Newspaper of Evening Star, April 20, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 20, 1861 Page 3
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|_ _ Immmm?mmm LOCAL NEWS. [Z7~ Thi Btu publishes the List of Lettei remaining In the Washington City Post Offlc under the provisions of the law directing ther to be printed in the newspaper having the large* circulation within the delivery of the otflce. 11 total daily circulation is more than double th? of any other Daily printed In the District of C< lumbia. van .A/- n ?an >w a *7 ??' ft D rnuunr.ns ??r inr. ? The MtHsrhnriti Arrive Here From the heir at which the Star went to pre* yesterday. conveying Intelligence of the attack i fcaltlmnreon the Massachusetts troop? on the wi httber for the defense of the Federal city, until th arrival of the train bringing them, this town w* very much excited, and the streets were blockn up at every corner Gradually, as the hour for th train to arrive drew near, a crowd formed at th railroad depot, competely encircling the build Ing Abont 5 o'clock p m. the whistling of th engine, as It arproacbed the city, measurably r* llrved the feeling of solicitude that bad begun t manifest lt?eir. at it gave assurance that the rail road track w?i not torn up. aa had generally be? apprehended Presently an engine bearing a slg nal flsg rounded the bend at H at . and came u to the depot. The eng'neer. in reply to the thou sand questians put, replied that the train contain lr>? troops was following In about live minutes the regular passenger tra'i arrived, and immediately following it the extr train contatng the military. One of our voluntee companies had walked out to the H street cnrv* and as the train rounded the point, gave thre hwrtv rbppri fnp th#? ni#?n nf XUm^kiisoMs Tfc train stopped just outside of tbe depot, end th troors disembarking, formed In column, am marched through to New Jersey avenue, ar< thence to the Capitol, entering tbe rotunda by th East Portico. They were followed by tbe crowi which bad now awelled to several thousands who cheered the troop* vociferously esthev pais < tip tbe street Tbev were dressed in full wintei uniform, with kna??ack strapped to tbeir bad over tteir trey ov<rc*ats, and presented a thor onjjbly soldiery appearance After ^aitirjr for wbile in the rotunda, tbe men were taken to the! quarters in the new Senate chamber and tbe ad joining rooms Orders were then passed alow the line to stark tbeir arms and lay aside thet knapsack*, but no man wos allowed to lay eff hi overcoat, or in any wav embarass his movement In care of an alarm. Having eaten nothing bu psrt of a soldier's ration since ten o'clock Thurs aiy nigtix. tne troops were nearly exhausted, anc on beine fl!ed Into the galleries, Immediately sank down upr.r< the cushioned seats, and forgo their fatigue and hunger In refreshing sleep. N< arrangemeuts bad been made for their snpperi and consequently It was very late before any go th?tr suppers The following is a list of the staff of the Massa rfcusetts Regiment: E F Jones. Colonel; A B Farr, Adjutant; Jai Munroe. Quartermaste*; Norman Smith, S'irgenn J P Paine, Awiitant Surgeon; Cha? babidge Chaplain The followina is a list of the companies, wit] their officera, number of men in each, aud wher from : Company C, of Stoneham. Capt Dyke 7 Company A, of .Midd!<-?ex. Capt Sartell fi Company D, of Lowell, Capt. Hart 5 Company C, of Lowell, Capt Foll*nsbee.... 5 rcmnanv I nf f ^ rrpnr# rant p^ir?eu? ? r J - ? ? "V? W, . <VBVIIUg.. ?> Company E, of Acton, Capt Tuttle 4 rompany H, of Lowell, Lt J F. Noyescom. 5 rnnjpsnjr F, of lAwr^ncp, Capt. Chadbourne ? Company B, S. Groton Junction, Capt. Clark 0 Company B, of Worcester, Capt. I'ratt ft Company C. of Boston, Capt. t*an:pson 6 Total, rank and file 6? thl rioht t?l baltimore At the depot ef the Philadelphia. Wilmington and Baltimore Rallrosd a large crowd :>.??emble( In anticipation of the arrival of the Maaaacbusett regiment, and when the train reached the depot a perfect storm of abuse and yeils greeted them The troops proceeded towards the station of tt Washington Branch in silence. In the midst of , Shower Cf StoneS- brick* ?nd nth?r t? first tlx cars were permitted to pass along wlthoa violence. The excitement of the crowd was increased hi the addition of others from all parts, swelling th number of thore present to about two hundred The tenth ear was observed approaching fron Pratt street bridje. when a number of jwrsoni seizing the ricks '.n the hands of the laborer! mad* an int-lfe' tual ffort to tear up the track Finding that they could not succeed, as a lai resort they took up the paving stones and threv them on the track, almost covering it from obser ation They als'i damped a cart load of sand 01 thr bed of the track, placing alsofouror Ave larg anchors thereon, they Laving bodtlv removet t! em f'?m the sidewalk This cxr tuen returns t?> tae President street depot At this pnuit ther till remained upwards of twenty cars tilled w!t] the troops. and five or six cars which had beei vs?-d for the reception of ammunition. baggage \r. Aft*r the l*p*e of a quarter of an hour, tu command wa? ?iven for the troop* to diaembar] f.nd form on the outside Having formed uj>on the aidewnlk. the crow< preaaed closely upon tb?m,anda aerfsslon tlaj broi^ht forward, th-i whole party cheering fo the South. I.'eut L. F i.ynd, of company C m atched the flig from their bands, tore It iron the staff. and then quietly resumed his place li h:acompany. Several stones wereliurlea at him aom*> of which struck him on the bead, but with out doinif serious iujury. The Color liuard hat jjreit difficulty in preserving their fl ?e, and wer made the object of the moat serious attack. Th tiu ird were struck repeatedly with stones am bricks, and seriously bruised, but they manful! fought their way, and carried the regimental stai aud stripes safely through. From the President street depot to Pratt stref bridge they were pursued by the excited crowd who continued to hail stones, and, !t is stated IJrrd at tbem with muskets, k.r. Mayor Brow had put himself at the head of the column, wit a strong body of police The soldiers continue' on up rra? street ovr tne bridge, where severs other* were badly Injured by the stones thrown a the rear rank*. Tfcey caine along at a brisk pac and when they reached Marketi*paee an immens concourse of people closed In behind them ?n commenced atoning tbern. When they reached (iay street, where the trac bad been torn up, a large crowd of men armei with paving atones showered tbein on their head with inch force that aevera 1 of them were knocke down In the ranks. After laying a few moment the? crawled on their hand* and knees into loin of the stores on Pratt street. After they fell there was no further attack mad on tbetn; and those thus wounded were taken t apothecary stores ror medical attendance. At the corner .,( Smith snH Pntt atr?ot? m? red a pistol Into the rank* of the military, vrhr those In the rear ranka Immediately wheeled an tired upon their assailants and several wer wounded. Tbe guns of the soldiers that had fallen woande were seized, and flred upon the ranks with fat; effect in two or three Instances. After they rrar bed Calvert street they succeeds in checking their pursuers by a rapid fire, whtc bronchi down two or three, and were not mite molested uutil they reached Howard street, wher another large crowd was assembled, eorae stout were tbrov.n at thetn but their guns were n< londed. and they |?ssed on through the dens crowd down Howard street toward the depot. The scene on Pratt s'reet was of the most star ling character. The wounded soldiers, three 1 number were taken up carefully, and carried 1 places of safety by the citizens along the street. At the Camden station an Immense uiass of pei sons had collected and stretched along the trac to the amount of six or seven thousand. A larg detachment of the police, uuder Marshal Kam succeeded In clearing the track near the mat building As the troops were changing cars at tbe Can den station, a number of men appeared at tfa doors with revolvers, but the officers of the trooc drawing their swords, preven ed any serious on break. Fears were entertained that tbe trac would be torn up, and a strouir bodv of nolir were dispatched to protect It. Shortly after tti train left a bodr of northern Infantry, about 12 strong, appeared, and bad some difficulty, an several shuts were fired, but without doingaeriot: damage Capt Dyke, of the company which waa In tb rear, and abot In the car* whilst pasaing throug Baltimore, waa thought to be quite seriously h jured, and lndoed at one time supposed dead, bi a telegraphic dispatch, received at a late boi lact evening from Baltimore, where he remain: poke hopefully of bis condition. Mayor Browu hlmaelf was the first man to fli a shot, he having ael>?d a musket from one of tii soldiers, and shot dead one of the foremost of tb mob The Baltimore papers of this morning however, are silent In respect to this action of tb Mayor Tki following la a list, a* far as haa been aace tilaed. of the lulled and wounded: One of the members of Company D, of tb Massachusetts Regiment, wh oar name waa n< ascertained, was shot In the breaat and Instant] kllteA P?4 ??ta VC??nn n g\t Ika *?? ? * ?-? ? ? ?a? m o vvui l?U if j, wo ?hot in the left leg. and another mrmbfr of tt nae company In the left aide They were a ukeu Into tbe produce atore of A. Bond A Co No. 100 Pratt atreet, near Commerce. Capt Hart, of the Lowell City liner da, abot i tbe right thl?b; Sergeant Am, Company ? kail aerlouely Injured wltb a paving atone; M Green Company 1, ahot In the right leg, belo< the knee; Private .Needham, Injured with pevin atone*, and another, name unknown, abot la tb left knee. A great many were knocked dow with Ktaa and brleka.whoae namea are not mei tloned. hat who did not reeetre aerloua Injury. Of the cltitena killed and wounded ware Mi Robert DavU, of the Arm of Pa rater. Daria A Co pierced by three mlale balla; Fraucla Ward, lai atiident, wounded In the right braaat; W m. Re? job* McGaua, PhUlp Mile*, WjnCUrk, Wo Jlflnnj. bebeettaa 0eea, and other*wheea n*m< n T in n iii i could not be obtained, were killed. 8 Constant of NY, mi wounded Id the arm. There are i r l*rge number wounded whose name* hare not , been obtained, many of whom cannot live but i h >rt time. The baggage and munitions which accom n panled tbe Iroopi were contained In two of tb# it large freight cars belonging to the railroad, and k were left unattended at the depot. At about twc t o'clock in the afternoon a large crowd had col. lected at tbe terminus of the road?In consequence - of the report that more troops werecomlng?when a party of men forced an entrance Into one of th? 2 cars and proceed^ to brf-ak open a number ol boxes in which cartridge! were contained, and distributed them Three muikfta were also taken > from tbe car when, by the efforts of aoine hall doien policemen, the crowd was pressed back '* and the door of the car was closed. The musketi '' were removed by the police, while several empty boxes laying around testified that their contents e had been carried off. Another car was also entered, and several ir.llld tary hats taken therefrom, but the police soon * stopped them and placed both cars under guard. e At about lire o'clock In the afternoon tb? contents of the cars were removed to the Old City Hall e building, and safely stowed away They consisted of boxes of cartridges and percussion cap*; ? boxea of blankets and military uniforms, together '* with a goodly number of large sized travelling n trunks aad valise*. There were also two chests, ;* each marked "Massachuaeta Kegiment" "inediP ctne chest " About 2o'clock In the afternoon a party of men '* rushed into the telegraph office, corner of Haitimore and Smith IKm n with a hatchet, and demanded that the northern wlr?s be po'nted out to him. Without waiting r for an answer he rushed to a window out of which the wires pawed, and cut one of them before he e could be stopped The wires were soon mended e and the crowd got rid of, when It was discovered ? that all the wires but two had been cut at some J other point In the city. Tbe regiment were compelled to leave behind J In tbe ronfnulon and excitement the regimental 1 band and 150 mwn. who will probably reach here ' to-day. * Tn KIR UNIFORM. The Massachusetts volunteers are prnvidel with I the dark-grey overcoat, water-proof knapsacks and haversacks, regulation caps and new rifle II mu?k?ts hach man Is provided with two flannel r shirts and two pairs of drawers and stockings. * Many of them being hastily recruited. were nol ( fully uniformed. The uniformed companies have r black pants w th red and orange stripes down the 9 ai anil ,4 I - unu uarm-i'iur iitiauiry cuaik. a THE WOB5DSD OF TIIK MASSACHUSETTS SOLDIERS, In the light ?t Baltimore, are as follow*: Comj ptny C, StoneLam Light Infantry?Capt J H. l>yke, ball wound in the head; left In Baltimore, f and supposed to have died since; Henry L>yke, bail wound in the leg; W II. Young;, hit with a brickbat on the arm; Stephen Flanders, bad ; wound with a brickbat on the. bead; II Perry, brickbat wound on the knee; John Fortier, wounded on the bead with a stone; C L Gill, a l" bad wound on the knee, from the breech of a gun; Joseph \V. Pennall, knocked on the head with a brickbat; John Kempton, several bad bruises on tte legs and arms from paving stones; Morris ' Meade, wounded on the leg by a brickbat; Lieut. h Jamts Wroe. two side cuts on the bead, from brickbats; Daniel Brown, the third linger of the left hand shot off Company D, Lowell?C H - Chandler, wounded on the head by a brick - Company I, Lawrence?V O. Gingrasa, ball 1 through tbe arm, Alonzo Joy, two fingers shot off; Z Sergeant G J. Dorall, cut on the head with a brickbat; of this company five or six are left In j, Bait more, and tbe nature of their wounds are not ~ kuown Company D?