Newspaper of Evening Star, April 22, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 22, 1861 Page 4
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THE "F.VRNIMi STAR. i Bscoeyrrio!* cr tbk Fovmtmt Coxrrdecact.?The following paragraph from tha London Globe. tti? Ministerial organ, is quoted | fc> the Liverpool Po*l an - an evidently author* ' tied intimation" of tho course that will be per- , ued toward* the Coccmusioners from the Confed?rata Statea; VIjiii gontlemen s'jling themselves ervoyi from the Provision'! Government of MontJ T j._ J J ..J ! _ I joinery arrive 1 li tlviiiluli riuu uruiami au ih? terview with the Foreign S^er^tary, it will be ' tine enough for Lord John Kowell to stat? whether dt facto power is suffisiently distinct .from the United states Government to justify toy separate negotiations with its repreaentau?es As distinguished ciliscns of some of the iioBthern States of Amcrica, oar Minister may latarally receive thes> gcntlcmon; but it need.i no semi-official assurance to convince onr readers that her Majesty's Government will m>t do anything that w?ald look like eagerness to reeogniie n? accomplished that division or the American Union which mast be considered by -? 1 * . t A | _ ma Du!K 01 oar Kinsmen across tae sets n u?lional In the Queon 4 speeob, in the declarations of al our public men, and all our newspaper*, we have ^eea, ami still see, reluctance te believe that the quarrel between the sections could ire pushed to final separation; and it is sufficient to say that any immediate reception of the southern enT?y? as gentlemen holding equal rank with Mr. Dallas, Jind representing other interests, would he entirely inconsistent with these unaffected and recorded expressions of English sympathy with iruuuies Western Leual PECCLiAFiriss.?The New York correspondent of tfce Boston Jourow! 1 *rni?hea the subjoined iilJu'trsti ?n of western legal peculiarities "The members of the New York bar had an opponuriry to compare their c wn mode of try;rg cmm with fh'tt of Ohio. A cause ?f considerable interest w. * fried The !>arti?s and witnesses mine from Ohio and the ?wyer for ibe plaintiff came from the same { late. A-? is usual in such cases?as tbo New York practice is peculiar?ono r.f the New York b*r is generally associated v.ith tho forvigu counsel. But the gentleman who conducted thi- cause concluded to go along ?l->ne. As n.i^h. be expected he made many errors aal expis-d hunsslf to some merriment. JIi? mode of examining is peculiar. In New York t ie questions are snort and pointed?the counts *1 standing?the examination is quite rapid. T ut the connsol frmn Ohirv sat All tKp vhil?? cioting hi.* chair en two !?? < and teetering all t>? while?re pea tii g ?uch answer after the viiDess, with -Ycs. *ir," after each respon.-e t aqumtion. "Yes. fir. you say. sir," and ail t?ie waile a sort of sojaru pert way of seemiuc t<> sneer at the'witness, which Is quite new with uj, and don't go a gre ?t way witu the Court or Jury, and the summing up was quite as original as the examination. It wns oratorical, aad seemed more like a western stuinp sp?*?ch than a legal argamen(. The members of ^iew Y ork bung on tLa words of the stranger?quite abased if ,:ol edified and instructed." Fixe Tootn Covt P;x ? inui K.rkham uwd wli cf a friend ot h.s tlroitoing :u about diiilier time on sn old lady, *b'i irlv-"' d him to draw uj> ti the table. Th?r? '* j? a ta^e pie of tb?p? t omer for dinner I'Lie ? ui : tly hi)?-d him e-mti rally, and he bring bina ry, w.idoing ,t jistice '^tnihger," s*id th^ old lady, '-you will And almot; rvt?fv kind of meat :a *that p e.? "Vp?. tradam," a-td he, "ai-d, too," as bo drew lr>OI be.Wrr tl h what he imitfiiied w?s the backbone of a red au-'ker. 4*Lord h :ve merry oei&lmed tbe o!d woman, '-if tint ain't our tine to Kb combtbat BtHy lost two weeks ago!" ?7" The S'aaaacbnaetta brigade is to be cgrnm.i ded by lion. Be:i. F. liuiler, l!reckinridge de egaic ,n the lcat National Democratic CouvenA < H t \f * I ? * T T1J f irr\ mnr r. - ? . W I. ii>' n i 1J1U NATIONAL HOTEL?IT M" k, NY; J W P!a?r. S PbllUps. J Capp, Pa; (i Heed. >I?a?; H Adam*. DC; J W RI; W 11 Rrs*. Pa; R > r ilagaon, Can; W li tta:idu!pb, "*?'?; C L Arluonr. ,Vd; G W Thotnpsou, L?r i \V Powell, VV W Greenwav ,\Y; J L Cleary, Pa; E M Banks. l? )i Cowperthvralte, R Blow nnd s?n, NV; J K Da/ a, J 9 Raffiord. J *V F encfi, XV F Bartlett 9 tlaat* McGrnw, 8 Carter, Va; J A Mitchell ana fin>, La, C A Page, Iowa; N Crawford. 