Newspaper of Evening Star, April 25, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 25, 1861 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. ( VTASTiiNO?*?N ?JTY: T?PR? V April I??H. i fcptrlt ( the Morutag Pr?M Tbo tmuUifrme** think? that this eocntrv to uSrrlog from a fit of national 'naanltv, which will toon b? Puccoedrd by a lncld Internal The can Myi: "All hare to do, In order to preaer** the Union. la to collect the revenue. to repel any In maton which mar be trade upon tbe arata of the &attoeal authority and nr*c<eliv thla capital, u4 U> wait c^iiulv and patiently until the oonaplratora w?^r thcras?lre? out by their own vlo T** St** ?Tb? priMBt uncertainty as to whea buaineaa comrounicatlone will b- to ope ned between WaeLtngtoa end the country North and Vwth a* that the oharnels of trade will b? ccm. peratlvelv unobetrcctfd. Laa oblig"d us toaecure ell the paper new tn tn!a city, on which we ir-ay continue the publication of the S/?r In aorre form. Thue, at a very heevy inereesM coat for rmomr. we hav* effrcted auch p.n Insurant e ?'nt!ns.t temporary abandorment of its lacue Its patrons trt therefore informed that it will cortinue to appear dstlv, even though the business ecmmonlostton with paper niilis continues closed fcr mouths to come. To guard again*, ahy auvh contingency, we are, however, obliged to pr;nt at present but a half aheet, on which w U be found >111he newa of tfce day. V/e ab?ll continue to serve our reg jlar subscribers at 6* cents per week, as heretofore AS thla arrangement for the time being will secure the Stir's regular appearance, under existing circumstances we trust It will meet the approbation of its patrons Mb Brkcki.^rims's Position.?It turns out that Mr Breckinridge Is not for uniting the fortunes of Kentucky, as alleged, with those of the seceded State* In his speech in Louisville on the 21 at Inst , be piOpr>w*d that? Kentucky shoold pr?-s:nt herself to Congress on the fourth cf July, by htr Senators and Representatives. protesting against tLe settlement of the present difficulties bv the sword. Meanwhile ttat Kentucky eaU a convention to aid her Congrea men In pre?*ntirg ?'?ch a priest. Should tbal fall, the bonor, Interest and duty of Kentucky xu ltes h-*r with the South Gov Magoffin d'd not call the Legislature tof?th?r on th- *7th asrer ort*d in our news;wpers roc 1 arm ion therefor drawn but not lsstied. ?Tha auth rttWs of Louisville. Kv . New Albany and Jtfl'ersorvllle, Ind., are forming millalii DC to preserve peaceable states between tba th'ee cltie?, and ?o sustain amfc.ible relations la any event "?St Louis Ktpubliran. Would that Virginia and Maryland had taken th? wise, conservative, and patriotic position of Kentucky?thus laid down by Mr. Breckinridge and Gcv Magoffin, both of whom syrr.pithlie personally ?1<1> the seceded State#. l_%*? ?The following Important paragraph we lip from tbe *t Louis lUpnblican of th? 22d last, Tbe policy of tb* Western border Ptates thus explsined will certainly mv?> their soli from the desolation and desecration of civil war: We learn, in conversation with a gentleman who has Just reached this citv from a visit to Fnnfcfort a?d Louisville, that the Oov?rnor cf Kentucky, bad not issued a proclamation conrenin* the Legislature. Tbe parties opposed to MMOBlon and friendly to the neutrality plan advocated bv Senator Dixon, .Mr Gntbrie.and other eminent Kentuckiana, are laboring atrenundsly in behalf of that pisn Tbe Governcr professes to be friendly to it, and is about to send to the Gov viBvia v* a yu n i ?*~t; onu iiHWUfl lO IflVll^ eo-op?rat!on of th" Western border Sta'ra upon it. The people of Loulavllle are overwhelmlngj la favor of It and agatnat aeceaalon." TBS Nswa ?The Baltimore American of yea terdayaara: Bj the co-operation of a number of th-* clergy ?f the elty to-day bs? been n?.med aa one of fasting tad humiliation in view of the pertla surround! ne oar city and State Service appropriate 'o tbe ocoealon will be held lr many of ihe cbnrobea Tbe Pennaylvanlattoope gathered in the vicinity ct Cockeyavllle finally returned to Peonaylvanla. Large nnmbera of troope are reported to be stationed along the Northern Central >mi th: mate line and York and Hsrr'abnrg. Anaapolia h?a evidently been cboeen tv the I'#der*l Government aa tbe baae of tta operations a Marvland for the reinforcement of Washington. fha Saw Vnrk *?><! Vsi?onKn? ? ? ? ivr UJCI! 11, Wbo* arrival there baa fceen announced. y??terAty took poww'nn of ttt? railr^d Troops were prebablv slao thrown out from Wiahinjrton. and yea'efday afternoon tt I* reported, '.be whole l'ne of tbe roed wsi ln ti eir p^aeaalon, and tbe northera troopa were beln? thrown l.ito Waahln^ton. Tbe olBcera of the .Norfolk hnat. wl Ich arrived here yesterday, report aevernl transport* !n tbe bay, with t-oopa c. bo*rd Their fieatlnation was I probeb'.y Annar>oiia The people between Washington ire rppwrird to he rapidly concentrating >' ar;: ed m?a>? but no far no collision la reporfr-d Coujaiuniration between thia City and Washington la now entirely awpeuded A gcnt!eaiai?. a resident of this ?>ity. who came through veaterdev frtm Philadelphia and M? York, furnlsbvs us sorn* lntert-stln? fee > that eame ODder hit notice The whole country wa? wild with th? w ur *fj.r'! Philadelphia end Ww York were thronged with troop* and reltffirctneots wer* pouring in from all aunr*ers l!p to Mondav nlgiit se*?*n thousand had left Mew York ad four tboisand frorr. Philadelphia for Wuhlflytor. Two thousand w^re at Perry*/hie, on the eeat aide if tbe Pvsf;uehEnna, waiting transportation to Aimape-Ms The Gcvernment bad four steamers th*:?r, hruugbt through the carat, with a nufi'b^r of barges The whole line cf the railroad irotr. Philadelphia to the Saiqu< bauna was ia tbe possession ? f the tro<>ps. with small parties stationed at different point*. Slacoht: a ?The Cincinnati Commercial of Monday glveetu:reaejr to tbe subjoined important tumor : On Saturday, a genii-man dlrcct from Memphis, by railroad, passed through tbe city, cn route for New York lie left Memphis on Friday, and sav* be saw a prlva'e dispatch there, statin* that on I hnrsday Lieut Slemmer, of Fort Pickens. bad ordered tbe Confederate troops to stop throwing np batteries with which to bombard blm Tbey declined obedience and be opened flr? upon tbem. and lr tbe course of tbe firs: day's ring three hundred of them were killed The dispatch was not permitted to tie