Newspaper of Evening Star, 24 Nisan 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 24 Nisan 1861 Page 1
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t #' | (fbening ^tur. ? V?i. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. APRIL 24. 1861. N?. 2.552. ????? ?? THE DAILY EVENING STAR ? PUBLISHED EVERY APTRKNOON, (SUNDAY* KXCF.PTVD,) AT THE STAR BC1LDINOS, CVnr ?/ TnAA)r/?3nM ivniMi mndlltk ti., BY H. D. WALLACD. F*?or? #*rT?d is p??ka<M t>T o*rn?r? ?t 04 ft T?r, or IT oecta per month. To nail baoribor* U>? jrl?? it #3.fn % year, m ?.ive??4l- $2 for at* "" tho; 91 for tbrM montha; onti for 1*? th*a l> ' ? month a af iKa r??A />f n ??nta M. wmIt. Rib*Ia oi(i ri"*T; in wrappera, two ctltTS. lE^"AcvnTTsK?e?NTita'>ul<l be?ent to the o?ce before ?: o'cock m.; ottwwi tether may not appear ?rtil tfaBfitdM. THE MILITARY tUlTEMENT IN NEW YORK. T*t? Srvfityflrtl, Twelfth and Sixth Rr(|. uirnu Ordered ta Leave?Cel. Ellawerth'a Regim* at af Firemen ! From the New York Timet of the 20th inst., ?re t*k?? the following details of military movemeats in that citj : Yesterday was a sad, and yet triumphant daj for New York. It was sad that a thousand tif our noblest citiiens should be so suddenly vailed away from their homes?perhaps to deaih?to defend the Constitution and the Ti v ? . ? .? j*wb. 11 wu invaapnant vindication 01 tnc loyalty of our oititens' thus promptly volunteering to the hardships of a soldier's life. Never before were the people roused to such a ritch of patriotic enthusiasm. There have been gala days, and funeral pageants, and military shews, and complimentary receptions, r od triumphal processions that filled the streets with crowds of curious, wondering, sympathetic people, but uever has there been developed ;?uch a universal, heart-felt, deeprooted, genuine enthusiasm. The American colors were prominent everywhere?on housetops, en flagstaff-*, on horses attached to all Jiinds of vehicles, on ropes stretched across the streets, on the masts of shipping in the harbor, en breastpins, on the lappels of coats, on the fronts of men's hats?on all sides the glorious ? Id red, white and blue waved in the joyous Virp.AXA snt) rl T!orl ?K<? ??? u-:-Li ?uv vjo mm uiun urigui colors. The awfal solemnity of civil war came pressing home to our people who bad sons and rruthers and fathers just departing, perhaps never to return The news of the difficulties mi Baltimore, the struggle of the troops with the rabble, the reported death of many, the -umors of an attack on the Capital, the tearing up of railroad tracks, and all the attendant horrors of internecine warfare, struck terror into many a stout heart, while the tears of kind-hearted women flowed copiously as a riin-storm The excitement wa? heightened ? ) a great degree by the announcement of the fact that the Sixth, Twelfth and Seventy-fir3t Kegimants had likewise been ordered to leave for the eftat of war this afternoon. Appended are details of the various movements . I'^ARTl-R* or THE 8EVCNTU REGIMENT?I*MKJISE ENTHUSIASM?eXCITING AND IMPRESs 11- p sr kw v ivn iviMhwru ? - - mmm* #? ?? O* The intelligence that the Seventh Regiment, the "crack" regiment, the almost adored military body, of this city, would leave for Washington yesterday afternoon, croated an excitement scarcely surpassed by anything that has transpired since the first liewa of the attack rn Fort Sumter. Although it was announced that 3 p in was the time for the assembling ? f the regiment at their armory, over Tompkins Market, Broadway was tho scene of gathering for hundreds of people long before noon. The march of the second installment of Massachusetts troops, early in the forenoon, was but an incentive Co their patriotism. If they bad to wait many hours, as indeed they had, they were prepared to stand on the tip-toe of expectation till their favorite regiment passed, even ir nightfall came. The aspect of Broadway was very gay indeed. Minus tho firing of pUtols and the explosion of Chinese cracker?. it was many Fourth of Julys rolled into one. The surs and stripes were everywhere, from he costliest silk, twenty, thirty, forty leet in length, to tho homlier bunting, down to the few inches of painted calico thai a baby's hand might wave. It would be invidious to say lr?m what buildings the national flag was displayed, because it would be almost impossible to tell from what buildings it did not wave, ?r.d never, if flags can be supposed to be animated with any of th?i feelings of their owu?*rs, with a purer devotion to the Union. Evidently, all political partisanship was cast aside. Bat the gayest, and in this respect the most remarkable thoroughfare, was Cortlandt street. Lafavetto v,.. wus to form previous to inarching, was very attractively dressed?a huso flag being disj.lHypd from the Astor Library, among numerous others from private dwellings. But Cortlandt street showed a gathering of flags, ? perfect army of them They were not, in that comparatively brief space from Broadway to the Jersey City ferry, to be numbered by doaens or by scores, every building seemed like * Captains of Fifties/' It was flag, flag. from ev<?ry windo.v from the first floor to tho roof. fr<>m every doorway; in short, it was flHg, flag and of quite large sizes, too, till the wearied eye refused the task of counting them. Such wa.< the display along the route of the Seventh. >uth is and will be the route for all noblo * ? 41? v " 1 itwps vuivnug uui tity 1IULLI 1116 *1?T7 LD^iRQQ Around the armory of the Seventh Regiment crowds gathered at an early period of the day, and moved on, only to be replaced by other r*>wds. So the excitement was kept up, till towards three o'clock the throng became stationary. It wu, by no means, an ordinary crowd. Well-dressed ladies, men whose check can be honored at the best baoks for ns many dollars as would build a church of excellent architecture, were among them. They were about to witnee? the departure of the Seventh Kvgimeut. too probably, to the bsttle field. Though the flags waved gaily over them, their f ,dflt vam m l^.vL a ? J a*? 