Newspaper of Evening Star, April 30, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 30, 1861 Page 2
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LOCAL NEWS. City CooitciLa, April *9 ?Board of Aldtrmtn RU1 to facilitate the payment of taiea due tbl? Cox;-oration; ordered to be printed with tne pro reed'.ny*. and referred to finance committee Mr Brown, from finance committee, aubmitted ? resolution r^queatlng the Mayor tocau?e the fhll tateacent of tbe account! of tbe Collector of Taxes for the laat flacal year, aa audited by tbe Tax Clerk, to be trantmltted to the Board of Aldermen ?t tt.? MrllMt rvmihl* dav miant ? - ? r ? ? ?J ? r?? ' Aiao, a resolution In relation to tl.e boar of meeting of the two Boards of the City Council J Tbe resolution authorizes the Board* to meet [urlng the simmer months at 5 o'clock p. m , irn'rad of 4 o'clock, as heretofore ] Laid on the tabl? Bill authorizing the aale of water pipe* and ire-plug bydraata !o i. W Thompson 4 Bro ; (MM Bill making an appropriation to repair the flooring of the canal bridges; paaaed Joint resolutions In relation to the national and metropolitan crialr; laid on tbe table. Adjourned to next Monday at 4 o'clock p. m. Cmnmon Oimci/.?A communication was re ceived from tbe Maror, approving an act for the ?-onairncnon or a arop ??? in the alley south aide of Pennsylvania avenne, in square No '225; a'so. to gr?de and travel O street north, between Fourth and Fifth w?t; alao, a bill for the relief f George A Sessford; aDd a reaolutlon for the d'^ari^y of the national flag from the City Hall Mr. Jones introduced the following reaolutlon - ft'>oired, That the Mayor be requeatedto Inform this Hoard whether the financial exigencies of this <-orpnrat!on require the Issue of scripor doe bills, and If so. to what amount; aad also what measures may oe neceaaary, In his opinio*, to keep such insula at par, so that It may not depreciate in the hand* of the people; adopted .Mr Kaabv introduced the following joint reso lution In relation to the national and metropolitan crista; which was unanimously adopted : Rtiolrnt by tk' Boird of Ald'tmtn and Board ft C'-rtmon Ccvmril, That, occupying the position ? f tl e representation of the people of the citr of Washington. a> d keenly appreciating the present unhappy condition of tbe country In the threat ened disruption of the I'nlon or tbe State*, and tbe consequent destruction of all the vital interests of the republic; the sudden arrest of that onward march of prosperity which has been alike our ?>wu pride %nd the admiration of tbe world; we, 'be corporate authorities of tbe Federal met'opo 1:*, frsi that It ts incumbent on us to give tbat ex presslon to otir sentiments which tbe time and tbe crista demands i. Unsolved, That we earnestly deprecate ths revolutionary proceedings of tbose States of tbe Confederacy which have placed themselves In an )io??!le attitude to the General Government to re dress tbslr alleged wrongs, which object could have been, and in our Judgment ran yet be, at tained, with entire satisfaction to the majority of tbe people of both sections of tbe country, and more in accordance with the spirit of oar institu tion* by peaceful legislation :i R >oiret. That we look upon the threatened i.tcempt to take violent possession of tbe Federal Capital, and to drive tbe national Administration, elected In strict conformity with the Federal Con stitution. from the seat of Government, as revolu tion lu its iccst odious character, as evincing an utter disregard for order aud established law, as H tros* V elation of the rtohtm of lha iwinl. ft ?v>u United Stale?, and as a recklcss attempt to inau gurate a * reign rf terror'" In tLts District t Re.*o!rtd, TLat however we nny differ in political sentiment, we can meet and unite upon the common ground that the preservation of order and respect for the rlchtaof individuals ami coni xnunlti** ia absolutely essential to all good gov ?.roo<ents. and therefore if we. in common uiih our i'~llow-citl/?-ns North, South, East and West, wo-,i:d retain the blessings of civil liberty, the (>o\<-rnment of the United States must he sus tained in its eflorl* to preserve intat t the Consti tutUfl and the laws, and to hold the Union to yet!i?r at least until that bond which has bestowed up<iii the j*opl? of Ihis favored land suah bles sing* &s uever nation received before shall be abolished by the representatives of the whole ?ouctry. the only competent authority to strike the fatal blow, and sever the sacred tie so replete with urand and tout-stirring reminiscences. 5 R solr rf. That we rejoice In the heartfelt ronviction that the sentiments of the hero cf New Qlttm ' The Union must and shall be pre rrvrd," animates ton bear's of an overwhelming majority of the citizens of the Kepublic, and now finiy awoke to the threatened dau?i>r in our institutions, tbelr voice, (a resistless tor rent ) will sweep away all oauses of contention, and tinder the guidance of that Divine Power ' which has made and preserved us a nation," restore that fteling cf I nlon and brotherly sffec tioi. which characterised tt$ great founders of the Republic 8 Rttolved, That we have witnessed with pride and pleasure, the promptitude and devotion wltn which the volunteer military companies, ad the people generally, of this District, have demonstrated tbelr unabated attachment to the Union and the Constitution; their determination to defeud the Federal City, subdue the spirit of an?r< hy, and preserve law and order. 7 Ht'olttd, That aur profound thanks are due and *re hereby gratefully tendered to the volun teer* of the several (states who have sn promptly a<.d patriotically responded to the call of the Prta dent of the United States for the defence of the National Capital. H HnolvfJ. That the Flag of the Union, "the Star Spangled Banner," hallowed by so many glortou* memories of the pest, and in the preser vat.ou of which is centered all our country's Lo( es and aspirations for thefuture, lsour banner; that we will cling to It with the tenacity of life, and for 1U defence, under the protection and feldaace of the Uod of our fathers, we pledge our lv?*, our fortunes, and r ur sarrtd honor. Mr. Brown introduced a resolution relative to law and order in the city of W ashington, cen aur.iig the a< ts of certain members of the military congregated In this city, and eiprewlnz conil derx.e In the abllitv of the civil authorities to enforce tte laws; adopted. Mr. Wilson introduced a joint resolution ten dering to the j?ecreta:y of ar the whole police force <-f Washington; referred to the ooirmttte? *.'ii pvnji^e Mr Jot.