Newspaper of Evening Star, April 23, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 23, 1861 Page 1
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From the Baltimore American of yesterday ?'e obtain the following details of the doings ii Baltimore on Sanday : When the annonncement wad made that tpr>oT?f were approaching the city from the . ! ~* Tl ?I ? ? ? ? ? * I ?uru.itm ui rcDusjiviDia, ana naa aireauy retrned Cockeysville, the scene of excitement cs.\ Baltimore street wag one of extraordinary intensity The street was already thickly thronged with people for several squares east und west of North street, but they were rather ?liscu*sing what had been done than contemplating any immediate renewal of action. The telegraphic dispatch from Washington stating that no more troops would be sent through or around Baltimore, though not receiving genitnl crrdence, had still to some degree calmed the excitement, and the popular interest was 4-oncenrrated upon the rumors that were floating about in relation to the reinforcement of Fort McHenry, the transfer of the Seventh Megiment of New York to Washington via An -lapoiis, tne tacts in relation to which were related with every variety of incident and sf comment. In the midst of this comparative pause the -iew? was received that troops were at Cockevs.ille. marching steadily towards the city. The jurnber was originally stated at two thousand, vjt it rose rapidly in the mouth of rumor tc 5ve, eight, ten thousand. Instantly the street was in an uproar; the cry to arms rang out: men singly and in groups, with arms of every from natent riflm (n ?nn>n^ui piece?, parsed hurriedly around to different rendezvous A fresh impulse was given ta the excitement by a second report that another bvdy of troops were marching on the city by tbe Reistersiown road, and were already a'. Pikes.ille, seven mfles distant. The throng rushed curiously and excitedly about. The irmei men gathered into squads and were formed into companies. The unarmed clamored for weapons and rushed to the gun shops _>n Baltimore street.which were quickly broken jpen, and what arms they contained passed jut indiscriminately to any who were alert euo"gh t'> get within reach of tbe supply. The bells of the church on Second street rang :.ct a startling alarm, communicating the excitement to ev<?ry part of the city. In th*3 churches in which services were at the time in pr*~ress, of course the wildest apprehensions were created. A general attack upon the city, a bombardment from Fort Mcilenry, with all the addenda of horrors that the fertilo imagination ooatd depict, presented themselves Service* were interrupted, ladies shrieked and fainted, congregation* dismissed themselves aud Urrifi^d ?v</Dien hurried to their homes. Foom all sections of the city throngs of men poured toward 'heceatro, seeking information as to what had occurred, and adding to the general alarm by repeating the rumors that Ur>ro. /%,? f ttn ? *- ~ ? '~ ?? * ? ? T>v*\rvMu^ui. u y, uiagutucu IU IUO UlliJUDl Qi* tent, and then thrown aside for some newer and stranger story. Shortly after 10 o'clock, Mr. Gist Cockey. of Baltimore county, arrived at the office of Marshnl Kane with information that 2,000 troops from York, Pa , had arrived at Cockeysville at an early hour, and had there encamped. The news was quickly spread on the streets, and from the various armories of tbe military companied their Hags were thrown out to call the members together. The populace hurried from all part* of the city to Holiday Squ ire, which in a very short time w densely crowded. The alarm bells of the town clock oq Seoond street were also rung The Police Commissioner?, after ascertaining the reliability of the information, gave orders for the assembling and arming of the volunteers, as well as ail other military corps, all under the command of Major-General Geo. II Steuart. Instantly men were gathered at the various enrolling places, where thousands ot able-bodied men and youths signified their desire to share in the dangers and toil9 attending the defense of the city against the expected invaders. Companies marched from one point to auother, aud then proceeded to ?i _ /Vi J ** ? * ?- - - mo u.a ti;y uaw, wnere, alter some delay, the nweajirj amis were furnished. The Southern Volunteers, numbering over a thousand, formed on Fayette and otber streets, the different ward organizations also forming in the ^ame vicinity. The military companies were gathered in their respective armories, awaiting the order to move. A proposition was made for the formation ot volunteer corps d'armee for the purpose of immediately meeting the invaders and of beating them back. This proposition met with mu<th iavor, and hundreds of impetuous spirits, confident of being followed by larger numbers, left the city in wagont. carriages, buirzies and thcr vehicles, determined to wage a guerilla warfare with the advancing foroe. Not leas than 500 men. it is estimated, left Baltimore for this purpose, armed with shot guns ajd rifles. At a subsequent period of the day, when the pscifls intentions of the Pennsylvanims and the peaceful policy of the Administration became fully known, earnest fears prevailed that these hot and eager men would begin an attaak upon the Northern troops, and 00 lead to a most unnecessary and melanchuly waste of human life. These fears, we learn, were happily not realized, though tbe encampment of the Pennnyivanians wug visited, it ia .said unchallenged, by scores of Baltimorenns, who were cordially received and entertained. Prom a gentleman who visited thecainp we learn that the Pennsylvanians, to the number of 2.400, were encamped at Cockeyt; Fields, in the vicinity of Cockeysville, 17 miles from Bulinore; that leaving Uarrisburg with no kn?wledge of the opposition of the citizens of Baltimore to the passage ef Northern trocar, through thflir tKAV HM<1 K?UAI1 ? n?n i ?? ~j v? upvu mo illOV iU 11" mat ion of th? hostile intentions of the authorities of tbu city, and far from entertaining any idea ef forcing a passage through Baltimore, they held oareitixenain paculiaaand friendly regard. One of the companies composing the force?a corps from Lancaster?were aarrest in their inquiries after the Baltimore City Guard, with whom they have heretofore enjoyed relations of friendship and of pleasant ( ocial intercourse, and transmitted them mtny verbal evidences of their continuing good-will and regard Only about one-third of the whole force were uniformed and grilled, the