1- ? wviw ? gi???u iwa?uui eau eiaiujr, oui it wis no time for mirth. From all quartern the members of the Regiment, in fall fatigue dresj. with their knap-acks and blankets, kept pouring into the armory. Guards at the doors kept the crowd, who bad no business inside, from eutering. but the building was filled to its utmost, notwithstanding, by the members, their relatives acd Iriends. There were many touches scenes of farewell-taking. but these were merely episodes Mothers, wires, sisters, will weep on fuch occasions, but there was no faltering Among the man A heartier shake of the hand than usual, to a friend?a warmer kiss?let it be reverently said?to a wife or mother, and be truased his knapsack tighter to his back as he gave the last adieu They formed in Lafayett*-place about 4 p. m . in the presence of an immense crowd, each window of each building being filled with suoh fair applaudsri ai mint elutr th? k???i the forlornest bachelor, if there was any such tmong these noble soldiers. Once in line, they proceeded through Fourth street to Broadway, d?wn that great thoroughfare to Cortlandt "trect, aud across the ferry, in boats provided for the purpose, to Jersey City. The line of inarch was a perfect ovation. Thousands upDn thousands lined the sidewalks. It will be remembered as long as any of those witnessed it live to talk of it, and beyond that, it will pass into the recorded history of this fearful struggle The Regiment was escorted by a band of Z >uave?. who volunteered for the oocasion.., Their gay aniform and peculiar step revived the excitement that haa begun somewhat to droop among the crowd that had watted for hours, the regiment not reaching the Park till Si o'clock. After the Zouaves came a strong body of police, and after the police, The Regiment. Not as on festival day-, not as on ".he reception of the Prince of Wales, but, nobly aud sternly, as men who were going to :he war. Hurried was their step, not so regular as on less important occasions. We saw women, we aaw men shed tears as they passed. Amid the deafening cheers that rose, we he ird cries of ' God bless them." And so along Dru?iw?j, uiu mrougu St., under its almost coantiess flags, the gallant Seventh Regiment left the city. The excitement in Jersey City, long before they bad crossed the terry,was scarcely leas intense, and when they landed they fonnd taey were by no meant in a foreign State It seemed as if all the people of the sister oity had'turned out It was a re-enaction of what their fellow townsmen and towns women had done for them. White haadkerehiefs, wared by ladies' hands, were as numerous as the dog-wood blossoms in spring; and it was proTed that a Jersey man can rai*e as hearty s cheer as the best Hew Yorker And so it was till all were fairly disP*m4 of ia the ears, and the oars morad oJ The arrival of Col. Butterfield from Washington,with orders for the Sixth, Twelfth and Seventy-first to leave for Washington to-day, set the city in a fever of excitement. At the drill rooms of the Twelfth regiment the crowds that poured in continually kept the ruorns full to overflowing. No less than 606 recruits were enrolled during the day. At least 400 men of the regular regiment, uniformed and equipped will be readT to leave to-day. The Old Guard, exempt ana honorary members of the regiment, met promptly, and took measures to help those going and keep up the organization here, and be prepared to go in a few days, if necessary. At the headquarters of the Seventy-first Regiment, in Center Market, there was a great rush of members, volunteers and friends, on the annOun<!?in<>nl of lh? arrival nf nrAara - < ? ? w* V? MV1 U IV leave for Washington. Company E alone has \ 230 recruits, although only that number was required for the whole corps. It is supposed that at least 500 men will be ready to obey the J summons. I The headquarters of the Sixth Regiment presented a lively scene last evening, on the occasion of the preparations for leaving for Washington to-day. Col. Pinckney was sur- ( rounded by his wondering officers, who bothered , him with endless questions as to the minutin: of the trip. The armorer's room, the company I quarters and the crowded drill room resounded , with the busy note of preparation, the bun of conversation among the visitors, and the con- 1 tinued administering of the oath of allegiance ' to volunteers The efforts of the colonels and other officers i nf nhnw? * * ? v. w mvv* v i v^iuiVBiO IU piwuro IlII Cil6UBIUII of time were successful, and Oen. Sanford ex- j tended the time to Sunday. The battalion, j under command of Col. Vosburgh. who is the senior colonel, will assemble at 7 a in , and i proceed to the National Capital. The preliminary arrangements for the or- i ganization of a regiment of Zouaves from the j ranks of the New York firemen, having been J completed on Thursday, yesterday wad actively epent in recruiting, and by nightfall the roll at each rendezvous was well filled Indeed, < the firemen are so enthusiastic in the matter. 1 appreciating eo hicblv tho r.omnlimnnt whi.-Vi ' the Administration has paid them in inviting i their aid, that Col. Ellsworth would find no difficulty in obtaining a corps 2,000 strong instead of 800. which id the limit. They will be formed into squads of four cach, who will act comrades auring the campaign, marching, drilling, tenting, and messing together The rolls of the different companies will then be open for the reception of signatures at the general headquarters, where the eieotion for officers of the regiment will take placc. The financial affairs of the organization promise to be placed in a flourishing condition, as several wealthy gentlemen of the city, who f Ap! ilfcnnlw *1-- 'C .?? ww Y* J (utvicoivu ill IUU 5UUCBPI? *J1 IDP ^ movement, have volunteered their services and ^ material aid, to put the regimental exchequer t in good condition. It i.s also proposed to rai.ii J sufficient funds in this way to uniform the regi ment before it shall leave the Slate, and thus r relieve the Federal Government of the expense. It was decided yesterday that the uniform should consist of a grey felt hat, skull fatigue ' cap, red shirt, (firemen's,) grey jacket, grey * flowing pants. (Zouave,) gaiters, and blue over- t coat. A firm of merchant tailors have contracted to have the requisite number of thee uniforms ready by Wednesday night next, and the repiinent will bo ready to muster 12 o'clock * to-night. We understand that a very fine stand of colors is to be presentod to the corps by the Fire Department before it dnrmrt* fman - the city. Col. Ellsworth has received several j letters from prominent merchant", and also " from two or three of the city bank?, offering o material aid to assist him in the enterprise, ? and the fact nobly attests their patriotism. a , WILSON S VOLI'STEEKS. The headquarters of this regiment is at No. til* Brondway. Col. Wilson has already raised 1,600 men. and can raise 2 000 active, muscular young men, good and true, providing that a musket with a sword bayonet, ammunition, i a ilanuel shirt, a felt hat, and a g?od pair of t shoes is furnished to each man lie guarantees* { t<> start for Biltlaian. or invwhim ?i?? Government