Newspaper of Evening Star, April 22, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 22, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MOHDAY April 9% lUt. Spirit ( the MmbIbi I'rf* The /r'rlltgiacr argue* that If the weeded states would await the l?ue of negotiation* ad drewed to c> mpeteut authority, intend of aeUIng Federal property, a peaceful sereaion ml^ht ** e?*cted, even if no terms of reunion could be concerted. Tbe Hr/'ubhnin s>yi the leaders of the conspiracy U> aeiie tbe capital have alone been deterred from doing so bv a knowledge of the loyalty of oar citizens and their determination to defend tbe city. Norfolk ?The U. S. Naval Steamer PawTbe Pawnee, which left the Washington Navy Yard, carrying a considerable reinforcement of marines, on Friday morning last, reached her destination In due time. On her arrival, the guns of the Norfolk \'*vu V???l Anlw ?r.j ^A r j a ? VIV ?'HJ ) ul,u aa our informant was about leaving there, abe waa preparing to proceed to perform her mlfsion?to remove all the vnvla af the United States of valtw, or that could possibly prepared for ?ea service,mnfwbffe In the roads, beyondtbe reach of molestation by order of the Virginia authorities: or. If th&t be found Impossible, to blow them to atoms. Commodore Paulding was charged with th? execution of these orders, and went down upon her ???v - m > * ? - - - - i Be xng-ue i;am<v>rund, laving broadside between Norfolk x>d Portsmouth. with all her guns double shotted, s'ood ready to secure Commodore Paulding from t>*lng molested In his effort to get the sbipa out The Cumberland's guna. as we mentioned on Saturday, commanded tbe situation so compl-te'.y as that the IT. S naval authorities In that quarter did not anticipate a serious effort to Interfere with Commodore Peulding In the execution of tbes*? orders P. 3 ?We have later and more reliable Information from Norfolk. Thus we have to aiy tint at noon on Saturday, about aa the Pawnee rea hed F?Ttre?a Monroe, the officers In command prodded to sink th<* Cermantown *l<vp-of-war and the (team frigate Mcrrlmac, In purauunce with ordera received from thla point, In ca*e It ?hou!d be found impossible to get them beyond tbe reach t>f seizure or assault II appear* that the disunionists had aaccceded in sinking vetsels loaded with granite, ao a* to render the channel absolutely impassable to any craft drawing more than ?ij;bt feet of wattr. The ??rig Dolphin Is andmtood to have jjotten cut ovt>f thfw obstructions. Our belief is that Capt. Pendergni! ere destroying tbe Cumberland will make an effort to lighten her over tbe obstructing stone vessels If that cannot b* accomplished, he will of course promptly destroy her also Tbe sinking of tlie stone vrs U renders the possession of the Navy Vard of no Importance to the disuntontst*. though it was understood that lieoer&l Talllaferro, who is in ommand of their forces in that quarter, had determined to seize tt. Its guns had all been d'lly spiked. We do not believe that the Pawnee was able to get in oyer tbs sunken stoae vessels, and therefore should not be surpris-d to learn of her speedy return hither. Til Arms is the Possesaiox or Vikgisia. ? On tha day before the Virginia Convention went Into aecret session. Mr. Scott, of Powbatan, who bad up to that time been a l ulon man, In a speech designed to explain his change of position, intimated that bis opposition to sece?8ion had been greatly induced by bis knowledge of the entire inadequacy of the State's supply of arms to enter upon any such content as that into which an ordinance of agression would immediately involve her. He backed up this declaration by a remark that the Adjutant G?(>er^lof the State bad assured him that at that mometit Virginia anna enough to place in the habdsof five thousand men?and to arm but three thouund properly. It la evlder.t to us, therefore, that most cf the arm* previously In the jioasewioa of the State authorities had somehow or other gone South ere Virginia undertook to take off tbe bauds of tbe Confederate States the war they made with the United States Government. Th* Treasury Department.?All Saturday night last, moveable 6arr!ca*i a were being cor.atructed for tbe protection of tbe lower story ol the Treasury Department, which have since been au y completed Tfce material used i* four in< h p'si.k. Capt S'alras, I". S A . 1* in command there, and Opt Franklin, L . S. A ., is next !n raak. We presume tnat being en Knjjineer of. ftcer these barricades were consrncted under bii immediate supervision. Sand-bag barricades? the bast in the world?hire been prepared to be used on the steps of the J>?partment | orticoi should tbat be necessary At least five hundred troops of regulars and volunteers bivouac there night)v now, so stationed as that they can deferd It against a storming party of thousand*, the building being well ni^h a thorough forilrtr* o? ? * "* tion In its strength cf construction. Lixvtbsa^t WiTiiK, l?. 3. Nescorting the family of Commodore MeCapley to their home in tkla city, reached Washington on the day bffore yesterday, from toe Norfolk Navy Vard. He w.ia arrested in Petersburg through a dispatch sent after him, bat wsu permitted by tbe examining magistrate to proceed on bit wav In obedience to another dispatch from Norfolk, he was again arrested In Kicbtnond by a lUr of military under command of Captain V. i*e. A mob of hundreds threatened him with death while In the custody ?r ik. ? !-< ? _?j - - .w. hwck, aiiu were wuu d:tttculty re?traitied from lajrtMj; violent Liiid* an him. Managing, however, to get Gov Letcher * attention to his position, and that of the ladies under his protection; be rt-eelvftl a permit to come on to Washington, and thus e?cap?d without further ruolesta lion. 7e* Dama-i done to Wilmington snd Bal tlmore and th? Northern Centrel railroads extends from Baltimore city to Havre-de-Giace on the former , and through to the Pennsylvania line on the iaw*r. it cona'.als wholly of bridge burning The rapid accumulation of troopa upon the Pennsylvania and Delaware hn?l?r. - " * uuu9 mete rcaas Incur* the repair of these damages lu a very few day*. aa f iil twenty tbe-jssnd troops ?r? now collected ?< points at which the progressing repairs onn be dnlv protected, es the workmen advance In this direction In the dlscb-rge of tbl* duty. In the meanwhile, hordes of trocps, quite sufficient for the immediate protection of the Federal metropolis, are moving hither by other routes. Potr McHsmby.? We have reason to believe that there sre twelve hundred troops in Fort Mcilenry, a Rhode Islaud regiment having been successfully and quietly thrown Into it from a steam*# that did not touch at Baltimore Tbls was effected in the night We have no faith whatever in tbe rumor* alleging that Fort McHenry li weak upon tbe land sld* No effort had been made bv th? , ?? .?