Newspaper of Evening Star, April 29, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 29, 1861 Page 2
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LOCAL NEWS. (?7'Tbou?fi Tk? ?Tii it printed oa the foatent |t? Lu tenth of Baitlmore, lit edition |? ac lo nt)?ira It to be pat to preaa at an eirly to-ir Advrr L?^a?<:nia, tberrfure, ihould be nit In krfr* i'j n'dock in.; ether irlae they nay net apf*?J nntil tbc next da?. .Noticb.?I?la*rlet of Advertlaesaenta lo be nw-rted !n the U '.ltinoki Sun are received at and foramrdrrt f- oBQ Thb 9tjli o?ee. Moai Ah?of \oLr*THBa?The Fifth V " Ke^ianeot arrtved In Waablajjton hatnrda , evening, accompanied by two cominn1' . w_?1 J - ? ?av b?vc ami naiionfa a jjuara aion*? **'e. track of the railroad The Fifth belong to ' jtu Kinds' division, their Colonel Is R. P. McDowell; B. C Crist, Lieut. Colonel; R. B P. Spencer. Adjutant; R Parker, Sergeant Mtjor; J K Steller, Quartermaster. The ten companies ecmpes'.ng the regiment sre commanded by Captains Medier. Branan, Hower, Lawrence, Dawson, S?-acrist, Emling, Miller, Oelrlch and Cooly. They nnmbft eight hundred, and-are real flat, footed raw militia, having no uniforms, bat all >-elng equipped with Government equipments. The Seventy-first New York Regiment, which wss quartered at the Inauguration ball room, baa l>?en removed to quarters Inside the Nsvy Yard. In order to rive room i> ik? -? _ r_ - .?v - a?u ^ vuiiajif aula l be re The men of the FIflh are young and Lxriiy. look like the material of which flrstrhuw fighting men are composed. They apeak well for the hospitality of the people of that portion of Maryland through which they pawed TI( TWELFTH K1GIXI5T New York Volutiteers arrived here last night, at ? o'clock, by rail from the Junction. They imrcbed from Annapolis to the Junction, making very good time The regiment numbers a full thousand men. a id ita field and Caff officers are Colonel Daniel Butter tie Id, Lieutenant Colonel W O. Ward. Nskv H A. Bostwick. Adjutant F. T Locke. Engineer B S Church, >urj>?on A. H. Tharsh Assistant Sr.rgeon R. F. Weir, Paymaster Arnold, Quartermaster Palmer, and {Secretary Banks. The companies art* commanded by Captains Bovle, Barr, Ottlwell, Ryder, McCorinlck. Crorule. Ravncr. Fowler and Huson. The lndepend?ace Uu rd," which is the name by which this regiment is known, Is composed of a lively set of voting and handsome men, a-comi>an!td by a fine band and drnm corps in full Zouave uniform. They immediately mart-bed trom the Depot to the Assembly Room*, where t'uey are quartered They were loudly cheered on the w iv. Col Corcoran's (Sixty-ninth) Regiinent (Irish) nrai at the Junction when they left. Tte remainder of Got Sprague's Regiment of Rhode Islanders arrived per itearrier yesterday afternoon, under convoy of tbe l. 51 war steamer Pocahontas Four steamers came up the river? one containlni: the Rhode Islanders, numbering men, sr.d the others bringing provisions and other troops About 150 exempts, belonging to the New ^ ork Seventh Regiment, came In one of tbem. to Join their old companions In arm* We hear that Odd Fellows' Hall, Seventh Street, is to be rented bv Governm^'jt for military use A regiment can be quart" ,rr<i jn this flne f.. >m, snd its adjacent apartir^nta, most comfortably TntRiionlsLAiP ?There nainder rf this regiment (t^aa which no other Uere press's s more imp .>sing and trulr military appearance) reached *,dls city about noon yesterday in the ttle;iv1'je steamer from Nov York, from whence (teamed at Pp. m on Wednesday night t^,9t arrived off Cape Henry on Friday ferine, where she soon met the Harriet Lane orders to proceed to AnnaDolis. which ?-? ?? "b wever. superceded bv other orders conveyed to her by the U 8. steamship Pocahontas, to come dirrrt to this eity ?he anchored a ni^ht below ?he Kettle Bottoms, (sixty miles b?low Wastington, i ar.d steam?d townee, as bef>re explained, by noon yesterday. The voyage was a remarkably pleasant one to all. The following is a list of many of the officers rrriving with this detachment Vi7: Lieut. Col J 8 Ftttman (In command). Maj Baich. Lieut* Topliff, \N arrer. Low, Hidden, AicKnlght. Stone, Towtr, and Allen, (each company being in comBiand of a lieutenant.) Q. M Dyer. Commissary Uow?rs. Paymaster Sisson, Father Qyeene (chaplain of tt?e battalion), Surgeon Carr The Knsign lias the old war-torn. Revolutionary flat; carried by the troops of Rhode Island In *'the tirr.ts that tried men's souls" A daughter of the regiment (Maria Frances Strahan) and two or three regimental laundresses acc company this detachirent, uniformed. and marching in line with knipsack on back They brought their own large baggage wagons, borsea to draw them, horses for all the field and staff officers, led horses for relaya for all iicrnnrr purposes. *c. This forenoon the other portion of this regiment (that reached here some clays ago, it will be r?mTr.bfred.) marched down to the Arsenal and received tUeir brethren; when the whole regiment? l.KiO or l.iiOO strong?marched bark to heir qnaiters in the Interior Department building, preceded by their full brass band, one of the best now ia this city. The display has not been surpassed, if equalled, so far on' r?insylvania avenue. F.oito* Star : As a citizen of Washington whose all is at stake here, 1 would respectfully uk through you whether ;t would not be ueedful to administer an oattj to all of the auxiliary guard and police of ourcity,requiring ofthem allegiance to the Government and tne Constitution aad laws of the 1'nited States I make this suggestion as 1 erily believe one-third at least of our police ai.d auxiliary guard are sympathizers with the secession movement, and are rody at any moment to aiss:?t any demonstration ttat mav be made to overthrow the Gov-rninent and dtliver the rjty op to any Southern Invasion P. Xot* ?Captain Goddard. the veteran Chief of Polte*. it 1* W?*l 1 fcr.rtl/n VI ??t* ? _ , ? ... ? > avi ?iu|; 41111 i?" I illlII fully on tbe right tide; but If common report la true, he labors tinder tbe disadvantage of having very unreliable material in hi* force to sustain Mm Some believe that of the entire police fore for the right service there are but two men who can be fall* relied upon is loval in case of emergency. and of tbe day police not more than ten or a dozen. Th* WMIIMTM A^ciDccr.?iMr E. T D. Myers, of Virginia, recently appointed acting rhlef engineer of tbe Washington Aqueduct, (daring Cap* Meigs' absence) having resigned, we learn that Edward Frost, Esq , la now prii clpal engineer, and baa been on tbe work almost iivw in cumiiKucfnieni i biv* bffn other resignations in the Aqueduct t>tt)<e, but the corps engaged on tbe line tbcugb sm?U is very etB^lent, mnd unfinished portions of tbe work ere being pushed rspidlv towards completion. \N orkoien are now engaged in cutting the inscriptions for th? w - * " " -? unu^r aoHJW VttQin JOQfl creek, cn arch of jjresW span than any other tn the world ('.MO feet.) which la pro<;reaslng finely, and la to be called very appropriately the '*L'nlon A re h " Complimist to thi pmndint ?On Saturday afWnnoa. tb? fine band attached to the New York; fevmth Regiment proceeded to the ?o.ith front of the F.iT.utlvo Mansion, and complimented President Lincoln hy the porformance of a number of choice pieces, liclndlng the s^ul-stirrine national aire. The President, accompanied by hla private secretaries, X-wrs Nlmlav and Hav. the ladles ?