Newspaper of Evening Star, April 27, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 27, 1861 Page 1
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\ THE EVEMNG STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: BATVROAY April VT. MM? SplriL?< the tlerniag Press Tbe IntilUg'Ht'T rays tb>* disunion consummated t?jr the set of Son h Carolina on tbe 80th of December last, "was bat tbe fulfillment of a long meditated purpose and tbe realization of a foregone conclusion " Tbe Rtpvtlitom argues tbat tbe secession of tt|_.s_s. _ a __ _ IS ? i. . i.... 4. *1.. if A at Virginia gifps no rnid wo?ie*? iu >uc j*i< uv gcmerr govrfnir^nt, and that instead of being aWngtbe: ed errovlon was weakened by tbe addition of Virginia to its ranks. * THK *KV*S HERE. ? Ax Impoktant P?oclakatio!i ?On Monday mcmiDg there will appear another proclamation of tbe President, extending tbe contemplated blockade to tbe porta of Virginia and North Carolina, but not to those ?f Maryland. Commodore Ptrtngham Is to be officially named in it as the - - m ? # IV. m ruiuw?aucr ut mo wuoif uiucftiuing iwce. These facts are c?rtalnly true. briuil Of tbi Akmt and Navt.?It Las been determined by tbe Government immediately to Increase the regular Army 20,000 rank and file. Also ths Navy, from 7.000, Its present force, to a jam. _ Tbb Baltimore Sis proclaims In its issue of ynreiday tbat it ba* never been for secession ! It now very sensibly urges the Legislature of Maryland to decline passing an ordinance of secession, to be referred to tbe people; but, Instead, to call a convention to take into consideration Maryland's duty to berself in the exigencies by whieh she is s j r rounded f be truth Is, the 5?n baa done more to draw Virginia into Ter present mod position, and to co?x Mar>land to follow her example, than ail lh? xnw.J illitinUn I- ?? !. !-- o?_.? . u .. v M.auuivii jWHiiinisill lAilll IUVI1; CUI>?, combined. We have no space In which to review the Sin'i course upon the unhappy troubles of the times Yet we may freely appeal to its every rradtr to hear witness that it Las bent every nerve for months past to indues the border States to assume tr.e burden of the war which the Gulf States and South Carolina have made upon the United States That his been, palpably, tbe upshot of its labors lias it not been the promoter of the circumstances which have given Baltimore over to the control of the mob that recently assailed the relieving ?roo|s passing through that city's streets for the National Capital ? His any other journal in the border State* labored more earnestly up to this tlme to strengthen 'he hands of those wno have uaderUkrn to destroy the Union? Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee refuse to commit themselves to war on the Government. I h rteen or fourleeu thousand Union troops ar?* li* thtscit^ ; nine thousand between this citvand Pt rryemansvi tie?thirty thousand were in .New York city on the day iiefore yesterday.awaiting transportation In the direction of Maryland; while twelve tk"wnd, ?t liv-.?t, are in Pennsylvania audrDelaware. ready to tdvi-nce hitherward Every railroad leading out of Baltimore is rendered useleu for commercial purposes; while its commerce, seaward, is already among the things that wera; ind, to the Sun. we prtsume, the greatest calamity of them all is the fact that in the recent Hal imore election, though entirely unopposed through 'oe disuuio'i rei^n of Urror existing tLere, i s d?sualon ciise could muster bet l?ss than one 'narth of 'he city's well known total vote cf forty t iimwnd ' Under the teachings of the Sim. Baltimore has committed ftlo de t* Jt well-nigh Iv-jjgared itself to make tbe grandest work of internal improvement iu the world Just as it was about fairly beglnoing to reap the advantages of Its former sacriaccs to that end. the .Suit has induced it to play!. to the extent of e?*aving to prevent tne passage of troops to the Federal metropolis to save the latter from being violently wrested from the Government of tee United States On sk. -i- A iuc iivr it<- enort was nvide. the Sun awoke to the twupnliemlodcl the fart that it wri in the power of the Government to obliterate Baltimore in an boor, if lest might be nec^aaarj-(as It happily la nut) to save the can* Ul of the United Stat? t. On the dsy after that, tLe Sun caiae to comprehend that what wa* lately the trade cf Baltimore uo longer eiiar*? through the ardor cf her mob to prevent troops from hastening hither at the call of the Government, not a barrel of flour or a ton of ccal now react e* her warehouses and wtarves, nor a dollar'* worth cf merchandise of any deeription ieta U-n cities, per rail, from her corporation limits The Sun. very *aturally, is no longer a disunion sheet It s*e>i, at length, before it, what any sensible man without ht-ated disunion blood might have told it long s'nee? that "teceaaion" is death to every present interest uf Maryland, and, consequently, it counaeia ber Lwttlature that met vtswrday at Frederick, for <*od*a aake not to violate law by assuming au aerttf to pa*j an ordinance of aece??lon U7* M * -> - ' * " "" ~ iu? ?ua> tiiiryiiuu'i bogiutiure will brtd Um Sunt tardy counsel. T*? Lat* Statks Union?The editor of the late Statu and L'ni n is not and never wai a eceasioutst, as ui freely declare*. Thus, In reading hia viewa ? *ipreased In bis editorials, we misinterpreted biui, as all Union inen In this comibuuity did, we apprehend. The policy of his job'Dai as be explains tt, was to ward off civil war: a very patriotic one, but, It seems to ua, not skillfully ca.r.ed out In the tenor of ita articles enforcing it. Not beinj a secessionist, of course be oould have bad no desire that his office should be mobbed by ?Le anti-secasicnista of tbla city, which appeared to many bere not long since?Ulster among the nuuatwr?to be the end and ami cf MM one Influencing that journal's course we are triad tDai hi* literary talents ere not to be devoid lo toe work of making our national worse rather than )>etter We alio understand that uu.ler hia Management no mnn was injured by the &!*(<> and L'niim pecuniarily; the heavy debU under which it uok, having been nocuinulat< d previous to hla connection with it is lta publisher. Waani!i0t0]< Bank Nuts* ?The banks of this rlty have In circulation, in all. an aggregate of bat flftv thousand dollars. The stockholders are tsowu to be wortb luilllonsof dollars In the aggregate, while it la not disputed that in law every stockholder Is bound in the whole amount of hia Croperty for the redemption of the notta of the ank la which be owns stork. We submit, therefore, that there is no substantial reason whatever for the panic that exists anion;; person* in trade here upon lb** subject of receiving District notes. W e bear that a poor woman was actually charged twenty per ce&t. by a butcher In market this ith ruing, for changing her only money, a Washington S3 bank iiote?a piece of shameies* ex tor ?Vy inurro; me note iiring Iuttinsically worth Its fhre id icold. ao far es security for ita eventual redemption la gold la concerned. > Wptiis ViiGisu.?A letter from a gentleman In Morjtantown, Monongalia county, Va , dated April 22, (<^* : .. n u??r juh tii-iu i ldiod mceiing numbering 1 5*A) rat it They rtsolved unanimously to stand by the Mars end Scripts, repudiated the art i,t secession, ?r<d exiled on tbe other counties of \S?sirrn Virginia to join Moncncalia in insisting uD a division of the >tat?