-?.iniVIC Ul?unionists to throw up works to atnil It from the land Bide, up to & s. id. to-day, a* had Wen Hurn'i Kibkt ?The Virginia troops are understood to have dug oat of the rulxa of the Harper' Ferry burned building the remains of bout Ave hundred stand of the destroyed arms The calculation certainly waa, In Richmond, when the order* for the raid on the armory were given on the 15th, (three day a at least Itefore the pa**v?;e cf the ordinance of secession.) that It would result In adding quite 13.0U)aUod of available muskets, rlflea, pistols, 4e. to the State'* current stock of small arms A sriciaL t a ai > came over from Baltimore at 9 a. m. yesterday, bearing Mayor Brown and four DUMTi, oae of whom wu a naval officer, believed to have come direct from Aonapolla. Th* y proceeded direct to the Executive Manaion, wiwre they had an iatervlew of an hoar with the President. Immediately afterwarda the Cabinet caine together there, and remained In aeaaion nearly oil **r TaiTiiKuri to the Morth worked rt/uiarly up to lu p m ob Saturday night, between tLta city and >few York For the previous twealvt >ur Lour* but one ef the eigtft wire* wi ? ?y 1able, and that waa almost entirely monppoilz'jd >jy the Government j A TiurotAiu battkv of two guns was erected atorn??arthe White Houk, a ftw miles below Fort Washington, on Saturday, on the Virginia side. by mrn doubtless from Al?:*andrla. In these days 01 niiiltirv operations with learners, It cannot prov* efficient to embarrass the free navigation of the Potomac an hour after it may become Decenary to pass troops and supplies up tLe Potomac fur the protection and relief of Washington city. t'i>RTRZ?? Monroi.?As anticipated In the last Issue of the Star, Fortress Monroe was reinforced Oil Satiirilsu hv th# firrivnl nn?l aafo iUKa?lr?*U? of the troop* that shl pr**d on Thursday lac. from Fall River. It in confidently believed by the ( that that important point is so garrisoned and provisioned as that it can stmd a six month's seige from an army of ten thousand men. Lisct. Sinclair,or the Navy, h now in command of a small tug steamer seised under orders of tbe Virginia authorities, which he has arined with a gun. He is moving her about In and around Norfolk harbor. Nominally, he Is still an I'ntted States naval eJfirer. TWC1I WPPl'llfftllfhtH.kWil th** Orap.irA and Alexandria Kailroad yesterday, doubtless for (l.e use of the Virginia dlsuaion traops now said to bp forming a camp a few miles out beyond tbe boundaries of the town of Alexandria. An assault was made yesterday, In Haitimore, on tbe armory of tbe Turner Rifles, and also 01. tbe office of tbe Wecker (German) newsP*P?r U f~ Mall ?nd telegraphic romniunlcatU n between this city and the North baa been entirely cut off beyond Baltimore Gix BlAHllfilBIl hsi 1 *>ft r.h;,rl?>?*An n rxA r\m* cceded to Richmond, where he arrived yeaterday. A Letter frem Baltimore. ISaltixoie, Friday evening, April 10. F.4iIot Star : I suppose ere ttii* vou have bad a full report of the sad Vene enacted in our midst to-day Yeaterday tfce troopa pawed through our city fjom Pennsylvania, and it waa the occasion of some eiritcnient, of course, but no more tban might have been expected. Col. Kane was out with hia full force, and did all he could tosupp~r?s rioting. and there was but Mile done. He is :i clever nentiem^n, and, I think, will do bis duty; but he leans very strongly to the South. I think we ar? perfectly safe in tracing our k 4- J *- ?? - V 1 ? - ? m uy nut pi iu uoy mi cne ran rounwioi I I'arkin Scott,Wilson C. N Ciirr, lawyer, and \V. H. Cowan, the i>ame. Th'se men art; are all rabid st-t etcionis?*, and prominent numbers of the National Volunteers?an organization composed of divmiouWs They held a meeting lest night, and the above-named cd dressed the crowd, exhorting tbem to riot and bloodshed; i-r.d to-dav have witnessed thesad rteulls of their wicked unnatural advice, in the attack on theaoldicrs In paring through the city. I happens d to be a witness of the ti^ht. and must ay I nevrr saw men forbear to the extent that tbey (tiie soldiers) did This attack was premeditated; fur soldiers bad landed but a moment when the first of the series of unprovoked assaults commenced. They were cursed and damned, bric.ks and etones thrown at them, many of tbein knocked down and badly wounded, and still tbey did not retaliate. But tbere must be an end to all things, and there was to these forbearances: l?nt nnt nnll i they wire Ur'-d upon, and then they returned Are for tire. killing and wounding several, among other* the notorious James Clark, better known as Mlrkev Clark. This man deserved what he got He insulted one of the officers, threw a quid of tobacco in bis face, struck, him, and knocied his hat off, w!hi the officer shot him through the head, the ball taking ettect in the ey?, killing him instantly One of our business men, a Mr. Davis, of the lirm of Paynter, l>avis & Co , was killed There is much complaint and sorrow felt at his death, as our people hay be was doing nothing, and be was deliberately shot at. This I knew nothing of, as it occurred at the Camden Station It is impossible at the present writing to ascertain the exact number killed and wounded, but it must be in the neighborhood of thirty Tllu mMlp.a i- ! " 1 * _ .o ?.rlv, in (iiy I'l'imi'ii, jumnauie. as they acted entirely on the defensive; but Ood only know* where it will end, as we are much dividfd?one party asserting it is the North 'he South, ar.d the other contending that it is I'nion or disunion, loyalty or dislojalty, patriot or traitor At all even!*, the tight to-dny has efl'eetmlly stopped any more troops passing ttro'iyh onr city, as we intend to protect it against all comers, let them be from the North or South, and bold Marylind Ann, with a view, if possible, to reconstruction. I.'mon. Kxcitemmt in Cincinnati. Frojn the Cincinnati Free Press of the 19th Inst, we glean the following particulars of the volun irrr movements ill mai CUV The three companies of troo;>? ordered to leave ' tl in city yesterday uorniny were drilling the entire previous night In tbe morning, the Lafiye'tetiuards breakfasted nt their armory over tlie 1 Khinc. the provisions b^ing furnished and prepared bv the friends of tbe members of tbe company. The Hovers and Zouaves accepted the invitation of the proprietors of the (iibson House, and e*t a hearty meal there. A larye crowd as1 semb'.ed et the Vifth street market space, which was the rendeivous of the comjianies, and at r which place they remained a few minutes, per( forming military evolutions with great ease and regularity About six o'clock the Guthrie 'Jrays and a portion of the Continental! arrived on the around. i?id accompanied the volunteers to the depot, Gen. Lytle and staff commanding. Tbe coni(*?nies are Guthrie Guards, Companies A. B and C; Company A, Continentals; Lafayette iuards. Itover Guards, and a tine company of Zouaves. When the train started, one long and loud shout arreted the ears of the departing soldiers, and not a heart !n that va.