>f the household, and the Secretary of Wu, soon rn^dc their appearance on the pcrtlco, and rennmed during 'ueentire performance The Prealdenl a two little aona. each with a Union badge adorning his jacket, w? re also on the portico, and seemed to enjoy the music vastly TtaaciKKY is thi Navt Yabd?A day or two since 11 was dscovered that a large quantity of twMnb shells which the Ordnance Department baa been engaged In manufacturing for tone time part had been tiled with a mixture of aand and ' sawdust It la supposed to have been done by \Vm Thompson, a pyrotechnist, who left the yard a few days since and enlisted In the South- : ern army. A man named Ludwig, keeper of the m^gaitoe at the navy yard, also left the city a few day* alnce to join the Southern army, and ia alao supposed to know something concerning the out ter l)n*f> Paiadb?The Rhode Island regiment v.u - j -? 7 via um |JWHC yr?irru?v niiernoon in front of tbrtr quarter* tbe south fr?nt of the Patent Office building Tbe entire afreet waa filled with aptrtatora from Seventh to Ninth street, and many were the complimentary remarka made by tbe multitude upon tbe general appearance and noveW'entB or tbe regiment. During tbe parade tbe splendid braaa band attached to the regiment dlacouraed inaplrlug mualc Id excellent atyie. Mr*ir m txi Public Grocsd* ? We underatar.d that the muaic by tbe Marine Band, alternatlogm rationally with tbeother band* now In tbe city, will commence in the Presidents ground* cu Saturday afternoon next, commencing at flye 'cluck, and every Wedneaday afternoon In the Capitol ground* Rcmob having stated that a battery bud been thrown up bv Virginia troop* on tbe helgbta at tbe White Hnuae, below Fort Washington, an actual examination waa veaterday made of tb? prouad llxrr, and for a mil* or two or all rotiad, and nothing of the kind wm anywhere discoverable. Ah Owm Wasted ?The Chief of Police has In Lis custody, at the CHv Hall, about iSO lba of _ lead pipe, which waa taken frcin a young man wlw otfered it for sale at a price that Justified suspicion The owner can have It upon provtag property la the usual manner. Taa ouuit Tca.iia Riflss, who were at the Annapolis Junction on the arrival of the Seventh regiment, have been oat there every day for the laat eight daya. CnrtiL Gcaidbopib Casks ?Btforr Juttiet Clmrk --?uesn Deggea aad Susan Fuller, colored, vagraas, were seat to tk? workhouse for 90 days D**adtttl H? ?Ahont 10 o'clock on Punday morn'ng. a guard from company C, Union Regiment, Capt. George M Millar, conalating of tba following men . Sergeant John II Murphv, Corporal John M Mltrbell.nnd prlrott-e Jeremiah r*rter, Hugh F. Mvera. John H Kelaley. John O Luaby, George Langley, Cbarlea Oa'jorn, Robt Rawiloga, George Wood. Walter Nlcholaon, Franrla Lowe, and tfamnel Howell, went to the realdence of Cornellaa Boyd, on M ntreet, near Blagden'i Wharf, and demanded admittance in the name of the United ^tstea Mr Bovd dreaaert himself, according to the abatement of hla wife, and went down utalra to the ftrtllt <I*A? 1 ? " 1 * ** * ' uwi, ?uc uuwa ouwmc u??rrin|( ai 11 ID the ir.evntlaae Just Mr B. bad got to th? front door and waa about to open it a pannel waa trokra In, and Instantly six musket shots were fired though the door and window atiotters, one of which strnck Boyd's co?t sleeve and tben entered hla left aide, and passed entirely through bis body. Hs exclaimed tl at he waa shot, and bia wife cried out t? the tnc that he waa killed, and begged them to destat. hey were admitted afterwards and aearched th house Boyd expired a few momenta afterw d. It la alleged tbat Bovd fired first upon the , arty who came to arreat him, but Mrs. Boyd denies tbat he had a revolver in the bouse According to report Boyd was charged with bslng a secessionist, and with endeavoring to ra ae a comnanv of m*n fnr ih? s^ntt . , ? ? ????" Hr wm * foreman of brlckmakera, In Mr. Gunn -U's brickyard TH* COIONER'S I\QCK?T. Y?a'erd?v, Coroner Woodward beld an Inquest In view of the body of Cornelius Doyd. deceased, at t>ls late realdence In the aouthern |iart of the Fifth Ward. The evidence of the nelghbo a. of whom five or aix were aworn, was ao unaatlafactery that It waa not deemed worth while 1orecord it. 'Jt amounted only to the fact that between the boura of 12 and 2 o'clock Sunday morning the bousr of Cornelius Boyd waa surrounded by a fl .e of armed mpn: thnt th? num u-? , > viv uiru. 0(i? bfvoncl this nothing of Importance waa elicited. Two young women who were in the Louse testifled to these fa- ta, and alao that there waa no ahot fired from the houte, and that they beard no report aa of a pistol. Their names are Lydla nnd Catharine Mills. Mrs. Uoyd corroborated tbeae statements Corporal Murphy, who had charge of the guard, was requested by the coroner to m;ike a statement. He sai<t be bad orders to arrest any man who was disposed to talk aeeeaaion, and to take him dead or alive; that In order to get in the home to arreat Uoyd be forred the door, and that liovd put a pistol out and fired, the charge burning bla (Murphy'a) coat, and he then ordered the men to fire. The statement of Murphy was given promptly, and be also gave tht names of his men as well as he could remember The verdict w?? that th? ?<<< ? - raiu v/vl Iici-IUB l?u JU, between the hours of la p. m and 2 a. rn.,on Nunday morning, April 28, l?#l, was shot. down In his Louse hy a [>arty of men attached to company , C, Union Regiment, acting under the orders of Cor|K?ralJ. H Murphy, and the jury btlieve from the evidence that the said C. Uoyd c-tnie to his death from a wound r a used by a musket ball from a musket in the haudsof oneof laid guard, which ball entered into hit aide four inches below his l*ft arm, passing completely through hta body, and coming out hla ri-ht aide. 1 hey also find that he wa? a poor man, and left no property. ABRS9TKD. The verdict of the jurv having been rendered, after the Inquest over the body of Cornelius Boyd, the civil authorities demanded the corporal's guard for trial Application was tnade to General Scott for aid In effecting the arrest, mda company of United Spates troops was detailed for the furpose. and with policeman Harrover succeeded n securing the corporal and seven of the men, who were taken before Justice Donn, and by him I were committed to jail for a further hearing ! Their names are J H Murphy, Chas Osbourne, Hugh Myers. M. Mitchell, V. Rawllngs,F Lull, fct Uaw^II I-? rr.i . - - , uuncu, jruuiidi tanrr i nree remain to i>e arrested. Visit to the Capitol ?Yfitfrdiy afternoon the Clay Guard* and the Frontier Guards paid a visit to the raiments quartered in the Capitol. After calling for a few moments upon tae Seventh Regiment, in the Hall of Representatives, the companies proceeded to th? Senate Chamber, where is stationed the Sixth Regiment of Massachusetts troops Speeches were m >de by Gen Line, Mr. Vinton, of Wis , and Col. Vaugban, of Kinsas Mrs Daniels, of Wis , then sung the Star Spangled Banner; and the exercises closed :?1 _ ? - v. . . n tf l irom a member or the regiment, Mr Baker The companies then called on the Rhode Ialnnd Regiment; after which they were addressed by Galmha A. Grow, of Pa , at their armory, and dismissed. Sla*dkrs rros thi New York SEViSTH Reaixxmt.?The press of Baltimore and Alexandria seem to have set themselves seriously to the task of traducing the loyalty of the New York Seventh Regiment A lettsr which appears in the Baltimore papers of this morning, purporting *_ ? -1 J * * - 10 u?