\V. H Lamson. struck (n - the eye and back of tbe head with paving stones, j and other severe bruis-s on the body Charlei , Stinson, Company C. Lowell, nose broken with a brick. Company D. Lowell?Ira W Moore, ' bully wounded on the left ?rm with brickbats; T Gto. Alexander, back of the head and neck bad.y cut with a brick Ail of the above except Capt. Dyke are at tht | Washington 1 pfirmarv, under the charge of Sur geon Siuitri. of their own regiment, and Dr. J. S * Smith, Surgeon to the D C Volunteers, who h?i ' kmdlv voiuutcered his services as assistant The wounded were fell conveyed to the Infirmary in e barks, on their arrival here, and many citizens oi 1 th s place rendered their assistance la taking them e there. ' A considerable number of citizen* of Mauiehu. setts, temporarily residing here, have formed ' :h<mselves Into an aisonatlon, to aid by mone) e and other means la relieving troops s-nt her? from that State, whenever assistance may b? 1 required They are co.nposcd of men conversant '? with military matters, and may be readily con'? verted into an ?ffectlve volunteer force In case oi necessity. " TH* A5.N1 VEBSAB Y OF THE BATTLE OF LEXINSTO.f v A remirknbie coincidence is connected wltt '* this affair. Yesterday, the day on which Massa n chuset's shed the first blood in the defense of oui * Capital, was the anniversary of tbe battle of Lex' | ington.ln which she shed the first blood for lib 1 erty. cobrf>pcnde.\ce, ETC. The following is the correspondence of the ati< Q thorlt'.es with the railroad officials and Preside* '? Lincoln, on the subject of stopping the f?assage ol ? troo|?: ' Mayor's Office, City Hall, f Halt! rs.ore, April 19, 1001. J * John Tr finrrt't, E:q , 7 II J * i? _ i * ^? " 1 ? rnoiiifnt i>ax?iinure Jinn kjuio Kniiro^a : r Sir: W e advise tU?rt th? troops now here bi lea1 ' back to tbe borders < f Maryland. 1 Respectfully, B [Signed] Thomas II. H cks, '? 44 Gto Wm. Brows. By order of tbe Beard of Police. [digued] Chas . Howard, President. e Baltimork amp Ohio Railroad, f 4 President's Ojfie., Lain more, April 19 f y To Hi* Kxcellency, J'hos. 11. Hlcki. Governor j Ilia Honor G \\ Brown. Mavor of Baltimore Charles Howard, Ksq , I'reslclent Board of I'o ,t lice Commissioners: Geutlemen : I h-ive the honor to acknowledge l' the receipt of your commuuicatlon of this da'e n In which you advise that the troop* now ii?.re b< h s~nt bai-k to tbe " borders of Maryland " Mos d cordially approving this advice, I have instanth telegraphed the same to the Philadelphia. Wil it mlngton and Baltimore Kallroad Company, and K tills company will act In accordance therewith. H Vour obd't servant. d [Signed] J . VV. Garrett, President. Mayor's Office, ) Balttmort, April 19. |?fil J To His Excellency the President of the United ' St?tes: Sir: A collision between the citizens and thi ^ Northern troops has taken place In Baltimore. ant e the excitement is fearful Send no troops here We will endeavor to prevent all bloodshed. e A public meeting of citizens has been called ? and the troops of the State and the city hav< been called out to preserve tb? peace. They wll n be enough. JJ [Signed.] Tho H. Hicks. ? Geo. Wm Bkows. Mavor. e The Sun ana: "We ere advised tbat Wm. Prescott Smith " Efq . besides s-ndin;; the foregoing by telegraph 'I se;it a ?pecl 1 engine, ahead of all trains, down t< Washington, io tbat there might be no doubt o * Mr. Lincoln's receiving It at tije earliest moment h *4The Baltimore directors of the Northern Ten n tral Railroad.wboronstitule only a minority of tbi e board, beld a meeting last evening and made i "s ft rmal prot?s' against the conveyance of any mor< troops from tne North over the road. The Balti * more and Ohio Company sent an official coinmu nlcation to tbe Northern Central Company inform ' lng them that they would pass no more troops t< n \N aahlngton that should reach the city by tba ? route. A dispatch was received from Mr. Felton ? President of the Philadelphia road, in response U * the recommendation from here, saying that h< e would send no more troors over this road a " pre**nt, and requesting tbe officers In this city U n confer with proper parties on the subject " TBI MASSACHUSETTS VOLU5TKKRS TO-DAT. ' At 12 m to day tbe Massachusetts rc^liren muttered In the new 4enat? chamber, ev?ry com . P*"V full, and attended prayers The Rev. Mr / Babbitt, of Pepperlll, Miss , chaplain to the reg hnent, officiated, and addressed an eloquent and Impressive appeal to the Divine Throne In behall of the country. The dead In Baltimore were al d luded to, while tears cf grief trickled down th< cheeks of many In the ranks At tbe close of th? prayer, th? regiment was addressed by Colonel e Jones respecting their duties as soldiers, and the) . were cautioned to so conduct themselves as to call down upon thein no disapprobation from an) I quarter They were then dismissed to their sev |r eral company quarters. I. Hl>MK MILITARY AFFAIRS uaai nigm iiif scon it met. a new company or e ganlzation on Capitol H111 west, met at ttie Steuie ben House and agreed to change their name U lC th? Anderson Guard* N. Darling was elected , Captain, J. N Callan first Lieutenant, and Wm ^ T Dant Ordrrly S?*r^eant. Company G, National Guard battalion, bai r. been formed on Capitol HIU. and number* 7! members f E. Arnold Is the Captain, and ie Messrs Williams, OlTeusteln, and Turner ai ,t Lieutenants v The Henderson Guards, Capt. Foxwell, har? enrolled a second company which is nearly full a and will be ready to report for service in a daj ie or two. HEW COMPAKIK8 The two new companies organized by Genera ' Lane, of Kansas, ana Caselu* M. Clay, of Ken r tucky, noticed In the Star yesterday, are incrwia t Intf 1 n niimKare ?? ? ? | >>ft turn w v. .*tv\ i m ??i J > UC UmCm Oj [' Gen. Lane's company are: M. W Delahay and J 0 B. Stockton, lieutenant*; D 9. Gordon and J . T ~ Uurriu, arruettfiU; John T Hattersheidt and J m W. Jeaktns, corporals Col. Millward, of Penn n is a lieutenant tu Casstus M. Clay's compafty Lfst night Gsa line's company was eicns^ from serving on guard at tbe White House, anc r d smlsaod with orders to rally^hor* at the In alarm The other guards were on duty-as usual * IIOTIII *EW COM PARY. I, Last night a meeting waa held at the Anacoatla I. engine houae for the purpow of completing thi organization of a new military company, uadet , ! tbe Bane of "District Rifles." Tbe company i < bow number OS men, rank and file, and the I amount Increasing dally. Tbe following la a llat i of officeraRobert Clarke, Captain; TbomaaA. Tol?on, Flrat Lieutenant; Joseph W. Arnold. Second do ; Jamea Cross, Tbird do ; Jacob Las? : ky, First Serjeant; George T. Denbam. !