Newspaper of Evening Star, May 1, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 1, 1861 Page 1
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THE EV'EMING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: XTEDXESUAV My lt 1861. Spirit ?f the Morning PrfM The fnt'll>x**e r qantf* from a speech of Henry Clay ti ihow tb*tthe South could hare ?ecur'd all their rlphts bv* readable political act'ori la 1be Unlrn witbont s<?c?s?lon of a tingle State The R'j>*bliran urges tl e lmpoHcv of giving up the Gil' and thlijks that theyshou'd be prevented ty for~e of arm* from establishing any nationality whatever separate from the United f>tatei HI*-. HERE. Mabylasd ? The Bi-ltlirore Sun addresses Maryland this morrlrg upon her duty In the crlala, advocating the calling of a convention by her Legislature. i nd the election of no secessionists ptr st to It; 1 nt retlerof conditionalsecessionists. "While aware that condition;-! secesslouUts are but wolves In ate?>p'a clothing, we realize that tLe Sua edviva th? Ir election only because knowing well thxt the election of a Maryland convention to the adn.itUd end of secession la an Impossibility as natter* now atand. The advice of the Smn has coat Baltimore ten or twfnty million* of doliars within the last fort night, aa It waa through the teachings of thnt Journal that the cl'y m*de virtual war on the Gov. ?rnir.ent of the I u t?-d States, for which It has a!rrndy paid ?o dearly. If Maryland take* the *dv1ee cf the Sum, ar.d electa sucb a Convention * It counsels. ttie charges are ten to one that the whole State will, In three months pay even far more dearly for tkct wl.latk-, than Baltimore baa i>lre*dv palrt for ber late forcibleopposition to the (Misuse nf Government troops through her streets o? tre way to the rtacne of t!>? National Capital Tbe Conventions of all the Stat<a now In arms fga!nst the I'nltrd St-tes, except ^onth Carolina, wrie posltivelv elected aa rnndltiorial aecesaloniata or conditional I'nlonista, (which amounts to the a^n.e thing ) Not one of tboae states (but South Ca'olln?) has yet {.-scented to secession in a fair and square vote*at the poll* Every one of them t as distinctly repudiated it by elect!lift a minority of secessionists Yet the conditional secessionist a?eleod have p uii^'?<l everyone of tbera Into civil war. In which they are dotlui-d to b* terri bly worsted, or the'" ? an b? no truth whatever In V e i^dmit'ed axioms of military S' lence; as ti e 1'nited StaV-s have all the i?avy tbat can be avail able In the war; ten available dollars and five available rr.rn for every one their opporents pos sess; ten dollars' worth of mlli'arv stores, p-c vis'or.s, A.r , fcr every one por3ts*id by the ?ils iiiivuisui. ?c , ar. If MarvlanJ t Sects a conditional Union or con ditional ? majority to her proposed con ven*i<<n, tie r?*u'' will *>e that ahe will v^rv >oon Vfcoaif i.'1 v.Jvpd es a j?:;Ttv Jijjali st the Unit?*d 8tat?-?. in thf war, ir no tmible conclusion ran he drawn from experience no far If *te Jet* hfo" ? so tnyolveo, tb*te'ue will be utterly and tninmi'aVlf Annihilated, is so vtoin ? that all her rltlier* nismt realize tLe fart at a glance. Tbe nt eflVt of e?H< tintr a majority of conditional i^wdnht* wlH be tie exodus of perhaps everv lave now in h?-r i?mt?a to ti e SontL, where they ruav be comparatively saf?; as no slaveholder I ii???'fd of an oukcs or bratrs will keep his neero^a ;here, wh*n p s!i!ve!y ccrtain tint an riiir *f from fifty to seventy-live thousand men Will in thirty ?ia\a thereafter b?> f.recip'.tatid upon tbe ?.?!! of Maryland, to hold intac t there the aa'horty of tbe United S'.-tte?. Within two months afVr MartUml shall Lave thus become practically a nop * ^vehold n? State. not one if Ler cit'i?--.s in >?r. w ili lon^t-r er.tertain t'j? fooMsti l?t?* thai tee in.-rrs'? ar.d destiny arc !deiit:fl-d W;th tl>osv of the cotton producing State# Such an exodus of h?-r ataves? which ii:i.ier toe clrcuni staiw es :;V-ove rr.'.:*t ii:rv',ta*'lr liaroon ? i*?ay p< Htlilv s?v.? fror? b^arlrs: the flnt brunt o( ?!.? war. in !iisti>ot!y b aking the masa of the papulation bi out and f'Ut f^r the Union as Fenn Ivinia i? at tlii* noimnt Milttaky-?General Orders, No. IP daTTi Headquarter* Department cf Washington, Wash ington, L? C , April is, 1561, have ju?t been la*ued. aa follows 1. Tte < ctBu*ai.d'ra cf regiments and indepen dent batfaii->u? at d companies In this depnrtment will make their reports to thf*e ht-adijuarters, ad dressed to the Assistant Adj'itant General. 2 The command- re of regiments and indepen dent hafalio's and coinrnnl*-* will n;eke lminf* d atelv, t:i writing, to headquarters a report of the r respective commands, setting fortii tte t*Uteor district fr: m whence they came; their means cf petting here, end the dtte of their arrival, and where quartered or located; tbe B*r->is:th of ihf r respective corr.niands; the character of th-*!r ecus; the supply cf tmtnunS ttie de/rte cf pruil'-leney it t';etr drills, and the char?< ter of the umm: if they under g>auu ivc una f.a SRirifiHIit'rSj II ILfV LIVQ practiced bt :te ?arpt? and tbe rar.jj;e and pro fi. lency tb?-r??f; If :npv know the manual of the bayonet ext rcia?*. Tbi-y will also state their con riition and ability to t.ik? th? field ;.st<-> camp a1 <1 gxrriaon eq lipase and organization of their coia n iMry q..?r u-rin^s'er. and medical departmer.ta Ibitenaiaandrmif int:neu?a i-nd hiderendent batt dlona an<1 companies that shall hereafter ar rlv- will mak?*alice report as soon after their arrival aa practicable 3 The conn and?-r? of reginier.U and Inde p?.,d?-i.t battillnns and eumprciit-a ?viil be held accountable for tbe police ?,f tr.?'r re#f<ectiy?; quar t-ra and cinp*. and tbe i;re:?t<-at care must be had that no i flei-aiv sn>?lis or irfectfd air be jer inltted 1.1 Hi* ran he bad bv tfc?* re^pevtive qi;ar wn'asters n? purMcator whenever required o;i * written requisition approved by tLe 'f-spective ?*?>?nmand?-r? <-f r?T?'nienti end independent bat tallona and ronipanlt-s 4. Strict ?.rder and regularity will be main tained by tbe r-spective con mar.d? r* of resl inrnts and Independent battalions arid compa res, and tt.ev *111 be teid accountable for a want of tcxxi discipline and will take tbe proper steps to enforcr It. Tbe Articles of War will be r?*ad U> tbe r?-sj>e?tl ve ron.mands on the !*al>batli. lit inspection. before goin;/to church, and tb?*v will be jfwrned by ti.e Regulations fur tbe Army of tb?* L'nit?-d f?t*tt-a S- ta? b co naiand r of a regiment and Inde. )M-ndeiit hatullon and co!r|'*nv will establish bia own nnpnr oillitir pusrH in !1 >> jreserve^uo-i order and arre?t all inanbordlnaiion ttMt mi?bt ariae witbln his respective command and nt-\ubbori?-?