11); >lra L>t>n, Mia* Browb. 3 P {erjimln, W F Waters, Vdi C Thforkoaorton. USA; E & Sawyer, Mass; W Tatwoid, Pa. H1LLARLS' HOTEL?M D Lowrv, L L F*Kttnaa. J H Struck, A <Ji':r.r>re, P?. M-j >r H ?a:n*md. USA; J Mr.Mai ui, P*, W iie*4 SJ, f~r K Kraacti, .% 1. li led. Pj, C H Coin'oi, 0?; m r ? ' -- J U U i UiCtlV, J VV K 8ttr, Pi; J \'i, r i T r?rr, 5 3ut>r, W l'? k, III; N Herr - . I de K'.^uS. NY; It A itradly, Ms?; Capt ColUader, LSA, >' J P.umer. Pd. \v j ftlDft, 4 H triai^L, ? iklcUaR if. M!u >i .MeCU'C. 1 S.'-erN t i; P Henry. J Mow. W l>*roe?, N Y; H B V >r .era and lady, Va; O F w ?rr?n, Khimi; l.t W<i!vri L'SN J Wiley, DB; A fclarac- i.e. Kt; O L CowporwuUii, Ci. MIO VN'- HOTEL.?J R Do wall. J C Moor1 tt and ly, Mr> V Lona^tir, J T CsrlSle. F J 'A rigbl. A H A (JrjuBti, Va; VV O Tatfeurtt, M Jftlrv, E il Vickrv, J M Morriaon, (' T Turner, J F Lu< k?H. E II VVyrle, R Hrookr, W Washington, T E J B-alty, >!d; J Mvi'pbv. i F M- l.lrr, H Lev.a 0 O II?1I, NY; I J VI Aauborri <ti<d ly, G .Niuiiiiii, L"-SA; J F Ubaer, DC; L W Lon^, la. K RKVVOOU liOt'SE.?H P Ant?, A Marthtt, i? (Jiutt, Pa; J Tertiena. W A bovtaon, NY: I E E Pau!d>u<;, Aim it, H A Prentisa, I'S.N, il \1 Ullt, E Kohiuai n. L E Vj. J VV l"a\!c.r_ ?C, U F B?a, Md VCHAft STEAMERS' SAILING DA Y& i'lax tbk IJnri* Statu. vt mmn. l.t**" For. DivS Paltio.. ...New V?tV.. JKvre \p! 3" -??.Now Yorfc..n,ivorp?<>!....a^v4 1'* Albert New York...l>ii way Fk'.?i Ki'ropk ?.?Pocth'ptor... Nrw York..?Ap' IT H?rr.roopiv .S>uui'pt?n . ..New York. ...Api 1R I FIREMEN'J INSURANCE COMPANY A or V ASHING TON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 777... 1S00,000. OJUo torn r C itrtet and I.omwcuia av., over JS iik of Wat a in (lorn, INSURE ITOUSES ANDOTIfFR PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. DlttCTOS". G *>. Ph**tnak?r, riimaol ^Mni?! Croplow, William Wilton, Rioitfcn) Jonee, Jo ri D Harc'ny. J?o?'b A 'Ttf lio weil, Ti"?. I'ar*? ? , R.Jirtrd Li U. frr^uch, ChiKja W. J'&vii. No ?Mf(? ior ro'.vi**. JAMES ADAMS, Fran-.lect. A mi G. PAFig.Prrrctnfy. oo 10-eo6m 'I'HK c! "? r: . P. I I Mlll'.il c- v of ] 'M.fl, i - ..... avtTi, IIa* r~%. ir?l|tin.>r<iv?i r?- : ? ?niJ rv/vr " tr?uir i.j-iuo? uu f r t i patrorR -9 ol citij :b &ud lrhi}**n tis- a.ry c'n?r public Sorbin t?i?* citf. tia f r\c*% bsirt i??s ta&n t;i >sa ol anr Lot* w H?iui. tKkw.t'ii iiia c^ot-AiTioamtitiiu i *r p*. ir^a-ct or tr?u?;.-".t b^anl^fa ?'.ex',?*;>,v.u?:? ?. 7 V??r rnsf.uisnt &rrati**n>*tii? ol i!i? 1 urn|?.q ilcroi hfcvo Ucuai? Tory j?j.? U.r.b> it; >'1 i?"^t o* ih?dt r'red '.y tb? -ost is# t'viot>?. *?:<"? t-?ot id It'-err,, ox i?o. l!lur??r.*ji . ??'. . feat, on l?c. . ' ' u ' v iuvi?vi.-.i ' biT ?. .-iw ?r?? i,r<.?< .?> H .! ! r - il. 1%* rLAMMM ?? ? _ ? . ??? nn i* I) ! iPi *T ' ' iH, Ta:?:> akd H *t?. I MO?rMKNTf? TOiiB SUA U *, HK-sUtHIO*KS, MANTF. S, c.s4 *i u .i? . I 0-i;aintnU W< rt in Marble rx-cutd m an artistic jijamir vrrii rletvi-^ au'l Jkfi Ofwtf !>? ?" ? ?P rr<>i w:,o Iiav9 rem ve?l their r- ativee, anl ?ho c ?*ir? tn?*inh?ii!i f'lrr *i?w iiuoutia aan ?io &u at practical workwoman's prio**. ma 2H e--lni* |/kt SCH~k RIOH#tVIN-S~ r LIST Ut NEW BOOKS. Maatn'ay'a Hi?tor* of Knc &(?1, vo! 8. ITo Traripe. a novel, by ?? ? Win. U?irtl?, *1 W>. Nm u- i anil Negro Slavery, by J. 11. Van Evrie M 1>,9>. A? Untoaat. or Virtue and Faith, by F. Cotbtirn A an:" Th? Pa' WlikieCoHiot, fl.2S. I l>i k *n?' O inr'J'w "..bouae^oli edition. i iu?tra!e<t by Lai ryi ?> lib* t. 2 vo>? , 12mo.. ?1 Sn PickwieV Pa?*r?. h^m-hoM edition, i!l?*iiWbf Dwlrt ** - - M'I'O f <5 J3a;i> <>r the *i o?# ?!<{ ky i.a.t ?'ur u*u?i die kit f If V V> l r i cent or Si1 b>>bO<* tx-uk?. k; p FKK.NfH * K ?C flS t FIN. ?T* Pa a?. C^kKKT H RGAIN^IN PUN?>S-Ofl? *?r? * iuc? I k tfor?' ir.ak* f?r #'y>; ' n< ??-. vfj R<v#woo* Ciaokf: nu' n??. fRSpSl jor 1\H: on?Ro ??w1N mnn A Mro.'?Hl%lt rn* k \ ?7.V a. the M j o Mora o7 W. U. M KI ZKMfTr. io? start of Pt'inwa/ & tea*' na<1 Rm'?. B*?"" 4 >'?? '? 1 J?ro? rna 11 l^lTPC^rH OUNPOWTJER, 1/ ? c.r at rnam?sator<?r? hf JOHN J. BO?i|)E, U^unovx. D. C? &0I4 Atentt fur u< Di?tr%u V WmmOm, A lari?m^p.r, ??braciB? rj variety, aiwar 1 01 :ian'T ir?tu ai> part* of the Dwt "t. Qriri cm a.w bei^ft at Atiarie* K 1 ?'