-a, from the committer on ways and iMdirt, rrported a bill authorising tt<e Mavor to notes of thw Corporation for the redemption of (juarautefd bondaof the Alexandria and Wa?h jii^ton Railroad Corapany; pasaed Mr kaaby called up from tbe table a bill au thorlxing the aaie of water pipe and two fire-plug hvdrabU to Mesars J. W . Tlicmpaon k Brother; pMsed The Chair laid before the board a bill for relief of J. N Fletcher, referred Mr J on* a railed up the bill providing for the tfdiettaa of the expenditures of the Corporation; which, after diacuaauwi. wia recommitted to the l*-elal committee. Adjourned till next Monday at 4 o'clock p. m. IK-cs^an ?We understand that during the l*te <x<-:iem?nt in the neighboring counties of Virginia many citizens of Occoquia and vicinity fled frrm their homes, many of thera flrat taking down the eucloaures and turning the cattle their fields of young wheat One man, with a finely-cultivated little farm and a family of young ? b'.idren, ofiered h.a farm ar.d household etfe? t* let -iioiii.;!, money to enable him to get to his for mer place of residence in Pennsylvania Colonel fiitmi. of Virginia, (late Lieut. Slmms, U. S .Navy ) who Las been cbargcd by tiov Letcher v. i?h restoring q;ilet and protecting defmcel<-s* families, is actively en^a^'d in tb?t work of bu liiknttv mr**i I IM ^ "" ? * - - * j , I-j<i iif ai:a pron) IS* a I be inhabitants tt<e protection of the State. This j? as It should be. The Wabrentox (Fai^tier) Spring*?The ptoofletor of this favorite resort has been pre vailed on by a number of gentlemen to open hii establishment for the Reason, with as Uttie delay as possible, In order to accommodate those whi d<s:re to remove their families from this and otfcrr cities In this region now so full of the pomp and circumstances of war " There is nc hetier house of t-e kind in the United states uoi cue whsreat the charges are mors reasonable. Mvnc in the Pkesideni's Gbovnm ?We un derstaad that tbacelebratcd band of the New Yorl Seventh Regiment will perform in the Presider.t,i grounds le-roorrow afternoon, commencing at I 'clock On the following Saturday afternoon the .Marine band wilt perform in the same place and on every succeeding Saturday. The Caplto grc.ntda being closed, there will be no music then for the present. PftAcncixs ?About 1 o'clock yesterday after noon, as Fenton Ulaacoe. a private In Company }> Putnam Rifles, was leaving the quarters oi the company, Columbian armory, without per mission. b?- waa ordered to halt by Jobn Little an olfceer; falling to do which, Little fired threi ?bot* at him with a revolver, neither of their taking effect, however It is proper to state tba both parties were intoxicated. Hash ?Yesterday, a gentleman was arrested by two volunteers aa a spy, and cseated much ex element in the vicinity ?>f Justice Doutit office Into whl'h he was taken. It turned out after at examination, that the soldiers acted rashly, and made a wide mistake The gentleman was v?n far float bring a apy, and uru of course dls in.sard The magistrate reported tbe circum st&nce to tbe oAcer commanding tbe reglmext u vrblco tbe men ue attached. Ahbso rc?.?Last evening, there waa discovered in tbe quarters of tbe Lieutenant Colonel of tfc< Rhode Island troopa, now qcar'ered in tbe P%t*n' Otftce, a straage young man of ratn*-r bard fes turrs dressrd in a red abirt and red blanket, llki theirs, and wearing a conspicuous Union badg< ou bis breast As be wss entirely out of placi laere. be waa held br tbe guard to be disposed o m tbe law and military commander bere ma\ drfermloe. 9n in AiioTBiE column tbe sottce of a Mai sUnl la the City Gardens to-morrow. Tbls fa toot tbe tblag to drive away tbe bluea, and abouli be take* advantage af. Paiadbh Yiutikday ?Yesterday ifternooii,th? Kbode liland Regiment paraded uader command of <?ov. Sprague, making ainoxt formidable show, indeed As they formed in front of tbelr head quarters In line of battle, their ranka reached from the centre of the Patent Otfir* building In F street to the corner of F and Tenth atreeta The field and staff officers of the regiment were mounted on line, spirited torse*. The regiment marched through F street to Fifteenth, and to the Executive Mansion, where they were received by the President and Gen Scott in tbe presence of Secretaries Chase, Seward, Welles, M. Blair, Hon. F. P Blair, and other notables Governor Sprsgne and his principal offlerawere introduced to the President, who eipreesed his gratification ai me appearance or toe regiment. S? well wu he pleased with their robust appearance and sol dierly demeanor that, after conioltation with Gen. Scott, be complied with Gov. Sprague's re quest to order another regiment of Rhode Island troops here without delay. After the review the regiment marched through Pennsylvania avenue back to their quartera. The Fifth Massachusetts Regiment paraded through the streets of the northern and western part of the city In full uniform, and making a creditable show. Tbe Fifth is composed of as line looking material as any body of soldiers hfre, though they seem to be behind tbe Sixth from that State, In the school of theaoldier. A want of uniformity In their uniforms, detracts also from their appearance on parade Tbe Metropolitan Rifle*, Capt. N alley, paraded through Pennsylvania avenue yesterday after noon with a full company, presenting tbe ap pearance of thoroupb-going discipline. The Rittts have improved wonderfully In the drill, ana in marc Ding iiitcfwe iu< nwintm maneuv ering through the streets MILITARY MC*1C. The New York Twelfth Regiment it quartered at the Assembly Rooms, Louisiana avenue Their fln? band (Wallace's) was out In front of their quarters last evening, whrrethvy attracted a large crowd of gratified listeners DRILLING UW RECRtlT*. The Pennsylvania troops quartered at the City Hall are of pretty raw material, have no uniforms, and many of them are bidly supplied with clothing. They are a hearty set of good fellows, otwithstanding, with rquare shoulders, deep chests. and mutclrs like prlze-fl^bters They were drilled in squads in the City Hall, late yes terday evening..and evidenced by their attention to ins'rurtlons, that they are fast developing Into fine soldiers. i Bonp? a mmvK.?Yesterday evening, the Al bany Regiment, ('he Twenty-fifth,) New York volunteers, arrived in this city by rail from An napolis. They are seven hundred strong, and are *ell uniformed and equipped; and the ranka are composed of tltie muscular young men The fol lowing ire the regimental officers : Colonel, M. K. Prynn; I.leut. Colonel, James Swift; Major, Pnvid Frielander; Adjutant. J. J Van Zandt; Quartermaster. Michael McDonald; Paymaster, 1'hllip Mork; Fnglneer. Wm Elllt; Surgeon, C. H O'Lesry; Sergeant Major, Thomas O'Mailev The ccinoanics are commanded by Captains A Fredendall, John Lvers,Jnhn Gray,F. Marshall, John l!ub?r, Frederick Newdorf. Henry Porr, and l.leutenants Mctiraw and Godfrey. They arequartcrcd at the Capitol building. Cektkr Market?This morning, our Center Market bad le?s the appearance of tb?