Newspaper of Evening Star, April 26, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 26, 1861 Page 1
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THE F.VFMNfi STAR. I WASHINGTON C1TT: rttPAV April ??. V? l. 1 - r 117" Tbe new Doll" Weekly Star, fttller th*n ?wr of Metropolitan new* and goa*lp, and choice llUrary reading, ia now on our counter ready for delivery to the public. Embraced In lta entertaining content* are tbe following article*: The Old Growler?from tbe French; OH upon Pigeon Cre*k?exceedingly rich; A Ml**i**lppl learner; Speech of *x-Pre*Idtnt Fillmore; Tbe l ir*t Ascent of Urn* vbus; Victoria'* Children; All About Fort Plcken*; Bombardment at Charleston, Evacuation of Fort Sumter, and Krrbarkation of Major Anderson; Arrival of Major Anderson In New York and Statement of bla CUBrerm; Progress of the Wat; Arrival of wMaaaartua^tta and Pennsylvania Volunteers; Another Proclamation by the President; Tlie Ccrrespordenee between Mr. Sew-ird and the Confederate Commissioners Proclamations by tk? Governors of Maryland, Virginia and the Mayor* of Baltimore, Washington and Alexandrla; Important News from Norfolk?destruction of tb? navy-yard, ship* of war, and other property; Military MovemenU In Washington; Arrival of the celebrated New York Sev-nth Rrjlment; Departure of Troops from New York City: Important Letters from Pensacola and Fort Pickens; All About the Great Fight In Baltimore; Dei artmentai News, Removals, Resignations a?*d Appointments; Operations of tbe Patent uoce; Doing* at our Navy-Yard; Latest News from the Pacific Coast; editorials upon the Crisis; Agricultural and Horticultural Correspondence and Miscellany; Choice News Items; Spicy l^ocals, Ac., 4c.; together with Literary Clippings, Poetry, Wit, Fun, and General Information. This is just the paper a>?ove all others for persons sojourning In the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or 91 "0 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Spirit s( the >urslB| Press. The Intilligmeer expresses its gratification at the policy of Mr. Breckinridge, of Kentucky, in urging that his State present herself to Comjrfss through her Representatives, on the 4th of July, and protest against the settlement of the national d.fllculties bv the ?wnrd The Rtpubliean, noticing tbe petition in cir'ulation in Baltimore to the Maryland Legislature to send commissioner.* to Washington and Montgomery to effect a compromise. aay?: "If Maryland wants peace she can have it by ctasing to mi ice trar on tht United Staut. Bat there is to be no con prom lite of the national possession of thla capital, and of all the approaches to It from the North Upon that point there should be no misunderstanding anywhere." Tub War Fkkli*g is New York.?The following letter received In this city yesterday from a wealthy citizen of New York, shows the itate of feeling there: Nrv York. April'22, 1361. D ?r Sir; WTe have excltin/ times n?*re since the President's proclamation This city is a military camp On Thursday morning last, we were surprised to se* 60>) men from Mastachiisetts mart hing down Bro?itway on their way to Washinotan f ?11 >.???"? v-- k?* * _ ? uv. >11 uuuui ur unmwm on l&t Old bav State Thi? surprise ha* p:tt al. of our people In the war fevtr All politics, ;ill religion, ull natlonal'tv, baa sunk, arid but ore spirit is exhibited here I becburctrs of all dennminv.lor.s are displaying tbe Flag of the Union' Tr.nity bat one from thesteep'e-iOO feet higb; the Catholic Cathedral set one on Friday last, witn cheers from the multltade. Our noble Seventh was the first to depart; their delays in getting to you are before vou ere tbls. Yesterday (vutday) we sent you 3 000, the 6th, jGenmn,) the 12ih, and the 1st. and they are '.u company with l.RJU from Rhode Island. Last nigbt, at 9 o'clock, we were astonished at the m.?rch of l,4ti0 troops from Massachusetts from the Twenty-sixth street station to a steamer at pier No 4, in waiting for them. L'ter in the night 1.0U0 artillerists came through, with eannon and tmrw tmm ?k? ?- " ? ?? f.x ?uc Miuc ?'W vc Tba Old -'Bay" has now 5,1*10 men on the way to vou VVe have already sent 4.00<>, and before the week is out <t M4) will follow, all from this eltv The Irish alone, want to sei.d 3.000 There t?onlvone sentiment here?the Country, the Constitution. and th? Flig! The city it illied with the glorious emblem of a people's liberty No sleep here day cr night; all n preparation, ail want to fight The German Turners are forming a regiment. All rnonied institutions are giving their men and their money as fr-?e as air You will ?-? the roost formidable crowd soon front tnis city you ever laid eyea on The firemen aud all preparing to go My b. y J anies left yesterday with the 7!st regi- I meat. When ttev will get to your citv I cannot tell, but I will take the lib; rty'of sending letters to him to your care for the present, arid ask that vou will seek hirti out and deliver any s ich as mir come to foor bands 1 have also given vour noir.e to other fathers wh o have boys In the war, and you may be troubled by them to deliver communications to tbeir sons Yours, truly, R.K. Pbscla*atioss by thk GovtKJioi ok Vib ijiia.?Governor Lttcber. cf Virginia, has issued :&re? proclamations?on* ordering a vote by the people upon the ordinance of secession, and another orderiug that ail private vernels and property aelsed or detained, with the exception of the Mam#'* Jamestown and Yorktown, shall be released and delivered up to the masters cr owners; advising the people of ?h? Common wealth (not in tb? military service of tbe Statr) to return to their usual svocatior.s In connection with tbe trade and commerce of- tbe country, assuring them protection and defense; and discountenancing ell acts of selsure of private property without authority of law; and requiring th^t all the laws be administered *nd executed by the tribunals especially assigned for the pur po?* The last directs sill companies net now in Richmond and not ordered tbero or elsewhere, to remain at their homes, i 1? - ? <?wKiia ?:mpiy in readiness for ser- ( vios, until ordered by competent authority. All , persons en^a^td In nmk'nj artillery hi rness or j other equipment*, or or any other special duty for the State, are to be exempted from military s- rvice. without express orders to tte contrary; and no coi: ptny to be muttered Into service unlets the complement of men prescribed by law shall have been obtained. Ptsat Bucks a5d i'csiTivt Shots.?It Issald that when Col Benjamin F. Butler, in command ?>f the Massachusetts Regiment, landed, some of the suthorlties of Annapolis protested against the pssssgs of Massai busetts troops over Maryland soil, when be replied: "Sir, we came here not as citizens f Massachusetts, but as citizen-soldiers of the United Mates, wltli r.o Intention to lnv .de anv State, but to protect the Capital of our common <y>u?trv from invasion \v e shall give no esuse of offense, hut there must be n<> fugitive tkott &r stray brick* on the way." NkwYobx T?oor??The New York Herald gWn the following lUt of troops that have left New York: Seventh Regiment, Col LeflVrta, I 000 men; Seventy-firm Regiment, Col Voaburgh, 1 000 meu; Twelfth Regiment, Col. Butterfirlri, 150 men; Sixth Regiment, Col. Plnckney, 850; Sl?tv-nlMh Keglment, Col Corroran, 1,000 meu; Eighth Regiment, Coi. Lvor.s, l,tx?0 nien; Thirteenth Regiment, Col. Smith. (Brooklyn,) 700 niro; Twenty-eighth Regiment, Col. Beuaett, (Brooklyn,) K*> men G**- Wool Gojib tuNkw York?Brigadier Gen Wool left in the 9 o'clock train for N*-w York this morning He goea to concentrate the troopa and. munition* of war at New York. He baa directed, by telegraph, the tranimlni?ii of a hundred thousand atand of arms? aixty-flve thousand from Springfield. The Springfield armorv ia mrnire out s'xty stnnd of arms per day- Tbere arc now ready a sufficient number of i rmi to supplf *U who bave bfi-n called into service.?Alba- I ay i'ctmtHf Journal. Wbat It hod* Island Hah Dome ?Since Monday morning Kbode Island has cal.ed a special session of ?ne Legislature, appropriated half a million of dollars to fitting out troops, tbrown H o Rhode Island boys into Fort Monroe, Va , s?nt to Eaaton, Fa , a splendid battery of light artillery, which might uow have been in Washington had rot its inarch been countermanded by the War Deftrtment. and sbe now has a re^imrut 1,290 strong, with her Governor at its head, far on its way to Washington ?Trxb%nt MiutaKt !