Newspaper of Evening Star, April 27, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 27, 1861 Page 2
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LOCAL NEWS. H7 Th* Stak publishes tb? List of Letters remaining In the Washington City Poet Office under the provisions of the Uw directing them to be printed In the newspaper having the largest elrealat'on within the delivery ?f the ofllce. its toWl daily circulation is more than double that of any other Dally printed in the District of Columbia. TbiNiw Militait Road?AamivaL ov tbi SivajfTT-FinsT Rsoixbnt or Niw York ?Yesterdar afternoon, through the courtesy of Colonel Htone. the eMcient nflm i? -w-- ? ** ? r ? m wuai |(t: hi inf vv lib* I lnjfton Branch Railroad, we were permitted to take a trip out to the Annapolis Junction, on the tpeclal train arnt out for the New York Seventy, first Regiment. The train consisted of siTteen large cars, and carried out the northern * number of Iron rails for replacing any tb ^j bare been torn up, and aereral barrel* bread crackers, aogar, Ac , together with a' amount of salt meat for the troop# now d* , at the Junction^ Uoon the train w ^ Cltllui M cUy with adanKeroua lo^lnjC knlfe T.'li r,PTO,Tpr 1? VTii i'be mail waa deposited la the offlc* at the tjOB from whence It left for tbeNorth tbl* rcoriling We may hope now to receive reen' - * 1 1^*1 ng the de . ? miii?. u ww. a r:flema? upc ^ ?*>ut 4* o'clock p. m. with towards the J tae locomotive we steamed out Kverythtr secession region at a rapi<t rate, and toe- < wa* *" right along the whole route, .? was nothing to betoken any hostile deeither upon tbe railroad or the troop*. Juat /Or.d Bladensburg we paaaed tbe first guard stationed to protect tbe road, and from there to the Junction we were but little of tbe time out of sight of the gleaming bayonets nf "Uncle Sam's" protectors The guards tcrtT'd to be enjnvlng themselves hugely, and had fixed up neat little booths to protect them from the sun and the dew; while as we darted over the streams we caught glimpses < f some of the chaps who bad gone dawn to bathe, and were having a jolly time puddling In the clear water. Having watered our team-hrrae at Beltsvllle. and given a cheer for a ronpie of loyal aprlgs of "Young America" who lustily waved diminutive "grid-irons" from tbe fence as we dart<d by, we soon fetched up at the Junction, where were awaiting us tbe Seventy. Urst Regiment of New York, a Pennsylvania Regiment. and live companies of the Massachusetts Flftft Regiment Tbe Seventy first, with their Regimental Band, filed up t - the train, and in a twinkling deposited thf-ms lves and their baggage therein, to come out no more, as tbey supposed, until tbey should have reached Washington. But alas for human expectations! Hardly had the poor fellows, jaded "with taeir long tramp from Annapolis with their Tauoaua 11 twin -** 1 ? -t I ? *- *L - ? ? ?|~? <u- ii w. u, Kinni uiw itir Kill and begun to nod, before the order to dmembark was given, and tbe whole party wai marched out again Into the fluids. A thousand rumor* flew from rsuk to rank, in answer to tbe Innumerable with regard to this unexpected move, and the whole regiment finally came to the conrlua'.on that they h*d got to whip a Baltimore n.cb la tbat vicinity, before going further It was soon learned, however, that the locomotive had jfrne down towards Annapolla. to help up a crippled engine which had run eft tbe track; and ifter a short delay the regiment igain entered the art, and stowtd themselves awaf as compactly is possible Nearly all were soon asleep, and ?uch a chorus cf snores went up from that train aa never greeted our ears before. Aa the evening wore on, those who had been waiting for ths train V?. s a ?- * >Ui t uriuic iunur.|{ in, ufrime impatient at tbe dr'sy rf tbe locomotive, and they, too, sought a soft spot upou the floor, or, what wa* more rare, a comfortable seat Nothing could be more Interesting than the scene towards midnight. About the train all was quiet and still, save the measured tread of tbe sentries; the camp flres of tbe other regiments fl?rvti A.fully up In the gloom of tbe forest; the plaintive notej of the whippoorwlll rang out cvrt-et and clear, mingling with the subdued lau^b around tbe llres; while now and then a signal rocket from the enemy would stream up Into the sky from tbe adjacent bills, and falling 1b a kUttering shower, vanish in the darkness.About two o'clock there was a sudden concussion, Mwu a tremor along the train, and, witb a jerk th^t threw everybody endways, the boys wofce to the pleasurable consciousness of feeling the train >n motioa. This, however, proved to be nothing more tban backing on to the switch; arid all bauds again settled down to sleep until, just as the first purple blush of day dawned over tbe tree ops, tbe remainder of the Fifth Massachusetts Regiment piled in, and away we steamed for Washington As we came down tbe track, the guards were relieved, filling up tbe platforms ai d t Lie tops of some of the cars, and all reported right except in one place, where tbe guard had found, a few moments before, a heavy rail and a large pile of stones placed upon the track As we neared the city. b*ts and handkerchiefs werswaved by early risers Much pleasure was manifested I* the troops as they passed by the Columbian Institution for the Deaf. Durrb, and Blind, from tbe windows of which a number of handkerchiefs could b<> dls'lnctly seen waving a welrome to tbe defenders of our capital. The Seventy flr*t Keg'u.ent numiters over one thousand men, and is i,Ulcered as follows: Staff?Colonel, A. S Vosburgb; Lieut Colonel, H. P. Martin; Major, G A Buckingham; Acting K?(lnc*r, E A CJuintard; Adjutaut, A. H. Pride; (.Juarterraester, Wm. Burrows. E'.< h company numbers 100 men, and is officered aa follows: Company A?Lieut David D. Hart commandIB"; 2d Lieat .W F. Tompkina Company B?B. F l'rafford; 1st Lieut , J R. Klou, ad Lieut., J. Orr. Company C?W . J. Coles; 1st Lieut , 8. H. Maynard; 2d Lieut , II J. Rich. Company D?D. M. Meabutt; 1st Lieut, Stow; 2d Lieut , D H. l*:.yse Company E-Lie?,t. E. H Wade commanding; Cd Lieut , T. B. Pendergrast Compain; F?J L El s; 1st I^eut . T A Murphy; 21 Lieut , B. F. Chambe/Un Company G? Lieut \\ S. Denham ceir.onanding; 24 Lieut , ti W. Cnrtis Comply H?A F. Miller; 1st Lieut , J G Piatt; ?