Newspaper of Evening Star, April 26, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 26, 1861 Page 2
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LOCAL NEWS. Aunt or Bvirtcrn Pabtibs.?Yerterday afternoon about 4 o'clock, 4*? noon left tBeera of C. Boyle. near the Railroad depot, la a meal wagon driven by a colored man, baring with them several carpet baga. a rifle, carbine, pistols, cartrtdKea, etc., all of which looking derldedly suspicious in these timet, waa observed by Mr. Frailer of the Metropolitan Rifles, who Immediately went for Mr Bigley, a member of the same codpanr, and the two followed the wagoa out on the turnpike and bad It stopped at the toll-gate by the picket guard stationed there, and on discover In* arms concealed In the wagon It W tiifnuH bark omm! ? 1 militia from the aentlnel's gnsrd. The partita were taken to the guardhouae, and committed for examination thla morning bv order of the Mayor. They gare thetr namea as Wra Stanton, Wm. , F.njman. Wm. Harding, Auguatua Ham, and Thomas Darts THI mimiTWi. Thla morning, at 9 o'clock, the examination waa held at the guardhouae before Justice Donn. S*rge*Mt Plant stated that he waa on duty at the tailgate, and aaw a wagon containing the prisoners coming, followed by tome persons ahoutlng to top It. Did so, and questioned them Two I'. S. regular* were on guard there alao, who knew the men, and said that tbey were dlacbarged tramsfcra. Mr Buchly aaid there waa arma In the wagon, and wltneaa Jumped In and found arms there, and thoncht nroner to aen<l them hack. as tbere w?i a Government blanket there with a lone rifle wrapped In it. Strgeant Bmtkly testified that be saw the wagon and beard Mr. Frmxlrr cry out to atop them They were stopped, and a regular soldier who was on guard tbere ?ald he knew tbem. Witness got in the wagon and saw the arms and Government canteen and blanket, and 1 thought they ought to be turned back. When first arrested they denied having arms with their. Robert Broii-n testified that he lives on the Bal- 1 timore turnpike, and saw the wagon coming, followed by Frazier and Bigley, who cried out that 1 thev had arms in the wa^on and should be stopped. Asaiatcd to stop tbem They denied that tbev bad ru<s, and said the long rifle in the blanket was a 1 * Mississippi auger " Mr Fmxitr said he was coming from the Navy Yard, and bad got opposite Christie Boyle*, when he saw a wagon in front with a crowd around it. These men came out and threw baggage into the wagon. and witness s^w that one had a revolver ~ and carbine. Thought they were taking arms from the city, and tbould be stopped. Went for Itigley, and followed them. Ilad the wag'xi topped at the toll gate. \V hen they were started bark one of them threw away a Government canteen which he h*d with him Witness got a hoy to pick It up [One of the prisoners ?'" 1 threw It away; it bad whisky in It."J Ciptain J 31 Palmer, ct Company D, Texan Cavalry, UstiO-d that he knows the prisoners, and they are disc barged teamsters of tbe Texan s?-r- 1 vice They have just come from Trjas with th? forces which left there, and have been paid off 1 by (^unrtermssUr MMler and regularly discharged. 1 be long rifle found with them is a Government I'U", miu u uuvriUDiCDi lUilfl in 115 ItUlIiSU'M 1' !s customary when discharged for the men to 1 give tbem tip to Government. They are gen- 1 erally returned to the party who Issues tbem, but he?e mea were discharged un<fer different cirt uins'ances The officer who lnued to them wns net here to receive them, and the rifle and car- 1 bue should have b?en delivered to witness. The 1 pistols are not Government oues, and every team >r in the Army has bis own pistol. They are not issutd to tbem by tbe Government. The cavalry belt* are such as are used by the teamsters. 1 and there are generally extra ones, and no one would object to their taking one It is nothing unusual for teamsters to have tbem and take tbem nway. Witness think* the men did improperly in taking away the rifle and carbine, or any Government property in their possess on at tbls time, and unaer the circumstances, but baa no Idea ttat th^y meant to steal tbrm. They were out of employment, and told witness they could net live hire and do nothing. on account of tbe expense, and witness advtsvd them to 9nd lume conveyance to where they could get work. Tbe man who bad the long rifle told witness that he wis going to try to get back to Fort ?mitb, where be expected to find employment. They bave been with witcess sine? December last. a?d b*?r good characters. They would drink a llttla aomet ruts though. W"itnt ss thinks the carbine and rifle should be retained for the Government. Tbe (Quartermaster It ilir>li> !< ?. ? at this time, aud these men will probably stay now and go Into service again. Tbe prisoners were accordingly discharged. The sffirr has had tbe good effect to show that rur citizen soldiery are thoroughly vigilant, and are keeping a sharp watch for suspicious characters 1*CIDXXTS of THX PaSIMI of THK NlW Vol* Pevejitm thHuron MiKTLtis?The regiment arrived at Annapolis on Monday morning early, and laid off b?low the town till 12)( o'clock p ni , when tbev landed at the fort by the Naval Academy. While laying off in tbe roads, they saw the steamer Maryland wltb the Massachusetts troops oa board. She bad got aground. The Seventh occupied the fort all Monday and Tuesday, and while there, had several regimental parades They did not go up Into the town at alt, and saw very lew citizens. Save an occasional straggler Inside tbe grounds The few people they came in contact with treated them with gr?at civility. ?