remainder_were r?w recruns unarmed ana anantrormed. There ww but 1,300 stand of arms in the encampment. The force is said to be suffering much from the want of provisions, but a meagre ?upplj of which could be obtained for '*lovo or money," a number of the country people in that vicinity refusing, it is said, to sell them food upon any terms All doubs of the issue of the hostile attitude of the opposing forces were, however, removed about 5 o'clock by the public announcement by Brigadier Gen. Watkins, that President Lincoln had just pledged his word no more troops should pasf through or around Baltimore and that the troops at Cockeysville should be ordered back to Uarrisburg The correctness - * ? - - vi id? utouaDaeiouDi Deing con bribed in official quarter*, the troop* were iminediately dismissed with the exception of details from each eompan j to guard their respective armories, and the stormy scenes of the day were succeeded by a cjcb pirn live quietude more befitting I the sacred character of the day. Crowd* of persona lingered on the streets, especially in the neighborhood of the newspaper offioea, until a late nour of the night, their eonduct was marked, however, with much of decorum and good order. On Saturday evening it was stated, upon what was regarded aa ?00<i authority, that a number of persons who had auoceeded in supplying themselves with arm* were aboat maroLii ^ to Port McHenry, for the purpose of attaalwn* the place. large eompanv of the Maryland Ooard wer* sent down, with order* to keep ? tbem away from that port For the last few days the various firms who deal in firearms have been quite busy waiting upon customers, supplying them with ?uch arms as thej desired. Most of those purchased were valuable and of the most approved style. Yesterday a large crowd of persons, unable to obtain musket*, proceeded to the stores and supplied themselves (forcibly in some instances) with arms. A crowd of two or three hundred first proceeded to the establishment of Messrs. Merrill, Thomas <L Co., manufacturers and importers of firearms, and demanded of the senior partner,who was in the store, that he should distribute them indiscriminately. Mr M addressed them, and said he was willing to five them a SUlinlv. but nrmilH nnt do an with. out order prevailed A committee was then appointed, who assisted in handing out the arms to these who desired .them. About 250 muskets and patent rifles were distributed, and a great number of pistols; in fact, nearly all which the store contained. They also took considerable ammunition, and before leaving, gave three cheers for the firm. Soon after, a guard of the Maryland Guard and the Independent Greys were stationed in front of the place to protect it. Another crowd made a similar deroaud upon Messrs. Loney A Co., Hanover street, and took 40 patent rifles, being all which the firm had. Tho hardware establishment of Messrs. Duer, Morris & Co., on fthe same street, was Rext called upon, and the party received an accession to their arms of nine double and eight single-barreled guns. At Messrs. King & Hoffman's, on Baltimore St., near Liberty, they received about a dozen muskets, some of which were thrown from an upper window. A party forced their way into the warehouse ot Mr K Uhrlaub, on German St., and received the assurance that there was not a single musket in the house; at the same time they were invited to look through the building, and then left wi[Qout aoiDg any injury. Snon as these movements were known, (quads of polico were stationed at the places visited, who were armed and ordered to defend the stores against any further visita. Sergeant Meredith and Policemen Zellers and McCain were present when the demand was made upon Messrs Loney A Co., and but for their presence great disorder must have occurred. The establishment of Mr. Leonard W. Passano, importer and dealer in fancy goods and cutlery, No. 52 Mart<h Market Space. was algo invaded by a mob, who broke open the door with the handle of a pump and sacked the place of everv woanon it no.?ft?s?erl s?v?r?i m - , r ?? X..... of those who first effected an entrance exerted themselves with effect to keep out the mass of the mob, throwing the pistols promiscuously amongst them, thus saving perhaps the remainder of Mr. Passano'a stock at the expense of his limited supply of firearms. Two twelve-pounders, with a large quantity of cannon balls were yesterday taken possession of by Captain Kenney. with a posse of policcmen of the eastern district, and removed from Messrs Mohler A Graff"s wharf, near the lower end of Ann street, to headquarters at thn old f!it* Hall A ?moll ? ? .. ? . ?? cuiuu ijuau itij U1 tlliUUU balls at the foundery of Anton Weiskittel, on Alice Anna street, near Wolfe, was also seized. Mr. W. had just commenced ob Saturday to fill an order for a large quantity to be delivered at 1'ort McHenry. On Saturday, fourteen carbines, five swords, and a number of trapping?, formerly belonging to the Mounted Carbineers, of this oity, were seized by the police at the house of a man named Smith, on West Baltimore street, and removed to the office of the Marshal of Police. About 11 o'clock in the morninir. a laree O D orowd proceeded to the gun warehouse of Messrs. Poultney A Trimble, and tearing off a shutter of the doorway broke a large sash. ami entering handed out an immense quantity of arms, consisting of patent rifles, fowling piece* and revolvers. The members of the firm are unable to compute the value of the arms; to do this it will be necessary to take the stock on hand. Yesterday afternoon the gun store of J. N. McComas, on Pratt street, near Gay. was entered by a number of persons, and a large nnontitv aP ?