*. Lieat., G. W. Underwood. The uiiiform co^mti of dark blue cn.jt. blue nan is with blae * ttripa and gilt borders. ai;d blue fk:igue cap Each man has, besides bis mlnie musket \,,d knapsack, a blanket, knife and fork, cap. and an extra shtrt. The uniform Is to be ?iightly changed In som^ particular now siuce Oclr arrival here. The five Massachusetts companies number ab ut 500 men; so we brcu^bt into town tb!? morning near I 6WJ men Mearly 2,000 are yet at the Junction; 5 uu> are at Annapolis, and thousands are constancy pouring in. The Seventy first expected to hare to cut their way through Maryland to the Capital, and the first night took every precaution to gu.ird a^inst surprise The front, middle and rear raaka each carried with them a bngle, with which to aound an alarm, and scouts were kept outjin fr< ut, |t the sides, and in tbe rear. Nothing occurred to lnte.ftre with their march, and their next night was spent perfectly at eaae. They express great pleasure at the friendly treatment rrceived from the people of Maryland, and believe if their mo tives in coming to Washington were fully understood, they could march through Baltimore unmolested. Tme Faoxri** Guard, commanded by General Lane, wbo bave been stationed for the pa?t week in ttxe neighborhood of the Execolive Mansion, waited upon tbe President yesterdav afbrnoon, In a body, at the White Houae They formed at General Lane's headquarters. ( WI Hards' Hotel,) numbering 1"<J0 men. and marched thither, making a formidable appearance Thev were ushered Into tb? Kajt Room, wbere tbev formed in line, and upon tbe entrance of tbe President were introduced by tbeir commander. Col. Vau-ban, of tbe company, addressed tbe President, saying that a large number of tbe company had been in situations of trial Tbey bad rallied around tbeir commander (General Unr) before, when dark peril bad overshadowed tbe western border*, to drive tbe invaders from tbeir oil. Now, again, tntbladark tour, they bad responded to tbeir country's call, and were here to pledge tbeir lives and fortunes to tbe support ?f tbe Constitution and tbe vindication of tbe majesty of tbe law Tbe speaker as well as tbe president were southern born, and although sincerely deprecating tbe shedding of fraternal olood, yet, if tbe Government is preserved, there are thousands of our brethren at tbe tfouth, Unionloving and true men, who, If they can be protect- | cd. will gladly flock to the flag of tbe nation, and rally around tbe stars and stripes, to aid in preserving tbem Intact and pure, and banding them . down unsullied to poatetfa. Col. V continuing, said tbat be doubted not v. - ? - " lime umu) in uii own nan ve PWlff or Soulh Carolina that yet love this Union, which has nourished and fostered them through so uianv years, but who dare not speak, (or ireaaon and disunion are abroad In tbe Isnd, and they are powerless. Every man here bad instructed him to say, ?o fax as they are ct>n<erned, "No con.promise with rebels " The Frontier Guard holda itself subject to order Should their services be needed In any capacity, to assist In the enforcement of the laws ofth- country, to preserve inviolate tbe Constitution of the United States, they are ready Brave men, and true, are here, who have been proved and found to be equal to tbe task. President Lincoln replied as follows 1 hsve desired ss sincerely as any man, and I sometimes think more tbaa any otbor man, that our present dUBcultteo might be settled without .t.j.?? ? n?-J ??- - BUCUU I0(( vi Viwu. 1 ITU4 Rljlflftltli DOpt ha* vet gone but If the alternative it preseuud whether the Union is to be broken la fragments and the liberties ot the people ioM, or blood be sbed, you will probably make the choice with which I *Lall not be dissatlsled. Tn SirtiTi Rumni had a drees drill yesterday afteraooa la front of the Capitol, which attracted an immense crowd of spectators The perfection of their movements earned Umbo frequmt aad eathusiaetlc rosodi of applause. The President of the United States waa an Interested spectator ef their maneuvers, it Is ooderatoed, that the Seventh boys go into camp on Georgetown fcelghts on next Monday. r ' < I *."IVALt Mokmso ?The SeventyRfr(New York.) which arrived here , ' rn'#K " ? 'clock, are quartered In the iiw fi?*f n room, rear of the C tv Hall, and h,,.u qu?rtor? very much. Workmen are ^?!** *' In making the roof water-tight, "-Pottlig the Interior to rlghta Hunks are to oe thrown up along the aides of the Interior for the men to sleepln. Tbelnterloraln-ady presents a decidedly camp-like aspect The arms of the T jIXient *Ie ***cked, sentries guarding them, ana the wearied soldiers seated around on their baggage, and catching a long needed repoae after their toilsome march. The men are line looking IT#^ *i a iji *t _? im *u> ui iiir American aoiuier, mrir umiDruu new and clean, their deportment unexceptionable, and their power* of endurance admirable They matched all the wayfrofia Annapollato the Junction on two blarulta apiece, and only had two more for their supper yesterday wbea they got there; and yet there wm not a murmur heard In the ranks, and when the halt wu ordered, and the roll called, not a man was found to be missing. No stragglers or sick bad to b?-waited for. This la an almost unprecedented explott. Some of the Seventy-tirst bova an? growling, however, ?tthe manner In which they were sold by the clothing merchants of Broadway, N. Y , of whom, ere they atarted. they all purchased out of their own pocieta, at S10 each, a pair of uniform pantaloon* They think nrw pent* ought to last from New York to Washington, and vet find their newly pdtchased clothes ripping and giving away in all direction! Hundreds of the men were this morning trying to make arrangements to get out on leave, In order to hunt up our city tailors, with a view to repairing damage*.* The volunteers who arrived vesferiay and this morning are of hardy material, without a particle of dandyism; take their plain soldier's fare without saueamishnes* or grumbling as a natural feature or campaigning, (thus setting a wholesome example;) avow themselves ready to go where their ?ervices are needed, and are evidently soldiers in dead earnest. The Rhode Island Regiment, a part of which (600) arri ved here y< sterday, are picked out of the Providence forces with upecial reference to thalr prowess They are uniformly large, young and active, and show an unmistakable invade. Their dress Is characteristic At the bottom they wear stout, thick-soled cowhide boots; th??ir pants are home made grey, and over this they wear a dark blue jean frock or hunting sbirt, added to which lury uiiiuni me new Army Dai turned up at Ibf tide. Over nil tbey mount their equi pments, and ea^b bas a r^d blanket, which, In marching- Is rolled up and slung across the shoulders. The Officxks of the Eighth Regiment Massa cbuset's Volunteers, wltlch arrived yesterday, are as follows : Colonel. Timothy Moore; Lieutenant Colonel, F.d \V. Hincks; Major, Andrew Ellwcil; Adjutant, Geo VV. Cressev; Paymaster, R. G. Usher; (.