*ekvick Phshk?ki>?We are informed that Gov. N. P Banks, who has recently located Id Chicago as resident vice president of ttt Illinois Central Railwav. Iu? ??? ,, a? " i Msssachusetta. and la expected to command the regiments of that State. We do oot know of a nidii brtu-r qualified for a commander lo this war. He la personally known to moat of the Maaaachusetts vo. unte? r?. and only a Tear ago b< waa commatidtr-ln chief of tbe' military forces of that State ?Chicago Pott. The Stab ?pi>glio Ba.imi iji Carmen ? ; Tbc or*snUts at two of the Cincinnati churcbea concluded the aervlcsjpon Sunday liiat by playing t> e (Star Spangled Banner " This la but otia of ' the myriad indications of lutenae national feeling now exhibited through the North und West TiliM or tux Buots ?We are Informed that veaaela are engaged In removing the buoya In the I'otomar with a view of impedltx navigation. Tha probabilities are in fhvor of (his statement, though wa cannot atatc it with certainty ?Alt/ 1 M*ti???i. % ???-?- i ii. l.ATxar riox Hum a Ftaar.?A dispatch Lite juet been received from Winchester aanoan- j ilng tbjt tte troops at Harper'a Kerry have bten ortl. ret to scu-c other point We have i.ot been I informed where their destination, but suppose It i m .st be Bear the federal capital ? Ttntk Ltgxom TUB .1KWI HERI. Hasdt at Anythino ?Aa the Seventh New York and Butler's Masiacbuaetta Reglmect were preparing to march hlth?r from Annapolla, th? ! pirt* of a locomotive t>ken eitlrely to plerea, were diacovered. Colonel Rutler immediately called for some man among hla troop* wbo could put a locomotive together: whereupon, thirteen tepped forward, who Immediately got to work opon It under the auDenrlalon of one of their own number, who having bf?i the fireman of a locomotive factory, found his own mark on the parts In question, the engine being actually of his own manufacture. It was not long ere the machine was In rnnnlng order Again: when It be.-*m? ne/^??ary to work the frigate Constitution In front of tae town, he called for men of his regiment who understood ssamanship. Whereupon, a whole company, from Marblenead stepped forward, and thi:a became capltal sailors?rath* r than noldiers?for the nonce. Still again: when it was determined that the torn up railroad tra< k must be rrtsld for some ten miles, he called for men experienced In railroad building, retiring, decnr.d llfty men advanced s p^ce In front, thirteen of them l?elng civil engineers and locomotive engineer* Under the wuperIntendenre of these flfty, Knn?* ?' competent mechanics were soon at work; the part of the lab^re's being taken hy tbe members of the New York Seventh, none of whom had probably before Uvna. Again- when day* ago the car* and engine* lit our (Washington) rtation were taken po**e*?ion of by Oovernmen:. and tbe regular engineer of the railroad rom >anv refined to run tbe train out to the Annapol'.* Junction, a tneaaenger was dispatched to tbe Sixth .Maaaachuaetta R^cluent at the Capitol, and tbe inquiry waa made if any one amongst tbem nnderatood the running of a train. No lea* than live practical railroad engineer* immediately stepped out of the > n V* I I an . And (till iga!n: when Col Butler put bis troops upon the fWrv boat at Havre-?le tJrace her otfloers supposed they would b? required only to ferry them over the river. But But er orderea h*r head to be put about for Annapolis; an,I the pilot, a *ysmpathlz?,r with disunion, shortly afterwards run the boat aground Whereupon Butler called r>r a man capable < f actlu^ as a Susquehannariver pilot among bis men . and one of them tnsta..tly stepped forward, displaced the disaffected man from the wheel, and brought the stjamer safely into Annapolis harbor. r*uch ar?? th<s men who are rushing to the defense of this city! Tiir Baltimokk Election.?On the day before irn9t." rri i it an ?, i **.?M ??r* '1 i.? ? * ' * J m J <*u V?VV*IUU4 111 IHCIiy OI 118 f"Ssrntlal features, wn held In llallimore to fill v icincies In the city's representation In tbe Legislature, which meet to-day, st Frederick The city being entirely under the rule of the disunion mob who have undertaken *o prevent the passige of reinforcements for tbe re lef guard of Washington, through ltatborougl fares, the I'n'os rren presented no candidates and kept away from the polls The ?>'i?n boasts thnt the election was a remarkab'y qu.??t one it should. Instead. fcave stated that as It was worth anv Union man's life to attempt to vote against tb? secession candidates The quiet was produced wholly by the power of tbe mob's despotism?wholly. But nine thousand votes In ail were ?ast: wb*;rem, in the late Presidential election the total number was 26,S40 Thus It appears that tbe d.sunlonists of Baltimore, though able for the time being to held the city through violence, actually only number but one third of it* population' It cannot l>e very long ere the Union and tbe Constitution will again be uppermost In Maryland, If a few more su?-h practical and forcible demonstrations of the comparative weakness of dlsunionism there, occur after the same fashion. Mr. Al*xa>deh H Stephens, Vice President of tbe so-called Confederate J?fates Government, has been making a speerh in Kichincnd, wherein he U< V?*d his chops as it were, in delight, over the fact that Virginia Lad been entrapped Into taking off tbe Lands of h s own n?nni?- ??.? I I I *v ?V ?U, they hive made on the I'nlted Sui'es Hp described Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee as about to embark in their cause with gre^t unanimity and intense enthusiasm. How utterly untruthful that declar.tticn Wfs, will be du'y comprehended bv those wto read the latest Intelligence from those States, r ubHshed in yesterday's Star, wherein it was shown that even Mr John C Breckinridge and Governor Macoflin still stand by the Stars and Stripes, tir^e the election of Kentuck\ 's members to the Congress to as.