-principal market than for years " The supply was furnished in the main by our licensed dealers and the mar ket gardeners of the county. Few of the farmers of the adjoining States were at their stands The demand was light and saiesdull In the butcher's department beef was selling at 12 to 20 cts per pound, according to quality; smoked do 11 cts ; harnn fl in 11 rt? r>At?*Acs rim ru?. ,v . . V^> I o Kf? V ?a. |-CI JTt m , "Mil ter 30a37 eta per pound; eggs lftal* ct* per doz Fish?sbad *J5a5o els per pair. $llal5 per 10O; herring 97 SO per 1,000 Trie dealers sav that at Alexandria they are salting down ail kinds of fish, shad only being M 50 per MO and herring *2a3 per 1,000 The mnrket regulations were as closely nt?served as usual, and good order was preserved. Cintrai Gtard hocsk Casbs ? I.ast night 8am'I Godfrey (soldier) was arrested by guardsman Morgan, charged with assault and luttery upon a colored man named Wm Adams, with a bayonet, Inflecting a v?*ry painful if not dangerous wound. The details were not stated to the magistrate when the warrant was issued; but Godfrey was committed to jail for a hearing when the probable icsalt of th- wound Is ascertained. Ctas Sanders and TbeodoreSeigman (soldiers) were arrested for entering private dwellings, driving out the residents, and taking possession for quarters. They were sent to jell for trial at court These two were punished from Saturday night to Monday morning for iusu tlng ladles, by their offlrers, and had just got their release Tui six men who were arrested some days ago, and have been kept under guard at the Capitol, have been transferred to the custody of the Mar shal of the District, and were committed to the county Jail vrsterdav by the Chief of Police They stand charged with uttering seditious and tieasonable sentiments against the United States Their names are John W. Rlcfaardaon, Adam Grinder, Alfrtd Wllkerson. F. A Cunningham, Dennis Callaban, and Kdmund P Bangs. They were arrfated under a military order, and the course to be pursued by the authorities N not yet determined on, ao far as the committing magis trate is concerned. Firk ?Yesterday, about one o'clock p. m . a fire broke out in a wooden building upon the premises of Arthur West, New York Avenue, between Fourth a:d Fifth street*, used as n bake house. Tbe Are caught fr-jsn the oven, but the property adjoining was saved by the active labor of the Metropolitan Hook and I.vider Company, assisted by the .Metro poll tin Kifl<* and a (Jerman rifle corps quartered In that vicinity TNe burn ing building was torn awny. Loss small. The property belonged to Mr Joa. Ntrdln. DisomoBKLT Soldiers?We hear numerous complaints of rcsp^tible families bHng groasiv Insulted bv some of the volunteers now her*, and it la quite time tbe officers should put these men understr'cter discipline A too free ns<? of liquor s?"crrs to be at the bottom of this mtachlef. Of course thla applies to but an Inconsiderable per the general high toned propriety of demeanor of tbe volunteer aold'.era now station* d here Las been the subject of universal remark. Thbatkp. ?See the agreeable announcement ? ? *- - ? * m>wnere : - re -I : g . f tb* Tbe ater under tirb capital band* ? Mresr* Bland and Wither*, and with a scale of price* tr> salt the times Mo*t of the old favorite* are In the company, and tbe public will be glad indeed to jjreet them again. To-night a lively bill, Indeed. See advertise ment. A Dm** PA*Anr?The Ne* York Seventh Regiment, and per bap* other trooj.* now quar tered in tbe Capitol building, are expected tobave a full dress parade at 4)$ P ni to day. If the weather permit*, the attendance of our citizen* of both nexe* to wltuew the diiplay will doubt leu be very large. Takr* Down ?Ye*terday, detective officer J. M Buaber conveyed a alava to Alexandria, Va., and delivered him to hi* inaater. The renaitioii of a slave through a I'nioii-loving cfll' er. cxc.ted some surprise down there. Bt "Sh 1 lli?(gto?<"s Kxtrkss," through In i three hours from Baltimore. w? hive the Balti more pip* rs of this morning and the New York p-ipcra of yesterday and Sunday ! W v, the undersicnod. Dry Good* Merchant* on Seventh *treoi. will close our respective p*ace* ef l uiineaa at 7 o'clock ?> ?? '- - ? ? r. ? > ? . ?niviUf?J CAVrpH'J,; from May let to September lftih, '(*61. K. Hr'cr Hall, G. T. Swass Jc. Co., A. MoftftinoN, A. Ooduabd, Matthbw* r Gome, t*. Fiiumam. W.W.BtiBrni, ap3f>3t Hobtkttbk'* Stomac h Bitter*. The operation of tin* palatable reneoy npon the *t imMh, !t?er ami ex ietory organ* > airgularly toothing and oonae; vative. It regulate*, recruit* and punfie* them. Djtpepaiam ail it* form* yielda to it* control and inviro'aULg pr<>periie*, and it la r???oiT'mended to mother*, eiif!e*M4H by the n*r*a and duties of maternity,a* the (af*t and beat tonio thry can prol-ably use. In i? l theen*ia of f?male Ufa it wil found eminently useful, and eld?rly p i*oo* will derive muoh more benefit from it than f.otn ordinary ?Mmu!abtc. Ho*ietter'>. Celebrated ftoaiaoh Bitter* are sold bp druggieta every where. ap29 3t Co*?H4 ?Tbe auddon ohangea of oar olimate are con roe* of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Af*tions. Kxpenence having proved that simple remediea often act upeedily and certainly when tak~n in the aarly staler of the <li?ea*e, recourae nould at once be had to ' Brown'* Bronchial Trocht*," or i^osenges, let the Cold, Cough, or Ir ritatioo of the Throat fee ever n> slignt, a* by thia precaution a more eeriou* attack ma; be effectually warded on. Puttie Speahtrt aud Snwri will find tlfin "ffeotua! for clearing and strengthening the voioe. See adverti*??meni. <te l-ly Rbasek. have yon _*eej? Prof. Wood'a advertise nivui in ?ui nrr ?i; u wui intereat job. *u _ _ To tbb Afflict*!) !?He sure to re*d the adver tise mont of MoLMn'i 8tre?xCheaiux Cordial aad Blooi l'urif>r. iu nether oolutnu. tl _ _ . win wil fi r exoname fit the Star OfF.oe nuunUr Peiaoos daMriB* p*uue? will alwaye find th^em MARRIED. On ?upd?T ^TeniDC, April ?th, by Rer. Father Murav.l HKl*TOPHKR LONG, of tf aflUo to 1.AUKA E. BOWK.N.of thiaeity. WCITIZEIs AND STRANGERS ILL Find it to their nt' r? t before purchae inc & call at tha Kxteneiv* Cabnet Ft- " UMi-hmerit "f EDWIN GREEN. No < ISO Penn?Tl"?nii? ivmud ?h *??k.2\.tt&?lL?yRK an<' ?nJ MATfRES8E6 wUl alw&ya bo^^^" feacd. Ms. hog My of a I tntokn?uM k* *)?. P|^uu?Md Repairing tod Viraitiniig promptly F?nttt?r# or olhor good* tikn on ? or*g*. api-??2w p SELLING OFF AT A IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE PRECARIG affairs, wr prrter to convert our Goods into monr] of DRY UOOD3 at a great reduction from fori departments, comprising an assortment of all the can production. An early call la solicited, as we desire to close