>n Tuesday evening they got hold of a report that 500of the .Maryland State forces bad collected outside the city, and were plaulng a way to attack tbem. On tbe instant tbe regiment was mustered for action, and in ju?t four mimutts they were in line of battle with their howitzers shotted and ready for tbe expected attack During Tuesday night It was again rumored that Baltimore city bad sent TOO troops down to the Junction to cut tbein otf there Karl y on Wednesday morning they moved on to the railroad *tation, accompanied bv tbe Massachusetts volunteers The night before, the engineer corps rf the Massachusetts force bad started tip to the railroad nn<i found the trark torn ur> inH th? mrfno to pieces and scattered over half a dozen fields J*coutinif partita searchei up toe teitrr^atrd parts and piled tbem In a h?ap, and an engineerstepped out and commenced to put It together. After working awhile at It be excUimed tbat he knew every piece of work in it, and tbat be bad built that identical engine in Worcester. Msm ! In a abort time tbe engine waa ready to be put in motion. Tbe second and sixth companies of the Seventh were sent ?it sometime in advance as scouts The regiment followed tbem, and tbe Massacbusetts volunteers laid tbe track In all places where torn up, and came on behind with the train containing the sick and tbe regimental baggage. The day turned exceedingly warm, and after mirrhlng several miles with overcoats and knapsacks on they stripped tbejn off and left them under guard for the train to pick up as It came along, which was done In tbls manner they marched, maktmr H?ni * #L- ? , ^ ^ . uu ( * ?v ir?? iUC ?IU?>['9, until they arrived within about two and a half miles of the Junction Here a rumor reached them that a large force of Maryianders had collected at tbe Junction for the purpose of disputing tbtir progress A halt was ordered, and a messenger sent forward on horseback to reconnoitre. He found tbe train containing tbe Washington troops at tbe Junction. It lmmediately moved on and met them, and tbev gladly availed themselves of tbe more agreeable means of locomotiou afforded by tbe cars. Tub nmsT mail from tbe North received since tbe interruption of railroad travel, left Philadelphia on 1 uesday morning in charge of Special Agent HMl, of tnis city, and reached here last evening. The mail fur Baltimore was dispatched. In a four-bome coach from Perryville, opposite Hsvre-deUrsce, in charge of Route Agenta Hook tad Winchester Tbe remainder of th? came around to Baltimore In a schooner, left Baltimore y ewer day morning at 4 o'clock, and arrived here at 5 p.m. Of courae little more than the letter mall waa brought through, but arrangement* are now being made to forward all claases of mail matter aa rapidly aa possible Tu Soldi*** or thi Wii of 1914 ?Quite a large meeting of theaarviyora of the late war waa L^.d yesterday afternooa, in the Council Chamber, Cltf Hall. Colonel JohnS- Wllllama wa? called to the chair, and Richard Burgesa appointed Secretary. A resolution waa adopted, that they form a military organization, and ofler their aervlces to the Government for the defense of the city Colonel John 9. Wllllama waa elected captain, Edward Semmes, first lieutenant; L. w. Worthing ton, aecond lieutenant; P. R. Dorset, third lieutenant; A Baldwin, orderly sergeant, and Or. VN 1111am Jonea, surgeon. Hossc Stbaliso ? Yester .ay a young man named Sterling Thomas, ' Baltimore, waa *rrsated by Policeman King cj charge of stealing a mare from Ream Hammond, of Howard county, Md and a saddle and bridle from Robert F.noe ||? iuns Ihla u ? *J 41? ww vi*y, wucrr uc boiq me animal to Enoch Ward. Tbe price be obtained waa 406. when tbe actual value la about Si Jo OMcers Kimball and Hugle succeeding in recovering tbe stolen property, mid tbe prlaooer waa committed to Jail for a farther hearing. Ex:g bating ?Thla morning a number of young men arrived lu tbia city from the lower cou>itUs of Maryland, on their way North They Bay they bad no fetrs of their safety from any outbreak of disorderly peraona. but buaineaa of allkluds has been suspended, and tbey are without employmet.t They are all Arm hands. CiSTliL GcaBdhou?b Cass*?This morning, Ellsba Bell. Lewis Hlgdoa, and Chas, McDonald were brought out of the cells and put upou trial for being arunk and disorderly; and sent to the workbouse for 90 days each. Daniel Dowd, do.: Am aad coats, S3 IS. SctBcrma aw Ostut ?Yesterday, dftrctl ve Alien arrested Wm Mason for aiealln^ an outfit of clothing, money and jewelry from alx different persons He waa taken before Justice Dona, aad committed to jail for a hearing. Hon Tioom Amiti ?B*tltr Brtfd* wd Rk?d* Itlandtrt Jkara ?At 13){ o'clock to-dty tho train with the. Waahlngtoo Llifht Guards, Capt. Marks, came In from Annapolia Junction, bringing with them thirteen hundred and fifty men?the entire force of the Butler Brigade, under Col BuUor. which were veaterday left at the Junction, and all hundred of'Governor Sprague'a fibode Ialand Regiment. They left the New York Seventy-fiiet Regiment atAnnapolla Junction, numbering eleven hunzt r*A ?uk in. ..J ? -4?.