- nanrfiwa xo ioe Anna poll# correspondent of tbe Baltimore pre* bv ? member of tbe Seventh Regiment, and wblch seems to have been concocted for the express purpose of putting this gallant regiment In a alsirraceful p<-s1ti?n and creating Ill-feeling between them and tbeirfellnw soldiers Is. we have every reason to believe, an atrocious forgery. f?elvicis at wlllabds' Hall Yesterdat ? Yesterday morning, at half-post ten o'clock, the chaplain of tbeClavGuard pr?*"chfd In Willnrd*' Hall to tbat company and tbe Frontier Guard fr^m the text, " Father, forgive them, they know not what they do." ' My countrv 'tis of thee." and *? The Star Spingled Banner." were sung with great spirit and enthusiasm The platform | was decorated with the national tti:> and surrounded with tLe rifl-.s of the companies stacked | in military style I The Sixth Massachusetts Rk^'Hkjct paraded through the principal streets this morning, 111 aluonoa ??' * 1 * ... .MV.. I1I.U Wimo'il Djuipmprjll Tbev carried their musketa. however, and made a formidable appearance. After taking a prettv long march ov?r the town, they came to a halt on the wfit aide of Seventh atreet, fronting the Smithsonian grounds. and stacking their arma, broke ranks for a reat under the shade tree*, where they remained some time. Accidxst ?Yesterday evening, aa the picket guard of the President's Mounted Guards were | crossing near the junction of Pennavlvanla avenue and Fourteenth atreet, the horse of Mr. T. McGnire beranie frightened and slipped on the sidewalk, , felling with his rider under him. Then freeing blmself, he made a lunge at and went through the large window of Mr Weldon's wl ne store, severely rutting himself Fortunately, Mr McGulre escaped without Injury. Thi Militia Mc*tu To-Dat.?The Sixth Regiment. D C M . mustered to-day at 10 o'clock, at Philharmonic Hall, pursuant to law. The turnout was most commendable under thec.lrcumstanccs. all the companies being well repre. ?-nt?>d The ten companies belonging to the Sixth, mustered an avrrageof fifty men each, who at roll call promptly fell into line. A Wholesome Exam^lx?Two soldiers were ! arrested on Saturday, charged with insulting ladles, and put In irons by thHr officers and ke;?t npon nreia and water for a day and night. The offlcra very properly declare tbat any curb offences shall be punished with tbe utmost severity. Tbe I offenders are still retained &a prlaonera under guard. I"?qci*t.?This morning, Coroner Woodward held an Inquest over tbe body of a newly-born white male Infant, which waa found floating In a segar bo* In the canal, at the foot of Fifteenth afreet west. The box had a brick tied to It with a atring; but It was not sufficient to sink the box Tbe jury returned a verdict In accordance with these facta. Wi abb Indebted to Shllllngton. Odeon building, for coplea of the Baltimore Sun and American; and to Shepherd, corner of Seventh and D sts . for the Snn and a budget of fresh pictorial and literary New York papers, expre^rd through by these enterprising dealers. We nre also indebted u u n p ........ " ? - ?^? ? ?- *-. ?uwvti^ i/w ocTcnui Hirw, ior similar favor* The J*ixtt-*i?t* Reoimest or New Yoee. ri pelted in tht> city last evenlne, bad not arrived to-day at one o'clock, and It la understood that thev remain on the line of road to keep up the connection until the arrival of other troopa A special train waa to have gone out tbla afternoon for troopa. N?w Fun at the Depot ? Workmen are now erecting a substantial high )>oard fence around the north side of the Railroad depot for the purpose of protectine the troop* from the prrasur* of the crowds which congregate there upon the arrival of each train. Committed to Jail?A man/named Pearson was brought to the city on Saturday, by the troopa, charged with tearing the rails from tbe railroad in the neighborhood of the Annapolis Junction. Ue was committed to j%ll for a further examination. HostitterV Stomach Hittj > . The opai stion <>f this psistsb * ren eay upon the st i'luef:, i-er an* ex '?:o-j ' rjwi M airgaiarly aootVi-fStd ooum TitiTe. It r???la?as r ecu's in ifiMftem. L-japt-pms inailits forms yields to :ti control ti d igvKO'ltl. r pr^pertiss, and it is r? <?rm?ntl-?i to mothers, *nfe?Hed ty the osr?e and <Jnuee of maternity thi >af it a >d best toi io they oaa pro nabty raa. In a I iheeu?iao{ l-nt? a loitwil be t d tri'ioctlr n?ef?'. %ri 'Id My p raoaa wiH deri*^ marh mora banafit from it than I om ordinary t'na'rtl r'? Celebrated - teniaeh Bitter* are aoM by drn'ciata wi.?re. a??> IMaci*, l? this oity. on tha anormnc of the SNh instant, 8 VRaH vifa of M.. W.Carter. Ksq , l'h? f isnds of the family ara rrspeotJ'ally inn ted toattai d the funarai, on ^v-ediaad*( m<>ri>ias next at tei a'aloak. from the raetdenoe of bar hasbaad, No 4*9 K street, brtveenMh aadCth. [ Baltimore pa pari oopy.) ? 4 9 . * U GEORGETOWN. Corrupondme* / Tks Star. Giobsktows, April 29. 19G1 At the meeting of our City Council on Friday evening last, tbe Board of Aldermen passed a resolution In favor of certain persons therein named; one relating to Prospect at ; aud one authorizing the repair of Bridge at. In the Hoard of Common Council, the resignation of E. T. D. Myers (of the office of surveyor) was reff rred. The streets c?nr.mittee wa*. on motion of Mr. Marbury. discharged from further coi.s dentlnu of tbe ordinance providing for paving a gutter en Congress st. An ordinance In relation to tbe market-hcuae waa passed, 6 to 1?Mr. Newman only voting lu tbe negative The resolution authorizing the repair of Bridge street, th" resolution In favor of certain persona therein named, and tbe resolution to provide for the first quarter's expenses of the poor and workhouse. ending March 31, 1861?were severally passed. TK. IJ! *? 41 ? ? n?"*u?iuu pii'vmiu^ jur iur rrrciion 01 a fence on a portion of the poor-house grounds, and the resolution prescribing the incde of furnishing medicines to the poor-house, were both laid on the table temporarily, on motion of Mr Tenney TUe resolution In favor of J. W. Marll being under consideration. was debated, and on motion of Mr. Tenney referred back to the committee on pumps, for amendment. Adjourned. We 1 arn that a canal bont, with 100 barrels of corn for Mr W. Dowliiijj. of Georgetown, coming down the canal, on the Maryland side, was intercepted by a party from Virginia, and the corn taken away. GEORGETOWN APVKRT'MTS IfOR R KNT? From May 1st, an excellent twostory K RAM K HOUSE, No. 130. on Gr? n ireji i*:we?n \ve?t a?