{usrtermaster, A A lngalis; Surgeon, Bowman Breed; Assistant Surgeon, W W. Tapley Companies?Salem, Capt. Devereaux; Marblehead, three companies, Captains Martin, Phillips, and Boardmsn; Lynn, two companies, CapU. Newall and Hudson; Beverly. Captain Porter; Gloucester, Capt. Centre; Newburyport, Captain B?rtlet?; Pittsfleld, Captain Briggs The Fifth Reg'meut is composed of men from Boston and its vicinity, and Is comminded by Colonel Lawrence, Lieut. Col. Green, and Major ncya. The office's of the Rhode Island Regiment are Col. Burnstde, Lieut. Col. Pitman, Major I. S. Slocum. Quartermaster Cyru? Dyer. Paymaster Henfv T Cisaeli, ai d Adjutant Mer'lam. Gov. Sprague, Colonela Goddard and Freite, hit aid*. Dr \Vb?aton, Surgeon General, Dr. Rivera. A* iatint Surgeon, and Rev Dr. Woodiv, Chaplain, accompanies them. The companies are commanded by Capta Dexter, Van Slight, Williams, Drown, Sucklln, Lew, Polllva, Day, and Card. a* i5rnRMAL meeting or tne City Councils in I joint session v. as held last night in the City Hall, ?t which all the members of both branches save j six were present Kesolutiors with a lengthy preamble of a patriotic and conservative ch?racter were presented. and requesting tte President of the United States to express a willingn?s3 to listen to any propositions that may be mad- for an armistice or suspension of hostilities between the contend! og parties until the meeting of Congress Though the resolutions were well received by the joint meeting, doubts were expressed as to the policy of the City Council taking any action I whatsoever In relation to the national difficulties; *nd a? perfect unanimity upon such a matter w?.s highly deeirable, the resolutions were withdrawn without any vote being taken upon them. The Skvesth Rso:me.\t as M. C.'b.?The memhers of the Seventh Regiment *em determined to keep things moving. Thty yesterday took possession of the seats In the Representatives Hall, Improvised a Speaker, and he'd a spirited session, in which the speech-making and business proceedings are said to have been of the richest order. By 'be way, some of our lady readers suggest that ''It would be so nice"?that is taelr phrase we believe?If the fine band of the Seventh Regiment would discourse a little of their delightful music in the Capitol grounds of an afternoon?alternating, perhaps, with our own Marine band. Hkvkral skw Military C^mpasiks (volunteers of the District of Columbia.) have lately presented themselves at the War Department to be mustered Into service for the defence of the District on the terms prescribed by the Government with reference to those alreaiy enlisted he.-e; but the Government having accepted sufficient numbers for the purpose mentioned, has declined, we understand, to receive nny further enlistments at present, unless the companies so | deslrlnir to muster will go into service for a much longer time. Cf.xtks Market ?To-day there was but a im?ii representation of dealers from the farmland gardens of Maryland and Virginia. The supply was meager, though of g^od quality. The business transactions were few and ll^tt, and the gangway* were not crowded with purchasers or visitors The supply in the tlsh market wm small, but. apparently, equal to thedemand; sales were all small Shad were selling atSOcen's per pair for choice; herring at 12 cents per dozen ; potatoes 40 cents per peck. Taf W iSD! *rt?A?* Tif ? - ?- * " . ... i n&JI i ML is IU IIC opened next week under tbe superintendence of Manager Bland and Win Withers, jr . wbo have mad" arrangement* to have en excellent company and present sprightly attractive drama In first-class tyl?. All the late company, with on<; or two exceptions. will be retained, and oth?r superior theatrical talent employed. I * A Niw Compart ?Last night a new volunteer I company was organized at the L'nlon House, corner of >1xth st and the avenue, called the Wallach Rifle* K. Sumner (son of Gen Sumner of the Aruiy) wci elected captain, J. S.Norwood and I). S vVesterfield lieutenants The company meets again to-night, at the same place, to receive other members. Pbkpabation* ro? Batiiixo ?Yesterday afternoon, a large party of the soldiers stationed at the Capitol tbrew a dam across the Tiber, just above New Jersey avenue, where the* inteid to eninv tbe luxury of an evening bath hereafter, fhe water la already quite deep, and will make an excellent place for a good wash Disobdirlt ? Last nlqht. CLas llawea and E. C I'enn wer? arrested for belnt; drunk disorderly and profane in the streets The continued profanity of Hawn while before tbe matfistmte brought upon him a severe penalty?a tine of #11, and ninety da>s in the workhouse. Pean was discharged with a fine of S*2. Fot Cocit.?George Taft and Robert Johnson ware arreated last night for bteaklcg Into the house of Mary Miller *nd assaulting snd beating her They were captured by Bright and Lloyd, of tbe Seventh Ward and taken before Justice Donn, who committed tie in to jail for court. ArroiMTXtST ?Mr Frederick Mears. of Illinois, formerly of the New York Seventh Regiment, yesterday received an appo'ntment aa a ?? J * ? * ? - - ^cconu L>iruieiiani in me Ninth Reg ment (J S. Infantry. It la understood that he will be detailed jOr temporary service In the Seventh Regiment.!*, Odeon Building, has just accomplished one of bis noted Napoleonic feats In the express line, and we are Indebted to him for the New York Herald of yesterday and th? Baltimore Sun of this morning. The Stars abb Stripes ?The clwks In the Patent Office have volunteered a subscription for the purchase of a magnificent flag to bt forthwith hoisted over that building. Oca prompt neighbors, French fc Rlchsteln. sent us yesterday a copy of tbe Ualtniiore American In advance of the mail. Covoh* ?The sudden obances of onr climate are so tiroes of Psl??wr?, Brontkval and i*(4maitc Aftctiamt. Experience having proved that simple remedies often aet speedihr and when taken in the euriy st*?f* of tbe disease, reoourse should at one* be iiaU to '* Brown'* BromekuU TyseA'*." or i.usengfs. let the Cold, Ccnih, or Irritation of the Throat be ever so alight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may beeffeotuallv warded off. Public Speakers and Stnttrt will find uiviu ouwiuii mr oiearmf ana atrenftiema; the Toioe. See advertisement. de 1-ly Rudu, have yon seen Prof. Wood's advertise* ment in onr paper. Rear it; it will 1 a teres t you. aa 30-eolj , To tub Afflictbd !?Be rate to read the adverti?em"'.i of MoLean'a StrenrCheaiac C-ordial and Blood Paafcer. in another o<*tnma. tf Pborh. Pe-aor.a desiring penmen will alaraya iad then for exobaare at the Htv < WKoe auntor. tf BKARRI1CO. At the Trinity Choroh, Georgetown. D. C? on J'.