-1.1 -II 11.. -mu i**tj uicu? anu wwp* iMcituiii| an ?ur w?t through from Ibe Junction to Annapolis The Munchuietli Regiment left three entire companies on board the U. 8 frigate Constitution toman her at Annapolis, and as they came in picked up many stragglers left behind on the road yesterday. On the arrival of the train here an Immense crowd of people gathered at the depot. The Sixth (Massachusetts) Regiment stationed at the Capitol turned out in fatigue uniform, and drew up in line under Col Jones In front of-the depot. As the Several riunntnlM of ?K? H-iiuclniMtti treopa filed through the depot to the street, the entire Sixth (Maaaarhaaetta) Raiment aet up a ahout auch aa we never before heard from a body of men The enthusiasm reached the boiling over point In no time, and cheer after cheer went out from their ranks, until their lunga exhausted they resorted to hand-clapplog aa a substitute. The troopa arrived by thla train are parta of the fifth, aixth, seventh and eighth Massachusetta State regimenta, and a portion of the Rhode |alfin<l /" fci *a?uw ic^uuciit uuun vjuv . j^prajjub. i ofy arc to b? quartered in the U. ti Treasury, the inauguration ball room and the Patent Office Aa they filed off to their aereral destinations, they w?re followed by tbouaanda of people, who manifested no little satisfaction at their safe arrival here. The entire force of the Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island troops here, are young, (tout and able-bodied men. Alxxahdiia Affairs.?From thia morning's tfazette. On yesterday morning, at half-pant ten o'clock, t* the schooner George Washington, from this pbce. was beating through Washington's reach, while off Bryan's Landing, ahe wai struck hu Hidden flaw, and capsized. Assistance wm promptly rendered from the shore by Messrs. Charhs Cawood. Joseph Hatton, Frank Dickson, F.dward Ford, Clinton Johnson, and Wasblnnton Kut Thecaptatn of the (jeorge Washington r Captain Carroll.) Kink, a sillor, and Mr. John H Stuart, of Kin* Oeorge, who was a passenger or N??rd, were fortunately saved by the kind exertions of the above-named gentlemen, and carried to Mr Frank Dickson'* vessel, which came up to the rescue The gentlemen named aho*i> then returned toth"caps!z?d vessel, broke a hole In her deck, and saved Captain Carroll'! wifeand child, who were in the cabin when the vessel went over, and wer? nearly drowned when they were taken out Anthony, a nearo man, belonging to Mrs. M. C. Stuart, of King George, was drowned, and his body not recovered The survivors were brought to town by Capt Eastman's schooner. During these troublous times Ithnsbeen deemed s proper precuation to organize a standing Examining Court to prevent the action of irrespon 5i<ue commineei, a.c. The Courts itim's every m<rning,at the Council Chamber, and Is composed of Justices Brockett, WiUntr, Harper and Enuli sh The Fnited States steamer Pocahontas steamed down the Potomac yesterday morning At 7 o'clock last night, the Powhatan mall steamer passed down the river?110 troops to be seen The Fairfax Rifles, Captain W. A Barnes, a One looking comi anv of men, arrived here > esterday, and went into barracks, on Priuce street near Fairfax. The " Richardson Guards'' f-om r. H.,C?.pt Welch and Lleuts Cive and Gordon, arrived tu thia city yesterday. They number 61 Bin* looking Virginia soldiers The Fairfax Cavalry, under command of Capt. M O. Ball, arrived in thia ritv last evening, miking a flue ahow and attracting general attention. Recruits ?To-day, volunteers are offering themselves at the War Department to he mustered into tbe service, many of tliem for companies already accepted. A squaa <.f nine mounted men offered for service in the Presidents Mounted Guard. Captain Owens Four of them were members of tbe Georgetown cavalry company, and presented themselves in uniform, with all their equipments. voe snuaa or nine recruits for company B, Putnam Rides, Capt. J. B Greenwell. Company B, of the National Guard, alto appeared on tLe ground. None of these were mustered in oefore we went to pre?i. A new company, called tbe \VInfield Guard, numbering 61 men, under Capt Hunt, will be ready to b? mustered iuto service to-morrow. Wasnisato* Niwi is Alexandria?The Alexandria Stntintl give* the following "rumors from Washington." and thinks th?m " very probable:''!?"Tbe Massachusetts Regiment have refuted to take the oath sought to be administered by Lincoln, stating they were dteelved as to the purposes for which they unlisted. " The Marines are fighting their way out of Washington." Our Alexandria neighbor has been the victim of some veteran joker Wk are Indebted to J. Shilllnpton for a copy of the Baitimore Sun of veat*rd?v in mull. r*hUlin>jt;>n-. with his somewhat n< Ud spirit of yo-aheiiditlvene?, ran an express tlrough from Baltimore yesterday. Alao, for a Baltimore Sun of this morning, expressed through likewise. Retce*.?The friends of Capt Wright, of the Army, and Lieut Rogers, of the Navy, with whose arrest and detention In tbe Confederate Htau-s tbe public la already acquainted, will be glad to hear that tbey have returned to this city. Tbi Herat Standard Mfdicink of the Dat. 