ap 30 3t ' 375 GEORGETOWN. Corrtrpandence of Ths Star. Gkoxobtow!!, April JO. 1661. We underetand that a number or the late mem bers of the Georgetown Mounted Guard held a meeting on Saturday evening, and resolved upon an Immediate reorganization. Tbe command of the troop waa tendered to Major George Hill, of the Eighth Regiment of District of Columbia Militia, who haa accepted the poaltion, and la earnestly endeavoring to ralae the company to ita former state of efficiency. More than thirty of the old members are concerned in the movement, and none will be allowed to join other than those willing to be enrolled Into the.aerviee of the Gov ernment. It will be seen by advertlaement below that another meeting will be held this evening, and we trust that the gallant Major and his loyal co-laborers will be succcaaful In their commend able efforta. The horses attached to one of the omnlbuaea of the Union Line became unruly yesterday, and atarting from the stand at tbe corner of High street, dashed down brirloe street nt headlnnfr peed, overturning a barker' pole, a watch maker's aljrn, a lamp poat, a tree, and other slight Impedimenta to their progress. The omnl bua waa badly damaged, hut the only paaaenjier In the coach escaped without Injury, but badly frightened. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS GEORGETOWN MOUNTF.D GUARD. i_L x A meeting will he tield in the armory, on Co >1 g res?street. THIS EVENING at B o'clock, ot all those favorable to the purpose of etTecUns a re organization of the Georgetown Mounted ??uard. Old members and all tho>e who desire to join the Company, and are willing to l?e enrolled into tne a?rvioe of the Government, will please be punctual in their attendance. Bv ord*r: It J. P. NEWMAN, O. S. _ IOST?On Monday morning, the2?th iratant, be tween Goorsretown and the Cirole, (Pa av .? a p ain gold CII M N and SKAL. with oo%t-of-*rm? engraved on it, Heing an old family reiic, a liberal r*wa<d wi I t>e given if delivered to me at my Drug ?ln? thK .1 k/?vi '? V UliUKO OU. U U"? K<7?U WlJ. ap 3' 3t ij KO. M. SOTHORON. PJUST ARRIVED, ER Propeller S. Seymour, from Philadelphia, 7S liarreta and !?*? half barrels of Ma*?ey, Collins A. Co '* Philadelphia. DRAFT ALE. For sale by fe? ARNV ASHINN. DliOO BBI.fe PRIME ffTDER AILV Expected Der*nli<iouer Mary Ann MoGw from Boston. Thin Cider ta A No. 1, and is (or tale 'AIM m BobI _ ta lots to suit purchasers. ARNV A 811 INN'S fo22 Union Rottlin* Depot, Georgetown. 1U8T RECEIVED? ' 10 hhds. primfc Porto Rico SUGARS lfin bbl*. Oid Rvo WHISK V, ?) bWs. HERRINIi and ALE WIVES. bbls. Crashed and Refined SUGARS, S" ba?* Rio and Java COFFEE. 10 hhds.i low priced) MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOGUE. ee 10 For Six Day* Longer! 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Pennsylvania Annr.... 47# We shall continue our r&ie cf JEWELRY, PLATED WARE, Ac , rcR SJX DAYS LOytiER-OyLY. Now is your time to inake a selection of JEWELRY ANI) PLATED WARE from the most extensive an<1 l>**utiful assortment AVAr nfArid fnr asla in Itiia **? ??!?*? w v w? wawt vu *" B?IV iu ?ifin Wl Oil J VMIOI UlkJ | Tor the Low Pno? of ONE DOLLAR! Wo have just recei ved & new invoice or a'! t.'ie DIFFERENT STYLES OF SETS in market, together with A LARGE LOT OF LOCKETS, FINS, EAR RINGS, LADIES and GENTLEMEN'S CHAINS, HRACELETS, .V . Ao. Alto, A LOT OF FLATED WARE, oonsiatinc of Kniveaand Forks, Waiters, Cake Caskets, Goblets, Cups, Salt Stands, Tea and Table Spoons, Ac., &o. SELLING AT HALF TRICE! and "He nov m?, r?n_t ?h<> Could not reaJ before. Anil tie who ftiw&js could Alay read the n ore." We Shall POSITIVELY CLOSE OUR STORE as advertised, and we invite your EARLY SELECTION of any of our artioles before it is FOREVER TOO LATE! ONLY SIX DATS MORE! G. G. EVANS, 476 Pennsylvania Avenue, ap22 Between X and sts. ? ADIES' TRAVELING SUITS. Li Only 34 23. \V# ar* bow sslliac NEW STVLfcb GREY SACQUE MANTILLAS, or TRAVELING DCS i EKS, ami twelve yard* of coods to maioh (Icr the dreaa.)at the low prioe of only ft ?5 for the entire suit. Al*o, <irej Suit* at all prioes up to $10 per suit. 117* Remember, the pao* is MAX VVELL'S, 388 Pa. av. N P.?All good har.k notes taken at par, when the full amount of the notes offered is puroassed. ap a&-3teo R GREAT EXCITEMENT' ENFORCEMENT OF HARVEY'S OYS TER DEPOT. r*o aoiawa, dhi a piestirul aupplv or OYSTERS, HARH CRABS. LfVlL LOBATERS^^ ?iKt BOSTON FISH of aii kinda. Don't foil to oall ana get the worth of i yoar money. _ T. M. HARVEY. ? ay U tf *81 C itrwt. a STARTUNO DISCLOSURE! i\ DHCLAHATIoN OF WAR! GREAT OUTPOURING OK The PEOPLE! BMlNMlRe or TBS CoSTXST EV WINDSOR & BROTHER. ?39 Seventh at., leUnj BOOTS, 8HOES, HAl'S.ri HI CAPS. Ao , at a urea: sMrifao?i>n for UI w Hi mar rate*. Good M<M?'e Workmg^^ * V^? Shoea at 75 oent* ; Mieaea' Sewed Muros oo Boota rtH, wall worth #1 iSi -nd a ?e- eral ai aortmeut of Qenta', Ladiea'. Mitaet', anil Chil aren'a Shoea, vary cheap. Wawiliaellaa low u any one. and take ud 6 per oent. diaoount for can in onrrent tnnda. ap 3-eolm ( V NOTICE. I f IRUINIt ? ? - r?4 to ur put al Um ?ty. ? ->? oa?.,?1?2,^0V%. 1 # I GREAT SACRIFICE. ill? AND DEPLORABLE STATE OF PIBLIC f, and hare determined to aril off our entire stock iier price?. The stock ia full and complete In all new and desirable fabrics of Foreign and Amerl oat the Stock as speedily as possible. R. BRICE IIALL, HEVKXTH STREET, between I mid K. ROPOiALS FOR STATIONERY. CrriCB o* TH* S*< RSTART or TKF ?*!IATr,( April ?2, ><S61. \ In Pi ru anc B of the "act leg&lizire and mak i.g appropnationa for toob i.eoea'arv object* as have h en n?na'ly icolnded in th? Ktnerai appropria tion bill* without authority of law. and to fix asd pr? for oe-tai" incidental expene?of thede partmenta and offioea of the Government, and lor other purpoaea," approved the 36th of Au.ust, 1842, sea ed proposals wilt he receded at this Office until 10 o'olook a. m. on Mom ay, the iO'h of Ma; next, for furnishing the foil' wiug articles of Stationery for the use of the Senate, ftiek artie'** to b* of 14i very bent iuaiity, and to be approved by the Secretary, vix: Clatt No l. 500 ihMh prepared parohm??it, 16 by S2 ic chea square, of the very b?at qua it), per aheet 2. 8 ream a e?gro?aing psper, very smooth and thick, 36 hj 19 inohea when trimmed, per ream 3. 50 reamaoartr dge paper, very t' urh, and with very smooth aurtaoe, ii? by 32 inches njuare, ana to weigh not iesa than 42 pouuda io the ream, per t ?m 4 Jfo reams cartridge paper, very tough, ard with very smooth surface, 83 by 30 inohea square, and to weigh not less than 32 pounds to the ream, per ream 5. 4'Vi reams cartridge paper, very tough, and with very smooth surface, 19 by 24 inches square, and to weigh not less than 21 pounus to the ream, per ream fi. 200 reamt soft wrapping paper, per ream 7. 100 packages Gayetty's medicated paper 8. 12 roams white law-cap paper, satin finish, ruled, of the veri beat quality, per ream 9. 75 reams white cap paper, satin finish, ruled, of the very best quality, per ream 10. 10 reamn white cap paper, satin finish, of the