-t assembly but envied them their position The anjlety of the people to b?- at tbe Irene of hostilities is Increasing, and is tbe more tignlH*k..* 1 * -* ' ** * ,u.? it uicau jioi mrTii in aolM, tint is read lit every fare, and gleam* fr?m every rye. Could the Confederates spend a day in this city, tbey would no longer wonder If the pretensions of tbe North were mere bombast, tbey would find It no looker saf-- to cherish nacti a delusi on. Tlirs? tro-ip* are probably tbe ones stopped at R?>nwood on 1be Ualtlnrinre and Ohio railroad last Friday, by order of tbe Baltimore and Ohio KaUroad Lonipany. IU" Tue following form of oa'.h of Alleglanre hu* bee:i prepared with a view to Its being admtnitfcqprd to *11 the emplo\ee* of tbeUovcrnment connected with the several IVpartments The form was prepared by tbt- Attorney General, who wa? himself vre belkvc, the tlrst to ttke and subscribe the ratb, mid we prtsume tb?t iio one in the service of the Government will at such a ttm* * * iciudt w uie ii, unless bis conscience forb: Js to be true to tt DfcfABIME.NT OK THE fSTERI"* Jf>ri/, 1561. 1 , at t'uis pr?*e.ii lime ta tLe I'nHed States service as , do solemnly swear that I will support, protect < bd defend the Constitution and Government of the United Sta'es against oil enemies, whether denxstic or foreign, and tiiat I will beer true faith and loyalty to ttie same, as (fitabilshed l-y the Constitution and laws; and, further, that I do this with a fuil determination and pledge, without any mental reservation or evasion, to perform in go?d faith all the duties which may be legally required of me. So help Die Ucd. County of Washington, District of Columbia. Sworn and ubsc.-Jhed before me this day of April, 1861. ? Inttlhgtncir. Th? Importance or F??et Moskoe ?Gov. \VIse declared In one of Li* war *r>eeche* last week : "Virginia will have that fort If It cost tlie live* of ten thousand of her sons to get It." But at the *ame time Gov. W. admitted that the >tales of Maryland. Pennsylvania, and New York are deeply Interested In iu retention k* a national fort; because it i* master of the commerce of the Chesapeake and the Susquehanna river, the latter rising near the "lip of tt,e lake" in New York, and sweeping through that State, Pennsylvania and Maryland, and hearing the products of all three past the frowning front of Monroe. Hut the site of the fort 1* in Virginia, and the Old Dominion was determined to take it. Naval.?The United States gunboat Pocahontas, Captain J . 1*. Ciilts, from Charleston Bar, arrived at NVj York on Friday morn 1 pit She * - i n? ovf gnus ana 11 : men. She did notarrive i?t the rend*-x?oo? uutil about one hour previous to the evacuation of Fort i*iimter Jacob Newhull, of Baltimore. boatswain's mate, died aud vu buried at set l[y The Alexandria tiazette of this morning nvt: The arrivals of sbad and herring on Hatur. day and yesterday stow a large Increaae in the catch Aooul ??,U<*) herring aud 30,000 shad were brouylt up. and price* declined. We quote shad at $6 .Vb7 50 ptr hundred, and herring at 541*6 per tbouaand RisiaTi** Taoors is KutTi-cat.?Ths people of Maysvllle, Ky., were greatly exa lted last Friday by the expected arrival of Oblo troops on a stealer, eu route for Washington Five cannons hid been planted on the banks of the river, and at the latest accounts flrln? wss beard by a passenger who left there on Friday evening Excitixbst at Cincinnati-?We learn by private letter dated Cincinnati, April 19. that intense n-Hement prevailed there H?nry It Pti:?it. of Baltimore, whilst in company wltb several Ken tuckiai.a. was shot at on Fourth street, but nit Injured A mob was feared by conservative men. i ' - * * ? *"* *J WAR MOVEMENTS. - northern jndWhtkks Troops PofllMU r??>.v ALL ({CAKTKM TO THR RKLlIf O? Wa?HIIC? tor?Pexiidtlvasu Tio?rt in the Vkibiti <>f Baltimmbb?The Excitement im thai City?Boston Troop* and Niw Voh* 8iv fhtii at Ajuiatolis Yeiterpai in v?ni m* . The Baltimore American of this morning say* All the Interest of the news this ir.oriilup la concentrated upon the erenta transpiring In oor city With retard to tbe news of the country, wc ar? completely Isolated Tbe mailq. with tbe excep tio;i ?>f thoisefroii. the country Immediately around tbe city, ftfre cut <fi and tbe telegraph ia eltbei deatfoyed or r?strict*d from Wln^ used for newi purposes For tbe time tbe cltv ia la hted. and we have to fill our cohmina with borne news The accounts we ttlve elsewhere will present aa accurately and ftaUv as It Is possible to catbei metn. me mass or Incidents and fa'ts which belong to the history of the last two day* of excitement and preparation In Baltimore It 1* not necewary to enter upou anysvnopsli of the*' mul tlplied belonging* of the crisis to arrive at a statement of what I* the present position of affair* in relation to future passage rf Northern iroopt through or around the city. The znnouncemen made through the telegraph on Sfaturdsy evening that President Lincoln bad assured Oeorge w Dobbin and John C. Brune, Ksqs . that no' more troops should be brought through Baltimore served *on)ewhat to calin the eacltementi antl nitre was a prospect that, without loirse new op portunltv for a collision, yesterday wotil<t paw over without any aggravation of the ?tro?n? re s?*ntment trrowiriK out of the evtits of Ffidav This opportunity wa? howe ver aiforded ^y tb? report brougLt t<> the city yesterday morniito tba a lar^e bodv of Pennsylvania troops. various!] stated by rumor at from two to ten tbousino. wen approaching the cltv by the York road * Tb< scene of excitement that followed w.u one o{ thosi event* that nre placed anions th? irarkrd i|ietno rles of a life time The tocsin of war was sounded not metaphorically but literally; the popi^iatloi of the H?y ponrpd into the streeU, and thousand: upon thousands gathered t?wmd? th?s (>ointi v* lere the n<-ws conid he ? _ ? ?? ^ n 'Hi % i tTT I' I r^lU rations for reiist-mce witnessed or participant 'n Arm* were sought and distributed, tbe \olua teer soldiery assembled at tbeir aruinrttt;, tbi lliiht artillery were drawn up in tbe s'reets. re cruiU were enrolled, anmd and bast'ly dfilled and the word of command was only waltrd fo tbe march against the enemy. Other rumors as sorted that another body of troops w*? approach in^ the city by the Reisterstown road, and wen already witbtn *i* mi let of tbe city Wl'h th< discussion of these rumors and in tbe work n preparation tbe hours passed, until more autbenth j nf#*11 i (rorrti ohAtw*^! *i? ?4 ..iv<Tn> mat >uc only iroops app'OflCb Inn the city were some two thousand, gathered near Cockevsvllle; that they were but pattialli armed, but illy supplied with ammunition glutei exhausts by a lonjj march and want of foot^ and in short, rather In a condition, and perhaj H"mor? willing, to retreat