Newspaper of Evening Star, April 24, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 24, 1861 Page 2
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m??? 1 HE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON OITT: WPD5ESOAT April ??. 1M1. Itflril ?f the lerning Preee TV JmttWfmetr this morning la devo<?<l to Tbe Rrp*biico* dltcrcdltt the lettora and (tinpetobri in the Baltimore Sun from various polu'a In Marvtand Indicating unanimity tn favof of *?* wwtia. Th* Richmond Ebqcieek does us Injustice in attributing our earnest labor* tonvr the future the people of the Atlantic border alaveholdlng ?tat?e and the Dlstriot from the consequences o' the aaaault upon thia city which hna to our knowledge long been preparing, (and at no time "with more eageroeee aud energy than at present,) ?o a deaire on our part to ' save" our "property," *>y "kissing the rod of Lincoln or any other Northern tyrant." We have no property In this District except the Star, and a single lot of grouod worth, ere the troubles commenced that long since rendered Washington city r?*?l estate utterly snWble at any price, not mare than a thousand dollars. What the value of a newspaper here can be do*, we leave the Knquint to judge Ourocurse throughout trie whole of the troubles baa been a stralgbt-forvrard and cons',stvnt one. We contended against secession, as Involving vMier or lat-r the positive destruction of every Interest in the border slaveholding Stat?*8 worth preserving, through the civil war In which, it was cleer to us, It would result How correct our anticipation on that point was. the present condition tsf Maryland, the District of Columbia, Virginia, and the entire North, tells most forcibly. We ! norplv h?ll**?l th?t tho <intv nf ml persistently striving to ward i.fl the existing state of things was a (patriotic one. and we see no reason now, wbeo the who Is available force of the uon-slaveholding states Is rapidly rushing dowi <ipon the borders of Maryland, to change the cur rent of our labors?to cease to atiive to prevent her from following the mad example of Virginia. We believe that if her Legislature, calied to me* t oh Friday uext, maintain tbe status of their State tu tbe l:nion. and instead of opposing, ahull determine to facilitate tbe passage of troops through Maryland to save this city from tbo mid invasion preparing throughout tbe South, Virginia may V*t be saved from tbe otherwise almost certain conaequencea of her act In coming forward to AlfU* ? . tk. V. I 1_ ?- - L vuci uci M7111M/1 y w IUC Ufll^a-DlUCS OO WDiCU t' war ot Jt-fff-rsou I\ivis and bis so called government shall be fought out W know weil that the President s purpose in t>rlugiii|( a lar^eaod we I!-appointed army here, is, ?in>ply, by lis presence at this point in the curreiit critical juncture, to be able lo ccrxmani the ptace lu tbis quarter?to make the work of wresting Washiu^ton city from the Goverametit of tie United states so plainly or.e of utter impossibility wita any a>?ar.s the disunion:sta can command, es that tuey w:ll at once reconsider that iutention, ar.d take no fu. tber step likely to make the army ot the Government to be drawn to this particular field of operations, a hundred thousand strong, rather ihu thirty-tve thousand ea so far designed Our labor*, from first to last, have thus been to the sole er.< of preventing the utter desolation by war, of Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Cotumbla; and we shall continue fhem. If God five* us strength so to do, la the face of all the miarepretootatlont cf the spirit that aaima^s us, whloh the medu'ss of dlaunicn is scattering far tad wVde, as In the case of the Enquirtr't article oo wfclob we are now commenting Bo far as "kissing the rod of Lincoln" la oor.Mrisd, we have to assure th- Enquirer that w? have never laid eyes on him e'noe we saw bin riding up to be iaatigure'.edi nor have we say political sympathy with him or his p<> - - - - - uuw pwf. ne sustain, s'.mply, Lis porpoee of protecting LU charge?'ha Governnoant of tLe Ca'.Wd States?agalout active efforts wlih fire ad sword to daa'roy !t, under circumstances that to our asind surely threaten to Involve, Instead, Um deeolalon of every flrealde In tLe Atlantic tiuit border slaveholding States, if he falls to be prepared U> defoud this Capital promptly. We k-j*w that la suoh c-ase tbe reaction in the Governmeat** favor throughout the North would place that section's fighting population so complete y beyond tbe Government's control, as tfeit the havoc of the war will doom Virginia and Mary. land til ntt#f r.aal - _ w. ?u I pr?t?? |^|dUTCDIUrC> lo thla explanation the Enqutrtr h&? the reuoui frtnkly eta ted teat actuate ua io d^lajj our beat to aecure the apeedy aaSloient military reinforce(Mat of the Federal oiet.opolia. Querela now Ilea, 1b war Judgment. the only fcc.p* ttat trie aoll ol Vlrglala, Maryland &nd tbe Diatrlct of Columola way aat be covered with blood In tbe opening Mtoftk? apparently ao rapidly approaching e*u ml aacUosai civil war. ?*? scmiabt Alkx ?It la known tbat a number of families have been removed 1'rooi this city, their domestic prottctora )>eing ol danger to their peraona. But we have r.ot yet leea able to appreciate the propriety of aticb t course; and feel a aenaeof aafety in the arrange loeata already made aud uow progressing for the defence of tbe Capital, abould ait eifwrt be malt to MMll It. la time of war, or Impending bcatiiltiea, or in the movement* of troopa, history shows that uiu:b evil reaulta from unfounded rumor*, tbe eir.a. f.ooa of (nr Hence, we would earnestly coun-H-l to* readers f tbe Star to drat endeavor to aaccrtala tbe truth of current street rumors before tLey are credited It becomes every one, aa f r ci j*>6alble, to preserve a calm spirit?to aaalat In pro aucmj buch a gen-ral slate of mind, and to diacountenance whatever may tend to encourage tx oltmaeat _ T*? Taoor? at AssiAFOLia.?We now feel ccrtain tuat ti.e delay in tbe apptarance of tbe Seventh New York and Col Butler'a Maaaachuaetta Regiment at tbla point Is tb'1 result of prearrangemerit on tbe part of tbe Government, wblcb ha* ample force bere for any current emergency? aome f> vuu met in arma. at lrast. it ia evident that, to avoid bloodaLed in Maryland, tbe troopa are to be tMt hither for Urn mij?t n*r? ?i? * - .? . . . m ?i? niiuapvilS. >3>tetd of through Baltimore, and that tbey are delayed there until the pr^rraaing arrival of othsr troops to take their placeaaad to occupy points on Um ro*4 to this city, necessary to secure them <ard 'bet* to follow ty tbe tame route from Interrupt ion ob tin? march. Beyoud all doubt, thousands nora are already at Annapolis, and