*?rond I do ; Win. Nalley, Third do.; John \V. Hrad? bury, Fourth do ; Jnmes II. Gordon, Knolgn; . ! Win 11. Hutchinson. First Corporal; Rllj >h Ac! ton, Second do ; Wm. F Berkley. Tb'rd do ; i ; ueorge w. mil, t-onrxn do. ' j TROOP* AT TH7 WAR DRPARTMKNT ' j At 1 o'clock y< sterday tbe |-a**age* i.t the War Department were comparatively clear of the ' I crowd of otBcera nnd other* having bnalne** ' there A little after Lieut Webb entered the area with fourteen men. recruit* for the National 1 Rifles; and *ub*equently the Cameron Rifle*, Captain Elder, Lieutenant* Tho*. Meusbaw, H. 1 H Blrckbead, and J. W. Glover, 4 iergeant*. 1 corporal* and 6'2 men were iworn in Afterward* Major McDowell went to the Capitol and mus in iuc i cuuiyivaiiia (uuipinici inio me .vrvice. GUARD 0!f THJ RIVER STEAMBOATS. Yesterday morning the Department wa? Informed that ord<rs had been received by the agent of the Potomac Steamboat Company in tbia city, to'send down the river at once the l*rge mail steamers Philadelphia, Baltimore, Powhatan, and Mt. Vernon. It being surmised that the steamers were to be used in transporting Southern troops, an order was at once Issued for them to remain at their dock, and a guard of 15(1 men from the 4th 1 Artillery on F, street, detailed to bold tbem. The i artillery remained but a short time, however, having been relieved by company A. Capt. Towers. V\ ash ington Light Infantry, who have remained since at that place on auty. Much dis! appointment was manifested by the passengers who expected to leave In the Powhatan la?t night, but orders were imperative, and so far as the boats ( were concerned, it was "no go." Much credit la due Capt. Towers' company as they have been on duty seven nights out of ten, besides performing arduous dutit s elsewhere. MOVEMENTS AT THE ARSXNAI.. Kver since 10 o'clock Thursday nit;tit. a large number of furniture wagons have been busily employed in removing f'om the arsenal, riHes, mus1 kets, and ammunition for the use of the troops l.itely arrived and volunteers formed In the city. In the grounds of the Arsenal we observed several Held pieces planted upon tbe green, and commanding the river channel. A COLLISION. Last night a party of men, who w*re under the Influence of liquor, were roving about the northern part of the city, singing "Dixie's Land." and occasionally shouting for "Jeff. Davis'"' It was not long before they were met by a squad of the opposite party, and were forced to keep quiet, by threats of summary punishment. 1 THE EFFECT TPOS OCR JIKIOHBORS. i^ur neignoors irom me near counties 01 Maryland and Virginia are deeply distressed by the xisting state of aflalrs. The market this morning was largely attended by them, and their anxiety and sorrow were often expressed Their language and feature! were full of grief. One who had been an old attendant upon our market said, " It is a sad thing that after so many years of fra 1 ternal Intercourse we should be divided and made i enemies to further the schemes of wicked men WASHINGTONIASS ASSAILED IN ALEXANDRIA Yesterday a number of our citizens were In Alexandria, and were stopped by parties of per sons, authorized or unauthorized they could not say Papers were demanded of them, and as they 1 could not give them they were strictly examined 1 as to their sentiments upon national affairs Even ' an old citizen of Alexandria was stopped and ex1 amined Our informant was one of those ex' amined. and getting a chance to leave was not ' lone in doing st 1 TELEGRAPH !N POSSESSION OF GOVERNMENT < '1 he telegraph in this city was iu possession of > the Government and a guard stationed at the office ' from midnight of last nl^ht till this morning, i ..k.. ?i- I. * wuru mr tuiuar^u was removed ! THE WASHINGTON BU'GADK OF PENNSYLVANIA. I"be Wasuington Brigade of Pennsylvania troops, under Gen Small, left Philadelphia in a 1 epeciai train ye?;erd.iy morning, and arrived In ! Baltimore in i;ood time, hut were immediately ' ordered back by the president of the ro^d at the ' request of Gov. Hicks and Mayor Brown. It is 1 n>t known whetfcer they went as far back as Pbll, adelphid or not. TO-BAY. | Th!s morning the orderlies and messengers of j tbe War Department were kept constantly busy. | It is reported that tbe mob in Baltimore has pos| | session of tbe telegraph wire?. ' A number of officers who have been on frontier ' d'lty for several years and bad jus' got leave of ' absence, have waived their leave and reported for dutv. Col. Charles May, who was on thrre months' 1 leave of absence, on ascertaining tke position of things here, hastened back, and hat reported himself at tbe War Department for duty. About 11 o'clock the following corps and re* emits reported, and were mustered Into the service* Capt. Jas. Elder's corps, reported yesterday, " was sworn in this ctorninjj. Capt J<<s Elder, . Lieuts. Aleusbaw, Hirkhead, and Glover, and c I abor.t 60 men Company D. 1'nlon Regiment, Capt McClrl| land. Lieuts A Tate. J. H Dubant, H. Posey, 5 sergeant#. 4 corporals, and 54 men i L.""t ... ... i ? - ? " * -?"* - ' n>c irviuiu mr uir neuuersou uuatui, ^api Foxwell. Lieut li. JJeall and nine recruits fur th? Constitutional Guards, Capt. L'egges. Thkatrk?To-night that excellent actor, manager, and gentleman, S W . Glenn, takes Lit l>eneflt This, coupled with the fact that Jeffervn in^kes his farewell bow to-night, should certainly Induce ail overflowing attendance. Jeflerson appears to-ni?_'ht in his great part of " Newman ? Noygs" in the popular dramatization of Dickens' i novel of "Oliver Twist," and Glenn will favor * his friends with a touch of his quality In his noted character of " I,orenz flartiinan" in the admirai lile drama of u Helping Hands." Citizens and * strangers will llnd our eosy theater the most * agreeable place possible to visit for an hour or ' two while waiting for the news j Pennsylvania Avenve to be Cleaned by 1 Wholesale ?A machine for this purpose Invented by our fellow-townsman, Mr. James P. Klllcott, was exhibited In front of the Patriotic Hank, on Seventh street, yesterday af'ernoon, in the presence of the Water Commissioners It consists of a doubly perforated pipe, surmounted I with a cap, and laid the entire length of the street and In the center of the same connected to the e water mains by suitable regulators, so that any I desirable amount of water can l>e thrown upon the street to either wash or Irrigate it at pleasure. Much admiration was expressed with its perform, ance, and the Water Commissioners seemed satisi fled of Its efl'ectlveness for general use. We ark requester by the Mayor of Georgetnwn I) 11 In * "?