chooses to send them, by b o'clock Monday. A 8BOtTLDKR-HITTING RKGIMBNT. A gentleman of this city. Mr. John R. Ford, well k nown for his strong Union sentiments, is | prepared to oontribute #1,000 as the nucleus of a fund for the support of a regiment, 1,000 f strong, composed of men of muscle, who can a hit straight frum the shoulder, and who would ' be willing to depart for Baltimore, and keep j. open communication between that city and Warhington As waiting for muskets and other military equipments would bo likely to delay j their departure, they are to bo armed with no other weapons than revolvers, clubs, Ac. Tlio ] tt'-giment must be ready to leave by Monday noon Up to that tiiue additional subscriptions to the fund will be reoeived at the counter of this and other newspaper offices. When such a Regiment, duly orgnniied by the time mentioned, start* for its destination, the money will be duly placcd in tho Lands of its paymaster. MURK MASSACHUSETTS TROOPS. Yesterday morning the military spirit of the city was cheered by the arrival of the Eighth Regiment of tie Massachusetts Militia, following close on the heel of the Sixth Regiment, which passed through our streets on Thursday. They numbered 1100 men, filling 18 cars, which left Boston on Thursday night at G p. m. Their list of officers i.- as follow* Colonel, T Moore; Lieut. Coluuol, E. W. llincks, Major, Andrew Ellwell; Adjutant, G. W. Cresey; Paymaster, R. 6. Asber; Quartermaster, A. A Ingalls; burgeons, B. Breed and W. W. Tapley. "The ] companies are from Salem. Marblebead, Lynn, 1 Newburyport, and Pittsfield. Alighting at the j depot at Twenty-seventh street, they proceeded to the Fifth-avenue Hotel, where four companies took breakfast. Three companies breakfasted at the Lafarge House, ana three at the Astor. As the entire Regiment passed the ' Brevoort House, Major Anderson was loudly cheered. They left at noon yesterday for | Washington. The Third and Fourth Massachusetts Regi- I ineut* left Boston via Fall River, on Wednesday. where they embarked on the *' State of Maine" for Fort Monroe. , An Irish Regiment in course of formation j at Boston. The Fifth Regiment of Massachusetts will j march immediately. ] BROOKLYN. 1 Tlie stirring news from Baltimore last even- i iog greatly intensified the war feeling in j Brooklyn, and the news decided a large number of young men to volunteer who were before undecided what to do. The fight in Baltimore will probably be the means of filling every oompauy now being raised very speedily. A fight at Washington would unques- 1 tionably decide one-half the young and mid- ' die-aged men in the city to volunteer their services at onoe. rr-? ? - ? - iuc name ie?ung pervaaes the people on Long Island, and companies are being organized at different points. The regular regiments arc filling up rapidly, and are still awaiting marching orders. 1 New Adpltsratiom or Milk ?Borax has lat- ' terly b*en employed In Europe for theadulteration of ciilk It binder*souring and carding, enables tUr adulterator to dissolve bratna and other raw ma>eriata for the aruiclal milk manufacturer, in larger quantity, and thus employ more waUr with-, , out risk of suspicion, than ran be done with the aid of soda, whtle the taste is leas att'ected than by the alkali This adulteration Is easily detected by tha ] chemist, but It might be practloed a loug time without recognition by the unlnstructed. , If^Tha Charleston, (8. C ) Christian Advocate , art /rrtlses for ? three young men, who are to be pi. us, g<h>d probers, la no baste to vet married, j and having but one purpose?to glorify God and save souls." MISCELLANEOUS. I pROPUSALS FOR HOSTAGE STAMPS. Post Oyrir* Department,! March ?7. 1S61. S Proposals will received until 12 o'clock in. of Apni next lor furnishinc Postage Stamp* or the general style aid description of thoae .iow id use, on suitable paper of the best uu vity, for a term of six years. commencinc firat of Jul? ufxt. Bidder* will state t'ie price per thousand stamps, deuverahle in paokate? of ten thousand each at the Post Office Dopartm^nt in Washington Alao, the price per th urand, in similar piok*K-a. deliverable ti> the Agent of th# Department at the pl&oe of manufacture. A lao. the Drir.n n? r thu.j **nri. ?l?! i in package*. an required, either at the Department ui piaoe of manufacture. Also, tt:? prioe per thousand, separa'ed in tucli quantities as may be daily oroered lor tti" ma of Po?t Offices. nevor less tnan two hund ed stamps, &n t securely packed in tin cases, suitable hind prs*-board boxes, with muslin or other equally ptrong oovers. or lined envelopes, ao ordiiig to the quantity and distanoe t?> he oonveyrd. as may L>e required by tho Department, stating the uiflerBnce, if any.batween the oost of deliver* to an tgent at the place of manufacture and at Washington. D. C. Ail such paokages, befoio mailing, to l)A re-exan mod and -he stamps lecuunted by an Aceut of this Department. Bidders will also give the additional o?ct for directing package* f >r the mails and prepanne blank receipts, under tho direction ot an agent of Ph* Department, either at the Dopartmeat or man ufaotory. 1'ropnuils must be made for the stamps in sheets. perlecti* cummed, ar.d perforate in s'uoh ma.ner iiiM eac'i separato stamp can l>e readily detaohed dD<> uted. The denominations of stamps now in use are one cent, three ce> ts, fivo cent's, ten cents, tvalve oents, t^enti-four cent*, thirty cent* and nrn?ty oents. Tne heads of Washington and Franklin are to t>o preserved as the leading rfesiciiR; tbe former on all the etanipn, except those of one rent and thirty oonts.oo which are to be the heud of Frank>in. On all of th* stamps tho denomination mustbegiven di-t uictiy. in fipures as well as let. t?rs,a a the whole work must. he executed in the best style of line enjravtnjs on *teel. l lif-whole nnnit?er of pofagf stamps (urnished to the Department during the year rndinc the it'th Junn. iP6?i was 316 t>7) 660. From cast experience it is supposed that the number of mailed will aversce a!>ove two hundred daily, varrin* in s'ze from two sheets, or &fl>ta?irs, up to MO t-heets.or Vi.O"*) stamps; but bv far the larger proportion of packates contain n??t tllArA than CX\ ohflufa Of o (V4\ * ~ .uwu WUWVI.9 VI '/-U 'IJIU^O Each hid i? tu be accompanied witti a sproimen jf th? ntj.e of engraving and the quality of paper to efmntabed, vrhich will hombmitted to a hoard it d inct? reefed exports or a tist*f?r "xamir ation; and the accepted bidder, befor* "he ( conBurnin atii n of a o<<ntraot, will be required to prepare ittugn* and fu;ui?h pro.if imprce?it)n? ofih-i eu;rav inc?of ill" neverv denominations of stamp*. Speciwfes of board ai>1 tn boxes and lin-den."' iopf'* Tiiuft aJeo be eobmittel vith ea"h bid. It s ii>".'e8i>ar? to protect the boxes by muslin or other Miveri in tfce ini-nt etfectuai manner against wet k'>d abr&dioii. I he contract will require ulld'es md pi&tevtobi p epared and kept in iepair, and hat new dice ak l pl?tea shall be nil to, < itlier for he present donornj: atioi e> ut stamps or otbrr?, irithoat charge.