very best quality, plain, per ream 11. 150 rrams white cap paper, second qualiiy, ruled, per ream 12. 20 reams white cap paper, second quality, plain, per ream 13. 2rearr.s white Packet post papor, ruled, per ream 14. 4 reams white Commercial post paper, ruled, per ream 15. 150 reams white quarto post paper, highly g'szed and hard calendered, gilt, ruled, ana to weigh not less than 9 pounds to iha rea. n, per roam IS. 20 r ams white 4to post paper, highly glnz'd and hard calendered, gilt, plain, ard to weigh not lets than 9 pjui.dsto the ream per ream 17. 2^ ream* small size white letter paper, highly glased and hard calendered, plain, per ream 18. 25 reams white Hath post paper, highly giazrd and hard calendeied, gi t, plain, ano to weigh not less than 7 pounds to me ream, per ream 13. in reams white Hath p?>ht paper, highly glazed and hard calsntlered, ciIt. plain, and lu weigh not less than 7 pounds to the nam, per ream W. 5 renin* white Bath post paper, ruled, with hlaok border, fer ream 21. in reansainhrr Bath poM paper, highly (lazed and hard calendered, cut. ruled, per ream ;?*. 5? reams white I'aoket note paper, highly (lazed and hard calendered, gilt, ruled, per ream 23. 10 reams white I'aoket ncta paper, highly glazed and l.ard calendared, gilt, plain, per ream <4. ^0M reams white laid Commercial note paper, highly glazed and hard calendered, gilt, ruled, per reain 25.75 reams white laid Commercial mte paper, Highly glared and hard calendered, gilt, plain, per ream i?. 25 reams white, small size, thick note paper, highly glazed and hnrd calendered, gilt, p.a'n, per ream *7. lo"amber note paper, highly glazed an<l harr. calendered, (tilt, rn;e<it por ream 2a. rea-> s fancy n?te paper, per ream <1. ICOzhoets thick blotting pa^er, per dozen ?? 2 reams rpd bloitinit paper, per ream 31. 8 dozen cap poittclios, without leeks, per dozen 32. 8 dozm quarto portfolio*, vrith looks, per dozen 3S. 6 ?<ozen li'ank books, quarto size, mor?co" covor, oo .tain i.g 4quires each. p?*r dozen 31 ! > dozen memorandum b-xks, octavo size, mor.'coo covers, containing 2 quaes each, per duten 35. 3 dozen an.a!. size memorandum books, mo rocoo oovers. ppr dozen 3t 4 dozrn scrap books, quarti sizs per dozen 37. 6 dozen reference fils l.oad*, par dozen 3*. 1 dozen parent letter files, per dozen i9. 2 doz>n extra large pearl nandle knives, per dozen 40.15dozen four-b ade penknives, pearl handles, silver tipped, per uoz-n 41. 12 Uozen small two blade penknives, pearl hand e*. silver tipped perdoz-Jn 42 8 dozen four-blade penknives, buck handles, tipped, per d< zen 43. 3 dozen l .ory-haix'le erasures, per dozen 44. 3 doz u pairs of offio* shears, per dozen 4>. 10 dozen pairs eoissors, p?r doz-m 46. 7 doz'n pearl folders, per doz*n 41.18 donn ivory fo'dsrn, 9 inohas long and 1 inoii wide, and to w.-igh not lo-s than 9 ounoefctoth* <'ozen. perdozeii 4<t. b ouzen arge size &i;ate lia- die stamps, cr others of equal qu&uty, for notes, per dozen 49. 8 doz?n bizo atate-handle stamps or others o? equal quality, for notes, per dozen 50. 12 dozen fancy out gifts* paperweights, per dozen 51. 2 dozen plain cut glass paper weights, per di-zen 52. 4 dozen bronze paper Weights, or others of equal quality, per doz<?n 53. 6 dozen bronze taper btands, or others of eq u \1 q ualitf, _per doz*?n 64. 3 rtuzen l>ror.ze fetter ?lips, per dozen 55. 6 dozen bronze vesta rratoh safes, ea^h oon taming 150 large size wax matches, per dozen 50. 10 pounds of wax tapers, 40 to tho pound, per ponnU 57. 25,oi>0 large *123 wax matc'ies, ia tin boxes containing 5W ecvsh, per M 5e. 25 doz ?n orope'Ung pencils, with box of !?a?ls lor eaoh. Per do: ?:i 50.24 dozau black lead p?r.oi's, Fabar's No. 1 and 2, or othera of like quality, per dozen G"i. 24 doz.-n rod and blue pencils, per doz?n bl. 3 dozen ink ntandiahes, with cut glass stands, for ink and aar.d, to bave in *t\l tops w:t!i hinges, and metal pen racks, per dozen 62, 2 doz*n extra lar<e s;zo out giaes inkEtands, per cozen r>3. 6 dozen large size cut glass inkstand*, per dozen C4 3 dozen rpring or screwtop inkat&nds, per dor. n 66. 8 dozen email size fancy i kxtands, p;r dozen 66. *i dozen cut f as* inkstanls, 1*4 ir.chos gqua o, witti im'a hings tops, tor do-k^, par doz-n 67. 6 dor in ojt k ass nndbtands, \\ inches iquart-, v. ith mt-lt'. tops, lor tie ks, perdoza-j ffl, 3 dozen wood Hind b JX"?, par doz<ju tjj. 6 cozen pieoea sitk t\Ue, per dozen 70. lnod^izsn rod tap?. No. J3. per dozen 71. 75 dozan red taj;e, No. 19, ptr Uoz-n ">2. #*idozen j?wl tap", No. 13, per dozen 7J. ? poiinde white rubber, 4 J pieces to the pound, per pound 74. 4 poun<Ja black India rubber, 10 piccea to the poucd, per p->ur.d 75. 2 dozen pencil rubbers, per dozen 7o. 2"i d'-z^n cloth pen wipers, per dozen 77. 1 dozen iron pen rack*, per dozen 78. 50 dozer, rtillott'a black awan quill eteel pecs. per d< zen 79. 1>i dozen 1* mea'a large barrel atse! pom, pei d> zen 80. 150doz?n Potty's lares liarra: ?t??l nen? n?i doZaU 31. 60drzeu Phicea'a siral! barrel Btee! pen*, per dozen 82 loo dozen Gillott's small barrel steel pens, per dozen R-i. go dozen stenoffaphio steM pens, per dozen fit. 84 dozen p!atu.a long point pens,-per dozen &"?. 72 dc z?n olt R'.i Iour point pens, per dozen 8b. 120 dozen elect.o nut long point pens, poi dozen R7. ti>> dozen Uil!ott's"q" pens, per doz?n 88. t>odozen 'errj'a electio gui classical pons per <!oz*n 89. 84 dozeu i'erry's olsetio pens, No. 27, pei dozen 'jo. ISO doz-Mi Phinca's New York Comirercia pen*. p*r dozen 91. 23ogoz !! Blauohard &. Mohan's Bank pens per doz?n 02. 400 doz ii Pjiry's three point pens, in boxei <<oai&iuing two or doz-*n each, par 4oi?o 33. 250 d"zsu Perry's fine point pens, No S3, pei dozan 94. 100 cuzeu Phinea's double tp 1115 pens, pei doz?n 05.150 dozen Peruvian pen*, per dozen 9t>. 150 d< z)u I'luiKja'o i iniil filt pens, per dozet J7 ou a< zen ouier stci p*n? p*r uozen OR. R d /.sn lftacy peu handle*, per dozen 99. 8i dc zan steel upp^tl pan handles, per dozen 100. 60 dvz.-u large barrel pen h&Ldies, rosewood per dozen lot. 2,0uo quiaa, No. 80, pe- A1 HU 2.00U quills. No. 70 per Al H'3. 8,000 quill peas, No. 80, ia boxes containing 2. 'Mil, psr M 104 1 d. zen Japaned tin paper foldera, per dozen 1? 5 lSdez-in p:ut botes ot black ikk, per doz?n lu?>. a?? doz j:j half pint bottiob oi biaoK ink, pe: d< Z<D 107. 1 dva ?n rmill bottles of red ink, per dozen lo8 6 dox*n W'lXfs sinail aizj trausparoLt wafers per doz-rn 1(0. 12 cozjt, boxes Ixccj motto wafers, per dozei 1.0. 60 p.und* red wax, twenty etiots to tlio pound in 3# poucd 1m xes, p?r pouid 111. 