* 11 * , v v , ... ?u-? uo uur? llUfc UfT'IU i V ill a'l necessary to Issue a proclamation to the people of that town in regard to the existing disturbance. ? He knows, he says, that the\ are all loyal to their country, and will uphold it* flag to the last. As > to mobs and rioters, there never have been any in ' i Georgetown, and never will be any until i?? pop. ; ulation shall have been superseded by a another and very dilTtrer.t class. ' Porter, Alk asd Cider ?Our enterprising Georgetown friends. Messrs Amy A Shinn, of Green street, who have the largest bottling estab' lishment south of Baltimore, and supply the " principal hotels, keen alwavs on hand th? >?? ? | malt liquors and cider to be had In the District. Give them a call. J Improvement.?At least one man has nerve ? enough to build in these unsettled times, and t I Mr. Wm H. Godey, of Georgetown, Is the per. son. He Is erecting a small brick dwelling house near his lime kilns in the First Ward of th'.scity. Mr. A Barbour is the bricklayer, and Mr. Cartt wrlght the carpenter?both of Georgetown. Avbivkd at Carter's wharf, (foot of Thirteenthand-a-half street.) schr Louisa Gray, Weaver, I Philadelphia, with 11S tons of coal for T. 8. Gatf trell, ana 71 tons for Geo. Bogus j I Br notice elsewhere it will be seen that com | pany F, Washington Light Infantry, a spirited I , new comDanv. will hold *> .SI b Si* call, elaewhere, for company meeting of , the "Union Flag Guard," to-night, at the Old Trinity Church. PlKHili. Peraona deairinr pennies will alwftya find them for exchange at the Star Office osnntor. tf > | MAKRIBD. In thia oity.on th* 18tli inatant, by Rev. Father | Walter, THOMAS B-*AN,of Montfioin*ry cuunt*. Md , to Vi?< FRANCESCaTHaRiNK KID i , WELL,of Virginia. DIED, 1 On tbe 20th inatant, JAMES T. MOORE, in the 36th rear of hie age. 1 The funeral will take place on to-morrow (Sa.v> , i>aih)aUernoon.at3n'clocfc,from bit tesidenoa, <>n r 1 Tenth at., between Q and K. *

(Baltimore papers copy.) On the 18th instant, of pnenmouia, FRANK i WfcSTON MOOuV, ?ged i year and 9 days, only an of Alexander W. and Jennie Moody, and ' grandson of W. P. Partello, Esq., of thiaoity. 'Under thw willow they're laid bun with oar?V' f >-uuic a ion* motner. while weeoing,' the willow, with bis goden n?ir, Frai ky. sweot Franky, liee sleeping." . I On the 16*h Instant, at Trinity Church, Ge^rgetowa i y ue Rev. Father E. MoNerhany. of w'nah* ingtoa, D. C., Mr. Wll.LIA* WHKl-AN of ; Georgetown to Miss K*TE V. MeNKRHANY, } eft as liter of Kdward aod B. . MoNt-ihary, of 1 Lancley. Fairfax county, Va. t ( Philadelphia, Baltimore and Virginia papers . ??FT-> * i on tbe ltth in?tant. JAMR8 OWEN!*, Jr. . i Tbe friends ol the faieily ere li.vited to attend . h a funeral, on Saturday evening, lite ?oth liist&nt, ' , from bis Jather'i resideuoe, in Punoe George's ' ooanty, Md, ap U ? w t Immense Sacrifice IX CARPETING, OILCLOTHS, MATTING, i*n WINDOW SHADES. ^ G. T. SWANN & CO., 373 SEVENTH S1REET 373 arc orrmsti EXTRA INDUCEMENTS 15 THK ABOVE ARTICLES! ASD WOVLD NAME: BLACK SILKS 90 centi, worth 31, FINE FRENCH LAWN9 10 oenU, worth 18, FINE CALICOES 10 oenU, worth 12, 12 cent COTTONS. 10 oenU. PINE CHALLIES 12 o?nt?, worth 25, FINE LAVELLA CLOTHS, in oenU, worth 18, FINE GKEY GOODS, 12 oentR, woith '.8. 16 oenti COTTONS, 12X csr.ts. Also, BOMBAZINES, ALPACCAS, PLAIN DELAINES, STELLA SHAWLS, LACE POINTS, MANTILLAS, CLOAKS, EMBROIDERED COLLARS, SETS OF COLLARS AND SLEEVES, WHITE BRILLIANTS. PLAIN AND PLAID MUSLINS AND CAMBRICS. CURTAIN MUSLINS. IRISH LINENS, NAPKINS,TABLE DAMASKS, SHEETINGS, MARSEILLES QUILTS, run ub.HlLK.MKJi'S AND BOYS' WEAR, FRENCH CORBET?, EXTENSION SKIRTS, KID, SILK, AND THREAD GLOVES, PARASOLS, UMBRELLAS, AND BONNETS. All of which we will sell at astonishingly low trices. Al so, Bood CHAMBER CARPETING,2?> centi, Good STAIR CARPETING, 12 oenti, Superior WOOL CARPETING. 5" cents, FLOOR OILCLOTH,37 c?nt?. .11A riliXttB, CCEtS, WINDOW SH ADE9,< with Futures.>75 cents. Call early and secure the bargains. G. T SWASiJI 4: CO., 373 Seventh STEEIT, a? "8 3t One d< or above R. B. Hall's. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Yy?MAYOR'S OFFICE? OKoRGtrow.i. D C., April 15, lf61. All the oit aens of tht* town over the a^e of fortyfive years wli<>are willirfto render military service to their c >untry, and more particularly ib def-i;d the i>is net of Columbia apainet thraegres sionof rebel* are incited to enrol their names at this office. As soon as a srfficiett number have lw?en enroled to constitute one or more companies they will be assembled to elect their own i ffics, ai>d I > make such other arrangements as may be ii1 re* ?\ry to equip themselves for such tervioeas may be aiHigned them by the proper military authority of the Liiktiict ofC"1umbia ap lf>-lw HENHY ADDISON. Mayor. yiRGINIA MONEY WANTED WILLIAMS' *WOOD YARD. I will take Virginia money in payment for Wood at the lo*e*t cash price*. fur ah debts due me I will take Virginia money at pir. ' is earnest y requested that all persons will call and m&k* immediate payments as we wmli to o uie all account! on our books. Ca.l early if you wish to pass your money. At WILLIAMS', on ths Canal, wettof the Market House, &p 20 3t_ Georgetown. 1). C. TWO DWELLING HOUSE* FOR RFNT, situated on the went ni'leof Fayette street, in Georg> towo, being equidistant from the Academy an<1 Colieg?;one being at prerent oocupiM !>> Mrs. Bibb, (which wil be rented with or without tlie furniture;) the other b-ing No. 63; both having spacious k ocnds attached. Also, lor hire, three Servants K P. JAOKSON. ap 16-lw No. ir>r> Bridge street. WHOLESALE FISH HOUSE. 2i)2 barrels Labrador HER JUNG, telected. 96 do Bay laiaiid do 95 tin fc>?tport do 5" half bb!?. extra Hoe do 51) bbls. new Maedalene do ion do St John ALE WIVES. Paily cxpected per schooner F. lle;lrcr, and for s^Ie low from th? wharf on or before arrival Aloo, 132 lib's, oho ee Labrador HEKKINO, on board of schooner Expecit, duo here about the firtt of next week. Alio? 250 bb h. No. 1 Mereir.iclu ALE WIVES, 1*<i do No. 1 Gipped IlEKHlNG, 1?>0 do No. I Boston do 3fM) do No. 3 Medium MACKEREL, Glouoeiter in*r?eotion. 5" IiI'Ij. No. 2 MACKEREL, Gloucester iD'pectiou, A!??>. kit* ami half kits No. 1 MACKEREL and SALMON. 48 half bbls. Sprin* H Ell RING ard Labrador HER K IXG of Ftiperinr quality, in ttoreand for sale at satiafaotory priet-a. HARTLEY A BROTHER, ap 10-2w 99 and 101 Water at. Georsetown. A HOOTS AND SHOES. LA ROE And varieu ae?<>rtm??i,t of BOOTS and SHOES of excellent quality just re oeivedatl44 Bridge street, near the ont-S>3m I nibua atand. and for a*le 25 to 30 per cent.r Hi cheaper than the usual prioea. ma 23-1 in A. NEW HER OF.K. PJl'ST ARRIVED, ER Propeller S. Seymour, from Philadelphia, 75 barrela and ion half barrela of Manser. (Collins A */, > iiAni/i im> wonrj nveuuo, djiwmd .11 and N s's. ap 4-tf y>OK RENT?/. WRICK HOUsE. eoittunicc r 12 room*, with Potomac water and gat, 011 I street, between 13th and 14th. opposite Franklin Square. Inquire at WARDER 4 STEWART'S ood and Coal Otlbe, corner of H and Twelfth ts. Also, Brick House oorner Twelftn and 1. maSS-tf IfOR RENT?On May 1st, the large and oominodioua HoUSKon Louisiana avenue, opposite the City Hail !