very shortly to Hob of march will be so covered a* to prevent the Maryland dliuatoal>:? from asking to make *oelr toll the first sent cf the war T?5 iMUirriios of the usual 'bannels if communication between this city has rut tbe St'ir r,W front its means of obtaining ita supplies of piper, leaving ua with a limited quantity on hand. Had tbe freight train arrived from Baltimore yesterday, as uaual, we should have beeu placed beyond any dinger whatever of getting out of the so BtctBS iry amcie. To guard against that contin> geocy, we have been obliged to work oil bat half sheets to-day to supply the demands of our counter bbIbb and the street newsboys, serving the Star't regular Bubscribera as uaual with whole sheets. We are endeavoring to obtalu more paper speedily If net sneoeaaful In so doiug, we shall of e ur*e be compelled, sooner or later, to work ?ur wb?rt edition od but a half abeet, until sure jf getting regular auppllea again. Tbe half abeet wlU I* found, bowser, to contain all the news of the day. Tit N*w Yoa* Taocra ?On ttuaday evening Vrt three large steamcra dropped down from Near York to the lower bey, having on board five full segments of disciplined New York troope, and oo Monday afternoon tbev put to Ma, uader cosvoy of tbe Harriet Lane, now a remarkably effective war steamer. They are now, doubtleaa, In Cbesspsak* Bay, on their way Id Annapolia By thla or to-morrow afternoon Ive 11 not seven Mia New York and other northern reglmrata wUl have left that city la tbeaeme way. ? Missovai rot ill Uaioa ?Intelligence baa Jul been received In thla city that four regliaefcts of volunteer* have been ralaed aud equipped la Bt. Lou la la response tu the call of tbe Preeld*i.t. 4?*pits the refusal of Governor Jackson, of M a carl Tbe laser of tha aews from Mlasourl is hat aha will rsssala la the (Jaloa 3 nKFARTKIBPrr NKWft. I Arw!KTi#.-W. R. Wauiin, D O., 4th-claas ; clerk. Sutatatencf Office, in place of Rlch'dUott. raiKiicd. Lo'rnio Thom&a. jr , Va., 2d-rls?* clerk. Payma*?T General's Oflico. tn place of Rlcti'd j*. Cox, rtil^anl. Mr E Harrlm.-tn, of tbla Diatrt?t, baa be?*n appoint<*d to a per annum cJerkafaip tn tbe reoaion Bureau. Re?ioxii> ?Mr. L*wl? C. Hooter, of MlMonrl, has resigned hi* .SI.WO p? r annum clerkship in tv.? c,.n... t>....... ??v umirnu. ? > Paw Heads and Bloody Bosk* ?NVe ataure our neighbor* 0f Alexandria that tbe stories being circulated among t'uem to ?je (fleet that tbe stoppage of tbe Stat-s ami I'niort newspaper was occasioned by the Imminent danger ttat't* 0!flce would be sacked by Rsnwa rriec now in thUcitv, la '*aU la my eye and Betty Martin." That paper died a very natural death?from starvation. It bud been carried on from first to by htavy honuwn from parties?first one and then another?whose "aim" It ground." and by falling to pay paper makers and others foolish enough to credit the different parties having It In nominal (Large? l<rriM>iis wiiuoui in??ni it w?? at its wits ends wrfkly to pay lh journeymen printer#, and wa* In arrears for rent long t?eiore. A a a last Lope of getting money out of somebody, It hoisted the disunion standard. Its eft'Tts were levied on, for rent, a week before it burst up, and throughout that week it did its b at to cover up the inevitable necessity of its speedy stoppage for want of means to pay expenses, by trying to induce a I'olon mob to destroy iu printing materials, then really in the hands of its laudlord; thus involving no possible Iom to its own proprietors; aa the materials would not s?ll for a twentieth part of its accumulated debts. Such we believe to be the truth concerning its stoppage. We have further to say, that th aforesaid Kansas men are as quiet and well behaved persons as any in Washington, and one and all indignantly repudiate the idea that they have banded themselves together for any other purpose what-ver Iiuaii iuai ?>i me protection of the Federal Metropolis in this critical Juncture \Yc are assured that not a single one of them burn to revenge any wrongs whatever, and would all tight to the death to save the lives of innoeeut women and children against the consequences of a negro insurrection her?, or in any border State as cheerfully as they are now prepared to defend th? lives of the women and children cf this Metropolis against the consequen es of the current threatened invasion The Na"7 Crriczu* ai Norfolk, A:c.?The following are the naval officers at Norfolk who remained true to the Stars and stripes throughout the late stirring events there. Viz Commodore C. S MeOuley. Lieutenants Donaldson,A.A Semites.Jno. Ir*ien, W. X Allen. Sailmak-r George Thomas Commander Livinqstcn. Si.ryeon Rudenstein Lieutenant Colonel Edelln, U. ?. M. C Lieutenant Boyd Edelin, U. 9. Armv. 1im69eb. The following are those who resigned Viz Commanders-R. G Ro>>bs, John R.Tucker, T. R Koo'es, ArtLur Sinclair I .inutnn?n?? ' 4? ^ * " im 1) o r n;uufiwr, tl. 1 Macair, C F M Spo'tuwood, Win. Sharp First Lieutenant A N Baker, L'. 8. M. C. Surgeons?K F. Mnson, Wm. B. Sinclair ?EFCSED TO 1>0 Ll'ty. Tb? following ate those who, though not professing to have resigned, refused to do duty. Via: Orderly SergtanU?Wn?. Balentine. William MeLane Drill Master, Hetleman. Surgeon's Steward, Livingston. MltSlNfe. The following are those who were v.non|t the mis?lng?supposed to l*ave gene off in a hurry. Via: Captaiu J. O. Rich. U 9 M. C. Carper.tef. John T Rustic. XJast^r-ht-Arrus, Enor fc cherry. Ship's Corporni, ?- W&de LETT BKBiXD ?We ln?rn ?h?t ?S?.r.?~K mm mmmmmW ?HI VW^U U liQ* voidable necessity, Commander John Rodders, of the Navy, and Capt Wright, of U.S. Eng'neera, who formed part of the Pawnee's recent expedition, and also a seeroan of that veMel,\vere left behind la the Norfolk Navy Yard when it wss destroyed, it la believed that they had ample time to get beyond the fiemea by hastily retreating through the upper part of the yard Sabseq , We hear that information reached here last even! ug giving assvran. e of their personal safety, as prisoners In the hauda of the disunicnista P 9 ?The latter profcss to \<+ holding t!:eu) us hostages for the lives of two men \v:.o atlemptr.i to k!il Commodore Pati'.ding is tb? Norfolk yard, who were seized and trough' hither on the Pawnee. THK scpi-lirs for fltR Troops hekk ? The Government have re<*ntly purchased thirteen thousand barrels of dour here, at prices ranging from ST to 50, according to quality. A so, ' beef, pork, .vc , in Baltimore, (all of which bas been delivered here by rail.) in immerse quantities?q'ute sufficient to sustain ail the tn>ops that will be here for a month to come . It was upon the strength of these heavy purchase* of dour that certain persons in the trade undertook to put the screws to individual buyi ers to the tune of ?15 per b;rrei a day or two si nee . There are at 15. {mm liwrrvU #?f ?1J ??? .v m ??? ui/ul JC? UU1U1U in the Dls'rict of Columbia. 