-e i?ti> instant by th- He v. Father Aan warder, OHN a. 1MV DSON to Miaa MARTHA 1. tfcKVKS. all of this eity. LIST OF LETTEKS REMAINING IN THE POST OFFICE. VVasri30Toh Citt, April 27,1861. [Ordered to be inserted in the Evinim Staji, it being the newspaper having the largest circulation of any daily piper published in Washington.) H7"AU persons applyinr for letters in the follow ink liat, will ylMue i&r ther are adtirtukd. LADIES' LIST. At wood. Annie E Gr*rory, Maria A Monti, Mrt Burke, Mr* Jane liofljr, Bri ljet Muicare, Mri M Broci, Mr*CF Grtiufiild, Uitiji Morton, Mm A i.nE Burke, Mary Ano Hunt.Mm Johaun* Newell. Lirrx>tui Brady, Johanna Hill, Mri Eiixa 8 Nolan, ftl>*? Aunt B?rr>, Mr* 8a!li? Haiaea, Mr? Mary O'Briou. Mm .VIxry Bradford, Agne* Haxel, Cordelia A Perioa. Virtuiu Clue, Margart Hagerty, Nabby Robinson, >lr? Ann Clark, Florence Herbert, Jonie Rtehard*on,JadiihX Glark. Mr* Sue Hutchiaon, Husau Swift, Sirin Chanil?r,yir?H?n'yH*nw?y, Mr* M D Smith, Mm SarahK Convene, Mm Howara.Mu*Annie Sullivan, Mr* Sarah Dir;*,Marr Jour*, Mr? Elm Soinerville, Annie DiJJ?<Mr* Mary E Keller, Mr* H C Sullivan, Martha Duvali, B?r*:na Kn?n*, Mr* 8 S Y 8n<tduth, Mana D Dyer, Mr* Liokina, MmLixti* Truel, Mr* Mary Everett, Mr* V Leonburr, Mr* Thompunj, Mollit V Focter, Martha M.r*ii?lf, S.ilh* Thompson, Marfan Fulmer, Mr* M A Moffat, Catharine P Pleininr, Mr* Mattinfly, Huaan Woll, Mi** Alic* Oreeo, Elitabtth V Murr\y, Mr g-ari A Ward, Mia* Mary Grime*. 8.1 r?b M Maxey, Mm VC Wbmng MmMoiuc Grey, Mattie E Martin, Sarnh Young, Virginia GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Anderson, Robi Feu ton, C H?3 O'Connor fc Co Adam*, L FlKMr, C W Potter, W J Ayer, J no C?3 tireene.SG Proton, W B Andrew*, J F Greene, Wm Painter, W N Alden, J M lioodnch, W Pool. 3 D?2 An;u*, Ja* W (iilfiu, W L Pook, 8 D Abbott, Geo A Uleen. Saml Potter, R W?3 Anthony, U R Glem, 8 W Proctor, 8 Alexander, C A Greeu, Smith Parrott, M J a i j r* f> /' a l. T*? i . ?a Aiexacuer, u ur?n, rvicn rout;, in Alwood, Anton?2 Gale, W R Piriuiiiio?) Bartleu, W O Groeu, Peter Pnndler. Jos Burke, Wra Graham, N II Poindextsr. J N Bate*, W R Gwinn, L C?3 Petticord, L Bull, Wm?9 Gay.Jeass Preston, J W Bellen, Wm Ganibelt, Jas P?uon,J Bone, W E Gilbert, Joo Peel, Henrr Braley, W W Gibbs, Geo Prent:*,GA Bail/, Win Gwiun, C G Prime, F? Burrows, W H Goshen, M Powers, E W Browne, W D, W Parker, E A Bakei,Sidney Harkuess, W Penwell, D?% Bell, Sain Hammer, Tlioa B Pollard, CW Beld?u,S A Htwkins, SO?I Power, U Buckley, 8 Hahey, Robt Pendegrast, Capt Bently, R H Hexey, P Petuken, B R?X Brow u, R B H ?y?, M Parry, A C Baber, R R L?3 Hen'y, M Rain, VV II Bensou,RT Hardin. L Robinson, W 1 Bell, PP Hall, L Rose, W J? 3 Bnrbour, R M Higfms,J Robinson, M bojIt, M J Hisiop, J U Rojera, T K Bond, M U Hermajre, Jno Ro*i, R B Duly, rVI Illckmm.J Runs, K. fil.n, Mr Hutchios, Jno Roihatn, P Bell, J W Hickman, J K Rollings, II fioQin,U R llcnt*;, J IUjt L Bartlett, JK Hilton, J N Rose, Jessie Biddle. Jno llama, J A R-tiue, J T bradlcrd, J D Hyer, J Reed, J M Burkly,JW Holntan, J H Rosier, Juo B-'f ti), J y Humphreys, If II Ryland. J II Bicklj, J.i> T Harris, Cieo?3 Ryan, Jno Bankhead, Jno Harper,G K Riley, Jno T Baity, J H Hatchma, K Robey,Jas W Bytand, Jno Hopkiuson, F C?2 Roberta, J L Branch, H Hofeba. W Ridreway,Jfc> Bnttner, H A Humphreys, O Rntlon, J B tbbk, Henry Helm, C J Rics, F W Bradford, H C lianly, L'hil Robinson, C Bnutwell,G H Hamerdmger, C Reed 4 Co, C M Burroughs, G T Hall, C M?2 Robey, B F Beams, F T Harris, B D Riclurdaon, A D Booth, K Hu'ituner, A Rogers, A W Bynner, E Hite, A J Reeder, A H Baker, Edward lus'y, W H Snyder, W L Be*well, Edwin Johu?on, W R finnith, V Bnlr.DH Joddird, W 6!iertnao,T W boifdmir, D Jainea, VV A Holrer, Dr R?3 Butterfleldi D Jenitsr, W H Stick, D A Eurch, C Jonss,CaPt8?I Scott, M H? 2 Brown, C II Johnson, 8 M?2 Schadd, L Burche.CH Jams, S H Spancs.Jas Bonne veil, B L E Jackson, R M S ana<3,JT By inf ion, A H?2 J emeu, C D?2 Sanborn, J D Browns, A G Jones, Capt J bulhgfard, Jno Bom man, A H Jefferson, Jos Scrotion. Jno Q Champli**, W m P ? Johnson, H P bteveua, J L Cumngham, W R Jonet, Ed btraui, H Carter, W 8 Jouee, ?F # Sullivan, H Champion, W H Jacktou, D C?3 81 ?g, H A Carryie, W H Jack*ou,A?i bujder, u W Colin, . V D Knox, W J 8uckiy, Geo Clur, Thot Keiro.uW S?*;<r,T P Clark, b.duey Ku j, S.ial Scliiutdt, >' Col in?, Dr 8 King, R 8itz, Kelu Cooper, Lt 8 M Key worth. R Sauilord, E L Caipeuder, 8 M K.rcher, M Strong, D?4 Colmau, 8 Kellogg, L H Sechi.u, D M?2 Collin*, P r King, J Sperrill, C H Cobb, Ju*tu??2 Kobal.J Scott, D W Connelly, Jt;o Lowe, W W Smith, M Couau.Ja* Lawrence. W A fcteodinau, E C Coddiugton, J B Ljmtu, WH bmith, B Caby.JnoB Liwian.TB beluju, A A Cariir, J fi?2 Le?.?,K(J boper, AuihuQT Crtager* J P Lowe, Mr 8ettle, A L Cohe.i, i O Lucim.JP bjn>{non. A Cooper, Juo?2 Lakewan.J D Taylor, W B CouDoye, J C Lion, H B Terrell, W R?2 Carlil:e, J S LaUrenffe, G W Turuer, W Campbell, J H Liudity.Geo Tlioinat, W Chamber*, J S Leruy,Ja* Talmare, W H Child*, lire W Ltdd. E Thaier, T C?7 Chaae. Geo Little, C C Talbot, T Cowing, Geo Liuthicmn, C F?2 Trenchard.SD Curu*, F-2 Long, C Turner, 8 R Cnmiririg*. V O Lawrence, A G Tutler. P8 Coun?r,Ed Lte. A_ Tlyer.O ur m;??, ? 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F aljr, Pat McKeenau, W Weiitworih, J P H I ii.cervd M ftlcTiju?, W Wb .no.,, J H r (ink, YY M McKee,Jae Winter JR Farrell, W J Wr.Qudljr, Wm Weito..,'H C French, L O McKeenan. W?2 Wri'lu II K F..h, L B Newin in, W G U W.?.,G F Foi, JA Nicholi, W A Wallaoe K B pr,'JUl * 2'*"" RK Whitlow', F W t airman, Ja??3 Newman, L IJ Winter J ? ' fin frock, Or J H Nash, J C Weizel'l) Fowler, Jo. Norton, J II Wooaier D fW.J C-a Nichola, J T WMt^ 'li W Fa b,., Geo Norton. J H Wee,., CM ' oljer, I B?3 Naurnni, Geo Whaler C H-l Fiuchk*, E Never., B M W.u?7c L Friea, Cba. Uuk.,,JT *??uo..,CL ETLlTTMS MOST IN ALL CA?K' BB PBBFAIU. April 27 WM. JONES. P. M. Six Days More Only AT z: v^.ns's 476 ....Pennsylvania Avenue.... 476 We shall continue our t.a!e of JJBWELRY, Pi-AT ED WAKE, fcc, ton SIX DAYS LONGER-ONLY. Now is your time to make & se!eo*iou of JEWELRY AND PLATED WARE from the roost extensive and beautiful Assortment ever offered for aa!e iu this or an) other city, For the Low Prioo of ONE DOLLAR! We h*ve just reoei ved a new invoioe of all the DIFFERENT STYLES OF SET3 in market, together with