*. the pleasure of the Degartxieiit; h.d all s>ioli dies ai d plates are to be the property |f thm II Hit A( I WUlae #-.? ? >'? "4 * 1 " * -- -W..OWM ui.?vo 1UI mo flCIMUP U1 IIIO I'OBl Jtlioe Depa> toient. No bid* wil: I>? comidered e\oept from raities *h>? ha^e been actually engaged in the lueincas of !opperrl*te and ?t*el engraving ano prir.tin;, and ire thus engaged at the time of bidding, r.nd who tre occupying B?ital> e fire-proof prcn is?e and provided Willi ?T tli*? neue*gar? facilities to execute hewi'rk promptly, aed give tha requisite proteci< n to tlri atami-H, diva, and platen in then pcatesffion. Partita r.ot known to the Department will furnah *roofas to there point* with their bida. In awarding the cont act the l'ottn>a".ter (iencr.1 rr aervea the right of deciding which led. in ita Mioiual reaulU. mty b? most to th? mter^atof he Department, [.avirs reference to the rtyle of he work aeourit', nioue of packing, fto. Hrop -aala ah'?ld becareful'yaealed.and marked 'Proi osaN f' r Towage r?tampa," and addressed to he "Third Afistint Postmaster U'nrra!." M BLAIR, ma2H-law4w Pr.atma?ter tie^eral. 4 STARTLING DISCLOSURE! ^ vkcLasaTloy of rvAR' IREAT OUTPOURING OK THE PEOPLE! BantWKSSO Of TH* r"0XTKST BY WINDSOR tc UKOTJlKR,.?5<* Seventh *t? fel ine BOOTS, SHOES, HAI'S.r| S&I CAPS. Ao , a; a giea' a icrific* no (or Uf.^ 7 cSy n??r rat-*. Good Men'a Working*""^ Sh^cs at T> cent* ; Miaeee' Sewed Moroi > iioor* tto'I wor!>? 31 25; ?r,d Mse"?>rnl a* >r?nt<mit of Gfirii*', Ladie*'. MUkois', and Chilren'H hnorts, very ohf?ap. We wili to' 1 low an ny on?. aud tr?kp off" 5 por oe;;t. ilinoour t for oash n owrrentlunfl?. np3-eolm li. FarrC'S Champagne. J.E.6LONIN9ER * CO., A'o. 7, North Charles street, Baltimore, lnvine been appointe-l Atents for the f*1o ?>f the bove brand vf UHAMPaONE WINK, ?fl>r it i>r mi 6, ro ying upon it* merits to establish f?9re he reputation it haa already acquired in our (outliein cities. Liesidcs oMairin; a lirst-elass Medal at th? ?reiich Exhibition cf Mr. Farre ha< barn ippotnted Purveyor to tiie Courts of Spti-i and *ruswia. ap ti ?"'Sm P HEADER, ERI'SE Thefol owiur statement and then judge of itn foots for yMireelf A BR AM COLE. of Bro?.Wl?n, N. Y.. a well trinwn citizen there, had miff-red from l)y?pep*ia or Bom" *Wkr?, witl'.o-it porin?cent lelief, until he riedAYKK'S i 11.1.J?,?hioh taken ?voo- r-1 iiik to he directions for this c mp'aiut, restored him to iealth in a few weeks Afieran interval of soma nonih s lie has had no return of h>? oomp aictUK". \V. CROSS, of Harmony, Texas, hvl an >niptio;i on hio ii"Ck, shoulder*, back and lee. srino'i cover?daN)ut onfl third of his body. It kept lie parts atteoted covered with a. ecab, and hem* ?;tai, a raw *ore.Ma* of course ver\ iroi'Me^omo wd di*tre<mn*. It ?o much impaired hi* Imaitli a* :o iinfct Inu; lor business and kept him ill noDit&rt luflreriiiK. A!J aid f*ilod hint nu-il he took WISHES CU*1l)OUM? EXTRACT f?AKSAPAK1LLA. whi?*. cure;! him. His skin etill 6hows iom? scarwfrom the ultier&tion, but tt is otherwi: e is oiear as an infinta. JOHN H. SHOOK, Es<? . an eminent lawyer ol Ftichmond, V a. took* c-'ld winch settled on hit unfs. A eevoro pam set in on the Isfl side, with a WK< cor^h, which wny soon followed by the lining afcvl" *> mpto:n* < consumption. \v hAn r?dii???.1 iviy low he ooinrne ioe-J takii!* AYEIt'S CHKK!IV Pt'i'lntii -? i i i? ?JV > (vniia * uioi: ?"M7U ovojryau fc.lU UUII^II yrxi oomplotcly cured him. Prepa.-td by DR. J. C. ATTLR A. C'?., Lowell, VI ass in* 13 f-o\ m Is the ?M.!/ iwwii and -Z?^ exterminate^ Ants, \fotos, Fiies. p?^?Ga-dm Wo una ' Vino Bugs, 4?. it contains no poifon. SCHWKRIN'S FILLS are sure death to Rat? ind Mioe. M Schwann has received certificated "ruin the President of Uirard College, Dir< ctors ol House of Refuge, Pennsylvania Hospital, aod :>ther Prominent Institutions of Phi adelpi la ; U. Jail, s\ ashnigton, D. U.; and Charity Hospital, New Orleans, La The original certificates can be a?en at the wholesale and Rotail Depot 124 North Seoond itreet, Philadelphia, and fjr sale id this oity by D. U. CLAKK, ooniT Pa. avenue and sts? and by hi! Druecifcts an ) Grocers, BKWARK OP SPl'RIOUS IMITATIONS. Ip" Remember to axle for Sohwenn'a Annihilating Powder. ir> \imA rAnnina nnlo** aiKiiAil M UriMwvn n I ina 15^>meo? - i nTOPHAM'S PREMIUM TRUNK *&I?D MANUFACTORY, 499 SjlVEWTlI MREET, Wai?HlNGTOJf? D. C. Silver Medal ^warded by Maryland Institute of Baltimore, November 7, I860 Also, Medal by Metropolitan Mechanics'Institute, Washington, D. C., 1*51. 1 ain constantly making,&tKl always have on hand, of the beet material, every description of Fine Sole Leather, Iron Frame, Lad if' Drees, Wood Do*, and faokmg Trunks. Fellisior, Carpet, and Canvas Traveling itars, Sohool Satchels, io., At Low Prtus. Member* of Congress and travelers will piaase sxamin* my etool before purchasing elsewhere Trunks that are made in other cities. Superior Leather and i>ress Trunks made to Dr"?r. Trunke covered and rea&ired at short notice, I G>K>d? delivered free of ohnrce tj acjtpurt of the ! fieorreurwu, *??! Alexandria. JaiQ-Hw JAMK^ HTHPH ? M. THK NICEST CLOTHING, TIKt*. UAiS and CAPS, at SMITH 8, No. 460 Seventh it. near F. apMm 1 DENTISTRY. Dk. chas. rTbotki/kr. SUKUEON VEST18T, Having Jooitfd himself permanently in \\ ashintton, oiler* hi* profeam<>na' set vioea to 0'tl-^pg> and aoiournera, in all the \anuu>m? biaiiches of his prof-ttaion, upon th* inost^1'1 ' '' recently improved ar^tem of Den<i?trv. Dr. B., having stiit'ied with one rf the moat eminent and exp*rieuo<?d Dertists of Washington, and aU with the Dental Collegf of Ha:timore, from whom he ha* received hia diploma, feela con fident that hia operation* will pr<~>v<* eminently ?atiafcc ory to those who will test us prifesaioua! abi ity. Office No. 33G Pa avenue, between 3th and 10th ?ta., over Moveua's l.ace Store ; open from9 a m. to 4 p. m apl-*o;2m DRS. I OOKWOOl) <V DAKKK',1. AKK PREpared to insert ThETHon VULCAN-^tpc5> ITK BA^K, a new and improve! niods.fttfas^S \Vli?n made on this pian they a' e com v fortable to wear an<i Tnu.ih cheaper thai any other. Also. T*?th insetted on <iold Plate, and ali i'entnl