80 no ori?* need sub[ iu!t to extortion in purchasing it, who will look around him a little. Latest pbox A.isapolim ? Juat as we go to press, a person from tbe troops on the way bither from Annapolis. Is said to have reached this city, representing that tbe New York Seventh, Butler's Massachusetts Regiment, and surhcient of the more recent arrivals at Annapolis, to make up a total force of 2,men, were at II pro lost night six or eight miles oot from Annapolis, on 1 tbe march hither. ''p to that point no bustllc demonstrations had been made against thein, either in Annapolis or upon the road. Tbe lack of sufficient transportation for their baggage will doubtless somewhat delay tbalr progress hither. The Kingdom or !tam ?Theofliclal announcement of tbe establishment ef tbe new Kingdom of Italv. made by Chevalier Bertlnattl, tbe Italian Minister, was responded to by tbe Government of tbe ' ntted States w itbont a single day s hesitation The promptness of this recognition 1? blgblygratlfylng to the friends of tbe Italian Kingdom Thk rrioat* Ci)mbb*?a*? Is not within th<: obstructions sunk in the channel of tbe Elizabeth river, but succeeded in passing through them easily, and was iefI by the Pawnee sal el v at an chor under the guns of fortress Monroe, all ready for any naval operation t&at maybe required of her. REorESi.v* or Mail Communication ?'The northern mail is expected to-night via Baltimore by m agon, and a mall will be sent on from bere lu tbe same way. Mall communication was reopened last evening as far South as Montgomery, Alabama, and continues open to-day. ThZ Ceda* Foist (Potomac) Li?:it Boat was on fire rs the Pawnee passed her In cotniug up tbe river. She waa doubtless fired by tbe dlsunlonists K*kct:t!v?s Aproi>tmesis ?Tbe President has i made the following appointment*: Andrew B. J:cki?n, r<-gi?ler uf the land ofllce at Menoaha. Wl>. John J McClelland, receiver at the Mime place Win II Blair, poatmaater at Hamilton, Obio. A Mimctk Major ?A mtaaage wai sent to M.-j. of Providence, who was in New VorJc ou Monday, inquiring how much notice be deaired to prepare bimatif for aervlce. He replied, "One minute." _ CET I lfteen men bave run away from the 'id Regiment of tb? Army of Georgia, and Col. E. W. Cbaataln, tbe commandant of mat gallant corpo, will pay *Ou each f r their recovery and delivery at the Arsenal of tbe Stale JET A ab-imelea* cotemporary aaya: " Tbe ace of a young lady ta now eipreaaed accord lug to Um atyleof aklrtt. by aav>ng eighteen tprio-:* have P*? a Met her bend " ILT Tbe ruab of ?laltor* to tbo Brooklyn navyrtid dgrmg lue put Jew day* Laa oecraalUtrd tbe order to cluae the yard to vialtora for tbe promt A negro barber Id Omabt, Nebmka, laat week bought fur 96, tu:d married.>n*?cbeck prlnceaa of ?b? Pawnde Indian tribe 4 INTERESTING PROM PE*SACOLA. j [Correspondence of tbe Charleston Mercury.] HKArQCARTKHs PaoriaioxAt. Arm?./ Win'Tinfto*. Fla., April 13. 1*01. \ | Tbe lonj agony of dnub; and rnpent-, which i baa for months zed tbe ener^l.* of our ? people, la at leuutu over. W e breathe fre^r. now ; that we ktio-A- tbe worat. and can prepare to meet j It Thia place la now to becom' the grind theater of th* struggle, and tbe focal point of national ! luterrat. Just a month ago. the work of reinforcing thi> point began At 'oat time the garrison Ler? consisted of tlve companies of A lot>ama twelve-montbs volunteers iu addition to this battalion, there waa a remnant of a militia company, tinder Capt. O'Ha.a. from Mobile, a company of Florida militia, and another squad of twenty Florida militia Thlt entire force, woich constituted the garrison at tli.s place on tbe 13th of March, barelv numbered 5W) men. The tlr?t reirforoement was the company of -Bed Ragles'' from Mobile, Alabama, under rommand of Capt. Ben Lane Poser 1 hey arrived on the 15th of March, and were placed Immediately In command of the Barrancas Redoubt Capt. O'Hara's militia and the Florida lutlttla were then disbanded Reinforcements then tiegan to pour in from all points Thev Lave been arriving almost every day since tbe *iuth nit. The result is now an aggregate ?tS.Outi men. They consist of the following elements: A brigade of Mlssisslpnlans 1,700 men. 51 hflttxlinnf fif Aluhnmlnnfl 1 " ?.? companies of Florld'aas ?H? " J battalions of Georgians, (not nil here) 1,100 " companies of Louislanans, (Zouaves). 2"J0 " 5,000 " It may be necessary to explain tbe topography of this locality, for the better understanding of our positiou h^re. Warrington Navv Yard Is about eight miles from Pensacola It Is about two miles from Fort Picker.*, which is on the southern point of Smta Rosa Island. Th s Island, which is about fo:ty miles long, and en average of a mile wide, divides 'he w.vers of the Gulf from th'?se of Pensacola Ray. Th? entrance from the Gulf to tbe Hay is about one mile wide. It lies between th*- south end of Manta Rcsi Island, on which stands Fort i'ickens, and a landspit of the main laud just opposite, on which etandsFort AlcKae. Fort Pickens 1s 6<>0 yards from the end of the Island, and Fort Mc.Rae Is so near the w:itpr that itt him** (? K?? *??? *'? ? v i w .. uuuv U ./J C ?n i wave lUill breaks u|>on the beach. I'lckrns ana McRae are 2.PO yards apart The main laud opjvnite Fort IMckeua is lenii-circulaf In form, the Navy Yard forming th? northern point, and Fort McRae tbe southern jM)lnt. The sp>cc between is occupied by the village of Warrington, which extends pamllel to the beaeh for a mile Next comes the Marine Hospital; next Birrancai Barracks; ilext Fort t>d-i Carlos de Barrancas; neat the Lightbouse; and List, Fort McRae. The further point ot any of :hts s?