A I A DHU * /%?" '*- ~ ' a uA rv v r. iilll Uf LUUKKISt P1IMS, EAR RINGS, LADIES and GENTLEMEN'S CHAINS, BRACELETS, Ao., 4o. Alio, A LOT OF PLATED WARE, OOMUtlDf of Knirea and Forka, Waiters, Cake Baaketa, Gobleta, Copa, Salt Standa, Tea and Table Spoona, Ao., Ao. Ttootr B--pr%r>Tr ?i Ml > !V W a SELLING AT HALF PRICE ! and " He now mar read, who Could not read before, And he who aiwaya oould Mar read the more." We Shall POSITIVELY CLOSE OCR STORK M advartiMd, ud v* inTit? yo?r EARLY SELECTION of uj of oar artiolea befora it ia FOREVER TOO LATE ! ONLY SIX DAYS MORE! 6. 6. EVANS, 475 PSMXtYLTAHlJl A vklttjb, ajtJ Batweon 3>1 and at*. GQUKTHINQ NEW ON FREF. EX HUH 55 TlON."-A it large lot of CLOlHINtf, I FURMttHINO OOODJS HATS atari CAP*, at No. 4(>0 Se??aUi ?t. N. B ?All of ttf above gu<xj? g^raasrir&ft a?' a? ? MEDICINES. BDR. JOHSSTO-V ALTIMORtC LOCK HOSPITAL, Ha* diicorftd tkt mo.'t Crrtnm, Sperrtf and mI| Effectual Rrmtily in tht World, FOR ALL DISEASE;* OF IMI'Rt'DENCC. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. A P PI .V IM MHIIJTLI V >? w m ?? ? '? u vin ? uu I ,1 CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wiikncn of the Buck. Siric'ures, A tf?e:iona of the Kid neys *nd Bladder, involm.t ir? Discharges, linpotercr, Gen sr.l Uet-i 1 ity Nen?ouaneas, Dyspepsr, Lanruor, Cor.fusiur of Hell, Low Spirits, Palintili.m of the Iff art, Tluiiity Tremblings, P ir.nm of Sig t or Giddu.ess, Disease of the Head, Throat, Nose ?r Skin, A flections of the Longs, 8mm itch or Bowtla?thes? 1 erriMe Pis^rlcr? arionif from Solitary Habits of Youth?these Dreadful and DeftiuctiTt Kr*c. tic?s which reader M rrnge impoasible, and destroy both Body and Mind YOUNG MFN Especially who hire become the Tictim* of Solitary Vict, thai dreadful and dcttructl'e habit which annually twtept to an untimely gr??e thousands of Yourg Men of the moat (talced talents and brilliant intellect, who ir.ight otbtrwue have entranced Internum Senates with the thnndert of eloquence or waked to ecsucy the li?ing lyre, may call with full confidence. MARRIAGE. MaRRIKO PlRIOMi, or Young Me? contemplating Marriare, being aware of physical weakness, organic debility, deformities. Ac., speedily cured. He who place* himself under tht care of Dr. J. may religtously confide in hit honor as a gfntleoaau and confidently rely upon his skill aa a physician. OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left hand tide Fcinr from Bilnmor# afreet, a fe w daori from the corner, fail not to observe name and number. Letters muit b? paid m l contain a tump. 1)R JOHNSTON, Member cf the Royal Collect of Surgeons, London, rradvate from one of the most eminent Colleges in the United States, and the ?ieater part of whoae lite h ? been spent in the hospitals of London, Pans, Philadelphia and elsewhere, has effected some of the most astoniitrng cores that were ever known; many troubled with ringing in the head and ears when asletp; great nervousness, being alarrosd at sudden sounds, tashfulness with frequent blessing, attended sometimes with derangement of mind, were cured immediately. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Young Men and others who have injured #iemselves by a certain practice indulged in when alone?a habit frequently learned from evil companions, or at school, the effects of whicn are nightly felt even when aaleep, and if not cured, revises inarri?**e impossible, .and destroys both inind and body, should spj ly immediately. These are some of the sad and melancholy effects produced by earlr hal>its of youth, vix : Weakness of the Bick and Limha, Pains in tje Head, Dimness of Sight, Loss of Muscular Power, Palpitation df tne flenrt, Dyepepsy, Nervous Irritability, Der-mgeinent of the Digestive Functions, General Debi ity. Symptoms of Consumption, 4c. Mentally.?The fearful effects on the mind are much to be dreaded?Loss of Memorv, Confusion of Ideas, Depression of Spirits, EmI forebodings, Aversion of Society, Self-Hntrust, Lore of Solitude, Timidity, etc., are tome of the evil* produced. Nil?oi'? niRlLlTY.?Thoutandt can now jpdge what it the cause of their declining health, lating their vigor, becominIT weak, pale, uertous and emaciated, having a singular appearance about tlie ejet, cough or symptoms of contump(ion. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. When the Dusfuided and imprudent votary of plettore Dndt he hat imbibed ite teedt of ihit painful disease, it too ofteu happens that an ill-timed sense of thaant or dread of discovery deters him from applying to those wlto, from education and respect i haltty, can alone befriend him. He fails into the h u,da of if ii..rani ?ui? designing pretetiders, who, lucap iblt of curing, filch Ills pecuniary keep nun trilling month alter month,or as long it tht smallest fee can be obtained, and in detpiir leave liira with ruined heilth 10 airh over Ms gulling disappointment; or by the use of that deialy poison ?Mercury?hasten the constitutional symptoms of this t'rrible disease, nuch as Affections of the Heart, Throat, Head, 8kiu, 4c , progressing with frightful rapidity, till death puts a period to hit dreadful sufferings by seudiog him to that undiscovered country from wlicte bournt no travtltr returni. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND 1MPOTENCY By thit great and important rtmedy weakness of the or jam |'?cuiij \.m:u anu iu?i ?ij,or rt?.';ia. i Doumnai .'i mi tanet tier/on* and debilitated, who hsd loet el! bop#, oa?? been imtrediatelf r?lie?ed Al! impediment* to Marriage, Pby?ie?l or Menial Pieqia! ficauona, Loei cf Procre*ti?e Power, Nerroue Irritability Trembling And Weikceia or tihaue-nr of It* moat feirfel kind epeeaily cured. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS Thi y.A^x THOl'li*D8 cored at thu iniututum withn the last ee?euteen reare, and the numernui :mpor'"n'. 8>>r?i ca! operative performed by Dr. Johnaton, wiuiesaed by tri< reportere of the papen and rainy other rereona, noueee o which haee ^ppejred again and again before the public, be ?H-e bit etauding a* a gentleutn of chiracier and reeponei kility, ie a euffcieot guarantee to Uie afticte.l. mar 18-ly Dr. J. O. McLEAITB STBElJGTflEHING COBDIAL AVU ULOOD Fl KIF1EK. THE (UlEATHST REMEDY t* fJU WORLD fftnd the moet D*i.ic:or<* and ?*? DKLIGHTFUL j Ef i nn m a i Ml iwirmfc. ftuch infw Before tailn&^SS'J :SVrA/tcr taking. 41ilillinf, pr?-iacl?r * d*Me:s??, (xhiUratinf iplrh, u1 Ui ?'. loUllibl* irr??ly f? rt 'CTeU'if ifc? <:iund i; and riiw?ii( tki iltl, iduicf, u.4 (iklllUUt l?? J U ktalU aud ? j?ujtk. mcLt.AP/'i> nin e. M? j wijr/A'H CORD J '.L Will afaetaalij e?? t Mf C?n>i'Uiut, DyapapaU, Jaau dita, Cbranie ar Nir?m liability, Diaaiaaa af tha tt.