>d. By order of Col. Mas*PTO.d: I Hfo. Talbot, As?:stan' Adjnta&t General. Bai timobb?We presume tbat all now under stand tbat the (iovernnieut design apeedily open in,: and keeping open tbe communication tie. tween tbtacity and New Yo'k through Baltimore; peacesI Iv. if Baltimore will prrnit it to be so eceompliat ed??tfcn wl?f forcibly- To that end troop* will tw> rapidly accumulated at three jwints?on tbe line of tbe .Northern Central Kail rvad, on tie line of th* lialtimote and W timing ton road, and at Annapolis?advancing, we pre mn-e, simultaneously to itr work We hope and pra/ tb<.t Kaitlri.ore may t.ave sufficiently re oven-d its min to aid ratber tban obstruct tbia i.eceaa.rv tindrrt.iking of tbe Government,ere the troop* Uiuvt forward to its execution AfPOISTHSXTS ?5i Til C Wa?HIXGTON NaVY V ? * n 'I i>* .. f ?V.? V um? * ?- J' ????-* -? m luc ?i? ? y u&* u irev wu be follow\na apftoli.tii er.t* in the Weshlnsjt'n \?W Yard to br nr.s4&, viz : M. if. Bland, to if Fonrrtri; lltnrv Forrrtt. Muster Joiner; John H Peake. FiiDltr; James Brown, Master HUckniiitL. W E OateUMM, M: ?>r Pirns* >+t: Ma'bew Jlc Nelly, Sui*rtuWndeot Cupper R' illne M'11; B McHenry, Msste Pattern maker; *od J .> AU hii soii, George Crandle, A. B. Lu and Jehu Batbair. ?r> be Watchmen I.iavk r Aui>cii OKxXTkD.?Coioutl Rufua K'.og, the newly appointed U. i*. Minister to R< re. bat been grauttd by the EMate l>ep.irtuient itree noun* leave tf abaenee, to enable him to f-irmai'd the repiir? i.t i>f volunteer* to be fur hlafeeii by Wla-t.ialP. A fi^iiiar leave has been ? runted to Carl tfburz, L' S. Minister to Spain, ?W j r?'j*.m tv rase a regiment of cavalry. Tax AKMie ru a l< r \ioks ?All tbe late rumors about tbe d>sr>mtion of tue Government to enter tnt* in armistice Viilll th( If Ii:skt ritr Ufa# trnnn _ "P* '? fWII tbe I'nlU-d Maw*, are entirely untrue. Since huirtrr wa? tlt?< ktd. It 1s well known no ?ui b idea h?a teen considered by tbe lioverument a rout, *?ia A blikgtor H t ight* are not belug attempted to be f-rutted by the Virginia dlaukionlata. aa al'e^et, nor la a brenatwork being attempted to he ttr?>wn up by tbem at tbe Virginia aide end of tbe lieoi^ttown Aqueduct, tt has alto been al leged ? Wm. It A?t?b?V\e bear, on autb?rlty In ?L!ik we ccnttae. tbat tbia gentleman baa ten dered to the I'kitid Statea aa an out/lubt contri bution to tbe caiiae ut tbe Union, a donation of four loiiltora of dollars, and ten mllllona more aa a loan. Hla fortune enables b'm to do so, it will be remembered. i>to tt?p.? it u understood that u to?>n ** thf JSrTtnii (New York) Regiment re ceive their camp rqcipstfe, whtrb la expectrd to r>-a L \\ aabliig ud 'n a day or two, tbey will go Into ? amp. Probably ou Georgetown height*. TBI CariTOL Pouci -Ciet Nathan Darling baa baen appointed Cblef of the Police of the Capitol, a poaiU? n wblcb he will doubtleaa fl.l admirably,ai no one la better qualifltd for It thai himself Aiiini) ?Tbenewiomuiiaatonerof Pension*, Mr ttarrett. lata editor of the Cincinnati tiaxttt*, baa reached YVaahlngton, and to-dav entered on tto d lac barge of the Hottce of his ofcf. MARYLAND LEGISLATURE | Tw"1ay ?In the Hoove, after the transaction of m me busineta of minor Importance, tbe ronomlt tie on the correnry reported tbe following as a substitute for tbe Senate bill: tit ? matted, etc.. That no bank shall 1sa>? or pay out nt.t?-? or crtllcaUa of deposit of less de nomination than one dollar to an amount greater than 10 per rant of their capital, actually paid In, provided that any bank may Inne auch no'ra to the amount of CS.OuO, the issue not to continue beyond the sixty days after the session of 190-1, the provisions of the act to extend only to such hanks and institutions as now possess the right of issue; which waa finally paas-d Mr. Harrison reported a bill to repeal sections first, second and third of th<* 4th,5th, 0th, 8th and Vth of article I'itb of the code, and enacting tbat no corporation of this State authorized to issue notea for circulation shall be aubject to any for feiture or penalty for not redeeming ?uch notes In specie before the 11th of March, 1*64. Mr. Chaplain moved to amend by limiting the time to 1?G2; which was adopted Mr Ford moved to amend by suspending the coeratloii* of the sections above nem??d instead of repealing them; which was adopted and the bill was passed. A hill authorizing the Corporation of Baltimore to lnue our-dollar note*, to be used as currency, wes referred to the Baltimore city delegation. An order Instructing the Adjutant General to report to the House certain information relative to the military a Hairs of the Stat?*, was adopted A resolution appointing a joint committee of three to take under consideration the compensa tion of members, to far as relate* to mileage, was also adopt d Mr. Dennis offered a resolution, that the Legis lature authorize the p<ople to call a convention to consider tbe political condition of the State; that their determination be submitted to the people for approval or rejection; and that in the mean time tbe existing political relations of the Slate, as regulated by Its own government and tlie Consti tution of the United Stat?-s, shall remain an thev a e; and entreating a ressatb n of hostilities until after tbe assembling of Congress on the 4th of July next. These resolutions were referred to tbe commit tee on federal relations, and the House adjourned. Penatk Tbe Senate met and adjourned till 5 o'clock p m , when, upon re ssembllng, a message was received from tbe Governor, enclosing a memorial from tbe citizens of Washington and Frederick counties praylntr that measures be adopted to f>re\-*nt the crossing of Virginia troops into their iinits for tbe purpose of searching private dwell ings. Arc Tli" message wet referred to the committee on militia. and 'h* Senate went Into executive ses sion, and soon after adjourned VvKMdST ?l.tttle hfs l>et-n s*Id of Vermont From the character of her people, she is more inclined to a-t than than to talk. But she Is not ?? untiuc; i u ?u i ua y vi jraw iuiism4 linj iiifiCW orill H II Baxter I* btre < oiitii'tinlf atlnj; witb Gen Wool, and arranging for the dispatch of the 1st Vermont Regiment now in ramp at Rutland, and ready to mareb at a moment's warning The officers Krc : Col Phelps. Lieut.-Col Washburn, Major Worthing. The regiment 1s selected from tb* organized. uniformed niliitta, and mainly composed of Ihe llrst younjr men In the iitate. Onlvone rej/luient was asked,?nd that not re quired nntll the l!0thofMav. But the Lejiisla t'ire has appropriated a million dollars, and au thorized the ralcin^ of five additional reutmenta to ^e put Into the Held at once. Already flfty-sU conipanif-s hiv* reported themselves for service. Others are forming and, if required, the Green Mountain Sta*e, ran. and will, furnish in this jusf quarrel 20,0*0 hardy, brave men.?y. Y. Tribute Tbb New York Vi.lcsikkps.?Governor .Mor gan, of Ntw York, telegraphed yesterday as fol lows: Alb*?it, April 30, 1*561. Hon. Wm II Seward. W'.