* J 11 ~ ' <junuiv4 luusiioau! atm huitiii hrms ihk(* 11 iherofrom. The store of A. Jang, on Gay street, near Orange alley, was also entered, but no arms were taken. thk protestant episcopal cleroy A meeting of the clergy of the Protestant Episcopal Church, of this city, was held ??n Saturday afternoon, when the condition of the country was considered. It was determined t? hold religious servioes every ^fternoon during the pre?ent week, at St. Paul s Churoh. The Nails.?Disease not only withers and emaciated the human frame, but, after its departure leaves thereon a minute record of its action, very intelligible to the experienced and observant eye. Few invalids are aware that they bear about with them?in fact at their finger's end?an accurate rerister of tb??ir iMt 1 ' 7 iu London, a monster omnibus with portable Hangers on the two leading wheels, and drawn by four horses, made its appearance on the track, plying for passengers in opposition te the cars. Although this novel contrivance was decorated with an English union jack, implying its nationality, and recommended as an improvement over cart,whioh cannot be turned off and ou the track at will, it was by no means so well patronized as the latter, which wero literally crammed with passengers every trip. On the afternoon of tho same day a gentleman, accompanied by a servant in livery, drove his carriage upon the track, pulled op immediately in front of one of Mr. Train's cars, and refused to get out of the way, on the ground that he had as much right upon the particular spot of the road as Mr. Train ha 1. The road quickly bocame completely blockod up with passing vehicles, and a scene of indescribable confusion ensued. Finally, however, threatened by the police, the gentleman was compolled to move off. IUTA lady writing from Paria, lays: "1 received a moat Important document the other day, admitting me with a party to the Emperor's stable* and so they wvnt. hardly thinking it worth while, but they are really one of the wonders of Parts The sta^bles?or snloons as I call them?are und-r the gaiery of the Louvre, and there must be m?re than one hundred horaea, belonging to his M.jeaty Each horae haa a large stall to hlmaelf, with hia name over the top, and his manger la constructed of black marble. We were then shown the State carriage*, some of which were lorded with gilding and lined with aatin, then came all the saddles, which were very elegant; and when we had visited the whole, we did not wonder that such a grand card of admisalon was neteaaarv for the establishment. WiiRig AwiT -A quarter of a mil* of the railroad track on the Richmond and Fredericksburg Railroad, between Aocokeck and the A quia Landing, bat been washed away. sufferings; but such is the case. In some of the Parisian hospitals the surgeons constantly scrutinize narrowly the finger nails of the patients newly admitted, for the purpose of gleaning therefrom more correct information as to the past progress of their disease than could, perhaps, otherwise have been acquired; and so accurate are the conclusions thence drawn as very often to astonish the unconscious bearers of the strange record Allowing a certain average daily growth from the nuils. it has been found, on examining those of h person who had, four months before, had an attack of typhus, that toward the center of the nails, which had at th*t time been their root, a deep and well defined transverse furrows remained, coinciding with that accidental interruption to their nutrition and growth. The depth of the depression will always be exactly proportionate to the severity of their illness, and the breadth to its duration; while if there had been any subsequent relapse they would b? found suesessively indicated at proper intervals, like the notches of a tally-stick. Mr Train, the indefatigable American, having in a measure conquered public opposition to street railways in England, has met with some ' obstructives." Onedar. re?*titlv MISCELLANEOUS. pROPOSALS FOR POSTAGE STAMP#. POfiT OFFICl DFPARTMKNT.f March VJ. 1361 S I f F0P0*ALs will be received until 12 o'olook m. ?itn Apul pext for furnishing Pout**# Stamps 1 the general stile and desc lption of those now i 10 u?e, on suitable paper of the best quality, for t term of six years, commencing first orJu1* n*xt. I Bi *ders will state the price per thousand stamps, I deliverable in pacicajos o' ten thousand each at the I Post Oflioe Department in Washington I Also, tho prioe par th utand. in similar pack- i 3 s. deliverable to the Agent of the Department I the place of manufacture. Also, ttte priee p?r thousand, delivered in larger i package*, as required, either at the Department 1 oi p ace of manufacture. aiiv, me pnuo per i iuuiaott, aepara e<i id suotl quantities aa may be daily ordered lor the use of ; Po*t Orticoa, never lea* than two huud ed stamps, 1 airl securely packed in tin cases, fuitahle bind , era' h?ard boxes, with muslin or other equally ' strong covers, or lined envelopes, ao orduig to the quantity and distance to be oonveyrd, as may be required by thu Department, static; tiie oiliererow, if any, between the cost of deliver* t? an ! agent at the place of manufacture and at Washington, D. C. A'l such packages, before mailing, to he re-exan iued an'! 'he stamps recounted l j an ( Agent of this Department. bidders will also give the additional coat for dirtoting packages for the maia and preparing , blank reoeipts, under the direction of anaeen'-uf ' Department, oitlier at the Department or man HAWIVUIX* Proposals must he made for the stamp* in sheets, perfectly tummed, ar.d perforated in such manner a.*!, each separate stamp can be readily detached and used. The i.enominations of stamp* cow in use are one cunt, three ce' ts, fivo cents, ten cents, twelve cents, t *cnt>-four cents, thirty cents, and ninety cents. Tue heads of Washington and Franklin iwre to be preserved a* the leading designs; the fornnei on all the stamps. except those of one cent aiid thirty ceiita. <>n which are to be ttie h?-ad of Fraukiin. On all of th? stamps II.o denomination mun oe eiven aminetlr, in figures aa wo'l as let. t Tb, and the whole work miiBt ha executed in the ' best style of lice ensiavine on steoi. I he wiioie number of poa'ane stMnps furnished to the D-^piriinont during the year ending the auth i Ju>>e. 186*1. was 216 !>70 6w>. From past expenenon it Is supposed that the i number of pv3kae?*fi mailed will average above two i hundred daily, var-m? in sue from two sheets. or }>0*tainea. up to iieets.or 5?i,nno stamp*; but , by far the farcer proportion of packages contain i not more than 20 snebtn or 2 f>0 ?tnnps? i hach bid tu to be accompani'Hl with a specimen 1 of the?ty eof engraving and the quality of paper i to e f'irni?red, whioh will bo submitted to a board t of difint?rest?