*quare, nowocoapied by Mr. Webb as a dwelling and law offioe, and adjoining the house of Mr. Ricl-ard Wallach ma23-tf FRANCK TAYLOR. Handsomely furnished roomsFour ha'dsomely Furnishrd Rooms, supplied with pas and water, and convenient t.> the Pater.t ar.ri Post Offioe Departments, (or rent. App yat 490H Massachusetts avenue, north sice, between 4th and 5th sts. ma 23 CTORE FOR RENT.?A large Store-room on Fa. avecne, adjoining our auction rooms, for rent. Apply to W ALL k LfARNARD, Auction and Commission Merohanta, corner Ninth street and couth side Pa. avenue. mar U F>R RENT-A three story bnek HOUSE,oontaining ? rooms. In good order, with ga? fixture* complete, on H street, between 4th and Mb. *WVBVUIJ UIW& Ks\J K 1AU&4 Wlta lftr(6 yard attached, ooraer of P street north Mi 14th ft. east- To puuotual and reliable tenants tho terms will be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between 6 and H. no 13-tf FU OR RENT-The fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 W6stat.x Georgetown, at present ocou tho subscriber. It tiaa 13 rooms, with gaa I and water throughout, a fine yard, staole A;0, and JAS-JhSr /-|?PICKR8, PSTTY OFPICER8. AND SeaV# men who were on board of any IJ. 8. ships at the raptaro of any slaver oan hare their ol&ims fur H u;.tya?d Head Money promptly attended to by Co ' Philadelphia DRAFT ALE. For'?ale l?r I AKNV A SHINN. DSOO BM.b PRIME CIDKR AILY Fxpected perschoonerMary Ann MoGm from Bonton. This Cider is A No. 1, and ia (or tale in lots to suit purchasers. ARNY & SHINN'3 _fe22 Union Bottles Depot. Georgetown. JUST RKCEIVKD_in Mid*. prune Porto Rico SUGARS 13" Dins. Will Kvo WHIMiV, 85nbbls. 11KRKING and albwivks. ftn i>bls. Crushed ?nd Refined !?UGAlte, hats Kio and JavaCOFFEE, Hi hhds.ilow prioed) MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOG UK. se 10 FOR SALE AND RENT. 'po MIL1TAR i OFFICKRS.?For rent.alarjb 1 il * L L ?2 l?y b3 leet, and two Rooms adjoining, one 12 by 12 ( et the other 14 Wy 32 feet. Also, t*o Furnished Rooms in the came building, suitabls for <<8ioerc, the wh->le fronting on Pa. avenue. App.y to d3'J Pa. avenue, between 2d and 3d sts. ay 17 <t* For *aleor rent-a frame house. containing seven rooms, together with the furniture, situated oa New Jersey avenue, between M and N sts. nortli. Also, a new three-story brick house, with back building, on the same square, I No. 130 Fourth it ) Alto, some valuable lots, all of whioh will be sold very cheap. Insuire of J. i u VV 1 o n ? ? I - -% THELATEST NEWsT TELEOBAFH 10. The L?te?t (ram Harper's Ferry [Special dlipatch to The Stir ] Hajph'i Fbbkt, April 1# ?Edit,* Star Two Shop* and the Arsenal burnt No |<!vate property destroyed The town la In poMasion of the Virginia Troops All quiet. X. Fram t uliUrniu. by P?ay Kipress Fo*t Kfarskt. April 17 ?The pany Express, with San Francisco dates to the ??ih fnst . (visaed here at 3'JO p. m , with the follow ing Wilelliironrfl fnr tVio A aa/? - ?.<! ^ v awa ?? ?" mwAi I rcs? Accounts from the interior of tbe Stat* represent tberoads In aucb bad condition that It will require a considerable time before j/?odscan be transported to tbe principal mining district*. Not mucb activity In trade ia antic) fated before tbecloae of the month,unlets operations take place in anticipation of tbe country demand Since tbe election of Senators. Boundary Cotnmiasioner and officers for tbe State institution*, tbe Legislature bas commenced to work industriously. Three railway companies have been granted franchises for laying bcrse railway through principal a'reets in San Frauclaco, being restricted to five cent price of passage Senator McDougall departs for \\ nsbington on tbe 11th. One reason assigned for lis departure forthwith ia the purroae or endeavoring to influence some of the California appointnents. ab< ut which tbore ia unspeakable anxiety among Republican politicians st the present tide. Tbe bill appropriating money for the survey ? f tbe harbor at San Francisco under tbe direct.on of a corps of United States Knglneers, to ascertain tbe neceasity of constructing a bulk bead, pissed both bouaes of the Legislature. Tbe last F.astern bound state on Butterfleld's overland mall ro> te left San r rnnci?' ?, ana me rony r.xprt-ss now furnishes overland communii ations w:tlj the lint. Accounts of the dutuage In the miclnu region* resulting from the late Sturm represent the losses far greater than was at first anticipate! The dams supplying water to tbe principal quartz tntlls of Col. Fremont and tie Mariposa Company were partially carried off, and cannot be repaired before September, it reducing tbe yield of gold one third or more Meantime It is thought that tbe damage to the Tuilumne Company amounts to ^l.out.ixio The Spritig Valley Water Works Compan/ introduced water in their reservoir on he hills near the southern borders of S*an Franciat o on the 4tt>. from whence they expect to supply water to tbe greater portion of the city in opposition to tbe Benselev Company. The United States District Court rendered a decision giving to Robert .Morrison S'.tt.iiuo damages against the Pacific .Mall SUr.tmsb'p Com pany, because the Company sold Morrison tickets for an entire state-room for ?ni - __ . ? i mrmm - u " ??C 11 > Ul California, and tben comp*lltd th^ai to give up tbelr room at Panama and each make the balance of tbe passag- in a room where tht*e were two other passengers The Breckinridge State Centra: Committee have not agreed to propose a fuaicn with the Douglasites; there being no cban<e except by adopting the Douglas platform. They have adopted an addre*s acknowledging all a* democrats who favor the Crittenden Compromise resolutions and oppose coercing tbe se;eded States, and have called a Stite Convention .'or the 11th of June The steamer Panama, on the 4th hmnffht f)w. eon dates to the 2fllb ultimo, and British Columbia to the 23d Geo. K Shield ar d A J Thayer, contestant* for the sutcessorshlp of Mr Stout in Congress,are among the passengers who arrived on their way to Washington Also, Lady Franklin and her niece Meiggs' sawmill on the Columlia river, had be?*n blown up, kill'rig nine men. The Portland papers allege thai silver mines have been discovertd In the rock 0:1 Gray's river at Astoria Tbe whole of Vancouver'* Isltrd, together with tbe smaU islands that fcrm the dependencies of tbe colony, is now thrown open tc pre-emption By a prorlamctton cf Governor Douglass a large nnmbor of negroes have been strick from the vo\er? list in Victoria A project <s Ijefore the British Home Government for a complete exploration ol Vancouver's Island The plan, says the Colonist, is simply to form two exploring parties, each (arty to be divided into a land and a water party, one exploring the west ro?.st in one of Ler Majesty's su-amehips, and the other, with one of ber Majesty's JJU uunau m p?l up ioe C4II it ?J til 01 Utur^il side of tbe Island. Additional from Baltimore. Bai.TIXokk, April 1U ? A? far >.s ascertained only two of the Massachusetts soldi* rs were fc lied here to-day. Their bodies ?re now at th? police station. At the same station are tbe foLowirg wounded: i-ergeant Amw, of the Lowell City Guard?woundedinthe head sliyht'v, Privatet'oburn, of tbe same place, shot in the bead?not serlom; Private Michael Green, cf Lawrence, wounded in tbe bead with stones; 11 W Danfortb, slightly wound'd. So far as known at present sev?