7 d- zan tma.l boxes laacy vex. p *r doz'n 112. *0 dozen jam mucilage, with metal top anc brash to each, per dozen 11S. 2 dozen J?Dauldin*'? ?rec*.r?H ?Ui? duien 114. 6 dozen morocoo-covered trunk*. 15 inohas b; OX luehe* n^uaie, and 4X locnea deep, wit] looka. to be its all rerpeo.s like the sample a this tmoe, per dozen 115 8 dozen embossed paper boxes, 13 Miches by : i ohea square aou i inonea deep, per dozen 16. 2dozm etniK>s?ed paper boxes, 8 inches vj i inches aqu&re *nd S inoli deep, perdozen 117. 2 duien (u era, 16 incnasia len?tii, round oi Hat, pe- dczen 119. 6" dozen Jnoia mbter bands, 1 inch vide, pe dozen 119. 1U) pounds best black sand, in 1-ponnd papers par poun 18>. 1 W?J white adhesive envelopes, v?ry apiootJ aod thiok, U>H mohes tjr inohes nu*'? p?' M )tl. 10,wo whit* ndhfs ~e envelopes, far letter very smooth raid thioc, lhohes by *1 rqunrv, per M 122. 5,tM- wturo adheniv* eavelopaa, for lcttari v? 7 amoolha&u tuicfc,9>*n.oh*aby4 inch? nu?r?, rer .m 133 Sft.Oti) wbtu auhoatve etv?lop?*, for l*t?er? v?n ?aioot)i 4j?j tiiuk, a>? ilcIi?4 b| iiiofae* 1411*10 per M lii. white adheatva tnveloMt. for letUri vanr atooth and thiok, tr\ taohM by 3) inciwifiiti, rer M 115. TI,<TO white adhesive for let'era, rety amvoth Mid thick, 5S inchea bj 3 inch ea ??uare, per M .. 1JF, JTOOO white adhe?iv? ea*elop?e, tott ' ootn v il thick, to imt the packet cot* p?r?r- Per 197. 70 OCO whit* ft^besi va enve.opea, T*r* araooik Knd 'hiofc, tj au:t taeooismeioi*. oi t# p?r* per M 18R. StV'O rite aiheme ?n?#lopca ver? amoo'h and tfcuk. to tui: ;he ?m*i! ?>*e njte pap?r, ? r M ?a _ i^?. i ? *> icrc irnif" afltieuve envaJopee, very Mn?ott) and <hiok. t?t uit not* paper, per M 13\ 10.<??ien\e? pe? to ?uit tbe faooy uote paper, per M 131. 5."'? fancy Motaarcd card envelop*#, per M 13Z <* ? white ache ive oard envelope*. pe> f?I 1J3 Sim vhito a-lfiefiv* mvilnwi. very smooth and truck.7S ia;J:e? by S\ mobM equare, p*r M 134 51,<*0 buff oolored a?ihe?!ve enve ope*. very moorn and tbiok, 7>* inoh?? by?\ inefce* qnere. for document.. p?r M 135 NMjfco bud colored ecvo'cp*!, cot adhaeive, very mo< th and tiii. k.'S in:': rt by SH n.ou e? square, lor document*. pe M 13&. 200,U*i butt colored *tive|jp*a. not adhegive, very eraooti and thick. 7 inch*-* by 3Si meh ea e'quare, for docamenU, per M 1 ^7 A (?Ml amKar /\/\\r\mA *" w.l ?v>. U-V> Wi?'i W OU liVtll 1 f? ?"U? O Wf^?| ? PI J smooth and kuit the y&:h paper, per M ISO. 5,<*w amber co <>red adhasiva envelope*, very smooth and thiok, to auit the note paper, per M The adhesive enve'opes must be gummed an inch eaoh aide of the center of the lap pel*. By the act approved June 17, I 44, the Secretary of the Seoate is "directed to oonfiee hia purchases exclusively to article* of the growth and tranufae ture of the United States, provided the same oan tie procured of such growth and manufacture of suitable qualitr, and at reason abe prioes, upon aa good terms as to quality and prioe as can be ob tuned of foreign growth and manufacture." A preference will therefore l?e given to the produc tions of Ameri-an industry; and a I persona making proposals to supply any article will Hate whether the <?m? is of ine growth and i, anufacture of the Uri ed States _ i ii." aruc ea muit tie aruv^rM at the ottioe or the Secretary of the Senate at \\ aahing'on, free of any clarge for carnage, on or before the 20th of Jline ne*t. Every arlirli must ht e/ tk* rrrg be ft quality, v? less an iH/ertor article it railed jar. It ta eatimated that the quantitiea above men tioned w II be rfqcired for the firat ?eaaton; tmt the right ta roaervod t > the Secretary to order, up- n givn.g reaaonable notice, any add Monal quanti tie* during that aestion. or for any aubaequent a?aaion of the thirty-seventh Congreaa. A sufficient tpeci men of each article proposed for (oT papc ha'f a quire and ol etvelcpea 25) ta to ao compary the p:o(.oial, and to be markel with the nam'* ot Uie proposer k nd the price of the artio!*. and of piper the weight per ream The whole of eaoh articia ap??cified in the for*going liat wil, t?e deemed acliaa ; ai.u the person offering to 'urniaii any auch claxa at tho K.weat price i quality o?n aiaered) will receive a contract for th?*a*meon executirg a I oi d. with two or more aurMie* ?atia factory to the Secretary of the fviiate. f >r the per formance thereof, under a forfeiture of twice Ue contract price, in ease ?1 failure, whioh bond ) to be fil'd in trie ?'ffiee of the said i*eoretar? within ten day* after the proposals have l*??n accepted. If an> art cie contracted for should not be de li*ered within the time s'lpulated, or slioud b* inferior in any letpect to the an.ple.the bond of ill contractor will bo put in suit. Proposal* should bo en-lorsel "Proposals for Stationary for the Senate." a <1 to be directed to the Seo re tar j of the Senate a'. Wa-lnreton |'ro?osa<? ar.d pecimsus must be de.ivercd at Un efft e fieeofcliarte. ASBl'KV IMCKINS. ap 13 law4w Secretin y of the Senate 1'. 9. WASHINGTON LOCK 1IOSPITA /T |\K. 8HUMAN ha*, after an expenec?? of ten I" tears, established the ar-ove refuse ironi qitarkery, < elf-lab*? *?i Indian or <>ertnan doctor*, and p etondert of witcticraft and impostors in ten eral. This is the only p'aoe whare a sure and speedy cure can l>e ot,ta.ii:e i 'iitho world for a'- improper aiid evil habits, Konorrlue, sleet, semi: al weak ness,, primary tertiary, organic weakness. pain* in tiie loins, .trictures, peneialle!.! it*. protf at-on. nervou n--ss. restless nijiiit*, pitpitn.5??? of :h? heart. rincinc in thr eera, lo?k nf in. tnory, coiiiup.''aucr.oly, ad-el.on* of th" hw'i thn?at, u.??e, ana kin, a-i?i &H those p->o;>iiar ?ln?or lf re ? mi' l lrom the i: discretion of youth, rcn><enr.s them ior cuhffr busimta, etmiy. society, or risr<iaRe. I)?. S. haa the greatest remedies inthekn<;wn world for diseaae* of the hood. conor?f:ir, RUet, *t:lo.Mire?.?'pIitili?,"etnin^! wwino-*, ae!f ar>ui>e. fco. Th?re u no ca e id whiea tney fai! to cure in fruT 3 to fi diy f. Vioi'm? of the?e hornb'e complaint*, who would wish To Jje valuable men auc] orrameutstn society, hoi:!d embrace the eerijeat opportunity for relief. Dr.inhuman hasir*detn? moktcomp el'*ar'ante menta f >t tne coi? lort of hi a pat:?;it* who eomt from a < Tuey will oe mrniafced with the most pleaaact and agreeable quarter', neoe*?ary diet, and mt<!-> ar cumiorn-ie as t;iey would be at a first oiasa t.otf! at loan tcac haift)\e oost. Do not target tee name and nun. i ff. Dr. She man's offioe ia on the corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue. Clarendon H- tel. opposite the National Hotel, Waah.nctoc D- C. Persona atadistanoe anon:?] eno:oae etari.p for return p .state. Offl re tours, 9 A. M. to 10 P.M. Vajous paitiea have been entic?d from my iu atitufioa by certaia twiddlers on back streets in thlfl whn will ma it * ?! ..f ?k?.. * ?