\ if Eastern Virginia deU-m.iii?? to quit the Union of our fathers. 'I here ere not n:??re than a hundred secessionists in all la this county. Have ho fears wtiau-ver that WiWrn Virginia, with her Immense white laboring population, will evercournt to be tied on vo the tail of South Carolina." All Ovstio*?W> by letter that a few dayaaineetbe Hon. Messrs. Nelson, Maynard and Andrew Johnson, (though tbe last named was not pce?*ut ) were honored with an immense ovation In Knoxvilie Mr. Ntlsoii was tbe orator of tbe da\; and though tbe secession of Virginia wsa kn>wn there at tbe time, the Union spirit burned brighter than ever in the hearta of those present Tnoor* i* N?w York.?A reliable gentleman, who left N??w York on tbe day before yesterday, brines information that there were then full thirty tbouaaud troops in that city, ready to be advanced to Annapolis as fast as the means of transportation will t-ki.k !_.? " ~ a.vM iflurr arc oeiug daily greatly iKIMMd. Application* roa Naval Surici.-We learn tbat for every officer who has resigned on account of the trouble* of tbe times, there are ten applies tioDS for their places from retired officer*?officer! who resigned previous to the breaking out of tbe secession fever?and other thorough seamen RisiesATioxs.?W. J.N. boodwln. of La., ha* r. ?i/n?d bia second-class (91 4UU)clerks hip in the Sixth Auditor's offire, Treasury Department. 8 A. l.euk*, of Va . has resigned his secondelass clerkship In the Fourth Auditor's office. Pbssidijtial Appoistmkst.?The President bassppolntrd A t* Paddock, of Nebraska, Secretary of that Territory. FmssEBirs, Nr.-Report says that the Union Bleu of Ko-aerick rallied yesterday morning in overwteimiiiK force, tore down a secession flag which had been U> mg in the city, peraded under tbe old flag, and to tbe music of the national airs, and made such ether demonstrations tbat the secesstoulsts stut themselves up in their own booses, the streets to the sole possession of the ?7 By a singular blunder the Cenetltntion of r*?org1a makes it Impossible to elect a Governor in it>?t State for a number of yean. It says: No person shall he eligible to the office of Governor wb?? shall not have beeu a cltixen of the Confederate States twelve years, and an Inhabitant of the "tale ?li years. % _ _ . MILITARY MOTEMEWTS. NEW YORK. Alba*t. April '25 ?Gov. Morgan baa Ivaned a procl-iranon calling for additional volunteers. Twenty-one regiments Jn all are to be accepted, making the foil oomp)*iri*nt of the State 30 000. The steamer Klll-von-Kull b?>a be?a chart-red by the Government, ?nd will go South with a full cargo of provision*, fifty horses. and a supply of railroad spike*, crowbars. and all articles neeesaary for repairing railroads. The achooner Commerce, from York river, Va, hss arrived with the crews of several small craft seized there by the Virginians. Tbe steam*r Empire State arrived this forenoon, with a detachment of the First Rhode Island Regiment. Tuey leave on the stesmer Bienville to-night The steamer Quaker City hss been chartered, and Is loading with provisions and stores for Annapolis or Washington. MASSACHUSETTS Boston, April 25.?The oath of alleglarco to tie United States was administered to tbe oHicers and crew cf the stram frigate Niagara, when all but four subscribed to It Their names will be atrlcken from the roll. A full company to form another corps of flying artillery baa enlisted under Moses G Colt They will have aix rifled cannon and all the equipment* for efficient aervlce. The iteamera Massachusetts and South Carolina ar#- being converted Into war vessels. Boston. April 25 ?The following li the llat of Southern officers of the I'nited State frigate Niagara who refused to take the oath of allegiance, and have realgned:?Flrat Lieutenant Hrown, of Missisal pp!; Fourth Lieutenant McCorkle. of the Dlatrlct of Columbia; Midshipman Reed. Chief Knglneer Williamson, First Lieut, of Marlnea Grten, Second do. Lamsay, all of Virginia. Mid sbipman >wan and i*chley have telegraphed to their friend* for Instructions. Hoston, April 25 ?The second battallion of Infantry now occupy Fort Independence, in tbe harbor. The sum of ?12,500 has Wen subscribed in aid of Fletcher Webster's regiment Lieut Brown, who resigned his position on tbe frigate Niagara, to-day wan arrested by the police for causing a disturbance by uttering treasonable sentiments He was conveyed to the receiving ship Ohio for safety. NEW HAMPSHIRE Portsmouth. N. H , April 25 ?Fort Constitution, and the other fortifications in the harbor, are heins> put In a state of defense. At the navy yard the Dtle, Marion and Suntce are being fitted out for sea. NEW JERSEY. Trkt?to5. April 23 ?All the propellers of the Merchants' Transportation Line nave been chartered by the Government to convey the New Jersey troops Gen. Runyan intends to move them South without dclav. Volunteers continue to arrive here to be muttered into service. VERMONT. Mostfelifr. April 23.?The Governor to-dav slgn? d the bill just passed appropriating 81,000,000 to the war fund. The enlistments are going on rapidly all ovar the State. The first regiment will march on Monday. PENNSYLVANIA. Harrisbcrg, April 25 ?The adjutant gereral'a report shows that i?'4 compnn1?-s had been sworn In op to 9 o'clock Inst evening. Twenty full companies have since arrived, and the n .mber now in service is 121 companies, compriAng a total of 9 5k? men. Negley's brigade, 1,600 strong, arrived last night, and were quartered in the Capitol LOUISIANA AND TEXAS. N*w Orlf.a.ns, April 24 ?Governor Moore has Issued an addren. calling for 1 adiiltinn?l Louisiana troops. A number of parishes In Louisiana have appropriated ten thousand dollars each for the support of tbe volunteer!, and have pledged tbemselve* to pav tlfty thousand dollar* a year each as long as tbe war shall last. Fifteen hundred Tennessean* are expected here to-day to join tbe Confederate army. A meeting of live h liidred of the ladies of New Orleans wan held at the St Charles Hotel for the purpose of making arrangement* for tbe holding of a fair to raise mouey for clothing the Loui*lcna volunteers. New Orleans, April 25?The steamer Catawba, of tbe New York line, was seized this morning, but released by order of tbe Montgomery Government, and sailed at six o'clock tbia evening. Accounts from tbe upper parishes say that the military spirit Is Increasing, a>id volunteer companies are forming rapidly. The planters are offering money freely. a rumor irom an a Jinentic source has reacted Br :i<* that the Mexicans are getting up another guerilla warfare against the citizen* on the Klo Grande. Above Brownaville the town of Roma ha* been p'llaued aui burnt and many American families murdered. Brownsville Lai also been threatened. The number of United States troops