-n Baltimoreans have been killed. H.t f r dozen or thereatKiut are Beriously wound* d. though believed n jt fatally. Comparative quiet now prevail*. The military are under arms, and the police artout in full force I'nlan It i-lu??ii I' *'? ?? * ? ? ? ? ? . . .. ?- i* i' * v a iiov a ai.U liir LnU?-d States. Toronto, April Is ?In Parliament last night Mr. McDou^all, otie of the leaders of th?* opposition from I'pper Canada. stated that if the existing evils In Co [.sequence of tb^ uni*>:i with Lower Canada, were not otherwise remed alliance between Upper Canada aud the Northern State* W:is likely to be formed. from the Southern Confederacy Mostoomkrt, April 19 ?A prolonged Cabinet meeting was held to-dav upon Virginia sllair* The President has official notice that tS;e see- m on cf that State Is in entire accord with this Confederacy in a military point and otherwise. grjf. BIRDS*!?BIRDS FOR J-AI-K. c<yr r/v Just reueivM ? Solendld um'taunf "IVV3 Ihrd* Irooi Europetieruiau Omii i> Enjluh B'ack B:r<i*, Thrusne*, fl- i Firche*. G<>ld Finch**, Lire's, Sky Lark*. Y?!!o* Hum rs Parroqurtg, Java Sparrow.', Starlen*, the Ked Moc*. w Parrot, and gr.?en aad Kray. 1 have Making Bird*, Rtd \N ing Black ttiias, R?t Brds, Doves, and Bobolinks; aT?o, Trained Bird*. Prion 25 oect* to 5 j?. Cates of all kind* Iroin lu cent* to $in, at JOHN O'mkara's Bird Store, r;o. SttG Pa arenue, at the Capito! rate. fe9 la 1u will. bi;y and give a high price for Autosraplia*old letter* fro? cf.oiirated men,) Care Pamphlets, and \Voik*ou American Hictor?, fto Letter* of Washington rnucli waited. Addres* K. SPKl.NG, 545 north Twelttk at.. Phi adeiphia, Pa. a? 9-tt* chenck's treatise (in consump TION ?To be hail free of chart;* at the Drue Store of S. B. WA1TK. oorner tewith tt aca Louisiana av. Or. J. h . Sehenck,el Philadelphia, ?.?? y uoi.auvu -m ym mp nrv |1THH a IU1I IJCBCTTl piiOT. of the rtiipasui stanofthe I.ut.ks, liver and Stomach. Kvrj invalid should oali an-1 got one. ma 28-lm fyE\V SPRI.NU GOUU3 PK ICES TO SUIT T11E TIMES' The subscriber invites the atlent en of purchasers to ine large ami las!<ionable stir k of GENTLEMEN'S Fl RNiSHLNtf GOODS, whioli h" is prepared to sell at the lowest Cash prices. Cail and examine, at LANE'S Fashiona.) e Hat, Cap, aid Ger.ts* Furbishing Store, 4'24 Pa. av. (lnt.ARep.) ap!2-6 eo rI,HK SI ISSCRIBKRS HAVMi NECF1VED 1 t.ieir first supply of n?w *tyle> of SPRING t?OOD>. they reepeetful j invite a i all from their patron* and the pua.ic gon TA rally. They keep al*o oo^aiantfr on h%r.d WW a good supply of N aval, and MILITaKY" FURNISHING OUHU8, auoh a* fipauleta, Sword*, Gold Lao:-*- etc. H. F- LOUDON * CO,. Citis?n and Military Tailor*, may 3m?o No. 36'i. under Urpwn'? Hotel. PLAINFIELD ACADEMY. Niai C?iU!Li, PA. Thirtieth aeotoii (twenty week',) commence* Mai 6 h. Number of lad* limited to twenty live. Entire rxpenae , eacn haif pagaiila in ad van o* vnuuoia o iiuB uiuor, > o u i A IP W VH C II) C1C8 C* at Kirkwood Houso April ISth and ;9th, Jrom 2 till 4 p. m.,or address R K. BURNS. Plainfield. ma a>-eolm Cumberland county. Ha. WNKW GOODS. 1 E Are cow adding to onr stock a large and desirable lot of NEW GOODS, coir jrising everything that is new and desirable, whijh we prop->be to se 1 at a small prico All ners>j>as in want ol DRV' GOODS wiU always find our ttcck complete in a.i its liranohes, and at tne lowea: prices. We would impress upon those of oureit:?*ns who Jmve | recently taken op their residence us, that we have but "one prioo." marked in pmiu figures on < each article, and otfcr a aicoounto five percent, off for all sales fo? oash. We ask an examination of prio<t,ro tiiat customers cau satisfy tiem'elves in record to the sat ing by purchasing fir cash. i W. M. SHUSTEfc * CO., No. 3S, opposite Cent-r Market, ap 6 l?t Between 7t? nuo B'n sts. LATHAM'S OMNIBUS LINKVwiLL. ON aai after Monday. Apri: 15 IMI. 1 run b?t??>*n v\ a-htngtr>n and A a >dna *t the fo o? ing licurc: i ? * fJU ? lr*^ . Alexsnd-iaat 5 30. ? 9*1 a d li.V , and and 4 p. m: tear > \Va*aington at 9 10J0 and IS a. m . and 2.3 80 and 5 p.m. The nthces are at Samuel Htin<m?t?'s Hat and Ph?e Stor-, npp.-sit* Avnou* Hoim. Washington, and tireen'a Mansion Huuee. A'ejandna- Puaencara oailed for at any p??int within the ei?y limita of either. Fare each wmw g)e?nt?. ap <5Tt IlK'SH WOOD*. HAVE Nov reoeivad my Sprint importation* of Irish Linen*. Linen Shut fronts, Table ilia- ( para Napkin*, Toweling, Table Ckitka. bird eye liiaper, Liaen Cambric HankarahtuU. ? food* at 74 oanta aard. sen, all of my ova importation, from the oelebrated manafaaW j of ^an^-ar.i^ak on k. Co., Belfast. Ireland, and w% ranted all para liran?all sailing at. tea per oeat. (ess than u*aal puoe.,at 1IENEY BOAN^. 323 (soatk M*l Pa avenue. Between 6th and 7th streets. ap 1MM i Ntw Jf*n Baildia**. i { I | SECOND EDITION. THRKE O'CLOCK P. M Pi?it o* or Amtn at Httrn'i Fuit.? To Mr Adair*, the rorr?-*poiidrtit of Ik* New York Wmrld, wLo hu just returned frosi Harper's Ferry. we a'e Indebted for the following particular* In regard to the position of atfhtraat that Dotnt All along the road on Lis way op yesterday lb? people were enthusiastic for tbs secession cause At Foint of Rocks(Md ) the Confederate flag was flying At Harper's Ferry the train was slopped by a file of Virginia soldiers, wbo passed through the cars to see If any Federal troops were on board Sentinels were stationed within the bridge, and on the Virginia side two batteries of cannoa were stationed, pointed at 1 he cars No one was permitted to land from the cars, troopa being sta tioned to prevent the egress of passengers Tb? State flag of Virginia was flying from the flag staff, and the town was under martial law Tbs Virginia troops, consisting of companies from Mart'.naburg, Staunton, Wythenlle, and other points, took poasesalon on Thuraday night ar.d Friday morning. The Federal forcea burned two armories. d? SmwIOO -? ?1 * " ? - -?wj.Mfe uivai wi IUC iraii oovorc loving. BIV terifs are planted upon all the bights commanding the river Two thousand Virginia troops were there, ar.d more were eipected The Ohla volunteers, to the support of the General Government, had not been permitted to come over the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad further than Benwood Mr Ada ma was not permitted to stop at Harper's Ferrv, but proceeding on to Martlnsburg, eighteen miles beyond, waa able to send dispatch* a from there to hli paper Tbk Noiroii Navt Vabd ?We are satisfied mai me uovrmment here enWtaln no apprehension whatever of a auc.essful attack on the Norfolk navy yard or any other valuable Government property In that quarter, having, since receiving ijpwi of the effi-rt made to obstruct the rhnnnel of Elizabeth river, further Information which tell* that the United State* entirely command the situation there, with no prospect that the table* may be turned on them. A Mitttii ?The Marshal of the District of Columbia, Col. Lamon, la not a lieutenant of tb* volunteer company of sojourner* here for th? wo tection of the Federal Capital, commanded by Col C. M. Clay, ef Kentucky, aa reported Hia official dutiea, more especially at this time, require bla undivided attention, we apprehend A a my Offices* Resigned?Captain Arnold Eliey, '2d artillery, (of Md ;) Capt Henry HMh. 10th Infantry, (ofVa,) Flrat Lieut. John Mollina. 