<eu>ble here on tb^ 1th of Jul-/ next, and call on Tennessee and .Missouri to jo'n Kentucky 'n refusing unttd ?V,?I. - .U<-Ia *ui?uiirs wnu u e aisui .onists. and to take such measures an will enable them t<> escape involvement In the civil war Into which the author'ties of Virgini? have rushe) her, and Into which th? disunions'* of Maryian !are doing their beat to plunge.that State. A Commksdabls Movk.?Gov. Letcher, in a recent proclamation, has forbidden tbe seizure of private property in the naneof the carse In which Virginia his been so suddenly plunged into difficulties and dangers, romnai.dfd the immediate restoration of that whlci ha* been thus seized, and forbtddeu the molestation of quiet citizen* or I'nion sentiments: indignantly declaring that Virginia's fair fame shall ik t be thus foully blurred He ie thu? doing his bcs" to relieve her from the tain that has o{late been brought upon her good name by those of her cit zens who have rushed to take the law into their own hands, assuming to , be accusers, prosecutors, judges, and executioners of surh of their fellow citizens and others in their midst, whose sentiments and posittons may be distasteful to tho*;- of whoever may fancy to lie their denouncers What is all this but, in prin- ' el pie. in exact keeping with the acta of tbe mob in tbe terrib'e Frr.ieh r< volution, wherein every man who was strung n .1 to a lamp post by the mob. was so accused, tried, and hung, In the name of the State' COMMASDKR RoDiKR*. OF THE AEMY, AND CAPtain W eight, of tbe Engineers, reached here yesterday from R ichmor.d These two officers were left behind at Norfolk, having been cut ott' 1 from the retiring boats oy the tt?in<-s They were sent >ji> under escort tv Richmond, 1 where they were attained three days, during which time thev were the guests of Gov Letcher, by whom they were treated with the utmost courtesy and attention; and when tLey left were ?ccompanl?*d by blm ti the cars, and an officer ier.t with them for their projection, who accom- 1 panied thern to the end of the Long Bridge at 1 Washington. Though there were crowds to look at them at i each stoDDinir nlare. ai rf nn - ??-? < r" ? ? ? ? ? xv ? ma i v oa ui IV ICO 1 mond, yet not the slightest molestation was ottered 1 to them, and they apeak in warm terms of their treatment, particularly by all the military and civil official*. A P:ruBLK Sight.?This morning, there arrived in thlscity John D Reed, a forty-acre farmer . near Bailey'# Crrss-roids, (in the vicinity of this city.) with nls wife and ti ve children, tbeoldegt not , morethantiybt yearsufage. They had been driven J from their home at three hours' notice, arriving here in asingle horse cart, drawn by n skeleton and ' loaded with just such of their clothing and poor furniture a? tbey could cnatch up in an instant This family have not a dollar left Surely It Is * time for men there who value the character and reputation of this section of Virginia to put a stop 1 to the perpetration of such thing? in their midst, | and In the name of the people of those counties. I On the March Hither from Annapolis, not a sixpence worth of anything was used by the 1 Seventh New Y ork a id Butler's rneu that w is not ' promptly paid for in gold and silver. Having occatian to build a lire at night, near Annapolis Junction, the Seven h m~de it of a portion of a < farmer's feuce They sent for him; asked what was to pay; were answered, a hundred dollars! ' (five prlcws) and coi nted it down Into his hand, i without a word of objectiou. Bttler's Men ?The delav in ' 1 of this remarkable r?glment here !? occasioned by tbe net e saltv for their retention along tbe line of the railroad, which they now Lave principally ! under their charge. We presume that aa soon as other troops can be thrown out of Annapolis to relieve theui,we shall probably have them among 1 ns at once. There can hardly be less than nine thousand in all, this morning at Annapolis and between that point and Washington city. i Pusaimntiai. Appointments.?The President has nppoli.ted John H. Charles, of Iowa, Agent for the Indians of the Upper Missouri Agency. Also, Kdwin Cowle*, P'stmr.ster at Cleveland, Ohio; and Dudley Carle, of La., Consul at Dublin. War Movsmxsts is Virginia.?The steamer GeorgUna, Captain Pearson, which arrived yesterday morning from Norfolk, reports all quiet there, but great activity prevailing in making preparations for war. The Unit*d States frigate Cumberland, lying off Old Point, overhauled tbe steamer George Peabody, on Wednesday, while on the trip from Baltimore to Richmond Tbe frigate Hred at tirst two blank cartridges, and th-? two balls, which fell a short distance from th?i Peabody. Tbe latter having come to, was, after a short detention, permitted to proceed on her trip. A schooner from New York was also tired at from Fortress Mcnroe. brought to and captured. She contained Unarms and other munitions fur tbe Southern Ccnfederacv. A steam t..<? ? ?? likewise flred at and hit, but she escaped. Annapolla yesterday morning the Oeor- < gtaua itw the steamer lialtic anchored in the < channel with 1,71)0 northern troop* on hoard. < Alio the steamer Spauldlng with 1,700 more wait- < 111 If to b? landed Two U rt war steamers were i lying alon^atde. Boata were plying regularly 1 between Annapolis ;.nd Perrwllle. Ailed with ^ northern troopa?Fa/to Sun of Ikts morning. ? A Distihscishsd Pair ate ?General Henry l IVllson, United Mate* S-rnator from Maaa?chuaetta, < r>?a*ed through our cty yesterday on Ma way to i Washington H? goo a? a private In the Worcea- J Ler rr^liuent that arrived here yesterday morning, i and left hyswatnboat laat evening?A?r Vor* c Tnbune / Mom-tay, 1 RICHMOND AFFAIRS. The Richmond paper* of the 94th haw the following Items: The officer* of the Bar L!n? have been notlflrd by the Norfolk authorities that If they aaaiaUd In the transportation of Federal troop* to Tim inia wa'fri, the iteimert would be burnt at the wharf The line of Rotton steamer* which hare hereto fore been in the habit of (topping at Norfolk tc land and receive pa**?n?f r* and freight, wlli not, In future, be allowed to come to the wharf Wben the Alexandria car* arrived at Orang< Court Hoiise with Andy Jobnton on board, * lar<{e crowd Immediacy congregated. and th? i J *_ 1 _ 1 ? t t tv. main't unijr w?tu iiii uacon ' ay me prompmeai of the conductor, who, while preparation* wer? making to dreaa him out in tar anil feathera, pul on ateam, and left the excifcd crowd, although aome minuUs ahead of hla time c f atartlng. YVe have 1-arr.ed upon inquiry that a telegram waa received l>y tiov. Letcher, from Oovernoi Pic ken a, aaking that prepiratlon be made fbi three thouaand troopa, who would arrive in dMlj detachment* of alx hundred. Late vesterday the President of the Nortbeaatern Kailroad tele graphed to a friend in thia city that four hundred and fifty trooj* left Charleston on the previoui dav for Richmond, and we underaland that the) are expected to a rive here In an extra train thii forenoon The Danville train, which arrived on yea'erda) aflrrnoon, w?.t laden entirely with troop* froir the Southside, consisting of live line looking com j <nlea 'i'he cltv on veatrrdav nreaented * enntmnnm ucceasion of dloromlc view*, of the military order In the afternoon, several fine parade* wer? made bv the vir oui city and country tr<op* The city I* rapldiv tilling up with so'.d'.er*. Then are now fully twenty flvs hundred in the c ity. The !