-dexpertsorartistsfor'-xamiiiati.)n; I an 1 tr>e accepted bidder, btfore the final consummation of a contract, will be required to prepare i de*igns and fumi*h proof impressions of ih<i en- | gra \ in** of the several drnomi'iationsof stamps. Spec i mens of board and t 11 boxes and linden- j velopeumat aUo be nubmitted with each bid. It is neeemrv to protect the boxes by muslin orothfr to\ersin the most effectual manner against wet &r:d abrasion. The contract will require all dies ' ami plates to he p epared and kept in repair, and that i-ew dies and pi\tes shall be made, tither for ? the present denonninatior s of stamps or < tijers, wrhout charne, a? the p ei?ure of the Department; J a ii* ail such dies and p'ates are to be the propertT J id the I mted States lor tne service ol the host Oflio" Depa tment. !So bids wili be considered except from rartifs 1 who have b-'en actual ? engaged in the business of I copperplate and > u ?:l engraving ana printing, and are thus engaged at tli^timeof bidding, and who are occupying Fuitabe firs-proof preii ises and provided with a I the Kocossarf facilities to execute t?> work promptly, ai.d give the requlMie protco- t. tion to the stamps, dus, and plates in their pos- !' fceteion. , parties cot known to the Derartmert wiil for- ; ni*h proof as to there points with their bids. * lu awaroing the coct'act the Host?na*ter tiener- ] al reserves trie right of deciding which hid.inita I rracti< ft! results, maybe mogi to the interest of I he Department, haviiig referenoe to the ityle of f i the work, seourit', mo :e of packint, &c. e t /op mis eh>>"kt tie oar^fuLj se&Te^,and marked "Proposal* f r Hostage Clamps," ml nddrested to ~ the " Third Assistant tostmaster Unuril." 1 M BLAIR, 1 _nia28-law4w Pi'stwaoter General. c STARTLING oTScLOS!'HE ! i V FCL A RATION OF WAR' p GREAT OUTPOURING OF THK PEOPLE! 1 BkGIXKIN'. OF THS PoSTFUT BY WINDSOR & BROTHER. Seventh st., ?r(fc? ?oi,ine HOOTS, SHOES. HA'l'S.ra a?g I CAPS, ho . a* a >.rea' sacrifice oil for if HI mor rat*?. Good Men'* Workin*^^ 1 l?WMioea at lb oenti; Mioses' ^ewed M^roa oo B?M>t8 87>?, we i worth <81 25; *iid a *eu?>ra' a? R aortn.rut oi Gents', Ladies'. Muses', and Chil- , (Iron's Shoes, very cheap. W# will Mil as low as 1 r.nj on?, ariu i&ke oil 3 per cent. discount for omh 8 in o'jrrentfunds. ap3-eol:n I'll. Farre's t'liampague. J.LfLONM?EI kco, I Vo. 7, North Char It* street, Baltimore, Having bee/i unpointed A tents (or the sale of the o atuvc brand of CHAMPaONB \VI,'tiK, ofl*r ?t a lor itft e, re yin* upon its merits to establish here e the ropntation it has already acquired in our ? mit run n ouiea. } Hesides obtaining a first-olass Medal at the Frenoh Exhibition cf 1*55, Mr. Farre hai been appointed 1'urveyor to tii? Courts of Spiin and Prussia ap 8 ?o3m " P READER, \ ERU8E The folfowine statement and then judge * of its fac's for yourself ~ ABRAM COLE, of Brooklyn, N. Y., a well ! known citizen there, had suffered from D>sp?psia I for gOlllA VAfLtB. Vlthnut narmtnanf tried AVkR'S HI.1.3, which taken according to the directions for this cwnp aint. restored him to health in a few weeks. After an interval of some niouih s b? has had no return of his compact. GEO. \V. CROSS, of Harmony, Texas. ha-J an eruption on his n*-ok. shoulders, hack and leg. which covered about one third of his body. It kept tne parts aiTected covered with a scab, rnd being J otteii a raw tore, was of course ver? trouolesoine 1 and distressing. It ro much impaired his health as to unfit him lor business and kept him in *nnat?nt r Buffering. All m^dica' aid failod him nntil he took p AVER'S COMPOUND EXTRACT >\KSAPARlLLA, which cured him. His skin still shows sonn soars from the ulceration, but it is of iierwi-e J as clear as an inftr.ts. JOHN il. SHOOK, Esq , an eminent lawyer oi ! Richmond, Va.tooka cold which eettleJ on his > lungs. A severe pain set lit on the left side, with a I l ad cough, which was soon followed by the unmis- " 1 ** ' ' u??i>io jupvuiuH ?>i consumption. \\ JiOur^'uctMl "l very low lie com'r.enoed takitig AYF.R'tf CHKH- J 11V I'KC'I'ORAL, vrhich soou capped thocough [ and completely oured him. r Prepared by DR. J. C. AYKR ft C'1., Lowell, { .Mas*. ma 13 eol m { kCH?ffeklM?S Annihilating v jjmfWtSi ftk Powder >JjSyFjS. ' la the oaly k.-own and < 'PTiSMBwII^B ^?8t externnu&ta i H d Hurs, I ** Anta, Motki, Flies, i .?\. ?aFla*?.Oa.'den Worma i . v.? D ' * ? ? It contains no poison. SCHWERIN'S PILLS are sore death to Rata ?,nd Mice. M Schwerin haa received certificate* rom the President of ttirard College, Directors of Houae of Refuse, Pennayivaoia Hospital, and other Prominent Inatitutioaa of Philadelphia ; U. < 8. Jail, W aahington, D. C.; and Charity Hospital, , New Orieana, U J The original oertifioatea can be aeen at the , Wholesale and Retail Depot 124 North Second atreet, Philadelphia, and f >r aale in thia oity by D. i U. CLARK, corner Pa. avenue and 4>? ata., and by < all Druccifcta an'l Grocera. . BF.WARE OF SPURIOUS IMITATIONS. U7" Remember to aak for Schwenn'a Anmhilatnig Powder. IHT* None genuine unleaa aimed M.Scuwaais. ma 15-6meo nTopHAM's SESrvg PREMIUM TRUNK OCLfD MAS UFACTOR V, 499 Sivsnth Stebet, Washington, D. C. Silver Medal awarded by Maryland Inatitnte of Baltimore, November 7, i860 Alao, Medal b? MerropolitanMechaaioa' Institute, Washington, D. C., 1857. I nm nnnitiuitlf m&kinf. uiH ?)?* ??? J -~r T 1 r?^*1 ? w7?- ? ' ? wu UOUU, of the best material, every description of Fine Sole Leather, J Iron Frame. Packm* Trnnka, Pelliaier, Carpet, And i Canvaa'traveling Raja, I Sohool Satchel*, &o., 1 At Low Prices. Membera of Concreaa and travalora w.U piaaae exau.ine irj atook before purohaainf elae where Trnnka that are made in other citiee. Superior Leather and Lreaa Trnnka made to order. Trnnka oovered and repaired at ahort notioe. a Gooda delivered free or oharce to aortpXrt or the f aiflr. Oeor*etown, and Alexandria. i ja 23-1?eo J K M RH H.T*IPW * M. I THJi ; ?l, near r, a, *-l? I DENTISTRY. Dr.chas. r. botkler. SVRUEON uEXTIST, Having located hnnaelf permanently in Wuhinatou, Offera hia profemm* *ei vioea to oiti Ken* aoiournera, ia &il ths variou'm^S"?J branohea of hia profession. up?>n the nioat^ 111 r? recently improved ayatern of Dentiatry. Dr. H.. naving atudied with one of the moat eminent ted experienced Dentist* of VViuhimton. iml a!? > with the Dental College of Ba tiiuore, from whom he has received his diploma, feels oon Silent that hu operations will pr<<ve eminently carisfto-ory to those who will test his professional tin ity. Office No. 33fi Pa avenue, between 3th and loth sts., over Stevens's Lace store ; open from 9 am. to 4 p. in ap l ?,im DK8. I OCKWOODft DARRELl. ARE PRKpared to insert TtKTHon VULCAN-^ ITE BASK, a new and improved mode mfnaa? \Vhen made on this plan tliey a>e oom f " portable to wear and muort cheaper than any other. Also. I'e-th insetted on Gold Plate, and alt Dental Dperr.tions of any kind that mtf be demred of5ce Koom No Z, in tlie \\ ashington Building.coraer Pa av. and Seventh st. ja lu 4m*