-sbincton: Will there not be a requisition for more troops from this Sfcite ? One hundred regiment* can be mustered Into the t>erv!ce easier than tbey can be repressed. E. 1). Mo*ga.h. Mr. Seward rep'led: Washijioto*, April 30, 1861. Hon. E D Albany; Probabiv no more for three months' service, but forty thousand more volunteers are to be accepted for thre- years, or during the war. The Alb-iiiv regimeut bas arrived. All honor to New York ! Wh. H. Seward. Ordkbs or Gen I'*ttbr?o.v ?Major General Patterson Laving assumed the command of the npw military district embracing the District of Columbls, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylva nia, has iisued n jjentnl order, in which the troops are directed to march peaceably and qulttly through the couiitry, without trespassing upon 1h* rights of the people. Commanders of corps are to be on the alert to repel attack, and mnet shoot down without hesitation any man or party of men caught in the act of arson, or in any at t-inrtto Interrupt their line of communication. * wi, uwp? t-ii ruu r win, wartuer in can, or quarter*, tukf tbe utmost care of their arms and ammunition?armi always carefully loaded. kept dry and fit for Instant action. The ammunition muat be carefully husbanded, and not one round wasted. The New York Volcstkkr Movkmrht.? From our .New York exchange* we learn that the volunteer spirit is Increasing in that city, and that trooi* are pouring i'i upon the recruiting offices continually, iienides the numerous regiments already furnished from that city, there are now rapidly organizing four more Irish regiments, to be ready *t short notice. There are now In that rltv the First. Fifth. Ninth,Twentieth, and Fifty ilfth (French) Regiments, two new regiments of Zouaves, the Polish Legion, the Washington Vol unteers and other companies, some of whom have received marching orders, and the rest will start in a few days. \0" We learn from the Annapolis Republican (secession) that the United States troops at that cltv pay their way as they go in aught purchased of tfri? dmdIp Mrailpimpn unti ftths.r?\ th?.?- ?* r - < ? ?" -? '1 > ?,,u at enormoui prices, too, without a word of rom p amt ?t the extortion practised on them. The Republican, notwithstanding its position with refi r*nce to the war, candidly does justio* to the soldiers, and compliments them highly on their discipline as soldiers and their honorable and fraternal deportment when ert'duty. Rkmovid - J. M Jewell, of Miss., a 2d-clasa clerk In the Bureau of Topographical Kngineers; W. B Giles. ?.f I). C., a Ist-class clerk In the Ord nance Bureau; Andrew Belmaln, of L> C., a ad class clerk in the burgeon General's Office; J M. Darnell, of Md , a :id-class clerk, and George M. Ccoke, of Va , a 1st class clerk in the (Quarter master General's Office; Julius H Berret, of D. C..and B. H. Strother. of La.,'2d-<:lass clerks In the Patent Office, have be en removed. Military OrricEKg Dkposkd?The Virginia ?i ? ? ? - v^uuvcmion dsb vacaiea mi me annua oUices. from Generals down to Captain* This net la commended by the Staunton Vindicator aa en abling the State to rid itaelf of a very large num ber of General* and Colonels and Majors who are totally unacquainted with tbe duties of their posi tion Of course, the best of tbe militia Generals aud Colonels will be reappointed Loi:siama asd Alabama Troop* for Vir ginia ?Tbe Tbird Regiment of Alabama volun teers, Col Jone* M. Withers commanding, were announced to leave Montgomery on Sunday night for Lynchburg. Ten full companies, consisting of 1GU men eacb, compose this regiment, all fully armed and equipped. Tbe Mobile papers report tbe arrival thereof Louisiana companies on tbelr way to Virginia. iu iuc r uuon, wiijcq tailed on Saturday, t .ok out a flock of diplomatists?Gov Dayton, .Minuter to Franc*-; Mr Pennington, Secretary; Mr. Burlingame. Minister to Austria; Mr. Marsh, M nlater to Tiiriu; Mr. Pike, Minitter to the Hague; Mr W ilaon. Secretary of Legation; Mr. Putnam, Conaul at Havre; Mr. Vexey. Conaul at Rotterdam; Capt. Uritton, Conaul atSouthampton. Pi:blu: Works or Vibgi*ia.?The Board of Public Woika of Virginia have ordered tbe tn? penalou < f all work upon tbe. railroads of the state. Tbey have alto concluded to put no more State bond* in tbe market whilst thev are sixty per rent, below par. All tbe resources and credit of the State are to be reserved for the exigencies of a war IE7" The New York Trlbuue of yesterday pub Hftbes what purports to be a statement of a soldier wbo waa Impressed Into the service of South Carolina, declaring that at tbe bombardment of Fort Sumter between 3uuaud 400 men were killed among the southern troops, arid that tbe dead were secretly packed in boxes and burled in tbe potter's field. |T7" We iearn from good authority, that when Gen Pillow telegraphed from Nashville to Mont gomery tbat be could raise ten tbouaand volun teer* to join the Southern irmr, he waa Informed that the troops were not desirable, unlets accom nanleri with crn?l<tniu Thi? pluthlsln the cotton states ?St. Louit iitmo cral, April :M. Alabama Thoops ? Alabama baa now actually Id tbe find, <aaya the Montgomery Advertiser of the '23d.)and ready to march, about 5,400 troopa. Nothwlthstanding tbla fact (It aaya) tbe war fever baa Just begun to rage; and. If necessary, we holleve tbe number could be Increased to forty or ftfty tho sand In thirty daya. P~T* Tbe Montgomery Confederation of laat Friday atatea ttat Sen Bragg, wbo commands tbe force* of tbe conaplratora at Pensacola, baa made a requisition for two thoaaand more men, tbe appearance* being tLat tbe national troopa man to aaaume tbe oflenalve. Hamuel Defcring, a Te nneaaeean. baa been expelled from Illinois because of btaPoutbern reel ing*. OrpBinlUi sad Parte af the Army So rany persona. unarqialnUd with the organ. , izatlon ?>f lu army, are making Inquiries u?on j that aubject, that we >h <11 make an outline of 1U elements, as recognized in tbe French school atd In onr own. ao fir ?a we have had armlea. The nmmb*r in companies, reglmeuta. 4c , vary at dif ferent time*, and vary bv law In tlrnea of peace the rank and file are reduced to a skeleton, and the ofiirera retained, (we speak of regulars,) ao that in time of war they can anon be tilled tip Tk. nnllln. . m hv vuMtHV viv ?*?v ui? * ? an e. iuj aic ?uC c . A company 1* the unit of an irmr. and i? sup posed to average en the war bwsis. 10U men, offi cers Included The genera) rule for the organi zation of auch a company gives I captain, S lieu tenants, 5 sergeants a\d 4 corporals and -5 mea Formerly each company had an ensign, who car ried the flas; but his place is now supplied by the color sergeant There Is one more sergeant ttan corporals, the first lieutenant beinir called the or derly sergeant, and Is, nest to the captain, the most important man in the company?carrying the books of the company, and calling the rhil, morning and eveulng. The company is formed, when lit column, into two platoons and four sec tions. earh platoon commanded by a lieutenant, and each section by u sergeant A regiment is regularly composed of tea com panies or two battalions; a battalion being half a regiment, composed of Ave companies?one of them called a light, or rout company, intended Jn regular service to operate outside of tbe beavy columns, ai Hanking partie#, guards, &c. The officers cf a raiment. Independent of com pany officers, are a colonel, lieutenant colonel, two majors, adjutant, quartermaster and commis sary. Each se,>arute body of trooj* must bave a commissary and quartermaster, but In a targe army tbey are apportioned to regiments or VI gades. A regiment, when constituted, will be formed thus : ?I colonel. 