left In Texas Is at>out one thousand They are abundantly supplied with provisions ana means of transportation. The number in the vicinity of Indianola Is about five hundred ARKANSAS Foet Smith, April M ? On the seizure of Fort Smith by the Arkansas troops, Captain Montgomery and Major Gatlin were taken prisoners, and afterward released on parole^ There were about seven hundred State troops here to-day. I hey were passed In review in the garr.son parade ground. The Confederate flag was ratsed on the fort at twelve o'clock, amid the firing of cannon and the cheers of the people After the review, three cheers were given for the Arkansas citizen scldlerr, three cheers for Jeff Davis, and three cheers for Gov H.M. Rector The stock and property taken possession of is estimated to l>e of tLe value of f800,000. KENTUCKY. Louisville, AprilA'5 ?A de'acbment of Col. Duncan's regiment, about 400 ??ontr, ttuder Capt. Dtsher, left by tbe Nashville rai'road car*, this afternoon, for tbe Southern Confederacy. New Orleans, April 24 ?The Davis Guards, of Louisville, arrived here this morning, and were enthusiastically welcomed Two companies of our citizen soldiery have volunteered to go to Virginia. The vikcmia Oeimnanck Adopt so the Cosstitvtiom ov the Co*vedeba1 e states?The Virginia Convention on Thursday passed an ordinance joining the S'Outhern Confederacy It provides mat until Virginia shall become a member of the Confederacy, according to the Constitutions of bota powers, the whole military force and military operations, oll'ensive and drlendve, of tbe State, in the impending conflict with tbe 0?- 4 - - 1 ? ? ? ? ^in fu duiio. suni u?unarr me chief control and direction of ti e President of the Confederate Slate*, upon the same principle*, hail* und footing a* if Virginia. were now, and during the interval & member of the Confederacy. The Commonwealth of Virginia will, after her adoption of the Constitution for a Permanent Government of the Confederate State* and ahe shall become a member of the Confederacy under the Permanent Constitution, if the same shall occur, turu over to the Confederate States all the public property, naval stores, and munitions of war, etc , she may then be in possesion of acquired from the United States on t'aesame terms and In like mani er as the other State* of the Confederacy have tioue in like cases. Whatever expenditures of money, if any, Virginia shall make before the Union, under the Provisional Government, as j above contemplated, shall be consummated shall be met and provided for by theConfederate States A* Ovation.?Kemarkable as was the ovation at the departure of the Seventh regiment, it was, 1/ >\i>M*hlu i ?V... A I- ? ? ? M * .. .jip.urcu uj mi- t-iou.u 0:1 i ueuay by tbe Sixty-uintt It seemed as taouyh every n an, woman and child of Irish descent, to say nctbiiig of the ten thousand of Americans, was In tbe street to cheer them ott'. Uroadway, from Bieecker to Canal street, and Canal street to the wharf, was literally packed with beings The cbnplain of tti?- regiment is Father Clarence Walworth, aon cf the venerable ex-chancellor, and one of the most eloquent clergymen of the Catholic Church In th* country. The chaplain of the Seventh, Rev. Mr. Weston, of Trinity Church,Isone tne ablest ministers of the Episcopal Church In the diocese.?N. Y. Paper. |) 7" The Frederic ksourg Recorder savs : "We raise our feeble utterance, and beg our authorities to act for tbe present strictly on the deftnstvt. Let us not commence any war of aggression. Give the North tiuue to cousent for a peaceful separation, meantime relaxing no efi'ort to put the State on an efficient war footing. No blow should be aimed at Washington till Maryland shall have seceded, and then, when (he claims the Capital, ours it should be. For the present let us staud watch over oar own." JC^Measrs H >rton and Post, two of the United States Marshal's aids, yesterday visited several oana engraving establishments In the city, and rizrd ten engrared copper plate*, someof national bond* for the Southern Confederacy, and s?ne of bank notes to be issu- d for the "Confederate States of America." In the center of these plates was the likenets of Jrfferson Davis The plates were Hid before the Grand J urv.?-V. V. Herald, asth. __ U77" Albany steamboats carry all troop* to New York free of charge. Volunteer companies are 'transported tree over the Rensselaer and Saratoga, Saratoga and Whitehall, Saratoga and Schenectady, and Albany and Northern railroad* en route to the headquarters of the Army. ThbOath or Allkgiasci to as Adx:mist*??d to PoLicBMKif.?It Is said that the Police CommtaaloBers have determined to administer the oath of allegiance to the United States to all the policemen In the department.?N. Y. Pott. ICT Owing to the great demand for flags the price of bunting, in New Vork, has gone up from seventy-five cunts to eight dollars, and book mnslln, usually worth not more tiun ten cents, now bring* a dollar per yard. (r^A bill has been Introduced before the Peaaaylvaala legislature to change the name of Palmetto rtreet, la Philadelphia, to Sumner atreet I HEWS FROM THE SOUTH From tbe Baltimore Sun of this mornlnp we make up tbe following synopsis of southern news: The ste*m?hlp Star of the West, recently captured off Indlanola. and tiken into New Orleans as a prise to the Southern Confederacy, hid on ' board about 900 barrels of provisions, orljMnallv destined for tbe United StaW troops she was to Iviic iroiu niuiaiiwia. 11 a^|ir?n lar wm cupiurru by eighty Texas volunteers from Galveston Com Rousseau, of New Orleans, haa received despatches from the government at Montgomery, containing orders for fitting out tbe 8 C steam-j hlp-of-war Sumter, (late Hahana.) and to get her rudyfor sea Immediately Also, tbe C.S brig Pickens, (late revenuecu'ter McClelland.) and the Washington, whose repMrs are nearly completed. The Star of tbe Weat wlil 110 doubt be added to the southern n:?vy. A dispatch dated Memphis, Tennessee. 24th lbstint, says: "The excitement in this c.ltv is at a hl^h pitch. Volunteers are enlisting for the Southern army. Business Is olmost entirely suspended. Batteries are erected, and no steamers will he permitted to pass up or down There are four boats coming up from .New Orleans, which will be seized, vix The Mars, Queen of the West, Ohio Belle and Westmoreland " The New Orleans Pfcayunne of tbe '21st. says Paymaster Chambers, of Alabama, at Montgomery, direct from Pensacola. reporta tbat Gen Brattg la not yet ready to make an attack on Fort Pickeua, and be doe* not think It likely that one will be made aoon Between Ave and ?U thousand Confederate troops uow Invest the fortification*. Preparation* were commenced at Norfolk on Wednesday for raising the Plymouth wblch waa acuttWd aud sunk at the wharf near the dry dock. Troop* are constantly arriving at Harper'a Ferry, and it begins to war the appearance of a grand military encampment. The removal of machln*rv from the armory building* 1* being ptish'd along with industry, ani In thecour*e of several days nothing but the bare walls of the shops will attest It as the place known as the Harper'* Ferry art.