET A GAHNLTPKT For ONE HOLLAR L \ V A SET KT ONE DOLLAR CAM E'J SET For ONE DOLLAR ? LAIN QOLD MtT K<>r Ofll DOLLAR CORAL SET For ONE DOLLAR MOSAIC KKT For ONE DOLLAR t-MAMirr str r? ??? uti uu ww . . r "i v -N d l/viibn II Or, Anr of our Aesortnifnt of SMALL ARTICLES . For FIFTY' CENTS CALL AND EXAMINE id MARE YOUR SELECTION*: FA PLY. STUDS AND BUTTONS, of ail pizoe, FOR ONE DOLLAR. PLATED KNIVES AND FORK1#, SALTS. SPOONS. NUT CRACKERS, 60ULETS. tro.. *o.. Jfcc.. FOR ONE DOLLAR. REMEMBER WE CLOOUR tTQRh on ti>? FIRST DAV OF M A % . No. 302 PENNSYLVANIA AVFNl'K. CLOSING OUT AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. %? is l?.r DIRECT IMPORTATION or ! re?p ct.'o It < ?'! the a taction of the ladie* to m? ful< aud hacd?<>tne axaorUnmt of HKFRKNCH m1i.linkkv good^cfi) iBflSKONNK'n*. F LO W KR?. RIM 3^ U i,\S. Sl'KAW tiOOI'j* ?f fverj dMcnttiuDt 9ILK and LACK MWTl.r!*, SILK HaM/lRS. trimmings Lacks.f vkk";dkriks.&o, Ac i w i II do we < to examine my cood?, m they wilt bad them the bieit aud eheapeat in th( max net. M WILLI AN. l*Mitrn, No. 32 Market >pace, Wanhinffton, I) C., aM <tw,if and *o. 7 Cite "I revue. P?ri?. rpHK SLOAT 8KWINO warmvcs ^ George B. 81 oat & Co.'e Elliptic and Look Stitch Sewing Machines whe ever used, areaoknnwledced to l>e eupenor to all They can be purohaaed fur $*S. Th*y are free from leather p?de. 'i he/ maVe the "mazii ruftinta " They make the double lock atiloh They sew thick or thiu material* alike. They are vimpl* in c >catruotion. They oan be ?een and the r o??r*tmn? explained at the SloatSewinc Machine MAXWELL S Fancy Store, ap < 6teo Pa avenee French steam kcolrers, balti m^R K. W. P. 9aEl)i>.5<?*'ElivbhtiiSt., Tk> Unip Aftnt. Ladiea' Dreeee* ol every deaoription can be cleaned, lea til c the Inatre of ailk e*uai to new. Shawls, Corere, t'uttainc, and Carpe a Aleo, Ben letnen'a Clothinf oan t>e c;ean*?i *ithnwtlea?,nf any aet.atanoe by vhioh they will eoon become unfit to wear. N. H.-No d?e? taken af art; thereby ?avio( the , ? umai .1 K 'n ?" I inT*1. ' W.R 12*1 W Wmm citizen* and strangers ILL Fu d it to their int? r ?t befo*? nrchwin< t > oall at tue Kxt-nmvo Cablet Kt- /^B|0 lah.fhmart of edwin grfcen. l*?0 I'?nn??l*Miift avf ue. w:icr? a iirce " of rKMITRK an* CHAIR**2tf9bi ind MAT 1 KFS^KS will alwaya luund. Mahogany of a I thicknftn?*? for ea'e. I'aokin* and Repairing and Varmahing promptly ttt*nded to. Furniture or other good* taken on ('orate. ap l-<aw2m OHICKKRING A SONS PIAN?'t? FO* SALE U on montiny pajmeata, or rii?<v.urita for oath. JOHN F. ELLIS, ap It betwoen ?th and l?*tk eta. PI A Not* FOR R KNT.-A creat number of Piano*, emhracio* ?ver> ciaaa ivr I'yle and prtoe, lor rent by the nonth or year, at reaaonable rate*. ? ? I f ? JOHN P. ELLIS. %p IT ?06 Pa. ar.t bet th aadroU f. rOLLME FIFTH MACAU LAV'S HISTORY ? OP ENGLA N !>.?Thu edition of Maoaaw a worthy of eapeotal atter.tioa. inaamuok aa tie ifth volume o<-ntaii.a a large aaaouLl of matter not ontatoeH many other rditiona, oompriatag a biirrftnbtAAi 1 *" ... nrwa D| KlMU ira lift, haracter and writing*, by 8. An (tip A > imm, a loubie page fae uni t imn on* of MaoaaJa?'a it*it maoaaonpu. a fa I aad elaborate index to It* five volume*, while the additional note* to Um rat foar to!uhm have beaa incorporated frt>? the Mt Load on rdiUoa. It la therefore elaiaaod for hia adiuoa Uat it ia the nmt oomp>te aroa-jnte nd aatiaiaotorj cf ?nr e*'r before aabaakad. Pot alafcr FRENCH A Rll'HSI KIN. ap 17 a7* Pean. araaaa. ~<REAT SALE OP J DRY GOODS, AT PANIC PRICES, Foa Caaa Wa hare a large a took of SWING DRESS iOODS;, a gac'ral aaaO'lmebt of Maple Ar cha, a iw ia at r*,a<iapt?i t? tb* geoara! waata f larniliaa wkioh w< are ael lag at radaaad wiaaa >r the J. W. COLUEY A CO.. ap i3 ?w ag^ 7th at., hatw. l> and Pa a*. ?TE1NWAV A HONS' AM) RAVEN A BA 5 OON'SPIANOH.-A large aaa.T laaeut?^^ r? jnat haaa received.-Pe>aona ia a?ta: MB a reliable inatru merit at a low pnee are'** 1' * - ... ?N?aMUMIttMIIUi(ftM of 'o&!!*4Sa??,rW. MARCUS M.IN., taao Fotf Tbb't *? '! MuRK NEW GOODS AM Nov r?nini( n* iimiim of OIE88 tOOt)6. Bi.ks, tt??? Good*, ropilM, DeUloee, MM, Choi ??*. tMiAll Ckwk ftitka, km Coll i'lj Mid Irt b -#t ohi ioe Alao, a l?rg* MMrtHMOt Swvw^ffis^