Operations of any kiiid that mar l>e de*i-?d Office Koom No. 5. in the Washington Building.corner Fa av. and Seventh st. j? n? -tin* M TEETH. LOfi.MIS, M. I)., the inventor and patentee of the MINERAL PLATE 1 EETH, at tdnds at bis office in this city.ft*fcy~* Many persotscan vrear these teeth win oaimot vear others, and no person can wear others who cannot wear these. Persons calling at rny offioe oan be accommodated with any style ami prioe of Teeth th-y inay desire; but to those wno are particular and wish tr e purest, oleanost, strongest, and most perfect denture that art can produao, the MINERAL PLATE will l>? more fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 33? Pa.avenue, between 9th and 15th sta. Al?o, 907 Arch street, P'niladel phia. <-c 15 tl CLOTHING, &c. SEVENTH STREET. | ()() Al.WAYS~AHF.AD. I have iust received a moe Block of SI'R ING CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOO US?, TRUNKS. HATS and which I invito! ie attention ol all in want of such articles. My motto if "A quiak sixpence is better than a alow shilling." 1 bote in want cf Clothing wo invite to come ai:d look at our goodB and prices ; ?nd it y?-o want a moe JMurt and a pr?r.ty Tie, No 460 i-ev etro-1 is the place to *et them. ! have a vety large etock of SPRING HATS.whiohl am s*'!ing at Z'i per o^nt. l olow their actua' value. Fur th'j?e who want to travel. I have just received a large lot of TRUNKS, VALISK8.?nl C \RPKT HAGS, va'jrir g in prices from SI to 8*. II yu want a good Trunk, Clothing, Furnieiiiiig Goocn, Llc.*? f*- - i.a.f, in V/Bpa, mure la no p.ac9 wnere >uil CIU1 buy them as ,cw as at the People's Clothing Store, No. 4b0 Sever,th ?t., opposite Post Office. J H. SMITH, Ciuthier, _mar li-lm No 460 Seventh >:t.. bet. K am) V'. L. A. HFAU. <TCO. AKK Plea-ure in informing their ouptom?"-", and strangers, that thor have removed to No. I S-v*<nth Rtrct, betwooa I and K.ju^'-^bovo K. B Hairs. WehaveiuH received ? iiew supp y of CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, TRUNKS HATS and CAPS, which wo cffer U> ?e!i at very .?* price*. Call and see us btforo buy1 tie elsewhere, as we know that \re can soli you to Klsat less than an* other store in the cit*. L A. It KALL A CO , Clothiers, mar 14-1m No. 361 Seventh st.. bet. I and K. Jl'ST II F.CKl VI; l>. a lot more of the celebrated I'liN CKNT T1 h"? ; al*<>. a very large let of SPR I N(i CLOTH INU, Fl RMSMlNi. GOnLS, ' UIINKS. HATS alio CAPS. At th.' Proplos Ciothinc Store, No.460 Seventh st.,opposite Post : umce. i-etwoen 1-. and F uta. "" np 5-Jm i NEW AHRTVAL OF PI'RING AND SUM- ' MKR CLOTHING,FURNISHING <.OODS, II ATS and CAl'S.atths I'o.>ple'? Clothirif; Store. No. 460 Seventh St.. opposite Pos t Offico, near F treet. rpi-lni t ? - ? r I A ^ A R D * WOULD Respectfully ca'.l the attention of the j citizen and stranger to our new lot of Ken's and i Movs' CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, > H ATS and CAPS. I can saioly i-ay that I em now prepared to nail goods on better term* then ever. Don't f jrset tu oail and Urn* at our us* K<>nd*. J. H. SMITH, Clothier. * ap 5-lrn No. 4f>Q Sf.oi;th f-t near F. c Wood mid Coal. ' i A No. 1 article of WOOD on hand, prepared to \ suit the wants of each customer. Word sold cord lenrth also, or in any way or any quantities <le aired. IIJT Coal kept ?n Coal Haunt, screened before d? liverins. r'f* >94rt1K~ ?n 2 ^ u-.J. kV iilO IUU| d7" Pereonil attention to every order. T. J. & W. M. GALT. Office SS2 Pa. av., between 11th ami 12th etc. Wood Mill and Wharf foot of Seventeenth street, below War Deptrtumat ina 2S-:f r<KRAT NUMBKftH OF PIANO PURTK8 "Ji for ca'? or rent at all p toea. AI?o, tea M?lr? dwn? oi difiorent n.avua f-r rmt or rale. N*w Mu*ie r#cciveci from all part* of the couut-T weekly. JOHN F. ELLIS, ir.a 3n 300 Pa. a v., het. Qth and l'Uti SILK KOBKB. MOITSI.IN ROUB8, LAWN KOlihS, JJKKAOK KOBLS. \Ve?re co.iirjr.t half thoir original prioa A1 other good* of every <le#or p:ion we are still ceding at oont Our cto. kU jars 3 ai:d yreil azuortoO in i every department. j fail TAYLOR A HLTPH'SON r|*AYLOR It HUTCHISON, j x No. 42 Oxstku Market Spacs, Wi.u'd call the attention of pn*ch*aera to our 1 tock ofSKASONABLl. t>RY t.OODS.compna- ' ji!E aomeoftiio De*o*>t mo?t<!e?ira!)leiinrortati->na o/tKe aeaaon. Our utock of Domeatios, knd whitd fio/wl d ?fii! f-ft f/.?* n#' vnrw .r?1 ? ? .. ? nin i-w i >uuu ? vi ? v?u an<l will he offered at prices t.'ia? cannot fail tu Mve natufaotjon We a*g an examination ap 3 JOHN 1'. KLL1S, SOLF A'iEXT FOR THE SALE AND RENT OF CH1CKERING ft SONS' PIANOS, :J06 PrxTJA. AvENrt, Betten-n 9'h a*4 !<>tA Streets, I ma 1 North Side Magnolia hams : MAGNOUA HAMS!! We are now receiving our fcrst supply of Magnolia H-mo for thu season. They oannot be surpassed. KING A 111 HCHEi,L, ap 4 corner 1 St:i n and Vermont >.v. SOMETIIiN'G NEW * ON FREE EXHIBI TION."?A very large l"t of CU) I HINU, FURNISHING ?OOD>, HATS and CAPr, at \n. 4fi(i Sova.ith bL N. II ? *1 <?i ?i .ua ""l" I for s-Up (it vorjr low prices. a: SMIIH'S, N o* 4 60 J I Seventh at., Mwwn Eand F its. ap6 lm i I TAKE NOTICE! \V1Ta?? ml kinds of Virginia money for my t book debts via for Boots, Sbofts, aud Truiikr. Ah I persons indebted to n;e will pleai# call And nettle > up, or I bJ;a be compelled to give their accounts j into the hands of a collector. H. P. HOOVER. Iron Hall, 110 21 Pa. ??.. ?mn 3th and U>t.h Ma. Nf> ?The undersigned b?ts to inform tfce < - I-> h*o ou l.A;id a A'gn stock < of MONUMiNTtf. TOM IS*. HEADSIONES, ? fcc., at Ba!timore and Pruiadslpliia prions. A so.a 1 n^wstyleol L):av in^soAii lesren at tr i-yard, and a new style of Marble Mantel*. Tablo Tops, &e., | kept oh hand. Brown iStone r.nd ttranita work , promptly attended to. WM. BHADLKV. I mx 18 eo3m Pa. av.,bft 18th and 19th its. . 1861 DIAKJE5. 1Sfi) Commence the Year vnth a Diary. A valuable Pocket Companion for registering events past, present, and future; o?utai: mjE raw of postage, almanac, a blank epao f'?r memoranda , for every d&y in the jaar, ca*^ acoount for eaoa : inocth, animal summary of oa&h aooount bills payable and receivable, Don't be without one of , these useful little r uvenirs not complete, elegant. and desirable assortment ever i?*iied.oom prising twelve sizes and upwards of tiMye'.ylM. . at SHILLING'!*) iN'ri Bookstore, Odoon Bunding, oorner oi'.4>? street and i do2? Peim avonue. | PUR*. OLiJ RYK WHISKY.?Ou fand severa hrand* or Pure Old Rre Whtfky. Copper Distilled, male 1 j !bo most renab e distil!