-* aya ud all d.aaaaaa nriaiaf frao a <li??rdara<i Uirar ? I'.ai ?cb Dfiptp'la, aarlkarr, lnvrrd Pi:aa, Acidity ?f licknt't tkt liamacb, Ptllnaaa af lilrcd ta tf-a Ka*d, Dill Pari ai wimminf InihaBaad, Palpitvjfo af th* Htart, Pa! uaai f Waifbt In lb* uroneh. Kovt Erieuuana, Ub?ki> ? a; Paaliof whau "Jj'-tf dawc.Urynaaa ar Ya ?W aaai ( lha Skin aai lyaa, Kifiit Iwtiu, Inward Frin Pa!o lb lb* I mall af tha E-i-k, Cbaat, ar Ja, fladdai Piaahaa at Bait, Papr*.?a:an af 3piri'a, Prijbtfal Draiuia ktngcar, Diaiacdnt; ar my oarraoa diaaaaa, Beraa a llatcbaa an tba Bkiu, tnd Pa?a: and Af?a (ar Chilla a*< r?Tii.) OTEll A MILLION BOTTLES kna ham aa!d daring tba I??: aix irai.tba, and la aa Inaunt* baa tt falla l In auura aaiiafaetian. Wha, ibto will aafar frare Waatuaaa ar liability whan MckKANI rPX.EM?TM)CH!1(? LOB.UIAW will car a yaa 1 Ha Unfaaf a c an taiitay ao adaqav.a idaa af tba iamadl at* and aln.a*l miraaalaaa tbauga pradatad ky taking til Cardial ta tba diaaaaad, dak.ltuiad, rnd abat.arad n?i*a? yatam, wkathai krakan dawn by axcaaa, waak ky auua t Uapairtd kj aUknaaa, tba ralaaad and anatraaf atful uuh ii Miuua i* ua rniuui ima ana rijar MAP HIED PERSONS, f atkara, iniflKi af lnak?!.tr fran ?h>t(Tir urn, Wll ltd MckKAXil YAKKBTalCMllVC CORDIAk a Ilia raafk iifii iniiitf ma ayaiam; and all wh? mar hava lu )?rad tktatalTaa fcy Ixpraaar indalgaaeaa will fad U U1 Cardial a tartiia aad ipaady ramady. TO THE LADIES. McUAiH XTKKMfl rMKNIMO CORDIAkla a mai alfo aad p??r-r cara far loc.piant Cai?an:piian, Whim (Jaiirac'.ad ar DiBcalt Manalraatiau.l ncaotinauca af Criu ar ln?alaninr? Ditcharra tbtraaf, Falling af tS? Woml Clddioaaa, Fainting, and all dliaaaaa iocidaot la Fataalaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT af ir ca Unfair. Yaka It accarding la diractiaoa. It wll aUmalata, atrangtban, and inalgarata yaa and eaaaa tk klaan a( haalth ta matnt j?*? akaak ifllL Irir; kattla I warrant* d ta f" ? aatufaeuan. FOR CHILDREN If yaar ahlMraa ara aiekly, pan* ar aBictad, MckBAH' COKDIAb will raaka tkan ktnllhy, fat, and rabaiL I)ala a at a marotnl; ;ij it, aad yaa will ka aat-ricaad. It U da llalau UlUh 9A VTION awara af Jrajflm ar daalara wha rrty try ta palm apa yaa aama klttar ar aaraapanlla traah, which thay ean ba ahaap, by aaytng it U lul u rood. Avoid tack nan. A* (ar McLfcAR'UVrREKUTHENlNQ CORDIAL, and uk nothing alaa. It la tk* aoly ramady that will parity tli Blaad mormghljr and at lha arm* tliaa ilrangthan iba ?T?t?n vu ?u;?wiiii itiin mvmrj i^tnuif iaiuii( ta a cirui friTintifi (?r Culm, Chilli ind Fi?r, Yillo* Kerar, i in* or*?att?t d ttaa*. It it pat aj> to larra bcttlta. Prie anf y 91 par battli, ar ? bo'.iltt far fS J. H. Mr I.KAN, 9*1* proprttitr ? thta Cardial; alio, McLa?.n'a Volcano 0 Liaimant. Prt >eipal Dai *t as u* corntr af Thud an F.aa atraala, CC. Lo*it, Ma. HcLean'a Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TIE BEIT LINIMENT IN THE WORLD.) Tha Ml; tafa and aarlain eara far Canear*, Pilta, Ti an, tiling! and Broechiiaar, Paralalia, Nai rajgia, W**knataof tha Moaclai, Chraric ar Ibflamoiator Bbtamt'.Um, Bi foatt af tha Jointa, Contractad y.uiclai < fc;giru*cta, Earteba a* Tooihtch#, Braiaaa, Bprama, Praa Cat*. Waanita, Cieara, Pa?ar Sorta, Cakad Braatt, Bar Nilif 1*?, lina, Mcalda, Bar* Throat, ar any infltm ma-Jon a tin, no diffaranea bow *?**<-* ar long (Jia diitaaa ma (t*a asiaud, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT i a cartain ranady. Tboaaandi of tcraan hainfa hart h**n tavtd a I'fa af dti aiapitada aad miatry hy tba aaa af tk<? inralaibl* rarnidy. AlcLEAWS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will ralia?a pain almaat in*uxunac?aly, aad it ?Ul claai parify and haal tha faa.aat taraa In an ineradibla ahcrt timi FOR HOUSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McbEANI CELEBRATED LINIMENT it tba only aal aad raliahla rtrcady fcr tha eara af Bp?Tin, R;orboui Wtndgalli, Bplmli, Bnnauual Lamp*, Nodtaor BwtUirf It na*?r ftiltJ 10 car* Big Haad, Pallavil, Pittola, (J: Banning Sara*, or Baraany, if [rocaria aj-pliad. Pa Bpraina,, Bcratctiaa, Craekid Htala, Chafoa, Baddl ar Collar Galla, Cata, Boraa, or Woar.da, it I* as irfhlhbl ranatf. Atlltv 1 ta dirafctad anil m l> ? - IlituM. Tban tfi>? oa vitf) lb* rniuj warthUa* Licimtm r?rtd ta ya. Obtain a aupjlr af D*. McLKAJIt CELl RATKD UXlAtKAT. It will ear. roa. J. MrLJCAN, Bait Proj-natar. Caret? Third and Pina au., Uw, Ma. CIAUII ITOTT, m Pa. a*., Mil a*tat in WaaUai tail. t. ff CIHKk.?M>rM?w> i.? MWl. FOR STAMPING A rACKCT OF PAPER AND ENVELOPES NO WO MATCH, kith* CHARGE METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHI LP * SOLOMONS, ifiuli /or L*vrmet'i ctltbrattd Litm "lf?tropo'i<2* Mills," te., fx. mHlr 339 P?. > .. 9th and H*h ?t? 3,000 Ltttf."V?8HENUBjTrKR oftb*T*r blokw,"'at v . CURE NervousHeadache ; -4*, CURE x. "Grinds0 Headache. By theaaeof thM* Tilla the periodio aim Nrrrrmt or Suit Hiadarkt may be prevented; If taken at the commencement ol an attack im diate relief from pain and sickness will be o Maine They seldom fail m removing the jVa?)*a and Headache to which fema!es are ao subject They act gently ufob the bowels,?removing Cottirenet*. For Literary Men, Student*. Delicate Females, and all person* of ittim:ary habit*, they are valuable as a Laxative, improving the arrettti, giving tone and rigor to the digestive organs, and re storing the natural elasticity and strength of the whole system. The CEPHALIC PI I.LS are the remit of long investigation and carefally conducted exper ments, having been in use utanv years, during whi-ih time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering rom Headache, whether ongi eating in the nervous system or from a deranged nf tka m h They are entirely vejetable in their nompoaition. and may betakon at all times with perfect nafrty without makinK any change of diet, ?ni tht ab tenet of ant ditasrttabU taut rtjuitrs it inn to aJminirttr them to ehiMr*n. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS ! The genuine have five aigoatureaof Henrv C. Spalding on eaoh Box. Sold by Drucclata and all other Dea era in Medicines. Box will be aent by mall prepaid on reoeipto the PRICE, 3? CENTS. All order* shoald be addreaaed to HENRY C. 9PALPIN9, 4* Pi nil Stbiet. Niw Yn?m. 1 THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF KPALDinr.^ CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO PUFFER FROM HEADACHE THAT A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE IS WITHIN THEIR REACH. | ?... 1 As these Testimotttals trere unsolicited by Mr. Spa.ldii?g, they afford unquestionable proo f of the ejfieacy of this ' truly scientific discevery. Ma?onvillk, Conn., Feb. 5,1361. 1 Mr. 9paldt*o?Sir : I have tried Totir ?>pii*lic , PiLe. an-1 J Uk? i*<m so leell tn&; I wsr.:jcu to f ?er>d me two dolar* worth nwe. P.vrt of thf r.^ urA fnr nAirhhnra tn 1 gave a few ont of tin fi rat box I pot from j >u, 9t?nd the ti? m&tl.aud otr ire Your oMi Mrvint, JAMES KENNEDY. Uavkefozs. P& , Feb. f .1861. Me. Srar.piwo?Sir: I w eh too to tend <re or.9 more box of tour omphalic Pius, J rtcuztti ? ( is) denlt/1 ft***-(/rem ti$m. > Yours reejcctlui'.T. MARY ANN BTOISHOiJgE. Brieves Ck**k, Hvhtiwvto!* Co., Pa .1 j*nnarr Ifi, l#>i. ( II. C. SraLDi!**? Fir: You will pleaee ae^d me two boxes of your Cephxiio t i.ia. Senu them ia, mediately. , > Peep*ctfu!!y yonrs, J7IO. B. SIMON'S. P. ii?I \<fH %sti mu icx cf ynr Fila, and find then txc*lltnt. EXLLK Vnsns. Ohio. Jan. 15. lUf.l Kktrt C BpaLDiho. Ees.: Please find inolosed j twenty-fiv^ cert*, lor ^rhicb send me another bos . of tout Cephalic rills. za?i a-? truly tl* itst Pills I kare tx*r tried. Direct A. STOVER, P. M.. Delle Vernon, Wy&ndct oa., O. Bsvsrlt, Mt? , Deo. 11,1WX H. C. 8*axdt*8. Es?.: 1 wish for some circulars ' or !art? show Mils, to brine four Of>hv.o Pills ! more particularly brfore niv customers. If yon , i hsrve an?thme of the kind, p.wwc s-nd to ir.e. , Oneof my customer*. who is eubject to severe 1 > Pick Headacfie, (usually lasting twodavs.) ???.