published In Memphis, it will be remembered that we have not had a word hv tSleffrilDh from P/?i for aoir.e time, while it is known that Fort Piek?oa baa been renforred and its commander directed to cause the building cf aa id batteries to eeaae The chances are that there has been, and perbapa atill la, a desperate atiuggle between Pick car and hostile forta and batteries. CHARLKaioa Ay^ias ?The Charleston papers of tbe'.Bid aay the President of tLe Confederate (States baa mode a requisition on South Carolina for 8,COO troop a fr^iu this Mate. Geo ML. Bon hum will start with hia staff and regiment this morning for Richmond. The m?aof Col Gregg's flr.e, well disciplined regini?nt have Tolnnieered with tbe greatest enthusl >4 - <- v 1 ? uru urn uti|!S!i? UTe ailOITBiirfMl tb?1r aenricea Frcm two to three then sand o/ our men ar* reedy and aexio'j* to b? on the march to Malat the Oid fomlnloa Bj order of Uov PI. kens, the ft una In the enfl*d? battery bearing on Fort Pointer, were dlafDoonted >?etrday and ahipped no board the vteamer Cb**tertlr!d tor North Carolina Several oiber g'lua V? to North Carolina to morrow, In accordance*rtth the retju*at of Duncan K MsRae, IJjq , of North Carolina, who came here aaapeclal roauDltslonar from Nor h Carolina to requrat aid 1? maintaining themielvea In the step they have foe gonthern rlchta NomvoLK ArrAiEs ?From th? Norfolk papers of .ie *W m.taxjt : A small steamer ia plying W*-een tortren Uranf aid thf R!n Rjrs tj.* riMim.mlnn . ? ? r " ' that batteries have l*-n fitted op. Four companies cf Petersburg riflemen a.'ui i:\jantry arr *ed In tbe city on Saturday niijht A ftntf body of men they were, and numbered in nil tv.f hundred tuvB. They are quartered at tbe fair Orowod* On food*? evening the Richmond Grays, a Ann eomk*nv numbering wo r'.fle muskets. ar?i ved here K* tbe Norfottc and Petersburg rairotd. Tbey brought >*ltli them 14 pieces of rule cannon of Immense else, one of the pi?cs wetghinjj Id 0U0 lb# and three boxes cars filled with a i munition of various kinds to be distributed to the patriotic ooopsslM by tbe wav side. MovtaiMS ur fiitibUT Da Vi? and GbneruBiiBiuiin?\\r Irani.m* *'"Ifc " upon excellent authority. that en Saturday Governor U \f r?r?-ivtd a 'dispatch from President Davis, ?tnt >g ttmt with Gm H.;a orchard, and a wall sppolnt- d tf i y, t? was prepared to enter W ashing ton so an< Das Virginia was in a condition to afford such assistance as was nereaaary. Governor Wise replied, "Coo* on?Virginia is prepared and eager to marcb \rtttj you into tbe Federai CaptSsl " J>c?riCctiVK K.nkeI be parso cge r.ttacb?d to UM BiUk Oburcb, l(Ufn Ai.:ic puilsh, ab<>ut live mlLrs from tils villa*"- was tota.iy dea'n yrd t>y % re oo Friday i*st. u <eu>er with tbe furniture, As..U>.* titter. Hev .Vr.Cbesiey pa yesm^Uy axrtua.' eeriy tbe tine old uianttaa Wnii?>. - tfce Or^dru state, be ongln/ to p, ^ r*? Brrr wm to'ellv d*stro>ea by fire. Tae/ari^er^. 4c., w?ssa*?-d. *v e vndtrs'md tMe was Insurance ou tbe property ?Marl. THE It?*S HERE. Awn a pom ans e&LTixofti? Before the foemvtna of the Constitution of the United &Ut?t. tii? rout* of travel between the North and r*outh we* ?hrt"i h Aonapolla, rr.i thence by water to Hrvre-deGrv*, and th*current of event* i of the tlu>* l.:da f?.r In great measure to restore the tbrout-h fnv?l to that rt-annel Annapolis 1* i certainly u> be the depot for th* datarkvion of ! m?t of the ?r<K>f>? t?i he concentrated for Waihlnjfton'* protection. Already, If we are not greatly mistaken, at leaat aev.*n thousand have been landed there It la believed that they hate heen directed to ai.d are n w engaged In repairing the railroad to Annapolis J unction from wh^re the rails had been torn up for tight or ten miles by .V!arrisnd disunion!!** By the time tfcls work is completed | the whole line of the rallrrw.ri hptwen Annapolis and this dry will he guarded by sufficient troops to render it entirely safe for ordinary travel, arid a good line of steamers to acuomiuodnte the public will b* plying dn Iv between Annipolts and H*vrc-de-<trac*> In the meanwhile, If Baltimore c?ntlno-< her prevent attitude towards the determlnation of the Or vernmer.t to protect tbts city by military meira. its communication with the Interior by rell In any d'rertlon will probably be held entirely urde Government mUliarv control, while of war may be itatloned at its har. br'? mouth, to tbe ?nd of preventing the egress of the VMiSfi* now certa'nly beln^ fitted out there to prer on Amer'.ren vcaseli upon the high seas, and to carry out any other policy towards that city won u tac uovfrnmirni milv o-!m n?rew?rjr 10 ae-ure tiie peare until Con^resa can legislate upon the exigencies cf t ,e tlrai In the meanwhile, It U not to ';e doubted that Annapolis will beconf as formerly, f<?r toe tlm? being at least, the comusrrclal cupitnl at Maryland. A * U.nwisx Policy?We cannot perceive what our neighbors of Mexindria expect to gain by depriving the'.r fellow-cltiiens of their own and Fairfax county of their lute profits from selling their products in tLls market, as heretofore Hundreds of them depend wholly upon that source for every penny tint goes Into their pocket* If it were possible thus for Alexandria to starve Washington, under txistlng circumstances one (I n..? *U-4 1 * ?L uii ui o' (uuut 4i?r 11. i>ut lUJi ! uov 'UP rnsf, however; for via Anuapolls everything can safely be brought hither nerdwry to feed this city, in which there are ample provisions for th<? t'.ma being. It i* of a pit cc with tbe refusal of Alexandria's very enthusiastic disunionists, who not long alnce, acting as an Impromptu vigilance committee, prevented the merchants of that towu from vlling goods to Wbsi>ini;toiilan* and receiving g> id and silver in return?commodities much more in demand in Alexandria juit now, we opine, than p?"dufe and groceries This buslnt-sa Alexandria will soon hnd to be nothing more than cutting off her own :.ose to spue her face? reducing her peop e to much suffering from want, while causing Washington but slight inconvenience. We trust common sense may soon again resume its wonted sway over the minds of our neiguoora o[ Alexandria, through wblch they may come to realize that It Is far Iwtter for all to strive to assuage the troubles of tbe tln?e?, by wblch all are so deeply Injured, than to resort to measures wblch serve rather to Injure those r;?ortlnjf to them. Abmt Appointment* ?The following is a Hat of persons wbo are beli'K commissioned as Second Lieutenants in th? army of tbe United States, to ttli vacancies: Lorenio Thoimts, Jr . Pel . Junius B Hnllowsy, Kv : John 3 Hrlsbln, Pa ; Isaac Dunkelberper, Wis ; T. G. Turner, Mo ; E. W. Hlnks. Mass ; C. L Ash, l>el , Wm S Worth, jr., N. Y; H S Hawkins, Army; P. B Hill. N Y ; jatnes Magruder. DC; \\ alter M Wilson, Jr , Mass ; Imar J> PeRusy, Va.; Charles O. Wood, I r^A . VI D ~ i.