M TEETH. LOOM 19, M. D., the inventor and patentee }1 the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at tends persona:ly at his office in this city Many persons can wear these teeth who*tu-LJ3 cannot wear others, and no person can w jar others rho cannot wear these. Persons calling at my offioe can he accommodated run any atyieand price of Teeth tru*y may desire; [>at Ui those wno are particular and wish the purest, alcanest, strongest, and most p. rfcct denture thai krt can produse, the M1NKRAL I'LATE will i*e more fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 33S Pa.ave7:ue,bet^reeB >th and 10th ata. Alao, 907 Arch street, PhiWlel ?hia. oc )5 tf CLOTHING, Ac. SEVENTH STREET. 4()0 always~ahead. I have inst received a nice stock of SPRING Cl.OTHJNG. KURNISHINtt GOOuS, TRUNKS. HATS and CAPS, to whieh 1 invitetie Utention of all in watitof such articles. .My motto is "A quick sixpence is better than a slo'w Rtiillin*." Those in want ?f Clothing we invite to Bomn and look at our fords and prices ; ?nd if you (rant a nice Shirt a>id a prerty Tie, No 460 Sev sntn street is the place to icet them. I have . urge p? ick of SPRING M ATS Vhioh I ain sf line at 25 per cent. l>eiow their actual value. For :hoso who want to travel. 1 have just received a arc lot of THINKS, VA LISKS and CARPKT BAGS, varying in prioea from $1 a" to 58. If y>u WMit a good Truck. Clothing, I-urniehitig Goo*?*, Hats, or Cape, thwre ia no p ace -where you can my them aa ow an at tne People's Clothing Store, No. 460 Seventh ?t., opposite Post Offioe. J h. smith, Clothier, mar 14-lm No 460 Seventh ft.. I>et. K and V. Tl. a. hkall *. co. AKE Pleasure in informing their ourtomerw. u*? ctiousi'in, uiai. oipy nave r?rnovt*?i w> i>io. jOI Seventh M'eet, betweea I and K, just above R. L' Hall's. Wehaveju-t received a. new supp y of "SLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, TRUNKS HATS and OA PS, which we tffer to lell at very .ow prices. ?'all and see us brfore buynt elsewhere, as we know that wo can sell you ;ood* at less than an? oilier store in the oitr. L. A. BKALL tc CO , Clothiers, mar 14-lm No. 361 Seventh ft., hot I ar.d K. < JUST RECEIVED, a ot more of the celebrate 1 j TEN GENT TIE'* ; ai?o.a very iars? iut of ( M'RINGCLOTHING. F URNISHING GOwltS, , CRUNKS. HATS ar.d CAPS, at th- People's ! JlothinR Store, No.4?0 Seventh St.,opposite Pobt i .HBce. t.etween E and F sts. ap 5-lm 1 NEW ARRIVAL OF SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, f ATS and CA PS, at. th< People's Clothing More. <o. 460 Seventh st.,opposite Post OfEoe, near F freot. ap 5 Im < f A rARI). L WOULD Respectfully call the attention of the , itizea and ?tr?nser to onr new lot of Men's and toys' CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS, 1 lATSand CAPS. I can sn.\*',y bay that I am now repare<1 to sell goods on Hott?r term, than nvr>r I Krn't forget to oaii nn<l look at our n?w *< /*}?. J. 11. 5.MITH, Clothier. < ftp .Vim No. 4fc0 S? >t . ni??r K. ~ Wo??d and Coal. A No. 1 aihcie of WOOD on hand, prepared to J nit the wants of eaota customer. Wood ?oId cord sngth also, or in any way or any quantities deired. fTT Cotil kfvt ?* Coal HtitT'-s, screened before de vering. ! IH7~ 2.240 lbs. to the ton. Lj" Personal attention to every order. T. J. A W. M. GALT. OtLoe 2^2 Pa. av., between llth and 12th sts. Vnrwi Mill Wk..f r?? -< . " .. ?ff ilia lumtvi ov^cumuui 3iicflf below War Department. ma &-1< ^REAT NUMHERS OF PIANO FuPTKS J for sal* or rent a< all prices. Also, ten Mo'-? eons ot different rvKWr for rrnt or tale. New loslo received fiom a!i ?art* of the count'y wekr. JOHN F. ELMS, I ma#> 3QG Pa. av., bet. 9th and loth e e. J1I.K ROBES. MOUSEIN ROBES, LAWN 5 ROBES, BERAGE ROBES. Wetre selling at half their original price- A! the.' eooo? of avrry <ie;cr prion we are (till soiling t coat Our stock is Jarge and well assorted in very department. 1 feSl TWLOR A HUTCHtKON. rAVLOK & HUTCHISON, ] No. 42 Cbntkk Market Spack, Would call the Attention of purchasers to oar ' t?K)k of SEASONABLE URY GOODS, oomprisng some of the newest ar>d most desirab.e imforta ions ol the season. Our etook of Domestics, Linen nd White Goods will be found very complete, .nd will L>e offered at prices that oannot fail t<> eJ?e 1 atisfaction Wo a?K an examination ap3 ? ^ a iuh.I r. tiiijis. f SOLE A'fSNT l-OR THE SALE AND RENT OF UHICKFHING A SONS' PIANOS, 306 PK**A. Avbntt?, Between anA Strain, ma 2 North Side MAGNOLIA HAMS! Tl MAONOIIA HAMS!! We are no^r receiving our hrBt Bupply of Magnola Il-Ris for this seawn. They cannot be surged. KING A (tl HCHKM., ap 4 corner ljtli ?t and Vermont a v. SOMETHING NEW "ON FREE EXHIBI5 TION."?A very large lot of CLOlHINiG, 'URNJSHING GOODS, HATS and CAP:*. at <o. 460 Seventh ?t. N. B ?All of the at.ove goods or sale at very l? w prioe?, at SMI i'H'S, No. 460 Seventh st.. tietween E and F eta. ap 5 1 in r T?KK NII'I'lPi; ? I WILL Take ail Sands of Virsima money for mr < KX'k debts arid for lioots, Siioes, unit Trunk*. All I tersons indebted to me will please ca'l aud B-ttle i ip, or I shall I>e aompe ied to give their accounts I nto the hand* of a collector, 8. P. HtJOVKR, Iron Hall, no 21 Pa. av.. .between 9th and loth *t . |\T 1> ?The underpinned hers to inform ti e 1 . 1>. public that he has on hand a la-ge *tecV 1 >f MOM Ml.NTSV TOM HCADS 10 VtS, 1 to., at Baltimore ami Philadelphia prices. Also, a 1 i?w style of Drawings can he eeen at the ?ard, and a iew s.ylaof Marble Mantel*. Table Tops. Ae.. ( lept ?n ,'iaul. Hrown Stone and Granite work , romptly attended to. WM. flRADLKY, m> 18 eoam Pa. av-.het 18th and 19th sts. 1861 diaries. Commence the Year teith a Diary. A valuable Tooket Companion for registering ' tvenU put. srusent, ar.d future; containing rate* tf postage, aliminac. a blank spac- for memoranda or ?very day iu the year, oa?U aooonnt for each ; nonth, annnai summary of oaali aocount bills >ayVoie and receivable, Don't be without one of j ;heee useful little sonvenin The most oonplete, ilegant, and desirable assoitment ever luued.onm(rising twelve sixes and upwards of fifty stjlea, it SHILLINtiTON'S Bookstore, Odeon KuuUiag, ooruer of.43% street and de 20 Fenn avenue. I P| UHK OL1) RV'K WHISKY.?On band tevera brand* of fare Old Rte \Vhl?ky. Copper JJisailed, made by the moat reliable tfirullers in Pur.olylvama, Maryland and Virrmia, warranted pore. y?o, Imported H randies, Hoanessy, Otard, Dupuy k Co., Jnles Rabins, &e. Also, Peach and Apple Uranay, pure Holland ttia, old Jamaica ana St. >oi* Ram, and Wiuea of frery varjetyfaii of itandard brands. A uhoic- lot of C'gars and 1oaoco. YOUNtJ it KEPilART?Acetits. A* H I. iJMU Pa a. ??a? ??? > 5^' ? - ?r.? '<r*? w. -riii unn i"in wHa i r INCOLN AS HE 18. Li HlZML KMSRAVED PORTRAIT. I The beat Portrait vet published of i WON. ABRAHAM LINCOLN, (trith wkitktrt,) ^ At FRENCH ft RIOHSTEIN*S, i No. 378 PlS* A. AVINUB, Washington, D. C. T^ade aneplied at low rica. m%rT ^OME-MADK BOOTS AND SHOES, LADIU'. Miassa' AND CHILD***'* Will, At Bxtudintly Low Prices. At J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 16 Market Space, ma 8-eo Pa. ay.. b^C ?th and atti ?U. A VERY NICE PRINCE A CO. MELODEON ' r*- whtoh haa been ueed a abort u?m~?k 1 or sale rvry low ?t METZERO'l r.