?? rw.v. tuB. I>. fl f* < 1??1? Q AIMI OVOKK MfTKAi t5,IHNI Lt*. liOSHE:; BLTTKR oftbe verj i*a ? ? A \ !' N N SYLVAN f A BUCKWHEAT. f VRtT'tf IfuNF,Y. ? ?TJSLP^.aKE?ihi; ? * I TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. jgALTlMORJS AND OHIO RAILROAD. change of houk . ?>a a-u areer Vttocar. Apia i?w, i?>i, me trains Till ma K fuikuv" * Leave WASHINGTON at 4? and 7Ma.ra.. 8 iS and 5 4 3 p. n L.eave ,145 ai.d VtvaaeoKert lor tlii Weit, Southw?i' and North we*t wiiltalcatu? 4 25* m. and 2 4S p m. trams, which oonneot ?ila Western trains at Washington JuMliut, t or Phi ade phiaand Nsv York, 4 25aod 7.10 a. m and 2 45 p inFor Ann&pati*. 7.10a m. and 2 45 p. m. For, 2 45 p. m. On hnt one train, at 2 45 p. m , And on Safur jajr Uie2 4jp. m. tram goes io Philadelphia uniy. W P. SMI ? H, ay 13 (Iotel&Rcp) Matter of Transportation EDUCATIONAL. I1" FEMALE EDUCATION. JL HOSE Parent* wh? with their da'uhter* to reO9\yo a thorn'nh and ay?teir.atio eduoattpn, wh?r? their phj meal trv.'iine will rac?iv?d&iljr and"Poctal > attir.iioii, under thenpoat approved centofCainUt?iiio. and <i>n_na:,Uoa,aiw respectiuilj invited to i*;t the Union Ffcsruile Aeademy, corner Fourteen! U bl and New York nv. _ MR. & MK8. Z. RICHARDS, au SF)-tf Principal*. IV*EMALE HOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL I1 ALIZJAjVPK/4. VA. Mr*. S. J. AlcCORMICK, P*ibcifaL. Th* t'ilr'f antli annual aaR?iGr? of t/iM Institution i Will eomravnao 011 Tuesday, September lath, in the i house r^cntij occupied hy Sj!ve?lor Soott, Ef?., ! N*. ! *,? King street. The course of study pursued will ooniprit-e all I the branches reqnisite to a thorough English Kdaofttton, and Muaic, Fenc i, Latin aud Drawing, ii 1 doilryu IB addition to day scholar*. Mrs. MoCurmictc is ! prepared to receive ft limited limner of pupiia &s foan'er*, who. eoisittirtir ? & part of her own fam- I iiy, willhe under Iter intine/linte earn and supervision. r'he will ondwivor, as lar a* p'>t-,ii:?e. to snr- i round them v> ith caa ooniforti &ud kiudlT laJueuoes I of Howe. UtJir.Kcti.? Rev. Geo. II. Norton. Rev. Dr. Ehfte Harrison. Kev. I) F. S?rire. William H. Fcwie. Ks{., Edgar Snowden, Ka^.,Edmund F. VVitwior | Fp^., Henry M<irtinrj, K?q.? l.nvria McKenSie | Faf., Robert H. liutoi, , W. D. Waiiaeh I.'ittor Kvpi.uu sjtar.Benjamtn Waters, i'ntwiBie, Jr.. Kb<^.,Cu1. John W. Minor, Loui'ouu Messrs. f' icilojn & Marshall, Messrs. Cor SroUiai. Tta??. H urd, ?ith Tuition iii a.l the English Branches, 92?' for rhe annual seasi A?payable aon.i-annua. 1 j, UMVUC*. Music auJ l.acrnasoe at Profezaow' pricca. |J" No extra oharsea. au 23-tf GAS FITTING, kc. WG A 8 F1XTUKK8. E Have in store. anu are dai y receiving, if AS flXTVRRij of entirely New Patterns aiui Dehij na &nd Fiuuh. superior in st^ie to anything ueretou>re ofierod in this ins.rk?t. \v e iuviieoitixoas centra! !y to call an'* o-ir nUxjk of lias and Water Fixtures,feeling conDd^nt that we have the bent seWted atock in Waaoinzton. At! Work in thea!*jv* line intrusted to our oaro Will be promptly attended to. MYEKB X McGHAN. iuar i-tf 37ft D at reel, v hn vnv.ii - 1. LUMBER AND OAS FITTER, Haa removed to tns corner of Twelfth and f st*. He ia prepared ? > introduce VVate; and Guu^b the mo?t favorable terms, and guaranties 6ulna a&tiafaetlon. He has on band a lot of COOKING and other stovhs, which h? will aoli lesa ttiaa oost, aa h? wiahea to get rid of t.'iw:n. no 17 of inspector and sbale* OF SAS METKF.P. WanFUWTOH. Jnly 18,15*0. T'OTICE IS fir IE BY UIVLy, That, agreeably to the provision* of the ordinance of ti:e Oorporattou aaprovtxi 15, i?_o,t.ia u&dereigned ia now ?rofarea, "w i - ;3vcr reJjirod ia writing, and oii ?r? of the fa? of fifty ceuia, to intpcot, p*twine, teat, r-w, ar?i t';.;'ivn the accurv.y of re?ntration of *ny gsa meter ir rse >n thia oity. L ver* met^r, If found inr orreot, will bp oondetr.netl, and another, e^ale-' and marked a* true, wiii sotini?? p'n.oa. i: proved to bo accurate ia its moMiN.mrat of i&s, it will b? sealed accordingly, ar<1 arwc jet 'a ?o?itio? for use. t>tf>36 .No. t'O ??vre:it'i strpet, (of ar Odd Fel.ows'Hail ) lipe'i from 9 a. it>.. toSy.m. OHAIi lil.S W. CUNNINGHAM, ir 19-tf Inep -otor and Sealsr of Gas .Meter*. NEW AND SPLENDID 1* DRESS GOODS. Now in store ?tl' t!t*? rf?r?t wtyleF nn?i iat>r:os, with ft 'ft'jte a*sor>nc:.t of t.ando ' r*v Goods, for ladle*'suits. 3.W vnls Fano.jr Dross SiUs, which we aro ronni z oft" a? reduced f io'-s to -io-e out tL s ?.