*u , at iv maiiiuii. r?i t J/av'Q uoraon. hansiij Charles W. Canfleld, N. J ; J. A. McCool, Pa.; John Feilner, Army: Thomas Drummond. Ill ; Simon 8nvd?*r, Pa ; E. B Sitielda, Tenn ; Geo. B Sanford, Conn ; Geo fl l.nninan. Pa ; Auku?Ina Pleasanton, D C ; Edward Ror.a, N. J ; A \V. Putnam, Conn.; J. W. Maaon, Kv ; Tllllnghaat L'Hoimredleo, Ohio; Jobn D. tievine, N H ; David Waits Riddle, Pn.; Robert Clarv, I-'tab: Jan # ? !-nodgns*. Pa ; Edward H. l.elb, P? ; Edward B. Wright. N. J-i Dalngerfleld Parker. A Cohtrast ?While ny Virginian may vlait Washington wltt entire lmmnntty from molestatlon OD account Of bU diiimtnn wntlir.nn nn man from this Capital, except he be a notorious disunion!?t, may venture to set foot on tbe other side of tbe Potomac under penalty of Immediate arrest If filling to profess devotion to the disunion c?ia<e be is Instantlv ordered to leave, If not more harshly trentcd; while a number of men of Union sentimentn o~lonjj!ng there, is being notitled to leave forthwith, notwithstanding the acceptance or reJ-rt!on of the ordinance of secession Is nominallyto be submitted ton popular vote on tbe 4th Thursday of next month Does not a palpable reign of terror and abrogation of all personal rights of L nlon men airerdy exist on tbe other aid- of tbe Potomac, as the first fruits of Virginia's prospective secession' a ? -?? ? itvwawriux?in our Million or fMHfllf tt was said tbst the property of our f?*llowHMzen, Mr Gil?>-rt Vanderwerfcvn, In Alexandria county, bad been disturb.-.1 by the dl?unlonIsts, the Incorrectness of which ?> diacovcrrd before; tfce vrhole ef our i-dition was. worked otf The tro' ble upon his place arose wholly from the f.-'gVt of pei-i-us in s "ir.plovmeiu, ^nd too much of tne r.rd? it No Virginian Lavt, it any w*y molested him or bis picpertv, we are happy in being able to nay: nor IsHt-re any likelihood that he will !* dl?'ii'b-d 'I'- ' is, as it should be; In strict keer j;>jr w'th the treatment accord'd here to ill dlsiinlo'iists 1 n our midst ?hM> .?r. sons aid property are as s.ife from molestation on account of tl-^! r seitlments or labor* in tiie disunion cause, ss If they were earnest Unionists, Instead. Pat oraeikisinu dip Rrmgnino Officsrs The following etter Las ht^u addrtsaeu to the ac-ouiitinij officers of the (Jcvemnit rit: War Dkfartmsnt, j Adjutant Grnshal's Office, j V\ subington, April ?3, IsSl. ) Special Order Nj 115 ] 3 The amounts found to te due resigned officers frum the sates which claim to have seceded wlil b? p:ild them frcm the L. nlted dtatv* funds heretofore seot to or dtpoalred In those States Byorde.-. I,. Thomas, Adjutant General. Panic Storied ?Weappreuend thnt little conILVnce niay he placed in many of the details concerning an alleged general thrusting out of I'nlon men, especislly those of northern birth, from the region of Virginia immediately adjoining th!s city While some Lave been ordered away doubtlenf, we have found on careful iuquiry Ui*t most of those who have left appear to have absquatulated through fear So we caution tue Star's readers to receive the accounts of such things in our lo<al columns as mere floating stories f the times, except where positively stated as facts within the knowledge of our reporters Tkk VVonxiit or the Norfolk Navy Yard Gov I.etcher's movement against the Government at Norfolk has cost the sixteen hundred mechanics and iaborers recently employed there, und their families, their bread. 0:ie and al! they are now | wholly without employment at which they con | earn a dollar. How far this fact 1* likely to Incline them to approve the curse ef Oov. Letcher and his auviserB, sensible persons may judge. I ^Tub V. 8. War Stka.vxhi? Niaoara.?The RT rv A * * r?nwy weparimtni nave advices of the return of tbls flue ship U> tbe I'niUd State* from her late voyage to Japan. She has arrived at Boston in good condition In an h?urfcftcf this Information i was received here, tbe was ordered to repair to tbe Chesapeake as soon a* possible, for service in tb'M 1 waters for the protection of tbe Federal Metropolis, i 1 Thk I.KftisLATVbE -La-Governor ' P.-att left Annapolis yesterday morning, for Baltimore. to endeavor to mak?- arrLu^tmexts for tbe meeting of the Legislature at Frederick, on account of the pr-sence of tbe troops at tbe former . point J The U 9. Wa Stsamj* Pocauomtas left the Washington Navy Yard Tate last night, and at 7 * a m to day was as far down tbe river as tbe ' White House. ' t Lf <- - ? ? " 1 uimi is <11 nnnipons, Wltn I ne 1 Government troop* we learn through a gentleman who left there yesterday. i - ? I'nion Hkntimkst in Wjc^tkrn Virginia ? The Wheeling Intelligencer of tuc 33d Myi: The Union men rallied In their strength at the mtciing In the Fifth Ward, on Saturday night Two military companies were formed, and enough wer<? enrolled fjr a third. The utmost enthusiasm prevailed amoig the men Cheater D liubbnrd, one of tbi delegate! to the late usurping Convention, made an earnest, teliin? speech, in which be gave the people a little insight Into what they ml* ht expect. He advised the young men to go ebead and form their companies; to act ealmlv but bravtlv arid determinedly; and he assured mrm ibp nenrtt of the people were with tbem \ He tald there never was a better aet of Union men | than tbe w?*t.m member* in the Convention, t with one ex. eption a He wm prepnred to ?tate, from consultation r wththeaald IV ttern membera, that a call would t be iaaued ?