-int-cire.!e if not exceeding two miles fruni I'ort l'lckeuj One thousaud yards in the r-ar of Fort Barrancas stands Barrtticus Re doubt Tinse are all the points In tbe UHd of operation? u h'rh have '-a local designation end r nam a '1 tMvegiven this min:ite topographical dei rlptlon of the held of operations for future reference by \o:ir readers, whom 1 advise to preserve it f.'r that purpose; it will greatly assist iuciu m :t:at rsiana rg iLt lexers writtenfrom tuts pla- e 1 will next give you a statement of the positions occupied by 'be several corps of iLearmv The Navy Yard is occupied only bv Capt. Lee's compai.y of Georgians irom Atlanta It Las 110 men. Sixty-ti^ht of *li? in being uia* LinistB, it h i* been converted into a corf s of sappers and m neri. The south iiid of \\ arrlniMoii?the Barrancas barrack* For' Barrancas and barrai^us Kedoubt ?are occupied ly f'u* Alabimiais Barrancua K "doubt, the itiOK important of all tLe*e positions, ia occupieu by tLe '-R'ti Lffcies," under Capi. liru. Lane h>wv, ?hi' is couiniaud<mt cf tin- r< doubt '1 lie ipbce be'vieen tLe redoubt and Marraucxs tnrracka it occupied by tbe Gi*or. menu. iue iu?iaiNMp|>l l>r;>;'.de is jjcs'rd beFort Barrancas ?nd Fort Alr-Rae, immediately In the resr of the litht-Liuse Fort .McKae v &s occuoled yesterday by an Alabama company under Capt Draper. Last night, about To'ciotk. i wa? startled bv tlip UrmK ot canuou at the fleet I was about to call on korne friends In the Mississippi brigade. I beard Uve guns lire at interval* of about three minuses ivh. I went down to the light bmnc, cud found ttiat two companies or M;u:^ipp'3i.i b^d just ieii to reinforce Fort McRae, where an attack was anticipated. The light of the lighthouse was i-xtlnguiihrd. The oflicer of the day ctme gslloping past. wlt'u orders to call out ail the troops und? r arms Many of it* troops ?l?pt on tLelr amis ail n:gh!, and some never iiept at The tiring was to announce the arrlv*l of the ftorcsbip K>-IW w'th previsions for th* garrison ai.d tleei ReinforiieiuenU w?re probably thrown into Fort PlficM l^st night The element* wrr* favorable lor :t. and the time w:s doubtless improved. A Collision is prnhable now ai any tuo? rr.?-ot All the iMtlstiri were supplied with auo I Jililiun ;n-d?v Th? ^1 - * r . a M% ? ? f UilUX V* IliCU UW bctn plying "?t>nut the bay at pleasure, wa? notified yeawiday evening *o le^ve, h-?d If *he come* In ttfcalu she will be tr?-d on We ire looking for a so, .1 our to iirr!v? to-nl^ht from Mobile, with a lar^e cargo of Quartermaster's ilorri. H^r entrwice may If Interfered witii. and ihnt wlli, If It happens, produce a collision . Our nidl.'i reliance fir offensive operat'ons ! i upon the '.'jiall batteries along the beach There art' three cf these '.n the navy >*rd, mount; uk about r?ur ;ti'? each. 1 here 1* another battery? | an admirable ot.e In the *?uth e- d of \N arrlng| J* :i It t? J :?? opposite t'ue u,ain ^ate ?.f Fort I'lrken-.. which :? <tl *lificfly visible from It '1 i..* b'tltf-ry will d'.vvn the gate The b? ?t l.atu-ry of ?I! 't, one of three t? n lia-h Columbi.'idfi, beiwes-n Fort Narrations and the Lt^ht Mouse It will be finished to-uior ow The next best is a ba'tery of four eight lurh Coluuibiads, j'Mt bt-iow ttie i. t;ht House. This lira been hi ished for Rrtne time. These bear vn the south s (le of I ort Pickers, which Is a mere brick wall only four feet thick This p?.rt of the fort wm never finished Columbiada will soon demolish it That will be very well; but "then the t lit,'of war " It will bean "imminent deadly breach" indeed to ruth into, and hecatombs cf liiii't uii 11 I* 4 * ? av<f w ? m I 1 au 1(1 IV. Tb? lleet lies usually about eix miles from Port MrRae It h<ts iaiely t k*n ;i Hf'irer position la ol baltie torakc with its brnadfide* the island nj>i?rouch*-s to Fort Mcllae. llSAMtfCAKTIiRS PkuVISIOMU. AEMT. / Wartin^ton, Fla , April 15, letfl J Nothing of much Interest has occurred since my hist r of the 13th. ^ilenceand Boieinnity pervade the entire camp. K very one feels conscious of the forthcoming struggle, and things have assumed the stillness that precedes the storm The bjy is cleared of all sails t*c?rwly a yawl-boat ripples the calm surface of the b?v But In tBe ui.ilst of all tliir? external sttUi.css, Intense activity marks our operations. Yesterday?Sunday though it was? was spent in makiug new batteries. Two new ones are going forward on the beach ia Warrington Another Is going up just outside of Fort Bu rancaa The enemv are wide awake and actively alert. They expected an attack from us on Fort Pickens, on Friday night, the l-'th A Warrington corresrtAli^An* ? ""? '* ? ci a i cumcuw paper puonscieil a letter on Friday, which stated that Fort Pickens would be attacked. The paper reached Fort Pickens, and the garrison tonk the aiariu. It is said that large rciulorceiiieuti were that night thrown Into Pickens. This correspondent, whose noit d? clume wis ?Ntii>o." was yesterday arrested and sent away, by order of Gen Bra^g His name is Matthews, and he is a schoolmaster of this place He Is a trifling fellow, and is suspected of bung a spy for the enemy. On last Tuesday, the MU inst Gen Bragg gave orders to close all tbe liquor shops During the day liquor was still sold aeeretly. On Wednesday the whole town was patrolled, every house and rooio wa? ttarchtd and large quantities of liquor were destroyed. It is now impossible to K?t a drop of "the ardent" within live milea of our camp. A little schooner arrived this morning, from New Orleans, with Lay and corn for the Quar trniaster. Two hundred more Zouaves arrived yesterday by way of Mobile. They marched eighteen miles a day through deep sand They are now four cotnoaiiiea of tb?m ?>? men. I Ley are in full Zouave costume, and fur tlit most soldierly-looking of any corps of tbe army Yesterday evening, at 5 o'clock, there was a great deal of signalling between Fort Fickeus and tbe dret The r<?ult of It was that the Brooklyn dropped down the Island opposite "the gap," which is about four miles east of the Navy Yard, at this "gap" the Island is ooly 300 yards wide The other ship* drew up Sn alinealong the Island between the Mrotklyn and Fort Fickens. The evident objection of this mann?uvre was to prevent an ailtlci] i.ed l&uding u|>on the Island by troops. 1 do not think that the enemy will attack us They wil! ewnit the first tire from us. I think that you may 1 juk for a batik here seou after the Wth Soniu unexpected event may hasten It. 1 am, since 1 Lave tnen writing this letter, re- , lUblv informed tb*t troops have been thrown into For? Fickens. Th s is a small matter, for Fort Fickens bus been virtually reinforced since the bth of February. The fleet bus, at any time, been able to land reinforcements in a single hour. Extract of a letter dated Warrington. April 17, 1861. from a member of the Oglethorpe Infantry : We arrived la Fenwcolaon Sunday night at 11 o'clock, having left Evergreen lu the afternoon at tlv? We had a delightful ride ?n Monday up 1 the hay from 1' ola to our present nation We are stationed l.i front of Fort Pickens but out of the irdcb of li?f ?#"? i i?..t ? ? ,Li* __ ? ?- - m ? ? * "vjiii w ^UillK I DAI Fort Hi' km? Is not such a Urnble tblu^ afitr ail. bea. riragK s&ya when our batteries are thorua?tilf prepared we caa t*ke It easily." From another letter: WaaamoToa Saw Y*an, Fla. We arrived here yesterday evening, from Fen acola, on the steamer Ewlug. This p Rlc ia about eight miles from Feiiaawla. 