>ta e authorities have contracted witt Grtiesln this city for altering ten thousand flint rk muiket* into percu**ion. The work hai already been commenced. A company of brave ao'.dler* who left theli home to come down by ?xprrsa train and undei orders, were yesterday sent back a* they came because they lacked two men. The St Ate de inandf-d fifty, and they had only for'y-elgh oldlers. Folly, and presumption, so long *u preme in the Convention, have come out of it, gotten on horseback, and inspects troops We received tbe intelligence from Norfolk, 1**1 night, th*t two hundred and tifty troops from tieorgia reached there on yt-*terday, and weni into quarters Breastwork* were being thrown up at prominent points down the Kiizabett river, and active preparation* were under way for making Norfolk oneof our strongest military poiuv. The Richmond Examiner of the 24th says "The capture of Washington City is the theme o: universal conversation, and the determination amongst the people to effect It may be said to approach very nearly to absolute unanimity. Then may be a little diversity of opinion about the policy'as mere military nece?sity, although it car Uc.Jl.. 1 * ? urju j uc luuuvm unifCFMary oy anv military min of real ability ; but &s a mere political ne c?i!tv, no man of any pretensions to ordinary sagacity and statesmanship can douOt it for a mo m?ut " AFFURS I> RALTI>10RE. [From the Valtimore American of Thursday ] The city has returned to a state cf aln'ost absolute repose 1 be military are still at tbeir armories, and uniforms are plentiful in 'be street*, bni beyond this there is nothing apparent to indicate the approach ef anv unusual event* AFFAIRS AT P2RRTVUL3 At Perryviile, fecil r.o'intv, on the e*?t side ol the Snsqnehanna, opposite Havre de f?race, the Northern troops are concentrating in iarse force, awaiting conveyance to the Federal Capital. A regular camp has been established. A SOUTHER* ARMY AT NOK FOLK Capt. Russell, of tbe steamer Louisiana, which reached here yestrrday. reports that over 7,H0(J troops from the South arrived at Norfolk on Tuefday. Tbeir destination w?s kept secret. MAIL TO WASHINGTON. As all communication to Washington by railroad has been cut ott", and a heavy mail has been accumulating since Tuesday, Dr Morris, Postmaster. de'.ermiued to send bv express; and it left bere at noon It was supposed it would reach Washington in five hours. * MOHE BRIDGES DKSTROTKD It baa bean currently reported and believed bv our citlztns that the IVnnsylvanla troop* which have b^e'i stationed for *?-veral day# paat at Cockevsvllle, Baltimore county, had left and proceeded to Harriaburg, but it now appear* that iich i? not the cese, aa thev are ?tatior.ed at York, Pa , awaiting the arrival of relnforcemeutg The train containing the troopa left Axhland Station, about one mile above Cockevavllle. at a o'ciotk Tuesday morning, and arrived at York about 9 o'clock a.m. La'ge numbers of volunteer companies are hourly arriving in the city and enrolling themselves under tbe command of Col. Wynkoop Immediately upon tbe departure of the train from Ashland tlie authorities of Baltimore county dispatched a body of armed men t > follow in the rear of the train and destroy tbe bridges, which they did, burning all the bridges, large and small, from Ashland to tbe Maryland line, wi'h one exception, the " Gunpowder Bridge," which was spared. The turnpike from here to York Is llterallv oucK with vehicles of every description, containing whole families from Baltimore, hurrying to the rountry. A great many stranger* are also proreeding to Pennsylvania, for the purpoae of embirking for the North ^KizcBX or provisions, cloth:nq, ktc. Lieut Elliott, with a posse cf policemen, proreeded at an early hour yesterday morning, on th? Philadelphia KaUroad to Steminer's Run, distant nine miles from the city, and took poasession of a train of thirteen cars. Of the nutnl>er three contained 1S3 barrels of pork, in all over 36 OUO p?unds; while the remaining ten were loaded with accoutrements for a large force, consisting of clothing. Ac , with large quantities of flour and other >tores Under the charge of an engine* r Ihe cars were brought by a locomotive to Backriver bridge, which was repaired sutlirlenUy to permit the pnsssoe of th? train ' <- J ? r - ....... iV uun uuurr the charge of the authorities of the city. CONSULTATION OF OFFICERS A consultation of officers wan held nt the Naval School yesterday, ar.d It was determined that the passage of troops through .Maryhind to the city of Washington should be conducted In such a manner as to give no cause of offense to the De^ple of this Stat*, that nothing sbou'd betaken' without prompt pay. Should the people, however, desiroy the bridges, make a hostile attack, or offer any interruption to the troops, it would immediately be resented and with proper severity. FROM I! t KRISBl RG. [From the Patriot and Union of Monday ] REGULARSKN ROUTS. Yesterday afternoon six car loads of regulars from Fort Rldgelev, Minnesota, arrived f om the West, They remained In the cars and left for Philadelphia in the night, fron; which place they will be shipped to Annapolis in a vessel already prepared for them. MOVEMENT OF TROOPS Last evening one thousand of the troops from Camp Curtin lef' for Philadelphia. It was expected that the Ohio troops would move In the tame direction lu the course of the night. At the time we go to press, fifty car loads of troops from Illinois and Indiana are momentarily expected All the available resources of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, which are second to none in the world, have been placed at the disposal of the Uovsrnment. THE OHIO TROOPS. About 500 soldiers fri.m Ohio arrived on Saturday morning, and were quartered at Brant's Hall. About 000 more arrived a little after 12 o'clock b-esterday morning, and are quartered at the Capitol. Among the; last are the Rover Guards, the l?cfayette Guards, and Zouaves?the mr* of Cincinnati, and two Hue companies from Cleveland and L>ayton. aksival op troops. Since our last the arrival of troops has been larj^r; and they are so scattered, and the confusion Is of such a nature as to render It tmpoaslble for us at thi* time to get anything like an accurate list. A company from Scranton, and another from Wllkesbarre, numbering 175 men, arrived on Saturday. Also, a company from Sunbury, and another full company from Carlisle in the afternoon of Saturday, nearly a full regiment arrived from Muntgouit-ry county, under the command of Col. Hartrauft, of Norristown. They tre all fine-looking men, and made a most Imposing appearance Late at night, the Reading train, which was two hours behind time, arrived, having on board upwards of a thousand men?companies from Northampton. Lehigh, lierks, and Lebanon. It was impossible to get the amies of the companies, ?r the number of each, yesterday a <?? " " ' * wui|/uuj nuiii i?ic * tr>icvyq| iwo irotn C?nlf? 'ounty, one from Huntingdon, and several from Pittsburg and vicinity, also arrived in the course af tbe night, making, eiclusive of the Ohio companies, and not counting those that l?ft, about Four thousand at Cauip Curtla. This number, of course, was largely Increased last evening and this morning. 1 I A Theilliko Incidknt at Camt Curtis !?As \ MKR1CA !f KaOLK ScaVSTS TUB CAMP ' ?OtlC of ;he m< at thrilling incidents connected with the nllltary operations of the dav took place at Ciimp Purlin on Saturday afternoon A number of pertons were engaged la raising the stars and stripes ... Ik. ?I- W-UJl ?? >ur main uunuiu{(. "?< <? ?? the headquarU-ra >f the officers, and juit u everything wai tu readtirM, and the men had eelied the Lalyard to run ip the flag, a large ea^le came from n > one knew where, kovtrtd ov-r iKt JUg, and tail-H mnjisli:aily over thi tncampm-ni wkiU tke Jt*g vat run tp ' Thouaandaof evea were upturned in a woueat, and aa ihe noble bird looked dowa, the :heera of three thousand men rent the air! Never ?raa aueb ovation paid the "Imperial Bird < f love " It lingered for a frw nituuUa ap-jar?utly ?<>tap<irtlcle frightened at the terrlfl: nol?e- tb?-n :leevinc the air with bl* pinion* be diMppi arrd n the borltonHarristotrg Paint m/ Tiim. a 9 | MILITARY MOVEMENTS. s I , i PMXIYLYAMA- i Hamms, April 33 ? The Marylanden | I burned all the bridge* on the Northern Central Railroad, between Oockeynville and the Pennayl. v.inla ltoe, aa toon at the Pennaylvanla troopa retired. The Seventh and Eighth Regimenta go to , Chambertburg to-night, ar.d will form a camp. They will invade Virginia if the troopa of that ' State advance. , Three new re7lmenta and twenty-three torn, piniea that bad offered their aervlcea were rejected , for the present, but directed to be held In reedl, neaa. aa another re^ulaltlon to fill the quota of . ; Maryland and Virginia, la expected ia a few t daya Hpn^ml V?- -.--A-J A? 1 * * k v.* - < '* f 19 r*prvvru W aiTITi! Ofrc lOmorrow with 1,500 men from the western counties stw yobk. New York, April 23 ?The Eighth, Thirteenth, and Sixty-ninth Regiments sailed to-day?the litter being accompanied to toe pier bv about 1,000 recruits, for whom there Is as yet no means of transportation. The steamer Montgomery, It Is said, will be converted Into a gunboat. The New York Times has a report that the Government has ??nt to England for 20 Armstrong gun?. New Yore, April 23.?The steamer Marion sailed at6 o'clock with the 13th Brooklyn Regiment,