1 lieutenant colonel, 1 adjutant, 1 quartermaster. 1 commissary, 4 majors. Ill captains 'JO lieutenants, 5(1 sergeant*. 40 cor porals, and 8iO private men?making 975, but In reality there are some otVers; each compan? Las regularly a drummer and lifer. which make a regimental band of *20, besides tbe'drum iiajor. Then the reeiment, when full, is made uf reg ularly rf 1 0<>0 men. A brigade suou'd be com posed of two regimen ta, a pquadron of cavalry, and a corps of flMd artll 1I f ... > 1 #-*1 ? ? * ? icit . ii mrjc wtrr an urn. a coinplPU? urigafl? operating alone would, in our service, or in the French, make 2 400 men A division is composed of two brigades, with additional corps of cavalry and artillery, making in our ariny, including the whole statf and music, about 5km men. This is the highest tlement of orjjnn zation in our service; but in F they organize immense armies, there is onef.ther I'he corps is composed of two or more division*, frequently of four or tive The corps is. in the French service, properly commanded by a fl^ld marsi at?in officer unknown to our country?and the corps is properly a compl'tt army in n&tlf In Napoleon's march on Russia, he bad eight or ten of tb^ae iocj* in active service?making a field army of frnm 250 000 to ."WO WW ftieu. From the tleme?tf we have riven, it will be mm ih .t however large the army may l?e, it is so organized a* to be j>erf?*ct In all its parts, and moves wItb exact order and discipline [it the tleld all orders and operations are ' arrcd on through the- 8 Bff of the army, and when we tome to active service, the st.!If is the most Important part of the army; for. this beings vast machine, of which e^ch part 1* jierf'-^t'.y obedient to.and directed by the bead. It is evident that all must depend on the skill, ability, and discernment of the stafl through which It acts. It is in vain that Scott, or any great Gene al commauds, if the etafl officers art lucom p-tent The stu4 cults'sts of the Hids, the Adjutant Gen eral, th" eu?in*tr, the quar'ermaster. and Com miss'try Geoerals Through the adjutant general all order j are conveyed to each particular pirt By th?- quartermaster general all transpr rtatioi s, and vehicles, a:;d horses are furnished, by the commil sarv all supplies; by the engineer the topography of the country is thoroughly examined, the practi cability of passes determined, fortifications built, or attached Then the staff <T an armv becomes its eve, and ail its faculties The general simply deciding the movements of the army, on the facts and elements thus furnished In the g'and French armies there was a chlef-of-the-stuff or he id < t the Bureau. In Nanoleon'?tlm?thi? was Herthler. d?emed one of the ablest of oflWrs of the French army. Napoleon knew the value of a good staff, and hid abler men In it than were at the b*>ad of the divisions If au extensive army should formed, this should always be the case In the statement we have made, It will be seen, there Is a strong similarity between a modern arm v, well organized, and that of the Romans Our company corresponds with the Roman Century, and our division to the Koman Let ion. The Koman Legicn, when full, contained 6,0U0 men, which comprehended a portion of auxilia ries. and v^e.'e divided so as to include all kinds of service. A Roman Legion was a complete army in Itself, and the experience then and inw is that a compact b dy or force of ft,WO men Is as large as can be organized loactasone b'dy; larger than that, thev must act as separat- bodies, mov iix uuuiiiKiioiiBiy logeitier ?('mcinnali Hazel it. Kurctkas Nivvi.? Bv tbe sleainer Arabia, we have news from Kurope tothe'JiMh inst. A report that President Lincoln was dead bad be?n extensively circulated in England, and farther American news wasanxk'tisly looked for. Tbe London Timea editorially reiterate* Ita hopes for the maintenance of peace, and says when tbe soil and seas of the new world are stained with blood, foreign nations may sorely remonstrate in the cause of humanity. The Paris correspondent of 'k^ Daily News says that Ruw'.a Las informed France that in conse quence of the evvnts in Warsaw, it will be im possible to join France in any measures for the settlement of the Kastern question. ftaribaldt had taken bis seat in tbe Italian Par liament When be entered, the business of the House was temporarily suspended by applaune There has been an attempted reaction In Cala bria. Troop* were dispat-bed, and tbe town of Vonasi Was dellverpfi from tri<? Continued Austrian movements are reported on the Po, near Kcrrare An attack '?"as considered possible, commencing with the invusion of the Duchy of Modena, which would be an infraction of the Villafranc.a treaty. Warsaw advices say that mr.tters are dally grow ing worse, and it is feared that tbe exasperation of the people will lead to fresh disturb inert, If rigorous measures should not Intimidate them. Troops were bivouacked in the public squares. The Russian force In Poland will be raised to lOO.UOO men Spanish < fflclal papers aay that the government will accept the annexation of St Domingo as soon as continued by tbe vote of the people if no foreign power protest# Pknsacola Affairs ?A correspondent of the N. V. Herald, who has just made a flying trip through Alabama, writes April *26: " President Davis is not raising troops with the nlarritv Ka 1? ?''1 ... .Miivipxru, ailUD'ISU UC Will BOOI1 have a large concentration of them near Washing ton. "In regard to Fort Pickens and Pensacola. I am able tospeak positively. I hid nearly acfin plished my journey thitber, and was within *ixty miles of my destination, traveling incognito, when my niiMit n wai suspected, and I w?h or dered bark by a mobocratic committee I had previously learned, however, that Uen. limes bad not made an attack on Fort Pickens, no: did he Intend to; on the contrary, since the reinforce ment cf Fort Pickens and the assuming of the commaud of that work l.-y .Maj. Brown, Bragg has been despairing of success. His resources both in artillery and men Lave been greatly exag gerated. and be has intimated to his advisers that be Is not able to accomplish anything for the pre ti- k.. ?#.? ?? Kill IIC una turiciuic f-iveil HrOtTl ailU lliadf preparations to act on the defensive. Inacgcbationof Officbbs ?Fhgs,etc.?This m'Tniny, the 1st of May, the appointees of the Administration for the respective Government offices will assume the control of public att'*lrs In their respective departments. Of course there Is a (rood deal of concern nmongst certain parties with respect to the subordinate offices, which arc to be distributed within the next few davs it has been announced that the I'nited tttaWs flat; will be hoisted on the public buildings to day, lu honor of the occasion; and strangely enough there la talk" among the people of suine demonstration, but we presume only talk The display of the flag is eminently proper, and none but a lunatic would trouble bis head about It. Uuder the municipality the display of any flag is prohibited at present by ordinance and procla mation; but of c <urse this does not relate to the Government property.?Ball. Sun of thit morn IHg. At Nkw Oei.eas? ?The (^inciuuati Gazette says: " 4*A g-ntleman arrived from New Orlemi yes terday informed us that the greatest exertions are be'n* trade there to &cure volunteers. A bounty of was oflered, and extrs to any person se curing u recruit. Our Informant further states that wnntan anH 4* .. v.uu>. uuu vuiiuk 11 ???id MUUIiU^ iliw IDC city from tbe Interior, to avoid the apprehended danger cf slave Insurrections." The N?w York Firemen on Their Wat ? Col. Ellsworth's regiment of Zouave, recruited entirely from New York firemen, mad* a mag nificent parade on Sunday In N*w York, l,luu strong, escorted by about 5.