than to advance. This Iptelll pence, with the additional announcement! from \Va*iiint:t'>n that the authorities there had odltrid these troops to return to Horrisburu, caitntjl tht excitement I he military were dismissed: witt the exception of the guard retailed at the i?riror it*, the crowd thinned oft. and what mi?hth< calle.l quiet. In comparison the previous tur moll, prevailed in the stre-ts last nfgot. In the meantime negotiations were in pr^rm at Washington, the results of which arejftili* stated 111 the a count given by Mayor Br<>?vn ol bis interview with I'ruident Lincoln, bis JCabl net and lien Scott The state of aQ'airii her* was represented to the President and his m)J?iser' by the Mayor and the committee of i;< ni|eiiic! w ho accoriipanitd blin I'he President Stated KU A i *- ? " uio uc?iir id uvuia a collision with our | epic but uryd th." necessity of immediately I ivinj; troop? for the defencc of Ihc Capital inter view finally terminated with the distinct aa?u ranee, on the part of the President, that ncliiior* troops would be sent through Baltimore obstructed by tbeir transit in ether di regions and with tbe understanding that our city avt.horl ties should do their beat to restrain thelf owr people. After this understanding, when i>b<>ut to leave Washington, tbe Mayor received f d?s patch announcing tbe approach cf troop* tvwart! tbe city, and tiie excitement consequent ttjreon Mr. Brown and bis companions in>media*?ly re turned to tbe President and informed torn o: of those facts. The President at once dt'cldet thet tbes-* troops should be sent back to linrris burg, and en i rder to that eflVct was linm* diate ly prepared and forwarded by Major Belter, o tne II 9. Army, who accompanied the Mayor t< this city This is tbe position in which matter stand now. a portion 01 tue troops which left Philad^lphli and afterward learned that their passage turoujjl Baltimore would be contested, took pomcion o ttie steamboats oa the Susquehanna, and proceed ed to Annapolis. The steaimr .Maryland arrive* there yesterday morning. with HK) Massac busett troops on board. Another steamer was lyi:i? oil supposed to have the New York Seventh Regi menton lioard Gov Hicks had raised to i>ermi their ttirouuh Maryland, and it was prob atile they would rea< h Washington by way of thi Potomac. The presence of Federal troops at Fort McIIenr^ creates in the minds of many persons, especial!] females, apprehensions that there Is a danger, ii the event of a continuance vf hostilities, that tb< city wilt lw? bombarded from the Fort, aad th< safety of itu inhabitants indiscriminately periled !*uch apprehensions are entirely needless War 1 tlill :t turriKU * * *l ..... .. hiiuk, uui tune are :-.t iea*t ttom< of its terrors and coi.scqnenc?s that Christianity and civilization bav?* suodued It is nnlon^T thi practice of civilized nations to shed bloi>d or d<stroy property for the mere love of bloodshed an< of rapine. Defenceless cltWs are no! novf bom barded. people are not Indiscriminately siau^h tered, but armies flight armies and r?-spectas fa, as possible the rights of non combatants Tfce idei that any such thing will be attempted as the bom bardment of the city is an unnec* jjary fe^r. anc should be dismissed It was rumored veaterdnj that Fort Mcllenry has been reinforced, buktheri is no foundation for the statement other tijon th< Stoppage < f a steamboat there fur coal. , From a gentleman who reached this city V?*ter day afternoon from New York, we learn t?at tbt excitement in that city and Philadelphia 1:< refer ence to the opposition which the Northern1,troop have met with in Baltimore, in their atteifipt t? reach the Capital, is most Intense At Ne'> Yorl trnnn? ? "M?' " * 4~ * '* f- ?Viv j vuuiig iii iron) aii airectlun*, and there B'etnt-a to be a tierce determination t.-. react the Capital at all h"z:rd* Great ditticulfy wai experienced by travelers hi procuring conv vanc< Southward. At Philadelphia the Baltimoro l>epo< was occupied with troops, hut no trains were run ning further tban V* ilmtngtui. An cfl'oft wai made to procure passage by ?he Erricson !i?ne v|j the Delaware Caiiui, hut it whs found that th? General Government had seized the boats ti? trans port troops to the Chesapeake. Tbepartvof whom our friend was one bad finally to lake the e"eniii? tr*ln to Wilmington, and, stopping there fur tin nt^bl, ?uiu>e r>e?t morning bv rail to Port l>.rpoiit at which point, after soine iliilicuiiy, a b?>\t wss procurtd to cr"'* the cusqu* hanr.a. The remain der of the distance was accomplished by a pri vate conveyance acr?as the country. scriufp > tkoits a1 annapolis ? gfteai taute mfcnt. The New York Seventh Kcgirr.'-at !ef* Now York ^ o'rlfirk on T * * ? v.. uuivuay cviiiiu^. ana wai Mptctrd to reach Baltimore at t o clock on Friday. We learn from a gentleman who left Poll adelphia at 11 o'clock on Friday ttiat Brond atrcet was crowded with people waiting to seo them atart for Haltimore, whither It was under* or-d they were to leave In a special train at IJ o'clock A dispatch from Philadelphia on Saturday aald ti.ey had not left tbe Bruaa-at depot. Thin, however, muat have been Intended aa a blind, na It it now ascertained that they arrived at I'erryinariavillcon Saturday afternoon, and having aelied tbe ferry steamer Maryland, and all the other Susquebauua ateuuen. crossed tbe bay to Annapolla, where tbey arrived on Sunday morning. 1'hey are accompanied by a large force of Penftiylvanlana, and expected to reach Washington from W ashlngton by railroad. It was, iiowrv^r, announced yesterday that the track on th?> a n??~.u. branch was being torn up, and the further progress of the troop# impeded At a later h-)ur we received the following dispatch from our correspondeut at Annapolis: Axmapolh, April '21.?2 P. M ?This mnrning the Kteamer Maryland (the immense R*11 road Terry l?oat at Havre de Gra.-e.) came Into t lata port having on board ei<;bt hundred Massachusetts troojig. commanded ny Col. Hutler, fit ro*te for Washington The steamer landed h*r trocps atthelNaval Academy, and the frigate Constitution is u'nw helug towed out of the rTverforthe ol taking the troopa to Washington. Another steamer with troops Is lying oH" the harbor, supposed to be theSeveuth Regiment.>f New York. The most Intense excitement prevails in the city, and men- n^ers have been sent throughout the country for troops to cfincentrate here. We received the following last evuilng from our Annapolis correspondent: akbival of thk mas*achc*ktt? tboop*. Asjiatulu, April 21.?The steadier Maryland arrived here this morning, having on board Col. 1,..?. ? <ini uunarea MMNefewMl trocpa, en route fur Washington. TLe tU&aier is now lvlug alongside of tbe I' S. ahip Constitution, at the Naval Academy, and all the gntea leading from tbe city to the yard are kcked,and additional watchmen guarding tbe entrancta. Tbe ConaMtutlon will convey the troo; s to Waahington. AkxAPOLia Tbl*eiaru Orrici, April 21, 1<>X o'clock?Tbe telegraph ottlce at tbe Aonapolla I Junction baa been taken pcaaeaalon of by tbe Government, and tbe above deajwtch la aeut by pony expreaa. A not Ler ateamer with troo pa ia now coming In the harbor. We learn that Gov Ulcka aent to Col. Uutlar a protest the land l u* of troops at Anuapolia He accordingly proceeded to the Naval Ac Idem y. and landed Lia men there, over which thr |'cd?rsl Uoveri ment baa exclusive jurisdiction The ^un gt v?