-.ory Alkxaxdkta Affair* ?From the Alexandria parer* we clip the following items : The James Guy whoxe failure to return bere from her lat? regular trip down the river, has occasioned considerable inquiry, we understand to-day is anchored in Macliodoc Creek. The Captain does not intend to resume his trip* until Fort Washington is ao checked or overawed In lta Interruption and insults to commerce and transit* as to relieve vessels from tbe dang?r of seizure. There were large quantltes of Shnd and Herring brought up to-day. and prices were somewhat lower. We quote flerring at ?taS5 per thousand, and Shad at S>(i 5<>aS? per hundred. The Warren Kitles, Captain Simpson, a tine body of soldiers arrived here yesterday. The Old Dominion Rifles are now armed with Improved Ritt*s with sword bayonets. The steamer Anacostla passed up the river yesterday evening. The steamer Mount Vernon passed down. A brass gun battery for the Loudoun Artillery arrived yesterday afternoon, from Richmond The company are now quartered in Leesburg, under orders The Nitlonal Volunteers who left Washington some time since, on account of the prevailing feeling there, have organized three volunteer companies. Ttie following are the officers of company B.?R. Cleary, Captain, and J. Brewer* 1st Llem; H. C.Bradford, 2d Lieut ; C O White,3d Li.u?. Company A is commanded by Capt Boyle Company C has not chosen its officers Pkksacola Affairs ?The Warrington correspondent cf the Charleston Mercury writes, April 20 Another war steamer,!'a leviathan of the deep," arrived on the night of tbe I6ih. Her name is said to be the Atlantic. The tleet now nnmb' rs even vessels There is no blockade jet, but no vessels con be chartered in Mobile or New Orleans for this port. 1 be owners will not take tbe risk except for ;?n enormous premium. Tt.ere are now between six and e'-ven thousir.d troops here We shill have a long siege cere, probably cf six months' duration Tbe enemy bav<- tbe advantage of us. They have more >;un?i and the advantage of position. '1 hey have command of the sea, and ran reinforce and supply themselves without hindrance. We ere in a barren country, without railroad or water communication It will be very laborious and expeustvts to feed the army thus circumstanced. Ltnch Law Thkkatf.sso is New Yokk ? On Tuesday morning, about six o'clock, a friend of Capt. Berrv. formerlv rnntnin ? >/ ?v?? F , wn-u Uifc i I Columbia, went down to pier four, North river, and found an excited crowd of people in that neighborhood They were mostly conntrymen ?V.a *? 1 ~ ' * ' va ^ (ivaiii, irnomen, ana were breathing vengeance against him for h i well known sympathy with tbe South. Tbe gentleman alluded to becam* nt'sfied from their threat* that tbe crowd wax waiting for tbe captain, and tbat there wat danger cf the application of lynch law. He accordingly went aboard the Tend, and advised Mr Berry to leave immediately, but he at first refused to do ao At last. however, he seemea to have been convlncrd tbat discretion waa the better part of valor, for he took passage In a s'eam tug, and left for parts unknown ?iV71'. paptt. Later from Hiufuk i Farkt.?G'.n Hamty a Prisoner of War ?A passenger who arrived in the Westprn train yesterday morning, says it waa detained by the Virginia military at Harper's Ferry for awhile, In consequence of a rumor that troops for Washington were on board. After a search the rumor proved unfounded. Gen. Harre.', of U 8. army, and late In command cf tbe department of the West, was, however, It appears, discovered to be on the train, and was taken In c harge by tbe military authorities of Virginia. The train was then permitted to come on to Baltimore. Oen Harney is reported to have aald he was en route for Washington. In order to resign Lis commission.?Bait. Sun of thts morning. Col. Ell*wobth'? Zucavs Kbgimsxt or Fi&kmkn ?The Nt-w York Herald of Friday savs : Cel. Ellsworth can now congratulate himself upon the success which lias attended his efforts la organizing a regiment from the brave fellows who constitute oar Fire Department. Yesterday the Inspection took place. Two thousand three hundred had signed the roll, and It was a cause of much re?jre* to the Colonel that be could not take them all One thousand one hundred flicked men were selected, and the remainder, In he event of their being required, will be organised Into another regiment. UsroRTU.HAT* Affair? Oa Sunday nl^ht, Col tireeti dispatched a black man with a note to Mnj Follock. (inStafford ) Thescrvant knocked at the door of .Major 1* 'a house, and on bis opening it, nud demanding what waa wanted, the negro made r<o replv. but reached out his arm with the note In it .Maj P. mistaking the silence of the negro, and regarding the movement as bojtile, ut once flred one load from his revolver, wblch struck the man in the breast, but it Is booed and l>elieved that no serious result will follow.? Frtd. Htrald. U7? A couple of pending matrimonial engage menu In Worcester, Mass., were hurried up by the militia of that city beli:g ordered to service on Wednesday. Thomas Talbot, upon receiving hla order to march, was immediately married to Han- I nab Schofield. ai d directly after left on the special train to Washington; and William K. Chapman, belonging to another of the city companies, wus Immediately inarritd to Miss Lucy Mlrick. {0* Wben a member of a military company at Mhrblebead, was called to duty, he was endeavoring to drive an unruly pig Into its pen He tried once alter the suininous, and failed, wben be left the contrary creature, with a ' (lam thr nog, it must teat: till after the roar,-" and in ten miuuWs was on his way to tb? drill room Thi Ikimi Zouavks ?A company under this designation, thoroughly drilled, equipped, and supplied, Is now mlng formed as an auxiliary corps to tbe Sixty-ninth Regiment, and will be cormniinded by Thomas Francis Meagher, Esq. It Is specially provided that it shall not be com- i posed of any but young, strong and hearty men. ! ?A'. V. Titties. |JT The Corporation of Fredericksburg, Va.. has determined to issue S5U.(xxi In nni? at ?i>- ! denomination of S2, $1, and fifty cent*. Plates are to be engraved and tbe notes (truck it an early day. The Council La ve appropriated 95,000 for tbe purpose of procuring guns and aiding the military. We learn by telegraph from Pine Muff, Ark., that the citizen* of that place stopped the steamer Skylark, and took from her flfty-or.<; tons of Government freight, which will he appropriated to the uses of the South. Tfce Skylark is a St. Louis boat ?M'mphi* Avnlanehe. Fkc>m Ecropx ?Late dispatches by tbe steamer Columbia, which left Liverpool on tbe 9th. state that France ba* sent a frigate to Charleston, 8. C., at the suggeston of Jeff. Davis. It Is denied that the Groat Kasteru takes 1.200 Mormons to New York. IC7" Scores of Philadelphia tenement holders have guaranteed to all of their tenants who enlist, exemption from house rent for their families during all the time of absence In defence if their / An nfrw ? 7 ' []"")* On Monday morning the Cavalry Company of Fauquier, lately under command of Capt ttoott, and who bad been at Harper * Ferry for some days, pas*?d through Leesburg on their way home, to await further orders. 03TThe Baltimore Sun aa /a that the reetr ctlona upon the exportation of provisions from Baltimore was to provide for that city, and not to a?uy Washington, and that all thrae restrictions are now removed. {JTIt la proposed to Issue one dollar corporation notes In Baltimore, to topply the want there of* small currency , Later f rem Earape By tbe steamship Ada we hare new* from Europe up to the 14th Instant: In tbe House of Commons, Mr. Foster ^ave nrtlre tbat b- would move tnit tbe House dor a not desire to express any opinion upon the sub1 jest of tbe new American Confederation, and the I government will not recognixe tbe new Confederation without security for the suppression of tbe 1 slave trade. The Arsrrlcan minister at Rome bad been Insulted by tbe troops during tbe Easter festivities, and threatened to uae his revolvers He afterwarda demanded of tt.e government better protection for