and the United States brig Terry in tow. The James Adger, with the B9th Regiment, and the Alabama, with the Sth Regiment. *t . the same time. MAISACUCSKTTS. . Bo?to5, Aprll23 ? EtgbiyUve companies bav? reported themselves ready'and anxious to serve t the Government MISSOURI. , St I.oris, April 23.?The Democrat, of this morning. say? : Gen. Harnev having received the r necrwwry orders yesterday,'about TOO men were r enllsted'under th* President's proclamation, and flaced under the command of the officers at the totted State* Arsenal. It It understood that 1.500 I men bive tendered their service*, and will be acr epted There are now about 1,300 troops In the U. S Arsenal. [ Lutrr frimEnropr. News from Kurope, by the Jura, up to the 12th Instant, has be*-n received It is rumored 'hat the French Nations! Guards are to be reconstructed on a grand scale,with Marshal Canrobert as commander-in-chief. It Is urd< rsto -d that F.ngland Intends sending an expeditionary corfs to Syria, to occupy the point of territory between ITpper Syria and Eirypt. Portugal has recocniied the new Kingdom of Italy. Warlike preparations on the grandest scale in Spiln are spoken of. and the expenditure will amount to jE20.(Mio,U00 sterling The French and Spanish t< oops in Cochin China have captured live forts after an obstinate resistance. i J >? ... mm uhift n-.uiajrr una oern causea in Java, with much loss of life, by heavy flood*. The Danish army ia to be placed on a war footing The Austrian Diet had unanimously passed a voteof thanks to the Emperor for the new law relative to protectants. Another law. which is published, grants to women the right of voting at elections for members ' of the Diet A well known correspondent of the Times polota out the temptation to Immediate hostilities He ( says it is ruinous to A nstrU to wait till the Italian Kingdom is consolidated A bold attack with two hundred thous-ind men would soon bring the Austrians to Milan and Turin A pretext must be found.otherwise the French would a^ain cross th? Alps. Th's is the pretext. Austrian agents all over hombardy are buying ud the conges of Garlbaldians, the price being 1 about twelve pounds each Once a sufficient number of these conges bought ud. a corretnnn. ding a MB bar of men oau be ? s.iv put In red shirts J and be made to attack. Thus Austria will have n right to retaliate, and the Austrian army will i re-enter Italy. The Journal of St. Petersburg gives tbe fd- 1 lowing version of the renewed disturbances at Warsaw. Great crowds of people having assembled before the Castle, they were dispersed by , force. The conflict was renewed several times | Ten persons were killed, and as many wounded. Five soldiers were killed, and forty-five persons 1 were arrested Other accouuts say the number of victims was even larger than stated in the original dispatch Renewal of disturbances was expected. The troof* at W arsaw number 32.0U0 , men. Liverpool. April 11?Cotton ba* advanced V < a ^d The sales of the week have been ?5,(100 bales, closing steady The sales on Friday were I 1(1 000 bales at 6d. for fair Orleans, and d for ' luuiiiiK viirauo lireadstufi's were dull and declining. l,oxw)S. April 12.?Consols 91 -.92 for money aud account. laMK?E MliiTlMi or TMt IfU&M CITIZENS AT Cincinnati ?Tb? large Hall of the Catholic Institute was crowded with enthusiastic Irish citiztna, on Saturday evening, who La* responded to a rail to organize in defence of their cdcpted country. Tbe meeting was addressed by Colonel P McGroartv, Andy P. Ward, Dr. Beck, Colonel Sullivan, Charlts Rule, Stephen McGroarty and Dr Ckbill. The appeils of these gentlemen to sustain the Government, and for tbe enlistment of volunteers, produced the wildest enthusiasm Tbe books were opened for volunteers, and a lar*e number stepped forward and registered their names. It was announced tbat \vard rendezvous would be hereafter announced for tbe enlistment of troops. The following are the preamble ai.d resolutions adopted : Whereas, The Irish American citicena of Hamilton county, recognizing as they always have done, (betr obligation to support the constitution against its foes, ' pledge their lives, their fortunes and (heir sarred honors'" to maintain it to the last. That we will surioort ili? r - ? ?<- VI lUt Ulliiru 2 Slates against an internal foe as we would have t done Against ihe British flay, Lad it come against < u? < Resclvd, That we will raise a regiment for the 1 support of the Government. 1 Hf solcid. That we pledge ourselves to aid and asr. st the fimilies of all who shall be mustrred into service in the Irisa Regiment of Cincinnati, J during their absence ( The Coming California Steamer* Armed ? ct The Pacific Mall Steamship Company has acted ( In the most prompt manner to ensure she protee i tion of passengers and the security of freight and 1 treasure on their steamers in the Pacific Besides ^ supplying thein abundantly with small arms in- J eluding revolvers. musk?tsand cutlasseaand am- . munition, each steamer will carry at least two i heavy carronadea or 12-pound cannon; end instructions have gone out some time since to thoroughly sheath the bows of each ship with ' iron, so ah to enable them, without Injury to tb?m- ( selves, to run down and sink any pirate or priva- ! teer which might attempt their capture. As they i are all fast vessels they would prove in this way j most formidable in any encounter on the usually j calm Pacific, where sailing vessels could not so i well manage to escape Their engines are pro- I vided wltfi hot water, pipe and hose which, with J the lar^e number of well-armed California and * Oregon p:.wu-ngers always on board, wouldenable ^ them to repel any hostile visitors. Th? North Star, one of ilio f?~? v 1'?*- ? y ....-v, ?* vmi 11 c** i yi jw on | Monday armed as described. a JU" Intelligence from Norfolk reports the rapid J concentration of Virginia troops at that point. I Several companies from Georgia bad also arrived 1 th? re The wbole number aesembled Is reported ? at 7,(NX) A section of an ordinance p.tised by the j Virginia Convention is puolisbed in the Richmond papers It authorizes the Governor to 4*call Into the service of the State as many volunteers as j may be necessary to repel Invasion and protect 1 the citizens of the State in the present emergency " 6 The channel to the port of Norfolk has been still I further blocked up by sinking the old ship United -1 States In which Decatur captured the Macedonian. The Federal troops at Fortress Monroe are sup- < i posed to befortlfvlnir the Kit. R?n? an ?? r r-1 -- uu.ui.uw r fortification nearly opposite and in the mouth of ? the entrance to Hampton Koada The llghW on 0 the Virginia shore of (heChespeake Bay are being ? removed or extinguished, it la supposed by order \ of the authorities of that State. ? I Th> KmotiD Battle at Fokt Pictsns.? The Baltimore Sun of yesterday says: a There is no confirmation, es yet, of the reported t attack on Port Pickens. The rumor, however, 1 continues to receive credence In some quarters, t The Porisraouth (Va.) Transcript of Tuesday 0 sjys: 'Dispatches received last night give the 1mportant and glorious news that Fort Pickens baa t, ueen taken by the gallant sous of the South. The n low on our side is said to be heavy One of the r dispatches states that the Ion on the side of the L South in the desperate struggle was twenty-five P hundred. But the victory Is ou's " We are euablcd to state, on the authority of a ' private dispatch received in this city last night, 0 that the report of the battle la not correct. QjT The Cincinnati Gazette of tue 20th Instant * says :?" Our boys left Columbus yesterday morning, and were In Pittsburg In the afternoon, 2 where they were detained a short time by aa order 0 from Gov Dennison, on the ides that ihey might ? ha ilhoinn TW?