-BeMjl d?io Store. Also, M?er*J tteoond-haad'TI *'1 Hanoa maSK 1 QEHiam MEDICINES. Buk johxstos, ? ALTINVRK LOCK HOSPITAL, Hat ditcorrrtd the tio*: Certain. Sp'.rdy and on C Effectual Remedy ike Wi'ld, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPllUDENCK. 4 LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEST. 0 APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARM ANTED. f)R NO CKAEQE, q iiV i-KOJtf OfiE TO TWO HAYS. y Weakneae of t!it Back, Stricture*. AITecioo* of the Ki<Sneri ?nd Bud irr, involuntary D<sch?rffe, Impotence, General Debility, Nenvouani se, Pytpepey, Ui nor, Cmfrjmo of Idea*, Low Sp?rit?, Palpitation ot the lleart, Tiuh tit> , n Trerabliufa, Pinmeae of Sif.tur Giddinefc, Pieeaae of the j Head, Throat, N/ae or Skin, Affeetionn of fir Lungt, Rtoai- ^ acn nr Biwela?theae T< rritile Diaotlera ? tinf Irovt .ioli- ~ tary H.-.bita of Yowth?ihe? Dreadful and Piairactive Prai - l? ticee whirh reuder M linage ibi?ui)>U, ad dratroy Iwtb ' Bod * aul Mind. YOUNO MFN ? Eepeciiliy who h*?e brcome the vKtima of Solitary Vica, " thti dreadful And deetrcctive h,?bit which imiu?IIy eweep* to an untimely grave thuuamde of Yoarg .Men of :he rooal *' exalted talent* and brilliant intellect, who ?iiphi otherwu* have entranced listeniujr Senates with the thunder* of el?- IJ <)uriice or waked to ecetacy the living Ijrre. may call with iuii connaence. * MARRIAGE. MaRR II!) PlFiO't*, r Young y\en con*mpl*unr Mar* m riare, bemf iwurt of | hysieal weakness, organic debilitr, defortuities, tc., speedi!x cared. Me wbo pi.ices hiirielf under ike care of Or. J. m\? re'i?i ously coufnle in hit honor as a gentleman and confident y I reiv upon Mi skill a* a pijsician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. ii Irfi tide enmg from Btliimort t f?w door* from 61 the coruer. Kan u?t to ola*rve ?iid .iinuber. Leucn must b? p*id and CotiUtu a atamp. CI DH JOHMnOM% *' Member of the Royal C>lle* of 8arceons, Londen, r^adaate from one of the moit eminent Coll*ge? m (he I'mud States, aud the fierier ^artol ? hose lite l?*s been spei : ?r the hospitals of Loudon, Pana, Fniladclphi i and fUcvbert, n has effected some of die aoit iitinuh'Df <?ore? that were i? ever known; many trot bled with nnjruir t tfae heid and ? l ears when is'.eep; ?rrea' ner* nutnr?s, Dt'inr alarmed at p sudden souuJs, t< t?hfuiness with frequent bashing, attended y< onetimes with der?nfen.rut of in.ud, will cured iiumt t\ outciy. TAKE PARTICULAR SOT ICE w Young Men aud "theis who have injured fhefr.?elves hy a *t cerum practice i .dulg^d in when alone ? *?abit frequently &. learned from evil cctupioiout, or ai ?chcci, the effect# of fr wtiico are nightly felt even when aaleep, ?r.d if not cored, renders marriage impossible, and destroy* both tuind and w body, should apply immediately. I g| These axe some of the sad aud melxucholy * fleets prod acid by earl? habits of ?outh. vij: Weakness of the Back and ,,j Limbs, f'ains III the Head, iMmoes# of bifht, l#oas of M use alar fr Power. P? , tali I of u?t Ifeart, Djspopa}, Wtrnn Irnta- m bihty, Deniiffiafftt of the Digestive KtsiCUocia, General Debt ?ty. Symptoms of Iwtumpuofi, 4c. ' MENT4LLI.?Tli** fearlul effects on the vind ire much to be dreaded?Loss of Memory, Confuaiou of ldc>s, Impression of Spirits, Evii fr'orebol.ngs, Avert.ou of fcociety, Beli I>istrust, L?ire of Solitude, Tumidity, etc., are *otu? of the evils producedNCHTOCI DEBiLITT.?'Thousands c*.n uwjai^e what is the c ?Lje of their decln mg health, losing tlwir vigor, becoai- TC ing weak, p ile, nervout ?nd emaciittd, a appearance about the e yet, cougU or syuif unhs of coi.?uu ^ tf lion. Ih DISEASES OF JMPRUDEXCE A When the iMsgutded *ud imprudent vet ?i> of pi. asore finds ? he h;<s irr.hkfced tne seels of this painful di? ".se, it too otteo h tppeus that an ill-time 1 sense i?f shame or ctead of discovery deters hiro from apply mg to those who, frr4 educatiou *ad A respect * iUty, can -lone belnend ham is .alls into the M h mla of iguoriLl autf deairmn* \ retendeii, who, m: p ibie M* a/ f nnn IT fi'rll hit kaa* ? ? fc - T ?v?, ...? v. ... ..j; ^ mmto after moath, or at loag at ttic amallut fe? cui Le -1 M tuned, and in detpur leave hiia viih roii?<l health to tiFto ^ J**r bit r illinf <iis?ppxiitmeut; or by the ue of that Jetaly poiaon?Mercury?batten ih? couauiutiona tyrirPiomt of t i * terrible dite&te, ?'j h ib ASectJOfit of the Heart, Tr r? at,, ] Bk'ri, Ac., [ rog.e?e,i,y vi h friffefal rapidrx, til! de.u'? f u:t a ? < period to hu dreadfuT iTificriu^t b/ieudt ^ him toi un- w T'tcovered coco try from wUote bourne no 'itveierretiuma. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOH ORGANIC & WEAKNESS AND IMPOTKNCY ?E B?thia?reat >nd larortan'. reciedy area.!. eea c* the or*> r a ire ipen'.iij cured and full ?igcr MIMi Thowjuda of ii B1 ? >?: i.'ruai an 1 debili'jtted, vho hid 1'*'. all Ucpa, aa?e beta tiwtdiatil; reliirtil. 71 All impediments u> Marriay*. Pbyaieal e* Mtnta! DU ja?l Scatio.s, Lo,. f f roi.r?. ?e Po*?r, Nerv Wri?*t ,it?. Bl rremMir.^ '-.i Weikoeee or E.-h&uauoo i4 ;h? iu?*t fearful t ud apae.iily cured. X] EXDORSEMKXT OF THt PRESS. H1 Tm rb*ant THOl'JiRBs cued at tbie turtitauoti ?ithin [he l\at ceotctn reals, and i)it uumeroci n.ipor: u.t S?i risal "peraU'-iia ftrf i <-t4 ly Dr J .-haeton -? :'j e?ed \>y u>? ' -re 90 the piper, ,na many (>iatr -tk.raoi.o, :.o'i;*e of iri i :h fc'.?e ap{--.r> I tr 'iu tud af .11 >.e(j'? the pub.ic. !/eudea hia elan 'ii g .n a geutlerua.i rt eh^n |ter .?id r?-?r>.* *?- _ tillty, ia a avS-ient guarantee to tb? aBic jd- war 16-1* a I Da. J. II. McLEAsjs B1 8THEHGTflE*ItfG CORDIAL T1 ' U l!!,OOUriRIUrtEK. Bl THE UtLEATUST REMEDY xn tk* WORLD, ,, tDTLTCIOCa AND B1 EVER B1 It i? ?tri:t?? ft Kl- r ti?n #f r?ota, . trbg, V? :i T! ni?ck,^eiM^ RMZ IH B1 iiark, K?d Dibdilln IMM^ iL.iri iuU i'Ji c?a- Wj J B1 Tr>? ntlr* it'jn fw- z fj fi?ch InfrtJIftntitBI Before takta*"^lVin" tftklD&- Ti luU'ior, Br?ditift/ ft dftiiciost, KhiUrt; of (firlt, *n? U? BMt Infftllikl* r?m? 