**'- :ii Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, warraiivei pure. Aiso, Imported Mnuilies, Hcn iersy, Otard, I>t'?uy & Co., Jules Robins, A 3. Also, Peach ana Apple Hnwidy, pure Holland Gin, old Jamaica mi<i St. Croi* Rum. and Wines of ev?ry variety, ail of standard brands. A ohoioe lot of Cisa^s ?.n?l to t*oco. YOyl? k K?PflAiTj|icM>i~ i t> U-1t *,t*Q P? ?*.. Mtw.ntti ?od loth ?Im. i | INCOLN AS HE IS. Li Stkki. Ekskavkd Pobtbait. I The be?t Portrait yet publnhMof i HON. ABRAHAM LINCOLN, (in/A wkisktrtj At FRENCH ft. RICHSTEIN'!*. i N?*. tiT? Pes**.. Avcinrs, Washington, D. C. rI>ari<? tappliM at low ?rie-a. ma>7 J|OME-MADl. HOOTS AND SHOES. Lambs'. Mimes' and Chilubeti's Wear, At Kxtttdintiy Price*. At J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 16 Market Spsoe, ma >-w Pa. ar,., hot. 8th and ?tli ?ta. 1 A VERY NICK PRINCE 4 CO. M ELODEON f%. whioh has bvn u?M a short time.?I far sal. very low at M KTZ E aOTT>BafBV Musio Store. Also, several l>?c^nd-hjr.i''T * " | n nn>? ina M TSfefMSB 81 arrived at SMITH'S, No, 460 Seventh at. ap5 lm i MEDICINES. BDK jou.^sru!!, ALTIMORK L (M K HOSPITAL, Ha* diteortrtd tkt wio>< Oerfaia, $r?trfjr am<i only Ejftrtwil littntiiy * tkt World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMl'KUDENOE. LET XO FALSE DELICACY PllEVEXT APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRAXTED. ?? NO CHARGE, IX fHOM OXE TO TWO LAYS. Wetkneu of the Enck, Stricture*. Affection* of ih? Kid oey* ?ud Bladder, iinmlnnttrir Ihacharre*. Ii iDoitnr r. lien r*l Debility, Neiivofuiifix, f^ipfpij'UiifDor, Coo(onco or Idea*. Low 8pints, Palpitation of the H? art, Tuni tity, Tre tuMm^c, Dunne** * ! PtfM or liMdiiifu, Due aae of the llead, Tbrotl, N<?? or Skin. AtircTi?*i?a ol the Lun|i, 2>i?m ach or fr.weii?th??e Trnble Disorder* anting from Hoiinry Hit it* of V?oih?t?ic*e Drcadlni nr.d De?truct??e Practice which render Marriage Mr po*aible, an 1 deatrojr t>uih bo*iw and Mind \OVNQ MKS fc>peci^lij whohste becme the TJCtimi of Solitary Vice, th?t dreadful and deatruc: ive hatMt whicb a?a?ali^ aveept to hii untimely pr^ra tlioua?ndt of Your g Mew of tH* nv>*t rsatted talent* * tad brilliant intellect, * N? aui?tit otherwise h ave entranced lintmnf Scaaiei wuh the thunders of e.>?oet?ce or wnked to ecibcy the Imng Ijre, may c*ll with uil confidence. MARRIAGE. AlARRlKD PERJO**, ot Yuunp M?? eon??:npUtinp M*rriart, b?u>( itiri of wtakueu, organic debility, deformities, Ac., peedinr curod. H? mho placet lum?ell under th* ore of D J mil r?!ir> nusly Confide u. hit not.jr a* n geuueciau and ccutideuty rely upoi. his skill as a p?>)Sician. OFF ICR A'o 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. i left hnnd side go,?ig from B thunore street, a f?>w doors from the corner Kail not to observe name and nt.inber. Letters must be pAiil aud coi.uia a sump. ? Dti JOHNSTON, i Member cf the Royal CoI.e^t of Surgeous, Loudon, rradu ste fruw one of the anoai eminent College* mi the Lotted States, aud the fierier pari of whoar lite has been spent in l liie hospitals of London, Pans. Philadelphia and elsewnere, hate effected some of th* moat astonishing cures that were e*er known; many trouh ed with nsfiiir tn the he.irf an 1 i ear* when asleep, great nervousness, beitir alarmed at ?uddeu sound*, b^thfalnsii virh fre^n*ut Mcthing, attended Munetimss with derangement of mind, were cured tmmeTAKE PAKTiCULAH NOTICE Young Men and others who have injured -%*rr.s?|ve? by a :ert?iu practice indulged iu when alone?* labit frequently ^ learned from ewl t- ?~<p aions, or at echo.* , the tfleets of j ahicn are nightly felt e?en when asleep, aid if not -ured, renders inarritge impossible. aud destroys both mind aud < l-ody, should apply immetli?t*l J- < The* arr i.-itn* t\f i.ii I ?..?<K..I ? ' ?y earlr h?bit? of youth. ?u Wiakicti ot the A*ck and ( Lunbi, Pains in thr Mead, lhroocM aI Si^ht, Loss of Muscular Power, P*lpiuti' u df tnt Heart, Dn^jsr, Nervous Irrita )ility, Derangement of the Digestive Fuu cuoua, Geueral ' Debiity, Symptoms of Con*umruon, 4c Mentally ?The feaitu! effects on the vr.ind aie much to ' >t dreided?Loss of Merc ory, Coufusiou of Ideas, Depression >f Spirits, Evil Korebodiu^s, AvenhM of S iciety, Self D?s- ' rust. Love of Solitude, T audit/, etc ., are some of the evils produced. t Nuvoui Debility ?Thousands can ih w jud*e what i* he can.- of their declinu g health, losing their vigor, becoiu | ng weik, pule,nervous and enucnua, bsting a singular ippeirance about tlie ey?r, cough cr syrupteres f c ?nsu?nj- j ion. ~ j DISEASES OF IMPKUDFSCE. A When the n is^uided aid imprudent votary of pleasure finds ie has imhvbed tne seeds of this painful di&esse, it too often itppens that ait ili-nmed sense of ah.tu e or dr*ad 01 discover/ let ere him from applying to those who, from education and espectability, Can alone befneud him. Hi falls into the ands of ignorant anc* defigi.'*,g preteuders, % ho, incapable J f cum.-r, filch ins pecuniary substance, k-ep nun trifling I nonth after tnontb, or .?.* long as the tiualles' fee can he ob- l ained. ud in despur leave him with mine*I health to ugh ver f i# r ill'i.g disappointment; or by the use of that deadly >oi*on?Mercury?:> sten the constitutional symptoms of this errible disease, such *s Affect:ot?s of the Heait, Throat, Mr id, ifciu, tc., progressing with frightful rapidity, till death puts a * >en<>d to his dreadful suferings by sendiiig him to that uu- . liscoeered country from whose bourne no traveler returns. DK. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOH ORGANIC 1 WEAKNESS AND JMPOTENCY < Fy Ihn great *nd important remedy weakn*??of the orran? ire ?pi"eH|ly cuied and full ?i?or res'.orad Thoua-nda ot 'At j so*' ntrrona .ltd debilitated, wbo fcel 1m*. *11 hop#. bar, wen immediately relieved. " A!l impedimenta to Marriare. PhT*iei! or Mental Diaccal Ictucni, Lom of PracM-.U'f Po^er, Nervosa IrriUbiiKv, frerabimr ?-ni Weakness or Exhucauoc of ;Lt moat faarfoi :iud apeedil/ cured. 1 ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. Tkk jy.Arrv Thousands cored at this i tontouoo w.thic he lajt aeveuteen yearv, r?od the ncmeroua rnport uit 8urri;al cp^rationa performed bv Dr. John at on, vitu^sted bv the epnrtera o( ?>e paper* *ud mauj other pertona, uoucea of rhich hare <ppe*red a?;uu ai.d aram before the pnbiic, beid*? hie itanrin g ti z rentleman of Chirac er and re?p~ *airility, la a aoicient ga rar.*ae CD tfie afiictt 1. mar lS-ly 1>*. J. H. McLKAN'3 STRENGTHENING COBDIAL AM) i!LOOU FIRIEIKK. THE GREATEST REMEDY tn ik* WORLD, . -TTi fci.d the mo*t j TpjfiVi JULiciot* AXD DELIGHTFUL j J?j ,? CORDIAL /? SftTb* /JEVER TAKEN.^Jflj ggfk of?