1 gatHl withpitasure ou the deep blue its. W e amused ourselves with alugtug. and afeooUng galia and porpota<s W a 4 i i r*> atatlwned aw?y oat of ai*ht of Port Pickeru. und'-r the guru of Barrancas. We can bere get *ea ti?h. crab*, cyaters, fcc., very cheap, for *e can catch tbrra ouraelvf-t. The French Zouave* went over to take fort Pickens by thrtiiaelvea, but when tbev pot t way frotn land, tbey aaw It reinforced. The ?011.1 ves, , ft little befce we landed, pounced on a line United 9tat*a ir ail ahip. I think we will be stationed behind aand bat te.ies. and the Louisiana and Mlaalaatppl regiments will stcrtn the fort The Montgomery correspondent of the Richmond Dispatch writes, April I7tb: ' N'rmo," alias Mnttbews, the IV arringtoo correspondent of tbe i'ensacoia Observer.w*s arrested by order of Geu Bragg, and brought to Montgomery on Monday, charged with havic-j communicated whilst 011 duty. Intelligence through one of hit letters wh'ch gave the enemy notice of Gen. Bragg'a preparation for an nttack on Fort Pickens 011 last Fridiy night lie wai released from custody, the Cabinet regarding his a~t a* one of indiscretion. Gen Bragg ha* laid ?n embargo upon all the vessels in the Pensacoia harbor There were about tweuty at the tim*the embargo was laid. AFFAIRS IS KICHnO*l>. [From the Richmond papers of ?he?M in?t ] The community was thoroughly aroused s)>out uterinum yesieraay. by the report that the Federal Government ship Pawnee, with a large body of troop* on board. was proceeding up Jamea river,

with the design of investing Richmond Order* were Immediately lwued to tb* volunteer and militia regiments, and in the course of .in hour several companies were itaKoned at Rocketta. while the entire remaining military for e was under arm*, prepared to march to the scene and help to greet the expected visitors. The bill* surrounding Kocketu were covered with spectators, the principal portion of whom were ladies which, together with the crowded avenue* below, the hipping, and the assemblage* on the opposite *t?ore, rendered the ?per tsrie mo*t animated and picturesque. TwoManchesWccmoanles marched down on that aide of tbe river, and took up their position nearly opposite the seized steamers. Alx>ut 5 o'clock a tow-boat.with several schooners and arks, arrived from City Point, aud reported nothing of the Pawner Among the schooners brought up were the Haxull, of this citv, from New York, with 5(H) l>arrels of powder, and the pilot boat Hope, which came up bv order of the governor ThP excitement was stiil kept up and thrones of spectators remained on the ground as long us the daylight remained. The military were kept on strict duty. and so remained during the night.? Two small and much-dilapidated schooners?the Wn K Ferguson and the Havrede-Ci race?were tiken possession of by the authorities during the day, t b- sunk In the river bflow the bar, for the purpose of im|>edliig the progress of any hostile vessel that might rashly dsn to invade' Richmond Th's purpose, however, will n arcelv l>e carried out The powder whtcn arrived by the barge Henrietta, frcm Norfolk, consisting of c5"' barrels, was removed from vessel in the alternoon. having previously been conveyed into the dock and moored ??ar tb* drawer.dge A squad of artillery was stationed by to guard it. Ok!>eeed A-tay ?A Bcston scamp, by the name of Churchill, who h.ts inen in the citysiuce the assembling of the Convention. W2j waited upon at th>- residence of a friend witn whom' be was ftav'.ug.on Brnad street, on Friday night I 1 * * " - iiiiu uiiormt a TDat ne must cut cut for Boinf otuer port He remonstrated slightly, but brooming convinced that to remain would only be to invite a coat of tar and feathers, be packed up and left by the Nortbe u train on Saturday niornlu? During bis soiourn here, he bad been f'equcnfly b?urd to utt?*r sentiments hostile to tte south, rjid often boasted of having voted for Abraham Lincoln. The email nete scheme me*-ts with popular favour amongst our citizen* The introduction of tte system could not hive baen more opportune, at it will relieve hundreds from the emtxtrrassment and losvs which att nd 'hard times," when change is scarce and brokers inexorable. A consignment of E>in>ld rlfies rescbed ne'e cn Saturday morning, from iVtersbury, for the Life Guards, of this eity 1 he Kntleid rlties are nid to equal any other In use, and bear a weil-destrvrd reputation, won In the Crimean war by tne British soldiery. There are t>everal rhou&and of these r'tlrs iu tbe S'atr, mostly in the p< hcu!u>i of Mr. Jan:e? l>ouerty, Peterebbrg, who has already furnished several military companies, and wnt a hci*.vy cofi?;^nnr5'*,'t to tie Stste of Alabama. Two ten-iuch cdumblads, and some eight or ten ininor piece* of artillery, together with a .arge number of balls and obells, were sent to Norfolk, 01 yesterday, by way or Pet. r?burg Railroad. They are in'ended to be used upon the Navy Yard If the State force* And it n^t^ny. The stennnhlp City of Richmond, of the Philadelphia line, was taken potte*?ioa of by the City troops, by crder of the Gove:nor, upen its Arrival at Kochetts on Friday n ?ht. Tn'.s U qclte i valuable (.renssion to tb? State iiuvy, and can > <* turned to ?ood account when its services arc needed A barge, containing Siok^iof powder, reached this city on Saturday ni^bt from Norfolk, tit di>r tbe protection of a detachment <>f ttie rnillt&rv of tbat city Thia is a portion of 'he 3 3ih> kegs tjken by tbe State troops at Fort Norfolk. Si* Columbisds, destined for tbe South, lefttbis city l?y th? L?auv.lie train yesterday morniny; but l?eing needed here for battery narposes, the Oovernor telegraphed to Uurktville to have them Stopped, and thev acrp h?<- * d -* ~ -w.. - - ' ?w ?*? niviiUi'J! U It* was r< ported, on yesterday. that tien. Utnure-juid. with 3,(H?0 men, wis expected to arrive ii-r? last evening. They tr?d no*. been hear.I from at Wcition, North Carolina, when the train left that pla-'e. and as no ordert had been received by the railroad conipau.