'y rtn??ftui.f kt 4:iimil i^tia, Ri Lna rtUt ?1?*. n.i 4tHliu.t?<i larftiU t? "" Kftltfc ftud tirtnftk. f | McLFAPTS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL RTUI ?f?tianlj cart U?M Ccrrjlaint, Dyapapaia, J tan- d U??, Cfannic m Dabillty, Duiiiu afiba Kidnaya, ind ail diaaaaaa ariatof fraui * tiiaardarad uitii ar Btamt ch. ->T?p?ptn, rtbari., 1c?'j4 Pitaa, Aeidnt ar Bickaaaa af h* '. mtch, f ' B'.'M u th? h??3, d?1i Paia ? Iwitaminf intktKi'.d, Pnlptiatn-n af t!,a Baart, Pailnau it Wairbt io tha, l?kr Ericttum, Cbakicr at lafacatlnf Paalinf wban taring >) *?,l>ryn?M or YallaWiiii a( U>? Bktn aai Kft?, NifotHmu, Inward F??ara, Pain in lb? Bmail af tit Back, Cbaat, ar B da, Baddan riaabaa af Kaat, Dapr??aia<. af Spirits, friftotlal Draajna, I b-nfver, Daaaandana* ar any tariaat diaaaaa, rat at pl? llatchaa au tha Bk:: . and Tat .-and At-aa (at CklUa aad mi r?*?i) &n< OVER A MILLION BOTTLES m' UTa ktan aald dar'.cf ih? laat ail mat -.ha, and la la to- ?t lUnta bu u failad la ftainf antira uuaftciMa. Wha, than, to vlil ??*?r frara Waaknaaa ar Dabilily whan MckKlJI'S ev ITKE1ICTMEHTK4 COBJ1UL will chijmI ful Ra laafWLf a eao caa*ay aa adaqaaia .daa af ifea an Lla aad almaat miimtaUa* aaanfa pradatad by takiag ihla aol Cardial fa tha diaaaaid, da* .liutad, aad abaturad tarau lyitam, vhatbar brakan dava by ateaaa, waak by aatara, to, >? tmpalrad by aitk a?a, tha ralnad udvnatraaf Mpak Vl, taUaa ! raatarad ta it* yrtatiaa baaitb aid ?'pt r MARRIED PERSONCt J* aUata. aaantaaa af inabtllty frwn ?baia*>r aaaaa. will ltd W hCAF'l tTKKNHTICKIIK CORP'.Ak a U)?- 111 raagfc laganatatar af Ua a^atara; until vhtiut km la to arad tk^aaalvaa ky lmpr??ar indalgaaiaa *11! tad la UU <?| ZardlaJ a mull m l iftidj ramadj. P?> THE LADIES. ST KcklAK rr&OeTHEKIMdCO&OIAkta a tear- foi itfn aad apaadr aara far lueipiant C^naanptiw, W V.n, > , Jkametad ar DtVcalt Nanatnuuan.I ncantlnanca *f I. \ M In?al*nt*r? Utitkura tttaraaf, ra.ling mf iHa Wanik, y I4du.t*a, Falatiag, and all diaaaaaa lseidant l? Pamela*. THE HE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT ?f ?r na langar. Tik? it acearding ta diractiara. It vill ' ' timalata, atrangthan, and n>ipnu yaa and ttua tha "" kiaara ai kaalth la naant yaat akaak again. Jt??rr katua u *a vutuiad I* girt (riiilicUM. DO VOR CHILDREN ? If tanr ahlldran ira aicklj, pmxi' cr t SiattA, McUCANt ,i COEDlAk will malt than kaa.thr, fa., and rabaai OtUy ati a roaraaot; uy It, and yarn viU b* Mcnatal. It to d?- , Udtuttwii. 9AVTION vara af drmfftato ?r daaiart vha -na? try la palm apao oa fti Nroa bluar ar aaraapanila traafe, -vhieb ibay can bar 0 ihaaa, by aarinf it to taa*. a* racd. Ataad aacb man. Atk 5' tar McLKAJTI nREMOTHKNlNG OfcDIAL, ar.d taka J?" Df.hlrf alt*. It u tbt aaly rtmtdy that will [ar.fy tha Blaari tioraafhlr tod at tha aan-a tima a .'anf.lian taa iniin. Ul Oct taajpaaore' lakao t trr mam*r?| faatnf to a caruin l" praraoUTt for Cbalara, Chillt and Ftttr, Ftttr, ar tiiT praTtlaut diat.taa. lliapatap lo larft bovltt. Pntt aoiT 8' P?r kattla, vt bat'iat far $1 J. H MrLEAN, Ct li t prapr.atar af Cardml; aiaa, Msbana't ToSeai ic Oil 1"< Uinl.uauu Pmcip*l Dtpat aa tt>a tamr af Third and Ni Pisa tuttia, St. kaait, Ma. of M McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TBE HIT fcWIMEWT IK Tit WORLP.) wt Tfc* amy aafa ard aartain cart for Cancan, Pi'.aa, Tm- M an, BwallUfa asd Branchila ar Catra, Pataitau, Nta- oli ralfis, Waakoaat af Ua Muaelaa, C. iar,:c or lr>i?a>matary au Bbaaaoauain, af tha Jaiota,Ca?:raciad Maac.aa ar oa Irtfamaoia, Earat^t ar Toathacba, B una, err?'.nat Frttb til Cat*, WasLda, Cleart, Taaar Saraa, Cakai Eraaay. Kara , W pplat, Barn*, Bcnldt, iara Tbraal, ar aa? ialaiaatauoa ar fM Kin, ua Oiftranea bav aarara ar tone ilia aiaaaat ma* Leva anaiad, McUEAB* CELEBRATED UMUtCIfT it * caruia rtOiad*. Thaaaaodt af barman batop ha?t ban aavad a Ufa af dto "j tvaptud* tiid mtotrr br tha aaa af tfcto utila^li a- au ttcLEATTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT WIU rail*** pain tloM inat&Rtasa*??lf, ud it will cltu, th ptrify nd hail th? faalaat nm la an bicradlbla ikofl tiaa. %r> FOR HORSES AND OTHTM ANIMALS. MckEANI CELEBRATED LINUiEMT U U> ?\y ufi P" u4 ralubla n?<r (or UM cmra af ftp*via, Hiart*, oo Windfall*, pliou, Ctmaiar*] l>upa Madaa a* vtiluin. ril It m*it hllid la eara Bif H*ad, 1*?U**il, rUtilt, UM iot Aamuof Sor**, ar 7. If praparl* appUad. Fa* < Bprataa, lrai***,>>?i, Craakad laak, Saddl* V< aa tXUr (niia, CMa, laraa, nVnUi, lllau luliUibl* to raoMdj. Apply u ?a dlrattad aad a Ma ia Mtuii >a *?*ry lit IkiUMf* Than uttt aa larxar vt* tha aui vartkltaa Ltafjacu afarad U jm* Obiio a .apr)? at Dt McLEAEt tEkftULATEO LOIlMUrr. It vtft aara ?**. J. *. XCUAV, Ma PN?riatM. Carat 1 Tbif4 lU Fin* at*.,Il U>A Ma. i THE WEEKLY DOLUB STAB. Vk* awjnt Family u< Nm Jearaat ? HUDiCf a (T**?*r TanMr of ttterwbcf r*a<ta? Am aaa h? ?isd la any *?h?r?u yat>ualMi 9 Pn4*y norcicf. Tnun-Ckit, <?nr<?H|, to 8iagJ**opy, Htaiaic |1 ? R?w at>pi ? 4 T? Tea oopiea - ?# Tveaty |T*?o?Ma 9 m It la variably contain* to* * Waahiajtea >m" bat ha* mad* 7\4 IM? ftwwi Star nlnalaW 10 r*r*rallT thrtin*hr>n? th? uiMln IZ7"Sini e oopiM (id wrmpp?r*i mm b* prwwW A the canter, Immediate j iftmr Um im?? ?f U? Pno??THREE CENTS CARRIAGE FACTORIES. iVAMUNfTUN CAKKIAHK FACTORY, SfM. MAMM !*ti Mi IMi S"?M(. \V? h*T? ju?t a uarabcr of trt ? ? 'ARRlAGIS p\.eh u Lu4t naty. AAA P??es.?, P+r* fa?i-? i him, o?.< wtaok we wul ?, er? enntl. profit. He rt practical m*char.loa in different branofc? f ti?e buiicMi, wi' Hatter ouraelvM tuat we know lie style* and ai>ali?* of work that win flee eat a itucr, ooiubiiuQg licutaeae, oonil^rl and flerabtli r. Refuting promptly and e?r*f? ,t attended to 19 loorWt notice and ir.nat re*?'. iat-.e ohargea. VN ALTLR. UKMA.VS * B(?fT? 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Ur'iary, rc?aio *cUaeK. pmi.? in the ntrieturM. det'i itf, pro*t'aUori, nerv?u-n??i, 'Mt mi ichu, p&ipitation of the heart, rintinc in the ears, >? of i m in or*, oonfiuion, roe niiehnlT. wet I one i tu h**-:, tnro*:. uove. ai.J ikio, and all those vuliar <1 i*<ri!e x tirieii g tr- m the indiscretion of pnth, renrferiBC them unfit lor citker t>uain?aa, :uCy, vcictf,or marriage. I?r. S. he* the j:reM?iit remociiea in the knn*t orl?i for die"e*e? of th? bo?