-d Stoddar ? street#,:uijnining t ia ol Robert Dodro. Kta. The hoim* 1*21 f-et 'r>'Ut, containing a p\*saje way and 7 rooms, besides a servant's room, kitchen, oeiiar, store room, and smoke b?u e. It has also a art;-) piazza running from the front passate. A>taoi od to the house is a large ?ard?n, with ezcelHLt fruit, *s p-ach. apricot, pear, rluirtb, and grape, en<l seme flowers. Inquira at the corner above. No. I3fi. a?2fi eo2wr 8Afill'Kli Cl.ARK. JtST ARRIVED, KR Propellers. Seymour, from Philadelphia, 75 barrels and l(?? hMf barrels of MaM?r. Collins A uo '? flulatie.phia DRAFT A I.E. For sale by foa AWIMY * frHlVN. Daoo BBI.S PRIME CIDER AILY Expected per schr.on-v Mary Ann McGee from Ronton. This Cidor 10 a So. 1, and it iortale in lots to suit purchasers. ARNY 9c. SHINN'S fe 22 Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED? 10 h!id?. primb l'orto Rico SUGARS Unhb!?.i?M RvaWHISKV, IMbbla. HERRING and ALEW1VE8. W bbia. Crushed and Refined r?IJGARS, *1 ba*s Rio and Ja%-a COFFEE, 1" hiids.f low-prieod) MOI.ASSES. For eaJe by JOHN J. BOG UK. M 10 Six Day* More Only EVANS'S 476 ....PramrlTBnla Avenue.... 476 We shall oontinua our gale of JEWELRY, PLATED WARE, Jtc , roa SIX DAYS LONGER-ONLY. New is your timo to inake a seleo'ioa of JEWELRY AND PI. AT ED WARE from the most extonsiv* \nd beautiful **aortinent ever ottered for sale in t >:b or an) other city, For tlie Low Prioe of ONE DOLLAR! We have just reoei ved a new invoice of a'i trie DIFFERENT :?TYLES OF SETS in market, together witl A LARGE LOT OF LOCKETS, PINS, EAR RINGS, LADIES and GENTLEMfcN'S CHAINS, BRACELETS, &o., Ao. Alio, A LOT OF PLATED WARE, consisting of Kniveaand Forkc, Waiters, Cake Baakcts, Goblets, Cups, Salt Stands, Tea and Table Spoons, 4o., Ac. BOOKS-BOOKS! SELLING AT HALF PRICE ! and *' He row may read. who Couiil not real before. And he who aiwnys oould May read the more." WeSliVI POSITIVELY CLOSE OUR STORE a? advertised, and we invite your EARLY SELECTION of any of oar artiolen before it ia FOREVER TOO LATE ! ONLY SIX DA YS MORE! G. O. EVANS, 47G Pkxjsstlvamia avkxck, ?p ^2 between 3i and iS ?t?^ -g. TO THE READERS OF THE -g, V nl W?aubmitto tha cnnsid?ratioiF^9|Kjj * of the reatiort of tti? Star ih? fol * W? lowing iist ol j ricca of articles in our line of nuK!neaa: Usual j?rice. Ladies' Slipper* 2'c. fin '* English Lasting Slippera 5>?o. 75 " Garpet Toilet do?... &to. 75 '* Thick a.)ld a>>wed M?r, Boots.. I'M 1.2-" do. Uudregfcod do.... 1 *> 1 *6 ** do. Cong Mor. do.... 1 25 175 * do Call?kin do ... 1 on 1-5" *' Light and Kluk Oaitera Wd. 1.25 " Erg. Lasting tin. do 7,c. 1 W Women's Heeled ll. ot* ?. 75o. 1 2"? Misses' doublo-ao cd Sewed Hoots 75c. I.i*> I - A. *. l- ? . 1 ? J ri - - ? - uauiua bijk-BUieu CiUg. U&U. '.^10 I.*5 44 * M " l?ut. *\. 1.25 Mb In a'dition to the aV>v*\ we have Men's, Boys', Mlutn' arid Children's IJOOTS and SHOES iu every varisty, ?o:d at astonifthinc^y low prioee. O F. CL'MMIN# A CO., Buot and ??ho? Store, 347 Seventh st., ap 2-eotf 2 doori below Northern Market. J^EW SPRING GOODS prices to surr the times' The subscriber myites the attention of purchasers to tils large and f&s^ioualiln too it of GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, whioa he is prepared to sell at the low?rt Cash prices. Call and ex*in<n?, at LANE'S Fasluona!) e Hat, t'ap, a* d Gents' Fun ishng Store, 4 24 t'a. av. (Int.&Rep.) apl2 G:eo New spring style OF CARFETINGS. Just rooeived at the old stand ot the latj iirni of Clagett it Dodson a new supply of elr-gaut Three-ply and Double-ingrain Carprtings, whioh were bought in New York from thsage.ts ofths mauufacioues at panic prioo, ami wul l o aid accordingly. ap 16 ?ii2w JAS. B. DODSON. npHE SUBSCRIBERS HAVING KECE1VE1) 1 their lsmt Nupp'y of nt<w styles of _ SPRING GOOD.-, ti.ey respectful !y invite a call from their patrons and the public gen [t% erally. They keep tiro co!<s*antiy >? ht?r.d wlf ? good supjplv of N A V A I, and MILITARY FURNlSnfNG GOODS, such as Epaulet*, Swords, (jold Laces eto. H. F LOUDON A CO.. Citizen and Military Tailors, ma3n8>eo No. 3M. ?n ilcr lirown's Hotel. N|> ?The undersigned be?* to inform the !) publio that he lias on hand a 'a'ge stock of MONUMENTS, TOMBS. HEADS ION Ks?, 4.O., at Ba'timore and Philadelphia prioos. Alio.a new styleof Drawiugsoan be seen at tl e ?aru, anda new s'yieof Marble Mantels. Tattle Tops, Ac., kept "n hand. Brown Stone and bramto wotk promptly attended to. WM. HKAI'LkY, ma 18-eo3n> Pa. >v., bft 18tu and 19th ??s. WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. |\R. SHUMAN has, altsr an experience cf ten VJ ?ears, established the above rsfnge from quackery, Indian or German doctors, and pieteoders of witohoraft and impostors in general. This is the only place where a sure and rpeedy cure can be obtained in the world for all improper ..a ;i *- ? ? r u? dtii uniMM, luuurmx! (mei, sfmu ai weakness, syphihis, primary secondary. and tertiary, o'ganio weakness. pains in the loin*, stricture*, geueiai debility, probation, nervou ness, restless nights, palpitation of the heart, rintii.c in the oars, lost of memory, oonfnsion, melaccho'y, affections of the hea<l, throat, nose, and skin, and all those peeuliar disorders arising from the ii<di?oretion of yontb, rendering them unfit lor either business, study, society, or marriage. Dr. 8. has the greatest remedies in the known world for diseases of the bood. gtfFor'htr, gl^et, strictures, s?philii?, seminal weakness, self abuse, Ac. There is no case in which they fail to cure in from 3 to 6 days. Victims of these horrible oomplaint*, who wonld wish to be valuable men snd ori.aments to society, should embrace the earliest opportunity for relief. Dr. Siiuman nasmvfethe mo?t oomp eto arrangements f>r tneooirfort of his patients who come from a distauoe. Tney will be furnished with the moat pleasant and agreeable quarter-, neoe??ary diet, and m>d? as oomforiaMe as they would be at a first olase >>otel at less than half the oost. Do not forget tne name and number. Dr. Shu man's office la on fie oorner of Sixth street tod Peursylvania avenue. Clarendon Hotel, opposite the National Hotel, Washington D C Peraona atadistanoe should eno:ose stamp for mam pistage. Oft ;e hours, 9 A. M to 10 P.M. Viiyou* parties hare been entic d trom my inaMtufS^ V. - ?- ? 1 * * rs?'ivu uj mwi'1 iwuiuifra <>n DSCK H'M'I ID this, who wi>l rue it ti I the day of their ri?atb, a word to the wm is sufficient ap 9 It SPECIAL NOTICE TO S OUR CUSTOMERS. fa oopseqoenoe of the ansett.ed state of tke country, and the general suspension of business, we (toair* to oloM all aoooanU oa our bookman* will thank all indebted to oome forward and settle a a ?co.. f K-?w 323 Seventh at., above Pa. f ?. m DENTISTRY. Dr. chap r. botki.k*. SVHOEOX OE\riST. ... Having loo%te<l hnn-rif permanent > in \\ ?'hini' tou, offer* hiri profeiti n& ?< V:o?a to Oktl ?<?(.* ft :d aoiourne r?. ia Ail ths \ariOUfgrfVffr brii-ch"!? li!? prof *?M?n npnn th* most^1- ' ' " rec*at j iinprov-Hi of IVn i?t y. Ur H., having ktudi-nl witn o e of t^e front ninott ard exp<-rienotd l)ei ti??s i f hitcon, %".d ft ? ? with ths Itertal of Hft tjuiore,