>on from tbe mountain counties for a c Pr.TVlaloaal Government, and that tbe people * w- rr determined not to aubmit to the usurpation. t He \dvlsed a.l present to obey the laws of the etty. and assjrrd the.ii that the Alayor win a good Union win, wi? would dohla duty in tliil irisis. I without tourer favor The meetli<j; adjourned 1 with great ect'aual&am. after organizing, aa we ? aid before, two enmperue*. ? The Wheeling Intelligencer of the 2?d Bays: i A committee of I*nlon men came down from t W ellsburjf. oo >a?urday, f. r the purpose of piifr r rla*lu* a ftafr which ia to cost one I undred and f flf y doiltra The t'aion feeling In Wellaburg ia t almost uaiolsoui | j j war monarom. OtptrMrt *( Trttpi treat New Ymk. [Prom tfce Thnee of Monday.] The fraud military ovation whlefc attended the departure of the Seventh Regiment on Friday wit repeated v~aterd*y, with ere?yr edded erthtu ?ano, on the ?ecftlon of tb? tailing of the 9lxth, Twelfth ?od Serenty-flrrt R<?g ments. New Srate rtllltla, and the Maaaarbuaetu and Rhode Inland roopa. Early In the mornintf the people were astir, and from 8 to 12 o'clock continued to pour in n continuous sueam towards tjroaawav. By 10 o'clork every available spot where a human being could stand was occupied throughout Itaentlre length. and from near Canal street to Orec* Church, not onlv the sidewalks but the whole of tba street was densely thronged Every window, door, stoop, balcony and houae top were ullve with human beings of every age, sex and condition, awaiting the march of the Regiments, which it was known would depart during tbe day for tbe aeat of Government, or other destination whe-? their services might be required It was some time after tbe bells had sum.uoned the worshippers to their respective churches before the troops made their appearance In Broadway, the Sixth Regiment, containing, bes des a full regiment, a large cumber of volunteers leading the way. They were preceded by a corps of engineers dressed as Zouaves, and Manaban's Band As they marched along no language can do juatlce to the enthusiasm with which the assembled multitude greeted them. Cheers from ten thousand voices 'welling In prolonged chorus, the waving of handkerchiefs by fair hands, the display of flags and streamers throughout the route of march, made the scene one of the most animated and exciting ever witnessed In this ctty. The Twelfth Regiment soon followed through the'same route. Col tfutterfleld heading hi*command on a beautiful black charger, when the sume exciting scenes were repeated and continued with Increased enthusiasm until the troops reached the foot of Canal atreet All alonir the route the crowd had fairly blocked up the pewge, with the exception of the middle of the strict, and the owners of eligible window* made a handtome peculation by hiring them out ei places from urh<f>h <mrui wloiuo r\f th^ U/v/tr^ V.? - u*-* ? ? ul), M *!?*>? V( vui nv\^<n\vUiU ucvutntliru. The display of the American (lag was every where tbe prominent feature. Toe steamer Baltic bad steam up at an early hour, and was in r^adluevs to start t>y noon Tbe Sixth Regiment, arriving first at tbe pier, went on bonrd. the multitude upon tbe dork, tbe adjoining pier, and on board vensels in the neighborhood, gn-eting th?m with repeated cheers When Col. Rutherford arrived, it turn<d otit that tbe Baltic bad been chartered to convey the Twelfth Regiment Instead nf ;he Siith After some dtlay the matter was arranged t>v endin/ the Sixth on bonrd of tbe Columbia, at Pier No. 4, and tb? Twelfih taking p> sre&slon of tve B iltic, according to tb? original understanding The Baltic left her pier at five o'clock p. on., and as she (>ass>-d down tbe North River she was saluted with a general outburst?f at'am whistles, the ringing of bt-'ls, and the applauding ?houts of 4Vta m nlfl t **? 11 ? * * ***' UVI niuiti'? uu tiuru lUC Jllff I~ll? Twelfth Regiment consisted often companies, of about one hundred each, say 1 000; baud. '25; drummers,iM; artillery and enitinet-ra, SO; officers, 30: sergeants, 4*; stall, 11; total, 1,198. Thev will find verv comfortable accommodations on the Baltic but there will be no room or berths to spure. The rrrruits were very ?o?>d looking men, strong. ac Ive and determined hi appearance. The ha?t? In which they have been organized preclude the possibility of drilling. Judging from their arpecrance, however, they will soon be rendered elVctlve troi ps The Bible Society pre*?iit!>d eacb mm with n Hible The Seventy-first Regiment, Col.Voabur^. v cnt on board th? steamer li R Cnvler, and at o'clock she steamed out Into tne North riv?r ana anchored oil Pier No II. Thousand* followed the Regiment :o their place of embarkation, and there were many hurried farewells and moistened eves in the crowd as they t >ok leave. The crowd lined the heads of all the adj ?cent wh'.rves, and climbed Into the rigging of vtsae s, and on to houses and other elevations, to obtain u b?Uer view of the scene The Empire State, Capt Brayton, of the Fall Fiver line, arrived at an earlv hour and opposite U'srren strett i*Lte had on bmrd half or tbe Rhode Island Regiment, with Governor Spragne and suite, constituting about ?uu men This Regiment has been evident)/ made up from tbe very best men the State ran tu^n out, and embrace* all ranks and conditions of society Tbe large proportion are mechanics and trad* amen, whose sturdy, well-knit frames give csiurance that they are well al>le to endu-e tbe fatigues of tbe campaign. Among them are some of the wealthiest men in the State, aome who are <n the ranka are said to be worth half a million of d< *lars, and ethers being pc*ae*si*d of princely f.?rtun?s Five thousand men oflVred the.r services to tbe cause in Rhode Island, from whom the present Reglment has been m;<de up Gover or Sprague purchased ninety six horses for tbe Reglmont, seventeen of which arrived yesterday. During the forenoon interesting religious services were he'.d on board of the Empire State by v.*. r??.- -'-i - /-I? -J * ut vuojimiH, uuv ^iiraj{ue ana suite attending Thev were afterwards transferred In the ateaimr Ccatz&ooaicos. and Jnst frevious totbsir d^portuie, the band, wtrch toek Itsstvion upon the siloon deck aft, played a number of airs, patriotic, lively and grave, v. hirh greatly delighted the thousands who nsw-mbied to see th-m off. Governor Spra^ue being called for appeared and spoke briefly of the ho!y cau*f in which tt>ey J had embnrked. Several of the staff officers also Blade brief sp?-?rh*s Col., on i ting ! pressed to apeak, said he Would make them a I speech when he returned Clu <-rs were given for 1 Gov Spra?;ue. for th?? Rhode Island Keulment, I Ac Six hundred more will follow oj Wednesday. The Coftt2*coalrot left the dock about six oV lock, amid the firing of cannon and ev?-ry possible demonstration of enthusiasm. It whs remarked that a more noble company of military men were never seen here before As the left the pier, the regiment were gathered upon the 11 nrM*r Ir untl " "* ",uu ul- * 1 * ..?