*cn inf f?d?in Bffore taking^Z:'o-MtfT lflklD? liauliinf,BrvdatiB r ? d?lic.o??, (ihiUiMU* .ptm, And U* >Nt tcfUnhU rial 7 ki Jututd tod rotcrlnr U>? tiixf?r:uf, at i dik Jiuud lanild u i i.Us ud i/iaflfc. McLEAX'S r, TR E SG THE XING CORDIAL Will ?f?n?illy etrt ('*111(14101, Dyivipiii, J*?nUc?, Chr*mc ?r !??" ? Pkkijfty, Oiuuii *f iht Kidotvt, i?4 all diiiuti ariiiof fr*n> t ???rd*r*d Liter ?r tuaict. ri *.Mka?r I .want P.!-? * -.J - -- - -1 -- ? ) mm ?? %? *-- .. , - "* ? "-'W IT * I^BQIII W kt Ikianiath, r?lln?t? ?f l'l: o'i ta tha Ni ifl, Dull Puu > frinn>L( lathi Pilftsuiii ( tha Kaari, Fallnaaa >i Vaifki la lha vaciarS, Csur Eracuiwua, Cbakiug ? ItFacaunf r*?!ln( wtan ''J!1"-# 'awn,Pryoaaa irYti iW< 1 af tha Ikin ead ffM, Might Iwaau, lowrd Fears, rain la vha Small af ill lack, Cfeaai, w Sid*. Baddao Natha. af I?M, D?pr?i?tan af ifxri't, Frif hif?l Priint, d?,i? ar any > [' ! d:aa?aa, Ihm at | l.?:cb?? ac ua Ikui, uid r???r and Act* ( ? CkiUa ud hw) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES kaao ??ld dari&f ua Uat ?n r>anr.a, ud la laiHnct has itfallad in rl?in| lira Wka, ikan, rill ttftr fnm Wi >3":i ar Pfkilr.y whan MckXAMW TRJCReriKMlM* COFD'\l will ca/a / ? t r, Un,t.r. tin aac ?ay n? aitaqaata id at af Lha iwaadl[( and f.lraact r-irat?la?i aHar.^a },ra4a?ad ? taklcf thtl 1> (111 illiHHd, JtVili; ? !, and afealurad iikiii i??u-u, vkithtr ki*kia w?c kj iitm ruk ky buck, u '.-aaaJrt 1 kr alak:>?t?, lha ralciad ai?d ?:ntr?aj ?i|ullallaa'la rn'.til" t? ua fr'i?ma lisaitfe aad ?ijar tf.Aiil.lED TEKSOIfSt i? atkan, tar t?icaa af imHiij frare watt, will i-i urmr i cTP.mar^Eiiiii# :uiu?iAfc a u>* ! rayfk tkl irmni and all wlia may bar a ta aia<i tkaaaalraa k,> iiapraaar indalfaa&aa will Cad la UU Ja/dlai a (arUii at! tf ?aiy raraady. ( TO THE LADIES. McLKA.K'8 TftK??TBE!l!!(a CORDIAL I* * uor J >lfa ?bd ?f?fiy c?r? 1?t Ipcifitot C*r*arcpt)Mi. Whittt, | [)i?tr*c ltd ti EMfttkii Midiu? -.tim.l otooun?uc? ( Urn# I ?? IiT?!?nt>TT r>m!iirf? tn?r??f, FVIlinf ?f tb( Ifmk, llddir c??, Funtiaf. tad all d'nim inctAbnt ( F?ni?l??. , THE HE IS NO MISTAKE A BO ITT IT ! lift! u* l?r.f tr. Ttki It tcc*rdinf ta Uiracuwi*. It w,ll . uu> vim, tifnf.l in, ?d and (iiti lb* H??ra tatallii t? re?*rt T??r cb?tk ?fvic Krary b*ttl? ti 1 vuniiuil u gi?? ia:n!icu>n. FOR CHILDREN If_* ? (UMna ?r? eklr, ptn* ?r i(.(U4, MckEANt . CORDIAL will rrtkt -Jita. b??lth?, fci, uid r?b*?i. D?lf j n?t ft ronntutj uj it, ul Will CtbvUod. It U lllltlra* < uti, ? * nrrn v VA w -A lavtn ' ar liilira wba m.-y uy ta palm ap?u ra* ikiii hitter ?r imipnlU tra?h, wl :eh tbay cm b?* ih**t>, t? ?inf it if (ut u nod. A?wtf *ach ro?n. Alt !ar McLEAN* YtREMUTHENING COIDUL. and uki ua'.hiny *1*?. It I* th* anty nr.j|4j tf.ut wall rarify til* Blaad th?r*?fhlr snd tt th* *air? tiro* tir?nj-x*i th* *y*t ?m. On* '*l ukiu mrj tnarntnf futvrg u a oartaJa pr*T*nti?* far CSalira, Chill* &od F*?*r, Tal:ow rmr, ar ipt pr*?alant di*a*a*. H ii p*t ?P In l tf* bott'ti Fne* c * #l p*r hatii*, ar I t-at; far (1 f. II. Mr LEAN, laia praprtatar af thi* Cardial; alas, McUaao't Vaieanic Oil bUirraiii. Pnucipul Dtpat an Ua t?r- ?r af Third aad FU,? ttratu, k Uili, Ma. McLean's Tolcanic Oil Liniment, (T?F. BUT LINIMENT IN TN C WORLP ) Tha aalj aafa and ortain car* far Cancan, Pilaa, Tm. an, Bwallinf* aad Brrnehii* ar Gait*, Par?lr*i*, N*art'gia, Waikntaa af lb* Maicl**, Cfcramc ar ! Jammatary ILhtmaauin., Btifn*** af tha JainU,Cat tracttd Muaclaa ar ktfaniao:*, Kan?h* arTaathacba, Briaaa, ream*, Fraah Cata, Waard*, Clctn, Farar Sara*. ?>h*d Brian. Bar* HImIm, Baraa, Bta.Ua, tara Tloni, ar our mlawaiiaai ar j IUL, tlflltnu k<t Hurt W lH( 111* tullM Ml Lara MkM, McLUAMI CUCUUntD LINIMKHT u J t aartaia nail/. Tbiuuia af Mmi fctrep m?i Nri nn< i Ufa at Alt iNpitidt aad reiaar* ky tfea aaa : thta t>?*la?kU ranaady. , AT(LEAN'S TO LCA NIC OIL LINIMENT will ral:a?a p*ia ilaaM inataataaaaaaly, u< U will rlaaa, ( p*T\h u4 haal tha faaiaat aaraa in aa incradiala abaft una. i FOR HORSES AND OTHEM ANIMALS. < McLKAM 1CKLKBRATKD UXlMi*HT ta Ua aai. aafa I ad raliaMa ranadr far tfca eara af Spa via, lUnAaaa, < Windfall*, ifltou. vnnataral b?apa, X* at Iw.Van I ll naiar fat lad ta oara Bi( Baad, P?|la?tl, riatala, OM i Banning Baraa, ar flwaaar, If pntirlj I*[itad Far Byraiaa, Braitti, Bcitia&aa, Crtiitd Baaia, CUu, Bid 4 la ar Oatlar Oalla, Oata, Baraa, ?r WiWi, it ta an u.talltWa i laavady. Apply ta u dlraciad u4 a aara ta aaatata h a*ary ] Than trila aa laafir wltfc tfca *aav warthlaaa Uataiau rf trad la yaa. Obtnin a atpplT aC Da. MfUillCCLtBBJlTBD bUIItfkjrr. h will cara ? *. 4. M McUCAfc. Bala Piafiiaiaa. Cara at Taiid aad Plaa iu., M. baaia, M>. OUUM BTOTT, tTt Pa. aa., aati af aal la Waahia(f m B. T.OBBKk,Baaafttawa. iaM-DBWly ' THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Vkn nMlul Fuill?u< Nm Ml&ttC ft (r?t*r v?n?rr ?f iBfr??M rn?M ?* ? *m m ond ii mt ?to??! mUHM Fn4t; ccrc;t*. Tim ??Out, wwn?t?, to >??t Pinjl# oo>t, ?*r matai. , ?? l ? HWMfm ? 4 r% Tmn mmm !?? Tveatr fnwtM m w It linnthlr oontaine the "Washington N?WV Uir hu made Tk? Dmti Xmmw Smt uremia** mo (MMnUly throaihoit the ooutry. l78>cC'?eoriM(ln ean be proearM at the oounter, immediate 7 after the imh ot tba parer. Pnoe?THREK CENTSCARRIAGE FACTORIES. WAi<HIN6 TON CAKRIASE FACTORY, D i>?rM, thiwtn Mt t<U IMA Snt<M. We hare juet feni*h*d a r.?mb?r of 6r?t MaM CAKRiAtiF.!*, ?uoh aa I utkt P*rk Pk**to*s, MmmiIit ^ SKk nw, oM />?.? ri4J, which w#willeel?av*5^*3 a Tar* cinaJ erotat. Heine praeuoai meohantos in different brancbea of u? bueiiieee, ?' flattar oareelve* that we know the atrie* Mid ? y of Work that wflT cire Ktii faction, con. t-aunt ucbUieea. oomfort im rfaimhilt *7R??iLin(.( promptly tod oar?f&uT attMdad t? the aWtMl actio* and jnoit r*u^ut<.? oIwcm. WALTER, kAH MANN * BOTP. OotcluBtlitri, isooNwn to Wm. T. Book. CARRIAGES. KL S*h#cn'.*i mad* M<uC?M to k) 'aetorjr Qfttniis it sow out of the in trie l?nuii.c vi>?re Hi* huuaUM I. tc?uuter?uri:?CARRlA<>E& Li?HT*S^? wA"oS(5M *t: fcindc ? ?.:) ~?t! n >uwo.mI ."rai.i ni* .on* **** > ? ?? >a ut tiuituM, k* kupm to iit? (Html ??ti? ju. kit?s?f Cftrri?i?? u4 kUkt Wiftai ttytn UM. >il RKP4.!E.*t?ftl'y ?e?*,%i4?l!?rt?r?rr*arl 17 !H?:i U?< Cin1WMtu? *?*. A*DXt.l* iTJoVCfc, I tl *f ereer ' 1?tk im K rift irASIflXOTOV LOCK HOST ITAL I4R. SHUMAN i:a?, ftfter ftti ?>*peM-i o? ?t t*?? if ?Mr*. eetftMi'bed the ftf-ove rffur* Irinn ?e f-iftlielleu Indian or t??rmftii ?l<>ot? r?, mi i p.eUuderg of ?itcncrft!\ ft:, J imposture in seaem!. 'I'his is the only p.fto* where ft aur* &n 1 rpeedy cur<-can l>e ol.tftined <u the w<>r??l for ft . improper Mi'l OVll ? I !tn- ?i?inrtl.? ? . ^ .. . . .... pk ? *??? * tin e?i w new, ?> plul.ia, primary aeoondar*. laH tertiary, organic wu .em, pame in the on,a, atricturea. t,en?rai d?t>! H i. prostration, nervoia m?