(KM of tlielr comrades of tbe Fire Department and 50,000 fr ends, of botli sexes, who witnessed tbelr embarkation on the Baltc for tbls city Tbe regiment are armed with tfh trp's rifles, and will doubtless give a good ac count of themselves tfT"The Norfolk correspondent of tha Balti more Hun, April 26, says:?"The dry goods and clothing stores all open st nine o'clock In tbe morning, and close at five o'clock In tbe evening Home of our stores are kept closed all the time/' O^Gov. Ma^odin, of Kentacky. has refused to comply with tbe request from tbe Confederal tttates to send one regiment of Kentucky troops to rendezvous at Harper's Ferry. So says an ex change papar. pofcti at 9tT<H?ii,8i.-Tvrt Pulukl,tttb< mouth of Savaoaah river, haa received tta full armament of ISO guna, 30 cf wWrh are right-1 net rolumbiads Moat of tbe pins are In batteries except three for the bubette tier, which are now being placed on their carriages The fort la In i moat defensible condition, and la garrisoned bi 450 troop* of the regular Confederate States army Fort Jackson, on the Hav innah river, two mile) from Savannah oa the Interior line of fort'.Bca tlons of Savannah, is receiving Its due attentloi lowarda rendering It liopratntbl*. Tbe work li under tbe command of Captain Field, late of tb< marine rorps of the receiving ship North t'aro Una Tbe fort la garrisoned bv 100 men of tbi regular Confederate States army. An exterior lln*-of fortlfleatlous Is being erecte* to protect the mouth of the Sivsnnah river on It ae* approach on Tvbee Island Tbe constructloi of the** woks la entrusted to tbe superintendent?' of.Msj \V H C W biting,of the Corps of Kngl neers. Confederate Stat** *rmv. formerly of tb< United PUit-s Army Maj Whiting was one o tbe cpnsulting engineers who assisted Gen Beau regard In the arranging of tbe fo-t'fixations a Charleston ?C?rrt$pondent X Y HtrmlJ Rattlkhkakks in Fo*t Picnics?The Pensa >! rnrManA?.<4?n? *?- V ** n ?J * *-? v?? vwucvfvHwriii ?'* *uc r* . i . iirroiu wum "It la reported that a curious destructive elemen baa been Introduced by nature into Fort Picken and tbe whole of Santa Rosa Ialand. It la neltbe the yellow fever, cholera, email pox or measles bnt a venomous rept'le known M tbe rsttlnnakc These serpents are said to abound on the island

and scores of them are daily killed by the troop In Fort Pickens, In the recesses of which fortrei they have had unmolested residence for years. Forkiqx Itkms.?Scott Russell has Issued writ of executioa against the steamer Great Kaa ern Prince Napoleon demands satisfaction of th Due D'Aumale for reflections In the latter's nan pblets. Numerous failures Lave occurred at Marseille* Garibaldi Insists on the reorganization of tb Southern Italian army. The measure was oj posed by Count Cavour, but the Chambers sub sequently passed an order establishing the armj South Carolina Navy ?The Charleston Cou rler says that, in tbe absence of senior otfl-en Lieutenant Thomas P Pelot has been placed 1 command of naval affairs, and preparations In an for South Carolina Lieut. Stockton has bet assigned to tbe command of tbe steam jrunho Lady Davis, which has received the pet rifle cannon 41 Prioleau." Tbe schooner Helen, Oa| tain Coste, and schooner Petrel. Captain Murdei have received orders and stations, which th< will proceed immediately. A Patriotic Collector in Niw York.? gentleman who has been making efforts to get younc friend Into the New York Custom hous told Mr. Barney, on Wednesday, that th* mm rmn whole paper* be bad left with biin tor i office Lad enlisted and pone to Washlngtoi " Hu be," Mid Mr. Barney. Well, write bim that the place shall be kept open for blr and let him nominate a friend to fill the place be fails, and I will give it to him." Extract of a letter of the 19th instant, froi Memph'a. Ter.u ., to a gentleman in St Louis "Yesterday, over two thousand persons bft f the North, and as many more will leave this ev ntng Thlsdrain will be much felt lnthe comlr conflict. I have no idea of leaving, but will stlc it out as long as possible." Donatio* to ths Guvirnmut?Moses 1 Beat h, fonrer proprietor of the New York Sm I ?s sent a letter to a meeting in bis native tow Waliingford, Ct . offering to arsist the goveri ment to the extent of S100.000 He also provid for a flag and liberty pole, and equips a compar of volunteers. Chasqs or Headquarters ?The headquarte of Gea. P s?t George Cocke, commanding tt Potomac district <f Virginia, have been ttxed at Culpeper Court-house, to which place f?econ nanailit; general wsi eacorvd a few diyi iln* by a battalion of i; National Volanttera " Troom from th? South ?The Wllmlngtc Herald says tbat Southern troopa continue < "pour"'throuah that city dallv for the Stats < Virginia. Itnya also that It doea not '-think prudent to publfih detail* and exact number! JJjT' Prpntlce, of the Loultville Journal, kee| up bli lire upon the diaunioniats with unaba?? vigor. He augeects tbat th<? Confederate arm take lien (iid Pillow along to dig their ditche ry-'fHK INSTALLATION OF RKV.T I MsFALLS will take ThIS l.VJfe NlNG at 7,'a u'oiick. in Uie AHinnblj'i Cvuroi oorner of 1 and Fifth ?ts. Dr. Simihilimi w preaoli AI: are invited. It* ,^attention, COMPANv T, sTXT ?_5 K K N I). V. M? Meetat I h > 1 n n mono Hall on SATURDAY NIGHT, 8 o'o ocl instead of Thursday nunt at the ?m? hour. By order. " TTJ^PHCEXIX B Ul 17l >PiU ASSOC I VT101 K < The r^u ar sr.nual meeting if the stool holders ?.f thi-i Assoc.for e:eot'on of <ftiofr will be he d At 'i .tr p?r?i,o0 Ha 1, oi WffJNh! DAY EVENING, the 1st of May, at 8 o'clock. . Iu< att mlauce of tiie member* i? requ?ste1 I' T. M HA>3<>N. Sec. fw?BAKERS' NOTICE.?BREAD ?On si after Wednesday, toe 1st of May, Brea w II be >o d at 5 cei,t? per leaf up 2-3 ? THE RAKERS. (-*? NOTICE. i.3 The following order, issued by the Nav Department on the 26th instant, is now maie put lio for the teaeCt of ail wh<->m it may coroern : Navy DipARTM*XT, April 26, 1861. To the F..urtk Auditor of the Treasury: Sir?The amounts found to be duetorsairne Navy Offiaers from the States which rlaim to ha* s oeied will her&aftsr be paid thein from the > nit' S afii funds heretofore sent to or deposited i tho-e S'atee. except 13 cases where the Departmci slia'l otherwire direct. I am, respectfully, your obedient servant. GIDEON WELLES, ? p SJ-2w Secretary of the Navy. B TO THE Mil ITARY. LUE ANl) RED SnJRiy in the greatei ti Order* prompt'* filled WALL, STEPHENS A CO., nr.y 1 5t 333 Pa avenue. PPUKE FRE-H MM ERSONS la wactof J ure Fresh Milk can t aoo >mm<?date'1 on reav.nali.e term*, mornine at even ?i?. b* applying to DaNIEL? AloCARTH > No. 177 Tweaty second at., between Pa avenu ftni 1 >t ni 1 1m* SUIitTS AND DRAWERS! B VE A>D HRF.Y SHIRTS? ONE THOUSAND SHIRTS, TWO THOUS\ND DRAWERS Order* filled proii'ptlv in) l-5t V* A i.r, STEPHEN" A CO. A ! I ^ K VII I.IT* U V unutiL' fou ^ ? tm .... - #? <*??! r vn OA uIV i\. A valuable an-i spiritod animal, oi fin- c\ styl? aud action. w> l! su t?