-a^"ii. ill p,t>e??s f -pe lcr P a;n li.'ftcK Siiifs. frotn iow pnoe to superior grades, ail very cUeaa.aud which we ask rurohft?or- to examMit. J. VV OOLLEY A CO., 4 ?w 383 Swrwrth St.. t?*t- !? ftril r*. av. W a ORTH OF BOOTS, SHOES asd TRUNKS. Of all Sfjiti QualitU?, at a sacii i?c*irics on cost. citrrtjcr /.en cau riJtiurts for Salt. AM th* Stock is P. 77"H(.*0 VER'9 STORE* 'r- u :.? -n ; "v^'T ''"ret* v.. % I.v.Iim'. itpii'*1, Cnildrei'-ann >-<T3 ? SllU SS Al'O, Tli V-f5 <: < ELIN6 TltlJNKStrs u* Im^ic boM, for >&*<< ? jt> *.t f vsi r. .'U. rwl.v. teilMirlpricL-a, :I!-. <1 in<i-:h Lbloty origiEai co?t< Tao of >ie public is t??iici'.-J, U g*nat l&ducoii.enis wi'l no to pjroiiA -fri*. T?<? Atio-.e coinpr-is?4 & II'ijp ?tock of t!ie fin^rt 1" .i^s; ; Ai. si < ; t?*Jtors,^ii"C?,iluo:s, ti 3.. for and n?iiiie:r3n Tr i* fur rcntaut! ',? Fixtr.rss for uai'i. Si'p v on t o (ir?">i3>}-, lr"". 11a';. N. H.-TI.a aw,? ?toclt, eiUicr in wholoor In l>nr -jri:: tin .rant private ?aie. T<> Miy or? i!'iftrdui ol en! ri:ic li o Hoot, Htos and T.-u.k ilr.aiiiass thi# ailon'o a Loiter opporiuiutr than mar team lie (nteaML T' reon? * -*i!l o >cfor .1 favor by promptly caHine au<! rettime their account*. ja 7 it Yr Wi x >[>~a NT) COAL. OU Will rarely yon- *nor.?T'? north by (*' inja*. tiif- PJ(>> I'KH ! i I.I .*s, ?wtkw?rt rnr i er t-f f*+mlh Jlftil and C'tmmi. i'A**K, Ar<"it ) T! f? c r ac.! ?;!% : ? .t measure trtan W!* otiiPri ia thr* citjr?c?it, ip! t, a.' .! Jeltvcro ' f.eooI If v u f-o.'t b?'!"?ve it. give the lJione?r Mir atrial,ac<? >?.i eatiaiml. ja '.7-lT.r /^iry NOTICE. /^A ? * M o v A L. rC*l > V 1 have rew-vpil n:y Pawn office c-? 3511* street, I' tt;i str&t t,, nrw.e(! ?.? lj i: t<. of cha V-.tionai MotuI Vi.ete !! hijMi.ers x .1 :.fc rr.t r.u-jj as heretofore at the ! Vf.t ' 'i.. fnr. I l^'AC HIR/HKIH;. ''IT NEVKH FA5Li*!" 1 " IT WILL PAY THE PEOPLK !" J take |fT?^t plca<ar<nn anrioa ot;>e to the citi muanniHllvriH >> Ml tl:\t ' IMTS jO*t r fjri.Mj I y t tlirt .Soft:, "-rh t very b:i* Jl'.'i -.r;-" r ..I M'S!\. SUMMKK OI,(J: H GO I.~, I KIMi'.v MAT- M.1 > AI'S f tw.igj.t UUMtij I'T CS'. I, i u i: ["T1' 'I to so" U;0:w :!' at v. : j low pr N. H.?A . of thrift h' imIii lisve It ?>i? niado up witMn t(i?? list mo: ttj : lit vim o*.n Kst tii?? lA'o?t nt?!es ?t J. H SMITH'S, No. 400 fcavcnth H., oppoatito ? 'St Office. ap 5-1 in FOC STAMPING I I PACK IT OF TAPE* S AP.'D ENVELOPES NO *o match. II f\fm at th* ^HARGt METROPOLITAN BOOEiiTOnE, PHI LP A SOLOMONS, /or LauTtTtt't c*!fjrnt*<i L?*'W Fanri, "Kitrop<.'itn% P.illsfrc., ff. M H ly 333 P*. av.. hot. 9tt and l?Hh nt?._ 7^REAT 1KEDICAL HOUSF. IN THE CITY v? of Washington. E>R. PHVM A.N, at bis Southern Medical Houna, ornerof ?<ixth at an<t Pa.avenue, unt'er the Clar en..on Hotal. is tlie onl? sn* m tn? knovn world wh? can permanently cure all <lis?*av>s of a ?ri*T.t9 oatuf* in lrotn a :o G ()*??. * ' _ ? r???i?bavn>-uuio ?'! UO ohirt*. inn 1*^-1 in* /. |. ?. UKiX. 9. *. MOTT. 1.1. 4TTST. L"tAt>M0TT * a?UT &TV.iX?, ?:??., f7i.i praolie in t:>e tfifti Court of fcrrora an4A> eaaat Jx.)t?on, tha Federal Court at H^utotoa, the Co an j of the ?e?3cZh Judicial Diatrict of Mi? uMad wi 1 attend to tha Coilaatieaof C'a:au t .?*?? W..rtk UlUIMilll. MM-tf ATCHRKFAIRING ANOSJLVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I l.ive one ot the boat establishment*, and furnixfced with aoonplefe w<*t of tool* for repairui? every docri^tion of line Watches, and Ml partiou'er attention jtive to tha 8*ine, by tiAcS tSoruuch competent work?nan.aiid a. work r.iamntiM AI'O. every ilesorip n>n of standard 5*1 L?V KR WAR K. p.ain and ornimeatal, manufactured under my own ?upervi>?on, whioh m<r cuatomera will find <a uper. >r in quality Ai d filial* to northern ware >id by d-Aiern in geurtra! aud rer/^a^nted a? their ova manufacture. __ II. O. HOOn. ma 33^ P*.avenue. near 9th at. |^OOT? AND 8HOIg?a TO SUIT TEE Wf nrf iiiv manuf'-ctunnz ?'! kind* of BOOTS and BiiOKS, ai.-! #or?Uu:!? receiving &?Ag acp~ * ' :: v. - w.rJrof evorr de pOM or.plio'. nivl<? eapresaly U. order. ai^iwillW !li M a?.U iU u o*nr prioeth&n hu Seen* TO heretofore oU?.fi*i in tHia city [or muob inferior articee. Pe-eona Lb wast > f IJooU ai?<2 Sfcoea of oaateru or o?.t >rt<i > work, wiil t:wdji fir,a a rood aaaor'niao u. atoreand at u?e *?weat p"e<?? us ac*Il. f?RIFF IN k HRO., apt-r Pf-,naT!vari? avnne. <rjO"D ART1CLEy.?MQ(,RE*8 INSECTwd " T V '< R MIN UKSTKOYER will rid yon ol U >aahe?. Had Buga, Ama. A<> Mnore'a Rat and V :)-? FxterrriiuftUT u jvorfi.ila. M?or 'a Brnain? wi!l retaavepnW. wn h or icr-aae of any kir-d, f ~mj! 0.'rie, ?'