2d dragoons, (of Tenn ;) In J M Harden, ssslatint surgeon, (of Mis* ;) First Lieut Walt?t H Jeniftrr, 2d cavalry, (of Md.,) have resigned Perianal. Hon A Perry, N Y ; Hon G A Grew, Pa , are at the National Hon Jamea H Campell.Pa . F. Evan*. D. D , Md ; J F Alexander, editor of the Greenville Journal, are at the Washington Houae Hon Csaauia V n.f ? ??-* W m. C. Goodioe, Private Secretary; Hon" J L,. L) Morrison and ladv. Ill; Hon A B Olln. > V , Major Delatield. V 9 A ; E S Hand*. V. * X ; Ca}4 T II Neill, I* S. A . Gen B \V Keim. Pa; Majors S I. Young and B A Shaeff-r. Volunteers, Major Klpley, F. C Armstrong. Captain Stewart. U S. A ; Maj P Kearnev. NY; Lieut Bankhrad, I, S X.; F J Treadwell. U 8 A i Col. Jones. Man.Volunteers, are at Willards'. Alexandria Affairs?From this morning a Gar.ette we take tbe following : We are requrcled to state tbat tbe steamer Mooticello only took out some thirty tons of ammunition, i nst. ad of an entire cargo, as reported T?ater day The carrying of airfr>unition was ao uauiua! thing for tlie steamer. She left on Wednesday morning at ? o'clock, instead of Tueaday evening at 3 o'clock, her regular time The L'. S s!oop-of-war Pawn** stmme4 op the Potomac yesterday morning, with all ber gene out?evidently having on board a considerable force A short time after, tbe Anacoatla also steamed up to Washington Bo'h vessels salled down the river lust night?report says, tbalr destination was Xorfo'.k. i.a>n Warrants a>? Moi*v ?Tbe tranaaetlons in land warrants have been comparatively nothing this week. Id'.' to 130 acre warrants bar* unwii m? auffn i per acre witu <le?l?r?. wbo sell at 55.z.: bO arret X>aG>j- ; 40 acre* KSafl 00 New ?ork eity tiaaka. pur; SUt*. 1 percent; Naw Jersey. Delaware, and RLode laland. 1, Pennsylvania und Maryland, 2 to 3; Virginia sndTenneaatf. 10; Nor'h Carolina, Missouri. South Carolina, and Georgia. IS; Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Louisiana. 5; Illinois. *25 THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH. Position af Kentucky LorisviLLi, April 19?A Union meeting waa hold here last night, at wblrh Mr Uuthrie and other prominent men made speeches Keaolntioni were adopted tbat the < on federate States having commenced the war. Kentucky assumes th^ ri u ht tn t Kam* Ka? *,k"# *w- "~*1 * -s ? v, ?UVI pw??UVO| n.-iu iU?t ?ur Will acknowledge loytlty till ttie Government becomes tb<- ??;^r?-w>r. Siie opjoaers tfce call of the President for volunteers for the purposes of coercion, or the raising of troops for <li~ Confederacy; asserts that seoes siou is no remedy far the pending evils, and that Kentucky will not take part with either side; at the same time declaring her soil sacred against the hostile foot of either The Governor is endeevoring to Induce the banks to take a loan of SSOU,(XJU For the defense of the State. Obstruction ef Travel. Baltimore, April W ?The bridge over Bsck R iver Creek, at Meivilie. between W oodbury and Mount Washington, (about 60 feet span.) on tbe Northern Central Railway, has been burnt down, and It is reported that a considerable body of Northern soldiers sre at the Relay House beyond. [uemiemen rrom Halt;more atate that tbe cotfrrd bridge at Canton. near Haiti more, hu also been dratroyrd; thu? temporarily obatructine both northern approKbn to Baltimore by railroad. rkpj Arrival of the Harper's Ferry Trttpi at < arlUle, Pa. Caklikli. April ?Lieut Jones and 43 mm, lately cf tbe H irper'? Ferry garrtaon, arrived here yeetr rday evening. 1 n rontequenr e of the approach of *2.500 men ordered by Gov I*etcbtrto take ponseaaion of tbe artrn rv. they destroyed all tbebntldtaiea, together with 15 tMU Ktand of artni, and made a forced march to Haceratown during Thuraday night To THK ArrLUTKD!-B* aure to reawl the adv*rtmoinei.t of Mol^oan'a Mreiictiieoiut Cardial and Blood Purifier, in another ooliima. 11 TO THE REAPERS OF THE f We submit to the emnsid'riUonyel ' of thi rfMon of tn? >tnr ?h? Id * lo> ids list ol priccs of artioles in our liae of bounces : UmI Ladies' Hipper? 2"?. ''*!? '* Knglisn Lasting Siippe-s__ .. 4<to. IS * Carpet Toilet do ?no. W " Thiok e'-ld sewed Mor. BooU I (*< l.J? do. 1'i.dressed do.... in Its do Com. Mot. do .. Its 173 do Calf?kin do .. ion ijo " I.iehtand Black Uaiteri........ two. 1 7S . ' Ei;f. Lasting flo. do T*e 1 en Women'* Heeted B- ots 7so. 1 *j M.?ee<' double-sord Sewed Hoots 7So. 1J? Ladies' t<.k-aoled Fuf. La*t. he* 1 Gut. ? l.? " - " ** bat. "1* LM In addition to the ab^r.:. we hare Men's, Pots', Misses' er.d Chiidrrn's BOOTS and MIOES la every variety, ivd at astonishment low pnaae. C F (.L'MMINf k COBoot and Shoe Store. 147 Seventh et.. ap 2-eotf 3 doors helow Northern Market. RUK KIT EXCITEMENT' enforcement of harvey's oyster depott^ No soldiers, bet as *ntifjl supply of oysters, IIARO CRABS, LIVE lobsters^ and BOSTON FISH of al kinds. /.J Don t fail to call aua (et the worth c f V\lJf roar money. t. m. harvey. >?H tf ?SI C street. All on account of the prisi*. ready made CLOTHING AT VEKY RXDDCMD PflCKB. b'a k Cloth Frock Coats lor fU, w?>Ah #*, Black Uooekin Cassimv Paets f* wortk 9* # blue Black and Figa.ed 81 k Veats for ?, worth U, Cassuner Business Suits for f 10 and ajwaird* /til ?o.4s we sell are o4 oar ova luauufaotare, acd warranted . . _ __ NOAH WALKER 4 co.. Eztmsitx M ?*/* tirm mf *?o4? mmdt CI at htm t. and furaut M Oitdi Umiwt, M ?T <t 46** >m??. PKACh, PEACE. ri&CK.- P r "Ml ?wwcn?njo 11 M t for cil? ? op?rty or w ??tw? I><mU, ? **rj vtlitixt KAKM, witvii tag 131 MfM of ohuioo land ( |?.i t uu<ua- ; bo 1th? IvMltoa ; p y ?uto??M ton mm from W*?bin. U>n. D. C. mlitnO (i ?A?K, No iM N?o 'k Ot . I Odd Follow*' UoJl.1 Waokiocto* Ctty, U. O. if ip* IB BW HAJR STORE, U No f\- AT . W ltTB AMD WtJ . PVRPVMKKY rr h?a D> (iCli|wio\ HM.F \V,u*. F* ?ZETTt?. Ac A fil' otooi tlvvi Of or dm* to oMor it too wrvM Q Uo*. ItkJI Wi?. fc qr 1111111?^ N. 8?1*41*0' |l?Tn>*?)Ta Uo BMfiW. MINI