trom * hom lift Iai rec?n?d bi? fljrlomv r**'? con P?leDt 'kit hia opersti"us wi!l pr vf? eir.u>?r:tlj uf c o-j to those wl.? v ill t^tt hie prtfeaniona! a! i ity. Office No. 316 Pa a^eni'". bet w??n 3tri an'1 irtth vt< .over Mevens'a l,aea r>tore ; open irom&a m. to t p. m ap 1 -?o2m DKSI OCR WOOD A DARRELL ARE PR Epared to in*ert Tt ETHun VL'LCA\-^>?c> ITfc, BASE, ft ti~w and improved niode.*?$fei^3 Wh-n made on thm p!an t hev a-e com 1 ' ^ fortab!e to and ir.uc'i cheaper than any ?ther. Alao. ie-th ineeiled on UH?I Piate, and au Leutai Operation* of any kind that U? desi-ed Offn e Koom No 5. in the \\ a* tang Urn BuiMing.craer Pa av. and Seventh at. ja ' ? 4m* M TEETH. LOOM 18, M. D., the mvertor and patentee ofth* MINERAL PLATK TEETH, at tend* peraona;iy at hia office in thia oitr-ffM&sV Many persons can wear these teeth wiio^* TTr> cannot wear oihera, and no person can wear otbora who cannot wear these. peraona calling at in? office can be accommodated wmi hit ?uu rrico 01 i win in*? tray nesire; hut to those no are part'.oular and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, ard most perfect der'tiire that art can pro<iu??, the MINERAL PLATE will be morefu'ly warranted. Hooiht in this city?No. 33? Pa. avenne. between 9th and loth sts. Also, 907 Arch street, Philadel phia. oo 16 tf ~~CARR1 AGE FACTOR] Ksl WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, TT O I'lTft, IrdxtttH 9tk ini 101 h Strati, We.^."t fismhed a if first cAu i nnMAfiMr*, ?uon a* L."ht MU".-.AJfytfci,-'. Warons, Park Pk'atonr. Family Cw w^SR ritro, ami fintintf, which wo Will eei. &t frr B3 4 vert profit. Hen t practical mechanics in different branohes of tb?* t>u8ii "h . ""f flatter onr?*lves Mat wo knew tie styles ami *ua!ity of work tliat wi'i five satis fv?tion, combn iu( lirhtnas*, comfort and duraluli %T. Repair-in; jromptly and carefully attended to the *Lort?kl n?:Mc.* and n;on r<>a?oii*bie oharsaa. WAL.TKR, KAilMANN A BOPP, Ooaolimaiers, ?ucs,-os?-.ors to Wm. T. Hook. M rr-dly * T1 CARRIAGES. HK 8?bter.i>eT harms made additions t? XI taotory,makinr >t cow one nftie itrtr?t. /pESfrfrf line District, wiiere his facilities for?EK:-*tt jran iKcttiriaeCARRIAG.'J A LIUHTJml3S*= WAUO.NSof all kiuds cannot bo surpassed, %hi trom tun Iocs e^perkoro in its Lasis&as, be iw?*m U ji r? jsnc-rai satitfaeuoa. All iiacj o/CaT'?:aja-.4 Lljkt Wacom kept ei vand. Ail REPAIRBiie?UT4oa?,tt4&il?r4?rapr*BM \j attended tf. 19... I l ? * mm ?- - - - ^w*atKJk varraj** ?x?fe?nie tor lit a*. AMDRtW J. JOVOK, 4 t? If Mrin ?f \4th *>4 K it). GAS FITTING, Ac. AWM.T. I>ovk A CO. RE Now<i to <a?cjU> ?c? or<J?r? witk wnioh tn?r h? fa\OTf*\ 1*: 1'LUMiMNO. 6\H OR STEAM FITTING iJUSINESH. fTT* St?r? on 9th B'rest, * ;?t dooro north cf Pi. ?tcuuo, wtipr?- m.ij i'O fojcd a o<.nip|et'i8i**ortiT,?rl of ?;HaNDRI.IERS .iw: otb?reAB,8TKAM *d* WAjTKH FIXTVK K<*_ .? 7>-W W? A S FIXTURES. E H&va in store, anil &ro tiat.y receiving, 6 AS p;rTH?rc..'-???.?!. v? ?>-. > "? ? * s ? kiiiiinij 11C.W I a.Ti J>C5HI!B and Finish, ?nperior in style to anythin< heretofore offered iu this rurket. We invft? citizens renewal It to call and e;.aii:;ne our ?.;ocs of uas and Water Fixtures, teelm? conhdent tli&t we have the lost sleeted stock in Washington. A!! Work 111 the RiKjva liue intruetsd loourcar* will be sromit r attended to. M if ER8 & McGilAN. rn.rr ?-tf 37 ? I) street I SNYDER, . PLUMBER AyD GAS FITTER. Has removed to th?i oorn>-r of Twelfth a::d F s'*, Heii prepared to introduce Water and Gas :tpin the most favorable terms, and guaranties eatif4 satisfactiontfehas on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, which he Till eeil less taan cost, as h? wishes to e?>t rtd of them. no !? OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND 8EALEX OF GAS METERS. wjlsh'"*cto!*. j ii!y 18,18sp. VOTJCE IS HEREHY, 'HVEN, That, aereaably to t't f )risione of th? "idinnnoB of f lie Corporation approve*! Mir th?? undcrcired ii new prepa.ed, " whenever *.!?*Jlred id writing,ai.d oa pro payn>*ct of ti.o fo* cf f:Itr cents, to insert, examine, tetf, prov*, andaoertain the ^.curacy of retislration ofary re t meter in pee m tins city." Kveiy meter, if found incorrect, *1!! condemned, aid another, seal; * and merited is true, will te setisi'*? p 'jo. It*; to l>e accurate in its rncvoir, meet n{ gc?, ' will be sealed acocrdinf ly, and n-tain vr>t '.c i"-i.:tio? fc.-r uso. No. 610 vWer'h stroet, (near Odd F?!nwrrf Kt'l ? i <*"> *> *? ? 4~ * ? ? ? " - ? p-' ' * Mfi . r . uj.f H? Q P, H, CIIA'f 1?E1? W. CUNNINGHAM, Jt 18-tf Inst^toT ari?i of ?ae Meter*. AuDlhtlatln? Is th? ot,l? known and Kig*.?. <ia d^n Worms v>?? ??? * > *-?~-? - "i it ccntaiis no poi'on. SCH WKRIN'S I' I l.LS are sn ri ilrattt to Hats nr.d Mios. M r'chwerin ka< ricivcd co.-tiCcjfei l>oin the Pr?*s' Jent of Girarti Col'M*. Dircotora of Hou?e of i'cnr.rv'va i\ lloapitai, a<;d othT Prominent Institutions of Phi adelpliia; II, Jail, i\ ashin*ton, D. C.; and Chanty Kospits.!, New Orleans, La The original eertificVps can he s'en at t^e Wholesale and Retail Jtoc. t 124 Noith Second ?trcf?t, Philadelphia, at <1 f r sale in this City t?jr D. It. CLA KK. corner Pa. avenue and 4.'4 sfs., au<t by 6i Druzcuts an l Grocers. hkwark ok spurious imitations. 1C7" Remember to atk ior Schtforit's Aainhil&iing Powder. \UT None gtjuuine unlees signed M.Schwskih. ma gflgEB TOPHAM'S *52SS PREMIUM TRUNK *5&f D MANUFACTORY, 499 Skvunih street, wasuixstos, d. c. Silver Medal nwardad l y Maryland Institute ct Baltimore, November 7, 1h6<i Al?o, Medai Of Mo ropoiit uiMeehaMcs'Institute. Washington, 1>. C., 1357. I am constantly making. and always have on hand, of the best material, every description of Fine Sole L?-a?her, Iron Fram*. L&'iiei' Dress, Wood liux, and Fack'iip Trunk*, Pellisier, Carpet,and Cai:vas traveling Bars, School Satcneis, Ac., At Lore Prices. Members of Congress anil travelers will p'aass examine iny stock before purchasing elsewhere Trunks that are mado tu other oiu*s. Super.or Lnathcr and Drees Trunks made to or^er. Trunks covered and repaired at short notice. Woods deUvored tree of char*e t" anjtpart of tlie aiflr. Georretown, and Alexandria. ja 23-1 reo J V M F.S S.TOPi'MM. WATCH RKI'AlKING ANUS1I.VKR WARK MANUFACTORY. I have one of the t>?*i estaMishinent*;, and furnished with a complete K?t of tools for repairin* every description of line Watches, and gfll D&rticuliir fLLtfmtum rit'ft to th? ?amt, l?v i AiAt (Lorougli co:ii|M*teiit wrkm.Mi.fend a. work e?1ern.11tiod. Alro, every doscnp ion of standard SILVER WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured urdcr mj own supervision, which :n> oustomc-rs will find far superior in quality and finish to northern ware sold by de&ierH in g?aer*t and roprrtsMnted a? their own manufacture. li. O. HOOD, ae 6 33* Pa. avenue. neart;tli st. "IT NEVKK FAILS!" 