tbe future, or bla passport. His demand was comtilled with The Pope's health causes uneasiness Gartbildl's health is Improving. Lord John Rusatll said that the government tad received a ropy of the new American tariff, and promised to lav It on the table It la aald that sharp note* nra exchanged almost dally between France and England in relation to the Svrlan occupation. These reports need confirmation. but bad caused great uneasiness Lord Clyde has reached Paris, it waa supposed, on an official mission Lord Elgtn haa arrived in England Very warlike rumors continued to prevail at Parts Among others. It was stated that 00.000 troops had been suddenly ordered to Msrseilles, and that France was about to declare her Intention of prolonging indefinitely the occupation of Syria Paris letters say that war was regarded by many as Inevitable. The Boheminn Diet hat invited the Emperor of Auatria to Prairue. to be crowned. Warsaw continued tranquil, though affairs have a threatening aspect Liverpool, April 13 ?The weekly cotton report baa been published. Bales to-day 7,l?00 bales, closing quiet but lirtn. LcnDO.I. Anrll 13 ?lm?ri?in u^nn'l Railroad bond* generally la2 higher. Coujcskl to ora Volcxtikrs.?Hme to Prtpart for tke Campnign ?The following hints to volunteers. from "An Old Soldier," are timely (says the New York Post) and should be heeded : 1 R emetnber that In a ramp Ign more men die from sickness than by tbe bullet. 2 Line vonr blanket with one thickness of brown drilling This adds but four cancel In weigh?, and doubles the warmth. 3 Unya small India ruhl>er blanket (only ?1.30) to lay on the jjronnd or to throw over your shoulders when on guard duty during a rain storm. Most of the Kastern troops are provided with these. Straw to lie on is not always to be had 4. The best military bat In use is tbe llgbtcolored soft felt; the crown being sufficiently high to allow space for air over the brain. You can fasten it up as a continental In fair we?thcr, of turn it down when It is wet or very sunny. 5. Let your l>eard grow, so as to protect the throat and lungs. 6 Keep vour entire n?<ranri / !???! tn. t J r . . ?V v>vo?) ?U 10 piC*CHW fevers and bowel complaints In w*rrn climates Wash yonr body each diy, If possible. Avoid strong coffee and ?Uy meat Geu Srott said that the too free use of thes? (together with ?ezlect In keeping the skin clean) rost many a soldier his life in Mexico 7 A sudd* n check of perspiration by chilly or night air often causos fever and death. When thus exposed do not forget your blanket. Th* Mounted Battalion op tui Empix? Citt-?This body will consist of five hundred mounted riflemen. Major Bliss, of th? United States Engineer Corps, will have command The following arc the staff, so far as at present known Mr. George Wilkes, of the Spirit of the Times, Lieutenant Colonel; Mr. Chirles Gallagher, late of San Francisco, Quartermaster. Col Bliss has et rv< d with distinction in the Mexican and other campaigns Mr George Wilkes is so well known in New York that nothing need be said of blm, and Mr. Charles Gallagher has vast experience In Mustang service on tU* prairie* and in tbe Territories Mr Gallagher, with one otber beside himse.f, traveled through four Lundrcd mile* of the Apache country, bavin? dispatches, where the United Stvtes mailt dare not pass Lieutenant Roberts, also of tbe battalion, served on Walker's faff in Nicaragua, dirin^ the bloodiest of his campaigns He also held command during the Mexican war The Mounted Riflemen will consist of m?n whose experience in all tLa.t la daring in horsemanship is not surpassed. Men .vho cau pick a handkerchief from tu?j ground at full spe? d. Men accustomed to Mustang service, who can d ?;oour.t and mount In an instant, such men at with Col. Fremont explored the passes of the Rocky mountains ?Tribune. DirriccLTt of Takish Fort Picbsss ?There has been much boasting cf the manner in which some of the Z?uave c?rpa In the South are to scale the walls of Fort Pickens, with bow much probability may bejudgtd from a letU r written from 1'ensacoU Bay to a New Orleans paper ' Fort Pickens, at the first blush, by no means looks tne formidable place that It has been described; but where one carefully examines the various app'oaches, It bat rather the effect of cooling any very ardent desire to make one of the partvto obtain pt/tse^sion. "Thefort Is by no meant a blsrh one, having but one tier of guns br?!d~? those mounted on the barbette On the aide there is a rite In the ground wbicb rea.-be* to the very lop of the wall, and there It la that the uninitiated fancy it would be the easiest thln^ in the world to sucoessfully storm the plice; but f?ncv their astonishment when, having reacb?-d, under heavy Are, the top, to find a moat Intervening, with a width of 4 Jfeei, and sufficiently d?*ep to tloat a man of war. It would rather Inconvenience even a Zou Zou to throw himself across." A MxssAcnrsRTT* Womax ?la one of the companies attached to the rev:ment of Col Jones, which left Boston on Thursday evening, was a newly-enltsUd recruit, the eldesi son of a widow in one of the country town.*, who followed her son to the city to 'ske a iast look of him until lie returns from the war. 8*be did not come ?t all to urge him to return to his peaceful home and pursuits. but rather to cheer Llm with a moih -r's bleRainy. Fearlns that h? mn mi?n ? ?? > * ? r -"B-? "? " ?' money during hit abtence, the noble woman ratsed a sum by the tale of a cow that the owned, mid belnst admitted intide the lines jmt before the troop* left the State House, the pressed the money upon her boy It it almost neediest to say that her oft'er was declined, at the Massachusetts troops will come to no w?nt. War Tkemu ?A casemate Is a stone roof to a for', made sufficiently thick to resist the force of cannon bills, and a casemate gun it oiie which is placed under a casemate A Twrbette gusi is one which is placed ou the tap of the fortification. An embrasure it the bole or ojening thrush which guns are tired from fortifications. Loop boles are openings in walls to fire musketry through. Prksidrn r Pikrce ox thk Crisis ?The Bottr?n Courier says that General Fierce has anxiously detired and urgtd many cf his most Intimate personal friends, connected with the militia, to go at once, and with the utmost alacrity, to the aid of the Government, arid that these friends are zealously and constantly employed uigbt and day in preparing to comply with these orders |?7~Tbe Pittsburg Chronicle says: "The cotton has not done coining up this way yet. TheAn<;lo Sixon, from Memphis, brought up 1,573 bales yesterday, nearly all of which goes east over the Pennsylvania Railroad " All this cotton, thus brought from Memphis, avoids the export duty whleu cotton shipped from the seceded Suites hut to pay. Tiib Secession Fi.a? Tub* linur* ?? r. - w?.. w > ??.