- r? uuu, cacu WIIU Ull reel ni'lT) KCX on his shoulders, presented a moat picturesque appearance. THB MAKixCHCtETTB TBOOPS The Worcester Third Battalion of Rifles, Maj. Cbarle* Devens in command, arrived yesterday morning, and were quartered at tbe Seventh Regiment armory during the day. They numbered 266 men, including ISotticeia. In the evening they marc tied by companies to the Howard Hou?** and took supper; aft'>r which, they formed t>nd marchfd on board of the ateamer Ariel, at pier No 3, North river, which had been lying with ateem up ready to start all day. This tody of troop* are moat efficient looking men Tbe following steameraieft yesterday: ?Haiti*-, with Twelf'h Regiment; K R. Cnyler, with Seventy first Regiment; Columbia, with Sixth Regiment, (all convoyed by toe LT. S steamer Harriet Lane;) Coattacoalcos, with Rhode Island Regiment. The steamers Y'anderbtlt, Ariel. Marion and James Adger are also coaled, and ready to atari at an hour's notice Among tbe Massachusetts troops are five Englishmen, volunteers, who were through the Crimean war, and who distinguished - o .?v?.w.?W the battle of Ickermana. THE SIXTY-NINTH REOIM KM . The Sixty-nlntb Regiment, which leavea for Washington to-morrow, has already received volunteers and recrultj, raising It to nea'ly l,*ot) strong. It la rumored that Tbomaa Frauds Meagher and County Clerk John Clancy mean to join ft whenever there la serious danger of collision. The restoration of Col. Corcoran to comma;,d has ^lven universal satisfaction?Thurlow Werd and Cel. Boweu receiving the thanks of the Reginieut. MAJOR ANDEllfcOK Major Anderson delivered a speech at Trenton, New Jersey, on Friday, In the course of which he laid: " It Is one of the moat painful recollrctlons of that event, that when our barr&cki were on fire, ind the men were compelled to cover their faces with wet handkerchiefs, and lie with their facea upon the ground to avoid suffocation, instead of tending a white flag, with assistance to extinguish the flames, then threatening us with deduction, they rapidly increased their flrt upon iS from tvrry batttry, in total disregard of t*ery retltng of humanity " SKiaCEE.. Marshal Murrav yeattrday seized a vessel just 4 si * itaruug jur ,?rw isrie&ns wilb one thousand Oar *lt of powder on board The powder was taken a the Navy Yard, and will be removed this norning to the L ulu?d states magazine on Ellis' ' sland The Marshal el?o mad.; a descent upon the llth- ' graphic establishment of Julls Breae, No 16* iroadway, and seized the engraved plate of regisrv tor t*e jrirateerinz strvier of Jeff Davis i Thorough Drenaratlons h?v* '? _ , . till , matching the departure of tuapicloua veaaela, or h? shipment by land oi contraband goods, for he Southern Statu. The Vixen, fitted out with ^n armament and with boata for boarding, la to bo ' tationed at Throgg'a Neck?and the att ain-* u iter , libb, > ff the Narrowa, with orders to board every <essel leaving thia port, and examine tLeir cargo ! f anything app^ara auapicloua about them Ma*TLa*d ?At an election held yeaterday in 1 be city of Baltimore, to fill a vacancy in the ' .eglaliture, only one ticket w&a ryn, and that vaa for the aecesaion candidate The vote wa* 1 lgbt. Tt.e itreeta of Baltimore were Hll?-d vUth ' he military, who were required to hold them- J elvta tu readiu?**a to be called out at a moment'* ' lotlce. To such an extent was tbla carried, that he bnslmaa men, who belonged to the military 1 :ompanlea. attended to their uaual bualuess in < tuiform Two aeceaalon fiaga were displayed 1b be city, but no atar-apangled banners John A Foao?Thia gentleman wa a waited ? ipon on Saturday morning, by a committee, to nqntre Into the report that be bad expr-aaed Inieua'iary aentlmenta, sentiments thr.t are altogether ibnoxloua to the true and gallaut aorta of the South I I n thia city Ue denied tue chtrge and aatlatled > {>e committee that the report wea Dot true, hot ? V7lng to the eiclteojt-nt in la- t ?rmed by Mayor Townaa that be bt>4 batter l?aw>, rbieh be did on Saturday afternoon ? f turtbwg

J AFFAIRS I? B&LTinOII. [From the Baltimore American of April M ] Tba exeltemaat yeeterdar. thonph u lntonae and drtu-Mtrd u at uiy period ?lnce tbe occur* rancea of Fridar, a??am?d a more sober aapeet, and wna controlled by tbe more deftnite purpoa* eufrgeated bT tb" exigencies of tbe oocaaloa. Onr cltlxeca realise apparently the dangers wblah be et us. and are sternly wrought up to tbe point of ovinia**! realstaaee. wbleh tber now know to be < aaentlal to tbe protection of tbe State and tbelr own firealdee Tbe city presented much tbe appearance of a vast camp Our atrceta are thronged with rrMIUrr, and men wearing badgea or cock* ad<>a Id deaignaUon of tbelr reapective companies But few armed men ?r*, however. to be seen upon the streets Tbe frequent accidents wtleh In tbe pact two or three day* bare resulted from the careless handling of loaded arms have apparency Impriaaed upon all minds the Becesslty of exercls.ntr more caution In hsndllng weapons; and the military are now required, by orders from headquarters, to deposit their arms at their company rendezvous The work of drilling recruits and volunteers is being prosecuted with a vt^or and Industry which promisee very favorable results In all sections of tbe cltv tbe steadv trimn of military can be heard proceeding fr- m Innumerable ertemporlted armories; and aquada of recruit* were yesterday to be encountered In many of the atreeta on tbelr way to company quarters. or to the general rendezvous of tbe unuolformed volunteers at the Calvert-st. Depot. Tbe number of volunteera already enlisted for the dcfence ?if the eltv could not be estimated, but knowing ones at the quarters of the Military Board place it as high as 13,0U0, and state that tbe work of enrollment continues with an activity which will place at the dl?poaal of the military chiefs in a few riayaan eflective force of 4U.0U0 men. the great m-jor'ty of whom rompriae as ?o d fighting material as s?ny commander could eslre. A con* deraffle proportion cf the volunteers are said to be from the counties, from which scores are hourly arriving in squads. ?r as individuals Tbe majority of tMs ununifornted volunteer force are armed with Hall's patent carbine, an eavly loaded and rapidly firing weapon, better adapted to tbe use of inesprrteuced u.arksmen, perhaps, than the Minie musket In military circle the chief