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Also, a two-story brick COTTAGK, with large yarii attache*, corner of F street north and 14th st. east. To puuotu*! and reliable tenants the terms will be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, bettreeu b aad H. no 13-tf T?I)R R UNT?Thd r.n? IIRinK HMISE __ . - ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? v ?? si v v w ' 4 JL 100 West at., Georgetown, at present oocu pied b* the subscriber. It ha? 12 roouia, with km and water throughout, a fine yard, st&ide fee., and is in a good neighborhood. Apply to JAS. A..MASRUDKK. oo 25-tf GEORGETO W N_AijVERT",MTS ti^OR R K.NT?Froii, May 1st, an fxeebent twoatory FR AM K HOUSK, S'o. 130. on Gre u atreft between West and SModdar i streeta. adjoining t ia of Robert Dodge, Ktq. The houa? 1*24 f-et *r nt, containing a puiate way and 1 renins, besides a servant's room. kitchen, cellar, n'ore room, and smoke hou-b. It alao a argp piazza running from the front passage. Attached to the house ia a large garden, wi?h etccileut fruit, an orach apricot, pear, ?! uinb, and g ape, and Heme flowera. Inquire at the corner above, !\o. 13?. m 24 eo2w 8AMUKL, CI AKK. PJUST AKRIVED, KR Propeller t?. Ssymour, from Philadelphia, IS barrels and 1?*? half barrel* of Mftasej, Collins A Co.'a Philadelphia DRAFT ALK. For sale by fe 22 ARMY A 8H1NN. D'iOOBBI b PRIME CIDER AIIjY Kxpeoted per schooner M.ary Ann McGee from Hoator. 'i'hia Culer ia A No. 1. and ia lor >jl1m ia iota tobuit purchasers. ARMY A SHINN'S f*22 Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown. For Six I>ay* Longer! Owing to the inefement xneather,and ad sire to areommodate all persons, we have determined to Leep our Store open FOR SIX DAYS LONGER! RIDDLE'S GREAT SALE OF PoSlTIVKLT TO GLOB* OK THI Fl**T Of MAT. Now is the Time to make your elections from onr Extensive and Beautiful Assortment of JEWELRY FOR THE LOW PRICK OF ONE DOLLAR. COME AND GET A GARNET SET ... .ror ONE DOLLAR LAVA SET ....For ONE DOLLAR CAMEO BET. For ONE DOLLAR HLAIN GOLD SET For ONE DOLLAR CORAL SET For ONE DOL.LAR MOSAIC SET For ONE DOLLAR ENAMEL SET For ONE DOLLAR Or, Aaf of our Aaaortmont of SMALL ARTICLES For FIFTY CENTS CALL AND EXAMINE a*d MAKE YOUR SELECTIONS EARLY. 6TUDS AND BUTTONS, of a!l FOR ON E DOLLAR. PLATED KNIVES AND FORK*, SALTS, SPOONS, NUT CRACKERS, GOBLETS, An., At, Ac., FOR ONE DOLLAR. REMEMBER: WE CLOSE OUR STORE on the FIRST DAY OF MAY. No. 302 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. CLOSING OUT AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. M aiwj Ikl.AINKIKI.I) ACADKMV r Nut CilLItLI, Pi. Thirtieth session (twenty weeks.) commences Ma? 6th. Nambw of lads limited to twenty five. Entire ex per se fTfl. eaoh half parable ia advance. Cireu ar?a' this office. To ftlla few vsoinoies oall at Kirk wood Uoase April 19th and 18th, Irom 3 till 4 p. m., or address . R It. BURNS, Flam field, roaaS-eolm Cumberland county. l a. I LftT RECbl VED. a lot more of tiie oelebrated

J TEN ?:ENT TIK-* ; also, a very !arg# lot of SPRING CLOTHING. FURNISHING &O1-DS. TRUNKS. HATS and CAPS, at the P.ople's Clothing Score, No.460 Seventh St.,opposite Host Office, between E and F sU. mp 5-lm OFFICERS, PETTY OFPICERS, AND Sea\J men who were on ooara ot any U. 8. ?hips at the oaptare of any slaver oan have their ?l%imi for [TUREI FURNITURE! ire in wnnt of HANDSOME and WELL. MADS cted f*'ock before pu-chaaing. a* we are convlnnrd ceuary to furqlsh a bouae complete, from tbe attic UrocaUile, 811k Pluab, LaatlDg and Hair Cloth, id <41.A KS Imitation Oak. Maple and Tainted, from ?25 up, EN* I O.N TABLES, BUREAUS, ARDS. K TAOF.RES, RIES, WRITING TABLES, 8. BOLSTERS and PILLOWS, 4c., Ac. lal Property, carefully attended to In any part of 'or Auction. BOTELER & WKLLSOM, 3 HALL, PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Between 9th and 10th ata., 'id and 3d floors. AUCTION SALES. lla <1 D U lira* ? ? - ? * - or uncivil <l WILLIMQ?, AUCllOJl*?r?. VKRY EXTENSIVE SALE OP HOUSEHOLT) A!?I? KlTCHKN KcRJUTIFB* AT ACCTloN. On SATURDAY, tne S7th instant, we ahall ee>l. in Trent of our atofo. No Sevenlh street, at lit o'olock a. m.. a large and geueral assortment ol excel ?ni luniture, viz: Sofas, Sprirg and othar Chairs, Lounieii and Ottomans, Dressing and other Bureau", Sideboard and Closets. , Wariirohes and Bedsteads of every desonption. Tables, Mattresses and Bedding, Carpets and Matting, China, Glass and Crockery Ware, Cooking and other Stoves, With a .arge lot of other articles whioh we deem unnecessary to enumerate. The al>ove Mock of Furniture belongs to many persons leaving the city, and will be sold to the highest bidder. Terms cash in ourrert funds. It GREEN it WILLIAMS, Anc>?. Illy J. C. MoGUIRE Sc CO. Auctioneer*. rpRUSTEE'S SALE OF PEAL ESTATE I oik?T mih, Biiwin 15TII AI?d '6TH ST?. tfisT.?On MONDAY AFTERNOON, May ZTtlr at 8 o'olock. on the pT?mi?es, bj virtue of a deed of trust, dated Ootoh-sr IfUh, IfW. awl ouW recorded in l.ihsr J. A. S.. No. 163, folios 2 D. et of the land record* for Washinfton county, D. C.. and by the desire of all the parti's interested I shall atll the western part of Lot numbered thirteen, (13.) in Square numbered one hundred and n.noty nine, T!W,) fronting 12 feet on north K, between l:th ard IMli streets wst, and running back wun tnat width ' leet 6 inohos i? it vide a.ley. together with the improvement* thereon. Ter.ji*: tiue third ca*h; the residue md and 12 month*, with interest, secured by a deed cf tru*t on the premises. All conveyancing at the cost of tne pnrohaser. By or^er of the Trustee. a? 28 eodfrdg J Mo-til'IRK A CO.. Auot*. By J. C. McGL'IRE A CO., A uctioneer* T*RUSTEK8' 8AI.K OF FRAME DWELL1 1NO Hovsk ani> Lot.? By virtue of a de?d in trust, hearing date on the 13tn day ot Aucuit. l?o9, rsoordcd in i.iber J. A. 8., No. 184. f tlios 48H. et srq., the subscribers will sell, at public sale, on TUKSUAY, the ?l*tday of May. 1631, at 5 o'clock p. m.. on the preini*ec. part <-f l.?