!k orwool?n, witfc- I o?t Hj^-y t? eolor or n!.';rrwi*e; will eltan KiJ I O ye-iih autifi.iT.wi h ittle labor. Fur wUe &t I MO .Rt'tf Great Medicine Depot, 11S Fa. av., I Weat End. a* ?-** ... i i $g&cad*<$1p ; CURE ^07 ; NervousKeadache i ? i ^ CURE. o?v : ^ Jrin&S ?v ; He adfrelie. . Br the use of these Pilia the periodic attaeka of If err rx.' or Sid Hiadatke ira? be prevents1; and If taken at the ooirrciencerneat ol an att?ck immediate raitel pain atd aiokseaa \rill be obtained. They seldom fail in removing the Ifaustn and tuartacM to WHICH l-maies are so cutyeot. They act gently upon theboweli,?removing Cot tivmtst. For LiUtary Men, Students, Delicate Females, and al! persons of ied*.ntary kahtis, they are valuable as a i.nrative, improving the aprititt, giving tone and viror to the digestive organs, and re storing the natural elasticity and ctrecgth <>f the Whole eynt?in. The CBFHAMC 1'ILLS are the result of long investigation and carefully conducted expert r.ierta, ha?ing !<<?en in use ma:;y years, during which time they have prevented arid relieved a vast amount of pain and entering from Headache, whether Qngi ne.tiug in thenerrom By stem or from a deranged tata of tU? stumnch. They ara entirolj vegetable ir. their ?om position, ar.d may betrksn at all tiiies with perfect safety without infikinT any change of diet, and tkt ah trnct cj any di-atreeable taste renders it tatty to administer tktm to c\ild-tn. BKW.%RB OF COUNTERFEITS! I The jennine have five Bijoatures cl Hemlr C. j Spa'.din* on each Box. Sold by l)migwt? and all other Dealers in ftfedicine*. A Uox will be ?oct by mail pr f paid on receipt o i tho i PRICE, ?3 CENTS. AH orders should be addressed to HENRY C. 4!* C"dar STMKT, NEW YOAE. i THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF SPALDISC'S CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCK ALL WHO SUFFFE FROM HEADACHE THAT A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE IS WITHIN THKIR REACH. A* these. Trstiino)i'<rli were unsolicited by Mr. SrALM:<0, thry afford unquestionable proof of the fffrar'f of this truly scientific discovery. M ahokvillk, Cona.. Feb. 5,1831. Mr. Sp\Lr>t*o?Sir: I have io?r Cephalic Ptl'K, (i".i / hM t\em t? wt!l that 1 want you to 8er-d m? tw< <lol ar* Worth Part of the*.* a-ce f.;r th* neirhbor*, to whom I jave a fow 'Mit of tha fi'et box I pot froin job. 1 pon<i th9 i'lln br mail, &*d <ib!:re Your ot?*t e<rT&nt, JAMK6 KLNNEDY> llAVSfcFCRD. Pv. 1 Mr. SPii riTi? Sir: J wish 7m to ?*nd its ec J n>?rn box Of ronr Oph&lio Pii'j, I kw r'ttivti f ' fritt ' -.1L 'J bcrtllt frcnr. IKttn. Yocra r?rypct:uiiT? MAKY AXN STOIKHOUSfc. PrTiBcs CuKrr.. (Jo., Pa ?( J IS, 18>ji. { fi. ifr/XT-'"n? ^ir Yen Pi;; pl<?*?ie e-nd me tv > or your CepLaho i'ilia. {*eii.l thctn irnmeliatel*. R-ipectfu!!? J?>cr?, JT(0. fJ. SIMONS. ! I' V- ?I kttvt vsii box cf vour Filli, er.J /s/f ; tlun t-zc*ilatc. Bkllr Vrrsort, O?>io, Jan. 15.1W1. JIenst C. KkVT.iiiNn. lie*.: Please fhid inoWed tf (StT'Sn OCStt. lOr vUmi MBfl m? ?nnt)i?f I--.* cf T"hr Pillc. T>ivt art truly iht Villi I ha' t ?v?r iricJ, f'ircci A. STOVEP, P. M.. Toll? Voruoa, Wyarr<iut oo., O. Uy.vtu^T, r.Te.?o , jieo. ii, iaa?. K. c. ^.ldikc*. hnI wish for eoiro circulars or 'are" fl: -w " brim your Cephalic Piiia i ii)ore> pariicu'ariy w<fm# mr cat-tcjirrra. If you hive ol tho L'lud. p!ea*e *-?nd to me. Ori<i?vf rr.y cu*to:-i.-r-. vr?:o ia?u"j?ot to severe Pick Hoft ttci-. tnx'.-r.IlT lutjcit twod*r%? twtj rurt'l cf an attack in out hsur by your Fills, which 1 sent her Itespecfclly rcun?, W. li. WILKES. IIitit:>le3bra?, Pbanklis Co., Ohio.f J\Duary 9,1331. { I!hbt c. **rAJ.T>m?, no 11 Otlr.r it*aet. Ne>r / Sir: tr.o!o><4find fwe c^'its, f;?f h#\* t?f *' I'm. I ?! ?* ? . .. . . -- "? * *???? } end "< acfiree.* c{ Kov. W'm. C.Fiiior, Keynolvlsbr.-;;, Prtnkiiis ot.uiity, Ohio y.?!?r fiHs wrk iil* a v\trzt-can Htxinth* aluij-t *n-tcnl*r. 'iruly yoaii, W'M. C. FILLER. Ynttisn, Mioh., Jan. 14,70G1. 1\*B. r^ir: Not Ionic sinoe I pent r? yon *.-r 4 t it r4 "PfiiVio 1'ii'a for the euro oi Uio Ner! vi.ui tleruacho nn.i, and roc?ivt-i the ' f*m?. ftr ?! l.hiy had>o good an cjt:t iKat I tea* widvt'd to tend.for mrre. i'.cA-" by return Di^'t to A. R. WIIKELF.R. Ypc!anti, M:oh. From th". Examiner, Xorfolk, Ya Op!>\!io fill* &90<>m3h?h th? obj^ot fV>r whiob t!:?