1 " IT WILL PAY THK PEOPLE !" i ??? ? * - i MtRnmu ^inuuic 111 aaiiuu"u>D( to ult 0111lens and strangers of \V a?t:iiigton tiiat? have just returned f-o?n the Nortn wiih a very line and large l. t of SPRING and SUM MEK CLOIH1ISG, KU&NI9HING GOuDS, TRUNKS. HATS and CAPS, which I have t>ought mostly for cash, and 1 am prepared to sell them otf at very low prices. n. B.?All of tiir?ie good* have been mad* up within ti.e last month : therefi*?. you c\n get the latest styles at J. H SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh it., opposite 1'ost Office. a? 5-1 m Chickkring & pons* pianos for sale on month y payments, or dicooaoU tor oa*n. JOHN F. ELLIS, 17 '<06. between <>th and 10th ?ts. KEMALK EUUCATICrN. 1 hose Parent * who wish tnoir daughters to rdoeive a thorough and systematic education, where their phjsieai training wul rooeivc dail* ni:<! special attention, under the igost approved sjstem of Cilis iiicuw an?j tijuuin?i-tcB,ar? rrsppciiUiiy IB v lieu 10 isit the Union Female Aeademy, con or Fourteenth at. and New York av. mr. a mrs. z. richards, an ao-tf Principals. BUOi? AND UBt'b? *0 81117 TJRa T i M h9. We are no* manrfaotnriuc all kinds of DOOT8 and SHOES, and oo:stautTv receiving a aupplf ol eastern made work of ?very ae-feaCJiJ ci.ptior, u:a< e eipreaaiy to order, ana wiliw > be told at a much iown price than has been* V5v heretofore charged in this city for maun inferior article*. Persona in want of Boota and Shoea of eastern or eity made work, will always find a food en in store and at tne lowest prices. Hive us a caiL. GRIFFIN k BRO., a> t-r >14 PennaylTarua aveone. Louisville artesian well water. Blue Lick Water, and other Medioinal W at. r?, always fresh. A no, fresh supplies ??f Pare Medicines r>-oeiv<<u weekly. Ajer's, Pcuanok's, and other Medicines on sale. i MOORE'S West End Druf Ptora, 1 apSO-tw 113 Penn avenue. 2?s SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh at. C?rtk.CM, HMrMMII, / / ?*?? any IrnloftM or Sr???.?.? rf th' T*rp*t, Rr!it*~f :m ('orntk m C?iu%?irlioa, iirMKibiiu, 4" Cmxarrk, Clmr an J (tr* strtnttk (? (4? rctc< Pl'BLIC SPEAKERS 4N1) SiNUERS. Few are awar* ofth? irr>i>ortacce of ohecmr* a Coatfi or '"Co rit. u Cold'* in tu fi??t etate; that which in the he .-mini wonM ji*ii to a mil3 remoc?. if reject r!. *oor: attacks tha Lunta. "2>rei*?'? Jjtimtiial 7Vc*-?." coi.i&tr cr Cemu.oent nif retli enta, ai ay i'uiiii. . art and liioLchtai Irritation. . "That troufuo in my Throat, < for l?RO\. r?i S w! ..-h Ih* Trockn" area apocific) i tijjuJa mo often a mere whiaTROCHES unr* N. P. WILLIS. BfloWN'!*' ~M ' rw>ir?mon?l tiie.r uas to Pvauc I TROCHEsT1^"" REV. E n- CHAfllf. ! "Grrtttervicnia nWcint BROWN'S UK*#." RKV.DANIKL WISE. TPnriiv? "Almost i(Mtai.t re!<*f in tb* di? ir>ULi.t treisinc labjjr of tira&lhiag poouli&r BROWN'S 10 A""*v. A. C. EGGL.ESTON. TROCHES " Co..t%ia no Opium or ?nrtlnn( injurious." DR. A. A HA * ES. BROWN'S Cktmiti, ZcMtm. " A impl? and ?!p:v?*nt o.mlina TIJOCHLS uon for Coc?h?, i?." BROWN'Sj ?" i- K. BKKLOVJ^ ?ROCHES[ * "'Mtc"Iitf.5.*Prw.tLAMK, RKOWNS " 1 lave proved tb*m excel iuct for TROCHES W,?Te5.K WA RR?N. BROWN'S Ibsim. Ben?ftoi?l irhen ompeUtKl to TROCHES s?e&Jc. MitferiE: from Ccld." A otr c i tm a ?' OKOW N*? ivij r , c. J. i . St. Louti, TROCHEH " Kr7*rr*4L in remoTin* II mrse ness i?cd Irr^afcon of tf:e Tljr< at, so BROWN'S co-rijp..a wrai ar-J TROCHKS " ,,(o?- M. STACY JOHNSON. _. . La (fra*n.oa. BROWN'S reacher of Msaic, Southern female Colipjo. TROCKKS " l/reat benefit vhen taken ^ef^r* and a.'^ur preach: nj. a? the* r-ever.t BROWN'S Hojr?ene*?. I'ioui their past effect, 11 Uunk th"y wi!i L? of pertuanout aJTROCHE3 rai-Ukte to ire. REV. K. ROWLEY, A. M. n>()V7V*c Pr??i.l .i-f of Allans Co ?r?. Tm,ii. ?? ii i.7 ? - ? ? m ~ w ? - - ? ? TROCHES JZ^S.Vdbya:iUrr?i?teMTWENTY F1VK CENTS A BOX. Jjj de 1-1 y PROF. W OOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL UD BLOOD RENOVATES. Is precisely what its came indicate*, for, while pleasant to the taut*. itis r?<vivifjirn,oini.*.atiut, invigorating and tren;!hemiic to the vita powers, and at ti.? ame time revivifies, reinstates, aid r? iw?wt the Blood in a 1 its original punt*. am) thus at nrrn i nnH rru.tfr* ta''trr turwlnfrnble I to attacks of <iif>ast. It is til- only prrpa'ation ever offeror to the world, so chemical!? and skillfully cmhined as to be tne n oet powerful, and at the same time s<> perfectly adapted to, as to act in perfect accordance with the laws of nature. an<l h?nre will re?thr tht wtaknt uttmmrk. and t?'ii? op the digestive organs nna thus aiia> all nervojis and "thor irritation. It is perfect!* exhrara tine ar.l a' the name t^me it is composed entirely of vecetaliicis, yet so r-.ombiaed as to prodcoe the in >st thorough tome effect, without producing aiy in iarious consejurr.oee. hnc;i a remedy lia^i l(*tr t.roa felt to 1m? a <l*sidoratui? in the medioa! w??ld, for it needt; no medical tk ij to see tha? dobiiity f ilcim all attacks oi d::-?=as?. and pp-ceed* ai;d in deed lay* th>* s^ttem op?u to the 'uMdioi'a .v.a- ks oj 'nmiT ?.f the most Ural, such, for exan:pie, ns the foilowi-ig: ?;on4Dinptioi:, imtisPhtior., l)yept-pMa, ' ops of \nr',t!t'-. F"kmtn"Ks, Nervous Irnte. fiitT, y-v a fia, ?'a'sr.ati-*r. ofthe heart. Melarwh* y, Ni?!.t :vjr?*atR, fc-'r, (jidrftness, K dent.on ol. as we'l as lJainii:l ohstruoted. too profuse, <t too sc?nt Menstruation, ai d FaUmr of tno Womb. Th^s" ?:! dopen.i upon peroral debilit*. Thi* pure, healthy tonio Cordiai and Hood Kenovat <r is as sure t>i cure (is the sua is to rse and set. Tl *ren no r.'-tMcv about it . Bat this is rot a!! if tho system is we*kere'f ire are open 10 b.lions attacks, tr-e liver becomes torpid, or w-irse divased. the kid;:cys retus* t>? perforin their functions, and we m e troubled witli faldn * ai.d incootiue. ce cf or invoiuntarT d>*ciiarge oft >e same, pain in the bark, side a'd i. -rv.e *n r'ie ?hou.<irr?. ex e^.dinsly iial.!ot<> flight co;:rli?, ftcd tf un C j?oV?<S. <)<?!) einaciatio.i f?tli?<v?,aiii1 tn* ratl?-"t gne# <i?iwi; t" a preu.ature r ave. i>ut spaci will not allow un to ei.mnera'.e the roan* ills; to wh oh w? are iiah:e in ft v^ak'Mif.1 condition ?.l tne nftioiii. Hut wo Will k?T in th:a Cordial and R:ood K?r>o\&U-ryou have ft jwrfcct- ?* > pi tasant and cffnitnal reitMy for lf>*s of App> t;t*. Mliouaneee. Flatulence, ft"f| pick ftotnach., laier Co.uplaiut, Chill* and Fev<? a:.? attack Co? tiv?r?i.g, Acidity ?>| the S?t* much, NcrvoutLMt, Neurana, Pa'pitntion of tho Heart. Dcproaston ofj'pi itf.^nrpi", I*.?tip 011 the Fa~e, or aay disrate ariMr* from impure Imi-oU. rus'i fts bryMpei.vt. Uroiion.'tis. Ci>U{.h,difttnu.ty of 3'*aUii?K, *1/1 all tliat c as# ol unrun cal rd (unala ? i iiiir-sn. and enumerate*! al>ove. We wi.j ii?o say th?? traveler exp"??*d to epidemic*, ohaire of nlimato and wnfer, v?i?I find it ft p>&.-a,i.t. safor.r.d uri rewtdy, ao<l no o:.o tiivj'j ?>vor travel with out. ilevl'T, try it,for ?f f-?ur? you _yoa will Si d in it a fii-nd ind -ed,a* weii a* a tfin reed. Ail p'-rcoT'u ofaedei.tary habits vil. fid ita peI >ot preventive r.l, as wpi! ai a cure for tho?e ailiii-miU which tiicy Jir>3 particularly rxpoacd "lenoo tauter*. W<?i !k, MMVMya. litorar* (tu'l^non, e.n<l ladies who are n?.t aocii?t"in?d to much oatdoor oxeici??, will find it to tieir a<! vattace to keep a bottle cou* tart; y oa hacd; arid above a>l iimttierH or li/o<*?