>t No. 4. in ^q.iare No. 567 fronting 15 feet on North F t treet, between l't ani 2d ?treets west, by 1*? feet deou, with the improvement*, consisting of a comfortable twostory frame dwelling ti..use. Terms: One third cash; and balance in 6 and 12 month*.fur notes bearinr intArnit fmm H?? nf "l W, ? ? ??"J . nr: ! ?*v a d in trust upon the property; and if not comp ie-l with ia5 dajs after the sale th? property will he resol.1 upon ona week's no'ice, at the risk an>1 expense of the parohaeer. A!! conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. OH AS, J. WAlJ,ACH.f Trnll,? K C. MORGAN, < i rusteea. ap 19 Zvw&ds J. C. McGLIRE ft CO., Auots~ CARPETS! OILCLOTHS!~ MATTINGS! Having full confidence in the permanency of the srat of Government, w? bought our usual supply of HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS, whioh are arriving daily. Parties titling up for the spring season will find in our rooms a complete assortment of BRUSSELS. TlIRKvitr. IXORAIS AND VrNITIAS CAlPETiyVS; OILCLOTHS-LACK CURTAINS, and WINDOW SHADES; With the Beet Brand, of STRAW MATTINGS, In White and Colors. All the above gnoda were bought *t low ratea, a:.d will ">e cold at prioea to auit the tuns*. L. F. PKRRY 4 CO., Upper Rooina. "Perry Building." ap 20 fit,if Corner Pa. av. and .Ninth at. >ro\KV MONEV SlortEY WANTED WANTED WANTED AT WIESKNFELD'S, AT WIESENFELD'S. AT WIESENFELD'S, ODEON HALL. ODEON MaLl . ODEON HALL, CoRNKR ForR-ajid-l-h?lf St. Coknkr Four a-h lp St. CoRTIKR KoCll A?D A-HAI.r St. Ajuj Pksxstlvasia Avmi, And P?nn?ylvama Avisci, A ND PuNN^TLVASIA AVKNUK, FASHIONABLE CLOTHIER. FASHION A HUE CLOTHIKK, FASHIONABLE CLOTHIKK, BILL* ON SOLVENT BANKS blLI-S ON SOLVENT BANKS BILLS ON SOLVENT BANKS TAKEN AT PAR TAKEN AT PAR TA&EN AT PAK AT THE ODEON. AT THE ODEON. ap y-6t AT THE ODEON. Six Days More Only AT E V -A. JS 9 m 470....Pennsylvania Avrnnr.... 476 We shall continue our caie of JEWELRY, PLATED WAR?, fcc , for SIX DAYS /.ONGER-ONLY. Nov is your time to make a se'eotion of JEWELRY AND PLATED WARE f.-nm tl,A mr... ? I ever offered for sale in this or anj other city, For the Low Pi ioe of ONE POLL A R! Wo have just received a new invoioe of a'l the DIFFERENT STYLES OF SETS in market, together with A LARGE LOT OF LOCKETS, PINS, EAR RINGS, LADIES and GENTLEMEN'S CHAINS, HRACELETS, fto., Ae. Also, A LOT OF PLATED WARE, oousistinc of Knivea and Fork*, Waiters, Cake Baskets, Goblets, Cops, Salt Stands, Tea and Table Spoons, *??., Ac. BOOKS- "nOOKS1 SELLING AT HALF PRICE! and He now may read who Cou id not read before. And he who always oould May read the more." We Shall positively close our store ae advertised. and we invite your early selection cf nny of our articles before it it forever too late! oivlv SIX DAYS MORE! o. g. evans. 4T6 Pennsylvania AVENUE, 8Pji2 Between 3d and sts. Notice to our customers-in consideration ol the state of the oonntry oar salea hereafter will be made exclusivel* for cash. \VM. R. RILEY A HRO? ap 2210t No- ofi. Central Stores, proposals for coal and woout" JL Office Srcretary of Senat* U. S.,t A mil 18, 1861. i Sealed Proposals will be reoeived at this office till 12 o'clock on Monday, the 6(h May next, for furnishing, f <r the use of the Senate, fave hundred tons best white ash furnace Coal (small steamboat i?e) and seventy-live cord* beat dry spruce pine Wood. The whole to l>e packed away lu >tie vauiti of the Capitol, in places whioh Will be sliowu on application 10 ttie Engineer in lite service of the Senate ; *.nd to be delivered by the 3Hh June next. Bonds for the faithful execution of the contract wi'l be required. Bias for the ooal and wood will be considered separately, acd satisfactory arrangements must made tor the correct measurement of both. AWl'RV DICKINS, ap 18-dtMay* Secretary of the Senate. KRSONS HAVING GOLD That they wish to oonvert into Dry Goods can do so to great ad vantase in makinc their a* lections f om <mr All aalea exoluaivol* fur caah. PERKY 4 BROTHER. Pa. avenue and Ninth at., _apj8M5t if "Pfrry Bni ding." Louisville artesian well water, Bitie Liok Water *ud utlier Meditunal Wnt?-r?, alwayafreah Aiao, fraah auppliea ?-f Pore Alertioinca rsoeived weekly. Ayer'a, Scheutk'a, and ' other Mediotnea on aale. MOORE'S West End Dnif SHore, ap ??2w IIS Fena aveaaa. for my book delrsa and for Boo La, 8ko??, and Trinka. All peraooa ladebted to me will pleae* oa I an<l aettle tVuiKdi'ot'.s.r o~"* / / TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Miutirt Affairs. IhmpkndkRcb, April 23 ?There ar* ten companlea organlzr-d in thla county, provided to art In anv emergency 'hat may aria* Three comptniea havr bn-n formed In tbia city, bealdea one artillery company. The arming of the people la intrndrd for liome protection. Th? v arc ditpoard to maintain fr ? < civ relations with their iM?ivh. >>nt are pr'parrj to meet tl,em In hostile arrnv if Iuvad< d It ia thought thai twenty thouund n en will aoon be enrolled la Upper Miaaouri, for the defence of their aoll aga.uat all tnnden. Lexisgto.v Mo., April 23?Between two and three hundred Unit 11 men aa*etubled in the Third | Ward yesterday. raiaed tbe atara ard atripea. and , expr?saed their determination to *tand bv th?