>T . . mi.'3, vi*: Onro o 1 boaaaoha in all iu | lories. Frrim the ftrnminrr, Norfolk, V*. They have been tost???l in more tnan a. thousand c&soe, with entire c jcseip. Ft cm the Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn. If yen are, or been troubled with the headach \ mm lortbiai(C?^llm ?Vij,)sotliit yon j may have tiicm in oo.-,e oi vi.a'.'ACli, From tie A'lrertiftr, Provuienet, Ji. /., The Cephnlio IMIs are said t.j hen remarkably ' v>ip- .*>r the headache,and oa?o/tM i v*r> for -St vorr fro^ uont complaint whicr. has otar lienii discovered. From the Wo'.trn 11. R. Uazttie, Chicago, III. W* kf-art-i'y *>n''orce Mr. Spalding, an J hi* unn?al.el Omphalic Pills. Frcn the Kannwia Volley Star, Eanateht, 7a. We hro kuio that persons si,Hiring with tho Ji^&d acta who try them, wi.l stiok to theiu. Fram the Southern Path Kinder New Orleans, La. I'rj them ! jou that are?ftiict?d. ai.d we ar* saw that yonr testunonv can bo aa<l<*l to the a!r#>a?Iy nmaerou* :.;t that has toocivcJ benefits that no oi*or mediume ca:i produao. From tkt Ft. Lnuis Dsmoerat. m ; ? ? ? i no irnmacflo oamafca lor tlii arrlaie (Opha'.ic Piliiji* rapidly iuci easing. From the Oazette. Davenport, lev*. Mr. fcpa'diiiR w?uid not corneal hi? name Trtth an aitiolo 1ia did net know to ^omksi real merit. From tke Advertiser,, R. I. T'10 taatimnrr iu their fa/or is strons, from the most respjetat e quarter*. From the Daily Hewn, Nrirport, Jl. J. Opha ic Pilie aru taking tha place of ail kinda. From the Commercial Bulletin, Boston, Mast. Ktid to be very t-ficauioui for the headache. From the Commtrtial, Cinexnnati, Ohio. BulTeciox humanity can cow be relieved.' A Hin^le bottle of SPALDING'S. PREPARED GLUE will savet?n times it* cost annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH

UjT'A Stitch ii* Time Savm Nik*."?CU A* aocidenCn will happen, even is well regu atftl it ia very dctirable to l ive anm? cheap> nvwuent way fur rtpamiij l-'uriature, Toya Crockery, &.c. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE ir.eata all auoh enr.e'nenoiet, aaJ no houaehold oa afforJ to be without it. it la aiwaya ready, and to the attokiiig point. "USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. 0.?A Bru*L accompanies each Bottle. Prio 25 cent*. Audieu . HENRY G. SPALDING, No. 48 Cedar street. New York. CAUTiON. Aa obtain napritoipled peraona are attempting to panne? ??u the ?n?mp>;otirr pahlio, imitations of my PREPARED Ol-UE, 1 wonldcaution all peraona to examine before pnrobfceini, and aee that the fall name, (ETSfALDINQ'S PREPARED GLUE^J 1 umntarfalta!"*** VT*"#r' 0 PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. p t B L I C W OTICL DirilTMIHT Of thb hmioi,! wrtukmttom, lt%t. K. lMn. ( Pahlio notice ia hereby given that boo<1? and wwporie annexed, of the description hereinafter ?t forth, have lately been feloniously abetraoted rom the custody of the Interior Department, the tame beinc the property of the United 9t&Ue and leW m tract for eertain Indian tribe*. Np?ioe km Uso been firtv to the proper ofioeri of the reepeoivo States to rt*>p the payment thereof; and all sv< wniuvu ynnJUMiUI wi rwri* nc any of said bo ad a and ooapoua, aa the olaim of Ji* United State* thereto will be proeeoeted to the itrnost extent. Each bond beiug for the a urn of one bouaacd dollars, vis: iix per oeLt. Missouri Coupon Bonds, issued in J una and August, 1857. State of Misaioori.St. Louis end Iron Mountain R R. State Bond*. Bond No. 2037 Bond No. 1833 1876 * 1827 1W? 1822 ?07 1821 98 1S2U ZWJ8 1C31V 2007 1?18 1098 1809 1994 1817 1995 1816 1891 1815 1990 1814 1*92 1813 1991 1812 2003 1810 2002 1811 1992 1808 200<J 2031 2005 502.1 2004 2034 2001 2035 im 2o:*ft 2000 2032 2009 .1829 1877 1828 1878 1829 1879 1830 1880 1831 1881 1832 1882 1848 1883 1669 1834 1870 18<*5 1871 188? 1872 1887 1873 1888 1874 1539 1875 1890 2030 2045 2029 2048 2018 204? 2017 2017 2010 2044 2015 2043 2014 2040 * 2013 2041 2012 2042 2010 2039 2011 2038 -? 1825 99 bondf 1824 NoiE.~Bonds No. aid below of thu aeries, iEBue'1 June, 1W7, and honda No. ^ml and above that. dated August, 1*57, payab.e at ftie Phtenix Bank, New York oity, in 1S87. Mate of Miaaonrt six per cent, ooupon bond*, viz: Hiunilial and St. Joseph Railroad State Honda? Bond No. 1853 Pond No. 162? 1852 ??27 1851 1T.2H 1350 Iff 29 1349 1359 1343 18C5 1847 1393 1846 1843 1C45 . ' 18C.0 1841 J&'.l 1333 1855 183) 1853 1383 1R? 1334 1854 1833 '333 1537 1813 HSR 1324 J&S3 1321 1616 18M 1610 J837 1(535 f8? 