- *? ?? - -- m. j "tuiuu,u'iwever.?iia will be at Harriaburg tliia morning, where they " will be mutte'ed into the Urited State* aervlce, 0 and fully armed and provided with ammunition, * before goln< on, and will be adviaed by an aid j of Gen. Scott cf the condition of affairs at Bilti- u more, and the courae to h? taken to meet It " rt Foitiui Mosaoi ? Pawengara from Hamp ? ton, wttfcla two mi lee of Fortre.-a Monroe, report tl that lbe poat la In the beat atate of defenae. and a tbM then* are now quartered within ita walla at ? lea?t 4,080 experienced arUllertaU H o Cj* It ia expected that th? PeMirola and Mont- J] |ou>-ry Railroad will be computed in live day* _ Thcr tre from aix lo aevtn miUa yet to Iron r ffiw.?W?=a:e the examination o( catxliaatea for mhiuim info the M<>dio*I StalT of the >'?it?! 9*?>? Army, ib ? %~?ord*noe With t*e following Order Th?re are now ? tmwoim ia the Madioal 8:??T. W*m PmiT*K5T. I Adjutant O mirml't I fit*. } WMhiPctun. Ma. eh IS. 1H1. \ grrcux O*0K*a No H A Board of Medioa! OfSoera will aa?*mhla is New Vnrk >>ii> ? i-. ?? *?-? ? ? -- ? %H" ! ? ?>?j vi tu?' or ton th?r*ftfier a* pr*~tioftbi?, tor tt??? umimUm of r Htitoat 8ar(*on* for ^rooMtiot. anJ ?>f luon I onndi(]\te? for ?iipnititmrnt m par M iuvitM to i prMent thcm*?lvM befiir# tb* Bo*nl. Dktail rum tbk Boabo. Sargcou ?"1<> ..e; t Fiulej. ' rh*r!w MoDu*|t! , ~ W J. Slots. By or<J*r of ths SMrtU't of Ww: 1 L THOMAS, Ml Gererfti. ( A pplicfttlom nu<t h? to th? Poerotftry 1 of \\ a*; mmt *?*t? the r**?d*no? of th? apfliofcot, a*d t r.e d?? *rirt pl?o? of b?rth. Thwjr m??t iImu , ftocomeani<Nl (rvf^renoM will rrooiv* ?n ktt*ntinn> br tftp^oiftbia tt>?ti-nonift'* "f hi* |>rof#??ion, th? moral anil nSw??/>?; lm~ m" - iur III* ini croditatily trie impossible ?latioa. u4 f >r p?r - j forminc al?lj th* arduoca and active Jatie* of an offiocr of the .Medio*! St tit! Applicant* muit be bet w<"*n 2t ami 3? jeara of a*e 1 1 hire are now five vaoacotei ia the Medtnal Staff ap 25 3. J v"^? AT r^NTlON !?The mem'-wn of the La* I 8 r... c-.-j ? -* - nuniu? win nirrt 11 mpif armory, corner I welfth eni K aU., EVERY EVENING Una wrek. at 8 o'aio-k. By ord?r of th* Captain ap t* 3t _ (V-5F* ATTKNTION. VOLt'NTKKR*!?All JJE |>woh wahirg ta enrol in a o?mrany for service id the Diatriot are r*aue?t*l to apply at the tone bal ding corner of Tertb and E at*. ?P 2* 4t nrS?t>NE HI'NL)REI) VOLUNTEERS ij. j wanted for nervioe in the Diatriot of Colun.hia. Apply to the corner of Tenth and E, old Medioal College,first floor. ap IT pROPU9AL8. NAVT rirAlTJUT. I Bureau of Yards end Doch. April 24,1861. \ PKAI.ED PROPOSAL* for rach eln?* ?e?%rata T ?i - ' Af\rm*A ? ? * - ? " ^* ? >?r.?iai>.i vijii :>u mam* in* ciata) for th-Nav? Va<-d nteau.ethe yard.'Mmi! bertoeivid a*, tni* rffice ui til i.oonon tlie 77th d*T of 1 Mar next, for fumiatnnc asti del venae at :l.e ?*v . erM.Nav? Varda'd the mateual* a' ?i arMo'sa ombr-o d in p lute i aon^'u ea, waioh ? ill be Ill'- ' uuhod ou t;pi: .ation, ar.d acut by h ail- if 10 re*n?at.d. t?? pernor a desmnt t? otter tooi#utrvst f r a<.y ??r a 1 of the claa?< a rjirod thereir. by th? oon.rraMlanta ??|'he *ev?ial Mar? > arda, f< r ths J c a?iea lor the yarc<a under their command, or l>? a.? %.) un ,??n j\ teni LPH'?tt thereto, -jr by I he bureau for a- y or ali the vard?. To pterin! ron.fitsion and mistaft in sealing ike ofrs,nob d wtii b? receivei w\ich contain* daises J for mo*- than one yard tn one envelope, and e^o'a | in 'i\ icual of a Lrm mast *i*n the bid a> d contract Hi^ii-rs ar* hereby evi iunnt and pn tu-ula y not ftoO that their offers h.uj? l>a iu the form ner > i inafter pr"?Q-ib<v:. and b? mailed in t:nie to reach their eefticat'on before rue urn-* ezeinn for re oeivirr the.r; no bid teill be cmstder?d vhirh shall < {> rtee\re<1 after thifertod Stated, and hp alletrance ip>ll be made for failures of the mail ? I o Kur.rd arnu4 offers boinnpened before the time a?po! rten. |u?l< crs a e requf te<l to ei.iJ?>r?e an I tbe envelope a'*>v e the addre-->, and draw a line nn- ! dei the Mid. r-?"i "ut. t(ius : "Proposals for Class i'o. (namt the clan) for the I Savy Yard it \ntmt the yard.") To t he t h ef of'he Bnr?au of Yards ad Docks, V. atlnrn'on. U. C. Frrm of Of*. (H ere date the offer ) I, (here in?ert the came or utm?c composing the / fir' u.f< nain? fh? to? n > in tiie 8t*te of< uame the J Matt. >her?: y ffjrto fun.uh under your aux?rti??m?nt dated (<!?te of ?d v?-ti??-iri9nt and subject to all I he reqa;. emrn'aof tb? a?rne, and of the prir.tfd sofiedule to which it refer*, ai the a#tt"W* em- . braced in a** i?o i va^e the clasai for the nary- ^ y*rd at < name < he ra d, t ?oOortiii,g fen *aid eche"? e, > Viz. (he. e pa-te on the printed ci%? from tue cohedule. and oppocite , aan articia *<tthe p.ue and t oirrv oi:t (!??& ? oust in thec.-iurnna for dollar* and ? oenU. and foot up the agfr<?g&t-> an ount of the t bid for the nia??' amounting t j < heie * rite tae e amount iu wore*.> 1 propose aa my arent (here name tke agent, if o:;e is rfq ue< by the chHule) for the cupp y " 11 r. i??r the clv>*??? mitctllaneou!, by a nou-re?ident \ oJ tiie p ace u Oeiivery; and xhould rnv iffur I* I'-ceptcd, 1 reeurattl.e corttia- i may be p e^ared " *nd er.ttithu navt a> eat at <::*nie thtagenoy) ? for ms'.a'ure* and certificate. m - - i nere uie bidder and dhoq c (mber of ?ht> firm to ? 1 Form of Guarantee. The undersigned trameof guarantor > of tname the town ) tul Mate 01 inline the Sutf,) nd name of s? ooi,d , uarantor, <? o ,) hereby undertake tha* th-* above rame i < r ame the bidder or bidder*) t will, if hu I or incir] c If-r as abov? be aLoe^-tad, Miter info contract with the nit<xi State* within i fifteen dajs alter the cats of uotioe through the n pixst office <<t tue accepia:.ce of hit lor thetrl offer { belore ment.oued Wituest: (S gnature of guarantors ) I certify that the above earned < her* name the ! juaraptorf) a:e k.vwn to n to b<> good and re>p ju*iblo guurantoie in thi* oate. < .ig!iaiu<e.) ^ i o t?? eignej by the di'tnet jrdge, district attor ney, coiiootor, navy a**r.t,' r -oine ^ersor kaum to the bureau 10 be reepoiiMible 1 PORTSMOUTH N. H. ? Claas No. 2 >u>ne; o a** N<. 6. Wi.te pine, pruos, jump* r, and cypres-; c a.* No. 7. Litu*. 1 a:r, and piaster, e.,a?s No.R. oement; r-ia*a N1Z j -avei and-a1!- ; o Rbii N.i 11 Iron, iron Lai *. *nd | ipikc-.-; o *?s No. 12. steel; o.*.s? No. 14. Fil"; a?? No. 15. 