* i-eooinmc such, wit! co through that mo?t danr Ton* j??s???rl a<?tcn!r with a! th?>.r accan'oipert -treigtn, but ralV ai.a free from tho thousand ai, merit* mi frfn!?r.t &:no? the lc?naie portion of the wo:Id. In short, is indeed a m< th ?r cordial. 1 ry it oid and )oanr;no lo* ger rur, the nek of delay: it will relieve aod prove it?elf oc phaticiil! j a R'stcraiivt ConiM nnd Blood Rmovctor. O. J. WOt)II. proprietor, 444 KroaJjraj, New York, ar>d 114 Market Street. St. liOiii.Mi).. and old by all good Ltruzgista. Price One Dollar per Uottie. PROF WOODS KESTORATrVR C.QttDTA I. amd BLOOD RENOVATOR. Sold in this city by C. STOTT, 375 Pa. avenue. _au *>-eoly. aiw fjniF, ALL SUFFICIENT TllREK. TRIEtfKMA R, l.S sn<( S?Protected by Royal Letter* Patent oi Eo^iar.c, ard secured jy the heals of the L'.co.e da I'narniacie de Pan?, & .d the Imperial Co'le'oof .Vedisme, Vienna No. I is nvt nsble for exhaustion trd ns.t( rrbea, and all physic*! disabilities. No. 2 completely eradicates al 1 tracs of tboee dikChsfs that have beon hitherto treated by tbfe nausei'ua and porniei us oi cocri va and cult' be. No. 3 has entire-:* supplanted the injurious a?e of incrcury.thereby insuring to t..e Buffe^er speedy relief, cisporsirjjf all impurities. and rootic.f on tli a venom of disease. TRIEj?EMAK, Nob. 1,3 and S. are preprsed in th? form cf a lozenge, de7oid of taste and smell, and can be carried iu the waistoo&t pocket. SH>ld in 11 r rw*. a-;<i aivioea int> separate uoses. *a a?i mi metered b? Velp*au, Lallcmand, Hoax. K'cord, &e. Price S3 car>h, or four casee for $9. which save* S3; and in 8^7 ca3ea, w herein there is Jv savins of ?9. To be had, wholesale and retail, ?<f Dr. HARROW,of 194 Bleeclter street. New York. Immediate!* on receiving a remittance, Dr. l?arrow wiliforward-Mie l ricseirartoan? pa^tofthe world, aecarelr packed, and addressee according to <he inetructi-'ns of the wrter. The Hook, of aU others, that should he read by men with damafed and hrokea down cocstiUtions is "Ruma?-. Frailtr, or Phrsiologioa! Researohee." It is beautifully illustrate*!, and treats mnu".ely of ai! the syinp.oroa lu&l invariably iiove'oe i;i-m e'Tfs. sooner o later, rem;tin* from the frailties and vitiatiiw habits of earl ??Hth, in oar-agitating the victim from sharing the f-uniori of the inatri nioniai stat?, an-f. if Lot ch:-ckeJ in time, do*e;.eratins all t e Junctions of nia<.hoo<], *>d VjngKii him, step by step ton liucerir.g and untiuielv ti?a<h. Soia by Dr. KAHKOW, 1114 Uleecker stie't, fnm doo'? fv'.ow Macdou?al, New York. Pace if oeuta. t?fj!t free evc-y where. Soid also by S. C. Ford, Jr., Drug Store, Washington. D.C. deB-6m JOY FOR THE SICK AND SUFFERING. J> L ST ALL WHO ARB AFFLICTS J READ! ATTLY THE RSMBDY uo REJOICE ;N HEALTH. Friend, do yon suffer' Are you the victim of any of iliose tsriBroi't ailments which arise frum mpcrity ofttn Mood? What are tliey, do yon ask/ a.-Xj, what are they not/ The blood is the tame of iOcial DMlth, and it is the first e.eroent of onr beini to reepcr? to any cause wftioh affeota the ajetem, as the :iUatiil?iy LUpsta. The ere? preraiiin* >'>ioc;tJ|ia,tbeirritatiuc Krysi^ciae,Uie subtie dsrofdia, the n'oLia^n* tlneumatiaii!, Nervous lability, D/s?opsi?., Jjivtc Comp.aitil with its toreor an-i dejool:oc, add the numbedeee ills that fl?eh is heir to, dem?th*ir hidftoneoHfin f-nin the bloaJ. 1)?a' kindly ihen and i?ctly with the blood. Use :be vitalim* resource* of nature fonts aid. acJ suTer us iv oommotid to joa' cosfidoiwe and sc tLit im.y valuable me<iio?vce&t tnown as .MAS. M. COTE IK 1)1 AN TEdETABLE DECOCTION. With retard to this &::r.ost infallible reeoifie pr^utar sentiment has s;okeu in deoided terms acd e?ideuo6s of tins cr*?t eftc^cy sre sustained by consUnt arowa.s uf euraure effeats and Hi* issl reeolt* from ita use are alter ail other rcmedic. s and t?;e L>eat mmlical akill hays failed. Let a: sir. la oooc.uaion. th*t certibo&tea ntm are net i^jht fr<>rr. ttie illiterate &Lf aaperficial, t-ut thc.T ars volunteered from the noatre*ource? ai.d ju?t:.'y the hif heat terma ia wiich it it puesitie to oommend mo>.e a ?MOilio to puk'io approval. We may add a jo that tue cursiive f .-vperucj of tLe m'sdiome are ualled only by it* restorative effect!, tiie ayatem r*ooverins fronulia^aei with renewed conatitational vigor. For aa:i< 17 all renpeetabl# Drngeiats in (hia ?ity, and by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX, Nona genuine unieaa her nameu blova oa the bottle and her teal on the oork Ki'nc" 91 per bottle, aiz bottle* for fti. ? Utml* Aunt. R. f*. T. CiSSfcL, Druggiat 8eor jet'-wn, D. C? Wholeaale AgentTor the Dla: trior, and -will anpply the trade at ray pnoea. ?? 1? <r fpHK KUJLOi'hlAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. JL KMKlCn. at the oorn?r of ronn.A . ? A [ avenue and Eleventh atreet, has bwiif ; greatlv imnroved recently and now offer*XgJK^X I greater iudcoeinente for the patronage ofaitiieca 1 and atraugera than any other pablie hoaee ia the , ait*, hia price* being ieaa loan ihoae of aay other 1 hotel on I'enn. avenue, and hia acoommc dationa lor permanent or transient boardera unexieptiotIiie. The bar and reetaaraat arrangement a ot the aropean Hotel have already liaaoia very m>mbjioe ineT11 ***** C%nuT d<edra^ b* tionaad oontwneS^iberalexpeoJiUnato glveaatUfheuon to all, and thua renewa hia invitation ** all to give the European Hotel a Mil, a4U TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Arrival ! tbe i> MU-HNrar ( W rerkH ( r?w | .im i ok. April <e*> ? I or iwinfr Lf NW h*a arrived from AanapoMa which abe left on i Thnradav- Tbe I>e Soto look tLlther the Fifth Mzaanchuaetta K^inrnt and the Loatoa Flying Artlllerv, with tbelr borara Tbe Puraer reporta that tbe Da goto picked op two boita at aea off Dividing Creek One contained Capt Adam* and the crew of tbe aebooner T O Tboinpaon. Tbelr vemel waa wrecked on tbe 9th tnatant.on BlufT Point, Virginia, and tbev were notified to leave In two boura. or take tbe ontb to light for the South Two of them wore thrown Into prlaon at I.anceaton, Va., one of whom la a Brlilah anbject Tbe otbora took a boat and were picked up bf the De Soto. Tbe other boat contained a number of wood chornera belonging to Maine, who bad been avarned to i leave Tboae thrown Into jail arc to be atarved, | or tn take fight for the Smith The aebooner Weatoaer. arrived from Richmond, reporta that after leaving the captain waa cotupel.rd to bring bU *eaa>1 ?o City Point again, but wu rrlfiwd by crd?r of tbe Onmnor Tlif n'wm lui; Yinkf^ hiring been repaired, si:l?