1413 13tt 1413 1^1 1614 1531 1316 lull 161t5 164 J 1617 1841 1613 1644 1319 16-45 1620 1649 1621 16-17 1611 1643 1864 16S7 1634 1633 1SS1 1840 163] 1542 1033 1843 1622 1650 1857 181# 1038 181T 1630 1818 1639 1819 1841 1820 1623 1821 1624 1625 90 bonda Hot*. These bowls are dated January, 1897, ftTiiUe ftt Haiik of Commerce, New York, is N"ve;,i!jar, l?at>?Interest j'&jabie in January and July of each year. State of Missouri six p?r cent. Coupon North Ml*roori it. it, Slate bocis. Hood No.^2952 Bond No. 1639 2940 1638 2939 1641 J'Jil 1842 2942 1043 2946 1044 2946 1846 2944 1640 2943 1647 JV47 1648 2948 1649 2*J49 1040 2050 1650 2'J37 2922 3933 2923 1653 2924 1651 2930 1655 2951 1652 2VfcS 10?0 1B67 2321 1706 24f.8 17l># 2512 1707 2513 2152 2514 2153 2616 2454 2516 2466 2*11 2159 2910 2167 St 12 2458 2913 2459 2914 24 AO Ml 1 v *1*1 291? 2462 MIT 2403 2918 2464 2i>19 2465 2929 2466 2954 2407 2955 1051 80 bonds Note?The bonds numbered tM6*nd below, leaned in January, 1857; No 2910, and above that, tasued in Aucuat.1857, pa j able at Ph<rnix Bank, New York city. Miacouri aix per oent. Coupon Bonda. tic North Miaaoori A. K. State bonda. Bond No. 2773 Bond No. 2703 2784 2787 2780 2730 2781 2717 2782 2734 2779 2721 2783 2719 H 11 2712 2721 27!0 2720 2725 2716 2777 2727 2776 27*4 2765 2731 2768 2766 2760 2720 2770 2718 2771 2715 2785 2714 2778 2764 2772 2728 1775 2726 2t7i 2723 2780 - 2713 2732 1767 Mboadfl emmemsse* Bond I?. MM Bw* 5*. MN ?W MSI MU MU ?J44 M? 6254 5242 6256 5241 5253 5240 6252 *? 5237 MO 4?5 5247 ?S4 Mat ?W ftlti 5232 5196 UO 5000 MAA i^Uk 6199 4997 111 4*90 5197 4986 , 5310 4.-vs? 5JW 5307 4879 5306 515? 5309 6262 51 bonda 6304 Note.?The** booda in dated Mpoh, laffTi ftr ab^ Maroh. 1387, atPturiux Bank, N?w ) ofk iit?re?t payable m January ud J all M Moh f Mr. Bond* of North Carolina?Ooapoaeii par oaot. ] North CaroUaa ni per oast*. Bond Na. 36 Bond No. 303 33 301 32 k 350 ? ni 9 236 7 234 349 203 348 166 347 104 346 20 i 343 19 342 18 341 IT 340 16 J 339 13 338 8 337 11 *M 1 A 33S 10S 328 101 i 329 100 330 99 331 103 332 8 333 28 334 22 227 If 328 21 317 98 318 97 318 98 298 95 239 94 238 82 237 80 238 303 72 bond Not*.?Theee bond* &r? dat'd JMun, U64, fayibte January. UK. at Baqk of Republic, New York, interact payable in Jalaary and Jily. NaHK Pftrniina C D^J. i **V1 " fVI WUWt VVHf U PUUUIl < Bond N*. 833 Bond No 736 833 738 831 768 830 769 839 760 834 701 836 703 830 703 837 704 838 790 871 791 873 793 873 791 * 874 T94 7 b Tfii B76 TM 8TT 791 8T8 7*8 379 799 889 SoO K>1 Ml 845 803 847 803 848 804 849 805 859 808 851 m 852 897 851 811 854 111 855 Bit 8* 914 8tf7 815 858 818 869 817 861 818 86S 819 869 899 864 811 < 865 811 866 831 867 814 868 819 826 870 8JT 883 ? ' 8? 882 839 884 840 , 884 843 781 844 731 844 733 1 IN boada ] j North Carolina six per OMi. 'kxyot bowUk lioDd Mo. 699 Bond No. 493 { *00 404 603 4M 604 406 . 605 J 606 en 607 408 ' 608 no 610 HI i 11 481 I 13 48] \ 613 483 i 600 484 Jit I 633 486 633 467 ? 634 626 480 ' 636 400 27 hS8 \ ?28 hSt 1 641 HQ 641 Ml ' ?? l4j J" Ml 1 644 IM 646 Ml 64T US ? 648 *? 646 614 640 Ui 660 010 661 6 IT 662 018 616 619 617 016 618 616 ] 610 6IT " 614 ?T 4tt J 468 646 470 640 t wi wr i 43* M | 440 M? 442 MS 1 430 4H J 431 471 I 433 473 ? 430 474 J 437 47ft 417 471 4? OTI Cc 414 471 * 4* 479 t 433 4&! i 411 6U 1 Ml *U t 644 ? Ml ?? <??s; "'"^x^sstsrsssrsz0*- t iKsS^SSUS i n?: k Bond Ho. SI M * . 161 n S 53 S |i j ? M |? Bo?4 Ho VT Bond Bo Ml ft MS J M 1M 1 1M \U I 3 8? ' im in i? m i? m Ul IW 1? 1* irt itr 18t im 11? 1M lit IM 1ST 144 46 bo*4* 144 Two bo?<1?for <S*t?d Apnt, tan. Bond No. 9 Bond No. It FllWfn boMi for |Uir tub.dtMl Qctob#r, K m I'arfcU' at Baxk of o?t..h*r. ,TU1 Bond No. 11U Bond Ho. 11M 1184 UM 1186 11N 1184 1186 1187 11W 1188 IWt 1180 1190 16 bOBdf 1191 fwMMtiM P^r o?ot. C |?ob Bond*, of Mh.ofUpui u s H>>b t 1?W in S?v^ ofk oity, ' Aolo. ,?tui burUm*. and dated Jui H-J. 1*M: Bond Ho. :i7 Bond Ho 416 378 419 TM 479 - *Q1 ITT 409 491 41S 49$ 414 723 Ladoftl* jolloviag HBibtralustd January.]** Bond ho 828 Bond No. 1278 829 1S68 830 fcnd ot H?tolk>winj Btnbart im?! Jannary,Utt Ben 1 No. 1744 Bond No. 2*55 Slip 3891 2133 2*92 3681 SOM 3006 S1S1 kni of the following Hmbcmuitd January. USfi. HmuI So 311Q Rnnd Ko 1*17 3464 4108 MM 42UV MM 4210 *4417 4211 S4A9 4212 3470 4*11 3471 4214 3472 4441 3758 4527 3894 452? 