1'a.r.te oils,and ^lao*; c:a>s No. 16. *mp onnndiery; c m No. )7 Harowa"; e'a?a No. 8. Mati^tiOiy; o a?? No. 19. Ft ewoorf; elate No. (0. Hay and sua#; 0 *a? No 2J. H ovende ; o'tu c Vo22 Ci.arco* ; c>.ss No 23 Belti.;* packing. t lud hnae; c ars No. 24 Pp*rin atd lubricating 01 ; Q 5'a?e No. 2i. Iron oasti.ig?; 0 a?a No J6. A mers, >, >as*No-?7 Authracitec >ai; u.ass No 29 Bitumi iou? Cumner.and oo*l. BOSTON. Case No. 1. Brick*; ola>? No. X. Stone; elaaa Vo 5 Onk atd batd ?oo4; ciass No 6 Wii'tepme. pruce, juniper, and oy?resa. elaaa No. 7. i.ime. .air, a d p aster; c an* No 8 Cement; c.ass No 9. ; jrave' ar.U san T; elm Vo 11. Iron, iron naiis. and I* ij>ike-; ch>s No. 12. Stee ; c!i*? No 13 fit iroi; al i as* No. 14 ! ii^a; c a's No. H. rains, oil*, and i la**; eNu No. Ifi Shi# rhand'en: ?. ?? - - , ? %*<* i* I *? 11 Hardware; No. iii. f*'at;or.ery; c'.aaa N<> i?0. 1 flay er.d straw; claes No SI. Prov<\.U<?r. < laaa No. 2. Cutfieoal; cln?? No ;M. Ile'tm*. packing. *r.<1 io*c; cla?a No. 24. fperm and lu*>uoaUiig oi a; laas.N'o.25 Iron ca?ijtj(c; da?? No. 26. Auc"ra; >miNo. 27 ai.thraoi'f c< a.; claaa No 29 Kitn niu<" us Cuml'erlai d ooa.; ciata No. 9u. Sfiui oitu V moos liroail fop. a o ooal. NEW YORK n CImi No. 1. Brick*; c'aaa No S. Oak and hard J prcoc; c'a^a N'o 6 White fine, spruce, cypres*, indjuciper; o'aaa No.7 Lima, r.air, and plaatar; a1 ii\n- "* ?>. 8 C?in?ct c.wi No 9 ?>'ravel and ?; lines No. ?0. S at-*: oiara No. 11. Iron, iron r.aiia ,, ep ke?; ci%sa No. 12 tfte ; c ??a No. 14 Filea; ai (Uss No 15 Painta. oi a, a?d glasa; claas No. 16. .! *h'p ohar.dlerp; o:iaa No i7 Hard ware; o'aaa No. 8 ytation*r?; c.'aaa N<>. * . Ha* and a.r w; < .?* a Vo.21. Hmv-r,(l?r; claaa No Zl. ('bar- oai;ciaaa No 1 3. B-tine, packing, an : ho?e; claas No. 24. Sperm 1' k-.d lubncatine oi.a; cla?a No. 26 Aueera; c aaa Mo 27 Anthracite coa ; olaaa No 3>\ Semi Litu li ninoua Broad Top, ti j. coal. pi fHILAUK* FH'A. Claaa No 1 Hnoke; No. 2. St?ne: e'aaa Mo. 5. Oak and hard wood; ciaaa No. 6. White 2! cue, apruce, cyprea?, and jULiper; claaa No. 7. p ime. hair, and p aster: o aaa >o. 10. Slate; claaa v Mo 11. Iron, iron i aila and rpikea; elaaa No. 12. > ?a _ -1 * - -ioc:; o a?x :*0 14. r l!e?;ellaa No IV PlltU. oiiB, ?, l id j aae; c!a*a No, 16 Ship chandlery; o at* No. 7. lisrdwfkT-; cia?a No. 18 Stationer*; c aae No. ri J. Firewood; c'a*a No. 30 Hay and straw; claaa J So.51. Provender; o.&aa No. 22. Chareoa.; ciaaa a' Vo. A. Beltm. paokinr. asd boee: claa? No. 24. p lperin aad lubricating oil a. o!*<a No 36 Au*ere; ji i ass No. ?7 AninractU < Kaa No. 30. Seiru- ai utuminoua Broad l op, to. ooai. ei NAVAL ASYLUM. C aaa No. 1. Clotkin*; ciaaa No 2. Hats, boota, lc md aboea; C a*a No. 3. I'rovuiona; caaa No. 4. ?; jroceriea; olaaa (No. 5. Dry Goods; olaaa No. 6. r. tread, &o ; o a*? No. 7. Tobacco; olaaa No a. I* Aiacelfane< ua; claaa No. 9. Hardware; oiaea No, ? 0. Painta, ot'a. and iclaac; olaaa No. 11. Lumber; ?' i aia No. 12. Stationery; caaa No. IS. Firewood; ? i'a?8 No. 14 Coal; olaaa No. 1?. Provender; c an *4 Vo.16. Bricka, fto. WASHINGTON. I C'aaa No.l. Brioka; oiaaa No 2. Store; e a?t No. 1. Yellow pine tiiroer: claaa No. 4. Yellow pine ai uinberjc aaa No.5T)ik aad hard wood; cla-a No. a) . Wnite pine, rpruee, jumper, and cypraaa; olaaa K Mo. 7. Lime, hair, ana p aiter; olaaa No. a. Cement; tx ilaaa No 8. Gravel and eand; claaa No. 11 Iron, hi ron rails and apikea; olaea No. 12. Sue!; aaa No. ai % Pin iron; olaaa No. 14. Filea; c aaa No 15. Pa nti, itla.aod (laaa; claaa No. 16. Ship chandlery; e'.aaa ?i Mo 17 Ha-d?are;claaa No. 18. Stationery ; olaaa Lb <i o, 19. Firewood; olaaa No. 90. Hay fc^d a (raw; aaa No. 21. Provender, olaaa No. 22. Charooal; i lara No^lj. Belting, packing, aad hoae; No. ? 4. Snern. n.n?1 1- ? m ..n.>muuiii.?iHino v Autri; 'I nwa No ft. Anthraoit^ooal; olasti No. a. Bita- 1 mnout Kiohmond of Virginia ooal; olaaa No. 8. ^ iitominoua Cumberlatr ooal. ? The aebednle will lU'e th?- Um'i within wfcioh J ,rtie * wnl L>- re^u red to be delivered; tod wh*r? os ae prints soheduieia n<>tuaed, the period* atated u it for deliver>ee must >?e oopied ii? the bida. All A he ftfticlea which miy lie o tctraofd ( r mail ba th livcrrd at acch place or p aoea^.oludinr drayue e* .ud cirtaxe to the ai?o> where ?*ed ?itMnthe th i*vy yards respco'lvely, lor whioh tba effsr la _j nvle. aa tray direct'd by tha commanding c flicer thereof, aad, all other thir gs hri> * equa . ^ reference will be t 1 ven to A merioan maLuhrture. <2o artiola will 1>e received Mter tba expiration of h* period specified in lie tch'dnlea far Ike eonletiOD of deliveries, u eas specially authoricad * j the Dapartmei t. In computing tee eiasaea, ih? ** >r:oe stated in the cola inn of pr.caa will he the _J tandaid, and the acgr?f ate or tha clats will be arri'd out acoxdini t> the >r'M> * "" Jt ib to be p'uvnied in the o ntract and to be die- 9 ii.cUy Hoderst'Hxi hr tit* biJder?, that t/ie amount " ad number of artiolaa ?aum?rftUd in oiaa??e i0 *aded "Muceltaueoaa" are apec.fied a? theprobbit quantity h.cb m*r bs required. ae well a? to x dat% for detamuuiac the to vast Nd; bat rhe ?. ostraotor i? to fan tab mora w lea a ol Uie aaid curoerat'd arlielea, and ta tuck quantum, and t tuck tin**, at the burtau er runmandmt mat turn*r>; aueh moraa*e. hwwtver, n<t tu ozcaea be lalfot tbo quart!lira ctartd (and r?qulMti<*n? *ui taromb the foat <>?cs ahall ba d^msd aaffi t?at noti aim tag the tuoa i?a- endu e ** < I uoe. 1MB;and whether Lhe quMititiee rreuiad ba i re or i>m thaa taoea ayccified. the prieca aha 1 w amain the u me. m A li Ue a< UOlea aodei the e^ctraat aaaat ba "f the i<( ?et quali y delivered la eocnl oroar.Tre* of all and * 1 atiar?e or cipea*e to tke toorara^ant, aad | abject tu taain??ect>aa, eoaat. waiia^qr ?eae y rem?nt of the Mi<1 navy yard, aai be in all re- _r aeeia aatialaotory to the oviamar.dast thereof '.da -m are refe red t?> the yatt tor plan*, apeo.fiattvaa. or amol'M.attd aoy fa ther dawiMiou uf a at ertialea. \\ haj I ddera aUaJi be ?a?.oabt ae u> ae preeiaa art<o.ea taaaad ta the aaecat", they 'I >U a>fly to tae e??a^a* oi<Kr of tha aar, I irdUN aa<t?imylitntW ?M*nftioaoftMW-|ltr Ill ? ? boUot la 4Hkt, whiob isfonMOw tbo ?f>d >a>ir t il li? ib wntiat. Coa'rootora for StMHkMdtd ''XllNiUMoil vlo do aot ro >id? aror tbo plaoo tk?r? tb? artiooaa to bodowill to ro^airrd to t%m? lat #?r propoo&if Mi M?ot *' tbo euy or pn eipo r?e* <"*' the ywd of oelirory who irt? bo ooJ od up a to dr.iT*r bdlo ? ? artr4mm 4*lmp whoa ti.oy ?i 01 b? r?<a rod. * ppr?T*d sarotto* ia th? fall amoaat ?.' tho e > iracl wi i to ttqaired. and twenty t*cTaia M tdoiti'run 1Kb i * cedaottd from o?ob payMoat ctil the ooil'Ml *b*i. have boot oomp ocod or MMO'lni. arloot oi;,nwi ? ?utn< r in ' * tbo It* Kmoct Ou c,a ?*? o! o:Uo o? h<ou?4" Miaool " to bo d*livore4 u rn ui rod as fiat tbo kl year, tha trenty prr relumed may, It tbo diferf tioa of iliac 'ifMnd* .I, ) pa d aaort-rly oa tbo fcr?t of . a pn . Jaty. and Oot b*r. wboo the cc irtr.w htvt t>eoa aati?faeton . aod'ha b? aao* rt?h:y por ooot > wi.. t>o patd t>? Iho myMtirt navy within thirl* out* ator tbo protoa:?'ioa of hi 1?, i?trip.uate.da y ?< a..bod nd approved. No p*rt of tho per oentum reoereod it to >>o paid dvii o*i ma rrj?o ec aril'' w oO< ad ?> i uef to* eoi Lr?.t?ha.l l*#t rfiri'?w fr m the <? il.u If?? aatnuris'd br lit* 1>-| in ir.ent|t will t>* ati?u>*'ed id the oor.trait. th*t if delanlt ?ha I be mad* bf ite partiae f the ir*t pert in i!?lirer.n? a or *n? <>f tr>e aMicle* mentmaed in mt ?*i*aaDid for, of th? quality an?i at t.i? OaM n.d piacoa ebo?e ?roviue<i. th'B aid la that mm trie iaid partie* w U foifa.t ai d par U> U" Lai ed l*Utwa mm ol in ney not to uw?l 'wioe ik? km >autof iuo'i o iu; wt.i h any b? recovered, lr>>w tine to tun*. Kro r?J?in to the act > f Concreea in that oa?e ari r <!od, approved Mareh S, ls4S. Ihe?ureie? n. u ti t'tn t?a eoataet and tbeir r?