>b particulara of vlalta to tb* runp of the Pennaylvanlans at CookeyavtUe Wm H Qulncy, who waa despatched there by Kara ha] 0 It Will ?M*W? J ? TT Kane, convened with Oen Wlkoff. commander ln-chief of the rVan?ylvanla troops, who wen i encamped about half a mile north of Cockey* llle, on a wheat Arid He reported that #om? 4.000 troop* were there, and train* wrre ron?t?ntl^ > arriving from Harriaburtr. ao that by night th?j expected to bnvr from 10.000 to 12.000 troop* About a <juart?r before fiveo'clock, Mr Strlck'i Bradford returned to the city from the Prnn?vl vania camp aatd he wai In the ramp and converted With :ta otBcera Mr. B repo*trd tlieir to be 2 UO atmnjr .aboutone-fourth of whom wen \ iu uniform He h?ard nothing of reinforcement* but said they wer* well armed and generally < [ yood 1 joking body of men They did not ?a> r what time tbev would move, nor did thrv appeal , to be comuiuuicative. Mr K H Pennington reached the city at hall Dftlt twelve OVilV'k 1m* nltrK# fenm - ? ? . ? - mm ?> ?,ui iiviii ?ur vaui|i He reported at the marshal's otllce that be con 'r versed with several of the officers and they told hlin they had no idea of returning to Pensylvanla but as soon aa they received reinforcements tLcj t would march through Baltimore. They were, at half-past ten o'clock, the tim? at which be left, drilling the men, and said thej i expected sufficient reinforcement to start on marct , this morning. t * ' AFFAIRS IJI NORFOLK. From tbe Norfolk papers of Friday last we taki ! the following Items: The Petersburg train, yesterday, brought dowi

I a park of artillery for tbe "United" Company* ol - Norfolk, forwarded from tbe Armorv at Rich ? mond, consisting of four '?-noun?ler rifle cannon - handsomely mounted, with all tbe accompany Ing equipments and munitions. Tbi stalwsn ' corps took charge of the shooting-irons limned! ' ately, and are now prepared to give a good ac r count of themselves of any moment they may tx 5 called to use them < Capt. Elxey and Surgeon Johns, both Mary - landers, stationed at Old Point, have resigned The bridges at the fort have be^n taken up aa( all coinmuuicatlon between the fort and cltlzem i cut off The garrison numbers 3W) men rank anc ? tile, all the officers, except three Virginians, be ? lne blark republicans. Th* ItaltinuvFA | in r\o? rxf ? ? ... W. ? .ppri \'l cmnuay Myi 7 By a passenger who came from Norfolk in th< - I.outiiana yesterday. we learn that the excite s ment in Norfolk and Portsmouth it at fev^r heat - On Thursday afternoon there arrived in Norfoll , from Richmond four r!fled cannon Thecitizem r Immediately transferred them to Town Point - where they are planted to prevent the U. 9 rrtiel - from leaving the port On Thursday the U. S. frigate Cumberland ? presented a scene of activity She was belni f placed in readiness for sea. My four o'clock al ; her sails were in readiness to let go as soon as sb< could be towed out. I The frigate Merrimac, which has been lying ai r the Navy Yard for some time dismantled, wai t ordered to get steam up as soon as possible for , purpose of towing out th? Cumberland It Si : thought that the vessels would attempt to leavi the harhor l::st uifcht In doing this they will bt i compelled to pass within three hundred yards o 1 the cannon stationed on Town I'oint. ! The fort on Crait?-y Island, six miles from Nor i folk, is being rapidly put in a state of defence ?v the seo#*Monist? In the late war upon Norfolk this fort rendered great service in defending th< city. In view ol tbe expected rupture, many famllle In Norfolk and Portsmouth are preparing to l#*ave ' In both of the cities business is almost entirely f sui|?-nded The steamer Jamestown, from New York, w* warned not to enter the Norfolk bar?>or yesterday ? A small stfamer is plying day and night be i tween Norfolk and Old I'otnt. on tbe lookout to I Federal reinforcements. Captains and liu , ger, station?d at I'ortress Monroe, 1 ave resigned ; Tbev say that they cannot take up arms agalns the South. * Hundreds of men nightly assemble in dlfl'eren parts of Norfolk and Portsmouth, and are drillei i by otflcrrs who have seen service In tbe Federa , Government. The most influential and wealthy men are sup t plying tbe secessionists with all the money re i qui red m mv* *?vi*viA pnwio ?crr tauru upiiQ ywicrnII' I to pilot over the bar the U. 9 vessels, when the' got ready to leave Not a pilot, however, woul? - consent. One pilot was offered 85'N) if he woul? f Like the vcMi ln out, but replied tuat he would no i do so, if they gave him Capt. Pendergast, It wa< rumored, made a re - quWltion upon the citizens yesterday'or the re f movalofthe sunken boats in the harbor. Th > Cumberland turned her guns upon Norfolk, am s threatened to lire .ipon it if the request was no complied with. The boats were not removed i neither h id the Cumberland opened her lire a t the time the Louisiana had left, which was at si: r o lock in t!.e evening 1 Till MiH I \ BAI.miOKR. * From the Bain more Republican of Saturday evening wp gather the following : Tbe Station of the Philadelphia Railroad ha t t:een entirely clot, d up and guarded. and a notic - on tb?i door over the signature of Mr Crawford e agent, announces that no more trains will be rui over tbe road until further notice. f Lpon the arrival ??f the last train over the roa< ir tni* morning at 3 o'clock, it was taken possess: 01 i of by a company of the City Guards, under com e mand of Major 'Trimble, and a detachment of tb * police to the number of one hundred, under tbi . charge of Marshal Kane, the force acting undei s the ordt-rs of tbe city authorities. b This force procerdtd on a train to Hush River f with a view to the prevention of bringing an] e more Northern troops trough this city by this road From wlKit we can learn of thefr movements 1 which were se< ret. tbe bridge at this p??"nt wa * placed In a condition which precludes all possl - bility of any trains moving over tbe same, as I r wai? partially burned to a portion of the rails upoi ? tbe remainder taken up The people along the line of the road are in i 1 state of painful excitement, ind making prepara r tlons at various |<clnts to dispute the jcifnge o 5 any more troofis Tbe telegraph wire*of this lin< ; being cut, no tidings can be obtained by tail means of events in thu direction all intelligence being derived from parties coming In by prlvati ! conveyance The telegraph rpon tbe line of the Northeri I Central Kn.lway has been destroyed. and no com > munication is going on with tbe \orthar.d We?t t over tbis route t About one o'cloc k to diy considerable alarm i w is produced on tb?