*L ? - - J , ? MW ? ?t ? -? ik kill IUO U?J U1 V11CII U^Ul A w>rri to the wia? m rufficient ap 9 1? Cure Cough, Cold, Hoartrtu*', ln Jlvrnxa. any Irritation or So*i *ei? of tk* Tkroat, KtUtrc tk? Haekinr CnvgK rn Crmsvrnp tion. Bronchitis, A'hrna, t Catarrh, Ct*ar and rtr? strength to tht voice of PUBLIC SPEAKERS ins SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of ehecKinc a Couch or "Common Cold''in ita fir?t stage; that which in the bcgining would yield to a nr.ld run' dr, if neuleot**!, so>>r. attack* the Lungs. " Croxrn'l Bronchial Trcchts," contain:?.* deir.oioentinnr?*li ecta, a:lay Pulmonary ard Uronohial Irritation. CROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCIJ Etr BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN's? TROCHES m? iruonis in my inrou, (lor which the "TrorKt?" area specific) liavicie made ice often a mere vrlna perer." K. 1\ WILLIS. " I recommend their uu to Pd*lic SrSAKKB.3." REV. E. H. CHAPIN. I 'Gr?atBervioein??jWoiiit Hoar?i iim." KKV. DANIEL WISE. "Almost initar.t relief in the die i treating tat>or of breathing peculiar to Asthma." REV. A. C. EGGLESTON. ' Contain uo Opium or ?c?tMnt i injoriuus." DR. A. A HA ? Er?, Cktmi't, Boston, " A sirnp'e and p'e.\K&nt c -in. ira tion lor Corona, ?c." DR. <>. F. BIGELOW, Boston. - Here&cia! in B*c*cairi?." DR. J. F. W. LANK, BROWN'? TROCHES | BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES FROWN'S vnnro tra *1 have proved them eioeilent for YViiarriw Coir a a." REV. H. W. WARIU^N, Bottom. " Henotoial when eorapelled to MMtk. t>atTcnnj from Cct.ii." REV. S. J. P. ANDERSON, St. Louis. " EvrsmraL in remtmne Hoarse ness ami Irritation of the Threat, to common with Srmxas and Siks ??." . Frof. M.STACY JOHNSON. La Or Mr;, (ia. Toacher of Music. Southern Female Coiiege. " Creat benefit vhen t*k<?n before and after they prevent Hoarseness. From their past effect, I think thoy will be of perintnont ad vantage to me. ivKV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. President of Athens College, Tank TROCH ES. IT?-Sold by all Druggists at TWEN TY FIVE CENTS A BOX. da 1-ly *J?HE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE, TRIE9EMAR, 1.2 and S-Protected by Royal Letters Patent of Encl&nd, and terured by the Poals of the Ecole de t'harmaci* de Pans, ai.d the Imperial Colhseof Mndniiif, Vie^ na No 1 is invafuible for exhaustion and natorrhea, and al< physical disabilities. No. 2 coiup!ctely eradicates all traces of thote diseases that have been hitherto treated by the nau seous and pernici'-u* use of cepai va and cubebs. , No. 3 has entirely supplanted the ir;i>nnus use ?f mercury, tnerebr insuring t'? the nufiertr speedy relief, dispersing ail impurities, and rooting on the venom of disease. TRIEsKMaR. i\os.l,2and 3.are prepared in the iorm of a lor.enge, devoid of t&2te and sir.ell, and can t>e carried in the waistcoat pocket. i-?.!d 1*1 tli. /! <! anW into nAna r* t ?_ .!<> ?> a. . 4 BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S i iu mi ua*'" . "i* iuvu law ?v "??r M' prp, (H* , nuniatered ny Ve'peau, Lallemand, Roux. Rieord, &o. Price ?3 each. or four oum for S9, which mvn 93: ar?l in *27 oases, whereri* tner? u a aav , inc of 99. To be nad, wholeaale and retail, of Dr. HARROW, of 194 Bloecker street. New York, linmeci&tci* on reoeivicg a remiUanoe, i)r. Harrow will forwara^be Trieeemar to any part of the world, 3 aecnrely packed, and addressee according to tM in atrnoti"i,a of the writer. The Book, of aii othera, that ahoald be read by my with damaged and broken down oonatitutione r la "Human Frailty, or Phjraio ojica! Researches." It ia beautifully lliustrat'd. and trt?ata wtnut^iy i f ail tue ?Tmp om* that invari&bijr develop tbem nelves, sooner or later, recusing from the frailties and vitiating harms of earl t /oath, maapaoi'-ating i tbe victim from ahanr.g the fruition of the matri , mania! stale, aaC. if no: oheeked w time, deceler ating all t'ie functions of manhood, and brintKift hita. step by ttep. toalingermaaud ur.timelv dt-atli, I 8oid by IV. HA R ROW, 194 Bleeoker street, foor doors b'!ow Maodongal, New York. Pnoe 2! r oer.ta. Sent free every where. tMJia mm) dt o. v/. rora, Jr., vraf store, Wiih ist ton, D. C. de 29 6m Woo4 and Coal. ANn.1 artjolaof WOOD on hand, prepared U suit the wants of each oastomer. Wood ?old cor< lencth also, or in any way or sny qua .title* de rind. D* C-mU ktn m Co*i Hmuu, aoroened before de livering. ICT StMO lbe. to the ton. {17* Personal attention to even order. T. J. * W. M. GALT. Office 8B? Pa. ar., between Ut)i and litli eta. Wood Mill and Wharf foot of Seventeenth e'reet helow War Department. ira?-tf SPECIAL NOTICE TO ? Of'R CUSTOMERS. In ooneeqaenoe of the auaeti ed aute ot the oonn trt, aud the general au*pens>on of baainee*, we de Hiretooloae all aooounta on onr bo.-ka, auu wil thank all indebted to oome forward and aettle a loon as mmA ? ?? . y W.'coClEY fc CO.. I M-2w 383 Seventh at., above Pv av, ! - 1 - ,._J TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Irta Baltimore. (Print* Dispatch ] Baltixobb. April ?>11 BBBloa 1* dafunoi < Riltlmorf. Liloiiratlmffll will irlonpbut Hut few me?i are wllllu to d*r to tiooonr* Ibemaelvea aeceoaionlBta. Om wtrk'i uptrlMOf of tbe deadly contagion baa overwhelmed tbe ron?pirator?. and the Union mtlmfDl la new stronger and deeper than fm The day of reck oning baa ron?, |nd tboac wbe laat wee*, awe i talned by the police, dtagracod oor city, alotoot ! ahrlnk from tb<* public gaze Tba renetion la overwhelming la all parta of the Slate, and are ' are willing to me*t tbe laaoa at tbe ballot-box. Had u wpr? the dolnga of tbe past ten dar?. <k?t have forever aettled tbe question of aeoassioa fa Maryland On Wednesday our Custom Horn*, baa been tfce den In whirh inoat of tbla treason baa been hale bed, will be r lea red of Its traitors, and tbe nrw appointees will taka tbelr place* lb* American flic will be Immediately hoisted om the Custom House and reaponded to throughout tbe city, deaplte tbe prohibition of our d1rtaU>ra. Tbe boys are selling miniature I'nlon flags om tbe streets The secession fla^ baa disappeared, It being regarded aa tbe emblem of our terrible wrongs. Msvalslea af I'tellag Chambiki>bi-b?, Pa., April *7 ?Paawagars from Hagerstown report a udden and moat won derful change In tbe aentlment of Man land The Mtara and atrlpea are to be ralaed at flaferstown to-day. and extensive preparations are being made for further l.'nlon demonstrations Tbe election next week for representatives will probably result la favor of Lewis P Fiery, a laleo men. Alleghanv county baa Instructed Its represent* tlvea that, if they vote for aect-ssion, they will b* bunt; on tbeir return home I he >tar? ana ?irl pa are waving an OT#r p r?