** to prepare fcr tbem, it it probable that the report it a cUy or two ahead of itii* foot THK cxto* rkkll>g in WkaTBRM VlRUlMA ? The citizens of Monongalia n;id other counties of Western Virginia have Wen holding enthusiastic Union meetings for some time, at which resolution* denouncing secession ard indorsing the course of their Union delegates in the Convention, were adopted. At a meeting held in Monan^?a!:a county, a few d^ys since, th>* following resolutions were adopted uiwiilmori?lv: Revoltt<l, That we the people of Monongalia, without distinction of party, deprecnte&ttd hereby enter our solemn protest against the secession of Virginia in the present exigency as unwiv j?nd inexpedient, and f to her best intercuts and tue interests of our whole country, believing, .is we do, that amongst its legitimate and immediate results will be tue utter ruin and bankruptcy and deso:atiMi of our hitherto proud and powerful oid Commonwealth. Reiclctd, That the idea of seceding from tbw General Government of the Uuited states, and attaching Virginia (as the outside sentinel) U> the so-called Cotton or Gulf State Confederac y, is repulsive, and opposed to every feeling,sentiment, and instinct of patriotism, and the s?nw of tLls meeting Is unalterably oppo*ed to being dragged into tbe wake of secession by South Caroline, the hot-bed "f political heresies and treason. Hetolved, That \V-.stern Virginia has patiently submitted to and borne up under tbe oppressive policy of Kaatern Virginia for tbe last hair century, as shown in her course in denying to us equal representation and ref'Sing to bear h*r equalsuare of the burden of taxation, (in uuifor ? ly claiming and receiving exemption from equal taxation on her slave property;) that now the measure of Eastern oppression is full, and that tf, at Is olaiintd by her, secession is the only remedy offered by her for all our wrongs, the day Is near at hand when Western Virginia will rise up In the maieatv of strength, and repudiating her oppressors, will dissolve all civil and political connexion with them and remain tlrDily under tbe t;me-bonored stars and stripes. Knotted. That we hereby tender our thanks to our delegates In Convention, W.T. Willeyaud M M l>ent, Esqs , for their llrm stand and active resistance to tbe extreme and unwise policy of secession, and say t<? tbem, '-Well doue, good and faithful servants ** ,Vo5fcTA*Y?The rate of exchange from this I. A H ?' " * jkji ii on >ew t orK Das risen 4d.*? i^r ceut under the warlike ftate of tblou* now existing A little while h?o. and It was a arug at par Virginia and other >outhern money is very Irregular at high rates of discount There being no suasions of the Stock Bo.ird. there arc no quotations. On the street, th? btst bid heaid of for City 6's was ?5for lsjOu'i. The revolution in progress In our midst has caused th? almost entire suspension of business, and for almost all descriptions of merchandise prices are nominal ?Balco. Sun. ScrruM Stopfeij ?The following military order was issued at Baltimore on Monday : " Baltimore, Afkil 22. 1561. 41 It is ordered by tnc Mayor and tbe Board of folic*? ttwt no provisions cf auy ki nfl be transferred from tbe city of Baltimore to any point or place from this time Uutil further orders, without special permission. " The execution of this order is entrusted to Col. I. R Trimble " jr^The Morirantnwn Slur M niiAnivoKa mm...*? I ' , ? ? ? Va.) report* a iar^e meetiug held there, at whicn i resolutions were patted against Secession, and l advocating a dl vUion of ttie Slate if the Ordinance be adopted. The Star further Bays, this feeling la < deepening and exteuding In tbe West. Union i candidate* for Cougress m.d the State Legislature 1 are nominated in Mouougalla. The Wheeling i Intelllgeucer (Republican)alsoopposeaSecession. 1 Vj~ Kxtemtive warlike preparations are being | m&de lit Franre. 1 he French nivy has, by order ] of the Ilmperor, been organized Into Ave divisloua, each to have three steel-plated irigatea attached. Tbe Emperor was ubout to review tbe garrison of Paris, which, at this unuaual time, Is coi.tldered a forerunner of war. J Tudi?u -Charles p. Montague, Ksq., Appraiser; Judge Maianall, Surveyor, < and Washington Bonn (ant, Fsq., U. S Marshal, < have tendered their resignations to tbe Administration at Waahlagtou ? Boltxwtr" J npvi!* ?t 9w*llowmc aitif cial Tiiti . Ji, ?U **' tb* ?,h !n,t . Mv Brennan, re Klin* fn Albany, while akylarkln* with a friend, JTT .re^?* blow, which cautrd him to ?>?? On reroTerf ng. be di?rovrred that bo bad wallowed hi* fa lee teeth Tttre were four teeth. ?nf eru* ,n* ODC * ttkr c*t*r rod; tb? if u7'n*> ?f ccarwf. hooka, wierebr to *a?t?-n ??be adjacent natural wth. Tl.e entire leu^fe of the pUt? was fall two lnchw HrapplVd to physician* for rel ef, bu< no relief eoa'.d be given fclrn. and be rrtur led borr# hl? respiration rrwnntirrr bad been uninterrupted, but hi? stomach bad became Irritated a? to tnake it impossible to Introduce anv tblntf. even sofun! rponse, into It, every touch producing violent and blondy vomlt!n*. The next morning it w*? funnd that tmj Ky*tria of tbe b?-ad and n?ok bad ei;per-eued. Ibis la caused hv air which bad Mcap^d from tbe tr*r?im or lrt>neh>a Into tbe rellnlir t.ssit-scf tbe t>ody. under tbe rkln, inflating tLe carta to an ei.cronon* extent. Tbe unfortunate man vai tben suffering from Imperfect respiration, and wa? unable to take anything but t-iida Krennan lingered on in tbla ter-ible condition, unable to eat. and respiration growing more and more Impeded, until. after living tbua *1* days, be died on Monday afternoon, aa well of stafrva -# ??r 4 ? A - ?-l * ?iuii c ui uuucjiiioii, ? o o nori A post mortem examination ?ti be Id. aid tlia plate w;s found in tbe mui Pipe, Immediately below and level with tbe top 01 tbe breast bone, lvlng transversely across. and IU broken and sharp book potnta bavin}! cnt, on tbe right side, a ga*h an Inch and a balf ioug, and pierced the upper lobe of tbe right lung, producing an Intense inflammation of the pnrta and allowt&g what food be bod taken to pen into tbe pleural cavity irstead of Into tbe stomach! Ua the left aide tbe pipe was perforated.and tbe plate firmly Imbedded into the subst.mce of tbe tbro?t Fatensive ulceration of tbe lungs and neighboring parts bad supervened ?.V Y. Cett. MXTHODOT Fxamisim. UAG'-AUK i* trk C.>SriD' ratk ?*t atk* ?An <?eriiMon?l correspondent writing to Wie Richmond Dispatch from Cb*r>*ton, In which city be recently arrived, let* t.s Into the modus 0]>*ra*t1i of ex--miniiig tbe baggrge of travelers in Uie C'. nit-derate States from abroad We. quote ' hxaiiiin'.ng the baggage 1? one of tbe new institutions tbat bas come in with tl?e new Conf.