* 1 cvrfd of an attack in on* Aerttr ly your Pills, wmoh I sent tier Respoot'ully yours, W. B. WILKES. uit.iolwcrra, Frankuh Co., Oliio.i January 9,1861. { , HrKRT C. hpaldin?, No.Cedar itreet. N-w York?Dear Sin Inolosed find twenty-five ecntr. r (2.5,> lor whloh send box of Cepnalio Pills." send to address of Kev. Wm. C. Filler, lleynoids, bu-f, Franklin county, Ohio 1 Vvur Fills fork Ith* a c?sr*i?c?r? Ht*dacJte , almost mstmnitr. Truly yours, WM. C. FILLER. YrsiLAifTi, Mich., Jan. 14,1831. Mr.HpaLDISC?ffin Notions sinoe I sent to you " for & box of Ccp.taiio Pills for the cure of th a Ner2 voos He&daohe and Costiveness, and received the same, and tkey had so good an eject that I teat in . durrd to stnifnr mot*. , Please send by return mail. Direct to A. R. WHEFJLKR. f Ypsilanti, Mich. From the Examiner, Norfolk, Ya Cephalic Pills accomplish the object for whioh they wore made, via: Cure ol headache in all its 1 forms. From tke Examiner, Norfolk, Va. i nor nave open tested in more than a thousand oases, with entire suceecs. f* ' Prom tk* Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn. ' If you are, or liave been troubled with thn head ' aoiie.eetid fora l<ox,(Ceph%iic Fills,) so that yon may have them iq case ol an.attAck. 11 Prom the Advertiser, Providents, R. /. The Cephalic Pills are said to he a remarkably effective remedy for the headache, and one of the very best for that very fro^uent oomplaiut whicn has ever beeu discovered. y Prom tk?! Western R. K. Gazette. Ckicaee, III. We heartily endorse Mr. Spalding,aad Uia unnv&lied Cephalic Pills. * Prom the KanntoHa Valley Star, Kanavkn, Va. { We are snre that persons suffering with the head , ache, Mr ho try them, will stick to them. " Prom tke Southern Path Finder. JVne Or leant. La. ? Try them joa that are afflicted and we are snre " that your testimony can be aUded to the already numerous list that has received benefits that to other mcdicme can produce. 4 Prom the St. Louis Democrat. Thdimml>tlllll(tl>m?n(l fnr Ika ?rM?U II. ???? ?uv i V \VUpHClli Pills) is rapidly increasing. FYom the Gazette, Davenport, Iowa. Mr. Spalding would not connect his naire with an article he did not kntne to yoUMi real merit From tkt Advertiser, Provident*, R. /. The teatimorv in their favor is atrong, from the moat reepectab > quarters From the Daily News, Ntxpport, R. 1, Cephalic Pilla are taking the place of all kinds. From the Commercial Bulletin, Boston, Mass, Said to be very efficacious for the headache. i[ From tk* Commercial, Cincinnati, Okio, Suffering humanity can now be relieved. ? try A eingle bottle of ,dr SPALDING'S; PRKPARKD GLUE will save ten tames ita coat annually. y SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! * SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE.' il SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH ID"*'A StiTCii ik Tm* Sivu Nm''.ni Aa accidents will happen, even in well ret;alaU4 families, it ta very de<irat>ie to have aome cheap and'eonvement way for repairing Furniture, Toya Crockery, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE mat-r all annk ??* * - * ** .... m wwvsvasivs, >nn no nomtoll U afford to b? without 1L It U(.v*m reed;, ud to th# ttolcinc point. " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N.J9.-A Broth MoomptoiM ?ok BottU. Pna 25 oeuU. AddiMs _ HENRY 0. SPALDING, No. 4S C?dv itrMt. N?w York. ' CAUTION. A* oMtftia BcpricoiylaU wnouirt?f tlf to ; gsfBriBfiRB lE7"Sf ALDIN9*S PREPARED GLPE^TI ,1 uoa.tbf ?ptoM> wif ??, TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Special Sruiaa of the Ge?eral Aiwaklf at NarylMd Fkidikitk. Md , Aorll *1 ?Tbe Houae of Delegatea of .Maryland convened In tbe court bouae in thia city to-day, ia ob-dtenee to tbe proclamation cf tbe Uovernor All tbe member* were present eiceptlng Meaara. Welab. Markub nin. cotnpwii, nur^ea* mro. tinnier, hwimw, Stanford. Linih'.cucn. Wllaon of C?ell, Miliar, Krvan, Wooten. Nail I. Bayleea. tftake. Hard'ng and Brail. All tap otfi^era of the Houw were pr>-a^nt 1 he newly elected de'e^atr? from Baltimore took the oath prescribed by the Coi atitutlon .Mr Morgan oflcrrd a inHw:r to tbr 9rr?W informing them of tu organization, and appoints Meetra, Morgan, W aIlia, and Dennia of Homerwt, a committee mm the part of the Hooae to waft upon the Governor and Inform him that they wore ready t?? receive any communication from him which he might deaire to make The revolution wei adopted Mr. Deunla. of Someraet, offered n resolution that when the House adjourn. It adjourn to meet at Annapolis, on Monday next Mr. Dennia raid that while appreciating the attract! veneaa and hoapitality of Frederick, that atern, inexorable duty called ua elsewhere The State-liocae belongs to ua, and he would not be driven away l?y tluee who are called onr enemies He denl<-d thutthe excitement In Annapolla would be injurioea to tbe <lelit*-ratloiia of the Houae, or tk. i ?.uu* ? ?- ij ?- % -- * * u.? ?uc www iunr or larrouiiaMK by undue Influences By mating here we are saying to the people that their representatives dare not rowt in tbe capital of their Mr Gordon wsi in favor of meeting at Annapolis, tat be objected to voting upon tbe resolution until the liouae bad received tbe Governor*a message, and learned therefron bta reasons for convening ua in Frederick He was told that Annapolis was in possession of tbe United States troop*, wbose guards and sentinels were exteMdiag la every drect.on. and that memberaco'ild not reach tbe capital except through tbe guards of a Lost.l? foe. vertbeless. be Was ready to go. and if tbe government troo,.s should commit an act of war upon tbe Legialature. let them take *be responsibility He referred to the tia^s. and to the battle U-lda of the revolution. and said bo was re^.dy to stand under tbe flag of t;.e I'nlon till tbe laat moment, and then be would light uuder the flag of Maryland .Mr Jacobs said there was too much disposition to talk He could not remain but one week, and be wisbed to act. On mot of of Mr Chappell, tbe House adjourned till '? o'clock. skxatk Tbe Senate met In tbe jury room of the court Uous* All tue Senators were present excepting M'-ssrs Stone. Mile*, Oraham and Franklin After orjjanltln^, the Senate adjourned till & o'clock Wester Vlrglaia Tree to the l aImb Whiclim, Va . April 2.V?The Bell and Everett convention of thi? Congressional district met in tbli city to-day, and accepted the nominee t-f U>e Douglas democrats, \V. U Brown, of Preeton county, ;>a their candidate for Congress A resolution was adopted approving of the Harrison county preamble s:id resolutions, which condemned ~ tLe course of Eastern Virginia, and recommending all the Nortbw?