topics of discussion are tre rumor'd movement of the Confederate forces upon \V-sblngU>n: ar.d tbe expected aid front Virginia for the defence of Baltimore It was extensively rumored tbat rot lesa than 3.WO Virginia troops nre being o?mcentraUd at a p ;;it within striking distance from Baltimore, and tt at upon the Cm Intimation of a with for their pressure thry would pour into the city, with the delav of hut a few hours at moat. The military chief* are believed to be laboring with m\rb energy ar.d determination in the arrangement and maturing of plant for the repulae of the northern troopa from Maryland Intimations w?re this morning thrown out that tbe Important work of fortifying tbe helgh's snrrouuding tbe city la to be commenced forthwith, and would be prosecuted with every means at their disposal Experienced engineer* are said to be now engaged in selecting and surveying tbe most eligible defensive points. Coleman Yellot. Esq , and other gentlemen, were actively employed all Monday, and until a late Lour that night, perfecting arrangements whirb will. It is believed, secure tbe attendance of a full q iorum of tbe Legislature on Friday A steamboat has been specially chartered to proceed to tbe Eastern SLore counties, and to l>ea? up the members of the General Assembly In that section, while ample facilities are being made for their speeay conveyance 10 Annapolla, or t?> this city, If. 68 la by no means luipr?b>>b!e, It be det-mwl advisable lor the Legislature toconT(i.? in Baltimore A TRACK COMMUHIGS. A rumor la In circulation that a committee of gentleman from Haitluiorcatartedfor WaablngU?n yesterday for tt>? purpoae of having an Interview wltb the President. and also wltb tbe Intention of proo*?-dlng South for en Interview with President Davla Thelrobject Is toarratisje aome plan for c cessation of hoaillltles until Congress assembles RCMPUKI' A CVASCX OF PBFSinEST DAVIS WITH 0>E HUS TiRkD THOUSAND M2"*. The rumor wblch waa moat eagerly repeated yesterday, and wblch occaaloned unbounded satisfaction, w*s In effect that J?-ff Davla ivas rapIdly advancing northward at tbe head of 1M0.0UU men, and might be expected at Richmond or Its vloinlty In the course or a few dava TLe advance guard of thla force- comprising 5.000 South Carolinians?are expected, It Is Said In thla ronnec(l?. - u-.V u ? ' " >iv?, ? im u nuiivis in a uay or xwo at ijribnl. Tbe rumor was bused upon a private letter from well-lnforan-d southern sources, received, It Is aid, by a mer< bant of this city Tbe necessity of some such aid from tbe South to enable us successfully to maintain the position assumed by the authorities Is generally admitted, and until tbe ectnal occurrence of tbe crisis ail eyes will be turned hopefully and anxiously in the direction from whence the reinforcements are expected to come It Is cor.fld^aMy asserted that a requisition for aid Las already been made upon V ir^lnla and North Carolina by the pro[>er authorities, and the origin of the statement is Invested with an air of mystery which lends to tue rumor mu^h of tbe authority ;-.nd dlgntty of a "State secret HXN*\IV*SIA TROOPS Tbe Worth Infantry, of ^ ork, and tiie Lancaster Fnsilecrs are encamped in fenrsylvania, a sLort distance from the Sute line, for the purpose flfinfl, Mlitlv nf tr tinr/i inrr t Ko K? 1 J - si.-. t -J.,? ? h ?I> WIUKO luuiii vicinity. They ar? believed to be the Le-:d of a column intended to be pushed forward to Washington byway of the Relay House numbers of troops are concentrated at points be ween tb~ State line and Harrisburg. It la .-ul.l. .bnir sepa ;<te encampments lining the entire road between those two points, at ahort distance. KKAVY CAHGO OF POWDEB FOE WASH'NOTOX. A large side-wteel steamer of this port, which arrived here on Sunday last, reported that whilst renmlng up the Chesapeake bay they catne across a large steam tu>< having a scow <n tow tilled wito small s1z**d barrels. The ctlicer in command staud that he waa bound for Waati'ngton ar.d declined answering acv further q-iestions A gentleman who reached here yesterday frcm tbe Metrofioiis explains tbe character of the transport, and states that the cargo consisted of gun powder It came by canal from Philadelphia and amounted to thirty d ay loads EXPEDITION* FOB THE POSSESSION OF THE RBL/.T HOUSE. Shortly after ten o'clock laat night a force of about four hundred nicked meu left the city for the Relay House, on the Haiti more and Ohio Railroad, for the purpose of seizing and holding that important strategic poliit They were followed at a late hour by a force of about 6>mi men, having with them four field p eers, and ati abundance of ammunition < It is the intention of the military authorities to concentrate there about 1.2110 men fn a few bourn The object of the seizure la to cut off the communication of the Pennsylvanians with Washington by this route TBB CONDITION OP THE WOChDII). tfo fur as we could learn, the parties wounded in the affair of Friday last are doing well with a ' single exception, viz: that of private A C. Needham, of the sixth regiment of Ma??achuaetts troops, who still remains at the Lombard street Infirmary. His skull Is drehdfuiiy fractured, and bis recovery doubtlen It is almest needless ' to state that he has received the most faithful attention from the physicians of tbe Institution and the Sisters of Chaiity Mr Robbins. of the same regiment, who was reported dead in mveral ' of the papers, bus so much improved es to be able to return borne. Since tbe affray be baa j been at tbe bouse of a humane cltltcn, and received every attention which humanity could i dictate. lie is a man of excellent attainment*, ? was foremost In tbe city of Boston In sustaining tbe execution of the fugitive slave law, and last 1 evening received the sum of ft40 from one of the , n.iwt respectable cltisens of Baltimore, which J will enable blin to return home at leisure. He received two wounds from pistol balls and his I case hat excited much feeling EB1ZURK or THK SHIP ADMIRAL. The necessity of keeping all the provlaions now In tbe city for home consumption has rendered It necessary for our civil and military authorities to uv every precaution for the public safety. Ye*- f terday tbe Bremen ship Admiral, for Liverpool, i with assorted cargo of tobacco., wheat, tallow, which cleared 22d Instant, and a tug was engnged to tow her down, was seiztd by the city . poltct*. She was prohibited from leaving the ( wharf, tbe police have taken charge of the ablp. The captain has uoted bis protest. ^ Verbal Reports ssd Correspeadeace of tbe ' fcxehauge from Varioas qaartera. , PmiladslpK!a, April 33.?The excitement here t>as become intense Large numbers of volunteers ire flocking into tbe city from tbe counties; all l declare that tb Federal Capital must be beld at iny cost. The whole city has become a military r sncamproent. Thirty-flve or forty women are ? busily engaged at tbe Continental Hotel in making shirts and clothing for the militia, tbe doors ?f tbe rooms In wbich they are sewing being ihrown wide open. Two or three hundred ^ women are in waiting at tbe Guard House. oppoilte tbe Continental, anxlousiy desiring similar :mplovment I Cecil and Hirford paaaengers from Philadelphia . ?port that along tbe route of th? railroad In Cecil -j :ounty there were several Ua*ted Staws flags fly- nir. and that there wu *iili rr?i?? "? _ ? ? -?? V H*VH iWUlUC )kk. In Harford county, on the contrary, ??wy anti- f loutbern sentiment rp peered to have been rooted ?ut, and every man turned secessionist. Tbe passengers state that the feeiinp In Phil*, lelphla and at tbe North la now ao Inflamed tb*t be government can hardly keep the troops bet* iven tf it abould desire to do ao, and t*at it la , carcely poeatble now to avoid civil war mw ToaK. * Tbe excitement la Now York la. If aavthiaf, ;ven more than In Philadelphia Men of ^ wealth declare that they will spend their last loUar to defend tbe Capital and show the Sooth be aptrlt that animates them At tb* Stock Board aay member who endeavors is aav way to depreciate United States stock is ? listed down- They say that if Jeff Da via captures the capital thay vtu retaha ft If ttnr taw to j atretrfc an irtnr through the whole of Peanayiaa* n!i and Maryland. Gow?* Plcka la denouix ed by manr ai a traitor Tbey deciara that ht? profeaaed devotioa to the Union wra n nxr? iweia??ef?ibat It ?m Intended to lall tbe North Into a feeling ?f aeearlty, and that bit pnrpoae fro? tba beg'nnlag baa bean deceitful la tbe utmrn* Tba tbreata wbicuare uttered aftalaat Baltimore are of tbe moat violent character, and tba feellnga of the entire North, ao far aa beard from. moat vindictive Tb-v awear that Uraalitwv la Bade to mo pMBjtc or me troops to warning ion U?ry will sack and barn the town. Tbe Union mating on tteturdsy.was moat Ianmen* Nothing like It wmseTer wlinmeaJ ! New York The virulence of tb? feel'.ng against tbe Sooth is almost 1 n cotrre her. *1 b: e OHIO. A similar atate of feeing prevails throughout surh portions of Ohio as wt bare received adrtoes from Frmi the Pleat off Kay Weet N*w OtLi***, April *2 ?Tbe Mohawk, from Havana and Key W?t. reports that tto it?m?r Atlantic, from New York with tr?cpa. Lid anchored off tbe Trlangl* ai.oals. and on tbe 13th was In commyieatlon with Fort Ta>lor. Sbs leT on tie Uth for Sand Key. The stumer Powhatan appeared off tbe harbor on tbe 14tb and exchanged signals with tbe steamer Crusader The garrison st Fort TayW sr>d Key Wait barracks art engsged In drilling at tbe guns. Tbe steamer Atlantic brought out commissions lor some or tne new K<Hi? ral appointees The commanding ofhrrr at port Taylor baa been appointed Postmaster nt K?v West. Ooe t-api Scott, said to he Acting yuartmr*ter of tb<? New York Seventh He^'mei t. was aiao arretted aa a spy last evening by tb? Detectives. He waa committed to the Central Station. but will be ir!m*d on condition that Lf leave tba city Immediately. NliMirl Isntrarntscit. Mo . April 40 ?At an enriy hour this morning the a*tn? and munitions of w*r be id at tbe arsenM at L b?rty county were at ttav demand of the cltlaens of that couuty given up. It Is stated that 1 3u0 stand of arms, ten <* twelve pices of canoor. and quite an amount cf powder was seized, wbicb will be distributed In Clay and adjoining counties. Ninety itand of arrna and aome cannon have been brought to this place Kansas City. April *> ?Tbe Miaaomirnsaeized the United Stab-* Arsenal at Liberty, Mo , at IV oVlock tbls mnrniny, a id <;arrleoned It with 1U0 men. An immense aetession meeting w .s held bere to-day. Tbouaa.tda from tbe adjoining countiea in this State and Kansas were present The prcmlnent places were decorated wlta secession flags lam*. Lutixwoith, April *) ?Two thousand stand of arms have been f lrnUhed the eltliens of Leavenworth from the arsenal at Fort Uawnworth, aud the commmder at that post has accepted the services of 9W volunteer* of this city to guard the araenal pend'nc the arrival of troops from Fort Kearnev All la quiet here, anve preparation for possible contingencies Mireneat t( Transport Steia?Mpt New Yom, April St?The stMUnihips Ariel and l>e Soto have satU-d with the Maasximaetta troops The transports Jaws Ad^er. Roanoke, Marlon, Chesipeake, Montlceilo. and Parkorsburg, are still at their piers, but have rtmru op, and are ready to lesye at a moment's notice The steamer Montgomery bas alao been chartered. fYTP* NOTICE? Ail t??s ir.emb"rs of Coir par* H l_l? Omrd?-*r? ? ?- ' ** their amor*, at Jack* n Hi!!, without fail, at 7H o'cook, THIS EVENING, for the porpoee o bei** mnat-red m to-n?c?rr?w\ No exeuae; vrrr one it lequtred to he precent A'I thou* * ho ar? rimirotia of tteoonun* mrmbtri ar* re?p-ctfuly invited. ?jeor*e W Rb i y ;a no longer a member ?( Cf"?p?ny H, NMios,al ??uarclB. It* NOTICE ? Men of Wa?hinttnn. ral.'r In 1L3 d*f noe of you' h-mM *?d ?ountry! A meeUDC wiil ba hei i I HIS EVENIN'*- at ba<fpact 7 o'o ook. at Coombt' Ha.), (' h < arrr. ^rt of the Wanluncton i i*ht It'ant'j,) in Pet naylvama a-?uur, be ween SJ'.h ard 10th ata.. for t? organiaation of a military company o: Union men f r tea d-fenoe cf the flax and <>ar homes. Oar oonntry muat be ucheld Men of YVa?hinrton, oome np to the oomnmn defence of the lirtertiea oar father* aent <lown to a* Rally for the rtar Spa?*ied Ban ner, fcr our country, for liberty and for the bast Government that ever was organ i?3 by w an. It Yr? MEDICAL BOAR II. J j? A MEI.ICAL. bOA K D W'll oonrare in the city of New York on the l?t of Mar Manias, lor in* f xerr-ir.atior < I ca.didatea f?.r Klmitiion io'o thoM-dioil of tli* 1 sited 3tatea Army, in ii n/^oordacoe with tf * following Oroer Th*re are now Ire vto*co'f? It the Mediea. S.aff. Wa r?mr*?ST. i A lfttlant O, K.rcU'l I Jfirr, > Waahmaton, MtioC i3, lS&t. \ gFSCiat <?KD*a. No 76 A of M?dioa Officer* will aaa*mbie in New Vo'l ?itf o?! the i*t oa? of May next, of aa KM thoie&fter it praiiaaoU, fur tu* tUBH-tUuB of /?