-drrary. ai.d a* 1 was too late for ttie cooibit, you inu?t take a description of this in pure of more Interesting matter, it dots not ocrur directly upon your crossing the line between North Carolina and South Carolina You are allowtd to no on until you reach Florence, 8.0 , whicb )? the inspection pciot. The car*run up to h tall pole beari ng the flat; of the Confederate States Tiieu cornea tbe revenue inspector, a good looking, |<i!vte voting iellow.who calls out for pasae;>gers to band over tbe keys of tbeir bagga*;*. Larb truuk is taken out of tue < ar. and it* cwn^r fi rntshea tbe key and aids tbe inspector in turning up tbe contents, and sitisfies birn tbat there is nothing contained 10 tLem Tbere is no getting oil irointb s. and no feigned loss of kets ncr bogus preteR"* of rusty lot k can save you. After one trunk la looked through, tbe owner and sufterer wain to see t >f; saint operation on bis fel'.ow-trav elers, and a man is ii.eiprtssHjlv pelncd at tbe exposure of bis inexpressibles and otbtr delicate articles of cloib'ng I be little private bottl a of sperrit*'' exposed would astonish v<>u.and tbe Quantity is oiuv eauailed bv tue apilitv c.f the - r? ' / ? owatw lu jerk'.nj; a coai or vest over tbeio. Of course tte crowd don't laugh nor je?r, nor '.he victim's fa< ed"n't tarn r d?of coarse no* (Thir a* A- Ward world My, Is ironical.) Collixtisc. a Navy.?The New Orleans D?*l'a oftLeTtusdVP ?'The Moctgon? ry G?>vernirent Is taking measures for tbe augmentation of our nival ttrcjicth A commi?tcn L*s been anpnir.V-d. composed of Commander L Rousseau, Commander E Firren, and Lieut Ctepoao. J he commission Laa for l?a oi j<.ct the purcna-lng or contracting tor a certain uumt* r of gunboats. sbiprltged propellers of l.UUJ burden capable of carrying at 'east one ten-inch and four eigbt-inch Tbese vt ?? !? are to be well built, of ll^ht dralt, and kjreat sp^ed suitable for our water*. This coninrission, which la now in New Orleans, has entered upon it* duties witu ^reat alacrity The ship builders of Algiers Law been visited, and plana Mid >pecidcat or.s have t<e*-n drawn up and entered upou, and everytning n^ '-aaary for tLe tnnaiii.t-sioa of tbe cosit^iwi' bids to Montgomery has t?*ii arranged. KsMickY ?It appears by an article frflbi the LouUviiie Journal, copied' Suto the Baltimore American of Monday, that Gov Mi^cfBn's pre;!*.: mat.on to ar?< ruble the Le^iaiatire cf Kentucky ou xne "Z7Ui instant was never, iu fact. Issued. bis pr.rpon having been chanw*-d by consultations with tie disunion le-ders at Louisville, wLo feared t:<at the Legislature ecu id not be brought Into tbeir scheme* Insttad oi convening tbe l-ri;l?irvturr? Gov. Magoffin was a*uotlit:Bg with the Louisville Mrtis for mouev; but tbey were imposing conditions which be did nit rel;eb. and w!?b which he could hardiy comply. They requlre*! pssurances and ae< urlty, that tbe monev should b? used merely for defensive purposes, and to protect tbe neutrality of tbe States, and not for the revolut'onsry schemes which tue Governor is peraousUy to favor. \\j~ The Galveston (Texas) News, of ttie^tb in*?., says :?On Wednesday la?t, tbe army worai appeared In such Immense nurr bers on portions of the tr&. k of one of tb? rail r?vd?of that ?taie. s:?d sa^h was the resistance tb? y otfVred to tbe pro4re?s of the car*. that the motion of the engine was Imp ded hy them, .tnd the engineers Lad tu resort to various expedients to overcome the difficulty At Intervals tbe wheels beenme so alimed a ? - - u.<? t ii>^<ru o>v crrrsi luf Train entirely. Imagine the power of a ?t?am engine to >* *et r.t <trtiiiice by an army of wottn* th*? train did not arrive here until nearly turf* hour* alter Jt tad become due, ia consequence of the delay occa stoned at Harrisburg, from the al ove cause The Srcessiox or Virginia ?Tbe Alexandria Gsz tte of yesterday say* . 4Tt Is b??H?ved that the vote ad' ptlng secession In the V irgit.ia Convmtlon wa* nearly two-third*. The ordinance having received thi* vote, an appf^l wan to Uios? wtjo. for various rei>.*on?. b',d objected to It in the sbape pres? :>ted, to oppose no obstruction to what was determined on. and would undoubtedly be ranged by a lurye majority of the people of tbe Stite. I"pon the appeal, a vote was taken, and tbe ordinance was Anally pasted with only 11 votes In the negative." IX^in ccMfqoeni-e of the accumulating stocks of <-oarse rotten* and priut clotbs the mills in that work are shortening production The tilo'oe and Ocean in \ewbury^>ort, Mtss . stop one thlrd of their machinery, the Merrlinat. Prescott. and other corporations in Lowell end Manchester do the same, and operations of thr unie kind are Liking place all ovtr the state of .Maitsaclitist-tts io relieve the markets. Tte Newburyport mills have rn h-'-.ud thtir thin cloths manufactured for several months past. Military foe ?Licit. DeLaigle of the Geur^ii army received a dts|w>tch this m.rnlng, from Gov. Urown, ordering three hundred a>id fifty musket*, and a quantity of cartridgrs, to be dellveied at the Sou'L Carolina railroad depot, to-morrow (Sunday) morning Four companies of troops are expected to arrive to-morrow morning on their way to Virginia, and th?se articlfi are tK^ir Mnirw?*? _ . . ?'wtur^ia ? OHSfltftio*alut,'2\?t inst. JEfZeiios Bamum, E?q., has consented to repair all the telegraph wires that have been cut by tli*- Baltinioreans and place the lines Id working order, for the receipt of dispatches,. under an agreement tbat all iriessa^es eic?pt of a purely bui:nrM character stall be submitted to the city authorities for Inspection, before tent to their destination. Habkisvcrg ?Advice* down to Hunday afternoon represent Harrisbure as one vast camp. The Ohio forces, tn. r ute for this city, had arrived at Harrisburg. A forward movement was not expected until about to day, as Gov Curt:n was determined that the troops should l?: fully equipped before advancing The most intense eiitL u.sutn Is reported as prevailing. Another?One Mr mkens, formerly ntn?n_ wirtdie, wbo ia not unknowi to the otficUU of tbla city, was arrested on Saturday evening by officer butts, and lodged in jail, for rrm?rk>ng that he waa undecidrd which aide to light for, North or South ?Pttrrtbmrg, V'? , lmttll genctr. UZF A party of small boys in Boaton lately constructed a wooden hand tar, w th wLicb they could travel at the ratf of ten miles an hour. They wen- to u*e it on the Itcaton and Worcester road, but the otttcera got wind of :t and they were arretted In ae.iaon to prevent a collision with an approar.hirg tialn. fiy It is said that the ladiea of Troy have laveuird a new feature lu the4r fair*. A parcel of handsome girls set themaelvea up and allow th? "fellers" to kias them for ceuts per kiaa Oue eirl mnd?* In one evening. Ooe man took 511 worth. rn- Canuin Pat , ??? viiKinnill, was I wrtinoM In aii important ault In the Supreme Court of Ohio a few day* ago, and in answer to the Interrogatory of the attorney aa to occupation, be replied that he waa a'>stat>sman." Tbe Captain la one of our members oi the Legislature |?7"Si* volunteer companies left Petersburg on Saturday at two o'clo- k, by a special train to Norfel*. Tbey numbered la all about tkroe banIred and fifty man. |j_7* Paaaeagers arriving from tbe Sooth last prentng, report tbat It ia understood tbat Om. Beauregard baa gone to Peswaosls, and aot to Richmond. lO* Tbe Bank of France arm dlaoountsa pteoe >f business paper wbieb baa leea tbaa three names on It. tL/~ One thousand and ftlty tres aoc urred la Landed last year ! orttiTiixiar th* rAtt*Torrir k Tbc WmwIir U a UK of petrata laau?4 froa ' the IT. 8 Paur.t OSr# for tkr week ending April S3.1NI1?