3941 4560 3942 4556 3943 4*66 8544 4569 3945 4570 3946 4571 3985 4749 4199 4751 4200 4881 led of the ioiloving nomMri laaued JiMMif, 1877. Bond No. 505? Bond No. 5419 6105 5421 6S26 6426 6359 5427 6360 6430 6361 6434 6362 k 6434 (363 6437 6364 6438 . 6366 6439 636? 6440 (367 6441 6368 6442 6269 6463 6270 6444 6271 6446 6272 _ 6462 6373 ~ 1418 63*4 6616 6276 tilt 6176 6621 6277 6622 1278 6702 1271 r<>4 6386 6766 6281 6766 6N6 6767 6286 6708 638T 6706 68!8 6716 6386 6711 6396 6712 6391 6712 6:<92 6799 6303 6839 6416 684A 641T 6842 6418 Uwin o? iu Sicimn or th? litmioi, Itooenber 94, 1M0. *1i-atf J. THOMPSON,??rotary. I0V AT MY TI b^RSMXDY REJOirit ^LN HEALTH, Friend, do ro? enter/ Are 70a the victim of mi trthooe n-Jiwona H ffienU vfcirh ir? iron ibHirity ofUt?blovHi.' hatare User, do yon ult RallerMio whatare they not.' The Inafl 1a the tocroeof 1 lie tad health, ami :t te trie trwt e.eioeit of our belr.f to reapnn4 to any c&aae * "jc?. *?eeia lie?yet4m.aa the pe^ae :alW.L.y attewu Tbe erer preraliiDx N?*rai(ia.tbe trntaUuc fcry?irei?e, the inWJe Scrofula, the afouiminf RLeumattam, Nei iroaa Debility, i>yepepe.a. lJ?er Gon.p.t.Et with 1*4 U>r^or and dejeoutjo, aa<! the ?aail>?rl?M ilia thai a?eu i* DAT to, aenre tieir hmeona or: jic from the Wood. l)eal fcinrti j thou ua f ec'-r vtLu the biocf. Ut? the vitalising reeosrees of catare for iu ??< . Utd asffcr Pi to ?omn.end to yoir oocfir'ei.oe and IM that tn j TVanbie medieamect known as INDIA* tEGKTABLKDKCOCTIOII. With regard to this tlsoet ioftllibie immU posalar souliment apokrn in decided htbi bod the evidences of thia gre?t cttoacy are io? taiued by ootfstaat trowLt of our*Ure effects a&4 lh? L&p?ir-t Mt'to front iU are titer all other remedies aod iLe beet niedioal akin hare fai ed. Let aa aa?, la oooo.uaion, that eertlftoates I area are not sought from the illiterate aad super101*1, but they are volunteered Itosq the moaf reipeot&bje sourons aad justify the h.theat U?rma is vhioh it ia possible to ootrmend eo ra!?a.t.e a iseoiao to pab<>e approval. W a mar *dd aleo that the curative properties of tbe medicine are equaled ?nlj by ita restorative effect*. the system recovering fromdisease with renewed oooatiUtional vigor. For sale br all re.??*otabte Druggists id this Hty, aad br the proprietor, MK8. M. COX, None genuine pntess her uait ia hlown or, ik? x>ttle ud her im on the oork 117* Prioo ft I p?r botue, n* tx) for *. XfUUtmU R. H. T. CIS6EL, Dr*??,?*t leorietoviJjiT) C., WboMt Agent for tkt Dieriot, and *l: supply toe trad* at my pnoaa. a? U-tr THE SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIE?EMAR.1J aad 5-Protects by Royal L>?Ueri Patent of England, ard eeoarad by the wale of the Eoole derhamasie oe Parte, and the iaiaerial College of Modisine. Vietaa No 1 u inva. cable for eahaciiut. aadaatcrrbee, utdal'i phyeioal diaabihtiea. No.S oomaleteiy eradioatea a'.l traoea of thoee Liaaaeea tiial hare been hitherto treated by the aaa mobs aod pemioi 'M aaa of ooaaiTa and eabeba. No. 3 hai entirely eapplaataa the injunoae ae* of aeroary, thereby Inaanaf to the eaflerer epeedy elief, diap*raiog all unpariti*e, aod rooting oa Ae renom of di?*aee. TRIE?EMaR, No*. 1,: and >. are prepared in A* form of a ioseage, devoid of taeta and erne)1, tad aaa be earned id the vaiitooat pookec tn?,d pi tin mmm m. *<1 i?a ? * ? ?... ? umum UH" OUMf.M Bd lUBiatrreii by Velpeaa. L*lieinBnd. Ron, Rioord, to. Price CS Mok. or Io*r cum for Its. which li^modikUly on reoMnif ft remittftnoe, Dr. IMtrow rill fcnri'i the Tnm?r to My p*rt of the wor4, imrMy pfteked, nd xMrmii Moording to the 1bWSS^JR&sr. u- .bo.y b. BOO with dfttnBf e4 IM broken down oonatitntioiie a "Hiibm Frailty, or PhreioiosieftJ ^eeearcti?a." it ia MBBtilBily lilaetrfttrd, aad uetu " inatfly of ill tfte aymy obi that innn&blv develop tbtm?a'Toa, aoooer or later. resalftn* from the rra.iitlee Led viUaxioc hftbita of ?o?tt. u>oftM*ittlinc he victim from atari c? the frattion of the MtnbobibI atftte, mad. if Bot checked io Cm*, def ei arttinc til tt.? fBBOtioaa of manhood. a> d bring tog kiaii ttaa by at*a. to a lingering Bud aatimelj dealt. W4I byDr. K A M ROW, 194 Bicker luir loora b?k>w Maodougftl, Nov York. Pnoe B Ota. SmttrMmrrvkfra. ftoid b.?o Dy tt. C. Ford, Ju Dm Mora, Wuh^^LB,T*A8fcim.VS?^^!k Trettiee on tfte Adminietrfttion and On?mu ^ssJ^L.v^SstvsSJtsxt; Taatfuauoa tor Field Artillery, 1 vol., IImii . prtoe ma. 1 veL.Weo4 *X"*U * jw^miyl G?*rd^, wiHre A17I v? W?i %9W Mb Ap H? .