-d this afternoon with aanlrd ord-rs The stenniers Thomas Swann. Patapaco and I.nriiat I'olnt hare been chartered by tbe Government. Among the passer gers of the Baltic are Senator Foote and \\ tlson, I'rofraiora Pmlth. Wlnlock and Rogers, with tbe!r fatal Ilea. The steamers Augusta. Star of the South and Florida hae<-been chartered by tbe Govcrmenl. TliP U nannlr* ha* #1r >it Karr#la bread and otber provlalona on board KiprrlrJ Attack (aira, I Hi salt. Caibo, lllinnia, April 'M ? Paaaenjrera from the South r? port that tr?.?opi arc be'.ng raiaed tt Mem phis, Kmdolph. and other Southern polnta Tbe r plan ia to proceed by railroad to Cotmnbua, Kentucky, and from tbere march to Cairo, attacking ft from tbeopp>?!te aide of tbe river Tbe ateamer J u Perry, from St L<oula to Mritipbla, wna brought to Itat night, but no contraband Kooda were found on ber, ai.d abe waa allow* d to proceed. Cairo, llllno'a, April *6 ?Tbe ateamer C E Hlllman, from St Lout a to NaaLville. waa abandoned by Iti offir-^rn and crew wbl'e te thta (.lace to-day Tbe dea> rted a'eanier w aa bearded by Captain Scott, of tbe Meaner Swallow. wL? fn!) r.fl nn Kn i rA /,11? ' .V... .... W.? I ? iraav ut.'KMUM < * ! uri ? a im a iarjje qinntisv of other contraband uooda. It la ni|ip-j?*J that the t'ap'.iiln and crew of the H: 11ninn dea? r'ed brr, for f?ar of conar-quencea, if caught by the troopa at thia point Gallant LxpUit *f ll:i?tia Talaatreri. A l .u< f?? tin > - ?- " veil kuii. A}*ui ?i ur i ii i nnii irr>opi fiivf stru'k a great blow at the !*m miimlito of Missouri. Under order*from the President, an ejpetition of Illinois volunteers crossed over to !*t. Lcu*? last nl^ht. advanced on the Federal Arsensl at St Louis, and b ou^bt aw?v immense at >res of artil lery, ammunition, and small arma, woleh h%d bevn stored at that post by the Government The amount of Federal property tbua recovered from the bands of tb? Secessionists of Missouri is of great value Among the articles recovered ar? twentr-one thousand stand of arma, and a park of artillery. There was no fighting. The Illinois boys declare, in true Western style, that the '-Secessionists are euctered * >lei*a(e ?f the Gsvernsr sf Peaaarlmlt. HAKKUBrRG, April ?The Governor's forth coming message to the Legislature w.K recom-. mend toe pusai^e of a sUv lsw The declar t.-rv will siv that Pennsylvania wjll open a route leading fr?m the North to Washington as essentlal to trad*1 and transit Whether Maryland stays In or out of the Union no hostile soil will be permitted to He between tbe Capital and States luyal to the L'nion Rebellion must he cruabed and tbe nation restore<Wo its entirety Nat onal nronertw seized and In possession of tbe rebel* must be retaken at every ejpea* The Governor witl rerommend an appropriation of several millions of dollar*?perhaps live. 1 lie Psnitlsa ef Mimsvi St Lorts, April 27 ?Governor Jackson baa declared that his pollry is a peace policy. That be convened the Legislature only for tbe purpose of more perfectly organising tb- militia and Fatting the State in a proper attitude of defence le told Sterling Price, the President of the (State Convention, tbat that body ought not to be called ?ether fur the passage of a accession ordinance, at be Is in favor of retaining tbe present status of the State, leaving it to time and circumstance as they mav arise to determine the best couras for Missouri to pursue Reported Stampede ( Slaves H*RKi?Brnc. Aprils?Tbe rumor of an attar k by the .Maryianders on Hanover village, York county. Penusylvan'.*, on Tuesday last, was occasioned by a'great stampede of negroes Re liable accounts say that whole famSl es of slavts are crcaalnj into Adims. York and Franklin counties of this Stat? Tbe total losa of elates to Maryland since tbe troubles begui is reported at live hundred Ureal f?*?rs are entertained In tbe hordrr ccuutUs of Maryland of tbe departure of the entire slave population. Iran keatacky Louisville, April 26 ?The municipal authorises have returned from yesterday * ronfereoce with toe citizens of Madison and Cincinnati, ?*pressing cor.Hdence that amicable relations will be preserved between tbe three cities during tbe stn us of fcfl<-'r? Ttie troops which left for tbe Southern Confederacy vefterdav went unarmed, and against tbe advice of tbe Governor. The report that arms belonging to this Commonwealth went forward for their use, is denied by the highest ollicial authority. A Peace .vieasare. invito Kx-i'resldenu Buchanan, Pierce, Flllmor*, Tyler, Van Buren and Hoo Mr. Browne to act m | arbitrators between tbe North and the South. Tb?-re is but littlr expectation here of any good resulting from tbe project A despatch from Concord. N. H . says that ex President PUrce, in obedience to a dispatch from Mr. lngersoll. of Pennsylvania, has gone to Philadelphia, aud perhaps Baltimore, on a mission to mediate between tbe Government and tbe South. Frtn lieover City Fort Kvarxey. April 5MJ ?Tbe coach of the California Overland Company pasaed here this morning, bringing the following items of news : Cheering reports are again comlug Irom the San Juan mines 4 t ? (k. *f ?? ll-.l ?1 ? 1? icttn in'iii iur moro njb iuo* ?ur wrjifT tin tern twelve port ds ?>f beautiful Kilf gold from that region, and that men were making from S10 to f 15 i*r day Arrangements were made last evening to secure the California overland mail and pony exprea* by way of this city. Naval Items. New Yore. April SO ?The steamer Mount Ver non has been chartered, and will be titled up as a gunboat. The steamer Roanoke has steam up, and la prepared to carry 1 5<At men lictBtc. April 27 ?Agents ?f tbe Federal Government, and other parties said to be connected witi the Vanderbtlt line, have been trying to buy tbe Guif steamer* Victoria and I.aov Head; also a lot of Knfleld rifles and ammunition from our Governrneut. which refuses unconditionally f * President Bachaaaa?His Views of the War I.ascahtfr. April 25 -Ex-President Buchanan entertain* no idea, as was announced in tbe paper* or to day, cr leaving ror fcurope it ii well known among Lit personal friends that be warmly espouses the cause of the North and that be will l?H the remainder of hia days at Wheatland His nephew has enlisted In a Pennsylvania regiment A Yifllaace Caw mil tee WttckU| star Msmi PhiLADKLrma, April at) ?Senator Maaon la in ibe city, lie saya be came to Ktue the estate of ximr of hla relatives. A secret vigilance committee la w?t -btng bliri closeir- Tbe populace is aot aware of hla prtsence, or they would undoubted ly mob him. P?iai]lTahta'i Qaeta. Uaurima, April 'M ?Tbe whole number of re^lm^-nts of volunteera called for from Peanayl vania la tilled. But Governor Cnrtln baa written to Waahlngton asking that be be permitted to receive the additional regiments ottering, so as to raise tbe quota of J'eanay 1 vanla to tweaty-stx or thirty regtmeota n riiniuia v ???Uf vi?Wfi KC Boa-row, April 8? ?The Collector of tkli port has received order* not to grist el< a a ice* ( r txr port south of tbe Delewar* bar Forty rill-d cannon rontra.ted for by thia State we expected to arrive here la a few day*. La teat from tbe loatb Arev?r&, A?rll 25.?Florida baa rat't^d the permanent Constitution of the < onf?<*e t SUt-i Tbe prtaonera of war taken oa tbe !*tar of the Weat, have been taken to Moalfmutrf. Delaware for the I'atoa Wilmimto*, Del . April * ?Gov raar Burton baa iaaued a proclamation calling oat trooae to defend the Union Caleb ( ashing Bosto*. April *7 ?Hon. Galon rn?hl % has tendered hia arrvioea to the Oovoranr 1* in, imparity.