- l'oint by ? reprrt that tfc( i New York Seveiit'. Kegim -nt was marching in ; and i larj-.e crowd collected on Pratt street, ncai t Broadway, but tae soldiers s<>en marching ovei tbe bill at the suburbs of tbe city proved to b? the miliary and police force who bad ^one out U Hnsb river, and who were compelled to abandon their train at Harris creek, owing to the burning of the bridge there, and go In. At the request of the autboritie* of the cltv. tb< Minute Mctiiuia morning lowered the American flag which has been Hying for several days in front cf their headquarters, on Baltimore street It Is said that nine tenths cf this organization have ^hanged their sentiments since yesterday, .>nd many i oijld l>e b< aid shouting tbroil"b the street* last n?gbt, "Union if poesible; but if not Union, uive i.s the South."' The Continental of Maryland, to^ethes with a fla>f of the Southern Confederacy are flying from a stall'at ILr hesdnimrliTinf nui.t. , ?6"" Men on Fayette street Thomas \Vin??n, K*q , a liberal citizen and t patjiot, h:i? given hi* wml for f."? <KJO, which i La* been expended in arm* for the citizens. The authorities of the city haveseii?d upon the Battery at St. Timothy'* flail, comprising seven lieid piecrs, together with WJO stands of arm*. Tliey are. now in possession of the authorities. f'rsnipt Military Movements. 'I he Proclamation of the President for troopi was made public in Massachusetts on Monday morning The requisition from Washington wai received at noon of the same day, aud In the ahorl space of about fifty hours the troops were notified, assembled in Boston from thedifterent towns, and three regiments of them took their departure from Boston for their respective destinations. The first to leave was the Sixth Regiment, which started by railroad at six o'clock on Wednesday evening, and has arrived la this ctty. The Third Regiment embarked on the steamer S. R Spauldint: at' o'clock the same evening. Tills regiment does not appear to be full. T&e following la a lilt of the companies and officers : Colonel?David W. Wardrop, New Bedford I.tent Colonel?Charles Raymond. Plymouth. Major?John J. Jennings, New Bedford Adjutant?Richard A Pierre, New Bedford. Paymaster?Ssudford A liny, New Bedford. Surgeon?Alexander S Holmes, New Bedford. Surgeon's Mate?Johnson Clark, New Bedford Chaplain?Thomas K. St John, New Bedford. Co. A. Halifax, Cant Joseph S. Harlow. Co B. Plymouth, Lieut. Chariest?. l>oten. Co. C, Freetown, Cant. John W. Marble. Co. H, Plympton, Lieut l.uclen L. Perkins. Co. K, Carver, fc'apt. William S. MeFarlla. Co L, New Bedford, Capt Timothy Ingrahatn The new Cambridge company C, of the seventh repiment. Cant J l" Richardson The Fourth Regiment nl?o left tbe same evening; on the learner State of Maine. This regiment appears also to be dtiicleut in tbe nuatl>er of its rink and tile The companies and officers are given t<? follow* Colonel?Abner B. Packard, Qulncy Lieut. Colonel?liawkes Fearing.Jr , Hingham Major? Hiram C Alden, Randolph Adjutant? Horace O. Wbiuemore, Braintree. Quartermaster^-Othnlel Glim ore. Raynham. Paymaster?Wiin 8 Glover, Quincy. Surgeon?Hen^y M Seville. Quincy. Surgeon's Mate?Win. 1). Atkinson, Jr.. Boston. Co A, Canton, Capt John Hall. Co. B, Eastou. Capt. M M Williams. Co. C, Braintree, Capt. C. C. Bumpus. Co D, Randolph, Cspt. Horace Miles Co. E, Abington, Capt Cbas. F. Allen Co F, Foxboro', Cspt. i>avld L. Sbepard. Co. G, Taunton, Capt Timothy Gordon Co Quinsy, Capt T. H. Newcomb Co. 1, Hingham, I.lrut. Luther Stephenson Jr., c xnmandinif. I be Ktchtb Regiment was quartered In Faneull Hall. It has a full complement of men, and was to have moved off on Thursday afternoon. 9 general orders-no. 3. BUDyflltlll Of Til A>Mtt I l ifiitinftM, April ^ The Military Department of Washington ! M' tended *o it to Inrlude, In addition to tbe Di?- M] p trJct of Columbia the s?tat?w of Itelaware ?nd H. Penniylvanl*. and will be commanded by M?jof ^ ' General Patte??o:?, belon^inp to :he volunteer* | of the latter State ^ Tly Major Genvral will, aa fait aa they are ' muttered into ?ei?lce, pent the voluntoera of Ai Pennsylvania all a ong the road ft cm Wllmlng. ^ r ton. Delaware, to Waahlngton cit/.ln lutBMent f number* and In mch proximity as may give a reasonable protect'on to the 11m* of parallel (jl - wtrei. to the read. 1U ralla, bridge*, eara and Al 1 stations. WIN FIELD SCOTT By ommand _J E. D. TowxttXD, Assistant Adjutant Gen'l. ! 1 ^ ~ t [ ATTENTION !?Persons desirous of join- 4il ' JJ? inr CoinMD) "B," Natl nal Ou*nl. are re- tt)( quested t? att*rd a meeting of th.? ? orps whioh ,n, will he held THIS ?00 H str n, between 4th and 5th sts. It* " j ri?TIIK OFF1CKRS OF THE FIFTH Rerimeut of Infantry, D. C li, will maet M . at the dull roo-?M P ulharnionic Hail; Till?* EVE- J*1 . NING, at 8 oVloc*. 1 By ord r of the Colonel Commanding- It* " Yr?HOMK GUARDS-All persons faroraMs M Lk3 ihe formation i f a military company for \V . the defense of the city, and t-? he attach -d to the Ft Union Reg>ment.a'? requested to neet at Frank- J? lin 11*11. noroer of Nint^ and I) at*., (entrance on Fs l> st.,> THIS iMonday) EVKNING, at 7S o'clock. El t The Company will meet every evening until fur uiri u nice. CI . ap 2J St* MANY CITr/KNW. Mi rrB=?MI' ITARY NOTICE-A meetint will b? I LL3 held THIS RVKMNG. S2d m?tant,at7>i A i t?"c ock. ?t Crutchett'a rat>e lactory, dki the rail I road depr?t, for the |?urpo?e of for-mcc an addition , *i cod pan r ofth" "?ati .nal Guard, (t n ?xpr uy ? u-.iiartt 'odiaa ?ill be explained before the er.rollin-s t) that the Dutiict military will lie reqni ed to ?' rform aerviee in the Dmtnot of Colombia on *. K< R Mein^tera f the .Montgomery Guard and oln?<r cm- * pames not in tervioe are r> qaeated to attend thia _ meeting. It* 1 O. O. F.?An adjourned reeUnc of the ti ? L? R. W. Gran t Lodreof the limtnct of Co- Oi , lumhia wi I be he d at Odd Fe Iowa' Hall, Seventh 3 at eet, on MONDAY NhXT. the Ud matant. at IS o'ciook. ^ I _ap 20 it J OH NT. n A N G<. G. S r g0j?GENERAL ORDERS?No i. . HiinQrART*** or thi: Aimt. / Af? 1 ork. Ayfil IS WC1. { Captain Gkosob \V. Cillcm. Corp* of Kn- Pi 1 cineera, appointed on the sttn inir&nt an Aid-de Camp of the Lieutenant Genera! cci <iuaiidicc tt>e ? Arm>, with the rank of Ltestonajt Colonel, la ul ? heretij announced aa such to the Aimj. He will k< e t>? obeyed ai.d ro-pested aceordinflf. C< By command of Lieut. Geu-jral ?< r tt Ct H, L, SCOTT ill f ap 20 Lt. C??l. and A. D- C . Aot'g Adi. tie'n. p . rt^^GENERAL ORDERS?No. 9. Al * Wl? DFTARIktENT, ) \!"tnxT GrxFiAL'i Orvici. > p" b ITf M'tiOdi, IWI. I. A M 11 itAr j Department. u> betaken from the ! h Department ??l the Kaat, an.I oaJ.ed U.e Department of AVa^hington. ta hereby eonatituted, to oonaiat , of th? State of Maryland and 'lie Diatriot of Co' luintiia, according to iti ongtnal ho I ndary. t Brewer Col. ?