- -4* s ?j t/| Virginia secessionist* Invaded Maryland on Monday last and erected a Secession F'ag near Berlin iu tbia county, but the Union inen aoon rallied and tore dou u the hateful thin" and drove off the invadera.?Frederick (Md) Lit ion. in7*Saya the Chicago Democrat: "There is no agression paper printed In Chicago All fmrty differences are forgotten?all party lines wiped away?and we all atand shoulder to shoulder, reaolvt'd to live or die In defence of our country and its flag." 1?7- The N. Y. Kxpress says in that city Lynch Law would t>e Instantly executed upon any ship builder or ?tiip owner suspected of such a thing as building, or fitting out a privateer for the Southern Government U7"The German element of the country, much of which has served as soldiers In Prussia, or Austria, or Baden Baden, or Switzerland. Is uprising almost In mass to volunteer In defence of the Union. |?7~Mavor Wood In a communication to the Common Council recommends the appropriation of one million of dollars for the equipment of the New York city volunteers and for the support of the'r families. fTT* The New York Hersld declares that S?iu.MIO men have been enrolled for active service in the northern States,and ?*.v>,UOO.000subscribed by States, corporations and Individualsfcr the aid of these volunteers. l?7"A meeting of the lawyers of New York city was held on Monday and some 25,000 subscribed towards the equipment and relief of the volunteers for the South. ir? Tk. vu- o.?u?* " n_j i uo ?iwr rrwucm ui me Auannc incurance Company, N Y., pledged himself to settle an annuity of St,00u on one of bis clerk* IT the young man abould fall in the war. Ohio.?Tkt War Bill.?The war bill, appropriating a million dollar* to the arming and equipping of tbe State troopa, paaaed the Senate of Ohio by a vote of 31 to 1. Devrey, music publisher of Rochester, announced that all wbo dealre the "Star Spangled Banner," aet to muale, can have It gratia by applying at hia rooms. CD^Onc of the l'-ading manufacturers of Philadelphia haa ottered the President fifty thousand dollars of hia private mean* for the use of the Government. Pbovisino Food vok tbi Gallows.?mr. Davis's proclamation calling for privateers to prey 1 en Amerioaa oeamerce.-Jr. Y. Wml4. | . K ' V* . i 4 1 *" V j ? _ . ., ^ . T^tW'TARlAN CHl RCH.-Eo'.Mr.CtrLK? will preach ! ?b* *Ji l' ariar. Churen. corner ot D and Himt* ?? . in tke r?*r ot ihe N?- | Moral He til. TO MOK ROW. Scry.ofa to o"n>m-nce at 11 o'clock * m. _ It* ( NOTICE ?8**net# is tbi Fim? Pin- i i ,l " B???1IA!I CHCltCH, 4 ' t. 1 Sunderland, Purer ? The t^t hvth eernee* in this Church ar- hrMat the hoar* of |I o'ol ck m.wid TV o'oiock p. ip. T *^huroh i? opm to II, and *i row io W*?hinfton who m?? do?r* to ] ot???rvedivine wo.ship are oor.uaHy itf r.Ud to at tend. _ It* 73* MEDICAL BOARD. .13 A MF.^ICAI. HOA R D Will sonmi intha flti ftf York ns th? l?t of Mat enaaing, the examination of candidate* (or admiailoa i<? the Mrdiofcl t*?fT of the i iw-J StttN A'try, a# i' vxwfdMce with tl foiiowiuf Oruar . , Th?re now 5ra va?acc c? ia tL? MeJiot: Stiff. w?* rniiranT. J A^j?:aml G- n*r?.l't < Jkr*. S i Wtihinctuii, Mkioh IS. 1861. S SFKCttL ObotId No 75 A B >?r<l of V ?titov! OlftMri will in*mbl? in < New York ci'r or. the let cay of May next, or u toon thereafter m pra-rioahle, for the rumination i of 0 *v?ttnt Hu'fe >n? for promotion. and of f uoh 1 oanddato* for appointment a* mar m Inrite4 to preaent them*f] ve? before the Hoard. I Ditaii rok tri Boaib. Surgeon ? lem?r.t A. Fir ley, r ( barlee Molkagall, W J.Sloan. , Br order ol the Sooretar? of War: ? L THOMAS, AdJ Ueteral. ' Application* ir.i?t he add-emed to the Secretory of vv ar; rr.uet *tat? the ra<ide:*oe of the applioant, aad the date and dIaoo of btrtl.. Ti?j mn?t aim be aonoin?anied (reference* will reoeive no uttebtion) by lenprcable tettimonia'a of hia prof*eaion, \iie moral and phy?icat qua ifio*ti<>n* reqaieite for fillint creditably the r?*po*aihie etatioa. and f?r per- i forirunr abiy tha arduoii* and iictire duUea of an of- < fioor of the Me?lioal Staff. Art>:ioanta m??t ha between 31 ar<1 3 > year* ??f mi " I There are bow five vacanoiet in the Med'oal Staff aptt ?i ' !Ylf? ATTENTION. VOLUNTEERS!?All UJ? perroiia w abinf to enrol in a o -mrany lor ; service m tho Dittnot are relucted to apply at the tone but ding corner of Teutii au4 E eta. ap 24-4t? < fir5??,NE HUNDRED VOLUNTKER8 1 \Js_3 wanted f?>r aerv;ce i i tl?e District of Co- i Iii<iiliia. A pi-ljr to the corner of Tenth and I;, old 1 Medical CoHere, first floor. ap 17 ? PROPOSALS FOR Fi RNI9H1N* MAIL. 1 LOCKS. 1 IVmt Urr.c* DEP.?.?TMitxr. ( Ami J2. -Kl.i ' Sialkt> Phovohal* for famishing ?na:l lackland ' ke?? of i.ew kinds, to he mb-tit-t d for the lofks end keys row used on the Li ited states nrni's, will be reoei-rd at tnia Pf partrcent until mitt o'cloti a. I wi. ine term cm <>i juijr 1W.I. It being deei<ab e to obtain look* and keys of a ne v oona'ri-ct on. and inTonted expre?a!y fcrthe . exo'umve use of t ? United ^tat** n ail*, uo mcd I m prescribed for bidder*: the D"partm?nt relying for :ts selection on the rem ta of meeha- iotl rktfl an i intennitr w'icha fair aompetltior, bow irvit*d. may produce Pie d'e-nel tewary only 1 to &tate that a mM! I~ck eho i d be telf lorkint. and > th*t |tn rtb*r mnciesl reqm?i?e* a*e *nf. rmtty. t 1'rnntv. t't1! *'?* str*ntth durability norrfiy if | construction, and facility of u%e Two kinds of mail look* and keya?one of hraea and the otker of iron? ditf ^rect inform ard 0<>n 'ruction. ae rMuir^t; a d erop.-ta arhnnl'l spec- ! iff. separately, th?<pace of <^ch iron lock, each key fir same, eaol. brass lack, and each h*aee key for 1 Mite. Dcp'.icate j?n pi*i or patterre of each kind of 1 l^eka rropnard, ar* required to te aubmitted wi'h tli* p'oro*ala one of ?aoh k it>J of 'ample lockato be ! riveted up and finieoed. an.l another 'o b^ open or unrivett'd. ao that ita inter' at nruoture ??? ?<a?i'y 'e examined ?amp e should be plainly ( tni kerf with the bidder's name. I he |?^ok? Hie red hru. < cot be patented *>or ahrn d tjieir inte-ral oon>trtc*ion be otherwise , pub ii'y known < r be am l ar to anr looka hereto fore used. acJ they niuet b? wsrrantr l not, in any way. t<> Infringe or iiiterfeic with any patented ini 'ion. a Th" va'i^us ramele locks pres^n'ed by bidders < will b< submit'erf to a b >a'd ?.f rxamir.era to be i commiwioiMhd |>y tl.c ! r*t>na?trr tierer*!. f-r ti e < p"rp,<?e ofetaml <>nc and report-nf on t err: and, t nnl-?a ?):e Po?tma?ter Gene'itl aha t d*fm it t > tie forth? interest of the l>-?p*r'tnent to reieot all the proposals nnd ?pecimen* siib-n tie ander thi? %? - venieernenf. contract* wiil, ujon ihe re*?'t of th? J cx%nii-?r*. be en'e'ed into. a? '?