<I lor null ary jLLj purp i>e*. '1 he owner haw co u?<? for and wi uld !> < pie,i?e<l to di-p >ao of him to any or, wan in: such a horse Inquire at J. f. K\KiHt l.uW'8 Ak lcu t-iral Warehouse, S5S Se-cent ?t.t li-tw fu Pa avenue a.~.d Canal. my 1-St f TIIK ST A Rt* A NO ST KIP F.S I H AVK a few moie of those tsupe> ior Amerio: Fiats from 12 to i8 feet lour, which 1 ah anxinu to di?pose < f at the usual rates, not withstand m ttie inceared price in oons<-queno? of the deinan< Also, a tmail qunvtity ot Hu'iMjc fail at or iw ur??*s II. W. i , No 14 Pa. avenue, Ix-tween 2o! *rd ? tn . First Ward. in 1 3*.* For Five Days Longer! AT EVANS'S 47G .... Pcnnsy .vanta Atrnoc.... ITS We ehall continue our sale of JEWELRY, PLATED WARE, fcc , ro* L'rrr c* *i ? *?? ? ? ? ? ? ? M-iwn UA JO LUAUt A-UM Y. Now ie your time to make a aolootion of JEWELRY AND PLATED WARE from the ruoat extensive and beautiful?aaortmer ever offered for aale in tlua or anj other olty, For the Low Pnoe of ONE DOLLAR! We have juat reoei ve?i a new invoio* of all tha DIFFERENT STYLES OF SETS . in nuirket. tn(*th*r with A LARGE LOT OF LOCKETS, PINS, EAR RINGS, LADIES and OENTLLMfeN'S CHAINS, BRACELETS, Ao., Ao. Alio, A LOT OF PLATED WARE, consisting of Knives and Forks, Waiters, Cake Baskets, Goblets, Cups, Salt Stands, Tea and Tabid Spoons, Ao., Ao. SELLING AT HALF PRICE! and " He now may read, who Could n?t read before, And he who ?>wa;s oouid May read the more.** tv?- sh*n positively close OUR stork ae advert!md, and we lurite joui early selection of any of our irticlto before it i? foreveR toO late! g 6. evans, 476 Pkhxitlvawia Avmi, m Between 3d and 4* eu. T>he prince of wales HAS GONE, bu the PRINCE OF wai es cellarskavi arrived at SMITH'S. Na. 4u 8n?Uiiapt u I ???? i Dniiil ?? TBI Otm ?M MmW baa f?- i L ' centra laid before A* Part? Actdrar of Srlemoaa i an account of adlaeaae of the ram*, which, al tbo??j{h It la rar*lr or sever fatal, raoara much ' Buffering, eapeclallT at tba moment rvf eat I if; It i glrr% en offrnalva odor to tha braath, and rrrj f often reaulta In the loaa of tbe teeth. It flrtt ; looaena the teeth. and Anally canara tb^m to fkU j i from tbelr aorketa; and from thla clrrumatunce, | Dr Marrhal baa dnlKMtrd tbe dlaeaae "npol ? aire Inflammation of the guma " 'n moat raaea. > tha locality of tb? dlaeaae la tba Inner dental 5 portion of the gnnia, but It aomrtlmea appeara ta (he dental aocketa la nm< Inatanrea, It takea s the chape of an atx-eaa, opena and leavea the tooth haw l> II l. . .I?I. I - " .V| .? v.uc?, ? ? ?1T HAIUUiaUVM , W|?U out any tumor or abrraa It aeema to be heredi tary. but mmftlmn arlae* exp*?ure to a damp cold, from tbe pnwn^tf tart ?r around and under tbe jrnm?. from a foul state of the stomach, or from pregnaner. The remedy la ? local appli cation of Iodine. ' HJ~ A good Joke la told of one of tbe new re erulta of tbe army at Barraacaa. Col. Forney lately vial ted tbe fort, and, oa bta appearing be fore tbe aentlael, wu cbr..;?n^?d ? " Who comes there ?" 'Iiiapector General," wna the reply of Forney. "Don t cara a d?a whether vou ere a respecta ble crnll?an or not?can't come la bere " 'XT" Tbe Blue Ridge Republican, published at Cu peper Court House, Va., baa beea alacoatloued on account af tbe trouble* of tbe time*. Q F F 1 C 1 A L. TRKtaraY DxramrMSMT, April S9,1K1. SlALtV P?nFO??U wi:' ba reoeire-t at thia Da Sntme: t until 12 n'ck>;k rooa of 'f huradav, the th day of Mar i?**t, tinlaae th? whole am' unt of f-rad be aooue'taken at par. for th rteer m liona hundred and *event?-eitht thottaai <1 do lara nl Stock of the ITnited 8UtM, Mi'lir I Im tut of Con i r.??? approval 22d J dm, 1W?, ant*orif> * a if?*n and providing 'or the'ademption of 1 r?a?uri n?>t?e. Tbia a'ook wil bear in?"eat at the iate of aix per cent, per aitpnti. payable aeni -auRuai'y on the fira-dayaof January a*d July of each year, and will be re mlHareabie in ten yeara the brat day of Ja- iimj i?a?. No ofl>r by the t-rme of the act oan be aocepterf at leaa than par or fur any Taction of onetnonaand dol'a-a: nor *an any offer be considered unie*? one per cent. ?f the anion ft thereof be firet depo?i.ed with tneTreasurer of :h? lini'ad Statea, or erher of the Aaaia'avt Trersorera at Hoaton, l>ie?? Vort, or Phi ade ph a ?u jeet to the or.'er of the Secre tary of the Treaau y. 1 he oertitoateaoowiog auch deposit must act mpary the offer. t)ffera, under tee above condition*, for the mid ?ni move aTa'eo,orany portion th*r?*>'.will be aoo?pt-d. and the ?nm? ?o ac<*? pted most be da p--a<te<1 e'th'r with the Treaaurer of 'hel'ntted S'at-a or tome rni of the Aeaia'art Tr?a?nrer? ab've Mined, h fore the h'th day of Jime n?*t On the rcoeipt?here of the oertihcat** "f tba proper officer* ahowinc each depositee o?rtifio\te? of i^scri' ed Block will bs issued to aucceaii'u bid dnra, or tli**ir aaaicna, in mi ins of net h n^aod or fiva thousand aoll&ra each, aa mar t>er'quirrd maonbe'tet ok eo i??u*d will oa'r* ictereat from the ate of s>ich depoaite. ard will be fautfcraMe on the :-ook? of the Treatury. a?r*eab y to the regu atioi-sof the Depart in* nt. r-houM an; aco? pt?d bidder deaire oertificitas of *to?k with coup a of ceir.i annua! irte eat at ttche't t<> earh certificate. th?y will he iatu<^f ao ooid:tic<* in autna of <'iie thou?an>t do iar? each. wi:h r mpoaa ati&oUed ior inter eat from the firat day of July next Suoh conp"n atock, inrtead of ixinc tranaforable on the bo <ki of th<? Treaaury. irav he a*?ieoe4 and tranlened by the delivery of he cert dcale'. > he interest on aaah coupon a'ook.froin the date uf t edepntra t*>arafnr. untJ the ft ?t day of Jn y next, an 1 be paid or. tha* da? to th"? accepted btflder. or hia *tt?rn??. by the Denoa tary with whom'he pr do pal waa deposited. Th * pr. p .aa a u -der >h a i r?t /;? tn t be enr o'ae<l on 'h? envel"p?h,"l'ropoaala for l<>an?f.'2J J >ine, 1R-Q ' an 1 addreased to the Secretary of the Traee ury, Waahirct n. 1). C ,or ?uch oropoaala ao ad dre^aeu m\T beput ua? er oover to the Aaaiatant I'r'aaurer, N*w >'ork, who ?ill forward them ?o tin* Dep\rtrnenf, t>> he - ?eued an! d?.cided It ta ? . ? -u i-j > ? vi"- u vn ow ii ot7 ?-?-vi ptopufifti put o* nroompv citvl *rh a n<?i? aUreased to the Deparment, at;nr the i:aice of the bidder an<l th* torn bid for in ord?r tha' the b?d?? may ?