- F. Smith, loth Wfentry. la aa- Jl * ngned t<> Mi* o mmaiid of th:a Department aooord 1>j in* to hi? brevet ia.,k. Headquarter* Waa;micton *' - citt. N f ll.Capt. The<Klore Talbot, A??i<tant Admtant ?' OeneraJ. la relieved from the operation of General Jl Ordera No. 7.of MarohJ?, l?Si. aaaifnin* him to M * duty in the district of Oregon, and will report for 1 dutt. withou del\y,at the Head<?< arteraof tiie Depaitmeut of \Ya*hi rcton It; order. Ci 1 _ I- THOMAS. Aojutant General P? I ^j^GENERAL. ORDERS-No. 1?. H Wak DirttixEM. ) L< Auutakt Gkmkral'i OrricK. ICaMt*?Io.?. April 11, IWil. \ CI I. Capt. Il'i'/ww B /oA?j,3J I ilantry, having Ti v declm-d the o<?n;n and of hia com >any, wh?n or- Pi dered on a particular eervioe. the P ea dei.t di recta Q, t'i%t lie ceare to be an offioer of the artny from thia \V * d?ts. i II. Firat Lieut Sm??d. lat Arti'iery, ha*t ill I?- vllAD With Kl? /u twnan? -1-- ? *' .....? w .... .... wx.uf uj uuuoi giiuutti uirouin iU;,ce<, t?*' tier?.: I i re?i? i alion in order to I fro-n duty therewith, the Pre?:>l<*nt Cireota that he ? cffit-" to t>? an officer of the arm? from tni? date. Kv order. t ^ _ L. THOMAS, AduiUat Gftill. T t MB* ATTENTION !-All peraona de.irona of J._H ealiitinK into a Ritie Company wi 1 nave an ^ ? opportuu tv to do ao uuttl Monttay next, by apply- ?u 1 in* a*, tne Ananoatia Tnverii, at tne fir.t to I-(ate > * on the ttladenaburg Turnpike, Washington, D. C. u ap >9 St* ryw?MKniCAL. ASSOCIATION?An adk.urn- ** 'AJJ ed meeting of the Medioai Association of t tneDiatnct of Columbia will be he d in th? \Va?n J*1 incton Infirmary ot ruEfDATj April 231, fct 12 o'n'.v/ilr n, Itr (I t A""' " ?' B v ?.??? mi >> . n. ijvi* rjut n. p , e ap la 3c* S or?Uri, * rrS"??NE HUNDRED VOLUNTEERS C? n |_5 wantel for ?erv:ce in the Dutriot of Co- T< fii.i.hia. Apply t<> the sorner of Tenth and E, oid , i Medical College,fir?t I ;or. *r'~ - \TOTICE TO OUR CUSTOMRRS.-ln toae iN ?<deratio of the ?ta*e of the cuuu'rr our atlea e hereafter w;M he made exclumvel? f.>r > a*h ~! r \VH. K. Fll-EV A HRO? up 22 lot No 36, Centra'Store*. tr re rtt- K<ll\u Uivivii ivn - ... ..U . liio uuuu inuiirjwiu W W y I convert into .Dry t?<>od?< omi do ?o to sreat ad- pr vantace in rratiug their ? lection* ! om our clock, o' All sales eioluai vely for eaah. ait : FEMRY St BROTHER. ki ra. avenue and Ninth at., f * _ap2"-6tif_ ^Pe-iy BuiLding."_ h\ , buiSVILL.E ARTESIAN WKI.L WATER, ^ K > Hlue l.ict Water ar.U other Meduinal Wat< r?, v.. a'wa>?(roiih Ai?o, freeh supplieaof Fur* M?oi- , 1 cin.-?? received weekly. Ayer'a, Schenck'a, and * other Medici nee on aale. f MOOKL'j Weat End Drug Store, w. s ? 2"-5w 113 Peun avenue^ th Z CARPETS! OILCLOTHS! u| MATTINGS! ? , Having full confidence in the permaiency of the rti fat of <*overnm*nt. we boagnt our nsual enppiy , of HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS, which are J arriving daily. Partie* fitting up for the spring ? eiton will find m our rooma a complete aaaort : meat of ' BKV?ShL<, Tl!*KB-rLT. l?ii?KAIS A!1D Vt??tTtA!f [ CARP ETIXGS; , OILCLOTHS, L ACE CKTAISS, , A XT* , WINDOW SHADES; ; With the Best Brand* of STRAW MATTINGS, In Whitr. and Colon, ' AH the *<>o.U bought ?t low rate*. > a\d will l>9 col<i at pricpg to suit t&e umea. ' L. F. PRRRV Jt COh 1 I ppsr Rocma. "PerrT Buiidinj." i ap bt.if Comer Pa. av. and Nintli at. : MONKV MONK V 1 mombv WANTE1? wanted WANTED . i A I " lnrfiriFELD $? 1 ODKON HAUL. Gi i aat ? - ODKONHALL. '* ! QORNKR FoCR ASP A-HALF eT. i coir?kr Four akii a-h* lf St. *"1 c?i?b kun *?d i-hai.r sr. c Aiinl'HRMtvtMiA'-im, M( And Pk.nssylvama Avsnri, Ann PrniNfTLVAWU Averts, t? FASHIONABLE CLOTHIER. i FASHIONAHUK CLOTHIKR, - fashionable clothier, i BILLS ON SOLVENT BANKS BJk gitts ss sstsis? HSm ; TAKEN AT PAR TAKEN AT PAR TAKEN AT PAR AT THE ODEON. AT THE OUFON. ap 2^-6t AT THE ODEON. DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP. f , The copartnership heretofore eiistirg between g Benjamin F. Middleton, Benjamin B?all and Eilae E. White, nnder the name ot E. K. Whits It Co . wu du?'ilv?><l hp limitation on the firet day of April. 1861? the said Midd.eton k. Beall hereby transferring all tueir interests in said firm to the Mid K. E white, and by whom alt olaitiM against aid firm are to lie paid, and who is alone authorized to collect all tfebta due the said firm. _ U !?"* uinni a iiiii/uwr. (Uii. KKNJ. JfEALL. KLIAH E. \T111 rt. A CARD, CL Having purciiM^d from Middlaton h BeaJI thair interact id the lata firm of K E White * Co., it _ t>eoon)*a nooaaaarj that tha bu?it<*aa of tha late n firm thonld haol aad np. AH paraoiw havin< ela:in? ? acainit tha aaid firm a>e ra^aaated to praaant than atji to rn? lor pay in <nt, aad ail p raona m.talited to tha mo late firm h? notea, doa Li'la and l?o<>k acoonnta, ar? ieq neitAI to oall and maka imin diate pa? mart* of * tha ainounta the* owe. Tha und>rai(Da<t intend ? inj to oonticux tha Wholeaaiaaod Hataii Or.-oery \ ' ttuamaaa, return* hi* thank* to tha citinn* of Washington and thai*tateaof Maryland and Vir- ' cinia for tna kind and libaral utri naga thry hava ftiti ??.!, .. - t - ' ? ? ?p,? .1 U1D IUI HD 1CWI, Uti IIO^N W? by striot at.entioa to business and a oarefal seieo- "lr tl >n of the best gordi in his'ine to pip*.'* all who ??a may lavor him with a oa.fl. Quick sales and small doc profits will be my aim is bssines*. laU E. K. WHITE. ths N'?. A3 Louisiana av..t?t 6:fc and ?ih sts . *rs ap jo st nppn Bank ?* a?hincu>n. lad tkli rI^ NOTIoK 1 HE Oftoe of ths Wtates and Uman, whieh paper ha? hareuit >rs l*en served ia ->j st ??reroon, at tile u corner of Seventh and D streets kas been removed ? into the second story oi the baiidiag, and is aov ia G1 n<> vay e^aneoted with my store. Mr ap 19* W. p. fl HEP H K?D. Sr KIN WAY * SONS' AND &AVEN * BA- L OO.M'S PIANOS.-A latf usurtMst^^ oil ha? jest r?e?n received.?Persons ii seaic' 8hl cf a reliaMe instrument at a low fr.aesr Ml mil Pi'ial.'pofuTnair MA*0U? K Kb INK, > ? X ?1 AUCTION 8ALK8. Br WALL A BARNARD. AMk?nn, ToCR OF A JEWELRY RPTAR' IHH I MtM AT AcrriM,- Oi Wfc DNV r>k>INO, /4th inatart. ?? |? ?> ?ok. w* wil( II at the tor# or Pa awns*. a???r Ifatioaoi Hel.tnc stork of Jewelry and Plated War#, en? Cameo, Jet. La?a. M*aai?, Car. I.Hco o, ??n?x. Hf'entiue ftnd Mit.iatare nler.dni assortment of Rstoivimc Piss, sd*licn?.8l?ersC a?*?, wk CUsina, TUaMMt ki sllthe difsreot s'? esof Hind*. Patten* a?4 Bracelet* in the tr?de. so. as?or mast?1 t al*d W art, from tb? m tahhat msot of i<o >* rs ? lJr# t .er, which thsre is nuibiBf b?tt*. nunnfa lured id Pkatea Ware, a?iJ*howCa*?, , , ? , id a vane:? rf hsautifu! Oral Picture acd Misistu ? "rames. P^rmi oiota. k?*.