-m to the last. Speeches were made by Meaara Field, Crittenden. Cooley, and othcra Tbe moat unbound* d entbm!ai>tn prevailed, and the apeakera were greeted wltb k reat applauae. ' A large and enthuaiaaHc Secevioit ireeti ng waa ueia in tbe county on Saturday, v hich was addressed l)V Samuel H Woodson. l)r harden. and others. Tbe resolutions thanked !io* Jackaon for hla manly response to the Presidents call for troops Si* military companies are already ( forme?t In (he county, several l>elng IWi strong Tbe old Union tlig w*s hoisted in the old town, but wm soon torn down. Ixlltna Legislatare IsdtaxapolN, April *21 ?The extra session of ' the Legislature convened to day T >e old officers , reigned, and new officers were eln.ted without a * * ? regard to party lines After the organization, the Stnr Spangled Rsrner, It*d, White and Blue, and tb?j l uton Forever were sung. The House then adjourned, and I marched, heailed by a band, to Camp Morton, to I listen to an address to the soldiers b * the Hon 8 t A. Douglas. A suthcient numler of coinpani>-s have been offered to form ten additional re?im?nts Indiana can sf-nd to the field within one month 50,1*10 t volunteers. Tbe A??finhly will place the Sts'e uj>on a war footing at present, and establish a rt-serve guard of 10,<XU men. t'oll^lsn and Lsss of L fe. Omaha. ClTT, April Si ?A messeurer ha* i'ist arrived from Nhtfwut, wh?UrtM that the inhabitants of tbat pl-ice assembled in arm# and boarded tbe steamboat Omaha, when she linded at that point, and demanded tbnt the captain 1 should gono further np the river Tbe>* ?tated ' that they would allow no l?oat to p:?? up for the ' purpose of removing the troop* at I'ort Kaudall, as they were all the protection the frontier had A difficulty then occurred between tfce steamboat men and the citizens, when both parties commenced flriti" at eacb other Fou- persons are known to be killed and several wounded The steamboat was obliged to turn down the stream | Feeling in >liss?nrt> < Sr Locis. April 22 ?C^ulte* iiun.ber of editorials from the prominent newspapers of the intcrinr r?f tli? ^w ?41? * " .... v. .wv wm?.c uiu^u niui^naiiuri m lUf action of the Federal Government in calling so tardea military force into the field,end especially i for calling for voluuteers from the border alive I States; but there is not much ill-temper manifested, and less disposition to run the State Into rash. In- J defensible measures than has bee i evluced in some other states There is a good deal of seres- < sion feeling in some sections, but tbe prevailing I sentiment is quite unanimous for conciliation and peace Many reports are afloit here, but the city < is quiet and crderly, and no public demonstration 1 of any character has been made i Secessionists Assailed in Kentacby ! CinctirsiATi, April 23 ?A company of secessionists, one hundred and thirty strong, left Cynthia. Ky , yesterday, to join the Confederate army. Wben the train reached Frankfort ttev were ordered to display their flag, which they did by extending a secession flag from the car window Stones were tired into it, when the lieutenant tired ' Into the crowd. The cars were imc.cdutely at- , tacked bv the citizens *n?t rurm.f ? 1 f ? ?, rv?HW I n .iru | upon thi-m promiscuously. rhey finally got awav with but little injury. Great excitement prevailed ? and threats were made to tear up the truck The ] citizens declare that no more secession troops (hall j paM through that pljce. Western Virginia for the I nisn. Wksiuxo, April vKJ.?The Union sentiment hereabouts is buoyant. A large meeting was held in Clarksburg.'Harrison county, yesterday i it (-solutions were adopted centurlng severely the course pursued by Gov Letcher and the Kasiern 1 Virginians Kleven delegates were appointed to meet deb gates from other northwestern counties, ^ to meet at \\ heeling, May lUth, to determine . what course should be j>ursiu*d In the present | emergency. Tbe facilities for obtain ng information are very meagre, but the report* thus far re- I ceived speak encouragingly of the Union sentlment in Western Virginia ' Frsin >rw Urlram and Tnai 1 Nkw Orkkan*. April 23?The Governor bu Information that 1 J>'*< I'ennesseans are ou the way to join the Confederate army. The steamer H a ban a ii being con-'erteo into a war vessel ^ fcx-Governor H niton spoke at Galveston on . Friday, emphatically denying that he had com- g municated with the Fedt-ral Government He c alio denied that he claimed to be itill the Govern- t orofTexai He said he had retired to private f life, and would never leave It except for the de fense of hii country. Departure ! Tr**pi from Mew Ysrk Nkw York. April 24 ?Thesteimer Daylight it j to ? with tilt) recruits and volunteers. The J steamer Montgomery sailed this morn* ng with the r?tll-*1- " 1 ' ? >ikcut nqjiiiicai. i lie HnnUvHle is I being titled into a gunboat The Mca'.lcello hu taken lu-inch *wive!?on board, aud I* expected to ail ihi* evening. TLe Chesapeake ?<il>-1 yea'.er- o day with provision* for Old I'oint Comfort J Lie ^ Parkerabnrg lu.* sailed with the twen* v-2i!!h regiment. The ei^ntli, thirteenth, tweut) -eighth and j lxty-nintu ret,.rneuU, nearly 3. *AJ tron^, em- 1 oarked yeaterd ?y afternoon for Anna|?>iis, ou tLe steamers Marion, Alabama and James Adger. Ketaliatery Policy ?f the ( ulederate Gov- V eminent Montgomery, April Is?TheGovcnment here e it determined that no acta of petty ai.iioyance or r of outrage committed by th..