-?tern counties to s^-nd delegations to the Convention at Wheeling, the 13th day of May. Many strong I'nion speeches were made, snd everything was transacted with perfect unanimity The prevalent opinion here is that there will t e a di vision of the Slate Latrr from ( aliltrait. Fokt Keahnet. April 20?San Franciacn datea to the 13th mat. bavt rc&cLrd here Tor Goldrn Gate, from Panama, arrived out on the 13th, and the St I.ouia aalleri from Saa Franciaco on th? 1 ltL for I'anarrii with 3U<) piaarngeraand VojU.OOO In treasure for Sew York TLf Supreme Court La* decided the art chancing tbe trial of Horace Smith (for the murder of tbe printer Newell) from San Francisco to Plac?r county t>? be constitutional, so the acrua^d will ba allowed virtually to choo?e hla own jud^e Frani Texaa Nrw Yoak. April V5 ?The ateamsblp Emplra City Lao arrived from Texaa via Havana Sba baa on board three hundred and atxtoen of tbe third regiment, two hundred and aeventy aaven cavalry of tbe sec ond n^lmeat. The F.mpire City report* tbe 1" P atMMr Mohawk at llmm forauppilts, and was to Mil for Texaa In two dtya. The !*. S. Bcbooner John Appleton left Havana on the VOth, with a mail for Key West. From Ibarie-tan. N'iw Yoke, April 85 ?Tbe correspondent the Co?n;nerc!al A Ivertlser. who left Chariest** Oil Saturday, saystbst (??-n Bea 'regard bid not tbt-3 tuir^-d, but tumor said that 2>?) troop* would that night commence the march on ti?e capital. Th?i elt'tens of Wilmington, N C., had Mixed the steamer Georgia. A Proportion to Settle the ffir by ta Arbl'rr.tioo of the Border Statei. Locisvillk. Apr.1'^5 ?A proposition baa been made by ili? Governor of Kentucky, to the Governor of Ohio, tuat the Governors of the border State* propose to the United State* government to become aibitratora Ijet *een the contending parti e* In the preseut dlttlcultlea. Tennessee Legislatare Nash villi, April 25?Tbe State Legislature has convened In s-cret session. The reporter* have het-u excluded, and tbe contests of tha Governor'* mtoiasif are unknown. kenta< kjr Legirlatare Lor.'svtLLa, April 25.?Gov. .Magoffin will tomorrow Issue a proclamation calling the Leeiaia tare together on tli?- 6tU of May. Armr Resignation. St l.oris, April 23 ? Lieut. Merchant and Sur1 geon Brower, of the United States army, have resigned pROFOSALS FOR POST AUK STAMPS. Foil Orrui Dir*tTMUi,( March imi. | Proposals will be receive* until 12 o'clock m. of ji-tn Aprii next lor 2nrn<ahinc Portage Stampa oi the Rerer*; ?tji? arid deso iption ot U>oae now in uie, on auitat>!e paper of the bert avaliC?, for a term ?>f aix, coiumeacmc fir.-1 of J n * next. Hi 'dark will a'a^e t'<e prioe psr thounauJ atampa, ?'e iveraliU n< pacsa^ea o ten thomand eaoh at u?e Post Office I>*p*rtiu ?nt in Washington Also, tin price per th usand. in imilar pack g a, ue.iverafne in tbe Ajeut of tba Department at the place of malsfanturt. Alao, the price p r tuousand, delivered in larger pack&cc, a* required, e ther at the Depart.nent o. p ace of manulaoture. Also, tse price pvr tjoitsand, aepara ed in aaoh <l?iant't:ec an may i daily o rue red ?or th* uae of r'o-t Otliues, never ieaa than two hund ??d alampa, an 1 accu'fly packed in tin casea, ?ulat>,e bind ere'-hoard boxes, with inuaii l or other equally strong covers, or lined envelopes, ac ording to the q JMitit) and to lie oonvejred. aa ir.a? l>8 repaired br tie Department. atatinc the differ A'iM if ftna A - ? ? .. ^WWH HIO V"P? Ul UDilTPFf vu an ajeut at the p ace o| manufacture and at Washtnrton, D. C. aisuch packages, bef ?re taaiunc, to l>? re-mi: u.Man'' ?he stamps recoocted by an I Acn?o|Uii? Department. BiJjrrs wilt a^so give the additional ooet for I directing paokeses for th? mai and preparing Liar* receipts, under the direction ol an sgeo' of fiii Department, either at the Department or aian ufactTj. Prop >sals must be ma<le for the stamps in shoots, perfectly cumuic*), and perforated in suoh manner that ?aoh separate stamp can bo readily detached and used. The denominations of stamps now in use are one cent. three oe> ts, live cents, ten cents, twalwe cents, twent?-lour cents, thutr cents, and ninety ce:.t?. IVe heads of Washington and Fraukln are to be preserved a* tue leading Jesigi s, tue former on ail the ttainps. except those of ono cot t and thirty cuts, on whioh a-e to bs tne head i f Frankun. On a<l o{ the stamps the denomination must be ei veu distinotl?. in figures as wo:i as lot tera, a:.u the whole work uiust be executed is the best sly ie of lite cut ravins on Steel. iuc wiiuiouuiTi >n *?? |iub of e rvtmpi limiliivn to the Department daring the year euding the 9r?th J one, I8t?. vu 216 V70 ?>. From naat exptritnce it la auppoaed that th?* S umber of paeaagoa mailed will average above two umired daily, van tag in eise from two sheata. or Snd'tainye, up tn sn?i heeta.or ^itampii bit by far the larger pr< portio > of paoaatM ooutain not more 20 aneeta ur Jot) ?t%mpe fcacb tiiii i? to be aocompanied witfi a apeoimer ofthe*ty f ot engraving and the qaaiity of papei to 14 farniaiiad, wbioh will be avbmittad to a board of d n-mtereatadaxperta or artiaUfor examination, and ue accepted biudt-r, before the baa oumu matun of a contract, will be repaired to prepare doaigna and fn uiah proof unp-aoiuiiio fih*an (ravine*of theeevrral denomiuatiooaof atampa. 8pecim*aa of boanl aa l tn bnxea and liadanTelopea must alao i-e aabmittad with aaot bid. It la nooeaeary to p rot col Ui* boxea by luaalm or oLker oovara in the in.-at etTeoiual manorr again*! we* and abraaioti. The contract wiil require alld>?e J .1.*^. U. - ?? ? i ^ * I suu vL?voa ?o w p !"? UQ fccpi 1Q ' t ^DO that nwdiN &k(l phteaehail M ma<le. 'IUxt f.r the prevent il^noiri tu<> of it?ap? or ??taere. without charge,at tue pea-are of the r pn?l it; a?d alt euchdiM mm plat** ue U> bathe project? of the Unite*! States lor the Mnriot at the Poet OfieaDepa tiaeat. . , _ No bias eili t>e eowenlared except trum parti e I who have been actual j 'nojrd in the 'aeia -e? of : ooppsrpl'te and wel enpra* in* apa prlattiu, ai?<* re thii enmed at the t;ine of l<idd tag. aad vbc are oooapyinB e. liati efc> t-pn-of ?<a leut^4 p.ovid hJ wiii a 1 th? neoeeeari taciliUee u? exeea'e the arork promptly, a..d fie the reaiiiit i M*e tt^e U> the a taw pa, uiee, and platei ta their poe t-artieanot krown to the De?arte*?rl will farmeh rroof aa to the*e point* with ta*:/ o?4?. In awarcinf the aunt aot trie Ko tma -tar 9 4 * air* eervae tne rift of deeaoiac ?k>?h b 4 in ita aa&tical reealu, n,at be raoit ta t* ? i#U? ?t?a aaBapartewiL lavlay nftreoaala th* elite at the "JIM iiiuuwi /'wlm^Mr 1 o?r*aaver fcacer** i. .