> a* practicb e, ! with th" micae-sful bidder wboae lock* afe frlop'ed. for fu'rubinc ninilir ?<?<k? ar.a key* for f?>??r Tears. ther ma? b?> retired and ??r-Jw*-?4; with , 'h* f'ght, < n t*?e pjv tof tlte Poatiranter General ( for the t'me b?i* r. to rxtor'l anrt c nllin* theoootr?ct in fn'Cf'or ivn t?rm ol four ?eir*. , <>n giving n~>tio?. in wr.nni, to the oon'rMUc, not , ( a Kan ?iz ino'..hs bef. ri -h- trrn inK iei of tfce fir?t t?rm ol f ar yeara; or. at the ??xpir?tirn or the fi at te-rn o' f.>n>- ??ar? tn .>?a'r* t with an* other Ea",fo-fnrr..hWr.m. t-..r ifl>rer? look* and 1 er?, m th? P <> neral mt< determine. The o-n'rano* muit agr<-e ar.d h* aVl? to furaieh, j i? r^uired an1'o-dered ('X braaa look* ar.d frT> i br*?a k*y?, wit'in three month* t om the time of i titenna irt-? contr*ot aiirt 90 ?Ai iron locka aM I SVO'i ifon key*. within eight mft't i from ?u<-h t me. Bat the Poatfr.viter Geoeial wil reterrethe rich'to M ?r*a?e or diminuh. %< toe want* or int're tiof thesemoe m\T demand, the qnan itiea I of the looka a-d k'fa *bive?poifi-?d, with a proportionate allowance of ' to fnrniah l >eu i A:: the inoki farniahr<] bf the c ntraotor TU-t b? ' w vrrarted t j ke< j in jood working orda for t?? y? ar?, in the ordinary u?e of the e'rioe. when not inhi^AbMt innKr'nwavU _ ? w? ???-- - ~ w >. ww iv v i>vv f ?* -??? i*? i??n"'inu wr fe "ive. durine th\t ti "0. to bs rep aoed with parfeo? 'ocks. wit' out* arge. 'I he ci- ?raot r will t>e required to deliver the . lock*. at ii-<>wn * the Poet Offioe Pe r*t*iH',Wi hi' fton, I?. C.. put lp on etiok?, , f Tining ?epar**?? bui.d ee of five locks e*oh, and b*e?r? piokfd in wo-^en U>x??, C<tita!ni'g not ? ttk r? tK*n two i undr'd !??k? ?%ih The keye are < to be d"?!i vered t;> an agent of t*e Deparfnrnt.duly j an! speoia ly authmiz'd in ea?h oaw to tak* oba K?of and c'".ve? tne ?a.i eirom the col tract or'* f*"t <rf to the l)eparm?nt, wher* bath loika a ! k ye* ret be i-apeotiid ax.a approval before J tn-y ?ba!l be paid for ' The c&ntra t r ?ill be required to give bond, with aupe st-cuntj. in the mm of twenty five ' ta <u*an uollara. for the farhful performance of < the M?r tract o?* hie part, both a* to iurni hing the eupaliea ordered, a nd guardinc the maca aotare of ths xn\|i l?cke nr d le-? vith ^ue prtvaoy, integri Ij. afl care. XoproroaM wi 1 therefore be e-?n- . aidered, if not aooornpan ed a written cua*- 1 p. t o frcm the p<\ p >?*t > uretie*, ( boa* ie*poneibil.ty n>n?t b? crified Ky ih? p i??m**ter at the | p aeoof th-?ir residence,) t>?*t they will b'oome refpoiiti'' e on the requires bond for the fa<fi roent t ni the ooctrxo! b> tiie bi 'Oer, la caee auoh propo- ; alo a oertnd m?i?o:tii g i>n the prop > *!? and rpecitnene, the 1 Pf.??m?Mer timeral mav deem it expedient to le->t the >naa* lock t.f ot? bidder and the I ror look 1 of RP??tker. He h?r?fore rea^rvee th? right of en- * tr?ct;ng witn different uMividnala for aaoh differ ent kinH of I- ck< a? he tua* releotPr.>poasU ahould be ca -fellr aealed. addrea??d to tt ? Pottina-W <>et?ral. and endorsed on the envelope, "fiopotali fw Mail Lotin." M.BLAIR. 1 ftp 27 n ft w Po?tir>?twf Genera',. I~~AD1ES'TRAVELING SLITS. J OlfLT S4 23. We ar row *el in* NEW STYLI-S UKEY 1 SACQ' K MANTILLAS, or TM AVELINtt J DDS'l'KRS. ?r.d ttr-in urdi of rood * m match (tor tho the low price of only 94 25 for < tie entire suit. < A'*o. Grei Suit* at all price* np to #10 per rait. ID" Keraembfr, the race it I Ma XWKIL'S, 32S Pa. ar. N B.?All rood bank not** taken at par, when 1 the full amount of the note* offcreo la purchased. ap 25- 3 too j WTRAVEL1NO TRUNKS. F. Offer for sate '.he largest Assortment ol THAVEi.ING TRUNKS to be found itn^ ' this city, comprising best Sole LeaiherKSwK Ladies' Ureas and Packing Trunks, Va-^?*** licei. Carpet lint*, Ac., which we are now se lint , at Tery low price*. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. 1 ap 1? :*wi Penn. aven-i*. j PIANOS FOP HENT.-A *r??.t number of t Piano*, cmbraoin* "very o'aa? b'.j mm prior, lor rrjil r.y tt:a mouth or year, at reasonable ra?e?. ? * ? I JOHN F. ELLIS, ap 17 S06 Pa. av., bet. ?th and loth ata. pROPObALS FUR COAL AND WOOD. J OFUCX SlrUTi*! or SlKiTI U. S.,t AyrU It, 1861. Ft a.i.?d Proposal* will b? reoeivod at tliia omoe till 12 o'clock on Monday, theSth May next, for ( furnitUiug, f >r the ncr of the Senate, fave hundred i t?as beet whit* aahfurnac Coal (ama'l ateamboat ixe) and ?everitj-bve ooraa beat dry prune pine j Wood. The wnole to r>e packed away in thevaalU , of the Capitol, in plauee whioh "will be ahowa on | application u> tne Engineer in the aer?ioe of the , Senate; and to be delivered by the 90th Jane next. Bouds (or tbo faithful exeoution ol the oontraot wi l be r*euired. Bids for the coal and wood will be conaidered aeparately.asd satisfactory arrangement* mast be made for the oorreot meaauzemect of both. i AOBI'KY DICKIN8, < ap 18-dtMayt Secretary of the Senata. SPRING CLOTHING. ALL, STEPHENS * CO are thia day ib re- '( oeipt ot their aeoond supply of SPRING CLOTHING aud material for ?aeir custom trade, oonaiating of New Ciotlii. Caaaimer* and Veetinca, o the lateat at/lea, w:nch Hay will make to order in eape*ior ety le at verj lew pricee. , Gectlemen wUhiag an immediate ontit will find , in our Ready trade Department ere'y aruole of Wearing Appar?l amiable to their wa- U. WALL, STEPHENS ft CO., 1 ay it oenw. ayeaaa. CTKINWAV ft SONS' AND RAVEN ft BAO CON'S PIANOS.-A ---r ? ha? jiiet '-eea rcciveit.? Pe>aona in ae&'c BBtt ofa reliable ineirumeiit at a low pnee are'H til invited to oal and examine at the Maaio Store ol W.G. METZEROrr. 11 OrCere received for Mr. MARCUS REBINB. 1 Piano Forte Tua?r. ? a# 11 N^5ew"ARRIVAL OF SPRING AND SUM. MKR CLOTHING, FURNISHING bOODS, HATS and Paw *i ?!,? P?,.?l?>. _, w. ? - * viv?IUBI nurVi No. 460 dovanlh il, opposite PniOft*. swr F street. ?? 61m rmbbtr hair store, U N o?4-i PA. AT . HT 12TH AND 1*IH S?S. PERFUMERY t' HHAtJfe ccrls wigs, HALF Wilis, PRiZFTTUft, k.o. A fall took 1 Alws js on hand, or io<wl* to order At the 'bortoat n. uoe. IIAir work ?*?pAir?d or zoitufod. N. B.?lau1c< Hurliyed in the moil y^orA. j fUST RECtiVEl). A lot more of th? aaiobrAMd ! 8PRhC CLOTmN?.RW* WANT8. |V^NTEO-Bjr ? T"uo? woitm. f? > tHTU?TIO?l M ook. niM' or Ko^.or ? do I?a*rtl koixvork for ? iim! i y Good >ofor*i.eo o*o b* Addrw? box ?. rttr Of lo* I'* WANTED-H* ? 8lTl?ATIl*NMMrt?; kMto ohj-o<io? |>. tr%T 1 i.i tit* country. An* r*r?on ? :?tin? lo br? wi;l i!^i? a4d#a? m. not* to ft*. 9t9 01 F ttrMi bet?a?n "mil" ml M ? r " \]LTANTtI)-Bf ? toiii iran of tl >11'ait* " f-*?i and Ravine xp%ri*n?e a* ?aim* Df a co jiitr* % SIT< A ? lt?\ aa p' *a'a ae?r-*? e < *. or an- ?)tatt:or itarary or Mi-tcfio. in or raar >* a - nfto Ft partieaiKi?. rafe-erre* *0 ,ari<4r?M &. h , General Port ( t?? \V??1intt ?n, D t* M rr It' t%; ANTHD-A 0 "latent CI.fc.RK. AM^f ? V l*?t. KK. KWlTw.f H A attWHM<l? ?