#ecb bearing that datr: Joahaa E A in brow of Ltm, fU ? For la>pr?re m?it ta lampa. iHr'A 3 Aederaon.of Trenton, X J ? pw ltB proved apparatus for making roofing ctolk Ctarl?? JUUev. of Ha'avla. Ill ?For tnprovw* trffengeftwat of threabing cylinder, corn abetter, a d grtndinc mill H?-nry ColamMa. M# ? For :?npr<-v-4 Waablnc njieblpe. Kdtcond F Burnea. of Brooklyn, N Y ?For !n?rrov*iOM>t J? railroad rbalr *rvd *pliee /obi A Brock, of Cb.rago, Ill ?For imp *** Urov-n. ?r tVluabin, Ga -Fee lapro** ment In rotlon k 'n* _ . , Daniel Hr>r. ?" Cant*. Mo-Fee impr-Y. m#n' in i^-d plinton ? v . v _ ? Mill* l. 1 allender. *?f ^ wk' -*w Impf overrent In lamp* ... . v _ ? . C F Chlckerlnjr. ? 1 .M* %N Y "~For ,B# wovi-iui nt In Minff plJlin ^ ? .. 'jaow. L. Cloi.*h, ef *u?ek Cmm.-TM lmprowd flue* cUmp ? ? .. , Francis ConU**, of MfW York, v> J . J", proved device for protecting tbe hi*. ease* from cannon halia . Al*?ertO Crane, ef H?N>len, N. /<? provement In boots and iLnri . George Crwnpton. of W ore ester, Mia iinprovement in looms Jobn Itanka. of Troy, V V.?For tmprovesMfe In burner* for purifying gas Ell P Drake, of (irrenbuab. Ji. T?Po? .to proved hor'.nt inarhln* steward Eldtr.of Buffalo. N Y ?For Improve* spring bed John A Emerirk. of Phllsdripbla. I'? ?Fof Improvement ia stopping and starting retired cars Cbannrer W Emerson. ol A limn v, N V ?For lnsftrovf-ment In oaJti valors Edwin J Fraaer. of kanaa-. IMo.?For improvement In plexus fieorge P Gordon, of Brooklyn, Y?For improvement in printing prwa ChariesOre-navia't.of il>erlir.gvllle. Pa ?For Improvement In water wh*fl? Ir.Kh I ^ n it n nf W Ar.'Mfnr M <aa V ?M U II IIH| *.- ?? ?'l ? t't I V* nilfiv ' vw tram trap Francis It. ilaU, of Hartford, Conn ?Kof lot proved ii.strunent for registering reciprocating and 'otj<ry motion Jobn R Harri. i;ton. of New York, N ?lor Improvement In iv.rp.t Ungues Alfred C Jones, of Philadelphia. I'a.?For :m proved p!j>e joint W KuiiltnsrLmidt, of Krw Vork, N. V ?Fst improvement in button f:< sterlings Donald .Mann, of Kot b?ster. Ni \ .?For ) ? provement in rotary rpodlng macUnes H B Masser, of !?uiibury. Pa.?Tor improve ment In ioe-cream freerers Jan en MeCutium, of Rrownsvllle, Ala ?Fo? Improvement in s'ib-aoH ploughs T c ?./ g\ r> ? - .niiii, icrria, v r y ?Bi|'ru^ruiru'. r wd'iii: machine H W Muh<t. of VVtrrt, (11 ? For lmr^)V merit 11> Uifl'rp pets Joba Patfe-ru n. of !ndtanapol!f. Ind ? For improvement in cb;*rse pr*?e* Ed .vardo; y patrullo, of Merlda, \ uca tan, Mulro? For mprovemrat iu nucLinet fc* dr^ssln^: t^e lew* ?f agave A?neric*n? J C Pitel.of Meridec. Conn.?For lmproT?* clork rapen.ent Jo!.it Ramtt-y and A. D Smith, of Clinton Pa ?For luiprcveimat in ^uidet for cutting ou1 pantaloon* R*riiold*.of Duquesnr Borough, F?.? For improved liindlc for borf. Charles Kobuiaon of Cambridgeport, Maaa For Improved clo'.brs drver J;?Ln Kc^owati, of > cw York, N. \ .?For lm proved ui^ht reading desk R I* F"^?r?*iid Jem*"* B'.iek. of Philadelphia , Pa ?For 'inprov?-u!<riit in the intlt d of combic I. _ _ J . ?. I 1 ?. ? auk ??i*i iiiiwxii ^ rcnm ana air F. T. Sh'fviH ofGalitpoli*. U ?For !mprrrv??* waaliinif machine. Ctivin Mieperd, of Clieuango. 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HmiT I .aw is j?t ?Tbf police rommiesionrri appointed bv tti* aourl, aud vrbo now have control of tbe mum 1 pal aflV.ra of St l<ouil. rrntcd much rxcltfinrnt and no inconsiderable d'.saatiefaction among the liftman citizen* of that city cn Sunday last, by rk? lng all the liquor atopa. iager beer aaionna. aad Snndsy tbeat*-'ra Tbe law will Leocef?>rth bf rigidly enforced. |C7* Two gentlemen who ltjft Nrw Or lean* Saiurday morning report that aana bad b*sei. Bent down to l?e eun* In tbe South* eat Paaa of tbe .Mifeiaaippi. Sb'.pt were burrviav otT In bal? last. CJT Tbe working people In Baltimore, vrbo bavc deposited tbeir earnings in the S*tii ?? Hanks there, ere drawing oat t:?elr dejioaita fvT^ATTl'M ION -The niMi>'a rf the La IJJI f&yette ?uar<l? will m?et at their arm-*rr. corner I'i and * . eta. fcVFKY EVfcS'lSlO tlii-i wrek. L>? <j'4"r <?f th?*in. *t Jt Y-y? ATTKNTION. VOLl'N 1>:KR?!- 4 ' i.1^3 per>..u? w ?itiuiE enr ?i m a ?'i*ru; ( ? nsrvioe iti ttie Distnot are requoeta-J to apply attite toco bui!?hac ocraer of I>.Ui *ad K au. _ap 24 ?t* rYr*rm VOLl ^T^ KRS.? Ml trio*? d>eiroita of joiu'dj Company B, Metropolitan P idea, uru requeatid to in^t at 1 cinp-raooe fcall THIS tVUNING. ?tHo'ciocK,*? tl.ey are to be aaaferao iuto to BiotroT. H> order of Cape B A KIDDER HF.N R Y WILSON. Seo. 1?_ RAt.I V, RALLY R*LL\!-4 b^Hm 'L? ?i'i t* n-Ul at 7>* oVlock THIS EVE SlNU, U> o'uau x* a new mi itary company, at the r?>oniover Barr A Bro ' flour?'o ?,en Ninth at., n x' to the corner nf D at. Cltixena 4enir>aa of joining a ormp*i.y lor tbe ?f th ?;i homee are requeeted t > l?e pretenL if a avffoiant oiabe* la present to-Luiil to elect offioera ana aiaeUi it to ' r?tv?>a id cuondu'T atonM. 1% "rs?HOMK ULAR!>:>.-Ai: peraona favwaT.1* Ljf U> i:?t? f 'iratii.u ?.f a wii.itary contain for the <tef.*nee of tut city, a<.d to t? attach d to tbe L uion Recuneat. ar?> r<*?jue?to<l to mtttu Frank lie Hall. corner ol Ninth and Data., < entrmaae on n ft.,' THIS Mondft} I KVKM \G. at 7S o'oiatl. The Company will aieet every evening aatil fai ther nntipe. ap Zi St* _ MANY CITIZENS. -Y-5??*NK HUNDRED VOLUNTKKRd ' wiu.ted for eervioe in the Diet not of Columbia. Apely to the corner of Tentb aad E, old Medioal Collec?,first floor. ap IT BOYS' CLOTHING BOYS' CLOTHING" Boys' Clottunc. trom three yearaoid aad op ?ffl<, fc'kohooi or dreaa wear, veil made a .?! of |?od material*. at pnoes tr> mil tne times, f..r oath. NOAH WALKER A CO., Extensive Ma' ufaotnrer of ap 24 tit Ready-made Cio^kuig SPECIAL NOTICE TO OUR COBTOtmaa ?_ ii ouna?q uenoe of th? mBMttod ?t?<* ol tmooubtry. ud the c?n*ra! an sponsion of tmiiUH, W <* iratooloa* aii Mma&u ob owr ha?ka.aa* will thank ail U> ooida forward and NtU) m '/"w.'iSCIlv * CO.. a? M tw igS r*?rr?n?>i at.. ?hoy r? a*. V NOTICE. 1KG1M A Mom; Uk*< at par for all dtbtf +* j me. Abo. takm for WOOD aadOi'AL, 4airrI *r*U to an j part of U? ai^r. v?. sbrg 'gsrifa. AlloooAVMNOJ?abi PANIC PKICE8?PANIC PMICMt' Latfiaa aUit to l*tv? (M aitj will ial at ma tor^Trawlaf Dutm, Uautitt Cjma 'I'rav^ii^j Cioak*. Uvmih Boul*>.