-people or Govern- 1 ment cf the 1"liltedStates?hall pica without proper measure* to secure indemnification. In thisspirit a it ha* had the late *eizure In Ohio of produce In- J tended for the South under advisement, and It has dtcldcd to take effectual s'epa for retaliation j Naval Preparations Boston, April *)?There is great activity In " the Charleatown Navy Yard. The Minnesota is nearly ready, as is also tbe I>ri< J Balnbrldge 7 he steam frigate Mississippi Is progressing rapidly, and tbe Colorado will be ready in ten davs. . Naval recruits are constantly arriving, and a l large number of caulkers have volunteered for | the war. Troaps at I liambersbarg, Pa. Ch*mbkb?bcko, April *24.?The 7th and -th a regiments of Pennsylvania volunteers arrived < here last nis;ht, ana arc comfortably quartered on Camps Irvine and Chambers. The excitement here has subsided Families are arriving here from Washington and th? South, via Frederick and Hagerstown, by every train. Secession ia Arkacsns ( Vas Braix, April 24?The Van Huren Press | newspaper, the leading Union newspaper In Western Arkansas, to-day hoisted the Confederate flag over its ofir??. The United States troops at Fort Smith evacuated the Dost last nlvht ind l?ft fm tK? ? ? ?. - ^pv country. The State troop* now occupy the fort. Southern Preparations for W ar. New Yokk, April'23.?A gentleman from ' Charleston, who left that city on Thursday last, J ays that the Southern trooj* were la excellent t condition. It was tht intention of tie Southern ? Confederacy to march North with an army of 50.tuu or 60,000 men, expectiug to join with >0,000 additional troops to be raised in Virginia. Alliance Between Western < itles 1 Lovisvillb, Kjr., April 20 ?This city and New Albany and Jefferson, Indiana, are forming a military alliance to preserve a |>eac?-ab'e status between the three cities, and sustain amieable re- ( Miivua iu auf c?CUV A IIUHK* UU&rd lOf Itllt City | organized tbU evening. t Kncanipmrat at I'frrytillf. Mil. Havxe i>* April 23.?Col Dare bu , taken up a position at Perryvllle. on tie Maryland c bank of tbe ?uaqueh*nna, opposite this place. The volunteers occupy tbe lar^e d^pot buHding 4 of the Baltimore Railroad Contpanv, and are comfortably boused, and have room fc-r drilling. Steamers te be Chartered aad t eaverted tat* ! OaabtsU. Niw Von, April 'li ?It i? stated that tbe Got- J eminent bas directed Commodore Breeae to cbar- . ter twenty steamers of light draught for three months' service, to arm them with aire Inch pivot x guns, and ftt them for aea. 1 1 The Arkaaaas State leaveatlea* Fayktrbvillk. Ark , April Ai.?lion David ( Walker, President of tbe Arkansas State Convention, to-day, in accordance with the provisions at iac i/uo>uiuuon, muea til* call requiring the Cooveatiou to rraaaeuible oa Um Mb at May. ' Utiu Meeting la ElktM, tUrylul. Elktow, Md , April Ti ?A large TnJon meet In); vu held brre to-day, attended by MO dnls- 1 gate*. Reaolntlona were paaaed, declaring that. ] let Maryland do what ?h? will, Cocll county will not ?ecade. Calra MttUai la Eiktoa. Bid Elkto*, Md , April 83 ?a large I'nlon masting \?a* held to day here, attended by Sii delefiatea Resolutions were passed declaring that et Maryland do what ahe will, Cecil county w.11 not secede Rh*de Iiland Military. PaoviDtxca, April 34 ?Tbe second ret'.meet, under Col. I'utnani. tailed thla afternoon for New York They number about SOU mea, and carry with them a flag borne by the Rhode lalaad regiment during the revolution Trsspa la Mlaaoarl lsr>Era>i>?Nri. M# , April 22 ?It la thought I'pper Miaaoarl will toon have 26,(00 men enrolled for tbe defease of her aoll v&:nat all lnvaderi. Araa Orderrd frana Canada. MomiAL, April *23 ?Numerous telegraphic diap^ti h?* have been received here ordering ansa to the Northern Slate* Consul 4>)dd)ngt Im arrived bere. 1 he New Yark Yoiaateera Niw Von, April 24 ?The Seventy-ninth Regimeat of New York baa received marching order* line hundred and thirty-four com pan ea have ;>een enrolled tbua far LatMt from the laatk Acr.ratA. April 25?Florida haa ratified the permanent Constitution of the Confederate State* The priaoner* of war taken on the Star of tb? IVeat, have been taken to Montgomery I'm*n with the Nsuthsra < safederacy. Richmond, April U5 ?A report is prevalent sere that the Convention will to day p*a? an orH lance for a provisional I'nlon of Virginia with he southern Confederacy (airs, III , In vetted by L. 8 Trsspa Locia villc, April 43?A private diapatrb saya hat Cairo, 111 , baa beea inv??t?d by about l,M<l r'edcral troopa. and 4,0UU more are expected soon. ?traaeri Par(ha>r4< IIo?tojc, April 21?Tbe Government b*a pur based tbe ateamera South Carolina and Maata :huacttv of tbe ObarW-ston line. Arrival af the t hamplea .??? i uHi. Apru vi.? i oe iinnirr (JDamp'on, with tbe California mails and treasure, arr.vvd his morning. D?NT1STRY^ DRS. t OCKWOOD A DARK I'LL ARK PREpare?l to invert TkETHtn Vl'LCA l i b BA?K, a n-w &i >1 improved UKxie.ftvl^iS When made on this p an Uiey a-e oom ' " [ortatile tn w??r ariJ tni^'i cheaper than any other. Also, l'A*th laseited on Gold Pate. ail * L>ent* Iterations of any kind that mai t>e denred Of bee Ni>< rn No !t in the WtaUiiigtou Bundinj.cir ser Pa av. sud Sevruth st. ja >0 41a* \I TEETB. i*I. LOOMit*. M D.. the lnvertot and pa'entee uftho MINERAL PLAT*. Til Til it mm , lerds persor.a jr at his offioe ir this ci*? Mnaf Man? persons can sraar tbese teetn whosal?D lanuot wear others, and no person can wc*r