>?ornhi ity m oertifead to by a Nav) Agent. Colect r. |)ia*iietAtu?n??. r aoo-.aother peraoa lat.'f ctoriif known to 'ha bureea. It ia to b* provided ir, the connect that the hereaaa a 1 hav? tiie power o ancn! w tboat !? ? or ctniti* to 'he U<> "rm'tt, in cm* CoBgrM' (ball n< t i>av? n *?' vnffi fit ifirofrittioD* for thoaitl.i ? r Awed, or for Ik* OowptaCloa of worka eot.mV il for. aid *n ahioi tfiaa<i?*rtfftnrntia baa d. and at ail J.avo tut jowerlo ! :r?a?o <>r dimu.i'h <L? nuaimttea *n #d is lb* not h*ari?) tamui" ia tbo aohod bio. tworry firo . ?r??nt Mii Paraona wn ?e<'ff?r? ?ha bo aeoapt?d will ba BOlififeJ ft? IMtor ttiroufb th- Poat ? Ao? wfcieh notic* ahali b < ojtindorod rutfi tart. and if dnot out't (ontract lur i> < urP"0? 'P>ril?<l with.n fifteen < Ma n.a da.o ?f otioolc. m ije bjrt-au of tie act ptanos < tieirbio. a en trait will m'<- vr.tii rn <.*h?r p '? ? i; or p*r nona. and ft.o (Narantora of ?acb defaultinc biddora arili be h* a ie.pon?b e f r r. <4 i h???iic|-? All ffcra tot i:;ade in strict eot/orm-i* ? ?tS tkta idv<-rtiocw*ut wil., at bo opt oi< cl t.,e bureau, bo rejected. fbaia only akawoffers ire* b> acnrt'ri will be no ifi?d, ?r,d co^t-aota wil. i?e re^rtj lor exeea [ion a? MKin t^er? 'if er !i.a- be ;r?< t ' %? > MB HORSKS TOR SAf.' -TJ.r*- aMe-ho?i#4. jounr. si'U'.d Wow K ItOK:*" !* A ??> r\ iMf') MAP haifb'oodtd v?rj JU3 hiiital*i<< for l>u<r* <r Ti-line. ? r?tm old lune Ailr'?? H Hp 2S St HNKW IKKPKS. ISTORY of (to Initoi) Neihv'au*'*. br John l,olhr -p Motki ; i vo'n ; tr?e ??y mail c?l. Thetoaeof ihe Dutch R-puf'.ia. a liitt.-r?. tr Dim L?jtnrop M >tJey; j vois.; o oth; f-?? Wj mail. f?>. Sl'a? Marner, the Weaver 'f Rwrto', bt ?h? other of H**}* cloMi 7*certii. t^per Sf* Kali. l.ife sn<1 Oa'*-r of Mfttur Andre, by Wintmp <a'r?r.t; ?1 ". Af't l?*bere? with a Pa n'er a Summn Voyaae *> Labrador aaa !\?wl ^und nn-j; l>* K*v I o?i? L. S?ble , ?i >' The Matialactura r f Phi-tog^nip cr H?dro-Car x>n oil*. by Thorns* Asjtisell, M. D, ?' T*. Ar.j of the ai>??r* freo t>? ni%il VhKNCHA RICWTRIN, ap 24 t18 P?a avenue |?OY:*' CLOTHING! *?>?i r? V/1i ni.iu ri Bo*?" Olothine. froT ?hr?? and 'or tonooi or cJreaa well n*:? a d <r{ jeoa catenala *' p;<oea t? auit t>ie t:m"?, f r *a h. M?AH W Al.KF.R A CO . F.xtnwr? Ms< ufae'urer of ap?(5t R -ady-made C.o' hing arKCIAL NOTIC* T*? 5 O''R rrSToMERS. In oonaeqiienec of Uie unaett.ed ?t%ieol tfceConors , and th* general cu ?p*iiMon of l>uci>>es', wo <1?iiretoolca? all acoounta on our r>o k?.an? will hank atl maaMiM t-? aiitn* f r?n*d and aettie aa uuii aa |M>6?ib e, and rrcat.y ol'iite u?. j vv. * ?x>. apJ4_2w 323 ifeveatii at., atx.yp l'a. av. IT NOTICE. I IRGIMA M<~nev takei at par for a d?"t>ta r?e. A a<>. tak-n for WOOD ai.d COAL, dalivred to any part ol the oi'y. HKLOMONSTOVKI, ap ?3-lw oorccr :itt aiid I ata , Firtt \Var4. ^t\V tff'RING GOODS rll irrc m trV*T?r ? ?<? .w * -? u v i 4 i nr. 4 j i*j C ?"* The But'SUTiher invite* tt-e attentioi of purehMirc to ni* tarr<*au<1 fa?< lonal>le ?t?>ok of QENTl.KMKVS Fl KM!*Hi.\?i GOODS, rhioi b? m prepared to ?.?>U at i.':?iuw?(tCuh no' *- C?tl and examine. at LANh'S "aehior.a^ e Hat, t.ap, a d flirts' F?ri.? thing ;*t->re. 4 24 I'a.av. < Itit.A R t-> a|??*4tfo Njtw SPRING STYLI; l OF CAKI'ETINOS. Ju?t rooeived at ?l>e old (Una of tae .ate &rm of 'l?K?:t y Dodeoo a new mipp j ofel'irant Thrtt-pfy and Doubte-ingrain Carpetntf, rhioh w?>re ' i'U* ' t la New York from Wie at* U >f the manufvtoiira at pai.u proo*. and ?i.l t* aid aoourJinn.jr. aplae.?* JAS B PdTWQN, '^KEAT SALE Or LI I'KV GOOD?. AT PANIC PRICES, Fot Cuh We hare a srge ?tock of SPAING DREW lOODf ; a a rcP'tai a?>u tmeut of staple Ar idea, n >w la ?t >re. a apte t-< toe general watita f iaimnee vhiali W?> are sel etc at re<iuo*d pnoea >r tiia uh. J. W. CoL^Kv k CO.. ap 13 2* : a* - 11 Ft- l^'w D and Pa av. Woo4 and Coal. A No. 1 article i>( WOOD on hand, prepared to mt the want* of eaoh c<3rtom*r. Wood told oord titth aieo, or in any wnj or tuj quai.tttiee de red. |[7" Coni kert t? Co+l rceened before de vcring. CjT 2*M"> lbe. to the ton. ITT* Pereon&i attention to every order. T. J. A W. M. GALT. Offioe Pa. it., let ween Utn and 12th eta. Vood Mill and Wharf foot of &?v?nteenUi ?tre*t. beiowJA ar Department. maS-tf rAYLOR VhoTChIboN. No. 43 OaMTKR Market Irtrt, Wru'.d oaU the attention of pu'eli*e?r* to oar look of ShASONAbl.L OR V toOODS.ocimpri*i* aoire of the newe-t and moft leairah e imfort?wDi of t. e feasor.. Our ct>ok of Domcetloe, Lpen ad White O'?od? will be found very eomplete, nd will he offered at pMcee ti.&t < %nn<>t fail to n?? itiefaotion >Ve an an examination ap 8 if AGNOL.IA UAM* ! U MAONOt l \ H/VM81 W> are now reoetving oar br?t eupply of Matma II im for thie t-e. <?n. They c%tin<>t t<e ?uri.eej. KINO A Bi RCHKl.L. ap 4 ^ ru*r l.Sth et and Vermont tr. 20.MT:TI!.>.G NK~W ' ON KKKK KXH1B1 5 TiON'-A very large !ot of CI.OlHIN^. t*RNl??ING GOOD!*, HATS and CAP?, ft lo. 460 Seventh at N. B ? *11 of the above goods >r aaieat very low prioM. a'. SHI iff S. No. too events it., bat wren K t?d F ?U. _ ipi lw rHK Kl'ROPtAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. KM RICH. at the corner of Pena. A - ? A renue and Eleventh t.-eet, haa heonVfS^V really improved reoei.tly and now offtrrU^U -?at?r inducement* for the patronage of citlxena Ml *tramer* than ar? otiier pablio hoaeein the tj, hi* price* beinj lest than lho*e of any other ntei on Pen*, aveeite, and hi* accommodation* >r permanent or tmneient boarder* un&xoeptiontile. T he bar and reetanraot arrarnement* of the aropoan Hotel have already become very mi x. being all that can be draired by the moil fa* dioa*. Tn?> proprietor pledge* *e remitted attenonand oontiaaed bt<era. expeoditnrec to give estimation to al!,and tna* renew* his invitation ?* i to give the Knropean Hotel a oail. de4-ti JOOT?TAND~tfH.O^~Ttr"8WI* THE NT e are now manufacturing all kind* of BOOTS nd if HO Eh, and oo: ittntlr reoetnn^ a^fti .rf./ vi ?tmwih iiiiuo wori o' of bhk motion, made expreaaiy toorde:. too wulw ] at a n.uch lower prioethan ?u lieen* Nk wetofore charged in una oity lor maoh inferior pole*. Persona ia vul of Boot* Hboea of aim or tf m&de work, win alwayafcnd ajood UMr*.mN i store and at the lovwt pnoea. Aia call, GRIFFIN * UIOh l>t-r >\4 PwnqlnEn arenaa. HHE PR INCH OF W*LtS HAS (JONK.bit L the kRINCK of WALES C jLLAIeur* titiiH at SWtTWH. No. 4?Q it Mtlw J WOOD AND COAL. I OU Will aurely cet yoar bomt'i worth ter k .iHK at the PIONEF.R M I l.LS, tomtkttttt car lr e< Srtenth tlrnt and Carnal, j6EO. PAttK. ceat) The; ae(l oheapr and aire hotter meaaare an any othere in the oity?eot, apt it. and delired free of charge. If ?oa eon't believe it. rive e Pioneer a trial, and fce aatiafiad. ta 17-lT.r ILK ROBKS, MO LSI. IN ROBK8, LAWN ? ROBES, HKRAGK KOBKS. War re aolling at half their twiginal enoe A> bar iood? of erery decor pi ion we are anil eetUag ooft Oar tLo k la and wall aaaorted la erj departmant. Tejh TAYLOR A MUTCHtBON. TO THE READER* OF THE fTAK Ml Wa aatuait to the oonaid-rationwHj of the raadera of ia? Star the lei- Nk e ing Hat of pncea of artielea in oar Una of baai*a: Uaaal aneo. uliea' Slippera 23e. 8* * Englisn Lea ting Shpaera #oe. W " Cartel Toilet ? k 75 " Taiok atld aewed Mor. Booia.. 1 M L2i " do. Vudreeeed 4ol... I? L? " do Caaa. Mat* K... IS IV * do P-A (iha * * 44 l.icktMMl fTiMkUMtari W 1* M Ei t l-Mtioc do. do. ....... Tie. IN oihi'i HmM Boon .. . W*. 1 W .?* ?'donM?-?o.?d Hoot*..... 7Se. IjM ;4tM't:ik^#oJ#d Kng. LML M? Boot wt <Um Store. )4T Mmtk at., .p S-M>U t doora h*l<>w NorUiafi W?rk?C ?i aHK'lh.'HNttB . Mr P. a?Ha