-ae rick City. Tbr Hoirr Guards refuae to parade unless under lta folda and tbr tune of "Yank*? Doodle." At the Clear Spring Houae the Star* and Strip** are waving, and the miner* bare swcrn to resist secession to tbe death At this time next week no sympathiser with Southern traitors will dare to avc.w hta aat.menta at Hagerstown, Frederick or Cumberland Another paa?enger reports tba Kaatern abora country, except w inr ti?wt?r, I nlon to tb? cor* The I'nionltU will rtlae a military cor(m in Hagewtown *t once. Krctn fc?r?pe. Halifax, April 29?The steamahlp Arab!*, from 1.1 vprpool on the 2<Jth, Tlatl?e?n*tow> Slit, ha* arrived. Liverpool Cotton Mork't ?Silei of the week 6-,600 bal<*. Slight advance on loer qoalltiea, market closing firm Breadstuff's dull and nrlceaweak. Provl?:?ra Pnnftnla OO The news is unimportant Liverpool. April W?Cotton?Sales to-day of bale* Hewitt report* the market qolet but firm. Consols 91 \. Sr. Jons*. April 29 ?The Adristlc arrived this afternoon She left <>al way an the 23d. Tbe Africa arrived at Liverpool on the 25d Cotton market active?sales of IS 000 hales Hreadstufls dull. Provisions kteady Costcli 91 \at2 Political news generally unimportant Inipsrtaat MavemenU la Virginia PiuLAPKLmiA. Arrll ?c ?I learn fromjmmm person theCitvof Richmond that Goooral Tbotnea J ?ireen, of North Carolina, was serenaded at R i bmnnd ?n the tlSth Instant fie said he ran* to rfler 30.UKI nirn from North Carolina, full* arm?>d equipped aud provisioned for the defmsr of the Sontti On Tbursdav last ex-Secretary Floyd held a conference with l>etcbcr, on the course best to in the present emcrgeney. Mr Fiord baa raised a r^sdr of fifteen hundred men lu aoutb western Virginia, who ar? armed andeqalpped Hundreds of troopafroin Petersburg, South Caro lina and Georgia are coming northwurd ?a rali roada :n Virginia. rram Vlrglaia aad Mtrylawl, by way at Ifarriabarg HA*Ri?BrR?. April 2? ?A confidential agent arrived bere this morning reports 2,4'*' men at Harrer a Kerry, and 1 OU) tnarcbed to Al?*andrla oifThursdav. The officers at Harper'a Ferry he lleve that General Beauregard la at Richmond with 7.WW troops There is much quiet debate here amen? leading persona as to the propriety cf tapping the Colum bia dam of the Susquehanna river, thua cutting ofl the water from the Tide Water Caral, to stop aupp'.ie* of coal and provisions by that route Tie feasibility of tannine the artificial lcke suPDlvliiff Baltimore wttt. wntrr it aisc spoken of. One Thoataad V*l?atreri ea rtale /?r Vir ginia Montoomkby Ala . April 5t-?Tbe Third R?g 1 rr.-i;t of Alabama volunteer*. Col Jones V Withers commanding. will leave to-night for Lvncbburg. V* Ten full companies, consisting of one hundred men each, compos th'? reglrriart, all splendidly armed and equipped A floer iaofc lnc body of men never pulled trigger Co on* 1 Wlibera ia a graduate of West Point, an accom plished gentleman as well aa soldier. and is Um present Mayor of Mobile. Sf*w Hampshire. Concosd. X H., April 2S ?Our rlty aauncll Lss appropriated 910 UOU to aid the volunteer* from thla city At Great 1'ail* to-day the churches were closed and a mats religious tweeting was h?.d la Marked Square f be Granite State &uard is under orders for the war KarL member has been presented with a revolver, bowie knife, and blanket The cltlieas have subscribed over Mo.uou in aid of the volun teers Privateering ia Virginia i'H i.k uF.i piii a . April vV?Advices from Rlcfa motid are very interesting. Governor Letcher has , se'z?"d ail light draught vesar.s at d steamers for { privateering purposes The reg'ilar liners Vork | town and Jamestown are now being fitted wttt I privaterrlug armaments, and are tc be manned very fully The pr>ateeriog enlistment is very j active, and no douV. by a we?-k henre tblriy vea I s??ls will be sent out from Richmond alone l oien (Itrtiii| in Btlltacrt. Etc tiu.TixoBK, April UQ?A spontaneous Union meetiug held to-nt^bt In east Baltimore; fifteen hundred to two thousand present; great enthusi asm strong stralghtont I'nlon resolution# adopted end National banners uufurled Regular daily com mi: til ration with Philads. fibia now established J*te?mers will run regn arly between this city and Perryvilie. connect!ng with all the trains on the Philadelphia railroad. Important (rem Msntgsasery Koi HF>rsR. April If-?A gentleman. entirely ! reliable, has just arrived in this city, who left .Montgomery, Ala , on Tueadav l?st He a?v* thit Jeff Divis on that day issued an order for the troops of that ?tale to concentrate ?t Obelika. Ala , from whence tbev were to start to-day (2?tb) I for Lynchburg, Va Those from Georgia were to 1 move for tbe tame point. Delegates to Neuthrrn t??jre??. i Richmond, April 29.?The Convention to-day appointed as delegates to the {Southern Congrea* at Montgomery, as Representatives of Virginia, the following gen Mem en : R. M. T. Hunter, i Wni C. Rivts, William B. Preston, Judge Cam i rifti itiiH I nrlo* Krnr LftihPAiurh \a nt lifMI of Importance. Frigate ioukiitylien at Srw Yark Niw York, April 29.?The umbin R. R Cuyler arrived from Annapolis to-night with the j frigate Constitution in tow, with260 midshipmen ; from the Naval Academy, 25 seamen. and two I companies of Massachusetts troops (100 men,) to &roUxt the ship. The steamers A U Us ma snd lariou had arrived at Annapolis Destrn? live Fire at Leavenvrsrth Leaves worth. April ?A fire broke out at ! noon yesterday iu the cellar of Kddy A Arnold's j dmy store, at the corner of Maine and Delaware utreets, and soread with exirnordluary rapidity, j rendering it impossible to save any stock Loss on the building about $120 UK) Insured for 46 I 000 The bl?k wn one of the finest In the city. 1t Activity <u the Ckariestawa Navy-Yard. Bostos. April 29 ?There is great activity at tfce Cfarlestown navy-yard Twenty-iv# hun dred men worked throughout Sunday i I,lent. Knox haab-en appointed to the command of the steamer Massachusetts i ( As I sltaad. 4 Rasiar. Philadelphia, April 29 ? An uofoundad report l was prevalent here to-dav that Senator Mason nad Deen arrested at Perryvllle, Cacll county, Mary ' Land. Steamer Aik*r?. i i New Viii, April 49 ?Tbe itrtiMr BtnM, I from Sautbatnpton, I* ashore ou Rome* Photii with two tuga alongside The Itlaitrt at Flew Yerk. N?w Yobe, ArrHS^ ?The UaltMIHiW*itewn frigate Niagara la reported below, detained by tog, New Vark Market New Yoke, April *V ?< otton ?t?a^r; lee , ' 1,9U0 bales. llreadstutt* ire Sufar 'ever Coffee quiet Mohave* nncbauped ?urpe >?:?e firm at 75 8??. ttice firm at S^afl^c. K el?i firm at SI 66 ; i WQWKT** ^8 NEW * ON FREE EXHI01 II ^TION.1 ? A veiw large lotof Cl.Qi'nxN??, a FL'RNISHlNti GOOU*. HATS aed CAP?, at No. 4C0 SevenUi at i II > il af tbf eiiaia |i r ' ~ | for aaleai vry tow prioea> ? 8MlTn%. No. ?t?0 | wvsiith ?u. betwaeu K aad P ?u a?sia.