-d (Bop.) WALL tt BERNARD, A?to. By GREF.N * WILLIAMS. Auotiooe-r. '\1KLLKMT HOIhF.ROLD aNP KITCR ? ?x Fr?Mtrii a*p Pi*5o r?*rt *r Anrio>. I 'I Hl NSDAV,Ui?;5 h liitut.wi ahaJl mil at ? reside- oiof t gent man deeli< in? koaeekeep I, No. 4*2^ kiarroth it. weat aide, n?ar tke eor >r of H at., at 1* o'ei?ok a. ia.. ao *x? Heat a* rtinent of cetrif new Furnitu>a, *lb : loellent P:?nn Forte, mad - by Dubois * Co., even octave. Mshnranv Csse. thoiany aid Wa nut 5* faa, S>la Bedstead. Tint ?na nociini i B'iri. MiorE'.y Marbie top Center Tat>>s and MUi * any Ihiuu* Tat>U?. \?ios?ny l?r*>##i'n and other Bsreaas. a?b * ?? other, ne Mm! Knrx itju. not Liud and other B? -'stead*. tHer Beds, Be^dinc anl Mattresses. io*l ert Three p!r,C> antler udi>t?ir C?rp?U. Oiio.oth and crash. iioa, G <i? ai.d Crockery War*. ante! Cl-M-k, ?>ki?*c- Radiator and other Stores. i assortment of other aruoies wmoh we deem unneoeseary to ei umerat* rerms cash in rurrep' f^n^s. kp?d CHKINA WILL! AM 5*. A nets. Bf GREEN ft. WILLIAMS. AioboMsrs. 'XTHNHVF. P*LK OP NEW AND PEC i osd-hisn frujritrtk at Arcti?ii.?Ot? i'EBUAY? tli* 2Hh instant, t ino'c-ok a. n< , % ih&ll IA I ft.t iiur A Mf>tl<sai M iHi'fit A larf? AaH n\\ selected assortment of Household Kuruiturr. R: bo h*r<t?oin# B ooatelle l'a'i ?r Salt. onnaiatina of two Sof%*. iar*# aiid ?in*i Cm tor ehaira, ai?l ?ix?lde< hai'a, 11? p ecoa.l 'alnut Sofa* Sorirr ?eat Chatra and Rookora. Do. Mari-'e- *lat> Ce .l? Tab!#* ac t W hatcota IK). Frei en, Authoro and ether B'dnnw. I'o. Mar 1,1#- alab r- aatn< ana o h?r burttt, Do. do. Wsatstnkaand mher With Do Wardrobe*. Tow#I Raoka aa<i BookeMM tinted Cottar# Set*, in oompl## ??rd?r. aung?a. Cane a eat and oth*r Chair*. >okioc-ia?ae?. in safe# aid Ottoman*. rune ijhwf-p'r, Intra'n. and other Uarpota. ta'iier Beoa. Pi) owaand M' i*t?r?, jttoL topar.U Hutk Mat?r?*ae*. >-ir>a. tila#a end Crockery Ware. ire# nt < f W i.U* tt'a: # an?l k r??om?. Mat*. Wa?h Tulia.a d 'I in are, ad many other articlta, t o numerous to nt?> uon. r?? attention of persona wirhmc to farniak la ut?ti arly ca; led to the ar>?ve sa ?. I ertm oMh in current In ads. >pjgt, ?tKKKn * mi,l,IAM?.4?e't Hi GREKN & WILLIAM!". Au-tioLMra. So. i'JO. corner Tth and D ' XCELLK.N T HOl"t*K"OLD AND liTCH * ftimrrn at Ai < tk?w ??Jn wED.NM AY S4 h mutant, at l?o*elook. ? aha sella". the reaidet"* of A. Gregory, Eeq , i?. 311 Thirteen'h. httvwa H at.d I itrwu. ?t noeiler.t assortment of Fsrn'tnre, S : ahogarr t*?>faa, Chaire, TaKes. Do lirMitnd other Hi. reati". Do Marble top Center Tab'*. ms and oth?r Chair*. unte<l Colts** ?n<l two Chdir^-er Helf, ittigp aod other B*iJ?te%ds. nr and Khu. k Mattresses. D. l_? J > ?< ri ["wkudu DfH'nn|, >ok nc bitHM, V\'ardrol>ee. ??h?t?r<? *r?l Witduw r-had?e. una Glass and Cmc*erj Ware, i'i f Castors and Cutler*. kr or. Clismh?r and r*tair OrpfU and Mattir.c, Miking and Air- i*ht Cloves. 'ith a good lot of Kitchen Requisites, and man* o?her articles wmoC we deem um,eoe?sa'T la WMOTtS rerm? oa-lt id curre-t fands. Sale k pjr" d <?KKKN A. WILLlvMS. Aaoty Ht J. C. Mctil IRK A CO AuotioMsrs fURNITURK AND KFFECT8 OF TRK "Ilxpikk at PraLir ArcTl"*.?On HUR*I>AY WOKNING, A^ru ??h.M I'o'olk. the " Km pi re House " on Pena. area**, t>?t wn aid IS streets, we shall sell the attire Feral re anu KfwU oomprniDi wvwn oih ritno rorv, ahogany Sofa, Pier Tables. l>o and ? ace seat Chair*, Loun*e. rind >w Cnrtiun* ?n1 Shade*. Carpet*. Oileli-tha and stair Carpet*, icr* Tab a. i*ideKo*rd Bedstead* of varioua kinds. Featlur Be n Bolster* and Pillows, sir and Husk Ms.ttr*?ae?, 0VA*,Ch*n.b*r T&b e*. Wa?h?tand*. rookery and Oa** Wa e, fab'e C?ierr. i>?-t'>er with a centra, asaortment of Hoasehoid Forotture a? o Kff. et*. Terms o?ah in current fn-d# ap >9 d J C. MeGLIRF. k. CO Auote. Bp CLEARY & GREEN.\uotionaars. 30t) KiMtk ftT'rl. [ RISTEE* SALf. OF VALUABLE 1M 1 raovrp Ri?l Euate.?B? virtue of a deed <?f oat, dated the 13th da; of March. IKS!, and du r oorded am<>i c tiie land reootds of the ooanty of 'aahmxtor, l). 0,1 ma.I proceed to sell, on the emicea, on THURSDAY, the iith of H rlock p. m., ail thoae Fieoe* or paroel* of crour.d tua'e.1 in th* cit? of v\ a-m<.*t >n. D. C . ai d iuwu aud detignaied aa Lota numtierad Uiirt) ur<3?)vd thiitf-fiie. <S5.) in Square cntntored re tiaudred at a three. (VO ) together wi'fc the lprovemeut* thereof, oon*i*bn| of a large and mmodioua thr-o story house, with a 6ae i*en eut, suitable for a store Said j>r.)?*rrjr : located on the eoath aide of N ouf.i. t?et we?n and 6th at*. Term* of aaie: #T?to l-e paid in cash, and the Janoe in f, 12 acd H months from the da; of *v>. p na? > w? - J 1 * r- - ?V w? ??VVM i OU UJ A QWQ t'l n*t un th* preinae*. If the tenna oi aa.e i>e not eotrp: i?d with within e dtji from the d?i ?-f aa e. the Traatee rervM the riKbt to well tit**t d property. at the >k and ooat oJ the firet puroha**r. JnHN P. ENNIS.Tr?U*. tp 3 STawftd. CLKAR V *. GREEN. Anott. For Six Days Loafer! rein# to the inclement treat her, and a desire to accommodate all p?rsons, ire have ft etc Mined to keep our i*tort open FOR SIX DAYS LONGER* RIDD'.&'l GREAT SALE or V'iTT?iii to Clmi oh thi Fi*-t or Nil. Now ia tke Time to make ? <mi r aeleotiaoa from <wr Extfuitt ind Beautiful A*>ottm.cnt of JEWEL* V OK THE LOW mrCE OF OSk DOLLAR. COME AND GET A IKNtT SET For ONE DOLLAR IVA SET For ONE DOLLAR iMEOSET For <?NE DOLLAR ,AFN GOLD SET.. F'?r ONE DOLLAR IRAL7BI For ??NK HOLLAR JBAIC 8KT - For ONE DOLLAR <iAMEL HfcT For ONE DOLLAR Or, An? <1 o?r Ae?ortm*cl of I ALL ARTICLES lor FIFTY CENTS CALL AND EXAMINE ><1 MAKE VOL'* SELECTIONS EARLY. STt DS AND BUTTON*, of All him. FOR ONE DOLLAR. 'LATED KNIVES AND FORKS, SALT*. FOONS, NUT CRACKERS, 9O0LET4. Ac., to., Ao., FOR ONE DOLLAR. REMEMflRR: WE CLOtfE OUR STORE a tM FIRST DAY OF MAY. No. SOi PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. OS1NG OUT AT A GREAT SACRIP1CE. p Klw.r IANOS FOR RENI'.-A trect aiabw of rian??, embracing *rery olaaa todjaCKSH 1? tBd prioe. lor rMt hy the tilt or ymr, at raaaonabl* rat*?. 1 JOHN P. ELLIS, p 17 Pa. * ., bet Hk and iPt> iU. OLLMK FIFTH MACALLAN'S HlSTORY OF ENGLAND.?Thia edition ofMaoaaiar oiihj of a*p?oial attontioa. inaaaaok aa tta k volant* o?ntaii a tare* atnoni.t of a^ttw not itaiuod manr othar adiUooa, oomprtaibf a Naphioai and orii oal aketok of Maoayara lif?. .raoter and S Aaatip Alliboaa, a itle fat" fae ainu'e from on? of Maaaaiav'a ?at mai.uacnpU. a fu 1 aud aiaborato iad*z to |f( VolunMte- whilo ?S? ? ? *- " I fiwr *ol?M b??( tiMi iMorioriM Iroa U* London edition. It in lh*r*for* o1?im*4 for i Million UU it i? th? Mvit tunfiMt. Moa tlt I rntuuetory of mit t+t bffor* rnbhshod. for thf FRENCH k. RICM8TKIN. p IT a 7? fwa BENCH STEAM 8COUEEB8. BA.LTI W. P. 8HF.D*,?*f kurwTBBv* Tk? Omit Ainu. diM' I)i mm* ot mry OMtnybM na fa* UMd, Marisf th* Inner* of nil* o^nal to m, nay autxtauo* by vtuob U?#j will tooa bwom* it to iw. >. fc ?No dro*? ta?M a+?rt, t|*r*faj ?na< u>* MNornkLKOrif. ?Ut#l.) ?#!