others hn M. Anar ?h-?A I'eraona c*;1 at rry ofior cai. be accommodated rithei.' sty.eai.J pr.oe?f Teeth fi^y may desire, but to those who are p&rticu'ar and wish the purest, j eaufht, strontet. and moat perfect dertere that i t car pru<!u?e, ths MIN t.KAL PLATL will be more (a y rrnnted. Rooms in this city ?No. 33? Pa. avenue, betwee? tth and i'th au. Also, SOT Aroh street, Philadel ?tiia. oc 1* 11 CARRIAGE FACTORIES WMU1N?TUN CARR1A8E FACTORY. D ktrti, ifertssm 9tk *nd I'X* Strut*. V. e have just knitted a number of first otaea CARRIAGE:4, such aa Lmht finsVf^Mg^Ma W'warn*. Fork Pktmont, Car jflng i? , and Bttrritt, whion we will eel -* i ver ana profit. B' i. t pract.oa m<x;tiaruoa in different branehee >t the bus:ne??, ?e uat'er ourselves mat we know Jie?:y'e? and s'ja.iiv ol work ihat will give satis actios, lightcesa, oouifort ud durebiii iy. Rcpairlnc prorrptly ?cd oarefaiiy attended te ?.o c^ortest nctir* and moat reasonable charcea. WALTER. KARMANN A BOPF. Coachmakers, successors to W m. T. Hook, ay *7-dly r CARRIAGES. HE Babeerit-er navinc maae addlOe? te hi vwvtj I Ui?aiUi IIUVW U1M VI VQV IV n tne Dmtrict, wurj t>* fkciUtie#^ctu'riTiiC/.RK1A6K & lVAttO>?or 8 kino* c*cnot t* icrfUMd.tU rora ti? iorr ?Xferi?EO? ii> tk? biaisem, k* k*H> ? c 1T* ICT.'JM c?tlsfikbOO]L. I.Li* ?l UrriHNUd fclffet fflcKlklHN A. EKKAlRSMt!y<M?,M4ai:?r4ar?rrM?? J 4ttfc0d*4 tft, sr" "" "^wvTvvtwisr4 1 k-tf MrMrvfUlbtkRik GAS FITTING, kc. Lty .... e AS F 1 X T UK K 8 . ? r. unv? m store. r.ia ir? nui-j reoetving, S AS yiX TURKS <>f entire, j New Fatternaartd i??aiiaa >nd Fim?.'i, superior it atrle to anything heretos>r? ITered in ttna market. \vo inv ?e c.i.teua genera, r to caU arti exmnise oar atock of Gaa and Water ixturea, feeling confident that we nave tlie beat looted stock in Washington. All Work in the atove Use iLtruated to eur oa.e nil be prompt.? attended to. MVER8 * MoGBAN. mar g-tf 3 7?> j) street. I SNYDfcR. L. PLUMBER AND UAS FITTER, Ha? removed to the ocner of Twelfth *r>d F at*, ie ta prepared to introduce Water and Gaa upon be moat favorable term a, and guarantiee entire atiafaction. He.vaa on hand a lot of COOEIN9 and other ITOV fcS, which he wiil eell ieae than eoat. aa be riabea to get rid of them. bo 11 JIFICE ?^)^I^>9EME^R8ND MtAI,K1 W A.IE DHfl J ? T It, 1Mb. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That.atroa,bly to the provieione of the ordinanoe of the CororatioL approved May It. l^o.tbe underaigned ie low prepared, "whenever revaired in writing, and m pre payment of the fee of fcity oenta, to Inapeet. xaiuine, teat, prove, and aaoer tain the aoou racj of egistration of any gaa meter in uee in ttua oity. ivery meter, iffoand mocrreot, will he condemned, aid another, eea*d and narked ae true, wtu be etini?? piace. If proved to be accurate in ite nMlDNmA' ? ofpt! it will > ^ ? 1 ? J ?- - ' ? V? vy WWIUIUKI/ , 0.(1 JMr&in ?ut mroiiuofc for um. Office No. 410 Srvs^tJi aireet, (near Odd F*lo*? Ha!! ) Oaer from8 a. in., to t a. m. , , CHAKlKS w. cunning ham, Jt U-tf l&itMtorud 8Mi*rof9M M?U>n A STARTLING DISCLOSURE! _ DECLAKATHty OP WAK REAT OUTPOURING OF THE PEOPLE! RteiKIVlKG or THE noBTBOT IT WINDSOR A BROTHER, Seventh ?C. ?ael!in* BOOTS, SHOE-. HATS.*-* CAPS. Ao .at a *r?v aacrihoeon f?r mer rate*. Good Meu'a Workin*^^ Sbo*s at 75 cent* ; M ;*ae*' Sewed Morm o Boots 87H. we'l worth 91 25: ?nd a aenerai t< lortir.ent of Genta'. Ladi**'. Mimes', anrt Ch.l iren's Shoe*, very choap. W? wilt ?e!l aa low u >ny one. acd take off 5 oer cent, diaconnt for nut, n current tunCe. ' >\pS-eolm Ch. rarre's Champagne. 'j. R. 6LONIN6CR k. CO.. A'o 7, North Ckmrlf* ffrtei. Biltimort, laving b<?eu eppomtel A?enU for the sae of the .hove brand of CHAMPA8NK WINK, offer it or * e, re ymg upon it* merits to e?tab!iah her* lie reputation it has already acquired in oar Southern citcs. Heeidei o famine a hrat-clau Medal at the 'retch Kxhibition if 1866, Mr. Farre ha? boon ij?pointed Puiveyor to the CourU of &p?ia aad ruesi% ap 6eoSm D|7AT0ii REPAIRING AND SILVER WAU f* manufactory" I hnve one of the hMtoatahruhmaDto, aod firliihed with a oompiete set of tool* for repair- ^Rx. l? every description of fene Watcrtee. aad^Ml artioul&r attention five to tbe Mine, by horouch ooraprHent wurkmtc jiud V work a;iar*o led Aleo, every deecnp ion of standard 81LVFR ^ARK.p ?;dM.a on imfLttl, manufactured under ny ova supervision, which my ovetomore will ??d ar superior in euality and fcmab to nortKera wara old by dealer* in generai and repreeented a* tMtr iwn manufacture. H. O. HOOD, __ee 6 M? Pa. iw*i>, near Itt at. 4 IT NKVKK PA I L?!** I - IT WILL PAY TI1E PHOPLK I take great pleasure in annoanoioc to the otU tens and etraarers of Waahtnctou that* hare j net etarned f om (he Nortn with a vary hoe a-d Ivi* <?t of SPRING and SUM MEKCI.O I F I >0. ~i;?NISH!\G GOt>D?. HAT8 w*/ ?AP9. which 1 have bougl.t mostly for eaen. and 1 am prepared to eell tfem off at verv tow pnoaa. N. B.?All of these flirts hare b*an wade ay rithin the :aat month : therefore, ton oaa f?t the ateet etrlea at J. H PMlTH'ft. No. 4M (Seventh iU, opposite Poet OfBoe. ai> Vl?a nKICKERfNG ft. SON!*' PI AN"* FO* SALE v on monthly pvbmU, or (!iM??nUJ>r wli. JOHN r. BLLIb, M n *Q6. h*te?n ?th aed let* >'?. IWe Mtve a thorough and systematic edaoauoa. wkere hfirphyeioaJ training wit I mini illy aad special Uteri lion, under the ryoet approved a**ma af CeliaMates and Gymuaetioe. are roepeeifaUy inv.te-; to ? F?