> "iinM when everthe whoie sain < fl>r?d i? eabeai ibed f r i he pre.up*-IE y iep<>?!t? of o"?e pe. oeutuin rsqu;r*4 froma1- bidders will be included in tri? da posite ??f th? principal. S CHA*E imt 1 3tw.if Secretary of t??e Treasury. Proposals F'?r furn-phing tbf pa per FOR THE PUBLIC printing OFriCtSCFIllKTESDEMT PCBLIO P?1>T!!?0. / WatHi?0T05. May 1,1K1 \ In pursuanoeof the jpro visions of thes?reii?fc eec tint of th- "Joint Resolution mrlahonto 'he Public Pnn'ii-s," approved June 23, I860, sealed )>ropo?a c vi 1 Tn received at this o* ce until Mot a*, the !*t dn of Ju>,lR61 until 12 o'ol-tok m.. for fnrDi?hin< h-" p%p??r that mar he required for the publio priutiui for the year ending on tha lit da* ot !) oerriber, 1862. Th? aubjo ned !.?' apecifiee. aa naarlv aa can be aacrtamed. the quantity of each Kind ef paper that * i I be required: Class 1. in/on reams fire printing paper, nnoalertdered, to measure 24 uy Si u.ohea, and to wcich fifit iom.di t ? the r'am ol sou sheet*. Clam t. f, ftifl reams lire ?ri,ting psper, oa'ender'd, to m-a&n'e 24 f>y inches, and to weiga fcftj-ilx pounds to the ream of SOD sheet*. ( A* e?ab y to the provision* of the Joint reeo!o ' j afo-eaid. *amp!?>* ol the ctj.%raoter acdqoa iijr ol the paper required lor theaoor* o:a**ot wi.l be lu n th'if tuapplicant* therefor. Tht* paper i* to b* put up in eutrefc of twe ly fire cneeis each, and in bundle* ol two ream* *aoh; each ream to contain S*?? p-rleet aheet*. Uniformity in oolor, ttuolc e ?,ami weight Will t e require ;andnobun <t ecxoiuxive ol w?ppvi| varying o?er or unUer five p r co-1. frum tho standard we ght wrl t e re re vt-d.and the gross weight will iu all oases t>e rrqurcd. M ixii g of *ar ou* thickne*s<-* iq the eini? bundle to make up the w igut will bj ooa icered a violation of the contract ] Class S. 4 *> r:nni superfine printing piper, hard-sized aiid > up->- cal d. 10 measure 24 f>? 32 irchrs, ani to weigh fifty pound* >o the ream of MJO sheet*. Class 4. 2 t*?i ream* superfine map paper, ?is?d and ea'er dere'i, of such siitK as aj b* lequirou,ourre - pending in weight with paper m< a*uring 19 by 24 li.che*, and wti.hing twenty pounds per ream of?M? et t*. Class 5. 5ho ream* tnperfice plate paper, (calendered or unca ee .e eo. as sray be required,) lit by >4 inches, a r?r1 <>t Xlinll nrskivlit ?*? *> - ? ? ? ??-? 1 i > uut; in icHi uirpu. Class b. 1 1.500 rt>ui? ijiuitrrpotl ritinr pipir ,to by le lochee ?.<100 do c .p To 14 by 16 1 3 da s It*) do demy do 16 by tV 1 i do 4 l.OUO do fvliu poat do 17 L> ti do Si 100 do medium do lb by ?1 .la 6 V) Jo royal da IV by M .U 7. So do tuper-royal da t by Sb .da t> 50 da itiiprrwl dn ?<I-SI.t31 do p. 100 do double c*p do Id by *? 4* CLAiS 7, 1. 5,<*J0 ream* writing pap^r. 16 by V, weigh twenty thiee pound* per 1 2. 1 S?X> ream* writing paper, 19 by *6 inobM, to weikh tweut*-eight pound* per ream. S. 3,1C0 ream* writing p\por, 13 by 25 inobea, to wctih twenty ?ix pom dt per ream. 4. luo ream* writing paper, 18 t>y 22 incite*, to weigh twenty tuur p<>ui.ds per rram 5. 3t0 reams writinc papw. 18 by it luchM. to weigh twenty-two pound* rer ren.ui 6. 4W ream* witing pap3t,12'l>y 18 icchea, to weigh pound* per ream. All the F&pe deaignate 1 in claaae# 4, 5, 6, and 7, must oi^uAin 4 A perfect ahea'a to the win and do * oui>tM' aoi.e*. They aro to He made < f the b?at materiala, free from adulteraiiou. hniahed in the l?e*t out to a ti ue edge, and teonteiy and aulxtantiaiiy enveloped. The papcra in claaa6 are to be viut-or Mne. laid flat, at.d of auch weigbta an mar i?e required l>j tnia <>ffloe XkoMin olaaaea 3 4.5 ai;d 7 a e to be white, aud of the aiae and wight* ?pe ified in the acliedu e Th? ngiit i? r< served ofordeuoga greater or leaa quantity of each and ever? kind contracted for in all ti.e claaaea. to 1>? furnished at audi titueaaud i<> aueh quant,ttea aa the sorvice ma; re quire. olaaa wnl be oom dered separately, and be ubj^ct to a aep^rate contract; but bidder* may oflertor one or inoie ol the c aacea in the tame propoaal. No propoaala will be eonaidered anleaa aooom pamed by the guarantee ti.a. me bidder or b.ddera. if hia or their propoaal ahait be accepted, will enter Into an ob lgati.m.with good and auffioient aureti?e, to furiueb toe art oiec proposed. Blank ioimt for propoea:a will be farmahea at thia otce. and none will be taken into oonaideration anieaa a aoatanti - ally agreeing therewith. All the paper in Ue aererai olaaaei muat be de livered at auo place aa mat i e deairr.*.L?><< Washington city, (except tHat in olaes 7. whicn mu?t be delivered at Buffalo, id tite State of New Yor?,)in good order, free ot all aed ev?r? extra charge or expense, and subject to <he inspection, count, weight, and measurement of the bupermien dens aim be io all respeota satisfactory. Hidden are repaired to furnish, with their pro posals. <>f not leas than one a aire of each of the kinds of the paper bid tor, and upon which their aroposa s m*y b* based, except in classrs 1 and 2. The snooeafnl bidders will be repaired rigidly to oonfurm to thfir samples. Proposa s will be addressed to "Job* D. Dx rxxxs r*upermter.dfiit of the Pab:to Pn ting, Washington," and endorsed "Proposa a lor 8up plying Pa^er." m H4W*,W IiM?R HALE CHEAP?A medium aixed fire proof SAt- E. Address A ti.,atthe star Of fiee. ap30 ?' L'UR SALE?A good HORtfK. Iicht WA6UN, f HARNESS SADDLE and flhe&a for ouh: ?ii)d nn - * . ?" i ? H >H? VWIII I unt having id (not eat uu for th?m to dispose of th?m. Apply to W. H. WHKAT- i LK> . Dyer. 4 9 J?IT?tiuu street, H?or(?towi; or 303 r?. avenue, buwrn <>4 ltd 6tn sis.. Wuh IPKlOIl. ap ?-3t C PISTOLS OI-T'B ARMV, NAVY, aad POCKET RE VOLVERS. Also, the ESjgISH TRANTER ri*Tou A large assortment of the above in it raoeived. M W. UALT 4 BMO., Jewelers, )H Pa. a venae. ap 90 St Foar doors waat sf Blows'* Hotel. A No. 1 artiala oI WOOD aa fcaad, prepared to lit the wants of aaeh customer. Wood aold oord also, or ia aay way or say *aaotmes da ITT CmU btpt <s CM HtuMt, sasnsi< tsfcri 4a lirariag. C7- 2JNO lba. to the toa. T.trS.TTiALT. Ofioe Sf?ii Pa. a*., batvaaa Utt aad m* ata. Wood Mill and Wharf Coot of I amusements theater' t, rlahbtad w. wlthbs*. J* .!. ?* P. rot? ? tl?? Ml m?' I BOV/Uii u linn i *?r inr nrmiv nMru.i Ob WEDNESDAY P.TEK1NG. M*f I. MAID orcROinstr Uiaa A tin PL|ri?* M Of* VjM ! "? tjfc# CHARGE OP I >1E LIGHT BRIG At)b,b? A no<1 Tmidtm*. M*. AKD M??. Wbitb. f< *l* or Pcicm. P inl? Bo*** * j OrohMtar 7io#nta; lad* ?r?1 (OB*IO?aaii #1 I>! ?? Orel* led rarqa*tt??f Et:euMB W OMU, lftiM 25 trcU. B I Ofto* ~p*r at ! lit't. and a till ft. It WANTS. WANTED-At MO i if atau .1 IVimii t#n to f ft'en rtn^Mttbl* and rM^>?i hl? BOYS, to ??;1 fAtiiiarr h nrr.opaa. Fr<>n CM to th*-** c*i '<* <?arr??ri % r>?. m 1-y* 11/ANTKD-Hf A rOTMOtabi* (Oinf vomir,, '1 atM'l UATION U ni?k. **' r or iroaar.or hafr>b*rin* id and to do i.iib ?f?iri|. Aildrra# H i 10. Star Ofiis*. It* WANTElt?R? I rti^vt*'I* ynini wnmu.t Mil lATION % nuraAor to do iha k<>ii**ork of a noal! (aailT. H?? n? <>'-teoti->a t travel Can ?frn for two ca?a a; Jc9 U atw?, b?Ur*eajlth and Mh ata. It* VIRGINIA M'?N>V WAMMV in for Soap u<l C a dl?a. at tn# >'? i ? t Wo'ki, SrMu iUmI, b?t*(? Un t(? Mil W?t?' atroota. GwrrHowa. C. B. JEWEl.L M y-tw* Proprietor ANTED T'? H KMT?A una! F I HN'SHMi HOUSE in tliia oitr. h? a NiftaUN * farail* w eoctaininc four p rront; or th* f>r?t fio-r and kt'chun of a \\rt* |>o?m. ?n wh eh th?T would ut t*rd an*! ?v*r?