% repayment 0} \\ a?h;n:?n. on TkirMgtn \t-,upp >kiL? ilia War lVparti.?ant. a? ?> 1" [)ti>\r'U H"KsE WANTKD-WMW I" |V Burchma# Horaa. IC h%r.?1* hirh, h*Jf-?red, a lair aado > o**r raar? oid . mail ma at east a t warning* ??* ; that i?a?<>mjti ia broken U> arm* p*?f*rrad. Ir^uira at tfcu amm. MlHf U/ANTK1>-^KCOH*.1 HAND FI KMTHE. I nn $r3flFunl^-?relon BOAKLMNG" BOARDING.-^ ^rirat# >?? havia? fear large, airy Fror.t Room* U w?l raat ttir?. with or with-.u' K in *? t**J >r gentlemen acd their wirea an nont children. I4S Niotli at., tecond door ai-nve th?* ica. M n ? ' FOE 8ALI AlfD R?fV E?OR HALK l?R EXCHANGE FOR CIT T P DD(\ULUT\ ^ ? m. i nv/i on i i f nr iMuri?i(rnt W?u mi ur rxcUr.(? tb?ir I A K.N! '4 Sna norm 7T of which la I tiintrr. aituated ?n th? tirer r >*<!,ab >a' ira milca from Georgetown,ar.d ;h di.tart frtm the It'll. P> r?< r>a wialnrj t . pc- i,??e o> ?ichaaie ?ill?pp!yt<. HOM1LLKR * 1M VAI L. Hiiun W. ap?TIW F'OR fALE-f)n? of lli? *> out beautiful COUNTRY SEATS on the Virnm* ?id? ? f the Polorr.a*, c rtaminx an i?cta?,<>n lmu?e with lOrooma kn<1 cloeet to iridicb, with ationt SWi acre* of larwi; t< ku.'!? of (nut. %n<1 *?il ?et in o over . ailjotninc the MU<( of Co!. R. F. Let, and c??nerin? no Uruniip'M d'e I ?> ,-?at'> *11 wiai.inf to MrrnMf wi'loaiUn NOAH DRl'MMUNl), at t?e T?ll lite. ap tt at* FOR UENT-A deairabla HOUSE, an fx<-al.?ui l'<oatjon, 401 Twelfth afreet weit. Iielreeo I kn<1 K streeta north. Inquire of the oocupact. itan; |?0R RENT?The fhrea-atory brick HOUM. withor within! Kurnitnre, containing three larjre room*. 40 by ?> feet, on Mary and avenue west. No. 376. at the fbot of the Capitol. oepoaite the Hotaoioa. Garcen. Inquire at the premlaea, or next door. ap 23-lw _ FU OR HALE OR RENT-A FRAME HOU8F. containing eeven rooira. t- geth'r with the farBitare, aituated <>n New Jcr??T avrroe. between M fcnd N ata. north A leo, a new threa-?U>ry bnek booae. with berk bui.d nc. on the Mine equar?. No. ISO Foorth at ) A'ao, aoma valuable LOTS, kil of whoh wu be aoid very oheap. Inquire of J. D. RVNARIfrNew Jererj avenue, b.twaea M ind N at*. u ?-ti I^OR RENT?A BRICK HOUftE. cootaininc JT 12 roomi, with PoU.mfco water ai..J (u, on I treet. bet-een 19?h I4tl<, oNoiite I-rank in Square WARDER k M>.\VAR|'H W ood ana Coal?rffice, < / f. btm! Twetfts rte. Aieo, Mri-A H^uae corner Twe:ftn and I. jn*S-tf HINWIMKLY FURNISH F.I) K'?OM?T Pour ha> daomHy Fnrciahed K^omr, au!>p'ie?4 wlta caa and wafer, and coi<veni-i.t l?> th* Pat*i.? &cd Po?t office Departments, lor rent. Appyai 190H MwsanliuatelU avf nue, rorttt slue, letweer It.i aod 5Ui ?ta ma 23 F'OR RENT?The north HO! of tntrov of new four etory houe*a c>n Fourth rt. t>etweeo D ar.d E eta.. No. 398, fronting the City Hail ?qii&re P*<?*)??i<tti aivon i:nro diete.T. Apply to WILLIAM H. I'HIL.UP. Attorney at-Law. No. Louisiana ?vfr.m> in* 'l eotf UTOKK FOR RKM.-A larre More-room on O Pa. *v-e:.ue, a>1i? .nine car anotion rooma for rent. Appi? to \\ Al.L A UAK NARO, Anotion and Commission Meroimnta. corner Ninth atreet md aont'i aide Pa. tv'tue niar II FOR RENT?A three atory Itriok HOUSE.eootainia* 8 room*, in rooJ order, with (M h* tnreu oompiete, on H atreet, bet?-e?n and Mh. AJao, a two-atory brick COTTAGE, with larpe rard attached, oorr.rr of F street north en* l*th at wust. To ourotm. and reliable the terme n.l be moderat*. ArpJy at 446 Twelfth rtree?. >etareor, 6 And H. no tf-tf FORRENT?The fire BRICK HOUBE No. 100 \Ve?t?:.% Grcrcetowu. at presett oooo piftd by the anbnonb^r. it I.Mi 12 room*. with fas H)a water throiuhoat. a fine yard, siat .e ho, and w in acood naicuiorhoo*!. A*ply to JABA.MABRL'UKR. <>c SS tf auction sales. B? J. C. VcGUIRE k. CO.. Auctioneers. 1^RI7?*TEE*!? 8M.E O^ KRAVE HOUSE and 1 or ?On T M I* R !*I>A Y AFTER NO ?N. W?r!?h a: o'clock on the pr'-rni*o? hrvirneof k 'I of trust, <iateu Januarv itth. 1ST and re?cr e<l in l.iber J. A. H.. No 151. lo io 3SS. et rq , I ths' sc l t'? south part <T ot No ?. S . 438,fiO" ti * '5 fa*to nohes i n ^ers'tint ? , ki.weouu and H .t- ,-antiug l?vk th t wi< th k/tne rrar i ?%< : 1> t t-fethrr with f<e impr~?e n'nt*, ron?i?tiu? <>f a two story frame rivalling ioi!*e with 4-a?k b?i d:n<r. Terms: Or.e f c.rth eash ; th?reeidne in 6 IS and I m 'Lt i, witu interest cured i > a UeeU of Irnat >n toe srratiiM ? KIlHAtn WIMSATT.Tra-tea. apS7-e?KH<!? J C. McGi'lKE A CO . AnoU. seorgktows ai?vektmts li'O* SALE?T aeeond hand three-spnnf P WAQONi*, near * new Vir inia money tahen . ? . a ? ?' ( . a : ni D n <4 i U Ttil a V A >.?? ?r> nipij iu i/\ini v Mo. 60 Kr.-?p?ot ?t., bfoi*"e^>wn- It PJUBT ARRIVED. . .. ER Profiler 8. 8rymo?r. rS barraii and 1<*i ha.f barrelaof Ma* [to * LK At T A L.S. Fu.~ fey { a aknv ? r.n1*wDSOO BB' b PRIME CIDER _ AILY Kxpeol?l per^cfioos^r Mary Am McO* Void Boaton. Thu Cider it A No. 1. u4 is tor id lots to auit purciiaaers. AltNY ft ani.NN'S fe 2! Union Bottling G. orretown. riUR^KS FOR 8ALK-Three able-bodied. II juiiM, lornid WiiKK HOKbK!* A *o r\ >ue grey MARK, halfhloodrd wt* Btjl'sh. iiitahto for bagty or lilting. 4 ;ttri old in Ion* Addr?>? G . ?*t?r Qfftce. ap lb at NEW BOQK8. fSTORV of the Utit 'd Netherlands, by John Loth rep Motie; ; 2 vo!? ; fr-e by mail 9*. The Ria* of the Dutoh R?pu:>lie. a history. Ij John Lthrcp Moll*); S Tola.; oloth; free by nail. 8i 1 at M?m?, the Weaver ?-f Rareie'.. by Uaa aatnor ?I "Acam Bed* cloth T^oplU ; paper So BftQt*. Life and Career of Major Aadra, by Wlatrop 5a geaut; #11o. After loabergs with a Painter,a Stnmr Voyage to Labrador and Nrwl und.end ; by Rev Lome L. Noble ; #1 SO The Manufacture of Photogenic or Hydra-Car Don Oiia, by Thonaa Antiaea, M. D ; #1.74. AD) of tne above fr??c by mail. FRENCH ft RICH8TEIN. ap 25 8T8 Petit a avenue. BOYS' CLOTHING! BOYS' CLOTHING !! Boys' Clothing, {torn throe yoara o.d and upward*. Tor aonool or drees wear, wall mato a> d of food maw riaia, at prioee ? flUAii WAi lttK * uo., Kiumiv M*. ufiurtararof ap 84-6t RwMl;-Bi?d?C.olhm SPECIAL NOTICE TO & 0?'R CUSTOMERS. In eou^anot of tfce uwtted iIm* of iMeoai Lry, aud th? ceterai eat pennon of bum?i. we d? iiretooioee an kooouuoa our ho lu.M w.,1 Lhaak ail iad?>>tad to oonte forward and eettleae -4 CO.. ay >4 2w it I Serentk ?t., above Pa. a v. V NOTICE. IKGINIA Money taker, at par for all debu dee ne. A n. taken for WOOD asd COAL, delivered to any part of the oity. SOLOMON STOVEE, ap ? lw earner net and 1 eta t Flret War4. f^REAT SALE OF U DRY GOODS, AT PANIC PRICES, Foa Cans We kare a large etook ofBMUNG DEEPS GOODS; aleo, a general two tment of staple Ai UflVee, now in et ?re. adapted to the genera! wants of faouliee. whiek w? are eel tae at redooe.1 er.oee (orthe '"aeh. 4. W COLLEY * CO.. ap H >w fl?? 7tk et.. btw. D aad Pa av. w w WW HilK WUt A No. I article of WOOD n hand, ?riyir?4 to it th? tuU of Meh OMUwt. Wood *oU oord l?n?U ai?o, or la amy way or i ay ?oa uu? dorired. ^ liTTing. C7" UN lba. to tfeo ton. T. ;.*w. *! HALT. Oftoo S9t Pa. a*., botwoon UttHdUUih. TnAYLOE A HUTCHISON, m * tJ * o?m? Mtrnt Sr tea. 9A6NOL1A HA MB! 3Z.7Z