>d. *or>or?be. r Irot. uc'uref, phl> I*, aeimoai vmIumi, ?*il aouae. o. Th^re ia no ca e iu winch thej lai to ear* IB 31'? 6 d*t?. Vioumc of theae horriKe ecmplaint*, who WMld ish to l?e valuable men and ori.ainei.ts to aoetetj. i-?u!d embrace the ear,i<?#t opportaiit'f for rell'f I )r S l.niHn * - * ??I< A.C %t r~ Iiiuri oorap WP "WfWI^ *uta f>r tM oui"(>'1 of his p\t<*ftt? who oonte on. a du?*c.ce. T i*y wiu oe turni?hed with the "?t pl*Mant and agreeable quarter*, nMM?rT ?t. and iri?d? n? cvmior,* le %? ?hsp would beat >ir?t clasa Mt.l at le?? tna-i na f the ?o<t. D > out furc^t tne name aud nun tier. Dr Sh? tn'o office i? on the o<>rn*r of Sixth afreet and eii?ay.\ai>ia rrenue Cnwl d H? t*?, opposite ie National Ilot*!, \Valdington I) C Pe-eoug at a di>it?no9 sl? u <1 ene ?ae ttair.p f->? ?urn poat&ce. Urine houra, if A. M to l? H. M. Varioy* partita have t>een eutio-d irom wf loltutiou by ecrtniij ivu:d>it on btck ateeta m la city, who wilt rue it till tli?da; ol their word to the via < la sufficient ap 9 lp Curr Cottfk, CoU, FMrMMM, /?rOk /?nt? any . rrxtni ion r Sw ' of tn Ttroat, Rt!ur* tk* >/ kmc ('owe & t* CommmrI'lil' rilLil htm, ?r?at4iiu, 4t4aia, aUlkWManM t a. ( i"i' air* ftrengtk to tk* *0*et if SCfiMSr PUBLIC SPKftEEEt and SINGLES. Pew are aware at ino imm r:*o?? 1.' JW^c,r Con.mor1 Co,<r'in its fi'it et&xfetMt b:oti in the Marine would yield to a mild revn* .11 n^f fW? f tw> I n i. * ? t . . -J, lhdii. r'invn F ?C*^ n \J?! '" eont*iiu?f t)f>muTc?ct icgradiU, alia* Fclmonarr acd ttionctiiat Irritation. " T/?at troahie in my Threat, (for SOWN S whioh the " JVecksn" are a apevihol havis* nuwle me often * mere w hi a ROCHES urer." N. p. WILLIS. ROWN'S '*1 ' commend their aae to Pr* I SrKAKKB.*." ROCHES REV. E. n. CHAriN. " G resit eerv: oe i a ? txl *1 eg H o am ROWNT* !??-?." REV. DANlKL WISE. ROCHES "Aimort meteot ret'e^iatte 4iel4?,or u[ bra%l!iu:( RO WN"S 1 ^,a "** " ^ w REN'. A. O. E66!.E9TON. ROCHES '*<""< ntarn no Opium or ir^arioue." DR. A. A HA ? EST ROWN'S Ckmist, Bottom, ?OCHE3 ic"'"' '? iowts: pa. 6. r. ROCHES ln:5.irw.T!v.B.' iOWVS I " I arnved then uttti imit for ROCHES W*orrme CotreH.** Kt\i H. W. WARREN, lOWN'Sj Benea. <OCHES: lOWN'S; mpRFs " I-*rr*TTV4L in rraoTiy.Moaree nee* an?] !:ti AMon oi the Trhroet, ee lOWN'S eomjyoa witii Spkakkm and Sine IOCHE"* Prof. M.STAC^ JOHNSON, Lm WNIML Ma 'OWN-? T~hf^j:sai5;.. IOCHES "6r?t bn'St wtea taken before auw p-ww*. uiu&? inv* prt ?VUI lOWN*8 tio?r*en?*66. From lUu ?Mt affect. 1 t.'tn.k thf>r will be cfpcii? utmt *4IOCHE8 T?at?co to me. lOWN'S rrceifeat U AU^p? feojiaj^V^a. ioches rsauruisre 1-ly PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AK1> ELOOD RENOVATEB. precisely vhkt its ntm? indicate*, for, wt^le >aeant to thetaat*. it is revivi/jiu?, exlii.*i*tir.r. .-icorating and atren thoning to the ntt power*, el at the ? time revi vibea. reinstates, ud re wt the Biood iu a, tu original pimty.and thu? once restore ) and rrtuUrt tk' *t.<tin xmrulnrr/UU mttack* It ia tk< only preparation er otfereo to Ute world, ao ohaauoaiir and ekitill; combined aatobetne nioat powertal tonio. d at the wine time bo perfectly adapted to. aa to t in perfect accordance with the taws of nature, d honoe wiil tootke the tceaknt ttomark. and b? Dp the digestive orcaaa. and thuc allay a:, ner us ai d other .rritatic:".. It ta perfectly axhiiara iK and at tne name tin? it is cump^aed entirely oi fetal* f?a, ?et so combined xr to pro<t?oc the moat jroueh tonic effect. Wit Bout prod uottig any innoos coneequenoea. snoli a remedj baa Ion* en felt to t?e a desideratum ia the m?fi?ai w 'la, r tt needs no medioai *k H to see iM* debility Jowa ail attacks of diseane, and proceed* and id ed laya the system open to the insidiona attack* nan* of the most fatal, aneh, for exainale. aa the .lowing: Consumption, Indirection, i)yrpe**ia, -.aaof Appetite, Fesctnoaa. N?rv<>ui (mtwlity. ?ura fia, Vaipitation of tl<e heart. Meiaaonpiv, ijht Pweat*. l*n?or, Gid<1inee?. Retention of. aa Nl as Painful obstructed. too prolt!**, or to? *nt M*:i?tr.iativ?n, and Fa' 'at of the Womb. irpt- ?i] urpvnu oi??n |?n?nii UCUIIH-. m MJalthy tonic Oor4iti and tl ovd RMMatorwM xe to cure as the tun ir to riae and act There ia i mi*tak? a^Hint it . Bet thia >a not tl If the atem ia weakened v< are open to btlivaa atrk*. the liver b?ooii)<*e torpia, or woree diwaiwi. e kidneys refnae to perform fh?"ir function*. and ? are troubled wstfc aaaldinx and mcoDticeooe of ine, or involuntary disctaue of the aame, pain the beck, ride and twstween the abotrfiera. e*euiRcly liable to alight ooida, ooof be, aad if u eakea. ?m.h>l err'^oirt on follow*,and the patiect ea uown to a preir>at?re crave. Bat aoaoe wi 1 t allow oa to bun me rate tiie m*m ilia to watch we e liable m a woatena* condition t>l u?e avatcn. it we will aay in thia Cordial and B o <1 kenovar von have a perfect aa<e p! f aaact and eflfcotnal m?j for loaa of Appetite, biuoaeneaa. F atojce, w?ak an<i *iek Stomach. Lantonr. l.iver >irplaint, ChiHa and Fever.or an* H li<?>attack >?t veneaa, Aniditi oftlieht mach. Nrrvouaneee. ?nra tia, Palpitation of the U^art, Daareeaioo Spi'iu, dorm. Pimples <n. the Fane, or any dieeeartainf from impure blood, eh m horofvia, ryiipeiaa, Bronohitia, Coach,dJ&oa't? of Breath K, and ail that claaa of diaeaaea oa. ed f*maie sakneaa. and enumerated above. We will a.?o j the traveler expoead to eptdeauoa, ohauce of mate acd water, will find it a pi?-e*act. aafe and re remedy. and no one ehonlc ever travel with it. Rwd?r, try it, for we aeea/e yom torn wil' id in it a friend ind ed, a* well aa a (riend in need. Ml pereona of aedentarr haMta wi!' Sad H * pa. st preventive of, aa well aa a cur? Km to?** ?nta which they are particularly *xp<>e?i He ioe miatera, atndenta, a<t>rnera. Iiterar< geeywa. id ladiea who are apt aoeaet mm* U> ?a?n o?? i^P ?w a* n I . a arl'.i wmA it In tnHIP ft/1 V & tAf # U1 *" UIT*| ? ? * '? ?- w. . . __ _ _ ?F a bott!e cocXantiy on hard. and *bov? % or too** hsouinioc rack, will po Vf. -oti? h a'mo?t iJauAjfout peuod n?t ontr witn a U??tr aui orawl tmt mlTp and ft** nrv?? ta? ousandail*"nra ao rr*T*T*iiT a?i<>n? f?mai? rtion of tW WorM. In abort, m * m<>ih?r rdiai. Try it u d awl yr>mr.i. ?o If ??r ik# ?kofd? V- it will r??mr * aiHip^ * ? it- er ?n pN?u ? X3' oruttrt Cordial mil BitIf. L>. J. "OOti, pr*r>fri t?r, 444 N?* ork. and 114 lllarkot-*1^1 r*. u.nta, M? , J id by a.l jc-txj L?ru??i?u. Pno? 0># r-? PROF WOOD'S RBSTORA TTVE COF MA I. tn BLOOD RSNOVATOH M^4<?lrUN* ** ^?TOTX,*t# Pa a -np