< thu reni% d?r. Hurt mu*t > * TUry ft.-ld looatt JB (O'ld. Addicuu K. c. K-. ofto* of tt?* !* A' M ?>' Wanted.?A th'woufh f (omprt?rl AO COUM I'ANT ?imI CLt- RK. wi'k mdon I d r"fur* Of*. Uratlninxl to tw UUM'tiM* i * I k idi of army inpfli'i. ir.e a<*in> htirkfu. MlU*. h?r DNi, h%*. o? pr vision*. An., Ac., i? op*i for ?u etuae-ir.ei t Au?lre?? "Remit,' Star t fiioa. ap ? s ?o* WANTED?B> a earufnl tenan*. a cool HUTU 1)M Kl.l iNG Hot"***;. nt?>M l.-t w*?n P*nnut vania and N*u Vo k avr ui** north ? ?( 7thati(1 '6 h ?e?t. Audr. ii A. B . Mar Of ic? Hox No H up .? ??Vw' Running h??ksk wantkij-\%ant?i to purrliaai*. a flora*. lb ti?uda bi(C*l. h%if-?red, a fair Mil. a .1 ?a ?..* -?? ?? Q " * - ^ ? ??? ? -* if*?t a t?r > mmm* . t oke : that leap* we ! and il Iti Icii to irini ^Tfftrrfd. li.qairttt Uili oftcr a? 18-tf ANTKD-MKCUND HAND FtRNITFRK. ppraui.* desiring lioaaefce*pinc, or hftvirp a any na of Fnrnitare on tiand, oar. ofot*.ii. tu? out and (air ancea *<t arpUinr at .149 reverth *t. no 17 BONTZ ft GRIFFITH w AUCTION SALES. LANDLORD'* !*A I K-Ht rirt??of a ofdut'Nf,mimed *ttk?uitof J 'hii I mph (71. fr . aq a?a nat the g'v.d? and chat'* i a -1 trb?ir? .t nf Briton * . Tu'kfr, to m? ?1i -d.1 >.* ? a* z*d aid taken in dittrop* ai: the *?ta??. ri ht.titf iut?r*?t. proMit). daimaand d^man' t law and in <>f tn? ?at?l Hmmb E Tnoke< in andtoal* tlt-s t-urri'nra <v>n'*iii>-d in ?a*'f hctia* oa t*i*th trr?t. No. 197 h*twp?u M a'.d N, in tba .aid citj of Waahmgtan, l?. C , to wit Bureau*, Waa>atan4a. Looking Glaaaea. Cl->ekit.Carae:i g of rfrn?/ua k nda, Oilo otha, fuov?a. A large cumber of rariona k'n-a "?l Hedateada. Be?1? Mattreaaen, fill- we, BnjaUra, B'anketa. Ph*t?, Together w.Ui a large quantity of good a t o r.a merua to paruculfcriM, Four Shot Gun", And I hereby aire notice that ? ? FR IDA ^ MORNING, the ?th ir.ft , at 10 o'elook. I will cfler foraala the raid prorerl? ao ?*; r?d *rH (ikrn d ty pritilie auction, to the hi?h?at btddef for oath, no tfr? ?r?m aea. No. 197 Sia'h i'r??l. bel*cn M and N, the fla/ will oe? aua'ethe place m 1 -V J K. KBLLY. Ba >f. B? GRKL.X A WILUAM&AMttMMWt. HOUSEHOLD ANP KITCHEN H'RNi tub* at Atctioh -On KR1 DA Y.the3d May. we ahah ?e i.a? the reaidecoe of Mr J. rt Robin son, No S*l #>*th itrwt,b't?*B6and H itwu north, a go d aaa-.'t ent of Kurnitara, ? i Mahogany Sideboard. Ru'eaun, Caator, Rocking and oth?r (baira. Mahofar y Oarf, Dining. P'de and otbar TaNea, ottateand other Bed?tead?, ather Bed* and Mattr??aee, Badd.i.g, Window RUi-da, Cane atd other chair?. Clock, fit ando'e* I.ounce and Waaiistanda, China, O a** ard Crockery Ware, Caat T* "tid Cut ety. Parlor. Paaaaceatd Pt??- f?r??ti, Cooki'.g, Radiator and other Stovea, W ith a good iot rf ?j o'-en Reaci?it?a. With many oi(?ar art which wedoeai unoe^aa ary to ennmera'e Term* oish in ?pr-c'e. ap.0-3t ?f K K K. V A vvit.l 1?M?>. Ancta Br J. c. MifiUIRK A CO. ^otionewa. *T?RUM"EE:? PALE OF *E*L t9iiTK I ON K *T noim IITVVIH 15TH *5I? '6t| Sia. WBST.-OnM- NDA\ A KThH NO? N. May rth at C o'c>ck, on the preir.ia'e. \ irtue of a deed ?.f iraat. oated oc'oMr Iti n, 1R*. an?i < ul* r?ou?d'-i1 m l iliw J. A.H.. No. i?s, fulinul of the l*rd reoorda f r WMtuncion ooenry. P. C.. and by ihe dea.rc of ail th? earn iMrw', I hall 'i. the weatern part of Lot ruinured iliir t*en, (IS ) in S?iare nntn'-ered oi.e mi'. red aud n nety o>n?,( 99 I fronting 12 feet on north K, b* twren 1-th ar 4 Ifctti a*re?!a w? at. and run: ing back with tli** wt??t!i 9* feet 6 inche- t? a wide ft.ley, to getter with the i? p'ovement* thereo*. Ter<na: One- hird ca?h; Ine reeidue i- t ftnd !> on*he, with interest, a-c ired i>r a deed ?f tre?t on the* All co.nejancin ft: the ooet of the p??r'-!h*?*r Hf o"?r of the Tnitw, ftr 2S - ndftrfe J C Wctil'IR F. ft C., A Beta. REWARD FOB PKOOF SLFFI IENT t? convict an? man or boy f.-r il?\ inr papea or opening o?ir hnnd ea. fta-9 HNC>? * RICRSTKIN / M>L I) tl'HKKNtV AMI VIKUIMA MOMSY PURCHASED. Northern 1'ncurreut Money wanted HWEEN Y, RlTTENHOLPE, FaNT ft CO.. ap?lw tlntel.) Banltera. A NoTlGK. ANY Pe ?in remov.n* temporarily from the city ftrd eftvinr ft furn.ahed t.ouee oftc have it taken charge of by a reaponaib'e gent em%n with a ernv family, *pply *t the < ?fe of JAMK!* C. McGI IRE ft CO.. Auction?oia. *p 29 St NEW VOLUME B A 1.7. AC'S* NOVELS.?The A ch?miat, or the Houee of Ciaea; from the Freneh of Hon ire d? rta *ac Free *y Biftil, fl. O . i - _ U *?-- ~ ? 4^4 ineflyBL? ?*d 92 i?er cq.Hnunr.iM ?Mrn?| Mvl w; hf Geo. Elliott, the author oP'Artam ??<le * Fr++ dj mt . 75oert?. FRENCH * KtCHSTElN. ap 39 87* Pwirt ?rw??. TH? WARRENTON SPRING*. county, Va.t m ill beop-n- <1 ^ tha lAthf of May. In th? m?*ntime a Iirn.M nuni-' ber of ?i? itcra will b? reoeirad. Term* i board: 9'?' per rnon'.h : $1? p?r weak ; a ? ?< day ; while ?ervmota thre?-f<>urth? . iH children under to and over 2 vara, half prioa. Horiei SO ceat. per (lay. Addreua ROH'T HL'DGIN, ap29 lm Warreuton Spncca, Va LADIES' TRAVELING SUITS, Ohlt |l 94. We art bow aellmc NEW STYLX* GREY SACQt'E MANTILLAS. O' TRAVELING DU81 ERS. and twelv# yard a of rood* to match (lor the dreaa.iat tiie tow pnoe of only 04.25 for the entire an it. Al'Q- Grey Suita at ali pnoeu ap to per aait. C7" Ramember. the pao* la M?XWELL?.M?H.av. N B.?All Ko?d iiai.k notea taken at par, when the fu!l amount of tbe note* offered la purchaaed. ap 2S bteo piANOS FOR^ RENT.?A trmt number of mac every aiaaa ana etyie find pnoe. for rent by the week, month or jur, at reaaonahlc r*.te? a*17 ?(K> Pa. JOHN F. ELLIS. . a v., bet <Mh and lotto tu. W, SPRING CLOTHING. ALL.STKPHElVS A CO trt tiui dki IB r* ( 'ft ot their iroood iifflT of SPRING CLOTH Eif and material lor their onatom trade, oonaia' c of Naw Cloth*. Caiiuwn and Veetiaka, ' the lateat at) lee, which they will make to order ib aa ee'ior atyle at very low ericea. Gentlemen w thing an Immediate oatftt will find in oar Heady made Department eve y aruo.e of Wearing Aaaarel agitable to thair wa U. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., M W ?< -pecn.aveaee. EW ARRIVAL OF SPRING AND SUM*. _ MER CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS. H ATS and CA PS, at the People'a Clothia* Store. No. 460 Seventh at., oppoaite Poet Oftoe, near F atreet. a? Una GIBBS* HAIR STORE. No 848 Pit. 4? . in. l*r? uc Uriiti. PEKfUMEHY. BRAIDS CURLS WIGS. 3ALP WIGS, KRiZKl TKSTao. A fall alook way a on hand, or made to order at the horteit HntiAa Uaie %JLT*+-k N ? ?... If UI> rmniig or UOtUlM. N7b.?Uam' flfc.r Dyed id tue moat na nrai WoiTH OP BO$rk?sSoES amd TRUNKS. Of mU StpUt mmd (Jm+lf.w. Mi *IUT Mcimci OH CMT. filri /er htm amd Fizturu fm All th* Stoek ib B. P. BUOVEfS STORE, ^alron HaM.embreniai every rarietj MR of |,ariiea'. Genu', Children'* nn< >S?rTanta* SHOES,TKAV EL1N6 TRUNKS are now bem? eold./er creat atn|?N on nmI retail n*llin .?-aed maoit batow orif laal < the n?t>hc ta nolle tied i M f rml be made to perchaeer*. 1Tk? abora ooiapn Mkllty Frenon and Jto., lor ladiee i ? _ Tin Store m for rent nod the Fix tare* for aale. BStftfAS* 8.*Sr^Pj?UTtfr