* i?tart J*tir;eona for promotion, and of ?nch oandid&tesfor a^ointtueiit a.? tear be invited u> prefect tiicmaelvea before the Boani. Detail FOB TH? BOXBD. i Surgeon demerit A.Finitf * rharlc Mslteaitil, I W J.Sioau. , Br order ot the tecre*ary of War: L THOMAS, Adj Geraral. | Appacationa irij-t bn *ldrea*ed to the Sacretary of W & : mu?t a lit- the r?*;<tenoe of the apeltoact, nad the date an<l j>!a<> ? f birth. The> mmt alan he ftc com pen ied (references will reoeive n? ?t:entio?) " by respectable teonmrnn'a ^>f hia |rOKIMa, VI ?uu ynjrin% Ij Ufv UDMIuill re<JUIU'e for filling!} tr-.fl r^npnatlfcle ?tAUOn. ad f >r performing a!>lj th? vdonni and active dutiee of as officer of the Med.eal StvfJ. AppiioaoU n.nst be 1 between 21 and 3 >oin of are. r hero are tew fire vacaaoie* in the Med.oal < Staff ap 86 4'- ^ fVTjj^AT TKNTION !?The membra of the L?- < (L? faj?ttf Guards wiii m"ot at th?ir Irm-TT, i oorner l wellth en t > sU , EVEH\ IlVENING 1 this week, at 8 o'olook. I B) ordor of th? Ca.'ta'n ap X Jt_ J Xlr* ATTENTION. VOUJNTr KR5!-A'I , Jot perfoie wehia* to ?on I in a o 'or ei vi?e in tl.e Di?triot are r?sj ut>sied t > applj at tee tone tiui'dinc oormr of '1 ?s..t/i aud K ?t?. ap 24 4t* ( Yr*"NE HTNIiREU V O L V N T K K R S wanted for in t*e Diatriotof Cofuiiibia. Appte to the of Tenth an<l K, old Medical Co;la|e, first floor, ap 17 HCRj^KS r(;K S*ALK -Three able-bodied. ] your.#, koncl \V?'KK FIOK9K!1 A to r\. 1 une grey MAKE, hllf blooded. very etTlieii. i uu%f>ie ior Mi<r? or ndins.* yeare eld Jim* Adrir^m fl . Star Ortiae. ap 26 St I ADIKS* TRAVELING PL'IT*. | j oklv f i as. | W- ars cow ?e!>U(r NEW 9TYLK* OBEY PACOliK MANT1I.LA*. o- TKAVKLINO DL'S'fF.US,an<i twrelve yar.U of cooda to match for the drew.)at th* low pnoe ?ii only $4 25 for Lhe enure suit. Al*o. Grey Suit* at all prioaa up to 910 per it t. , fi^ ReraemStr. th- p'v?e u MAWVKLLH.mPa.iT. N B.?All Rood hark notM taken at jar, when the fu'l aniouut of th<< note* offereJ is porct.aeed. i.D zS-31a<> Hnevv books. ISTOR V of the IniUd Netherlands by Joha Lothr. p Motlej ; 2 vo.? ; free by iuaiI .*?. I he K'aeof th? Du'-oh R?put>lie. a niatorr. bjr Joiin Lotnrop Motley; 3 vol*.; c olli; free by mail, 16. < Sita* Marner, tiie W?v?r ?f Raveici, hy the author of "Adam Bed* oioLi 7j*oent* ; paper St i?Dte. Lif* and Carder of Major Andre, by Wiatrop Virceant; Aft??r lq*t*rc? with a Pain'er.a Summer Voyaca o Labrador aud Ne*found.and ; by &?v Loan L, Voble i ?l 30 Tae Manufltc'ure of Photojenio or Hy?lr&-C*r. >on Oils, by Thon.aa Antieell, M. O ; Si.%. Any of the above free by ma,l. FRENCH* RICH3TE1N, ap 26 9T?Penoa avenna. l>ovv CLOTHING! l> BOYS'CLOTHING" Boy a' Clothing, from three year* old and upward*, "or school or dr#s* wear. w*!l rii!i a d uf |ooa nateriaU, at prloe* to ?uit tne time*, f r ca h. NOAH WAI.KE& k. CO., F.xtenrive Vanafaotur^r of ap 'J4 fit, R^vlir-iaaAeO o'h rg SPECIAL NOTICE TO ^ A im _ UI K ?il.BXUAJER8. ( In oonee^uancaoftkoonaett *d Mateo! t>.e ooun- . ry. and the general a aip*nuor. of buainea*, we d?- *; liretooicM a.i aootunu on our no k?.ano will < hank all :aG??*>ta<i t> oome krwwd and eetUe aa ? <000 aa poeaib.e, and greatly oblige at. r ^ j w. cullev k. co., ; ap>i 2w 33? Seventh at., above Pa av. 8 IT NOTICE. 1 T IRGIMA Money take-. at jar/or a,. .!-iudo? ne. A ao. taken f>.. WOOi) and COAL, deU?ired to any part o{ C? oj't. s SOLOMON STOVER. e ap*a-lw ocmr 21at aid 1 ?u , Firtt U'aid. % LL GOOD BANK NOTES \ T A K E S A T P A ! PANIC PHJCES-PA.yiC PRICES! Lacioa about to lotva the city wi 1 find at our torf? rrave tog Du?t*ra, Gauntlet Gloree, Traveling Cloaka, I ravniut Bonnets, ("rave ing Ktcuuea, Straw Hat*. traveling Coat a Strew Jotkeya. Linen ?nd Ihttuty Seta of Collars and Sleevaa. And many othw new and deairahle gooda at Maio noe?. at MAXWELL*?^ ap ? St "* * Wool and Coal. A No. 1 artiel* of WOODonhaad, prepared to Sit the vauta of Mak ooitonxr. 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Mr. W*r>b M ft d? ?i.jnf fcryl .ftw olfioe, tad tidjo l-Qf th? bona* of Mr/Richard Wailach mutt-tf FRAM^H TAYI OK. tl ANDl*OM KLY FU KNIBHKD R<K>Wtl11 ro?r hft'daoin^T Kormn^C Roomi aaaaltad witii mi and oonrvnimt to th? Pai?i t and po?t Ofho* Departfnacta, for rMt Am t U 4 9 0>i MtMMkaHtU i*wu, uorUt hetww% 4Lb ud Stb ?U m*SC STORE FOE RENT.?A Itfi Wi>r?^ne? on C5 Pa. ar?LB?, a<1Jr.inln* oar aoetion room*, for r*r.l. Apflvtn WALL* UABXAftO. KmoU*." and r omnium or. .Yi?rchanU. wirior Ninth ?tr??-. and ?out ii ?id? Pa av??:,ue mar U FHOR RENT-a thrwa rtorr brio* HQUSB.wn UtiiMl room*. In food ordar, wilt gma & tcrM oonipitt*, oo H itrMLtwiVMB 4th IM Mh Amu, a tfo ?tory brvok COTTAGE, witt lar?<? yard aaaeb"?d, oorner of F itrwoc north an- 14th ft. Mat. To p.not*^ and r?u?W? Uoa.U tba tarm? wui b* Boderata. Apply at 446 Tw?.f h atraM. batwaan 6 aad H. ao U tf FHOl RE.NT-THa brte OKICK BOUfK l??, 100 ? Mt at v Goor r?tu? c, U pr?Miit oauu piwi ut u? euDeorlber. 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Sermonr, from Philadelphia, if barre'a and lno haf tiarrela <>f Ma^M, Coiuaa a Zo 'a Philadelphia DRAFT ALK. For sale i>f Je n _ At NY A WH1NV D200 BBI'h PRIMKCIDFR AILY Fxp*ot?d peraeboo&er Mart Ann Voin Boaton Thia Cider la A No. 1. and la lor aai* a lot* to fait porohaeera. ARNY k SHINN* fe ?i Union Bottlir* Depot, Georgetown. lUBT RKCEIVBD 1* 6i^O,rfee<Wuf^?V^VGARa JSChNa HrRC\\G ano ALJiWIVtft. aa wii. * ro?u?c >nd Kefin<*2 ~l*GAk*, PorMltlii JOHN J. WCuB. w 1* For 81*. Days Longer! hm tLg M eke tnr/rmcnt wvmA+t, amA a d*?i r* to acrvmmodaf // pers*,t*j, in* k?v* dttmruntJ U ^ our Storx opmi rui SIX DAY8 LONGER' AIDOLI'I GREAT RALE or roctTirSLT TO Cuxi OH tU fTUT or Ma T. Nov u U( Ttm to nuU* yomr eeleetteee from o?r Rriftinv* and B+ounfuJ Afortwumi iff JEWELRY FOR THE LOW PRICM OF ONE DOLL AM OOME AND GET A iARNBT SET For ONE DOLLAR ,AVA SET For ONE DOLLAR lAMEO&ST For ONE DOLLAR LAIN GOLD PET -For ONE DOLLAK k>RAL SET ~ For ONE DOLLAR iOt*\IC *ET For ONE DOLLAR SNA MEL GET For ONE DOLLAE OH, A*j of oar Auortnnit ot (MAUL ARTICLKB For FIFTY CBN"r? CALL AND KXAUIN8 ?v4 MAKE YOUR SELECTIONS RAELt . ?TI D8 AND BUTTONS. Of kit I11M. FOR ONEOOLLAB. PLATKO KNIVSB AND FOB*". SALTS. SFOONS, NUT CRACKERS. SOBLtT^ Ae.. A*.. 4a.. FOE ONIDOLUt. RKKEMBrK: WK CLOSL OUR BTOKfe. ob Uie FIRST DAY OF MAY. No. MS PENNSYLVANIA AVLMVIL LOSING OCT AT A URRAT RACR1F1CL. ILM KLCklVKO. ft ot mm at tto ^ ilk