*a, reatiea* mthtr, palpitation . I tiie heart, rin^icc in tiie earr, loea of in< cvLfumoii, writiitlioMr, WmPom >1 th-f-ra >, throat. no?e. and akin, and all th"?* p'on'ii- dlw?rdc ? *n?ir,{ Iri'tr. the ti?di ?oretioo of onth, reincr;nt them ue&t lor either Luciuew, i iini). fc^ci?t>. cr naruatce. ??r. S. ha* <h* gr?ateet r*in(dlft lathe know* irorld for dtaeaset of the IxhmI. *<Thor'fc?e. |l?*t, 'trio'uree, phi! i?,*eminal weaknera, ae 1 ahua*. tc. Th-rt m uo 1-4 e la which they fail to our* in from 3 to S*aye. Victim* of theae homti'e ooinplaiot*. who woald wiah to l>? variable men *n1 oruaiuent* to aooiety, ?h<>u!d ernhf-oe the earliest opportuulty for rali'f. lJr. ?>a3 irartethe moat oomy ete arrant e ments for thecoi^fort of hi* patient* whooom* from a dtetauoa. Ti.eywillbe furi,i?lied with the moat pi*iaact and asraeaMe quarter*, neoeeaary li?t, and made an ooiufor.aMe aa they woald be at t &rat olaa* r-oUl at lean than he..! the ooat. l><rnot forget tae r.auie and i.unrlter. Ur She nrian'"oflloe i* on ttiuoorner cf SUth etre?t and |Vi>r??!vana*\enm?- Claren<l<n M te., oppoatie LkeNatioua Hotel, Washington l? t Hereon* fttadietanoe ahouid eco oae *tam? (>r re'nrn pjstace. (Iffi^e hour*,9 A. M to lu P. M. Vajou" parties have been enti9?d from my In ftltu'on i ? certain l.?.~i? - ?? .hi* city. Wh<> wi I rue it tii| the day of their d<*th, ^ word t? lite wi4? m sufficient ap ? #Cyr*. Co*rk, CoU, Homtsenut. / /lum ii. any rritKion err 5er?n'JL' '** Throat. h*li*r* tlu /fu'driM Tmrrt m (V* Trmf < ??. B'siifikrtii, 4>tm?f # Cat at r*. ( t?.ir anW iim ' trn?ftA (o Ik* rtnrt Qf PUBLIC SPEAKERS 1KB VlNUhRS. Few are aware of the importauoe of oheeKiac ? ^ouithor ' C?mmoa Cold'' in iu flrat utace; utat prhioh in the b??imr>e woald yield to a mild r?nt ly, if neciected.aoocattack*(tie Loot*. "Brawm'i Brtmckxal T*o<ktt." ovntaini-ns dcmuToent lo^rwti?ti, allay Pulmonary and Bronchial Irritation. "That trooh-e in my Throat, (for JROWN S whioh the "IVoflUr area ' avine made ma often a mere ?wrROCHES jerer* N. P. WlLLiST jrOWN'B ' " I reoommend their nee to Pvauc Srumi." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Greatarrrioeinanbdainc Ho>Ul' jrown? ?f?." rev. Daniel wTsr. nnnnrg "Aioioit instant reliaf in the dlar#UlKUitr?(;ns lit>or cf l)rea.tLir.? Mauh&r JROWN'S 10 Ae jiEV. A. C. E6GLE8TON. rROCHES "Co mm no Opium or *ythinf injurious." DR. A. A HA * E?, JROWJi'S Cktmxtt, Jwiw. " Aumj'eand i ?uut oiinllo*rROCHES tion for Jtc." ?ROWN-9| ?* U,eELSS^ rROCBES " *-W. ITWftjW BROWN 3 n| jtvpU?B aadlMIfor rROCHES WARREN. JROWN'8 Bttum. - Becefcoial wbn oomf*U?d l? rROCHES IDHWM'A - r rcocHE*i JROWN'S I oomjjum wit* Sruiiu ud SimfROCHES "">"* M.RTACTr NSO JROWN'S T**oh?r of Muiio. STffliern rROCHES "6reat benefat when taken before end alter preeohinx. e? tker trerect JROWN*8 H?>a.-Beu?>B?. Fr<Jio liwr eaet?iT*ot, 1 think tb?r will t>e of ferm*n?nt edr ROCHES Tan tare to me. REV. E. ROWLEY, JL. M. 3ROWN'8 Preaiaeut of Atoeni College, Tenc. rROCHES WffftmtlTIXIW jle 1-ly PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AID BLOOD EENOVATER ] preciaely wh?t ita came indicate*. for, whua >le&a?ntto thetaate, it la revivifying, exhii?w*tJnf. nviroratim and atren. theninc to the vitAi power*, ind at the *&.-ne time revivifioa, reinat&tee, mm! w tew the Blood iaa.1 ita orirmal purity, an<J (R? it unoe rrftort. and reudtr* lit tyttem tnvuUufb1* o marks of tiisea??. 1? ia th* only preparation (ver offered to the world, an ohanuoaJiy and akiil'ully combined aa to be the n oet p<werfal tome, und at the a&ine time ao perfectly fcdapt-d to. M to lot in pet foot ivroordanoe with the laws of nature. u? uw wta sew. ie imr itmwvi ai < ?ae up the diKMtivs organs. and thus allay a.. net.ousted other irritation, it is r,srieotW exhiata ins 8 :d at tJ.-> sasne t;m? it is o> mpoeed entirely if recetables, yet so noinhined u to produoe the most horoueh tome eff?eot,without producing any wnrious cous^uerioes. >noh a reined/ has lo*> >een felt to lie a dr*ui< ntum in toe inedieai w?.?, ror it needn r.o med.oal sk II to see that <Jpful:ty ' lJows all attacks of disease, and proofed* and u> '*ed lays the system open to the insidious attacks >! i>ai>Y of the rr.ost fatal, suoh, for exanj. r. aa tbo 'oilowmr: Consumption, indigestion, DyspeMia, I oss of Appetite, Faiunesa, Nervous IrnCatuity, cm., r* p.wuon 01 ti<? neari. ncikoeioir, Sight swf*u. Lai.gor, Gid?une??, Retention of. m reTl a* Pasnfol obetructed, too profgae, or too ?c*nt Mru'truation. ard Falling of the Womb, riieee ait depend upon pei em! debility. This pure, 'leattiy tonio Cortliai and B'ood Renovator ia as iure to cure as the run ia to nee acu a?t. There n no mirtAke anont it . Rat thia ia not all If Mm lyetern >? wt-ikened we are open to bllioua attack", t!?o lirer l?va?i torpid, or wora? diaaaeed. :he kidneya r'sir to iterfrm their fatotiona, ao<1 re are troubled with eoaldiua and lnoontinanoecf urine, or involuntary diecbarge o( the eame, pain n the back, eiae and between tire hontdera. eijoedincly liable to ajifht ooida, ooncha, and u an > necked. toon emaciation lollowe.aed the patient roee down to a premature crave. Rut imm will not allow ? to enumerate tne mau* ilia to wbioh we ire liable in a weakened condition ol tne ayaton.. Bnt we w: I ray in thia and R ood kenonr :or yon have a perfect aa'e pi taaant and offkwtaal -emeuy lor lost 01 Appruie. itiiioiUMM. run ence, w<-ak and tick Stomach. Lanfour. I Arm Complaint, Ckillaand Ferer.or anr Buioasattaok "o?tivei;eea. Acidity oftbe St >n.aoh. Nenrouaneea, Neura'cia, Palpitation of the Heart, Depreeaiou if 8piriu.0or?(. PimplM on Uif Kaon, or My die ?aae arising from impure blood, such aa Horofula, Krysipelas. Bronchitis, Couch, difficulty of Breath nr. and ail that olaaa of dieeaaes oal ed trif la veakneea. aad enumerated above. Wt will alao lay the traveler exposed ft epidemioa. obauf of imate and water, will ind it a pieaaact. aafeaod lira re? edy, and no one should ever travel witii jut. Reader. try it, for wa aaaare you you will indin it a friend iad*ed,aa weii aa alneod la eeed. All persons of aedei.ta.rj habits will ?od ita pe-Feot preventire at. as well aa a cure for those ail u?a l?i? tM ar? not o?? loor x?roi*?, will find it to tbotr *o tMf ? bottle constantly on hand; aad abort *<l motkon or ttioM booonunc rack. will fo lhro??" that aott danitrau period tot on If w >U all t*"' Poland Ml^Mu'ao ^Val^t amo&T* portion oftbo wot M. la abort, u iad*3? a aordial. Try it old aad yosnt; ao l? $PL SSifi'g rtiriSil cJ*Ul PROF- WOOD'S RES TOR A TIYR CORDIAL BLOOD RENOVATOR. Sold IB Uua ?ty by C. BTOTT. 1T? P*. ??-aoiy,aiw